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  • I am Palestinian, and I am human, and I am here
    • Asking a Zionist to relate to Palestinians as human beings is akin to asking a member of the SS to relate to Jews as human beings. They simply can't afford to - if they ever admit it to themselves, even for a moment, then the supremacist philosophy they've built their lives upon, that they've used to justify their numberless crimes against humanity will simply crumble to nothing. Their self-image as "Ubermensch/Chosen" is at stake - and the cost of losing it too terrible for these repugnant "people" to contemplate.

  • Jeff Goldberg gets hit from right and left for suggesting Jews should leave Europe
    • Ahh yes because obviously the French and Belgians are so "anti-semitic" that they not only never allowed a Jewish museum to operate on their soil, they didn't even bother investigating the killings. Despicable! And all those European laws on Equality and Non-Discrimination, well we all know every single one contains the clause "except for the Joos!"

      I wonder if the ADL would like to follow up their (cooked) survey on European "anti-semitism" with one on Jewish "anti-Europeanism?"

  • For wearing veil, woman is ordered off Jerusalem light rail and frisked
    • @ Palikiri

      What about those big fur hats some Jews in Israel wear? Or the huge baggy coats? You could hide so much, and it's VERY suspicious - wearing such outlandish gear, originally designed to keep people warm in Northern Europe, in what's nearly a friggin desert? Why they must be up to no good.

    • @ Wes

      In EUROPE it's perfectly valid to criticise use of the burqa and other face coverings in public since there's a cultural demand to see the face of anyone. I'm a European and I don't like seeing them here. Even so only two nations have banned their use in public - Belgium (which already had a ban on wearing masks in public on the books so the burqa ban is just an extension) and France. This is hardly all of Europe. (Just don't tell Hoppy - he likes so much to find one person somewhere who believes something objectionable - i.e. something Hoppy completely agrees with when it comes from an Israeli Jew - and then extrapolate onto entire continents of people)

      In the Middle East? Where these go back millennia and the culture's completely different? It's the old saw - "When in Rome....." (or Byzantium if you prefer since ladies of the Byzantine Empire were known to wear veils on occasion). And since it was European Jews who moved (invaded) the Middle East - they're the ones who should .... adapt (I SO want to say "assimilate" just because the word drives the Zionists nuts).

    • @ Ellen

      OK yes let's be pedantic. Trousers then aren't western garb they're Asian because the first trousers were from there. Come on!

    • @ benedict

      Most of the people in Israel aren't Muslim for the simple reason that the native non-Jewish people were ethnically cleansed by Jews. As for "being born there" - they only had the freedom to be born there because their parents/grandparents indulged in human rights abuses and war crimes.

      If Germans still carry the guilt of the Holocaust (actually ALL non-Jews seem to have to carry that one according to Zionists) then Israeli Jews still carry the guilt for the Nakba - added to each generations own personal culpability in continuing the oppression of non-Jews in Palestine and continuing the violent and immoral occupation.

    • If Israeli Jews are so "spooked" by Muslim religious wear maybe they shouldn't have moved to a land where most of the natives were Muslim.

    • OK MY1 and while we're denying the verifiable truth let's just say the Holocaust never happened shall we? It was all staged to make the Germans look bad.

      Sod off you unrepentant bigot.

  • Michael Oren finds Israel vindicated by UN report that it slaughtered 101 civilians, including 33 children
    • Those Israelis recently "killed" in Belgium? Complete fakery - they're presently working a fish and chip shop in Whitby. I know because I heard it from a person who was told it by a person who was told it by a magical menorah.

  • On Jerusalem Day, thousands of settlers celebrate 'conquest' of the city and say 'Kahane was right'
    • Their heirs today are the hill-top youth, the renegade settlers, perhaps a few hundred at most...

      A few hundred? Surely you jest.

      Maybe if you forget the donors in Israel and the Diaspora who fund their activities, if you forget the IDF that protects them and punishes their victims, if you forget the police that can somehow never get enough evidence, if you forget the prosecutors who fail to prosecute, if you forget the courts that on the rare occasions a prosecution is made and succeeds impose the lightest possible sentences, if you forget the members of the Knesset who encourage the violence against non-Jews and if you forget the Israeli Jewish voters who elect these politicians in the first place.

      Then when you forget all that MAYBE you can get down to a "few hundred"

  • 'Violence of Jewish power' in Jerusalem has 'poisoned the Jewish community' -- 'Forward' reports
    • Isn’t it amazing that when young American Jews learn about the right of return they don’t find it a nightmare aimed at pushing Jews into the sea, but regard it as a legal principle?

      Really? And your explanation for those repugnant Birth-Righters?

  • Public debate on Zionism sets a crucial precedent
    • @ Zach S

      But you haven't answered the whole question have you? You've cherry picked.
      So let's restate it.

      Do you support America’s right to become a Christian State with demographic engineering to keep the population of non-Christians under control?

      Your precious Judenreich has been indulging in "demographic engineering" (aka ethnic cleansing) since the beginning which you apparently approve of.
      So do you support the right of let's say Ireland to do the same with the ethnic minorities living there - for example Jews?

  • 'Washington Post' reports that funders have excommunicated Jews who don't believe in Zionism
    • @ RoHa

      There was a time RoHa when I too would have given the Rabbi the benefit of the doubt but I've just seen to much casual, unthinking Jewish-supremacism even from supposed liberals/progressives to let it slide any more.

      "...does seem to suggest that the rabbi thinks that virtue stems from Jewishness. That is not such a surprising position for a rabbi to take."

      And were Jewishness merely looked upon as a system of beliefs I'd maybe continue to overlook these claims, or at least not be so hard on them, but since we are repeatedly told by people like this rabbi that Jewishness is a "nation," a "distinct people," then it smacks of racism.

    • @ Empiricon

      I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed that. It just seems to be part and parcel of Jewish-supremacism. Along with the much vaunted idea, even here on Mondoweiss, of some special "Jewish morality."

  • Netanyahu to settler leaders: 'I fight for you'
    • @ Pixel

      I'm not sure Nutteryahoo is that far gone - or rather I think there's a balance of conflicting loony bouncing around in his head. On one side his rabid xenophobia, his messianic delusions of grandeur and his limitless spite balanced on the other by his raw narcissism. Generally I think his narcissism would win. However, and perhaps even scarier, there are plenty of Israelis for whom Nutteryahoo is nigh on a liberal. And they probably would destroy the planet, and themselves, just to wipe out their imaginary Amaleks. You only have to look at the Jewish groups fighting real action on Climate Change because BDS as a tactic might effect their precious Judenreich.

  • Video: Maya Angelou reads email from Rachel Corrie
    • Just out of curiosity I clicked on your link and lo and behold WOT showed up a warning:-

      Users have identified the following issues

      Hate, discrimination
      Adult content
      Misleading claims or unethical

      Obviously a perfect site for Zionists then.....

  • Soldiers detain four Palestinian schoolgirls-- aged 11 to 15 -- for picking settlers' cherries
    • @ Kay24

      ...these three little girls, who plucked cherries from their trees...

      Who are ACCUSED of plucking cherries. Accused by people famous for their dishonesty and as consumed with hate as any Nazi.

  • Israeli government tries to undo image of Pope at the wall
    • @ Lyn117

      you care nothing about innocent victims unless they’re Israeli.

      Slight correction if I may? Cares nothing about victims unless they're Israeli Jews.

  • Netanyahu says Jews invented the idea of 'honoring your father and mother'
    • @ MY1

      Wow! We finally agree on something. Nutteryahoo is full of bullshit isn't he.

    • @ Woody

      It is abominable for this guy to be claiming for Judaism something that is part of human nature itself.

      I think you're overlooking one thing here Woody. As a Zionist/Jewish-Supremacist he doesn't actually believe anyone but Jews are truly human, so to him it is part of "human" nature.

    • And the cherry tomato, irrigation, writing, sleeping, eating, breathing. The list of Jewish (ahem) invention is endless.......

    • Obviously Nutteryahoo's confused his speech writer with a script writer. Just a pity all he can do is copy other people's superior material....

      Goodness Gracious Me

  • The Pope in Palestine
    • @ Shmuel

      Don't rely too much on style guides - English doesn't have any equivalent to the French Academy. But in most usage that I've encountered :-

      pope - is a job description.
      Pope - is referring to a particular person who holds that position - with or without the actual papal name.

      president - job description
      President - rhubarb rhubarb.

      Ultimately, as it is with so much in English, it's down to personal preference but the usual "recommendation" (one I give my students) is to err on the side of formality in these things and go with the capital. Not so much because it's more "correct" but because you're less likely to cause offence. People can be funny about things like this.

      And just so you know - the nickname of "The Guardian" in the UK is "The Grauniad" because of it's atrocious history of typos and grammatical mistakes. NEVER use them as a touch stone to grammar or spelling. Unless of course you're being ironic. ;)

  • Watch Palestinian-Americans discuss how Israel discriminates against U.S. travelers
    • “A lady, who lives in a very wealthy quarter of Zurich, can declare hostilities against the far-away, small country of the Jews.”

      This type of statement, the type we see all too often, attempting to shut down criticism of Israel through what amounts to a form of (i)moralistic bullying, seems almost designed to encourage anti-semitism not to combat it.

      Combine that with what I can only describe as the glee Zionists express whenever there actually is an attack on Jews in the Diaspora and I have to ask.......why do Zionists hate Jews so much?

    • @ Palikari

      It's very telling that you don't even notice your own bigotry.

      It’s normal that some Arabs -and non-Arabs- are interrogated


      "it's normal some PEOPLE are interrogated"

      Like any Zionist everything for you breaks down to ethnic group.

  • Fearing divestment from Israel, Jewish orgs oppose divestment to halt global warming
  • 'National Interest' readers mutiny over Israeli exceptionalist argument
    • British law is full of these type of things - it's wonderful. Silly laws that are still officially on the books but defunct because nobody uses them any more or because they've been overtaken by later legislation.

      Somebody should write a book about them. One non-lawyers could understand.

    • Thank you.

    • @ piotr

      Whoa there a second. You RECALL 1820? And yet you have such wonderful command of the modern language. ;)

      Seriously though - it's possible it was removed earlier, it's just I recall a few people trying to claim it relatively recently, one in Scotland and one in England. Both were disallowed.

    • @ tokyobk

      ...slights that imply that the problem in Israel/Palestine is a uniquely Jewish problem

      Possibly because the whole mess in Palestine was caused by a supposed solution to a supposedly "uniquely Jewish problem" (as if other people's hadn't been persecuted over time). if other religions and other self “chosen” groups have not done the same and more in their own names using their own particular systems of classification and justifications, throughout history.

      They have. Most certainly. But they've pretty much stopped doing it in the West these days whereas Jewish Zionists still are. All while harping on about Judaism's supposed "moral" superiority.

      I also wonder why you allow Judaism to be insulted

      Why not? What makes Judaism so special? Stop whining about having your feelings hurt it's pathetic.

    • Good to see people waking up. Honestly it's about time, but Hasbara will be there soon enough to fill the bandwith with pro-human-rights-abuses excuses.

      But possibly my favourite comment isn't actually about the nuke issue, it's from someone calling themselves "epaminondas" decrying the fact that it was illegal (apparently I had to search to find it) in Leicester for Jews to own property until 2001.

      In England only in 2001 did it become legal for Jews to own land in a certain large city.

      The fact this person can't name the city makes me suspect they just heard some gumf and decided to throw it in. Of course they're wrong. Obviously. There was a medieval statute to that effect that had never been rescinded but that was over-taken by later laws meaning that it might have been written on a book and not crossed out but the statute was no longer active or legal.

      This person though took the existence of this obscure statute as "proof" of worldwide anti-semitism, because apparently, I can only imagine, they thought that no Jews were allowed to live in Leicester until 2001. Which I'm pretty sure would come as something of a surprise to the Jews actually living there. Maybe it could be a loophole so they could reclaim mortgage payments prior to 2001?

      Being a little familiar with how British law works it's infinitely more likely that people just forgot about this incredibly obscure statute - much as they forgot about the Chester statute making it legal to shoot a Welshman from the city walls (now superseded by amongst other things laws against murder), how football on Sundays was illegal because men had to be at archery practice (now superseded by dangerous weapons acts), or how trial by combat was never officially removed from the books until this century (OK there's a bit of me that regrets that one going out of use).

      It's just more evidence of the paranoia and narcissism of the Zionist mind set - as if all non-Jews can think about all day long is how to persecute Jews. For any Zionists reading this, just for your information - we do actually have other things to do.

  • Welcome to Bethlehem, Pope Francis -- now shut down the checkpoint for 3 days
    • @ yonah

      Unless Lizzy's the longest running drag act in history I think you'll find that, with there being a woman on the throne it's now called the QUEEN'S English not the King's.

  • European Union ruling: Ban poultry imports from settlements
    • Since you seem to have missed it - Europe's already working on boycotting Russian goods and has imposed sanctions on figures close to the Russian leadership. Not sure what the state of play is as regards China.

      And is it (hysterical screaming) "the Jews?" Has the EU published sanctions against Jewish businesses in Europe? In America? In Argentina? No. Funny that. Just ILLEGAL Jewish-supremacist settlers from the Judenreich ILLEGALLY in violent and brutal occupation of other people's land.

      However, your whining is wonderfully counter-productive so please do carry on.

    • Obviously he'd never heard of the Cod Wars.

  • Don't let Pamela Geller speak for American Jews
    • So? You think Muslims should be discriminated against in the USA as they are in Israel? Rhetorical question btw - the truth of your hate is blindingly obvious. Yet again you're petticoats of xenophobia (bigotry just isn't a big enough word for what Zionists feel as regards non-Jews) are showing Hoppy.

  • Pope watch: Incendiary flyer passed out in Jerusalem says Francis's visit is against Jewish law
    • They don't act like Muslim (or Hindu, or Christian) terrorists because they've got the WaffenIDF for that.

  • UK's Jewish leadership sacrifices all relevance with 'Jewish manifesto' for EU elections
    • I wonder how the "good people" of the Board of Deputies would react to the British Govt mimicking their beloved Israel and declaring the UK as a "British State" for the "British People" and stating their desire to ethnically cleanse all the others - including the Jews (which, apart from the last bit Zionists seem to have no problem with what with their links to groups like the EDL)

      Would the "good Board" speak of the thousands of years of continuous British inhabitation of the land (genetically the vast majority of Brits can date their ancestry back to the Neolithic), would they mutter about the Brits long history of being invaded by their neighbours and losing even their native languages to these interlopers? Would they perhaps mention the "existential threat" of Brits interbreeding with non-Brits.

      No of course not - why the very idea would call up cries of "Amalek" "anti-semitism" and (of course) "Holocaust!" all over the Jewish world (conspicuously forgetting all the OTHER people that would be effected by such criminal legislation). And yet these very same people when the Judenreich actually DOES the same things, and more, to the Palestinians, they shamelessly cry out their joy, pride and total agreement, all while still whining like spoiled little sociopaths of their own victim-hood.


  • What’s wrong with the ADL survey and how it could be improved
    • @ Yonah

      Actually yes, "The Select" IS as bad as "The Chosen." Take a look at the Reformation theology of Calvin (although what Hobbes made of it was lost in a particularly energetic game of Calvinball)

    • @ tokyobk

      Why even bother with a survey, it's obvious you see "anti-semitism" (boo! hiss!) absolutely EVERYWHERE.

  • Crashing the Party: Activists educate pro-Israel festival about the Nakba
    • @ Denis

      "But note at 00:25 how he asks: “And we haven’t given anything back?” That 1st person plural is lethal. He is certainly not referring to “we Americans.” I don’t think he’s referring to “we Jews.” The context is pretty clear that he means “we Israelis” because he’s talking about the Palestinian-Israeli negotiations."

      I think it's worse than that Denis - when he says "we," "we" is Israelis AND Jews - the two are totally conflated within his mind.

    • And I just bet that bigoted condescending [email protected]#k describes himself as a "liberal."

  • Another prominent liberal Jew runs away from the Zionist label
    • @ Henry Norr

      Sweet but it's just more weasel words trying to dodge culpability in passive language.

      Israel didn't jackboot its way over Palestinian lives because the "Middle" just "let it." Israel jackbooted its way across Palestinian lives because the "Middle" justified every single shiny step, no matter how illegal, immoral or vile. Because the "Middle" when it couldn't find an excuse to defend preferred to ignore or deny. Because the "Middle" wielded the pitchforks and the flaming torches as they joined in hounding anyone who dared think the "anti-semitic" thought that wrong is wrong even when the perpetrators are Jewish. Because the "Middle" was never really "Middle" when it came to Jewish overlordship in Israel - there it was decidedly in favour of bigotry and supremacism.

      No. No "let" no "permitted" no "allowed" - actively f'ing ENCOURAGED is more like it.

  • On the day two Palestinians are killed, 'NYT' reporter flashes snark
    • @ MRW

      I wouldn't mind the NYT putting a Jew in place who was actually a good reporter, honest and with the ethical strength to record the truth - no matter which group was offended by it. It's these partisan mouthpieces (I'd call them hacks but that would insult hacks) I object to.

      Actually are Zionists even Jews? They don't worship Yahweh, they worship the Divine Ethnos and Holy Eretz Yisrael. They're part of an ethnic land cult not Judaism.

    • Perhaps we're being unfair to Rudoren, after all it's not as if she's an actual journalist with journalistic ethics or anything, time and again she's revealed that what she's actually there for is just to be another Jewish propagandist for Israel.

      And really does anybody truly expect the NYT to hire real reporters for the Jerusalem gig? Why that would run the risk revealing the truth and hurting the feelings of Israelis. And we all know the NYT can't have that.

  • Shalom Modi: India and Israel look to deepen ties following victory of the Hindu right
    • What I dislike about this "Righteous among the Nations" thing is it implies very strongly that the other "Nations" are inherently un-righteous and that these people are anomalies. Another example of the Jewish Supremacism at the heart of Israel and Zionism.

    • @ upsidedown

      In both former British colonies, in the middle east and south asia, Britain’s partitions have been total disasters.

      Possibly because they were supposed to be......(or am I just being cynical given the experience of my own country, Ireland, that the Brits also partitioned?)

    • @ Keith

      Yes I think we're pretty much in agreement in how we see things developing.

    • @ American { Keith

      OK fair enough, I was coming at it more from a historic, maybe even Latin American viewpoint but yes I agree - neo-feudalism certainly seems to be the direction of travel, with corporations replacing the state in fact but hiding behind the old national identity to help lull the masses with appeals to base "nationalism." Where's there a Wat Tyler when we need one? *

      * For those unfamiliar - Wat Tyler led the Peasant's Revolt of 1381 in England.

    • @ Sanman

      ...the Congress Party has become the Mubarak regime of India...

      This may come as news to you but just because people don't like the BJP doesn't mean they support the Congress Party. Life's a bit more complicated than that.

      The Mubarak regime then further goes out of its way to whisper into the ears of minorities, telling them “The majority here are fanatics! Support our regime because only we can protect you! If we fall, you’ll all be wiped out!”

      Hmm. Sound like what the Israeli Govt keeps saying to Israeli Jewish people and anyone else who will listen.
      "We're surrounded by a sea of Muslims out to drive us into the sea - so let's get them first."

      " fear among particular ethnic groups in order to harvest them as loyalists who will fight for the regime to bitter end."

      Sounds a bit like you're getting your excuses in early for launching a "pre-emptive strike" on those minorities there. And you wonder why the BJP has a bit of a reputation.......

    • @ Annie

      If that's a tactic to force a defensive response all I can say is it's a bloody useless tactic - it just makes the person using it look like an idiot.

    • @ sanman

      I’m a lifelong atheist, but I was more than glad to vote for BJP after seeing the buildup of slander and lies from the Left.

      What an infantile reason to vote for any party. Not the policies, not the actions, not the rhetoric - no vote for BJP just to spite "the Left." Are you sure you're actually old enough to vote?

      "...there are a lot more of us than there are of you, and ethnic libel like the kind you’re trotting out it only making us angrier."

      And now the threats. Yep. Infantile. Definitely infantile. Possibly even special needs.

    • @ Sanman

      Palestinians disliking Jews isn’t xenophobic?

      No. It's a natural reaction to being oppressed and ethnically cleansed by Jews. Would you say Indian resistance to British rule and domination was "xenophobic?"

      It was Muslims, both trading and invading, who came up with the word “Hindu” and slapped it onto the myriad ethnic groups inhabiting India. It’s no different than how Colombus slapped the label “Indians” onto the various Native American tribes of North America.

      And British is in origin a Latin term for the various groups of the island of Britain. Russian is a term derived from Norse conquerors of the area now know as Ukraine. Egyptian is from Greek. So we should all be offended that our various names aren't "pure" of outside influence? Don't be so silly.

      Muslims in India aren’t a “minority” – they’re actually the largest ethnic group in a sea of smaller ethnic groups

      So the majority of India is Muslim? They may well be the largest minority group but that doesn't mean they're not a minority. And it's not an ethnicity - it's a religion.

    • @ traintosiberia

      "No other two countries in the world have suffered so much at the hands of state-sponsored Islamic jihadi terrorism as India and Israel..."

      I think you'll find that the people of various Muslim states have all suffered much more from state sponsored reactionaries than either Israel or India have even come close to.

    • I'd like to say this election result comes as a surprise but ever since the destruction of the Babri Mosque in 1992, which is when I first really started paying attention, and the rise since then of Hindu Nationalism, it's been pretty obvious what the general direction of Indian politics was. And it's been equally obvious that the destruction of the mosque provides a model for what Israeli Jews want to do to the Dome on the Rock. Ancient temple not used for centuries then a Muslim comes along and builds a mosque on the site and then, oh no, now we want our "holy" site back and are willing to do anything to get it. Because you Muslims don't belong here anyway.

      The BJP and Israel are a perfect fit - much as were Hitler, Mussolini and Franco.

    • @ American

      I agree with a lot of what you say but just one thing leapt out,

      "If the US goes nationalist.."

      Looking from this side of the Atlantic - has the US ever NOT been nationalistic - to the point of jingoism?

    • Yeah why not? Ethno-supremacists in Israel and Religio-supremacists in India. At least they've got the supremacist madness in common.

  • Inspiration on the quiet streets of Palestine
    • @ MY1

      Incitement? They continue to live, is that the type of "incitement" you're talking about ..........?

    • @ MY1

      Zionists are not welcome here and they can’t express themselves freely like you.

      And yet - here you are. But it's true Zionists might not be able to "express yourselves" as freely as they might like to here. Mainly because, Zionism being what it is, that would be classed as hate speech.

    • There really is nothing too petty for these a***holes to whine about is there.

  • Rothkopf's jailbreak from the Zionist captivity is sure to embolden others
    • @ Lisa

      How can "Jews" have been around for 3000+ years when their religion - the thing that initially made them Jews only dates to the 6th Century BC?

      And that's leaving aside the silly way you misuse archaeology (typical of a Zionist - Israeli archaeology must be the most disreputable on the planet). Are you seriously just ignoring all the other people that lived in Palestine over the centuries, how ancient polities interpenetrated one another or are you just that blind to anybody who isn't "Chosen?"

      And as an FYI - Palestinians genetically cluster within Jewish populations - they're the descendants of Jews who never emigrated from the area in Antiquity hoping for better opportunities elsewhere (nope - there never was an "exile"). In other words, they're the descendants of the ones who were most loyal to the land of their ancestors.

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