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  • Harvard's 'one-state' conference spurs 'National Review Online' to suggest expelling Palestinians from Jewish state
    • If Neo-Ottomans invaded the Balkans and rampaged into Austria to drive out the entire German-speaking population, would Germany have the responsibility of resettling the expelled Austrian population?

      Gaza is an open air prison. What does it demonstrate except that Zionists can brutalize and slaughter a population that they already drove from its home?

      Anyway, why should decent human beings care about the opinions and desires of criminal Zionist conglomeration of invaders, interlopers, and thieves?

    • Except of course, the connection of modern Jews to ancient Judeans is completely mythological and based on a psychotic political system with no connection to to reality whatsoever. The descendants of ancient Judeans are modern Palestinians and certainly not Eastern European ethnic Ashkenazim, Moroccan Jewish Arabs, Yemeni Jewish Arabs, or Iraqi Jewish Arabs.

      If we wish to discuss returning Jews to their ancestral homelands, obviously ethnic Ashkenazim should return to historic Poland while the various Jewish Arab groups should return to their respective Arab homelands.

    • If it makes sense to discuss complete ethnic cleansing of the native population, shouldn't we also hold a debate on the completely reasonable alternative (and probably less costly option) of removing the Zionist conglomeration of invaders, interlopers, and thieves?

  • Beatrice Webb on Zionist nonsense -- updated
  • Randa Musa: 'My husband, Khader Adnan, has shed a light on Israel's disregard for human rights'
  • Why Israel freed Khader Adnan
    • Despite Zionist propaganda the Ottoman tanzimat period shows that it is certainly possible to develop a framework for concepts of human rights from within Islam just as it is possible to do so within Christianity.

      A full discussion of Islamic approaches to human rights would clear up many misconceptions and show the total disconnect of Zionist Islamophobic incitement from reality.

      Likewise, we should discuss the Zionist position on the rights of non-Jews, for Zionism presupposes that the mythological historical and national rights of Eastern European ethnic Ashkenazim to Palestine trumps the human and democratic rights of the native non-Jewish population.

      It is hard to imagine an ideological position that is more racist toward non-Jews or more oblivious of their human and democratic rights.

  • PennBDS still being smeared two weeks after student conference
    • At some point the behavior of the anti-BDS Zionist lynch mob crosses the boundary into moral turpitude, and Gutman has an ethical obligation to start dismissal procedures.

  • Israeli spokesman Mark Regev grilled on CNN International over Khader Adnan
    • The record of the UK in dealing with the Irish resistance was abominable and is one of the main reasons that UK detention powers are far less extensive than those of the State of Israel and of the United States of America.

  • The end of the 'two-state solution' is the beginning of a more just future
    • I am not sure where Ilan Halevi resides nowadays, but he is a high-ranking member of the PLO. His wikipedia page suggests there are other high-ranking Jewish members of the PLO.

  • In Jerusalem, the Nakba is a fresh memory
    • Hebrew can use a special noun form to indicate a genitive relationship.

      bayit -- house

      beit din -- house of judgment, court

      hasbarah -- propaganda

      hasberat talmidim -- propaganda of students

      hasberat hatalmidim -- the propaganda of the students

      In Modern Israeli Hebrew, the status constructus is vestigial.

      Wikipedia has a reasonable discussion: link to .

    • LeaNder uses a feminine construct form. Probably מאמינה (believer) would better capture her intended meaning.

    • And trying to reclaim wrongfully seized properties?

    • Aren't Jews still chasing Nazi war criminals -- to the point of hounding people like Demjanjuk who were probably little more than janitors and probably not involved in war crimes?

    • Israel is not really a theocratic state. It is an ethnic fundamentalist or ethnic monist state.

      It may look like a religious state because Zionism has managed to co-opt at least 90% of religious, but Judaism today with the exception of Neturei Karta has few points of common with Judaism before the 1950s.

      (Heretical) Orthodox leaders like Joseph Soloveitchik led this transformation, but it is simply hard to view him as practicing anything that evolved out of traditional E. European Judaism.

      We see a similar evolution of Serbian Orthodoxy in that by the 1990s Serbian Orthodox Christianity became the handmaiden of a particularly murderous and extremist form of Serb nationalism.

      Nevertheless under Slobodan Milošević Serbia could not be considered in any way, shape, or form a theocratic state.

    • Or as Ali Abunimah said at the Penn BDS Conference 2 weeks back, he feels urgency about the conflict because his parents’ generation, the generation that experienced the Nakba, is beginning to die out without seeing even a shadow of justice.

      That the primary victims should die out along with the vanishing of evidence and memory of the 1947-8 ethnic cleansing was a goal expressed by the primary Zionist planners and orchestrators of the crimes against Palestinians.

  • Hasbara: Reach-out to non-Jews with 'Zionist-inspired' calendar
  • Rudoren responds to the Twitter kerfuffle
    • As far as I can tell, Ali Abunimah has attained some competence in Hebrew and fails to reject a large part of the Jewish-Zionist narrative that serious Jewish studies scholars like Michael Stanislawski, Lindemann, the Boyarians, the Magnes Zionist (in his real life job), etc. reject as hasbarah.

      How is Abunimah an extremist? As far as I can tell, he is far too easy on Zionists.

  • Norman Finkelstein slams the BDS movement calling it 'a cult'
  • You won't have Ethan Bronner to kick around anymore . . .
    • Obviously, I meant, "It used to be NY Times policy..."

      Anyway, from link to .

      Topping did not, for example, mention that when Abe Rosenthal, the paper’s executive editor, chose Shipler to be the Jerusalem Bureau Chief, it was with the explicit but mistaken belief that the man he was sending to Israel was Jewish. Rosenthal believed he was breaking an invidious pattern at The Times of declining to send Jewish reporters to Israel. It was a practice predicated on the speculative notion that a Jewish correspondent would have an inherent conflict-of-interest that would leave the coverage open to criticism.

      After his decision, Rosenthal remarked proudly to a small group on his decision to end the practice. Joseph Lelyveld, then the deputy foreign editor, told Rosenthal he was puzzled because he thought the paper was sending Shipler. We are, Rosenthal said. Lelyveld then told an amazed — and somewhat embarrassed — Rosenthal that Shipler was, in fact, Protestant.

      No Jewish journalist that believes the (essentially false) pogrom and persecution narrative of historic Jewish victimization by non-Jews should be sent as a correspondent to the State of Israel because his reporting will invariably be distorted by falsehood and propaganda.

    • It used to NY Times policy and that of many other newspapers not to station Jewish correspondents in the State of Israel.

  • A lull on this site
    • Just google goyishe kop.

    • In Yiddish goy has negative connotations of brutishness and stupidity. The proper non-derogatory Yiddish term for non-Jew is nit-yid.

      The negative connotations of Yiddish carry over into Modern Israeli Hebrew, which is -- as I and many eminent scholars of linguistics argue -- relexified Yiddish.

  • Isikoff expose of Gingrich backer -- 'All we care about is being good citizens of Israel' -- puts 'Israel firster' issue in mainstream
    • The founding Zionist intelligentsia never expected wealthy Jews to settle in Palestine.

      From Let us search our ways (1881) by Peretz Smolenskin.

      [English explorers] have established that the [Land of Israel] is very good and that, if cultivated with skill and diligence, it could support fourteen million people. Even if we assume some exaggeration (though in truth there is none) and that there is room for only half that number, Eretz Israel can nonetheless contain all those who might wish to take refuge there. Not all Jews will go there — only those who are destitute or persecuted will look for a place to which to emigrate. It would be enough if only one million of our brethren would go, for it would be a relief both to them and to those remaining in the lands of the dispersion.

      Smolenskin based Zionism in the mobilization of Jewish wealth in contrast to Jewish revolutionary radicalism, whose goal was the mobilization of the proletariat without regard to ethnicity.

      Our Jewish philanthropists should therefore not tarry, if they really want to help their less fortunate brethren. They should hasten to buy land and let Jews settle on it to begin a new life. We can be sure that money will not be lacking, if only men of sufficient vision can be found to initiate this project in the right spirit, with a desire to help their people. In all countries there exist such Jews, many more than we know of, who strive to help their people with all their might and main. Only one thing is lacking — a united purpose. As soon as we succeed in achieving unity for this great work, fruition will not be long in coming.

  • Jabara and Ross thrill a drizzly Brooklyn crowd
    • By October 1947, the US State Department had almost completed a plan for the USA and the British Empire to absorb the 300,000 Jewish DPs. When leaks tipped off the Zionist leadership, Zionist agents began spreading rumors that the number of Jewish DPs was much greater than 300,000.

  • Leader in fight for indigenous Australians' rights is on board for denial of those rights in Israel and Palestine
  • Iran sanctions backlash-- oil buyers ditch dollar
  • Robert Reich pretends he's stupid
  • Seeing Rawan Yaghi on Skype
    • To change American opinions about the conflict over Palestine, a pro-Palestinian genre of Hollywood-style film needs to be developed and distributed.

      Here is my attempt at a sort of Palestinian Schindler's List: link to .

      I started my film on p. 19. A script doctor added the previous 18 pages because she thought the film needed more context. I consider the material backstory that is implied and need not appear in the film.

      Two Weeks in September serves as a prequel to Devorah's Two Weddings, which is a sort of update of Neal Simon's The Heartbreak Kid: link to

      Even if I could get the funding to produce the two films, distribution is so Zionist-controlled that I doubt I would be able to obtain a large enough American audience.

  • Ynet manufactures new threat to promote Ben White book
    • "Humanitarian racism" is a projection of Zionist tactics.

      Rafael Medoff discusses in Militant Zionism in America the fake anti-segregationist efforts that Jabotinaskians undertook in their quest for respectability.

      In reality, Jabotinsky was so racist that he occasionally tried in the 1930s to prove that Greco-Roman period Judeans were really Aryans.

      Yale Professor Benjamin Harshav, who himself seems to believe Zionist racial theories writes (Language in Time of Revolution, link to , p. 160):

      On the contrary, the ultranationalist and gifted poet and writer Ze’ev (Vladimir) Jabotinsky, in his book Hebrew Pronunciation (still trying to mold the pronunciation of the new language in 1930!), opposed the Arabic pronunciation and claimed that our ancestors did not speak with an “Arabic accent” either. Canaan, he argued, was teeming with races, including the “remnants of the nations of Europe and Anatolia,” that is, Aryans (sic!), all of whom were swallowed up within Judea and Israel:

      Thus the Hebrew was formed as a Mediterranean man, in whose blood and soul several aspirations and several flavors of the nations of the North and of the West were blended. […] To set the rules for the pronunciation of the renewed Hebrew, if we must seek points of support in other languages, let us look for them not in Arabic but in Western languages, especially in those which were born or developed on the shores of the Mediterranean. I am sure, for example, that the general impression of the sound, the “prosody” of ancient Hebrew was much more similar to that of Greece and Rome than to Arabic. (Jabotinsky 1930: 6-8)

  • Why Christian Zionism is nothing short of outright heresy
    • In a lecture at the Harvard Divinity School two decades ago, Hans Küng pointed out that Islam provides a true witness to the life of Jesus — not the edited gentile Hellenistic version, but a genuine Semitic tradition that probably preserves the Jamesian perspective that was naturally closest to the reality of Jesus.

      Evangelicals often work hard to learn scripture in Hebrew and Greek, but unless they actually learn and study the Quran in Arabic, they will never truly understand Jesus and his messianic mission, for the Quran in Arabic represents the oldest least tampered tradition of Jesus.

      Closely reading verses of the Christian and Hebrew Bibles along with ayas of the Quran can elucidate the plain meaning of all three texts and show unexpected connections.

      Here is a typical English translation (New International Version) of Matthew 5:5:

      Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.

      [Note that in some versions of the Christian Bible Matthew verses 5:5 and 5:4 interchange.]

      The above English translation is sloppy as both the Syriac Peshitta and also the Greek version of the New Testament show.

      Where the English Bibles usually have the phrase the earth, the Peshitta uses the word ar`a (Hebrew haaretz), and the Greek New Testament has the phrase ten gen, which means primarily the land and not the earth. (See versions of the verse at the end of the article.) Aramaic speakers at the time of Jesus would almost certainly have understood ar`a idiomatically as the Land of Israel or the Promised Land.

      Matthew 5:5 translates into Arabic as:

      al-barakatu lilmuslimina fasawfa yarithuna-l-arda. [native Arabic speaker's translation]

      tas`adu-l-muslimuna fasawfa yarithuna-l-arda. [Joachim Martillo]

      The people of the land (am-haaretz) recognized that Jesus was the messiah (but not God). In return for their love, Jesus conferred upon his peasant followers the covenant of the land in a restatement of the promise to Abraham. He told the humble people (al-muslimuna, ha`anawim) that they would inherit the land (al-ard, ha'aretz) once the local religious-political elites, the local fanatics, and the imperial Romans had finished slaughtering each other.

      The Quran expresses this covenantal concept explicitly in Sura 21:105.

      wa-laqad katabnaa fi-l-zabur min ba`di-l-dhikri anna-l-arda yarithuha `ibadiya-l-salihuna 105

      We have decreed in the Psalms, from beside (in addition to) the reminder, that the land shall be inherited by My righteous (pious — salihuna) servants.

      The aya is a clear reference both to Psalms 37:11 and to the allusion that Jesus makes to this verse in the beatitudes.

      יא וַעֲנָוִים יִירְשׁוּ-אָרֶץ; וְהִתְעַנְּגוּ, עַל-רֹב שָׁלוֹם.

      11. wa`anawim yirshu aretz; wehit`annagu `al rov shalom

      11. But the humble shall inherit the land (i.e. Palestine), and delight themselves in the abundance of peace.

      The phrase abundance of peace (rov shalom) is a contrast to the violence, recklessness or foolishness (jahl) of the powerful, whose empty pointless hatreds (sin'at hinam) and conflicts victimized and ruined the peasantry. (See Ibn Ezra's commentary on this verse in the Mikra'ot Gedolot.)

      The phrase rov shalom suggests Islam, which is the opposite of jahl or jahiliyya (the age of ignorance that precedes Islam).

      Righteousness or piety is not an attribute that Jesus associates with the rich or the powerful, who rarely perform as many good works (as-salihat) as they could.

      It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God. (Matthew 19:24)

      By the 3rd century CE a large part of the peasantry of Palestine were followers of Jesus and practiced a form of Christian Judaism in which Jesus was Messiah but neither God nor son of God. For this reason the Talmud is consistently contemptuous of the humble people, who comprised the am-haaretz, and am-haaretz is a derogatory epithet in Talmudic, Yiddish and Modern Israeli Hebrew idiom.

      Nevertheless, we have reason to believe (including one origin story of the Ge'ez or classical Ethiopic translation of the Bible) that the beliefs of Palestinian Christian Judaism spread to Hijaz where they prepared the people for Muhammad's apostleship. When Umar al-Faruq opened Palestine to Islam, the humble people of the land (am haaretz) saw the fulfillment of the promise of Jesus in the religion of Islam, which means humility or meekness and which was a minor variant of the religion that they already practiced. As the Jewish Aramaic prayer says, yekum purqan min shemayya. Salvation shall come from the heavens. Hence the Quran which was brought down from heaven by Jibril/Gabriel is called al-furqan. [Note that Hebrew/Aramaic p becomes f in Arabic.]

      By supporting the theft of Palestine from the native Palestinian peasantry and the removal or ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian peasants from their land, Zionists reject the explicit words of the Quran, the clear statement in the Hebrew Bible and the affirmation of Jesus as recorded in the Gospels. Obviously only God decides who burns in Hell for all eternity, but it is hard to conceive of extenuating circumstances for Zionists.



      ܛܽܘܒ݂ܰܝܗܽܘܢ ܠܡܰܟ݁ܺܝܟ݂ܶܐ ܕ݁ܗܶܢܽܘܢ ܢܺܐܪܬ݂ܽܘܢ ܠܰܐܪܥܳܐ

      tubihun limkika dehenun ni'rtun le'ar`a

      To the meek their happiness as they will inherit the land.

      Greek New Testament

      Makarioi hoi praeis hoti autoi kleronomesousin ten gen.
      Fortunate are the humble, because they will themselves inherit the land.

      New Testament translated into Hebrew

      אַשְׁרֵי הָעֲנָוִים כִּי־הֵם יִירְשׁוּ־הָאָרֶץ׃
      ashrei ha`anawim ki-hem yirshu haaretz
      happy are the humble because them will inherit the land.

      Biblia Vulgata

      5:4 Beati mites: quoniam ipsi possidebunt terram.

      The Latin redactors of the Vulgate often selected the least plausible least idiom-aware translation of the Greek New Testament. Those that have translated the Vulgate into English have generally managed to obscure the original text even more. In this case, a reasonable idiomatic English translation is the following.

      5:4 Happy are the meek because they themselves will possess land/a land/the land/earth/the earth.

      I have given the possible translations of terram in order of plausibility. [Note that Latin has neither indefinite nor definite article.]

      Martin Luther's Translation

      [5.5] Selig sind die Sanftmütigen; denn sie werden das Erdreich besitzen.

      [5.5] Blessed are the meek; for they will possess the kingdom of earth.

      The translation Erdreich (kingdom of earth) is simply unjustifiable from any of the ancient sources.

      A more correct German translation resulting from a reconciliation with the Jerusalem Bible (see link to translates the verse into German as follows:

      [5.5] Selig sind die Sanftmütigen; denn sie werden das Land besitzen.

      [5.5] Blessed are the meek; for they will possess the land.


      There Is No Crime For Those Who Have Christ: Religious Violence in the Christian Roman Empire by Michael Gaddis

      Imperialism and Jewish Society: 200 B.C.E. to 640 C.E. (Jews, Christians, and Muslims from the Ancient to the Modern World) (Paperback) by Seth Schwartz

      James, the Brother of Jesus by Robert Eisenman
      The author writes a lot of nonsense, but he does seem to scour the primary sources.

      Hagarism: The Making of the Islamic World by Patricia Crone and Michael Cook
      The book is often cited in order to refute it. The authors attempt to construct a coherent history of early Islam without the use of any traditional Islamic sources.

      Crossroads to Islam by Yehuda Nevo and Judith Koren
      The authors seem to have the intent of "debunking" Islam, but the information the book supplies tends to support the hypothesis of a connection between Christian Judaism and the mission of Muhammad.

      The Beginnings of Jewishness by Shaye Cohen
      The author provides some useful background information, but the book is uneven. Cohen may confuse cause and effect. He dates some phenomena too late and others too early.

      The oeuvre of Jacob Neusner also provides useful information about the Talmudic form of Judaism in the Greco-Roman period through the 10th century CE, but he takes texts at face value much too much. Seth Schwartz provides some correction to Neusner's uncritical assumptions.

  • Assassination has been a trusty tool in Zionism's rightwing movement
    • Let's be honest! The Haganah assassinated de Haan, and there are a number of suspects in the case of the assassination of Arlosoroff including his wife and the Labor Zionist leadership.

      Goebbels, Magda Quandt and various German Nazis are also suspects.

  • Israel is at the heart of Jewish identity, Gorenberg says
    • Galut was a spiritual concept and not a physical concept until Spanish or Portuguese converso returnees brought a confused amalgam of Catholic and Jewish theology into the Jewish community.

  • New book Palestinians in Israel explores the contradiction of the ‘Jewish and democratic’ state
    • Poland has a tradition of organic nationalist politics that differs from the extremist organic nationalist ideology of the State of Israel.

      The PPS under Piłsudski took the position that ethnic Poles might be the head of the organic body of the nation but other Polish ethnonational groups had roles in that body as well.

      Politically moderate ethnic Ashkenazim were highly supportive of Piłsudski although the not inconsequential radical and communist segment of the ethnic Ashkenazi population worked against him.

      Zionists whether so-called Labor or Jabotinskian were and remain in terms of ethno-chauvinism closer to the Endeks but far more extreme than that party and its offshoots.

      link to

      To comprehend Zionism one must understand Polish history as well as the German, Polish, and Russian political and social milieu that incubated Zionism from the 1880s through the start of WW2.

  • Obama begins push for Jewish support in 2012 by touting the 'unbreakable bond' between Israel and the US
  • Zbig says Israelis 'buy influence' in Congress and play Obama
    • For the record, the greatest hostility towards Russians are found among Poles that can trace their origins to Czarist Poland. Poles from former German Poland have greater animosity toward Germans and ethnic Ashkenazim, who often acted as native collaborators while Poles with origins in the (Catholic) Austrian Empire are less like to evince such prejudices.

      The Austrian Polish Brzeziński family, to which Zbigniew belongs, in particular has a record of strong philosemitism.

  • What was your major? AIPAC!
  • Video: Settlers claim olive oil as 'Israeli'
    • Pączki are jelly doughnuts and of Polish origin. Sfinj, zalabia, beignets, and zeppoli are all very similar and but quite different from pączki.

    • A Jewish Arab from Morocco, Yemen, or Iraq has no more claim to Palestine than a Muslim Arab from Morocco, Yemen, or Iraq.

      There may have been mitigating circumstances in that Zionist Ashkenazim connived that Jewish Arabs come to stolen Palestine as an ersatz native collaborator population but nowadays they are just as invested in Zionist crime as invading Ashkenazim.

      In the kindest interpretation the Zionist colonial settler population is a heterogeneous pied noir population that should leave stolen and occupied Palestine.

  • If I must die
  • Reports of Mossad role in assasination shine light on Israeli hypocrisy
  • WINEP official says U.S. strategy is aimed at provoking 'Pearl Harbor' that justifies war with Iran
  • Ron Paul on Israel
    • I believe I’m the only candidate who would allow Israel to take immediate action to defend herself without having to get our approval. Israel should be free to take whatever steps she deems necessary to protect her national security and sovereignty.

      Paul also believes that the USA should be friends with Iran. He almost certainly believes that Iran should be allowed to take immediate action to defend herself and that Iran should be free to take whatever steps she deems necessary to protect her national security and sovereignty.

  • Europe gets it: Israel 'forcibly transfers' Palestinians
    • Hopefully, we can't be too far off (five years? ten?) from the time when the EU will publish a report like this for the whole world to see--with the words boycott, divestment and sanctions included. But how many "forcible transfers" of Palestinians will happen before then?

      That future report will be useless unless it refers both to Nuremberg Tribunal Case Law and also to the International Convention for the Prevention and Punishment of Genocide for the purpose of preparing indictments of Israeli and International Zionist leadership, plutocracy, and intelligentsia before the World Court.

  • Israeli Supreme Court upholds discriminatory citizenship law: 'Human rights shouldn’t be a recipe for national suicide'
    • A tiny Arab population conquered and ruled the lands of the Middle East and Arabized the peoples of the various territories. Palestinians for the most part descendants of the native populations of the Kingdom of Judea.

      Ethnic Ashkenazim and Jews of other lands throughout the world are almost totally descendants of local indigenous populations.

      Thus the Zionist settler population whether ethnic Ashkenazim or even Jewish Arabs consists almost entirely of invaders, interlopers, and thieves.

      For this reason when we discuss Stolen Palestine (pre-1967 Israel) and Occupied Palestine (territory conquered in the 1967 War of Zionist Aggression), we should refer to the native population and to the criminal Zionist conglomeration.

  • Adelson is devoted to furthest right wing in Israel
    • I have often wondered what role Miriam Ochshorn Adelson plays in Sheldon Adelson's politics. According to the biographies, Gertrude Himmelfarb changed Irving Kristol's politics, and Midge Decter that of Norman Podhoretz.

      I have seen the Ochshorn name fairly frequently among early supporters of Jabotinsky.

  • Israel's national theater to bring 'Merchant' to World Shakespeare Fest in May
    • Othello might provide a more interesting Shakespearean platform to investigate Zionist crimes.

      Othello could be a Palestinian who betrayed his own people in order to marry a Jewish Desdemona.

      He falls prey to liberal Zionist Iago, who is secretly but totally anti-Palestinian racist and can't bear the thought of Othello with a Jewish woman.

      Othello being himself a traitor easily suspects Desdemona of similar betrayal.

  • Cooking magazines dish on new trend: labeling Arabic food Israeli!
    • The wiki page describes ptitim as an Israeli invention, but it is so similar to a form of (not specifically Jewish) Italian pasta that I have to wonder whether it was not so much invented as borrowed.

      link to

      Not only would Italian Jews have brought such pasta to Stolen Palestine (the so-called [pre-1967] State of Israel), but Italian converts to Judaism would have done so as well.

      link to

    • Jewish education encourages Jewish groupthink. Whether consciously or unconsciously Gershenson is serving as a Jewish Zionist gatekeeper/facilitator in English-language media.

      Any here is the JIDF on Zionist cultural theft: link to .

      Instead of stealing the cultural heritage of other peoples ethnic Ashkenazim should show some pride in their own: link to

  • Prayer
    • It is worth mentioning that Allahu akbar is a literal translation of Gadol Adonai which occurs throughout Jewish liturgy.

      From Psalm 145:

      ג גָּדוֹל יְהוָה וּמְהֻלָּל מְאֹד; וְלִגְדֻלָּתוֹ, אֵין חֵקֶר.

      3. Great is the LORD, and highly to be praised; and His greatness is unsearchable.

  • Christian group dedicated to derailing divestment bankrolled by settler-funding philanthropy

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