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  • A War on Campus: 'Democracy Now' covers the Northeastern SJP suspension (Updated)
    • The way I see it, the students ought to enlist the ACLU & take it all the way to the Supreme Court if necessary. Time to put the foot down, firmly & for good.

  • Obama's Mandela eulogy -- moving, and hypocritical
  • Eric Alterman's 'I Hate Max Blumenthal' Handbook
    • Man, oh man... If this was a South Park episode it would be called "Jew Fight" LOL Alterman is SO done.

  • Only sanctions against Israel will end occupation -- Gideon Levy
    • "I wonder if one could publish in NYT a similar call..."

      Nah.. Reprinting the Levi piece in NYT Opinion Page would be a good start. Another Jew with balls of steel. A++.

  • Sydney Pollack, gunrunner
  • Rightwingers say Geneva deal is... Munich
    • Damn right, pabelmont. Munich my ass. Geneva 2013 was Munich 1938 backwards: the mightiest military power in the ME equipped with 300+ nukes & pushing a yet another war was NOT given what it wanted by an international conference.

  • (Updated) Senator Chuck Schumer promises more Iran sanctions, vows to 'defeat' Arab world and Palestinians
    • @miriam6

      Now you're truly pulling all the strings.. LOL. Time to worry about ‘Japs’ and ‘Chinamen’ & ‘Niggers’, eh?

      Perhaps Truman used the word "Jews". But then the only Jews he knew were Zionists. Bam! Abe Foxman 101 again.

    • @miriam6

      How convenient: you have the nukes & don't have them at the same time. It's truly for the future history books - having it both ways, or as many ways as possible. Except you forget the maxim: you can't have your cake & eat it too, in the long run. One day Tel-Aviv will be answerable to IAEA. VERY soon.

    • "My oh my…. how Israel’s apologists willfully turn on the ONLY friend Israel appears to have. Nothing is too low"

      No kidding. The Zionists will stab America in the back the moment it no longer served their purposes. Like a greedy parasite out of control who will suck the host dry & then die with it. "A selfish bunch" - President Harry Truman, 1948

    • Miriam, her's some weekend reading for you RE: JFK, the Lobby and the Bomb

    • Miriam is right here: there is indeed no "arms race" per se. What we have instead is the Israeli HEGEMONY on nukes in the ME, which Tel Aviv is hellbent (to the extent of the possibilities) to maintain by preventing any other nation to acquire nuclear technology, even if for peaceful purposes. The customary MO is pitting Uncle "Sucker" Sam against Israel's "enemy" of the day - in this case Iran.

    • @HarryLaw: Precisely. Abe Foxman 101

    • Right on, talknic. Still hoping for a reporter/interviewer with balls out there in the Twilight media world who would ask Chuck the very same question on live air. The time is ripe for a massive Joseph N. Welch moment.

    • "the American Israel Public Affairs Committee will be drafting new sanctions legislation"

      Since when is it in the AIPAC jurisdiction to "draft... sanctions legislation"?? Is anyone there to cut them down to size & stop them from interfering in the business of the US government?

    • Chuck, you can't pull the same trick over & over again, ad infinitum. Your speech by all standards was a swan song of the AIPAC's farewell tour.

  • Netanyahu: Israel is 'by itself,' 'not bound by this agreement'
    • Mike, Geneva 2013 was Munich 1938 backwards: the mightiest military power in the ME equipped with 300+ nukes & ready to start yet another war was NOT given what it wanted by an international conference. Ever took History in school?

    • The pace of events appears to be accelerating. Perhaps due to the fact Geneva coincided with the JKF anniversary, in the given nuclear context it has set an unmistakable dynamics into motion - my own prediction is that the first defiant "no" to the Lobby will open the floodgates. Politicians & lawmakers just realized that standing up to the Zionist Diktat is possible & there is nothing the Lobby can do about it. The Emperor has no clothes.

      On a related note, this is just in:

    • Geneva signifies the first crack on the Zionist chokehold on the US policy in the ME. Is the tide turning?

  • 'Obama is no JFK,' neocons say-- likening Iran to Cuba
    • I knew the JFK anniversary will pop up this way or another. Didn't expect the Lobby to bring it up though - as it would hit dangerously too close to home turf, lest they truly believe that they are omnipotent, invincible & can get away with anything.

      Funny how amidst the sea of literature on the JFK assassination & dozens of conspiracy theories no one asked the obvious: Cui bono?

      How timely therefore, in the context of the neocon-presented Obama-JFK parallel to take another close look at "JFK, the Lobby & the Bomb."

  • Protest Sunday: The Israeli settler movement is not welcome in New York City!
  • 'Pro-Life? Pro-Israel?': Israeli anti-abortion organization reaches out for US support to fight demographic war in the Jewish state
    • Quite a diverse family you have, gamal, good for you. Wrong simile tho: the UK & Germany populations do have their respective countries, no quarrel & thus peacefully proceed in their natural progression. You could have brought up Germany & Austria in 1938, but the Austrians were granted full citizenship rights within the Reich. The Palestinians on the other hand, have been robbed of their land (Anschluss of the WB if you will) & I'm merely brainstorming the ways to end this impossible situation in a peaceful manner within the next few generations. Any suggestions?

    • @Talkback: Jewish/Palestinian.. it's the same genetic stock. The sooner they realize they are essentially the same people (as they were 2000 years ago) the sooner we'll end this whole deranged mess & achieve peace. The only possible outcome at the end of the tunnel is a binational one-state, like it or not. Israel won't be able to maintain the status quo for another 65 years.

    • @NickJOCW: Ganz genau!

    • BTW: The lady on the American Friends of Efrat website looks decidedly Palestinian. Is there a genetic link or is it only me? I mean we're talking race & demographics here, innit?

    • RE: "Russian" babies, etc. - Reminds me of the memoir of one of the first "Russian" refusniks who "returned to his historic homeland" with the very first group in the late 60s. After the "Russians" disembarked from the plane at the [then] Lod Airport, kissing the pavement, etc, etc. the rep from the corresponding agency welcomed them thus: "Welcome, etc, etc,... in truth, we don't need you. We don't even need your children. What we really need is your grandchildren."

      Summa summarum: It has always been about race breeding - another lesson learned from the German experience.

  • 'Alternative is military action,' White House says of Iran, under pressure from AIPAC and ADL
    • "ADL and Foxman should be required to sign up under the Foreign Agents Registration Act."

      JFK tried to force the Lobby to do just that & was hellbent on shutting down the Israeli nuclear weapons program in his second term. The 50th anniversary of his assassination is coming up on the 22nd. RIP.

      Food for thought:

    • Speaking of deadlines I'm afraid that KSA & Israel will use the one-week window between now & the 20th to stage a provocation with unforeseeable consequences.

      Speaking of Foxman: I thought that the job of that piece of s**t is to detect antisemitism, not to dictate US foreign policy decisions. Isn't the time ripe for a major Joseph N. Welch moment for someone in our corrupt administration to rise & say: - "You've done enough. Have you no sense of decency, sir? At long last, have you left no sense of decency?"

  • Netanyahu's greatest fear: Linkage
    • Theo, It was Teddy Roosevelt. Truman called Jews "a selfish bunch" & silently gave a thumb down when asked about the long-term future os Israel by one of his aids in 1948.

    • Bismarck was a rare genius. He also warned that Germany should never start a war against Russia. They didn't listen. Twice.

      Not to mention the first national health care system in the unified Germany.

    • "If interim deal is signed with Iran, Israel will attack Iran."

      I wonder. This is just in:

      A former Israeli official has admitted that a possible nuclear agreement between Iran and the United States would be disappointing for Israel as Tel Aviv’s plans for unilateral strike against Iran would be diminished.

      “Practically speaking, [a deal] shuts the [Israeli military] option down,” former National Security Advisor Maj. Gen. (ret.) Giora Eiland told Israeli media.

      “It doesn’t matter what we think about the deal. Israel won’t be able to do a thing,” he added.

      Eiland said acting against the agreement between Iran and six major powers would make Israel as the world’s menace.

      Iran and the US, Russia, China, Britain, France and Germany ended the latest nuclear talks in Geneva without a deal. But the two sides planned to meet again on November 20.

      Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is angry about the talks and denounced a possible agreement with Iran as a “historic blunder.”

      Netanyahu said the deal would not be a “good deal” for Israel and the United States.

      However, the participating nations in the negotiations said progress was made and they narrowed their differences over the weekend.

      British Foreign Secretary William Hague said the talks have made “very good progress” and a nuclear deal with Tehran could be reached.

      In an interview with Press TV on Sunday, political analyst Ralph Schoenman said not reaching a nuclear deal during the Geneva talks reflects “the determination on the part of the Israelis and the Saudis, not only to prevent such an agreement, but it takes even military action against Iran in order to completely destroy it.”

    • "Why are 25% of Israeli final year students sent to Auschwitz ?"

      Because the Zionists turned Holocaust into a secular national religion - i.e. CELEBRATING DEATH [with a pathological dose of braggadocio] along the way pressuring everybody into a guilt trip, expecting crocodile tears, concessions, PR & political benefits & breaks at every turn. This is no way to live. This is a profoundly sick way of life & that's why Israelis with their bunker mentality, paranoid schizophrenia, national pastime of listening to Army Radio news every hour & living in a super-Ghetto armed to the teeth will never become normal people.

  • Kerry pleads with Congress to give diplomacy a chance
    • "Once a reform, you guys will discover another issue to blame the Jewish Money."

      1. It's not "Jewish" money - it's our taxpayers' money handed out to Israel.
      2. Yes, we'll have an issue with it as long as it is used for purchasing pro-Israel congressional votes, warmongering & pitting the US against the Arab/Muslim world contrary to US national security interests.

    • Before presenting his/her case in support of Israel every congressional cash whore should be required to disclose the amount of campaign contributions received from AIPAC (their votes are bought with our own tax money the Congress appropriates as aid to Israel - talk about Catch 22).

  • 'NYT' review casts Dershowitz as lovable contrarian
  • Kerry reassures Israel as Congress grumbles about a deal
  • Echoing Netanyahu, Ted Cruz slams Kerry and calls on Iran to recognize Israel as 'Jewish state'
    • The whole Zionist mindset is marked by paranoid schizophrenia. Bibi is just the public face of it - a mascot if you will.

    • Yeah, "build, baby, build!"

      Good thing is that in two generations Palestinians will live in those nifty settlements, like it or not. The steam is clearly out of this one, man. The clock is ticking.

    • "Netanyahu also has powerful allies in Saudi Arabia"

      Then how about asking the KSA to recognize Israel as a Jewish state first? That would be a good start. We'll see how THAT works out. Geneva is about the Iranian nuclear energy, not about Israel.

    • Bibi is clearly panicking - as he well understands that if Geneva produces an agreement with Iran the next topic in the nukes department will be the Israeli arsenal, front & center. It's coming...

  • Klug targeted by McCarthyite 'dossier'-- because he will speak on anti-Semitism in Berlin on Kristallnacht anniversary
    • Q: "Will Minister Lapid be happy if anti-Semitism is combated in Hungary, but discrimination against the Roma continues?"

      A: YES. "A selfish bunch." President Harry Truman, 1948

    • "Meanwhile, antisemitism in Europe reaches new heights."

      Yeah right. That's why Israelis choose to move to Berlin [of all places] by the thousands.

    • "There is something quite ironic about a jewish witch hunt against the person chosen to speak at the anniversary of Kristallnacht."

      Welcome to Twilight Zone where nothing is what it seems to be yet everything is possible, including its opposite, where the Zionists can have it in every way imaginable.

    • Page: 1
    • It's good to have a British Norm Finkelstein on the other side of the Big Water

  • Ultra-rightist Avigdor Lieberman returns to Foreign Ministry after acquittal on fraud charges
    • Lieberman as a Minister of Foreign Affairs marked a new low for Israel: one of his predecessors, Aba Eban was an Oxford graduate. They now have a former bar bouncer from Kishinev.

    • "Did the Nazis not do something similar to their Jewish fellow Germans?"

      Oh, there is more than meets the eye in THAT department. Zionism walked out of the German experience with the worst possible lessons learned.

      The 1935 Nuremberg Race Laws copied the Zionist definition of Jews (casting the net wide), which is the cornerstone of the current Law of Return: one grandparent on either side, as opposed to the strict rabbinical requirement for a Jewish mother. This happened at the height of the Nazi collaboration with the international Zionist organizations in their common goal to get as many Jews out of Germany as possible. NB: Adolf Eichmann started his SS career as a liaison officer with the Zionist outlets, even traveling to Palestine on a fact-finding mission in 1937 & visiting kibbutzim. (No, 1960 wasn't his first time in Jerusalem).

      A similar Law of Return is also in effect in today's Germany with specific provisions for return & resettlement of ethnic Germans [Volksdeutsche], mainly from Russia who lived there for hundreds of years as descendants of German colonists mostly from Saxony who came during the reign Peter the Great & Catherine The Great. The return of Russian Germans peaked in the late 80's - early 90's flooding Germany with Russians with German last names but who otherwise had ZERO connection to the land, culture, customs, religion & didn't speak German & generally were totally out of it. Sounds familiar?

  • Israel is a 'corpse' -- Hedges on Blumenthal's 'Goliath'
    • Oh, the OT numerology... I don't have enough free head space for that, sorry.

    • asherpat, you're welcome. That's 130 tho. Math skills! Nobel prizes & all that :)

    • "Israel as a young country is a project in the making .."

      I certainly agree with the "in the making" part. Problem is:
      1. In the world of nation-states you can't have a late start: things will invariably go wrong, as they certainly have - you can pretend you are a country but you always will be a Frankenstein state known for scaring & terrorizing others.
      2. Artificial "states" mandated into existence by august international bodies in places where no one wants them, won't survive in the long run, the 4th largest army, 300+ nukes or the bankrolling by the U.S. Treasure notwithstanding.
      3. I would hesitate to call Israel a "country" - legit countries have set borders & constitutions & recognition & at least SOME respect by their neighbors. Israel has none of those, save diplomatic relations with Egypt & Jordan bought with our tax dollars. It is an ongoing Zionist Geopolitical Experiment, universally detested, increasingly ostracized, on its last legs in the PR department & on its only lifeline from the U.S.
      4. The U.S. money & Washington's political will to babysit the ZGE will dry up within a generation or two - make it 65 years if you want.

    • I don't know about the "corpse", but one thing is clear: Israel won't survive another 65 years in its present form.

  • Video: Israeli soldiers detain, terrify young Palestinian boys in Hebron
  • Natalie Portman and Woody Allen see anti-Semitism as pervasive
    • "Many Zionist leaders were secular."

      Miriam: ALL of them were. The most educated, assimilated & successful urban Jews that Vienna, Berlin & Budapest ever produced, so they were the least exposed to any kind of antisemitism, as opposed to the Yiddish-speaking, Torah-observing shtetl Ostjuden of Poland, Lithuania & Ukraine. Zionism was a concept of nationalism they copied from Europeans [mostly Germans after Bismarck's unification of the country] but first & foremost it was a rebellion against Judaism which they detested and hated with a passion. Herzl publicly boasted that he didn't circumcise his son. "We'll go to Palestine. The rabbis can go to the gas chambers" - Chaim Weizmann, 1943"!! "One cow in Palestine is worth more that all the diaspora Jews." - Yitzhak Greenbaum, etc. It was only later, on the wave of the post-Holocaust grief, 1945-48 that the Ben Gurion, Meir & Co. changed the strategy, highjacked & corrupted the religion to be subservient to a newly adopted militant racist nationalism.

    • "can Judaism/unified-global-Jewish-identiy survive without Zionism?"

      Judaism has been doing just fine for over 2000 years without Zionism to what I know.

    • Oleg, my point precisely: nothing is EVER good enough. LOL

    • Keith: "I sometimes wonder if the Zionist aren’t trying to incite a low level of anti-Semitism in order to justify Zionism?"

      You just nailed it, man. Zionism wouldn't survive without antisemitism, real or imagined - its raison d'être, its bread-and-butter. That's why scoundrels like Abe Foxman make 500K a year going around with a magnifying glass.

      Yoav Shamir's movie - "Defamation" is a must see on the subject. Enjoy!

    • "Because his parents named him?"

      Obviously, Sherlock. But like many of the ex-Soviet Jews & Zionist heavyweights of his ilk (Oleg/Avigdor Lieberman [a former Kishinev bar bouncer], Anatoly/Nathan Shcharansky, his wife Natalia/Avital Shcharansky, etc, etc.) he is at the liberty to change his first name thus adjusting the "identity" issue, assuming he has one. Judging from his projection onto Shmuel it definitely looks that way. Most of the ex-Soviet late starters certainly do have "identity" anxieties.

    • OlegR: Apparently you have no conflict with your identity as a Jew. So why are you bearing an ancient Russian name instead of something more fitting from the OT?

    • I think we pretty much squeezed the last drop out of this one.
      The false insecurity kvetching of two hugely successful millionaire entertainers who never had it better in their lives reminds me of the opening (and very Jewish) joke in Annie Hall:
      Two women vacationing in the Catskills are talking:
      One: "Did you notice how terrible the food is here?"
      The other: "Yea... and the portions are small too"

    • The implication is that the high rate of Jewish success was achieved in spite of anti-Semitism.

      It's cultural, so we just have to live with that. The better the going, the more room is there for kvetching. Whereas when the Tsores gets real thick, everyone is busy with the survival, so no one complains.

      It's like the ex-Soviet Jews: every time they complain how persecuted & discriminated against they were in the old Soviet Union I ask them what their education is. Most of them earned university & college degrees tuition-free, on the house

    • To think of it: if Portman & Allen are such proud/concerned Jews, why did they changed their names from Herschlag & Konigsberg, respectively? Just wondering.

    • The issue of democracy vs. autocracy in Germany 1918-1933 has very little bearing on antisemitism. Germany's 20s, especially in big cities with the large concentration of Jews were remarkably tolerant & the German, Austrian & Hungarian Jews were the most assimilated ones in Europe. Barely anyone had a problem with them until antisemitism was made state policy after 1933. Prior to 1933 the public sentiments and attitudes in France, Poland & the U.S. (no dogs & "Israelites" on country club beaches) were more antisemitic than Germany.

    • I suggested it before & I repeat it again: We need an ironclad, codified legal definition of anti-semitism on books to defuse any & all PR shenanigans, intimidation & blackmail from hoodlums like Abe Foxman once & for all. Otherwise Allen et al will keep blurring the line between the pathological anti-semitism of the Hitlerite brand & anything else, even remotely critical of Israel or the Zionist MO. Or disliking gefilte fish, for that matter. Once we have such a golden legal standard we can start taking ADL to court for defamation. Any legal minds here, hello?

    • "Portman, a practising Jew, who is raising her son in the religion…."

      Bet it's not the Torah Judaism.. Try Williamsburg, NY honey.. they will fix you up

    • Portman saying there’s hostility toward Jews “pretty much everywhere”–except LA, NY, and Israel.

      How the hell would she know when she has never been to anywhere, "except LA, NY, and Israel"? ROFL

  • Police kill Israeli-Jew near Western Wall after mistaking him for a Palestinian
    • Not sure the issue the number of firearms available is valid tho. It is rather the trigger-happy culture & the drive to harm others at will that matters - definitely applies to the ZGE (a/k/a Israel) as the above incident so abundantly illustrates.
      NB: Switzerland is #3 in the world in per-capita gun ownership, after the U.S. & Yemen (LOL), yet no one ever gets hurt.

    • What do you expect? The whole Zionist Geopolitical Experiment (a/k/a Israel) was borne from, & continues to live by pathological paranoia lapsing into rabidly aggressive behavior.

  • Hey New York, get ready for the big (anti-Zionist) parade!
  • The etymology of anti-Semitism
  • Islamophobic 'Foreign Policy' article compares Boston bombing and Palestinian resistance to occupation
    • Zionists always had a hard-on for terrorist acts (real or staged) in the U.S., ostensibly because it somehow validates & vindicates their own MO relative to Palestinians, forgetting that when Muslims "hate" us it is exactly because our support of the Zionist geopolitical experiment (aka "Israel") since 1948 has set us on the collision course with the Arab/Muslim world. Which is PRECISELY the dynamics the Zionists wanted.

  • For backing '5 Broken Cameras,' 'Jewish Press' smears Dustin Hoffman as has-been 'figleaf' with 'Semitic nose'
  • Israeli attorney general affirms policy of e-mail searches of foreign travelers
  • Boston Marathon bombings unleash a new wave of Islamophobia
  • In landmark case on Israel and Jewish identity, British tribunal says anti-Zionism is not anti-Semitism
    • Now this is what I call Jewish identity vs. a Zionist one.

    • “Jews possess a strong feeling of affinity toward Israel that is an intrinsic part of their Jewish identity." How laughable. The true Jewish identity is decidedly anti-Zionist.

      Here's my man Chief Rabbi Beck on the subject:

  • AIPAC president (tries to) defend Israel's rejection of WMD-free zone
  • The next generation of Israeli racism
    • @Chu: Iran's getting the bomb won't help things. The nuclear disarmament of Israel will.

    • Look at that racist kid on the bus. Apparently a Sabra - the same Semite genetic stock. If he spoke Arabic he would come across as a Palestinian. When will they realize that they are not different peoples, but essentially the same one? Therein lies the key to the only peaceful solution to all troubles.

  • Roger Waters at 92d Street Y? Israel advocate calls for 'real Jews' to stop this assimilationist obscenity
  • Feeling the wrath of the Israel lobby, 'WSJ' neocon virtually accuses some advocates of dual loyalty
    • "So you are part of the “peaceful” eliminate Israel and throw out the Jews crowd."

      No need to. Zionism will self destruct & in 2-3 generations & Israel will be a bi-national single state incorporating Gaza & the WB. Eventually you will become the same people you used to be 2000 years ago & at long last will leave the rest of the world alone.

    • Pollard is lucky that he was busted in the U.S. In Russia he would have been executed by a firing squad.

    • "So now Palestine is everything up to the 1948 boundaries? When did that happen?"

      In 1948 it was Palestine, remember? It still is, by the way. You're only temporary guests there.

    • @ Avi_G: The MO here is to play the persecuted underdog while being in power position pulling all kinds of strings - an especially crafty & hideous ploy.

    • I know. But therein lies the monstrosity of the affair. It DOES NOT MATTER to a Zionist where he was born, the U.S., Russia, Poland, Austria or Yemen & neither should it to us. What matters is his SOLE allegiance to the Zionist cause. The same goes for Kristol, Perle, Abrams, Wolfowitz, Frum, Feith, Indyk, Ross, Lieberman, and the rest of the evil gang, who, in any other self-respecting power that took its national interests seriously by now would be in leg irons, chained to the wall for grand treason.

      As for Stephens/WSJ - the lobby can ill afford to alienate the mainstream media. Wondering if they are overconfident or panicking. Or both.

    • "Jonathan Pollard, the man who betrayed both his country and his people."

      But he did not! He acted on the belief that he served his TRUE country - Israel, while posing as an American - thus the real problem at hand is not the so-called "dual loyalty", but the "single" one.

  • Out of the margin: One-state paradigm and nonviolent resistance are now standard fare on US left
  • Day Two of Obama in Israel/Palestine — Obama visits Ramallah and addresses the Israeli people
    • "I, for one, believe in the urgent need to achieve peace through a two-state solution."

      There won't be a two-state solution - it's way too late for that. You guys wasted precious time by being too busy anschlussing large portions of the WB. Now you either include Gaza & the WB into a Greater Israel and give Palestinians full Israeli citizenship, or refuse to do so & end up as an international pariah & a despised apartheid state that won't last another 65 years. The 4th largest army & the 200+ nukes under the Negev won't help you. Good thing is that in about two generations Palestinians will be residing in those nifty housing complexes in the WB. Time to wake up n smell the coffee.

    • "He enables and empowers Israeli self-destruction.."

      Right on! Zionism is destined to self-destruct. They think their voracious land grab is the solution to their problems, but in fact they are painting themselves into a corner with eventually a one-state solution as the only option. Ehud Olmert was right on that one.

    • @ kalithea: watch this retro flick of Wolfie being creamed by my man Norm Finkelstein back in 1989. Just to cheer you up :)

  • Obama praises Israel to high heavens as Israeli and American elite cement 'unbreakable' alliance
    • @Annie: Budapest is awesome! It's the hoi polloi, who, after having been handed the freedom to make something better of themselves, promptly opted for nationalism, xenophobia, crypto-fascism, despising their neighbors (with the exception of Austria, possibly in the spirit of kaiserlich und koniglich nostalgia), & stirring up irredentist sentiments among their minorities in Slovakia & Romania. Arrested development since 1918.

    • "The timing here is no coincidence. Obama’s presence in Israel, and this so called “chemical weapons” event is carefully choreographed.... Obama has utterly and completely sold out. The man is an embarrassment, a cowardly fraud of epic proportions."

      There is really nothing else to say. Amen!

    • I am part Hungarian, raised in Hungary. Sorry to say, Hungarians are if not the hicks of Europe, but definitely the problem child of Eastern Europe. Not that it has to do anything with us here on MW.

    • @Stone: What's truly revolting is that our Congress is being purchased with the same money it votes as the annual 3 billion in aid to Israel. A genuinely satanic scheme.

    • I'm gonna post something when I stop puking & clean up.

  • Zionists thrill that Obama will recognize ancient Jewish connection to 'homeland' (undoing his Cairo error)
    • "Indeed, they were highly similar to other cultures that were emerging in the region around the same time–except for one thing: whereas archaeologists found pig bones in other sites, they found none among the Israelites. A prohibition on eating pork may have been one of the earliest ways in which the Israelites distinguished themselves from their neighbors."

      The late Chris Hitchens in his book "God is Not Great" floats an interesting theory in an attempt to explain the unique prohibition on pork among the ancient Jewish tribes, nonexistent anywhere else in the Middle East - which voids the explanation that pork goes bad faster in hot climate, etc. The apparent tradition of sacrificing their first born male child for God from Abraham/Isaac to Jesus who was framed by his daddy - in tandem with the the fact that pork tastes like human flesh allows for the possibility of cannibalism in ancient times (now, don't get outraged, cuz it existed in other cultures too) , which, when it was abandoned, resulted in giving up pork as well. Something for archeologists & cultural anthropologists to look into, IF they are willing.

    • @MK: A minor correction: Russians lost 27 million people in only four years, 1941-45. 12 million were civilian casualties, with the rest military. Thus the Russian civilian deaths ALONE were TWICE of the Holocaust Jews. It's only that it never occurred to the Russians to turn their dead into a industry of cultural braggadocio, political extortion, emotional blackmail & PR manipulation.

    • @traintosiberia: It is a matter of historical record with info galore, mostly in Russian - you can google it from any angle.

    • @Stone: Ain't that the Gospel truth! (no pun intended LOL). In fact, the perverted, twisted & downright sick marriage of convenience between Israel & the Christian Zionists in the U.S. (of Hagee brand) notwithstanding, note that Christian proselytization among Jews is not allowed, very much in a Saudi fashion - try to preach Jesus in Bethlehem & you'll quickly make some Palestinian friends behind bars.

    • ".. many Palestinians are in fact genealogically descendant from the ancient Jews who wrote and read those texts, and that many Jews are descendants of converts over the centuries, the whole thing becomes absurd."

      My sentiments precisely. Amen.

    • @giladg: that would be "madrassa". "madras" is a lightweight cotton or silk fabric. Other than that, just pinch me! Damn!

    • @Stephen: a little aside re Gromykos's UN speech: Ben Gurion & Golda Meir (a Kiev native & the first Israeli ambassador to the USSR) successfully bamboozled Stalin into supporting the creation of Israel with promises of the first Socialist state in the Middle East. The Zionists truly left no angle un-played in achieving their goal. By the time the Old Man realized he was had it was too late, & it only resulted in a brief backlash against the Soviet Jews in top positions in 1951-52. In a famously telling episode of the newly awakened & shameless Zionist spirit, Golda Meir was greeted in the Moscow airport by Molotov's wife Polina Zhemchuzhina (Perelman), then the Grand Dame of the Politburo with the phrase in Yiddish: "I am a daughter of Jewish people", making Golda weep with joy. Polina was promptly kicked out of the CPSU, arrested & jailed for years for the reasons of hanging with the Zionist crowd. If only we exercised such vigilance over the wholesale grand treason & wanton surrender to the Zionist interests in this country. Related Q: is there going to be a donkey on Obama's itinerary?

    • @mondonut: Palestinians who were kicked out of their land 64 years ago have more right to return then those who allegedly left 2000 years ago. Besides, 2000 years ago you were the same people, so if you want to live in peace, be the same people again in one state, with the same citizenship rights. I don't want to hear any more of the "two state solution" garbage.

  • Vivian Gornick stashed book critical of Israel lest she 'commit literary suicide'
    • @Cliff: Apparently it is. Here's a story for you. Some years ago I was refinancing my crib & they sent over an appraiser. He looked around, made notes, etc. & we ended up chatting about real estate, neighborhoods, etc. to kill time. It is being Boston the subject of Brookline vs. Dorchester came up at which point I said something to the effect that Brookline used to be Irish (JFK), & now the Irish moved to parts of Dorchester & the Southie, etc. and the "Jews moved to Brookline". He looked at me funny & his visage froze. He gave me the paperwork & his business card before departing promptly. Sure thing, his last name was Rosenberg or Rosenbaum or something. My point is: if we chatted about Watertown (Armenians), Southie (Irish), or Arlington (Greeks), & had his name been Azarian, Sullivan or Katsabiris, respectively, saying the phrase "the Greeks moved in" or "the Armenians moved in" or "the Irish are in the Southie" would have been perfectly casual. Yet the dude acted as if I was dragging him to a gas chamber. Clearly I said something wrong.

    • @Oleg: language! Chill, dude... "unhealthy" in the sense of having existed in the chosen state of besieged, culturally & racially superior aliens, holding the gun to the heads of its neighbors for the last 65 years & being on a life support from the U.S. (won't last for another 65, mind you). The simple truth is, artificial geopolitical entities mandated into existence by august international bodies don't survive in the long run in the environment where none of their neighbors wants them, no matter how you rationalize it in your own heads. God-given land? BS! The first choice of the Zionist founding fathers as Uganda, Madagaskar, & even Vietnam, until they figured that they can highjack Judaism for their nationalist & race-breeding purposes. What if the Jews originated 2000 years ago from what is now Palestine? Gypsies originated 2000 years ago from India. Just try to scoop up the 6 million European Romanis & give them a country in the middle of Rajastan. I guarantee there will be a problem with the locals, 2000 years or no 2000 years. The only way to go healthy is to be the same people again (you're both Semites & cousins, remember?), give Palestinians full Israeli/Palestinian (only a matter of semantics) citizenship & leave everybody alone, at long last, cuz the world is getting really sick & tired of the dangerous Zionist antics.

    • "there are certain things I'm not going to talk about... Everybody knows that if you write certain things you put yourself beyond the pale of certain publications"

      A'la Pravda 1937 - Karl Radek, come back, all is forgiven! LOL

  • Israel should start studying South Africa, so inevitable transformation is a peaceful one
    • Hell, yeah! All thumbs up!

    • @RoHa: Actually, modern-day Namibia. Not a big deal, just for the record. peace.

    • @giladg: Just listen to one of your own. here's my Mensch Rabbi Dov Weiss again.

    • @Annie: LOL High five!

    • "linking south africa and israel is purely a propaganda exercise by the arab american lobby"

      1. What is "the Arab American lobby", & if there is indeed one, how does it compare to the influence of of AIPAC?
      2. Israel linked itself to South Africa throughout the 60s, 70s & 80s, cooperating in the trade, military & intelligence areas, and indeed fashioned the treatment of the Gaza & WB Palestinians as Untermenschen by the South African model of treating blacks.

  • Will weary Obama utter bromides about peace to Israelis, or a challenge?
    • This smoke-and-mirror show about the two-state solution has clearly ran out of steam, so why would Obama further embarrass himself by pretending that is still viable? The Zionists have been using the issue to play for time & expand settlements. E1 was the last straw. If Obama wants to be remembered as a great statesman instead of a pussy, he should tell Israel to cut the crap & allow for a bi-national one-state solution, incorporating Gaza & the WB, with equal citizenship rights for the anschlussed Palestinians. Call the country whatever you want - it won't matter any more. But this is the only way to render justice to the Palestinian people and satisfy both parties in the spirit of peaceful dismantlement of Israel envisioned by Rabbi Dov Weiss. If the Zionists stick to the status quo, Israel won't last another 65 years in its present form.

  • 'NYT' columnist praises fundamentalist Jews as collective of 'the future'
    • That hoodlum Alan Dershowitz ranted against intermarriage in his book some 20 years ago - if a German did the same he's be lynched on the spot. So chalk Alan up.

    • The irony of Brooks' antics is that the true believer Orthodox following the Torah, be they in Borough Park or Mea Shearim, deny the legitimacy of the Jewish state as an affront to G-d. Here's my man Rabbi Dov Weiss again:

  • Celebrating 911
    • jon s: Oswald had the least to do with it. Wanna check the Jack Ruby connection instead?

    • "Discussing 9/11 conspiracy theories on this forum is a violation of section 7 of the comments policy."

      Jon s: You doth protest too much. Wait till the JFK 50th anniversary comes up. LOL. It is a matter of historical record that JFK was hellbent on shutting down the Israeli nuclear weapons program in his second term.

    • Ditto. 9/11 was probably the "happiest day" of Netanyahu's life, to quote Churchill's sentiments about Pearl Harbor, finally paying off his efforts to drag the U.S. into WWII. . 9/11 has finally put the U.S. on a collision track with the Muslim-Arab world with no brakes, which explains why Mossad (which is on the top of everything related to the Middle East) didn't do anything to prevent it.

  • Did Oren's iron dome of affability stop Colbert's brilliant strikes?
    • To which Oren responds: "We do not, Israel does not get involved in internal politics in Israel, err the United States."

      The mother of all Freudian slips, man. The Zionist boychiks finally succeeded in morphing the political structures of both countries on the executive & legislative levels to such an extent that Oren reflexively makes no distinction between the two.


  • Chuck Hagel meets Ehud Barak (and wants to make sure the Israel lobby knows it)
    • My sentiments precisely

    • Precisely. Except that the parasite entity feels so firmly in control as to be totally shameless in its voracity & eventually will kill its host. When the financial meltdown hits & all of us will eat from dumpsters the parasite will simple move to the next host.

      For the time being though it has itself covered everywhere by effectually merging the political mechanisms of the U.S. & the ZGE (Zionist Geopolitical Experiment - as Israel cannot be regarded as a legitimate country) on the executive & legislative level.

  • Biden says Jews can't be safe in the U.S. without a Jewish state
    • I'm so heated, man.. Someone should remind Biden that he's a U.S. Vice President, not an Israeli one, paraphrasing Hagel.

    • WTF is wrong with Biden?? American Jews wouldn't be safe in the U.S. without Israel?? This is nothing short of public denigration of his own country, the one he's the Vice President of! In a different world he would be called on it to explain himself & apologize. Alas, the Zionization of the political establishment of the United States of Israel is so profound that few will notice. NB: the bigger the over push, the bigger the eventual backlash.

  • Advertising campaigns target AIPAC and US aid to Israel across Washington DC
    • Good going! Looks like the tide is turning, after all.. A++!

      On this cheerful note, let me insert Rabbi Dov Weiss here. He's the Mensch!

  • It's delicious to see very uncool people fall for 'Rolling Stones' anti-BDS hoax
    • Looks like anything related to Israel's standing in the world is rapidly descending into juvenile antics - damn near being a butt of jokes. Is is indicative of Zionism having peaked and soon being on its last legs (nukes or no nukes)? Wondering who will go first - Rolling Stones or Israel... LOL

  • Schumer describes Hagel's come-to-Jesus moment
    • They won't rest until the humiliate Hagel to the bone & drag him through the mud. Like they would say in the CSI: "it's personal now."

    • @bob: there were NO pogroms in the Soviet period. In fact, Russian Jews never had it better between 1918 and 1948. The Bolshevik party leadership, the army command, the GPU/NKVD staff was overwhelmingly Jewish by ethnic composition. Moreover, the Commissar death squads under Leo Trotsky (Bronshtein) and Yakov Sverdlov were responsible for wiping out 1.5 million Don Cossacks, family members included in a brief period of 1919-1920, ostensibly as a payback for the pogroms under the Tsarist regime. With their full loyalty to the new rule the Jews were fully emancipated into the Soviet society. There was a temporary backlash based on accusations of "double loyalty" (sounds familiar?) after Ben Gurion & Golda Meir bamboozled Stalin into supporting Israel's bid for statehood in the UN with promises of a Socialist state in the Middle East. But in hindsight who could accuse the Old Man for being naturally alert?

  • Caught on tape: California university lecturer smears student activists as anti-Semites with ties to terrorists
  • Israel's changing image
    • No, he's NOT Russian. His parents probably emigrated from the SU/Russia on the the basis of being Jews (i.e. non-Russians), and, given his age - 20 - he was born in Israel.

  • Abrams calls Hagel anti-Semitic for questioning legitimacy of the Israel lobby
    • @Blank State: Agreed. Most of the Zionist establishment is vitally interested in keeping the anti-semitism alive, it's their bread-and-butter, their whole raison d'être, without it Abe at al would be collecting unemployment. Hence they throw the accusations around at random, hoping something will stick.

    • Israel a "democratic state" and "a firm US ally?" Well, it's neither. It's a parasitic geopolitical experiment feeding off it's host - the U.S. to such an extreme degree that it may soon kill it - i.e. the money and the political will to babysit & bail Israel out at the UN at every turn will eventually run out.

      BTW, to stop the nonsensical accusations of "anti-semitism" there ought to be a public & formal debate as to WHAT constitutes "anti-semitism", establishing & codifying ONE (not as many as Abe wishes) definition.

  • Hagel and the lobby, the unending non-story
    • "..Hagel needs to “prove” that he is not in league with foreign governments." That would be easy. However, for his inquisitors to prove the same would spell disaster.

  • When loving Israel is a social credential
  • Who knew! Donkey fellator is anti-Semitic trope
    • Will it be Abe's "shoot the clown" moment?

      Frame of reference: After the Bolshevik takeover the Cheka were merciless in stopping those who opposed the government or spoke against it even in the most casual tones. In March 1918, after the government moved from Petrograd to Moscow, a circus clown was making fun of the Bolsheviks. Cheka agents in the crowd pulled out their guns and shot several people who were laughing. True story, ya'll. DWL!

    • Foxman:.... "the sketch.. focuses on the issue of Israel to such a ridiculous extreme that we do become concerned because there is a claim out there that America’s a tool of the Israelis.. ...It sort of reinforces the pernicious notion of Jewish control over this government … that Israel controls the Senate.”

      OH YOU DON'T SAY, ABE!!! Talking about "overreacting": the old hoodlum exposed himself - the sketch was in no way defamatory to the Jews per se (guarding against which is ostensibly his line of business) - it made fun of U.S. legislators who made another country a priority over their own - with their pro-Israel stance bought by the same taxpayer money thy vote as financial aid to Israel. Can't get more twisted, perverted & sick than that...

  • 'Jewish Press' piece sees 'Gatekeepers' as evidence of rising Jewish anti-Zionism
    • The correct term is "Ostjuden", just for the record. Alas, I never understood the concept of "self-hating Jews" that the pie-eyed Zionists keep throwing at clear-minded dissenters like Finkelstein & MJ Rosenberg (G-d bless them!) I tried to fathom it from every angle but it still doesn't make any sense to me.

  • Hagel offers himself as secretary of Israel's defense
    • All he had to do is to say: "As a U.S. Senator and President's nominee for U.S. Secretary of Defense I resent my colleagues' attempts to pressure me into pledging allegiance to another country before my own." On record. That's it. If they axed him for it it would be out there for everyone to see and understand the very nature of this hideous ploy. I mean his life doesn't depend on his job. It would have been a perfect time for "Have you no decency left, Sir?"

    • I mean, what was the point of humiliating a decorated veteran and an honest public servant? That spineless SOB could have cut down to chase by nominating John Bolton, Richard Pearle, Bill Kristol, Doug Feith or any of the Zionist boychiks. Once in a lifetime chance to reign in the lobby was blown. I'm SO done here.

    • I'm puking all over the place. Time to move to Canada, really. This country is beyond redemption.

  • What is 'the helicopter on the Saigon embassy roof moment' for US and Israel?
    • @ pabelmont: Sure, China will do just fine. Israel would cut a deal with Satan himself to keep the Zionist fantasy going. Alas, the influence of the Zionist lobby in Beijing would be minuscule, I reckon.

  • Hagel prostrates himself before the lobby, gets votes
  • 'Atlantic' writer provides no evidence for allegation that Harvard professor is anti-Semitic
    • Steve, very true. The accusation of anti-semitism, pushed ad absurdum will lose its weight & ultimately self-destruct. Recommended flick on the subject: "Defamation" by Yoav Shamir. Abe Foxman, who is pulling half a mil in annual salary, among other things, worries about Polish dolls depicting Hasidic Jews. You think Jews are subhumans? You're an anti-semite. You criticize Israel? You're an anti-semite. You don't like gefilte fish? You're an anti-semite. LOL

    • Nah, Oleg.. [why the Russian name tho?].. having Jewish friends won't help f they want to demonize & destroy you.. even being a Jew won't - just ask Norm Finkelstein

    • How very juvenile of Goldberg. What's next? Sticking his tongue out at Walt? They are clearly panicking over the Hagel nomination.
      As for how to fight hollow accusations of anti-semitism, suing for defamation/libel would do just fine - giving the Abe Foxmans a taste of their own medicine.

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