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I'm a happily-married, vegetarian and atheist Canadian with two wonderful cats. :-)

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  • 'Disappearing Palestine' maps must spotlight Jaffa
    • || RoHa: ... No. “Most” counts as “some (>50%)”. When I say “most cats can’t play the tuba” I am claiming knowledge about more than 50% of cats, but I am not claiming any knowledge about the remainder. Maybe they can; maybe they can’t. ||

      Understood. Most of the time you make perfect sense.  :-D

    • || RoHa: Now, now, Eljay. Don’t encourage Nathan in his bad logic.

      In strict logic (which we should always adhere to) “some X are Y” does not imply “some X are not Y”. “Some” means “one or more”, and may include “all”. ||

      But Nathan did not say "some of the readers of this website can’t even imagine living with Israel in peace" - he said "most of the readers of this website can’t even imagine living with Israel in peace". Surely "most can't" implies (correctly) that "some (i.e., the remainder) can"?

      Or did some sly RoHumour just fly over my head?

    • || Nathan: ... Since most of the readers of this website can’t even imagine living with Israel in peace ... ||

      The assertion "most of the readers of this website can’t even imagine living with Israel in peace" correctly suggests that some of the readers of this website can. I'm one of them.

      I have no problem living in peace with an Israel that:
      - is the secular and democratic state of and for all of its Israeli citizens, immigrants, expats and refugees, equally;
      - honours its obligations under international law; and
      - accepts responsibility and accountability for its past and on-going (war) crimes.

      What is absolutely, indisputably true is that not one Zionist - not a single one - can imagine living in peace with the Israel I have described because every Zionist - every single one - desires and insists on Jewish supremacism in/and a religion-supremacist "Jewish State" of Israel in as much as possible of Palestine.

    • || Jerry Hirsch: Eljay, there are numerous genetic studies proving the Ashkenazi Jews have a definite ancestral link to the MIddle East. ... ||

      That's super. But it doesn't magically transform Jewish citizens of homelands all over the world into Ancient Israelites any more than my ancestral link to Italy transforms a first-generation citizen of Canada like me into an Ancient Roman.

      And neither "ancestral link" comprises a right to engage in colonialism, (war) crimes or supremacism.

    • || Ossinev: ... At this point otherwise sane and scientifically minded individuals who conventionally would agree that of course 1+1 = 2 and of course Green means go mentally dissolve and argue that in the case of Jews 1+1 = 3 or any number they care to choose and of course it is entirely safe to cross on the Red because a display of any form of green is Anti – Semitic. ... ||

      An excellent summary. It's this mental dissolution that enables Zionists to say with a straight face that Israel - a deliberately and unapologetically oppressive, colonialist, (war) criminal and religion-supremacist state - is a "moral beacon" and "light unto the nations" state and that its army is the "most moral" in the world.

    • || Jerry Hirsch: Ossinev, the Jews base their ethnicity on descent from their Patriarch Jacob, not by religious belief. ||

      Jewish is a religion-based identity that can only be acquired by:
      - undergoing a religious conversion to Judaism; or
      - being descended from someone who underwent a religious conversion to Judaism.

      Contrary to the delusions of Zionists, the religion-based identity of Jewish does not grant to those who choose to hold it the right:
      - to a religion-supremacist "Jewish State" (in Palestine or elsewhere); or
      - to do unto others acts of injustice and immorality they would not have others do unto them.

    • || Naftush: ... It isn’t about a double standard; it’s about no standard at all. ||

      You're right - the maps should clearly show that:
      - initially all of geographic Palestine was Palestine and there existed no Israel;
      - today almost all of geographic Palestine is Israel and there exists almost no Palestine.

      Thanks for the clarification.

    • || Jerry Hirsch: ... The Jew’s claim to the land predates that of the Arab conquest by 1,800 years ... ||

      The Ancient Israelites' claim to geographic Palestine predated that of the Arab conquest. 20th and 21st century Jewish citizens of homelands all over the world (a.k.a. "The Jew's" (sic)) were not and are not Ancient Israelites, who do not exist and have not existed for centuries.

    • || @aBr: @ej

      No or doesn’t. ... ||

      You're right: Or doesn't.

      || ... But it does show what enemies of the Arab Palestinian,bds you choose to obsess over. ||

      I can't possibly obsess over "enemies of the Arab Palestinian,bds" when I don't know who the "Arab Palestinian,bds" are.

    • || Jerry Hirsch: ... The West Bank was annexed by Jordan in 1950. The map should show the West Bank with no green and completely OCCUPIED by Jordan. ||

      Not that that in any way - except for whataboutism - justifies the past and on-going evils of Zionism.

    • || Yonah Fredman: I’m sure that Ben Gurion did not expect the partition plan to be put into effect. He expected a war. That’s not insincerity, that’s statecraft. ... ||

      Thief Man who believed he was entitled to Y.F.'s wallet: Your Honour, I did not expect Mr. Fredman to give me his wallet. I expected him to fight and that's exactly what he did. I had no choice but to respond.
      Y.F.: Your Honour, that man is being insincere! Not only did he plan to steal my wallet, but he assaulted me when I tried to defend myself!
      Judge: That's not insincerity, that's statecraft. Case dismissed!

      || ... most do blame the Zionists for establishing a state using such means. I do not. But I do blame the Zionists for the 70 years since, lacking perspective on what needs to be done to steer towards a peaceful productive future. Instead they have indulged in a settler campaign on the west bank and a siege campaign against gaza. Seemingly incapable of thinking smarter than that. ||

      The only thing sadder than hard-core supremacists who are "incapable of thinking smarter" is "liberal supremacists" who criticize them but continue to stand behind them.

  • Roseanne Barr talked trash about Palestinians and Muslims for years, without regrets
  • How an anti-Semitic US law helped bring about Israel's creation
    • || @aBar: Poor little crybabies. Don’t like the creation of Israel. What the fuck do any of the regular commenters here think the current power structures in today’s world can do to make Israel and its ancient and modern capital Jerusalem go away??? ||

      Spoken like a devoted member of the "rejuvenated yehudi people"! Captain Israel salutes you.  :-)

      Anyway, everyone knows the "Jewish State" will last a Thousand Years! and there's absolutely nothing anyone can do about it.

  • Genesis Prize threw Natalie Portman under the bus to protect Netanyahu
    • || catalan: ... Yes, BDS is on the side of justice and equality. The arc of the moral universe bends towards justice. ... ||

      Zionism is mad at you but, don't worry, BDS thanks you for your staunch support.

    • || DaBakr: @f

      Of course it can. Y’all think being a Zionist is a smear so wake the f up. ... ||

      It takes a supremacist (Zionist) to fail to see the difference between support for justice, equality and human rights (BDS) and support for his preferred brand of supremacism (Zionism).

  • Conflicting dreams and realities: Amos Oz in Rochester
    • || fivish mail: .. it seems Hamas terrorists tell the truth. ... ||

      If only Zionist terrorists could do the same.

    • ... There was no Q&A, making it impossible to engage those difficult questions that Amos Oz had gracefully evaded. He ended with how the “clash” between Israelis and Palestinians was not an American Western, with good guys and bad guys. It’s not violence that’s evil per se, he claimed, but rather aggression. I wasn’t sure what that meant. No one challenged or rebelled. He walked out a hero. ...

      It's called snake-oil, y'all
      It's been around for a long, long time

      (with apologies to Steve Earle)

      Mr. Oz was selling it and, evidently, he had a lot of eager buyers.

  • 'No one is happy with 60 killed' -- Ehud Barak comes to redeem Israel
    • || Marnie: ... What the fuck is a value-driven sharpshooter? ||

      One who - unlike the sharpshooters massacring Gaza's Palestinians - shoots and cries.

    • ... “They ... are the products of a culture in which to tell a lie… creates no dissonance. They don’t suffer from the problem of telling lies that exists in Judeo-Christian culture. ...

      This is an excellent description of Zionists.

    • Zionist-as-rapist analogies aren't so farfetched after all...

  • 'A scream to the whole world': Gaza boats carrying students, medical patients, and wounded protesters attempt to break the blockade
    • ... In a series of tweets, Greenblatt wrote, “Shame on all involved in inciting the so called “reverse flotilla” today. Hamas treats this like a play being acted out for a live media audience. But these are real lives Hamas is cynically risking in a grim bid to hold on to power.” ...

      Hamas may be "cynically risking" real lives in a "grim bid to hold on to power" but Israel is hatefully and immorally taking those real lives in its on-going and even grimmer bid to hold on:
      - to its religion-supremacist status; and
      - to as much as possible of what it has stolen, occupied and colonized;
      - to its ability to avoid honouring its obligations (incl. RoR) and to evade accountability for its actions.

  • Joyless in Zion
    • || Jackdaw: @eljay

      “Don’t worry – “Jewish State” will fail, too.”

      The Jewish State will fail and disappear, but not in your lifetime. ... ||

      Of course not - everyone knows that the "Jewish State" will last a Thousand Years!

      || ... You’ll be gone and forgotten soon enough. ... ||

      I'm sure I will. Unlike Zionists:
      - I don't pretend to be significant; and
      - I don't fuck others overs (not even for my own gain).

      || ... Quoth the Jackdaw, ‘Nevermore”. ||

      An Ode to Zionism (and Jackdaws)
      Then it all crashes down and you break your crown
      And you point your finger but there’s no one around
      Just want one thing, just to play the king
      But the castle’s crumbled and you’re left with just a name
      Where’s your crown, King Nothing?

      (with apologies to Metallica)


    • || Jackdaw: ... But if a single Jewish nutter puts on a vintage uniform, the entire State of Israel is under indictment. ... ||

      Nah, only its Zionists. Israel's non-Zionist Jews and non-Jews are exempt from indictment.

      || ... That’s the mindset of the Mondoweiss/BDS cult. ... ||

      Says the Zionist cultist who not only anti-Semitically conflates all Jews with Israel but also conflates all Israelis with Zionism.

      || ... That’s why they must fail. ||

      Don't worry - "Jewish State" will fail, too.

    • || Yonah Fredman: The front page featuring of this clownish photo for a serious piece is indicative of the lack of seriousness somewhere too close to the core of the mw attitude. Cheap journalistic shtick. ||

      It's interesting that a clownish photo of a uniformed member of the "rejuvenated yehudi people" merits a cry of "shtick" but - according to your Comments archive, anyway - a clownish photo of your Glorious Leader "Bibi" Netanyahu holding a cartoon drawing of a bomb at the United Nations does not.

    • || hophmi: Maybe try and stop telling Jews what they’re allowed to believe. ... ||

      You Zionists should try that some time.

    • || JLewisDickerson: P.S. From
      @eljay344 — ... ||

      I'm better-looking.  :-D

    • || catalan: ... I agree that Zionist soldiers lack the inherent bravery and nobility of their Arab cousins. ... That is why Zionism is losing ... ||

      Nah, Zionism is losing because - as your Comments archive will attest - you cheerfully support BDS. Don't be so modest.

    • Supremacism is hateful and immoral work and it requires hateful and immoral people to do it, justify it, support it and defend it.

      Zionist were wrong to assume that as long as Jews were the ones doing terrorism, ethnic cleansing, land theft, military occupation, colonialism, oppression, torture and murder it could never stop being fun.

      Aggressor-victimhood is such a tough gig...   :-(

  • Tom Friedman has advice for Palestinians: Embrace Zionism
    • || RoHa: ... As a matter of technical interest, I would like to see those components unpacked, so that I can know what “nationhood” means. And then I would like to see a demonstration that they apply to the Jews. ... ||

      This should be interesting.

    • || Naftush: And the animosity towards Israel originates in Diasporic fear and outrage over Jews’ asserting their nationhood. ... ||

      Yup, and the animosity toward the rapist originates in Testosteronic fear and outrage over Jeb's asserting his manhood.

      || ... The folks here would oppose even a decision by Israel to liquidate itself because such a decision would be an Israeli one. ... ||

      The sillier you get, the funnier you are.  :-)

    • || Nathan: ... I don’t think that anyone here really cares about the Palestinians. ... ||

      That's pretty rich coming from a pro-"Jewish State" supremacist (Zionist).

      || ... Maybe it’s better to live in peace. ||

      Of course it is. A Zionist "peace":
      - allows Israel to remain a religion-supremacist “Jewish State”;
      - allows Israel to keep as much as possible of what it has stolen (and occupied and colonized);
      - absolves Israeli of its obligations under international law (incl. RoR); and
      - absolves Israel of responsibility and accountability for its past and on-going (war) crimes.

      No need to bother with justice, accountability or equality when you can have "peace".

    • "Liberal Zionists" like Friedman are "kinder, gentler" supremacists but - just like their hardier co-collectivists - they want Israel:
      - to remain a religion-supremacist "Jewish State";
      - to keep as much as possible of what it has stolen (and occupied and colonized);
      - to be absolved of its obligations under international law (incl. RoR); and
      - to be absolved of responsibility and accountability for its past and on-going (war) crimes.

      Zionists - including "liberal" types like Friedman - are hateful and immoral hypocrites who have no use for justice, accountability or equality...when it comes to I-P.

  • Portman and Perlman, and the liberal Zionist awakening
    • || Jon66: Eljay,
      The use is consistent with the definition used on this site. ... ||

      Looks like it's time for another round of "Definition Distraction".

      The use is not consistent.

      Game over.

    • || WH: The article doesn’t claim his lineage is an achievement, just that this adds a resonance to his persona for many Jews and makes him more ‘beloved’. ||

      "Accomplishment" may not have been the most correct word to use.

      Regardless, I fail to see how simply being born to Polish emigrants incorrectly labelled "Holocaust survivors" contributes to making a person an "unassailable example of the humane, artistic, thinking Jew".

      It remains, IMO, a bizarre form of adulation.

    • ... Master violinist Itzhak Perlman is one of the most beloved Jewish public figures of the last half-century. His personal story; his birth to Holocaust survivors; ...

      What a bizarre form of adulation:
      - According to Wiki, Mr. Perlman's parents emigrated from Poland to Mandate Palestine in the mid-1930s, so they weren't "Holocaust survivors".
      - But even if they had been, being born to them was not an accomplishment.

      (My father survived a post-WWII death march. I don't feel any sense of accomplishment in having been born to him.)

      I have no doubt that Mr. Perlman is talented, and I'm sure he's a nice guy, too. Hopefully he isn't also a Zionist.

  • 'Our stones are stronger than their weapons': thousands in Gaza demonstrate for the ninth straight Friday
    • || Boris: Ok, you got me.

      I did not realize that the key word is “hypersonic”. ... ||

      Don't know how you missed it - it's right there in the snippet of comment you selected, quoted and replied to: " … if the IDF invented a way to sling stones at accurate hypersonic speeds".

      || ... I am surprised no one had commented on the “accurate”… ||

      There isn't enough time in the day to comment on every crazy thing TheBaker writes...  ;-)

    • || Boris: ‘terminal velocity’???

      You mean no one was ever hurt by a brick falling from a construction site, Mu-Mu?

      You are so bright… ||

      Bricks from construction sites fall at hypersonic speeds? Really?

      You are so dumb, Bo-Bo.

    • || Mooser: “IDF could drop stones from helicopters.”

      Nah. “Boris” there’s a little check-point on the way down known as ‘terminal velocity’. ... ||

      There's also the danger of Palestinians using burning kites to shoot down Israeli choppers.

      Israel should just stick to guided missiles, white phosphorus, snipers and other forms of "necessary evil".

    • || jsinton: Well I’d rather save lives, and not suppose that Palestinians have to sacrifice their lives to be heard. I think it’s pretty clear the Zionists don’t mind slaying Palestinians, but I get the sense that if it’s non-violent, Zionists lose. ||

      I'd rather save lives, too, but I think it's pretty clear that the Zionists don't mind pressing on with their colonialist and supremacist "Jewish State" project and:
      - slaying Palestinians if they do protest (because every protest is a threat and every threat justifies murder in self-defence); or
      - leaving Palestinians to rot if they don't protest (because if they're not protesting there's no reason to change the status quo).

    • || jsinton: ... You see the problem? Palestinians need a “Gandhi” a “MLK”. ... ||

      But when all the Palestinian Gandhis and MLKs are either in jail or dead - courtesy of the "Jewish State" of Israel - what then?

      The real problem is that a LOT more Palestinians will have to die before the West finally decides that the benefits of backing a deliberately and unapologetically oppressive, colonialist, (war) criminal and religion-supremacist "Jewish State" regime don't outweigh the costs.

    • || Marnie: israeli warships called out to quickly surround boats full of injured palestinians. I can’t think of anything obscene enough to call that patented israeli cowardice. warships v boats of injured palestinians. Unfucking believable ... ||

      Yup. There seems to be no level of injustice and immorality to which Zionists won't sink.

    • || @Bak: ... I am sure if we were so inclined (which we are not) to use the hundreds of maimed victims of Palestinian Arab violence as front line fighters in wheel chairs and crutches surrounded by hordes of photogs it could be carried off. ... ||

      Your assertion that Zionists prefer to take the high road is amusing given that the Holocaust, committed by Germany, has been whored out for decades by Zionists and the "Jewish State" to justify and defend their past and on-going (war) crimes against the Palestinians.

    • || @Daak @ May 29, 2018, 7:18 am ||

      Poor, (war) criminal Israel: Day in and day out - decade after decade - it steals, occupies, colonizes, oppresses, tortures and kills but none of its evil deeds ever wins the ribbon of "most beautiful and dramatically composed ‘photojournalism’ in the press".  :-(

  • They prayed for Gaza's dead. Now it's time to say the mourner's prayer for Zionism
    • || Nathan: ... The centrality of Israel in today’s Jewish life (whether one is pro or con) is proof of the fact that Jewish religious life is simply not enough content ... ||

      So...when Judaism ceases to provide "enough content" for people who have chosen to embrace the religion-based identity of Jewish, the logical next step is to embrace a particular brand of militarism, colonialism and supremacism. Interesting.

    • || jon s: Robert Cohen,
      “Hardcore” is a gentle and understated description of some of the commenters here, believe me. ... ||

      It's true: Plenty of the Zionists here are unapologetic, in-your-face Jewish supremacists (Zionists).

      || ... How can peace be achieved? ||

      The important question - which Zionists (incl. "liberal Zionists") are unable even to contemplate - is "How can justice, accountability and equality be achieved?"

    • || Yonah Fredman: Welcome Robert,

      It is not enough for you to abandon Zionism. You must stop calling yourself a Jew. You’re allowed to say you are a former Jew, but don’t say that unless you have to. That’s the predominant flavor here in the comments section of mw. ... ||

      Typical y.f. melodrama. There is no "flavour" of comments on MW suggesting that people should be denied the choice to be Jewish.

      There is, however, an overpowering "flavour" of comments from Zionists suggesting that:
      - Jewish is some sort of other-worldly / exceptional / inescapable identity (it isn't); and
      - the choice to be Jewish must comprise a right to a religion-supremacist state (it doesn't).

    • Like any other form of injustice and immorality, Zionism needs a swift kick in the ass on its way out.

      ... for this new generation, all the emphasis on Jewish universal values of equality and justice which they learnt at home and synagogue and at the RSY Netzer youth movement, are clashing violently with how they see Israel behaving. ...

      The fact that - according to Zionists - most Jews support Jewish supremacism in/and a religion-supremacist "Jewish State" in as much as possible of Palestine indicates that equality and justice are not - or at least are not consistently - "Jewish universal values".

      Equality and justice are, however, values that many people - Jews and non-Jews alike, here on MW and elsewhere - do respect and advocate.

  • Israeli ambassador lodges anti-Semitism complaint against Dutch song mocking Israel's human right record
  • 'What did you do when Gaza was dying?' A visit with the freedom flotilla in Copenhagen
  • Being Palestinian
    • || catalan: ... Eljay says that being a poor Algerian lesbian is worse ... ||

      Another untruth and another shamefully anti-Semitic minimization of Jewish suffering. You're on a roll.

    • || catalan: ... Being not Jewish in America is one of the worst predicaments a human being can endure. ||

      That is an entirely untrue and shamefully anti-Semitic assertion. No-one suffers worse than Jews: Not anyone in Africa, not North Koreans in labour camps, not homosexuals in Arab countries and not women pretty much anywhere in the world.

  • Gaza killings are rending the Jewish community
    • ... There’s been some thuggishness in the liberal Zionist community. Andy Bachman, a leading liberal Zionist rabbi on the J Street “cabinet,” blames the protesters for the violence:

      Imagine thousands of protestors in Gaza marching on the Hamas leadership, demanding peaceful negotiations and recognition of a shared capital with shared legitimate claims. Would the response be hugs or bullets?

      Even with "liberal Zionists", it:
      - isn't about being as good as you can and should be;
      - is about not being so bad that you can't compare yourself to someone (you consider to be) worse to justify the evil you do.

  • Falsely accusing Palestinians of anti-Semitism is malicious
    • || Nathan: ... the parents or grandparents of Israelis came from elsewhere (actually, most children born in Israel now are the great-grandchildren of immigrants). So the Israelis are not immigrants ... ||

      And Jewish citizens of homelands all over the world are neither "exiles" from geographic Palestine nor Israelis.

    • || Ampro: Natan Sharansky, chairman of the Jewish Agency, identifies the “three D’s of Anti-Semitism” as Demonization, Delegitimization, and Double-Standards. ... ||

      Zionists believe that the religion-based identity of Jewish grants to those who choose to hold it the "right" to do unto others acts of injustice and immorality they would not have others do unto them.

      Like all Zionist hypocrites, Sharansky has no problem with that particular double-standard.

  • Activists disrupt Philadelphia Orchestra's farewell performance before 'cultural diplomacy' tour to Israel
    • || Jackdaw: We all have one life to live. One shot. That’s it. ... ||

      Yup, we all have one life to live. One shot from an Israeli sniper's rifle. That's it.

      || ... These protestors have pitifully empty lives. Empty lives of their own design. ||

      Thankfully they don't have the disturbingly hateful and immoral lives of Zionists. Hateful and immoral lives of their own design.

  • Documenting Palestinian invisibility for 40 years -- an interview with James Zogby
    • || Nathan: ... Ironically, I’m the only one here with a pro-Palestinian agenda. ... ||

      There's nothing ironic about the fact that your "pro-Palestinian agenda", which...
      - allows Israel to keep most of what it has stolen;
      - allows Israel to remain a religion-supremacist "Jewish State";
      - absolves Israel of its obligations under international law (incl. RoR); and
      - absolves Israel of accountability for its past and on-going (war) crimes, nothing more than the standard Zionist "pro-'Jewish State'" agenda.

    • || Nathan: ... one should at least be able to understand that the Jews do think that they are a people entitled to statehood. ... ||

      Only an anti-Semite would presume to know what "the Jews" collectively think.

  • 'NYT' columnist says killing Palestinian civilians is... good for Palestinians
    • || Yonah Fredman: ... Those who leave Gaza would be allowed to return without limitation.
      Visiting Israel is not envisioned. ... ||

      Which parts of non-Gaza Palestine does your vision permit the Palestinians of Prison Gaza to visit freely?

    • || Yonah Fredman: eljay- Gaza will be solved after the west bank is solved or simultaneous with such a resolution, which obviously is not on the near horizon. until then, yes, gaza will remain a prison in terms of importation of goods. ||

      Thank you for confirming - in an unusually clear and concise paragraph! - that your vision of a modus vivendi does not include justice, accountability or equality.

    • || Yonah Fredman: OSSinev, free flow of marketable goods out of Gaza to Israel and elsewhere. Free flow of people out of Gaza to world destinations. Third party inspections of goods brought into Gaza, with limitations to avoid a repeat of hezbollah’s rockets. Some have suggested creating man made islands where these items would be inspected. Others have suggested such a place (for inspections) can be set up on already existing territory. ||

      So...Gaza remains a prison and Israel remains its warden, but the inmates:
      - get to make and sell license plates; and
      - are occasionally granted short-term parole.


    • || Donald Johnson: That was a confusing comment ... you look for any and every excuse to dodge the issue. ||

      The Art of War Yonah

    • ... Rosner ...

      ... The Jewish sages had a famous, if not necessarily pleasant, saying that went something like this: Those who are kind to the cruel end up being cruel to the kind…

      I completely agree with Mr. Rosner: The world should stop being kind to cruel - and oppressive, colonialist, (war) criminal and religion-supremacist - Israel.

  • Israel detains Palestinian teen with severe head injury, again
  • UN head says Gazans 'caged in a toxic slum from birth to death' as human rights council votes to investigate Israel
    • || Mooser: ... The joke is that they cannot admit that it doesn’t work and change their approach.
      And that says even more about them than the whataboutism itself. ||

      I guess when you're convinced that your evil path is righteous, the only solution to opposition is to double-down on the evils you commit.

      Zionists don't seem to understand that they will be the undoing of the "Jewish State".

    • || Jackdaw: Young Gazan father immolates himself in protest agains HAMAS! ... ||

      It's a shame that this young man has harmed himself in protest. I look forward to:
      - Israel ending its decades-long military occupation and colonization of not-Israel; and
      - the citizens of a free and united Partitions-border Palestine being able to vote out Hamas and vote in a secular and democratic government.

      || ... Curse Hamas and their Western ‘useful idiots’, beginning with Mondoweiss. ||

      Curse Zionists and their 'useful idiots' throughout the world, beginning with those here on Mondoweiss.

    • || @aar: It would be interesting to see if mw had the reporting chops to list the current members on the unhrc. ... ||

      Being called out by the serial killer makes the serial killer a hypocrite but it doesn't transform the rapist into a virtuous man or absolve him of his past and on-going crimes.

      || ... What a joke. ||

      Yes, the whataboutism you Zionists constantly engage in is a very bad joke.

  • Statement: Israeli police using brutality and unnecessary force against peaceful protesters
    • || guyn: Surely these protests must have been initiated by Hamas… ||

      Hamas and anti-Semitism (a.k.a. "Jew hatred") are the only two possible reasons Palestinians would have for reacting to decades of Zionist oppression, dispossession, colonialism, (war) crimes and religion-based supremacism.

  • Holding Gaza close this Ramadan season and beyond
    • || Yonah Fredman: ... Personally I think the movement towards Jewish statehood was a natural occurrence given the historical context and the harmful exile of the Palestinians follows from the event quite harmfully and naturally. ... ||

      Core tenet of Zionism: Acts of injustice and immorality committed against Jews justify acts of injustice and immorality committed by Jews.

      It's a shame that Zionists like you insist on paving the way for the harming of Jews as part of a "natural occurrence given [a] historical context".

      || ... it is the role of the rejuvenated yehudi people to be resilient and move on to the next stage and undo the harm or ameliorate the harm or fess up to the harm, and that has not been the next stage. ... ||

      Of course it hasn't: The "rejuvenated yehudi people" (I'm assuming that some new code-phrase for "Jewish Zionists") continue to believe that the evil they do is virtue because they are entitled to be Jewish supremacists in a religion-supremacist "Jewish State" in as much as possible of Palestine.

      One can only hope that the "rejuvenated yehudi people" decide before too long to abandon Jewish supremacism (Zionism) and pursue instead the universal and consistent application of justice, accountability and equality.

  • On Gaza: The end will continue
    • || Jack Green: ... Palestinians oppress Israelis

      Running over Israelis is oppression.
      Stabbing Israelis is oppression.
      Shooting Israelis is oppression.
      Firing rockets at Israelis is oppression.
      Blowing up Israelis is oppression.
      Throwing rocks at Israelis is oppression. ||

      The rapist kidnaps women, chains them in his basement and routinely beats and rapes them. The women slap, scratch, punch and spit at the rapist. According to Zionist "logic", the victims are oppressing the rapist.

  • Donald Trump is a hero to Jewish Israelis
  • Debunking 18 claims justifying this week's Gaza massacre
    • || Jon66: ... I don’t see a reason why all Israeli citizens can’t live equally in a Zionist state ... ||

      And Joe doesn't see a reason why all Joe's house inhabitants - including the women chained in his basement - can't live equally in a Rapist house.

    • || Jon66: Eljay,
      “in as much as possible of Palestine, ”
      Last time we had this discipussion you couldn’t define this phrase for me. Since you are using it again, can you tell me what it means? ||

      I defined it clearly. You refused to comprehend. I'm not going to play your little game again.

    • || Jon66: Echi,
      “All Zionists of course are all Zionists!”
      But are they all the same? ||

      Insofar as they all believe that the religion-based identity of Jewish comprises a right to Jewish supremacism in/and a religion-supremacist "Jewish State " in as much as possible of Palestine, yes, all Zionists are the same.

    • || zaid: 100 explosive device and not a single Israeli soldier killed! ||

      || Jackdaw: Don’t you wish. ||

      Are you claiming that one or more of those explosive devices has killed one or more Israeli soldiers? Got anything at all to back that up?

  • Peace begins with Israel ending the Nakba
    • || LostinAlaska: ... What Palestinians need is their George Washington ... ||

      One who will not - like the Palestinians' Gandhis - wind up in jail, in exile or dead.

    • || Emet: ... Pappe skillfully avoids placing blame on the Arabs for not accepting the 1947 Partition Plan, that the Jewish leadership at the time was. That plan would have given the Palestinians way more than what they are asking for today ... ||

      ...but much less than the 100% of their geographic homeland to which - as its indigenous inhabitants - they were entitled.

      || ... You are a sad man Pappe. ||

      And you're just another supremacist hypocrite.

    • || mon donut: ... Israel must take down it borders, the Jewish people must admit to not being a people, they must accept being a minority, they must forfeit any right to self determination and they must allow for Israel itself to be completely dissembled. ... ||

      Jews are ordinary people - citizens of homelands all over the world - who have chosen to hold the religion-based identity of Jewish. People are free to self-determine as Jewish, but that freedom does not comprise a right to a religion-supremacist "Jewish State".

      I believe that:
      - Israel should continue to exist as a secular and democratic state of and for all of its Israeli citizens, immigrants, expats and refugees, equally;
      - it should exist alongside a secular and democratic state of and for all of its Palestinian citizens, immigrants, expats and refugees, equally; and
      - the fate of both states (e.g., to remain independent or to unify) should be determined democratically by their respective populations.

      Naturally, to Zionists justice, accountability and equality are anti-Semitic and anyone who supports those ideals is motivated solely by "Jew-hatred".

  • Murder as a way to make a political point
    • Not every anti-Zionist opposes and condemns Zionism because s/he believes in the universal and consistent application of justice, accountability and equality.

      But every Zionist advocates, supports, justifies and defends Zionism because s/he believes that the religion-based identity of Jewish comprises a right to Jewish supremacism in/and a religion-supremacist "Jewish State" in as much as possible of Palestine.

      There are moral reasons for opposing and condemning Zionism.
      There are no moral reasons for advocating, supporting, justifying or defending it.

  • 'NYT' writer who claims Zionism and human rights are intertwined ignores Palestinians
    • || joycejamie: ... Racism — ” …the idea that one’s own race is superior and has the right to dominate others ” Kinda inherent in the idea that the Jewish people have the right to dominate non-Jews. Maybe Zionism could exist with all the human rights for everyone without the preference for one ethnic group/religion, but so far we haven’t seen it ||

      And you won't see it, because Zionism is a supremacist ideology.

      Zionists have this strange notion that being a Jewish supremacist is somehow more just and moral than being any other type (anti-Jewish / -black / -gay / -immigrant) of supremacist. But it isn't.

      It is, however, just as hypocritical: Like all other birds of their hateful and immoral feather, Zionists believe that they are entitled to do unto others acts of injustice and immorality they would not have others do unto them.

    • For years Jim has selflessly volunteered to work with the homeless and underprivileged in his community.

      For years Jim has also kidnapped women, chained them in his basement and raped them.

      Jim is a criminal has a "braided" history.

  • Gaza massacre ends American political oath: Israel support is bipartisan
  • For we are God's special victims (an ode to the state of Israel)
    • || Yonah Fredman: eljay: as my “landsmann” rodney might say, “what a crowd. what a crowd.” ||

      I'm glad you don't feel that you "don't get no respect".  ;-)

    • || Mooser: “Damned if I can figure out why you Zionists hate Jews so much.”

      You don’t know that?
      They hate us because we failed Zionism. ... ||

      I suppose that makes sense. Why, even a Zionist like y.f. is a disappointment, cherishing as he does "pastrami on rye, mit a pickle and chicken soup" instead of Israeli hummus and cherry tomatoes.

    • || @aa: This isn’t the WWE or some sporting event. There is no such concept of’fair’ when each side is laying claim to the same land. The more powerful side prevails with absolutely zero obligation to sustain casualties in order to preserve some sense of false proportionality ||

      And if/when Israel comes under real attack (not burning kites and "terror tunnels") and Israelis are being massacred, you'll be the first to tell Israelis (or, as you anti-Semitically like to refer to them, "the Jews") to shut the f*ck up because "[t]here is no such concept of’fair’ when each side is laying claim to the same land".

      Damned if I can figure out why you Zionists hate Jews so much.

  • West's failure to act will be cause of the next Gaza massacre
    • || fivishmail: ... Nobody with access to the truth can believe a word of what is written on this web site. ... ||

      Sounds like you have access to - and have been stealing drinks from - Steve Grover's big bottle of truth.

      || ... Recall that the Koran in 5:20-21 says that Allah gave the Holy Land (Israel) to the jews. How dare you defy Allah. ||

      So you're saying that the Koran is "the truth"? Better tell that to the Zionists.

  • 'Today is one of the most tragic days in the history of the Jewish people': one American Jew's response to the Gaza massacre
    • || captADKer: when all these israelis have their day in court, that will be determined. ||

      A day in court will determine that some of the killers are not Israeli? Interesting. I wonder if the court will also be able to determine who these not-Israeli killers are.

    • || captADKer: majority of dead were hamas. ... ||

      All of the killers were Israeli.

  • On Nakba Day, Palestinians in Gaza explain why they joined the 'Great March of Return'
    • || Jackdaw: France for Frenchmen. Armenia for Armenians. Israel for Jews. ... ||

      The spirit of Konrad Lorenz weeps...again.  :-(

    • || Jackdaw: @eljay

      Get laid. ||

      Already have. You still need to get a conscience.

    • || Jackdaw: I understand very well. ... ||

      You're a Zionist - you don't understand it at all.

      || ... Get a life. ||

      Get a conscience.

    • || Jackdaw: ... We will find out soon enough just how many full fledged Hamas members died in the protests. ... The truth will out. ||

      I realize that you and jon s are unable (or unwilling) to understand this but there's nothing just or moral about massacring people, regardless of whether they belong to Hamas or Zionism.

      I cannot understand why Zionists like you and jon s work so hard to undermine international laws and human rights and the protections they are meant to afford all people including Zionist and non-Zionist Jews (the people you claim to care about).

  • Nikki Haley blames Iran, Hamas for deaths of Palestinian protesters, as UN officials call to investigate Israel
    • || Jackdaw: ... Hamas, which won’t make peace with the PA and Egypt, much less the Jews. ||

      It's hard to know whether the constant conflation by Zionists of Israel with all Jews and all Jews with Israel is:
      - deliberate anti-Semitism; or
      - an involuntary, anti-Semitic tic.

    • || Jackdaw: Israel plasters Gaza with leaflets telling Gazans to stay home.
      Hamas blares through loudspeakers telling Gazans to break down the fence and invade Israel.

      It’s Israel’s fault that people are killed? ||

      The rapist warns the victims chained in his basement that they must to submit to him.
      The victims ignore the rapist and lash out at him.
      The rapist brutally assaults his victims and stabs a couple of them to death to teach the rest a lesson.

      It's the rapist's fault that women are killed?


      Every day, in every way, Zionists do their best to undermine international laws and human rights and the protections they are meant to afford all people including Jews.

      Why do Zionists hate Jews so much?!

  • 1918, 1948, 2018: World War I, the Nakba, and the rise of ethnic nationalism
  • Fighting Nakba denial
    • || RoHa: There is an important difference between the Holocaust and the Nakba.

      The Holocaust is over.

      The Nakba is still going on. ... ||

      Another important difference is that the Holocaust was done by others unto Jews, while Palestinians are making supremacist Jews (Zionists) do the Nakba unto others.

      || ... The Zionists are still driving Palestinians from their homes, still destroying farms and villages, still killing, still stealing land. ||

      Isn't it shameful what Palestinians are making those poor Zionists do?!

  • Live Blog: Protests continue as Palestinians begin holding funerals for 61 killed in Gaza
    • || Jackdaw: Israel kills dozens of Hamas terrorists ... ||

      Israel's Occupation, Colonization and Oppression Forces massacre dozens of members of the Hamas organization in Gaza.

  • Israeli government minister justifies Gaza massacre by calling Palestinians 'Nazis'
    • || @Daak: ... You want to see nazi shit…. Go visit the newly curated photos of the just liberated bergen belson death camp. check out the ss guards forced to sling starved, emaciated and naked dead bodies over their shoulders and dump them into trash pits. That’s nazi shit ||

      Nazi shit didn't start with death camps. Murderous occupation and colonialism aren't the end of "Jewish State" shit. Hold your nose and have a little faith in your fellow Zionists.

    • Mr. Erdan has determined that Gaza protesters are Nazis and terrorists.

      Nazis and terrorists are not-innocent people.

      According to jon s - and, it seems, Mr. Erdan - that means they can be massacred.

      And, so, Israel massacres them.

  • 'Gaza, Gaza' is chant from Palestinians demonstrating near new US embassy

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