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  • Israeli diplomat schemed to 'take down' UK's Deputy Foreign Secretary because he slammed settlements
    • It was all over the MSM yesterday, today nothing. Hopefully, when Al Jazeera screen their four-part doc. there will be more coverage. According to Al Jazeera, the majority of their documentary will focus on the efforts to dethrone the pro-Palestinian/pro BDS leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn. Can't wait.

  • In 'breathtaking' UN vote, Obama changed his policy on Israeli settlements, making them a war crime -- Finkelstein
    • NF doesn't buy into the 'Israel Lobby' thesis, judging by his criticisms of Walt and Mearsheimer's landmark book. Unfortunately for NF, this thesis perfectly explains why Pres. Obama didn't abstain/vote for the 2011 UNSC resolution on Israeli settlements; and why with nothing to lose abstained in the 2016 vote. NF's explanation that Pres. Obama's rationale was solely spiteful is silly.

      Having said that I'm looking forward to his new book.

  • Deborah Lipstadt's double standard on white nationalism and Jewish nationalism
    • "From Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party in the United Kingdom to college campuses across America, the phenomenon is real "

      Not the first time there has been an invalid suggestion that "Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party" is overtly anti-Semitic. However, I'm surprised it is being made in the U.S. One has to presume that it is due to the fact that Jeremy Corbyn openly backs BDS and has consistently been pro-Palestinian. Moreover, next year marks a couple of important anniversaries in the Israel-Palestine conflict.

      Perhaps, Lipstadt should read the following statement from the House of Commons Home Affairs Committee on Antisemitism in the UK Tenth Report of Session 2016–17:

      "120. Despite significant press and public attention on the Labour Party, and a number of revelations regarding inappropriate social media content, there exists no reliable, empirical evidence to support the notion that there is a higher prevalence of antisemitic attitudes within the Labour Party than any other political party."

      Surely, an esteemed academic should do their research before spewing spurious charges. Where are the standards.

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