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I'm a happily-married, vegetarian and atheist Canadian with two wonderful cats. :-)

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  • Phoenix Jewish columnist says Obama's complaint about Netanyahu made American Jews feel unsafe
    • >> I consider the King’s plea reasonable. I think about how ... any country[] would have reacted if the UN had given away a slice of their country, land their people were living on, to create a alien nation for millions of foreigners.

      wondering jew, who stands at the correct distance from the "fire", will be very disappointed by your - and the king's - lack of "emotional intelligence". ;-)

    • >> When the president speaks, even off the record, he speaks on behalf of all Americans.

      Imagine that: He speaks for all Americans, not just American Jews.

      >> And that's what will worry many American Jews.

      What worries American Jews? That the president doesn't belong to them? That he dislikes a thug such as Bibi? That he's tired of Israel's sense of entitlement? That non-Jewish Americans may agree with him on this?

  • Barak orders strike on Gaza during 'Charlie Rose'-- and checks what looks like a Rolex
  • Egypt, Syria, and the dynamics of counter-revolution
    • >> Any comment on the Muslim Brotherhood demonstration in Tahrir yesterday? Or, the Russian presence in Syrian territorial waters?
      >> The Egyptian secular democracy movement was loved. Where is it?
      >> The far leftist movements are implausible.

      These are "better arguments"?! RW is cracking...

  • Kissinger: 'Is there a more self-serving group of people than the Jewish community?'
    • >> Do you believe he is capable?

      No, I do not.

    • >> And for YOU Roha, to apply the language of generalization, “Jews are”, is racist.

      Interesting. RW took RoHa's question - "So now Israeli Jews are a different community from American Jews?" - extracted the phrase "Jews are" from it and turned it into a racist generalization. His attempts to score some sort of points against people reek of pathetic desperation.

      >> Time to actually do some thinking.

      RW really needs to heed his own advice.

    • >> By definition, for Americans working on behalf of Israel is not selfish, but charitable. It is working for a different community, for different individuals, families, nation.

      It's interesting that the "Americans working on behalf of Israel" list doesn't include a single negative aspect, such as occupation, theft, colonization or religion-supremacist state.

      But when it comes to "Americans working on behalf of Palestinians", it is usually - and typically hypocritically - nothing but negative aspects, such as "dissent" and "maximalism" and "destabilization" and "Hamas".

    • >> Really! If that’s not self-serving I don’t know what is!
      >> Donald doth protest too much.

      And Sand appears to have misinterpreted Donald, who agreed with the assertion that the rhetorical question "Is there a more self-serving group of people than the Jewish community?” is racist.

      Absent proof that Jews are ACTUALLY the most self-serving group of people in the world, Kissinger's comment does come across as racist.

  • Critics of Palestine solidarity within Occupy Wall Street rely on distortion
    • >> An analysis that looks at a grey and calls it black.

      Not nearly as bad as Zio-supremacists who look at resistance to decades of oppression and injustice and call it "maximalist" and "destabilizing" and "dissent". Or, worse, who justify and support Zionist terrorism and ethnic cleansing as a "necessary" evil.

  • Condi Rice was 'shocked' by 'ethnic purity' claims for Jewish state
    • >> Yes I know, these are crazy “fringe” Jews :-), but nevertheless they do demonstrate that not all Jews have been sucked into the the jingoistic claptrap that has been foisted on many of their brethren by zionist propagandists.

      Those Jews who have not been "sucked into the jingoistic claptrap" of Zionism are not real Jews. It's "common sense". Just ask eee, he'll tell ya. :-)

    • >> "It was one of those conversations that shocked my sensibilities as an American. ... Moreover, there were Arab citizens of Israel. Where did they fit in?"
      >> And so Rice put language into White House position papers saying the refugees must return to the Palestinian state.
      >> "That would allow the democratic state of Israel to be 'Jewish.'"

      Wow, she was so shocked that she chose to support an oppressive, colonialist and religion-supremacist state instead of justice, morality and accountability. What a surprise.

  • 'Proud Zionist' tweets that assassinating Obama is 'tempting'
    • Hmmm...Phil used Lauren Pierce's self-descriptor "Proud Zionist" in the headline for this thread. (Makes sense: He's discussing her tweet, and she described herself as a "proud Zionist".) RW distorted the descriptor to resemble the username of a member on this site, and then - without any supporting evidence - he accused Phil of slighting the member and demanded that Phil issue an apology.


      Not only is RW's latest little petulant rant utterly pathetic, but it is defamatory! RW should immediately retract his unfounded accusation against Phil and issue an apology.

  • AIPAC Hollywood junket to Israel meets protest
    • >> Actress Patricia Arquette (‘Medium’ ) said the goal of the trip was to learn about the ‘nuances’ of the Arab-Israeli conflict.

      Couldn't it also have included humanizing 'the Other'", making "better wheels" and maybe even laying some green yarn on the Green Line?

  • Contextualizing the Holocaust
    • >> eljay- You are the perfect person to comment regarding people who don’t really know what the fuck they are talking about regarding the Shoah.

      Cool. :-)

      >> First what national group do you consider yourself a member of?

      My parents were European (Croatian and Italian), but I'm first-generation Canadian and I identify as a Canadian.

      >> Where does someone whose primary suffering the last 150 years was a war where the vast majority of the victims were soldiers, get to start criticizing someone who belongs to a collective that suffered a genocide 70 years ago.

      Are you serious? So you belong to a "collective" that suffered horrible violence 70 years ago, so what? As RW - one of your collective points out - "the PRESENT is what matters". So how does your belonging to a group that suffered:
      1. Give you the moral right to minimize the suffering of all other groups in all of history?
      2. Permit hard-core supremacist elements of your "collective" to commit atrocities against others, and permit you and other members of your "collective" to justify, excuse, support and even praise those atrocities?

      >> It is not logical or historical knowledge that is lacking ... you’ve shown zero emotional intelligence on this issue.

      Ah, so "emotional intelligence" makes one type of suffering worse than all other types of suffering in all of history. Interesting. And it permits people in your "collective" to justify terrorism, ethnic cleansing and an ON-GOING occupation. Seems to me the world could do with a lot less "emotional intelligence" and a lot more justice, morality and accountability.

      >> You just stamp around with pointy shoes like you’ve been appointed by God himself to set the Jews straight.

      1. I don't own any pointy shoes.
      2. I don't believe in any gawds.
      3. I don't think "the Jews" need straightening.

      I hope you found your little burst of righteous indignation cathartic. Please feel free to resume cheering your emotionally-intelligent "co-collectivists" as they continue with their acts of immorality and injustice. :-)

    • >> Sometimes I feel that Norman Finkelstein and Menachem Rosensaft, let alone Elie Weisel were too close to the “fire” to entirely earn my trust on the issue to be cool, calm and collected on the issue. On the other hand at least in this comments section, I feel that certain people are or were too far from the “fire” to really know what the fuck they are talking about ...

      Since you are able to judge who is too far from, or who is too close to, the "fire", I can only assume that you are at precisely the right distance from it. Would you please be so kind as to explain what that distance is, and what other, if any, criteria make a person qualified either to earn your trust or "to really know what the fuck they are talking about"? Thank you.

    • >> I wonder how Mr. Katz would classify those efforts and results….

      "Good, but not good enough!", perhaps?

    • >> Some historians argue that the Holocaust ... was the only genocide in history ...

      Really? The only one? EVER?

      >> ... the only systematic effort to wipe an entire race of people from the earth. ...
      >> ... Professor Katz ... said the drift toward studying the Holocaust primarily alongside these other mass murders risks misunderstanding the Nazis’ attempt to eradicate the Jews from Europe as just one case of mass murder among many.

      Attempting to "eradicate the Jews from Europe" is not the same as efforts "to wipe an entire race of people off the map from the earth."

      Does this mean the Holocaust represents "just" another horrific episode of man's mass-murderous inhumanity toward man? No, sir! It is "The bestest damned genocide ever!" (TM) - a badge of honour, a source of pride, and a scar of shame which can only be healed by the "manliness" of terrorism, ethnic cleansing ("currently not necessary") and the establishment of a religion-supremacist state!

      And don't you forget it! :-)

  • Dubious Charlie Rose asks Ehud Barak why not one state?
    • >> Because Israel has been established to become a Zionist [pseudo-]democratic [and religion-supremacist] Jewish state...

  • Q: Should Palestinians be able to ride Israeli buses? A: No, it's a Jewish state.
    • >> RoHa: Before 1948 it was wise for Arabs to ride on buses run by Jewish companies. The Irgun threw bombs into buses run by Arab companies.

      >> RW: If I was an adult in 1948, I probably would have supported whatever it took to create the state of Israel, and held my nose at actions that I could not possibly do myself.

  • Let history note, on the day of the initial Palestinian Freedom Ride, NYT published story on Israeli 'need to hit Gaza'
    • >> ... but it’s an iron rule with no exceptions at the NYT that all Israeli violence must be portrayed as retaliation for Palestinian violence.

      It a Zio-supremacist "humanist" rule: Israel is entitled to "belligerent reprisals", even if it "started it".
      The latter is "academic speculation", the former is "the PRESENT" and, as we all know, "the PRESENT is what matters".

  • The case for invading Iran
    • 5. A sovereign Middle Eastern nation which is entitled to pursue a nuclear energy program but which, in response to repeated existential threats of offensive (i.e., non-defensive) attacks from both a belligerent, nuclear-armed world super-power (US) and a belligerent, nuclear-armed regional power (Israel), must do everything in its power to acquire nuclear weapons in order to stave off attack, destruction and possible occupation.

  • Welcome to the new Mondoweiss
    • I like the new look - very clean. Well done. Now bring back that "Edit" button! :-)

      -- Edit --
      Never mind. ;-)

  • Police end Wall Street occupation-- for now
    • >> So I actually edited my comment and added “Never mind!” and save the edited comment. For some reason, though, that change appears to have been dropped.

      Ooops, I just realized that that's what I did with my post in the "Welcome to the new Mondoweiss" thread. My bad.

    • >> Eljay,
      >> Edit ain’t missing. It’s there after you hit Post Comment.

      Thanks. I actually did notice that as soon as I posted my comment:
      >> I like the new layout…except for the missing “Edit” button. :-)

      So I actually edited my comment and added "Never mind!" and save the edited comment. For some reason, though, that change appears to have been dropped.

    • I like the new layout...except for the missing "Edit" button. :-)

  • Romney and Obama battle it out in the primary for the Israel lobby
  • Six Palestinian Freedom Riders arrested traveling on Israeli-only bus
    • >> Only someone like you, a Zionist, would find that confusing.

      He doesn't find it confusing. The problem is that it's very clear - more clear than most of the babble he writes - and the clarity disturbs him.

      So he needs to muddy the waters a bit.

      He quoted two paragraphs. Notice how he took the time to "improve" the phrasing of the second paragraph, but not of the first one? The second paragraph, being not particularly contentious, was easy to rephrase.

      The first paragraph, however, condemns as illegal the "colonizers and the infrastructure that serves them". So, rather than attempt to rephrase the paragraph to make its condemnations more clear, he dodged it.

      This way, if someone comes else along with a more clear rephrasing, he can condemn it as "destabilizing", "dissent" or maybe even "Hamas".

  • Five Republican congressmen take Christian Zionist solidarity tour of settlements
  • Rafeef Ziadah - 'We teach life, sir'
    • Beautiful, and powerful!

      (Her delivery was very "ani difranco", which is a good thing.)

    • "Give us land," the Zionist said.
      "Give it now, or you'll be dead!"
      But when the Arab turned him down,
      the Zionist razed his land and town
      and put a bullet in his head.

      "Give us land!" the Zionist yelled.
      Oh, how these dirty Arabs smelled!
      The Arab said, "You have no right."
      The Zionist said, "I have the might!"
      And so the olive groves were felled.

      "Give it all!" the Zionist swore.
      "'Enough' won't do - I want much more!"
      The Arab had no more to give;
      the Zionist said "live #AND# let live!"
      and chased the Arab from his store.

  • Four Freedom Riders, then and now
    • >> The first intifada was not dismissable.

      But the terrorism and ethnic cleansing used to establish a religion-supremacist "Jewish state" are defensible, justifiable and laudable. Go figure.

      >> The second intifada was not dismissable ONLY as a gross threat to civilian Israelis. The message was utterly dismissable, rejected, entirely confused.

      Neither is the ON-GOING campaign of aggression, oppression, theft, colonization, destruction and murder is "unfortunate". From Zio-supremacists, however, it appears to merit, at best, lukewarm disapproval, and the occasional suggestion that Israel should "perhaps tone it down a bit".

      >> Present dissent is more confused, not declaring “we want to self-govern” as distinct from “we want to be equal Israstine citizens”, as distinct from “we want you to disappear”.

      Israel, by contrast, is not confused: It refuses to negotiate a just and mutually-beneficial peace with the Palestinians, it remains committed to maintaining Israel as a religion-supremacist "Jewish state" (even if it means excising non-Jewish Israelis from their state in order to maintain a Jewish majority), and it appears determined to realize the full extent of its immoral and religiously-inspired "greater Israel" project.

      >> The Palestinian advocacy effort is ALWAYS accompanied by threatening actions, grossly threatening in the case of Iran joining their solidarity in more than just limited verbal encouragement.

      Israel's Zio-supremacist project is ALWAYS accompanied by threatening actions, grossly threatening in the case of its nuclear weapons arsenal, its default bellicose stance and its close ties with - and significant military and economic backing from - the world's largest rogue nation, the U.S.A.

      >> It feeds the reality that the movement for Palestinian rights is NOT only a movement for Palestinians rights. And, it feeds into the argument of the Israeli right, dismissable.

      It feeds the reality that the Zio-supremacist project has nothing to do with peace, democracy, justice, equality, morality, friendship, humanity or decency. It feeds into the argument of all people who believe in the above descriptors, dismissable.

  • Israel's threat to attack Iran-- will Obama capitulate to that as well?
    • >> “if you attack us we will respond in kind”
      >> Yeah sure, that is what the Hezbollah poster means. You are an expert on Hezbollah mentality. It is a clear threat to Israel that Hezbollah would use nuclear weapons in a war.

      Earlier today, eee predicted the future, and now he is also an expert on Hezbollah mentality! The guy is amazing!

      If Hezbollah's threat of retaliation actually hides an intent to use Iranian-supplied nuclear weapons against Israel, eee's constant threats of retaliation can only mean that he will use Israeli- or American-supplied nuclear weapons against the entire Middle East!!! 8-o

      What a buffoon.

    • >> eee @ 11:56: You guys are so sure you can predict the future. Your arrogance is amazing.

      Funny stuff, coming from an arrogant Zio-supremacist who predicted the future only one hour earlier:

      >> eee @ 10:56: Hezbollah will have no problem delivering the nuclear bomb Iran will give them.

      What a joker.

  • 'Washington Post' touts that 'weird wonderful Israeli democracy'
    • >> 2005: According to IRNA, THE OFFICIAL IRANIAN NEWS AGENCY, Ahmadinejad called for Israel to be wiped off the map.

      Ahmadinejad does not have the power to carry out his alleged threat.

      >> 2009: “”the Zionist cancer is gnawing into the lives of Islamic nations”
      >> Ayatollah KhOmenei called Israel an “enemy of Islam” and “little Satan.”

      Neither of these says "wipe Israel off the map".

      >> 2001: Called Israel a “cancerous tumor” that should be removed from the region.

      This one gets pretty close. But in 2005, according to Wiki:
      >> According to anti-regime change activist Abbas Edalat, in 2005 Khamenei responded to President Ahmadinejad's remark that Zionism should be "wiped off the map" by saying that "the Islamic Republic has never threatened and will never threaten any country."

      Looks like Khamenei had a change of heart. Which means there's no current basis for anything resembling an existential "wiped off the map" threat.

    • >> "We cannot live in a situation where Iran has nuclear weapons and we don't. It's as simple as that," the official said. "If Iran develops a nuclear weapon, that will be unacceptable to us and we will have to follow suit."

      Ah, so they undertand just how Iran feels. Good.

      Now that they've spoken out and are taking action against the possibility of a nuclear-armed Iran, it's time for them to speak out and take action against the reality of a nuclear-armed Israel and a nuclear-armed U.S.

    • >> ... Ahmadinejad is a tool of Khomenei, so what he says reflects the beliefs of the regime. So when Ahmadinejad threatens Israel, it is as if Khomenei did it.

      And as soon as you provide just one link to a quote from the people in power in Iran, agreeing with Ahmadinejad's call to "wipe Israel [Jews and non-Jews alike] off the map", I'll believe you.

    • >> ... the biggest misconception in the West is that ... Ahmadinejad has any real power under Khomenei.

      Thanks for confirming what has been stated countless times. Finally, we can expect Zio-supremacists to stop wailing and whining about impending doom based on Ahmadinejad's "wipe Israel from the map" comment!

    • >> When?

      Every time.

      >> Ah, some truth.

      I'm all for truth.

      >> According to you guys, never. According to Iranian translators, in 2006. According to people who follow Iran, each time they scream death to the Little Satan.

      Terrific non-answer. C'mon, how about just one link to one quote from the people in power in Iran, threatening to "wipe Israel (Jews and non-Jews) from the map". (Hint: Ahmadinejad does not have that power.)

    • >> When has Israel threatened to wipe Iran off the map?

      There are more ways than a mere turn of phrase to threaten a country. Israel has made - and continues to make - existential threats against Iran.

      Speaking of which, when has Iran* explicitly threatened to "wipe Israel - Jews and non-Jews alike - off the map"? (*By Iran, I mean the people who actually have the power to deliver on such a threat.)

  • The progressive vanity of the colonial, per Doris Lessing
    • >> There are many things that phrase could mean.
      >> A simple jazz riff with lots of room to interpret, just two notes, no chords, revealing all of our mental and political habits out on paper.
      >> The compensating life comes in intimacy, family, friendships, not in realized ideals. Among liberals. They don’t have a refreshing path currently, only a gauntlet.

      Dude must be smoking some awesome weed... %-)

  • Dueling messages on Iran
    • Force dominates the revolutionary urge (in the hypocritical opposition to the use of force.)

      This doesn't bode well for Israel, which:
      - remains engaged in an ON-GOING campaign of aggression, oppression, theft, colonization, destruction and murder, which it has the ability to halt immediately and completely; and
      - is permitted to engage in offensive military actions and to use the resulting response to carry out "belligerent reprisals".

      RW talks an awful lot about Palestinians having to use persuasion, having to remain calm, having to make "better arguments" and "humanize 'the Other'". But when it comes to Israel - to the religion-supremacist oppressor state - not so much.

      Go figure.

    • >> Roger Cohen – Contain and Constrain Iran

      In his article, Mr. Cohen neither advocates for "live #AND# let live" nor makes any "better arguments". Instead, he dehumanizes and proposes destabilization and collective punishment.

      I find it telling - but not at all surprising - that RW would post a link to Mr. Cohen's article without an accompanying condemnation of the author's maximalist position.

    • Syria threatens that, if attacked, it will retaliate by launching attacks against Israel. The Zio-supremacist response? Launch "pre-emptive self-defense" strikes against Iran. "Common sense" is amazing stuff.

    • >> I would have been 12 ...

      Well, whaddaya know! :-)

    • >> richard where would you have been when israel was acquiring nukes in 60s and destabilizing middle east realpolitik?

      Because he's a hypocrite, it is highly unlikely that RW will condemn Israel's destabilizing acquisition of weapons of mass destruction.

      Instead - and assuming he doesn't dodge the question by virtue of it involving "academic speculation" due to his tender age at the time - RW will most likely defend Israel's actions by invoking, among other things:
      - self-(self-)determination;
      - existential fears;
      - "tiny blue dot in a sea of green";
      - "a good in the world"; and maybe even
      - the Holocaust.

    • Israel remains engaged in an immoral, unjust and ON-GOING campaign of aggression, oppression, theft, colonization, destruction and murder. It has the power to halt that campaign - to pursue a just and moral course - immediately and completely...but name-calling DETERS it!

      It would be amusing if it weren't so pathetic.

      (Notice, too, that Palestinians aren't granted the same lee-way. Apparently being oppressed, colonized and murdered, and constantly being demonized as terrorists, Jew-haters, murderers and "dissent" does not DETER efforts to change Palestinian hearts and minds.)

    • >> Again, Witty is blaming the effect instead of the cause. ... Oh I forgot, Ahmadinejad denies the holocaust.

      Ahmadinejad questions the Holocaust but i) he was born after WWII (1956, according to Wiki) and ii) he does not CURRENTLY advocate for genocide of Jews. To condemn Ahmadinejad - and, by extension, all of Iran - would be nothing more than, in RW's own words, "academic speculation".

    • >> I’m craving credible description, compelling description that confidently describes that Iran is not developing nukes.
      >> I haven’t gotten it yet.

      As always, it's up to everyone else BUT Israel to "humanize 'the Other'" and to make "better wheels"...even as Israel continues with its ON-GOING campaign of aggression, oppression, theft, colonization, destruction and murder, and with its existential threats against Iran.

      Go figure...

    • >> Hostilities remain with Iran so long as it retains an anti-Zionist foreign policy, confirmed and applied by 50,000 missiles aimed at Israeli civilians by a proxy militia.

      Hostilities remain with Israel so long as it retains a religion-supremacist foreign policy, confirmed and applied by dozens upon dozens of nuclear missiles presenting overt and existential threats. C'mon, Israel, make the "better argument"! You know RW wants you to!

    • >> How did this get posted as journalism?

      How did this get posted as a "better argument"? It comes across as nothing more than "dissent".

  • Lookin' for love in all the wrong places -- Why is JDate advertising in the Gaza Strip?
    • >> That is not evidence of occupation.

      The great quibbler strikes again:
      - It's not apartheid, it's apartheid-like.
      - It's not occupation, it commercialism.
      - Dammit, woman, it's not rape - it's just, y'know, a violent-y episode of sexual-ish assault-iness. Kwitcher whining and make the better argument already!

  • Gorenberg says a one-state solution would produce another Lebanon
    • RW remains:
      - an apologist for past terrorism and ethnic cleansing committed against Palestinians;
      - an advocate for a religion-supremacist state (rather than a secular, democratic and egalitarian state);
      - a hypocrite who holds occupied and oppressed Palestinians to a higher standard of behaviour than he does occupying and oppressive Israelis; and
      - an immoral human being, who spurns universal justice and morality in favour of tribal allegiances, however hateful and immoral they may be.

    • >> Thats EXACTLY my point, that the purpose of accountability is create a present environment that individuals will be confident that their rights are protected, and defendable.

      I like how he dodges the whole issue of accountability for B who, while a victim at the hands of A, is a criminal by virtue of the crimes he has committed against C, a third party.

      He dodges it because he actually approves, supports, excuses and justifies B's criminality. That's just part of his moral bankruptcy.

    • >> If a cruelty is proposed as the remedy for a prior cruelty, that is not justice. That is retribution only.

      Holding the perpetrators of cruelty accountable for their crimes is not retribution, it is accountability.

      Inflicting cruelty upon a third party in response to cruelty is not accountability. It is not retribution. It is pure injustice and immorality. And RW approves of long as Jews are doing it to others, and not having it done to them.

      RW is a morally bankrupt, hypocritical Zio-supremacist.

    • >> Again, what we are comparing is a CURRENT advocacy of mass forced removal, of one ethnicity only, versus an academic speculation of an event that occurred 6 years before my birth.

      Ah, I get it now. RW is saying that there's no harm in openly defending and justifying the genocide of Jews during WWII as long as the person making the statement:
      i) was born after WWII; and
      ii) does not CURRENTLY advocate for genocide.

      To condemn such a person would be to engage in "academic speculation".

      Got it.

    • >> The irresponsible revolutionary approach demanding imposed magic, rather than doing the work to persuade, is a gross violation of justice, a gross violation of principles of self-determination.
      >> You won’t get to good by emphasizing what is actually the oppossite of valid principles.

      This is so incredibly rich coming from a guy who has repeatedly stated his support for the campaign of terrorism and ethnic cleansing that was waged against Palestinians in order to realize a religion-supremacist "Jewish state".

  • Fact Check!: DePaul students disrupt 'Israel 101'; Northwestern students walk out on Israel propagandist
  • The story of one young person's decision to quit his job in the Jewish community over Israel
  • 'Occupy the Occupiers' disrupts Birthright Israel event
    • >> Natural right and rights provided by the San Remo Treaty of 1920.

      Good ol' San Remo. It's been a while. :-)

  • Likud MK Danon: Destroy Gaza neighborhoods for every rocket fired
  • Kristallnacht is memorialized w shattered mirrors
    • I like how the cracked mirrors let students visualize themselves as the shattered victims of a deadly regime.

      The illusion is creative, but incomplete.

      The mirrors fail to reflect the resulting "spiritual holes" and the restoration of lost respect through the "manliness" of terrorism, ethnic cleansing, the establishment of a religion-supremacist "Jewish state" and the 60+ years, ON-GOING campaign of aggression, oppression, theft, colonization, destruction and murder.

  • The real question is: Does Netanyahu lie?
  • James Baker blasts Obama as 'shortsighted' on settlements, on 20th anniversary of Madrid
    • >> “I don't understand how US can oppose settlements for 30 plus years, then veto a UN resolution opposing settlements.”

      Neither do I. Must be one of those "nuances" things...

  • How to avoid war with Iran
    • >> The U.S. could prevent a disastrous military engagement with Iran by following this simple plan:

      A clear and concise "better argument" that even a fraudulent "humanist" could approve of! (Or not.)

  • Occupy Wall Street and the struggle over Israel/Palestine
    • >> ... - targetting one foreign policy element – or all of them – will derail the movement from its focus on corruption and bias ...

      Correction: ... derail the movement from its focus on corruption and greed ...

    • >> annie November 9, 2011 at 3:47 pm

      I did understand what you were saying in your earlier post, but I guess my reply was poorly written.

      When, earlier, I said "I don’t see any problem with the OWS movement discussing corruption and greed in the defense industry", in my mind "defence industry" comprised individuals and organizations in both the private AND public sectors.

      I see no problem in discussing the corruption and greed related to defence spending / defence industry / foreign policy / etc. My contention is that:
      - OWS should focus on the issues of corruption and greed, and not target one particular foreign policy element (I/P) unless it's prepared to target them all (to avoid the impression of bias and resultant defamation); and
      - targetting one foreign policy element - or all of them - will derail the movement from its focus on corruption and bias (by expanding the focus to encompass the significantly broader issues of foreign policy, defence spending and the "defence industry").

      Again, I'm not attempting to "tell" anyone what to do - I'm just offering my opinion as a "regular guy" who sees the possibility of focus being lost and a well-intentioned movement falling victim to agenda "over-reach" (for lack of a better term).

    • >> annie November 9, 2011 at 2:25 pm

      I'm not an activist, so I guess my thoughts aren't much more than "theoretical" (for lack of a better word). Having said that, I don't see any problem with the OWS movement discussing corruption and greed in the defense industry - without delving into and condemning one* specific foreign policy element - because it remains a discussion about corruption and greed.

      (*Fairness would demand that ALL foreign policy elements generating corruption and greed be discussed and condemned but, IMO, that would utterly derail the OWS movement as I currently understand it...or, perhaps, misunderstand it.)

    • From the OWS website:
      >> Occupy Wall Street is leaderless resistance movement with people of many colors, genders and political persuasions. The one thing we all have in common is that We Are The 99% that will no longer tolerate the greed and corruption of the 1%. ... This #ows movement empowers real people to create real change from the bottom up. We want to see a general assembly in every backyard, on every street corner because we don't need Wall Street and we don't need politicians to build a better society.

      I'm just a regular Joe (well, eljay) and, to my mind, the I/P issue has nothing to do with the OWS movement and its core agenda. Putting the I/P onto that agenda:
      - dilutes the anti-greed, anti-corruption message;
      - shifts the focus away from the problem and potential solutions; and
      - unnecessarily exposes the movement to damaging smearing.

      For the same reason this site doesn't discuss China's human-rights violations, OWS shouldn't branch out to embrace non-core issues, and should leave the I/P issue to a ZOP (Zionists Out of Palestine) "occupation".

      Just my humble 2¢...

  • This is not what containment looks like
    • >> But really, how many times recently has anyone from this administration actually met with an Iranian official?

      Who needs to meet with Iranians when it's clear that they're nothing but Holocaust-denying, freedom-hating, genocidal Persian Arab terrrrrists?

      And the more you threaten to bomb 'em back to the Stone Age, the more they try to get nukes up and running! I mean, who DOES stuff like that, unless they're evil?!

  • Spinozapalooza! Jewish leader says American Jewish community must kick out anyone who supports boycott
    • >> Face it, “eee”; from receding forehead to fallen arches, from cowlick to cornpads, I’m all Jew.

      Yeah, yeah, but what have you done for Zionism lately?! ;-)

    • >> 1. The Jewish community in Israel is about 50% of the Jews in the world.
      >> ...
      >> Therefore, anyone wanting to harm 50% of Jews is putting himself outside the Jewish community and should not be considered a Jew.

      The immoral and unjust actions of the Israeli government and of hard-core Zio-supremacist elements within Israel are increasingly placing 50% of Jews (those in Israel) in harm's way. eee supports the Israeli government and is himself a hard-core Zio-supremacist (as well as an atheist who believes in neither the Jewish gawd nor the Jewish faith).

      eee is putting himself outside the Jewish community and should not be considered a Jew.

    • >> An important part of Judaism is caring for the Jewish community.

      An important part of humanism is caring for the human community. eee does not care for the human community (else he would not be such a hateful and immoral Zio-supremacist). eee is not human.

      I knew it!!

    • >> Your writing doesn’t deconstruct, it just falls apart on its own.

      Awesome!! I was unable to contain a burst of LOL after reading that sentence. Thank you. :-)

    • >> If I insist I’m nothing but an ordinary person it provokes towering rage.

      No matter how much "manliness" some people fill their "spiritual holes" with, they just can't seem to handle seeing other people being happy. Pity.

    • >> I’m flabbergasted to think that one wasn’t shattered after reading one single comment by Witty.

      Funny! :-)
      RW isn't always incoherent:
      >> I cannot consistently say that “ethnic cleansing is never necessary”.
      >> If I was an adult in 1948, I probably would have supported whatever it took to create the state of Israel, and held my nose at actions that I could not possibly do myself.
      >> Opposing the wrong actions that Israel does is different than opposing its existence, or even implying that its birth should be accompanied by shame. From me, you won't hear acceptance of shame ...
      >> A moral goal, justifying immoral means? That never worked for me.

  • Warmongering Jeffrey Goldberg calls on Obama to use missile strikes against Iran
    • >> The morality of a strike, which could cause substantial Iranian casualties, would be questioned even by those sympathetic to Israel’s dilemma.

      As it rightly should be.

      >> Israel will have succeeded in casting Iran as a victim and itself as something of a rogue nation.

      Israel has already cast itself as "something of a rogue nation".

  • Palestinian and Jew-- one humanity
    • >> They sought co-existence, a wonderful goal.

      Perhaps they did. As for Israel, well, nothing says "we seek co-existence" like terrorism, ethnic cleansing ("currently not necessary"), the establishment of a religion-supremacist state and a 60+ years, ON-GOING campaign of aggression, oppression, theft, colonization, destruction and murder.

    • I continue to admire Ms. Rosengarten.

  • Uncle Shmuel wants you (to fight and breed)
    • >> Lone Soldiers

      So majestic, so tragic, so heroic! Is this the Israeli term for "martyrs"?

      >> When Julie Feldman ... a Reform Jew from New York City, arrived at Ben Gurion Airport in December 2008, she called herself "a blank slate."

      Ripe for indoctrination.

      >> She returned as the attack on Gaza was under way, armed with a new "pro-Israel" outlook.

      "Mission accomplished!"

  • Remnick favors containment of Iran, calling war plans 'a heedless attack that risks the whirlwind'
    • >> What exactly is Iran doing that needs to be contained?

      Nookyoolar weapons, Akmadinnenutjob, Jews, Hitler, Israel, Holocaust, terrrrrrrr, "Axis of Evil", oil, freedom, Amurrika.

      Is that not enough?!

  • Bellow: Diaspora Jews support Israel because it restored our 'manliness' after the Holocaust
    • >> What is a spiritual hole, and what sort of thing fills it?

      A spiritual hole sounds like one of those tribal-bonding things humans create to ensure that:
      - people remain miserable;
      and, given that misery loves company,
      - they remain miserable *together*.

      If it weren't for religions and spiritual holes, people might just go happily about their business, enjoying their earthly lives (the only lives anyone can prove we actually have) and the company of all humans, not just their miserable, hole-riddled "co-collectivists".

      The most recent article on the suject appears to indicate that "manliness" fills spiritual holes.

      (Note: Since I've never actually been afflicted with "spiritual hole", I could be mistaken about all this. :-) )

    • >> Opposing the wrong actions that Israel does is different than opposing its existence, or even implying that its birth should be accompanied by shame.
      >> From me, you won’t hear acceptance of shame ...

      I guess this is how RW dances around his most recent (Nov. 3) noble-sounding lie:
      >> RW: A moral goal, justifying immoral means? That never worked for me.

    • >> he’ll be gawd-damned if he’ll ever let those hundreds of thousands of dirty Palestinians

      Correction: ... hundreds of thousands of dirty Palestinian victims of Jewish terrorism and ethnic cleansing...

    • >> Quite simple, because I think that the lives of several hundreds of thousands of humans (be they Jewish or not) are more important than the demands of any group to remain a majority in a certain area including Palestinians.

      Hundred of thousands of lives are more important than a permanent majority, but he'll be gawd-damned if he'll ever let those hundreds of thousands of dirty Palestinians threaten the Jewish majority of Israel!

      What a shameless liar and hypocrite this guy is. No surprise there - he's a Zio-supremacist.

    • >> I am angry that the Jewish community allowed it to happen.

      In which case it makes perfect "common sense" to terrorize and ethnically cleanse Palestinians from their homes and lands, to establish a religion-supremacist state and to undertake a 60+ years, ON-GOING campaign of aggression, oppression, theft, colonization, destruction and murder.

      The hatefulness and immorality of Zio-supremacists - whether violence-minded brutes like eee or more-delicate "humanists" like RW - knows no bounds.

    • >> The liberation that 1948 represented was a very good year.

      Wow, from one paragraph down to one sentence! He's getting really good at summarizing his immorality and hypocrisy.

    • >> Liberation, self-determination, manliness (as opposed to slavery), is a GOOD in the world.

      Liberation is a good thing. Self-determination can be a good thing as long as it does not interfere with the rights of others. "Manliness" is irrelevant, given that liberation addresses slavery.

      Terrorism, ethnic cleansing and the establishment of a religion-supremacist state - none of which adheres to RW's oft-proclaimed principle of "live #AND# let live!" - are not good things.

      I love it when he manages to summarize both his immorality and his hypocrisy in a single paragraph.

  • Voice in wilderness, Ron Paul calls for friendship with Iran
    • If I were American, I'd vote for Ron Paul. I don't agree with everything he says, but the man appears to have more intelligence and integrity than pretty much any politician I've read about in recent years.

  • Threatening letter to Obama on chilling Turkey is signed by 7 Jewish House members, says Peace Now
    • >> So why the fuss about Turkey now?

      Ummm...because "the PRESENT is what matters!"? :-)

      That was easy. ;-)

  • Occupy Wall Street responds to controversy over Gaza flotilla
    • >> The two-state liberal Zionist approach is the most progressive on any proposals, of those presented here.

      progressive: 1. favoring or advocating progress, change, improvement, or reform, as opposed to wishing to maintain things as they are ...

      The "liberal Zionist approach" - the way it is presented on this site, anyway - advocates for maintaining Israel's status as a religion-supremacist "Jewish state", rather than progressing / changing / improving / reforming to become the secular, democratic and egalitarian state of all Israelis. Because of this, the "liberal Zionist approach" cannot be considered the most progressive of the proposals presented on this site.

  • Goldstone needs a reality check
    • >> ... the #and# construction is the only way forward.

      Settlement construction appears to be another way forward for Israel.

      That #and# its ON-GOING campaign of aggression, oppression, theft, colonization, destruction and murder.

      Must be Hamas' fault.

    • Goldstone writes - and lies - like a politician. He has a great future ahead of him.

      Since "apartheid" is not the right word to describe Israel's actions both within and without its 1948 borders, I vote for "Zio-supremacism". It describes the mindset, the motivation, and the injustice and immorality of the "Jewish state" project. And, well, it's also kinda catchy. :-)

  • JTA wonders why 'Jewish influence' is so 'pervasive' in our politics
    • >> and all those ultra orthodox who don’t work with the twelve children. are they also dragging down the quality of life for israelis?

      They can't be - they're Jews! And in a supremacist "Jewish state", surely that's all that matters.

    • >> Every Western country limits immigration.

      Hateful and immoral "common sense"-wielding Zio-supremacists simply cannot grasp the fact that RoR is not immigration, it is accountability, a righting of wrongs.

      >> Filthy Arabs, right, eee?

      Filthy, poor, uneducated AND genocidal. But, no, he's not racist.

  • Ultra-Orthodox pose greater risk to Israel than Iran -- fmr Mossad chief
    • >> It is very careless to describe “ultra-orthodox” as any form of enemy.
      >> There are all kinds among the ultra-orthodox ...

      There are all kinds among "Hamas" and "dissent", but that doesn't prevent either of those groups from routinely being very carelessly described as any form of enemy.

      Interestingly, too, I noticed that neither Phil's comment at the head of this thread, nor the Ynet article he links to, uses the word "enemy" to describe "ultra-orthodox".

    • >> The world will be safer with a nuclear [I]ran.

      The world may not be safer, but Iran sure as hell will be! Given the existential threats which continue to be made against it by people in positions of power to actually implement those threats, I hope Iran is able to get some nukes up and running ASAP!

  • Creeping halacha rolls on
    • >> On a bus ridden by reporters from the New York World and the Forward, men and women walked and sat on opposite sides of the divider which runs nearly the length of the center aisle.

      Unbelievable. Good things Muslims aren't the ones pulling this kind of crap in the Land of Freedom, Democracy and Justice, or there'd be no end to the criticism, disapproval and general verbal abuse heaped upon them in the mainstream media!

  • Reporters again turn State Dep't briefing into moshpit, scorning US 'impotence' in the conflict
    • >> "When I see an ultra-Orthodox man coming toward me in the street, I always ask myself if he will spit at me," says Narek, a Canadian Armenian, this week. About a month ago, on his way to buy groceries in the Old City, two ultra-Orthodox men spat at him. The spittle did not fall at his feet but on his person. Narek, a former football player, decided this time not to turn the other cheek.
      >> "I was very angry. I pushed them both to the wall and asked, 'why are you doing this?' They were frightened and said 'we're sorry, we're sorry,' so I let them go.

      Yes, they're sorry he didn't let them get away with their gutter-worthy behaviour, the cowardly pukes. Their self-righteousness makes them "brave" enough to spit on people, but not brave enough to accept the consequences of their actions. Pathetic.

  • Finkelstein on Goldstone
    • >> RW: A moral goal, justifying immoral means? That never worked for me.

      It never worked for RW...except for when the "moral" goal of a supremacist "Jewish state" justified the immoral terrorism and ethnic cleansing used to achieve it.

      >> RW: I cannot consistently say that “ethnic cleansing is never necessary”.
      >> RW: If I was an adult in 1948, I probably would have supported whatever it took to create the state of Israel, and held my nose at actions that I could not possibly do myself.

      Funny stuff.

  • Say Yes To Colonialism!
    • >> I don’t believe that “colonialism” is an accurate descriptor of Zionism ...

      Zionism inspired the establishment - by immoral and unjust means ("currently not necessary") - of a religion-supremacist nation. 60+ years later, Zionism continues to drive this nation to destroy lives and livelihoods with its ON-GOING and OFFENSIVE (i.e., not defensive) campaign of aggression, oppression, theft, colonization, destruction and murder.

      Meanwhile, Zio-supremacist "humanists" quibble over just how to label this hateful ideology.


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