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I'm a happily-married, vegetarian and atheist Canadian with two wonderful cats. :-)

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  • Start 'Birthright' earlier and hire conservative professors-- to stem 'national security issue' of Jewish kids abandoning Israel
    • ... We are allowing Israel’s enemies to define her and we are not creating a narrative about Israeli society ...

      The finest narrative created about a serial rapist doesn't change the fact that he's a serial rapist. "Israel's enemies" aren't "defining" Israel, they're describing it as it is: An oppressive, colonialist, (war) criminal and religion-supremacist "Jewish State".

  • Ehud Barak says a Palestinian state would be 'non-viable'
    • ... “It is agreed by all of us that we are present in Judea and Samaria because it is our privilege. Not because of power. We have a historical, moral, natural right, as it says in the declaration of independence,” Barak said. ...

      privilege: a right ... granted as a peculiar benefit, advantage, or favor

      Mr. Barak is partially correct: Zionists and their oppressive, colonialist, (war) criminal and religion-supremacist "Jewish State" construct are present in geographic Palestine because of a special right not enjoyed by others. But they are also there because of power.

      The religion-based identity of "Jewish" does not comprise an historical, moral or natural right to Jewish supremacism in/and a religion-supremacist "Jewish State" in as much as possible of Palestine.

  • Attacks on Israeli police in East Jerusalem are not terrorism
    • || jd65: Thank you, Rima. Well written, direct, and true. ... ||

      I agree. And I echo the sentiment that this article - unlike this one - was well-written and direct.

  • In order to change Israel activists must disrupt Zionist space
    • I'm a pretty average person, so I have a hard time with the torrents of highbrow babble some authors feel convey information better than a few clear and concise paragraphs.

      Is the author saying that the best / most effective way to counter Zionism is not (only) to target the religion-supremacist "Jewish State" construct and its (war) criminal actions but to (also) expose and discredit the injustice and immorality of the ideology and its associated privileges?

  • Canada Park, a popular picnicking spot for Israelis, created upon the rubble of Palestinian homes
    • || Emet: eljay: When you you refer to the single Jewish State being a religion-supremacist construct, are you also referring to all the other Muslim states in the same way? So it’s okay for the Muslims but not for the Jews? Or are you laser focused on Jews, which then makes you what exactly? ||

      Dude, slow down! You're so eager to label me an anti-Semite that you're tripping over yourself waiting for me to answer your question.

      I don't believe that any state has a right to exist as a supremacist state of any kind. IMO, a religion-supremacist "Muslim State" is as unjust and immoral a construct as a religion-supremacist "Jewish State".

      BTW, I gotta say it's cute how you refer to Israel as "the single Jewish State" as though its uniqueness somehow diminishes the immorality and injustice of the construct.

    • || Jackdaw: Heartbreaking, the destruction of Emmaus? Well. Lets consider the strategic location of the village and the fact that it has been a battle site for thousands of years. ... So you see, there is nothing new under the sun. Is there? ||

      So what you're essentially saying is that it's OK for "the Arabs" to destroy Israel because that would be "nothing new under the sun". Interesting. Well, at least we won't hear anymore whining from Zionists about anti-Semitism and "Jew hatred" and Holocaust the next time Hamas or other "the Arabs" engage in "fierce battles" with current-day ancient Israelites.

      (It's weird: I oppose the destruction of Israel, but Zionists continually challenge others to destroy it.)

    • Good catch, Sibiriak. "Bont" does appear to be silamcuz / rugal_b / a4tech reborn.

    • || Emet: ... The Arabs have never accepted that there is a place for an independent Jewish State anywhere in the Middle East. ... ||

      "Jewish State" is a religion-supremacist construct. Neither "the Arabs" nor anyone else should be expected or required to accept the existence of any supremacist state anywhere.

    • || echinococcus: Eljay, blahblahblah. ||

      Sure, whatever you say.

    • || Annie Robbins: lol, that’s hysterical eljay. it’s like pre planning your spam and snagging complicitous responses intended to set up your ideological opponents. ... ||

      I won't be wasting any more time with Bontococcus. His m.o. is pure troll.

      || O, what a tangled web we weave when first we practise to deceive! ||

      The Professor knew whereof he spoke! ;-)

    • || Bont Eastlake: ... By basing his opposition of Israel to a loose set of principles labelled as supremacism, and associating it with other countries like Japan and Islamic states, it serves to distract our focus from discreet illegal actions by Israel done through direct cooperation with aforementioned countries. ||

      You are a slimy piece of work, Bontococcus.

      The association of Israel with Japan and Islamic states started here when you asked me to name other states that I might consider to be supremacist.

      I replied to your question. Since then, I have not made a habit of association Israel with Japan or Islamic states.

      You, on the other hand, have repeatedly dredged up my reply as a distraction, all the while attributing the distraction to me. A real jerk move, Bontococcus.

    • || Bont Eastlake: ... Canada and Australia present themselves as cleancut social democracies that uphold human rights, but apartheid racist Israel seem to hold them very dear for some reason.

      Maybe Eljay can explain this weird relationship? After all, he hold the belief that Israel is grouped with Islamic states and weirdly enough, Japan for being illegitimate supremacist states. Yet its not Japan or Islamic states that help Israel preserve its apartheid status and continue violate human rights, its countries like Canada or Australia. ||

      Your feigned confusion is amusing, Bontococcus.

      The structure of a country is not the same as its foreign policy. But you already know this.

      "Jewish State" and Islamic State and - as it has been indicated to me - Japan are all supremacist constructs: The first two are religion-based; the third is racially-based.

      The difference between the foreign policy actions of Canada and Australia on the one hand and Islamic State and Japan on the other may be explained by the considerably greater influence Zionist organizations wield within the former two states vs. the latter two.

    • || RoHa: Must make you swell with national pride, eljay. ... ||

      If I were proud of my country or of being Canadian, it might. But since I'm just happy that I'm fortunate enough to be Canadian, I rank Canada Park somewhere south of Tim Hortons coffee.

  • I was born ideologically, politically, and spiritually in June 1967 -- settler/ambassador Dani Dayan
    • || yonah fredman: ... If Israel had annexed the west bank and given the residents citizenship and the right to vote, then the moral right of the jews to settle the west bank ... ||

      Had Israel annexed the West Bank, Israelis - not "the Jews" - would then have been entitled to settle in the West Bank.

      || ... is democracy a moral value. i believe it is.) ||

      I agree that democracy is a moral value.

      However, supremacism - including religion-based "Jewish State" supremacism - is not a moral value. But you believe it is.

    • Zionism is a powerful supremacist ideology: It can make the natives of Argentina who choose to hold the religion-based identity of Jewish believe that they are actually ancient Israelites who are entitled:
      - to establish a religion-supremacist "Jewish State" in as much as possible of Palestine; and
      - to do unto others acts of injustice and immorality they would not have others do unto them.

  • Israel cancels 250,000 Palestinian permits to enter Israel during Ramadan after deadly attack
    • || Mayhem: How about the truth? ... ||

      Okay: Israel is an oppressive, colonialist, (war) criminal and religion-supremacist "Jewish State" which for almost 70 years has been...
      - stealing, occupying and colonizing non-Israeli territory (incl. the Free City of Jerusalem);
      - oppressing, torturing and killing Palestinians;
      - refusing to honour its obligations under international law (incl. RoR); and
      - refusing to accept any responsibility or accountability for the (war) crimes it has committed and continues to commit deliberately and with impunity.

      || Mayhem: ... terrorism and violence occurs, spurred on by the incitement of [Jewish Zionist] political and religious leaders compounded on social media sites that glorify violence and encourage attacks ... ||

      A tidy summary of the on-going "Jewish State" supremacism and colonialism project.

  • Packed room on Capitol Hill hears Palestinian student say he thought three IDs and a separation wall was normal for children everywhere
    • || echinococcus: Eljay, blahblahblah. ||

      Sure, whatever you say.

    • || Arafatbastard: The Arab League declined the Partition borders ... ||

      But Israel accepted the Partition borders, asked to be recognized as a state within them and was recognized as a state within them. Everything else has been illegal acquisition of territory through war. Zionists know this to be true but disregard it because it doesn't suit their agenda of maximizing the size of their religion-supremacist state.

    • || Arafatbastard: ... All countries have borders. ||

      That's right, and Israel's borders are the Partition borders:
      - it accepted;
      - within which it asked to be recognized as a country;
      - within which it was recognized as a country; and
      - outside of which it has been engaging in colonialism and (war) crimes for almost 70 years.

  • Just 1 of 12 Westchester County legislators stands up against anti-BDS bill -- Alfreda Williams
    • || JosephA: ... why would this bigot/racist “Arafatbastard” choose such a pseudonym in the first place? ||

      My guess is that he's a fan of Mike Myers who thought it would be clever to merge the names Arafat and Fat Bastard in order to:
      - score some Zionist cred; and
      - get a rise out of people.

    • || Arafatbastard: Tell the truth, Bob: BDS is a racist movement. ||

      Israel - the nation state and homeland of non-Jewish and Jewish Israelis - is not a race.

  • The Israelis
    • || echinococcus: Eljay, blahblahblah. ||

      Sure, whatever you say.

    • || Arafatbastard: Jews originated in Israel. ... ||

      Israelis originated in Israel. People who choose to hold the religion-based identity of Jewish have been originating in homelands all over the world by:
      - undergoing a religious conversion to Judaism; or
      - being descended from someone who underwent a religious conversion to Judaism.

    • || echinococcus: Eljay, blahblahblah. ||

      Sure, whatever you say.

    • || echinococcus: Eljay, blahblahblah. ||

      Sure, whatever you say.

    • || German Lefty: Yes, eljay. I know what Phil means, but it’s nonetheless a Zionist way of phrasing things. Because only a two-state solution can”ensure” that Israel remains a Jewish state. ... ||

      I can't speak for Phil, but I'm not a Zionist and the two-state solution I envision includes neither a religion-supremacist "Jewish State" of Israel nor a religion-supremacist "Islamic State" of Palestine.

      || ... Also, by reducing “Palestine” to the West Bank and Gaza you ignore – or even deny – the Nakba, which has consequences for the Palestinian refugees’ right of return. ... ||

      Phil didn't "reduce" Palestine to anything it hasn't already been reduced to: Not Israel. I don't know whether he's Partition-borders or '48 or '67 borders, but that's a different matter. Regardless, I don't see how that impacts the right of return of refugees:
      - Palestinians from Israel must be allowed to return to Israel; and,
      - Palestinians from not Israel must be allowed to return to not Israel.

    • || German Lefty: ... Strange phrasing. You sound like a Zionist. Israel and Palestine are not separate places. Israel is IN Palestine. Palestine consists of Israel, Gaza and the West Bank. ||

      He appears to be referring not to the geographic region of / formerly known as Palestine, but to the countries of Israel and Palestine, which are separate places (even if the latter continues to be under military occupation and colonization by the former).

  • Israeli ambassador says he admires and envies Palestinians for keeping refugee issue alive
    • || Arafatbastard: ... Weirdly, you seem unaware ... ||

      ...that your Captain Israel underpants are an anger-inducing two sizes too tight.

    • Page: 90
    • || Arafatbastard: The UN offered a state to the “Palestinians”, a people which had never existed in 1947 ... ||

      Israelis didn't exist prior to 1947 either. Go figure.

      || ... but the Arab League refused, even though the Jews agreed. ... ||

      The U.N. offered to "the Jews" half of Palestine - a territory which did not belong to "the Jews" and to which "the Jews" were not entitled. It's no wonder "the Jews agreed" to the partition and the non-Jews did not.

    • || Arafatbastard: Not that you’re remotely racist, of course? ||

      I don't want to be - and I do my best not to be - racist or supremacist. Zionists can't say the same.

    • || yonah fredman: I don’t care that the Palestinians don’t recognize the jewish rights in the region. ... ||

      Good, because "the Jewish" don't have rights in the region, so there's no need for the non-Jewish to recognize those non-existent rights.

      Jewish Israelis and Jewish non-Israelis, on the other hand, do have rights - the same rights as non-Jewish Israelis and non-Jewish non-Israelis - and those rights should be recognized, respected and defended.

    • ... As a person, whose way of looking at life, is also a national center, I have enormous respect for the Palestinian national movement. I admire in some sense a movement that keeps its refugees for five generations in squalid camps in order to keep the flame alive. In some senses I envy that movement. ...

      In fact, he continued, I admire, envy and have so much enormous respect for the movement that I will do everything in my power to ensure it never ends.

      ... The moment they accept not only our existence, but our right to exist as a Jewish state, then the peace process will come and all the other issues are technical. All the other issues can be solved. ...

      And the moment the victims chained in the rapist's basement accept not only his existence, but his right to exist as a rapist, then the peace process will come and all other issues can be solved.

      Yeah, right.

      Mr. Dayan is a hateful and immoral human being - a Zionist.

  • Dispatch from 'the most ****ed up place on Earth,' Hebron's H2 quarter
    • || Emet: ... Jews did not colonize anything. Jews have always been in the area you call Palestine. More Jews came home. ||

      Some Jews have always been in the area of geographic Palestine. They were part of the indigenous population of the region. They did not colonize anything.

      "More Jews" - foreign Jews - emigrated from their homes and homelands all over the world to geographic Palestine. The ones who went there to live peacefully among the indigenous population of the region did not colonize anything.

      The ones who went there to help realize the unjust and immoral Zionist "dream" of a religion-supremacist "Jewish State" in as much as possible of the region did colonize - and continue to colonize - Palestine.

    • || Emet: Mooser ... You have little to offer the single Jewish State. ... ||

      A (religion-)supremacist state is not entitled to and does not deserve offerings.

      || ... In fact you would love to see it disbanded and replaced by a state for all its citizens. ... ||

      Supporters of "Jewish State" don't realize how much their condemnations of...
      - opposition to their preferred brand of supremacism; and
      - calls for equality,
      ...make them sound like supporters of Islamic State / "Islamic States".

      Birds of a hateful and immoral feather.

  • Intersectional feminism: Wonder Woman, Palestinians, Wakanda and Zionism
  • Westchester legislature prepares bill saying BDS 'maligns the Jewish people,' and opponents organize
    • || JosephA: Is it possible to support the idea of the modern state of Israel and also simultaneously be an anti-zionist? ... ||

      IMO it is and I do.

      || ... If Israel were a democracy with equal rights for indigenous Palestinians, it would not cease to exist as a country. ... ||

      A secular and democratic Israel of and for all of its citizens, immigrants, expats and refugees, equally, would rightly spell the end of religion-supremacist "Jewish State" and Zionists loathe the idea of Jewish Israelis and non-Israeli Jews losing their supremacist status.

      A secular and democratic Israel could cease to exist as a country if, say, its eligible voters were to choose democratically to merge it with with Palestine into a single, larger (Palestinian) state. IMO there would be nothing wrong with such a move - an act of real self-determination, not fraudulent Zionist "self-determination - as long as the new state were to remain secular and democratic and not become a religion-supremacist "Islamic State" of the type Hamas envisions.

    • Shame on the County of Westchester for:
      - promoting the openly and unapologetically oppressive, colonialist, (war) criminal and religion supremacist "Jewish State" of Israel as a "champion of freedom";
      - anti-Semitically conflating Israel with all Jews ("the Jewish people") and all Jews with Israel; and
      - failing to condemn Israel for its past and on-going (war) crimes.

  • No anti-Zionists allowed on Hadassah panel exploring 'tension' between feminism and Zionism
    • || Boris: @eljay I am not at all surprised by your answer ... ||

      That's nice.

      || ... and I don’t care what YOU think. I just wonder what mosers on this site think about being denied their history and identity. ... ||

      I don't care that YOU don't care. The point is to debunk the deliberately inaccurate information Zionists like you routinely disseminate - in this case:
      - the assertion that all people who choose to hold the religion-based identity of Jewish are descended from ancient Hebrews; and
      - the corresponding lie that the religion-based identity of "Jewish" comprises a right to a state.

    • || Boris: ... we are the descendants of Hebrews. ... ||

      No you're not. Many (most?) of you:
      - are non-Hebrews who have undergone a religious conversion to Judaism; or
      - are descendants of non-Hebrews who underwent a religious conversion to Judaism.

      Descendants of Hebrews or not, your religion-based identity does not comprise a right to a (religion-supremacist) state in Palestine or elsewhere.

    • || Annie Robbins: ... if you find the terms so offensive ... ||

      The word "Jew" offends Wondering Yehudi only "from time to time". The rest of the time, he's perfectly happy to be a "so-called Jew".

  • Maqloube denied! Celebrating Ramadan dinner at the checkpoint in Hebron
    • Israeli Colonialism and Oppression Forces goons operating in not-Israel continue to demonstrate that no act of injustice or immorality is too small for them to commit against non-Jews in not-Israel.

  • Protesters disrupt 'Celebrate Israel' parade as New York leaders salute Israel
    • Zionists in the U.S. openly celebrate "Jewish State" supremacism and colonialism and American politicians condemn...errrr...jockey for title of Best Donkey Fellator. Impressive.

  • Making the crossover from Elie Wiesel to Marc Ellis
    • || jon s: ... I’m not an invader, I live in my people’s historic homeland. ... ||

      Geographic Palestine is not the "historic homeland" of all people in the world who:
      - undergo a religious conversion to Judaism; or
      - are descended from someone who underwent a religious conversion to Judaism.

      || ... No Jew is an invader in the Jewish homeland. ... ||

      If there were such a thing as "the Jewish homeland" you might be right. But there isn't, so you're not.

    • || jon s: ... As to Elie Wiesel, he became world famous not only as a writer and Holocaust survivor , but as an outspoken voice for human rights all over the world, earning him the Nobel Peace Prize. ... ||

      Wiesel and Barry O.: Peace Prize winners and hypocrites.

      || ... That blind spot doesn’t cancel all the good that he did. ||

      It's a good thing non-Jews were in his blind spot. Had it obscured Jews, he'd've been labelled an anti-Semite and no amount of other good deeds would have mattered.

  • 'The greatest sustained exercise of utterly arbitrary authority world has ever seen' -- Chabon on occupation
    • ... When Sam said that Palestinians’ problem was being too resilient, I saw that accomplishments of this nature—accomplishments like Sam’s—were not merely futile; secretly they served Israel’s strategic goals. They lent the color of “normal life” to an existence that every day deliberately confronted four and a half million people with the absurdity of their existence, which was determined and defined by the greatest sustained exercise of utterly arbitrary authority the world had ever seen. ...

      Is it really "the greatest sustained exercise of utterly arbitrary authority the world [has] ever seen"? The one which has been confronting North Korea's ~25M people for 7 decades (according to HRW) might be even greater.

  • 'This occupation must end,' Bernie Sanders says, in video to Israelis on 50th anniversary
    • || festus: Classic Zionism lite. ... ||

      Yup. Ending the occupation is only the start of righting the wrongs of Zionism, but you won't see Zionists - not even "liberal Zionists" - advocating:
      - repatriation of non-Jewish Israeli refugees to Israel;
      - accountability for past and on-going (war) crimes committed; or
      - the reform of Israel from a religion-supremacist "Jewish State" primarily of and for Jewish Israelis and non-Israeli Jews into a secular and democratic Israeli state of and for all its Israeli citizens, immigrants, expats and refugees, equally.

  • Oren sees 'radical implosion' of US Jewish support for Israel -- then calls Palestinian polygamy 'existential threat'
    • || James Canning: If Israel continues its failure to end the occupation, what does it expect to do with the ever-growing Palestinian population? ||

      Zionists believe in "necessary evil" (as long as they're on the doing end and not the receiving end). I'm sure when the time comes they'll get creative.

  • Israel provoked the Six-Day War in 1967, and it was not fighting for survival
    • || aloeste: doubt your grandchildren’s grandchildren see that ... ||

      Yup, there'll be nothing to see for a Thousand Years.

    • || Donald Johnson: Imagine how the Palestinians in Gaza feel, if a 5 percent cutoff of imports is reason enough to start a war that kills 18,000 people. ||

      That's a very valid point. Unfortunately hophmi's Zionist "logic" - which states that Jews are entitled to do unto others acts of injustice and immorality they would not have others do unto them - will simply reject it as invalid.

    • || hophmi: ... If 5% of America’s oil and food supply were suddenly cut off by a hostile actor, you better believe that America, the wealthiest country on Earth, would be all over the culprit like white on rice. ||

      Aggressor-victimhood is a tough gig, but Israel and the U.S. are up to the task. It's just one of their many "shared common values".

  • Palestinian Authority to hold questionable 'supplementary' elections in Gaza
    • || Bont Eastlake: Eljay, ... ||

      || echinococcus: Eljay, ... ||

      Well, this confirms two things:
      - Bont is echinococcus; and
      - echinococcus is an under-cover Zionist.

      Sorry, echiBont (Bontococcus?), I won't continue to play along with your Zionist trolling game of distraction, deliberate distortion and outright lies.

    • || Bont Eastlake: Sibiriak ... He’s [sic] idea of supremacist construct apparently group Israel with Japan as countries with dubious legitimacy to exist as a state. ||

      I have said that no state has a right to exist as a supremacist state of any kind.

      I have not said that Israel and Japan should not exist as states.

      You are a troll and a liar. Is this how you score cred among your fellow Zionists?

    • || Bont Eastlake: Eljay,

      Unlike anti-Zionism which as a political movement and philosophical thought has robust backing from a diverse range of people and institutions, opposing supremacist construct of states has no set history, no consistent backers, no concrete goals to focus on. ||

      It is not immoral or unlawful to oppose supremacist construct of states. Enough with your distractions.

      || ... Your argument that Islamic states and the Japanese state need to be opposed because they employ supremacist ideals as Israel is beyond ridiculous and cannot be taken seriously. ... ||

      So don't take it seriously and feel free to continue championing supremacist states. But enough with your distractions.

      || ... It seriously undermines the root cause of global activism against the Zionists which is based on historical and present injustices perpetrated by the state. Is Japan colonizing a foreign land and abusing its indigenous population? Is Iran? ... ||

      What do Japan and Iran have to do with Israel and its on-going (war) crimes? Seriously, enough with your distractions.

      || ... Lastly, if Islamic states and Japan are illegitimate because they are based on supremacist construct, what gives legitimacy to exist as a state to countries like Canada? ||

      Lastly, nations that are not supremacist constructs get their legitimacy by not being supremacist constructs. Duh. Now enough with your distractions.

    • || Bont Eastlake: Eljay ... So Islamic states (all of them?) and Japan are also not entitled to exist? Am I understanding your views correctly? ... ||

      If your understanding is that states should not exist as supremacist constructs, yes, you are understanding my views correctly.

      || ... I think we should just stick to the politics of anti-Zionism ... ||

      We go right ahead.

      || ... honestly, your obsession with tying state legitimacy with supremacist constructs appears to be highly problematic and incoherent in its meaning and implications. ||

      There's nothing "problematic" or "incoherent" about opposing the supremacist nature of states. But I see that you are comfortable with the idea of supremacism. You increasingly come across as an under-cover Zionist.

    • || Bont Eastlake: Ah, so your basically disavowing the ideology of Zionism where it is claimed that Jews are all one people deserving of their promised land just for themselves. ... ||


      ... the national movement for the return of the Jewish people to their homeland and the resumption of Jewish sovereignty in the Land of Israel. ...

      I do not believe that people who choose to hold the religion-based identity of Jewish are entitled to a religion-supremacist "Jewish State" in Palestine (or anywhere else).

      || ... Well, “anti-Zionism” is a popular and widespread term in fields of theology, activism, politics as well as academia and it basically is used to describe a similar ideal to your opposition of religious supremacism. ... ||

      That's nice to know.

      || ... Are there any other historical or current state that utilises supremacist construct, in any form, as their right to exist? ||

      Islamic states (whose ranks I hope Palestine does not join) come to mind, and I recall reading that Japan defines itself as a state of and for racially-Japanese people. I'm sure there are others.

    • || Sibiriak: We believe that eljay has made some excellent points about “supremacist constructs”. ||


    • || Bont Eastlake: Eljay,

      I think I get what you mean by religious-supremacist, as in Jews are treated better than non-Jews by the government. ... Can you elaborate what [religion-supremacist] means and why we should fight against it? ||

      Jewish is fundamentally a religion-based identity. Religion-based identities do not comprise a right to a state. A state of Israel that exists primarily of and for Jewish Israelis and non-Israeli Jews is a religion-supremacist construct. We believe that no state has a right to exist as a supremacist state of any kind.

      (We also believe that no state has a right to engage in colonialism, torture, murder or any of the other (war) crimes Israel continues to commit with impunity.)

    • || Bont Eastlake: Eljay,

      Why is a Canadian dictating how Palestinian authorities conduct themselves? ... ||

      We've been through this before, echinococcus. I haven't dictated anything to anyone.

      || ... Their country, their laws. Don’t like it, stay home. ... ||

      I'm not the person I'm worried about.

      || ... Plus, like Kate said, this wasn’t a simple case of religious police abusing their power. ... ||

      Right, it was a simple case of Palestinian police upholding a disturbing law which states that a Palestinian can be jailed or fined for "breaking fast publicly during Ramadan".

      || ... Israel’s fault is not that its a Jewish state. We don’t oppose Israel for being Jewish ... ||

      One of the reasons we oppose Israel is because it is a religion-supremacist state. We don't want Palestine to become a religion-supremacist state as well.

    • || Kate: Eating in front of other people who are observing the fast is extremely rude, not to mention mean. These men appear to have done this as a provocation. They could easily have eaten privately., as Christians normally do in Palestine in Ramadan. ... ||

      No-one should ever be arrested and jailed or fined simply for eating in the vicinity of people who have chosen to fast during the day for religious reasons.

      || ... And ‘democratic’ does not necessarily imply ‘secular’. ||

      I know it doesn't - just look at "Jewish State". I don't think that's a path Palestine should follow.

    • ... Palestinian police arrested a man in the northern occupied West Bank district of Tubas on Wednesday for “violating the sacredness of Ramadan,” by eating in public during the holy month. ... In the Hebron district of the southern West Bank, Palestinian police arrested three men on Monday after they were also caught eating in a public place. ...

      This is bad news for secular and democratic Palestine. :-(

  • The responsibility of non-Zionist Jews during the 'year of Zionist anniversaries'
    • || JosephA: I think Zionism (let’s define it here as “the idea or belief that European Jews, long persecuted by European Christians, should have a homeland of their own”) makes sense in the context of the holocaust, or in the context of suffering European Jewry throughout the ages. As such, after the Holocaust Jews should have been given a slice of some European country as their own. ... ||

      I disagree. European Jews (that is, Europeans who held the religion-based identity of Jewish) who suffered injustice were entitled to justice in and by their respective homelands. The injustices they suffered did not justify the creation of a religion-supremacist "Jewish State" - not in Europe or anywhere else.

  • Diaspora Jews go to Palestine to fight the occupation
    • || Elliot: ... please stop using Zionist ideological terminology for us. The youngest Jewish diaspora today is Israel. It is the diaspora of the ancient Jewish communities in the Middle East and Europe, and to a lesser extent, the centuries-old Jewish community of North America. ... ||

      Good point. The suggestion that non-Israeli Jews outside of Israel are a "diaspora" serves only to affirm the Zionist myth that Israel is the "historic homeland", "ancient homeland" and "one true homeland" of all Jewish citizens of homelands all over the world.

  • Fearless Palestinian village of Nabi Saleh defines popular protest
    • My respect to the people of the not-Israel village of Nabi Saleh for their courage and determination in the face of evil.

  • If Trump is serious we may be seeing the most significant step in 20 years of Israeli-Palestinian negotiations
    • || Mooser: I found Hansen! ||

      I found Hanson. :-)

    • || John O: The idea that Trump is a great dealmaker is nonsense. This is a man ... who went broke running a casino. Since becoming President, he has spent a lot of time threatening to break existing deals ... with no alternatives to offer. ...

      As for the one big deal he has pushed – Trumpcare – it is so atrocious even some of the people who voted for him have noticed; and is basically DOA. ... ||

      "Smithers, I believe we may have overestimated the tactical genius of this man."

  • March of the Zealots: a report from 'Jerusalem Day'
    • || asherpat: Yeah, the “zealots” indeed look “ecstatic” ... ||

      zealot: a person who is fanatical and uncompromising in pursuit of their religious, political, or other ideals.

      ecstatic: feeling or expressing overwhelming happiness or joyful excitement.

      Both words were used correctly in the story. There's no need for quotation marks around them as though they had been re-defined by Zionists.

  • From Manchester to Jerusalem: The limits of Trump's terror narrative
    • ... Before his trip to the Middle East I was worried that Trump might think Israel-Palestine was just a real estate issue in need of a good real estate negotiator. But I was wrong. Trump’s analysis turns out to be even more desperately inadequate than I’d feared. ...

      I found that Trump made his understanding of I-P pretty clear not too long ago:

      I’m very pro-Israel. ... People are born with hatred, they’re taught hatred. And I have to say, it’s mostly on the one side, not on the other side. But they’re taught hatred. ...

      ... It serves no purpose to say that you have a good guy and a bad guy. ... it doesn’t help if I start saying– I’m very pro-Israel. Very. More than anybody on the stage. But it doesn’t do any good to start demeaning the neighbors ... As a negotiator, I cannot [negotiate peace] as well if I’m taking big, big sides. With that being said, I am totally pro-Israel.

  • In groundbreaking resolution, California Democratic Party decries US support for Israeli occupation
    • || catalan: ... Throughout my life I have always tried to not do or even care what the majority does. ... ||

      But when it comes to gloating like a Zionist, you seem unable to resist.

    • || Sibiriak: ... “Judaism” (i.e. large strands of it) may end up reverting to non-Zionism or anti-Zionism or simply re-define what the term “Zionism” means (as eljay has implied might be possible). ||

      I honestly don't recall saying (or implying) that Judaism may re-define Zionism. I'm pretty sure, however, that Zionism has done and continues to do its best to re-define Judaism.

    • || catalan: ... I am not an Israeli citizen. ... ||

      But you are Jewish so you're part of the "Jewish people" and, as such, Israel is your "ancient homeland", your "eternal homeland" and your "one true homeland". According to your fellow Zionists, anyway.

    • No worries and thanks for the clarification, Mr. Mandel. :-)

    • || dudu440: You misquote the language. It says “representatives of the Palestinian people,” not “Palestinians.” ... ||

      Not sure if this was directed at me, but I didn't misquote anything. It clearly says "a just peace based on full equality and security for Israeli Jews and Palestinians alike … " (and not "for Israelis and Palestinians alike").

      || ... But I often deliberately say “Israeli Jews” and not “Israelis” both out of recognition that at least 20 percent of those with Israeli citizenship are not Jews ... ||

      But they are Israelis and, as such, they are entitled to full and equal rights and security in and as Israelis.

    • || catalan: ... I have to admit I kind of enjoy this animosity towards Jews. ... Keep on hating ... ||

      You say you're not a Zionist, but the thought of non-Zionist Jewish cannon-fodder makes you gloat like one. Weird.

    • ... THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the California Democratic Party favors a U.S. policy that would work through the United Nations and other international bodies as well as with Israel and the representatives of the Palestinian people for a just peace based on full equality and security for Israeli Jews and Palestinians alike ...

      The use of the term "Israeli Jews and Palestinians" instead of "Israelis and Palestinians" strikes me as an attempt to secure Israel's status as a "Jewish State".

  • From 'Avalon' to Madoff: What 'The Wizard of Lies' reveals about contemporary American Jewish identity
    • || hophmi: A typically antisemitic interpretation of the Madoff story, which uses the old canard of a Jewish community obsessed with money. ||

      I get what you're saying:
      - Few Jews are obsessed with money, so it's anti-Semitic to describe the actions of Jews in the context of a Jewish community obsessed with money.
      - But according to Zionists most Jews are Zionist, so it wouldn't be anti-Semitic to describe the actions of Jews in the context of a Jewish community obsessed with colonialism, (war) crimes and supremacism.

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