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  • Literary hero Yossi Klein Halevi says anti-Zionist Jews aren't Jewish
    • Most ethnic groups have origin stories

      Correct, they do.
      Jews are not an ethnic group, though.

      A lot of reactionary and fascist political groupings have origin myths, too. Without them, it's nearly impossible to gather and mobilize large, hysterical murderous crowds. Like the Aryan and the Zionist origin myths.

      Thank you, De Baker.

    • The Naftoosh didn't wait two days, and he comes back again with the Stone-Age flat-earth theory.

      The Jews don’t have to define themselves as a national community. They have sufficient attributes of one and have had them for centuries.

      I still have to see ONE (1) single such "sufficient attribute" --and I'm plenty old. It cannot be strictly religious or liturgical (that would mean that Catholics and Buddhists are "Nations"), it must be common, pan-Jewish, ie applicable to Falashas and German Jews and Ashkenazis and (genuine) Sefardí and Mizrahi and Bukhari and and... And of course it cannot be strictly Zionist, ie posterior to the abusive colonial invasion of Palestine.

      I'm waiting. I've been waiting very many years. No answer yet.

    • RoHa

      I hereby promise to refrain from any disapproval or even sniffing if and when a Jewish state is established on Antarctica, provided the responsible powers and the penguins sign off.

    • Naftush, you don't know the 101 of your "own" stuff.

      Try telling that nonsense to ignoramuses like you, or to the Ottoman Sultan. Under the Ottoman "millet" legislation (which, by the way, continues to be effective in the theocratic Zionist entity for the definition of "nationalities" ) each "nation" was defined by its nominal religion (religion-at-birth) and the Grand Chacham was fully the cock of his dunghill, with the right to have anyone officially defined "Jewish" jailed or even hanged. He only was accountable to the Sultan. This was in full force until the mid-19th Century.

      I understand that as Zionists your job is to spread manure but is it a good idea, when you do propaganda, to insult your readership by assigning it thinking-impaired ignoramuses?

    • Naftoosh,

      You speak Zionese, not general-human. The term "tribalism" is applied to all who feel a loyalty to the tribe, as different from just humanity. It perfectly describes a number of non-religious people who call themselves "Jewish" and consider anyone with similar background (but no common culture) based on some biologic "belonging". It also applies to non-Zionists who consider themselves to be of the same tribe as Zionists.

      Very many people use the word "tribalism" also for loyalty to/solidarity with a cultural or ethnic unit (which "Jews" are not and could never proved to be anyway) or to a nation (which "Jews" are not anyway), independently from ethics or international legality. The universalist attitude tends to be "if my brother is wrong on principles that apply to all, to hell with my brother".

      You are so far gone in isolating yourself from general humanity, in your Z-bubble, that you can write:

      Where the idea of Jewishness as tribalism does strike a positive chord in the U.S...

    • Precisely. "Defense bulwark". Not civilians.

    • Annie,

      You got a point.

    • Annie,

      Thanks for the hint. That was suspected; it still seems to be a new (ie unpublished or at least marginal) and unaware use for the expression "literary hero".

    • Philip Weiss, inventor of the term, may want to explain.

      All searches only show a use of the term to designate fictional or legendary characters, with Odysseus or Achilles as a prototype.

    • Thank you, Citizen.
      It looks clean enough but as it was prepared by a Zionist attack organization I'll keep asking.

    • That pretzel that calls itself "Nathan" believes he's laid a beautiful egg, here:

      Yes, we know that Judaism is a religion. But what about the Jews? Do they define themselves as a national community? Well, that’s the debate.

      Like saying if a mouse "defines itself" as a whale, then it is a whale.
      Who gives a shut? "Debate" my @$$

    • Why, Grober, with defenders like you to give away the game, Zionism doesn't need any enemy spies or investigative muckrakers. I just had a notion about asking questions on the origin of JVP financing.

  • 'Kite terrorism' -- Israeli government takes on 'sarcastic' global press
    • There's this old French proverb that says le ridicule ne tue pas, ie being ridiculous won't kill you. Unfortunately true, especially if you can hire shameless sycophants in the newspaper business.
      With apologies to RoHa.

  • 'New York Times' teams up with Israel to smear slain medic Razzan al-Najjar as 'complex,' not innocent
    • Annie,

      I did read it right, and it is immortal bullshit all right.

      1. The pogroms weren't performed by the Palestinians, so pogroms had f*ckall to do with the problem, because Zionism did not decide to invade Palestine because of the pogroms. Period. Pogroms in Palestine (defined as different than the imprescriptible right to resist to invaders) have only been performed by the Zionists. Nothing to do with Europe.

      2. Zionism, ie the problem and the only, world-poisoning, problem, was already fully there as early as 1897 at least, meaning well before the genocide of Jews, Roms, Slavs etc. in the 1940s. Again, nothing about Europe "creating" the problem.

    • John S

      Eljay seems to be implying that I would condone a massacre of the inhabitants of Gaza.
      Nothing could be further from the truth.

      If you would condone or not will remain unknown, as long as you don't go public with it --not even a trepanation and a look at your grey matter would provide proof.

      The many times reaffirmed proud pleasure you take in your illegal occupation of Palestine, to enjoy illicit possession of the land left by the massacred and exiled inhabitants of Bir Assaba, in order to brainwash poor invader kids into adoring the murderers of Palestinians (which also includes "inhabitants of Gaza") is documented.

    • Retep

      the Palestinians must not look to the USA but to Europe, who created the problem with their Pogroms, Ho;ocaust and the British Mandate

      Nonsense. Pogroms were not performed by Palestinians; the problem, i.e. the invader colonial ideology of Zionism, was started and its offensive organized some 40-50 years before the Nazi genocide.

      And of course the key is in the US, which took over from the former empire GB the role of inciter, direct accomplice and unconditional protector of Zionism. It is now a direct military participant in the Zionist invasion and genocide and the obedient attack dog for Zionist wars of aggression.

    • Hunter,

      That may be redundant, seeing how a very thorough study of Nazi and Fascist propaganda was done for many years. All the Zionist tricks are in that book.

      Important to note, this study did not really change the ways of the world except in making marketing and mass manipulation psychology officially into a fully fledged branch of college studies... and brought us the Bushes, Obamas and Trumps.

    • Pabelmont,

      Israeli people who might seem to be "innocent" and "civilians" may in a proper case...

      Very good question, who are the proper Azraeli Master-race civilians?
      Those under draft age, a number of hyperreligious (but at the same time invader) hypocrites, and then? The "settlers" in post-1967 conquests do not qualify as protected civilian population, see Geneva Convention Part IV, and anyway most are paramilitary terrorists. The rest seem to be on lifelong reserve duty, and that doth not a proper civilian make.

  • 'I'm targeted by the Israeli army,' Razan al-Najjar said before she was killed
    • If we had a statement from the Israeli government defining its idea of a fair and final settlement

      But we have one already, from Mr Gruen aka Bengourion, dated 1938 and never amended: "The boundaries of Zionist aspiration,” he told the World Council of Poale Zion in Tel Aviv, “include southern Lebanon, southern Syria, today’s Jordan, all of Cis-Jordan [West Bank] and the Sinai.”

      The latest official statements alternately define it as arabenrein or with a max. 15% minority without rights.

      So the statements are fully clear.

      and if it included the sort of statement about the untenability of the status quo

      There can be no doubt that today's status is more intolerable to Zionists than anybody.

      then the situation would be much clarified and serious negotiations might at last become possible

      Negotiation is always possible, what's impossible is relying on the b$#@s' word.

    • Mooser,

      A large contingent of non-Israeli marchers would pose a big problem for the IDF

      Judging from past and current Zionist behavior, that problem is only as "big" for the "IDF" as the firepower and number of bullets, rockets and bombs needed to exterminate said marchers. And Zios don't even have to pay as long as we do.

    • Annie

      Not sure you are really rejecting what I said:

      ...there are millions of them. many very serious about resistance who embrace non violence and think it is the only solution that will work, like bds.

      Of course there are, and of course many are sold on it. In fact, they command the general mood today, which somehow hopes against hope to have an impact without physically hurting the enemy; that the Zio-US occupation is likelier to go away than the Nazi one by using *only* so-called non-violent means .

      As a result, the savvier resistance is forced to risk life ad limb for no good purpose other than remaining in the leadership. Of course non-participation in the collective self-immolation of these days is unthinkable, duh.

      without advocating one over or above the other (because i won’t) how is it that you can basically denounce the effectiveness of bds, the most powerful force of non violent resistance as essentially “peaceful resistance to Nazi occupation”

      Keep the word games. I am doing nothing of the sort (I am advocating boycott of any and all things Zionist and the most severe sanctions on all Zionists.) Boycott and sanctions are most effective as a tool to move things but if and when as a complement to physically effective resistance in the belly of the beast. So are passive resistance and unarmed resistance, too. As long, that is, that there is any effective resistance that hurts, harasses and disorganizes the enemy. News, now: there is nothing like anything that hurts the enemy worth mentioning right now in Palestine, if not the occasional personal initiative. There was resistance, and it was mostly killed or put to bed. The Najd fireworks only count as enemy provocation.

      Anyone who maintains that non-violent-only resistance will work against the US empire and the Zio crazies should have his head examined.

    • Shenfield,

      Of course one has to think things through and avoid unnecessary risks --first and foremost to try to be as effective as possible.

      Which essentially brings us back to the starting point, i.e. that whatever most hurts the enemy is the best. I cannot see any merit, at this stage, of non-violence for non-violence sake, or any non-violent action that is guaranteed to bring disaster. This because the enemy is in a position of not having to negotiate, or even bother about appearances any longer. Pointedly non-violent mass sacrifice for no gain ("Charge of the Light Brigade" as Keith appropriately called it) is not producing results in the short or middle term. Not any that are even worth mentioning.

      That said, the popular imagination in Palestine (largely including Hamas, too) surely is under the suffocating domination of the sacrificial lambs ideology. I suspect this is in large part due to the contribution of Zionist (and "liberal" imperial) propaganda and infiltration. There is as much sense in peaceful resistance to the Zionist-US empire as there was in peaceful resistance to Nazi occupation, period.

      Now that situation is a fact and there is no point in staying away or shirking one's duty if one is (as you and I are not) a Palestinian resistant. The clear-thinking people in the resistance see that; I talk to a number of them. I am also sure Najjar was more than smart enough to be one of them. The resistants do try to prepare conditions for effective harassment of the invader. But as long as the situation is what it is, they can't afford not to be constantly and visibly in the forefront, taking the most risks because doing so will cost them the leadership.

      We, now, don't get to tell them what to do. These are smart people, fully dedicated to what they are doing. If a majority of Palestinians are into the idea that mass slaughter, as a result of naive expectations about the Empire and its vulnerability to "public opinion", is necessary, well then our job still is to support them by placing all the blame where it exclusively belongs, i.e. the very presence of the invader in Palestine. Not to lecture them about sucking eggs, as if they never heard that staying away from bullets is the only way not to get shot.

    • Shenfield,

      Agreed, the lambs to the slaughter approach is not useful, to say the least. Organized, armed and effective is much better.

      But if I remember well, you are the same guy who was writing

      ...stone throwing. Fire kites are also mentioned. Arguably these actions should not be called violence in view of their ineffectiveness. They might be called symbolic violence or simulated violence or pseudo-violence or quasi-violence. Whatever they are called, their political effect is very harmful to the Palestinian cause.

      There's no pleasing you. No effective violence, no non--violence or "symbolic violence", no suicidal meekness, no manifestations. I guess Palestinians should also stop breathing to be approved by the onlookers.

  • 'Israel has no choice' -- 'NY Times' columnists largely line up behind Gaza massacre
    • Hughes,

      If the Nakba was a historic wrong whose effect continues then in the end something must be done by the heirs of the wrongdoers to put it right. Sometime the prevarication has to end

      Considering the 100 years of history and the well-known response of said heirs, I'd correct that statement to: "then in the end something must be done to the heirs of the wrongdoers to put it right."

    • The Alterman thing crossed that line the very day he learned to write his alphabet letters.

      He is no different than our Yonahs and Mayhems and Nathans and John S. In fact, politically speaking he has no difference from John S. I would say let the management invite Alterman as a punching ball (provided said management has any intention to stop censoring anti-Zionist postings, that is.)

  • Argentinian soccer team boycotts Israel -- and 'NY Times' whitewash fails to quote a single player
    • Obvious. If the very Zio-slave president of the country cannot force a decision on the national team it can only mean one thing: this is a decision by the team itself. Give me one other possible explanation.

      Also, if there were any dissenters within the team, don't you think their statements would be all over every MSM screen and paper?

    • As for the threats story, the following sure is worth underlining:

      In fact, it was AFA's President Claudio “Chiqui” Tapia who made the decision. “The ones calling us ignorant are underestimating us because this conflict has been going on for more than 70 years. What happened in the last few hours led us to take this decision...” said Tapia in a press conference after multiple protests against the match.

    • A national team is not just *a* sports team. That's what makes this, now, one of the first real victories, or perhaps the first, of the boycott movement.

  • Cal State, East Bay student govt unanimously passes BDS resolution
  • Democratic leaders grow fearful that Israel will divide the party
    • Cockburn also said she was seeking J Street’s endorsement. And she’s been citing an Israeli’s defense of her book, on twitter. The Times of Israel helped her out [...]

      And that Zio is what you are proposing as an instance of "division" in the Democrat War Party, along with a bunch of officially "Labour"-supported Zionists like Schakovsky et al.?

      The only "division" here is among Demolicans and Repucrats, and that doesn't mean jackshit about continued imperial support to Zionism.


  • How to tell when defending Israel is actually racist
    • There is nothing noble in the charge of the light brigade, guerrilla warfare is not surrender. And armchair purism and endless debate about long term objectives is a luxury only Western armchair philosophers can afford. And while there are Palestinians involved in BDS, let us not assume that they speak for all Palestinians anymore than we would assume that Trump speaks for the American people

      Thank you, Keith. Most effectively formulated.

      Two objections, though:

      1. The charge of the light brigade is exactly what is going on instead of effective resistance this very moment, based on a hope that international revulsion at the openly Nazi practices of the Zionists will amount to anything. The least one can do is to reverberate unchanged the victims' expressed demands, both short and long-term.

      2. As so well expressed by Hughes (who is still using a conditional mood), the chances of the most urgent, short-term request being acted upon (for a lifting of the blockade/strangulation) are the same as those of the long-term objectives (right of return, equal rights, full justice, whatever). Meaning zilch. Anyone believing concessions are coming from the Zionists, in the US or Azrael, without their being hurt very hard, please raise your hand.

  • Open Letter to Wajahat Ali: Don't undermine the Palestinian struggle
    • Talkback

      Excessive and disproportional use of force, house demolitions, wanton destruction, conflating civilians with combatants, illegal occupation, colonizing occupied territories, collective punishments and many more …

      Colonial invasion itself, since 1897 at the latest, being the central, hanging crime that "contains within itself the accumulated evil of the whole". If it was worth making the Nazi aggression retrospectively punishable, the same applies to colonial invasion.

    • if there were a negotiated peace to end the conflict

      Yarright. The Bakr himself is so clueless that he believes that his own Zionist crazy murderers can ever "negotiate peace" without being compelled by overwhelming force.

  • 'Disappearing Palestine' maps must spotlight Jaffa
    • Kay

      It is happening in the US congress right now, where Republicans are pretending Trump is right when he lies

      and Democrats applaud and support Trump's every act of war and aggression --especially in Palestine.

      What's the definition of a shameless propaganda shill ?

    • The map does not say they were Palestinian ruled, only that the areas in question were not part of Israel

      None of it was part of Azrael at the time of the Zionist agggression, Jeremiah, and that's all you need to know. All the rest is none of your business.

    • Well, our Johnny, designated indoctrinator of kids unfortunate enough to be invader offspring, this time has read his Propaganda Handbook.

      In the first map, the impression is that the white is Jewish-owned land and the green Palestinian-owned. However there was a third category, state land. Land controlled by the government (the Turks, then the British and so forth), ostensibly to be used for the benefit of the entire population, from all communities.

      Johnny, was the Ottoman Sultan the exclusive representative of the Zionist colonials? I don't think so. When Ottoman rule ends, who is the owner of all sovereignty, and therefore owner of the land? The legitimate inhabitants, collectively.

      Who are the only legitimate inhabitants? All except those who enter after having declared their hostile intent of taking over the sovereignty from its legitimate owners, i.e. all Zionist colonial "settlers" starting 1897 are excluded, not to be confused with bona fide refugees intending to submit to local Palestinian sovereignty.

      With teachers like you, no wonder your Azrael youth is made of openly genocidal maniacs, with statistically insignificant exceptions. Look up Julius Streicher every night before going to bed.

  • Israel has shot 29 medics at Gaza border, killing two
    • Kate,

      I just keep telling myself (as they do) that it’s security, security – that is, it’s paranoia, they really think that every despicable action of theirs is excused by the ‘fact’ that everyone is out to get them

      When you read the official documents of Zionism, especially their Founding Fathers and their latter-day heroes like Jabotinsky, Ben Gurion, etc., it becomes obvious that the above interpretation is a bit naive. Security is not an issue for the Zionist leadership. Only for their gullible cannon fodder. If security was a worry they wouldn't have put "their own" civilian population in the position of unprotected persons.

      They have been designing and perfecting a doctrine, Zionism, that expressly and necessarily requires the genocide of the owners of the land. Way before Nazism.

  • Israeli court approves destruction of Bedouin village, despite Congressional and EU protest
    • Citizen,

      Way back, the US of the civil rights struggle time definitely was a foreign country.

  • The way to the 'occupied lands'
    • Moving. No need to participate in the Zionist renaming of the country, though.

      Ras Ennakura is a word you know. Calling Acre, (a good old English name dating to the 10th C), "Akko" like a goddam invader, serves no other purpose than obliterate Palestine. These little tricks of language engineering are all part of the Zionist project for the cancellation of people and memory.

  • Conflicting dreams and realities: Amos Oz in Rochester
    • RoHa,

      You're cruel. Shouldn't have told him that. His whole life is based exclusively on such a deal with "Israel".

  • 'No one is happy with 60 killed' -- Ehud Barak comes to redeem Israel
    • Still yearning for the more effective genocidaires?

      Barak’s hopeful Israel...

      Full of the hope to finish the genocide sooner, with less token opposition from the West.

  • Joyless in Zion
    • they did ban Norman Finkelstein – obviously this is forgotten by the mondos as it would prove the same argument

      No, it just proves to all and without appeal that the "Jewish state" absurdity is a total lie, put out there for the irretrievably stupid people.

  • Tom Friedman has advice for Palestinians: Embrace Zionism
    • Johnny S figured Johnny S figured he would contribute some more inane wisdom.

      There are many examples of non-religious Jewish culture, in literature, art, philosophy…

      Yes, Johnny, we've heard that bullshit since way before you were born. But nobody is ever able to come with even a single (=1) concrete example of any cultural element that is non-religious/liturgical and common to Germans, Poles, Bukharans, Bessarabians, Ethiopians, Arabs, Spaniards or Martians nominally of the "Jewish" persuasion.

      Not only that, you tribals can't even understand what this means for the "ethny / nation" hoax.

    • Hughes,

      That doesn't make sense to me at all: it means trying to make something coexist with its diametrical contrary coexist. Perhaps what you wrote sounds natural to religious people trying to imagine religion-free minds; I wouldn't know. At least one spiritual bone in the body would sure be a requirement.

    • Mooser,

      I bet you a case of good wine that the Mayhem & Abu Bakr brothers will adopt the Beigel as their universal cultural emblem after reading you. No straw too thin.

    • non-religious expressions of Jewish culture

      May we have just one example of that, please?
      Beware of doing part for the whole, though.

    • You're putting us before a hard choice: either resettle the Zionist invaders (lots of them Americans anyway) and so free Palestine but lose our country to the point of our being forced to emigrate, or settle the Palestinians here and agree to their losing their country.

    • Hughes,

      The Zionists have shown their so-called "true colors" from the get-go by announcing their objectives, including the colonization, the extended borders, the land theft, the racial supremacist regime, the only-Jews land (with a maximum 15% slave quota) and their unavoidable need for a genocide, in so many words by at least 1937.

      Not only we have it all from the horse's mouth --it's all obvious from their actions to a majority of ordinary people the world over --except perhaps in the Anglophone Puritan countries, period.

      A measure of that is in the standing votes the US vetoes are always reliably getting: US and some 4-5 colonial palm-leaf kingdoms, with UK, Australia, Canada abstaining. Other participants vary according to the amount of blackmail.

      The mask is entirely off --current fronts are not likely to change before the fall of the house US: the distribution right now represents the utter limit possible for bad faith.

    • Why would the Zionists do anything as long as they are part of US imperialism and not threatened by serious resistance?

  • 'Our stones are stronger than their weapons': thousands in Gaza demonstrate for the ninth straight Friday
    • How do you think the Gandhi period was prepared and accompanied, if not by continual, extremely violent resistance over hundreds of years? India was a paradise of peace and all of sudden out came this peaceful guy and bds'ed the empire and all came tumbling down?

    • Sinton:

      I get the sense that if it's non-violent, Zionists lose

      Based on which result of the last 100 years of non--violence? They are manifestly on a winning streak. Even the poisoned gifts of Oslo were the direct and unmistakable result of the Intifada.

    • Your "solution" is to just lay down and die, also avoiding the extra expense (to the US taxpayer) of Zionist bullets. We get that.
      As for your question, it is, how should I say it, even more clueless than the orders you guys are giving to the Palestinian people. Or rather channeling the oh-so-well-meaning suggestions of the enemy.

    • Sinton,

      Any fool, even a blind one, can see that your lambs-to-the-slaughter nonsense doesn't work. If it did, there would have been at least some vague instances of results with this strategy in the last 100 years. All one has to show for it so far is tens of thousands dead plus the known devastation.

      It's all very well for total ignorants to bleat "Gandhi, Mandela" when they have no freakin idea of the amount of quite violent struggle it took --completed of course by some non-violent mass tactics towards the end of the struggle.

      "BDS" as you call it will work somewhat to educate the public. Provided its leaders don't continue to limit the action to what "liberal" Zionists are demanding.

      If you really think that the amount of support to be expected from European so--called liberals and their US-puppet governments with the express condition of abandoning the Palestinian people's basic rights is sufficient to get rid of the Zionists and give justice, you must be exceptionally if not pathologically naive. In my eyes, your requests and reasoning fully coincide with that of the Zionist leadership.

    • Another one who believes in getting results by lobbying "their Members". What exactly do you have to show for that in, say, the last 100 years? Lobbying today's politicians (or in the US, voting for the Democrats, or also the Pukes) guarantees that the Palestinian genocide will be completed --while you can continue to soothe your conscience for the next 100 years, knowing that you voted and lobbied.

    • Shenfield

      By Israel, yes. But that is not the point. I am talking about the impact on world opinion

      No, you're talking about Neo-Goebbelsian Zionist propaganda. If that's the source of your opinions, no need to talk. If you want to counter them, you start with international law and the Nuremberg principles, not with being a limp washcloth that agrees to and reinforces all enemy propaganda.
      Start by deciding the essential questions: -Which side are you on? -If it's not in support of the few very basic principles, why are you on this side while you are more attracted by the other? World opinion pretty much sees what's going on (hint= it ain't the same thing as the Zionists' and the governments' opinion.)

  • They prayed for Gaza's dead. Now it's time to say the mourner's prayer for Zionism
    • Mooser,

      You caught me "seriousing" again. Or then, you sometimes bury that tongue 6-foot-deep in your cheek.

    • Mooser,

      Statistics for evaluation (called "inferential" because they draw conclusions about groups of things) can be described as the definition of a significant number of observations. Any opposition to Zionism among people who continue to call themselves "Jewish" is insignificant as yet. Come back when the exception becomes significant.

    • On this subject my impression of antiZionist Jews who strongly identify as Jews is that they value their religion and/ or traditions and think the oppression of the Palestinians is horrible, immoral, and inconsistent with those traditions. That’s good. Could they form some new sort of ideology that will lead to oppression?

      but they have it already: call it "fake peoplehood" or "mythical nationalism", it does necessarily lead to oppression and it's not just by chance that this twin of Aryan phylonationalism has produced Zionism.

      It is by definition not at all about religion, as long as the non-religious are part of it; there are no pan-Jewish "traditions" outside religion, and the myth of of any such "traditions" is a Zionist-invented lie.

    • Johnson,

      "Israel" Apartheid is not the only thing to be opposed about Zionism. That may be your opinion and you're welcome to it --very welcome to doing that, too. As you well know, many supporters of Palestinian rights have a series of other, serious grievances, with sometimes a different order of priorities.

    • Cohen

      a community with shared history and traditions

      The fact that you can write such utter nonsense with a straight face disqualifies you from serious discussion. Looks like you don't get the difference between the singular (a community with shared history and traditions) and the plural (several separate and well distinct "communities" with each its own history and traditions.)

      Or perhaps you are the surprise guy who after so many years can present a cultural, linguistic, etc. common element, I am saying one single element of history or "tradition" that is not strictly religious/liturgical, between what you call "communities" (translation to generalworldese: ethnic or cultural distinct groups.)

      Let's see. Meanwhile, your in-your-face stone-age tribal mythonationalism is not even worth replying to. The only difference with its twin, Zionism, is that you are not occupying and massacring Palestinians or Patagonians (of course a big difference from the victims'point of view.)

    • Well, Mister Catalan, if you'd really believe the immortal nonsense that just 'pressure" by so-called peaceful boycotts will be enough to unseat the Zionist abomination, you'd be the only one (also among those who state that nonsense in so many words.) Hard to know, though, considering the level of understanding you've been displaying.

  • 'Israelism' documentary tracks changing generational attitudes of American Jews
    • IMO, there's a new form of HitlerJugend, growing up in Israel

      Citizen, let's not miss the even more egregious fact of that same (or worse?) indoctrination being given **from birth** to (at least) Zionist offspring in the US Zionist cocoon. Which, by the way, includes the US Public School system, in addition to all the Saturday schools, the appropriately-named flag-flying Schulen, the post-school cares, the summer get-togethers, the Jewish student and similar associations, Zionist civilian and paramilitary camps and so on.

      It's been going on full steam, long enough for even middle-aged tribal non-Zionists to be representative products of this machine, too.
      This is so in-your-face public it's not even a conspiracy.

  • Gaza killings are rending the Jewish community
    • I'm aware of the best-seller titled "About". Entertaining, edifying and educating as quality literature --but why would you refer to it for practically every question? Has it at good last replaced the well-named Old Testament?

    • broadside, i don’t hear “my people” as a hug anymore than i might feel i’m hugging america if i express my rage or sorrow ‘my country’ is bombing the middle east. iow, it depends on the context.

      Is this a case of tin ear, perhaps? If it all depends on the context, the context of calling a tribe of self-appointed relatives "my people" is the opposite of acknowledging that people sharing your administrative citizenship are officially under the same government and subject to the same coercion. One is a voluntary participation in mythical ultranationalism ferociously opposing universalism, the other is one constraint evaded by only very few human beings.

      i think the idea “Zionist behavior and Jewish behavior being kissin’ cousins ” is a bigoted concept because it erases, or usurps, the agency of jewish people who reject zionism and the actions done in the name of a state.

      First, being voluntarily participating in the tribal variety of a nationalist scam by populations that have nothing in common for the non-religious is still fully there even when one rejects Zionism. Second, the possible number of those who define themselves as part of the stone--age tribe is still statistically insignificant. Which makes the difference between a mythical nationalism without a requirement for land, on one side, and its next step the blood-and-soil nationalism (=Zionism) asking for others' land not so radically different. "Kissing cousins" sounds like one way of noting similarities between distinct categories.

      and as for your assertion you respect phil, that sounds like a throw away line and frankly, i don’t believe you

      That "I don't believe you" would indicate that you don't believe tribally inclined people can be respected. I'm sure that is not what you wanted to express. Many of them are decent humans, often our betters, doing very important work --just like Phil. There is no need to be perfect to be respected.

    • Johnson,

      Such dismissive levity would have been funny if the critique were misplaced. Here, though, the owner of a declaredly tribal web site (tribal as in belonging to the tribe that overwhelmingly supports the enemy ) that supports Palestinian resistance as a side effect of his principal aim of clearing the tribe's reputation is clearly breaking the boycott. He has a valid excuse in the eyes of some (including yours truly) as a reporter but that is a very serious breach that needs discussion. Whatever private contacts and activities anyone has in the Zionist entity, outside that of reporting, is also a fully legitimate subject of inquiry.

      Don't get me wrong, I am very grateful to Weiss for the single tolerably free discussion forum but that does not automatically make it any easier to swallow the abominable fact that such a site, centered on a tribe statistically supporting a mortal enemy, is one of the very few places available in the US.

    • Boycotting the Zionist entity is eminently reasonable. It's also highly reasonable for a reader to want to discuss how dispensations for journalism/reporting are being used.

    • But then the letdown. When you realize that he said "“…Bernie Sanders is virtually alone in his condemnation of Israeli actions” and yes, the rah-rah supporter of all earlier Gaza massacres is the only politician who is making some insincere, warmongering but conscience-soothing noises. That's what it means to be living in the US.

    • If he knew it, he'd be running an Azraeli propaganda operation. I prefer to think that he's just learning. There are some signs to justify that reading, in the 10+ years he's been at it, with the several successive steps of understanding. Let's keep some guarded optimism --unlike Weiss unjustifiable enthusiasm about some tribal component breaking off the Zio-wall every morning.

    • As a piece of "reporting" it should be at the same level as "The Trip to the Moon"

    • As if Weiss was born yesterday, clueless about the total number of times when his Jewish "community" has been feeling the political incorrectness of their sacred cow and made some vague tut-tuttibg noises . The best he can find is warmonger Sanders and a couple of other one-millimeter-better ones!

      We've had it with this daily "rhe big day is a-coming" mood, for 10 years and counting! Enough with that "community" already, we need the general American population to look at it and start moving. Who needs a bunch who'd primarily be concerned with the effect of massacres on the murderers.

  • Falsely accusing Palestinians of anti-Semitism is malicious
    • Barefaced propaganda lies again. It's all in the criminal word choice:

      People who come to a country not to submit to the current inhabitants' laws and customs but with the express purpose of occupying it and subverting the sovereignty (not to mention the genocide of the legitimate inhabitants) are NOT "immigrants" but invaders.

      Invader offspring are illegally on the land and they are invader offspring, not "native" anything. A foreign body that is being rejected by the legitimate society of the land.

      Nathan isn't even able to emulate Goebbels.

    • RoHa,

      As far as I can tell (and I have not made a study of the laws in the various jurisdictions) accusation is sufficient for conviction, and truth is no defence.

      I'm no lawyer but just enough of one to be able to say that you're oversimplifying (as you are said to do to anything re Zionism), as a result of which you don't "have a case": see, a necessary condition for indictment and conviction is the relative racial status of accuser and accused.

  • Documenting Palestinian invisibility for 40 years -- an interview with James Zogby
    • Misterioso

      If Nathan lives in Israel and is relatively young, he would do well to learn Arabic

      Bah. Did the Anglo--and-such invaders bother to learn Cherokee or Lakota? It was so much easier to exterminate all.

  • UN head says Gazans 'caged in a toxic slum from birth to death' as human rights council votes to investigate Israel
  • Statement: Israeli police using brutality and unnecessary force against peaceful protesters
  • Holding Gaza close this Ramadan season and beyond
    • I’ll give you my perspective as of this hour:

      Fredman, who ever asked you for your perspective? And who do you imagine gives two sticks for it, in this hour or at the hour of our death? Name the people who are eager for it.
      I mean, even among the many Zionists over here.

  • Protesting is not enough
    • his view on 2SS v IP1V which is rooted in pragmatism will be overtaken by developments

      Both of the 2ss + 1x1w etc. and all their nicely engineered variants will be "overtaken by developments", just as those neat Palestinian-imagined peace plans, too. One obvious reason: we have to do with obvious lunatics, who are clearly suicidal fools of God, too (of the OT god or the Blut und Boden god, makes no diff.) NOT rational humans like the SA colonizers. Cue the good intentions when Algeria started and what it necessarily ended with.

      All these plans are empty as this looks like a sprint to the bottom, with the very survival of a Palestinian people from genocide necessarily depending on the obliteration of the Zionist entity. The uncertainty now is more closely comparable to that at the apogee of Nazi might during WWII.

    • Watan,

      Gaza is 2 million people now. If it collapses

      didn't collapse enough for you yet?

      it won’t be possible for the junta to Hebrewsplain it away.

      because he haven't had the the same "impossible" prophecy re the murder of Lebanon, the breakbone intifada, the bombing of neighborhoods, the ship to Gaza, the "knifebearer" murders...

      Israel’s weakness is what it is doing 24/7 to actual people.

      We all wish it were a weakness, but that doesn't show anywhere. The beast is keeping pretty well alive thanks to what it is doing to actual people.

      The palestinians need to leverage that.

      What would that mean to people who don't master management gobbledygook?

  • On Gaza: The end will continue
    • The Nut

      Says there are no butterfly bullets in use by Israel.
      No, they are bumblebee bullets, hummingbird bullets that play a delightful ballet, tracing a gossamer web of their gracious trajectories.
      Anyway, no matter the type of bullets, be they explosive, corrosive or even plain vanilla, each one fully deserves the hanging in Nuremberg the hanging of whoever shot it, ordered it and approved it.

      Should I add the Scleichers of the situation, Mr. Schleicher-Nut?

    • I am aware that this site is aimed-although not exclusively- at a Jewish audience

      Very observant, although the non-exclusivity still has to be proved.

    • Mr Ellis,

      How about answering questions, like the one above, about central terms you use so often, which however remain totally opaque to many of your would-be readers? After so many years, many readers still have no clear idea about what you are trying to say. Up to you, of course.

  • Donald Trump is a hero to Jewish Israelis
    • RoHa,

      I guess JLD has a correct estimate of the general knowledge level of us barbarians growing in our wastelands (I wouldn't know about other barbarians) and he's trying to help. Wrong policy, of course.

    • RoHa

      Wicky Stickit is something we never hear. As to knowing what the dickens that means, no need to worry, it's sure to be impossible to understand.

    • Shenfield,

      For how many generations do ‘invader offspring’ remain invaders? Isn’t this a sort of racism?

      I don't have all the answers, of course, but a student of history like you readily gets that the American answer is Until Ye Sassenach Have Completed Ye Genocide Of Ye Owners Of Ye Country. Ask Sitting Bull and all the dispatched souls of the potential claimants. Why else do you think Zionists are committing genocide?

      As for "racism", no. It is not, even though it is somehow part of the people's characteristics at birth. What Anglosaxons won't let nestle in their heads is the simple notion that not all countries, in fact only a small minority, base citizenship on jus soli. Proving right to it by descent or some other property is necessary for most countries. And a Good Thing it is, too, because the automatic application of citizenship by only place of birth is enough to defeat humanitarian and War Law, especially GC, much more effectively than any war of aggression in the case of hostile colonial settlements anywhere.

      Refusing to turn over sovereignty to a hostile group intent on takeover (by, among other things, compulsorily granting them citizenship) is not refusing refuge to people who need it: refugees are essentially defined as guests who agree to conform to your own laws and regulations, not overturn them and take away your country.

      And as most Palestinians no longer demand the expulsion of ‘invader offspring’ — understanding the harm that such a demand does to their cause...

      Until you come with a properly performed plebiscite of all Palestinians (justifying usual domicile in Ottoman Palestine at the time of hostile colonial intent declaration by the Basle Zionist Congress in 1897), i.e. in the total absence of military occupation or any other form of duress, allow me a whinny. In fact, that might be called channeling the Palestinian Pétains gallow-bait.

      If you read, look at what all other Palestinians who also would accept a [pie-in-the-sky nonsense of impossible] Zionist compromise say: that that 'solution" is only a compromise. If you can't make the difference between a compromise and justice, we can't talk. Do you consider the South African solution full justice or a compromise --a good one, in my view?

      As for being more Catholic than the Pope, again, citizenship conditions are something decided by the representative body of the Palestinians --back to the plebiscite question. There is the Pope.

    • Ro Ha,

      "Tzitzit or Tzitzis (Hebrew: ציצית) are "fringes" worn by Jews on the corners of four-cornered garments, including the Tallit (prayer shawl) and Tallit Katan. Since they are considered by Orthodox tradition to be a time-bound commandment, they are worn only by men. "

      So much for crying "sexist".

    • Mooser,

      No prob. AIPAC will kindly volunteer a bunch of goons to staff the embassy at no extra cost --but the usual US taxpayer money.

    • It reads "thanks suckers!"

    • Watan,

      Don't try to confuse the issue. All they got to do is get the hell out. Most can lay claim to a citizenship; those who say they can't are guaranteed a welcome in the States. Period.

    • Indeed the Israeli praise for Trump is another sign that the two Jewish communities are dividing over political values.

      BS again, if you'll excuse my French.
      The overwhelming majority of "Jewish community", US, not unlike the majority of Democrats and "Liberals", never disagreed with Trump's action whenever it was a matter of more aggression, more war, more Zionist occupation. The repeated aggression on Syria, the chemical hysteria and all other international acts of aggression by the US have only received clear and loud applause from the sectors mentioned.

      The only "liberal" and "Jewish" noises in the US against such acts by the Trump administration have come from very small minorities.

    • Eljay,

      to Jewish Israelis or to Zionist Israelis?

      Apart from a small percentage of the population when the hostile invasion intent was made public by the Zionists, the invasion by hordes of non-Palestinian Jews has been organized by the Zionists.

      Any of the invader offspring who renounces Zionist ideology, ie understands that heshe is an invader is supposed to do the right thing and get out asap.

      As a result, any exception to the full identification of "Jewish Israelis" as "Zionist Israelis" is utterly negligible.

  • Debunking 18 claims justifying this week's Gaza massacre
    • From, again, that dangerously sick guy licensed to cut up people --unless he is just a bot as I wish:

      2. I present evidence that some parents did just that.

      No you didn't. After spending like 890 posts harping on it, you still haven't shown that the kids' own beds are any safer from your murder attacks than demonstrations.

    • Mooser,

      Thanks to the butcher who cut me in my tender age, a phimosis won't need surgery. But I still worry for his patients.

    • “zionists are the same as it pertains to believing in a jewish state at the expense of palestinians”
      That’s just incorrect.

      The correct expression being "there's no expense involved". You don't have to pay extra, we'll exterminate you and erase your very memory just like the American Indians --no extra charge,

    • Johnny is one of a kind. He posts to say

      That people can realize that those we disagree with are not necessarily our enemy.

      The guy still needs a memo that disagreeing ain't a problem. Getting robbed, exiled, murdered and genocided is a bit too much, even without disagreeing and even if committed by genocidaire Johnny --or his substitutes that he supports. They are enemies, just look the word up.

    • Mooser,

      May heavens hear you. At my age, I might anytime land in an ER in an emergency and, instead of a Zionist but relatively sane and competent colleague, fall in the hands of no-logic Johnny.

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