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I'm a happily-married, vegetarian and atheist Canadian with two wonderful cats. :-)

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  • Former president of Modern Language Association resigns following decision to ban debate on BDS
    • || hophmi: The MLA decided not to force its members to adopt my extreme politics. WAHHHHHHH!!!! I’m leaving. Good riddance, lady. ||

      Yeah, shame on her for gracefully resigning her position. Not everyone has the power to do what Zionists do when they don't get their way: Destroy careers and reputations with defamatory accusations of anti-Semitism and "Jew hatred".

  • Zionism's tailspin: Stark minority of young California Jews are 'comfortable with idea of Jewish state'
    • || yonah fredman: Roha, is the casual inclusion of the questionable line “clutching to the cringing Jew” supposed to impress people with the mere accidental reference or would other inferences be more appropriate? ||

      Let's not forget the casual inclusion of the questionable line "leaning on the staggering lawyer". I can only imagine what inferences that one conjures in, say, Jackdaw's mind.

    • || Mooser: ... And if ‘communication’ is your ideal, “yonah”, why are your posts so hard to understand? Why not make them direct, and easy to understand, so you can ‘communicate’? ||

      Maybe he's doing "dialog" (sic).

    • || Misterioso: ... Breaking news ...

      “Comedian Sarah Silverman endorses Amnesty call to Free Ahed Tamimi”

      “Jews have to stand up EVEN when — ESPECIALLY when — the wrongdoing is BY Jews/the Israeli government.” ||

      Kudos to Ms. Silverman.

  • Video: 'You are godless atheists' --Jewish settlers harass Palestinian kindergarten
    • Whether they're soldiers or civilians, whether they're within Israel's / Partition borders or outside of them, Zionists just can't seem to get enough of doing unto others acts of injustice and immorality they would not have others do unto them.

  • Israel’s Justice Minister endorses apartheid -- the Jewish state 'at the expense of equality'
    • "I frequently ask myself how a historian in 50 or 100 years will interpret our period. When, he will ask, did people in Israel start to realize that the state that was established in the War of Independence, on the ruins of European Jewry and at the cost of the blood of combatants some of whom were Holocaust survivors, had devolved into a true monstrosity for its non-Jewish inhabitants. When did some Israelis understand that their cruelty and ability to bully others, Palestinians or Africans, began eroding the moral legitimacy of their existence as a sovereign entity?"

      Mr. Sternhell conveniently glosses over the fact that the state:
      - was established by means of Jewish terrorism and at the cost of its indigenous population;
      - from its inception has been a colonialist and religion-supremacist monstrosity for its non-Jewish inhabitants; and, therefore,
      - had no moral legitimacy to begin with.

    • || jon s: ... How could you not feel sympathy for innocent civilians, victims of suicide/homicide bombers? ... The terrorists are to blame for the victims of terrorism. ||

      I agree. And I believe that people who commit (war) crimes should be held accountable for their actions. I don't know if you agree, but I would like to think that you do.

      When it comes to the "Jewish State":
      - the ethnic cleansers are to blame for the victims of ethnic cleansing;
      - the military occupiers are to blame for the victims of military occupation;
      - the colonialists are to blame for the victims of colonialism;
      - the oppressors are to blame for the victims of oppression; and
      - the supremacists are to blame for the victims of supremacism.

      I believe that these (war) criminals, too, should be held accountable for their actions. I would like to think that you agree but I know that you don't, because when it comes to the "Jewish State" you prefer "peace" and "social justice".

    • Ms. Shaked is being very clear: The essence of Zionism is Jewish supremacism in/and a religion-supremacist "Jewish State" of Israel in as much as possible of Palestine. Justice, accountability, equality, human rights and international laws are commentary.

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  • In propaganda coup for Israel, NYT frontpager ascribes Gaza's misery to Palestinian infighting
    • || dimadok: Expelled or left voluntarily? ||

      Rape victims chained in basement: Imprisoned or confined voluntarily?

    • || dimadok: Gazan borders are within the partition. ... ||

      Gaza's current borders are reduced from its Partition borders thanks to Israel's theft, military occupation and colonization of territory outside of its / Partition borders.

      || ... Next question, please. ||

      It wasn't a question.

    • || dimadok: Thanks. ... ||

      You're welcome.

      || ... Gaza is free to do whatever they like to. ... ||

      Except that they aren't. But they will be once Israel:
      – ends its decades-long and on-going occupation and colonization of Palestine;
      – withdraws to within its / Partition borders; and
      – stops preventing the Palestinians from soliciting foreign investment and development in their sovereign state.

    • No, really, I'm agreeing with you.

    • || dimadok @ February 12, 2018, 12:46 pm ||

      I completely agree that Israel should:
      - end its decades-long and on-going occupation and colonization of Palestine;
      - withdraw to within its / Partition borders; and
      - stop preventing the Palestinians from soliciting foreign investment and development in their sovereign state.

  • Israeli publisher slams US ambassador for 'perpetuating apartheid' in West Bank
    • || hophmi: ... Lenni Brenner said exactly this at the launch of Alex Cockburn’s book around 2002 (I was there) – that pro-Palestinian activists didn’t have to worry because the Jewish birthrate was decreasing and there would be fewer Jews to stand up for Israel – and he got a big round of applause. ||

      Little did Lenni Brenner know that at any time the # of Jews available to stand up for Israel can easily be increased:
      - by encouraging more people to undergo a religious conversion to Judaism and thereby acquire the right to return to their ancient / historic / one true homeland; and/or
      - by making Jewish the bureaucratic nationality of the citizens of, immigrants to and expats and refugees from “Jewish State”.

      I don't understand what's taking Zionists so long to have the last laugh.

    • || ritzl: What does “vibrant Jewish identity” mean, exactly? ... ||

      I'm guessing it involves coveting Palestine and supporting Jewish supremacism in/and a religion-supremacist "Jewish State" in as much as possible of it.

      Makes you wonder why anyone would choose to have an "ordinary Jewish identity" and consistently support things like justice, accountability and equality.

    • || hophmi: It’s always funny how this site seems to advocate low Jewish birth rates. #antizionismisantisemitism ||

      It's funny how Zionists always anti-Semitically conflate Zionism with all Jews and all Jews with Zionism.

      But why all this worry about low birth rates? Jewish is a religion-based identity, so just get more religious converts. Or, easier still, make Jewish the bureaucratic nationality of the citizens of, immigrants to and expats and refugees from "Jewish State".

  • NYT op-ed describing Israel as a place of refuge is missing the word, Palestinians
    • || Nathan: ... I don’t see why a reference to the Palestinians “should have been there”. A person who wishes for Israel to allow the African refugees to stay is not commenting about the conflict with the Arabs – so, Susan Silverman made no mention of them. ... ||

      In her article, Ms. Silverman condemned expulsion and said that Israelis must live up to their state's "international and moral commitments". That's why a reference to Palestinians expelled by Israel and refused repatriation to their homes and lands should have been there.

      But you already knew this.

  • Sentenced to 65 years for helping Palestinians: Read an excerpt from Miko Peled's 'Injustice: The Story of the Holy Land Foundation Five'
    • || Jackdaw: ... You don’t hand a loaded gun to a child. ||

      No kidding. Zionism was handed a loaded gun and not only did it get ugly quickly, it stayed ugly.

  • Israeli diplomat calls on American students 'to restore the honor' of vilified word-- Zionism
    • || Eva Smagacz: I have real problem whenether suicide bombings are described as “disgusting”.

      Cannot see for the life of me why they are considered somehow more morally abhorrent than say drone attacks or targeted assassinations. ... ||

      I would say that suicide bombings of civilians are just as abhorrent as drone attacks and targeted assassinations involving civilians.

      I also think it's incredibly hypocritical of any government / politician / human being to selectively support extra-judicial murder.

    • ... Dayan said Israel’s founding was the triumph of national liberation over British colonialism. ...

      Except that it wasn't. It was the triumph of Jewish supremacism over international law and the (human) rights of the indigenous inhabitants of Palestine.

      During the second half of the 20th century there have been a number of successful national liberation movements. I dare to say, all of them were justified. The fight against colonialism is always justified. But none of them was as extraordinary and as just as the national liberation movement of the Jewish people that brought about the creation of the state of Israel ...

      Jewish citizens of countries the world over - citizens of homelands all over the world who chose to be/come Jewish - did not require "liberation". If anything, they - like all oppressed people in countries all over the world - required justice, accountability and equality.

      Zionism was and remains a religion-supremacist movement, not a "fight against colonialism" and not a "national liberation movement".

      Zionists were and remain mentally f*cked up to a tragic degree.

  • Roger Cohen misses the Palestinian reality
  • 'Killing civilians is unheard of' -- Israeli propaganda gets red carpet reception in US press
    • Bergman: ... We are not against killing Arafat. Arafat was seen as a legitimate target at that time as the prime Israeli enemy. But killing civilians? This is unheard of. ...

      Frankel: Imagine how swiftly and brutally the United States would respond if a gang of terrorists from Canada laid waste to a kindergarten or two in Detroit. Actually, there’s no need to imagine: After the 9/11 attacks, the United States threw out the human rights handbook and embarked on a spate of targeted killings

      The rapist is not against kidnapping women, chaining them in his basement and raping them. But physically assaulting them? This is unheard of.

      But imagine how swiftly and brutally the average Joe would respond if he were swarmed by a gang of women seeking to do him harm. He'd stop being the perfect gentleman and embark on a spate of pugilistic violence.

  • Wilkerson says 'Israel's security' was motive for Iraq war-- though not in NYT op-ed
    • || MeMyself: ... in 2007 ... Sharon told Bush NOT to attack Iraq ... ||

      MeMyself  December 25, 2014 at 11:06 pm
      ... in 2007 ... Sharon told Bush an invasion of Iraq would be a bad thing ...

      || ... So now Wilkerson is changing his story? ... ||

      Someone's story has changed.

  • Kindergarteners in Hebron protest Israel's detention of 350 children
    • Zionists are truly hateful and immoral people, whether they be (like):
      - the colonists described in this article, actively doing evil unto others; or
      - the supremacists here on MW, fervently defending their preferred brand of evil.

  • 14-year-old girl forced alone into Gaza is another example of the Israeli occupation's cruelty
  • 'Death to Ahed Tamimi': Israeli settlers vandalize Nabi Saleh
    • || mon donut: @eljay Entirely relevant.

      He says without bothering to explain in the least. ... ||

      It's self-explanatory. But just in case you aren't being obtuse on purpose, here goes:
      - There was a discussion about vandalism that occurred in not-Israel.

      - You asked "And how is it known that [the vandals] were settlers?" (IOW, Jewish Israelis in not-Israel.)

      - Mooser countered by asking about those Jewish Israelis in not-Israel "Does this seem like something Jews would do?"

      - You responded with a bit of Zionist re-direction by stating "most Jewish people in Israel do not qualify to be called 'settlers'."

      - To which I commented "Nabi Saleh isn’t in Israel" because - and I know you know this - the discussion wasn't about Jews in Israel, it was about Jews in not-Israel.

      And there you have it. Feel free to continue feigning incomprehension - I really don't care.

    • || oldgeezer: Most likely a Jewish Israeli.

      Their crimes get ignored unless international attention requires a whitewash investigation.

      Palestinians, and Arab Israelis, get a bullet and extrajudicial execution without the need for actual proof. ||

      That does seem to be the pattern.

    • || mondonut: @eljay – Nabi Saleh isn’t in Israel.

      True enough. Totally irrelevant, but nonetheless true. ||

      Entirely relevant.

    • || mon donut: ... I will say that most Jewish people in Israel do not qualify to be called “settlers”. ||

      Nabi Saleh isn't in Israel.

    • || John O: @yonah fredman

      Thanks for the point of information. It made me follow the link and read the entire letter, to discover that Hannah Arendt was a co-signatory, and that – whomever it was formally addressed to – it gave a stark warning of what was likely to happen if a thug like Begin and his band of Fascistic terrorists ever got into power. It also gives a graphic description of the Deir Yassin massacre. ... ||

      Israel: Proud Fascism Since 1948.

    • Zionists refuse to be satisfied with doing evil only within the Partition borders of their supremacist state.

  • Pro-Israel Democrats concede 'human rights' issue is killing the brand
    • || MHughes976 @ February 6, 2018, 9:35 am ||

      Good comment. Unfortunately, two of the core tenets of Zionism are:
      - Acts of injustice and immorality committed against Jews justify acts of injustice and immorality committed by Jews.
      - Jews are entitled to do unto others acts of injustice and immorality they would not have others do unto them.

    • ... The Jewish Democratic Council of America said the poll is faulty.

      ... Just as Americans can question and criticize the Trump administration while still loving their country and remaining patriots, so too can Americans criticize Israeli policies and its leaders.


      What the JDCoA - a Zionist organization - isn't saying is that this only works if Americans adhere to Zionist guidelines for criticizing Israel's policies and its leaders. Failure to comply may - and very likely will - result is smears of "anti-Semitism" and "Jew hatred".

  • No, hurting Palestinian refugees doesn't help peace
  • Who would not slap a soldier after years of trauma and direct assaults? -- an interview with Lynn Gottlieb
  • Israeli lawmaker tells BBC he'd put Ahed Tamimi 'in the hospital' by kicking her face
    • Not only is Oren Hazan a hateful and immoral supremacist, but he even manages to look creepier / slimier than Trump. Impressive.

      ... It’s not Hazan or Israel kicking Ahed – it is the BBC kicking Israel!

      Aggressor-victimhood sure is a tough gig. :-(

  • Israeli lawfare organization sues BDS activists for advising Lorde to cancel Israel concert
    • ... Shurat Hadin is suing on behalf of three Israeli would-be concertgoers for about $13,000 in damages, for “moral and emotional injury”. Nitsana Darshan-Leitner, the group’s head and a lawyer representing the plaintiffs, said:

      “They must be held to compensate Israeli citizens for the moral and emotional injury and the indignity caused by their discriminatory actions”. ...

      Captain Israel hangs his head in shame.

  • Pallywood
    • || @Daak @ February 6, 2018, 3:46 am ||

      Whether or not a "real word in hebrew for ‘propaganda’" exists, Zionists know full well what propaganda is and how to employ it:

      ... when i say israel is where the city of david is ...

      || ... and is the author really saying that palestinian propaganda doesn’t exist? ... ||

      I have no doubt that Palestinian propaganda exists. Its existence doesn't negate the existence of Zionist / Israeli / "Jewish State" propaganda.

  • Israeli paper's publication of BDS ad marks beginning of society's return to sanity
    • || jon s: ... I would be careful about attaching too much significance to this one. ... ||

      I agree. To date, all indications have been that Israeli society is for the most part too Zionist - too Jewish supremacist - for one newspaper ad to be the "tipping point, the beginning of the swing of the pendulum away from mounting fascism and toward a less racist Israeli public opinion".

    • || eljay: ... Along with his co-collectivists Nathan and Jon66, he seems to have assumed (or been tasked with) the role of “reasonable Zionist”. ||

      Actually, "reasonable Zionist" isn't the right descriptor. A more correct phrase would be "seemingly sincere and inquisitive Zionist".

    • || Elizabeth Block: Just curious: Is “Catalan” actually catalan? ... ||

      He's made it very clear that he is Bulgarian, hails from Spain (he guesses) and lives in New Mexico.

      Along with his co-collectivists Nathan and Jon66, he seems to have assumed (or been tasked with) the role of "reasonable Zionist".

    • || catalan: ... the psychology of bullies. One thing they all do is they always have a moral cause as a cover for their aggression. ... ||

      Thank you for that perfect description of Zionists and their "Jewish State" project.

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