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  • 80+ Cartoonists And Comics Workers Tell Comics Industry: 'No Business As Usual With Israel'
  • Gaza war blowback? Palestinian stabs 13 on Tel Aviv bus.
    • Under prolonged and extreme duress, all men can snap.

      It is a compliment to the Palestinian People that it takes this long. What a strength to endure such a lifetime violent suppression and keep composure.

  • Virulent, violent verbal tactics reveal Dershowitz as a bully, says fellow Israel advocate
    • This too by Torossian: [Dershowitz] advocates for discrimination against Jews when he proclaims that Jews should not live in Hebron. And: He is wrong to support a Palestinian State.

      Thank you but no thanks. We don't need racist bigoted attacks on Dershowitz. (This must be a secret part of a Save The Dreckowitz campaign).

  • #JeSuisUnJuifBritannique
  • The legacy of Joan Peters and 'From Time Immemorial'
    • Bill: "Curiously, Mondoweiss never does [mention my piece]". Hell, they even removed the link you added to this post.

    • Thanks for the great overview. Finkelstein, NYT and Dershowitz in perspective. (In that perspective, Dersh looks very very small. Not worth trusting).

  • Netanyahu crashes Paris unity march, French gov't fumes
    • yonah: every Jew is a valid target Stop abusing jews.

    • It took a few days, but the Charlie Hebdo killings are firmly and exclusively occupied by Zionists.

      A quiz about Charlie Hebdo. In 2008 Siné (Maurice Sinet) wrote in Charlie Hebdo about someone making a religious conversion for political career motives.

      Who converted?
      1. William of Orange
      2. Tony Blair
      3. Jean Sarkozy

      To which religion?
      1. Protestantism
      2. Catholicism
      3. Judaism

      How did it end?
      1. Siné was fired
      2. The editor took a stand and defended Charlie's satire
      3. 150 politicans gathered in Paris to support Siné's Freedom of Speech
      4. Israels PM urged Jews to leave France

    • Who is she to claim the attack exclusively for THE jews? Good question, mr Willcox.

    • John O, that's not what they need to be told at the airport. They have read that before in the Jewish Agency merchandise. The Sderot Live War Cinema is part of the advertisement. Also they can join the IDF to shoot rockets into Gaza. A land of opportunities!

  • The moral hysteria of Je suis charlie
    • Already happened. Amsterdam, last Thursday.

      Big CH happening on Dam, main square. PM Rutte and the mayor speeching. One minute of silence. Then, someone started to sing. He was approached by civilians (force unknown), and arrested by the police. vid

      He sung "Het Vrije Woord" ('The Free Word'), written in 2007 by comedian Hans Teeuwen for the murdered Theo van Gogh. lyrics

  • Hillel exec likens Open Hillel to biblical rebel against Moses who was swallowed up by the earth
    • “dissent and disagreement,” that is how the Jewish community moves forward.

      As in: without Spinoza.

  • How a tweet about Gaza children went viral round the globe
    • Good. btw, I'm not totally familiar with this electronic phenomenon, but I think people are happy to know that .... whether they know ... or think I’m ... that it’s possible .... people respond to that too is putting the "self" in "selfie", right? It's not the "You" in "Yournalist".

  • How Salaita’s critics have distorted the Salaita report
    • Jacobson has corrected his misquotes, while claiming that it makes no substantive difference to my analysis. Waiting for Leibovitz to copy-follow.

      I bet it does not make a difference for him.

  • Couldn't there be just one 'NYT' columnist who was critical of Israel? (No)
    • Bravo Mondoweiss. Well noted that all "liberal" and "save Israel" and "Netanyahu is good/bad for Israel" talks is in the same basket of Zionism. It is futile to discuss who should best continue the occupation and the killings.

  • Israeli settlers attack US consulate convoy in the West Bank (Updated)
  • 'You are part of the problem, not the solution': Open letter to the editors of The New York Times
  • Dershowitz named in lawsuit alleging abuse of underage sex slave
    • Cloak, that's what I meant to say. No PR agent would have allowed a young woman within a mile of the Prince, these days. Let alone a photographer. Irrespective of who they are.

    • And how would Dersh know what the Secret Service records would reveal?
      - because they can be cooked by the Govt. The same Govt that Dersh is standing with, by NPA and other interests, against the victims. The Govt does not want Clinton exposed either. (That's the US Govt. The Israeli Govt has a different position).

      There are also flight recordings by pilots/aircraft record. I read they were published in another court case. But Dersh keep s repeating this SecServ quote quite often.

    • Jee, scroll down in that dailymail link! That picture where Prince Andrew is seen leaving his ski cabana, Sunday, to speed back to London: those two cute girls watching him through the window.

      Isn't there a single PR brain-cell in the Royal family?

    • The pilot's records (flights & passengers) of Epstein's plane(s) are published through a court process. Are they on internet? (Could show Bill Clinton going to the island). Note that Dersh only points to "secret service" records to prove Clintons whereabouts. Don't forget that the US Govt is the opposing party in this. Similar for the Palacial records in London. Sure no one will have deleted that meeting, how dare you thinking that.

    • For the record: That really is a Dershowitz quote.

    • unsubstantiated nonsense? Don't know, grumpi. What I do know is that it was those Zionists withholding the story from us, from the courts and from the victims.

    • The Epstein blackmail continues: The Guardian about the actual NPA:
      The Guardian understands the plea deal states: “If Epstein successfully fulfils all the terms of this agreement, the United States also agrees that it will not institute any criminal charges against any potential co-conspirators of Epstein including but not limited to [four named individuals not including Prince Andrew or Dershowitz].”

      That is, if Epstein fails the terms of agreement *today* and does not behave as a Good Boy, the NPA is nullified and the others loose their immunity.

      So one of these days an Israeli PM (like Barak) calls Cameron in the UK and Clintons's Residence in the US and asks: "If you don't help Israel by attacking Iran, we cannot promise that Epstein keeps behaving Good And Silent".

    • More names.

      Conchita Sarnoff in The Daily Beast in 2010 did a good job: she described the Epstein case in a series (but without these new accusations re Dersh & Andrew). Plain and simple:

      But the question remains: Did Epstein’s wealth and social connections—former President Bill Clinton; Prince Andrew; former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak; New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson; and former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers were just a few of the prominent passengers on his private jets—allow him to receive only a slap on the wrist for crimes that carry a mandatory 20-year sentence? (there is the 'former PM' then, and the New Mexico connection)

      Unsung Ring hero: Jean Luc Brunel, "model recruiter" for agency "MC2". Has office in Tel Aviv (I think it's worth listing every Israel connection), NY, Miami.

      On the other hand, Epsteins housekeeper on his private VI island, Alfredo Rodriguez, was fired for calling the police (!). He took evidence with him (emails and paper, to sell to victims), and was jailed for "obstruction of official proceedings" (withholding proof), but of course the prosecutor did not want that proof to be known. Rodriguez served 18 months, five more that Epstein, and in a federal jail, not a VIP -jail like Epstein.

    • The non-zionist American elites are fighting back? -- maybe it's not not them. Epstein/Maxwell picked their victims from the poor side of town ("economically poor"). That's not non-Zionist elite. The "Govt", already very lenient in 2008, is still dragging their feet (see below).

      Saying that the Epstein Ring members are Zionists is OK with me (I agree with The Dersh in this :-) : to critique them = being anti-Israel. Not by logical connection, but by parallel facts).

      Reading tips: I found the formal Court Motion, above in this article, worth reading. No too much judictalk, and of course it is the core (eg, it says like "Govt, please give us the papers that show the exact involvement of Dersh in the NPA". Also it opens with the remarks that the Govt was delaying -frustrating?- this step).
      Jane Doe #3 told her name & her story to the Mail on Sunday (UK), the second most important news story. (More about "elites": dailybeast (2010, Govt favors for Epstein).

    • Prince Andrew has returned early from his ski holiday in Switzerland to London. The Palace has denied the allegations twice now.

    • Who'd have thought that Dershowitz himself would start about the link with Israel.

    • Yes Taxi, I heard that "with my family" too, but can not reproduce it. (see my 5:30 am post). Dersh must be a family man to bring them there.

      The Virgin Islands house was plastered with pictures of nude young girls.

    • Now that Dershowitz is screaming and crying that everything should be in the open and in the courts, why did he advise his client Epstein to sign that NPA deal? BBC News (Jan 4)

    • hophmi: unsubstantiated allegation

      The opposite. Epstein was jailed. There is an NPA. Dershowitz was involved in negotiating that NPA, and self-serving at that. Prince Andrew did hang out with this registered sex offender. Seven court cases were settled with victims out of court. And, remember what the main case is about: did the Government give the victims enough information?

      It was Dersh himself who advised his client not to go to court for this - why does he cry and complain today that things should be in the open?

      Given that you spend so much TA-payed hasbara time on this, I expect that your paymasters are involved too. Can you inform us?

    • About the pictures. From page 5 of the court motion, in this article:
      [Ghislaine] Maxwell also took numerous sexually explicit pictures of underage girls involved in sexual activities, including Jane Doe #3. She shared these photographs (which constituted child pornography under applicable federal laws) with Epstein. The Government is apparently aware of, and in certain instances possesses some of these photographs.

      Reports on internet from the 2008-2010 era (Epstein jailed) say that these pictures were all around in Epsteins Virgin Islands house, not to be missed: "Nude images of young girls were scattered around the house", "decorated with large framed photos of nude young girls"The Daily Beast

      I remember Dershowitz saying in the 3 January BBC Today program: "I visited Epsteins private Island with my family", but now can not find that quote any more. With or without his family: Dershowitz must have seen these pictures of under-age sexual nature. He is a witness.

    • Dershowitz: I have never been alone with Prince Andrew (2:18), I have never been alone with Epstein (2:35). I am convinced: Dershowitz did not have sex with Prince Andrew nor with Epstein. Let the man go free (and stop the mental images).

      Line of defense: "I've never beaten my wife on Mondays": provably true maybe, and not a refute at all.

      Line of defense: "Where were you at the time of the murder?" - "A day later I was in my house". Provably true maybe, and not an alibi.

    • dixit hophmi: Whizdom, you are an anti-Semite!

    • hophmi: You’re all into conspiracy theories, guilt by association, and antisemitism. How you all disgust me. -- Speak for yourself.

      I am pointing to lies, weaseling, inconsistencies, dirty tricks by Alan Dershowitz. He is accused of covering up sex with under-aged. For others and for himself. Expect more, also about your friends Epstein and Maxwell.

      Sex with underaged. That is not disgusting to you? Because that disgust would be anti-Semitic? You are giving anti-Semitism a bad name.

    • That link! Gonna get more popcorn and stick to this site.

    • Dersh: punishment should be based on proof of individual guilt. But he never used this when he said "anti-Semitism", did he?

      (Yes, Alan, it’s a road to lawlessness. And you've come a long way by that road).

    • Let me say it clear: 1. Dershowitz was involved in the NPA process. 2. Dershowitz was doing the "final language" version (that prevented his prosecution - almost).

    • From the politico site, where the story originated:
      However, the law professor [Dershwitz] told POLITICO he didn’t negotiate that [NPA] deal and it wasn't aimed at protecting him. “I had nothing to do with drafting the non-prosecution agreement,” he said. Dershowitz added that the last draft of the agreement mentioned four people by name who wouldn’t be prosecuted and he was not among them. All were regular associates or assistants of Epstein, the lawyer said, adding that the final language removed those names and simply barred federal prosecutors in South Florida from going after any potential co-conspirators.

      So, he had "nothing to do with it", but did see and remember that last draft. How is that "nothing"? He was there, working in the team not passing by. He did not "negotiate" that deal, he knows it "wasn't aimed at ...", he did not do the "draft" (but what about the final version?).

      Dershowitz, what you said here might be true as isolated factoides, but you were in the team and you show inside knowledge --much and precise-- and there are holes in your non-involvement statement that you did not plug.

      link to

    • This morning, the BBC turned this sneakily into a deny-and-deflect operation. Opening of the Today radio news program:

      BBC: A prominent American lawyer who is being accused with Prince Andrew of having sex with underaged girls has strongly denied the claims against him [who?]. [...]

      Dershowitz: My only feeling is that if she has lied about me, which I know to an absolute certainty she has, she should not be believed about anyone else.

      So, Dersh is introduced as a "prominent lawyer" and later as a "top lawyer", "former Harvard law professor" who "represented Epstein". But BBC does not mention the facts of Dersh: not that Dersh is involved in the NPA framing setup himself, not that he is accused of a sex offence himself, all in this case. Then they let this "law professor" make this self-serving statement, uncommented. Jee, Dersh is a lawyer payed to keep sex offender Epstein out of trouble.

      Thanks BBC, very convincing. Of course you had to open the news report with this Prince Andrew topic, but opening with another name and quote this way is a nice service to the Royal Leeches. And done this way, it is a plain misleading the listener.

      BBC Today (radio, 03/01/2015)

  • The 'bait & switch' politics of liberal Zionism
    • hophmi: The Lavon Affair was in 1954. It killed no one .... It is called "terror". I can repeat: Jews were bombed to Israel by Zionist agents.

    • hophmi: You’re denying an atrocity, and as usual [?, prove it or eat your shit], blaming the Jews for ...

      I claim Mondoweiss Comment Rule #1 be applied: unfounded accusations of antisemitism will not be published.

    • hohpmi, those so-called "Arab Jewish refugees" did not exist before Zionism.

    • Arab Jewish refugees ethnically cleansed from the Arab world - They were bombed to Israel by Israeli agents (that's your ethnicality).

  • David Brooks says 'people from around the world' can serve in Israeli military
    • As you write, dhopi, but forgot to conclude: Palestinians from around the world can not join the IDF.

    • Yes, John O, I spotted that too. The NYT Staff picks comments are those fawning in admireship (and actually impossibly bad written), like a Frozen fanclub of 4 year olds except that those kids do write better. And the Readers' picks are scolarly good, actually doing what the newspaper should write by themselves.

      By the way, right after the War Churchill was elected into retirement, and England lost India. Colonial racist & class attitude.

  • Palestinian resolution fails at the Security Council, U.S. votes against 'staged confrontation' at the UN
    • HarryLaw: transfer [Palestinians out of Israel].

      In 1947/1948 and 1967 this was Nakba. In 1939-1945 this was called deportation.

    • I don't need MJ Rosenbergs smarties, in the end he'll call his opponents an anti-Semite.

      Another liberal Zionist. (Already the quotes here show that MJ is not interested in Palestinian or anyone's rights, but in a different Israeli govt to continue the occupation).

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