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  • Trump 'promise' to move US embassy to Jerusalem stirs international furor
    • || scott9854958: Wow, fascinating link. He said he’s going to build a wall and now says part of that wall might be “fence.”


      Easy there, cupcake. No-one's saying he's a monster...well, except for you.

      Anyway, the wall - which is now partly a fence - hasn't been built yet, so I wouldn't get too excited about Trump's promises just yet.

    • || scott9854958: This is hilarious. All of the Trump bashers keep saying the guy’s full of hot air and won’t follow through on any of his agenda. Now apparently some are soiling themselves that he might ACTUALLY move the embassy. ... ||

      He IS full of hot air and while he MIGHT move the embassy the embassy is still in Tel Aviv. Hilarious.

      || ... And if he does THAT, what does this portend for the Mexico wall and the rest of his plans? Oh dear, the cupcakes may be in for a rude surprise. ||

      I don't know, cupcake, what does it portend for the Mexico wall and the rest of his plans?

      Here are the new policy stances Donald Trump has taken since the election

      Eleven days after being elected, Trump has taken eight new policy stances on seven different issues.

      Call it the post-platform era: Trump ran and won a campaign in which he took 141 distinct policy position on 23 issues over the course of 511 days.

  • Israeli ministers to vote on annexing major West Bank settlement block two days after Trump enters office
    • ... An Israeli bill to annex the West Bank settlement of Ma’aleh Adumim will be voted on by Israeli ministers on Sunday, two days after Donald Trump takes office and will also include a clause annexing the controversial E1 area, as a result of its inclusion in the settlement’s municipal boundaries. ...

      It's just like jon s said: A 2SS is the only game in town.

  • It's happening
  • Obama's failure, and achievement, in Palestine
    • || Mooser: ... Just so we know how serious this is, can you tell us how many deaths and home demolitions the “”movement”” is responsible for? ||

      They're not "deaths" and "home demolitions" - they're "Israeli excesses".

    • || hophmi: ... That statement sums up everything people hate about radical activists. You’ve made the lives of people on the ground worse, but hey, you build a “movement.”. It’s all about you. ||

      Sounds like a good description of Zionists and their "Jewish State" movement.

  • Israel's violence at Umm Al-Hiran and the ethnic cleansing of Palestine
    • || Jackdaw: How do you ‘ethnically cleanse’ Arabs, by moving them from a village, and into a town, only five miles away? ||

      Let's see. According to Wiki:

      ... Ethnic cleansing is the systematic forced removal of ethnic or religious groups from a given territory by a more powerful ethnic group ...

      Ethnic cleansing is usually accompanied with the efforts to remove physical and cultural evidence of the targeted group in the territory through the destruction of homes [etc.] ...

      According to this thread's article:

      Yesterday, Israeli police forces demolished homes and structures at Umm Al-Hiran, a Bedouin village in the southern Negev desert. ... The town was first expelled from its historical dwelling by Israeli forces in 1948 ... The town was thus replaced with what is now kibbutz Shoval. ... After 1948 Umm Al-Khiran was ordered by this government to move to an area called Lagiyya, and in 1956 they were again displaced by military order to Wadi Atory, where they have remained until today. ... Yet from 2001 the Israeli Land Authorities started considering Umm Al-Hiran a ‘serious obstacle’ to their settlement plans. The plans involved the creation of a new, Jewish town ...

      That, it would seem, is how it's done.

      But I get what you're saying: If in some other country a non-Jewish government were to uproot Jews from their village in coveted territory, move them to a nearby town and then destroy the village and replace it with a new non-Jewish settlement, you'd be OK with that. I wouldn't.

  • Witnesses challenge Israeli account of deadly incident during protest against Negev home demolitions
    • VIAGRAEL*: "Moral beacon" strong. "Moral beacon" proud.
      (*Side effects include deliberate and unapologetic terrorism, ethnic cleansing, military occupation, oppression, colonialism, torture, murder, belligerence, intransigence, sundry (war) crimes and supremacism. Ask your Zionist whether VIAGRAEL is right for you.)

  • Palestinians demand Israeli authorities release the remains of slain loved ones
    • || Jon66: ... Eljay,
      The conversation began because there was a Palestinian protest against Israel holding the bodies of deceased ‘Hamas’ persons. The protesters position is that Israel is wrong to hold theses bodies. I agree. ... ||

      So do I.

      || ... However, don’t you think the morally consistent position is for the protesters to demand the same from Hamas, an organization that they have some sway over?shouldnt they be protesting against the practice in any circumstance? ||

      I don't think it's morally inconsistent not to protest all similar injustices at the same time, but I do think it would be morally inconsistent - and just plain hypocritical - for any of those protesters to defend Hamas' withholding of the bodies of Israeli citizens.

    • || Jon66: ... As I have said now and before, I think the concept of holding the remains and not allowing families to bury their dead is wrong. However, Israel is not unique in the region in doing so. Syria, Jordan, Egypt an s the Palestinians have all withheld the return of remains. ... I would like to see the practice ended by both sides. Don’t you agree? ||

      Zionists promote Israel as a "moral beacon" and "light unto the nations" state...and Zionists defend Israel's unjust and immoral actions by comparing it to bottom-of-the-morality-barrel nations/groups. It never fails.

      I agree that no country should withhold the remains of foreign citizens from their families. (I also agree that no country should be an oppressive, colonialist, (war) criminal and/or supremacist state.) I don't see why the "moral beacon" nation shouldn't lead by example.

  • Fear that Israel is becoming 'South Africa on the Mediterranean' is expressed in Park Avenue synagogue
    • || Mooser: ... I am going to need some more confirmation that this is indeed “the Palestinian’s latest move”. ||

      This changes things a bit, IMO:

      ... The Palestinian president has also reportedly sent letters to the leaders of China, and the European Union, asking them to “spare no effort” to stop the US from moving its embassy. ...

    • || inbound39: They can’t look anymore impotent than they already are eljay. They only have rocks and rudimentary unguided rockets to resist with. ... ||

      I didn't mean it in a physical / military sense. I was thinking more along the line that there are undoubtedly people who perceive the Palestinian side of the I-P issue as being legally / morally / historically weak, and this perception will only be strengthened by the Palestinians' latest move.

    • || amigo: ... There you go again. ||

      MW management hasn't told me to stop. As soon as they do, I will.

    • || Kay24: ... ... ||

      ... The UN is not the right forum to deal with issues like the settlements and Palestinian statehood, she said. ...

      Seriously? I suppose she also thinks the courthouse is not the place to deal with issues like the rapist's on-going crimes and the victim's right to freedom and justice.

    • || Mooser: ... “Palestinians Ask Putin to Use Influence Over Trump” ... ||

      This won't go over well with people who:
      - dislike Putin, Russia and/or Trump; and/or
      - believe that Putin / Russia meddled in the recent U.S. election.

      To others, it may make the Palestinians seems (more) impotent.

  • Fordham bans Students for Justice in Palestine
    • || hophmi: Yes, there are definitely some bad people here. They’re the kind of people who would ban me for disagreeing with them ... but not ban Holocaust deniers like Ronald ... Those are bad people. ||

      The bad people here are also Zionists, every last one of whom is a hateful and immoral supremacist and hypocrite. Yes, those are bad people.

    • ... In a letter to students denying the club status, Dean Keith Eldredge expressed concern that SJP’s “sole purpose is advocating political goals of a specific group,” that the group would lead to “polarization” and that “the call for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions of Israel presents a barrier to open dialogue.” ...

      I wonder: Does Mr. Eldredge advocate "open dialogue" with other supremacist nations or groups that are blatantly and unapologetically oppressive, colonialist and (war) criminal, or does his love of "open dialogue" encompass only the "Jewish State"?

  • Antisemitism and its useful idiots
    • || yonah fredman: Because of the existence of zionism and the facts of certain Israeli excesses, it is really impossible to gauge antisemitism. ... ||

      It's cute how you reduce/ trivialize to mere "Israeli excesses" decades' worth of (past and on-going) oppression, military occupation, colonialism, belligerence, intransigence and sundry (war) crimes committed deliberately and unapologetically by supremacist Jews and/or their self-proclaimed, religion-supremacist "Jewish State" construct.

    • Zionists believe that Jews are entitled to do unto others acts of injustice and immorality they would not have others do unto them.

      Zionists routinely conflate Zionism and the religion-supremacist "Jewish State" project with all Jews (and vice-versa).

      Zionists are hypocrites.

  • Israeli forces kill Palestinian teen in southern West Bank village of Tuqu
    • Another day, another not-Israeli in not-Israel is summarily executed by Israeli Death Forces (IDF) goons operating in not-Israel.

      (Someone needs to inform Israeli "border police" of the actual (Partition) borders of their state.)

  • The immaculate conception of Louis Brandeis
    • The establishment of a religion-supremacist "Jewish State" in as much as possible of Palestine would not have been any less unjust or immoral had fewer Arabs (illegally) immigrated to Palestine.

  • Mock campaign supporting two-state solution reveals liberal Israeli racism
    • || jonjames: ... Most people around here support Israel, and I would say 95% of the churches. ... ||

      It's a shame that most of the people around there and 95% of the churches support oppression, colonialism and (war) crimes simply because they are committed by Jews.

      || ... A pastor reminded me that the Bible describes Israel as God’s people. It is not meant to refer to a particular nation. And God’s people also includes the Christians. ... ||

      Since "god" created everything, technically all people belong to ze.

    • Israel: Powerfully fragile.

    • || Jasonius Maximus @ January 17, 2017, 10:11 am ||

      Well said.

    • ... It’s not strange for centrist, liberal Zionists to say their goal is “maximum Jews on maximum land with maximum security and with minimum Palestinians” – that’s MK Yair Lapid’s line. ...

      One religion-supremacist "Jewish State" in as much as possible of Palestine containing as small as possible a "demographic threat" + absolution of obligations under international law and accountability for past and on-going (war) crimes = what Zionists like jon s refer to as "peace".

  • It turns out Jews are as stupid as everyone else
    • || yonah fredman: Einstein on what is a jew:

      What is a snail? A snail is an animal inhabiting a snail shell.
      What is a jew? A jew is a person professing the Jewish faith.
      It is known that a snail can shed its shell without thereby ceasing to be a snail.
      The jew who abandons his faith is in a similar position. He remains a Jew.
      End quote. ... ||

      The Jew is not in the same position as the snail. The Jew can choose to be/come Jewish and to cease being Jewish. The snail does not have a choice.

    • || yonah fredman: ... The possibility of a genetic component to Jewish accomplishments cannot be dismissed ... ||

      - How does this genetic component get transmitted to converts to Judaism?
      - Does this genetic component have a role in non-Jewish accomplishments?
      - Does this genetic component have a role in Jewish (and non-Jewish) failures or is a different genetic component involved?

    • || catalan: ... The solution to the Israeli Palestinian mess is in talking, engaging and working together. ... ||

      The solution to the I-P mess is to:
      - uphold and honour obligations under international laws;
      - defend and respect human rights; and
      - hold all (war) criminals accountable for their past and on-going (war) crimes.

      Once that's been done, people can talk, engage and work together to their hearts' content.

    • It turns out Jews are as stupid as everyone else

      Makes sense: Contrary to the belief seemingly held by some (many? most?) Jewish people, Jews are nothing more than human beings.

  • Video: Support for one democratic state grows as Palestinians lose hope in two-state solution
    • || jon s: ... Mondoweiss repeatedly tries to make the point that two states is finished ... ||

      Meanwhile, Zionists and their "Jewish State" are making sure that 2SS is finished.

  • Origins of a golden shower
  • Israel plans to build settlement on site of Jerusalem home of Palestinian attacker
    • ... Israel’s security cabinet has already ordered Fadi al-Qunbar’s home to be demolished ... In spite of their insistence that they had no advanced knowledge of plans by al-Qunbar to carry out an attack, the family will be left homeless by Israel’s policy of punitive home demolition ...

      Once again, the colonialist, (war) criminal and religion-supremacist "Jewish State" of Israel demonstrates that it is a "moral beacon" and "light unto the nations" state that isn't quite as bad as Saudi Arabia, Mali and African "hell-holes".

  • How I got over the Milk-and-Honey-and-Chosen-People place
    • ... So I went from believing my co-religionists were special and better than other people to believing ... that everyone’s got to pitch in and fight for each other, for rights for all, because rights for some doesn’t cut it. ...

      Amen. It's a shame so many Zionists won't learn - will refuse to learn - this valuable lesson.

  • Mostly-Jewish golf club is roiled by a prospective member's stance on Israel-- Obama's
    • ... “Can you imagine how angry I would be if I had paid $80K to have to look at this guy who has done more to damage Israel than any president in American history?” an official in a Washington Jewish organization fumed to The Post. ...

      Interesting. This official in Washington Jewish organization (not a Washington Israeli organization) appears to be:
      - upset that Barry "Nobel Peace Prize" O. hasn't done enough to support and defend Israeli colonialism, belligerence, intransigence, (war) crimes and supremacism; and
      - anti-Semitically conflating Israel with all Jews and all Jews with Israel.

  • US watched ISIS rise in Syria and hoped to 'manage' it -- Kerry on leaked tape
    • || oldgeezer: Wow. ... ||

      Yup. The U.S. routinely batters and abuses the world as it pleases and sees nothing wrong with its actions. Russia (allegedly) attempts to influence one American election outcome and the U.S. hypocritically is beside itself with moral outrage.

  • Fury at Azaria verdict is Israel's Trump moment
    • ... Polls show overwhelming support – 84 per cent – for Azaria among 18- to 24-year-olds, the age of ­Israel’s conscript army. ...

      That's an awful lot of supremacist hypocrites - people who would not have non-Jewish soldiers do unto a Jewish criminal what they believe a Jewish soldier was entitled to do to a non-Jewish criminal.

      ... Settlerism is an ideology, one that believes Jews are a “chosen people” whose Biblical rights to the Promised Land trump those of non-Jews such as Palestinans. ...

      Settlerism sounds a lot like Zionism.

  • Jared Kushner fired me over Israel ten years ago
    • Kushner likely desires the same sort of Zionist "peace" that jon s advocates, one which:
      - allows Israel to remain a religion-supremacist "Jewish State";
      - allows Israel to keep as much as possible of what it has stolen;
      - absolves Israel of responsibility and accountability for its past and on-going (war) crimes; and
      - absolves Israel of its obligations under international law (including RoR).

    • || JWalters: ... In his election night speech Donald Trump said he would be “fair”. I deeply hope he puts Fairness as his top priority in all his presidency’s deals. ||

      I have a feeling that Trump will be as "fair" as he is "neutral".

  • The truck attack that killed four Israeli soldiers in Jerusalem was not 'terrorism'
    • || mcohen1: it kind of surprises me that those claiming to stand for human rights could be so callous towards the death of four teens – even if they were occupation soldiers. Do these people have a heart at all? ||

      There is no human right to engage in or support military occupation and colonialism.

      Those four soldiers shouldn't have died. They should have been:
      - in Israel, refusing to help it occupy and colonize territory outside of its / Partition borders; or
      - in prison awaiting trial for their roles in helping Israel occupy and colonize territory outside of its / Partition borders.

    • || Jon66: ... Hamas operatives admitted that they were responsible for kidnapping and financed by the leadership. forgive my ignorance, but doesn’t that make Hamas responsible? ||

      According to the NYT article you linked to:
      - there is "no evidence that the top leaders of Hamas directed or had prior knowledge of the plot to abduct the three Israeli youths";
      - the funding came from someone who "works for an association, Al-Nour, that the documents say belongs to Hamas" but "it was not clear from the documents whether the money had come from the association"; and
      - "new details on the abduction ... depict the plot as more of a family affair, a local initiative organized and carried out by members of a clan in Hebron ... and a few additional associates".

      But let's say that Hamas should be held accountable for the (seemingly) unauthorized and indirectly-funded actions of low-level operatives within its organization. Can we also say that the Government of Israel should be held accountable for the unauthorized assassinations and summary executions committed by its low-level IDF goons?

      If 'no', why not? If 'yes', how should Hamas and the GoI be held to account for the actions of their respective low-level operatives?

    • || Jackdaw: I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a black teacup. Share a pic. ||

      Google Images: black teacup

    • || Jackdaw: ... *f–king heartless idiot* ||

      The Zionist cauldron calls the teacup "black".

    • || hophmi: ... there is no right to dress in plainclothes and use a civilian vehicle to kill people under international law. And when you advocate for this kind of behavior, as Mondoweiss always does, it’s just another reminder that BDS is not non-violent in any way. ||

      There are no rights under international law to establish a religion-supremacist state, to engage in colonialism or to commit (war) crimes. But when you advocate, undertake, justify, excuse and/or defend this kind of behaviour, as Zionists always do, it's just another reminder that the "Jewish State" project is anything but just or moral.

      I would like to see all criminals arrested, tried and held accountable for their actions. The truck driver's dead so it's too late to deal with him, but it's not too late to arrest, try and hold accountable Zionist (war) criminals.

    • Page: 84
  • There is no such thing as 'Progressive Except Palestine'
    • || Vikram: I guess in your world Hillary Clinton would be “progressive”. ||

      Not sure if this is directed at me, but I would say that Hillary is progressive except [exception(s)].

      If a White person hates Blacks, Native Americans, Hispanics, Indians, Arabs and Jews but likes Asians, I would say that he's racist except [exception(s)]. I guess in your world he would not be racist.

    • || RoHa: Don’t you two start again. ||

      Aye-aye, Cap'n RoHa, sir! :-P

    • || Annie Robbins: ... one can’t honestly claim to be advocating progress, change, improvement, or reform while supporting apartheid and ethnic cleansing. ... ||

      If one is "progressive except [exclusion]", sure one can.

      || ... suppose one could claim palestinians (by definition) were not people and therefore are not deserving of human rights. then one could still claim they were pro human rights while thinking palestinians don’t deserve them. ||

      Yes, one could claim to be "pro-human rights except (for) Palestinians" (PHREP), but the hypocrisy of such a position would be similar to the hypocrisy of PEP.

    • || echinococcus: ... PEP necessarily means full-fledged support to US Imperialism. Nuff said. ||

      No, it doesn't necessarily mean that. Nuff said.

    • ... I believe one can’t be progressive except Palestine. That is, if you don’t support Palestine, you are not progressive. ...

      1. favoring or advocating progress, change, improvement, or reform, as opposed to wishing to maintain things as they are, especially in political matters
      2. making progress toward better conditions; employing or advocating more enlightened or liberal ideas, new or experimental methods, etc.

      It may be hypocritical to be "progressive except Palestine" (PEP), but that doesn't mean it's not possible to be PEP.

  • Israeli settlers attack Palestinian videographer of Hebron shooting in attempt to 'silence documentation and resistance'
    • A non-Israeli living in not-Israel...
      - films the cold-blooded execution by an Israeli Occupation Forces goon of another non-Israeli living in not-Israel; and, as a result,
      - is routinely (existentially) threatened by supremacist Israeli colonists squatting illegally and immorally in not-Israel.

      To Zionists - who believe that Jews are entitled to do unto others acts of injustice and immorality they would not have others do unto them - there's nothing to see here because to see anything would be anti-Semitic.

  • Joint funeral in Hebron for Palestinians whose bodies were held by Israel four months
    • || Jon66: Mag,
      I don’t know why, but I believe that it’s wrong to hold onto the dead and not allow proper burial. It’s wrong for Israel to do it and it’s wrong for Hamas to do it. If it were up to me I would end the practice of both sides. It’s wrong on principle. ||

      I agree.

      I also think it's wrong on principle for supremacist states to exist. It's wrong for Islamic to do it and it's wrong for Jewish to do it. If it were up to me I would end the practice of both sides. But it isn't up to me, so I expect the "moral beacon" state to take the moral lead.

  • MLA votes against BDS, tables resolution blaming PA and Hamas for restrictions on Palestinian academic freedom (Updated)
    • Point taken, dbroncos.

    • || dbroncos: ... I just watched this video of Meryl Streep at the Golden Globes giving a speech critical of Trump. ... She says, “…and Natalie Portman who was born in Jerusalem where they do have birth cirtificates” I understood this to be an oblique reference to the birthers and Obama’s birth certificate ... ||

      The transcript of her speech suggests to me that that's exactly the reference she was making:

      ... Amy Adams was born in Italy. Natalie Portman was born in Jerusalem. Where are their birth certificates? ...

  • Netanyahu has isolated Israel and is driving the US 'off a cliff into chaos' -- Lloyd Doggett
    • || mcohen.: ... moving the us embassy to Jerusalem is a clear message to all that the holy sites are to be shared by the 3 companions of the Abrahamic faith ||

      Moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem is a clear message to all that the U.S. continues to validate and support the injustice and immorality of Zionism, Zionists and the religion-supremacist "Jewish State" project.

  • The mainstreaming of Palestinian genocide
    • || hophmi: How many times has the United States of America conducted a public prosecution of a soldier accused of something like this? I’d say the number is 0 or close to it, and we all know that this stuff happens, and that if the United States ever did prosecute someone for something like this, 70 percent of the country, if not a higher number, would criticize a guilty verdict. ||

      Yup, it's shameful. The U.S. and the "Jewish State" certainly do have "shared common values", none of which is the universal and consistent application of justice, accountability and equality.

      But, hey, if the "Jewish State" nukes one city you can always defend its actions by pointing out that the U.S. nuked two.

    • || Leopold Bloom: If this is “genocide,” wouldn’t the most prudent course of action be for Palestinians to emigrate? If a Jewish prisoner in Auschwitz had a chance to escape, would you advise him to wait until conditions improved?

      Unless, of course, it isn’t really “genocide” and you’re only using that word for its emotional effect. ||

      You're right: Palestinians should emigrate and allow the West to wage all-out war against Israel, bomb it into submission and force it to pay reparations to Palestinians and their descendants for decades to come.

      Unless, of course, you're only dredging up the Holocaust for emotional effect.

    • ... “Today a soldier who killed a terrorist who deserved to die, who tried to slaughter [another] soldier, was placed in shackles and convicted as a criminal”, Bennett declared. ...

      The Jewish Israeli soldier who deliberately and efficiently murdered a wounded and incapacitated non-Jewish non-Israeli man in not-Israel got his day in court and was tried and convicted. He chose to deny justice to his victim and instead faced it himself. And Mr. Bennett - a Zionist hypocrite - weeps not for the murdered but for the cold-blooded murderer.

  • Memo to Kerry: Support for one state is growing among Palestinians and Israelis
    • || catalan: ... So then there is no problem, why bother writing about it? If the outcome you mention is as certain as the laws of nature, then it seems that all that is left is sit back and enjoy the show. ... ||

      You might want to point this out to Zionists who, though they are certain that the "Jewish State" is here to stay forever or a thousand years, bother to write about it.

  • New poll shows sharp partisan divide on UN settlements resolution, and between Jews and African-Americans
    • || RoHa: Absolutely airtight.

      (FACT: RoHa had a clear preference for Trump.
      FACT: RoHa expressed relief when Trump won.
      CONCLUSION: ….) ||

      Impressive. Is there anything* you can't do?!  ;-)
      (*Other than ignore misplaced commas and bad grammar.)

    • || yonah fredman: The lame duck out of the door, flipping of the bird on the way out, might not bother your average person of color democrat, but it certainly made an impression on Jews. ... ||

      You appear to be saying that Jews (not Zionists) are not content only with American presidential support for Jewish supremacism in/and a religion-supremacist "Jewish State" in most of Palestine - they expect American presidential support of existing and on-going "Jewish State" colonialism and intransigence (and (war) crimes?) as well.

      Are Jews really as unjust and immoral as you appear to be making them out to be?

      Or did you mean Zionists and you were simply anti-Semitically conflating all Jews with Zionism?

  • Will the Azaria verdict shield Israel from the International Criminal Court?
    • || Kay24: ... “Sen. Lindsey Graham, who had lobbied members of the Security Council to oppose the settlements resolution, will lead the GOP effort in the Senate to hit the UN in its wallet.
      “I am a huge supporter of foreign aid and the UN,” the South Carolina senator told CNN after the Security Council vote. “I want to do more, not less. But I can’t support funding a body that singles out the only democracy in the Middle East who shares our values.” ... ||

      Do people like Mr. Graham realize or even care that every time they spout such garbage:
      - they are publicly stating that the U.S. believes in oppression, colonialism, supremacism and (war) criminal behaviour; and
      - they demonstrate their utter hypocrisy for staunchly defending the injustice and immorality of the "Jewish State" construct?

  • After Israeli soldier is convicted of manslaughter, Times and Post portray case as isolated incident
    • || oldgeezer @ January 5, 2017, 12:00 am ||

      TheBaker assumes because he is a Zionist hypocrite who believes that Jews are entitled to do unto others acts of injustice and immorality they would not have others do unto them.

    • || Mooser: “eljay”, you will have to excuse “dabakr”. When you belong to the most populous people on earth, a people no one else has ever hurt, and who has always run things, well, you get a little insular, a little self centered.
      It might be different if anybody had ever hurt us and we knew what it is like. ||

      I wonder whether Zionists:
      - are truly incapable of comprehending how undermining international law and human rights and the protections they are meant to afford all people could impact all Jewish people; or
      - simply don't give a f*ck about undermining international law and human rights and the protections they are meant to afford all people because they believe...
         i) that Captain Israel and the "Jewish State" will protect them; and/or
         ii) they have amassed sufficient Jewish cannon fodder to bear the full brunt of blowback.

    • || @kr: ... the facts are that had the palestinian not tried to knife an israeli he wouldn’t have been lying on the ground. ... ||

      The problem isn't the wounded and incapacitated Palestinian lying on the ground - the problem is the deliberate, cold-blooded murder of that wounded and incapacitated Palestinian by a Zionist military goon.

      You appear to be saying that if a non-Jewish soldier wounds and incapacitates a Jewish attacker, the non-Jewish soldier is entitled to summarily execute the Jewish attacker. I don't agree with that. But it does make me wonder why you hate Jews so much.

  • In 'breathtaking' UN vote, Obama changed his policy on Israeli settlements, making them a war crime -- Finkelstein
    • || Mooser: ... As Trump said today: “ ... I said that I will be the greatest jobs producer that God ever created, and I mean that, I am going to work very hard on that” ||

      Such modesty! And people say the guy's an egomaniac...

    • || Mooser: Oh, that’s allright, then. ... ||

      Not really, but I'd rather see Trump taken to task for stupid things he's actually said / done rather than for stupid things he hasn't said / done.

      || ... At least Trump doesn’t allegory everything in terms of captivity and sexual dominance. || this another attempt to provoke me into responding? It won't work, not this time, no sir!  :-P

    • Sibiriak: ... If Trump didn’t mock the disabled reporter ... ||

      According to this article, Trump was mocking the reporter but not his disability. The article points out that Trump routinely mimics a specific physical disability (which is not the reporter's disability) when he wishes to mock someone. The article makes a pretty good argument, IMO, even if it does damn Trump with faint praise (so to speak).

    • The fury and indignation surrounding Russian hacking that may (or may not) have influenced the U.S. election is a bad joke given America's penchant for:
      - attacking, bombing and/or invading sovereign nations; and
      - undermining, destabilizing and/or overthrowing sovereign governments.

  • Love in the age of Trump
    • || Mooser: “I would love not being provoked into responding.”

      Oooh, I hope “eljay” doesn’t see that. I don’t want to hear about that basement again. ||

      Mooser, are you trying to provoke me into responding? Well, it won't work - I refuse to respond to your comment. :-P

  • The challenges of being a Palestinian doctor in the 'Jewish state'
    • ... The Jewish sector is focusing more and more on high tech, on the military and security industry and on finance. Many of its university graduates qualifying in such fields as well as in medicine, find employment in the wider and better paying world market. A less stressful and more secure life experience abroad, whether in Berlin or New York, seems to attract many young Jewish professionals, including medical experts, and to hold them for the long haul.

      This brain drain is hardly noticeable among our own Palestinian professionals in Israel. Even those who make it to Western countries for post-doctorate research or for super-specialty training seem to return home regularly. ...

      Jewish Israelis shun their manufactured "eternal homeland" while Palestinians are drawn back to their homes and lands. An interesting anecdote, especially if accurate.

  • Terrorism: How the Israeli state was won
    • || yonah fredman: The urge to survive is natural and good. The urge to reject the coercive powers of the czar and like minded ministers and peasants is good. Freedom is good. ... ||

      Yup, yup and yup.

      || ... The choice of Palestine was a logical choice, for any urge for self rule required attracting large numbers and only a popular destination could attract the sacrifice and effort that would be required for the attempt at self rule. ... ||

      And here you transition from your defence of self-rule for diverse oppressed groups to justifying a full-blown "Jewish State" project necessarily involving ethnic cleansing, colonialism and the establishment of a religion-supremacist state - none of which is "just and good".

      || ... I do not expect Palestinians to value the life of my cousins to the degree of accepting their own loss of freedom and their homes. ... ||

      But you do expect Palestinians to accept their losses for the sake of your well as for the sake of every other Jewish person who chose to colonize Palestine at their expense.

      That's a truly big "f*ck you" to Palestinians. Do you do outreach work with hophmi?

      || But in effect you are telling me to regret the survival of my cousins. ... ||

      Nice bit of victimhood there, but in effect you are saying that the lives of your Polish cousins matter more than the lives and livelihoods and freedoms and (human) rights of the Palestinians of Palestine. That, too, is a big "f*ck you" to Palestinians.

    • || yonah fredman: ... Since in fact hundreds of thousands of jews who made it to palestine before 1939 saved their lives based upon the evil done to the Palestinians, it emerges that a great salvation and a great catastrophe occurred as a result of the same act. ||

      In the very classy words of "liberal Zionist" RW:

      "I feel that the nakba [sic] was a necessary wrong … "

      "The nakba [sic] that occurred in 1948 was accompanied by the independence, the liberation, of the Jewish community. So, I primarily celebrate … "

    • || taylorwilson: There is no any religion of a terrorist because no any country teaches to destroy the innocent lives ... ||

      Countries don't need to teach "to destroy the innocent lives" in order for terrorists to hold religious beliefs. Fail #1.  :-(

      || ... Our class was told to prepare the assignment on terrorism, but I was not able to complete it because of the pictures available of the bombing and the dead bodies. ... ||

      You could have completed your assignment without looking at pictures of "the bombing and the dead bodies". Fail #2.nbsp; :-(

      || ... So, I preferred to Buy Assignment Online from ||

      Ah, so you did the "liberal Zionist" thing: You "held your nose" and let hardier people do the dirty work.

    • || yonah fredman: ... the true catastrophe is the occupation, rather specifically the west bank. ... ||

      What a lovely way to sanitize the catastrophes of:
      - the terrorism committed by Jews;
      - the ethnic cleansing committed by Jews;
      - the establishment of a religion-supremacist state by Jews;
      - the decades (and counting) of oppression, torture and murder committed by Jews; or
      - the refusal by Jews to allow non-Jewish refugees to return to their homes and lands.

      It's like sanitizing the kidnapping, imprisonment, beatings and rape - all very human urges to self-determine - by focusing on the "true catastrophe" of a dirty mattress and tight shackles.

    • || Bar Kochbar @ January 3, 2017, 3:29 pm ||

      Wow, that's a lot of words just to express your belief that people who choose to be/come Jewish are entitled:
      - to Jewish supremacism in/and a religion-supremacist "Jewish State" in as much as possible of Palestine; and
      - to do unto others acts of injustice and immorality they would not have others do unto them.

      What you are merely is not a Humanist, but a hypocrite.

      A solution that could work involves justice, accountability and equality including but not limited to:
      - two secular and democratic states - Israel and New State (or whatever it is to be called) - of and for all of their respective citizens, immigrants, expats and refugees, equally;
      - respect for and adherence to international laws; and
      - honouring of obligations (incl. RoR) under international law.

    • || Bar Kochbar: ... mutual recognition and respect is the only way ... ||

      It is the only way if what is desired is Zionist "peace", which allows Zionists and their religion-supremacist "Jewish State" construct:
      - to keep as much as possible of what they have stolen; and
      - to be absolved of their past and on-going (war) crimes and their obligations under international law.

      Justice, accountability and equality - these should consistently be the only way.

    • || Bar Kochbar: ... After all it is better to stand by principles than resolve anything ever… ||

      Funny stuff, coming from a Zionist who...
      - stands by the unjust and immoral principles of Jewish supremacism in/and an unapologetically oppressive, colonialist, belligerent, intransigent, (war) criminal and religion-supremacist "Jewish State" in as much as possible of Palestine,
      - rather than resolve anything by accepting justice, accountability and equality in/and two secular and democratic states of and for their respective citizens, immigrants, expats and refugees, equally.

    • || RoHa: ... But we keep getting told that everything was sunshine and lollipops until the Hebron riots of 1929. ||

      Everything Zionists do is sunshine and lollipops. Who but an anti-Semite would suggest otherwise?

  • Resolution for 2017: Stop substituting 'the occupation' for 'Zionism'
    • || Mooser: ... Because “Zionism as Jew vs. gentile everywhere” is the best way to sell Zionism to day’s Jews. ... ||

      If it works, why not? Zionism and the "Jewish State" need all the cannon-fodder they can get.

      (I suppose they could appeal to non-Jewish Zionists to sacrifice their lives for the glory of a "Jewish State" in which they'd be second-class citizens, but I don't expect they'd get too many volunteers.)

  • 'Arab ID-holder suspect' is shot by Israeli soldiers at East Jerusalem checkpoint
    • ... A Palestinian woman was injured after being shot by Israeli soldiers at the Qalandiya checkpoint between Ramallah and Jerusalem in the central occupied West Bank, for allegedly attempting to stab Israeli soldiers Friday morning. Witnesses told Ma‘an that Israeli soldiers opened fire at the woman who was walking towards the vehicle lane of the checkpoint. ... According to witnesses, the victim remained on the ground bleeding and screaming in pain while soldiers prevented ambulance crews from approaching her for almost an hour. She was then detained and transferred to a hospital for treatment. ...

      Another day, another non-Israeli in not-Israel is shot by Israeli Occupation Forces goons.

      On the plus side, she's lucky they didn't decide to also put a bullet in her head.

  • Why Obama waited 8 years to take on Netanyahu
    • || hophmi: Lol. So calling for the fall of a brutal dictatorship is encouraging slaughter? Lol. ... ||

      Lol. Why not? Lol. According to you Zionists, calling for an end to a religion-supremacist "Jewish State" regime and its colonialist practices is encouraging slaughter. Lol. Calling for the rightful return of refugees to their homes and lands is encouraging slaughter. Lol.

      || ... How degraded the left is today. How morally bankrupt. You’d stand up for a fascist before you’d stand up for human rights. ||

      Lol. Says the Zionist hypocrite who stands up for Jewish supremacism in/and a religion-supremacist "Jewish State" in as much as possible of Palestine before he stands up for justice, accountability and equality. Lol.

    • || falcon170170: Here’s something else 90% of Americans don’t know, the ‘settlements’ are NOT illegal. ||

      Yup, 'cause nothing says "NOT illegal" like stealing, occupying and colonizing territory outside of your self-proclaimed and/or internationally-recognized borders. No wonder 90% of Americans don't know that.

    • ||John O: @hophmi

      I was asking you what Israel has done. ||

      And he provided the typical Zionist reply: Israel is a "moral beacon", a "Western-style democracy" and a "light unto the nations"...but it's not as bad as Saudi Arabia, Mali and African "hell-holes".

    • If too little, too late is deserving of some sort of prize, Barry and Kerry are worthy recipients.

  • The formal end of the two-state solution
    • || yonah fredman: I have not changed my statement of purpose which is for a two state solution. ... I appreciate that people here dream about disbanding the Zionist army. I do not and it is in the context of agreement with the original act of declaring a state and building a Jewish army that my opinions are formed. ... ||

      I still think a 2SS solution is the way to go but, unlike you, my 2SS:
      - doesn't involve at least one supremacist state and Zionist "peace"; but
      - does involve justice, accountability and equality.

      || ... Frankly if one reads news of “death of two states” day in and day out, then one begins to believe it. ... ||

      The 2SS may not be dead yet, but thanks to your fellow Zionists it's lying on the ground bleeding out and waiting to be summarily executed (something Zionists are good at doing).

    • || Mooser: “Yonah” is willing to conceive of, consider, or regard as possible any one-state or two-state solution which doesn’t change anything, and doesn’t involve inconvenience to a single illegal settlement. And leaves Zionist Israel in charge. Oh, and no accounting, only amnesty. ... ||

      This sounds similar to the Zionist "peace" jon s advocates.

  • John Kerry gives the 'separate but not equal' speech to Israel
    • Kerry speech is the speech of a liberal Zionist: People who adopt the religion-based identity of Jewish are entitled to Jewish supremacism in/and a religion-supremacist "Jewish State" in as much as possible of Palestine...but only if they go about it in a 'kinder, gentler' way.

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