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I am an anti-Zionist.That's all i gotta say about myself for the time being.

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  • Libya/Gaza
    • OOPS,I am sorry Phil. Mondoweiss did cover this interview.My mistake. Delete this comments ,I think that would be better.

    • Another awesome quote from Helen Thomas. I am stunned by her courage and clarity.

      THOMAS: Well, I don’t want to be treated that way. [pauses but continues to cry] I’m sorry. But what am I supposed to do, love every Jew because they want to take Palestine? It’s a real cause with me. They should have a conscience and they don’t if that’s what they’re going to do. Is there such a thing as a conscience? I think there is. Stop taking what doesn’t belong to you! Stop killing these people. These children throw stones at them, and they shoot them. Where is the Jewish conscience? I want to know. Have some feeling. They can’t just come in and say, “This is my home,” knock on the door at three in the morning and have the Israeli military take them out. That’s what happens. And that’s what happened to the Jews in Germany. Why do they inflict that same pain on people who did nothing to them? [takes another break to compose herself]I sure didn’t want to cry. But I do care about people. And I don’t care what they write about me. They’ve already written it. My family will be disappointed in me for crying.

    • I just pray that this war ends real soon,I don't want the sneaky French or any foreigner stealing Libyan wealth.

      On a completely different note,I am completely surprised why there is nothing in Mondoweiss covering Helen Thomas' awesome interview with The Playboy magazine. She is one heck of a courageous lady.

      Some snippets from the interview:
      PLAYBOY: So is this how you pictured retirement?

      THOMAS: I’m not retired! I was fired. In fact, I’ll die with my boots on. I’m still writing and I’ll continue to write and ask hard questions. I will never bow out of journalism.

      PLAYBOY: Do you begrudge people like Steven Spielberg? He created the Shoah Foundation to chronicle the life stories of Holocaust survivors. What’s your feeling about him?

      THOMAS: There’s nothing wrong with remembering it, but why do we have to constantly remember? We’re not at fault. I mean, if they’re going to put a Holocaust museum in every city in Germany, that’s fine with me. But we didn’t do this to the Jews. Why do we have to keep paying the price and why do they keep oppressing the Palestinians? Do the Jews ever look at themselves? Why are they always right? Because they have been oppressed throughout history, I know. And they have this persecution. That’s true, but they shouldn’t use that to dominate.

      link to

  • Settler rabbi says, 'It will probably come down to a war between Jews'
    • link to

    • @Annie,sorry for replying late. State of Judea is basically a halachic state proposed by Jewish settlers from time to time,after some perceived anti-settler measure by Israel,like the Oslo Declaration,the disengagement plan of Sharon from Gaza etc. They have all weird-a** justifications,somewhat hilarious. Just do a google search of 'State of Judea',and you would know. Not surprisingly,many of those in support of the idea are American jews,as the links would show.
      Here are some links :

      link to

    • Anyone remember the calls for a separate Medinat Yehuda(State of Judea),in West Bank? They even made a few flags,one with the Hanukkah replacing the Star of David. These are the results of almost complete colonization,as well as BDS and growing international isolation.

      Now let us all sit back and enjoy the show.

  • The new Egypt
    • Professor Sharaf is an honorable person. More an academic than a politician,he is a humble man. And that scene of protesters carrying him on his shoulders,kissing him,forming a human chain to protect him,is iconic;Tahrir absolutely loved him. I guess he would do what he can do to ensure a Free Egypt for the future,and then silently return to his university lecture halls. The indifference to power is his real charisma . Hope the good Professor won't break our trust.

  • Stop demonizing Arab institutions like Hamas and Muslim Bro'hood -- Benjamin urges J Street
    • Well Fuster,you guys co-opted the PLO,Fatah for only last two decades,into the quagmire of talks which was used to expand the illegal jewish settlements,the same PLO which u guys moaned weren't sitting and talking(just a few decades earlier). I wouldn't be surprised if the same monkey tricks succeed with Hamas.but then again,the conflict would be far from over.anything short of the full recognition of Right of Return and dismantling of illegal settlements will not appease Palestinians anywhere.

  • Can you pass the Saudi Arabia quiz?
    • ''Someday a real rain will come
      and wash all this scum off the
      streets. ”

      Taxi Driver.
      oh I loved that movie.

    • @Miura,
      Since you keep on insisting that those 160 'elections' can even be called elections,(let alone being free and fair),i cannot realy say can't realy argue with outright ignorance of universally known facts(of course everyone with even cursory knowledge of autocratic 3rd world regimes know that these elections are sham,why else do u reckon they are called tyrannies?!) This just goes to prove my point:western liberals-leftists are fundamentally out of touch wid our reality. And what is more pathetic is that even in that situation,there is never a dearth of condescending prescriptions of how our society and state should be modeled. Not funny at all.

    • @Miura, did u even check d source ,Pew,that i linked to? There is always a room for error of 5%-15% in ny compiled data,and even then they are not perfect.but the same can be said about all d other datas that u showed.and FYI, the Pew data is the latest,from December 2010.also,the 10% Copt figure that is usualy given is being shown lyk since forever.i wud argue its much lesser,given d huge amounts of conversion to Islam and migration to the west.
      The Bangladesh example is simply you expect political movements to hav d same kind of mileage in every country?by dat definition people don't care about Islam too in Indonesia,which trust me,would be the lie of the century. And also regarding political awareness,Egyptians,other Arabs,Pakistanis,Somalis have far greater level of political awareness than ordinary Bangladeshis. Or else the same two corrupt retards(Khaleda and Hasina) wouldn't have made the country their dueling turfs for d last three decades.
      And i was talking bout free and fair elections,not the sort of rigged and rubber stamped stuff dat is being carried out in US backed tyrannies,including Egypt,whose ridiculous election of year 2000 you quote from.and just so you know,egypt never had free elections.algeria once had,and we won it.

    • Perhaps the whole lot of rehashed,old Orientalist,retarded,cliched Islamophobia ,originally pioneered by the western Liberal-Left, can be found in this article. Wahhabism; Jeff ,do you even know what that means? Beyond hating God and religion,what really do you have to offer to the Muslim world? As Gilad Atzmon keeps saying,the western liberals are completely out of touch with the section of humanity that calls itself Muslims. And guess what ,polls after polls keep showing that we(including our women; shocker ,eh?) absolutely love our religion,INCLUDING sharia,albeit implemented through a representative government.No wonder no one really cares about your views in our countries beyond the ultra secularist elite(like Wael Ghunayim) that alJazeera and other liberal media love propping up.Do you think just because western liberals supported our Intifada in Egypt means we would all of a sudden turn booze-loving,Sharia hating westerners ? 95% of Egyptians supported Sharia in public life before the revolution,and that figure is not going to change by any percentage,inshaAllah it will be more encouraged now,seeing more opportunities. The statistics are from Pew:

      link to

      Just if anyone wants to know what Gilad keeps saying:
      link to

      link to

      Your help in overturning western and Zionist tyrannies is welcome,but not your interference in our socio-political life. Thanks ,but No thanks.

  • Obama gives big thumbs up to settlements at UN (and kills the two-state solution --Haber)
    • In Benghazi and Beyda, Gaddafi's regime is killing everybody.I mean everybody. They just poisoned the water supply.This is taking genocidal proportions.This is no longer theory.They need help.

      Foreign intervention.Gaddafi is not going to stop until he kills everybody in the east.Plz ,this is an SOS call. Egyptians,you are nearby,plz do something. Plz Phil,anyone with any leverage in Washington and other western capitals,plz do something.They are killing everybody.And non-Libyan merceneries have joined in.

    • In the meantime,massacres are continuing in Libya's cities like Benghazi, Beyda,Zentan .More than 80 killed commandos and snipers are attacking unarmed people.Medical attention is being denied,ambulances are being stopped.Plz folks, do something to stop this the media to cover this,even if that means showing those youtube videos. Libyans are only 6 million strong,they cannot absorb all these massacres like the Egyptians(at least 80 million) could. The Gaddafi regime,with deep ties to French and British governments,is crossing all bounds of civilized behavior.

      link to

    • I wasn't talkin bout u personally Shingo.i hav read ur comments bfore and i don't hav a shred of doubt that u are on the side of justice.but i am talking bout the whole picture.whats wid all dis dumb fantasies of peaceful resistance?how is dat even practical?the west wanted Wael Ghonim to be the protest leader,but sorry to say ,he is at best one of the important faces of the revolution.his ideas of a secular,anti-islamic democracy doesn't hav much weightage beyond the over-focused egyptian elite that he represents.islamists,salafis,ikhwanis,they bore the brunt of these longer-than-3-decades old brutality of the think they won't see this as their victory,in the way that their sacrifices finaly meant something,that what they were doing from decades ago was heroic,while the people stayed silent bout the regime's abuses then?when everyone protests ,its easy to fall in the crowd.but men like Sayyid Qutb,Khaled Islambouli didn't need the masses to force them to fight against tyranny.i find this attempt by the western liberals to sideline the islamists, who contributed the most to prepare this revolution against tyranny,totall pathetic. And i tell u,the Egyptian masses are not going to fall for this. I am not falling for it.

    • Why are western liberals not following the protests in Libya,Bahrain,Yemen etc?i guess it is because the situation is not following the western script of non-violence.protesters are fighting the tyrants in Libya after the regime cronies opened indiscriminate fire(same in Yemen),and i find nothing shameful in it.just coz this is a thread on illegal SETTLEMENTS in palestine,let me remind you that non-violent resistance didn't work against Israeli regime terrorists too.remember First intifada?it was all bout non-violence.and it was brutally suppressd.non-violent resistance just doesn't work against savages.lets not live in fantasy land.

  • 'Tahrir means Liberation': A report from Cairo
    • Defenseless like those 7 CIA agents plus one Jordanian GID agent killed in Afghanistan in 2009?

    • As for as Eee's take on Sinai,what the other commenters said pretty much captures his delusions about Israel's power. But i think Israel won't wait for the new Islamist regime to scrap d peace agreement. Sinai would be invaded all of a sudden,and that is exactly what Al Qaeda has been trying to do since 9/11. They succeeded in embroiling US in their traps in Afghanistan and Iraq,now in Yemen,Somalia and Pakistan.what was missing regarding Israel was a similar tomfoolery on the zionist part. AQ can't pull this in southern Lebanon,that's Hezbollah's and Iran's turf.a Sinai invasion would be Israel's biggest blunder,on the same scale as the misadventure of the Templars massacring Muslim civilians in the Crusades.and Israel won't hav pansy enemies like Hamas or even Hezbollah(which is now so embroiled in politics,that they hav forgotten their founding goals). Israel wud be facing Salafi jihadis,in battle, for the first time.and unlike the salafis of Gaza,the Sinai jihadis would hav ample resources, to pull a more violent war than Iraq.In one stroke, Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas would be irrelevant. Coz right now,other than Hamas and Hezbollah,every anti-govt. armed group in MENA is salafi jihadist.and a Sinai invasion would make Israel taste stuff,they have never tasted. As for the Egyptian army,it won't hold long any resistance. The only purpose of army and police in Arab world is to oppress their own people,nt defend the nation from aggressors.pretty fast,it wud only be the Salafi jihadis left standing.

  • In Tunisia, the Arab street writes a new script
    • 'Intelligent Islamists' -Robin

      wow man,talk about being condescending. So you believe there are intelligent as well as stupid Islamists. U don't think there are stupid liberals ?in order to flatter and placate a western,secular audience,which wants to see Islam as little as possible,people stoop to this low. For you who seem to worship democracy,please know,that this Intifada is the direct result of not only a western-democrat supported dictatorship's brutalities,but also due to neo-liberal capitalism which has destroyed our economic fabric in the Muslim world.ur democracy never would come without crony capitalism.our people have turned beggars,our women forced into prostitution.thats what ur liberal economics has brought to us.if your liberals come to power in Tunisia,do u think they would even touch this evil status quo,of exploitation,corruption and injustice?they would say anything against the corrupt and the oligarchs?they would be happy to flatter the youth ,try to shut them up by little political freedoms.ur democracy has proved to be fundamentally incapable of bringing justice to anywhere,especialy in economic has turned into the opiate of the masses,keeping the illusion that the people have real control.arabs and muslims are fed up wid both tyrannies and democracies.they are not going to be fooled by any of ur condescension any more. Enough is enough.

  • Dep't of Homeland Security suggests anti-Semitism may be motive for assassination attempt in Arizona
    • And really man,this blaming everything on schizophrenia,for which there is little evidence to start with,is plain wrong. Let's not throw around medical terms for which one has only superficial comprehension.

    • Max Blumenthal states in a comment on one of his Facebook updates that the anti-semitic charge is plain BS.coz AmRen has Jewish members ,as well as neo-Nazis.It doesn't realy have much anti-jewish material too.DHS just wanna put some blame on somebody. I'm going to go along Max on this.

  • Ynet: US gov't believes that Palestinian state would be 'disaster' and 2nd Tehran
    • Hey,there already is a 2nd Tehran in Baghdad Green Zone. America has literally given Iraq on a silver platter to Iran. And this has caused ,and still causing untold massacres of Sunnis.many Sunni neighborhoods of Baghdad have been 'cleansed' now.

  • Why doesn't CNN hold Fran Townsend to the Octavia Nasr standard?
  • Saving children from spiritual damage caused by toy pigs...
    • I have always been puzzled with how so many organ trafficking networks nowadays are found to be run by (or linked to) Israelis,or even western Jews. Is there any particular reason to this ? I read somewhere a theory that some Jews consider organ transplants from other Jews not permissible,so they need the goyim for this. Is it true?

  • Assange is holding dirt on Israel because western newspapers didn't want to publish it
  • Christian Zionists support Judaizing Jerusalem
  • Is this the best that Iranians and Arabs can get from the left in the US press?
    • What's the Arab anti Discrimination Committee doing regarding this? Or they are just busy playing patsies and spies for the US govt.,like CAIR and most other Arab or Muslim organizations here? Really man,the only purpose these organisations seem to have is to snitch on fellow Muslims/Arabs,facilitate spies at the mosques(so that FBI could seduce more kids to cook up dud bomb attacks),scream 'we are against terror' whenever something blows up somewhere,etc.etc. Dumb morons,our community 'leaders' here.

    • This is a new low,but very mainstream(in US) form of racism.NYT is no stranger to this.i remember an article by Tom Friedman a few years back,where he was extolling Israeli technology startups,and he was basicaly saying that these brains would never dry up,unlike the oil wells of those camel humping ragheads.dat film Syriana was supposedly anti war,but one of the main actors blithely says dat the arabs used to be savages,killing and marauding each other for centuries.americans are perhaps d trashiest Anglo -Saxons ever born,and of course I am generalizing(now ain't that racist?)

      My take on the excerpt:

      "This mocking
      “ analysis” is often
      deployed deadpan by
      my colleague, Robert
      Worth, the New York
      Times correspondent
      in Tel Aviv. After three
      years living in
      Israel and
      crisscrossing the
      Jewish state, he uses
      this “theory” to
      express his
      frustration with the
      epidemic of cui bono
      thinking among the Israeli Jews. I say
      “ thinking,” but that’s
      generous. What we
      are dealing with here
      is the paltry harvest
      of paranoid minds."

      Would anybody survive as a US public figure after writing the above?

  • Hollywood dramatized ethnic cleansing in India and Pakistan, why not the other I/P?
    • There hasn't been obviously any Hollywood films sympathetic to Palestinian plight. But,regarding d present War against Muslims and Islam,there has been a marvelous film,asking all d right questions. Its Unthinkable(2010).absolutely loved the film.starring Michael Sheen and Samuel L. Jackson. Obviously,no distributors could be convinced about d film,so they released direct to DVD. Folks,this is one film of 2010 u shouldn't miss.

  • When in Rome, do as the Israelis do
    • This is a question to eee(whatever heck eee means)......

      Do you think everyone here is stupid, that they don't already know about Israeli "affection" for Muslims worldwide? Don't you know,they absolutely love them Moozlims.

  • When will Americans be informed of what is stirring in Israel?
  • Israeli soldier mocks Palestinian prisoners in Facebook photos
    • First of all I would like to make it clear that I am not trolling. Wht I am telling is very relevant to the Zionist message of hate,EXCLUSIVELY reserved for Muslims everywhere.

      The English Defence League, the most violently fascist English group,that is wildly popular among many English kids,including not only whites,but fringe sections of Hindus,Sikhs,and its and bits of virtually everybody but Muslims,have now a Jewish division. As ludicrous as it may seem ,here is the proof.......straight from the horse's mouth >>>

      Press Release from EDL Jewish Division
      link to

      A little overview

      link to

      Haaretz covers it here
      link to

      Now this defintely deserves to be highlighted,more so on this blog,as a proper example of what kind of people Zionists have degenerated into. Or perhaps they were like this always.

      Interestingly,right wing kooks on this side of the Atlantic are lauding it. Islamophobes like Robert Spencer and Pamella Geller (hell yeah) are all ga-ga over it. I am sure all those anti-mosque sickos and Tea Party morons are having the same views.

      Some links from those Islamophobes themselves
      link to

      link to

      link to

      link to

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