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I'm a happily-married, vegetarian and atheist Canadian with two wonderful cats. :-)

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  • Dispatch from Gaza: Trump's trip will bring 'less than zero' to Israeli-Palestinian negotiations
    • ... Many noted Trump’s pro-Israel rhetoric during the later part of his campaign and first months of the presidency as a signal that their well-being is not on his agenda.

      Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama were brought up in contrast, as presidents who engaged in a diplomatic approach to ending the conflict. Despite each of their failings, each was regarded as, at least, invested in the peace process. ...

      There's not much of a contrast between:.
      - a president who isn't "invested in the peace process" and won't do anything for Palestinians; and
      - former presidents who were "invested in the peace process" but didn't do anything for Palestinians.

  • The message of the Orb
  • Leonard Cohen song is anthem of Jewish exclusivists
    • || Cazador: eljay ... He was a Montrealer ... and he also was very estimed in that open-minded city ... ||

      Right, that's what I said: He was Canadian and a big deal in Canada.

    • || RoHa: Mooser, that seems to imply that we can’t tell who isn’t a Jew. And that raises the possibility that I might be a Jew! ... ||

      If you were a Jew, you'd be one of those self-loathing Jews who advocates assimilation and relinquishes his Jewish identity, so you'd be no further ahead than you are now. ;-)

    • || yonah fredman: I agree that Phil Weiss’s article explaining himself as an ex Jew is a perfect companion piece to his attitude towards Leonard Cohen. And the theme seems to be: the only good Jew is an ex Jew. ||

      The Zionist theme is: The only good Jew is one who believes that the religion-based identity of Jewish grants to people who choose to be/come Jewish...
      - an entitlement to a religion-supremacist "Jewish State" in as much as possible of Palestine; and
      - the right to do unto others acts of injustice and immorality they would not have others to unto them.

      It's better to be a moral person (ex-Jew or otherwise) than to be the Zionist ideal of a "good Jew".

    • || YoniFalic: Halleluyah was musical background to an important scene in Shrek. ||

      Love that scene.

    • || festus: This Leonard Cohen phenomena is odd. I never heard of him until a couple of years ago — at which time he was presented in the media as this fabulous artist who had been famous for decades. ... ||

      He was Canadian and a big deal in Canada. That might explain why you never heard of him. ;-)

    • Leonard Cohen and his “Moment of Truth”

      ... Leonard Cohen acted like the Jew he was. He proudly wore his Judaism on his sleeve. ... one of the biggest tenants [sic] of Judaism is that actions speak louder than words. ... Ones [sic] true nature comes out in times of crisis. ...

      It's a shame to know that Mr. Cohen's true nature and his Judaism were defined by the belief that people who choose to be/come Jewish are entitled to do terrorism, theft, ethnic cleansing, colonialism, oppression, torture and murder all for the glory of Jewish supremacism in/and a religion-supremacist "Jewish State" in as much as possible of Palestine.

  • Wall of shame
    • || Mayhem: Not impressive – vicious and aggressive. Lesher emotes when he spitefully mentions that Naftali Bennett happens to be a Jew who wears a yarmulka. Would he ever refer to an imam who incites his congregants to go out and stab Jews as a radical wearing a sack on his head? ... ||

      - Lesher says "Education Minister"
      - Mayhem says "imam who incites his congregants to go out and stab Jews"

      - Lesher says "Jew who wears a yarmulka"
      - Mayhem says "radical wearing a sack on his head"

      When it comes to being vicious and aggressive and emoting spitefully, you can't beat a Zionist.

  • Trump may want a deal, but Israeli Jews are not interested
    • || echinococcus: Even if it is hard to imagine, it seems possible that you are not pretending. ... ||

      Even if it is hard to imagine, it seems possible that you are not dancing a lively jig.

      Nah, it's not possible: You're dancing up a storm! :-)

    • || echinococcus: Eljay, So you still do not explain ... ||

      My original point - the one you agreed with "in principle" - did not require me to explain whatever it is you want explained. Keep dancing, little man.

      || ... Also, if I were a Palestinian, I’d very strongly object to being called “Israeli” ... ||

      If I were a Palestinian citizen of or refugee from Israel, I would expect to be called Israeli and to have the same rights and freedoms as all other Israelis in a secular and democratic Israel.

      Even if that wouldn't be as much fun as driving Jews out of geographic Palestine and setting up an Islamic State in it (thanks, Hamas).

    • || echinococcus: No, Eljay. Any opposition to Zionism by a Master-race inhabitant remains totally irrelevant to his or her immigration status. ... ||

      In Israel, there are Jewish Israelis and non-Jewish Israelis. Most of the Jewish Israelis are Zionist; some are not. Those who are not should not be lumped in with those who are.

      I don't know what a "Master-race inhabitant" is. Keep dancing.

    • || echinococcus: Eljay, You don’t get it, I see. Zionist or not makes no difference ... ||

      Zionist or not does make a difference because that's what my initial comment - the one with which you agreed "in principle" - was about.

      But I see that you've decided to "pull a Mayhem" and change the point of the discussion, so I'll leave you to dance with yourself.

    • || echinococcus: You’re not too good at feigning lack of understanding and incapacity to communicate, and yet it seems to be your main device. ... ||

      Not feigning anything, just going by what you said.

      || ... I agreed in principle that Zionists and non-Zionists should be separated even when talking about the invader Meistervolk in Palestine. I did not agree that the distinction has any significance, considering that it ends up being the same thing for all practical purposes. ... ||

      Right, so you're agreeing with my understanding of what you said earlier: In principle non-Zionist Jews shouldn’t be lumped in with Zionist Jews, but in practise they’re all just Zionists. Which makes it easy to know which Jews to drive out of geographic Palestine.

    • || echinococcus: Eljay, So you’re talking without having even once looked at any election or polling numbers. ... ||

      And you're "agreeing in principle" with me. Go figure.

      || echinococcus: ... Non-Zionist Meistervolk inhabitants are less than 10% certainly. Close to “one and the same”. ... || principle non-Zionist Jews shouldn't be lumped in with Zionist Jews, but in practise they're all just Zionists. Huh. Well, if nothing else that'll facilitate the determination of which Jews should be driven out of geographic Palestine.

    • || echinococcus: Eljay,

      What’s the proportion of non-Zionist, officially Jewish inhabitants of what you call Israel? ... we’re talking totally negligible numbers ... ||

      I wouldn't know, but apparently you do.

      || ... does it justify making a stink about it? ||

      I didn't make a stink about it, so I wouldn't know.

    • || Mayhem: @eljay, making things up to suit his agenda. ... ||

      Not at all.

      || ... Economic woes dominate Iran’s presidential race ... ||

      Yeah, it's tough thriving when you've got the world's superpower and its allies throwing more shit at you than coddled and babied Israel could ever possibly handle. And yet in spite of it Iran thrives. I sense your unspoken admiration.

      || ... And then he quotes a reference to supposedly suggest that there are other countries that resemble the level of democracy that exists in Israel when in fact it just proves my point. ... ||

      That is a truly lame attempt at deflection. Your original point was: "There are no other countries in the Middle East that can claim any semblance of democracy ... ". The information I linked to very clearly disproves your original point.

      || ... @eljay, uses the fact that the flavor of the democracy that Israel strives for doesn’t match his anti-Israel bias ... ||

      Israel's flavour of democracy is religion-based supremacism for one group of people and second-class status for the rest. Unlike you Zionist hypocrites, I don't like that flavour of democracy anywhere - not in Israel, not in Islamic State.

      || ... and uses the concept of Western democracy as a measuring stick when it is not directly applicable to the Middle East. ||

      Funny, it's you Zionists who never tire of claiming that Israel is a "Western-style democracy". But if the point you really want to make is that Israeli democracy isn't as bad as the democracy of Middle Eastern states you despise, you go right ahead and make that winning comparison.

      Well, that was fun. Tell me, champ, do you enjoy being such a colossal failure? :-)

    • || Mayhem: There are no other countries in the Middle East that can claim any semblance of democracy. ... ||

      Not true. According to Wiki's summary of the findings of the 2010 - 2015 Freedom in the World report on the countries of the Middle East and North Africa, there are a few countries that can claim a semblance of democracy.

      I'm curious to know if there are any countries in the Middle East beside Israel which can claim a semblance of colonialism.

      || ... When Israel struggles to find a way to create a blend of democracy and being a Jewish state the naysayers come out with their hypocritical utterances. ... ||

      Yup, and when the rapist struggles to find a way to create a blend of cohabitation and being a rapist the naysayers come out with their hypocritical utterances. Weird.

      || ... Israel continues to prosper despite all the shit that is thrown at it. ||

      So does Iran. Do you also look to Iran for inspiration on what a state should be? I don't.

    • Trump may want a deal, but Israeli Jews are not interested

      Unless they are one and the same, I thought it was Israeli (Jewish) Zionists - not "Israeli Jews" - who believe that "a Jewish state is more important than rights for Palestinians".

  • PLO source denies Abbas plans to propose large land swap deal during Trump visit
    • ... In Saudi Arabia Sunday, during his first speech outside of the United States, Trump implied that the Palestinian-Israeli conflict was a religious issue ...

      He's right: The conflict stems from the unjust and immoral belief that people who choose to hold the religion-based identity of Jewish are entitled to a religion-supremacist "Jewish State" in as much as possible of Palestine.

      ... “if these three faiths (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) can join, peace in this world is possible, including peace between Israel and the Palestinians.” ...

      And then he's wrong (again). Three faiths joining (whatever that means) has nothing to do with the real path to peace: The universal and consistent application of justice, accountability and equality. The U.S. needs to stop selectively defending evil and start consistently defending international laws and human rights.

  • Israeli settler passes out candy to celebrate killing of Palestinian
    • || asherpat: So it is justified in the opinion of commenters here to kill a Jewish person when he or she is outside the 1949 Armistice Lines? And also justified to use an ambulance for military purposes? ||

      A Jewish person wasn't killed - a Jewish person was the killer.

      But what you appear to be saying is that you think it's right for a supremacist non-Jewish colonist to kill an oppressed Jew and for his fellow non-Jews to distribute candy in celebration of the murder. I don't think that's right. Why do you Zionists hate Jews so much?

    • || asherpat: I didn’t see some key information in the article above. The fact that the “settler’s” car was blocked by an ambulance (!) that clearly tried to block his escape path, that the car of the “settler” was pelted with rocks by a mob that wud have lynched him if an army jeep wouldn’t have arrived and that the “candy” so distributed was the humble “Tortit” ... ||

      So, just to be clear: If a supremacist non-Jew were to kill an oppressed Jew you would applaud the sale of candy in celebration of the murder. Huh. Zionism really does blacken the soul.

    • || Sibiriak: ... Spoken like a true believer ... ||

      Sorry, I don't follow: A true believe in / of what?

    • Israeli settler passes out candy to celebrate killing of Palestinian in Nablus

      Zionism is an evil that blackens souls.

  • A tale of two cities
    • || Maghlawatan: ... Zionists literally cannot tolerate alternative narratives. Take away hasbara and there is a void. ||

      Nicely put.

      And many thanks (once again) to Ms. Rothchild.

  • Internet 'redresses' Miri Regev's 'capture of Jerusalem' themed gown at Cannes
    • || catalan: Beautiful lady. Looks like the hummus boycott has a ways to go before the Israelis get starved into submission. She must have missed the memo how Hamas is winning. ||

      You must be very secure in your knowledge that you and your Zionist co-collectivists have non-Zionist Jews lined up as cannon-fodder against the inevitable blowback. It's the only reason I can think of for your repeated gloating over the current (but finite) resilience of your preferred brand of evil.

      Which continues to leave me at a loss to understand why Zionists hate Jews so much.

  • US diplomats say Western Wall is in West Bank, and Nikki Haley backpedals
    • || Ossinev: ... According to Wikipedia she ... ||

      ...lived in Canada. RoHa will no doubt inform us that that's at least part of the problem with Ms. Haley. ;-)

    • ... But for Haley, this is not a huge issue. It’s just a “touchy”, “tricky” issue, as she says:

      “the tricky part is where the Palestinians come in on this and where the Israelis come in on this. The Israelis don’t want to give on Jerusalem at all, and we have to see how strong the Palestinians stand on that. That’s your touchy part”.


      There's this rapist and this woman, see? And the rapist says the woman belongs entirely to him and he wants to chain her in his basement and rape her. The tricky part is where the woman comes in on this and where the rapist comes in on this. The rapist doesn't want to give on the woman's right not to be chained in his basement and raped by him, and we have to see how strong the woman stands on that. That's your touchy part.

      (Do Zionists ever take even a moment to ponder just how hateful and immoral are their words and their deeds? I suppose they don't.)

      I wonder what Ms. Haley will say if the Palestinians stand strongly "on that". Will she repsect their position or deem it to be unreasonable and perhaps even anti-Semitic?

  • DC and Jerusalem reel over Trump disclosure of ISIS plan to-- hush!-- put laptop bombs on planes
    • ... The Western Wall is indeed the holiest site that Jews can visit today ... For centuries, Jews across the globe turned toward Jerusalem and prayed to return. ... We therefore ask President Donald Trump to explicitly affirm that the Western Wall was – and is now – by the grace of G-d under Israel’s sovereignty. ...

      Turning toward Jerusalem and praying to "return" is Zionism's equivalent of Monty Python's "farcicle aquatic ceremony": Neither act entitles its practitioner to anything.

  • Collective post-traumatic stress disorder – Jews, apartheid and oppression
    • || Donald Johnson: I didn’t know anything about von Treitschke until this thread. I googled and if the Wikipedia article is right he was a vicious antisemite, racist, and colonialist. He seems like exactly the sort of intellectual a Nazi would love. ||

      He seems like the sort of intellectual a Zionist, too, would love:

      Every virile people has established colonial power. All great nations in the fullness of their strength have desired to set their mark upon barbarian lands and those who fail to participate in this great rivalry will play a pitiable role in time to come.

  • Courageous Israeli newspaper is indicted as 'childish' 'contrarian' and 'antagonistic' by the yellowbellied New York Times
    • ... Its provocations aim to serve its ideology. Haaretz and its core readership are fiercely opposed to Israel’s occupation of the West Bank, to the government’s support for settlers there, to the government’s recalibration of the High Court, to Israel’s state-religion status quo and to other conservative trends. ...

      Its ideology seems just and moral and quite unlike Mr. Rosner's religion-supremacist Zionist ideology.

  • 'Bakr boys' cousin shot and killed by Israeli forces while fishing off Gaza coast
    • ... According to the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR) who are investigating this latest incident, at 8.30am yesterday morning Israeli gunboats opened fire at a fishing boat, wounding Bakr with a bullet to the abdomen. The Israeli naval soldiers then arrested Baker and took him to an unknown destination; he died later in the day. ...

      Boris'll tell you it's a self-evident truth that people, who go fishing (near New York policemen), should be ready to receive a bullet.

      IOW, Jews who fail to respect the whims of their oppressors deserve to die. Like all Zionists, he's strangely eager to undermine the rights and freedoms of Jews.

  • Here we go again! Netanyahu disputes Trump administration, urges him to 'shatter Palestinian fantasy' about Jerusalem
    • || Annie Robbins: ... trump, or his administration, seem to just fly by the seats of their pants. ... ||

      Stephen Colbert recently offered an excellent description of Trump:

      “One thing we’ve learned from the last two years of Donald Trump is that what it seems like he’s doing is exactly what he’s doing,” Colbert said ... “There’s no grand strategy. He’s not some puppet master, he’s not some wizard playing three-dimensional chess. He’s playing Hungry Hungry Hippos — he’s just slapping until he gets all of the marbles.”

    • Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu released his harshest statement yet to the Trump administration yesterday, correcting the president on Jerusalem and urging him to shatter “the Palestinian fantasy that Jerusalem is not the capital of Israel.” ...

      Zionism: Jewish supremacism in/and a religion-supremacist "Jewish State" in as much as possible of Palestine.

      Bibi: King of All Zionists*.
      (*Zionists like JeffB will anti-Semitically tell you he's King of All Jews.)

  • On Nakba Day I want the right to be angry
  • Dershowitz defames Gertrude Stein, Daniel Berrigan and Omar Barghouti
    • || Mooser: ... Only one argument is needed, and it contains its own validity. And that is the will, resources and power of 180 million Jews ... ||

      From 2B to 180M in just over a month - the Jewish civilization is in unimaginably rapid decline! Thankfully the determination has already been made that the "Jewish State" will last a Thousand Years.

  • Israeli sniper kills unarmed Palestinian protester during demonstration in occupied village of Nabi Saleh
    • || catalan: ... I was speaking metaphorically. Obviously I cannot quote every person here. ... ||

      Got it. I was confused by your use of the all-inclusive phrases "everyone here" and "all the commenters here" (instead of, say, "many people here" or "most of the commenters here").

    • || catalan: ... Well everyone here says that since Trump got elected, things for the Palestinians are good, great, couldn’t be better. ... ||

      I haven't said that.

      || ... BDS is growing, Israel is collapsing, Palestine will be like Switzerland. ... ||

      Yes, not yet, if you say so.

    • || RoHa: So you approve of cruel and unusual punishments, then? ||

      From you I expect Dinsdale Piranha: Cruel, but fair. :-)

    • || RoHa: And people who put commas around a defining relative clause deserve…? ||

      Merciless sermonizing from you. :-D

    • || Boris: Well, some truths remain self-evident through the ages ... ||

      Yup, and the truth is that Thousand Year states never last.

      || ... people, who throw rocks, should be ready to receive a bullet. ||

      So...Jews who throw rocks at their oppressors deserve to die. Interesting.

    • || Elizabeth Block: ... As for the “most moral army in the world,” what do they mean by that? ... ||

      Zionists have this irrepressible urge to redefine perfectly good words, so "moral" could mean just about anything from "Jewish" to "cowardly" to "immoral".

    • || Boris: Let’s see. ... ||

      Yes, let's: Israeli Occupation and Colonization Forces goons participating in on-going (war) criminal operations in not-Israel shot at and injured non-Israelis. One of the targeted victims later died of his injuries.

      || ... try throwing a rock at a New York policeman. See what happen… ||

      Try pulling the shit Israel pulls on the Palestinians on New York policemen. See what happen...

  • Pro-Israel group bullies Church of Scotland over its 'sensitive' commemoration of Balfour centenary
    • ... Instead, President Arkush objects that:

      “The report encourages the Church to question the very existence of the world’s only Jewish State. ...

      And so it should. "Jewish State" is a religion-supremacist construct. No state is entitled to exist as a supremacist state of any kind, and no-one should be expected or required to recognize or accept a supremacist state of any kind.

      If Mr. Arkush believes in all forms of supremacism, he is a consistently hateful and immoral person. If he believes only in Jewish supremacism, he's a hateful and immoral hypocrite (a.k.a., a Zionist).

  • Senator on Intelligence Committee says Jews in Diaspora are spies for Israel
    • || wdr: ... British Jews who look to Israel no more have dual loyalties than British Muslims ... ||

      ...who look to Islamic State. After all, they're just looking.

    • || eljay: ... Jewish citizens of countries who are more than n-generations removed from Israel ... ||

      Correction: ... Jewish citizens of countries around the world who are more than n-generations removed from Israel ...

    • ... “It’s a lot easier to find Jews in every country around the world than it is to find Americans in some countries,” Cotton said. ...

      No kidding. Americans are citizens of America. Jewish citizens of countries around the world, on the other hand, are Jewish citizens of countries around the world.

      ... the relationships that citizens of the nation of Israel have with that Diaspora ...

      Jewish citizens of countries who are more than n-generations removed from Israel are not an Israeli diaspora. Mr. Cotton must be referring to the Israeli diaspora of non-Jewish Israeli refugees who have yet to be allowed to return to their homes and lands.

  • The 'nation state of the Jewish people' bill is just more Apartheid with a veil
    • ... “Israel is the state of all its individual citizens. It isn’t and won’t be the nation-state of any minority living in it…That is a right this bill gives to the Jewish People alone,” Dichter said, adding in Arabic: “Israel, the nation-state of the Jewish People.” ...

      What's this? A Zionist asserts that Israel:
      - is not the secular and democratic state of and for all of its Israeli citizens, immigrants, expats and refugees, equally; but, instead,
      - is a religion-supremacist "Jewish State" primarily of and for Jewish Israelis and non-Israeli Jews?


      (with apologies to Vizzini)

  • 'We shall remain': Bedouin of Jabal al-Baba face an uphill battle to keep their land
    • || RoHa: Look on the bright side. Ethnic cleansing is currently not necessary, so they are just doing this to stay in practice. Let us hold our noses and primarily celebrate. ||

      You missed "necessary evil" but otherwise nailed it.

  • Jews made America great so 'we deserve our influence' on Israel policy, Dershowitz tells Scarsdale synagogue
    • || bettyberenson: Thank you, Prof. Dershowitz, for your support for Israel, and for helping us be more forceful in telling anti-Israel ideologues the truth about our love of Zionism, the very successful national liberation movement of the Jewish people. ||

      Thank you, bettyberenson, for your rabid support for the colonialist, (war) criminal and religion-supremacist "Jewish State" project, and for telling the world the truth about the hatefulness and immorality of Zionism, the very successful hijacking of Judaism, Jewish and the Holocaust for the sake of your preferred brand of evil.

  • Why are Israeli children brainwashed to hate?
    • || jon s: ... Horrible, reminds me of Hamas. ||

      It should remind you of Zionists. No need for contortions and whataboutism.

  • Netanyahu gov't advances bill to remove Arabic as an 'official language' of Israel
    • ... Israeli ministers have approved a controversial bill that will downgrade Arabic as an official language and define the country as the “national home of the Jewish people”. ...

      Every day in every way I'm getting more and more supremacist.

      (with profound apologies to Émile Coué)

  • A Republican plan for peacemaking: 'break the will' of the Palestinians and force them to 'accept defeat'
    • || ... Also speaking at the caucus launch, Gary Lee Bauer, undersecretary of education for Ronald Reagan and a board member of the Emergency Committee for Israel ... said, “If you see a conflict between barbarism and civilization, you have to rally for civilization.” ||

      Zionism's "Jewish State" project represents the barbarity of terrorism, ethnic cleansing, oppression, colonialism, (war) criminality and religion-based supremacism. Mr. Bauer needs to find a better form of "civilization" to root for.

  • New charter, old politics
    • || JustJessetr: LOL!! ||

      No kidding, right?

    • || Mooser: ... “Jesse” has a lack of scope and imagination? Why, he’s full of it ... ||

      JustaSadSack said he can imagine no greater pleasure in his life than two nobodies on a web forum killing each other. He's full of something alright, but it ain't scope and imagination.

    • || JustaJester: @ Eljay and Echinosorus, Nothing would give me greater pleasure than if you both killed each other fighting over Hamas. ... ||

      Nothing? Huh. Your lack of scope and imagination is truly pathetic.

    • || echinococcus: Eljay, No worries, I’ll remind you every time your colonial propaganda gets too oppressive. || won't shut you up. I guess we're not agreed.

    • || echinococcus: Eljay, We’re agreed then. ... ||

      Sure, if it'll shut you up.

    • || echinococcus: Eljay, If those words were what you really understood from a clear advocacy of asking the Palestinian people before disposing of their assets, you’d be a total idiot, which you are not ... ||

      Gosh, thanks! It's nice to know I'm not a total idiot. :-)

      || ... you are exposing yourself as a propagandist. ... ||

      You've figured it out, Sherlock! I'm a propagandist who advocates:
      - an end to Israeli colonialism and Zionism's religion-supremacist "Jewish State" project;
      - the establishment of two secular and democratic states along Partition borders;
      - the repatriation of refugees to their respective states and/or compensation in lieu;
      - accountability for past and on-going (war) crimes committed; and
      - the right of citizens of the two states to democratically decide (self-determine) their futures and the futures of their states (incl., if they wish to do so, merging them into a single secular and democratic state).

      Whew! It feels good to get those dirty secrets off my chest.

    • || echinococcus: Eljay, Too Moslem to your taste, eh? ... ||

      Secular and democratic states shouldn't be Islamic any more than they should be Jewish. So, yes, it's too "Moslem" for my taste.

      But thanks for clarifying that in addition to dismantling Israel and expelling Jews from geographic Palestine you favour the establishment of an Islamic state in that region.

    • || diasp0ra: @Eljay But it’s the other way round, they followed up their first “fully sovereign” with the national consensus issue. ... ||

      National consensus on '67 borders is in point #20 and it's followed up by another "fully sovereign" in point #27.

      || ... Again, I disagree with you ... ||

      And that's OK. :-)

      || ... but even if we agreed on your point, the wording of the charter is irrelevant next to their actual policy which has been accommodating of two states for a while. ||

      I wouldn't dismiss as irrelevant anything in the PNAC charter simply because they haven't gotten around to do it yet.

      My point (or perhaps a point) is that I - a fairly average person - read the charter and understand it to be a statement of dedication to the idea of ultimately:
      - "liberating" all of geographic Palestine; and
      - establishing in it an Islamic state.

      IMO, it would take very little effort by Zionists or other interested parties to convince a Western world full of average people of the same thing. If that's not what Hamas intends to do, IMO they have shot themselves in the foot by creating a charter in which they state that that's exactly what they intend to do.

    • || diasp0ra: ... So while they don’t see it as legitimate or just, they are willing to follow the national consensus, which is the 1967 borders. ... ||

      In which case they didn't need to follow up their acceptance of '67 borders with "There is no alternative to a fully sovereign Palestinian State on the entire national Palestinian soil, with Jerusalem as its capital." But they did.

    • || echinococcus: ... it does accept a compromise ... ||

      Except in the several sentences in which it doesn't.

      || ... Doesn’t take rocket science to understand that. In fact, it is so elementary that one would be justified to suspect that those who say they don’t get it have some interest in not understanding. ||

      And I do suspect you of having some interest in not understanding what is clearly written in the Hamas charter. Thank you for justifying my suspicions.

      || ... You say you object. Object away ... ||

      Don't mind if I do! :-)

    • || David Gerald Fincham: ... To my mind, it is a beautiful and moving document ... ||

      I find it flowery and obsessed with Islam. And I find it odd (to say the least) that a document which tries very hard (too hard?) to say it has no issues with Jews manages to omit naming Jews / Jewish in the sections covering the religions of Palestine and the attachments to Jerusalem:

      ... Palestine is the Holy Land ... It is the Muslims’ first Qiblah and the destination of the journey performed at night by Prophet Muhammad ... It is the birthplace of Jesus Christ, peace be upon him. Its soil contains the remains of thousands of Prophets, Companions and Mujahidin. ... Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine. Its religious, historic and civilizational status is fundamental to the Arabs, Muslims and the world at large. Its Islamic and Christian holy places belong exclusively to the Palestinian people and to the Arab and Islamic Ummah. ...

      Just my 37¢ (CDN = 2¢ USD). :-)

    • || Mayhem: Hamas terms it liberation. I think the correct word is subjugation. ||

      Hamas appears to be as obsessed with an "Islamic State" in geographic Palestine as Israel is with a "Jewish State" in same. I object to both constructs.

    • || Mayhem: ... I understand that in the ‘new’ charter Hamas rejects any alternative to the full and complete liberation of Palestine, from the river to the sea. This hardly signifies that Hamas’ is willing to accept a two state solution in any form. ||

      I agree:

      ... Palestine, with its historical known borders from Jordan’s river in the east to the mediterranean sea in the west, from Ras Al Nakora in the north to Om Al Rashrash in the south, this land is Palestinian and a united regional unit. ... Hamas refuses any alternative which is not the whole liberation of Palestine, from the river to the sea. ... there is no alternative to the creation of the Palestinian state, with its sovereignty on the entire Palestinian land with Jerusalem as its capital. ...

  • Jake Sullivan seeks to rebrand 'American exceptionalism'
    • || Bont Eastlake: Eljay , 1. I said a government should not be able to deport or expel legal immigrants under any circumstances unless all parties involved explicitly agreed upon the legitimacy of such measures through a pre-signed contract. ... ||


      || ... Immigrants are subject to the same laws that apply to everybody else ... ||

      Without "contractual agreements", that makes them nothing more than "well-trained dogs".

      || ... No need for twisting words. ... ||

      Good, that's why I didn't twist any.

      || ... You can stop speaking English or French, without risk of being deported back to Europe. Children are required to complete basic schooling, but again, they don’t get deported for failing to do so. Immigrants should expect the same treatment, nothing more nothing less. ||

      Who said anything about deporting immigrants? I didn't.

    • || Bont Eastlake: Eljay, Learning the national language is a matter of practicality, not ideology or politics. For most people, the inability to speak English or French in Canada serves as a significant disadvantage in all areas of life especially over the long term. Hence it is ridiculous to suggest immigrants must be legally required to speak the national language or else. How else are they going to socialize, work, entertain? Why not make a law demanding immigrants must eat healthy nutritious meals each day or must enjoy themselves and be happy? Because you seem to be a proponent of legally forcing people to do things they naturally would be inclined to do! ||

      1. Says the guy who expects immigrants to enter into "contractual agreements" and submit to “laws of the land” like slaves or well-trained dogs. Good one. :-)

      2. As sage Sibiriak pointed out, "if people are naturally inclined to learn the national language, then a law requiring them to do so would not be *forcing* them to do anything."

      3. Canadians are not expected to "eat healthy nutritious meals each day" or to "enjoy themselves and be happy", so it would be discriminatory to expect those things from immigrants. Canadians are expected to learn at least one official language, so it would not be discriminatory to expect the same from immigrants.

    • || Bont Eastlake: The only obligation immigrants have is to follow the laws that they agree, in good faith, to be just. ... ||

      The immigrant is therefore under no obligation to follow any laws he feels are not just - IOW, he is free to break the law as he sees fit - and the government of his new homeland has no right to recourse because any recourse would be fascism. Interesting.

    • || Bont Eastlake: Eljay, Of course immigrants should be free to do what they want, that’s the whole point of living in a liberal, progressive society. They are still bound by the laws of the land though, however the same laws applies to everyone in the country ... ||

      In the first sentence, you say that immigrants are free to do whatever they want. In the next sentence, you bind them into slavery using "laws of the land". So much for "contractual agreements".

      || ... So why do we have special requirements for immigrants? ... ||

      Every person born in Canada is expected to learn at least one of its primary languages. It is not a "special requirement" for an immigrant to be expected to do the same in his new homeland.

      || ... We don’t give a shit about homeless people not living a particular lifestyle, but when it comes to immigrants its completely appropriate to craft some arbitrary lifestyle and expect them follow it like well trained dogs. ||

      The ability to speak the primary language of one's (new) homeland is not a "lifestyle". You must be referring to those "laws of the land" which you expect immigrants to follow like well-trained dogs.

    • || Bont Eastlake: ... immigrants are not slaves to be burdened with “duties”. ... If a government seeks to enforce some form of duty onto immigrants, it has to be done after a contractual agreement between all the parties involved. Otherwise it is a form of fascism that must be fought against, not just by the immigrants but everyone who supports justice and liberty. ||

      So, basically, as long as an immigrant fails to reach a "contractual agreement" with the government of his new homeland he is free to do whatever he pleases and the government cannot expel him for his refusal to be a slave because expulsion would be a form of fascism. Interesting.

    • || Kaisa of Finland: and if you have never heard how Finnish sounds ... ||

      Thanks to "Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning", I've heard Finnish...and I like it! :-)

  • 100 senators throw their bodies down to end UN 'bias' against Israel
    • || RoHa: ... That wrinkled lip and sneer of cold command was probably shared by a fair number of people in the Kingdom of Jerusalem, but all their pomp of yesterday is one with Nineveh and Tyre. The chief lesson of history is that proclaming a thousand year Reich is pure hubris. ||

      The only Thousand Year truth is the wrinkled lip and sneer of Elvis.

      Thank ya, thank ya very much. ~:-\

    • || bettyberenson: The Jews are the indigenous people in the Land of Israel. ... ||

      And the Narnians are the indigenous people in the Land of Narnia. Neither fantasy has anything to do with geographic Palestine.

      || ... You cannot stand a tiny Jewish state ... ||

      That's like saying "you cannot stand a little bit of rape". Apparently you're OK with a little bit of rape. Shame on you.

      || ... Israel is here to stay. ... From the river to the sea, Israel for eternity. ||

      Dunno about eternity, but word is you're good for another ~930 years.

    • || bettyberenson: ... The apartheid lie is for uninformed, want to be prejudiced against Israel jerks. ... ||

      We can agree that colonialist, (war) criminal and religion-supremacist is much more accurate.

      || ... But you have no compassion for Israelis. ||

      Says the "Jewish State" supremacist. That's funny! :-)

  • After mob attacks alternative Memorial Day ceremonies, Israeli education minister criticizes ceremonies not mob
    • || jon s: ... Judaism puts the emphasis not on what you believe, or claim to believe, but on what you do. ||

      || eljay: Does Judaism emphasize that Jews should or should not deliberately and unapologetically do terrorism, land theft, military occupation, colonialism, oppression, torture, murder and supremacism? ||

      || jon s: ... I didn’t think that you were asking seriously. ... ||

      I don't know why you thought I wasn't asking seriously.

      || ... Of course “Judaism”, as such, does not condone any wrongdoing ... ||

      It seems odd (to me) that a Jewish person would refer to Judaism as "Judaism".

      It seems even odder that Zionist Jews - especially the religious ones - continually appeal to Judaism to justify the evils they commit even though Judaism "as such" does not condone those evils. (Perhaps there exists a Judaism "not as such" which does condone them.)

      Thank you for answering my question. :-)

    • || jon s: elian kteily,
      Still no reply… ||

      It's only been 10 days. I've been waiting over a month for you to reply to this question.

    • Bennett is one the uglier faces of an ugly ideology and its colonialist, (war) criminal and religion-supremacist construct.

  • 'The Trump opportunity' -- some Palestinians are optimistic about Abbas visit to White House (!)
    • || Citizen: Another shot at peace process…..yeah, sure. ||

      Don't be so cynical: Trump is "neutral" on I-P, values America's unbreakable bond with Israel, believes in the "Jewish State", loves the Jewish people more than anyone in the world and understands that the Palestinians are taught to hate Jews.

      With him handling the negotiations, what could possibly go wrong? ;-)

    • That optimism is expressed foremost by Jibril Rajoub, a Fatah leader ...

      We are therefore convinced more than ever that, with impartial support from the US, this peace is still possible, however distant it may seem today.

      I'm convinced more than ever that, with magical powers, my ability to fly is still possible, however distant it may seem today. I'm much less convinced, however, that I will ever acquire those magical powers.

      ... Rajoub praises Trump for suggesting to Benjamin Netanyahu that he not build so many settlements ...


      Police chief [wagging his finger at the rapist]: I suggest that you stop raping so many women.
      Rapist: Whatever.
      Police chief: Well, I've done all I can do.
      Rajoub: My hero!

      Trump, of course, has his own illusions, both on the Civil War and the Israel/Palestine conflict. ...

      “I want to see peace with Israel and the Palestinians. There is no reason there’s not peace between Israel and the Palestinians – none whatsoever.”

      Yup, there's no reason. None whatsoever. But if there were to be a reason, both sides would be equally to blame. But the Jewish side - and, let me tell you, no-one loves the Jewish side more than me, believe me - well, you could understand their position what with the other side - and I'm not going to name names here, that wouldn't be right - the other side wanting to kill the Jewish side and wipe them off the map.

      Now where did I put that beautiful piece of chocolate cake?!

  • True independence on Nakba Day: accountability and healing as an Israeli aggressor
  • 'I'd rather die than live as a servile slave,' Omar Barghouti told his daughter
    • || Kaisa of Finland: catalan:

      “But I cannot leave to my little boy a world where he would be defenseless against you like my grandparents were..”

      But catalan, don’t you understand what is the price of this “dream” or a “back-up-plan” of yours right now?? ... ||

      He does understand, but he's a Zionist so he believes - as all Zionists do - that Jews are entitled to do unto others acts of injustice and immorality they would not have others do unto them.

      In this way, he and his co-collectivists work to undermine international laws and human rights and the protections they are meant to afford to all people (including little boys).

    • || Mooser: I wish Zionists (or those with a pretension of Zionism, like “catalan”) would decide whether they will snivel, or threaten. Or at least confine the sniveling and the threatening to separate comments. ||

      Aggressor-victimhood: It's a tough gig. :-(

    • || German Lefty: ... I disapprove of Barghouti’s reaction. ... Proposed solutions to the conflict should solely be judged by their content ... You should NOT judge a proposed solution by who proposed it. ... ||

      I agree. His reaction seems extreme considering that - according to the article - the question posed to him was about solutions offered, not solutions imposed.

      ... So [Barghouti's daughter, Nai] wrote, “You’re the most peaceful person on earth, how can they threaten you like that, with civil assassination? I think I’m having a split personality here. On the one hand,” she wrote, “as a Palestinian I’m so proud of you. But as your daughter I just wish you would consider stopping what you do. Enough.”

      And she continued, “I know it is selfish of me, and it is impossible for me to accept that you just stop your human rights work. But you’re my father first and foremost, and maybe you’re my father more than Palestine is my homeland.” And then she immediately added, “I know this is stupid of me to say.” ...

      Miss Barghouti, your father chose to bring you into this world. IMO, it's neither selfish nor stupid of you to want or expect your father to honour his responsibilities / obligations as a parent.

  • Fake progressives
    • MLK:

      ... Peace for Israel means security, and we must stand with all of our might to protect its right to exist, its territorial integrity. I see Israel, and never mind saying it, as one of the great outposts of democracy in the world, and a marvelous example of what can be done, how desert land almost can be transformed into an oasis of brotherhood and democracy. ...

      Israel: A true democracy, a bastion of Western glory that makes the desert bloom. (I'm surprised he omitted "moral beacon" and "light unto the nations" from his description.) No mention of any of the past or on-going (war) crimes committed by Zionist Jews or their religion-supremacist "Jewish State" construct. No wonder Mr. King found "merit" in the Zionist project - he was well-steeped in Zionist propaganda.

      (I'm still curious to know what he thought comprised Israel's territory.)

      ... Peace for the Arabs means the kind of economic security that they so desperately need. These nations, as you know, are part of that third world of hunger, of disease, of illiteracy. ...

      Pity the hungry, diseased and illiterate Arabs! You can practically hear their cries for a "Jewish State" to come and liberate them from their desperation.

    • || Jon66: ... It’s not that King is infallible, but if a man of his stature who was aware of the situation in the ME, was a Zionist, than perhaps there is some merit in the position. ||

      The more likely explanation is that due to his religious beliefs / upbringing (among other things) a fallible King could accept the acts of injustice and immorality (incl. terrorism, ethnic cleansing, oppression, torture and murder) being committed by Jews against "third world" Arabs far away in the M.E.

      I doubt very much that Mr. King would have found "merit" in Jews committing those same acts of injustice and immorality against blacks in the U.S.

    • || Jon 66: Eljay, Again I have no clear idea of King’s view of Israel’s borders. That is beside the point. ... ||

      Perhaps you don't have a clear idea, but my musing was precisely on that point.

      || ... What’s material here is that in an article giving examples of “the greatest progressive leaders and organizers”, King was given as an example. ... he shouldn’t be used as an example of the ‘correct’ type of progressive if that excludes those supporting Zionism. ||

      I didn't use King as an example of a progressive, so I don't know why you're taking this issue up with me.

    • || Jon66: Eljay,
      I don’t know what he meant ... ||

      What he meant by what?

      || ... If you read the full exchange from his visit to the Rabbinical Assembly you see he doesn’t distinguish between Palestinians and Arabs. ... ||

      What does that have to do with determining what he considered to be the extent of Israel's territory?

    • || Jon66: We can’t know how he would feel now, but we do know how he felt when he was alive. He supported Zionism. ||

      It's a shame that MLK was a (pro-)Zionist hypocrite.

      ... “we must stand with all of our might to protect ... its territorial integrity. ...

      What, I wonder, did he think comprised Israel's "territory"?

  • Warren and Sanders stand firmly behind Trump officials -- on guess what issue?
    • The senators and Ms. Barclay are engaging in typical Zionist hypocrisy and whataboutery:
      - they don't want Israel to be "singled out" for special treatment, but they don't want Israel to be held accountable for its past and on-going (war) crimes; and
      - as long as murderers exist, it's okay to rape.

      Ms. Barclay's speech, in particular, is amusing. She refers to Syria, Iran and North Korea without mentioning...
      - the political, financial, military and/or economic actions that continue to be taken against those countries; or
      - the generous political, financial, military and economic support being given to Israel even as it continues to commit (war) crimes deliberately and with impunity.

  • Yet another young American Jew has had it with Israel
    • || Annie Robbins: ok, so according to you someone who thinks israel embodies colonialism, military occupation and institutionalized racism is at best a zionist. ... ||

      No, that's according to you.

      According to me, I know that Mr. Axelman opposes Israeli militarism, colonialism and racism. If I also knew that he...
      - objected to the religion-supremacist “Jewish State” construct;
      - favoured reforming Israel into a secular and democratic Israeli state of and for all of its citizens, immigrants, expats and refugees, equally; and
      - wished to see Israel honour its obligations under international law (incl. RoR) and be held accountable for its past and on-going (war) crimes,
      ...I would agree that he is an anti-Zionist.

      Since I do not know these things because they are not stated here and I couldn't confirm them using Google, all I know for certain is that he is a liberal Zionist.

      I really don't know why it should bother you so much that I think he's a liberal Zionist based on the only information that's available to me.

      || ... you can take the last word. ||

    • || Annie Robbins @ May 1, 2017, 1:13 pm ||

      Annie, to the best of my knowledge the only things he HAS said make him at best a liberal Zionist. So, naturally, I assume he's a liberal Zionist.

      Your opinion that he is an anti-Zionist seems to be based on things he hasn't said.

      But maybe he has said things that make him an anti-Zionist and I haven't come across them yet. Fair enough. If/when I do, I will gladly stand corrected.

      Until then - to the best of my knowledge based on the things he has said - he's a liberal Zionist.

    • || David Samel @ May 1, 2017, 9:38 am ||

      A few thoughts:
      - Mr. Axelman is being praised as an anti-Zionist, but from what I have been able to gather he is a liberal Zionist. I'm happy to be proven wrong, but I don't see what's "unfair" about my understanding that he - like jon s - is a liberal Zionist.
      - I agree that Mr. Axelman should complete his journey to anti-Zionist, at which time I won't question the praise he receives for being one. (Same goes for every liberal Zionist, including jon s.)
      - The only liberal Zionist to whom I directly compared Mr. Axelman is jon s. I don't think jon s is "the worst of the lot" - do you?

    • || yonah fredman: Eljay- you’re very doctrinaire ... ||

      Says the unrepentant Zionist. That's funny. :-)

      || ... One item in the news was the israeli govt blocking Palestinians who were seeking to participate in a joint Palestinian israeli mourning for those killed by the conflict. Your reaction, I’d predict, is: If those Israelis are not orthodox (to your or morality’s right beliefs), they’re religious supremacists and are automatically disqualified. ... ||

      Not surprisingly, your prediction would be incorrect. If Palestinians and Israelis have agreed to mourn together - whether in Israel or in not-Israel - neither the Palestinians nor the Israelis should be prevented from attending the gathering.

      || ... My gut reaction to axelman is to attack him because he is an enemy to israel. ... ||

      Mr. Axelman receives praise for being anti-supremacist (anti-Zionist).
      - I question whether there's sufficient evidence to suggest that he merits the praise.
      - You instinctively want to attack him for not being sufficiently supremacist.

      Thanks for clarifying just how different you and I are.

    • || Annie Robbins @ April 30, 2017, 9:48 pm ||

      The only thing Mr. Axelman appears to object to is Israel's militarism, colonialism and racism. So as far as I can tell he's no different from a "liberal Zionist" like jon s and, therefore, I don't see what all the fuss is about him.

      If Mr. Axelman actually does favour ending "Jewish State" and requiring Israel to honour RoR, etc., I'd be happy to read about it.

    • || Annie Robbins: to be fair eljay, you’re not quoting axelman directly. ... ||

      From what I can gather, Mr. Axelman was raised a Zionist but now has concerns about:
      - Israel's colonialism, militarism and racism;
      - the occupation and the settlements;
      - the censorship of Jewish criticism of Israel; and
      - Israel's increasing nationalism and international isolation.

      Even after a quick google, I couldn't find any indication that Mr. Axelman:
      - objects to the religion-supremacist "Jewish State" construct;
      - favours reforming Israel into a secular and democratic Israeli state of and for all of its citizens, immigrants, expats and refugees, equally; and
      - wishes to see Israel honour its obligations under international law (incl. RoR) and be held accountable for its past and on-going (war) crimes.

      I don't see how this makes him any different from a "liberal Zionist".

    • Yet another young American Jew has had it with Israel

      He may have had it with Israel, but there's no indication that he's had it with or given up on religion-supremacist "Jewish State".

      Maine director’s film turns a critical eye toward U.S. ideas about Zionism:

      ... Israel was forced into a war of survival when it “captured its historical highlands,” Oded Ravivi wrote in an opinion piece for The Jerusalem Post in September. The land was legally ownerless at the time, he said. “No other nation on earth has more right to Judea than the people of Judah, aka the Jews,” Ravivi wrote.

      Axelman agrees to a point, noting that Jews didn’t have much of a choice but to move to Palestine ... The Jews are a Middle Eastern people originally, he said, but it’s the militarized aggression of the occupation forces that scare him. ...

      Those are the sounds made by a "liberal Zionist" who believes in a "kinder, gentler" religion-supremacist "Jewish State" in Palestine. Nothing new here.

  • Once I was lit by moonbeams
    • || Emet: Some will choose ... [a cause] ... all the while ignoring the evil that oozes and has oozed out of the side they have chosen. ... ||

      That is a disgustingly-perfect and authoritative-sounding description of Zionism and its adherents. You clearly know whereof you speak.

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