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  • Is Occupy Wall Street anti-Semitic?
    • If a label is going to be slapped onto the OWS movement, they could/should be called "Jeffersonians'."

      Jefferson fought hard to try and prevent a powerful banking sector of the economy as it would inevitably undermine the functioning of a democratic government representing citizens.

      So we can call the supporters The Jeffersonians.

  • Boycott update: Champion fencer Sara Besbes stands down rather than plays Israeli
    • Unfortunately sports are not free of politics. The athletes competing may be above politics, but too often spectators and politicians use sports to their ends. Sort of like religion.

    • Refusing to participate in a sports competition for political reasons is reprehensible and un-sportsmanlike.

      jon s, what do you think of Israel's boycott of the 1980 Olympics for political reasons? Was it reprehensible?

      If the athletes complied with the boycott as a personal decision, should they have been disqualified from international competitions?

      What do you think?

  • Do we really need another 'Gandhi'?
    • DBG, I am not being dishonest. You cast aspersions. And while doing that whip out the ole' victim "everyone hates us blah blah blah..." card

      Regardless of the reason WHY so many Israeli citizens hold or seek a second passport, the fact is they do.

      And with that enjoy the freedom of possibility with a second passport. And that so many Israeli's enjoy two citizenships could be one impediment to solving the problems of colonialism and occupation.

      Do so many Israeli's really wish to travel to Saudi Arabia?

    • Maybe another reason there will not be the appearance of a Gahndi or DeKlerk for Israel is that so many Israelis hold citizenship in another country. A net for colonialist, and with the out, there is no reason for change. Meanwhile, the Zionist enterprise can continue for all it is worth to those who benefit.

      "Passports? If the Palestinian people already had one real passport, maybe the Israelis wouldn't need two. If Israel were to try at long last to be accepted in its region, with all that entails, then maybe the region would open to it by means of a single, blue and white passport. If Israel were also to take the advice of its friends in the world, especially in the countries of Europe, then perhaps we wouldn't need their passports.

      Israel is strong and established and ostensibly its passport should be sufficient for its citizens. The fact that it is not sufficient for many of them testifies, more than a thousand passports, that something has gone deeply wrong here. .... Anyone who can obtain an additional passport is of course invited to do so, but on the way back from the embassy he should ask whether his country has done everything in its power to ensure he will not need it. The answer to this is a resounding no."

      link to

  • Creeping halacha?
    • Hopi....what does a niqab or balaclava have to do with anything reported here? Or what does it have to do with all my adult female neighbors who shave their heads and wear wigs. (Try doing that on a hot humid summer day.)

      Should we be judgmental of that? I think not.

      Or is your point that you think two wrongs make a right?

    • Dbg, there you go again. A public bus is simply that, a public space for all.

      And in most predominantly Muslim countries, the majority of women do not coveer their heads. Not in Asia, middle Asia or south eastern Europe, where a muslim woman covering her head isnan exception. In fact, not in most of the muslim-majority countries. Not even in Egypt.

      Try getting around sometime.

  • Panic and shock sweep Cairo
    • Or, considering his background....and that he also worked for the Israeli courts earlier as well as being in the IDF, he must have been very very foolish to put himself into that situation in a time of turmoil in a country that is paranoid about their Israeli neighbor.

      Perhaps just extremely foolish.

    • "Grapel joined anti-government protests in Tahrir Square at the end of January, days after he arrived in Cairo......In 2005, Grapel immigrated to Israel from the U.S. and joined the Israel Defense Forces as a lone soldier. ..."

      Huh????? And this guy was not a spy? Or a potential agitator? he really cared about the anti government protests.

      link to

    • DBG, in true Hasbarist method, you are changing the debate and using ridicule. Why? Because you cannot reasonably address the statement, so instead demean and distract with ridicule.

      Charon said nothing about "Arabs" doing no wrong. But instead "This could be the work of the Zionists or somebody else. There is no doubt in my mind that a third party ignited this. "

      At this time, there is clear evidence third parties were involved. No one knows who. But probably the usual gang of culprits.

      I think it is coordinated among the varied interests who do not want to see Democracy in Egypt. There is too much for them to loose.

      Who do you think it could be?

    • Dan,

      Difficult to say. There are numerous interests in keeping Egypt weak and maintaining the power of the former status quo. Inside Egypt and outside Egypt. A democratic Egypt is something they fear. The Egyptian Army does not want it. Mubarak loyalists do not want it. Their neighbor Israel does not want it.

      The easiest way to do that, and oldest trick in the book, is to play the masses on religious differences.

      It's reported that organized plain clothes agitators who were not part of the peaceful protest triggered it.

      "Several hundred Egyptian Christians protesting a recent attack on a church came under assault by people in plain clothes who fired pellets at them and pelted them with stones.."

      link to

  • In Cairo, we consecrate the freedom of religion
    • I earnestly hope that he is able to return to a proper, meaningful Yom kippur next year in a safe, welcoming community .

      No you do not. You are ridiculing Mr. Weiss.

    • eee, Chaos is not making any argument. In fact might even be pointing out the inanity and inhumanity and crime of of collective punishment of others by a paranoid society. are projecting and mig is right....have you lost your mind?

    • Many in Egypt say that all the attacks are Mubarak loyalists or others to see "I told you so, you need Mubarak, you will need the military control" Whatever it takes to hold on.

      No, not even the Copts claim it is Muslim extremists.

      Interesting how the Hasbara brigade keeps bringing up the danger to Christians in Egypt all over the net.

    • It may not be a minyan in the sense of a public, communal prayer, but that does not prevent the ritual celebration by a few individuals of Yom Kippur.

      Otherwise the prayers of a Jew who must pray alone, for whatever reason, do not count???? Prayers do not c o u n t??

      Catholics may have a Christmas prayer and observation without a Priest and a ritual Mass. It is still a spiritual Christmas celebration.

      You have said you are not a religious Jew, seems so.

    • Chaos, I think it is really almost impossible to judge -- right or wrong -- Egyptian paranoia of the time as they were coming out of Ottoman/French/British occupation and into rising Arab Nationalism as centuries of occupation broke up. But the Zionist nationalist narrative (claiming all Jews as Zionist) and the terrorism around Zionism struck fear into the Arab world.

      But in hindsight let's say it was very wrong for the Egyptians to fear. Just as wrong as Roosevelt acting on fear and locking up Japanese Americans after the attack on Pearl Harbor.

    • noland, careful. You are putting dents into the western Zionist Propaganda that Jewish communities and culture has a deep, rich and positive place in Arabic speaking countries -- Semitic regions.

      Elderly Lebanese Jews living in Israel mourn a loss. The very few still in Lebanon hold their home of Lebanon dear as they and their families were there for many many centuries.

      "We had Christian, Sunni, Shiite and Druze neighbors with whom we had an excellent relationship," the red-haired and light-eyed woman in her 60s said, as she pulled on an ever-present cigarette. "
      link to

      (In fact after the creation of Israel, Lebanon's Jewish population increased. That was a scary development for the Zionist enterprise.) The emergence of Zionism made life precarious for Jews everywhere in the ME. Was that the point? To make life miserable for Jews in the ME and get them into Israel. The purpose of the Lavon Affair. The global fear mongering?

      Yet as a few young Lebanese, who are Jewish say:

      "Before the (1975-1990) civil war, there were about 22,000 of us. It was after the 1982 (Israeli) invasion of Lebanon that our presence became considerably diminished," said Samuel.

      For Efraim, also a merchant and a member of the Jewish Council, the community's official authority, one of the annoyances of life in Lebanon is the way in which other Lebanese mix the terms "Jewish" and "Israeli".
      To him, "that's exactly as if we used the term Iranians to describe Lebanese Shiites.

      "They do not understand that Israel means nothing to us. ....," he said.
      link to

      And for this Lebanese Jews are discriminated against, disliked (perhaps even hated by some) in Zionist Israelis. Arrogantly told that they need to be rescued, or are not even Jewish. (Same for Arab Jews elsewhere.)

      Where is the Zionist tolerance of Jews?

    • Since when was Yom Kippur about the material symbols and trappings?

  • Operation Enduring Failure: Ten years of war on Afghanistan
    • I have unfortunately had contact with individuals capable of joining the genocide bandwagon when in the Balkans. The language and reasoning used by those twisted minds is exactly the same as so many Zionist: historical myths, ideas of race and soil, victimology, paranoia of the other, etc.

      It is insane.

      What I do not understand is how our government can do all it does to squash that in places like Serbia, but actively tolerates it and nurtures it (with aid and Congress cheering it on) for Israel.

      In time, it will go down as another shameful era for the US.

  • Kol Nidre in Cairo. Not
    • Joer, you are telling us that ritual Jewish spiritual prayer is the same as the celebration of a national symbol and figure head?

      If you believe that (and apparently you do) you give confirmation to the arguments above that the Religion of Judaism is tragically being perverted into nationalist ideologies.

    • Eee....keep the victimology alive. Cultivate it, nurture it. Wrap yourself up in it like a shroud. A cultural identity of weakness.

      Don't scream Holocaust as it dishonors all victims of that particular genocide.

      The Arab world does not a tradition of intolerance to Jews. Many Arabs were/are Jews. Remember the Turks under the Ottoman empire patronized the building of Temples and prayer rooms in ottoman Europe after the Christian extremes of the inquisition.

      These facts do not fit the Zionist narrative of eternal victimhood.

  • The Jewish-Palestinian book of life
  • What do a Jewish state and a Catholic table have in common?
    • Eee, here you go again with the toxic mix of religion and ideas of nationalism. Sprinkled with the self pity of victimhood:

      "Otherwise, we would be dead."

  • Esc and Ctrl: The Guardian investigates Israeli internet hasbara
    • That there is a supposed need to create Hasbara is telling of a need to defend the often indefensible and pathetic.

      All Israel needs to do is stop the occupation, get over itself and make peace.

      As for that lady -what's-her-name? Her comments were insane and hateful.

      I know not all Israelis think like that, but do many or most? Do those in influence and power think like that?

      If so, it is no different from the thinking of perpetrators of recent genocides.

  • Even in times of austerity, some spending is inviolable
    • "However, one of the largest portions of foreign aid — more than $3 billion for Israel — is left untouched in both the House and Senate versions, showing that, even in times of austerity, some spending is inviolable". ...

      Yet the article does not explain why aid to Israel is "inviolable."

  • 'Ready for a Tahrir moment?' - Occupy Wall Street, the 'Arab Spring' and Israel/Palestine
    • Details may differ, but the game is the same. Mubarak and his circle stole for decades. In the US we have a political class that has been stealing from the US populace as well.

      Like Egypt, (and Israel for that matter) look how much of our GDP goes into the military and so-called "security" industry. Creating nothing, sucking from society.

      Look at the housing laws in this country where you and I can build houses, get our own company to do an "appraisal" and then get our own mortgage company (which is owned by the building company) to finance the "American dream" to Joe public. There were and are no laws against this in spite of the so-called finance reforms. (This is what fed the collapse of the housing market, and security of hundreds of thousands of Americans.) Not to mention the creating of a phony CDO market backed by nothing.

      Why is this? Because guess who writes the rules?

      Meanwhile, poverty in the US is exploding. And a small group continues to gain wealth in this game. The US is just a bit more sophisticated about the stealing from the public than countries like Egypt.

    • hoph....err, To the contrary. Or are you making a joke?

      The protest is about liberation of corrupt forces that steal from us all, and Mubarak's Egypt and all his supporters represented that.

  • US aid to PA withheld over statehood bid, Hamas, and 'failure to recognize Israel's right to exist as Jewish State'
    • "if you guys believe that Congress is controlled by 2 percent of the country, which happens to be Jews, that is like your opinion."

      DGB, you are the only one projecting and making that statement. Like I said, bizarre.

    • A lot of "aid" to many countries is not really aid at all, but instead a way of keeping the elites engaged. Anyone can set up a gig and apply for USAID funds for whatever project: A travel agency, a kindergarten, a training facility to learn MS Office. The money rarely goes into a real economy, but instead to few connected hands to play the system.

      Years ago I experienced tons of US Military clothing being burnt. It was sent into a war zone in S:E Europe and counted as aid. Why was it being burnt? Because any poor souls wearing those military threads would be walking targets. It could not be handed out. Then some member of congress got the funding for more clothing manufacturing into his state as there was a sudden need for more uniforms, jackets, etc.

      The Aid industry is mostly (but not all) a sham.

      Palestinians would be better without government aid from the US.

    • DBG, you really believe in the veracity of polls?

      Besides, pulling out the results of a polls to then smear another with the ole' Anti Semitic canard to paint someone as anti Jewish just because he says to contact him when the US Congress starts working for US Citizens, is well..... bizarre.

      Congress does not work for it's citizens. It work for those who spent the dough to get them into Congress. And that is not most Americans, but instead a series organized groups, including industrial and interest groups.

      It is the way our Meritocracy works.

  • Jewish terrorists strike again, this time in the Galilee
    • Lack of respect, for whatever reason -- justified or not -- is no reason not to engage in respectful debate.

      Hart engaged the Foxman.

      What is your problem with Jones and the idea that Mossad , CIA and others pretending not to know what could be coming down? There is a real logic to it.

      I worked with State shortly before 9-11, and we were on all these unusual exercises and alerts in Europe. We knew something was coming was on the way. But was in NYC at the time.

    • Dbg, there you go again with projection. There is not anti-Israel movement. ( maybe only in your mind.)

      But there is a growing awareness that the US needs to be free.

      (And that if Israel is to survive it must grow up, get overe itself, liberate itself from Zionist nationalistic forces, end the occupation ....only then will Isreal be free.)

  • The new 'internalized conflict': Israeli settlers targeting Israeli activists w/ impunity
    • It is not ever wise to be posting bank account details in this way. Especially those of a bank with a sorid history of poor governance and money laundering.

  • Sullivan on Obama's 'capitulation' at the UN
    • Walid,

      True. Yet the American's played the game with short sighted stupidity. I understand little of the arms pokering. But imagine Nasser was playing both sides in the game. And understand that the US never took the Soviets arms offer to the Egypt seriously.

      As for the Aswam, the US was contemptuous and reneged out of the agreement at the last moment -- to punish Nasser, his Arab Nationalism games, and for flirting with the Soviets. How brilliant! how far sighted!

      Sabotaging ME policy for decades to come. We are still living with it.

    • Thank you Hostage. Congress pulled back pulled back aid, technical support, etc. for the Aswam Dam at the very last minute under severe pressure from guess who. The Soviets were happy to step in. McNamera admitted it to being a major and far reaching blunder.

      Amazing how that is still being painted by Israel and the eee's of the world as Egyptian treachery and not for the stupidity US manipulated foreign policy.

    • Were the POTUS to adopt such an honest strategy it would be seen as too grave a threat and he would tragically be removed from this earth.

  • Campaign to end military aid to Israel enters NY, underground
    • It will come. A tame ad like that would never have been possible even five years ago.

    • Huff Po is deteriorating into clog of S&%* at the bottom of the information chain. It will soon features stories of half gorilla, half human babies born in the far corners of the Ozarks.

    • Yes, indeed, it did. Nazi propaganda was really primitive and portrayed anything non Germanic as "the other." Black Africans were much lower on the ranks of civilized humanity than all.

      Years ago I met an older Polish gentleman who spent the prime of his youth as a young man as a prisoner in a KZ. The prison population of those Kamps were ...what we would call today ... very multi kulti.

      There were regular Germans (Academics and dangerous people like that), Poles, mix raced Germans, Jewish Germans, members of the clergy, homosexuals, the handicapped and the socially shunned.

      And at the same time the US had concentration camps for Americans of Japanese decent.

    • anti-semitism is a pretend concept as most Jews of the world are not Semites. It is really a non-word.

      Judeophobia or anti-Jewish is the honest expression for those who suffer Judenphobia, which leads to anti Jewish "feelings."

      No different than homophobia, female phobia, catholic phobias, brown people phobias, while people phobias, goyim phobias.....whatever....

  • The declaration of 'The Jewish Authority in Eretz Yisrael'
    • Annie, I remember that as well. Before the election, the I/P issue was the most important foreign issue to discussions around his campaign and among the top issues overall. And there were sincere comments about this from thousands. And not backing the AIPAC line.

      And then mysteriously it was crowded out with legalizing marijuana or something like that with more marginal (albeit hopeless) national interest, but an active base.

      And interestingly....I was recently in Kansas. In the middle of the country. What coastals call, fly over. And you know what? Sabra was being pulled from the shelves in a small local store near the MO state line. There was no drama, like in Brooklyn. Just Midwestern pragmatism.

      The owner just removed it and replace it with another brand. Period.

      That said so much.

  • Ron Paul says our unfairness to Palestinians led to 9/11 attacks
    • "Immediately following the debate and the boos from the crowd, the Paul campaign sent a Tweet highlighting that Paul has raised more money from members of the military than all the other campaigns –- including President Obama –- combined."

  • 'Forward's ad director says he's chosen not to visit Israel because it's gone 'so far afield'
    • It is a moving video and well done. I hope it gets broad exposure. It would be riveting if it were shown on National Television --- prime time.

    • Dex, there are people out there who consider themselves Zionist, but probably do not even really understand what Zionism is.

      It is not coddling, but separating ideology, bad politics, deranged mental illness from the person. Shunning anyone is wrong.

      Shunning is not the same thing as avoiding another for your own safety, mental or physical.

      Zionism, like the Jim Crow South will fall apart and like the racists who held the Jim Crow apparatus together, Zionists will bear a vast and shameful legacy.

      And like most Southern (and Northern) whites of a previous generation, not all were evil, most did not see...were brainwashed from birth. But there was real change. And so is it with Zionists. And as the film shows, change is happening. And I think even faster than we realize yet.

    • I have a Zionist friend I love and won't shun. She might come around to truth and understanding. Getting over the life time of brainwashing is not easy.

  • How Saloma left the Amish
  • 'NYT' calls Dogan a Turk-- yes, and how many other American deaths go unaudited?
    • DBG, you are working overtime.

      The Department of the Navy DID NOT endorse information on Cristols self promoting web site and his Cristol's thesis, stated to be done at the University of Miami (no date given) where he "researched and wrote on terrorism." Your attempt to give a modicum of credibility to that link is pathetic.

      But you might be interested in a strategy research project done by Col. Peyton Smith under the aegis and sponsorship (but not endorsement) of the United States Army and published by the US Army War College in 2007 that concluded:

      Since this even occurred almost forty years ago, much personal testimony has surfaced regarding the incident. Based on the testimony of many eyewitnesses and the memories of senior government officials, the attack on the USS Liberty was most likely deliberate. Unfortunately, this issue may go the the grave unresolved unless the US government and the government of Israel release all data related to the incident......There is no discernible national security rational for continuing to keep these records secret. Only when they are finally released for careful scrutiny can we finally close the book on this unfortunate and tragic naval incident.

    • Yes, it was a spy ship sent to listen.

      And yes Israel jammed all frequencies - as you say - and attacked the ship and life boats, as we all know.

      It happened and sure made sense to someone.

    • Explain exactly where the conspiracy theory on this is?

    • Hop, you purposely do not get it.

      It is the failure of the US (unlike Turkey) to even address Israel concerning the point blank execution of one of it's citizens.

      If US soldiers murdered an Israeli citizen, you can bet the Israeli government would demand an apology or more, as they should.

      Our government even denies the young man was an American.

    • Our government has one legitimate role. To protect its citizens. When that is not done, the government fails, especially when it is protecting "special interests" of a meritocracy at the cost of its individual citizens. (But that is the way of the world.)

      The lives of American citizens do not count when it comes to other "bigger" interests.

    • It is an old trick. Creating connections that are not there in an attempt to discredit. Yet, it is boomeranging.

      Sirhan Sirhan had a lifetime of mental illness and there is no evidence to have ever connected him with political causes. He came as a child with his family to California. A more accurate description of him would be the crazed Jared Laughner, who tragically shot Giffords.

      And there inconclusive evidence that it was at all possible for Sirhan to get 14 shots -- as 14 bullets were found at the site-- off alone before being tackled to the ground by kitchen workers. Modern forensics demonstrate that his dinky Iver Johnson Cadet 55 revolver could never have carried it off. But whatever....

      As for the Liberty. Go ahead and say it, say it loud, repeat it everywhere: that the US Secretary of State at the time (Rusk) offers us nothing more than a conspiracy theory when he said:

      "I was never satisfied with the Israeli explanation. Their sustained attack to disable and sink Liberty precluded an assault by accident or some trigger-happy local commander. Through diplomatic channels we refused to accept their explanations. I didn't believe them then, and I don't believe them to this day. The attack was outrageous."

      As long as a complete congressional probe and investigation is not carried out, the conspiracy theorists have a field day.

      But question is, why has such full investigative probes never been conducted when both Government Officials and Naval officers (even those who were there and Chief of Naval Operations and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Adm. Thomas Moorer) find no credibility in either the US nor the Israeli reports of the incidents?

  • Tom Friedman suggests Arabs are 60 years behind the rest of us, or maybe 100
  • Tens of thousands of Egyptians protest Israeli embassy; destroy flag and protective barrier
    • Then was it mob violence when East Germans attacked the Stasi Headquarters?

      The West cheered it. Was that hypocrisy?

    • Was it mob violence?

      Was storming the Stasi Hdqts. as East Germany fell really mob violence?

      Or protecting self dignity and determination?

      No Israelis were attacked. No Israelis died as a result of the siege onto the Embassy. The Egyptian Government (rightfully) provided protection to all Israelis in the Embassy.

  • Israel monitored 'travel schedules' of US politicians
    • AIEF recently paid expenses for more than 80 members of Congress to travel to Israel during recess, but does not disclose planned activities or educational curriculum. Rabbi Bruce Warshal called AIEF "an amazing organization of which no one has ever heard...It's amazing that someone hasn't filed suit to stop this charade."

      According to the 29 page IRmep Center for Policy and Law Enforcement filing, AIEF meets the IRS definition of an AIPAC "sham corporation" because: ...

      That members of the US Congress allowed a Sham Organization to send them onto a Junket makes each complicit to the sham.

  • What I've witnessed on the West Bank
    • So if you currently live in Ramat-Hasharon, you stay up until around 7:00 am. Sleeping all day?

      Or you are now working and living in the US and declare your place of residence as Ramat-Hasharon.

      What is it?

      BTW, there are lots of old IDF'ers now living in the USA.

  • Gaza strikes kill two youths, and cut off hands of 13-year-old boy playing football
    • eee,

      You might need to check your prescription dosage.

      With your sick logic Germany had every right to wage a war (or whatever we want to call the mega crime and its consequences) against Jews of Europe.

      You write earlier I don't view Palestinians as inhuman or inferior and would gladly live in peace with them. But for now, their society is at war with mine.

      You see, there were terrorist activities against the German government buildings by the Zionist Irgun Zvai Leumi in the 30's. Before the state sponsored terrorism against Jews and Gypsies and other undesirables.

      As Zionist Hero, Jabotinsky wrote:

      "The Israeli people around the world declare economic and financial war against Germany. Fourteen million Jews stand together as one man, to declare war against Germany." - Daily Express, March 24, 1933

      And in January 1934 issue of Mascha Rjetach he wrote:

      "For months now the struggle against Germany is waged by each Jewish community at each conference in all our syndicates and by each Jew all over the world. ...We will start a spiritual and material war of all the world against Germany's ambitions to become once again a great nation, to recover lost territories and colonies. But our Jewish interests demand Germany's total destruction, collectively and individually. The German nation is a threat to us Jews."

      Of course Jabonitsky was a deranged nut case (still revered in Israel) but he had his followers of his hate speech.

      And he insanely claimed that Zionist movement spoke for all Jews , so with YOUR LOGIC, Germany was then at war with Jews!

      And with YOUR LOGIC, had every right to do what was done.

      The early terrorist Zionist make Hamas look like kindergartners. They snuffed out anyone thought to be a threat to their cause -- not only UN officials, but British and US. (I know.)

      You are a despicable pos and the more you write here, the more you demonstrate with clarity how the ideas of Zionism are based on insane bigotry, opportunism and a band of deranged fascists. (And I mean to use that word.) No different from any other evil political enterprise. And you and your ilk are part of it.

      And just because the US Government is duped enough, stupid enough, corrupt enough to be complicit in this ongoing crime does not legitimize it, it makes the US part of it. And that is the big and growing problem for more and more Americans. (As you keep throwing out in defense of the indefensible: "But the Americans do it, blah blah..")

      Maybe not in my lifetime, but in the not too distance future you and those "Millions of Jews and in the (who) US think like me" will be deemed criminal collaborators of no conscience.

      Unless things change fast, the US will go down as shamed nation and Israel will be the "Alteh moid," an embarrassment no one wants to admit they were even associated with.

    • eee, you are one incredibly sick person.

      As you said in an earlier post. "When you bayonet someone for a just cause, you are still being cruel and inhumane.

      With your depraved logic and the conviction that Israel is at war with all Palestinians, why don't you just kill them all. The final solution and Zionism the just cause.

      The more you post here, the more you show the true motives and face of the Zionist project.

      It is not Judaism. You are not a Jew. You are not human.

  • Zuckerman paper says boycott gathers 'the old anti-Semite and his quivering yes-man, the self hating Jew'
  • 'Moral dilemma'-- or how a woman rationalizes rejecting a graduate student as a babysitter on racial basis
    • Yes, communal eating together and caring for the children of each would be a threat to Jewish self identity. That may not be allowed to happen.

      Best to keep the population fearful....and under control.

  • How would you redesign our comment section?
    • Excellent suggestion. Sometimes there are some very important and information rich discussions and posts. It is too bad when they disappear down into the thread history hole.

      That and better threading .

      Thank you.

  • It took 4 Irish-Catholic leaders to stop the Irish lobby's support for violence in N. Ireland
    • It would take some very powerful and influential Jewish Americans to stop the insanity. It could happen very fast.

      Problem is, the conflict is still too profitable for certain interests. (Unlike the "Troubles" of Ireland, which was not profitable for anyone.)

      When that is no longer the case, honorable voices might prevail.

    • lysias, and we can add, that like US support of Israel, it was based on some romantic nonsense. Sending money to the IRA hurt the Irish cause and prolonged the "troubles."

      In that was it is also similar to the Jewish American misguided support.

      Otherwise, Exiled is right. The Irish (those who were not the Scottish settlers) were, indeed, the Palestinians for centuries. -- twice almost wiped out.

      It was the insane British occupation of Ireland that created violence all around.

  • China announces support for Palestinian UN statehood bid
    • Exiled, I think your post is well meaning and the logic and practicality of recognizing state of Kosovo can be debated.

      But you have swallowed a "conspiratorial" narrative on the events surrounding the breakup of Yugoslavia. Yugoslavia -- a created socialist construct after WWII broke up just like the Soviet Union -- another union of even more unrelated cultures and peoples -- broke up.

      It is a big subject and not for this forum. You might want to spend time in Banja Luka, or Sarajevo, Mostar and Dubrovnik.

      You can paint the massacre of men and boys in Srebrenika as a military strategy, but the Siege on Sarajevo and Serbian mining of Bosnia had the intent to rid non Serbians of the region.

      The justifications of this are not too different than the mythical race/land tribal ideas behind Zionism. (Same game, different players)

      The cleansing (or whatever we wish to call it) worked for the most part. As it continues to work in the former Palestinian territories and current Israel.

      link to

      You might want to read an interesting history:

      "Bosnia: A Short History" by Noel Malcolm

  • DMV, Department of Muslim Verification (AP exposes NYPD/CIA community infiltration program)
    • Cliff...I don't know if most would call me a "liberal." In fact I do not even really know what that means. It is an empty label. So LLI and others throwing that out as disparaging a description sound rather stupid.

      I hope to fall under the description, "one of conscience. "

    • Citizen, the DHS was a honey pot for beltway bandits from the very start. I was working in Washington as the first pile of funding for DHS went through. (BTW, Chertoff, who wrote the initial legislation had last minute language changes to protect Israeli firms bidding on DHS stuff from US litigation.)

      Within weeks office space all over the city was rented out by new entities established just to bid on the government RFPs. The money was flowing! You just needed an office and computer and know-how to answer those proposals to catch the dough. It is still a great gig!

      More Muslim American groups have suffered attacks and threats than Jewish Groups, or Christian Groups or any other groups. But could we imagine Muslim community groups getting funds for new blast proof windows, etc. from DHS?

      From your link:

      $19 million in new grants, 80 percent of which will go to Jewish institutions.

      The Jewish Federations of North America praised the announcement.
      “The Department of Homeland Security has demonstrated a great commitment to protecting the Jewish American community,” said Cheryl Fishbein, chairwoman of the Federations’ Domestic Affairs Cabinet.

      This is such robbery of the public.

  • Blumenthal: Absence of the occupation in the tent protests reflects total separation between Jews and Palestinians
    • There you go again....

      One point that Blumenthal noted was that there was a near-concensus assumption among the demonstrators, that Palestine was becoming a viable state, a recognized, accepted state.

      A lie.

      That was never ever uttered in the entire interview.

      What Blumethal did say is that the "tent protest were STRICTLY limited to the high prices...." protest about rents, working with less and less benefits, housing conditions, cottage cheese, etc.

      That there was NO concern about the Palistinians. Blumenthal said that for most all Israelis there was no knowledge of the occupation; it is as if it and the Palestinians do not exist. (In time, and when the crimes are known and go to such proportions that the world can no longer sanitize the crimes will Israelis say...they just did not know what was going on?)

      Over time I have come to understand why some posters here seem harsh to you and your postings. Not only is your expression completely convoluted and often unreadable (reflecting a confused mind) but you bounce from being disingenuous, to deceitful to dishonest to simply out right lying.

      All of this packaged in self absorbed, narcissistic and strange blather language.

      And here you go again. What is your purpose?

  • Reading Anne Frank in Gaza
    • "Either/or is not humane. AND is humane."

      Flower words chained together that mean nothing.

      What are you talking about?

  • Richmond 'Times-Dispatch' rejects piece criticizing Cantor's Israel travels, so it runs in Culpeper paper
    • Sure is a good bit of Anti Arab hate speech on that site:

      I.e. "The Palestinians are a barbaric people and they love death ..."

      What do you think of this Witty?

  • 104 young Americans reported to go join Israeli army
    • Under US law US citizens are only able to participate in COMPULSORY military service when they hold duel citizenship.

      It is a big gray zone and not advisable if you want to keep us citizenship:

      Although a person's enlistment in the armed forces of a foreign country may not constitute a violation of U.S. law, it could subject him or her to Section 349(a)(3) of the Immigration and Nationality Act [8 U.S.C. 1481(a)(3)] which provides for loss of U.S. nationality if an American voluntarily and with the intention of relinquishing U.S. citizenship enters or serves in foreign armed forces engaged in hostilities against the United States or serves in the armed forces of any foreign country as a commissioned or non-commissioned officer.

      link to

    • dim, you are weaseling and beginning to sound like Witty.

      You linked to propaganda sites. Dan called you out on it. Then you blather.

    • "canine show for the bored ladies."

      What exactly does that mean?

      Real men have war dogs and the rest are "bored ladies?"

  • If only the Palestinians were Syrians...
    • I could not watch.

      But please send that to every single congress representative that is spending their time in Israel right now on the arms for Israel junket in our name and in the name of "security."

  • Pennsylvania congressman censors the criticism of his Israel trip
    • No MSM newspaper would carry the ad.

    • Richard, your post is simply a lie.

      1. it was not Weiss's description yesterday. Read it again.

      2. there were about 150 posts and Guilty feat cited only four. And even those were the usual angry ignoramuses found posting around the internet. And I don't know if they could even be called anti Jewish, but simply really angry.

      (Oh and the one about the security aid to former Governor James McGreevey: The so-called anti Jewish post just be case he was angry that McGreevey wound up hiring Israeli Mossad agent Cipel he met on one of the brainwashing tours to Israel. The guy McGreevey then hired for a Department of Homeland Security job with the State of NJ-- with a full security clearance. (Someone who was not even a citizen! but a Israeli government PR bloke he met in Israel on an all paid for obedience training trip. )
      Cipel is now back in Israel and still refuses the speak to the FBI about what he was doing when working as McGreevey's DHS advisor with his full security clearance.

      So yes, Americans have all right to be outraged at their officials and about what goes on with those trips to Israel and the ongoing undermining of US interests by its politicians.

      But the real point is, you are an extremely dishonest man.

    • Commentary from today's Baltimore Sun on "Too many junkets to Israel"

      It is reported that 81 Congress members, and their spouses, are being given an all-expenses-paid trip to Israel. This trip is afforded to most (all?) newly elected politicians in order to indoctrinate them into the Israeli viewpoint.

      I am told that my Congressman, Elijah Cummings, is not going on this trip, for which I thank him. However, Steny Hoyer is going, even though he has been many times.

      Congress has given Israel billions of dollars in military aid over the years, even though Israel's military is already one of the most powerful in the world and it has threatened not only the Palestinians but neighboring countries as well. This money would be much better spent here in the United States.

      From a reader in Columbia, MD

      link to

      Baltimore is close, but very very far from DC.

  • Congressman says, I'm going to Israel, and his site is flooded with ragefilled comments about 'sucking teat of AIPAC' to serve ethnocratic, apartheid state
    • Your ugly rants on this site are too transparent.

      Zionist need to cultivate ideas of hate and victimhood to feed Zionism. Why without rants like yours above, Zionism cannot explain itself.

      Maybe that is why your ugly posts were allowed to go through moderation --- to show a true face of Zionism.

      You are an example of a true Judeophobe.

    • The victim meme is cultivated. It is weak and manipulative. Victimology used to unite a people.

      Jews have been in positions of esteem and influence as a group longer and more than any other defined group.

      Just look at Spain. Sephardic Jews held a very high and privileged position in society. So high, they were successful in getting the Vatican to write a papal bull for "allow them to leave under protection." The event was to coincide with religious dates to give it permanent significance.

      Of course the Jews were right to leave before it got hotter form them, but they suffered much less than the Muslims of Spain. The way history is recounted, one would think that ONLY the Jews suffered under the Inquisition.

    • When reading the site, I do not see any anti Jewish trash talk, but more simply really really angry about his ignorance, priorities and not listening.

      link to

      "Pat, Why did you erase the comments to Israel? Now we know you are anti-American, because Americans have spoken HERE and you erase their comments "

    • Dim, Israel exists. Period. But to survive, it's 'gotta to be a global citizen like any other country.

      Zionism needs to feed the ideas of victimization and threats to justify itself, to build tribalism.

      Jews are not the first and not the last group to experience "antisms." Or to be victims of crimes of others. But why the self identity around this?

      As long as people organize themselves into groups, there will always be tensions between the groups, even friendly tensions -- like between sports teams, or communities separated by a river. It is just how the brain works. Primitive yes, but no reason to cultivate tribalism.

    • GF,

      Jewphobia is there and always will be. Just as there is phobia of all defined groups. It is no excuse to excuse what is wrong.

      The public has a field day trashing and bashing Catholics in the most ugly way over the failure of the Catholic church. So what?

      But diverting and focusing on the release of anti-Catholicism (even with a history of violence against Catholics-- remember the Know Nothings?) is NOT any excuse or legitimate diversion from bringing the crimes of the institution (who thought it was above civil laws) to Justice.

      Concentrating on ignorant anti Jews is a narcissistic self-pity diversion.

      Deal with the crimes of the US Government going on arms junkets and supporting the interest of a foreign country over their own citizens.

      That is what is bad, really bad, for Jews of America.

  • Michael Rubin says Obama/Khalidi will support Palestinian statehood so as to wreak 'Israel's demise'
    • Speaking of Cass Sunstein.....Glen Greenwald called him out for the sneaky dangerous creep he is, citing a 2008 policy paper by Sunstein:

      "Sunstein advocates that the Government's stealth infiltration should be accomplished by sending covert agents into "chat rooms, online social networks, or even real-space groups." He also proposes that the Government make secret payments to so-called "independent" credible voices to bolster the Government's messaging (on the ground that those who don't believe government sources will be more inclined to listen to those who appear independent while secretly acting on behalf of the Government). "

      link to

      "Got Fascism"

      link to

  • Activist files suit against Netanyahu supporters who attacked her in Capitol
  • Another Congressman uses attacks to say US must block Palestinian statehood
    • Only after a really really big horrible crime. One that the world recoils in disgust; one that Israelis do not want to be associated with. That may not happen, but instead the small everyday drip by drip. Then Israel will have what it wants. But at what price? It will be a material state and have a golden calf like any other, but not Jewish. Just another state and institutions.

    • And Ireland did not deserve independence or statehood with that logic.

      BTW, terrorist Yithak Shamir, -- 7th Israeli PM, who authorized the execution style murder of UN representative Folk Bernadotte --was a great admirer of the IRA, even taking the underground nick name "Michael" after Michael Collins.

      How many people did Shamir have murdered who he and others determined to be a threat to the Zionist enterprise?

  • Another crack in the wall: Senator Leahy wants to defund Israeli military units b/c of human rights violations in Gaza and W.B.!
    • The Politico report is surely more accurate. "By way of general background about the Leahy Amendment, the law applies to U.S. aid to foreign security forces around the globe and is intended to be applied consistently across the spectrum of U.S. military aid abroad. "

      One wonders why Haaretz writes the distortion: "Senator Patrick Leahy claims Shayetet 13 unit, undercover Duvdevan unit, and the Israel Air Force Shaldag unit are involved in human rights violations in occupied territories. "

      Huh? What is the source of the claim legislation is singling out IDF units?

      Looks like the campaign to discredit Leahy and the proposed bill (posing it in the mind of the public as picking on Israel) has already started.

      And what does this mean?

      However, the official said Barak felt Leahy had understood his message, and that the Israeli Embassy in Washington was following the matter. If necessary, Barak and Leahy would hold another talk, the official added.

      "If necessary?"

      Leahy is now targeted.

  • Define demagogue
    • to him in Iowa, but we would treat him pretty ugly down in Texas,

      Not blatantly racist, but clearly "ugly." Especially as Texas has a history of organized lynching parties.

      "The San Saba County lynchers, the deadliest of the lot, claimed some twenty-five victims between 1880 and 1896. Vigilante lynching died out in the 1890s, but other varieties of mobs continued.

      It is uncertain when the first of the non-vigilante lynch mobs appeared in Texas, but certainly they increased in frequency with the approach of the Civil War. In the five years preceding the war, mobs frequently sought out suspected slave rebels and white abolitionists."
      link to

      What kind of disgusting rhetoric is that for a Presidential candidate let alone anyone?

  • Israeli Ministers promote racist vision for Israel (and Judaism)
    • In the 1950's there was research looking for the Jewish fingerprint.

      Now we have research seeking a unique Jewish Gene. Problem is, the identified Genes are not unique to Jews, but found in many populations.

      If I take a genetic combination complex enough, I can "prove" that everyone in my neighborhood is related by finding a shared marker.

      Selection bias with small sample size, non-random samples, for example, and using convoluted variables will always "prove" what we want.

      Add that to false conclusions and then the authoritative press releases and broadly spreading "information" and "facts" built on junk science.

      These are tactics used by the so-called “scientists” and ill-educated politicians who will cling to the pretend-science for their own racist political ends, pretending they have proved “Jewish” relatedness to justify political policy.

      That hophmi and others actually defend these ideas tells us something repulsive.

      We can name genetic markers Cohen or Levi, but there will never ever be that specific "Jew Gene. "

    • hop,

      You are the one projecting and getting all squirley about Nazi's.

      I think about the responsibilities of scientists and how their work can be used for dastardly ends. The video above show ignorant politicians in positions of power doing just that. Think it through.

      That plaque at the entrance of a science institute is really powerful. Too bad the English translation does not capture the spirit and power of the message.

      Germans have experience with junk science being used by politicians for evil. They never want to forget it.

    • Whenever I read and hear about the insane nonsense of the "Jewish Gene" I think about a plaque I read on the building of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute (now the Max Planck) in Berlin. There is no beating around the bush where political and race based "science" led and the responsibilities of Scientists.

      English translation: This building was occupied from 1927-1945 by the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Institute for Anthropology, Human Genetics, and Eugenics. Under the directorship of Eugen Fischer (1927-1942) and Otmar von Verschuer (1942-1945) the institute provided scientific justifications for the inhuman race and birth policies of the NS regime. It provided expert opinions on issues concerning family records and forced sterilizations, and instructed SS physicians and judges who presided over cases concerning genetic "health." Thus, Fischer, Verschuer, and their staff actively contributed to the selection of "unworthy life" and murder. Joseph Mengele, a student and close collaborator of von Verschuer, planned his twin studies here, and organs removed from selected and murdered prisoners were examined in this building. Mengele conducted his research with approval by the Reichsforschungsrat (Reich Research Council) and financed by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (German Science Foundation) in the Auschwitz concentration camp. These crimes remain unpersecuted and unpunished. Von Verschuer taught until 1965 as Professor for Genetics in Münster, Germany. Scientists are to be held responsible for the content and consequences of their research.

      link to

      After reading that, I thought about the so-called Cohen Modal Hapoltype (CMH)—the standard genetic signature of the Jewish priestly family related to Aaron. Why it was "discovered" by genetics looking for the real Jew Gene. And now this pretend science is now used for political, racists ends -- just as to be expected.

      link to

      The problem for this story is that the CMH haplotype appears all over and in many populations.

      We are all related .... I carry Eve's mitochondrial DNA!

  • WASP society is disintegrating
    • Yes.

      And as the thought continues:

      We shy away from doing so because it engages issues of anti-semitism, but if you think of that self-contained WASP society, the only thing to contend with it, in term of social cohesion, is affluent Jewish society, the Jewish mandarins of New York and Washington.

      This is a pre-occupation of supposed cohesion of WASP society, whatever that is. If you look at elites in US society (the mandarins of New York and Washington) from the start, it has always been been different groups and never been cohesive.

      That is a good thing.

  • Hen of the woods?
    • You might enjoy this guide:

      "All That the Rain Promises and More: A Hip Pocket Guide to Western Mushrooms " by David Arora.

      One of the best English language guides I know.

      I have been spending my fall weekends foraging for many years. The kids loved it when they were small ....we had so much fun.

  • In Israel, Steny Hoyer promises, US financial crisis won't cut our aid package by a dime
    • Here you go:

      Partial list of the 81 Congresspeople touring Israel on an AIPAC-affiliate junket during the August Congressional Recess:

      Mo Brooks R-5 AL
      Eric Cantor R-7 VA
      Russ Carnahan D-3 MO
      Steve Chabot R-1 OH (went last month)
      David Cicilline D-1 RI
      Yvette Clarke D-11 NY
      Mark Critz D- 12 PA
      Scott DesJarlais R- 4 TN
      Chuck Fleischman R-3 TN
      John Garamendi D-10 CA
      Kay Granger R-12 TX
      Michael Grimm NY-13
      Janice Hahn D-36 CA
      Jaime Herrera Buetler R-3 WA
      Mazie Hirono D- 2 HI
      Steny Hoyer D-5 MD
      Jesse Jr. Jackson D-2 IL
      Kevin McCarthy CA-22
      Gwen Moore D-4 WI
      Bill Owens D-23 NY
      Steven Palazzo R-4 MS
      Ed Perlmutter D-7 CO
      Tom Price R-6 GA
      Peter Roskam R-6 IL
      Loretta Sanchez D-47 CA
      David Schweikert R-5 AZ
      Adam Smith D-9 WA
      Steve Southerland R-2 FLA
      Betty Sutton D-13 OH
      Scott Tipton R-3 CO
      Allen West R-22 FL
      Frederica Wilson D-17 FL
      Kevin Yoder R-3 KS

      Is your congressperson going to Israel instead of working in district during the recess?
      Take action!

      1. Tweet Congress with this message: Represent America, not Israel!

      2. Send a letter to the editor of your local letter expressing your outrage if your Representative is going to Israel.

      3. Visit your Congressperson’s office this month during the August Recess (when your Rep should be home).

      link to

  • Who's paying for Congress to summer in Israel? Liberal foundations that give halls to Princeton and Yale and fund Human Rights Watch
    • The system allows a lot of leeway in soliciting the ear of Congress; there is obviously something smelly with any entity that has to create shells and middle "men" to conduct its activities.

    • American, as long as we have a political system that depends on money from donations, it will be compromised.

      And there are just too many powerful (special) interests involved that would want to see it changed.

      What might help is refusing to support any legislator who receives PAC or Lobby money.

      The McCain-Feingold act tried to get this fixed, but failed by six votes.

      The system enriched too many in Congress.

      Maybe we make a PAC to end PACs?

    • And???? So what. They have to go to school somewhere. Michell did not put the girls into the DC public schools. It is in the district. Hillary talked Michel into it. The Secret Service already had it down.

  • Even Washington Post does story on 81 House Reps to Israel. Will network news follow?
    • But the Congress, which in this case is a good reflection of American public opinion...

      Hardly. And what is the disapproval rating for Congress? Something like 87% ?

      That the story is even being reported with simply the fact that 81 (81!!!) Reps are in Israel speaks volumes.

      Americans know their Congress has let them down, they know that they are not represented by Congress and when they read this triggers the realization that Israel does comes before American citizens.

      Those members of Congress should be in their districts and if not in their districts and traveling, they should visit Detroit or the Ohio Valley.

      Why are they in Israel? It is business to secure more money for their campaigns and "homeland security" and "terrorism" industry.

      As reported on Jackson Jr. "The famous civil rights leader's son told the AP that he's looking forward to learning about Israel's business and commercial sectors as well as the latest tools and technology the country is using in its fight against terror."

      link to

  • Afghanistan helicopter crash fuels antiwar feeling in American military community

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