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  • Haaretz joins Rush Limbaugh and company in trying to link Max Blumenthal to KC shooter suspect
    • @David Nelson

      The difference in various sanctions regimes then is in the amount of social, media, and political power any one group has towards their government?

      No, this is simply a characteristic of a boycott. Each is unique.

      Where would the Iran sanctions be without the concerted efforts of the friends of Israel in the US media to demonize Iran? I do not understand this question. It appears to be full of assumptions, leaps and projection. The Iran sanctions have been going on for decades and have may levels, globally. It is not all about "concerted efforts of the friends of Israel...."

      .... or would BDS supporters go full throttle with all sanctions conceivable until Israel capitulated? What are you talking about?

      BDS is not about capitulating Israel. It simply calls for Israel to comply with international law and Palestinian rights. That's it!

      You say, The whole idea of economic sanctions rests on collective punishment–make a society hurt badly enough ... NO! This is not a fact and not a theory as you say. (It was, however, the theory and justification of the Israeli government for the slaughter and murder in Gaza -- to punish the society so severely, they would chase their leaders out. This was the rhetoric from Israel at the time.)

      Sanctions can and do work when those in power, the elites in control of policy, feel the pain of loosing their position. That is why, for example, several business leaders in Israel now take the consequences of BDS much more seriously than the people in the street. They and their interests are threatened.

      And that is also how the Bus boycotts in the south affected the local municipalities and politicians (the power structure) but not the person on the street -- who had a car.

      In other words, boycotts are not by definition collective and can be targeted. They need not be collective to be effective.

      I agree that severe collective punishment of a people (as when Iraq was boycotted, perhaps the boycott of Iran, and certainty the horrific collective punishment of Palestinians in Gaza) may be immoral.

      But for you to take the leap and say, Collective punishment is not okay against the Palestinians, so why is it okay against the Israelis? Why is it okay against Iran? Against Cuba? Again, this is projection based on a false logic and projection claiming that BDS is collective punishment.

      As for your question: If American supporters of BDS could influence the US government towards its own direction, would they do so?

      That will not be needed. Boycotts (albeit under another name) are already happening. Foreign firms are pulling out of industries and services connected with the illegal occupation, for example. This will spread and governments will follow their people --after all, they want to stay in power.

    • Lots of attention to the insane VNN forum, and twisting to discredit Blumental, but nothing by Haaretz or their fellow traveller Limbaugh on Howard Stern inviting (yes inviting!) Frazier Cross (or whatever his real name is) into his radio show.

    • defense of Avraham Burg.

    • Brenda, great post.

      In a somewhat defense of Berg: I think for many the trouble with supporting BDS is that boycotts most often become collective punishment of a society. (Think Iran, Cuba, Irak in the 90s, etc.) Yet, those examples are government enforced boycotts, not grass roots, of the people, such as BDS. Not akin to the beginnings of the successful South African boycott, or the boycotts related to the civil rights movement in the US.

      To accept BDS is a slow development, at least it was for me. I have since embraced it.

  • Fear of Arab-Americans in the public square
    • Some Jewish students have said that it makes them feel unsafe.

      And many white students felt unsafe and afraid in the 50's and 60's around black students who would dare speak up.

      That such students say they may feel "unsafe" says more about their own fearful pathologies when confronted with new and dissenting voices.

  • Alterman says BDS is helping Netanyahu
    • It is how all movements of social change start -- on the fringes, among the "radicals." It is radical because it is not (yet) conventional thought.

      Just as the Abolitionists were radicals of their time, and other -- as you mentioned -- which followed.

      Slavery (like Zionism) was also defended as God's plan and those who spoke against it were demonized and filth and traitors. This is how movements of change are resisted. Same 'ole ....same 'ole.

      Rejection of Zionism will also be mainstream in time.

  • Alleged K.C. killer: 'If Jews can have a state of their own, why can't we have a White Christian state?'
    • Yes, and the ADL statements yesterday (that Jews will always be a target) are a sad disservice and distraction from truth on many levels. We are all targets for wackjobs with guns. And the more guns flying around, the greater the danger for us all. Why did a convicted felon have guns?

      The attacks on Max Blumenthal have been vicious, and predictable. Max never had anything to do with this insane person. But there has been nothing on Howard Stern, who gave him a platform and invite on his radio show.

      link to

    • seafoid, remember Hoph is the same guy that finds it A-OK and really nothing wrong with Israeli students reenacting the lynching and murder of a black man.

      link to

    • hoppy, nothing this cretin uttered is worth making a story, especially rantings on Shock radio intended just for that -- to shock. And claiming "respect for Muslim people" meant that he has no respect. That is why he said it. He has no idea of what Islam is about or who "Muslim people" are. No respect for anyone anywhere. This is who the mush brain is. But he was given a platform on Howard Stern's show. Why?

      And for that matter his rantings that he wanted a white only state the way the Jews can have a Jewish only state, is also really not worth elaboration or making something of.

      (Missouri seems to have a lot of them -- between the burnings of Mosques in Joplin, and that baptist whats- his-name-anti-gay hate monger, MO guns for Missouri clubs, etc, and now this guy.)

      But since you do want to give meaning and weight to the words of these insane people, what do YOU think of Breivick's great admiration of the Israeli colonial project?

  • Amid 'climate of fear' at Vassar, president comes out against 'action and protest' re Israel
    • Hop, fearful Zionists feigning intimidation and harassment, and a "climate of fear" when faced with voices they do not want to hear are setting the judicial stage to have Vassar (and other) students charged and jailed.

      You know that.

    • Ah Hoppy. Sounds like the worries are a lot of projection. I am sure the students can handle themselves.

      As for worries about bigotry? One cannot prevent it by worrying about such theoretical possibilities by suppression and repression. When bigotry rears an ugly head it is exposed and takes care of itself.

      Suppression of legitimate exchange or criticism just because it might bring the bigots out is no justification for repression.

      Imagine one could not criticize the failings of Catholic Church institution because it would bring out the bigots. How insane that would be. Like so what, deal with it.

    • Ignorance = fear. Fear X ignorance = irrationality.

      Irrationality = some really bad decisions.

      So we have American university presidents driven by ignorance and fear.

      No wonder the country is in a down slide.

      P.S. As I've learned through bitter experience: most all people (and especially those in powerful positions) are simply cowards.

  • The Jewish community must not embrace Ayaan Hirsi Ali
    • Rachel, she is accepted with open arms and given a platform to build a veneer of credibility for her Islamaphobic (to create fear and hate) messages.

      She will be speaking at a seemingly "highbrow" speaker series in St. Louis.

      Btw, this is also being advertised on the local Public Radio stations.

      I do not think she should be disinvited, but this should be called out for what it really is. And if people want to support her go for it, but do not pretend she is serious or credible.

      It would be interesting to know exactly how speakers are chosen.

  • Israel's brand rides high on NPR
    • Please links to actual broadcasts or scrips. Original sources. Not repeating the interpretations of the discredited-with-an-agenda CAMERA group.

    • DaBakr, I have heard as many reports from them that focus solely on negative aspects of israel ...

      Cite one...just one NPR report that was even remotely critical of anything related to Israel or even it's politics.

      I look forward to a sourced answer.

  • Florida university president who condemned boycott has financial ties to settlements
  • 'No decision has been made on Jonathan Pollard,' says State Dep't
    • And that is why Pollard is MUCH more valuable for Israeli politics behind bars in the US than released. He is a uniting cause for the masses.

      Released, he is worth nothing to them. The Israeli government knows exactly what he is and does not honestly want him turned over to Israel a free man.

  • Simon Schama's Israel whitewash
    • Wow, that is one freaky place!

      Keep the fight alive ....

      The Jewish Internet Defense Force (JIDF) makes no representations as to accuracy, currentness, correctness, suitability, or validity of any information on this site and will not be liable for any ....

    • At least you admit that Israel is being built upon a slow snuffing out of a people. So if you want to be left alone to continue these crimes, why is it that at the same time Israel demands endless "aid" from the American taxpayer ? That the support for this comes from "our house?"

      What, in the Zionist Colonial enterprise, is on it for Dick and Jane?

      Yes, a cleaning out is going on. Believe it or not, some members of Congress are beginning to smell the stench in our house.

    • Such a book, and an excellent one ( two volumes) is "The Monotheists..." By Peters, a historian.

      link to

  • 6 DC heavyweights tell Kerry, Netanyahu in West Bank is like Putin in Crimea
    • Sorry, this is in German and reported by the Neue Zuericher Zeitung, but in short the Swiss will recognize the Palestinian membership into the Geneva Convention. This is significant as Israel is in direct violation of the Geneva Convention on many many levels. Israel's only argument against the Palestinian entrance is that it is not a state, so cannot be a member. So there you have it: Israel will do everything to prevent an establishment of a Palestinian state.

      Please plug into google translate or something like that.

      link to

      "Die Palästinenser können nach Angaben der Schweizer Regierung den Genfer Konventionen beitreten. Die Aufnahme des «Staates Palästina» sei am 2. April wirksam geworden, teilte das Aussenministerium in Bern am Freitag mit.
      (ap) Die Palästinenser haben im Streit mit Israel um die Gründung eines eigenen Staates den Beitritt zu mehreren internationalen Organisationen und Konventionen angestrebt. Die Vereinten Nationen teilten am Donnerstag mit, Generalsekretär Ban Ki Moon habe die Bewerbungen für den Beitritt zu 13 Konventionen akzeptiert.

      Israel ist gegen einen Beitritt der Palästinenser zu den Genfer Konventionen. Diese sind Teil des humanitären Völkerrechts und schützen Menschen vor Grausamkeiten in Kriegssituationen. Sie untersagen auch die Kolonisierung von besetztem Land. 195 Staaten sind dem Genfer Abkommen von 1949 beigetreten. Israel argumentiert, dass die Konventionen nicht auf die Palästinenser angewendet werden können, weil sie keinen eigenständigen Staat haben."

    • lysis, nothing about JffB's post above made any sense at all. As often, he even got his facts completely wrong.

      Russians started moving into Crimea under the Czars and the region was completely transformed during the Crimean wars when Russia went at it against the Ottomans.

      Crimea has historically never been a part of the Ukraine and was part of Russia (under annexation) for hundreds of years. It became an autonomous republic of the Ukraine in 1991 -- only 23 years ago.

      Powers have been fighting for control over that Peninsula ever since the Greeks moved in around the 5th century.

    • They are simply pushing buttons to get support for this stance.

      Unfortunately not one of these former "heavyweights" have any real policy influence. If they did, they would not be in their jobs long.

      But their voices on Politico on this is significant.

      I can already hear the whining songs of victim-hood out of Zioland when the US finally stops bankrolling Israel.

      But before that happens, things will be very very ugly and that is frightening.

  • 'There's a lot of anti-Semitism out there' -- Johansson reviews her role as 'new face of apartheid'
    • She drinks the Kool-aid because she is completely ignorant. I do not want to call her "stupid" but she barely made it out of high school, where her education ended. And from her public utterances it is obviously she is not informed about anything really.

      For those of her generation, this is increasingly the profile of Zionist followers.

  • 'In every generation they rise up against us' -- Passover and the Jewish imagination
    • Yonah, can you quote or cite any poster here who wrote such nonsense "let Judaism disappear?"

      I've never read anything like that on this blog.

  • Aussie media focus on Carr's assertion that Israel lobby had 'direct line' into Prime Minister's office
    • Both Julia Gillard and (take a deep breath) Ayann Hirsi Ali will be speaking at Maryville University in St. Louis under the St. Louis Speakers Series.

      It does not take too much imagination to understand the real purpose of this speakers series. (Just look at the line up of their speakers.)

      Both these ladies should speak. Hopefully there will be opportunity for public dialogue.

      link to

  • Australia opposed Palestinian UN bid because foreign policy was 'subcontracted to Jewish donors' -- report
    • Hophmi defended Israeli High Schoolers dressed as KKK /black face enacting a lynching to the last breath. He found really nothing wrong with it and even tried to place the blame of this heinous and disgusting acting out back onto Americans and a lack of understanding by Israelis of US history.

      Sorry, but the guy and his hasbarism is revolting.

  • Brandeis retracts plan to honor anti-Muslim activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali
    • what she says about the plight of women in the Muslim world is most certainly not a fraud,... tell us hop! about this plight.

      Is a plight specific to the so-called Muslim world? Tell us, is it only Muslim women who are bartered from Moldova for trafficking like chattel Tel Aviv and Hamburg and Moscow?

      How is a Muslim woman's life in Sarajevo or Topeka different from her non-Muslim neighbor?

      Is it only Muslim women in the traditional Arab countries who are expected to show modesty while in public? (And after all is that a plight or cultural understanding of modesty and self respect?)

    • I admire your honesty. Thank you.

      In the late 70's the anti Islamic, anti Arab propaganda machine started in the West. (This was also a time when military think tanks recognized that the Soviet Union was soon to be on it's last legs and had identified the Middle East as a future conflict zone -- more on that later.)

      I also fell for it and am so ashamed of some of the stupid thoughts I had. Then there were new events (invasion of Lebanon) and new information came to the fore. It all became so clear to me.

      As for Hirsi Ali. She, like Geller, has made a career out of anti-Islam demagoguery.

    • Yesterday, the school said it would not give Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a Somali-American, a degree because her views ”are inconsistent with Brandeis University’s core values.”

      Brandeis did not know that BEFORE they invited her? Not possible.

      Face it, she was invited exactly because of her anti-Islam propaganda value. The Administration was called out and is now pretending they did not know. When in fact, they got caught and are backing down. Makes 'em look even worse.

  • Zionism has distorted American Jewish life
    • Sad attempt at distorting and mis representing Brownfeld's talk and then reducing it to pinning a "core claim" onto him (one he never made) and then using poll numbers as if such whipped up statistics substantiate some kind of truth. (Polls measure the past.)

      The children and grandchildren of today's Zionists will move beyond tribalism and reject their parent's enterprise and idolatry. They may return to true Torah. Mr. Brownfeld, like others, see this future.

    • ..a form of idolatry, making the sovereign state of Israel the object of worship, rather than God.

      In other words, the Golden Calf.

      Thank you Mr. Brownfeld.

  • Maryland legislature passes toned down anti-BDS language
    • hop, participation in a boycott is and expression of free speech. If we like it or not. Preventing and punishing Constitutionally protected free speech is "Shut Up."

      The Maryland Shut Up resolution could likely be successfully contested in a court of law. That may well happen.

    • The efforts behind this and the language that finally passed and shamefully landed into the official record --watered down as it was-- is just another reflection of the growing "Shut Up" culture.

      There will be more shut up actions.

  • US is 'absolutely adamant' that Palestine not go to ICC and wreck the peace process -- Power
    • They have. She is an Amerkin now.

    • I liked her when she called Hillary Clinton a "horrible monster."

      From then on, after speaking truth, and the beatings she got for it, she learned how to cower and grovel and repeat what is told to her to stay at the table.

      Her legacy will be ugly.

  • Ehud Olmert's JNF-sponsored tour nixed after corruption conviction
    • How is it integral if separated from Palestine? Families cannot even visit each other due to Israeli force separation.

    • Yonah, Hamas has really little to do the dire state of Gaza. Gaza is under Israeli blockade!

      And btw, remind us again who was it that funded and nurtured Hamas in its early days?

      Without Israel, Hamas never would have established itself. Thea plan is is now the perfect scapegoat talking point for propagandists.

  • 'A Painful Price': The escalating war on Palestine solidarity at U of Michigan and beyond
    • JeffB a bit off topic, but much of the land in the US that was previously farmed is not even suitable for agriculture. Think the dust bowl -- millions of acres abandoned, land that never should have been farmed in the first place. This process of abandoning marginal crop land to other uses continues.

      Reality is, over the last 150 years or more, the western world has been leaving "peasant " society.

    • Dear LeaNder,,

      Thanks for your thoughtful response. I am aware of first use of the term in the Marr pamphlets. A time in Europe where ideas of “race” and nation were emerging full throttle. And I will check out the references you cite.

      Use of “Semite” to mean one of the Jewish faith was at the same time that Polish nobility pandered about the ideas of Samartism – that the Polish Nobles were really Persians who brought civilization and culture into Eastern Europe.

      Also at this time, Christian peasants were asking how did all these Jews come to be among us? Why are they not like us, not Christians? As Judaism enjoyed a brief period of proselytism, Judaism was adopted very early by Central and Eastern European peasant societies (everyone was a peasant) from the Rhein to the Volga. (I remember finding 2nd century Jewish graves on the fringes of Mainz, right below Gonzenheim…hope to show them to you sometime.)

      Jews of Central and Eastern Europe spoke Yiddish – an old medieval German Dialect, but as some Jewish prayers were still recited in Hebrew, Marr gave the answer- They must of the Semitic people!
      They do not belong to us.

      So as Zionism was also emerging along with other race-nation blut und boden ideologies of the time, the early Zionist adopted Marr’s deluded expression, “Semites” to mean Jews.

      Just as the Poles were deluded into thinking themselves as Samartists, European Jews were deluded into thinking themselves Semites of the Middle East for the race thing- (Today, calling someone a Samartist in Poland is the same as calling someone a phony with airs.)

      But in today’s world Zionists cling to this because just as our resident Zio defender, JeffB, states, *Zionists use this term because the analogy with Israel is so incredibly obvious.”

      Semite = European Jew is to make claim. A claim just as phony as if a bunch of “Samaritian” Poles started claiming parts of Iran.

      That is why Zionist will fight this term, “Semite” to mean Jews to the end. But in the end….it will be as ridiculous as Poles calling themselves Samartians.

    • Kathleen,

      "Antisemitic"or "Semites" was a term coined by a mid 19th century anti Jewish bigot to describe European Jews.

      Ironically Zionists adopted this bizarre language for self description.

      In my mind it is like adopted the world "Ni&&&er" to refer to black Americans. I will never do that.

      Black or African Americans are dearly not the why do Zionists (Christian and non Christian) adopt this language for Jews?

    • yonah, if you cannot engage....delay and divert onto another subject.

      You started with an inane and superficial blah blah about language and so-called "antisemitism-." I responded to that.

      Now you start attacking an individual to change the subject. A very old tactic.

      I also read about that method in the Hasbara 101 handbook.

    • yonah, there are anti "red-heads", anti "red-necks" anti Catholics, anti Whites, anti Blacks, anti Jews, Anti Muslims, Anti Asians, Anti Arabs, on and on. The ignorant with fears of the "other " will always be among us, everywhere. There is nothing special about anti Judaism or anti Jews.

      So what! Move on like the rest of the world. Do not wear that coat of victimology. If you take that mantle on, you give the ignorance and fearful power over you. You let the antis, the ignorant define you.

      Is that what Zionism is about?

    • the first time my 20-something-year-old hear the word, was from a Jewish friend referring to himself. It really is not in the modern goy vernacular.

      The civil rights movement created "ethnic" tension. Tension creates change and moves us forward.

    • Excellent reporting. And frightening.

      I would think that IF there are allegations that SJP students are a threat to other students and student leader Dishell has been targeted with “threats of violence” the University administration must call for a complete investigation to such charges. With this the truth will come out.

      And Dishell would be exposed for intended liable. So with ugly charges against them, why does the SJP not call for an independent and outside investigation? (If the charges really were true, why didn't Dishell report them to the FBI or state police?)

      This could get much uglier. The likes of a Dishell and others are not beyond creating a "false flag" attack upon the university or other students. The tactic is to push the SJP into a corner where they are thrashing in defense before the crushing. This is how it works.

      These were the same tactics against the civil rights movement of the 60s. And it was only after the tactics and violence against civil rights supporters and black Americans became to horrific and in your face that citizenry could no longer turn away.

      If anyone is truly threatened, it is the SJP.

  • An open letter to J Street: Let's talk
    • Aside from the bigoted "PalArabs" expression used by a resident "linguist," keep in mind that Israel refuses even propose borders in spite of the US/Palestinian request that Israel first propose it's borders. This is one of major and many blocks Israel has put in the way of starting earnest negotiations.

      Palestinians are now being scolded for applying to international bodies for recognition -- something they said they would not do while negotiations were ongoing.

      But Israel nixed the negotiations by reneging on its agreement. So the negotiations, in effect ended. So the Palestinians didn't do anything outside of its agreement. (However, I do not know if it was/is politically wise to do it at this moment. )

      Even if the Palestinians did not make the move for recognition, the negotiations would have to be killed off by Israel. You see, Israel needs this conflict for its identity, its economy, the Oligarch families, the occupation industry. etc. There is simply too much too loose with peace with neighbors.

  • From Portland to Portland, and Amman to Lahore, 'NYT' letter-writers are sharper than 'NYT' writers
    • What can the Hasbarists say to readers like Stieglitz Meir of Israel who nailed it with:

      "the billions of dollars Netanyahu demanded and got from the Obama administration and the hundred millions of dollars Abbas demanded and got from the same source and the EU, all are and will continue to serve a noble cause: the advancement and protection of the settlement project. "

      This charade is big business. Europeans and Americans (north and south) are paying to enable the Zio colonial dream machine. Grease it and keep it humming.

  • Tell Bill Gates to divest from Israeli occupation profiteer G4S
    • Sony chose AMD over Microsoft. Seems other big players on doing the same.

      Not that Annie is surely a big chip player, but she has the choice just as Sony did.

      AMD won this business because they have the advanced IP, know-how, experience and commitment to make this happen. They have leading edge IP in CPU, GPU, memory, video, audio, and I/O. They also designed the first quad core, X86 SOC, and it’s not a giant leap to take this to eight cores. Finally, AMD built an entire product division to support the effort that others weren’t prepared to commit. It was a clear-cut win.

      link to

    • fascinating document on many levels. Confirms the Colonial enterprise of Ziostan.

      The troops would gather at Bahrain and, as soon they reached 30,000, a ‘coup de main’ (swift attack) would ensue, taking the ‘Turkish province of Al Hassa, near the Persian Gulf’, which ‘will become a Jewish State (un État juif)’. He predicts an ensuing ‘state of war’ with Turkey due to the invasion. Therefore, ‘the Jewish troops will immediately enter into a campaign… until the final victory of the Entente or until their destruction’. - See more at: link to

    • Hmmm, Buffet has contributed billions to the Gates foundation.

      link to

      He is also a Trustee of the Gates foundation.

      Buffet has recently publicly declared Israel as a "Most Promising Investment Hub" outside the US. He is a believer. From the "Oracle of Omaha:" "Asked what he had to say to Israelis, Buffett replied: “The United States and Israel – an unbreakable alliance.”

      link to

      Do not be fooled. Mega foundations like the Gates's gives the Zio colonial enterprise legitimacy. They really do not care at all.

  • 'The Shondes' singer Louisa Solomon endorsed BDS, so-- DC JCC cancels her band's gig
    • absolutely. With a well produced version and as you say, the right tweaks, it has tons of potential. Great lyrics as well.

      A talented producer and studio time is extremely expensive. Maybe it will be picked up by an artist with means and the courage and character of Solomon.

  • Both Sides: Anti-BDS concerns on campus vs. life in the occupied territories
    • JeffB, what do you think of the tweeter
      link to
      am the true face of the Palestinian national movement: murderous, fascist, sexist, homophobic, anti-Semitic, and Islamist. Deny my existence at your peril.

      This is the racist Zio calling itself Palestine attacking Kate. Is it good at it's job?

      As for me, I found this person frightening.

  • The Israel lobby’s trojan horse: ‘Reforming’ education laws to defund Middle East studies programs
  • The crisis that Israel adroitly manufactured
    • yes, Israel is addicted to ideas of threats everywhere.

      It is the addictive drug of the Zionist identity. And feeds the state economy and creates social adhesion, sick as these things become. So I think that is what he means.

      But drug addicts can be cured (sort of). And Israel will be better off for it.

      But like the drug addict who cannot go cold turkey or be weaned, an early death awaits.

      I am hoping for a cure.

  • Let Pollard go. But first get answers from Tel Aviv
  • Jewish National Fund lures singles to Israel with tasteless sexual joke in NYT
    • Pathetic. "One hump or two. ...Remember the family. "

      Geesh, some of us want to forget our relatives.

  • Reports: Abbas faults Israel for 'procrastinating,' says Palestine will move to join int'l organizations
    • C&D, Israelis have been moving to Europe for years. New York immigration law offices are busy with Israeli clients. Not always a fun area of law, but it pays the rent.

      Israelis leaving are the ones you might want as your neighbor -- at least that has been my experience.

      Now those folks leaving Brooklyn or Moldova for Israel to carry out the Zionist colonial enterprise and get in on some cheap housing and subsidies in occupied territories?

  • Pollard was in it for money, and sold so many dox Cap Weinberger wanted the death penalty
    • Gilad, your assumptions are totally off, especially concerning your ASSUMPTION about Russian security networks. And the old saw that the US was not passing information onto Israel concerning Iraq. This is the apologist line. His only motivation was money and maybe some excitement as he explained in the court proceedings.

      I take no stance on if Pollard should be released or not, but only what he did. Remember, he'd do it to Israel as well.

      I am not a "so-called liberal."

      One cannot make demands on the Weinberger letter as it did contain classified information that could still have impact. And besides, it is irrelevant. To be honest, it is not in Israel's interest that the Weinberg letter be released. That is one reason why it is still under classification.

      You have really swallowed a lot of propaganda to support a failed person who is now not only a pawn, but has been a tool for the Zio propaganda machine. That is his only value to Israel, and you believe all this pablum!

    • sorry have been drinking the Ziocoolaid.

      I worked with the signal commands at that time. Pollard compromised decades of security and intelligence capabilities. While there may not have been individuals who were directly compromised an entire security network was destroyed by Pollard. The damage to the country was immense.

      This man was put into a high position of security and trust by his country. He sold it off to Israel for money and Israel sold some of it off to Russia.

      He would have done the same thing to Israel for money.

      Why do you support him?

    • I don't know if the US even knows that....or if any at all directly.

      What is known (and this is now released) is that he gave complete detail on all US signal capabilities in the ME and those the US to attempt listening in other countries, including Russia. And with that, the doors were open to everything. EVERYTHING. It was like giving the keys to the car, the house, the bank safe deposit to the robbers without the owners knowing. And he was doing this for a long period of time. And Israel turned this information around and sold much of it to Russia.

      At the time of his sentencing, the exact nature of his treason was not known by the court. Only after his rather mild sentencing (relative to the crime) did Weinberger step in and provide the Judge with classified information that was not presented during proceedings. Only under these circumstances, the Judge was able to override the initial sentencing and give him life. (It is this technicality of a change in his sentencing, that Pollard supporters latch onto to characterize it as unfair or wrong proceeding.)

      Weinberger wanted him executed. His Israeli handlers would have shot him if they were able to get to him before the US feds did.

      What I do not understand is why Pollard is even a cause for Zionist?

  • 'NYT' editorial writer savages Republicans for 'pro-Israel, philo-Semitic' curtseys to Adelson
    • Don't know if it was the first time used in mainstream media, but it was the first time (I think) that Zionists are the ridiculous joke. The fist time a comedian does Ziospeak as Senior Zionist Billionaire Correspondent Samantha Bee.

      This is big and a lot was there. It is how court jesters speak truth to power through comedy.

    • Yes, I think Firestone is mostly criticizing the vulgarity and depraved system we now have of politicians for hire in the USA.

      But Aldelson distinguishes himself from the Koch Brothers and the NRA in that he has made US legislative and political boot licking to the foreign Israeli Zionist project the single cause. (being nice and doing what he tells them to do, as expressed in his own words.)

      The difference between Aldelson and the Koch bros. is that Aldelson regrets having work a US Uniform instead of an Israeli one. That Aldelson's daughter is/was proudly in the IDF. That he hopes his young sons will be in the IDF. And, as he says, his son "likes to shoot and will be a good IDF sniper. "

      It is not about some wealthy ultra right wing rich guys trying to steer US policy with their money and bought politicians, it is about an ultra wealthy American/Israeli buying US politicians for the purpose and desires of a foreign country first.

      That is the difference.

      He says it all here.

  • A British Jew warns US Jewish orgs to heed rapidly-shifting world opinion
    • yes, Piotr makes some great and thoughtful comments. I also came away from the letter written by an anonymous British citizen, who is Jewish, that he/she may be more greatly motivated by self concern and paranoia than simply what is right and human.

      My concern is not a reduction in support for Israel, but a vitriolic backlash from the American people, towards Israel, the Jews....

      This writer states flatly and right up front that no sane person can support Israel. I take that to mean no sane person can support Israeli policies and the Zionist project.

      Yet what motivation has dominance: rejection of crimes and support of a people repressed under the Zionist fantasies, OR fear of backlash against Jews?

      Jewish people are not the Zionist project, not the Israeli government, not the occupation industry. Sane people everywhere understand that.

      This writer seems to conflate Jews and Zionism and first project paranoia.

      Who really cares about this state or that state, rejection or not of a group, blah blah. That is irrelevant. What is relevant is concern with the crimes of an enterprise and state over a people.

  • Avigdor Lieberman claims transferring Palestinian citizens is perfectly legal
  • U of Michigan student gov't meets tonight, amid anticipation of divestment vote
    • Have been listening to this. Most, but not all, students are thoughtful and eloquent .

      The talks against the motion have the themes: their own feelings and fears of feeling unsafe. (That is personal projection.) A climate of divisiveness (so what ...that is part of the process, suck it up) and personal familial sentimentality. (That is not the issue, Many of us have stories of familial suffering.)

      Some of those speaking for the motion also play the personal card, but most capture the issues of basic human rights, and this is what it is all about. Supporting universal human rights or not.

      BDS is a movement for human rights .

  • D.C. scribes party with red wine, vinyl, and image of a terrorist
    • Am repulsed by Che Guevara shirts and other pop images of him, but your point is?

      Phil or whataboutery ?

    • Begin's accomplishments? He was forced into a corner and had to sign a peace treaty with Egypt at conditions he had refused earlier.

      Not fighting a civil war? Peacocks were vying for power. He was dedicated to the Zionist ideology and understood fighting among rabid Zionist ideologues would be the end of the colonial dream.

      Waiting In the Knesset for almost three decades before becoming PM? Thai is an accomplishment ? So what . One could spin that "accomplishment" any way you want.

      As for the Zionist terrorism against Britain: what logical right did a bunch if Polish Zionist terrorists have to murder British citizens and Palestinians , not to mention the later murder of others such as UN officials and US citizens deemed to be in their way.?

      However, Begin was pure to his ideology and te Zionist cause, and not a corrupt functionary milking a personal fortune from the Zio project like many who followed him.

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