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  • Understanding the Jewish National Home
    • So I started reading. In the first paragraph it says, of "two peoples": their shared history Then it went Herzl, Balfour, 'Palestine Arab Delegation', etcetera, blablabla. Like reading a 1985 book all over again.

      Has this not been analysed and debunked before? Let me repeat for those new and those still under ziocane: 1. Zionism started as a political movement by Ashkenazis (that is: Eastern-European jews). Sephardic jews, black jews, and Arab jews were not involved. (side note: "Arab jews" is a common name, go google). 2. Not all Ashkenazis supported zionism. The Bund opposed it, and wanted to stay in Europe. The Bund was a major party in the Warshaw Ghetto uprising. 3. Balfour and his position was anti-Semitic: "let those jews go to Palestine, so we are rid of them". 4. Zionism and the creation of Israel should primarily be seen as a colonial enterprise: Europeans coming to occupy and steal land & resources.

      Mr. David Gerald Fincham: I am sick and tired of those like you re-pushing again that old "two people should solve it" attitude. To start thinking: throw out those Eastern European occupiers. Only then you may start asking and making "claims". Oh, and don't forget to give back the stolen property first. Until then: shut up.

  • No Palestinians need apply to program on 'Palestinian issue' at Center for American 'Progress'
  • Obama got Senate to reject 'two of Netanyahu's demands' on Iran (but the 'NYT' won't touch that angle)
    • And as an extra check there is also the "Staff Picks" from the Readers Comments. Well, not one out of 25 picked mentions Israel/AIPAC/Jewish organizations. Not one.

      However, NYT staff found this worth noting (full text): Los Angeles Mark: The Iran deal is dead. Thank God.

  • Pro-Israel group concedes that Tel Aviv bikinis can't match 'justice' as sirensong to brightest young Jews
    • I thought cherry tomatoes were part of the Zionist Historic Aspirations. Part of I said? All of it.

  • Obama's long & passionate Monday with Saban, Foxman, Hoenlein and other Jewish leaders demonstrates power of Israel lobby
    • hophmi about how the media isn’t covering the Israel lobby. It's "Jewish" all over, you've got to pull the "Protocols" card here.

      Don't let it slip, hopmi. Remember: Everything for a War with Iran.

  • Gunter Grass became 'persona non grata' for 2012 poem exposing Israeli nuclear hypocrisy
  • Video: Pressure mounts on Robbie Williams to choose between Tel Aviv and UNICEF
    • UNICEF is in bed with IDF and the Foreign Ministry, says Jpost. We must understand, without this cooperation Israel would have killed 1000 children last summer.

  • Israel could reduce anti-Semitic violence by not calling itself the Jewish state, Finkelstein says
    • With no other connection than being recent, here is Finkelstein in a Cambridge Union [UK] debate "This House Believes Israel is a Rogue State" from 1:11:50. The public was not taking nonsense.

    • Walid, always check what when you write the Jews. Usually the the be dropped.

  • French philosopher who shut down Paris BDS event as 'anti-Semitic' and one-sided will lecture in NY on 'Free Speech'
    • Walid, it is unacademic to pre-conclude (impose even) an outcome of a debate. And then forbid that debate. (and why would Said say nothing nice of Israelis? It could be his family).

    • Walid: the French Philosopher acted on her own (That capitalised "Philisopher" is Monique Canto-Sperber , but it would be better to mention her acting role as directrice). She throws around gratuit accusations of anti-Semitism by herself then. That, Walid, is the lowest grade of unacademic behaviour.

      You also describe that she cancelled because she herself opposes an academic boycott. What is she doing in an academy at all? Why should she inject her own political opinion as the required outcome of a discourse? Why would she even speak about "free speech", what does she know? Why does she say I do not take side on the moral (il)legitimacy when she just did so?

    • Canto-Sperber : ... the boycott of a State is illegal under French law, as well as anti-Semitic discourse

      boycotting "a State", i.e. any State, is anti-Semitic?

  • Who cares what Jeffrey Goldberg and Netanyahu don't like about the Iran deal?
    • Why is Goldberg granted such expertise?. Goldberg didn't even mention Israel having nuclear weapons.

      Ironic that Britain, France, and Germany are negotiating with an NPT-member state. France and UK proliferated the nuclear weapon to Israel (by f*cking around with it). And today, Germany donates Dolphin-class submarines to Israel, with which it can spread nuclear arms from Gibraltar to Goa and beyond.

  • Finkelstein on God and Dershowitz
    • plagiarism ... and Harvard does nothing.

      Harvard Dean Elena Kagan covered him and got the top job. Dersh, was that just a gift as friends do exchange or was it an agreement?

  • Now Obama needs to 'compensate' Netanyahu -- NYT pipes Israeli propaganda (Update)
  • The epic season of spinning Iran deal begins!
    • Note that Netanyahu/Israel has changed their music: not Iran is dangerous for the World any more. It is reduced to Iran is dangerous for Israel.


    • Gershom Gorenberg: Dems [...] need public backing from liberal Jews. No bell rung?

      Another Mondoweiss-supported commenter who tells Jews what to do because they are Jews.

    • MJ Rosenberg: Israel [...]. World’s stupidest Jews. (again MJ is introduced as a smart argument).

      Never ever trust a commenter who does not distinguish between Jews and Israelis (there is a word for that). Really, Mondoweiss, muddying the discussion waters this way should be thrown out by intuition, by Pavlov or by sound thinking. BTW, has the tweet been deleted?

      Note that last month his profile said "I absolutely believe there must be a Jewish State in Palestine, but within ’67 lines” - As was pointed out here at: link to He has changed that profile since, but not his leopard spots.

  • DEAL!
  • The Jewish establishment has banned these four valiant Jews. Why?
    • yonah proposes adjectives. Those should be added then:

      The blind, pigheaded, dictatorial, McCarthyite gangster who runs Hillel…Eric Fingerhut

      A matter of style. Better leave them out.

  • Philosophy prof who likened Palestinians to 'rabid pit bull' ignites protest on CT campus
    • This is how he got the Genius part in 1993 with Letterman.

    • They went missing in the Israeli Justice system for sure.

    • The Day writes, you link to: a professor's Facebook posting which was regarded as anti-Palestinian

      Tell reporter Colin A. Young: "NO. Not anti-Palestinian. Racist". Then fire Colin A. Young.

    • Yes Annie, all plausible. It's more subtle that I wrote. (More about Feb 25 anyone?). First hypothesis is that the Jan 22 panel discussion triggered a research.

      Still, there must be people who have read the Aug 11 post on Aug 12-Jan 21 and who did not faint or complaint. Weird.

      Another thread to research: in the Higher Ed interview, about Pessin: He [Pessin] posted it [on Aug 11] after a series of 10 other comments written between July 23 and Aug. 11 about Hamas and the group’s tactics and goals. Reading those preceding posts would have made it clearer that he was using the metaphor of a pit bull to describe Hamas, he said.

      Well: then bring those 10 other posts to us, Pessin! To your own defense! Or else, Khandaker, do you have screenprints?

      And this lesson for all PR/journalists: making it two 'independent' March 3 publications simultanously in the Voice is professionally great: killing the opposition's option of blaming one!

    • All fine, Annie. Glad I can add. The post is great (1000 students showing up +picture!). It's just my way to get a grab: reconstruct the timeline, who-said-what-when. I also 'found' the January/February activities that initiated this stuff.

    • I faintly remember it was "No dogs or Irish allowed", seen in England. I won't spend time googling it. Already I spend more time on this than ADL did. Q: Who said: "The Arabs"

    • Mad dogs with nukes, he meant

    • It's not just the August 11 post by Pessin, and not just a "misunderstanding" (misunderstanding of "co-specimen" of dogs, and "I agree"?)

      It was student Lamiya Khandaker who initiated the public row, publishing her letter on March 3 (see last large quote in the article). Why only six months after?

      On January 22, ConnColl had a panel discussion Making Sense of the Charlie Hebdo Attack. Pessin was in the panel.
      Khandaker quoted him saying: "How do we tolerate cultures of intolerance?", "his emphasis of hate crimes perpetrated by Muslims.". She then contacted him privately (only about or not only about his August post), which left him replying "you misunderstood me".

      It was after this insufficient replies that she went public (after private discussions from February 25, the other March 3 letter notes), and included more hateful quotes. What about "his floods of articles that specifically talk about the failure of addressing “Arab and Muslim terrorism”"?

    • The link to Inside Higher Ed is in the article, under "official statement of condemnation".

    • Pessin, who is by coincident on leave from his teaching position

      Not "by coincident", but by choice. Inside Higer Ed interview Pessin, published on March 25. It says:

      He [Pessin] decided this week to take a medical leave of absence for the remainder of the semester, partially due to the stress the accusations against him have caused.

      Note: The article is also interesting for the full set of lame excuses Pessin lists. Some were even proven false in the same article. Lamiya Khandaker's exposing letter was published March 3, at the start of the ConnColl Spring holiday (March 3 - March 22).

  • Open Hillel's big month: Swarthmore 'Kehilah' is born and a student resigns over Hillel restrictions
    • When one meets a Hillel-member student, chatting over business as usual (BDS, one-state, democracy, the weather), one can say: "How would you know? You're now allowed to think about this."

  • White House will go after AIPAC next -- Newsweek
    • About the black caucus (black congressman/woman): how come they are this independent? Is it because Obama is black (so I'm told), or are they more independent from AIPAC money for reelection?

    • Great overview. MW, please keep MJ Rosenberg out of the arguments. A Zionist by any name.

  • On Netanyahu's apology to Palestinian citizens of Israel
  • A response to Michael Douglas
    • Replied above, "If it is for what he wrote ...". In short: you ascribe him qualities because he is a Jew.

    • He's an actor. Why did he start writing his own texts?

    • If it is for what he wrote and what he life-long supported, then you should have written just that. Instead, you tied those opinions to him being a Jew. (And don't forget no one can see that, unless one has the prejudice that every Jew by definition is life-long supporting Israel etc.).

    • No. I concluded anti-semitism explicitly, with reasoning (you can read that). That is my point: you enter "is a Jew" as an argument.

    • Let's not overlook this muddy point. Douglas writes: what might have caused the man's outrage: Dylan was wearing a Star of David. That's a "might". Then, after having talked to the the man who had yelled, Douglas does not explain, not at all, what made him conclude anti-Semitism.

      Another free, unverifiable accusation of anti-Semtism. To separate anti-Semitism from political gain charades like this one, I have the rule: if it is not proven, it is not anti-Semitism. Douglas, this is not anti-Semitism.

    • Gil Maguire: In 2012, Stephen Robert, the former chancellor of Brown University and a Jewish-American ... concluded ...

      Ascribing qualities to someone's opinion for just being a Jew is anti-Semitic. If that opinion can not stand without that qualification, think about it.

    • This to by Michael Douglas: The third reason is simple demographics. Europe is now home to 25 million to 30 million Muslims ... Europe's new epidemic of anti-Semitism.

      So this is what he teaches his son: many Muslims is a cause of anti-Semitism. What a peanut-sized mind he has.

    • Anti-Zionism is frequently used as a cover for Anti-Semitism

      What does this have to do with the topic?

    • "the antisemite claims ..." - Who said otherwise? Who said anything in this? Why change topic, hophmi?

      Douglas says hatred of Israel is a cause of anti-Semitism. Even worse, he says seeing Apartheid is "irrational and misplaced". You are right in that someone like you better distract us from his non-thinking stupidness.

  • Netanyahu's victory marks the end of the two-state solution
    • Jeff, please bang your head against a wall, just once for every Labor supported war. This is plain Zionist speak: center-left (albeit Labor now pandering to the right by rebranding itself the “Zionist Camp”. Did labor ever support a Palestinian state? Repeating that is abusing other people's energy trying to understand that.

      Labor has been Zionist longer than Israel exists. No Zionist can be "left", full stop. If you are not free to see & say that, change community. Move town and turn in your political religion.

    • So now the two state solution has died. Gone. Impossible. Out of the window. Well, that is news for me. I take that for a thruth, and so it is time to promise, Mondoweiss, no one ever may declare this again on this site.

      My own news message would be: nothing has changed. Water under the bridge.

  • Who can save Israel now?
    • So this is Israel’s crisis - We've heard that before. What crisis are you talking about? Why is there a save needed, and from what? Enough of this.

      I say: the only true armageddon for Israel would be a civil war between Zionists. Until then, nothing changes, nothing to be saved, just another war against Arabs. Until then, stop 'predicting' and stop crying wolf.

      I despise all reports & reporters that proclaim "The end is near". That is just crappy journalism. You only need to write what is actually going on. (For example, that was so good about "Feeling the Hate in Jerusalem" by Max Blumenthal: no need to extrapolate, the images were clear enough). Do you think Israel can not go any lower and still function? Just wait and see. Why claim that this is the bottom, a bottom, what bottom?

      Typically, all those reporting "This is Israel definitely going down" (it is going on for years) are only speculating and fantasising. No future facts are destilled and described because that would only tie them. It is proof of bad journalism: mentioning their own fear and emotion and insecurity, but not reporting a single fact. Better start writing fiction.

    • just, how did you like the weather today?

  • Netanyahu won. Now what?
    • Maximus, there is the Mondoweiss report (Alex Kane) on the JVP congress.

      Did JVP condemn the Gaza massacre? - "Last summer’s assault on Gaza lead to a boom in JVP membership and donations, and a shift to the left among some liberal Zionists who decided to join JVP". Yep. Liberal Zionists, that is: Zionists. 'nuf said. (at the JVP home site: condemnation sure, but I feel something is missing. Does not read like a protest action, does it).

      Does it endorse BDS? "[This] was the first get-together since JVP changed its position on BDS from one of support for targeted boycotts and divestments to full endorsement of the BDS call". Like pulling a tooth.

      I too am a bit cynical about the "peace". Must have to do with that other word in there: being Jew as a prerequisite first and foremost. I predict that the Zionists will take over, just like at J-Street.

    • So he [Netanyahu] won and I have to say I am relieved. I still can not get used to the idea that more violence and injustice is good for Palestinians. No outsider should say so.

      At least this election gave proof in quotes that Netanyahu and Herzog are the violent racists they are. And nearly 50% of Israel voted for them. (Also, let's not forget that it was necessary for "Arab" Israelis to vote by ethnicity to have a vote in knesset at all). The one and only Racist Democracy in the Middle East. Vote BDS.

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