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I'm a happily-married, vegetarian and atheist Canadian with two wonderful cats. :-)

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  • Episcopal Church rejects BDS resolutions citing fears divestment would hamper church in Jerusalem
    • || hophmi: Or that most Episcopalians just find the notion of boycotting the world’s only Jewish state morally offensive. ||

      Israel exists as an oppressive, colonialist, expansionist and religion-supremacist state. There's nothing morally offensive about opposing such a state and expecting it to abide by international laws.

      There plenty morally offensive about advocating, defending, excusing and justifying:
      - the existence of an oppressive, colonialist, expansionist and religion-supremacist state; and
      - that state's past and on-going (war) crimes and blatant disregard for justice, accountability and equality.

  • 'We are you and you are us' -- Netanyahu has tons of American friends
    • Bibicus Rex and his coterie of hypocrite donkey-fellators who wouldn't be caught dead wearing shit-eating grins while standing next to some other supremacist and colonialist leader.

  • Activists call on Oprah Winfrey to distance herself from Leviev over human rights abuses
    • || Mooser: OK “RoHa”, that tears it! ... ||

      Watch out: It's RoHa vs. Mooser!

      I like 'em both, but my money's on the Moose... ;-)

    • 1. Do Not Deny God
      2. Do Not Blaspheme God
      - Why not?
      - Which god(s)? (Wouldn't want to deny or blaspheme the wrong one(s).)

      3. Do Not Murder
      - This one's very useful. Too bad Zio-supremacists arbitrarily ignore it.

      4. Do Not Engage in Incestuous, Adulterous or Homosexual Relationships.
      - If the people engaging in these activities are consenting adults, why not?
      - The gay-friendly "Jewish State" arbitrarily ignores this law.
      - Did someone forget to include bestiality, or is it acceptable?

      5. Do Not Steal
      - This one's very useful. Too bad Zio-supremacists arbitrarily ignore it.

      6. Do Not Eat of a Live Animal
      - Do not eat of a dead one, either, unless it died of natural causes. (See #3.)

      7. Establish Courts/Legal System to Ensure Law Obedience
      - This one's very useful and sounds a lot like an appeal to justice and accountability. Too bad Zio-supremacists arbitrarily ignore it.

  • Flotilla members still imprisoned as video emerges of violent Israeli attack during capture
    • Palikari: There is a BLOCKADE. How can you expect to be able to get in freely when there is a blockade? By the way, to break a blockade is illegal under international law. ... ||

      1. A Zio-supremacist appeals to international law. That is comedy gold! :-)

      2. The doors and windows of the rapist's house are securely locked. How can you expect to be able to get in freely to liberate the victims chained in his basement? By the way, break-and-enter is illegal!

      || ... There is no siege on the Gaza Strip. You could have just sailed to Ashdod and all supplies would have been transferred to Gaza via Kerem Shalom crossing. ||

      The victims are not being held against their will. Just hand the food and medical supplies over to the rapist and he will make sure everything gets transferred to them.

      || If you were truly concerned about human rights, you would not be sailing in support of a terrorist regime which summarily executes citizens and uses children as human shields. ||

      Don't worry - they weren't sailing in support of Israel.

  • In rebuke to Israel, State Dep't says it has no objection to BDS aimed at occupation
    • || David Doppler: ... What galls me is the impudence with which Netanyahu and his supporters disregard any and all effort at balance, external truth, universal values ... ||

      Balance, truth and values don't matter when you have "dialog", "nuances", "narratives" and the Holocaust on your side of the argument...I mean "conversation".

      || ... and the impunity with which their dishonesty is treated by our media and major social institutions generally. ||

      It's that bootlicking that really gets me. No-one cares to suck Putin's or Assad's ass (sorry for mixing metaphors), but far too many people are far too ready to do far too much for a supremacist "Jewish State" that has been committing (war) crimes with impunity for almost 70 years and shows no signs of slowing down.

  • United Church of Christ votes to boycott & divest from companies profiting from Israel's occupation
    • || michelle: ... what you say is true
      are you planning on starting a BDS on behalf of the Native Americans
      is there a web site
      what is your group calling itself ... ||

      Good questions!

    • || gosmoboleet @ July 1, 2015, 9:27 am ||

      Yet another Zio-supremacist defends Israel using the "as long as murderers exist, it's OK to be a serial rapist" argument.

  • In effort to thwart BDS, some Israel supporters urge partial settlement freeze
    • || Naftush: Balanced of course by Palo-supremacists who have absolutely no interest in peace until their version of j-a-&-e is satisfied, let Palestinian and Israeli blood flow where it may. ||

      1. I have no doubt that "Palo-supremacists" exist. Are there as many of them as there are Zio-supremacists? Are they as powerful as Zio-supremacists? I don't know. Do you? Can you provide evidence to support your claim that the latter are "balanced of course" by the former?

      2. "Palo-supremacists" merit the same condemnation as Zio-supremacists. Supremacism is wrong, no matter who does it. You agree, yes?

      3. I have no doubt that there exist just and moral Palestinians and Israelis who believe in and wish to see justice, accountability and equality in Israel and Palestine. I would like to see them - and not the hateful and immoral Zio-supremacists or "Palo-supremacists" - lead the way to peace. You agree, yes?

    • || Mayhem: BDS advocates are not going to be satisfied with anything short of Israel’s capitulation to its raison d’etre of being a Jewish state. ||

      If, in addition to undoing Israel's decades-long campaign of (war) crimes and flouting of international laws, the pursuit of justice, accountability and equality undoes Jewish supremacism in/and a supremacist "Jewish State", that's a good thing. No group of people is entitled to a supremacist state, and no state has a right to exist as a supremacist state.

    • Zio-supremacists are interested in "peace" and in order to achieve it they're prepared to give up as little as possible of what they have stolen.

      But they continue to have absolutely no interest in justice, accountability and equality.

  • My journey from Zionism to Palestine solidarity
    • || jon s: I realize that I’ve stated my view in rather stark terms ... ||

      You've stated your view in Zio-supremacist terms.

      || ... but I still think that it’s basically true: Israelis and Palestinians can have either justice or peace ... ||

      They can have both.

      || What each side would consider “justice” – would never be accepted by the other ... ||

      So don't apply subjective interpretations of justice to the matter. Use established, objective (international) laws to resolve it.

      || ... I suspect that “justice” would be little more than a code-word for retribution and vengeance. ||

      Your suspicions aside, if "justice" is a code-word for evil deeds, it's not justice. (Similarly, if morality is a code-word for "goal + methods" (as per JeffB), it's not morality.)

      || The road to “justice” will be paved with corpses. ||

      It doesn't have to be.

      || Our focus should be on reconciliation , on reaching peace agreements that the mainstream on both sides can live with. ||

      Focus on justice, accountability and equality and peace will follow.

      || The extremists, the fanatics on both sides, can continue to daydream about achieving ultimate justice, just leave the rest of us alone. ||

      People like you - and not the people who want justice, accountability and equality - are the real extremists and fanatics.

    • || jon s: ... Peace is a term which doesn’t appear here too often. ... ||

      It appears here frequently.

      What never, ever appears here is a Zio-supremacist advocating justice, accountability and equality.

    • || Kris: ... Why do Zionists choose to come across as so unlikeable in internet forums? ||

      They are blatantly and unapologetically (and hypocritically) supremacist, which makes them pariahs, which makes them bitter. And in their bitterness they lash out.

      Aggressor-victimhood is a tough gig... :-(

    • || Steve Grover: Thanks for sharing how you became a Chomsky chump. ||

      The world needs more Chomsky chumps and fewer Zio-supremacist assholes. :-)

    • +1 to amigo's post. I will be making another donation to MW in the very near future.

  • In Gaza, the ultimate humiliation
  • UN report on Gaza war is 'tepid,' 'unserious' and exhibits 'anti-Muslim bigotry' -- Finkelstein
    • || Jackdaw: ... The main factor that determines US policy in the Middle East is that the American public and officialdom fears, hates and loathes Arabs. ||

      The Protocols of the Elders of Arabia, eh? Mission accomplished.

  • 'A traumatized society is dangerous'
    • || Avigail Abarbanel: Yep, you can call it that Eljay… ||

      Don't mind if I do... :-)

    • || Avigail Abarbanel: ... On my Israeli birth certificate my nationality is ‘Jewish’ ... A Palestinian citizen of Israel has ‘Arab’ for nationality ... There is no such thing as an Israeli nationality. ... ||

      Thanks, Avigail. That further confirms the fact that Israel is fundamentally a supremacist "Jewish State".

    • || catalan: Many Jews are ashamed of their heritage. One never hears of Norwegians rejecting the Norwegian label and seeking to be just another human being. ||

      Norwegian is a nationality. Israeli is a nationality. Jewish is not a nationality. One should not anti-Semitically conflate Israel with all Jews and all Jews with Israel.

    • || RoHa: ” Who built the menhirs and dolmens that dot the landscape of Brittany and Cornwall?”

      Obelix, wasn’t it? ||

      And he didn't even need to drink any magic potion to do it! :-)

    • || bryan: ... for a few years Jews were subject to a systematic and mechanized process of slaughter with the intent to wipe out a people – a process that is “relatively unique” in history and deserves of recognition. ... ||

      Not all Jews were within reach of that "systematic and mechanized process of slaughter", so it could not have wiped out all Jews.

      The same cannot be said of the Amalekites, all of whom were within reach of the Jewish process of slaughter that intended to - and did - utterly wipe them out.

  • 'Jewish cow' is udderly superior to all other cows in the world, Netanyahu says
    • || CigarGod: Those who can’t laugh, criticize…right, YF? ||

      I could be mistaken, but it seems very much as though y.f. was scoffing!

    • || Shingo: Seriously, I thought this was a joke when I first read it. Is there no limit to Bibbi’s buffoonery? ||

      Apparently no stupid comment is too stupid for Bibi "King of all Jews" Netanyahu.

    • || y.f.: I suppose bibi invited Onion type treatment. But I’m not sure that the comic dexterity of the writers here is up to the cause. ||

      You're right: You're not. ;-)

  • When will justice's 'thunderbolt' come for Palestine?
    • || hophmi: For those of you who work on behalf of human rights and equality, I say, consider the Jewish cause. ... ||

      For those of you who work on behalf of battered women, I say consider the rapist's cause. Yes, he keeps victims chained in his basement, but:
      - the environment is hygienic;
      - he feeds and clothes them; and
      - he provides them with education and health services.

      Zio-supremacists are a bad - and hateful and immoral - joke.

      Those who work on behalf of human rights and equality should consider human rights and equality, not "the Jewish cause" of Jewish supremacism in/and a supremacist "Jewish State" (and all related past and on-going (war) crimes).

    • || ivri: ... isn`t what goes on in Syria, Iraq, Libya, The Sudan, Yemen and other countries in this region infinitely bigger in scale and severity? ||

      Zio-supremacists love their "As long as murderers exist, rape is acceptable" defense, even though it underscores just how hateful and immoral they are.

  • In op-eds, church leaders say BDS is moral response to Netanyahu's rejection of Palestinian statehood
    • || DoubleStandard: History is on the side of the Jews; BDS will go the same way as Hitler and every other group that has persecuted the Jews. ||

      History is on the side of the Thousand-Year "Jewish State" going the same way as the Thousand-Year Reich.

  • BDS will keep Israeli tanks from moving and F15 from flying, Oren says
    • || ivri: ... The Arab world and the Palestinians have turned Israel into a Sparta ... ||

      Similarly, unco-operative victims and a society that condemns captivity and rape have turned the rapist into a Sparta: Unafraid to defend his right to self-determine himself in the women he chains in his basement; resentful of the fact that no-one loves him for who he is.

      Aggressor-victimhood is such a tough gig... :-(

  • 'We are doing you people a favor by allowing you to be seated here,' Netanyahu deputy tells Palestinians in Knesset
    • During the debate, Deputy Interior Minister Yaron Mazuz of Likud … said:
      “Mrs. [Haneen] Zoabi, you are the first who ought to return your ID. We are doing you people a favor by even allowing you to be seated here – terrorists won’t be allowed to sit here. You people are in a democratic state, so respect the state. Whoever acts against the State of Israel using terror – has no right to be here. It’s unthinkable that from this abode, people will go out and participate in terror flotillas against the State of Israel.”

      It's hateful and immoral that terrorist Zio-supremacist people from that abode advocate, justify, defend and support:
      - Jewish supremacism in/and a supremacist "Jewish State"; and
      - the "Jewish State's" almost-70-year-long and on-going campaign of (war) crimes and disregard for international law.

  • Leading NY writer likens Edward Said to monster in a horror movie
    • So here you left academia, you took your case to a large readership, you establish this notion that in a sense to be an ally of Israel is to be a greater American in some sense…

      What part of advocating, supporting, justifying and/or enforcing Jewish supremacism in/and a supremacist "Jewish State" and all past and on-going related (war) crimes makes an American a "greater American"?

      If an American were to advocate, support, justify and/or enforce a form of supremacism and related (war) crimes whose victims included Jewish people, would he also be considered a "greater American" or would he hypocritically be labelled a racist (Jew-hater, anti-Semite, etc.)?

      Zio-supremacists are truly hateful and immoral people.

  • Interview with a suicide bomber
    • || jon s: Well, let’s allow R.W. to answer that… ||

      There's no question there for him to have to answer.

    • || jon s: ... Even if we assume that Mohammad Zaidan is sincere in describing his qualms about blowing up innocent civilians, he certainly doesn’t represent all the suicide/homicide bombers who showed no such reluctance , blowing up civilian busses, restaurants, cafes and such, murdering men, women and children indiscriminately. ||

      Correct. And even if we assume that "liberal Zionists" like R.W. are sincere when they say that ethnic cleansing is "currently not necessary", he doesn't represent all hateful and immoral Zio-supremacists who advocate, support, excuse and justify:
      - Jewish supremacism in/and a supremacist "Jewish State"; and
      - almost 70 years - and counting - of related (war) crimes, intransigence, colonialism and oppression.

      Zio-supremacists believe they are entitled to do unto others acts of injustice and immorality they would not have others do unto them. They have something in common with suicide/homicide bombers.

    • || catalan: Countries are not people. Analogies like that are useless and only serve to inflame. ||

      Laws exist for both countries and people to respect. The analogy of brutalizer and brutalized is relevant. What's inflammatory is the (Zio-)supremacist notion that the brutalized should accommodate the brutalizer.

    • || catalan: ... The Palestinians can make certain compromises but I know they won’t. Just like Ukraine, they have chosen a losing battle. Ukraine can choose to let Crimea go and move on. Instead, they will spend the next 50 years drowning in their stupidity. ||

      The rapist won't set his victim free and he won't stop raping her, but he will lengthen her chains a bit, buy her a nice TV and maybe beat her less often. The victim can make "certain compromises" but, stupidly, she refuses to lie back and enjoy the ride.

      The victim wants and should be entitled to justice and accountability. The rapist much prefers "peace".

  • Controversy ignites as Joint Arab List member joins Gaza flotilla
    • Adi Farjon: "These things aren’t intended to get out."

      No kidding!

      I think it's great that Zio-supremacists occupying official positions in the Israeli government are the ones telling the world that:
      - Israel is milking the Holocaust for all it's worth (and then some);
      - Jews have "immense" influence in American policy-making; and
      - wiping out the Palestinians is acceptable under the "morality of war".

      I wonder what their next "revelation" will be.

    • The bill, submitted by MK Sharon Gal (Yisrael Beiteinu), toughens the criteria for contending for the Knesset by demanding that candidates prove they have never encouraged ... “illegal activity against the State of Israel.”

      When will candidates have to prove they have never encouraged or participated in illegal activities or (war) crimes on behalf of or for the benefit of the State of Israel?

  • Irish activists hit hard against 1st Irish dance competition in Israel
    • || Mike_Konrad: Judea and Samaria is the ancient heartland of the Jewish people ... The Jewish want Judea and Samaria back. ||

      "The Jewish" are no more entitled to a part of Palestine for a supremacist "Jewish State" than are the Etruscans to a part of Italy for a supremacist "Etruscan State".

      (Actually, the entitlement of "the Jewish" is even less than that of the Etruscans, whose state would be based on geographic origin and not religious affiliation.)

  • Israeli President Reuven Rivlin calls for removal of Israeli flag
    • || hophmi: ... There are almost 5 dozen Muslim countries. The vast majority of them have a religious symbol on their flag, and in some countries, that’s synonymous with persecution of minorities. ... ||

      1. When in doubt, compare Israel not to the best countries in the world but to Saudi Arabia, Mali and African "hell-holes".

      2. Why do Zio-supremacists spend so much time insisting that Jewish is so much more than just a religion - it's a tribe / culture / ethnicity / people / nation / civilization - only to turn around and reduce it to just a religion when it suits their needs?

      The Star of David obviously represents the Jewish tribe / culture / ethnicity / people / nation / civilization, and placing it on the flag of the state of Israel - the nation state of all Israelis, 20% of whom are non-Jewish - serves to underscore the fact that Israel is actually a supremacist "Jewish State", rather than a state of and for all of its Israeli citizens, equally. That doesn't seem like something a "moral beacon" state should be doing.

    • || hophmi: Try the same thought experiment with the American flag, which is doubtless painful for many people to look at. Or any number of flags around the world where this silly thought would apply, since a flag might make some people unhappy. ||

      I agree with you that all flags - including the Israeli flag - should be as inclusive or, at the very least, as neutral as possible.

    • The following is a thought experiment ...

      Well done!

  • What I learned crossing the Qalandia Checkpoint
    • Palestinians in their own country are treated like animals by hateful and immoral Zio-supremacist hypocrites who are content to do unto others acts of injustice and immorality they would not have others do unto them.

  • 'Six Jews sitting in the White House discussing the Palestinian state'
    • || hophmi: I’m not sure exactly how Oren draws that conclusion ... ||

      ...but you're not going to label him an anti-Semite even though you would have wasted no time slapping that label on any anti-Zionist here on MW who said the same thing. Interesting.

      But, hey, maybe you're right: Maybe Mr. Oren isn't an anti-Semite. Maybe he's just a liar.

    • Mr. Oren states that Jews have "immense" influence in American policy-making, and he asserts that Jewish Americans are "the same people" as Israelis* and should therefore have an "affinity" for (loyalty to?) Israel.

      Mr. Oren sounds like an anti-Semite.
      (*I'd love to hear him explain how Jewish Americans are "the same people" as Arab Israelis.)

  • Patriots' owner brings 20 NFL veterans to Netanyahu who calls on them to block Obama's Iran deal
    • “I lead my life according to the four F’s — at least phonetically,” Kraft told the crowd. “Family, faith, football and philanthropy. This trip has connected all those dots for me.”

      Which of those "four F's" includes Jewish supremacism in/and a supremacist "Jewish State" and all related past and on-going (war) crimes?

    • || John O: Bibi smiles!! Presumably because the football reminds him of a certain “Spy versus Spy” cartoon bomb. ||

      And maybe he's looking forward to butt-slapping some football players and/or getting his butt slapped by them.

    • Page: 89
  • Oren pushed Random House to hurry his book so American Jews will 'intercede' to stop Iran deal and save millions of Jews
    • ... I have very strong feelings about the peace process….You can’t call it the two state solution now, but you have a two state situation, de facto ...

      No need to pursue justice, accountability and equality when, after 70 years - and counting - of (war) crimes, you have arrived at a "two state situation, de facto".

      ... let’s work to make it better, and let’s limit where we build our settlements, the most controversial thing. Let’s limit it to the settlement blocs, those areas that we all know are going to be part of the Jewish state ... let’s limit it.

      Let's make it better, and let's limit the raping to just the victims we currently have in our basement, the ones we know belong to us. Let's limit it.

      Mr. Oren is a hateful and immoral Zio-supremacist.

  • 'Obama coffee' is black and weak -- racist tweet from wife of Israel's vice premier
    • || Kay24: ... That is, she advocated a war crime, making non-combatants “suffer.” ||

      What's this? She didn't advocate Israel:
      - ending its decades-long and on-going occupation of Palestine;
      - withdrawing to within its / Partition borders;
      - accepting responsibility and accountability for its past and on-going (war) crimes;
      - honouring its obligations under international law; and
      - entering into sincere negotiations for a just and mutually-beneficial peace?!

      Oh, that's right: She's a hateful and immoral Zio-supremacist and, like all Zio-supremacists, what she wants is Jewish supremacism in/and a supremacist "Jewish State" comprising as much of Palestine as possible...and "peace".

    • || hophmi: ... Israelis have a blunt way of speaking ... There’s no subtext here ... ||

      OK, so just to be completely clear: If someone who appears to despise a Jewish public figure makes a joke in comparably poor taste about him/her, that joke can be shrugged off as "blunt speaking" with no anti-Semitic subtext. Got it.

    • || ivri: This is just what it is: a joke. Why see it as offensive? Or racist – it contains nothing defamatory about blacks? – Just used the visual fact that Obama is black. Indeed, you need to be racist not to see it that way. … ||

      So, just to be clear: Any joke about a Jewish person that…
      - contains nothing defamatory about Jewish people in general; but
      - uses the visual fact that the person is Jewish, inoffensive and you would need to be a racist to see it as anything other than a joke, yes?

  • Israeli diplomats 'are not allowed to speak' on US campuses, but North Korean diplomats are, Israeli official says
    • || CigarGod @ June 25, 2015, 1:13 pm ||

      Understood. :-)

    • || CigarGod: Lysias, Will you give us a few words on the similar behavior of Israeli MK’s toward MK Zoabi and other Arab MK’s? ||

      IMO, one should not use the behaviour of Zio-supremacists (Israeli MKs or otherwise) as a benchmark for one's own behaviour.

  • State Dep't report on latest Gaza onslaught itemizes children's deaths for first time
    • “Israel is committed to international law ... ," Netanyahu added.

      "Just kidding," he continued, laughing. "Actually, we don't give a flying f*ck about international law, which is why we've spent almost 70 years stealing, occupying and colonizing Palestinian land and oppressing, torturing and killing Palestinians."

      Then he paused and, in a serious tone, added: "And if you don't like it, you're a Jew-hating anti-Semite!"

  • Charleston: Do Black and Palestinian lives matter?
    • || Landie_C: ... link to ||

      The article could easily be describing Zio-supremacism, from how it "draws on almost 150 years of pseudo-scientific and political racism" to the racist ideas it espouses, the propaganda it employs and the (war) crimes it has committed to achieve its goals.

      Every Zio-supremacist is a hateful and immoral apologist for this particular form of racism (supremacism). And every Zio-supremacist is a hypocrite for believing that Jews are entitled to do unto others acts of injustice and immorality they would not have others do unto them.

    • || Citizen: There’s a new book out describing Mr Ellis and friends as: “Jews Against Themselves”: link to ||

      ... Despite this, there will always be readers who express astonishment that there are Jews who question the Jewish right to live as a natural right or hate Israel and are ashamed to have a state. ...

      1. I'd love to see the author's proof that there exists a single Jewish person who believes that Jews do not have a right to live.

      2. Unless they have been brainwashed into conflating Israel with all Jews, all Jews with Israel and loyalty to the "Jewish State" as an essential part of being Jewish, readers should not be astonished that there exist many Jews who support justice, accountability and equality instead of Jewish supremacism in/and a supremacist "Jewish State".

  • The living martyr, a visit to the Bakr family in Gaza
    • || DaBakr: ... I thought it was relevant in the context of the news in US of the families of the victims of Black-hating psychopathic murderer Roof, that they ‘forgave him’. If more of that existed in ME instead of cycle after cycle of attack/response/chicken/egg /revenge things might be much further along. ||

      Yup, things might be much further along if the victim would stop trying to harm the rapist and simply lie back and enjoy it. Why bother with justice, accountability and equality when you can have "peace"?

      Of course, this fails to explain why European Jews failed to forgive their fellow Europeans for the acts of injustice and immorality committed against them in the mid-20th Century, and instead chose to take revenge on...the Palestinians.

  • Does Israel have a toxic personality? Ask Michael Oren
    • || y.f.: ... my vision of the future does include this: at some point in time dialogue will be necessary ... ||

      Dialogue (or, as R.W. used to say "dialog") and "peace"...but never, ever justice, accountability and equality. They are to Zio-supremacists what holy water is to a vampire.

    • || y.f.: ... pressuring the south to let black kids into schools was one thing, pressuring Israel to ceding the West Bank (the very least that the BDS movement is advocating) is of a different category. ||

      And there you have it: It's the fault of the Palestinians that Israel must keep as much as possible of what it has stolen from them.


    • || Krauss: ... America will and can withdraw itself from the Middle East and Israel has no plan B. They are scared because they should be. ... ||

      Sure, Israel is an oppressive, colonialist, expansionist and supremacist state that seems unwilling to do anything other than commit (war) crimes - BUT - it has god, nukes, Captain Israel and King Bibi on its side. What's there to be afraid of? What could possibly go wrong?!

  • Israeli lawmaker wants to force foreign-funded NGO officials to wear stigmatizing i.d.'s
  • Tutu endorses UCC divestment: 'It is unconscionable to remain silent'
    • We grieve over Israel’s decades long oppression of Palestine and Palestinians: The illegal occupation; the expanding West Bank settlements; the separation wall; the siege of Gaza; the manipulation of water rights; the network of checkpoints and settler bypass roads; the detention of people without charges; the travel restrictions, identity cards, and disruption of every aspect of daily life for Palestinians.

      Yup, there's all that and more AND the fact that Zio-supremacists despise justice, accountability and equality.

      But none of that matters because - haven't you heard? - Zio-supremacists say they want "peace".

  • Israeli leader turns on US Jewish journalists Friedman, Wieseltier, Remnick and Silvers for disloyalty and anti-semitism!
    • || Shmuel: Bintbiba, I speak from a position of privilege. I have never lost my home, been a refugee or suffered the consequences of war. It is Palestinian voices like yours that are a beacon of humanity. ||

      I've said it before and I'll say it again: You are truly a class act, Shmuel.

    • And I'll third it, Don.

    • || hophmi: Beinart will not renounce Zionism, because Beinart is not a self-hating bigot ... ||

      You're right. He - like you - is just a bigot. And he - like you - will not renounce Zionism as long as he continues to value Jewish supremacism in/and a supremacist "Jewish State" more than justice, accountability and equality, universally and consistently applied.

  • Obama violated US-Israeli understanding by not clearing Cairo speech and Iran talks with Netanyahu --Oren
    • || amigo: Some humour from the king of the Jews.

      “ ... Prime Minster Benjamin Netanyahu condemned the early morning arson attack on the Church of Loaves and Fishes located in the Galilee ... “ ... Hatred and intolerance has no place in Israeli society.” ||

      What a f*cking hypocrite.

  • New program provides 'birthright' trips for US evangelicals to visit the holy land
    • “There’s one thing better than standing with Israel, and that’s standing in Israel,” Israeli Ambassador to the U.S. Ron Dermer confirmed ...

      "And not only standing in Israel," he continued, "but standing outside of Israel, in Jerusalem and other territory that the 'Jewish State' has been stealing, occupying and colonizing for almost 70 years. And let's not forget the joy of standing on the necks of the Palestinians who have suffered and continue to suffer so that this supremacist...I mean, glorious 'Jewish State' of Israel can exist."

  • African leaders want indictments of Bush, Blair and Netanyahu -- NPR
    • || oldgeezer: They aren’t suggesting the US, UK, or Israel are moral beacons. ||

      I know. Only Israel is a "moral beacon", and only because it said so. ;-)

      || They are saying the bigger offenders are going scot free and in that they are quite correct. Regardless it doesn’t excuse their crimes. ||

      My point exactly.

    • Quist-Arcton: It’s not just South Africa. I have to tell you that the African Union, the leaders of the African Union– have instructed member states not to cooperate with the ICC, which they say is anti-African, anti-poor, singling out African leaders. And why hasn’t it gone after the likes of George W. Bush, Tony Blair, [Benjamin] Netanyahu in Israel because they are war criminals, say many Africans.

      African Union, please don't use the U.S., the U.K. or "moral beacon" Israel as your role models. Instead, strive to be as good as the best and to pursue the universal and consistent application of justice, accountability and equality.

      With any luck, they will do the same some day.

  • Jewish community must 'welcome' anti-Zionist, pro-BDS Jews, Beinart says-- but Shavit says, Excommunicate them
    • || jon s: To those who asked what I meant about crossing certain lines, I mean pretty extreme positions and actions. Gilad Atzmon comes to mind as a person who crossed into the realm of Holocaust denial and blatant anti-Semitism ... and, obviously opted out and lost his place in the community. ||

      OK, so, if a Jewish person does something horrible like deny the Holocaust - or, I dunno, disobey his gawd's commandments - he "loses his place in the Jewish community".

      Two questions:
      - Who determines what constitutes a horrible-enough action to merit a "loss of place in the Jewish community"?
      - What does a "loss of place in the Jewish community" actually entail?

      Not expecting a detailed reply, but hoping for one just the same. Thanks. :-)

    • || jon s: I agree with Prof. Beinart that Anti-Zionist Jews should be seen as a legitimate part of the community, should “have a place at the table” , assuming that they don’t cross certain lines ... ||

      What "certain lines" - advocating justice, accountability and morality? condemning Zio-supremacism and all of its past and on-going (war) crimes? - should anti-Zionist Jews avoid crossing?

      And if anti-Zionists should cross these "certain lines", what would be their punishment? Would they be stripped of their Jewishness? Executed for disloyalty to or treason against the "Jewish State"?

      Very curious to know. Hope you'll provide a detailed reply. Thanks.

    • y.f.: Remembering the Holocaust 73 76 60

      It's disturbing and sad that to 73% of Jewish people polled the most essential part of their Jewish identity is remembering (not suffering or surviving) a tragedy.

      Leading an ethical and moral life 69 73 55
      Working for justice/equality 56 60 46
      Being intellectually curious 49 51 42
      Having good sense of humor 42 43 40

      None of these is specific to being Jewish, but they're good things to have as a part of an identity. Zio-supremacists fall short (or fail completely) when it comes to the first two entries.

      Caring about Israel 43 49 23

      It's sad and disturbing that 43% of Jewish people polled consider...
      - coveting a piece of land; and
      - advocating, engaging in and/or defending the supremacism and the (war) crimes that the coveting encompasses, be important parts of a Jewish identity.

      Being part of a Jewish community 28 33 10
      Observing Jewish law 19 23 7
      Eating traditional Jewish foods 14 16 9

      These would appear to be the most essential to a Jewish identity.

      Support for Israel is essential to 43% of those questioned. Are you, Phil Weiss, saying that those 43% are crazy?

      Actually, it's "Caring about Israel". But why restrict the options to "crazy"? The 43% includes Zio-supremacists (who are hateful and immoral, but not necessarily crazy) and likely also includes misinformed / misguided non-Zionists.

    • At the end of the discussion, Beinart challenged the hall ... to include anti-Zionists at the table:

      “And the last thing I’ll say and this is the most challenging I think maybe for most people, including for me: Our tent, our Jewish community, our proverbial Seder table, is going to have to include the Jewish kids who are not Zionists, including the Jewish kids who are involved in the BDS movement. ... "

      Why would the Zio-supremacist Jewish community want to include the non-Zionist Jewish community?

      Why would the non-Zionist Jewish community want to abandon morality (incl. justice, accountability and equality) in order to be part of the Zio-supremacist Jewish community?

      Why doesn't the Zio-supremacist Jewish community stop being hateful and immoral and join the non-Zionist Jewish community?

  • Video: Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs ridicules foreign press in cartoon defending Gaza attack
    • || jon s: ... Actually most Israelis do have a pretty good idea of what Jews went through, and would regard your analogy (“the same crimes”) as disgraceful. ||

      Even as they advocate, support, defend and justify Jewish supremacism in/and a supremacist "Jewish State" and the past and on-going (war) crimes committed by Zio-supremacist Jews against non-Jews in the name of all Jews.

      The "we are entitled to do unto others acts of injustice and immorality we would not have others do unto us" hypocrisy of Zio-supremacist Jews is disgraceful.

    • || a blah chick: Has anyone else noticed how often they (the Israeli government) use animation to show “reality” ... ? It’s almost as if the imagined truths that inhabit their heads is more real to them than the actual world the rest of us live in. They are truly delusional. ||

      The cartoons the rapist draws of the victims in his basement depict angry, vindictive women who hate him and want to hurt him.

      It helps him cope with the fact that he's a sadistic serial rapist who enjoys kidnapping women, chaining them in his basement and physically and sexually assaulting and brutalizing them.

      For both Israel and the serial rapist, aggressor-victimhood is a tough gig... :-(

  • Netanyahu likens BDS to Nazi Germany
    • || catalan: “The position of the Israeli gov’t seems to be when you’re in a corner accuse someone else of something worse i.e. play offense. – ” chu

      Try as I can, I can’t actually think of any other defense. ||

      Really? Huh. Here's an easy one: Accept responsibility (incl. appropriate punishment) for your mistakes/crimes, and resolve not to commit those mistakes/crimes again.

    • || Marnie @ June 16, 2015, 12:27 pm ||

      Very well said.

    • || RoHa: I meant “the third worst” ... ||

      I guess I can finally stop wondering whether or not I ought to correct you. ;-)

    • It would be easy to say that Bibi's insane, but that would absolve him of his evil intentions. The hatred he spews, the (war) crimes he commits and/or condones, the supremacism he advocates and defends - they're all done intentionally and with malice aforethought. He is a world-class piece of hateful and immoral scum.

  • Palestinian youth dies after being left 3 hours under Israeli jeep that hit him
    • || amigo: Go easy on them.They had to leave in a hurry to help the people of Nepal or Haitii. Much better opportunity to enhance Israel,s international image as a caring society. ||

      That pig needs a LOT of lipstick...

    • || Kay24: What a sad story. Again, a Palestinian kid loses his life because of the brutality of Israeli forces ... ||

      The part that really hits home isn't that supremacist Israeli terrorists struck and injured the guy, it's that they left him there to die, after which fellow supremacist Israeli terrorists spent three hours making sure he did die.

    • || Kris: ... The most moral army in the world. ||

      I had the same thought when I read that paragraph.

  • After a hard week in the news, Israeli gets valentines all weekend from NPR
    • || jon s: eljay, In the link you provided, the IDF is listed as one of four major employers in Beer Sheva. It’s undeniable that there are military and defense-related facilities in and around the city. That still doesn’t mean that the civilian population is a legitimate target ... ||

      Who said anything about the civilian population being a legitimate target? The military and its installations/infrastructure are the legitimate targets; the rest is "collateral damage". That's how it works when "we" do it to "them", so surely you don't hypocritically object to the same when "they" do it to "us"...right?

      || The real point is that the IDF is not using hospitals, schools, synagogues and mosques and civilian homes as launching sites, weapons depots and so forth, unlike the Hamas terrorists. ||

      The real point is that for almost 70 years the IDF has been a powerful military force of terrorism, ethnic cleansing, oppression, occupation, colonization, devastation and murder.

      But I completely agree with you that the people of Gaza should be equipped with the same highly-sophisticated weaponry and defence systems that the IDF has so that the two sides can conduct their battles on a level playing field.

    • || JLewisDickerson: Truth be told, I’m virtually a vegetarian/vegan. I ❤ soy (TSP, texturized soy protein)! ! ! ||

      I'm a big fan of Tofurky deli slices. :-)

    • || jon s: ... I live in Be’er Sheva. ||

      Israeli Army Builds a Desert Outpost—Tech Firms Follow

      BE’ER SHEVA, Israel—A global tech hub is sprouting in the Israeli desert.

      Over the next decade, Israel’s army is moving a large portion of its offices—including those of many of its key technology commands—out of the greater Tel Aviv area and relocating them some 60 miles south, to this city in Israel’s rock-strewn Negev desert.

      Already a legitimate military target (The largest employers in Be'er Sheva are the ... Israel Defence Forces ... ), your government is about to make it an even more-legitimate target.

    • || jon s: The IDF makes a real effort to reduce civilian casualties. ||

      Yup, you see it every day in the way it:
      - maintains and enforces Jewish supremacism in/and a supremacist "Jewish State" and the decades-long occupation and colonization of Palestine;
      - plows a jeep into a non-Jewish civilian and then spends three hours doing its best to ensure his death;
      - maims, tortures and/or kills unarmed protesters.

      A real "moral beacon", that IDF is.

      || Could it do even more? I suppose it could. ||

      So do I. :-)

    • I wonder if Mr. Keret believes in and advocates justice, accountability and equality or whether he - like jon s and other Zio-supremacists - instead pines for "peace" while supporting his country's decades-long and on-going campaign of intransigence, belligerence, occupation, colonization and sundry (war) crimes.

  • BDS could cost Israel $4.7 billion a year
    • || DoubleStandard: ... But support for Israel isn’t going anywhere in the near future ... ||

      That doesn't change the reality of the fraud.

    • || hophmi: ... This is exactly why I dislike the one-staters. They will not be around if and when the one-state solution results in a lot of dead Jews. ... ||

      And a lot of dead non-Jews. As Zio-supremacism has most recently demonstrated, Jews are both able and willing to kill non-Jews. No need for false modesty.

      || They’re callous or ignorant about the consequences of the policies that they advocate. ||

      Zio-supremacists in a nut-shell.

    • || ivri: As much as I can remember Israel`s relatively short history has been accompanied throughout with dire threats from its many opponents. ||

      Committing (war) crimes with impunity for almost 70 years (and counting) is bound to make an oppressive, colonialist, expansionist and supremacist state some enemies.

      || So if History is a guide….. ||

      ...threats made against Israel are not existential, despite the usual Zio-supremacist assertion that threats made against Israel are existential. (This is consistent with Israel being the safest place in the world for Jews even though it is perpetually on the verge of being wiped off the map and pushed into the sea.)

    • || DoubleStandard: ... I think this is just the Wizard of Oz yelling — it seems all powerful ... but yank away the curtain and its just one weak fraud. ... ||

      You could not have provided a better description of Israel. Strip away the curtain of political, military, economic and financial support and you're left with a weak, unjust, immoral, colonialist and supremacist fraud.

  • The 'Forward''s apprehension about sending a reporter to Gaza -- a further response
    • || jon s: ... In his confession Khalid Sheikh Mohammed said “I decapitated with my blessed right hand the head of the American Jew Daniel Pearl”. ||

      If you were expertly and vigorously tortured for as little as six months, you'd be, you'd be begging to admit that you were a member of Hamas and that you hated and wanted to kill Jews. And perhaps that, too, would be the truth.

      Torture makes people say the darnedest things...

  • Video: Israeli soldiers violently attack unarmed Palestinian man
    • || Jackdaw: ... Blatant provocation. ||

      || ritzl: Yup. Soldiers enforcing a belligerent occupation over decades is as blatant a provocation as there is. ||

      I agree. The article linked to by Jackdaw says "The much shorter video circulated by Palestinian media ... showed only the beating itself, without context." Meanwhile, the article itself omits all context relating to the "Jewish State" of Israel's almost 70-year-long campaign of aggression, oppression, theft, colonization, destruction, torture and murder.

      It's like a video of the rapist beating his victim being "debunked" by an article that provides "context" in the form of a more-complete video showing the victim earlier attacking the rapist. Purposely omitted / glossed over / avoided is the greater context that the man is a serial rapist, the woman is his victim and she's been chained in his basement and raped and brutalized for months on end.

    • || OlegR: The Arab guy said “Cus Imma Shelha” (Your mama’s cunt) to the soldier ... ||

      And why not? None of those hateful and immoral Zio-supremacist pukes has any business being outside of Israel's (Partition) borders in the first place.

      It's bad enough that they terrorize and brutalize their own Israeli people within the (Partition) borders of their country. F*ckers.

  • It's the borders, stupid (forget the BDS hysteria)
  • Orange CEO flies to Jerusalem to apologize personally to Netanyahu: Israel is ‘fantastic’
    • || Ramzi Jaber: I ask yet again: where do these zionists get this power? How? Why? Why the fear? Is it blackmail with personal or professional information gathered illegally by zionist intelligence agents?? I cannot find the answer. No one can it seems. ||

      It's a good question to ask. I can understand why Zio-supremacists throw their money and influence around in order to get their "Jewish State" way. I can understand why some people go along with it. But I cannot understand why so many politicians and businessmen the world over are so desperate to defile their own dignity, honour and morals and to make fawning obeisance to all things Zio-supremacist.

  • Who's investigating the Rabbis? Jews of Conscience are.
    • || Mooser: ... I have never been successful at following Judaism. ... ||

      || RoHa: Because no-one can tell you how? ||

      The way Zio-supremacists tell it, one of the best ways you can follow Judaism and be Jewish is by pledging loyalty to the "Jewish State".

      And should they giggle and whisper "cannon-fodder" when you take the pledge, well, just don't pay them any attention.

  • 'You have dual citizenship with Israel' -- NPR host hits Sanders with internet canard
    • || Jethro: So when you “get back in,” do you envision a ... state where there are a lot of people with dual citizenship, say, with Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Iran–you know, internationalists? ||

      Great question. I look forward to the (non-)answer.

      || dudu440: As far as I’m concerned, the more dual citizens of whatever countries, the better, if it can help overcome narrow nationalist thinking. ||

      So...when will you overcome your even narrower tribal thinking?

    • || Schecky: ... I see no reason why a Jew couldn’t be President ... ||

      Neither do I. There's no reason any American of any religious / ethnic / cultural background should be barred from leading his country as long as he serves it and its citizens (his people).

    • || DaBakr: The fact that so many here think that the behavior of certain Zionists makes jewish members of the US congress more suspect to this question simply proves ... ||

      ...that efforts by Zio-supremacists like you to conflate all Jews with Israel, Israel with all Jews and loyalty to the "Jewish State" as an essential part of being Jewish are effective.

      Don't hesitate to take credit for your handiwork.

  • Foxman bashes Israel for taking US and Jewish support for granted and not coming up with a peace plan
    • || RoHa: See, eljay? Israel actually has done something. A lot of things. ||

      "Well...touché!" :-)

    • || Kriz: No matter what Israel do – it will always be under non-objective blatant criticism because it’s a non-muslim state in Middle East. ||

      OK, let's see what Israel has done:
      - Halted its decades-long and on-going occupation and colonization of Palestine? No.
      - Withdrawn to within its / Partition borders? No.
      - Honoured its obligations under international law (including the refugee RoR)? No.
      - Accepted responsibility and accountability for its past and on-going (war) crimes? No.
      - Offered to enter into sincere negotiations for a just and mutually-beneficial peace? No.

      In order to successfully argue "No matter what Israel do ... ", Israel actually has to do something.

    • A man in the large audience (500) walked out, calling it a one-sided conversation.

      Who was this man, and why was he scoffing at Foxman's attempt at communication?! ;-)

    • || Annie Robbins: ... instead of israel changing the relationship to the united states, change the relationship to palestine! ||


    • Do we feel an existential threat to Israel? I do.

      Mr. Foxman is a Zio-supremacist. Like all Zio-supremacists, what he feels is an existential threat to supremacist "Jewish State".

      Some of us see the crisis. But we don’t have any magic formula.

      The formula - which requires no magic - is justice, accountability and equality, universally and consistently applied. Israel and the U.S. should give it a try.

      But … if they asked me, I would say, Come up with some creative dynamic approach for peace.

      Zio-supremacists like Mr. Foxman love "peace", but they despise justice, accountability and equality.

  • The Peter Beinart Double Standard: Why is this boycott different from all other boycotts?
    • || hophmi: ... boycotting Israel for discriminatory legislation inside the Green Line is highly problematic from a moral point of view, both because there are far greater and more significant examples of countries with discriminatory internal legislation ... ||

      It is not immoral to protest the existence of the rapist just because a murder also exists. It is immoral, however, to absolve the rapist of his past and on-going crimes simply because a murderer also commits crimes.

      || And no one believes Yosef Munayyer when he suggests that all Beinart need do is start such a movement, and he would support it. ||

      That belief - right or wrong - does not prevent Mr. Beinart from starting a BDS movement against Saudi Arabia or any other nation.

      || It is also problematic from a moral point of view because Israel is a country of refugees established in the aftermath of the greatest genocide in human history. ||

      You Zio-supremacists really love milking that "bestest genocide ever" line...
      - as though acts of injustice and immorality committed against Jews justify acts of injustice and immorality committed by Jews; and
      - even though the Holocaust is only debatably the "greatest genocide in history". (The Jewish mass-murderous slaughter of 100% of Amalekites is debatably the greatest genocide in history.)

      The Holocaust did not and does not justify Jewish supremacism in/and a supremacist "Jewish State" or any of the past and on-going (war) crimes committed by Zio-supremacist Jews or by the "Jewish State".

  • Schumer says Jewish and American interests on Iran deal differ but he has 'to do what's right for U.S.'
    • || lysias: ... The Hill: Sanders blasts Internet ‘nonsense': ‘I do not have dual citizenship with Israel’ (subscription required). ||

      UPDATE #2, 6 p.m.: The National Jewish Democratic Council (NJDC) attacked Rehm’s “completely indefensible” questions in a statement released on Wednesday evening.

      “It is appalling that in today’s age, a longtime Jewish elected official would face implications that he splits his loyalty between the United States and Israel for no reason other than his religion,” said Greg Rosenbaum, chair of the NJDC’s board of directors.

      Funny how Jewish - which Zio-supremacists routinely point out is so much more than just a religion - always ends up being defended as a religion.

      Mr. Rosenbaum could have been appalled by the implication that Mr. Sanders splits his loyalty because of his tribe or his nation.

      Or Mr. Rosenbaum could have defended Mr. Sanders by saying that just because the Jewish people are Mr. Sanders' people and the "Jewish State" is Mr. Sanders' "historic homeland" and the only place in the world where he can truly be safe, that's no reason to imply that he has dual loyalty.

    • || Jabberwocky: Jews are a religious group and not an ethnic or racial group. ||

      Zio-supremacists will tell you that Jewish is a tribe, an ethnicity, a people, a culture, a nation and even a civilization. But when push comes to shove, they always fall back on Jewish being a religion-based identity. (And they'll thump the Bible to prove it.)

      It's the reason - or one of the reasons, anyway - why the "Jewish State" of Israel does not offer a bureaucratic nationality of "Jewish" to all of its citizens, immigrants, expats and refugees. Everyone gets to be Israeli, while "Jewish" is reserved for those who either:
      - undergo a religious conversion to Judaism; or
      - are descended from someone who underwent a religious conversion to Judaism.

    • || hophmi: And your evidence that they don’t is what, exactly? ||

      And where did I say that they don't, exactly?

      || Is Israel the sum total of Jews in America? ||

      I don't think it should be, but I don't know whether or not it is. Is it?

      || And why can’t Jews advance the position that support of Israel is in America’s best interest without facing antisemitic dual loyalty charges. ||

      I guess it would depend on what exactly "advance the position" entails.

    • || hophmi: So if Jews care about the survival of their number ... it’s an example of dual loyalty. ||

      Jewish and non-Jewish Americans are Americans - they should care about America. Jewish and non-Jewish Israelis are Israeli - they should care about Israel. Etc.

      Americans and Israelis (and others) should care about justice, accountability and equality, universally and consistently applied.

  • Response to Dan Cohen's Gaza article from a 'Forward' editor
    • || y.f.: Communication with Zionists is really frowned upon here at mw, or haven’t you noticed? This is in keeping with mw’s tendency to scoff at Zionists and call them racists. Never communication. Always scorn. ||

      Poor Zio-supremacists, always the victims! :-(

      They come to MW to advocate, justify and defend Jewish supremacism in/and a supremacist "Jewish State", and to justify and defend Israel's decades-long record of past and on-going (war) crimes.

      And they accuse the people who are communicating with them - people who advocate justice, accountability and equality - of anti-Semitism and Jew-hatred and wanting to annihilate Israel and/or "the Jews".

      And these people dare to scoff at them! :-(

  • Israel can handle any threat in the Middle East, but it will go down without young American Jews -- Shavit
    • Justice and freedom for the Palestinians are incompatible with the existence of the State of Israel,” Netanyahu added.”

      1. Like all Zio-supremacists, Bibi "King of all Jews" Netanyahu says Israel when what he really means is supremacist "Jewish State".

      2. A lot of things in this world (supremacism, ethnic cleansing, murder, rape, etc.) are incompatible with justice, accountability and equality. A conflict between the former and the latter should always be resolved in favour of the latter.

    • Shavit said fearfully that Israel was in danger of losing American Jews and American progressives, and these groups are more vital to Israel’s survival than anything else. Israel can deal with any threat in the Middle East, but it cannot lose America.

      Mr. Shavit isn't concerned about the fate of Israel. What worries him - what he fears cannot survive without the support of America and American Jews - is supremacist "Jewish State".

      Shavit called Gideon Levy an ‘enemy of the Jewish people’ for wanting secular, democratic state

      Shavit: Gideon, You want a secular, democratic state. You’re worse than the extremists among the Palestinians.

  • Soldiers expel 200 Palestinians from pool to allow settlers to bathe
    • || Down under girl: Suppose if you are thick and gullible enough to believe what B’Tselem tells you, you’d believe anything. ||

      Any moment now, y.f. is going to chastise you for scoffing.

    • It's not enough for Zio-supremacists to practise their form of supremacism within the (Partition) borders of their "Jewish State". It seems that they aren't happy unless they're doing it on both sides of the border, shoving it down the throats of the people they've been oppressing for almost 70 years (and counting).

      Zio-supremacists are a truly hateful and immoral lot.

  • Is BDS practicing a double standard with respect to Arab countries?
    • || Sibiriak: That clearly implies that Israel could be a “culturally Jewish” state while ceasing to be a “supremacist” Jewish state. ||

      Yes, it could.

      || Peter Beinart does NOT support any kind of legal-enshrined permanent majority status for Jews in Israel. Neither does Uri Avnery. Nor Norman Finkelstein. Nor Noam Chomsky. And so on. Does that mean folks like them are not “liberal Zionists”, even though they support a two-state settlement? ||

      No, they could still be "liberal Zionists". I wouldn't expect all "liberal Zionists" to be in perfect agreement with one another.

      || Again, not true for Beinart et al. ||

      But true for R.W. and, undoubtedly, for (some? many?) others.

    • || Sibiriak: Wouldn’t a state with “a lot of Jews” have a Jewish character simply be means of that Jewish super-majority? Israel as it exists certainly does NOT give equal rights to non-Jews, but it doesn’t follow that if it DID give such rights it would necessarily cease to be a Jewish state. ||

      If Israel were to grant equality to non-Jews, it would immediately cease to be a supremacist "Jewish State". Over time, it might even naturally cease to be any sort of a "culturally Jewish" state. Neither of these scenarios appeals to Zio-supremacists, which is why they insist on special/different rules for Jewish Israelis (and non-Israeli Jews).

      Even in the "kinder, gentler" world of "liberal Zionism":
      - Israel must have a legally-enshrined, permanent-majority status for Jews; and
      - it would be acceptable to redraw the borders of Israel essentially to excise (and render stateless) any non-Jewish Israeli demographic that threatens the "Jewish nature" of Israel.

    • || RoHa: (And don’t start maundering about how other states privilege this or that ethnicity. It’s still wrong, even if everyone does it.) ||

      Oh, sure, deny a Zio-supremacist the use of whataboutery, one of the key tactics in the Zio-supremacist playbook. What do you suggest she use to debate you - reason? logic? facts?

      Pshhh! (Or as you might know it, pshaw! ;-) )

    • || Alicia: Why can Arabs be arabs, and not jews be jews if they so wish ? ||

      Of course Arabs can be Arabs and Jews can be Jews if they so wish. But neither Arabs nor Jews are entitled to engage in supremacism or to have supremacist states.

      Do you support all forms of supremacism, or only Jewish supremacism? If the former, you are an exceptionally hateful and immoral person. If the latter, you're an exceptionally hypocritical person.

      So...which person are you?

    • || y.f.: ... can you name one Jewish ritual you do not oppose. ||

      || RoHa: ... I don’t know enough about [Jewish rituals]. Perhaps you could describe one or two and show that their positive aspects outweigh the negative aspects. ||

      || y.f.: Roha- Thank you for your honesty. I will pass on the opportunity to teach you about Judaism. In another lifetime. Maybe. ||

      For a guy who, only two days ago, complained about the lack of communication with Zionists, this scoffing reply to RoHa's overture is quite the about-face.

    • || mohandeer @ June 10, 2015, 8:56 am ||

      Zio-supremacists have a number of reasons why they are entitled to a supremacist "Jewish State" in Palestine. A few that come to mind are:
      - their god gave the land to them;
      - it's the "historic homeland" of the "Jewish people";
      - the Holocaust;
      - their distorted definition of "self-determination"; and
      - "other groups of people have a state, so Jewish people should be allowed to have one, too".

      None of those reasons is valid - there is no valid reason for a supremacist state of any kind - but they'll use one or more of them at any given time and depending on which one(s) best suit the occasion.

    • || hophmi: Beinart destroys Munayyer here, and exposes the hypocrisy of the BDS movement, which seeks Israel’s destruction as a Jewish state. ||

      Israel has no right to exist as a religion-supremacist "Jewish State". No state has a right to exist as a supremacist state.

    • Two problems with Mr. Beinart's comments:

      1. Saudi Arabia is not the only indicator that Israel is being "singled out" - Israel has yet to experience the sort of "singling out" that has been applied to Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya (among others). Would Mr. Beinart feel better if Israel were to join them?

      (Zio-supremacists never fail to praise Israel as being the best state / among the best states in the world, and then to defend it by comparing it with the worst.)

      2. Jewish citizens of many countries have been treated unfairly. Non-Jewish citizens of many countries have been treated unfairly. The solution to acts of injustice and immorality committed against any person or group of people is justice, accountability and equality, universally and consistently applied. The solution was not, is not and never should be the creation of an oppressive, colonialist, expansionist and/or (religion-)supremacist state.

  • Israel's free speech double standard: ‘Incitement’ law used to crack down on Palestinian political expression
    • At a March 8 election rally, the former Foreign Minister and leader of the Yisrael Beiteinu party said that for “those who are against us, there is no other option before us – we must raise the axe and cut off their heads; otherwise we will not survive here.”

      In response, Adalah’s Nadeem Shehadeh called for the Attorney General to open up a criminal investigation to determine whether Lieberman had violated Israel’s law against incitement to violence. The Attorney General office’s responded curiously. In a letter to Shehadeh (PDF), the office said that “Lieberman sought to send a message that it is imperative that the authorities struggle – not a private individual – and not in a violent manner necessarily – against anyone who is disloyal to the state.”

      So...a politician in some other country were to threaten to "raise the axe and cut off the heads" of Jewish citizens he felt were "against his state", the Attorney General of Israel would be fine with that, yes? Or would he hypocritically consider such language to be inflammatory, an incitement to violence and perhaps even anti-Semitic?

  • A Jewish reporter in Gaza responds to Jane Eisner
  • Obama's disgust for Netanyahu's 'stink' signals coming era of Jewish persecution in the U.S., says 'Tablet'
    • Rich Cohen: ... The horror of the Holocaust purchased us a 70-year vacation from history ... We believed the world had changed, as had human nature. ...

      The world had changed, human nature had changed...and Zio-supremacist Jews decided that that was the very best time:
      - to use terrorism and ethnic cleansing to establish an oppressive, colonialist, expansionist and religion-supremacist "Jewish State" in Palestine; and
      - to engage in a seemingly endless campaign of aggression, oppression, theft, colonization, destruction, torture and murder to maintain and expand that state.


  • Supreme Court slam dunks the Israel lobby on Jerusalem, 6-3 (and Rubio, Oren, and Engel are angry)
    • || hophmi: ... anti-Zionists often say antisemitic things [that] hold Jews collectively responsible for what individual Jews do. ||

      By conflating all Jews with Israel and Israel with all Jews; by insisting that loyalty to the "Jewish State" is an essential part of being Jewish; and by asserting* that all Jews are responsible for the actions of some Jews, Zio-supremacists do a top-notch job of being anti-Semitic. Give yourselves a pat on the back.

      (* Zio-supremacist JeffB did that right here on MW and only you and y.f. managed half-hearted repudiations of his assertion, and only after considerable prodding. Interesting, that.)

      || ... Israel will be the center of attention for the human rights community and that we will, seventy years after the Holocaust, now launch a boycott of the state that was formed by Jewish refugees ... ||

      I love how you make Jewish terrorism, the ethnic cleansing of the indigenous population from their homes and lands and nearly 7 decades of past and on-going (war) crimes sound so benign.

      Fact is, the Holocaust didn't and doesn't:
      - change the fact that Israel had and has no right to exist as a religion-supremacist "Jewish State";
      - absolve the "Jewish State" of its past and on-going (war) crimes or of its obligations under international law.

      || ... strikes me as a form of antisemitism. ||

      There seems to be very little in this world that does not strike you as anti-Semitism.

    • || hophmi: You don’t read, Amigo. I’ve never supported a “Greater Israel.” Not here or anywhere else. ||

      Your archive appears to show that you support an Israel based on '67-borders, which is "greater" (in size, anyway) than the legitimate, '48-borders Israel.

    • || just: A they say eljay, don’t hold your breath. ||

      Believe me, I wasn't planning to. ;-)

    • || talknic: link to Shot in the back …. ||

      I look forward to Zio-supremacists either:
      - condemning this latest murder committed by Israeli militants outside of Israel's / Partition borders; or
      - acknowledging the right of Palestinian militants to commit murder outside of their state's / Partition borders.

      Surely Zio-supremacists aren't hypocritically going to suggest that it's acceptable for Israel to engage in such actions against others, but not for others to engage in such actions against Israel...

    • The mayor of Jerusalem is also steamed, and spouts nationalist ideology:

      Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat responded to the ruling, saying that “much like Washington D.C. is the capital of the U.S., and London is the capital of the U.K., and Paris the capital of France – thus Jerusalem is and always will be the capital of Israel.”

      Not at all like that, Mr. Barkat. Jerusalem is not legitimately the capital city of Israel and it should not be the capital city of either Israel or Palestine. It should be either:
      - a Free City (Corpus Separatum); or
      - the capital city of a legitimate one-state-solution country.

  • Micro Drones and Skunk Trucks: A visit to an Israeli weapons expo
    • || Bornajoo: A mock Palestinian house! That says it all. This is what the Palestinians are; lab rats and guinea pigs for their latest weapons. ||

      Yup. :-(

      I notice that the presentation left out the part where the "Jewish State" soldiers shit in the Palestinian homeowner's cookware and wipe their supremacist asses with his clothes.

  • People behind BDS are also responsible for 9/11 attack, Israeli centrist tells NY synagogue
    • Y.L.: ... In order to make this case, we need our American friends, we need the Jewish community. We really need you, all of you. We are ready to provide you with whatever support you need, but in this battle you are the foot soldiers on the front lines and we are counting on you.

      Lowering his voice, he added, "But remember this: When the blowback hits - and it will; it always does - you're on your own. We will not hesitate to throw you to the wolves."

  • Levy says BDS may undo Israeli denial and propaganda-- even as Lapid calls it Hamas's 'puppet'
    • || Talkback: Lapid is an antisemite by conflating Israel and Jews as such. ||

      Zio-supremacists like JeffB take it a step further by anti-Semitically asserting that all Jews are responsible for the actions of some Jews.

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