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I'm a happily-married, vegetarian and atheist Canadian with two wonderful cats. :-)

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  • Liel Leibovitz wants to excommunicate most American Jews, beginning with Beinart
    • It's all about the religion: Mr. Leibovitz appears to have a lot in common with fundamentalist Muslims. But I suppose that if he were to find himself their prisoner, he'd be begging desperately for them to be in the mood for social justice.

  • Months after saying he won't appear at Israeli foreign ministry events, Amos Oz will do just that in Paris
    • ... Director Portman offered this political lesson from Oz on WNYC earlier this month that touches on Europe.

           One of his real talents as a peace leader ... is where he talks about how both the Jews and the Arabs are victims of Europe, and that they’re sort of children of the same abusive father. And that instead of seeing each other as siblings of the same abusive father, they look at each other as the new abusive father, the new colonialists or the new Nazis. ... ...

      Lots of apologetics, not much talent. Jews and Arabs suffered at the hands of Europe, but Palestinians have suffered and continue to suffer at the hands of Zio-supremacist Jews (and their supporters) who occupied and colonized Palestine and established in it an oppressive, colonialist, expansionist, belligerent, intransigent, (war) criminal and religion-supremacist state.

  • ADL took US cops to Israeli prison, occupied Hebron and settler winery during counter-terror seminar
    • || hophmi: They also met with the head of the Palestinian civil police in Bethlehem and toured Christian holy sites. ||

      The Selective Anti-Defamation League serves up an indoctrination tour and you're impressed by a bit of window dressing.

      But I suppose you also truly believe that any similar tours of Iran...
      - sponsored by pro-Iranian groups; and
      - which include visits to a couple of Jewish sites and synagogues,
      ...present the unvarnished truth about Iran.

  • France's burkini ban is a dangerous, Islamophobic assault on feminist values
    • || Danaa: ... In case anyone wonders whether my reactionary values are limited to women who believe in coveralls, far from it. i am also all in support of the motion pending in Italy now that if gay marriage is legal then multi-spouse marriage should be legal as well (whether bigamy or polyandry – take your pick) . ... ||

      I have no problem with the idea of multi-spouse marriages between consenting adults as long as the necessary social and legal frameworks are in place to ensure that the needs of and the benefits owed to all spouses, children and ex-spouses are well-defined and protected.

    • || MHughes976: ... I do feel at very least some dismay and embarrassment at seeing a part of Western society behave like this. An opprtunity for a degree of friendly interaction has been wantonly thrown away and action taken which is petty, ill-considered, vindictive and dangerous. ... ||

      Yup. It's thoroughly depressing.

    • || Citizen: Do U wear Speedos? ||


    • ... France’s burkini ban is not feminism. It is not secularism. It is laique [lay] fascism, an attack on women’s bodies and women’s right to choose what to wear, and an attack on all of us who value a free, diverse, and tolerant public sphere. ...

      I agree that it is an attack on women and on Muslims. But it's not an attack on me.

      ... We have become a mob, cheering as police force women to undress. ...

      I'm not part of that mob.

  • Israeli military clears Israeli military of war crimes in Gaza
    • || Kay24: Has the Israeli military EVER found the Israeli military guilty of ANY kind of war crimes or murders of civilians? ... ||

      Dunno, but I fully expect Elor Azaria to get the equivalent of a slap on the wrist for his deliberate and cold-blooded execution of Abdul Fatah al-Sharif .

  • Israel bans entry for two more US activists
    • || Kay24: According to it’s mouthpieces here in the US, Israel is the only true “democracy” in the Middle East ... ||

      Yup, and you can tell that Israel is the only true "democracy" in the Middle East by the way it militarily occupies and colonizes territory outside of its / Partition borders, controls access to that territory and then denies entry to people wishing to help victims of its past and on-going (war) crimes.

      Why, it's a veritable "moral beacon"*!
      (*But it's not quite as bad as Saudi Arabia, Mali and African "hell-holes".)

  • I continued to act as if I was above feeling afraid. Till the last war
    • || bintbiba: Beautifully expressed , ya Haya ... ||


      || ... Wisdom is acquired through suffering personal experiences and reflecting upon them ... And war is the ultimate lesson in acquiring self-knowledge and awareness. ... ||

      Zio-supremacists acquired a hateful and immoral self-interest and a disregard for the suffering of the victims it produced.

      I hope that the wisdom acquired by Ms. Abdullah Ahmed leads her to advocate and support the universal and consistent application of justice, accountability and equality.

  • Clinton Foundation's 'good friend' Bahrain quashed Arab spring without protest from Sec'y Clinton
    • || Lillian Rosengarten: I completely disagree ... ||

      Fair enough. :-)

      || ... Although Hillary’s neo con connections cause strong anxiety and fear, she can still be influenced to make changes. ... On the other hand Trump is a loose cannon, volatile, ignorant and dangerous. He is advised by extreme right wing white supremacists, a sexual predator, and nationalist ideologues. ... ||

      I could just as easily write this: Although Trump's extremist connections cause strong anxiety and fear, he can be influenced to make changes. On the other hand, Hillary is a stong-willed, determined and dangerous. She is advised by neo-conservative war-mongers and Zionists whose agendas threaten the safety of America, Americans and the citizens of countries elsewhere in the world.

    • || Kay24: All true. Israel is the mini me America, perhaps that is why it keeps getting away with murder. ... ||

      Birds of a hateful and immoral feather...

      || ... The only difference is the US has not occupied for decades. It attacks and leaves behind bases in many countries. ||

      While the U.S. hasn't occupied countries in decades, it has (to name just a few evils):
      - invaded or supported the invasion of sovereign nations;
      - overthrown or supported the overthrow of governments;
      - installed compliant regimes; and
      - enabled and engaged in torture.

    • || Kay24: The US can be very selective about which country deserves to be condemned, and sanctioned, for human rights violations. ... ||
      Israel and the U.S. really do have "shared common values":
      - they think they're (morally) superior to the rest of the world;
      - they selectively embrace nations that engage in unjust and immoral behaviour;
      - they selectively condemn nations that engage in unjust and immoral behaviour; and
      - they routinely, deliberately, hypocritically and with impunity engage in unjust and immoral behaviour.

    • || Boomer: ... U.S. policy was shameful, regardless of what motivated it. ||

      Sadly, it won't be any less shameful under Clinton (or Trump).

  • A look at Breitbart's 'Alt-Right Lite' plan for Israel/Palestine
    • ... What does the Alt-Right itself make of all this? Richard Spencer, head of Alt-Right think tank National Policy Institute ... believes that Trump, for his part, will likely maintain the “status quo” in Israel. ...

      If creating jobs = making sacrifices, I guess maintaining the status quo = being neutral.

      ... “Trump ... recognizes the power that Israel and the organized Jewish community possess worldwide ... "

      I don't get it: How can Trump recognize power that Israel and the organized Jewish community don't have, especially not in the U.S.?

  • Let's talk about Russian influence
    • || hophmi: ... These folks will never believe anything but the worst about Israelis no matter what you show them ...

      You sure do lie a lot. I believe good things about good Israelis because they're good people. I don't believe good things about Zio-supremacist Israelis because by definition they are hateful and immoral hypocrites.

      || ... because their main motivation isn’t facts; it’s hatred of Israelis and Jews. ||

      The main motivation of Zio-supremacists like you isn't justice, accountability and equality; it's selective injustice and immorality.

    • || catalan: It makes me feel good that as an American Jew Zio-supremacist (who works for the government no less and influences it in all sorts of pernicious and anti American ways) I am stronger than Putin. ... ||


      It's interesting how frequently you Zio-supremacists anti-Semitically conflate (all) Jews with Zio-supremacism and Zio-supremacism with (all) Jews.

    • || Cazador: What is he looking at, Bibi nutayahu? ... ||

      Forbidden fruit.

    • || Theo: I am impressed by your positive attitude, however I don´t want to belong to that 1% left over! ||

      Same here. I have no desire to live in a lawless nuclear (or nookyoolur) wasteland. If (when?) the nukes ever start flying, I'm heading toward the nearest target.

    • || hophmi: ... Clearly, the tiny state of Israel is more important than our Cold War and increasingly, our current enemy, Russia. ... ||

      The way politicians, the media and Zio-supremacists tell it, nothing in the world matters more to the world than the "Jewish State" of Israel.

      || Clearly, it’s important for BDS activists to stand with Bashar al-Assad ... Clearly, it’s important to stand with Putin, another dictator ... ||

      It's important to stand with those who advocate justice, accountability and equality. The leaders of Syria and Russia do not, and neither does the leader of Israel (or any other Zio-supremacist in the world, for that matter).

  • Scottish football fans raise over 100,000 pounds for Palestine following flag controversy
    • ... “In response to this petty and politically partisan act by European football’s governing body, we are determined to make a positive contribution to the game and today launch a campaign to #matchthefineforpalestine. ...

      Donation made.

  • A French, a Palestinian, and a black woman all wade into a pool
    • || Krauss: ... The burkini is driven by the same impulse as the one behind the niqab and the burqa. It’s about creating taboos around women’s bodies ... Donning the burqa or the burkini is a voluntary choice. ... ||

      I agree that it's a voluntary choice. What I don't understand is why the voluntary choice to wear more - not less - in public spaces like a beach is considered to be offensive enough that it must be (legislatively) opposed.

  • A new milestone: BDS at the Olympics
    • || Jackdaw: ... Because global warming, sectarian fighting and a Cold War with Iran has fractured the Arab world, which it spiraling down to disaster. Millions are fleeing the region.

      What’s your inbred, myopic cult going to do when the entire Middle East and North Africa goes ‘tit’s up’? ||

      The entire Middle East / "Arab world" is about to collapse into utter chaos and a Zio-supremacist - proud of the unapologetically oppressive, colonialist, belligerent, intransigent, (war) criminal and religion-supremacist state he and his ilk established smack dab in the middle of the Middle East / "Arab world" - taunts far-away Americans about their myopia.

      The irony is just too damned much!

      Thank you, Jackdaw, for what is perhaps the most awesome comment ever made on MW.

    • || Mooser: “The Jew”. Must be wonderful, to fight not just for Israel, but for all the world’s 200 million Jews. ||

      Not sure if it's because they're filled with "Jew hatred", self-loathing or both, but Zio-supremacists have this anti-Semitic tic that causes them continually to conflate all Jews with Israel and Israel with all Jews.

    • || Jackdaw: ... I’m an Israeli and you can try to spit in my face. Where do you want to meet up?
      I can be there in about 24 hours. ||

      He's willing to travel to any place in the world just to do violence to another man. Captain Israel just blew a wad.

    • || Jackdaw: Yeah. Egypt treats the Palestinians very well. Starting with Gaza. ||

      You can always count on Zio-supremacists:
      - to promote and praise Israel as a "moral beacon", a "Western-style democracy" and a "light unto the nations"; and
      - to defend Israel by comparing it to dictatorships, failed states and other countries they despise.

      Funny stuff. :-)

    • || yonah fredman: Clearly the only way to combine the attitude of the Olympics and bds, is to forfeit any match against an israeli. To compete with an Israeli and then refuse the handshake looks petty. Everyone in the choir approves ... ||

      Every Zio-supremacist desires and advocates Jewish supremacism in/and a religion-supremacist "Jewish State" in as much as possible of Palestine.

      Not everyone "in the [MW] choir" approves of Mr. El Shehaby's decision.

    • I shudder to think of the commotion that would result if a commenter were to join whose username was a the wrong place! 8-o

    • Since Mr. El Shehaby chose to compete against Mr. Sasson, IMO he should have been courteous enough to bow properly after the match (a quick Google says he didn't) and/or to shake his opponent's hand.

      I wonder: Would he have acted in a more "sportsmanlike" fashion if he had defeated his Israeli opponent?

  • After Palestinian takes gold in Rio for Jordan, Israelis claim his roots are 'Israeli'
    • || Mayhem: Jordan is Palestine. ||

      Except it's not - it's Jordan. Similarly, Partition-borders Israel isn't Palestine, it's Israel.

    • || Raphael: ... there are “Israelites” such as myself ... A Israelite is one that was born of the ancient Israelites ... ||

      I don't know you, but I can say with absolute certainty that you were not born of an ancient Israelite.

    • It seems there's almost nothing in, from or having to do with Palestine that Zio-supremacists won't covet or steal.

  • The Palestine-Israel language trap
    • || RoHa: Crotchety, comma-obsessed Australian?

      I’m sure no such person exists. ||

      I was speaking hypothetically. :-)

    • || Mooser: Exactly, “RoHa”. ... ||

      Oh, come on! My previous comment didn't actually read as though it was written by some crotchety, comma-obsessed Australian...did it? ;-)

    • "I am once again humbled," admits the inferior man.

    • || Avigail Abarbanel: ... If there was a real god he/she/it would be universal and would not prefer one group to another. ... ||

      IMO, if there was a real god we wouldn't have the faintest idea of his/her/its true mindset, intentions or preferences.

      || ... If a so-called god does prefer my group to someone else’s, it is my suspicion that my group conveniently created that god and used his ‘authority’ to justify the unjustifiable. ... ||

      Amen. :-)

    • "+1", writes the inferior man. :-)

    • || catalan: ... The human being is not meant to be fenced in behind artificial borders. ... And yes, I absolutely believe that Arabs should be able to live in Tel Aviv ... ||

      I happy to see you advocating for the immediate removal by Israel of any and all obstructions that prevent non-Jews in, from and wishing to migrate to geographic Palestine from moving and/or returning to it and settling throughout it.

    • || catalan: ... Actually, they do. ... ||

      Actually, they don't.

      || ... Many people want to live in a different place from where they were born. ... ||

      People want lots of things. Wanting something is not the same thing as being legally or morally entitled to something. "Jewish" is neither a legal nor a moral entitlement to live in geographic Palestine. And while people who happen to be or who choose to be Jewish are legally entitled to live in Israel, that's only because Israel unjustly and immorally exists as a religion-supremacist "Jewish State".

      || ... Many break immigration laws, myself included. ... ||

      And they and you should be held accountable - not celebrated or rewarded- for your unlawful behaviour.

    • || Boris: Yes, Jewish people have that “Special” reason to settle in their ancestral land from which they were expelled some time ago. ... ||

      No they don't. Geographic Palestine is not the "ancestral homeland" of most of the Jewish people alive in the world today, so they have no valid reason to settle in it.

      Geographic Palestine is, however, the actual ancestral homeland of most of the Palestinian people alive in the world today, including the refugees you Zio-supremacists prevent from returning to the area currently known as Israel. Those Palestinian people have a valid reason to return* to it and/or to re-settle in it.

      ("Actual return, not mytho-religious "return".)

  • Jill Stein defends BDS in CNN town hall
    • || inbound39: ... Zionism has perverted the Governments of US and UK. ||

      It's a shame that the politicians and bureaucrats of those governments were and continue to be so eager to embrace the perversion.

    • || hophmi: ... No one is talking about Egyptian and Saudi violations of human rights or international law. ||

      If no-one's talking about them, what you're asking is for the world's only Egyptian state and the world's only Saudi Arabian State to be singled out. And that - surprise! - is hypocritical of you.

      But a quick Google search shows that people are talking about them and that you're lying. So what you're asking for instead is for Israel violations of human rights and international law not to be talked about and that - surprise! - is hypocritical of you.

    • || REALITY CHECK 101: ... Stein is obviously aware she can never be elected, otherwise she wouldn’t have chosen a running mate with the name Ajamu Baraka. ...

      Hey…if you hated Barack Hussein Obama…you’re gonna love Ajamu Baraka. ||

      Too bad it wasn't Obamu Baraka...or would that have been too obvious? ;-)

    • ... “Another follow on this is that Israel is not Saudi Arabia or Egypt,” Cuomo reminded the audience. “It certainly occupies a special alliance with the United States and supporters would argue faces an existential threat that others do not. Do you see Israel being a special ally and in a unique defensive position in that part of the world?” ...

      Look, says Cuomo, the rapist isn't a serial killer and, anyway, he has a special alliance with the police department. Let's not badmouth him!

  • UN data shows Israel tightened Gaza siege in July
    • Video: Gaza man uses self-built solar desalinization machine to purify water

      IE 16 Aug by Trevor English — The Gaza strip has been battered by war in recent history which has left the local population low on essential supplies, clean drinking water being one of the main shortages. One man has taken his knowledge of solar distillation and created a small rooftop mounted device that can produce about 2.6 gallons of clean water per day. ... The system produces enough water for about 2 grown adults each day, and when implemented across Gaza, it could save many lives, according to InHabitat. ...

      Clean water and saved Palestinian lives = existential threat to the Thousand Year "Jewish State".

      People should call these distillation devices what they really are: Terror devices!

  • Defying Scottish law, football fans fly Palestinian flags during match with Israeli team
    • || Down under girl: Absolutely disgraceful ||

      I agree: Everything about Zio-supremacism is absolutely disgraceful.

    • || oldgeezer: How odd it is, and conditioned we are, to accept that a simple Palestinian flag is provocative political speech. ... Yet the Israeli flag is not considered provactive. ... the Israeli flag is the flag of a rogue state and abuser of human rights of millions of people. ||

      Yup: Of the two, the Israeli flag is the one that should be considered provocative.

  • The politics of Jewish ethnocentrism
    • || RoHa: ... check with hophmi first. He’s the expert, and any minute now he will be answering my questions in order to give us better guidance. ||

      Your naïve optimism is amusing. ;-)

    • || yonah fredman: ... All humans should be concerned re: the physical destruction of the jews. ... ||

      All humans should be concerned re. the physical destruction of humans (and animals).

      || ... Given human nature, an open society of free association and secularism, modernity and the Christmas season, without effort, the Jewish cultures will slowly or quickly disappear. And I do not expect someone with no stake in the matter to shed many tears over this disappearance. ... ||

      No-one should prevent people who wish to be Jewish from being Jewish and preserving Jewish culture. The same applies to any culture. This does not mean that people who wish to preserve their culture are entitled to do whatever they want - such as establishing a (religion-)supremacist state and endlessly engaging in (war) crimes - in order to preserve it.

      The time to shed tears is when a culture is lost because:
      - the people who represented the culture were physically destroyed;
      - the people who wished to preserve the culture were forcibly barred from preserving it.


  • The breathtaking arrogance of Alan Dershowitz's 'advice' to Black Lives Matter
    • The Dersh: ... In a recently issued “platform,” more than 60 groups that form the core of the Black Lives Matter movement went out of their way to single out one foreign nation to accuse of genocide and apartheid. ...

      ... The platform accuses the US of being “complicit in the genocide taking place against the Palestinian people” by providing aid to “an apartheid state.” ...

      No, it wasn’t the Syrian government, which has killed tens of thousands of innocent people with barrel bombs, chemicals, and gas. ...

      Not committing genocide and apartheid against the Palestinians.

      ... Nor was it Saudi Arabia, which openly practices gender and religious apartheid. ...

      Not committing genocide and apartheid against the Palestinians.

      ... It wasn’t Iran, which hangs gays and murders dissidents. ...

      Not committing genocide and apartheid against the Palestinians.

      ... It wasn’t China, which has occupied Tibet for more than half a century. ...

      Not committing genocide and apartheid against the Palestinians.

      ... And it wasn’t Turkey, which has imprisoned journalists, judges, and academics. ...

      Not committing genocide and apartheid against the Palestinians.

      ... Finally, it wasn’t any of the many countries, such as Venezuela or Mexico, where police abuses against innocent people run rampant and largely unchecked. ...

      Not committing genocide and apartheid against the Palestinians.

      ... Nor was it the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip ...

      Not committing genocide and apartheid against the Palestinians.

      Dersh, are you really that sensationally stupid that you think Israel - the only state actually committing genocide and apartheid against the Palestinians - should not be singled out for the (war) crimes it is committing?

      And why do you insist on anti-Semitically conflating Israel with all Jews and all Jews with Israel? Why, Dersh, do you hate Jews so much?!

      The rest of your blather boils down to this:
      - People who happen to be or who choose to be Jewish are entitled to a religion-supremacist "Jewish State" in as much as possible of Palestine.
      - Acts of injustice and immorality committed against Jews justify acts of injustice and immorality committed by Jews.
      - Jews are entitled to do unto others acts of injustice and immorality they would not have others do unto them.

  • 'It's like we're born with guns in our hands': Young Israelis face prison as they resist military conscription
    • || John O: “…in nations like Iran, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Syria, or Chad…”

      Why do you never learn? ... ||

      Zio-supremacists can't seem to help themselves: They routinely...
      - praise and promote Israel as a "moral beacon", a "light unto the nations" and a "Western style democracy"; and
      - defend it by comparing it to some of the worst countries in the world, countries they openly despise.

    • I offer my respect to these young women.

      ... Tair told Mondoweiss that Israelis telling her she should “go get raped in Gaza” has been a popular message in her Facebook inbox since she first appeared in the media for her military refusal. ...

      It says everything about Zio-supremacists - and similarly hateful and immoral people elsewhere in the world - that they wish harm to / wish to harm people who stand for justice and morality.

  • The last Gaza war worried Scotland's Jews-- for all the wrong reasons
    • || henrytobias: What a load of Jewish self-hating bullshit! ||

      Yup, I've never understood why Zio-supremacist Jews hate themselves and their fellow Jews so much.

    • || catalan: ... I always wanted to be something cooler, like English or French. In spite of the power that I yield as a Jew over the worlds of finance, entertainment, and law, I still feel that being French is where it’s at. ||

      And there's no shame in that. Not everyone's cut out to be an Elder.  :-P

    • || RoHa: Grown-ups have to decide their feelings and their loyalty for themselves. If they show loyalty to Israel, they bear the moral responsibility for that decision. ||

      Unless holding them responsible is anti-Semitic, in which case others must shoulder the responsibility.

    • || inbound39: Eljay….I have never seen a hasbarat produce proof of a referendum held that showed ALL Jews voted for Israel to represent them or speak on their behalf. ||

      Zio-supremacists don't use proof, because proof is anti-Semitic. Instead, they use "proof", which they make up as they go along.

    • || Raphael: ... The Jerusalem Post
      IDF chief: Over 50,000 Palestinians infiltrate into Israel from West Bank daily ... ||

      As many as 60,000 Palestinians a day are "infiltrating" Israel and not killing Jews.

      As many as 21,900,000 "infiltrations" a year and Israeli Jews have yet to be "wiped off the map and pushed into the sea".


      The IDF chief does an excellent job of putting the fear-mongering about Gaza's "terror tunnels" into perspective.

    • ... “Although many people I interact with in Scotland don’t have issues with Judaism or Jews, they have a problem with Israel ...

      And rightly so: It's an oppressive, colonialist, belligerent, intransigent, (war) criminal and religion-supremacist state.

      ... and have difficulty separating that from Judaism as a whole. ...

      You might want to take that up with all the Zio-supremacists who routinely:
      - proclaim Israel as the "Jewish State";
      - insist that Israel is the "historic homeland" and "one true homeland" of every person in the world who happens to be or who chooses to be Jewish; and
      - conflate Israel with all Jews and all Jews with Israel.

  • Beinart calls anti-Zionists 'revolutionaries'
    • || hophmi: ... a one-state solution would combine Israel, a liberal democratic state ... ||

      An oppressive, colonialist, (war) criminal and religion-supremacist "Jewish State".

      || ... and Palestine, a polity that is anything but liberal and democratic, would be unworkable and lead to a bloodbath. ||

      That's why I advocate a two-state solution comprising:
      - Israel, the secular and democratic Israeli state of and for all of its Israeli citizens, immigrants, expats (incl. people up to n generations removed (n-gens)) and refugees (CIERs), equally; and
      - Palestine (if that is what it is to be called), the secular and democratic Palestinian state of and for all of its Palestinian CIERs and n-gens, equally.

      You likely disagree, because you want Israel to remain a "Jewish State" primarily of and for Jewish Israelis and non-Israeli Jews.

      It would then be up to the CIERs of both states to decide democratically whether they wish their states to remain independent or to merge into one larger secular and democratic state of and for all of its CIERs and n-gens, equally.

      You likely disagree, because you want Israel to continue to exist as a "Jewish State" primarily of and for Jewish Israelis and non-Israeli Jews.

    • || hophmi: ... Kristian David Bailey himself went out of his way to describe BLM as a radical movement ... The same is true for the anti-Zionists, who have endorsed the radical M4BL platform. ||

      All Zio-supremacists endorse Jewish supremacism in/and a religion-supremacist "Jewish State" in as much as possible of Palestine.

      Not all anti-Zionists have endorsed the M4BL platform.

    • ... If you want African Americans to believe in the American political system, you must show that that system can address structural racism. If you want Palestinians to accept Israel’s existence, you must show that Israel’s existence does not preclude a viable Palestinian state. ...

      And if you want non-Jewish Israelis - including non-Jewish refugees, expats and people up to n generations removed from Partition-borders Israel - to accept the religion-supremacist "Jewish State" nature of Israel, you must show...what?

      Please, Mr. Beinart, tell us how to get non-Jewish Israelis to believe in a religion-supremacist "Jewish State" system.

  • Chosen indeed: all 7 letters run by 'NYT' on Mideast article are by Jews
    • || Donald Johnson: I wasn’t talking about how it is seen on campuses–I was talking about how the NYT frames the issue. ... I probably could have been clearer ... ||

      You were plenty clear. hophmi was just being himself.

  • The dark secret of Israel’s stolen babies
    • || Jackdaw: No banality of evil, just the annoying fact that today’s Israelis don’t care about this story. ... ||

      I understand: It's a small, old evil that doesn't hold a candle to the large, new evils constantly being committed by the "Jewish State".

    • || Jackdaw: No. It doesn’t come as a surprise.
      After all, this tired old nag gets trotted out once a year like clockwork on Mondoweiss. ... ||

      So...when acts of injustice and immorality are committed:
      - against Jews, they can never be trotted out enough;
      - by Jews, they must be kept quiet or downplayed.


      || ... *yawn* ||

      The banality of evil.

    • || ... The story of the stolen babies, however, offers the shock of the unexpected. These crimes were committed not against Palestinians but other Jews. ... ||

      Were the Jews who committed these crimes against the Jewish people being anti-Semitic or self-loathing?

      || ... The parents whose babies were abducted had arrived in the new state lured by promises that they would find in Israel a permanent sanctuary from persecution. ... ||

      Israel is a "moral beacon", a "light unto the nations" and a "Western-style democracy"...

      || ... The stolen babies were not randomly seized. A very specific group was targeted: Jews who had just immigrated from the Middle East. ... ||

      ...that's not quite as bad as Saudi Arabia, Mali and African "hell-holes".

      || ... The Arabness of these Jews was viewed as a direct threat to the Jewish state’s survival ... Israel set about “de-Arabizing” these Middle Eastern Jews ... ||

      "Arabness"? I thought that all Jews were part of the Jewish people / nation / civilization / etc. When some are suggesting that Jews can't be white, how could any Jews possibly have "Arabness", never mind enough of it to worry their fellow people / nationals / civilizationists / etc.?

  • Boycott, from within and without
    • || benedict: ... I see that you agree with me that the ultimate result of BDS will be the destruction of Israel as a Jewish state. ... ||

      Israel has never had a right to exist as a religion-supremacist "Jewish State". It is unjust and immoral to maintain it as a religion-supremacist "Jewish State". It is just and moral to transform it into a secular and democratic Israeli state of and for all of its Israeli citizens, immigrants, expats (including people up to n generations removed from it) and refugees, equally.

      || ... As for the seven million refugees, they won’t be “returning” to Israel since ... ||

      ...Zio-supremacists like you wish to deny them their right.

      || ... I am an Israeli. ... ||

      You are a Zio-supremacist.

      || ... Nevertheless I believe that Israelis and Palestinians can reach a pragmatic solution based on realistic expectations. ... ||

      A Zio-supremacist "pragmatic solution" which, like jon s' Zio-supremacist "peace":
      - allows Israel to keep as much as possible of what it has stolen; and
      - absolves Israel of as much as possible of its obligations under international law and responsibility and accountability for its past and on-going (war) crimes.

    • || Raphael: ... That is what I meant; they do not even respect basic sovereign rights of individual Israelis; or rights as a nation state, home for the Jewish people. They close off of all discussion for peace, because they are at war. ||

      Yup, the victims in the rapist's basement do not respect the basic sovereign right of the rapist to exist as a rapist, to kidnap women, to chain them in his basement and to self-determine himself in them. They close off all discussion for peace, because they are at war.

    • || Raphael: ... The Arabs were and are a warlike tribe ... ||

      The same could be said about the "Jewish tribe", which...
      - in the distant past committed numerous (countless?) acts of mass murder and genocide;
      - in the more recent past committed numerous (war) crimes including terrorism, ethnic cleansing, torture and murder; and
      - to this day continues belligerently and with impunity to commit (war) crimes.

      || ... why not simply live in peace with one another, by having a nation within a nation,the nation of Israel first? ||

      Why not simply live in peace with one another in geographic Palestine by having a nation within a nation - the nation of Palestine first?

    • || echinococcus: Eljay,

      And yet Israel has been existing as a recognized state within* them for almost 70 years.

      Of course it has, duh, as the cancer that is eating away my aunt also exists. ... ||

      My sympathies to your aunt.

      || ... The fact that the Zionist entity exists and managed to be recognized in total illegality is precisely the problem with it. ... ||

      The Zionist entity - "Jewish State" - must go. Secular and democratic Israel must be made to respect its Partition borders and to honour its obligations under international law.

      || ... It bears repeating, every time, that the “recognition”, by all clients of the colonial powers, of the partition proposal and of an invader state by sole right of conquest, after violating even that criminal partition proposal, was in flagrant violation of the UN Charter before the ink was dry. ... ||

      Repetition noted.

      || ... Mentioning that there was a partition in the absence of a plebiscite and by dint of war of aggression should IMO be counted as propaganda. Mentioning the recognition of the new state without underlining that this recognition was a reward for war of aggression, massacres and mass expulsion in violation of the GA partition proposal is in my mind equivalent to propaganda. ||


    • || echinococcus: Eljay, Just a quick note to your “Israel, on the other hand (and IMO), exists and should continue to exist within its / Partition borders as the secular and democratic Israeli state of and for all of its Israeli citizens, immigrants, expats and refugees, equally”

      Partition borders are illegitimate, illegal and a major crime ... ||

      And yet Israel has been existing as a recognized state within* them for almost 70 years.

      (*It has also been existing outside of them for almost 70 years, but that's a separate point.)

      || ... in the absence of a general plebiscite of all Palestinians (excluding the illegitimate immigration of hostile Zionists forced by the Ottomans and the British) any of your proposals may be morally admirable but they are nonsense in the absence of general Palestinian plebiscite. ... ||

      If you say so.

      || ... Also, calling it “Israel” is incredibly offensive. ||

      Israel is the name of the state of Israel. It's the least-offensive name I can think to call Israel.

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