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  • Anti-blackness and the core logic of Zionism
    • Devyn, the more you lie and more you distort, the more Palestinians will lose support. Keep up the "great" work. There are very few similarities between the Black and the Palestinian struggles, not matter how many times you try to concoct them .

  • How Kurdish independence underpins Israel’s plan to reshape the Middle East
    • So Eva, why do you think the Roman's schlepped all the way to the Jewish Kingdom to then destroy the Jewish Temple? Yes the Jewish Kingdom with its capital in Jerusalem. Heard of the 12 Tribes of Israel? And if that wasn't enough they then followed the Jews onto Masada and sat their for years building ramps in the middle of the desert so they could then complete the job of killing every last one. The Palestinian Arab story is a modern story. The fact that you and others have no desire to look at the history, is a sign that the hate for Jews has not subsided. You and your friends are modern day Romans looking once more to inflict pain on the Jewish people.

    • How come the "Palestinians" never demanded a state from their Ottoman overlords? Why don't you tell us eljay? And I mean, never. The Kurdish push for independence goes way back before the idea of a state crept into the head of Husseini, Arafat, Barguhti and friends. And Jews on Mondoweiss are not able to internalize this fact. When the discussion becomes uncomfortable for them they then tell us, "You cannot go too far back in history".

    • Here is the evidence, as clear daylight, that the Mondoweiss faithful are a bunch of hypocrites of the worse kind. For those who are wondering what the worst kind means, it means hypocrisy intertwined with bigotry and antisemitism.
      Anyone who has put a toe outside their door in support of the Palestinians, who has not done the same for the Kurds, who are far more deserving than the Palestinians, should look into a mirror and not like what they see. And please, spare us with you comments about your "Twitter activism".

  • A plea to Israel: Don't start the third Lebanon War
    • Those who have followed The Derf over the years, know all too well how many times he got things wrong. If you want examples, just ask. Anyway, The Derf has this condition that has him blurt out anything that enters his mind. It's called verbal diarreia.

  • Palestinian appeal to ICC seen as last hope to 'bring justice for the victims' of Israeli violations
    • Israel is going to turn to the ICC and have the Palestinian Arabs put on trial for rejecting the 1947 Partition Plan. Every Jew and Israel Druze who was killed or injured subsequent to the Arabs waging war after rejecting the plan, will demand a huge price from the Palestinians.
      The Palestinians made a massive mistake when they rejected the plan. It's not good enough to come up with excuses why they rejected the plan back then. Too much water has passed under the bridge.
      And of course, for all the useful idiot Jews on Mondoweiss will do everything to ignore Palestinian transgressions, acts of war and terror.

  • Ten days of awe: standing with whom?
    • Ossinev, I am sure the Syrians, six years ago, would have believed every word of yours. Ask them today. Knowing how you work, in a few months the Syrian conflict will be forgotten and a big green check mark of approval will again be restored on the wonderful relationship between Sunni and Shiite. You will be telling us how Israel must "trust" the Arab and Muslim world.

    • falic, check your Bible.

    • Talkback, an episode of "Game of Thrones" sounds more likely to have happened compared to the fiction you have just described. If only they would have done half the stuff you describe then there would not a Palestinian problem today. Your cousins would have returned to Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, to name a few. Are you serious, "They felt they would become Israelis"?
      Where did you get this from? Last time I checked I see they declared war on the Jewish State, with the intention of wiping it off the map, and they still work for this to happen. Wake up man.

    • Alice, you remind me of the Jews in Germany between WW1 and WW2, who were so cocky and sure that they "blended" into the elite Left and were accepted by them. They felt that they were as German as Bavarian Bratwurst, and were promptly dispatched to the gas chambers.
      I hope you never get to learn the lesson that they learn't but you follow in their footsteps.
      The power and poison that drives the haters is beyond the world in your little bubble.

    • Alice, you are obviously someone who has never tested a Palestinian Muslim on how far he or she is prepared to go to share with Jews and a Jewish State. If you had, you would realize how detached your points are. Jews are trying to survive in a tough neighborhood. You should stand in awe of the true Zionists of today.

  • Soros and the Illuminati! Netanyahu Jr. spreads anti-Semitic cartoon
    • marc b, why don't you describe for us how a confiscation session went or goes? Something on the lines of the following: Bang, bang, bang on the door (Soros dressed in his brown shirt). "Who is Mr. Cohen?". "Mr. Cohen is not at home" answers his wife. "Where is he?" asks Soros and this buddy.
      "Maybe he's at work? No, he's at the synagogue. He could be on the way home" suggests Mrs. Cohen. "We'll go and find him" says George junior. "If he comes home, tell him not to leave. We'll be back. If he's not here when we return he is going to be arrested". "Come on George, lets go". "Okay Hans, I'm right behind you. Can we stop off for an ice cream on the way? Sure George, you deserve it."

    • Amigo, at least three stooges in the cartoon, and possibly four, don't see themselves as representing anything Jewish. Have you heard Soros, in his own words, describe how he participated is rounding up Jews for the fascists and Nazi's, in Hungary? Do you know how willing Ehud Barak was in giving away the holiest site for Jews? Both have proven how little they care for anything Jewish. Yair made a bad choice when deciding what "template" to use to insert his four stooges.

    • He's not a buffoon. He was just lazy. I don't like the cartoon but it would have been fine with just Soros, Barak, Yaniv and Naftali. Anyone who thinks that Soros is not involved and pulling the strings is your super ignoramus of the decade.

  • 'Voice of boycott' was heard in Montgomery and South Africa, why not Israel? Roger Waters writes in 'NYT'
    • I tried to post links showing different points of view. Of course they were not published. I'll try with one this time.

    • Annie, I am sure the Rohingya Muslims appreciate your "Twitter activism". Were you not embarrassed to actually write that?

    • Wants some truth. Here's a truth sandwich for you to digest and choke on. How come the Mondoweiss faithful and the likes of what's his face from Pink Floyd have not turned out for the Muslims of Myanmar, where actual ethnic cleansing is going on? How come none of the Mondoweiss faithful have not created websites and have their incomes bases on fighting for the rights of the Rohingya Muslims? What, some Muslims deserve support and others not? The answer is in the hate of Jews and of course, money. Follow the money. Plenty of money in the anti-Israeli camp. Fashionable to be anti Israel. Not fashionable to be anti-Buddhist.

    • Be careful who you listen to from South Africa. The narrative has been hijacked by hothead radicals of the type that will continue to blame the Whites and Jews in 500 years time when the country is firmly, and I mean firmly, in the 3rd world camp.
      You can find plenty of material out there of Black South Africans who support Israel, Zionism and all. Of course the Mondoweiss clan will call them Uncle Toms.

    • "Why not?"Plenty reasons why not. First and foremost is that there is no room for comparison between them. The extreme violence and the actual moves to wipe Israel off the map and kill Jews, just because they are Jews, should be enough for Rodger Walters to pack his bags,go home,and never spend another second on the cause for the Palestinian Arabs who are so not deserving of the type of support they get from what is supposed to be rational thinkers. You insult the Black South Africans by associating them with Palestinians. There is no book which is followed by Black South Africans that calls for ones head to be chopped off if you just happen to be a "little" different. How about the "convert or die" part?
      Can someone please explain to me why the likes of Rodgers, Weiss and others are so willing to simply ignore the violent reality of the Arab world?

  • Youtube sensations, the Khaldi twins, explain 'why Eid is special' from Gaza City
    • Stop talking in the clouds already. Come down to earth and tell us, "What is unthinkable hardship in the Gaza context?" Is it that the Khaldi twins have been forced to learn English, or is it the Hamas are using the concrete meant for the good of the general population, on terror tunnels?

    • What does "unthinkable hardship" mean exactly? Let me think. "No water?". Can't be that. "No food?". Can't be that either. "Torture from those Israeli soldiers". No, not that. "Being raped on a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, once a decade, once a millennium?" Not that. What is it then? I am trying to think but it's not coming to me.

  • Netanyahu is silent for 3 days over neo-Nazi violence, while his son says Black Lives Matter and Antifa are the real threat
    • The truth Allison, if you are at all interested in it, is that the hate groups from both the Left and the Right go after Jews. This is the way of the simple man, who looks for simple answers to his problems. So instead of blaming himself for his own self-inflicted issues, he blames the Jews. The Palestinians do the same, by the way.

  • American Jews have a right to resist Israel as Jews
    • Mooser, either you or Ofir know what I meant. I'll give you a hint. It was not you.

    • Have the right to resit, yes, but then also give up the right to visit Israel again.

      By the way, American Jewish lefties have not caught on to the fact the likes of Jonathan Ofir pose a threat to them as well. Ofir wants nothing to do with Judaism. He does not see himself as a Jew. He is a disgruntled Israeli living in Denmark. So the "American Jews" mentioned in this article are on their way out.

  • 'The metal detectors are just the first step': Palestinians say Israeli takeover of Al Aqsa is red line that can't be crossed
    • eljay, I and I'm sure many others are interested in knowing if there is a clause in the contract that, as you believe, Allah has with Muslims that takes the covenant away from Muslims? Very convenient Surah you have quoted. Maybe one of the missing chapters of the Koran talked about this? If, as you believe, the covenant was taken away from Jews, it can be also be taken away from Muslims. Maybe it has already has. I don't believe it was ever given to Muslims, but that is besides the point.

    • You know Mooser, maybe you are not getting the message. You tried in 1948, 1956, 1967, 1973, 1982, 1991 (sort of), 2000, 2007,2014 and each time you lost more. Islam has conjured up the story that Jews are not worthy any more (your comment "not keeping up your side of the covenants"). Who are you to judge? But very convenient to justify the violence and chaos and the denial of Jewish rights and justice for the Jewish people. Other messages should have been understood by the Arabs and Muslims, but were not. Makes you think no?

    • eljay, I think you have just lost some of your supporters with your wacky comments. I did not say Muslim G-d. There is just one G-d as the belief goes and Jews believe this is the same G-d worshiped by both Jews and Muslims. I cannot talk for Islam as there are so many different and contradicting beliefs.
      I did say that the Jews are the chosen people. Yes, Jews are the chosen people and G-d gave the land to the Jews long before Islam and Palestinian Muslims walked this earth. Take some Ritalin and read my comments.

    • eljay, you again spread hate in your words. The Jews are the chosen people but not for the reasons you are implying and encouraging hate. It is not written anywhere that G-d told the Jews they will be or are better than anyone else. The story goes that only the Jews were prepared to accept the word of G-d. There is much written about the covenant between G-d and the Jews. Go to some unbiased sources to study up on this. When the Torah was written there were no Muslims therefor there are no references to Muslims. Yet the Koran is full of references to Jews. Enough with your "supremacist" junk already.

    • Want the hard truth? This is the hard truth. Jerusalem cannot be kept as an open city and have two security services. Not going to happen. Israel is and will remain the only party responsible for security. Another hard truth. Anyone thinking that the Sunni Shiite divide will not hit Jerusalem has yet to recover from a bout of drug induced hallucinations. "Let's imagine that the Arab world is at peace with each other". Yeah, dream on. Hard truth: Israel understands the fragility of the Arab world and cannot put the security of the Jewish people in the hands of anyone but itself. Hard truth: If the Palestinians are conditioning their future state on Jerusalem and the Old City being under their sovereignty, then there will never be a Palestinian state. Go and pray at Al-Aksa as much as you want but leave your keys at home. The reaction of Muslism to Jews praying on the Temple Mount is very interesting. It is as if they (the Muslims) believe that Allah will listen to Jewish but not to Islamic prayer. I say Allah because Allah and G-d are the same. Yes, Muslims and Jews pray to the same G-d but the Koran leaves no room for non-Muslims.

  • Israeli paper investigates 50-year-ago attack on 'USS Liberty,' while US papers leave it in the letters column
    • If you were ever interested in how the hate of Jews can continue to fuel the hater, this is the story. The pilots involved said there was no flag. Some on the ship said there was a flag. If there was, now big was the flag. Have you ever flown inside a fighter jet at mach 1, during war, and tried to spot a flag on a ship below never mind being able to see what was printed on it? Hate will do more damage to the hater. And 50 years later, they hate as if it happened this morning.

  • Israel slams UNESCO World Heritage decision on Hebron as Palestinians celebrate 12-3 vote in favor
    • All of those who celebrated UNESCO's decision need to know that they are further condemning the Palestinian Arabs to the desert. By not acknowledging the Jewish connection to this site and understanding that Israel will never walk away from it, you are telling the Palestinians that their struggle is futile. It's like saying to a Christian that Christ is no longer part of Christianity. Great victory, well done. Israel will continue to manage the site as it does with others. In the meantime be sure to send water to your "friends" in the desert. It's hot and lonely out there. And here's a finger to all those who are going to "double down" on their pro-Palestinian efforts as a result of this comment.

  • Amazon pulls blank 'History of Palestinian People' -- which aims to dehumanize in order to subjugate
    • And the antisemitic hate fest continues. How did Churchill put it? "Never, in all of history, have so many supported a cause so not deserving and so full of contradiction and falsehoods, and all because of hate for the other, even though the other is so deserving."

      Question for those who dismiss sources supporting Jewish claims: "Is all of the Bible a fable or is some of it true?"

    • Amigo, how about the Bible?

    • Eljay, I don't know who or what you are but you sound like you should be in Raqqa at the moment fighting to the death for ISIS. With all the history, the evidence, the archaeology and you still show views that totally reject a Jewish State, in any borders.

    • Misteriso, interesting in your history summary of Jerusalem that you leave out the period from 1,000 BC to 637 CE. That's 1637 years you just skipped. Just like that.

    • John O, are you confirming that the Palestinian people are a modern people. Thank you. I have been trying to find one person on this site who is able to see it this way.
      What you fail to understand is that the conflict is a religious one, which starts a long, long time before 1948. If it was not a religious conflict in 1948 then is sure is now. Have you ever asked yourself why the Palestinians did not accept the 1947 Partition plan. The plan gave them:
      1. A huge part of northern Israel (North of Haifa)
      2. A much greater West Bank that what you even see on your maps today.
      3. Gaza
      4. East Jerusalem

      And what do you know, they rejected the plan. All they had to do was accept the plan and they chose violence. Offered the same plan today Abbas would take it but Hamas would still reject. Ask yourself why.

    • One cannot colonize your own home. Go read Josephus Flavious. I am not going to mention the Bible and Torah in this discussion. Josephus should be a good starting point.

    • John O, I have a feeling that if I point you in the direction of some of my sources, you will be dismissive which is typical of those on the Left.
      For example:


      Not sure if these are bloody enough for you, so here is another bloody source:

    • Roha, you don't have to be a Zionist to know that Israel was and will continue to be the homeland of the Jewish people.

    • John O, as emigrants from Europe, should not Canadian colonialists go back to Europe? And when you mention two languages together, are you implying that the Palestinians had this confederation of multiple regions speaking different languages? Interesting? Please produce some references. Otherwise what you are saying has no relevance to what happened in the region in the context of the local population have rights to anything. Someone sitting on a hilltop somewhere has no rights to what others are doing in the region.

    • The point is that Jews organized and the religion took shape. The language and literature advanced. And the history books and the literature show this. The First and Second Jewish Temples stood as the dominate structures in Jerusalem for nearly 1000 years. That's right, Jerusalem then was all about Jewish life. Nothing in any peace of evidence shows otherwise. Same goes for Bethlehem and Hebron. To come now and say that this was insignificant, as you and many here like to say, is an attempt to change history in order to support modern day political aspirations of Palestinian Arabs.
      Palestinian Arabs were not responsible for the destruction of the Jewish Temples and the dispersion of Jews to the 4 corners of the planet. What the Palestinian Arabs are responsible for is the denial of the Jewish connection and importance to Jerusalem coupled with the demand that they must have it.

    • Kaisa of Finland, with modern archives and the internet, in 2000 years from now they will be able to go back to each day we are now living in.
      The Palestinian Arabs were perfectly comfortable under Ottoman Rule. They did not ask, never mind demand, independence from their Turkish masters. Why is that all the while living in the caliphate? I know why. It's because they never felt part of a separate national identity. Also many Arabs moved to the area from neighboring areas in order to find work. That's why we say that the Palestinian Arab people are a modern invention, and so should you.
      The modern day Palestinians want to own the Temple Mount, the holiest site for Jews. Just who do the Palestinians think they are. This is never going to happen, it should not happen, and people like you should tell them this. Believe me, this is the core issue of the conflict.

    • Roha, the point is that this land is the ancient homeland of the Jewish people and Jews have a right to live in these lands, no less than anyone else. And when Jews started to return, after being exiled by the Roman's, the local Arab population was not interested in the history. They were not interested in living side by side with more and more Jews. So they chose violence instead of looking to the history and finding a way to live together. That's exactly what happened.

      It was the Arab's regrettable choice of reverting to violence that has set the tone for the last 150 years. The Arabs must take responsibility for their own actions and and need to pay a price for what they have done. History cannot be re-written.

      Too many readers here have the notion that the conflict started in 1948 as well as the history. If this was the case then Jews have no right to even live in these lands. If you do believe that Jews have some rights in these lands then you need to look at the history prior to 1948, and you are left with no choice but to go back 3,000 years.

    • Misteriso, Uri Avneri is as pro-Israel as you are and he displays his political views on his collar. So quoting him on anything is a total waste of time for those who have any interest in the truth.

      Now for archeological evidence, there is a reason that the Palestinians destroy any and all such evidence on the Temple Mount. I ask you the following, if evidence was found, would you retract your support for the Palestinian Arabs and would you shift your support to the Jewish people? As your answer will be a resounding no, then why do you waste our time with references to archeological evidence? If you are not the hypocrite you just made yourself out to be, then go and visit the excavations in Ir David, which is located just below the Temple Mount.

      By the way, there is zero evidence that the Jebusite/Canaanites are ancestors of today’s Palestinians. You have just tried to mislead the readers here.

    • eljay, so what did King David rule over?

    • And with Aramaic such an ancient language, how come there is nothing written about the local non-Jewish population? Nothing, absolutely zero. They must have been such an important people for nothing to have been written about them. Makes you think no?

    • And lets not forget that the local non-Jewish population in the region has never ruled Jerusalem, ever.

    • Early Islamic texts honored the Jewish foundation connection to Jerusalem, confirming the important the place is for Jews. As Muslims wanted something similar, they came up with the story that Jews were not worthy and Muslims were now the "right" people to run things. We can see just how worthy the Muslims have been with inner fighting and bloodshed. Don't seem worthy to me.

    • Can someone please tell me what language these Palestinians, referred to today as "Palestinian Arabs", spoke at the time of the First Jewish Temple and during the period of the Second Jewish Temple? Both in these Temples of course stood on the spot the Muslims conquered and later built a mosque. Language defines a people, right?

  • Attacks on Israeli police in East Jerusalem are not terrorism
    • Rima, can we expect a comment from you on Arafatbastard's mention of Jews being ethnically cleansed from parts of Jerusalem in 1948?

      And whilst you are mentioning Jordan's actions, you may want to remind the readers here that before Jordan took over East Jerusalem in 1948 Jews could access the Western Wall and also ascend the Temple Mount without major issues. But when Jordan took brief charge between 1948 and 1967, they banned access to Jews. Thinking that one can rely on Muslims to insure religious freedom is a sad joke.

  • Iftar on the rubble
    • How come this Arab people you call Palestinians, never produced any literature highlighting and documenting their lives and history? Why is that do you think?

      Talkback: The first recorded mention of Jerusalem was in Hebrew. The second, the third and the 400th recorded reference to Jerusalem are from the Jewish perspective. What, nothing from the Palestinians until recent history?

    • If you say the same thing to your Muslim friends about the Koran, then your life will be in real danger. You don't which makes you a simple hypocrite.
      So carry on making up stories about the Palestinians. You know, if you say it enough times, then some ignoramus will start to believe you.

    • zaid, you are placing your Palestinian Arab brothers on thin ice here. We have been saying all along that a large majority of Palestinians now in Israel came from neighboring areas. DNA matching will confirm this. We all call for these Arabs to go home.

    • In fact the Loch Ness monster teamed up with the Palestinians 8999 years ago, soon after the first Palestinian grew wings and hair of real gold. And that all happened before lunch. What, you don't believe me?

    • Hebrew = Jews. I know this is hard for you to swallow. But tough. You and your fanatical friends are not going to change the actual history of the city. The Palestinians have zero historical claims to the city. They have never ruled over the city or any part of it, and I am talking about in all of recorded history. And before recorded history, there was no Islam and no Arab people called Palestinians. Ramallah is a great city, so I'm told. Capital of Palestine will be Ramallah.
      And with the focus on Jerusalem and it's history, most people in the world who care about what is really going on and who are ignorant of the history, will soon learn instead of eating up the propaganda being fed to them by you, Abu Adolf Mazen and friends.

    • Earliest mention of the word Jerusalem...

      As Arabs reject the importance of Jerusalem to Jews, which is a disgusting distortion of the truth, hypocrites like Nora should rather use the word Al-Quds to describe where she lives. Every time she uses the word Jerusalem she is in fact giving indirect support to Jewish claims. Thanks Nora.

  • Canada Park, a popular picnicking spot for Israelis, created upon the rubble of Palestinian homes
    • eljay: When you you refer to the single Jewish State being a religion-supremacist construct, are you also referring to all the other Muslim states in the same way? So it's okay for the Muslims but not for the Jews? Or are you laser focused on Jews, which then makes you what exactly?

    • You say that in 1947 Jews held private land of between 6% and 7%. I take your own numbers and throw them back into your face and ask you, "What were the numbers in 1905?".
      What was all the fuss about when the local Arabs ran to the Ottoman overlords and forced a ban of the sale of land to Jews. I know what it was. You still have to learn.
      The Arabs have never accepted that there is a place for an independent Jewish State anywhere in the Middle East. You have yet to understand this. They still have the belief today, as they had during the entire conflict, that the Jews can be driven into the sea. When you talk about "outrageous" actions, you should look at why you give blind support for a people who are not deserving. And when you talk about wounds you should rather be thinking of all the Jews who have been wounded by the violent actions taken by the Arabs.

    • Stop living in the past. Move on already! Park Canada will remain a public park. Take the keys and photo's of the small village with barely 21 people, and bury them deep in the ground. Palestinians made a huge mistake by not accepting the 1947 partition plan. Paying the price for this mistake means moving on. Move on already!

  • 'Please remember the Montgomery bus boycott'-- letter to Westchester County board before BDS vote tonight
    • eljay:
      The Whites in the US are a majority. The Arabs in the Middle East are a majority.
      Whites thought they were superior. Muslims believe they are superior and act this way.
      Jews are persecuted for being Jewish. Blacks have been persecuted for the color of their skin.
      Jews were prevented from living and working in places. Same with Blacks.
      Jews came from the lands the Palestinians want.

      The Palestinians, many of whom came from surrounding countries, where not persecuted by anyone other than their Muslim brothers. Each Muslim side thought and thinks he is superior to the other (Sunni/Shiite, Arab Muslim/Non-Arab Muslim, Turkish/Iranian).

      Do you want me to go on.

    • Talkback, you should carry a shovel with you wherever you go.

      Here's one for you. Do you know what sector in Israel today owns a greater percentage of private land? I'll give you a hint. It's not the Jews.

      Carry on with the lies. "It is the Israeli Jews who prevent Christians and Muslims..".
      You know very little of what is really going on.

      By the way, what percentage of the land, by your reckoning, is it okay for Jews to own? By your answer others may begin to understand the intransigence of the Arabs and why it was the Arabs who chose violence over compromise. Do Jews have right to live as independent people in their history homeland? If your answer is yes, then we can continue the discussion. If you answer is no then we understand that there is no other option than living by the sword in this violent region as your views reflect the short sighted majority of your brothers and sisters.

    • Mooser, you are supporting a cause that is not deserving and is driven by hate. You should rather spend your time pushing the Palestinians to make real concessions.

    • Montgomery, you are joking of course. If you bring up Montgomery in connection with Palestinians being associated with Blacks in the USA, then you have the protagonists of this story switched. The Jews in Israel have more in common with the Black struggle in the USA than do the Palestinian Arabs. It was the Arab Palestinians that prevented Jews from buying land. It was the Arabs who kept on attacking Jews. It was the Jordanians Arabs who banned Jews from visiting the holy sites. Its was the Arabs who destroyed synagogues in the Old City. Philip Weiss has his wires crossed it seams.
      And don't forget to mention that historically Arabs have not treated Blacks well. In fact they have treated Blacks appallingly with the slave trade as being one of their "hobbies".

  • Palestinian Authority blocks access to news sites linked to Abbas rivals
  • The Israelis
  • Dispatch from 'the most ****ed up place on Earth,' Hebron's H2 quarter
    • talknic, the term Palestine was one shoved down the throats of those living in the region. The local Arab population never saw themselves as Palestinian. The Muslims saw themselves as belonging to the Caliphate. Plus there was major migration of Arab workers to the area and these same Arabs saw themselves as Syrian, Iraqi, Arabian etc. Everything but not Palestinian. I believe you are the one who is full of it. And one cannot colonize your own home, however much you want this to be the case.

    • talknic: The Ottoman Empire chose to side with Germany and entered the Great War by attacking Russia in 1914. And you say the Ottoman's were attacked and as such had rights in Palestine? The Ottoman Empire ruled over more territory than the Roman Empire. Are you also saying that the Ottomans still have rights over all that territory?

    • talknic: You seem very cocky with your history. You might want to show a little humility?
      The San Remo Conference gave Jews the sole right to settle in all the area west of the Jordan River, including the West Bank and all of Jerusalem. Both houses of congress voted to support this. A few months after San Remo, Churchill chose to ignore the decision made at San Remo and effectively stole 80% of the land away from the Jewish people.

    • talknic, up until the end of WWI, the Ottoman Empire owned and controlled the region called Palestine. And the Arabs in Palestine had no complaints. Life was good and dandy. Did the Ottoman Empire have rights to the land. Of course not. Did the nation of Palestine have rights to the land. Of course not as there was no nation of Palestine, ever. There was no people collective group who called themselves Palestinians. Did not exist. Go check your history. Now the Ottoman's supported the wrong side during WWI and their side fortunately lost. Now go read up about the Balfour Deceleration and even more importantly go and read up about the San Remo Conference. Jews did not colonize anything. Jews have always been in the area you call Palestine. More Jews came home. That's what happened and the Arab s chose violence as a reaction.

    • Misterioso, go and tell all the American Indians that they have no claims to their ancient homelands. Stolen goods/property always remains exactly that. Those who began using force are the Arabs. Israel replies with force and you excuse Arab behavior. An Arab in some village somewhere may have a claim of sorts. The collective group now called Palestinian Arabs, does not.

    • Not forgiving you say? How about those sending of their own kids to be suicide bombers and then celebrating their "achievement"? The Palestinians are mostly responsible for this situation as they rejected the 1947 Partition Plan. Maybe they are not 100% but close.
      Israel has offered plenty to the Palestinians and is an island of stability in the greater region. Israel will never allow Palestinians national aspiration, which openly declare that there is no place for Jews, to ever become a reality. Until those are changed and the majority of Palestinians are prepared to put their lives on the line defending a place for Jews in the same places the Palestinians want exclusively for themselves, then there is nothing to talk about. My reference to your gender has obviously struck a chord and has made you uncomfortable. Get over it.

    • Mooser, fortunately the future of Zionism rests neither in your hands nor mine. And with 70% assimilation rate of secular American Jews, you are a dinosaur in its last breaths causing only damage to Israel's future. You have little to offer the single Jewish State. In fact you would love to see it disbanded and replaced by a state for all its citizens. You obviously and "proudly" do not count yourself among the supporters of Israel and you probably never have. And so you hang around like minded negativity.
      And Annie, why is it that feminists are so extremely anti-Israel but yet so forgiving towards the Arabs who treat their women and gays so badly? Some say that if women ran the world there would be no more wars. Apparently the opposite is closer to the truth?

    • There I was thinking that diamonds are a girls best friend, but no, it appears that gold is the new black. The dome of the rock was black just 50+ years ago. King Hussein of Jordan paid for the covering to be made in gold plate. The addition of the gold is a likened to the kiss of death. Look beyond the gold Annie.

    • Mooser, your time would be better spent trying to convince your Muslim and Arab brothers and sisters that it's time to accept others and to share instead of criticizing my Zionism and more importantly, denying history that supports Jewish claims. It once belonged to Jews. It has been returned to Jews. Now live with this and try to find ways to work together.

    • In the video posted, the older man says in Arabic that because of Mohammad, all the land is his.
      The English subtitles skip this section. It's called selective discreditation.

    • No Annie, you are an "equal opportunity discrediter" only when it comes to Jews, and only Jews who are pro-Israel. You don't have anything to say about Islamic texts and you behave as if the Palestinians are an island in the Islamic world as if Palestinian national aspirations draw no inspiration from Islamic sources. How about some true balance for a change? Not going to happen as your very essence, and your job, depends on it.

    • I am glad you presented a link here to a book who's author used the Hebrew Bible as it's main source. How many times have you discredited the Hebrew Bible in your posts and here you promote the same? Women's prerogative? The more you dig into available resources and sources, the more the Jewish claims are solidified in the minds of the doubters. Palestinian Arabs as a collective identity is barely 50 years old and those on this propaganda pumping website will have you believe that there was a people called Palestinian Arabs way back then, when reality shows otherwise. Of course some Arab in some village somewhere has rights. Put some of these Arabs together and no, they do not have rights over the holiest site for Jews.

    • Ossinev: Sources and archaeology? How about Josephus Flavious for a source and the Second Temple for archaeology. As the Temple no longer stands, what remains are some foundation stones. Based on the foundation stones, which you can see today, you will get an idea of what was built above.

    • Hebron was once an all Jewish city before the Muslim invaders came along. The three forefathers of Jewish people are buried in Hebron. That's Abraham, Issac and Jacob. Muslims also claim connection to the same three, however Islam came into this world 700 years after the Jewish Temple was destroyed on the Temple Mount and long after the three were buried there. Sounds to me that some people want and took what others already had. The non Jewish population of the region at the time were either Bedouin or simple village farmers and had no collective identity outside of the mud huts. Sorry, not all their homes were made of mud. Some were made of stone.

  • Israel provoked the Six-Day War in 1967, and it was not fighting for survival
    • Keith and MHughes: Stating that the American could accurately predict anything at that time is a bit of joke would you not say? Even in recent history they are still making major mistakes. They could not predict Japan attacking Pearl Harbor so why give them any credit? And the same regarding the Arab Spring? Now get real for a second. Norman knows this but tends to ignore it.Israel was 9 miles wide at the time. NINE miles wide. The largest armies every assembled in all of history, had assembled on Israels borders at the time. The largest armies every assembled in the equivalent space that is, in all of history.
      To think that Israeli's were planning their after war party prior to the war is ...? I cannot find the words for this stupidity in thinking.
      Israel had one option to defeat the Arabs and Muslim armies, and that was by a preemptive attack. War was already declared by the blocking of the shipping lanes by Egypt. International Law is not consistent and goes many ways, especially when Israel is mentioned. It's called antisemitism.

    • talknic, in order to get to the truth and work things out for yourself, you need to actively search out information on both extremes. If you limit your knowledge to one side, as you consistently display in the your comments, then don't expect to understand what really went down. Mondoweiss is also a "propaganda" website, is it not?
      Your comments about cross border raids by Israel into Jordan does not give an historical perspective. What else was going on at the time. What raids were being carried out from Jordan into Israel.
      And talknic, please don't forget to mention that prior to 1967 Israel did not have any settlements in the West Bank and Jordan controlled the holy sites. This did not stop the attacks against Jews from happening. So today's story that stopping settlements will bring peace, is a load of bull, and you know it, but not brave enough to say it.

    • MHughes976: What precedent would have given the Israeli's the confidence that victory would be assured. Was it the overwhelming victory in 1948? Well, it could not have been this as there was no such victory for Israel. The Old City in Jerusalem remained in Jordan's hands so it is obvious that Israel did not dominate here. Was it in 1956 in the Suez Campaign? Could not have been that either. Could it have been the years of cross border raids by the Arabs? Could cross border raids give any insight into how a full on war would turn out? I don't think so.
      And as far as Jeremy Bowen, well what more can I say? Jeremy has a proven track record of being unbiased and if Jeremy says so then it must be true. Of course in 1967 they had sophisticated satellite imagery and spies all over the place and intelligence agencies always get things right. Even the report that Sadam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.

    • If you got your news from one source, then what do you expect, balance? The belief that impartial reporting exists, and ever existed, is a fools belief. My question to you is, do you know what transpired in the period before the war?
      Try ""

    • There I was thinking that if you shoot straight and hit your target, that the object on the receiving end will suffer serious damage. But Finklestein, Keith, and Annie corrected this distortion for me. Many thanks. The fact that the Arab tanks outnumbered Israeli tanks 3 to 1 then had little impact on the war as the Israeli tanks would have survived anyhow. I suppose this is also true about the aircraft. Israel must have been absolutely sure that their planes could not be shot down and its pilots would win every dogfight. And being outnumbered 600 planes to 200 gave the Israeli's loads of confidence even though failure would have meant the end of the Jewish state. So Israel must have been the side that wanted the war. Now I understand.
      Or are you telling me that the Arabs could not shoot straight?

    • Finklestein fails to mention that at the time there was a US arms embargo on Israel. Israel did not win the war based on US weapons. So implying that the US had Israel's back is an out and out distortion (or lie) by Finklestein. The Arab armies greatly outnumbered Israeli forces in planes, tanks and foot soldiers. To imply that Israel was confident in victory can only be driven by an agenda driven hate for Jews and the Jewish State.

  • Once I was lit by moonbeams
    • Some will choose moonbeams. Others will choose populist causes just in order to fit in and all the while ignoring the evil that oozes and has oozed out of the side they have chosen. It's hate and destroying what others have build on the one side, and it's moonbeams on the other. Better to choose moonbeams. Nothings perfect.

  • State Dep't slams Netanyahu's Hitler story as 'inflammatory' and against 'scholarly evidence'
    • Zofia, I understand by your comments that any Jew living in any town, village or farm was/is living in a "settlement". When I mentioned settlements I was talking post 1967 and you quickly confirmed that all settlements are legitimate targets, even those prior to 1967. You want Israel destroyed so go ahead and admit the truth. What you are saying is that Jews do not have a right to live anywhere in the region as an independent people. Right? If you say otherwise then what about Jerusalem? Where Jews in Jerusalem long before Islam was established? At least 1,000 years before in fact. Palestinian Arabs have never controlled Jerusalem. Are you aware of this fact? Do Jews have a greater right over Jerusalem than Muslims? They certainly do. As Jerusalem is not a settlement it would be nice if you supported Jewish claims to the city. You cannot be half pregnant when it comes the connection Jews have to the Temple Mount. They do or they don't. Which one is it?

    • Zofia, I see you and the current Mufti of Jerusalem have been taking the same history lessons. We are talking about the "Mufti of Jerusalem" no less who just confirmed for us that there has always been a mosque on the Temple Mount from the beginning of time. I think you and the Mufti should retake arithmetic 101. If Islam and Arabic came about after the birth of Mohammad, which was 1400 years ago, we have some serious gaps here Zofia. Don't you think?

    • How are you lot ever going to advance from your entrenched positions when you continually avoid answering simple questions e.g. Explain why Palestinian Arabs attacked and murdered Jews long before there were settlements and even the State of Israel? Of course the answer is difficult for those who stubbornly believe that the Palestinian Arabs are the equivalent of Ghandi and Mother Teresa, then we all know the truth but refuse to admit it. Blaming Jews, and not yourself, has been a tried and test practice going back a long, long time. On this website it would be wise to refrain from using "that" word. Those who rush to answer on the killing of Jews going back 120 years should read Mark Twain to understand how little was going in the region before more Jews came home. It was the money that the Jews brought in that created jobs and injected much needed life into the near dead economy of the region at the time under the Ottomans.

    • ||Eljay @ October 24, 2015, 9:16 am||
      It's amazing that you can come out with a statement about accountability when it appears from many of your previous posts that you have zero expectations from the Palestinians and do not hold them accountable for anything they have done. This is called patronizm and it's very racist in fact. What you are saying is that Palestinian Arabs are not responsible for their actions and all because of Jews and of settlements. Never mind that Arab action against Jews began before the creation of the State of Israel.

    • [..] It would be nice for one of you more enlightened ones to comment on why Palestinian Arabs resorted to killing Jews when there was no State of Israel and no settlements. We have been hearing over the past 30 years settlements, settlements, settlements but this does not match Palestinian action prior to the creation of the modern State of Israel. If this is the historic homeland of the Jewish people then surely Jews have/had a right to purchase land? As we know that it is the historic home land of the Jewish people, then denying Jews the ability to purchase land was racist. And what about the Fatwa's banning the sale of land to Jews, punishable by death? Seems to be that you are quite selective in what parts of history fit the struggle.

    • Phil, you need to admit that before Netanyahu's comments you and most of the readers here had not heard of Haj Amin Al-huseini. So maybe Netanyahu's comments were a stroke of genius when we know he was not placating Hitler? There was no State of Israel and no settlements when in 1929 Palestinian Arabs murdered Jews in Hebron and when Al-huseini visited Hitler and ask him to burn the Jews. Man up Phil, you need to admit that settlements have very little to do with what is really happening on the ground and maybe your support for Palestinian Arabs is a little "premature" given their violent and hate filled history?

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