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born part Arab part Scots/Irish, worked in training ulema for the european environment/ journalist broadcaster for many years working mainly for bbc. From a faction of euro-islam much favored by the establishment, writer etc nothing really of interest may as well move along.

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  • #JusticeForMikeBrown: NFL star Reggie Bush connects Ferguson to Palestine
    • As to the he was no angel meme Tim Wise puts himself on the line

      That’s the refrain, repeated for over two months on social media by defenders of Officer Darren Wilson, convinced that Michael Brown was little more than a violent and dangerous thug, worthy of death that August day in Ferguson.

      From the beginning, Brown’s strong-arm theft of cigars from a local market was used by Wilson’s supporters as justification for whatever happened to him. “Thieves deserve their fate,” came the refrain from many a (mostly white) Facebook feed—this, from persons who have never openly advocated death for, say, Wall Street bankers who stole a lot more than Swisher Sweets. Nor have they likely ever contemplated what such a maxim might suggest about the merited destinies of their own white ancestors, for whom theft of land and the labor of others was central to the development of the very country those same commentators now call home.

      “He had weed in his system,” cried others, suggesting that marijuana use either justifies being shot by a cop, or at the very least might explain his “aggressive behavior” towards Officer Wilson—the kind of thing that could only be said by someone who had never smoked much weed. Attacking police officers is, as a general rule, the last thing on your mind when you’re high.

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    • A message from the beloved leader

      "Some progressives have rallied behind Michael Brown without doing much critical thinking"

      When "progressives" engage in critical thought they come up with a concatenation of right wing talking points?

      " Serious Palestinian Activists" is comedy gold, unlike the weekenders pictured above I suppose?

      "Not smart from the point of view of practical politics" stop man you are a tragedy, while we may well be playing checkers it seems you are struggling with tic tac toe.

  • The occupied territories are 7000 miles from New Mexico but I felt like I never left home
    • and Bassem Masri " We gonna do what we feel"

    • A Lesson in Resistance from our Native American Brothers

      March 2, 2013. Wounded Knee. For those who’ve spent the last few decades fighting for freedom, liberty and civil rights, the centuries-old struggle for self-determination by American Indians has been one pillar of the current struggle. But the growing numbers of outraged Americans suddenly fighting back seem unaware that an entire segment of America has been fighting the same battle, successfully. It’s time to learn some lessons on organized resistance.

      Annie Mae Aquash (1945 - 1975)

      Protest, Resistance, and Dissent in Native Americans

      In 2007, a college student produced a four-minute video for his anthropology class. The movie-short is basically no more than a Power Point presentation to the sounds of modern Native American punk music. But the video hems together an armed struggle by an entire race of people against the United States federal government that has spanned 300 years. But it’s the past 30 years that the video concentrates on. And for those angry Americans who want to protest their government, they could take a lesson from those who’ve spent the last 40 years traveling that same road.

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  • Wall around Bethlehem is Christmas billboard in Atlanta
    • "Aren’t we the ones who say that Biblical claims have nothing to do with the rights of people 2000 years later and then we..."

      what do you mean "we"... white man?

  • 'Palestine is an anxiety' for Americans-- Salaita in New York
    • "Anxiety" I understood Salaita's remark to be about the fact that it is traditional in the USA to assume that the colonization of the Native Americans is something relegated to history, past, regrettable no doubt, but past, rather than on-going and that its all settled done and dusted irrevocable and addressed as best as it can be. He brings up the Black Hills and the many treaties which still have legal force, being agreements between sovereign entities, I am not in a position to judge but recall the 1941 appeal by Canadian First nation to the UN and Winston Churchill, who replied graciously to the Iroquois, but privately warned the Canadian Government to reject any revisiting of their demands , there are are there not Native American activists who wish to revisit the issues? In my experience people laugh at the notion that the issue of native Americans is a live issue, is that not an indication of anxiety, a refusal to see these as real, current and on-going, I am not in position to judge but recall the Pelletiers and their statements, I had a friend who once met Dennis Banks and was both surprised and impressed by how live he and his folk considered the situation.

      for instance the stuff linked below, which will not allow me to cut and paste a preview

      below that is a Julie Pelletier piece., on "third space of sovereignty", here now not lost in history, isnt that the "anxiety"

      "The author reveals the "colonial ambivalence" of the United States as a settler-state, an ambivalence that can trap Indians in a paradox. For example, Bruyneel describes how Indian tribes are imagined and described before the recent gaming economic success of some tribes. They were "out of time"—situated in a mythical past, inexorably damaged by colonization and their own savagery—and therefore they were too weak to govern themselves and so they must be governed by the settler-state for their own good. More recently, successful gaming tribes are also seen as "out of time"—they have stepped too far from their Noble Savage essence—and therefore they are too strong and must be governed and controlled for their own good."

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  • South African activists reflect on parallels between life under apartheid and Israel/Palestine today
    • "SA and Palestine are vastly different. The original inhabitants of SA are not the Bantu tribes who rule the country now, but the Khoisan bushmen. They got displaced and genocided by both the Boers and the Bantu tribes when they migrated into the area today known as SA in the past"

      your are peddling worn out colonial propaganda

      The Myth of the Empty Land
      Shula Marks

      "Who would have guessed from this that when visitors to South Africa at the beginning of the twentieth century wrote and spoke of racial conflict they were referring to the differences between English and Afrikaans-speaking South Africans, and that the differences between them is still as great as between any two of the so-called 'Black Nations'?...........Over the past ten or fifteen years, scholars in these disciplines, together with the historians, have begun to assemble a picture of South Africa's past which is dramatically at variance with the official version. Although there are still innumerable uncertainties and blurred edges, the evidence, especially from archaeology, has nonetheless transformed our understanding of the peopling of southern Africa and of the countless adaptations made by the earlier inhabitants of the sub-continent to master their environment. Most revolutionary has been the development of the radio-carbon dating techniques which have enabled us radically to reinterpret the past 2,000 years of its history.

      In the 1920s and 1930s South Africa led the way in research on early man and the Stone Age, but it has only been relatively recently, and in part in response to developments north of the Limpopo, that South African archaeologists have begun to investigate sites dated to the last couple of thousand years. These cover the final stages of the Late Stone Age and the advent of what is termed the Iron Age, a dramatically new departure which saw the introduction of agriculture, settled villages, iron-using and pottery and which seems also to be associated with the arrival in the sub-continent of a new people of negroid physical character. As more and more carbon dates have been processed from the Early Iron Age sites which stretch in a thin scatter over southern, central and eastern Africa, so it has become apparent that the first Iron Age farmers south of the Limpopo River as to the north of it, arrived there early in the first millennium AD, and not, as had been previously assumed, relatively late in the second . The earliest dates we have for the Iron Age in South Africa go back some 1,200 years before the Portuguese first rounded the southern tip of the continent in search of the kingdom of Prester John and the fabled riches of the East in 1488. Excavations at Silverleaves and Eiland in the northeastern Transvaal, and Enkwazini near St. Lucia Bay on the Zululand coast have given dates for Iron Age settlements as early as the third to fourth centuries AD. These dates are remarkably close to the first Iron Age dates north of the Limpopo in Zimbabwe-Rhodesia, as well as for Zambia and Malawi."

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  • Revisiting 'Graveyard of Numbers': Israel refuses to return remains of Palestinian militants as a punitive measure
    • Walid from point 2 nashk (abrogation), is a far from universally accepted process, the whole idea betokens the bad faith of good many scholars, he is of course correct to mention it in that many scholars engaged in this weird activity and in the frankly hilarious discussions of the mushaf and the ''Quran " and the famous "missing" word or verse debacles, its a favorite of anti-Muslim ideologues and i suppose rightly so, but has always been attacked in toto by many scholars, for the very good reason that it makes no sense what so ever, the whole area is replete with clearly forged hadith, of which of course there are very many, and invented but textually abrogated verse's whose rulings are nonetheless still in force, the whole area is a cause of embarrassment and tool for the promotion of humility for Muslims, for instance in the case of stoning for adultery which is with out basis in the Quran, some cunning blokes invented their own "Quran". I was always taught that hadith cannot be used to interpret the Quran, paradoxically only the Quran can be used to interpret the Quran, thats a pretty standard Azharite position. It always makes me think of that Bill Hicks joke about Southern fundamentalists opining "I think what God meant to say....".

      I am listening to an extended BBC farago about the perils of home grown terrorism, we can all kiss some cherished rights good bye, surveillance must be total.

      Louay Fatoohi writes

      I also study the main relevant ḥadīths and show that they lack credibility. We will see, for instance, that most of these alleged verses are non-legalistic, yet all modes of abrogation imply that they deal with verses that introduce legal rulings. Using legal-textual abrogation to explain the absence of the alleged verses from the muṣḥaf is not only doomed to fail, but is also self-contradictory as abrogation, by definition, cannot be applied to those missing passages.

      The abrogation of the wording but not the ruling of a Qur’anic verse is the subject of Chapters 11 and 12. There are two passages that are not found in the muṣḥaf and a missing word from a verse in the muṣḥaf that are claimed to represent “textual abrogation,” as I call this mode of abrogation. I examine the so-called “stoning verse” separately in Chapter 11, because of the length of this discussion, and I deal with the other two cases in Chapter 12.

      Again, Ḥadīth narratives are used to support these claims. Yet my examination of these ḥadīths will show that they cannot be linked to the Prophet. As is the case with the instances of legal-textual abrogation, the alleged passages are not historical, i.e. they were never part of the Qur’an. Their absence from the muṣḥaf is not due to abrogation, another mechanism, deliberate manipulation, or accident. It is simply a reflection of the fact that none of them is a Qur’anic verse.

      Having reviewed the three modes of abrogation, my conclusion is that abrogation is a phenomenon that lacks any support from the Qur’an. The three modes were developed to address three different concerns. Legal abrogation, which was probably the first mode of abrogation to appear, was the result of perceived contradictions between certain Qur’anic verses. These misinterpretations were at times chosen by exegetes to explain the prevalence of certain practices that contradicted Qur’anic rulings.

      Legal-textual abrogation was needed to rationalize the belief driven by certain narratives that the muṣḥaf did not contain all verses of the Qur’an. In the case of textual abrogation, which is the last mode of abrogation to be proposed, the alleged two passages and one missing word from the muṣḥaf were invented to give Qur’anic support to widely accepted legal rulings. In the case of stoning, this ruling was in conflict with verses in the muṣḥaf.

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    • Daniel McGowan writes "Some of Us Still Remember" about the site of Har Nof, the disclaimer after the article is also interesting

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  • One week in Jerusalem and -- it's not complicated
    • an aside: while in the hills of St Bess, a young man Pempe fucked a cow which died 48 hours later, now as a cow is a huge investment for a poor Jamaican farmer and as no one locally would touch it, it was packed off to a processor in Black River. I cant say if it was Halal or not but on the grounds of "you eat it if you want" we all resolved to avoid beef patties till we were confident it has passed down the line. As the creature died we were all a little afraid of Pempe, when he was accused of also fucking the goats up at Daley and sacked from shepherding them, he appeared by the cross roads with a tethered goat and exclaimed that "Me na need fuck your goats, me have me own", riposte escaped us as I say we were all afraid of him and his death dealing member.

      While it is true that Christian culture has little understanding of religious law as practiced by Muslims and Jews, the reason they find this funny is because it is. I recall having a little spat, my behavior is often crude and unpleasant, with Walid, who is always exemplary, about a dar-ul uloom Sheikh who opined that a woman who breast fed a male co-worker 5 times would not be required to cover her hair in his presence, in Egypt we laughed and derided him, so the reason that people find this funny is because it is, its not a new holocaust, it evinces no prejudice what so ever, the fact that you invoke Dave Duke and the blood soaked ignorance of Maher et all betokens your disgusting habit of lying in wait so you can play the victim, dont Jews have laws about that, we do.

      Really as to eating cattle fucked by men as I say to quote the Aboriginal dream time scripture, you eat if you want too, who cares whether its Halal, leaving aside the interesting legal niceties. Its funny what of it.

    • Dear John might I recommend if you haven't already seen it Razaks " Dark Threats and White Knights" its background stuff, a good deal can be read for free at link, judge for yourself if its the kind of thing that may interest you:

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  • Muslims' beliefs are 'untrue' and 'ridiculous,' 'Salon' author says, offering support for Maher's intolerance
    • " I genuinely believe what I say about Islam and other religions."

      but on the basis of what knowledge? and her book is no "apologia", virulent ignorance is a poor basis for "belief", however "genuine".

    • Rayyan, you are the well known reviewer and writer I guess, if so I enjoyed your review of Massads "Desiring Arabs" and would recomend your oevre to all, so not to demur from the points you raise, but have you seen Waltons piece linked below, as to the Da'ish sure but the political realities from which it is emerging are determinative, perhaps Jebreal would have been better to say poorly attested, but people do have the right to interpret as they see fit.

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    • and of course no Islamic polity was ever ruled exclusively by Sharia, I think Seafoid once mentioned Kanun (from Canon Law) which under the provisions of "Urf" etc was usually a component of the legal structure where Chritstinity had once been practised and though Hinduism is an anachronism both the Indic religions and specifically Budhhism were recognized and accepted as "Divine" religions, in the case of Buddhism Gautama was their Prophet and Abhidharma was their Book. Abdallah Ansari of Herat drew heavily from Buddhism in the writing of the "Hundred Grounds". I will have to check with the Caliph, if he is still with us. I always liked Kishks summation of modern Islamic scholarship "They have read three pages of Ibni Taymiyyah and pose as defenders of the faith, its a farce"

    • oh and just an irrelevant point those not familiar with Vajrayana Buddhist esoteric philosophy might not get the links with Qunawi's commetary and the five Buddha families etc, I would contend that "A Treasure Trove of Scriptural Transmission" the commentary by Lonchenpa (Longchen Rabjam) on his "Basic Space of Phenomena" and its epitomes of the various classes of Tantra in particular, "The Dynamic Energy of the Lion", "The all Creating Monarch" and "The Reverberation of Sound" and many others are indispensable to the understanding of all religion including Islam, but they are very difficult and require determined application.

      well pip pip and on to the next Abrahamic catastrophe.

    • sorry to interject chet this is the nearest reply button, to MRW, bintbiba and just, it was entirely MRW's post, and you are all too gracious i am very moved, it reminded me of the great Yitzhack Yehuda "Ignacs" Goldziher and a western scholarship of Islam that was erudite profound and free of the claustrophobic idiocy that passes for such today, though his reach was limited and inspired many reactions from Muslim scholars, with scholars such as him dialogue is fruitful he has no peer today. I could not recommend his work highly enough, I met people who had studied under him, MRW's generous link brought it all back, I can not recommend him highly enough, I think one Azami (?) wrote an interesting defense of the Ulema view of these same topics, the recently deceased Nehemia Levtzion was another great Jewish and Israeli scholar, we will not see their like again. Walahi barakficum.

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    • "but it seems that Quranic idea of “Holy War” was borrowed from Torah,"

      the Quranic idea of holy war? no such idea exists either in the Quran or Islamic literature generally, Jihad does not mean war, holy or otherwise. The phrase Holy war ( al-harb al-muqadassah) is unknown in Arabic. Muslim rulers got up to all sorts, as did their hired hand scholars, Islam being essentially discursive is full of myriad disputes, the expansionist rulers and their lackeys made no utterances that were not derided by other scholars, who represents Islam? not a single one of them on any side of any argument, not very satisfactory perhaps but there we are, it is what it is. I suspect Muslim rulers got the idea of aggressive war the same place everyone else does, Muslims i suspect are much less interested in Islam than are some non-Muslims. Calling something a Jihad solved many legal problems they would have faced in compelling folk to provide troops, booty is at all times, even our own, a great motivator.

    • why 188, i would guess the casual reader would be better starting from the beginning of chapter of 5 and though there is much to dispute with Briffault about, it is interesting and he has read some stuff, he is a relief from the utter inanity of discussions of Islam current in western media and popular discourse. He is particularly remembered by some for his "Decline and fall of the British Empire", naughty, naughty boy, he died mid last century, and was not a social anthropologist by training, a medical man if memory serves.

      As we are getting all Islamic studies might I offer two brief pieces one some poems by a well known Cadi ( Sharia Judge) and scholar
      and a little hadith scholarship by his best known pupil, enjoy.

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  • Israeli government plans 185 miles of new Jewish settler roads in the West Bank
    • what you doing 6.30pm today?

      [Dublin] Evening meeting with Ilan Pappe & Yaser Alashqar: The role of academics in the struggle for justice in Palestine (AFP & UCD ISOC)
      Thu, 13 November 2014, 18:30 Red Room, New Student Centre, UCD Belfield.


      The role of academics in the struggle for justice in Palestine

      Prof. Ilan Pappé (Israeli historian)

      Dr. Yaser Alashqar (Palestinian academic)

      6.30pm THURSDAY 13 NOVEMBER

      Red Room, New Student Centre, UCD Belfield.

      Organised by Academics for Palestine and UCD Islamic Society.

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  • Video: Routine exchange on a bus reveals racism embedded within Jewish Israeli society
    • "And if I’m not mistaken, the actions by the “soldier” in the video are not part of Israel’s already oppressive “security” arrangements, the soldier took it on himself to hassle that woman."

      yeah and made me think of

      Sexual Violence, Womens Bodies and Israeli Settler colonialism

      They not only invaded our home, took over our space, and evicted us—they even arrested me and took me to the Maskubya—the police station. I was put in room number four, alone, for a long time. Then, a big and tall man, a police officer, entered the interrogation room. I was alone, and started shivering from fear as he closed the door, started moving things around in the room....

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  • In travesty of justice, Rasmea Odeh found guilty despite history of Israeli torture
    • Rasmea is not alone

      " Although Benton Harbor is ostensibly out from under emergency management, the city is subjected to the more powerful and predominantly white St. Joseph, where the county court system is based. The fact that an all-white jury was impaneled in such a racially sensitive case in an area with deep historical tensions, speaks volumes in regard to the lack of sensitivity existing among the county authorities and the corporate interests."

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  • The hidden documents that reveal the true borders of Israel and Palestine (Updated)
    • link to british military history used above.

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    • In respect to the naqab/negev, might i make some observations. Currently the Israeli government is ethnically cleansing Israeli citizens, who serve in the IDF, from it. The Negev is not a terra nullis it belongs to the bedu, Palestinian citizens of Israel. there also moshavim etc, which have already dispossed them cruelly.

      So having come to the conclusion that addressing the core issues would infringe on the rights of Israeli civilians, largely Jewish, you suggest, that land that belongs to Palestinian Israelis be given to forcibly denationalized displaced Palestinians? are you sure that Palestinians and the people of the region as a whole are interested in solutions which do not address the core issues of justice, legality and human rights, which are not the preserve of Israeli Jews alone. Palestinian rights can not be made to disappear via borders Mahmud Darwish wrote elegant poems on that theme.

      Re the Arab battle plans 1947-49, firstly Arabs will justly treat the suggestion that the "five armies" had co-ordinated plans, or plans at all, with humour and derision, but just think, what was the middle east environment like just post ww2, take a British military source for 1947:

      "After the Great War, the United Kingdom maintained strategic interests in the Mediterranean and Middle East. The main reason for this was to provide a safe sea and air route between the U.K. and India, but control of oil supplies and national interests were also factors in this policy.

      Gibraltar is a British possession in the Western Mediterranean. It had a Governor-General, army garrison and Royal Navy dockyard. Malta was a British colony in the central Mediterranean with a Governor-General, army garrison and significant Royal Navy presence.

      Egypt was an interesting situation in that the United Kingdom maintained a significant measure of control of what was in theory an independent country. Indeed, Egypt housed the largest British Army presence outside of the United Kingdom and India. The main reason for this was the presence of the Suez Canal, the key artery that facilitated maritime access between the U.K., India and the Far East.

      Another country in which the U.K. faced policing a troubled state was in Palestine"

      makes you think? could i suggest some broadening of your research parameters, if you want to talk to Arabs about our recent history, some of which we recall more or less clearly.

    • a link to a Palestine Israel Journal article by Abu Sitta, you may find interesting

      link to

    • During your research have you come across the name Salman Abu Sitta?

    • " but tailored for a Palestinian audience." how did you do that?

  • 'We are in a violent fight with extreme Islam' -- Feiglin leads rightists to pray at al-Aqsa Mosque
  • Ritualized Solidarity
    • "“Let us in the know speak for you! We will speak truth to power!”

      ok without engaging with the rest of this lachrymose shit, self pity posing as magnanimity, might i suggest the always interesting Mosche Gil, and fuck the temple mount, we, we have history, also in furthering interesting discussion, good if some one knew some shit. Sorry link looks appalling its is to Gils "A History of Palestine: 643-1099" on google books, its only "facts", you can analyze, you can read a big chunk from section 5 "Palestine FromThe Begging of Abbasid Rule to the Fatimids" and on, to facilitate entertaining discussion. Just for fun may i remind everyone that Al-Azhar, the pre-eminent Sunni institution was established by Shi'i, not obviously to romanticize any shit whatsoever.

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  • Bus ads hitting US aid for Israeli 'war crimes' roll in Portland (after ban in Seattle)
    • Smadar Lavie's new book : "Wapped in the Flag of Israel: Mizrahi Single Mothers and Bureaucratic Torture"

      "What is the relationship between social protest movements in the State of Israel, violence in Gaza, and the possibility of an Israeli attack on Iran? Why did the mass social protests in the State of Israel of summer 2011 ultimately fail? Wrapped in the Flag of Israel discusses social protest movements from the 2003 Single Mothers’ March led by Mizrahi Vicky Knafo, to the “Tahrir is Here” Israeli mass protests of summer 2011. Equating bureaucratic entanglements with pain—what, arguably, can be seen as torture, Smadar Lavie explores the conundrum of loving and staying loyal to a state that repeatedly inflicts pain on its non-European Jewish women citizens through its bureaucratic system. The book presents a model of bureaucracy as divine cosmology and posits that Israeli State bureaucracy is based on a theological essence that fuses the categories of religion, gender, and race into the foundation of citizenship."

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  • 'Settlement endorsement should be put on a par with racism, sexism, homophobia and anti-Semitism' --British pol
    • "The moral basis for Israel’s persecution of the Palestinian people"

      "I never knew what that was supposed to mean,"

      write to Jerry Slater he says he can explain, he hasn't deigned to, as yet, but he can, so he says. Of course if it is moral to establish a state for Jews in Palestine, without Palestinian consent, Palestinian self defense is immoral, even though self defense is also a universal moral right, utilizing the moral calculus is a complex process, not amenable to all, I have never been any good at it and thus must defer to elevated persons such as liberal Zionist moralists.

      there is a hierarchy, you know, its best to know your place so as not to over step the iron wall of moral dictate, after all is not the main purpose of morality to justify the unconscionable,

  • Obama says Muslims bear responsibility to counter radical Islam (so are Jews responsible for Israeli violence?)
    • "I’d have to be much more familiar with the societies than I am. But yes" - sometimes tears are the only answer, i weep for you Donald.

  • Yale Jewish center to hold 'intellectual' panel on storm over ousted priest's comments-- without inviting the priest
    • "Does “Semite” have any meaning at all" even though i couldnt agree more its hard to explain that one is anti-Semite, shit heads misconstrue.

      the origin of Semite was precisely to "racialize" religious difference, anyway Schlozer (?) was looking for the Japhetic language family, which proved harder to find, and anyway Judah Ibni Quraysh had already done the heavy lifting some centuries previously.

      I like "solipsistic vortex" from a comment above, think I might have a touch of that.

  • Photo-cartoon making Tutu into Hitler is published then taken down by South African Jewish paper
  • Israel surveils and blackmails gay Palestinians to make them informants
    • Pilger makes MW seem less cool than it could be, for years everyone has known.

      "The attack on Gaza was an attack on all of us. The siege of Gaza is a siege of all of us. The denial of justice to Palestinians is a symptom of much of humanity under siege and a warning that the threat of a new world war is growing by the day.

      When Nelson Mandela called the struggle of Palestine “the greatest moral issue of our time”, he spoke on behalf of true civilisation, not that which empires invent. In Latin America, the governments of Brazil, Chile, Venezuela, Bolivia, El Salvador, Peru and Ecuador have made their stand on Gaza. Each of these countries has known its own dark silence when immunity for mass murder was sponsored by the same godfather in Washington that answered the cries of children in Gaza with more ammunition to kill them."

      link to

  • Israeli military demolishes West Bank dairy factory benefitting orphans despite court appeal
    • " "But this soil is mixed with our blood,” said Kamal"

      "All Israeli's are "religious" when it comes to the land" Haider Abdul Shafi, bloody soil is surely not Kosher.

      Israel is Lee J Cobb in 12 Angry Men, they will need help with their coat and compassion when they fuck off back where they came from.

  • Remember the photos on my father’s prison walls  
    • come out ya black and tans, " Come and tell us how you slew
      Them owl Arabs two by two
      Like the Zulus they had
      Knives and bows and arrows"

  • The rise of 'If Not Now' and the collapse of the pro-Israel consensus
    • no their real estate was not territory! founding legal documents? eh, the whole of historic Palestine belonged to the Jews, its absurd, insane ...what else do the Jews own? the 50 sons of Aegytpos were murdered by the 50 daughters of Europa, so all Europeans should doing life, fucking insanity, deeds pored over god help the genital, poured over what?

      what percentage of the Bay Area is Cuban territory pray? idiotic.

  • Ohio student leader's dramatic act for Gaza
    • I think the above poster ritzl, though he can of course speak for himself, is concerned that it is Wise to be civil under all conditions, extermination is no grounds for rudeness and liberation has never been achieved by anything other scrupulous politeness and mild reasoned critique, there is no place for histrionics or spectacle.
      My late mother was a high functioning Asperger she hated raised voices, and recklessly married a black Arab who shouted from dawn till dusk, it puzzled and upset her.

      I watched Obama declare war on the Islamic State, he said "degrade" not "blow their fucking heads off" and "destroy" not "burn their asses in napalm and tear Syria and Iraq down around them", I was heartened and impressed, such a sweet guy, form after all trumps content at every turn.

    • Page: 7
  • Israeli officer tosses Palestinian shepherds from their land so settlers don't have to hear Arabic
  • Jodi Rudoren loves a winner
    • I think I get it, white and Jewish people used to be more important than natives, but now due to our moral evolution that is no longer the case, as Palestinians have recently become human.

  • Watch: Young Israeli Jew at Western Wall calls for 'another war and another war and another war and another war'
    • and everyone forgets the huge love Muslims have for Jews and Christians, may I suggest, when my library, currently in storage in Melbourne gets here I can post quotes from the Boys, we are lost without each other, since Sisi something broke in my mind, getting old, the young must pick up the burden,

      Sitting bull once said to paraphrase " my heart is sweet, I know this because all things put out their tongues to my heart when they pass" in the same way Musa you seduce with a sweet heart. i aint asking you out or anything and of course will respond forcefully to your insolence, its the Semito-Celtic way. you should really check if you have a spare hour
      link to

      its very beautiful, in my worthless opinion, and if a tear doesnt rise to your eye when the qari relates "Umi Musa" everyone forgets the love Muslims have for Jews and Christians and as Kuftarro emphasized its the "hate none love all" core that is our essence. respect Mooser, something broke in mind when Egypt died, I am lost. It would sound great with a Organ interpretation. You may not recall years age posting as "Oxus in exile" on Lenins tomb you thanked me for a long post on Islah and khilafah, your heart has saved me from despair. Respect, also you are even older than me, ha (tbk), which is you know something. I never smoke Palmate shit.

    • "Jews are not an undifferentiated mass."

      Eh, no one hates or slaughters Muslims like our rulers, I once worked for a Kuwaiti contractor whose only criterion (Roha is still around or that would have been criteria) in hiring was "No Muslims", which seemed unfair as he was hugely oppressive, why should we escape.

  • Is the firing of Steven Salaita the beginning of a new Blacklist?
    • so what happen James you check with Palestinians, because I have a sense of 'not really" and what is our side, you may not be welcome on our real side, did you check with those who run "our side", I aint sure you meet the requirements.

  • Palestine mural is unveiled in Oakland, and activists gear up to 'Block the Boat'
    • Seth J Frantzman indulges in some timely recollection.

      "Does anyone recall today that it used to be illegal to fly the Palestinian flag in Israel, including the West Bank and Gaza? Just a thought experiment here: The people in charge of the West Bank and Gaza in the period after 1967 who banned the flag were men like Yitzhak Rabin and Shlomo Gazit; the latter has now re-defined himself as a “peace” supporter."

      link to

  • The West Bank insurrection
  • Video: Israeli sniper kills Palestinian protester in Hebron
    • Just for Annie,

      we are lost, but it don't matter, because we always were, lost and forsaken. All the best hearts nowadays have bullets through them.

      Rise and Shine, Bunny Wailer

  • Six arrested in civil disobedience at Federation offices in Philly
    • first touchphone, old eyes, treacherous predictive text and in Gallaghers on Macurtain st Cork guzzling Friars Well Weissbeer, back in Ireland six days, homeless and illiterate. Also misspelled Monaghan, for which i was not denounced, you a Dublin man?

    • Croke park obvs

    • Dublin playing Monahan at crime park enough Palestinian flags waving in the stands.

  • A Palestinian defends violent resistance to occupation
    • As regards the duty to resist it is absolute, who now recalls the displaced in the camps, the only reason anyone is paying attention to Gaza is because of Hamas ability to inconvenience the annexors, nonviolence requires an audience.

  • Gaza 2014 has clarified the international struggle
    • Dhul-Qarnayn ذو القرنين‎ (Iskander, Heraclitus, Cyrus or who knows, I think the attempt to relate him to real king is misconceived, Iskander claimed divine Kingship in the Egyptian manner during the age of the Ram/Bull) in the Quran relates to Egyptian religion, the age of the Ram or was it Bull, but he is a righteous ruler and Meleck, Moloch (Malik, as in Maliki yaum midiin, from an oft repeated verse) just means King, doesnt it, the Yezidi's are a funny little Kurdish crew, they dont worship the devil in any real sense and in my experience most Yezidi's only know one thing about their faith, Yezidi girls only go out with and marry Yezidi men, there is some violence in the north London Turkish/Kurdish communities over this issue.

      but the use of Qarn to mean horn is questionable perhaps a better translation would be "across two generations or epochs", Qarn in Quranic discourse only ever relates to temporal periods never horns. So not the two horned more like 'effecting two periods'

      he appears in sura 18 al Kafh, ayat 83-98, the cave, because it open with the companions of the cave, here al-afasy reads with English subs
      link to
      With the advent of the Calphate we will never know any peace, it can only be a source of endless conflict, no doubt that is its creators and supporters purpose.

  • With friends like these...
    • you dont find that funny, well excuse me, ask a Kurd, if they dont find it funny, denounce them, they retreated in the face of Islam, who cares what they think, also (its about dogs). also everyone is more erudite and learned than I, I should have said a joke to idiots like myself, its low brow stuff.

    • Oreintalism? says the "Unique evil of the Arabs" guy, I mean I take drugs and drink immoderately but can at least keep track of my own bullshit.

      yes its friday, ten to eight here, and I am already langers, its the IS way, the very first Islamic ruler of Iraq was sacked for puking up all over the minbar, due to being fluthered, during his Khutbah, and everyone is laughing at the Peshmerga, they are office boys not hardened warriors, you want to check the Barzani's they always hard, I mean always.

      my surname, Kangalkarabash is no more than a convoluted Kurdish joke, all hail the Caliph Abu Bakr Khan, he posted me a foreskin only last week, they have a site Sufi's can go to, to uncircumcise, prior to decapitation, I'll post a link for those who may feel they need the service. My member has never felt so endorsed, or civilized.

    • "desperation hasbara" yes we is the nigga's not they, says the "unique evil" guy.

  • My friends say I'm being too nice to Hamas
    • "Not that Hamas can’t be criticized–it can, and should be"

      Yes sure, by their oppressors who vastly more criminal than Hamas itself, but hey why not, that bitch I just raped nurses all manner of reprehensible attitudes.

      you have no grounds to criticize those you, and it is you, whom you are slaughtering. Black people are also often less than liberal, what you gonna do, criticize away you repellent self satisfied jerk.

  • Gaza war gives rise to new Jewish group targeting Jewish institutions that support occupation
    • "hostile to any Jew who wants to say “not in my name”"

      yeah say it loud and say it proud

      " I'd rather you didnt"

    • yes it is important to maintain calm and all the requirements of clubable decency while opposing this endless genocide, you are beautiful, and had you a significant member I assure you i would felate it, but you Donald are a worthless prig, i would not, if you were on fire, give you the steam of my piss, fuck you and your nice little conversation, till Jews are willing to fight and die and for their anti-zionism, fuck the whole worthless crew, no wonder Lieberman laughs at you dick heads, God aint going forgive your cowardice, Jesus got nailed to wood, you self satisfied prat, why dont you just go back to being Christian Zionist your self righteous bullshit is tedious, worthless and flecked with insincerity.

      the God of white men is dying, I reckon because of you, He hates you, didnt you read the book, John Brown is going to great you when you die with one big backative slap.

      whited sepulcher.

  • Seven congresspeople go to Israel on AIPAC's dime-- and one gets defensive about it
    • "we might start bombing Assad"

      Syria has a first name? No one was proposing bombing Assad, an impossibility, the proposition was "Do we need to destroy Syria in order to "save" it", which also would have been the supreme international crime of Aggression.

      Resistance is right not a crime, the carpet bombers now whine about unguided physically mild but politically potent little rockets.

      Do you not see what is genuinely appalling about such fabulations as the "Bombing of Assad, Khaddafi, Sadam", its a revolting way to express yourself.

  • 'I can't be silent. It is genocide' -- Anoushka Shankar
  • The British public and the world see that Israel's actions are 'wrong and unjustified' -- Miliband
  • What Jim Fallows and I saw
    • "Abrahamic tribal religions that call for revenge." really? where do they do that?

      Buddhists eh, checked out Sri Lanka recently? they like the Vietnamese are Theravada Buddhists
      link to

      Neither Christianity, nor Judaism nor Islam are tribal or call for revenge, they may not be fairing very well at the moment, its hard to get good help these days, but essentializing folk as if they were little automata living out the dictates of some ideology has little explanatory value and is deeply dehumanizing, and in the matter of requiring revenge just plain wrong. People fighting for their lives, land, water and freedom are not seeking revenge.

  • Crisis in Rafah: Palestinian civilians trapped trying to escape Israeli onslaught (Updated)
    • "they are puppets to Israel" no that is is to entirely underestimate the malevolence of the Arab ruling classes, Israel is their puppet, their hostility can not be over estimated, Israelis are typically neurotic westerners our rulers are untroubled by humanitarian or moral considerations, they are with out equal in inhumanity and venality.

  • Cease-fire breaks down: Israeli shelling kills 50 after reported capture of soldier
    • "George Galloway on Twitter:

      'There is no people in the world today more rightly reviled than the Israeli Zionists. Their standing in the world has reached rock bottom.'

      Media Lens: '@georgegalloway Reviling people is the problem, George, not the solution.'

      This got me thinking...

      Exactly as Gandhi argued, it is the lack of Israeli civilian casualties that has brought us to this point. Robert Fisk:

      'But the world is turning against Israel, as EU ministers repeatedly (though ever so gently) tell the Israelis. And it’s turning against our politicians and media masters who go on insulting them.'

      link to

      If Hamas had succeeded in killing many civilians, global public opinion would not be moving the way it is. I don't agree with Gandhi on much, but I think he did understood the extraordinary power of non-violence for the powerless in the face of overwhelming power. It's an extremely tough message to accept:

      'In true sacrifice all the suffering is on one side - one is required to master the art of getting killed without killing, of gaining life by losing it.'

      We may not be willing to choose this, but 'getting killed without killing' in Gaza does seem to be having the kind of impacts Gandhi predicted. More evidence for the hidden power of non-violence?


      well this is David Edwards of Medialens, I think it is revolting stupid and utterly reprehensible. It is however mighty white of him.

    • "They never actually cease firing"

      but thats no excuse, arab0-muslim-semi-jews have perfected hate, tell me is no one impressed by the cool hand lukism of Hamas, sometimes nothing is the strongest hand. Sky say an Israeli was kidnapped on the field, in Strine there is no word for captured, arrested?

      Viva Hamas, Viva Palestine, long live the resistance, sorry about the Shia genocide, no one is perfect, other than Eljay, Donald and of course the estimable Mr. Weiss.

  • Reprint of Yochanan Gordon's "When Genocide is Permissible" (Updated)
    • "but I couldn’t swear to that"

      oh come now Donald, you instinctively know whats right, like our Caliph Abu Bakr Khan, see you on the barricades, assuming we learn how to behave. I feel some fairly reprehensible infractions coming on, but i auto-condemn, if that helps, was Jim Crow not undermined by nine inches of black steel, thrusting into the heart of whiteness, i believe that was the case.

  • 'Israel today, Israel tomorrow, Israel forever,' Rep. Hakeem Jeffries says at NY rally
    • no there is no Arabic word for wise, it is an alien concept the Bayt ul hikmah was devoted to anti-antisemitism, FGM and anti-scientism, i know its what arabic/english dictionaries tell you, but you need to be more discerning.

  • Take the right position on Israel and you can raise 1/4 million, Senate candidate is advised
    • yeah Phil, you need to get yourself a Caliph, like what we have.

      "make the same conflation that they do with say, older Catholics and abortion issue"
      Aborting elderly Catholics is no longer allowed? who knew, postnatal abortion of Arabs is de riguer.

    • "you may have noticed this morning no one could log in"

      I assumed it was Islamophobia or at least sapiensaphobia that prevented me from logging in, and the TSA broke into my bag at Miami, the Dudtsi must have caused them some concern, my copy of Samir Amin's "Eurocentrism" disappeared but i got a nice note from them apologizing for breaking my locks, America is the only place where my luggage has been robbed, 2nd time, in the Paradeplatz in Zurich there is a demonstration against the destruction of Gaza. My shame i know no German, but i suspect they do not respect the distinction between sucking up and fucking off, perverts!

  • Video: If you voted for Hamas, Israel has a right to kill you, says president of NY Board of Rabbis
    • Ok someone needs a civics class at the very least but I am confused, no one is killing the civilians of Gaza they are a) auto genociding b) pallywooding c) they are combatants so our killing of them is not just ok its kinda heroic d) Hamas is human shielding them, do Rabbi's receive any education at all or just new clothes? He is a threat to other Hasbarists, Zionism needs a Pope of explanations, its becoming a say anything comedy.

      I didnt do it, but if I did I was perfectly justified. naked power is often accompanied by moral turpitude, so what, the stupidity is quite affecting, it certainly moves me.

  • Amira Hass and the end of Jewish ethical history
    • "Hass is wrong" perhaps but Marc is full of shit,

      "Oh marvel! A garden amidst the flames!
      My heart has become capable of all forms:
      For gazelles, a meadow, for monks, a monastery,
      A temple for idols, the pilgrimђs Kaba,
      The Tablets of the Torah, the Book of the Koran.
      I profess the religion of Love, and whatever the diction
      Taken by its mount, Love is my religion and my faith"
      ibn Arabi, in his meccan phase.

      "But her sense of the Jewish ethical and the punishment for Jewish wrongdoing, even in an imagined Palestinian resistance that knows no bounds" eh? we are nothing idf not bound, "punishment" honestly i cant stop laughing, you an Isisian?

      "is a kind of faith. As a Jew, Hass can’t give up on it. What Jewish and Israeli legs would she have to stand on if she threw in the ethical towel and admitted to her readers – and most of all to herself – that Jews and Jewish life have reached its end point?"

      no Judaism is fine, its little changling curse will pass, Marc is a moral coward, i would pray behind Rabbi Hass any day, Ellis can kiss my scared arse, Israel will eat itself Jews will be fine, as they always have been, they aint Muslims, after all.

      and its asalaam-U-alaikum, ok, wa alaikum salaam, wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu, Marc needs to convert to Judaism away from cowardice, the prophets werent nebishes, they swung their dicks in a pure space.

      My Ulema always said "Ellis is a git"

  • Photos: Even with ceasefire, Gaza protests continue across US (Updated)
    • and in Zurich today there is a little vigil in the Paradeplatz, handing out leaflets in German, perhaps 30 people, Viva Palistina flags etc.

    • I gave mine to an Israeli, who asked me for it and then said to me confidentially "if my people saw me with it they would stone me" his father is a city planner settling the Golan.

  • Gaza-- and 'Guernica'
  • Video: Protesters set Israeli checkpoint aflame following funeral in Beit Ummar
    • The MENA is coming to resemble the South America of the 70's and 80's, the USA and its war against people would seem to be the link, charnel house states and everywhere war and rumours of war.

  • Hamas mimics Hezbollah tactics, and no one will have stability till blockade is lifted
    • "(and Christian?)"

      the Awlad Onsi Sawaris?

      but as to the MB one group you leave out are the rank and file particularly the youth and workers are in conflict with all those you mention and the fringe elements bedou and others are fighting a hot war, killing many soldiers.

      "Sisi is as popular as he is." fear of the MB is eclipsed by the terror of the state apparatus that the junta can deploy, as a result loving Sisi publicly and ostentatiously is common sense.

      Egyptian society was fractured intentionally to ensure that the masses fight each other and leave the regime to save the nation from itself and for its masters in Waashington and Riyadh.

    • Recall the storming of the Grand Mosque when Otaibi and his Nadji rebels declared their uncle the Mahdi and retired to the "catacombs", after several abortive attempts to retake these rebel infested tunnels the SA authorities asked for French commando's, firstly they converted to Islam, to observe local buy laws forbidding non-muslims access to Mecca, and then the commado's filled the caves, in which the rebels were making their stand, with poison gas, those who fled into the open were sniped and the remainder including the leader surrendered and were executed, perhaps the French Jews fleeing the Paris pogroms have the same know how. Some people claim that the "French" were in fact Pakistani military. There is a very famous picture of the dusty Juhayman ibn Muhammad ibn Sayf al Otaibi, leader of the rebels, looking alert, defiant and a touch crest fallen prior to his execution. Perhaps the Saudi Army could lend a hand, though it is doubtful they learned anything, but Netanyahu could always ask, it couldn't hurt and I am sure they would happily convert to Judaism for the duration of the operation, as reversion is so easy for us, and regression apparently.

  • Israeli forces shell UN school where displaced Palestinians gathered, killing at least 9
    • "And all he while the illiterate gimps south of the border who call themselves Egyptians remain silent and muted while their brothers are being slaughtered. What a pathetic society!!"

      I think with some justification we could agitate to include this in the Egyptian national anthem, penultimate verse, perhaps.

      Biladi hubbi wa fuadi you have my heart and love
      Misr awladik kiram Egypt your children are noble

      i prefer the Shingo version, Jesus' Japanese grave is the better lyricist.

      But Egyptians are fighting and dying against their regime, not with any great success.
      I dont understand the reference to the Ottomans, its always been the Fatimids fault but the sacred Egyptian army is sealing in Gaza protecting Egyptians from Palestinians shoppers and terrified children, and fully participating in the crushing of Gaza, the Israelis don't seem to understand that allying with Egypt almost ensures their own defeat, Egypt, we always lose, and usually drag any allies down with us.

      This latest blunder and the confederacy of dunces that Netanyahu and Sisi command exacerbate their incompetence with unbridled brutality and blood lust, it could very possibly lead to a major conflagration in Egypt, but as Rumi said "I keep in my heart an Egypt that doesn't exist" and that was 800 years ago, nothing has really changed.

  • Palestinians build tunnel to attack Israeli kindergarten, Netanyahu says
    • Also the poster above perhaps thinks no one remembers Ma'alot.
      A group of fedayeen did indeed hole up in a school, taking 90 hostages teenagers and teachers seeking the release of prisoners, many kidnapped in international waters (there was a context to the Achille Lauro attack) and in other ways. The victims were Mizrahim, some of whose parents came to the scene armed with knives insisting that they be allowed to mutilate the corpses of the 3 attackers, ultimately Israelis have to accept that their violence and injustice has engendered great deal of violence.

      As this FP article indicates.
      "The Israeli rescue operation was a calamity, resulting in the deaths of more than 20 children. "
      link to

  • Speaking to the Deaf: Activists attempt to talk with the Israeli public about Gaza
    • "We did it because we felt the complete absence of any voice speaking to the Israeli public. Not above its head, but directly to it: to our parents, brothers, sisters, friends and colleagues. There was no one, absolutely nobody, telling them that their government is playing with their lives, while there are alternative much less bloody routes"

      the well known Martin Van Creffeld not only doesn't listen but flees the scene in the face of a Leverett, a complete Israeli withdrawal, the first of many, perhaps. It is some times tough to talk, good though that maybe.

  • 'Slate' blames Birthright for indoctrinating American Jew who was killed fighting for Israel
  • Renouncing my Israeli citizenship
    • You are a very brave and principled man, I hope you don't suffer too many repercussions, but what of those who only have Israeli nationality like scores of Mizrahim and Palestinian citizens of Israel?

      I have an Egyptian passport from the 70's when, still in the throes of independence, they used to use real gold leaf on the embossed symbols, it never fades, unlike the hopes of liberation, none the less the peoples of the MENA will liberate themselves and you Mr. Lapon have made a more than trivial personal contribution to this great struggle. Respect.

  • CNN headline: "100 people killed today in Israel, Gaza fighting"
    • L A Hawk? is that sa2r (sakr), the umayyad sakr-ul-Quraysh is one of the great
      swashbuckling historical tales of the east.

      American media lies are becoming truly comical, Gazan destruction referenced as Israeli, and now anonymous "Deaths", idiotic cartoons and absurd claims. The Israel junta is now on a par with any Arab one, the whole crew utterly worthless.

      link to

      No one wishes to return to the ante-bellum equlibrium in the Levant, we will see how it all ramifies, Obama is an utter disgrace.

      I welcome the long peaceful hours in moderation, its a nice place.

  • Video: A beautiful brother went looking for his family in the death zone (Updated)
    • Hey Walid, tough times wish I was as brave a Gaza child, I was thinking of you when i was reading a Jadaliyya post about Kateb Yacine ( Yacine Kateb), he has a brilliant little exposition on Camus and Faulkner, Faulkner could despise and look, Camus wouldnt see, like Oz and other Ashkenazi writers.
      link to

      The Palestinians have, yet again shamed the whole putrid Arab establishment, it may not only be Netanyahu who is finished Egyptians are stunned by Sisi machinations, mad as 'Amr Bilah, Egypt is killing bedou, maybe my whole "clan" the 'Awf should retire to sinai and kill Pharoahs brutal minions, but we live in a village and the police are always knocking doors and taking names, Egypt is going to burn down, and good riddance, fuck all the Arab regimes they all deserve destruction, the repercussions of this stupidity by Israel and Egypt may last a long time.

      all the best Walid.

    • Sorry Rina (not Rita), my eyes are traitors.

    • Shaheed, indeed, Joe and Rita are astonishingly brave, jazakallahu khairan, a credit to the species, we can but wait for dawn.

      By the Dawn
      And ten nights
      By the even and the odd
      And by the night when it passes
      There is an oath for those who see
      Have you not considered the destruction of A'ad
      Iram, who were mighty as lofty pillars
      And Thamud, who carved stones in the valley
      And Pharaoh, owner of the stakes
      Who transgressed without limit in the land.
      And made great disorder.
      on them poured different kinds of severe torment.
      your Lord is Ever Watchful.
      As for man, when his Lord tries him by giving him honour and gifts, then he says : "My Lord has honoured me."

      But when He tries him, by straitening his means of life, he says: "My Lord has humiliated me!"
      But you do not treat the orphans with kindness and generosity
      And do not urge the feeding of the poor!
      And you devour inheritances with greed,
      And you love wealth intensely!
      When the earth is ground to powder,
      And your Lord comes with the angels in battalions,
      Hell will be brought near that Day. On that Day will mankind remember, but how will that recollection avail them?
      say: "Alas! Would that I had good deeds for my life!"

  • Israeli strike kills four Palestinian children playing soccer on Gaza beach
    • "Sisi......, saying he was a secret zionist, and he had Jewish blood in him"

      While I can not speak for General Sisi's sanguinary state, its fair to assume that he may also have just a little of Egypt in him, and yet this does not inspire him work for the welfare, even of those Egyptians who have thus far survived his tenure.

      I half wrote a post days ago but was assailed by a feeling of futility and abandoned it, and thus my "prescience" is now no more than hindsight but this is very obvious to any Egyptian.

      Egyptian ceasefire:

      Egypt is not a bystander to the conflict between Likud and Hamas, it is an active participant with more skin in the game than previously, thus by his idiocy Sisi has squandered his relative advantage in relation to US/Isr. It is an absolute demand of Egypt that Gaza be denied any gains and the removal of the Hamas government is a core Sisi objective, Israel can live much easier with Hamas than can the current Princes of Egypt.
      While denying, I cant read the proposal but i surmise, Hamas any gains it will be looking for avenues, elections a Fatah Anschluss from Ramallah, anything to clip the Gazans wings, he fervently wants to extend the ambience of despair and fear currently surrounding us Egyptians, ah theres the futility again but if any of this is any use go ahead and post. Lastly clearly the Israelis realize a ground offensive would be very politically costly, so they have sicced the genius mukhabarat to fool Hamas into a lethal agreement, clearly Hamas saw them coming, but lets be clear Egypt will be urging Likud to invade and smash Hamas, its a trifecta for Egypt, Hamas down, resistance is futile sayeth Pharoah, Israel politically weakened and thus willing to be more generous to Pharaoh, and of course the elevation of Pharaoh to the level of toilet attendant in the court of Uncle Sam.

      My youngest girl was 22 yesterday I hope no one ever holds her 25% Egyptian blood against her, she's north london and is tough but still, I hope not.

  • Sullivan and Leveretts throw in the towel on two-state solution
    • "I understand how with your emotions high you might have completely missed my meaning and intention"

      apart from the unwarranted and repellent condescension that is always possible, but you ascribe Inanna's "misreading" to feelings, that you then assert "dont really matter", as in:

      "We could have a separate debate about whether Jewish feelings matter or whether they should matter how/if they matter more than other groups but all that would be separate to the reality that in political terms they do matter."

      this whole circumlocution can be reduced to "Jewish feelings matter more" than......what the legal and fundamental human rights of others, that's a bold statement, to which i hope few would agree and if that is the case perhaps Jews should all put in a darkened quiet room and do some quiet grouting far from political realities, which have habit of changing anyway, its called the struggle of life, do they not have that in Japan? it never stops you know.

      Sorry you had a bad week, the politcal realities must be respected, so how many untermenschen rights will it cost to perk you up? they feel no pain that is politically significant, bless their little hearts, and if they pretend to and object to all this pillage and murder, well we all know where that leads, just look at Gaza.

  • 'American Jewish voices are most critical in the world' (to end idea that Jewish lives matter more)
  • Terrifying tweets of pre-Army Israeli teens
    • "Seafoid, is Zionism didn’t produce an amoral society"
      the Mehane Mooser is an inevitability, finally Zionism penetrates all, let us study its habits and be cautious. I call it Musa 1.

  • How long can Israel depend on Mizrahi docile loyalty? Smadar Lavie asks in new book
    • Also a touch OT perhaps, Esther Benbassa has written a tract which I think may be interesting, I have not got a copy yet.

      "Suffering as Identity: the Jewish Paradigm"
      by Esther Benbassa

      link to

    • Smadar Lavie is the author, it was her PhD thesis reworked into a book "The Poetics of Occupation", it is an extraordinary piece of work, to my mind a towering classic of anthropological research.
      link to

      I met her a couple of years ago when she spoke in Eire, her main talking point was, directed at the Palestinian solidarity activists there, that they and all others interested in the Israel/Palestine issue needed to find a way to talk to extreme right wing Mizrahim, rather than writing them off as irredeemable racists, she expounded on their insecurity and suffering under the Zionist regime and the social and political impasse they find themselves in. She spoke about the "Peace Industry" a joint project of the Ramallah elite and beautiful Askenazi's, which ignores the issue of the Mizrahim and she explained that the rejection of the peace process by many Mizrahim was based on their having no other means to attack the oppressive Askenazi elite except as insufficiently loyal to the Zionist cause.
      I strongly recommend "The Poetics of Occupation", especially to Israeli's, if they have not yet read it..

  • 'Survival and well-being of the Jewish state' is a national security interest of U.S., Indyk says
    • "adele doesnt know about the NRA, lawyers lobby, insurance lobby, big pharma lobby, big agro lobby, evangelical lobby, Alchohol lobby, Tobacco lobby-ALL of which could be shown-in either direct or indirect way to kill more children then AIPAC. Obsession. Israel inspires obsession."

      sorry i had reproduce the whole it is kind of perfect.

      not sure that nationalistic Israeli's are going to be grateful for your fulsome support, apart from the comedy "kill more children" skit, you dont have a problem with "the NRA, lawyers lobby, insurance lobby, big pharma lobby, big agro lobby, evangelical lobby, Alchohol lobby, Tobacco lobby....AIPAC." kills fewer children....?
      I wouldn't expect any wiki-war virtual promotions any time soon.

    • "I have problems accepting the term of shahid and shahada that’s used by Arabs" why?
      do you have a superior definition of Shahid? that you feel we all should follow? we should petition the Caliphal court for a definitive ruling on whether you are or are not in position to define "martyrdom" for all Arabs. The meaning of Shahid is neither hard to grasp, though it is not an exact equivalence of martyr, nor in need of amendment, why on earth does it bother you? Are Christians who die of lethal diarrhea considered martyrs? of course recalling say:

      "Calling Someone a Shaheed

      Rasul Allah (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) said, “The Shuhadaa (martyrs) are five: The one who dies in a plague, the one who dies of a stomach ailment, the one who drowns, the one who is crushed to death, and the martyr in the path of Allah.” [The Book of Jihad: Sahih Bukhari]

      In addition to the five categories mentioned in this hadith, other ahadith add to the list of Shuhadaa, those who die because of burns, pneumonia, or childbirth. “In the path of Allah (fee sabeel Allah)” is a synonym for Qitaal {well i cant agree with that piece of wahhabi BS, but each to their own, "fi sabiil' llah" doesn not mean fighting}.

      While apparently anyone who dies in one of the above mentioned ways is a Shaheed, in reality only Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) knows what beliefs the person died upon and what his deeds were that people do not know about. Thus, someone who was actually a soldier of Allah may not be known to the people as such, while someone who apparently died “in the path of Allah” (subhana wa ta’ala) may not be a Shaheed.

      Allah’s Messenger (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) said: “A man may seem to the people as if he were doing the deeds of the people of Paradise, while in fact he is from the people of the (Hell) Fire, another may seem to the people as if he were doing the deeds of the people of Hell (Fire), while in fact he is from the people of Paradise.” [The Book of Jihad: Sahih Bukhari]

      So one should say, “So and so is a Shaheed in accordance with that which is apparent, may Allah accept his martyrdom.” To call someone a Shaheed is to rule Paradise for them and deciding who enters Paradise is not for us. We hope for Paradise for the doer of good and we fear Hell Fire for the wrong doer."

      So it is apparent that rendering Shahid as Martyr in the Christian/Secular western sense is a very imprecise translation and then objecting to the import of your mistranslation of this cultural norm is kind of pointless, anyway I am sure Abu Bakr Khan will clarify it all. The use of Shahid in these circumstances is merely a way of dignifying and giving meaning to the brutal suffering endured by very many Arabs nowadays and cementing the communal will to resist, I find it rather beautiful, what about it bothers you?

  • What's your politically-correct World Cup bracket?
    • yes God definitely played in the pack, "He will violently roll and toss you" second row from the sound of Him "there you shall die", thrusting from posts is all very well but if the ref sees you pulling down from that station its a penalty, but God like any other forward has no respect for the laws of the game.

      thanks I hardly know the Bible but can confidently assert that I knew that that had to be in there somewhere, its common sense.

    • "(England was no surprise.)" bastard!
      The yute team failed even beyond my expectations, clearly I know jack,

      My oldest son, a semi-pro soccer player, liked Suarez, who pulled a Tyson, and is banned for a period and Uruguay aint the same without him.
      the great thing about the Arab sides is the abandonment of tedious bureaucratic football, of which Egypt were/are the masters, I hope a small unfancied side wins, which includes the US, who have played very well, didnt they beat England in the 50's? Klinsman has done a great job, an African champion would be cool, but Germany, Brazil or France, despite the Chile game, is the way to bet.

      James' goal for Colombia leaving Uruguay in some need, was brilliant, we can only hope for drama, like the battle of Santiago, I hope the US do well, they deserve it, but as to Americans not knowing much about football? dont those Hispanic guys, of whom there are quite few in the US, know a bit?

      I hope Greece, Switzerland, Algeria and Nigeria go far, but its unlikely, I miss the cynical professionalism of Italy, it speaks to those of us who trained in the old courtly amateur game of Rugby Union, where sportsmanship and courage were more important than winning, since professionalism Rugby has reached levels of skill, power and fitness unthinkable in my day, but its not as open and exciting as it used to be, the masters of competition like, the top European sides, can be soul destroyingly boring to watch. Oh Colombia score again.

      I'd like to see the US reach at least the semi's, I can see no reason why they shouldnt, good mobile side, good to see you doing well at a real sport not the weird games you entertain yourselves with, Rounders and "Football", really, Cricket, Rugby and Soccer are the only real team sports, we may need to invade you and enforce this, its for your own good!

      How many times is the NFL or Baseball mentioned in the Bible, Jesus played Rugby!(but never in the pack)

  • Why I pull against the U.S. in the World Cup
    • "non-existing picking order"

      no Danny the pecking order is very real, but despite the fact that dusty rags are not our national dress and abjection not one of our cherished cultural traditions, with all humility it has to be said that our elites, us "third worldists", religious, business, cultural have for the most part been the most active agents of our "Marginalization", which I didn't realize was controversial, the argument is about causes, Marginal, clearly, is us

      Why white people should feel guilty escapes me? its like you a bit uppity, responsible for what? our sometimes shit situations? We never get any credit.

      it is worrying that western people don't see how their societies are coming more and more to resemble ours, I am in the Caribbean, its not paradisaical ( ok i surrendered to spell checker) for most, quite the opposite,

      after a while Phil kind of grows on you, getting to express a really sweet sensibility, its the right way to go, respect.

      stunningly beautiful little girls importune ragged old men like me here, made into a nation of beggars and whores, but they are in your face about it too, i gave a one legged man 500jmd(4US), and a cripple confronted me, I brushed him off, He said " when a man is desperate and he meet some one who could help and he says no, Suck your mother", I was bereft of retorts, walked backed and surrendered a little from the pecking order from which I benefit sumptuously, because of his abjection.

      "Never have I heard the inhabitants of countries refer to themselves as ‘third world citizens."

      clearly you've not been to Harlesden or Dalston recently, also sadly both three (anti-semiticism) and 4 (Islamic extremism) are makruh,

      but you are so right, it is one world and eventually you are going to rue, don't we all already, letting all those hard won by Trade Unions rights your ( and my) heroic great grand parents fought for, the real great generations were those Union organizers and old ladies cooking and caring for the infirm and the young, kindness can be a civilization too, a lot of female working class culture is like that, a whole ideology of strength, health, nurturing, accepting and freeing. In the end we all depend on those women.

      I sacrifice goats in-front of a papier mache Idol (washer woman rampant, Innana/Nut rub a dub style), do you know of a better way to ensure Humanities survival and the continuous flourishing of civilization? would chickens be acceptable?

    • well USA 2 Portugal 1 and the US have played very well and deserve that lead, you cant but laugh (UK, Spain and Portugal despitr great traditions and players have an unrivaled record of failure in international competitions, we enjoy their supporters agony, like West Ham supporters, its all about the Pain and the Glory (name of West Ham's video history), Portugal looking like going out, US playing very intelligent and rather beautiful football. I support the exciting players and thats the US team at this time and in this game, no denying it, good last 5 minutes, USA USA, ha ha.

      oh well a defensive lapse and great cross leaves it 2-2, good game well played USA.

  • Fear of anti-semitism accusation did not stop Presbyterians from witnessing occupation
  • The Disneyfication of the Old City
    • Fifth columnists everywhere...

      "Welcome to Zahal IDF Blog News
      Any real kingdom or empire leaves plenty of evidence,for the most part ruins. There is no shortage of documentation of the ancient Egyptians,Romans,Greeks,Persians or even kingdoms such as Armenia and Axum. The only evidence for any Jewish kingdom is the Himyarite Kingdom of Yemen. How could a wealthy and powerful Kingdom of Israel have existed without leaving ruins? Why's there no mention of it in the records of neighboring states? Why's it not mentioned in Herodotus? Or anywhere for that matter except in these fanciful tales they call the Torah. Remember all this bloodshed and violence caused by the on going displacement of the people of Palestine is based on the assumption of an ancient Jewish kingdom,but the only ancient Jewish kingdom was in Yemen not Palestine. If this kingdom ever existed in Palestine where's the evidence?

      3sc please cite your sources if you're claiming evidence. I've googled up the Wiki on both King Solomon and David and both entries indicate zero evidence. I was most taken aback."

      link to

  • 'Kill those who rise up to kill us' -- a prime minister's chilling tweet
    • also just to be clear music is ,
      muste, muste, dam kalandar muste muste,

      bannned in god damn Islam,

      we have, all have, an astonishing ability to tolerate brutality visited upon others, I am the most culpable, but still, its all together or none at all, they shot two boys near the Mona turn off and left them bleed out on the road, the windscreen cleaning boys sing panegyrics about them, it all seems hot but stable, the state here doesnt ramp, dissent is a big step, and the two central garrisons call themselves "Gaza" and "Tel Aviv", its about resolvability, solveability, muste muste....

    • and as ever Walid, your hilm, shines through, you are the master of Adab, not gesture obviously, no really the Yiddish Jews would say you are mensch, but obviously us Muslims only see extremities to be amputated and noumenon (not the Kantian crap) that need stifling, we dont know where you've been, or what you've been thinking, 5 times a day. anyway here's a little quotidian commentary.

      "One day, Joha was riding upon his donkey on the way to market. Joha’s son walked beside the donkey, holding the reins and talking with his father.

      When the father and son passed a small group of people gathered by the side of the track, the people criticized Joha. They said to the old man, ‘How can you be so heartless, Joha? How can you ride upon the donkey while your son is forced to walk beside you?’

      When Joha heard these words he climbed down and lifted his son up onto the donkey’s back in his place.

      Joha and his son continued on their journey, Joha walking beside the donkey, holding the reins in his hands as they made their way towards the market.

      A mile down the road, Joha passed a small group of women gathered around a well. When the women saw Joha they were very shocked. They asked of him, ‘How is it that an old man walks while his young son rides upon the donkey? Surely this is not right!’

      So Joha climbed upon the donkey’s back with his son and they continued on their journey.

      It was getting into the late afternoon, the sun was shining high up in the sky and it was very hot, but still Joha and his son continued on their journey towards the market. The donkey was moving very slowly because of the weight of the father and the son upon its back, but nobody criticized until they came across a small group of people gathered on the edge of the town where the market was held. The people pointed with disapproval when they saw Joha and his son both sitting on the back of the little donkey which was moving so slowly under the weight of the father and the son. ‘Why do you ride upon such a small donkey?’ they cried out to Joha. ‘Can you not see that you are too heavy and your donkey cannot support your weight?’

      ‘I think it is best if we both get off of the donkey and walk,’ Joha said to his son. ‘That way nobody can say anything to us anymore.’

      So Joha and his son climbed down from the donkey. Joha took the reins in order to lead the donkey and walked with his son towards the marketplace in the center of the village.

      But when Joha arrived at the marketplace, many people laughed and criticized and made fun of the old man. ‘What a fool!’ they declared. ‘What kind of a man owns a donkey and yet walks with his son when he should be riding?’

      Joha wondered if it might be best if each person decide how to live their own life. "
      while the jury is still out on that one, it is
      what used to be called Islam, when did it all become passe, the grave it seems craves my presence.

    • its cool its Islam, we are both right it all depends who you want to believe, there are 7 slightly varied canonical versions of the Quran, this is one of those minor little things see, Maulvi Sher Ali's translation he uses a different versification, that's the kind of thing that can get us into shit when Isis gets here, which version do they favour? better get on one those websites where i can check which version is kosher.

    • Hi Walid, its the 5th word and you have 5:46 above, surely, not 45, 5:45, is nice and up beat, all the rest is good and anyway nothing is certain.

      "[5:45] Surely, We sent down the Torah wherein was guidance and light. By it did the Prophets, who were obedient to Us, judge for the Jews, as did the godly people and those learned in the Law; for they were required to preserve the Book of Allah, and because they were guardians over it. Therefore fear not men but fear Me; and barter not My Signs for a paltry price. And whoso judges not by that which Allah has sent down, these it is who are the disbelievers.
      یقیناً ہم نے تورات اتاری اُس میں ہدایت بھی تھی اور نور بھی۔ اس سے انبیاءجنہوں نے اپنے آپ کو(کلیۃً اللہ کے) فرمانبردار بنا دیا تھا یہود کے لئے فیصلہ کرتے تھے۔ اور اسی طرح اللہ والے لوگ اور علماءبھی اس وجہ سے کہ ان کو اللہ کی کتاب کی حفاظت کا کام سونپا گیا تھا (فیصلہ کرتے تھے) اور وہ اس پر گواہ تھے۔ پس تم لوگوں سے نہ ڈرو اور مجھ سے ڈرو اور میری آیات کو معمولی قیمت پر نہ بیچو۔ اور جو اُس کے مطابق فیصلہ نہ کرے جو اللہ نے نازل کیا ہے تو یہی لوگ ہیں جو کافر ہیں۔ "

      The classical commentary contains some interesting stuff, the Ulema came down on the side of the Jews in their disputes with the Christians, about the teaching of forgiveness, some in the Ulema said that the teaching of forgiveness, referencing that part of al-maidah that deals with the issue, was an authentic teaching of the Torah, and was still present in it interpretively, and thus Christian denunciation of the Torah ( characterized as boasting about gentleness), on the point of mercy, was misplaced, admitting that Moses stressed retaliation, because of his times and the attendant realities, the Ulema opined that the Torah teaches forgiveness no less than the Gospels, and can not be criticized on that point.

  • Leading spiritualist says Israel's great task is to treat neighbors with compassion, not hatred
  • Jewish safety in Europe and Muslim safety are interconnected
    • If you havent seen it Un Prophet is an interesting take on aspects of the current situation for those elements of the French Muslim community who have become kind of Lumpen and hyper-alienated, a condition La Haine also examines.

    • "The Quran says eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth" no it doesnt, ever anywhere suggest that, in my limited understanding, perhaps you could say more.

      "Hadith is the most vile raciest, perverted fabricated book written, and it is not part of Islam." ah a Pervaisi, they do pop up now and again, in the UK mainly in the Metropolitan London area, Ghulam Pervaisi, amongst quite a few other over the centuries, does make strong arguments in favour of a total rejection of Ahadith etc, as sources for legal or doctrinal opinion, I am in my mid-fifties and never recall anyone in my Islamic environment ever bringing up Ahadith, except in the very specialized professional area of fiqh, where they are used. Seriously no Muslim has ever mentioned a Hadith to me ever, in any context, when talking to a cousin in Cairo I said something, he looked at me suspiciously and grunted "Its a hadith" I said, this graduate of Al Azhar gave me the "please dont start with that shit" look and used his expressive little body to ape someone having a bucket of ennui emptied over them, suitably chastened I shut up.

      "it is not in a metaphorical way in the Quran either" oh come now you are not the pope of Islam, since the Quran, by popular acclaim, is said to contain infinite meanings I guess its both entirely metaphorical and also entirely meaningless, ultimately.

      "I am so angry at this evil satanic heartless vile subhuman for taking those innocent peoples lives…" now when making the claim that the Quran and by implication Islam are brutally vengeful, do you not think you would seem more reasonable if you did not succumb to anger and condemnation yourself, didnt Ali say of his captured assassin, as he himself lay bleeding to death "Loosen the ropes on that man, cant you see they are hurting him, treat him kindly" perhaps he had found a metaphor in all that lex talionis stuff you say is in the Quran.

  • Head of Canada's Israel lobby claims Israeli Apartheid Week renamed Islam Awareness Week
    • “raising awareness of the Islamic faith ”

      After 9/11, I was approached to participate in an "Islam Awareness" week, my first thought was "What like Cancer Awareness", eventually they had an "Islam Expo" in which I didn't involve myself or my institution and it excited almost universal derision, predictably, given the atmosphere at the time

      link to

      the single most destructive aspects of municipal Islam events is that streams of "Arab" money flood in, with strings attached and there is a pretty revolting communal scramble for cash, resentments and tensions take years to dissipate, if indeed they ever do, and they allow every Muslim carpetbagger to network with every other "Arab money" miner.
      Also there is interminable behind scenes bickering of what constitutes authentic Islam, mostly of the "mine is authentic yours is heretical" mode of interaction, its all worse than a waste of time, Islam, like anything else needs to be studied if you want to know something of what people say about it, the status of such "knowledge" is opaque, I dont know much about it, it never seemed that interesting to me, and I am offended by such notions as the "greatness" of Arab or Islamic "culture", last time I prayed in Ibni Tulun I was not assailed by a sense of pride or a desire for continuity, quite the opposite if I recall correctly.

  • Jeff Goldberg gets hit from right and left for suggesting Jews should leave Europe
    • but what of Jews who are fleeing Israel, like Lev Tahor?

      "In addition, Couillard had special words for Lev Tahor which he said threatened “social destruction”:

      “To those who come here and take advantage of our freedoms and democracy to then attack them and ultimately destroy them, we are saying loud and clear: ‘You are not welcome here, we will fight you, we will go after you’.”

      Again, Couillard held out Lev Tahor as an example of unacceptable behaviour.

      Why? Who has been threatened by Lev Tahor? What makes them “unacceptable” and to whom? Why chose to focus the spotlight on them?

      In the Knesset, Israel’s parliament, a committee presented allegations of some of the most atrocious abuses of children of what some speaking to the committee called “a sadistic cult“

      link to

  • Historic football victory provides another global stage for Palestine
    • An incredible achievement, I would have missed except for your coverage, congratulations all round.

  • Soldiers detain four Palestinian schoolgirls-- aged 11 to 15 -- for picking settlers' cherries
  • New video shows Palestinian youths killed by Israeli army on Nakba Day posed no threat to soldiers
    • "this classic Pallywood."

      Anyone familiar with M1," zayek, zayek yaasidi, ya rais, zayek", will know that "There are victim(s) on (of, in) both(s) side(s)",

      But none of them are Palestinians, or on the Palestinian "side", which is "classic Pallywood", bang bang anti-Zionisms stagger and fall, and no argument was approached in any way.

      Phil probably would have shut down the site, but for the reappearance Of Mooser, what with fatted calf effluvia everywhere, now there's no chance, the fortunes M1 seem not to be favoring you, have you, perhaps, broken a commandment.

  • Shalom Modi: India and Israel look to deepen ties following victory of the Hindu right
    • "It was Muslims, both trading and invading, who came up with the word “Hindu” and slapped it onto the myriad ethnic groups inhabiting India." but..always worth checking wiki, just in case, as in this case.

      "The word Hindu is derived (through Persian) from the Sanskrit word Sindhu, the historic local name for the Indus River in the northwestern part of the Indian subcontinent (modern day Pakistan and Northern India).[2][a] According to Gavin Flood, "The actual term Hindu first occurs as a Persian geographical term for the people who lived beyond the river Indus (Sanskrit: Sindhu)".[2] The term Hindu then was a geographical term and did not refer to a religion.[b]

      The term Hindu was later used occasionally in some Sanskrit texts such as the later Rajataranginis of Kashmir (Hinduka, c. 1450) and some 16th- to 18th-century Bengali Gaudiya Vaishnava texts including Chaitanya Charitamrita and Chaitanya Bhagavata. It was usually used to contrast Hindus with Yavanas or Mlecchas.[6] It was only towards the end of the 18th century that European merchants and colonists began to refer to the followers of Indian religions collectively as Hindus. The term Hinduism was introduced into the English language in the 19th century to denote the religious, philosophical, and cultural traditions native to India."
      link to

  • The latest page in Israel's divide and conquer playbook: enlisting Palestinian Christians
  • The Algeria model -- a conversation with James D. Le Sueur
    • To understand just how duplicitous Le Sueur is being perhaps the following will help, but it will take some study, as no doubt he is well meaning and well educated, the mask slips however in his dismissal of Fanon as brilliant but irresponsible, the violence of colonialism can not be laid at the door of the colonized, Mandela solved Capitalisms problems black South Africans have benefited little, is Le Sueur the French for Shavit?

      From "Eyes to the South" by David Porter with a foreword by Sylvian Boulouque

      link to

      "As his friend, Algerian teacher and writer Mouloud Feraoun ( 1 9 1 3- 1962) (who was later assassinated by the OAS) reported, while he and Camus agreed in their critiques of the needless sufferings of civilians and the abysmal situation of Muslim Algerians, Camus was too rooted in a Eurocentric perspective. "Camus refuses to admit that Algeria could be­ come independent and that he would be forced to show a foreign passport each time he returned-he who is Algerian and nothing else." However
      despicable the unjustified attacks against civilians, said Feraoun, " I would like them [Camus and his friend Robles] to understand those of us who are close to them and so different at the same time. I would like them to put themselves in our place. . . . Those who are in charge of French sovereignty in this country have treated me as an enemy since the beginning of these events. . . . [I am asked] to defend the cause of France at the expense of my own people, who may be wrong but who die and suffer under the scorn and indifference of civilized countries."162"

      and for the nationalist period

      "Seven months later, Courant Alternatif focused on the assassination of very popular Kabyle singer Matoub Lounes to analyze further the continuing context of violence, as well as the Berber Culture Movement. Matoub was a longtime militant for the causes of secularism, Berber culture, and official recognition of the Berber language. He participated in the Berber Spring of 1980, was wounded by the police in the confrontations of October 1988, and was kidnapped and held for two weeks by the GIA in 1994. His as­ sassination on June 25 occurred just a few days before the official date of total, forced Arabization.l6 "This crime sheds more light on the fate that the Islamo-Baathist regime reserves for those with democratic aspirations, especially concerning Berber demands." Within several hours of his murder being announced, Kabylia was again afire.
      For several months, said the Courant Alternatif writer, Algeria has lost its status as number one news story in the French media. According to the commentators, peace, and tranquility are gradually taking over. In such messages, the same line is curiously presented across the board, and now once again concerning the death of Matoub Lounes. Concerning first Ma­ toub's personality, he is presented as someone who loved to take risks and flirt with danger. RCD Deputy Noureddine Alt Hamouda, the "witness" most interviewed in the matter, confirmed those images. The fact that he was armed was referenced as if to prove that he looked everywhere for a fight, and thus died-supposedly as he wished-in action."


      "Who is In Charge? Algerian Power Structures and Their Resilience to Change"
      By Isabelle Werenfels, a mere six page pdf.

      link to

      I am watching Marco Williams "Banished", right now
      link to

  • 'Israel is the home of all Jews,' declares a right-wing official
    • "The reality is that the US recruited massive numbers of these reliable “anti-communists” to help us fight the Cold War."

      This being one of the complaints the Red Army Faction that caused the state to totter in the '70's. by the way can anyone get hold of the Stammheim Transcripts, when ever I tried at the LSE, over a three year period, they were out.

  • Two desperate anti-Semitism charges, from Foxman and Boteach
    • Hi puppies, since Red Ken, Qaradawi et al came up I thought you may be interested in the following, there is a lot more both pro and anti its a leftist site so argument, as in Islam, is the norm.

      Robert Parry Qaradawi is welcome

      link to

      Ken explains himself

      link to

      you can read Thatchell and others reply at the what next journal site on the left politics page, where those two links come from.

      and the comic strips GLC: the carnage continues

  • Simon Schama's Israel whitewash
    • As was Captain (Robert Falcon) Scott, of whom one Oxon said "Quaesivit arcana poli videt dei", and then sniggered up his sleeve, with a little tweeking it would be a great Barack motto.

      ( He sought the secret of the Pole but found the hidden face of God)

      One of his guys, an Iniskillen Dragoons man Laurence Titus Oates, committted suicide with that famous British sangfroid walking out of his tent to his death in a raging arctic blizzard he informed his doomed comrades "I am going outside and I may be rather a long time" very very Cambridge where heroic failure is preferable to success. They took ponies to the Pole, Amundsen took dogs, and Shackleton lost not a single man, both very Oxford (not really but this is Schamhistory)

      Scotts last testament was "For Godsake look after our people"

      Costly mistakes must be paid for, as I am sure we are all about to find out.

    • Paul Johnson ( amateur and nut-case), Andrew Roberts, Niall Ferguson, Simon Schama, Dan Snow, its a lineage of Imperial historians.

      The Imperial Archive: Knowledge and the Fantasy of Empire:
      by Thomas Richards

      This is very good combining litcrit with the much maligned information theory, you can read the intro etc for free.

      link to

      Oxford and Empire
      The Last Lost Cause?
      Richard Symonds
      Clarendon Press
      392 pages | 16 pp plates, tables | 216x138mm
      978-0-19-820300-1 | Paperback | 18 June 1992
      Price: £38.00

      "Wherever he went in the Empire, Cecil Rhodes observed, he found Oxford men on top. This scholarly and entertaining book examines how and why Oxford dominated Imperial policy and administration through its network of classical graduates; how Oxford's Imperialists and anti-Imperialists conducted their arguments in light of the history of Greece and Rome; and how proconsuls, missionaries, and teachers carried her traditions abroad. The conflicting hopes of what various groups in the University sought to obtain in the name of Empire are explored as well as the often bewildering impact of Oxford on the colonials who went there to study."

      link to

      Dan Snow the next great historian: he is very well connected.

      link to

  • 66 years ago today 42 members of my family were slaughtered in Deir Yassin
    • 1890, you have some objection to accuracy? 25 US soldiers died, trumped up by whom? magical thinking would dignify your lame schtick.

      "While these discussions proceeded in the Lakota camp, a number of Indians began singing Ghost Dance songs, with some rising to throw handfuls of dirt in the air. The troops who surrounded them perceived the singing and dirt throwing as signals to attack, and at this tense moment the fuse was lit. A man named Black Coyote (sometimes called Black Fox) refused to surrender his rifle to a soldier. The two began wrestling over the gun, and in the struggle it discharged. Immediately the nervous troops began firing, while the Miniconjous retrieved their weapons and returned fire. The military's rifle fire was complemented with cannon rounds from Hotchkiss guns, whose accuracy and exploding shells were formidable. The outnumbered and outgunned Lakotas fled, and for several hours intermittent gunfire continued, with the military in pursuit. Bodies were found as far away as three miles from the camp. Firing ceased, and by midafternoon the troops had gathered up their dead and wounded, as well as Lakota wounded, and returned to Pine Ridge Agency. The fear of a reprisal attack kept troops and civilians entrenched at the agency until January 3, 1891, when a military-escorted civilian burial party proceeded to the site of the massacre. There they buried 146 Lakotas in a single mass grave. Other dead were accounted for later, bringing the total to more than 250 Lakotas; the Seventh Cavalry lost twenty-five men."

      link to

    • Judge for yourself
      HET UK
      link to

      link to

      UNESCO "why teach the Holocaust"
      link to

  • Brandeis retracts plan to honor anti-Muslim activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali
    • It is important to distinguish between infibulation and "pharaonic" female circumcision, which involves a trimming of the labia, no more. My family, as one of their peculiarities, do not practice female circumcision at all, its the scholars in the family who denounce it. In Egypt it is often done in the manner of an African rite of passage, ie at just post puberty, and is very common, I guess 80 to 90%, Coptic women also (and Coptic men of course), since it predates Islam in Egypt, the Hebrews learned it in Egypt, so they say

      Scholars: some support it, with frankly stupid and revolting arguments, as to infibulation, which involves removal of the clitoris and the sewing up of the vaginal opening, I would guess pretty much all Somali women have under gone it, it causes a lot of problems for them.

      While female circumcision is technically rejected in Islam its one of the oldest human operations and no one knows when it started or what its purpose was, I have heard Somali's explain that without it women would be unable to control themselves, and that Somali men prefer "dry" sex, I never pursued them for a full explanation of what that is.

      It is practiced across a large swathe of Africa by Christians, Animists and Muslims, and in fact has been carried by some Arabs all the way out to the Far East, not sure of the figures but I know it is has been adopted by some Malays, for example, but is not that widespread in the Far East, India or Pakistan.

      Egyptian women I have spoken too explained to my blushing face that they didnt want to be like a man with stuff swinging between their legs, but that they wished to be smooth like silk, Egyptian women can very forthright on matters of sex and sexual hygiene and demand satisfaction and admiration.

      Where i lived in Africa almost everyone had facial scarification, everyone from the poorest to the lords of the land,

      link to

      Africans living in the UK were prosecuted when they took their kids home and returned with them scarred, i lived in mainly Maguzawa Hausa areas, but the Fulani, nomadic herders, practiced male circumcision in the manner of an African rite of passage, meaning large groups of boys between 14-18, form a line and guy seizes their penis and cuts off the foreskin with a rusty piece of a razor with no anesthetic and heaven help the boy who shows the merest sign of discomfort or the slightest flinch, people have been doing it for the last several thousand years, it is very deeply entrenched.

      In 1928 Al-Azhar formally 'outlawed' it, to no effect whatsoever, there are Somali groups campaigning against infibulation as it often leads to post partum problems and many other deleterious effects for the women, people do it because they always have. MS Tantawi reiterated the condemnation during his tenure and also banned the niqab at Al-Azhar.

      I was circumcised at 8 days but have seen Egyptian boys done at 7 years of age, when it is quite traumatic, I was present during one performed in the late '70's, under general anesthetic at the University Hospital Cairo on a 7 year old, it was not easy for the little boy after putting him out the surgeon used a pair of bone cutters to drive blood out of the tissue before he removed the foreskin, its pretty rough.

      The medical stuff about lower rates of cervical and penile cancer amongst Muslims and Jews may be true, as a support for the use the knife on men, it doesnt impress me, i know of no proposed medical benefits from the female operation.

      Both my sons were circumcised at a few days, my daughters are intact. Its not an easy position to be in as the parent of a Muslim boy, the pressure is intense, thats not a problem for me, but in the end I felt that, one son born in the 80's and one in the '90's, since white society accepts male circ: should they wish to be Muslims later in life or marry a Muslim woman not being done could very difficult for them, other than that i am ok with the guilt, and one wouldn't want to be mistaken for a Kafir obviously.

  • Zionism has distorted American Jewish life
    • "It's brainwashing"

      Judah Ibni Quraysh (Muslim Arabs are intrigued by his name) would undoubtedly agree with you, he discovered "Semitic" some centuries before that German dude, the greatest threat he faced during his life was that Jews may not sufficiently study the Targumim and thus misconstrue Biblical Aramaicisms, a dire threat no doubt.

  • 'The struggle for Palestinian liberation has become a mainstream global civil rights movement of our time': CUNY panel discusses the BDS movement
    • "BrianEsker is trying to earn a bonus for venom" really?

      I read it as cry for help

      "Normal, sane, people" that, clinches, it, ,,

      "just wont buy it" is witty, given the subject matter, though sadly reflective of his loss of confidence and

      "They know its all a pack of lies" is affecting, sometimes the straight road is the hardest to navigate.

  • Narendra Modi, a politician who presided over anti-Muslim pogrom, may be India's next leader, and U.S. cozies up to him
    • " India has to appease Muslim by banning Rushdie"

      As to Rushdie, my employer at the time, a well known Sheikh, famously said that he would shelter Rushdie in his own house, post Iranian fatwa.

      Incidentally there was a model for the "satanic verses" the well known Rangila Rasul. The Sikh reader penguin employed to look at text warned them of the problems would pose in India/Pakistan, as the afore mentioned Rangila Rasul was part of a culture of mutual denunciation that sections of the Indian population had been in to for a few decades.

      link to

      Saudi money had been spent on getting Pakistani's to protest, in fashions that caused them terrible problems for years to come when Khomeini stole Saudi's thunder at a cost of 0 GBP, the Saudi's were pissed, we laughed, while also regretting how the stupid "controversy" caused by the foolish actions of the Muslim community in the UK cost us dearly in terms of wider relationships with other religious and secular groups, the then Bishop of Oxford, with whom we had enjoyed a cordial friendship, never forgave the Muslims and was scathing in his denunciations of our intolerance and stupidity.

      However when I met with a group of Northern British Pakistani (Kashmiri) youth, I was quite impressed with them but their political and social objectives were all dominated by local concerns and the need to organize the community around these issues was given great impetus by using the 'hurt' around Satanic Verses as a galvanising issue, they never forgave us for our position and for the next decade or so were forever attacking our lack of fervour, but as the disastrous results of the booking burning and lurid Iranian threats became apparent, they quietly fell in behind our conciliatory approach, so in the end we benefited from the controversy in internal terms despite its huge costs in terms external relations. 911 plunged us in to further problems with our community much of it around the Hijab crap some guys are in to.

    • "Dissatisfaction over the reluctance of the Government of India to vigorously take up such issues with other Governments gave rise to a feeling among some of the Sikh residents of the UK, the US and Canada that only by creating an independent State for the Sikhs would they be able to have their religious rights protected. A group of Sikh bus drivers and conductors in the UK formed an organization called the Sikh Home Rule Movement under the leadership of one Charan Singh Panchi. Some well-to-do Sikh farmers in the US floated an organization called the United Sikh Appeal, which was modeled after the United Jewish Appeal, which had actively supported the rights of the Jewish people and worked for an independent State of Israel. However, the majority of the Sikh communities in the West kept away from these organizations. They did not support the idea of an independent Sikh State.

      Before the India-Pakistan war of 1971, Dr. Jagjit Singh Chauhan, who had served for a few months between 1967 and 1969 as the Deputy Speaker of the Punjab Assembly and then as the Finance Minister of Punjab, went to London, joined the Sikh Home Rule Movement, took over its leadership and re-named it as the Khalistan movement. He wanted that the independent Sikh State to be created in Punjab should be named as Khalistan. Even before his arrival in the UK, the Pakistani High Commission and the US Embassy in London were in touch with the activists of the Sikh Home Rule Movement. They established contact with Chauhan after his arrival and started encouraging his propaganda against the Government of India in order to embarrass Indira Gandhi. Gen. Yahya Khan, Pakistan’s military dictator, invited him to Pakistan. He was received warmly and lionized as the leader of the Indian Sikh community even though he had no following in the Sikh community of Punjab. During his visit to Pakistan, the Pakistani authorities presented to him some of the Sikh holy relics kept in the gurudwaras of Pakistan. He took them with him to the UK and sought to use them in order to project himself as a leader, who could protect the religious interests of the Sikhs.

      Before the outbreak of the war in December, 1971, the R&AW, on the instructions of Indira Gandhi, had started a PSYWAR campaign to highlight the violation of the human rights of the people of East Pakistan and the resulting refugee exodus into India. The CIA and the ISI sought to counter this by starting a PSYWAR campaign on the alleged violation of the human rights of the Sikhs in India and the indifferent attitude of the Government of India to the problems of the Sikhs living abroad. Chauhan visited New York and met the local media and others in order to brief them on the Khalistan movement. These meetings were discreetly arranged by some members of the staff of the US National Security Council Secretariat, then headed by Dr.Henry Kissinger. On October 13, 1971, he had an advertisement published in the “New York Times” proclaiming the beginning of a movement for an independent Sikh State. Enquiries made by the R&AW indicated that the Pakistani Embassy in Washington DC had paid for this advertisement. This PSYWAR campaign against India and Indira Gandhi on the question of the alleged violation of the human rights of the Sikhs continued till 1977. When Indira Gandhi lost the elections in 1977 and was replaced by Morarji Desai, this campaign was abruptly discontinued by the CIA and the ISI. Dr. Chauhan returned to India and stopped campaigning for the creation of the so-called Khalistan."

      link to

      Of course also recalling the famous blood telegram of TJ Bass blaming Nixon and Kissinger for supporting Yahya Khan's genocide in East Pakistan, the carnage was so extreme as to force US diplomats to openly disagree with the Administration policy.

      It was India's victory in East Pakistan/Bengal which established her as the emerging regional hegemon, Gandhi's tilt toward the USSR and non-aligned stance which irritated Washington previously now turned hostility to aggression. B. Raman has written "Kao-boys of the Research and Analysis Wing" Kao being Gandhi's intel adviser, which covers a good deal of the crisis up to and subsequent to operation Bluestar, the storming of the Golden temple and killing of Bhindranwale and his loyalists.

      and further stuff about the '71 war, resulting from the Awami's leagues victory, and US/UK involvement in the war.

      "Meanwhile, Soviet intelligence reported that a British naval group led by the aircraft carrier Eagle had moved closer to India’s territorial waters. This was perhaps one of the most ironic events in modern history where the Western world’s two leading democracies were threatening the world’s largest democracy in order to protect the perpetrators of the largest genocide since the Holocaust in Nazi Germany. However, India did not panic. It quietly sent Moscow a request to activate a secret provision of the Indo-Soviet security treaty, under which Russia was bound to defend India in case of any external aggression."

      link to

      Also American funding for the Hidutva movement is quite extensive, as a quick google will confirm. The slaughter of 300k odd and displacement of 10 million, 80% estimated to be Hindu led the Indian state to panic, in fact they supressed infromation about the confessional status up of the refugees for fear of widespread disorder which would have suited America, recalling the infamous Coupland plan to Balkanise India in to competing confessional states.

      In terms of Inter-communal violence in India 1857 is the key date, link is to

      "The Paradoxes of Ethnographic Intelligence a case study of British India"

      which is interesting in and of itself.

      "Ever since 1857, it had been official policy to promote divisiveness between Hindus and Muslims. The idea was to depict the imperial power as a stabilizing force in India. A key plank of the Government's anti-Congress strategy was the Muslim League, set up in 1905 to promote pro-British views. The League was intended to be a counter-weight to the Congress.60 Its leadership was suspicious of the latter's demands for democratic governance, anticipating that numerical superiority would give Hindus control over any political dispensation. However, this did not automatically make them advocates of continued British rule over India. It just meant that they would not accept a Congress Government ruling over Muslim majority regions.61 Unlike in 1857, internal rivalries between the Indians did not lend themselves to advancing British objectives. This paper will now explain why British officialdom misread the political dynamics of India so badly as to lose the country. "

      link to

  • 'A Painful Price': The escalating war on Palestine solidarity at U of Michigan and beyond
    • "Maybe some Christians would also be on the Muslim side" making it the Arab or Palestinian "side", Christianity is not recessive, as far as I know.

  • It's the borders, stupid
    • he was in a small way the Hebrew, which he didnt speak well, Horace, according to myth, and could have been the headmaster of Hogwarts, with a touch of telirium dremens.

  • Let Pollard go. But first get answers from Tel Aviv
    • perhaps the US could exchange Pollard with itself for Sirhan Sirhan, on behalf of Israel, everybody wins.

  • A British Jew warns US Jewish orgs to heed rapidly-shifting world opinion
    • The foot soldiers of the Protestant ascendency (sorry Harry) in NI were drawn from the extensive working class Protestant community.

      While the IRA volunteers were given a more or less Marxist political education and were inculcated with a fairly severe revolutionary discipline ( for an example see this BBC documentary about the H block protests and compare and contrast the IRA prisoners with the Protestant para-military prisoners ) Johny 'Mad Dog' Adair became their poster boy.

      link to

      and re Adair
      link to

  • 'The clash of civilizations’ theory is absolutely and completely dead
    • I provide this memri link to list of excerts because it contains some interesting stuff, quite funny too if you have an Arab sense of humour. thank you Memri, there is an element, one might say, of mild Arab self criticism, any way i enjoyed it:

    • a friend Dr. Scharbrodt has written a comparative study of Abduh and the Bab, he uses webberian ideas, because he's German, I guess.

      Islam and the Baha'i Faith: A Comparative Study of Muhammad 'Abduh and 'Abdul-Baha 'Abbas (paperback).
      Oliver Scharbrodt (2011) Islam and the Baha'i Faith: A Comparative Study of Muhammad 'Abduh and 'Abdul-Baha 'Abbas (paperback). London: Routledge. [Details]

    • For anyone familiar with the output of "Arab Intellectuals" one is immediately struck by the fact that every one of the reproaches being advanced by the likes of Krauss at self deluding Intellectuals, Islamism, Arabs etc has its origins in the work of "Arab Intellectuals", some of them such well known tropes i even know the very first article or book where some of these things first appeared as reproaches to both society at large and the establishment.

      So obviously reading people marginally better educated than himself, though not perhaps as honest about their sources or the explanatory frameworks from which they wrested these ideas as they might be, and there is a lot more besides, i provided a link above. Anyone familiar with the literature and actual out put of 'Arab Intellectuals' can tell you have read nothing, so having such strong opinions is the definition of prejudice, stupidity and bad faith.

      Anyone familiar with anti-colonial literature, theory, historical analyses etc in actuality rather than through bland and meaningless generalized statements about what "intellectuals" fail to realize, is struck by the ferocious self criticism of Arab analysis in comparison to Indian and other discourses, its resistance to mythologized nostalgia ( in the Arab Islamic sphere it has a very specific socio-political meaning) , which is a major theme in Habibi, he picked it up from his social and political milieu.

      Abdu, the first modern Arab Salafist, was so pessimistic about Arab societies ability to transform and defend itself that he advocated for direct rule of Egypt by the western powers, despite his realistic appraisal of western motives and empty rhetoric, not because of any notions about Islamic inferiority or historical guilt (that is a very weak part of your witterings and you know it) etc but because of his awareness of the forces at play in the Egypt of the time and his ferocious critique of the Islamic political traditions. Al 'Azm is pitiless, you rarely see Americans writing in such withering terms about their own societies, perhaps your superiority precludes the necessity.

      The notion that no one knows whats going on in "Islam" is one of the very first things that E. Said discusses in his well known tract "Orientalism".

      Privilege, Victimhood and Takfir

      i have experienced no other environment where 'victimhood' is valorized except amongst white privileged people, does anyone really believe that peoples regard themselves as agencyless victims and all innocent at that. We celebrate resistance and know our history and know how we have engaged with it.

      The maukish celebration of victimhood is one of the characteristics of fascist culture, with its innocent trembling babies, maidens and thwarted patriots, who face those others who fail to acknowledge their own inferiority, double dealing and malice.
      Non-white people, in my limited experience, do not celebrate or even acknowledge their innocent victimhood, nor do they frame their sense of themselves in life or history by such useless musings, we are actors in history, we dont have low self esteem, even though some may think we should have, perhaps there is a cogent argument to that effect that some one could make about Arabs, I have yet to see it though.

      Claiming to know about a topic, and to have formed considered opinions about things about which you clearly know little or nothing is contemptible, to do so in a veiled attempt to establish something about 'Arabs', 'Islamism', 'Islam' which you seem unable to state explicitly (failure to achieve politically ideal conditions either now or historically?) is the cowardice of the bully, stop making an idiot of yourself.
      since you have reiterated your lame "Holocaust denial" accusation please substantiate it, or acknowledge your dishonesty and retract it. And if I am a "Holocaust denier" how is it that I am still (giving a hostage to fortune) able to post here, the humourlessness, self righteousness, self serving ignorance, sense of entitlement ( what do you think it is to demand the right to pontificate on things you know nothing about) and self regard of the American Progressive Patriot is, much like the reputed stupidity of the average American, apparently impossible to over estimate.

      How you expect to make sense of a penumbra populated by chimera which are more related to your sense of self than to anything out there in the 'real' world, escapes me.

      hope you are ready with your rationalizations of the coming and actual African wars, I have heard that Black people fail to acknowledge the role Black people played in the salve trade, hope that helps, its all such thin stinking gruel.

    • for any one interested might i suggest looking up

      sadek al azm
      link to


      link to

      who can froget "tahalouf al iktaa wal bourgeousie" and "al mourakkab al siyasi al amni al mali" those were the days, or given present realities perhaps not.

      and to keep us up to date, Suzzane, who states the obvious elegantly and patiently,

      Suzzane Kassab: Contemporary Arab Thought: Cultural Critique in Comparative Perspective. CUP.

      "In the struggle for cultural decolonization, the former colonial power or the present neocolonial power, meaning the West in general, has been the main addressee and reference, even when it is being attacked. The exchange has often taken the form of the polemical, apologetic, and rhetorical debate "us versus them." Both the actors in this struggle and the scholars studying it have directed their efforts at a one-to-one confrontation between the given society and the West in isolation from other comparable struggles in other societies of the postcolonial world. Although this isolationist approach is understandable, at least insofar as the actors are concerned given the West’s overwhelming impact on their real and intellectual lives, it has had detrimental effects on both actors and observers. It has accentuated the misunderstanding of these various cultural struggles and facilitated their reduction to some essentialist element or other, be it race, religion, ethnic origin, tradition, or language. In some instances, it has supplied false arguments for an unfounded exceptionalism. This isolationist approach has also prevented an exchange from taking place between peoples of comparable experiences and strivings, thus leaving a whole potential of sharing and learning untapped. Furthermore, it has averted attention from these debates’ decolonization context.

      Only a comparative reading of postcolonial discussions about culture can lay bare their postcolonial conditions and enable us to explore their systemic nature across regions and cultures. The many commonalities found in the cultural debates carried out in linguistically, religiously, culturally, and racially different regions clearly indicate that their issues and problems cannot be due—at least not solely and not deterministically—to the specific language, religion, culture, or race of a given region. Rather, the economic, political, and historical conditions of colonialism and neocolonialism have had and continue to have a most crucial role in producing them and shaping them. Moreover, the comparative perspective enables us to see the particular forms that debates surrounding cultural decolonization take in each region given the region’s particular historical, economic, social, political, and cultural characteristics. It helps clarify the specificities and particular challenges of each setting. Consequently, it can be a powerful tool against the various forms of culturalism, essentialism, and misplaced exceptionalism. Furthermore, bringing together several postcolonial debates can allow for a conversation to emerge between postcolonial thinkers and thus for a cross-pollination to occur among related concerns and kindred projects. By the same token, it can lead postcolonial actors engaged in cultural decolonization to have a wider perspective on their problematics and to grasp better the systemic nature of these problems. As a result, it can help them relinquish an often exclusive and essentialist fixation on the religion, race, and tradition of each of their societies and address the more fundamental nature of the cultural malaise found in the postcolonial predicament.

      More than any other regional debate, the Arab one has remained relatively unknown, misrepresented, isolated, and stigmatized with exceptionalism. It has generally been approached in an essentialist way that reduces its discourses to a certain literate Islamic heritage, with little attention paid to the context and historicity both of the discourses and of the heritage. This essentialist approach has confined the understanding of these discourses to an immanent, ahistorical tradition and has isolated them from other regional discourses. Yet the reading of Arab debates in conjunction with other debates such as the African, the Latin American, the South Asian, the Caribbean, the African American, and the Native American reveals important commonalities and shows that the concerns and patterns of these debates go beyond immanent traditions. Among these commonalities are the search for a thought of one’s own, which implies the search for ways of defining such a thought as well as the need to link ideas to concrete local realities and histories; the importance of contextualizing Western thought and of determining the parameters of the universal and the particular; the unveiling of the role of expanding capitalism and conquest in what is presented as "universal" thought; the importance of distinguishing fake Eurocentric universalism from the principles of universal reason; the concern with the pitfalls of self-affirmation manifested in chauvinism, parochialism, and the cult of difference; the caution against a culturalist-idealist understanding of the cultural malaise, oblivious of the global political and economic aspects of the dependency problematic; the challenges of traditionalization and modernization in the project of cultural decolonization; the need to ponder the place of gender in these questions of postcolonial cultural malaise and the call to rethink authenticity, cultural loyalty, and the nationalist community from a gender perspective; the necessity of double critique in the struggle against both external and regional hegemonic forces, on the one hand, and the internal repression and authoritarianism in postcolonial states, on the other; and, finally, the indispensable need for democracy as well as individual and civil liberties. In all these debates, the quest for a liberated, empowered, and distinct sense of self dominates, checked by a whole array of intellectual, cultural, economic, political, and often military challenges. This book examines contemporary Arab debates on culture from this broad perspective, benefiting from the wider, comparative understanding of the nature of these debates. The comparative reading sheds new light on the motivations, purposes, structures, and challenges of these postcolonial discussions of culture.

      This work is not a comprehensive intellectual history of the post-1967 era, but an examination of its cultural debates. It breaks new ground in the understanding of contemporary Arab intellectual life by viewing it from three original perspectives: first, it focuses on the self-reflective critical turn at a time when attention has almost exclusively been devoted to the ideological side of this intellectual life, whether Islamist or nationalist; second, it recognizes and examines the political understanding of the cultural malaise among critical thinkers, an understanding that has been systematically overshadowed by both actors’ and observers’ culturalist reading of the malaise; and third, it breaks the isolation in which the production and study of the Arab debates on culture have been hitherto confined, mainly by putting them in a comparative postcolonial perspective.

      Hence, the main questions the book explores are:

      How has contemporary Arab critique approached questions of cultural malaise? Which issues has it addressed, and what shape has this critique taken?

      To what extent and in what sense have Arab critical thinkers of the post-1967 era seen the cultural crisis as a political one? How old is this political perception of cultural problems in modern Arab thought, and what are its implications for the democratic struggle in the Arab world?

      How do the concerns expressed and approaches adopted in these Arab debates compare with debates in other postcolonial regions of the world, such as Africa and Latin America? What patterns of thought does such a comparison reveal across regions, cultures, religions, and races? What does it tell us about the postcolonial nature of the Arab debates, and what relevance does this telling have for our understanding of contemporary Arab thought?"

      link to

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