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  • 'Beholden to AIPAC' -- progressive senators Warren, Murphy, Brown sign letter seeking to limit Obama's actions
    • "Elizabeth Warren use to be..." Don't know if she ever was 100% upright and honest. A closer look, shows she is an intelligent opportunist.

      She gets lots of political mileage and attention with her theatrics of scolding the financial industry at Senate hearings which are just a show for public consumption -- but in reality are mostly meaningless.

      It is politically safe for her to do that and she -- unlike most all of her colleagues -- knows what she talking about. But this makes her a one trick pony .

      She is clueless about the greater world beyond US borders and allows herself to be a puppet of others. Call her out with good questions on why she supports the deeply damaging support of a coloniel enterprise -- at what we know to be great costs to the US -- and she will squirm and run like the rest of them.

  • Israeli government projects 'ethnic cleansing' on Palestinians
    • "as it became completely untenable to live as a Jew in Arab society,...."

      That statement is capital BS. I live much of the time in a predominantly Arab Society in the Middle East. Lots of Jews living and working here. Closest colleagues are Jewish.

      Why are these falsehoods constantly repeated by Zionist?

  • Clintonites knocked out platform references to 'occupation' and 'settlements' in fear of Adelson, Zogby says
    • The irony is that expression was first coined by a bilge spewing Judeophobe and promptly adopted by the early Zionist movement for self description as Semites. LOL. Semitism has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with European Jews Willhelm Marr was writing about.

      But hey, if the propagandist wanted to call them that, they would wear that mantle. Now that is self hatred.

  • Meet the private contractors manning Israel's checkpoints
    • G4S is the security contractor for US Embassies in the Middle East.

      The GS4 employees are very poorly paid and have often horrific housing conditions , where (according to State Dept. employees) they are expected to "find" their own mattress.

  • DC meeting between Israel and Saudi Arabia marks end of Arab Peace Initiative and two-state solution
    • Vast generalizations are mostly unfair.

      But yes, the same will be and is said about the Qataris -- who are really Saudi and as far as the KSA is concerned Qatar is the "Peninsula," and they would run over it in a day if the US base were not in Qatar. In fact, during the first Gulf War, the Saudis annexed land in Qatar, shutting it off completely for its former border with the UAE. The world was too busy with shock and awe in Kuwait to bother with what the Saudis were doing. Nor did they care.

      After all, the British drew the lines for Qatar and made a deal with the Al Thanis and others to give them a country and treat the Bedu like British Royals for access to oil and gas. Same gig as when they cut the deals with Saud, renaming the Arabian Peninsula the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

      Yes, the Saudis and Qataris are despised by the rest of the Arab world as arrogant, ignorant and crude. When their money runs out (and that is happening now) they will continue to have desperately poor pick up their trash and wipe their behinds for a bowl of rice or piece of bread.

      As Israel -- in its shared hysteria about Iran -- pins its future to the KSA, it will hasten the demise of a sustainable Zionist project.

      But this will not happen without more and massive conflict. The mess in Yemen might be a taste of what is to come.

  • Sanders slams Clinton for ignoring Palestinian needs and thinking Netanyahu is 'right all the time'
    • Theo, that about sums it up perfectly. There are no viable choices. So what is a voter to do? Sanders may not be a good president, and there is much troubling about him -- and not only his age.

      Yet the political elites and entrenched interests (which HRC represents) working against the true interests of the citizenry would face a well-deserved shake up if Sanders were to win. And for that alone he may deserve a vote .

  • Palestinian running for Congress in Nevada says Harry Reid told him a Muslim can't win
  • Israeli farms exploit Thai workers and Palestinian children as government looks the other way
    • This is life in the Middle East. Israel's labor conditions for foreign manual labor is no different than in the GCC and Saudi.

      It is "normal " and expected practice in Israel to hold passports, especially for domestic help.

      The mantra of "shared values" is a lie.

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  • Georgia is the latest state to consider anti-BDS legislation (Updated)
    • @ Mooser, no you are not mistaken. And the ongoing enforcement of reparations for business conduct 70-80 years ago gives us precedent in the courts.

      There is a reason the European insurance and banking industry now actively avoids business in the illegally occupied regions. And it is not ideology.

  • Most US Jewish students don't see Israel as 'civilized' or a 'democracy,' Luntz tells secret anti-BDS conference
    • Charlotte Beers! Amazing you mention her name. I knew her appointment was a disaster when Colin Powell stated that if she was the ad exec. who got him to buy uncle Bens rice, she could sell US policy to the Arab world.

      Eye roll...... Take a shot....shake the head.

      It only showed what a pathetic bubble these movers and shakers lived in. And she was a federal appointee!

      No wonder the US Middle East policy is a disaster of epic scale.

      "SHE got me to buy Uncle Ben's rice,” said Colin Powell, America's secretary of state, early last year as he defended his appointment of Charlotte Beers as chief spin-doctor. The 66-year-old Texan steel magnolia dresses her poodle in sweaters, flirts with company bosses and is lauded ...."

      The Economist

    • If so, the point is they cannot go on loving a myth sold to them.

      Today's world is much smaller than their parent's world. Other than as a curiosity through a peep hole, the Israel project will not be an easy sell in the near future.

      The entire Middle East, including Israel, is not sustainable under the current status quo upholding, for example, Qatar, KSA and Israel, etc.

  • Law firm pulls $250,000 gift to Harvard over Palestine event (demonstrating Zionism's pervasiveness)
    • As the saying goes...swallowing it hook, line and sinker....

      In other words, you did yourself in, you are cooked, done!

  • 'Let the one-state era begin'-- Tom Friedman explains there will never be a Palestinian state
    • Yes, that discredited him. Friedman has gotta' write that stuff in to appease his masters. Israel has not given up on attempting to destroy any future relations between Iran and the west.

      But just as he has evolved on the farce of a two state construct, the Friedmas of the world will also evolve on Iran.

      Meanwhile Israel and KSA become closer and closer as both of these states, created under the last gasps of Imperial Britain, decend each into their own abyss.

  • Nobody cares that Bernie Sanders is Jewish
    • Rugal_b , nothing cryptic. Annie was clear as a bell. Phil meant what he wrote.

      You threw your interpretation onto his words, and that is your Spin.

  • Israeli designer eroticizes the Palestinian keffiyeh
  • Adelson newspaper suggests Swedish foreign minister deserves assassination for questioning Israeli policy
    • Roha, apologies, poor expression. ....I mean that many will (hopefully) see the light!

    • Indeed, she must take care. A threat to the Zionist project is a threat to Israel. A threat to Israel will be eliminated. That is how governments, many which are criminal in nature, preserve themselves .

      She must take care. But should the Zionist Israeli project eliminate her as others have been in the past .....many lights might go off.

  • Clinton baits Sanders over 'destruction of Israel'
    • Fox News and CNN have convinced Americans that a threat to the Zionist project, or what is called Israel, is a threat to not only the US but to their homes, their daughters.....their life!

      Reality is, the created state of Israel has really nothing to do with anything in the US. Not even the cherry tomatoes, nor generic drugs, nor computer chips. All that is irrelevant.....meaningless.

  • CAP runs deceptive article blaming settlement project on rightwing Christians
  • DC protests mark the end of PEP era -- progressive except Palestine
  • Seachange in public opinion: 'I am tired of Israel using US-made rockets to bomb Palestinians so that ultra-conservatives can steal their land'
    • The Hasbara brigade came out last night, in force and all with the same line in a different dress: that Israel is being singled out (not true) and that Europeans "hate Jews." It is all so pathetic.

      This comment starts the stream of dishonest whining:

      Stuart Wilder Doylestown, PA 1 day ago
      If the E.U.'s concern about human rights also resulted in the labelling of products resulting from child labor in China, from Ukrainian and Georgian territories occupied by Russia, to products for countries that ban Christianity, persecute Christians, and prosecute them for practicing their religion, and countries that tolerate slavery and ban women for having the barest of human rights (a group that include the countries from which the E.U. gets most of its oil) I would think this is something other than just another expression of singling out Jews for hate. The E.U. singles out Israel though, so it is impossible to see this as yet another atavistic expression of European fear and hatred of Jews, a 2,000 year old tradition."

      There are other comments claiming products from Cyprus and the Ukraine are not labeled as such. They are, indeed, and always have been.

      Just as products made in China, etc. and consumers are allowed to make choices without deception. Why should Israel be allowed to falsely label goods?

      The US and Israel import energy from Middle East states set up by the British, based on drilling concessions. Israel, like the KSA and Qatar have little freedom of movement for workers on visas and limited civil rights. This is endemic to the Middle East , including Israel.

      Same 'ole, same 'ole....look over there! Everyone hates us.....blah blah. It is all so tiring and dishonest.

  • Chicago Reform temple welcomes rightwing rabbi from sexist group -- why?
  • The US spends $35 billion on foreign aid . . . but where does the money really go?
    • Why are they constantly so needy and pretending to be eternal victims? why not? It pays off. Money flows from this kind of marketing .

    • The AID industry is a racket to funnel funds into arms and programs constructed by local elites with their associates on K-Street in DC to their own hands.

      You and I can go to an impoverished country that is targeted for aid and make contact with some locals -- those in power and influence -- and then write a proposal to build and run, for example, a education center for girls. We fill in the blanks and get the dough.

      Then with the help of our local contact we build a center -- 'with the help of his own contracting company, or course -- and then buy tons of supplies from our buddies in New Jersey and ship it (or not) to country X where it sits there in boxes.

      But the USAID (under the State Department) has on file that all this money was spent on aid. Reality is that it never went to aid and to doing anything but enriching a small circle.

      This is how it works. I've been there, seen that in operation.

      This is such a small tip of the iceberg

      link to

      Don't ask me about the day of burning out dated army uniforms sent to the Balkans as AID where the manufacturer in North Carolina got a tax write off for the donation.

  • Coffee at Isaac Bashevis Singer Boulevard
    • I've always found the expression "homeland" to refer to the US revolting. From the moment I heard it in that context.

      Prior to that I had only heard it as a reference to Israel as used by, for example, Wolf Blitzer when talking about Israel.

      The word is a translation of Heimat, which was a Nazi term to to refer to Germany. And was this term was adopted, as Hartman says, from the early Zionist movement? Perhaps so, as it is Zio speak for Israel.

      It is no wonder then that Chertoff pushed to name his agency "Homeland Security"

      This disgusting language, with all it's implications, of fear and war and otherness, must be done away with.

  • Shoving of SJP activist seen as part of campaign of ‘intimidation’ on campus
  • (Update) This year for Halloween your child too can help defend the Israeli occupation
    • How? Just like most all religious rituals -- From Pesach to Halloween to weekly communion -- an incorporation "Pagan" seasonal rituals into the so-called enlightened rituals of "modern" religions.

      A usurping, for acceptance.

      Halloween is said to have its origins in the Celtic Samhain. Then the Church turned it into All Saints. The Irish brought it to Boston neighborhoods in the mid 19th century.

      Now it is all about buying stuff like an IDF uniform to terrorize the neighborhood .

    • RoHa, that is what I thought. This costume is completely in the spirit of All Hallows' Eve (Halloween) -- adopted by Christians as All Saints day -- When the evil and dark spirits of the winter underworld come out.

      And to fend them off and send them underground, you protect your home with a jack o lantern, and dress as something even more frightening to keep the dark spirits away.

  • 'Most-read' article at Washington Post calls Israel 'savage, unrepairable society'
    • Thank you Dana. Would love to see your writing a major outlet like the Post, and always great to see it here .

  • Two establishment Jews (Harvard and Microsoft) endorse boycott of Israel and 'single state' in Washington Post
    • TErry is vapid, superficial and boring. She is all Zio babble. I remember she was interviewing someone on developments in understanding Autism. It was an interesting guest and she managed to take a side thread and turn the interview into Nazis, Holocaust, etc.

      Her guest was polite and tried to stay on track.

      Gross is an embarrassment and NPR is increasingly provincial and boring.

    • Gosh, Yonah, you make Israel sound like a quaint little sentimental pet for those who have affection for a national construct.

      I was troubled by these intelligent and brave writers profession of "love for Israel." It made them sound a bit Hebrew school brainwashed -- repeating the nonsensical platitude. But maybe they have to put that in their message to try and fend off the attack machine now gearing up to destroy them.

      There are so many peoples of the world who were and are terribly vulnerable. Do you think creating a new "state" with walls is the answer? If not, why should it be for those Jews who perceive to be vulnerable and are taught from early childhood "everyone hates me....."

      BTW, isolating someone and telling them everyone is out to get them is Classic Stockholm syndrome methods.

  • Has Netanyahu's revisionism ended the use of the Holocaust as enabler of Israeli injustice toward Palestinians?
    • Netanyahu's intentions are to push the emotional buttons to further demonize an entire people...this makes it easier for Zionists to expel and conduct a cleansing of Palestinians, by whatever means.

      And if he has to do it by claiming that a minor bit player --appointed by a British Zionist overlord , btw -- ordered the Nazis to genocidal actions against Jews, he'll do it.

      This is how the most ugly and primitives forms of propaganda and incitement are carried out.

      Netanyahu is, after all, the son of a crack pot "historian."

      Then again, maybe his blue hair dye is seeping into his brain.

  • State Dep't slams Netanyahu's Hitler story as 'inflammatory' and against 'scholarly evidence'
    • Yes, and Israel is caught off guard. They never saw Putin coming into this. Their cards were to play their US lapdog, which just can't go fetch anymore like it used to.

      Iraqi injuries have left it too wounded.

      Israel's survival depends on one state of many people, an ideal that is counter to the tenants of Zionism.

      No healthy society or state can survive as a tribal ghetto.

  • The refreshing bluntness of Ayelet Shaked
    • She will haunt the Zionist project for decades to come. They just do not see it yet.

    • Shaket should be invited to speak everywhere. At all campuses, Synagogues, community centers, even the US Congress! Let it all hang out. Give the lady a microphone!

      This is the reality of Israel now. We'll see where it goes and how much the US embraces the rhetoric of genocide. We will see......

  • How can a 'New York Times' reader possibly know what is truly happening in Israel/Palestine?
    • Isn't the purpose of reporting by the New York Times to make sure that readers DO NOT know what is happening in Palestine and Israel?

      I mean give it a break. Just look at the reporters covering that region for The NYT. It says it all. Cherry tomatoes anyone?

  • 'NYT' reporters parrot Israeli claims re cherry tomato
    • Lysis, Thanks. Right. Poorly thought through example. Ok, another invention/breakthrough under the Nazi Regime. Werner Fossman's who did the first cardiac catherization (on himself), which was to revolutionize cardiac diagnostics and treatment to this day.

      I do not know what God or Book he identified with, but like many or most all in any government University position of the time, he was a member of THE Party....

      But he was fired for experimenting on himself and lost his professional license and any possibility of practicing medicine. Then when he was wasting away in a POW camp, his paper on the procedure was read in Chicago. .....

    • Developing a strain of the cherry tomato is not a big deal. If the tasteless variety sold in stores is the strain developed by the Israeli Ag industry, it is "perfected" for commerce, but not as a quality food.

      Strains of fruits are developed and propagated all the time. It is NOT rocket science. And surely nothing to be bragging about at the UN -- doing so makes Netanyahoo look as pathetic as he is.

      And it is irrelevant. Lots of good things happen to come from citizens of bad regimes. East Germany under Hoeneker gave us breakthroughs in geo thermal energy. The Nazis did terrible terrible science, but they also did some excellent stuff we benefit from today. Aspirin, for one.

      Back to cheery tomatoes. Here is a new strain that can grow in sub artic conditions.
      link to

      That Rudoren even gives this stuff on Israeli Cherry tomatoes copy is embarrassing.

  • Netanyahu's 44 seconds of silence at UN are being widely mocked -- 'pathetic,' 'creepy'
  • Israeli embassy's attack on Rosengarten just made her stronger
    • Right, those who survived the death camps -- Jews and others -- are survivors. But time has taken most all of this population and the Zionist propaganda machine has extended the expression "survivor" to include even those who were not yet born during this terrible period. But children of survivors and children of refugees. With that, even children of Henry Kissinger (if he had any) would be considered survivors.

      So with this new definition of "Holocaust Survivors" we all are survivors. After all, most of us have at least grand parents, if not parents) great grand parents, etc. that survived some kind of atrocity somewhere at sometime.

    • My first thoughts. It is only relevant when it is to promote the Zionist colonial project, not justice, truth and accountability.

    • Isn’t Charlottenberg, Willhemsdorfer Strasse 136 in Berlin — Eastern Germany?

      BTW, very cool that the dusty mainstream Sparkassen gave this a platform.

  • Anti-WASP tropes in the 'NYT'
    • Watch Buckley's eyes when answering. He was already addicted to Percodan at that time.

      Also of note is the question at 5:50 when Buckley is asked if Israel should give back the land they took from Palestine. Allen jokes, no....they should sell it back to the Palestinians. ......

    • Good manners, restraint is control, self control. And that is not a bad thing.

      Highly valued in Asian and Arabic cultures, for example.

  • Amnesty: Killing of Hadeel al-Hashlamoun was 'extrajudicial execution'
    • @jackdraw, let's not be stupid. Traditional Arab culture (outside of the nomadic culture) is fearful of dogs. Just as orthodox and Jewish culture. Israeli's who "love dogs" are Europeans who moved to Israel in the Colonial project.

      And as an aside, walk through any orthodox or traditional Jewish neighborhood in Europe or the US (as in Switzerland, which has a large Jewish Population, or lBrooklyn) with a dog and see what happens! You might just have some rocks thrown at you!

      But Dogs in Israel do, indeed, have more rights and legal protection than Palestinians

      You said it yourself. Israelis Love dogs. (but then again, only some do. )

      The sure do not love Palestinians and wish them dead or gone.

  • Pope Francis, American churches, and Palestinian rights
    • It is still quite PC (politically correct) to trash the Catholic Church in the US. The Vatican is a very old institution with lots of bad baggage, as all institutions. And the Church's reprehensible handling of the abuse scandals -- just to protect the institution -- is too fresh to be ignored. And it remains easy food for more demonization of that institution.

      Many, if not most, Americans are not comfortable with Catholicism in their midsts. (Just yesterday I listened to a popular radio host in the middle of the country going on about the Pope as Anti Christ, Catholicism as a satanic cult, blah blah.)

      Catholics are still an easy target to stir up fear and hate in the US. To stay safe, or relevant, directly addressing the inhumane and criminal occupation of Palestine will have grave and negative consequences for the Church, especially in Palestine where it is beleaguered under Israeli control. Is that an excuse? No, but probably what is going on.

      So the Pope speaks on the border of the issue and addresses the immorality of the weapons industry, which kills so many innocents. Will that have any impact? No.

      But some of those bought off legislators just might have a second thought when they authorize more killing of Palestinians through their endless stupid resolutions and weapon sales to Israel.

      And over time, second thoughts, a twinge as they fall asleep, could spur questions and change. It will take decades, but we've already come far.

  • Settlers gawk as Palestinian woman lies dying at checkpoint (Update)
  • A communal confession on Yom Kippur
    • what she considered the very core of Jewish teaching

      Isn't it the good ole' Rabbi Hillel's Golden Rule -- do unto others as you would do onto yourself?

      Now go figure it out......

      Or something to that effect.

      Doesn't that sum it up for you Keith?

  • Does Obama have Booker? Boteach desperately plays race card and Jewish donor card
  • Roundtable on the Palestinian solidarity movement and Alison Weir
    • @Kris, ask the student of Rhetoric about this expression "Anti Semitic." She spent a lot of time on this subject from her first article on.

      What does it mean where does it come from? What does it have to do with those of the Jewish faith/culture who live and are from all over the world?

      Does she really believe that all Jews everywhere are Semites?

      Or could it be that Zionists (even those who have as much to do with Semitic background as I do to Eskimo culture) cling to this for self identification for the Zionist mythology and cause?

      Hey, we all need our myths to justify ourselves.

    • @tree

      Because we are Jews, we have a particular legitimacy in voicing an alternative view of American and Israeli actions and policies. As Jews, we can make the distinction between real anti-Semitism and the cynical manipulation of that issue to shield Israel from legitimate criticism.

      I remember that now purged statement very well. That, for other reasons is why I never could support JVP. Exclusive, Zionist, and not about peace .

      Exclusivity, control and usurping the public discussion into a narrow framework around ideas of perceived, past and enduring "Anti Semitism," a revolting expression that has nothing to do with Judeophobia or fear/hatred of Jews. (After all, this expression created by a Judeophobe and adopted and clung to by Zionists, is an anti Jewish expression in itself to the core. I will not use it.)

      JVP and their friends have really little interest in the plight of the Palestinian people, and a great interest in protecting the Zionist project -- a constructed state for those who identify with the Jewish religion. And to shield the public image of the Jewish community. An organization that identifies itself as Jewish only for for Peace, after all. (What does this peace mean ?)

      That what's her name -- the Rhetoric Student -- spent all her efforts on discussion of "evidence " for Weir's"Anti Semitism" says it all regarding JVP. It is not about Justice for the Palestinian people. It is about their definition of the "Jewish Voice....."

      JVP (with it's banal and innoculous self description) is also not about painful truth or justice. If it were, it would be strong, confidence and not threatened by perceptions of Judeophobia by the uttering or appearances of an Allison Weir years ago, regardless of what one may think of her work.

      Instead, in their weakness and like thugs, they now attempt to destroy the woman and her work. Hey, it interferes with their "voice."

      I cannot add to this fascinating thread, which I have read over the past two days.

  • Dear Freshmen Members of the House of Representatives
  • Israeli Banks flipping out over looming European boycott
    • Nah, they were all required to make a statement or sign something to that effect.

      Yes, inviting performers and then having them sign political - thought statements is weird and smacks of McCarthyism. Not pretty.

      It is, however, little different from the pressure our government representatives are put under to profess their constant love of Israel and promises to defend it uber alles. If they don't they are purged.

    • Hop, European banks may not call it a "boycott" in the sense of a political or BDS-like boycott. (that is something the Israeli media will scream to make the public believe they are victims of those nasty goy-Europeans .

      The Euro banks will just stop doing business with Israeli banks (all of them) involved in financing and operating with the illegal occupation and stealing.

      They must do this to avoid reparations that will surely be imposed at some point in the future.

    • The international trade shows and conferences held in Iran started gearing up months ago.

      This one just this past may for infrastructure engineering

      link to

      I read recently (I forget where) of a conference to be held this October in Iran among all the major hotel chains to get going on beefing up the Iranian hotel industry to accommodate international travelers .

      Iran is simply too important for the world, and Israel and theirs rentier-energy economy friends (all of whom have benefited from the isolation of Iran) will not be able to stop normalized relations.

    • A lot seems off about this report of a so-called boycott. Granted, we are reading a second hand report on a report, and after a translation.

      This has been discussed before on MW. The only thing the European banking and insurance industries are concerned about is the real possibilities of reparations for having their hand, if only indirectly, in financing illegal displacement of a people and taking possession of their properties. The damages could span generations.

      Europe has seen this before.

      So language of "siege" or "boycott " is the misleading hysterics of the victim mindset.

      European financial institutions are looking into a foggy crystal ball and seeking their own protection from what is coming down the road. That is all.

  • Israel's 'blame the hand' excuse for settler violence
    • 1982 was the tipping point for me as well. I started to do homework and asked questions. But I think that was an event of massive scale that, maybe for the first time, received some mass media coverage in the West.

      But what happened in Lebanon on 1982 is an example of what had been going on for a very long time to secure the Zionist enterprise.

      As one former poster (since banished) here stated, the "cleansing" of the Arabs was necessary to build the Jewish state.

  • It's not bigoted to call out the Israel lobby over Iran Deal
  • Shocker: 'NYT' runs front page press release for AIPAC warning Obama to cool his jets
    • So what is gained? Will the Lobby then target each elected official who voted to sustain the veto, extract a price for disloyalty to the foreign master?

      Yes. The attack machine is in place.

  • Leading American writer Abulhawa is denied entry to Palestine
    • Palikari,

      BS. No Jew is denied from the KSA or other states like Qatar for being Jewish. There are Jews working in KSA and Qatar. I know because I live and work with Jews in these States (well, British created states, that is). In fact there are Jews working in critical jobs like health care in these countries.

      Point is you are full of it .

      Try harder with your propaganda and lies.

      PS, if you really believed what you just wrote you might want to think hard about the Zio pablum you have been spoon fed and swallowed from early childhood.

  • MSM avoids central Pollard question: Did Israel trade secrets to Soviets for emigres?
    • Pollard cut a deal with his handlers (while on his Israeli paid honeymoon in Paris) to receive an annual income for a period of 10 years paid into a Swiss bank account.

      As his gig lasted only 17 months that account was probably long closed, if it ever existed. And in today's world you can be sure the Swiss are not holding some dinky account for him.

      Warning: this is barf material, but here is an interview with Pollard (who calls the prosecuting attorneys, who are Jewish, kapos); and his wife complains of stomach aches and being in Auschwitz while in a US prison. And then the Dersh -- who obviously has no handle on the details of his case, or is lying to distort reality in his defense of Pollard.

      All three of them repeatedly lied in this 90's interview. It is ugly.

      link to

    • The criminal and treasonous traitor will be released on parole. He will be coddled and taken well care of by the Zionist project active in the US -- with the Israeli government funding it in the background.

      This will make for ugly optics on many levels.

      Tablet is projecting and accusing Kerry and Obama of releasing a Pollard on parole (which he was already up for) just to trap US Zionists and Israel into looking bad as they inevitably celebrate the release of their man.

    • That is the only thing that might be right that bizarre article of mis truths and lies contains. Every paragraph is filled with a lie. The author is either entirely brainwashed with a massive dose of BS or a low life propagandist of the first order.

      "However, there is also no doubt that Pollard has paid a much higher price than others who have committed similar crimes by giving secrets to American allies like South Korea, Greece, the Philippines, and Saudi Arabia. "

      That is the first crap in the article. Pollard probably did more long lasting damage than any spy ever. His colleagues in treason were pikers.

      The guy was released because he was finally up for parole as the terms of his sentencing. That's it.

      That this timed with attempts for normalization of relations with Iran while Israel barks like mad dogs in the night about it might be a happy coincidence. This reminds the Attention Deficit Suffering US public that Israel is neither an ally nor "friend" worthy of the endless support of the American tax payer.

      It is a colonial project based on tribal ideas of exceptionalism , looking out for its own interests. It has neither regard nor respect of the US. Why should it?

    • Time for more on this later, but yes one has to dig deep for what went on with Pollard.

      He was sentenced to life and now up for parole. So after serving his full term he will be out on parole.

      He was originally issued a lighter sentence, and only after the original sentencing was the judge presented with classified information on the extent of the damage and cost to the US. A little more on that here(but it does not cover all)

      link to

      I was working with the State dept at the time -- and some felt he should never see the light of day.

      I am neutral on his release. But he is a criminal and not only was out to sell information -- any information -- to any and all governments, he had no concern of damage to other human beings or his country.

      Israel was his only taker. They sold the information on the RASIN networks to the Soviets. To this day Israel has not revealed the details and contents of their sales.

      As for loss of life to operatives in Russia -- there is only speculation around that and we will never know.

      There is so much sickening around the Pollard case. That Israel instrumentalized this human scum as a political cause is just one pathetic and sick episode in the Pollard saga. It has not helped Pollard and only harms Israel.

  • The Iran deal: a triumph of irrationality
    • I threw a number out there to support an argument that the UK has enormous interests in the Gulf States; that the the world may blame (rightly so) the US for disastrous policy in the ME, the US is a clumsy bit player in the scheme of things. And "at the end of the day," -- as the Brits like to say-- the US has less to protect and even less influence.

      Yes, I think if we got some reliable stats, we'd find hundreds of thousands of British working in the Gulf States. They are highly paid and send their dough home.

      An article in the Telegraph puts the figure at 160k just in the UAE.

      "In the last three years, British ministers have made over 230 visits to Gulf states, reflecting the fact that 160,000 British citizens live in this region. Bilateral trade between the Gulf and UK, meanwhile, has grown by almost 40 per cent since 2011 to reach £30 billion."

      link to

      It would be an enlightening study to see how much of the UK economy is tied to trade and income with the Middle East and Gulf States. I'd bet percentage-wise, the US would dwarf the UK.

      And that is why when the new Emir of Qatar visited London recently, the Queen was rolled out for a visit with him and photo Opps so his subjects could see that he, too, is a royal!

      And the US had him visit with a few junior Congress reps in a meeting room near the cafeteria in the Hart building or something like that.

      The point? I don't know how interested and for how long the US is interested in propping up phony rentier states established under British colonial rule.

    • Mdm, here is a reliable stat on the current population in Qatar :

      "Qatar population grew by 9.0 percent year-on-year in June 2015 to reach 2.34m, driven by the large ramp up in infrastructure spending"

      link to

      I think the government releases those total population figures quarterly .

      Yes, it is rather charmless. Especially now as it is a construction site. It's skyline is a Potemkin village.

    • Opps, yes more like 20k just in Qatar ( typing on an IPad ), but 20k or more very influential workers. (And it sure as heck seems like more!)

      But to be honest no one really knows other than the Qatari government, which does not release this information. Estimates are only figures given by the embassies, and they rely on citizen reporting.

      "The Ministry of Interior also does not provide these statistics to the public,"

      For those who have worked there, you know many many workers come for a few weeks or months at a time between the UK and Qatar and do not register with their embassies.

    • MDMA, there are over 2 5 million people in Doha now.

      Hamad (the primary system of health care delivery) senior administrators are mainly British. The former British minister of Health, Lord Darzi, is the architect to advise on the 2030 vision for health care in Qatar.

      The rail system being built there is heavily administered by British -- controllers, accountants, engineers.

      You might want to visit again.

      The Al Thanis of Qatar and the Al Kahlifas of Bahrain were trained at Sandhurst. The British have trained the security forces of Bahrain, who brutally repress their own population to keep the AlKahlifa familiy and relatives in power.

      The UK, which put these countries in place and cut deals with the controlling tribes of the time (planting ideas of self appointed royalty, which has no cultural tradition in the Gulf) has a lot to protect in that region.

      The US, less so.

    • MDM,

      There are well over 200K skilled British workers in Qatar alone. From health care administrators to architects to accountants. Granted, the UK is not "dependent" upon that, but this represents enormous influence in the region. Soft power that translates into a significant flow of funds into the UK. (just look at how much Gulf money is invested in London alone!)

      Spend a few months working there and you will see.

      And the UK has stated the reason for the new and controversial naval base is to protect their vital interests.

      link to

    • CIA and UK organized coup.

      The UK has always been and still is pulling imperial strings in the Middle East.

      They have been at it for a very long time and are skilled masters, while the US remains a loud bumbling attack dog, knocking things over in it's pursuit of whatever.

      There is a reason the UK is building a naval base in Bahrain right now. They have lots of interests to protect as the US likely disengages over the next decades from the Middle East .

      Unlike the US, the UK is dependent on the largess of the Gulf States. Not only for trade and oil and gas, but to employ the hundreds of thousands of British citizens, who send their money back home each month.

  • St. Louis Jews call on ADL to cancel honor to police
    • No it is not. And for those who do not live among and experience racism, it is difficult, if not impossible, to imagine it's depth . I don't know if Weir's world touches that bubble .

    • Rocky's "I don't understand"statement was honest. Most readers do NOT understand the facets of this issue. She was not flapping wings, but crying out for clarity on an important kefuffle (sic).

      As for Weir's presentation on dubious and tainted and odious radio shows--- that is a judgement call. I'd think protecting the integrity of her message over reach would be more important.

  • Angela Merkel makes a 14-year old Palestinian girl cry by telling her she is not welcome in Germany
    • When Merkel said to the girl, "you'd did so so well," the reporter on the background commented:

      " I don't think it is about doing well, but it is about the situation she finds herself in.." And then Angie snapped at him.

      His sympathetic comment after Angie's attempt at diversion from the real issue captures how many younger Germans think about it.

  • Crisis for the lobby: Clinton bucks Saban, AIPAC doesn't know what to say
    • Well, that did not did not take long. For Hillary to reverse after her paymasters to slap her back into place:

      link to

      Clinton parrots Netanyahu and the Likud here.

      She is a joke, indeed, a sycophant and a danger.

    • She believes in nothing other than following the scent of money. There is more money behind normalization of relations with Iran than this band of Zio billionaires could ever throw at her .

      Besides, it would be the end of her political machine if she were to give aid to sabotaging this -- not to mention that if she's does (cough cough) become POTUS, she will reap many benefits from this.

      But to keep her paymasters happy and fed, she will spew demonization of Iran and keep the weapons flow into Israel going. It was H. Clinton, after all, along with McCain that made sure Israel had no accountability for using cluster bombs on civilian sites in Lebanon.

  • Et tu, Michael Oren?
    • Oren’s taunting treatment of American Jews: according to Oren, they are cowardly and “weak,” with the result that they’ll throw Israel under the bus out of “fear for their well-being in America.”

      That is a rather disgusting sentiment.

      Maybe Oren intends to be offensive and push emotional buttons here to provoke proof of loyalty and love. These are the manipulative tactics of the abuser in a relationship.

      The day will come when many Jews do not identify with the Zionist project and will proudly and confidently walk away from this abusive relationship of the nationalistic project sucking at the teat of Judaism. And Jews will be free.

      This is what someone like Oren who has devoted his life to a mystical nationalistic cause is so afraid of. They will shown wrong and standing alone as "their people" set themselves free.

  • Lies, smear, and two-steps -- Why did organizers really cancel the Feis?
    • Ditto! Thank you Shmuel.

    • Nearly identical reporting in the main stream Irish press points to the work of an outside campaign to influence reporting and perception.

      Is the Irish press under so much time pressure and so lazy that they -- like so much press in the US and elsewhere -- "report" any 'ol thing outside propagandists write for them?

      Shameful....I do hope there are severe consequences for dishonest and libelous reporting.

  • Michael Oren misrepresents 1971 synagogue bombing that changed his life
    • A few times in my adult life, I wasn't asked my religion, but instead asked if I am Jewish? Those asking were Jewish acquaintances / future friends .

      Why was the state of being a Jew or not so important? Would it determine the rules of communication? Was it a way to sort me before they got to know me better?

      No non-Jew ever asked me that.

      Just my own personal experience.

  • Saban's PR firm promotes Israel's illegal settlements-- so when will Hillary Clinton condemn it?
    • When will Hilary condemn it? Are you kidding with that question? It indicates she had a scintilla of conscious or morality, or even a bit of humanity.

      She does not! She is, as Samantha said, a monster. She is a political animal and will say, do anything her pay masters demand of her.

      And we live under the grip of a corrupted political system where money is the voice that controls. She wants the money and the control.

      Money is in the conflict and destruction of a people. So that is where Hilary is. Nothing else matters.

  • Unsilencing Gaza: One year since 'Operation Protective Edge'
  • 'America I'm putting my queer shoulder to the wheel' -- Allen Ginsberg
    • Howl is an important and fascinating work for the times. It might no longer be read in 50 years. It could go the way of writers like Flannery O'Conner who are no longer read, but were " important. " 30 years ago.

      Having observed and experienced this first hand in the late 70's Ginsberg was a deeply -- and disturbingly so -- misogynistic man.

  • United Church of Christ votes to boycott & divest from companies profiting from Israel's occupation
    • Orange wants to be around in 10-20 years. The occupation cannot sustain itself.

      There may be serious financial reparations from those who profit from the occupation. Service providers like transportation and communication will be the easy targets when that day comes. Orange sees the writing on the wall and wants out.

    • Balfour , the UCC has historical roots in New England , but is large in the Mid West, which is also Christian Zionist territory.

      So this is, indeed, significant

    • When will the attacks and defamation of the UCC start?

      Will there be lawfare?

      Will Congress, working for Zionist interests and not US interests, attack this Church?

  • In letter to John Kerry, 19 reps stand up for Palestinian children behind bars
    • Great letter. Her refusal to receive AIPAC in her office was well deserved after, as she writes:

      "a hateful attack that is vile and offensive to me and the families I represent. I call on AIPAC to immediately condemn this un-American attack and disavow any attempt to use this type of threat and intimidation to stifle legitimate policy differences. I will not stand to be labeled or threatened in a manner that questions my patriotism or my oath of office."

      Use of threats and intimidation against an elected official just because of policy differences? That is the stuff of gangsterism.

      Did AIPAC ever apologize?

    • How dare this little cabal claim, "Israel’s military detention of Palestinian children is an indefensible abuse of human rights."

      What about Mexico or Russia? Or or Afghanistan or or...Saudi Arabia or or Pakistan ? Why do they single out Israel!

      They must be Judeophobes, Jew haters , everyone of them!

    • Right, in a country that has a school to prison pipeline industry in place to feed the largest incarcerated population on the earth.

    • You might want to call his office and ask if the letter was presented to him and if so, why did he refuse to sign it?

      Sometimes these letters are not passed onto them by their own staff, or they may be away or his signature was not solicited?

      It is a letter, signed by a tiny group. That's it. It will go nowhere.

  • Patriots' owner brings 20 NFL veterans to Netanyahu who calls on them to block Obama's Iran deal
  • 'Obama coffee' is black and weak -- racist tweet from wife of Israel's vice premier
    • Catalan, oh poor you:

      waiting every day for a month or two at the German or Belgian or American embassy can do that one’s psyche. Or waiting for Polish people to come vacationing so they can sell you car parts for a socialist car.

      In the scheme of things that you even had access to an embassy or were in the position to peddle car parts anywhere in the world puts you into the global elite.

      Get a life.

  • Charleston: Do Black and Palestinian lives matter?
    • Thank you Geezer. I was struck by the same and find the use the the term Jew in Ellis's article confusing (maybe because it is wrong as you say) and offensive .

      We're talking about a colonial enterprise that is sort of operating as a modern state ( needy, dependent, paranoid) not people around the world who identify themselves as Jewish .

  • 'Fresh Air' turns a critique of the occupation into an Oedipal issue
    • Terry Gross is no journalist. And I do not know what it means that she is psychological. She does have a tendency to try a draw out some sappy story from her guests. (Something many find annoying.)

      I heard that interview and she had a fascinating guest, but succeeded in keeping the interview as light, mundane and meaningless as possible. And cut him off a various points.

      She likes to invite Israelis, but succeeds in making all her guests and trivial as her show.

  • Untold Stories: First-ever US Nakba Museum opens in Washington DC
    • Yonah, which people? Those who are Jewish by faith and culture. Jewish history is surely not only about persecution and suffering . (The history of a Jews in settling the early colonial South, being just one example.)

      Most all groups can point to current or past suffering and persecution. That alone is not representative of any true culture. And if it promoted to be so, one must ask what or if there is, indeed, a true unifying culture.

      African Americans and Palestinians have been or are robbed of their history. We know that. With the dominance of the Holocaust industry, Jews in the US are also robbed of their history and culture in the US. This is quite sad.

      I don't know what you mean by the Americans? What are Americans? Canadians, Hondurans, Mexicans, denizens of Detroit?

    • Charleston South Carolina has a Holocaust memorial monument right in the middle of town . There is no memorial to the men and woman in bondage and slavery who actually built that town.

      The first Synagogue in the US was in Charleston. There is a fascinating history there, but it is lost and overshadowed by the Holocaust memorial/museum industry, which is robbing a people of its history and identity.

  • 'You have dual citizenship with Israel' -- NPR host hits Sanders with internet canard
  • Foxman bashes Israel for taking US and Jewish support for granted and not coming up with a peace plan
    • So true!

      As an aside, "freshmen..chairman , congressman" is generic for mankind -- men and woman. Yes, language is changing, but I was. Freshman in the woman's college of the brainwashed generation of which you write.

    • "Worst possible case: Israel would become the state of all of its citizens, regardless of race., instead of being a state of only its Jewish citizens. "

      Oh horrors of horrors! Sweaty sheets at night. Please complete the wall, build it higher. Get more automatic shiess anlagen to surround and protect the pure "Jewish only State" from the rest of the world .

  • As presidential field broadens, GOP candidates race to show their love for Israel
    • The only reason Hillary supports the ongoing negotiations with Iran is because she knows where the wind is blowing. The majority of US citizens support this. Normalized relations will happen. Only Zealots are blind to this.

      If she thought for a second it would cost her politically, she would be against it, She will do and say anything to position herself . That is what drives her, and comes with the territory of a life in politics.

      Yes, Bernie will make the debate interesting and that might be his purpose here.

      But remember, Hillary is a puppet of opinion and interests. Nothing more.

      Sadly the Dems have no one of credibility to put forth.

    • I would not be so sure. She may be smarter, but Hillary fits into that clown car.

      Every one of them, including HRC (maybe with the exception of Bernie) badly want the money and support of the I-love-Israel crowd and the conflict industry. They will say and do anything to get it, and Hillary is absolutely no different.

      Most voters do not care about Israel and do not understand what Israel has cost the US in $$, loss of influence, credibility and even lives. The clown car wants to keep it that way.

      Jeb Bush is saying all the right stuff, and like his brother will be the perfect puppet for some very powerful interests. Hillary will remain an easy target as she does not have broad support among those in her own party, which has been under the control of the Clinton machine for too long now, and weakened the Democratic Party .

      A Bush or a Clinton as President, doesn't really make a difference. They dance to the same masters .

      Would love to see all parties disappear, but that will never happen.

  • White House 'trolls' Netanyahu by co-opting infamous UN cartoon to sell Iran deal
    • You know....I would not even call this lampooning, let alone trolling.

      The White House is making it's case, explains the consequences of the agreement framework in the cartoon language and realities of Netanyahu and his cheerleaders and supporters in the US Congress.

      Road Runner cartoons is their world, their level of understanding, as demonstrated; and the White House is communicating with Israel and Co., just as Netanyahu communicated to his boys and girls in the US Congress. He sees himself, after all, as a babysitter.

      And if this is what they respond to, this is how the WH gets it's message across.

  • Who cares what Jeffrey Goldberg and Netanyahu don't like about the Iran deal?
    • Dabakr, did ivir ask a question?

      Sarcasm, which is often ugly and always contempt-filled mockery is only that.

      It is never good and always reduces the one dishing out the mockery as the looser with nothing to say.

  • Added adjustable font size
    • Yes, if one could go directly to a comment read from the most recents comments, that would be tremendous. It would facilitate participation.

  • Mondoweiss Exclusive: One on One with Rep. Steve Israel
    • Yes, this is a spoof, a joke. Mondoweiss has an international readership and when a joke interview (parodying truth) is published on April 1st (April fools day) not all immediately see it as a joke.

      But nicely done!

  • American Voices: What lies ahead for the rocky US/Israel relationship?
    • The US does not have a treaty of alliance with Israel. It is impossible under international law for obvious reasons -- as Israel has never established its borders.

      So there .......

  • Bill Maher justifies Netanyahu's racism by saying U.S. has done much worse
    • Or that most people are ignorant and easily manipulated. I think it has nothing to do with their self understanding as "progressive" or "conservative."

    • Right. There is not an ounce of anything progressive, intelligent or thoughtful about Schmuck Maher. He is a rather dumb pretender, dressing up his pontificating as snarky humor.

      He is a plant and propagandist. And much propaganda operates as humor and entertainment.

      That he still has a show says much about HBO or whoever it is that owns the dirt bag.

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