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  • Israel got tank shell that killed 20 at UN school from US without Obama's approval -- WSJ bombshell
    • Plausible deniability, anyone? How stupid do they think we are? In a situation like that, with stockpile depleted not as a result of some practice shooting, whoever received the request from the Israeli must have communicated upstream at least up to the Secretary of Defense. Maybe he stopped the request from going to Obama to shield him...

  • Evanston Public Library censors Ali Abunimah, saying issue is 'complex' and he'd need to be balanced (Updated)
    • I do not think that a pro Palestine speaker is required to have a pro Israel speaker? Is it?
      Just follow the money... who are the major donors of this library?

  • Missing Israeli teens found dead near Hebron; Netanyahu: 'Hamas is responsible and Hamas will pay'
    • I am not sure if this theory has already been floated, but is it possible that the three Israeli teenagers have been killed by misguided individuals as retribution for the two teenagers shot dead on Nakba day? Surely, the mainstream media are not making this connection that would, somehow, put things in perspective.

  • Khalidi: It's time for Palestinians 'to get off their knees' and turn to Europe and ICC
    • I am going to be the devil's advocate here. This may sound preposterous and totally unrealistic.... but...

      What if this rapprochement stems from Abbas reaching a deal with Israel whereby the PLO provides Israel a fig leaf to justify the collapse of the negotiations and put the blame on the PLO? Surely, Israel's reaction must have not come as a surprise to Abbas.

      The question is: what would Abbas gain under this scenario? Maybe he and his core group of people get money? Something else?

      Also, what is Abbas gaining by the rapprochement?

      I hope nobody gets offended or upset... just playing some science fiction here.

  • 'NYT' readers who objected to calling Abbas 'defiant' have a point, public editor rules
    • The issue is that Margaret Sullivan ruling will go unnoticed, whereas the article went out with the misleading headline. The writers will continue to write partisan headlines (if not articles all together) and nothing will happen to them. How many people will have a chance or even bother to read Sullivan's ruling?

  • Not an April Fool's joke: U.S. weighs releasing Pollard to keep Israelis at negotiating table
    • So, basically, Irael now agrees to do what it was already supposed to do (release of prisoners), but with some extra incentive (Pollard). On top of that, the Palestinians will be locked in for one more year of pasture while the "limited" freeze will be diluted or nullified by some one-sided interpretation of the agreement. In the mean time, Abbas will refrain from petitioning ICJ and/or UN.

      Upon getting this, I think that in Israel they must be really believing that all this bounty must be a clear sign that God is really on their side.

  • Iymen Chehade fights Chicago school's cancellation of his class
  • Why do they hate us? Robust support (even by liberals) for ethnic cleansing
    • This is a great article by Chase Madar.

      However, this is also sad. Madar is not really saying anything new, nothing that the average person could not gather by him/her/self. Most likely, Madar's excellent article will not make it in the mainstream media in print, in video, or otherwise.

      Basically, Madar's article will stay within the confine of people who have already an acute sense of awareness of the situation. As such, I don't expect Madar's article to change anyone's mind, and this is sad because it is a very good summary of what has been happening in the Israel/US arena that people could use to educate themselves on the subject... if they only wanted or had the interest.

  • Eric Alterman's 'I Hate Max Blumenthal' Handbook
    • Phil, I was being facetious, of course, but sometime I cannot help thinking that people like Alterman continue to have an audience because no one exposes them for what they really are.

      Unfortunately, a class act like Max's most likely will not register with Alterman's audience since they are unlikely to read Mondoweiss and will continue to be bamboozed by Alterman, who laughs all the way to the bank.

    • "he requested $10,000 under the table from Philip Weiss"

      If money were not an issue, Max Blumenthal should have set him up and expose his "malackery" during the debate... That would have been fun...

  • Netanyahu: Israel is 'by itself,' 'not bound by this agreement'
  • 'It's 3 am, in the cattle cage' -- Susan Abulhawa publishes first book of poetry
    • He might be thinking at a time in the future when he is facing a confirmation hearing... he is preempitively making the donkey happy...

  • Medical heroes arrive in Gaza, no fanfare, no NBC
    • Meanwhile a few days ago, on NPR "Here and Now", Robin Young (I believe) could not wait to say that Israel sent a field hospital to the Philippines.

      There was not context whatsoever to mention that as they were talking about the US Navy air carrier that had just arrived in the Philippines to provide support for the help being delivered. She just inserted the comment that Israel had sent already, i.e., even before the US. Incidentally, if we accept that money is fungible, Israeli relief missions are paid for with US taxpayers money.

      Same goes for the Haiti hearthquake. NPR "advertised" so much that Israel was among the first to send humanitarian and medical support to Haiti.

      It is great, in both cases, that Israel is present in far away places to provide relief in disaster areas, but what about in their backyard? What about Gaza, where Israel has actually control of the causes that trigger the need for relief.

      Hasbara operations.... that's what they Israeli relief missions are.

  • Elie Wiesel claims he doesn't 'know anything' about Operation Cast Lead
  • Netanyahu's tale of Iranian deception debunked by British diplomat
    • That's farcical... replace Rohani's name with any Israeli PMs, and replace nuclear whatever with settlements and there you have it, including the bragging part....

  • Obama and Netanyahu discuss the colonial question of questions on Iran
    • "To say that Netanyahu is a failed leader is an understatement. [...]
      Previous Israeli leaders have also failed. All helped dig a hole that is now so deep that Jews can hardly see the ground we should stand on – justice, compassion and reconciliation."

      I am reflecting on this statement... Is it possible that all Israeli leaders "failed"? Is it possible that the Israeli people keep electing incompetent leaders? People must think that these failures are really not failures. Is this how the world develops a notion of the malicious intent of Israel since its establishment? Does this fuel antisemitism?

  • 'AIPAC must be kept for consensus issues only': Israeli diplomat slams Israel lobby for engaging on Syria
    • Yes, US blood should be spilled only for (Israel's) important issues. Instead of advocating a peaceful solution, Israel and its agent push(ed) for a bombing. Who cares what happens to the Syrian people, we've got the Golan Heights already!

      On the topic of AIPAC and its visibility, I would bet that virtually no one will know who they are one week from now.

  • In sunlight at last, Israel lobby throws its full weight behind Obama's Syria strike
    • Yes, sure... they have been hiding in plain sight. While most of the information is publicly available, there has always been an effort by AIPAC to work in the background and away from the eyes of the general public. The only exception, maybe, is the annual meeting where the donkey or donkeys get plenty of it, if you know what I mean.

      Also, just as an instance that actually surfaced, let's not forget ambassador Oren's efforts to silence 60 minutes on the Palestinian Christians. Not directly AIPAC, but in the same family. Maybe that cost Oren his ambassador's post... But that is another story.

    • There could be another interpretation for the openness with which AIPAC is operating now.

      They no longer care if they are visible. They may think that there is now enough widespread acceptance of their role and, more importantly, of the posture our government and elected officials have toward Israel. Israel gets mentioned and, to my knowledge, few people even notice, let alone care.

  • Killings in Qalandia cause Palestinians to cancel talks set for today
    • As I stated above, Abbas needs to hand over everything to Israel so that they are de iure in charge of the occupied territories and not just de facto with the PA acting as their proxy. Further negotiation will have no positive impact on the lives of the Palestinian people. And we are not even talking about Gaza.

      Abbas should present the "keys" of the West Bank and East Jerusalem openly, at the UN during the annual assembly. Here are the keys... take it. You broke it now you own it. Could it be worse than it is now for the Palestinians? Let's see the type of Apartheid apparatus Israel is able to set up under those circumstances.

      Time for the world to see the reality of the "facts on the ground."

    • Not a mention (that I could find) of this incident in the US MSM... Think if the roles were reversed, the crying would be endless...

      For the nth time... Abbas needs to hand over everything to Israel so that they are de iure charge of the occupied territories and not just de facto with the PA acting as their proxy. Time for the world to see the charade.

      just found this on the NYT website...

      needless to say... Israeli are the good guys here...

  • Egypt over the brink
    • When Israel will tell the US to cut aid, the US will.. Israel is afraid of a non-secular government taking power that would walk back on the peace agreement with Israel. Until then... what are the lives of 700 (or 7000) for that matter) Egyptians worth to Israel?

  • Pro-Israel efforts on US campuses have failed, Jewish Agency fundraiser says
    • Hophmi, glad to see that you are not disputing my point (and how could you?).

      Your false (or real) equivalence approach is an obsolete hasbara (rhetorical) tool. Fewer and fewer people fall for it these days. Two (or more) wrongs don't make a right. Try telling a judge that you should not be convicted of murder because there are so many murderers that go unpunished.

    • hophmi,
      "Americans don’t much like terrorists"

      Right... let's share with the American people the undisputed evidence, as admitted by several early Israeli leaders and substantiated by Israeli historians, of how Israel used (uses) terrorism to cleanse Palestinian villages, of how Israel used (uses) false flag operations to eliminate its "enemies" (does this sound like terrorism?), of how Israel sells secret US military technology to states that are not exactly regarded as US allies, of how....

      you get the point... but I suspect you knew all of this already

    • The old trick was to hide the turd and the pig. However, with the advent of the internet, that approach has become less and less feasible and the focus has now shifted on preventing knowledge of the issues and debate altogether such that there is nothing available on the internet representing the critical views about Israel and zionism. In the pre-internet days, critical views at conferences or in the periodical press were allowed but the coverage and circulation / diffusion was so minimal that it was regarded as immaterial or irrelevant. These days, they try to control the process by preventing the critical views from being expressed altogether so, even if there is coverage and diffusion, it would appear that the zionist narrative is unchallenged, thus increasing its chances of becoming more and more accepted.

      Of course, that cannot go on forever as sooner or later people will wise up. So, the plan is to accelerate the cleansing and displacement and give the world a "fait accompli", or, more euphemistically, facts on the ground, before the world can react.

    • The propaganda is not working because the underlying argument is flawed...
      They can polish it...
      They can put a lipstick on it...
      You've got the idea...

      In the mean time, precious resources ($$$ and brains), that could be deployed to start building a better one state, are being wasted on a dead-on-arrival project.

  • 'Jewish settlements on West Bank' are now Comedy Central fare
    • "Oh please. Now let’s blame Israel for Syria and Egypt. It was just a matter of time."

      Well... actually... yes...
      Egypt is a client state of the US for the sole purpose to play nice with Israel. The US (and Israel) did not hesitate to install Mubarak, whose government was universally acknowledged to be "bad" for the Egyptian people, to eliminate the potential of a less-secular government that would not play nice with Israel. Mursi was elected in a fair election (quite a departure from the Mubarak era) and while his polices might be objectionable and not-so-secular, he was the expression of the Egyptian people. His only problem was that Israel did not like him and would not take the chance of Egypt shifting away from its peace treaty with Israel. Hence, they "instructed" the US to
      support a coup... ehhmmm, change in government (Hamas, anyone?).

      Syria... maybe you are right. Israel prefers that Assad retains power with his resignation approach about the Golan Heights which means one less problem. Come to think of it, maybe that is why the US are staying relatively put.

      Who cares about the Egyptian and Syrian people? Israel does not even entertains the idea of helping Syrian refugees... actually Israel might shoot them if they dare to get close to the border.

  • 'Jewish narratives' panel in Prague turned into angry argument over Israel and Palestine
    • The mention of Ginsberg made me relive her sad story and experience the disappointment and disillusionment I felt with free speech and the independence of academia in the US.

      As I stated in a recent post about Florida Atlantic Univ., follow the money…

      Increasingly, free speech and debate in the US about anything Israel is "piloted" with donation dollars and dissenting views are quickly silenced by the threat to redirect funds elsewhere.

      Just sad...

  • In Netanyahu's house, Martin Dempsey 'recommits' to partnership
    • I think a honest broker would go and visit Abbas' home as well...

      Oh, by the way, what are the "so many threats in the region" Bibi speaks of...? Syria is in disarray, Egypt just fell back in line, Jordan never mind... Just ludicrous...

  • (Updated) For calling Israeli speaker a war criminal, Boca Raton school forces 3 students to take 'reeducation' program from Zionist org
    • Follow the money... If I had time I would try to find out who are the donors for this so called high education institution and why its leadership squirms under the threat of being labelled antisemitic.

      Free speech and debate in the US about anything that remotely doesn't look in line with Israeli policy is quickly silenced by the deep and extended web of philanthropic involvement by Israeli sympathizers who openly or subtly threaten to withdraw financial support to various non-profit entities in the US. Just like the Congress elections, money is quickly redirected to entities supporting Israeli policy.

  • A solution to the conflict won't come from the Israeli Jewish public
    • NormanF,
      Can you please remind us who is in violation of international law? Remind us who started ethnic cleansing against the Palestinians and terrorism against the Brits? And you say that "Most Jewish Israelis doubt the Arabs really want peace"?
      Please, spare us from the word salad and related dressing of hasbara flavor...

    • Sadly, I say "no", the Israeli public is not open to a viable Palestinian state. They might be open to a solution that it is not acceptable to the Palestinian people. De facto, however, that is tantamount to a "no."

      And why would they? Any material impact from either the Palestinians (intifada, resistance, etc.) or the international community is basically non existent; they know that the Israeli supporters in the country that matters the most (the US) will go along with whatever the Israeli government wants, and they don't even have to pay for the cost of the occupation which is generously, although mostly unknowingly, supplied by the US taxpayers.

  • EU stance on settlements threatens Israeli participation in bonanza called 'Horizon 2020'
    • "Economy Ministry Naftali Bennett's call for the Israeli government to end all cooperation with the EU "

      Good riddance!
      Alas, the EU and Israel (helped by the US) they will find a way to dilute the effects of the EU guideline.

  • 'NYT' stonethrowing piece gets it from rightwing propagandists
    • Now even Abraham H. Foxman posted a comment to the original article...

      Here is the comment (almost surreal!) :

      "This story underplays the potentially provocative and dangerous consequences of hurling rocks at passing vehicles and armed soldiers.

      Many Palestinian residents of Beit Ommar excuse those actions as a relatively harmless form of child’s play at resistance against Israel. The reality is much different.

      Stone throwing is a highly violent form of protest. Drivers confronted by flying rocks have little or no time to react, and many innocent Israelis motorists have been injured and some killed by a hail of stones or just one striking a windshield. Yet the story makes only passing mention of this danger, with a single paragraph quoting the perspective of an Israeli driver. I wish the article had provided a more insight into the daily dangers Palestinian stone throwers pose to Israeli drivers and other civilians.

      The story paints an almost romantic picture of young Palestinian rock throwers, portraying their violence as justified by regional politics and driven by boredom.

      These are not acceptable reasons for an activity which results in numerous injuries and deaths.

      At a moment when Israeli and Palestinian leaders are resuming efforts to end the conflict, more Palestinians should emulate the example of Beit Ommar’s former mayor and encourage children to focus on building a future and avoiding acts of violence."

  • Video: Israeli soldier suffering 'flashbacks' brutally attacked Palestinian workers near settlement
    • ... what a man... I wonder how he would fare without his gun...
      Luckily for him, his friend talked him some sense...

      This guy's behavior looks a lot like the IDF Major's (with his screeching voice) who was eventually dismissed by the IDF... (I believe there was a video a few months ago of him beating civilians with his gun's butt who were biking and peacefully protesting).

  • If Kerry fails, Israel will be an apartheid state 'and that didn't work too well the last time,' CENTCOM general warns
  • Power and Kerry work to deliver the Security Council and Jerusalem to Israel
    • One step forward and two steps backwards... This, in my opinion, summarizes the events of the last few days. As a premise, Samantha Powers is totally irrelevant as there are dozens (hundreds) ready to take her place and play the game.

      One step forward: the EU asking Israel to recognize that the West Bank and East Jerusalem are actually occupied territories and the corollary that EU countries cannot "donate" anything in project involved in those territories.

      Two step backward: a) Samantha Power's massage with happy ending for the donkey; b) potential support of Israel's seat on the UNSC.

      However, looking at the one step forward, we realize that the EU posture is contained in guidelines , which are not mandatory or enforceable. Most likely, in spite of a very bland, and certainly temporary, impact on Israel's land grabbing, Israel will leverage the issuance of those guidelines on the US to lean on the European partners to be more lenient with Israel. In all, the EU might have actually done a favor to Israel.... maybe that was the plan all along...

      I wish the Palestinian people and the P.A. would change course of action. They need a new strategy since what they have done so far has not worked and their position is worse off than it was pre-Oslo. They could just dismantle the P.A. and its police apparatus that has served only Israeli's interest. They should give full control of the West Bank to Israel (that is, de jure since Israel has it already de facto) so that there would be no doubt in the eyes of the international community and from a legal point of view that Israel controls the West Bank. Same for Hamas. Just dismantle and let Israel control everything.

      This might uncover before the world stage the real nature and intentions of Israel. I doubt that continuing on this path will take anywhere better for the Palestinians. Even a 2-state solution will yield a Palestinian client state of Israel and the US, heavily dependent on foreign aid and industrial handouts (maybe Gap / Walmart garments sweat shops). The Palestinians are entitled to enjoy the fruits of their land that now are being unlawfully enjoyed by Israel. They need to push for a one state solution. Period. The white South Africaners did (do) not like it, but they are coping with it and eventually will adjust fully. On the other side of the spectrum, we have the Native Americans outcome. I am guessing that Israel is pushing for the latter.

  • Israel is Samantha Power's first priority in opening statement to Congress
    • She might be aware of the charade.. .the question is why does she play along?

      Is it for some greater good? If so, how is she going to serve such greater good? Once part of the system, either she plays along or she is out. So that is out. If she has the illusion that once in she will be able to maneuver around and actually do something worthy I doubt that. The people who are allowing her to be appointed will make sure that she will be straight-jacketed to serve them or else.

      Is it to achieve some high position in the administration? If so, then she is serving her own purposes selfishly and is of no use to any cause but the one who she is pleasing to get posted.

      So whether she has awareness of what is happening is totally irrelevant. Either ways, she is useless and is just someone's tool.

    • Why does the US congress keep confirming the appointment of Israel's secr of defense and ambassador to the UN?

  • Video: Israeli military detains five-year-old Palestinian for allegedly throwing a stone
    • How can we have these images reaching MS media in the world (I would be happy with the US alone)?

      Oh, BTW, Jeep (Chrysler?) seems to supply transportation for the deed...

  • Q: Will Arab Spring benefit the Palestinian cause? A: No
    • "Will Arab Spring benefit the Palestinian cause?"

      I have been reflecting on the title. I am not sure how and why would the Palestinians benefit from the Arab Spring.

      In pretty much all the countries where the Arab Spring has, to any extent, happened, it has been the people of those countries who have "asked" something of their governments.

      Has this happened with the Palestinians? Have they "asked" a change of direction by Hamas of the P.A.? Are they too overwhelmed by the Israeli oppression to realize that the P.A. is part of the problem as well? Are the Palestinian people organized beyond reacting to single instances of Israeli oppression? What would happen if the Palestinian people would have a more confrontational posture toward the P.A.? Would the P.A. squash them? Would they risk a civil war? I not sure how the Gazans would interface and coordinate with the West Bankers.

      Maybe we are waiting for an osmotic process whereby the Arab Spring permeates inside of Palestine and drives "enlightened" rulers to make some concessions to the Palestinian people. We know they are not the Israeli or the P.A. or Hamas.

      Lots of questions and open issues that are not conducive to an Arab Spring for the Palestinians.

  • Exile and the Prophetic: Obama’s reverence for Mandela has failed on every count
    • @Citizen... It cannot be just the money... if it is, then we are locked in an endless cycle that would be broken only if all private money (individual and corporate) is eliminated from politics. But I don't see that happening any time soon.

    • How is it that most (all?) US presidents cave in and eventually become strong supporters of Israel, often to the detriment of the US?

      What does Israel have on the US (the world?) that (apparently) highly principled people eventually comply with whatever request Israel puts forward?

      I cannot find another explanation but thinking that there is some terrible secret that Israel uses to threaten the US (the world?).... Or maybe Israel threatens to unleash a nuclear war in the Middle East that would block the flow of oil?

      In spite of sounding paranoid and seeing conspiracies, I cannot find any other rational explanation that empowers Israel so much. Or is it possible that it is just the money that Israel is able to move in and out of politicians?

  • Chicago synagogue culminates pinnacle Yom Kippur service with singing of Israeli anthem
  • Exile and the prophetic: Israel's (global) enablers
    • Sadly, the Palestinian struggle is not known in most countries on earth (or at least to most people in most countries). Conversely, the struggles of other peoples on earth share the same destiny (Chiapas comes to mind).

  • Police kill Israeli-Jew near Western Wall after mistaking him for a Palestinian
    • @ Woody Tanaka -
      Would the "facilitation" of misery and subhuman living conditions for millions of people be somewhat equivalent to murdering them? Some people may think so. Some people may think it is even worse. If so, would you consider "forcing a dirt nap" on the "facilitators"?

    • This is, of course, a tragedy. We do not know the victim, but ending a human life, any human life, is always a tragedy.

      The hope is that this episode will be a trigger in the Israeli collective and bring the Israeli public closer to realizing what kind of society their policies and posture have created and, hopefully, starting to change course towards a peaceful coexistence under the umbrella of a one-truly-democratic state encompassing ALL the people leaving on the land between the Jordan river and the sea. Everything else is demagoguery as there is really no other alternative.

  • 'No consequences... ad finitum' -- Reporters reject State Dep't explanation of US policy on settlements
  • Weiner should be 'hounded' for his support for apartheid
    • Annie, it was not my intention to offend either you or the many people within the Jewish community who work toward a just and humane outcome of the "conflict" and are very vocal against the apartheid being applied to the Palestinians.

      And yes, I think that the American community, collectively supports apartheid as well by not critically evaluating the information spread by the mainstream media on the issue and by electing officials who are patently and vocally supportive of Israel and its policy. I think we all agree that without US support, Israel would have to face a different reality that, as of today, would most likely, in my opinion, lead to a one-state solution.

      However, as I stated... "Yes, of course, there are pockets within the Jewish [and I add American] community that support a different outcome ranging from a one-state solution to a two-state solution and we have to support and be part of that effort, but can we say that that is the majority of the Jewish [and American] community?" Can we?

      While most of us may live in areas where there is a vocal portion within the Jewish or American community working hard to educate correctly about the "conflict", we should also acknowledge that, outside of these areas and in the vast majority of the country, the other side prevails (via Evangelists and other fundamental Christians). I am not suggesting that people working toward that goal should stop. I am saying that their effort will become relevant only once there is a policy change dictated by the Jewish and American communities. Just like it happened for South Africa, and just like it did not happen for the native Americans. Both outcomes are still possible for the Palestinians as well. I think I stated what I am about to say in some other recent posts on Mondoweiss, but I believe that the catalyst for a change in the US policy might only come from the uncovering of the involvement of Israel in some false flag or secretive operation that caused great harm to the United States. This is what the American public is sensitive and responds to. Absent that, I would expect the realization of a one-state solution to be lengthy and, regrettably, painful.

      Regardless, the work needs to be done to prepare and educate the American people (Jewish and non-Jewish) about the origin of the "conflict" and the current reality in Palestine and Israel. I think that Israeli are well aware of, and accepted, the situation. Polls have shown (some even cited on Mondoweiss) they are ok with inflicting some form of apartheid to the Palestinians. Paradoxically, their awareness is the result, among other things, of a more open discussion of the "conflict" than in the USA.

      And of course, all of the above are just my opinions, submitted here with the utmost respect. Finally, thank you for providing a place where we can discuss these issues.

    • @ marc b. - Weiner is just riding the wave that would take him wherever he wants to go. Politically, Weiner would evaporate overnight if he had no support or audience. Weiner is not the problem. The Jewish community who sends billion of $ to Israel in support of the apartheid policies is. It would be ideal to just bypass the Jewish community but we just cannot ignore the weight that they have domestically and in Israel. Educating the Jewish community is a long term proposition, but I think the one that would have the higher payoff in the end.

    • @ tree... thanks for helping me clarify my message. You captured the essence of my thinking about that.

    • @Phil... It was not my intention to assign collective blame, but I can see how that can be construed from my post. I am just trying to acknowledge the reality out there. Collective thinking is usually the result of misguided policies and it is on those that we should focus. But we cannot do that until we acknowledge what the problem is.

      I believe that there is a lack of acknowledgment of the real situation of the "conflict" within the Jewish community. The position and struggle of the Palestinians are commonly ignored or discounted, especially when contrasted with the history of the Jewish people. Unless there is a change that approach, which needs to include a more objective look at history, unless each side of the struggle acknowledge the other in a humane way, there will not be a change in the direction the "conflict" is going. That movement, in my opinion, needs to start by acknowledging that there is a widespread cognitive bias against the Palestinians and then thinking of ways to eliminate that bias.

    • Before everyone else delves in the details and the who said what when and so on, I would like to offer a surely controversial opinion, which is not meant to be a mean spirited position, only an acknowledgment of reality. And here it is:

      The Jewish community, collectively, supports apartheid, either by inaction or positive action directed at the removal of the Palestinians from the West Bank and East Jerusalem and send them to Jordan. In the collective thinking, Gaza can go to Egypt or, even better, it can be the base for a Palestinian "state" and maybe even include all the Palestinians from the West Bank. Unfortunately, the entire indoctrination machine, especially in the US (e.g., Sabbath school, summer camps, etc.) strongly supports and pushes the Zionist vision. (see Knopf-Newman's The Politics of Teaching Palestine to Americans)

      Yes, of course, there are pockets within the Jewish community that support a different outcome ranging from a one-state solution to a two-state solution and we have to support and be part of that effort, but can we say that that is the majority of the Jewish community?

      A solution would have to include offering a more balanced view of the issue, educating people, especially, young people, but I am not sure how to achieve that without infringing on the first amendment that protects the freedom of speech, even the most extreme or hateful speech (KKK is an instance).

  • UN nominee Power spoke of Israeli human rights abuses and US 'domestic constituency' with 'tremendous' financial clout
  • Never Surrender: A Palestinian-American recounts harassment and discrimination during trip to Israel/Palestine
    • Obsidian, you should state unequivocally what you are soooo subtly suggesting. Are you doubting that such a "security" routine takes place? Are you implying that the author is lying?

      I do not have any more information on the author than you do, Obsidian, but I think I can figure that it is possible that you never have to endure a physiological or physical trauma...... and then thinking that maybe your mother could be subject to the same.

      I can assure you that the detail of that day will remain with you for the rest of your life.

  • Kerry’s plan: Palestinians to be cast as fall guys - again
    • @yourstruly... I did not say genocide.. I don't think Israel wants to commit genocide, they just want to the Palestinians to "go away"... Jordan, Egypt, some enclave... wherever... just not in the Palestine Israel wants... and, unfortunately, the world is already allowing it by turning the other way, when not directly aiding and abetting.

      I think that it will take a major event to awaken the conscience of the world, and especially of the US... something like finding evidence and sharing it with the public that Israel is behind some major events that caused the death of many US citizen or widespread financial losses for the US. Absent that, I don't see things changing any time soon...

    • Annie, thanks for the link. Yes, of course, I am aware of the foot dragging operations by the Israeli government and the spineless posture of the quartet and his so called "leadership".

      My wish is that the Palestinian leadership would make it a point of asking the Israeli government to state what it wants in clear terms. Do they wish all the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza to move to Jordan and Egypt, respectively? Just state it. Do they want to get rid of only Gaza and give the Palestinians in the West Bank a 2nd class residency in an enclave surrounded by Israeli settlements? Just say it. If they don't, then the P.A. should just stop cooperating per the Oslo accord. Let Israel handle all aspects of security within the West Bank and Gaza. Let Israel commit more war crimes. At some point, maybe, the world will take notice.

      The Israeli are enjoying a relatively good life while the US are paying, at the tune of $3B+/year, the "indianization" of the Palestinians. I can understand why Israel will never state their "wants". The moment they state them, they would be getting something less, whereas by being ambiguous or quite about that, they might get 100% of what they want. It will just take a little time....

    • It is time for the Palestinians to realize that there are pretty much no viable alternatives until the US stop providing support to Israel. Violence has not worked; negotiations have not worked. Trying again the same approach with the balance of power unchanged will only generate the same results.

      Maybe it is time for the Palestinians to try another approach: ask Israel what would Israel want the Palestinians to do. No negotiations, just state your "want". Beyond vague statements, Israel has never stated what is their ideal solution. Let them do that, let us see if they have the courage to state what everyone already knows they want. Israel's grand project is to weaken and dilute the Palestinians to oblivion . The blueprints are under everyone's eyes to see: the Native Americans. If the US got away with a project that large, why can't Israel? Then take their answer and share it with the world.

      As pointed in the article, all the commotion following fatuous plans serves only Israel's purpose to label the Palestinians as unreasonable.

  • Biden says Jewish 'influence' behind American cultural politics is 'immense... immense'
  • 'NY Times' relays Israeli threat to attack Syria
    • Thanks... quelle surprise :)

    • Of course it "made it" and not it "did it"

    • Of course it did it to the NY Times...
      It only shows the kind of restraint the Israeli government can exercise in spite of being surrounded by "mortal enemies." Of course, the real question is the one I posed in my post below. But no one will ask that question to Israel.

    • You have to wonder why, after all the finger pointing Israeli officials have done about the atrocities committed by the Assad regime to exculpate themselves from the atrocities committed during the last Gaza campaign, isn't Israel toppling the Assad regime anyway...

      I guess that Israel really likes the Assad regime as it has done pretty much nothing to regain the Golan Heights. Syrian rebels... mmhhh... who knows what kind of trouble would they bring if they gained power.

      Most likely, Israel does not give a hoot whether the people in the neighboring countries suffer at the end of dictators installed or supported by either side of the iron curtain.

  • International Criminal Court opens preliminary investigation into attack on Mavi Marmara
    • Annie, I hear you... but what do they gain by it? I am not saying that their action is not right... I am just playing the devil's advocate...

    • I am not familiar with the politics in Comoros, but I am used to look at the motivations behind the actions of governments around the world. What does Comoros gain by going to the ICC? Why now? Why after the news of a potential payment to the family of the victims who choose to settle with Israel?

      Comoros is not the wealthiest economy on earth, quite the opposite... are they trying to create some leverage with Israel and try to bring them to the negotiation table for a monetary settlement? A legal question I would hope someone can answer is if the referral to the ICC can be withdrawn once filed.

      I may be totally off-target and Comoros is acting with the best intentions, but I think we should question or at least have a conversation about the motivations underlying Comoros' action.

  • 'Newseum' folds under pressure, will not include Gaza cameramen in program honoring fallen journalists
  • Latest Geller ad seeks to mute criticism of Israeli apartheid
    • Yes, please, let's "stop aid to certain Islamic states". Let's see how long before the "lobby" starts calling around asking not to...

    • Actually, they are relying on the ignorance of the American citizens, most of whom are ignorant about the dynamics in the ME and don't know that countries like Egypt, and Jordan receive "aid" to play nice with Israel.

  • Land swaps in Israel/Palestine (and a bridge for sale in Brooklyn)
    • Enough of this 2-state solution malarkey. One-state solution is the "solution". Israel pushed it to the point of no return with the settlements expansion and now the only sustainable way forward is a democratic state with one vote for each citizen. End of story.

      Now... making it happen... that is the real challenge.

      They can go about it in two ways:

      a) the South African way -> apartheid first with lots of blood shed then a country in which reconciliation is problematic due to the enormous resentment from the blacks. Economic conditions stagnant for several decades. A uphill road to reconciliation.

      b) A new way (cannot think of any situation where this happened) --> Acceptance by the minority (the current Israeli) that they need to share the land and the benefits of a democratic state with the existing majority (the Palestinians). The easy way to reconciliation as Israel could cut its military budget from the current >4% of GDP to maybe 1% and dedicate the freed up resources to integration and reconstruction.

      Alas... I am not optimistic and I think that option a) will be the way they will go about this. Neither party (especially the current Israeli) believe that they need to do anything about this. They status quo is all right. They barely see the Palestinians and the "dirty" work is done at the fringe of their society by the IDF.

      So sad...

  • Andrea Mitchell asks Michael Oren 7 questions. How many mention Palestinians?
    • ... and, oh, Ambassador, one more question... Is white phosphorus considered a "chemical weapon"?

    • The pertinent question would have been:

      "Ambassador, Israel currently occupies illegally the Golan Heights. Given the relatively acquiescence of the current Syrian government for the last decade, how do you think a new government, assuming Assad is removed, will act? Will they engage Israel militarily for the return of the Golan Heights? What would be Israel reaction in such an event?"

      That, assuming that Andrea knows that the Golan Heights are regarded as aan illegaly occupied territory under international law.

  • U.S. ambassador to UN says 'huge part' of her work is defending Israel
    • Jeez... I wonder what would people think if she had said:

      "We will not rest in the crucial work of defending France’s security and legitimacy every day at the United Nations"

  • A story that even 'hasbara' cannot explain
    • Annie, thanks for the opportunity to clarify my comment.

    • ToivoS - You misread my comment... I am not providing any hasbara. I was not justifying Israel policy (or the US one). Quite the opposite. I was just pointing out that the US had a similar shameful program.

      The principles behind eugenics should not be a value in any society.

    • Annie, I was being a little sarcastic and referring to the eugenics programs that were run in the US up to the early '70s. The introduction to the article in the link covers summarily the eugenics programs in the US. The sterilization of the Ethiopians seemed like eugenics to me.

      I should have put a smiley face next to my statement, but I felt the topic was too serious for that.

    • "[support for Israel is based on "shared values"]"

      ... but this is a shared value...

  • Robust debate? Murdoch apologizes for London 'Times' cartoon of Netanyahu as bloody obstructionist
  • Obama will go to NY to see Letterman-- but not Netanyahu
  • DNC chair: 'I bring my love of Israel to work every day' and our platform is more pro-Israel than GOP's
    • Any other congressperson who had said: ”I bring my love of [any other country] to work with me every single day” would be accused of treason... The love she needs to bring to work is only the love of the U.S.A..... It is just surreal that the American people see this debauchery on both sides and do or say nothing... But wait... this is the country that elected GW not once, but twice!!!

  • Israeli minister lashes out at South Africa as 'apartheid state' merely for seeking labeling of goods from occupied territories
    • The severity of the problems might not be acute for the average Israeli, but it sure is for ALL of the Palestinians... It is a matter of perspective, isn't it?

    • "they are living in a fantasy world"
      Their fantasy is becoming more and more a reality and is enabled by the acquiescence of a portion of the international community and the direct and explicit cover provided by some countries.

    • I guess the relevant question is whether the goods come from territories that are deemed "occupied" under international law. That's what the Israeli government should focus about: is there misrepresentation by the S.A. government?

      But we know the answer...

  • 127 new US immigrants to Israel join the army
  • Jon Stewart on Romney's painfully oblivious racism against Palestinians
    • "Romney says this about Mexico and Ecuador and hopes to get Latino votes?"

      ... of course, it does... All Latinos know that once you cross the border, the air you breath changes your culture... come on... you surely know that !!

      It seems to see Bush all over again!!

  • To understand the history of Palestinian dispossession look to the words of Zionist and Israeli leaders
    • The quotes included in his letter are very powerful. Without doubting their authenticity, is there a place or does anyone know of a place where there is a reference to the actual documents containing the quotes? Thanks!

  • 'We well understand' what you're experiencing -- Netanyahu to Colorado
  • 'Americans for Peace Now' says Presbyterian measure could stoke 'global anti-Semitism'
    • "By targeting Israel rather than the occupation[...]"... Not sure what is the logical step used to dissociate Israel from the occupation... It is widely documented and acknowledged that the state of Israel supports the occupation...

  • 2013 US budget: 'difficult cuts' for Americans, jackpot for Israel
    • Besides the (misconstrued and irrelevant) argument that Israel is the only democratic ally the US have in the Middle East, the other often used (and equally misconstrued and irrelevant) argument to justify the aid to Israel is that such aid is a minuscule percentage of the US budget. Of course, these explanations are pushed and provided by the politicians who are under the influence of the AIPAC.

      The solution is to ban all private money from the US political process. This would neutralize the ability of private and/or foreign interests to influence or direct the US political process. The ban should be, of course, supported by extremely severe penalties.

  • Israeli spokesman Mark Regev grilled on CNN International over Khader Adnan
    • The only thing I could hear from Regev was that all "modern democracies" now hold people indefinitely to protect themselves from terrorism. That option was available in the criminal codes of most continental democracies up to the mid 80s. After that, most laws changed that approach and re-recognized due process and moved away from a prosecutorial and secretive approach. Thanks to Israel and the US, that approach has now become acceptable and almost desirable.

      On Iran.... If it weren't such a serious matter, one would just laugh for days on end. Hearing that "Iran has a consistent track record of breaking the rules [...] They break all the rules. This regime that has no respect for the international convention, normal behavior, [...]" is just too cacophonous in the light of Israel regards and consideration of the international law and the treaties it adheres to... just surreal.

  • The end of the 'two-state solution' is the beginning of a more just future
    • It is just sad to see that the process of realization of the inevitable one-state solution will have to go through the pain and suffering of both people involved. It is unfortunate to have to acknowledge that, just like in South Africa, the process will not be clean and it will most likely that few other decades. To use another more recent analogy, the hubris and self assurance that characterized the Tunisian, Egyptian, and Libyan, and most likely Syrian, dictators, will be shared by the current Israeli government and some of its people. I hope to be wrong, but by the time they are ready to cut a deal, it will be too late for a balanced solution.

  • Carter: US backed Egyptian dictatorship for 30 years to preserve Israel treaty
    • Jimmy Carter is only stating something that everyone with a little knowledge of foreign affair issues knows already. The cost of supporting Israel is enormous and often unjustified not only from an ethical and moral point of view, but from an economic one as well.

      Cost of supporting (whatever that means) Israel to US tax payers (2011 and projected 2012 figures):

      Military Aid to Israel:.....$2,775 Million $3,075 Million
      Military Aid to Egypt:.....$1,300 Million $1,300 Million
      Military Aid to Jordan:.......$300 Million $300 Million
      Total............................$4,375 Million $4,675 Million
      Total Military Aid...........$5,520 Million $6,550 Million
      % to Israel..........................50.3% 46.9%
      % to Isr+Eg+Jord................79.3% 71.4%

      This counting only direct military aid to Israel, Egypt, and Jordan!!! If one were to include Iraq and Afghanistan, we would be close to 100%!

      And here in the US we are splitting hair as to how to pay for health care and social security! When will the US people wake up?

  • Santorum is a one-stater-- he says all of West Bank is Israel
    • Santorum is basically advocating that the US government endorses a violation of a tenet of modern international law, that is no territorial expansion through wars. AIPAC's money (i.e., US taxpayers money) at work at its best...

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