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Fabio Bosco

Brazilian labor activist

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  • The beautiful game: a history of whitewashing international crimes 
  • While you were neutral about Yarmouk
    • Walid
      If you check the photo above you will notice that Yarmouk was shelled continuosly. Many buildings and homes are literally destroyed. The Syrian Army are the only ones to have planes and tanks to carry out such destruction. Maybe they have not shelled Yarmouk in the last two days. But this fact does not make the continuous shelling since december 2012 less strong.
      Regarding the siege by the Syrian army, if it does not exist, there would not be famine inside Yarmouk, there would be not this debate here, nor the Syrian regime would go to Geneve2 commiting itself to open the way for humanitarian aid. Of course there is a strong siege since September 2013. Last two days were the exception since then.
      It is impressive that representatives of Fatah, Hamas and Palestinians NGOs are not aware of the siege and the shelling. Maybe they are just being diplomatic. Which other reason to thank for Syrian hospitality? The Assad family worked military to expell the PLO from Lebanon. Syrian forces are co-responsable for the slaughter of Palestinians in Tal el Zaatar. Palestinians have plenty of reasons to hate the Syrian regime.
      At last on "evicting rebels" from Yarmouk. First, part of the rebels are residents of Yarmouk. Second, their withdrawal from Yarmouk will open the way for Ahmed Jibril's PFLP-GC to come back and harass and kill many Palestinians more. It is the same situation as in Lebanon in 1982. Just after the PLO fighters left, Palestinians were slaughtered in Sabra and Chatila. That is why I think that this "rebels withdrawal" from Yarmouk means delivering the camp back to the dictator's hands. I myself do not know Talal nor his reasons for not replying here. Nevertheless I think his article is clear in understanding each forces' role in Yarmouk and which should be Palestinian activists' stand. I definitely agree with him.

    • Great article Talal
      After months of silence, Syrian regime supporters are taking the easier way of "neutrality" to keep their support for Assad.
      What they can't hide is the fact that it is Assad's forces that are shelling, attacking and placing Yarmouk under siege. Assad dinasty is a longtime enemy of the Palestinians since Black September in Jordan and the Lebanese Civil War. Who can forget Tal el Zaatar?
      Why Assad targets Yarmouk? Because the criminals shabiha of PFLP-GC, led by Jibril, were expelt, and the support for the Syrian Revolution was getting momentum. Do the Palestinians in Yarmouk have the right to stand with the Revolution? Yes, of course. Does their stand give Assad the right to put Yarmouk under siege? No, of course not. What about the REFUSAL of Palestinian groups or activists to demand Assad unconditional end of the siege and the attacks on Yarmouk? It is a shame. Nevertheless they will pay for that.
      Last November 29th, during a session in solidarity to Palestinian people in Sao Paulo/Brazil, a member of the PFLP was booed after demanding "Al Qaeda terrorists to withdraw from Yarmouk". Eventually he could not finish his speech as part of the audience started shouting "Down with Bashar" and "shabiha".
      Unfortunately not any of the authoritarian Arab regimes is of any help for Palestinians. As an oppressed people, they can only count on other oppressed sectors. It is this unity between the oppressed and the exploited that will allow Arab peoples to get rid of each and all oppressors and liberate Palestine from the river to the sea.
      Longlive the Palestinian Resistance and the Arab Revolutions!!!

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