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born part Arab part Scots/Irish, worked in training ulema for the european environment/ journalist broadcaster for many years working mainly for bbc. From a faction of euro-islam much favored by the establishment, writer etc nothing really of interest may as well move along.

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  • Two desperate anti-Semitism charges, from Foxman and Boteach
    • Hi puppies, since Red Ken, Qaradawi et al came up I thought you may be interested in the following, there is a lot more both pro and anti its a leftist site so argument, as in Islam, is the norm.

      Robert Parry Qaradawi is welcome

      link to

      Ken explains himself

      link to

      you can read Thatchell and others reply at the what next journal site on the left politics page, where those two links come from.

      and the comic strips GLC: the carnage continues

  • Simon Schama's Israel whitewash
    • As was Captain (Robert Falcon) Scott, of whom one Oxon said "Quaesivit arcana poli videt dei", and then sniggered up his sleeve, with a little tweeking it would be a great Barack motto.

      ( He sought the secret of the Pole but found the hidden face of God)

      One of his guys, an Iniskillen Dragoons man Laurence Titus Oates, committted suicide with that famous British sangfroid walking out of his tent to his death in a raging arctic blizzard he informed his doomed comrades "I am going outside and I may be rather a long time" very very Cambridge where heroic failure is preferable to success. They took ponies to the Pole, Amundsen took dogs, and Shackleton lost not a single man, both very Oxford (not really but this is Schamhistory)

      Scotts last testament was "For Godsake look after our people"

      Costly mistakes must be paid for, as I am sure we are all about to find out.

    • Paul Johnson ( amateur and nut-case), Andrew Roberts, Niall Ferguson, Simon Schama, Dan Snow, its a lineage of Imperial historians.

      The Imperial Archive: Knowledge and the Fantasy of Empire:
      by Thomas Richards

      This is very good combining litcrit with the much maligned information theory, you can read the intro etc for free.

      link to

      Oxford and Empire
      The Last Lost Cause?
      Richard Symonds
      Clarendon Press
      392 pages | 16 pp plates, tables | 216x138mm
      978-0-19-820300-1 | Paperback | 18 June 1992
      Price: £38.00

      "Wherever he went in the Empire, Cecil Rhodes observed, he found Oxford men on top. This scholarly and entertaining book examines how and why Oxford dominated Imperial policy and administration through its network of classical graduates; how Oxford's Imperialists and anti-Imperialists conducted their arguments in light of the history of Greece and Rome; and how proconsuls, missionaries, and teachers carried her traditions abroad. The conflicting hopes of what various groups in the University sought to obtain in the name of Empire are explored as well as the often bewildering impact of Oxford on the colonials who went there to study."

      link to

      Dan Snow the next great historian: he is very well connected.

      link to

  • 66 years ago today 42 members of my family were slaughtered in Deir Yassin
    • 1890, you have some objection to accuracy? 25 US soldiers died, trumped up by whom? magical thinking would dignify your lame schtick.

      "While these discussions proceeded in the Lakota camp, a number of Indians began singing Ghost Dance songs, with some rising to throw handfuls of dirt in the air. The troops who surrounded them perceived the singing and dirt throwing as signals to attack, and at this tense moment the fuse was lit. A man named Black Coyote (sometimes called Black Fox) refused to surrender his rifle to a soldier. The two began wrestling over the gun, and in the struggle it discharged. Immediately the nervous troops began firing, while the Miniconjous retrieved their weapons and returned fire. The military's rifle fire was complemented with cannon rounds from Hotchkiss guns, whose accuracy and exploding shells were formidable. The outnumbered and outgunned Lakotas fled, and for several hours intermittent gunfire continued, with the military in pursuit. Bodies were found as far away as three miles from the camp. Firing ceased, and by midafternoon the troops had gathered up their dead and wounded, as well as Lakota wounded, and returned to Pine Ridge Agency. The fear of a reprisal attack kept troops and civilians entrenched at the agency until January 3, 1891, when a military-escorted civilian burial party proceeded to the site of the massacre. There they buried 146 Lakotas in a single mass grave. Other dead were accounted for later, bringing the total to more than 250 Lakotas; the Seventh Cavalry lost twenty-five men."

      link to

    • Judge for yourself
      HET UK
      link to

      link to

      UNESCO "why teach the Holocaust"
      link to

  • Brandeis retracts plan to honor anti-Muslim activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali
    • It is important to distinguish between infibulation and "pharaonic" female circumcision, which involves a trimming of the labia, no more. My family, as one of their peculiarities, do not practice female circumcision at all, its the scholars in the family who denounce it. In Egypt it is often done in the manner of an African rite of passage, ie at just post puberty, and is very common, I guess 80 to 90%, Coptic women also (and Coptic men of course), since it predates Islam in Egypt, the Hebrews learned it in Egypt, so they say

      Scholars: some support it, with frankly stupid and revolting arguments, as to infibulation, which involves removal of the clitoris and the sewing up of the vaginal opening, I would guess pretty much all Somali women have under gone it, it causes a lot of problems for them.

      While female circumcision is technically rejected in Islam its one of the oldest human operations and no one knows when it started or what its purpose was, I have heard Somali's explain that without it women would be unable to control themselves, and that Somali men prefer "dry" sex, I never pursued them for a full explanation of what that is.

      It is practiced across a large swathe of Africa by Christians, Animists and Muslims, and in fact has been carried by some Arabs all the way out to the Far East, not sure of the figures but I know it is has been adopted by some Malays, for example, but is not that widespread in the Far East, India or Pakistan.

      Egyptian women I have spoken too explained to my blushing face that they didnt want to be like a man with stuff swinging between their legs, but that they wished to be smooth like silk, Egyptian women can very forthright on matters of sex and sexual hygiene and demand satisfaction and admiration.

      Where i lived in Africa almost everyone had facial scarification, everyone from the poorest to the lords of the land,

      link to

      Africans living in the UK were prosecuted when they took their kids home and returned with them scarred, i lived in mainly Maguzawa Hausa areas, but the Fulani, nomadic herders, practiced male circumcision in the manner of an African rite of passage, meaning large groups of boys between 14-18, form a line and guy seizes their penis and cuts off the foreskin with a rusty piece of a razor with no anesthetic and heaven help the boy who shows the merest sign of discomfort or the slightest flinch, people have been doing it for the last several thousand years, it is very deeply entrenched.

      In 1928 Al-Azhar formally 'outlawed' it, to no effect whatsoever, there are Somali groups campaigning against infibulation as it often leads to post partum problems and many other deleterious effects for the women, people do it because they always have. MS Tantawi reiterated the condemnation during his tenure and also banned the niqab at Al-Azhar.

      I was circumcised at 8 days but have seen Egyptian boys done at 7 years of age, when it is quite traumatic, I was present during one performed in the late '70's, under general anesthetic at the University Hospital Cairo on a 7 year old, it was not easy for the little boy after putting him out the surgeon used a pair of bone cutters to drive blood out of the tissue before he removed the foreskin, its pretty rough.

      The medical stuff about lower rates of cervical and penile cancer amongst Muslims and Jews may be true, as a support for the use the knife on men, it doesnt impress me, i know of no proposed medical benefits from the female operation.

      Both my sons were circumcised at a few days, my daughters are intact. Its not an easy position to be in as the parent of a Muslim boy, the pressure is intense, thats not a problem for me, but in the end I felt that, one son born in the 80's and one in the '90's, since white society accepts male circ: should they wish to be Muslims later in life or marry a Muslim woman not being done could very difficult for them, other than that i am ok with the guilt, and one wouldn't want to be mistaken for a Kafir obviously.

  • Zionism has distorted American Jewish life
    • "It's brainwashing"

      Judah Ibni Quraysh (Muslim Arabs are intrigued by his name) would undoubtedly agree with you, he discovered "Semitic" some centuries before that German dude, the greatest threat he faced during his life was that Jews may not sufficiently study the Targumim and thus misconstrue Biblical Aramaicisms, a dire threat no doubt.

  • 'The struggle for Palestinian liberation has become a mainstream global civil rights movement of our time': CUNY panel discusses the BDS movement
    • "BrianEsker is trying to earn a bonus for venom" really?

      I read it as cry for help

      "Normal, sane, people" that, clinches, it, ,,

      "just wont buy it" is witty, given the subject matter, though sadly reflective of his loss of confidence and

      "They know its all a pack of lies" is affecting, sometimes the straight road is the hardest to navigate.

  • Narendra Modi, a politician who presided over anti-Muslim pogrom, may be India's next leader, and U.S. cozies up to him
    • " India has to appease Muslim by banning Rushdie"

      As to Rushdie, my employer at the time, a well known Sheikh, famously said that he would shelter Rushdie in his own house, post Iranian fatwa.

      Incidentally there was a model for the "satanic verses" the well known Rangila Rasul. The Sikh reader penguin employed to look at text warned them of the problems would pose in India/Pakistan, as the afore mentioned Rangila Rasul was part of a culture of mutual denunciation that sections of the Indian population had been in to for a few decades.

      link to

      Saudi money had been spent on getting Pakistani's to protest, in fashions that caused them terrible problems for years to come when Khomeini stole Saudi's thunder at a cost of 0 GBP, the Saudi's were pissed, we laughed, while also regretting how the stupid "controversy" caused by the foolish actions of the Muslim community in the UK cost us dearly in terms of wider relationships with other religious and secular groups, the then Bishop of Oxford, with whom we had enjoyed a cordial friendship, never forgave the Muslims and was scathing in his denunciations of our intolerance and stupidity.

      However when I met with a group of Northern British Pakistani (Kashmiri) youth, I was quite impressed with them but their political and social objectives were all dominated by local concerns and the need to organize the community around these issues was given great impetus by using the 'hurt' around Satanic Verses as a galvanising issue, they never forgave us for our position and for the next decade or so were forever attacking our lack of fervour, but as the disastrous results of the booking burning and lurid Iranian threats became apparent, they quietly fell in behind our conciliatory approach, so in the end we benefited from the controversy in internal terms despite its huge costs in terms external relations. 911 plunged us in to further problems with our community much of it around the Hijab crap some guys are in to.

    • "Dissatisfaction over the reluctance of the Government of India to vigorously take up such issues with other Governments gave rise to a feeling among some of the Sikh residents of the UK, the US and Canada that only by creating an independent State for the Sikhs would they be able to have their religious rights protected. A group of Sikh bus drivers and conductors in the UK formed an organization called the Sikh Home Rule Movement under the leadership of one Charan Singh Panchi. Some well-to-do Sikh farmers in the US floated an organization called the United Sikh Appeal, which was modeled after the United Jewish Appeal, which had actively supported the rights of the Jewish people and worked for an independent State of Israel. However, the majority of the Sikh communities in the West kept away from these organizations. They did not support the idea of an independent Sikh State.

      Before the India-Pakistan war of 1971, Dr. Jagjit Singh Chauhan, who had served for a few months between 1967 and 1969 as the Deputy Speaker of the Punjab Assembly and then as the Finance Minister of Punjab, went to London, joined the Sikh Home Rule Movement, took over its leadership and re-named it as the Khalistan movement. He wanted that the independent Sikh State to be created in Punjab should be named as Khalistan. Even before his arrival in the UK, the Pakistani High Commission and the US Embassy in London were in touch with the activists of the Sikh Home Rule Movement. They established contact with Chauhan after his arrival and started encouraging his propaganda against the Government of India in order to embarrass Indira Gandhi. Gen. Yahya Khan, Pakistan’s military dictator, invited him to Pakistan. He was received warmly and lionized as the leader of the Indian Sikh community even though he had no following in the Sikh community of Punjab. During his visit to Pakistan, the Pakistani authorities presented to him some of the Sikh holy relics kept in the gurudwaras of Pakistan. He took them with him to the UK and sought to use them in order to project himself as a leader, who could protect the religious interests of the Sikhs.

      Before the outbreak of the war in December, 1971, the R&AW, on the instructions of Indira Gandhi, had started a PSYWAR campaign to highlight the violation of the human rights of the people of East Pakistan and the resulting refugee exodus into India. The CIA and the ISI sought to counter this by starting a PSYWAR campaign on the alleged violation of the human rights of the Sikhs in India and the indifferent attitude of the Government of India to the problems of the Sikhs living abroad. Chauhan visited New York and met the local media and others in order to brief them on the Khalistan movement. These meetings were discreetly arranged by some members of the staff of the US National Security Council Secretariat, then headed by Dr.Henry Kissinger. On October 13, 1971, he had an advertisement published in the “New York Times” proclaiming the beginning of a movement for an independent Sikh State. Enquiries made by the R&AW indicated that the Pakistani Embassy in Washington DC had paid for this advertisement. This PSYWAR campaign against India and Indira Gandhi on the question of the alleged violation of the human rights of the Sikhs continued till 1977. When Indira Gandhi lost the elections in 1977 and was replaced by Morarji Desai, this campaign was abruptly discontinued by the CIA and the ISI. Dr. Chauhan returned to India and stopped campaigning for the creation of the so-called Khalistan."

      link to

      Of course also recalling the famous blood telegram of TJ Bass blaming Nixon and Kissinger for supporting Yahya Khan's genocide in East Pakistan, the carnage was so extreme as to force US diplomats to openly disagree with the Administration policy.

      It was India's victory in East Pakistan/Bengal which established her as the emerging regional hegemon, Gandhi's tilt toward the USSR and non-aligned stance which irritated Washington previously now turned hostility to aggression. B. Raman has written "Kao-boys of the Research and Analysis Wing" Kao being Gandhi's intel adviser, which covers a good deal of the crisis up to and subsequent to operation Bluestar, the storming of the Golden temple and killing of Bhindranwale and his loyalists.

      and further stuff about the '71 war, resulting from the Awami's leagues victory, and US/UK involvement in the war.

      "Meanwhile, Soviet intelligence reported that a British naval group led by the aircraft carrier Eagle had moved closer to India’s territorial waters. This was perhaps one of the most ironic events in modern history where the Western world’s two leading democracies were threatening the world’s largest democracy in order to protect the perpetrators of the largest genocide since the Holocaust in Nazi Germany. However, India did not panic. It quietly sent Moscow a request to activate a secret provision of the Indo-Soviet security treaty, under which Russia was bound to defend India in case of any external aggression."

      link to

      Also American funding for the Hidutva movement is quite extensive, as a quick google will confirm. The slaughter of 300k odd and displacement of 10 million, 80% estimated to be Hindu led the Indian state to panic, in fact they supressed infromation about the confessional status up of the refugees for fear of widespread disorder which would have suited America, recalling the infamous Coupland plan to Balkanise India in to competing confessional states.

      In terms of Inter-communal violence in India 1857 is the key date, link is to

      "The Paradoxes of Ethnographic Intelligence a case study of British India"

      which is interesting in and of itself.

      "Ever since 1857, it had been official policy to promote divisiveness between Hindus and Muslims. The idea was to depict the imperial power as a stabilizing force in India. A key plank of the Government's anti-Congress strategy was the Muslim League, set up in 1905 to promote pro-British views. The League was intended to be a counter-weight to the Congress.60 Its leadership was suspicious of the latter's demands for democratic governance, anticipating that numerical superiority would give Hindus control over any political dispensation. However, this did not automatically make them advocates of continued British rule over India. It just meant that they would not accept a Congress Government ruling over Muslim majority regions.61 Unlike in 1857, internal rivalries between the Indians did not lend themselves to advancing British objectives. This paper will now explain why British officialdom misread the political dynamics of India so badly as to lose the country. "

      link to

  • 'A Painful Price': The escalating war on Palestine solidarity at U of Michigan and beyond
    • "Maybe some Christians would also be on the Muslim side" making it the Arab or Palestinian "side", Christianity is not recessive, as far as I know.

  • It's the borders, stupid
    • he was in a small way the Hebrew, which he didnt speak well, Horace, according to myth, and could have been the headmaster of Hogwarts, with a touch of telirium dremens.

  • Let Pollard go. But first get answers from Tel Aviv
    • perhaps the US could exchange Pollard with itself for Sirhan Sirhan, on behalf of Israel, everybody wins.

  • A British Jew warns US Jewish orgs to heed rapidly-shifting world opinion
    • The foot soldiers of the Protestant ascendency (sorry Harry) in NI were drawn from the extensive working class Protestant community.

      While the IRA volunteers were given a more or less Marxist political education and were inculcated with a fairly severe revolutionary discipline ( for an example see this BBC documentary about the H block protests and compare and contrast the IRA prisoners with the Protestant para-military prisoners ) Johny 'Mad Dog' Adair became their poster boy.

      link to

      and re Adair
      link to

  • 'The clash of civilizations’ theory is absolutely and completely dead
    • I provide this memri link to list of excerts because it contains some interesting stuff, quite funny too if you have an Arab sense of humour. thank you Memri, there is an element, one might say, of mild Arab self criticism, any way i enjoyed it:

    • a friend Dr. Scharbrodt has written a comparative study of Abduh and the Bab, he uses webberian ideas, because he's German, I guess.

      Islam and the Baha'i Faith: A Comparative Study of Muhammad 'Abduh and 'Abdul-Baha 'Abbas (paperback).
      Oliver Scharbrodt (2011) Islam and the Baha'i Faith: A Comparative Study of Muhammad 'Abduh and 'Abdul-Baha 'Abbas (paperback). London: Routledge. [Details]

    • For anyone familiar with the output of "Arab Intellectuals" one is immediately struck by the fact that every one of the reproaches being advanced by the likes of Krauss at self deluding Intellectuals, Islamism, Arabs etc has its origins in the work of "Arab Intellectuals", some of them such well known tropes i even know the very first article or book where some of these things first appeared as reproaches to both society at large and the establishment.

      So obviously reading people marginally better educated than himself, though not perhaps as honest about their sources or the explanatory frameworks from which they wrested these ideas as they might be, and there is a lot more besides, i provided a link above. Anyone familiar with the literature and actual out put of 'Arab Intellectuals' can tell you have read nothing, so having such strong opinions is the definition of prejudice, stupidity and bad faith.

      Anyone familiar with anti-colonial literature, theory, historical analyses etc in actuality rather than through bland and meaningless generalized statements about what "intellectuals" fail to realize, is struck by the ferocious self criticism of Arab analysis in comparison to Indian and other discourses, its resistance to mythologized nostalgia ( in the Arab Islamic sphere it has a very specific socio-political meaning) , which is a major theme in Habibi, he picked it up from his social and political milieu.

      Abdu, the first modern Arab Salafist, was so pessimistic about Arab societies ability to transform and defend itself that he advocated for direct rule of Egypt by the western powers, despite his realistic appraisal of western motives and empty rhetoric, not because of any notions about Islamic inferiority or historical guilt (that is a very weak part of your witterings and you know it) etc but because of his awareness of the forces at play in the Egypt of the time and his ferocious critique of the Islamic political traditions. Al 'Azm is pitiless, you rarely see Americans writing in such withering terms about their own societies, perhaps your superiority precludes the necessity.

      The notion that no one knows whats going on in "Islam" is one of the very first things that E. Said discusses in his well known tract "Orientalism".

      Privilege, Victimhood and Takfir

      i have experienced no other environment where 'victimhood' is valorized except amongst white privileged people, does anyone really believe that peoples regard themselves as agencyless victims and all innocent at that. We celebrate resistance and know our history and know how we have engaged with it.

      The maukish celebration of victimhood is one of the characteristics of fascist culture, with its innocent trembling babies, maidens and thwarted patriots, who face those others who fail to acknowledge their own inferiority, double dealing and malice.
      Non-white people, in my limited experience, do not celebrate or even acknowledge their innocent victimhood, nor do they frame their sense of themselves in life or history by such useless musings, we are actors in history, we dont have low self esteem, even though some may think we should have, perhaps there is a cogent argument to that effect that some one could make about Arabs, I have yet to see it though.

      Claiming to know about a topic, and to have formed considered opinions about things about which you clearly know little or nothing is contemptible, to do so in a veiled attempt to establish something about 'Arabs', 'Islamism', 'Islam' which you seem unable to state explicitly (failure to achieve politically ideal conditions either now or historically?) is the cowardice of the bully, stop making an idiot of yourself.
      since you have reiterated your lame "Holocaust denial" accusation please substantiate it, or acknowledge your dishonesty and retract it. And if I am a "Holocaust denier" how is it that I am still (giving a hostage to fortune) able to post here, the humourlessness, self righteousness, self serving ignorance, sense of entitlement ( what do you think it is to demand the right to pontificate on things you know nothing about) and self regard of the American Progressive Patriot is, much like the reputed stupidity of the average American, apparently impossible to over estimate.

      How you expect to make sense of a penumbra populated by chimera which are more related to your sense of self than to anything out there in the 'real' world, escapes me.

      hope you are ready with your rationalizations of the coming and actual African wars, I have heard that Black people fail to acknowledge the role Black people played in the salve trade, hope that helps, its all such thin stinking gruel.

    • for any one interested might i suggest looking up

      sadek al azm
      link to


      link to

      who can froget "tahalouf al iktaa wal bourgeousie" and "al mourakkab al siyasi al amni al mali" those were the days, or given present realities perhaps not.

      and to keep us up to date, Suzzane, who states the obvious elegantly and patiently,

      Suzzane Kassab: Contemporary Arab Thought: Cultural Critique in Comparative Perspective. CUP.

      "In the struggle for cultural decolonization, the former colonial power or the present neocolonial power, meaning the West in general, has been the main addressee and reference, even when it is being attacked. The exchange has often taken the form of the polemical, apologetic, and rhetorical debate "us versus them." Both the actors in this struggle and the scholars studying it have directed their efforts at a one-to-one confrontation between the given society and the West in isolation from other comparable struggles in other societies of the postcolonial world. Although this isolationist approach is understandable, at least insofar as the actors are concerned given the West’s overwhelming impact on their real and intellectual lives, it has had detrimental effects on both actors and observers. It has accentuated the misunderstanding of these various cultural struggles and facilitated their reduction to some essentialist element or other, be it race, religion, ethnic origin, tradition, or language. In some instances, it has supplied false arguments for an unfounded exceptionalism. This isolationist approach has also prevented an exchange from taking place between peoples of comparable experiences and strivings, thus leaving a whole potential of sharing and learning untapped. Furthermore, it has averted attention from these debates’ decolonization context.

      Only a comparative reading of postcolonial discussions about culture can lay bare their postcolonial conditions and enable us to explore their systemic nature across regions and cultures. The many commonalities found in the cultural debates carried out in linguistically, religiously, culturally, and racially different regions clearly indicate that their issues and problems cannot be due—at least not solely and not deterministically—to the specific language, religion, culture, or race of a given region. Rather, the economic, political, and historical conditions of colonialism and neocolonialism have had and continue to have a most crucial role in producing them and shaping them. Moreover, the comparative perspective enables us to see the particular forms that debates surrounding cultural decolonization take in each region given the region’s particular historical, economic, social, political, and cultural characteristics. It helps clarify the specificities and particular challenges of each setting. Consequently, it can be a powerful tool against the various forms of culturalism, essentialism, and misplaced exceptionalism. Furthermore, bringing together several postcolonial debates can allow for a conversation to emerge between postcolonial thinkers and thus for a cross-pollination to occur among related concerns and kindred projects. By the same token, it can lead postcolonial actors engaged in cultural decolonization to have a wider perspective on their problematics and to grasp better the systemic nature of these problems. As a result, it can help them relinquish an often exclusive and essentialist fixation on the religion, race, and tradition of each of their societies and address the more fundamental nature of the cultural malaise found in the postcolonial predicament.

      More than any other regional debate, the Arab one has remained relatively unknown, misrepresented, isolated, and stigmatized with exceptionalism. It has generally been approached in an essentialist way that reduces its discourses to a certain literate Islamic heritage, with little attention paid to the context and historicity both of the discourses and of the heritage. This essentialist approach has confined the understanding of these discourses to an immanent, ahistorical tradition and has isolated them from other regional discourses. Yet the reading of Arab debates in conjunction with other debates such as the African, the Latin American, the South Asian, the Caribbean, the African American, and the Native American reveals important commonalities and shows that the concerns and patterns of these debates go beyond immanent traditions. Among these commonalities are the search for a thought of one’s own, which implies the search for ways of defining such a thought as well as the need to link ideas to concrete local realities and histories; the importance of contextualizing Western thought and of determining the parameters of the universal and the particular; the unveiling of the role of expanding capitalism and conquest in what is presented as "universal" thought; the importance of distinguishing fake Eurocentric universalism from the principles of universal reason; the concern with the pitfalls of self-affirmation manifested in chauvinism, parochialism, and the cult of difference; the caution against a culturalist-idealist understanding of the cultural malaise, oblivious of the global political and economic aspects of the dependency problematic; the challenges of traditionalization and modernization in the project of cultural decolonization; the need to ponder the place of gender in these questions of postcolonial cultural malaise and the call to rethink authenticity, cultural loyalty, and the nationalist community from a gender perspective; the necessity of double critique in the struggle against both external and regional hegemonic forces, on the one hand, and the internal repression and authoritarianism in postcolonial states, on the other; and, finally, the indispensable need for democracy as well as individual and civil liberties. In all these debates, the quest for a liberated, empowered, and distinct sense of self dominates, checked by a whole array of intellectual, cultural, economic, political, and often military challenges. This book examines contemporary Arab debates on culture from this broad perspective, benefiting from the wider, comparative understanding of the nature of these debates. The comparative reading sheds new light on the motivations, purposes, structures, and challenges of these postcolonial discussions of culture.

      This work is not a comprehensive intellectual history of the post-1967 era, but an examination of its cultural debates. It breaks new ground in the understanding of contemporary Arab intellectual life by viewing it from three original perspectives: first, it focuses on the self-reflective critical turn at a time when attention has almost exclusively been devoted to the ideological side of this intellectual life, whether Islamist or nationalist; second, it recognizes and examines the political understanding of the cultural malaise among critical thinkers, an understanding that has been systematically overshadowed by both actors’ and observers’ culturalist reading of the malaise; and third, it breaks the isolation in which the production and study of the Arab debates on culture have been hitherto confined, mainly by putting them in a comparative postcolonial perspective.

      Hence, the main questions the book explores are:

      How has contemporary Arab critique approached questions of cultural malaise? Which issues has it addressed, and what shape has this critique taken?

      To what extent and in what sense have Arab critical thinkers of the post-1967 era seen the cultural crisis as a political one? How old is this political perception of cultural problems in modern Arab thought, and what are its implications for the democratic struggle in the Arab world?

      How do the concerns expressed and approaches adopted in these Arab debates compare with debates in other postcolonial regions of the world, such as Africa and Latin America? What patterns of thought does such a comparison reveal across regions, cultures, religions, and races? What does it tell us about the postcolonial nature of the Arab debates, and what relevance does this telling have for our understanding of contemporary Arab thought?"

      link to

    • Page: 6
  • BDS' big night: Loyola student government passes divestment, U. Mich votes it down
    • "One can also see from a 1948 news report in Time magazine that the Palestinian exodus was due in part to orders to leave given by Arab leaders (the original Israeli narrative):"

      ah yes there is the spectator correspondence between Childers and Kimche and others, see how you think the 'original narrative' fares,

      link to

  • Lockerbie: 25 years of geopolitics over truth
    • "Six months before Lockerbie, a U.S. Navy ship engaging in unnecessarily provocative games in the Mediterranean had mistaken an Iranian civilian airliner as a threatening military response and shot it down, killing all 290 aboard."

      Chomsky, wrote in a letter from Lexington from 1992

      "We might ask how the news columns can be so sure that the downing of the plane was "accidental." Not everyone agrees. There is, for example, US Navy Commander David Carlson, who "wondered aloud in disbelief" as he observed from his nearby vessel as the Vincennes shot down what was obviously a civilian airliner in a commercial corridor, perhaps out of "a need to prove the viability of Aegis," its high tech missile system (Carlson, U.S. Naval Institute Proceedings, Sept. 1989). The Commander of the Vincennes did not go unpunished. In April 1990, George Bush conferred upon him the Legion of Merit award (along with the officer in charge of anti-air warfare) for "exceptionally meritorious conduct in the performance of outstanding service" and for the "calm and professional atmosphere" under his command during the period when the airliner was shot down. "The tragedy isn't mentioned in the texts of the citations," AP reported. The media kept a dutiful silence -- at home, that is. In the less disciplined Third World, the facts were reported in reviews of US terrorism (AP, April 23, 1990; Third World Resurgence, Malaysia, Oct. 1990).

      Iran called on the World Court to order reparations for the crime. In March 1991, Washington once again -- as in the case of its terrorist war against Nicaragua -- rejected World Court jurisdiction (Chicago Tribune, March 6, 1991). Commentators here were too mesmerized by our noble defense of international law in the Gulf to notice.

      In Britain, the director of a leading academic Research Institute for the Study of Terrorism responded sharply to a challenge to the US right to demand that Libya hand over the Lockerbie bombers in the light of the Iranian airbus tragedy and US atrocities generally. The "arguments are specious," he declared loftily. In the former case, the US government "admitted to the tragic error" and "at least offered some compensation to the victims' families"; and the fact that "the US has been a belligerent in a number of wars in which many have been killed...does not justify attacks on innocent civilians" (Manchester Guardian Weekly, Dec. 8, 1991). The first response omits a few pertinent facts. The second is correct, in the sense that the USSR was a "belligerent in a war in which many were killed" in Afghanistan, as was Hitler in France, Japan in Manchuria, etc. No surprises here. Like Walter Laqueur and other respectable scholars, and their counterparts in totalitarian states, the author adheres to the convention that terrorism and aggression count as such when attributable to official enemies, while crimes conducted by the states one serves are exempt from such categories (on the "scholarly" record, see E.S. Herman and G. O'Sullivan, The Terrorism Industry (Pantheon 1990), A. George, ed., Western State Terrorism (Polity 1991), and sources cited).

      Foreign Minister Hurd follows the same conventions. Needless to say, atrocities carried out by the UK or the boss in Washington do not count as "fiendish acts of wickedness." The same is true of favored friends such as Saddam Hussein or General Suharto. Thus in February 1990, when the White House was rebuffing Iraqi democrats calling for parliamentary democracy in Iraq, the British Foreign Office cooperated by impeding their efforts to condemn Iraqi terror, for fear that it might harm Anglo-Iraqi relations. Two months later, after the execution of London Observer correspondent Farzad Bazoft and other atrocities, Hurd reiterated the need to maintain good relations with Iraq.

      A few months later, when Saddam committed his sole crime (disobeying orders), we were treated to much uplifting rhetoric about the sanctity of international law and the newly-discovered principle that aggressors must be brutally punished without negotiation. Meanwhile, Indonesia used the occasion to launch another major military operation in the annexed territory of East Timor, where its near-genocidal campaign far surpassed the horrors of Iraq's invasion of Kuwait. Britain again offered its cooperation. British Aerospace entered into new arrangements to sell Indonesia jet fighters along with co-production arrangements, "what could turn out to be one of the largest arms packages any company has sold to an Asean country," the Far Eastern Economic Review reported (July 25, 1991), while atrocities mounted and Australia firmed up its new agreement with Indonesia to rob Timorese oil. Western civilization does not lack eloquent spokespersons. "
      link to

  • Israel is now attempting to 'de-Arabize' Palestinian Christians, but in the 1950s it was Jews from the Middle East
    • and as to the Jizya, 1stly did Jews and Christians pay Zakat?

      and many Muslims also paid the Jizya and they had to pay Zakat as well, how can that be? some one who had taken the trouble to study the subject would know. You clearly have a bug up your arse but havent even bothered to read any scholarly treatments, as always Sterns "Fatimid decrees" is a good place to start, or any scholarly work.

    • "Still, the jizya tax in the Islamic world is only the beginning. Non-muslims were incorporated only as servants with the ultimate aim of conversion over the longer time horizon. And today, the region is more intolerant than ever of ethnic and religious minorities."

      "we do nobody a favor by writing outright delusional claims about the Arab muslim world" well, how apposite, how nice you doing us all a favour.

      and yet Arnold E Franklin who studies the medieval Muslim world seems to have missed it,

      "Davidic descendants were a source of national pride for the Jews as a whole. They derived a kind of “collective, vicarious legitimization from the biblical lineages we have been documenting”.[4] We encounter enthusiasm for biblical lineages by those with little or nothing to gain from them. Jews sought proximity to Davidic dynasts and welcomed their visits.

      This pride was refracted off the Muslims. It was important how the Muslims related to them. As Benjamin of Tudela points out, the exilarch was greeted by the Muslims in Baghdad with the cry: “make way for our lord, the son of David”. In this way the Jews experienced “a kind of collective ennoblement through their proximity to members of their own noble, pure, and prophetic lineage”.[5]

      One reservation that I have relates to the place of the priests in this picture. As Franklin fully recognises, in communal politics they shared centre-stage with the Davidic dynasty. But in the scheme of this book they have been largely consigned to the margins. Furthermore, the continuity from pre-Islamic times is a little more pronounced with respect to the priesthood than Franklin explains. Polemical contestation between Davidic dynasts and priests appears in the post-Mishnaic rabbinic literature.[6] Jewish society also seems have been cultivating a preference for priestly lineage in its communal leadership offices and elsewhere already in the pre-Islamic era.[7] Although Franklin has preferred a monarchical model, focusing on the pre-eminence of the Davidic line in imitation of the ‘Alids, the fundamentally diarchical character of Jewish politics deserves more consideration.

      In sum, this erudite and highly readable volume is impressive in its mastery and exposition of such diverse and complex sources. More significantly, in its genealogical shift it makes a vital contribution to our understanding of Near Eastern medieval Jewish society, and particularly to our appreciation of the depth of the Jewish-Arab symbiosis."

      link to

    • stuff like this, debased indeed,

    • ok so if they can de-arabise the Chrisitians can we re-arabise the Irish.

      In his 1977 film Poitin, the first entire film in Gealic, Quinn, who was nursing a theory, has a brief scene where the immortal Niall Toibin turns on a radio and then dances to the Jig that is being played, not one person noticed that the music was not in fact an irish jig but a piece of Moroccan traditional music, and thus the Atlatean project was launched.

      "The project began innocently enough when, nearly thirty years ago, an Irish film maker, Bob Quinn, set out to show that the singing style of his neighbours in Gaelic-speaking Conamara in the West of Ireland was much more than a debased and incomprehensible version of ballad-singing - which was the attitude of anglophones.

      Over the following thirty years he showed how similar it was to North African and Afro-Asian singing and daringly went on to discover historic, religious, artistic, archaeological and linguistic similarities with Hamito-Semitic cultures."

      link to

  • Conservatives for Palestine
    • As I am not given to rational well thought out posts let me Start by saying that what links you, Krauss and T0kyoBK is, obviously, youth and privilege.

      two things, how did your study of the Holocaust and the diary of Anne Frank inform your decision to write:

      "Sans oil exports, the Arab world exports about as much as Finland, a country of 5 million, in terms of value in GDP. The amount of literature being translated into Arabic is miniscule compared to the overall population."

      As to "friend" you condescending little prig you are no friend of mine and on to,

      "The rise of Islamism all over the region will not exactly help liberal democracy flourish or liberal values for that matter. But let's blame Britain! This is hilarious, and sad at the same time, for it is so typical of the Arab world today to blame everything and everyone but where the blame actually belongs: itself." the article was not authored by the Arab world, but one Nu'man Abd al-Walid stands for all, i suppose they are all like that, you must be so tired of Arab whining.


      a recent Comres poll found that 59% in the UK estimated all Iraqis deaths as a result of the 2003 war in 2013 at less then 10,000, many of whom will not be Holocaust deniers and like me will have studied Anne Frank at school, I am too old for Holocaust education, but I was involved in reviewing the texts books used on these course for kids 11-14years in the London Borough of Brent back in the day, say about early '90's

      What is the purpose of Holocaust remembrance how does it function in the overall discourse on racism, imperialism and why is your stomach so sensitive when you are able to write racist diatribes like the above, do they do Britain in the Arab world in Holocaust studies? or would that revolt you?

      by the way your, to paraphrase, "we really fucked up the Africans and you dont hear them whining like Arabs" was one of the bright spots for me in the last few weeks, is that what you draw from Anne's wonderful little book?

    • what is the "reality of the Holocaust" and what does it imply, what is derived from studying the Diary of Anne Frank in America that could not be better served by teaching from say "Soledad Brother" or "Black Elk Speaks"?

  • 'Netanyahu is a Nazi': Scenes from an Orthodox anti-military draft protest in Jerusalem
    • "Jews and Christians aren’t the only one with skeletons in their closets, but at least they can talk about them and question them without dreading the knock at the door."

      but the Muslim Arab world is ruled by Islamic skeletons, or what skeletons do you mean, they came out sometime ago. Are there still some left in there, shit! you may know of ones of which I am unaware. Knock on the door, whats with the understatement, its the being beheaded with a penknife which pisses me off.

      do i understand to you to be saying that if you say something "critical" about Islam or refer to one of these "skeletons" you fear what exactly? Christians and Jews of whatever ethnicity have nothing on Muslims (by birth) when it comes to denouncing Islam, sometimes we get stabbed etc for it, unfortunate but what you going to do? assert our inferiority?

      The thing is if you fall for this Zionism is a Jewish conspiracy reductionism the above events are inexplicable, but since it now has a state Judaism exists in a number of ways, as it always has but now one of them is as a state and Zionism (in Israel at least) is going to have to co-opt them all. You have all the state Rabbi's etc and the more organic non-state groups who have a more semi-detached relationship with the state than other Israeli Jews. If Israel is in fact the Jewish state then surely she should support the activity of exclusively studying the Torah, so it has to do with who defines not Jewishness but the core Judaism , and Zionism is going to have to subsume Judaism within itself if it is avoid conflicts with other loci of Jewish authority, and as a Muslim I have to say welcome to the party, now your sorrows have really begun. You notice the takfiri tendencies of some Zionist commentators here, its inevitable and these conflicts will be explained in doctrinal religious terms whatever their underlying and proximate causes, I wonder how long before Israeli Jews can produce exemplary Zealots like us one can only hope that they dont run of out Palestinians and Arabs too soon.

      anyway I have enjoyed this thread though i do worry that i am little more than an off topic bore but thanks i enjoyed it Walid, remembering of course that anathematization and excommunication is never far off from any of us, if its not Islam its the bloody left or patriots, to be fair Rabbi's deserve their turn at this grim game.

    • Piotr: yes, Deoband and Bareilly are towns in India and the Barelvi's emerged as a reaction against the Deoband Madrassa, as to connections, well the remnant of the Muwahhidun Ikwan who after the second or third time the Ottomans exterminated them sought refuge in Deoband, where the British quartered them, so the story goes.

      As to theological connections well yes obviously the Barelvi's are more specifically Indian, with their emphasis on folk religion, but the Deobandi are also mainly Chistiya Sufi's, i know weird eh, politically they were no less inept than the Deobandi's, the Barelvi's are or were very anti-Hindu and vociferous supporters of the Pakistan movement, despite their cuddly "Sufism", the Deobandi, both groups call themselves the ahle sunnah wal jamaat, to add to the confusion, but the Deobandi's opposed the Pakistan movement and Jinnah, deriving their ideas from Shah Wali Allah, they were more vociferously anti-imperial, and while doctrinally no less anti-Hindu they were more pragmatic politically, like Wali Allah.
      Its a bit complicated and while one would probably expect the Tablighi Jamaat to have been derived from Barelvi thought it along with the Jamiat Ulema e Hind were Deobandi in inspiration, thus explaining why the Tablighi, who are basically Bhakti yoga practitioners are so insolent towards and intolerant of Hinduism, I prepared a report for the UK gov on Muslim movements in the UK in 90's and all were amazed by the Tablighi's intolerance, as there was a feeling that the Tablighi could be used for anti-radicalization exercises because they are seen as anti-salafi, they proselytize only amongst Indo/Pakistanis, ignoring Arabs leaving the Jumma, when i tried to engage them in the plaza of the London Central Mosque they told me to go to hell, not interested in Arabs or strange mishlings/hajeeni's like me.
      I am not sure i understand what you are saying about connections, I mean the British empire certainly links them to the Wahhabi's, so I am not sure what you have discovered. I do hope you dont think that there is some theological logic to all this, its Islam man, lighten up.

      Vivian Ibrahim has written about Mir Awlad Ali in Ireland in the 18oo's, my how things have changed.

      Any one read Hempher?

      link to
      so Akhi, "a Saudi that was chased out of Iraq for his preaching that eventually found refuge in the House of Saud." well wiki is ok on him, he got chased out of Najdi Uyayna too and his brother called him an ignorant fool.

      link to

      well I am off to get drunk, smoke weed and play pool its Friday after all, everyone tells me that i will not survive here without getting intimate with a "pastor" or some such for adminstrative purposes, as a Muslim my choice is the local Saudi trained Sheikh, I cant see us becoming intimate, despite my clubable ways and my life long service to the cause of Islam, my conception of it anyway, several young guys came to ask me to teach them Sufism, I had to tell them "If your Sheikh finds out who I am and that you have spoken to me he will denounce you, you cant afford to be seen with me" and infact it has come to pass so that they dont even salute me on the street, I only get saltations from the Rasta's "guidance" they bless me with and I gratefully receive it.

    • there are many flavours of orthodox, I guess, in the 80's UK my institution
      became, by invitation of the plaintiff, involved in the case of an Orthodox Jewish Police constable in Harrow,

      now he did not work on the Sabbath but was available for Christian Holiday work, sort of balanced out a bit, thing was as an ambitious guy he wished to take the Sargents exam, at the time it was only offered on Saturdays, he said he couldn't make it they told him to fuck off, hence the case, which he won and we provided a statement on general grounds why we supported his position. He wore that taqiyah, topi, yarmulka thing but no ringlets and dressed normally in the man frump style proper to the committed religionist of Abrahamism.

    • obviously i vehemently disagree, but not necessarily on good grounds, I cant think of a significant Sunni figure who has not been accused of Shia sympathies, can you? the brotherhood were a modernising movement explicitly contra-Wahhab,

      I like "ultra-ultra fundamentalist takfiri offshoot that will cut off your head if you refuse to." I had a Moroccan student once who, with some of the class declared me a heretic, they were reprimanded by the old guys and they excluded themselves from my stuff for the rest of the year, then I became an Imam impresario and had loads of gigs to offer, he brazenly befriended me and poached other Imams contracts leading to a very intense freak out when he bullied one lovely African out of an assignment to lead some Black American Muslim followers of Amina Wudud, he physically attacked them when the men and women lined up undivided, he did not complete the course, I got a call from the senior Imam asking who I had sent, I told him, there was a pause "Mustapha went" "oh, how did it go" I asked, "They threw him out, as he seems to be mad" he concluded.

      the hideous link is to some interesting stuff, which i think tends to support what you have written but then be a good witness even it is against yourself as they say, but it gives a feel of the sense of collapse and ferment of those times that al-Banna was addressing, his family and mine have been friends for years and my father could not return to Egypt after '54 until after Nassers death, but he admired Nasser and was always critical, though understanding of al-Banna.

      link to

    • "Since the word is Greek, Muslim would not describe themselves as Orthodox" Greeks and Greek words were unknown to Muslims? dimucratiya? The concept of orthodoxy is of course well known, Orthodoxy has no Islamic meaning, there is a good deal more to the 72 sects stuff, deobandi/barelvi is of course Indian, you dont find Arab deobandis or barelvis,

      "some Barelvis view Wahhabism as a result of a Jewish conspiracy." yes its an embarrassing piece of idiocy, historically of course most Levantines and Arabians have Jewish connections and ancestry historically, why my tribe as well, the " 'Awf", it hasnt caused me to conspire to against Islam, yet.

      link to

    • well Nazi as in national socialist is little disreputable these days, he could think of following Atun Sa'adeh, a Social Nationalist of the SSNP, it avoids all the unpleasantness, though Sa'adeh was tried, in secret and immediately executed. You just have to be so careful.

    • me too, but I cant imagine what that fray might consist of? keeping in mind of course 9.97, and even without delving into the plethora of porno ahadith

      الْأَعْرَابُ أَشَدُّ كُفْرًا وَنِفَاقًا وَأَجْدَرُ أَلَّا يَعْلَمُوا حُدُودَ مَا أَنزَلَ اللَّهُ عَلَىٰ رَسُولِهِ ۗ وَاللَّهُ عَلِيمٌ حَكِيمٌ

      AlaAArabu ashaddu kufran wanifaqan waajdaru alla yaAAlamoo hudooda ma anzala Allahu AAala rasoolihi waAllahu AAaleemun hakeemun
      The Arabs stronger disbelief and hypocrisy and more suited that they not know limits what God revealed His messenger and God knowledgeable, wise.

      well obviously there is going to be confusion, especially amongst Arabs,

      there was at one time an obsessive production of creeds by scholars because no one could be sure of anything, we dont know what we believe and live with indeterminacy, bit like the world as it is experienced, anyone claiming to speak for Islam is a charlatan, in the 30 years or so I spent professionally amongst high level Ulema I recall the constant self deprecating shrugs and the desire avoid any possibility of a positivistic assertion of "correctness" but they were all the old generation trained in the 30's and 40's in the old socratic manner, their Islam was a cool kind of chaos, with room for everyone and thing, how unlike us evolved Muslims of today and our vile certainties and hubristic moralism, foremost in hypocrisy and venality, indeed.

      Still I think the form Orthodox Islam is strange if not actually oxymoronic it feels that way to me, but then what do I know? James may well be right I would like to know what he thinks though, as they say "the journey is the goal".

      Zionism is going to have defeat its main rival which is Judaism, Judaism has proved somewhat resilient over time, in fact there is a hadith through which Islam predicts that Judaism will last till the end of time , well the Quran was right about Rum and Persia, but in the end who knows?

    • what is "orthodox" Islam?

  • State Dept to 'check out' vicious attack on Palestinian athletes
    • "just imagine what would have happened to the players in Saudi Arabia or Mali!” exactly

      also kicking things is inherently violent and yet these are just peaceful 'sportsmen' and yet footballs and bombs are often round, remember the oracle and his UN cartoon, you know i think there is enough reason to doubt the Arab version, and there is that saying about shooting YOURSELF in the foot, this could be an example of that or on the other hand every shell lodged in Zionisms metatarsals.

    • "Medical reports said that Jawhar was shot with 11 bullets, seven in his left foot, three in his right, and one in his left hand. Halabiya was shot once in each foot."
      So they were aiming for their heads?

  • Judith Butler, Rashid Khalidi and over 150 other scholars condemn censorship, intimidation of Israel critics
    • "Why not Y. Gelber and E. Karsh?"

      Because the criterion was fact, not fancy.

    • "Tell me about anything… Just use facts. Verifiable facts" ah facts, hard times indeed,

      "In a famous passage, a visiting official asks Gradgrind's students "Suppose you were going to carpet a room. Would you use a carpet having a representation of flowers upon it?" The character Sissy Jupe replies, ingenuously, that she would because, "If you please, sir, I am very fond of flowers."
      “ "And is that why you would put tables and chairs upon them, and have people walking over them with heavy boots?"

      "It wouldn't hurt them, sir. They wouldn't crush and wither, if you please, sir. They would be the pictures of what was very pretty and pleasant, and I would fancy -"
      "Ay, ay, ay! But you mustn't fancy," cried the gentleman, quite elated by coming so happily to his point. "That's it! You are never to fancy."
      "You are not, Cecilia Jupe," Thomas Gradgrind solemnly repeated, "to do anything of that kind."
      "Fact, fact, fact!" said the gentleman. And "Fact, fact, fact!" repeated Thomas Gradgrind."

  • Poll: If two-states collapse, Americans overwhelmingly favor 'democracy'
    • "Do they build Russian Othodox churches in Israel?" I have read that they do.
      Of course they are fervent supporters of the state which privileges them over the Palestinians, even the Orthodox Christian Palestinians, who have so recently become the objects of the solicitude of that same state, yes settlers are of course fantastic citizens of settler states, they are only ones it really likes whatever their religion or lack thereof.

  • AIPAC reaches out to Christians with morphing Star of David
  • 144 Irish educators pledge boycott-- as Karmi says, We gave up waiting on governments for help
    • You are clearly unfamiliar with the discipline you hold such a dismissive view of, the book most commonly used to introduce the subject of the Irish experience of racism in those dreaded sociology courses is "Racism in the Irish Experience by Steve Garner" , its interesting, but perhaps not to someone who knows how societies actually work, but you can have a free look inside, you may find it stimulating. While broadly sympathetic to not believing in things, its still good to know exactly what you don't believe in.

      link to

    • I met Ronit Lentin when in Ireland, she is a remarkable academic, mostly she was criticized for always bringing up racism, in the integration fora I found myself co-opted into. I tended to her view and she is very active in the movement to support African Asylum seekers in the quest for liveable conditions in Eire. And along with other academics in Ireland, like Karl Kitching and an excellent Palestinian academic, whose name I don't feel able to include, very active in Palestinian support groups.
      Most of the black post grads and researchers I spoke to dreamed of having her as a supervisor, especially those dealing with womens and post-colonial studies, she is a very clear no nonsense speaker.

  • Jewish community commits intellectual suicide before our eyes
    • "Minkowski — another of the greatest minds of the 20th century?" Lithuanian-German,

      Minkowski maintained that Einstein was a poor mathematician, for, I surely am not qualified to hold an opinion, for very interesting reasons a good deal of them to do with the emerging structure of knowledge. Unsure of his authority in terms of "physical things" (Physics, which he acknowledged he knew little of) he got his retaliation in first, pure maths/theoretical science has its politics. But the fact that any one falls for the one genius who transformed all myth ignores the huge social operation that is, say, theoretical physics and maths, in terms of the "Einstein" of Physics history he is in fact a legion, a composite of all who contributed to the creation of this system: Lorentz, Marcel Grossmann, Walter Ritz, Gustav Herglotz, Emil Weichert, Max Born, Adolf Hurwitz, Leo Koningsberger, its a long long list some may be Jewish they were all relatively good at modern mathematics thats what seems to link them and central European intellectual culture and universities, in the end its all yahweh's work so perhaps my premises are wrong. Is one automatically Jewish above a certain IQ score, even the Afrikaners had honorary White status, I think it could be a way to reationalize things.

      the title of Minkowski's work "“Die Grundgleichungen fur die elec- tromagnetischen Vorgange in bewegten Korpern,” (umlauts circumcised out of piety) I know no German but especially Korpern, uttered soto voce on the warm tropical evenings has become a darkly Freudian pleasure.

  • 'Can you tell who is an Arab?' appeal is tax-deductible
    • "I only wonder why Muslims participate in this site aren’t entering the discussion." but surely thats something you know, is there a hadith, perhaps a Sura that would clarify, by the way the blithering stupidity of your marriage restriction Quranic fabulation would be a cause of severe embarrasment, had you any self respect or even a modicum, no even a molecule of knowledge of the subjects you are pontificating about. which makes that "I only wonder.." into a leering seat sniffing piece of repellent abnormality,

      "I only wonder why Muslims participate in this site aren’t entering the discussion." Arab and Muslim are not interchangeable, and dont wonder, despite your creepy solicitude your sense of your own great erudition and import, you are tedious,dishonest, ignorant and uniformed about anything Islamic, why would Muslims want to talk to you? ah of course you have seen their reality, do you sell Almonds?

  • Effort to remove Jews from West Bank is akin to Nazi slaughter -- settler spokesman
    • "Herman Melville noticed over a century ago" have you read Typee, I cant be trusted as regards Melville, I was long ago seduced by his style, Typee is excellent and deals with the same issues from another standpoint. It can be read for free online.

      link to

  • Hell freezes over (NYT publishes glowing profiles of anti-Zionists)
    • I hadnt heard that, I will ask some one. Some of my family are language obsessives, its not always safe to ask, my father had endless debates about such things as, he claimed, an old usage of Leil, as in Leila, meaning beautiful rather than night, but in Egypt we know how to use what few words we have to good effect, so in awe of the paragon Tharwat Attallah I link to:

    • There are all sorts of things that never make it in to the discourse,

      "Before the establishment of Israel, Egyptian Jews “attained an inordinately high number of respectable positions in finance, commerce, industry and the professions” in post-World War II Egyptian society, according to Selma Botman’s The Rise of Egyptian Communism, 1939-1970. As the Encyclopedia Judaica recalled:

      In 1947 most Egyptian Jews (59%) were merchants, and the rest were employed in industry (18%), administration, and public services (11%). The economic situation of Egyptian Jewry was relatively good; there were several multi-millionaires, a phenomenon unusual in other Jewish communities of the Middle East…There were no restrictions on accepting Jews in government or foreign schools.

      And in addition to the relatively prosperous Egyptians of Jewish religious background who lived in Cairo prior to the establishment of the State of Israel in Palestine, there were also “many poor Jews living in the Haret al-Ya Hud section of Cairo who were completely indistinguishable from their Muslim counterparts” in Egypt.

      And, “with the exception of their adherence to religious belief, they ate, spoke, dressed, and lived in virtually identical ways” as the Egyptians of Islamic religious background, according to The Rise of Egyptian Communism, 1939-1970.
      Zionism was considered an alien ideology to most Egyptian Jews.

      So, not surprisingly, although only about 20 percent of the people of Jewish religious background who lived in Egypt were officially considered Egyptian citizens in 1947, “Zionism was generally an alien ideology to most Egyptian Jews,” prior to 1947, according to The Rise of Egyptian Communism, 1939-1970; and the Jewish League to Combat Zionism (al-Rabita al-Tsrailiyya li Muk afahat al-Sahyuniyya), founded in the mid-1940s by an Egyptian named Marcel Israel, included Egyptian “leftists and communists alike,” according to the same book.

      Egypt’s mid-1940s Jewish League to Combat Zionism had the following four objectives, according to The Rise of Egyptian Communism, 1939-1970: 1. “working against Zionism;” 2. “strengthening ties between Egyptian Jews and the Egyptian people in the struggle for independence;” 3. “lessen[ing] the gap between Jews and Arabs in Palestine;” and 4. “solving the problem of the Wandering Jew.”

      But since the Egyptian monarchical regime’s prime minister in 1947, al-Nuqrashi, was being backed by some Egyptian Jews who were sympathetic to the Zionist movement (and who also wished to discourage Egyptians of Islamic and Jewish religious backgrounds from uniting in opposition to UK special influence in Egypt), al-Nuqrashi suppressed the Jewish League to Combat Zionism in 1947.

      Yet when the United Nations voted to partition Palestine — despite the objections of most people then living in Palestine and other Arab counties and many rank-and-file members of Egypt’s Democratic Movement for National Liberation [DMNL] — the leftist DMNL group’s leadership — like the Soviet Union — endorsed the partition plan.

      But in its al-Jamahir party newspaper, the DMNL also clarified its late 1947 unpopular political stance on the issue of Palestine’s partition in the following way:

      We do not want to take Palestine away from the Arabs and give it to the Jews but we want to take it away from imperialism and give it to the Arabs and Jews…Then will begin the long struggle for rapprochement between Arab and Jewish states…

      [Bob Feldman is an East Coast-based writer-activist and a former member of the Columbia SDS Steering Committee

      From Bob Feldmans Peoples History of Egypt

      link to

  • 'Washington Post' runs article denouncing gross censorship by JCC
    • " I’m not aware of Islamic organizations extending invitations to dissidents like Ayaan Hirst Ali or Irshad Manji."

      You should get out more, it may help with that limited awareness you are describing, which is called bigotry, and is treatable.

      "Members of Banser NU, a youth wing of Indonesia’s largest Muslim organization, Nahdlatul Ulama, guarded an event featuring Canadian author Irshad Manji on a rainy Saturday evening amid complaints from the hardliner Islam Defenders Front (FPI) group.

      Some 50 Banser members protected the writer’s book discussion, which was held at the office of the Alliance of Independent Journalists (AJI) Jakarta branch in Kalibata, South Jakarta.

      Despite being monitored from a distance by more than 100 FPI members, the organizers managed to run the event from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. as scheduled. Manji, a liberal Muslim activist born in Kenya from an Indian father and Egyptian mother, was quickly escorted out of the venue afterward.

      Abdul Mufid, deputy chief of the Banser Jakarta branch, told reporters that his team had convinced FPI members to not disrupt the discussion, adding that there “must not be a fight between the two Muslim groups”.

      link to

  • At Sochi Olympics, Israel is in... Europe!
    • "its a problem for Judaism and Islam and Christianity all of which take the OT narrative as history."

      as is so often the case when discussing Abrahamism, Islam is lumped unthinkingly with Christianity, Islam specifically does not accept the OT "history" to which it does some epistemic violence, where in the OT does Haman (Hayman?) advise Pharoah, as he does wonderfully anachronistically as in Surat al Qasas, the Stories, draw your own conclusion, Islam while accepting Judaism as a divine religion does not accept the Biblical narrative as authentic, there is no choseness or super secessionism in the Quran either. Ta Sin Mim.

      link to

  • EU Prez Martin Schulz wreaks havoc during speech at Knesset
    • the inability to decipher the meanings of diplomatic speak is not just a failing peculiar to you, once Nixon, after a meeting with the then Japanese premier turned with satisfaction to his translator and remarked "he agreed to all we asked with out argument or prevarication" "No Mr. President, he rejected every proposal in a manner that preserves everyones "face" " replied the nervous underling.

      "Israel has built a society founded on the values of freedom, democracy and the rule of law. Israel and the European Union share these values." you are all so cool, but "They are the ties which hold our partnership, our friendship, together.” In diplomatese thats a threat, if you openly and constantly violate said "Law".

      I am not surprised the MK's walked out, they certainly understood the import of that Michael Corleone "I know it was you Fredo" kiss on lips, especially since its their asses that are used to receiving German kisses. Germany and the UK are jostling as America and new bestest buddy France jointly conqueror Africa averting the threat of Chinese trade and regional development. Israeli command of diplomacy is notoriously poor.

    • I was surprised that the MK's didn't point out that "Arabs", hailing as they do from the desert usually have no need for water, in fact prior to the advent of Zionism they didnt use any at all. I am sure M1 can find the Quranic injunction against its consumption.

  • Outsource Thomas Friedman's column to India
    • I Have Learned So Much

      So much from God
      That I can no longer

      A Christian, a Hindu, a Muslim,
      a Buddhist, a Jew.

      The Truth has shared so much of Itself
      With me

      That I can no longer call myself
      A man, a woman, an angel,
      Or even a pure

      Love has
      Befriended Hafiz so completely
      It has turned to ash
      And freed

      Of every concept and image
      my mind has ever known.


      originally Persian perhaps, but well known in the 15th century Urdu translation by Khwaja Shirazi, still topical despite its age.

  • Goldberg and Cohen stoke fears of BDS
    • "Israel will likely not agree to any of this"
      There are somethings we can all rely on. Nasser interviewed in '69 in English by some American dude.

  • Student who exposed 'leftist' teacher is honored at Knesset, while teacher gets violent threats
    • "The gates of mellahs were sealed at night, not to keep the Jews in, but for their protection"

      Do Israeli's lock their doors? Do you think any propertied people in Morocco didnt lock themselves in at night. Perhaps check out Fatima Mernissi autobiographical works.

      "In 1907, the French found a pretext for full-scale invasion of Morocco when a few Europeans in Marrakesh and Casablanca were killed. After 3,000 French troops occupied Casablanca, the mellah was pillaged.

      From 1907-1912, French and Spanish soldiers took control of increasingly large areas of the country. The French gained effective control over Morocco with the signing of the Treaty of Fez in 1912, establishing the majority of Morocco as a French protectorate. Spain was given control of Northwest Morocco and in 1923 the city of Tangier became an international zone.

      In August 1941, the Vichy Government of France enacted laws that discriminated against Moroccan Jews. It set quotas on the number of Jewish doctors and lawyers, ejected students from French schools and forced many Jews living in the European quarters to move to the mellahs.

      The Moroccan Sultan, Mohammed V, told Jewish leaders that in his opinion Vichy laws singling out the Jews were inconsistent with Moroccan law. He believed that Jews should be treated equally with Muslims. He emphasized that the property and lives of the Jews remained under his protection. Due to his strong stance, Vichy administrators did not implement the discriminatory laws and regulations energetically."

      link to

    • Recalling the great national poet

      "He quotes Bialik‟s cry, “I hate the Arabs, because they remind me of the Mizrahim” "

      link to

  • Do SodaStream's workers have the right to vote? Roger Waters asks Scarlett Johansson
    • In answer to a question about acceptable marriage partners the Sh El Fadl (below) lays out the material, even if he cant muster the courage to state the obvious, i dealt with a few cases during my communal career, some of the Muslim families after a bit of bluster quietly acquiesced, but not those from the very insular Bengali community, who live concentrated in a few inner London council estates (projects?) and are working class,

      funnily enough a lot of Muslim women have little or no time for "the weight of consensus", and of course Hassan Turabi told the taqlidite troglodytes to take a running jump on this and some other issues and they responded with accusations of heresy, to much hilarity in some circles. I married a woman with no religion in a registry office, she was warned of the dangers, in my presence, and our papers were marked with a "Gentleman Muslim, lady warned", the Registrar and I had a brief discussion about Fiqh, and agreed to disagree, none of my kids are Muslim, because to me Islam is not an identity and exoteric (?) zahiri religion is a waste of time and rather damaging, in my view, in the world as it seems to be.

      link to

      Al-salamu 'alaykum sister:

      First I should apologize for the long time it has taken me to respond to your message. As you might have heard, I have been rather ill. But on a happier note, recently we were blessed with a wonderful baby boy.

      But I should confess that there is another reason for the delay. This is a difficult issue to deal with. I did receive a large number of inquiries about this same issue, and I have tended to avoid responding to them because I am not exactly very excited about handling this weighty and serious problem.

      Surprising to me, all schools of thought prohibited a Muslim woman from marrying a man who is a kitabi (among the people of the book). I am not aware of a single dissenting opinion on this, which is rather unusual for Islamic jurisprudence because Muslim jurists often disagreed on many issues, but this is not one of them.

      All jurists agreed that a Muslim man or woman may not marry a mushrik [one who associates partners with God--there is a complex and multi-layered discourse on who is to be considered a mushrik, but we will leave this for a separate discussion]. However, because of al-Ma'ida verse 5, there is an exception in the case of a Muslim man marrying a kitabiyya. There is no express prohibition in the Qur'an or elsewhere about a Muslim woman marrying a kitabi. However, the jurists argued that since express permission was given to men, by implication women must be prohibited from doing the same. The argument goes: If men needed to be given express permission to marry a kitabiyya, women needed to be given express permission as well, but since they were not given any such permission then they must be barred from marrying a kitabi.

      The justification for this rule was two-fold: 1) Technically, children are given the religion of their father, and so legally speaking, the offspring of a union between a Muslim male and a kitabiyya would still be Muslim; 2)It was argued that Muslim men are Islamically prohibited from forcing their wives to become Muslim. Religious coercion is prohibited in Islam. However, in Christianity and Judaism a similar prohibition against coercion does not exist. According to their own religious law, Muslim jurists argued, Christian men may force their Muslim wives to convert to their (the husbands') religion. Put differently, it was argued, Islam recognizes Christianity and Judaism as valid religions, but Judaism and Christianity do not recognize the validity of Islam as a religion. Since it was assumed that the man is the stronger party in a marriage, it was argued that Christian and Jewish men will be able to compel their Muslim wives to abandon Islam. (If a Muslim man would do the same, he would be violating Islamic law and committing a grave sin).

      Importantly, the Hanafi, Maliki, and Shafi'i jurists held that it is reprehensible (makruh) for Muslim men to marry a kitabiyya if they live in non-Muslim countries. They argued that in non-Muslim countries, mothers will be able to influence the children the most. Therefore, there is a high likelihood that the children will not grow up to be good Muslims unless both parents are Muslim. Some jurists even went as far as saying that Muslim men are prohibited from marrying a kitabiyya if they live in non-Muslim countries.

      This is the law as it exists or the legal legacy as we inherited it. In all honesty, personally, I am not convinced that the evidence prohibiting Muslim women from marrying a kitabi is very strong. Muslim jurists took a very strong position on this matter--many of them going as far as saying if a Muslim woman marries a kitabi she is as good as an apostate. I think, and God knows best, that this position is not reasonable and the evidence supporting it is not very strong. However, I must confess that in my humble opinion, I strongly sympathize with the jurists that argued that in non-Muslim countries it is reprehensible (makruh) for a Muslim to marry a non-Muslim. God knows best--I have reached this position after observing that the children of these Muslim/non-Muslim marriages in most cases do not grow up with a strong sense of their Islamic identity. It seems to me that in countries like the U.S. it is best for the children if they grow up with a Muslim father and mother. I am not comfortable telling a Muslim woman marrying a kitabi that she is committing a grave sin and that she must terminate her marriage immediately. I do tell such a woman that she should know that by being married to a kitabi that she is acting against the weight of the consensus; I tell her what the evidence is; and then I tell her my own ijtihad on the matter (that it is makruh for both men and women in non-Muslim countries). After telling her all of this, I add that she must always remember that only God knows best; that she should reflect on the matter as hard as she can; then she should pray and plead for guidance from God; and then ultimately she must do what her conscience dictates.

      I hope this response helps answer your question. I pray to God to guide us both to what He pleases and wants, and that He helps the sister you wrote me about to find peace and tranquility with whatever decision she makes. God is the best guide and mentor--may He forgive our sins and bless us with His Compassion and Mercy.

      With my sincere regards,

      Shaykh Khaled Abou El Fadl

  • Fearless authors dance on third rail of US politics...
  • Kerry’s billions: US economic plans for Palestine place investment over freedom
  • 'NYT' fails to disclose that Op-Ed author arguing Israel's case against BDS is husband of 'NYT' reporter in Israel/Palestine
    • A really excellent paper from young Ari, and yes he deals with the Farhud, its not the central interest of this paper, which is all context, for those who are hampered by a lack of information, I have seen papers which concentrate on the odd maneuvers of the British Army that day and the toppling of the anti-British government etc, but if you are interested Mr Alexander does a great job.

      The Jews of Baghdad and Zionism: 1920-1948
      Thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the degree of Masters of Philosophy in Modern Middle Eastern Studies
      Faculty of Oriental Studies University of Oxford
      Ari Alexander
      Magdalen College Trinity Term
      link to

  • American Jewish leader calls Iranians manipulative 'bazaaris'
    • "Bazaaris are still in business." I think an aspect that is often overlooked is that of course one of the hoped for results of sanctions on any given nation is to cause the business class to, either pressure the regime to accede to imperial demands or split with it as Sami Ramadani says of Syria in 'Between Repression and Imperialism', obviously Mr. Hoenlein is disappointed in them, he said he didnt eat but did he perhaps drink the Bazaari Kool-Aide

      "The powerful, mostly Sunni, merchant classes of Syria, particularly in Damascus and Aleppo, have close links with the regime. Indeed, the US-led economic sanctions are partly directed at this merchant class to force it to shift its stance. Sections of the middle and upper middle classes also tacitly support the regime. Syria’s religious minorities, including Christians who form 10% of the population, are fearful of the Moslem Brotherhood’s social and cultural agenda for Syria. They too would rather have the secular regime than a state dominated by a Saud-Qatari backed Brotherhood. Importantly, the Kurdish minority are also fearful of the influence of Turkey on the Muslim Brotherhood and the fact that the Syrian Free Army is headquartered in Turkey, which has a horrific record of killing over 20,000 Kurdish people in Turkey. Millions of women also fear the social programme of the Brotherhood.

      In the context of the current conflict, the poor, the unemployed and students who were supportive of the initial, largely spontaneous protest movement are now much more reticent, partly due to regime repression but primarily because of their opposition to the NATO-Saudi-Qatari meddling and the militarisation of the sections of the opposition, particularly the Syrian National Council (SNC) and the Free Syrian Army which are dominated by the Brotherhood."
      link to

  • Is Obama punting on Kerry's peace plan?
    • just to interject, Washington was involved in his departure from Sudan to Afghanistan, actually to such an extent that, you know I am not sure that America always plays with a straight bat, the net isnt what it used to be all I could find after moderate efforts was, at the time I heard on the grapevine that the US had been instrumental in getting the Taliban to accept him, but just gossip however well founded, i can remember reading some articles that were open about it, but that was then and I cant find a trace so perhaps I am imagining it:

      "Resigned to Mr. bin Laden's departure from Sudan, some officials raised the possibility of shooting down his chartered aircraft, but the idea was never seriously pursued because Mr. bin Laden had not been linked to a dead American, and it was inconceivable that Mr. Clinton would sign the "lethal finding" necessary under the circumstances.
      "In the end they said, 'Just ask him to leave the country. Just don't let him go to Somalia,'" General Erwa said in an interview. "We said he will go to Afghanistan, and they said, 'Let him.'" On May 15, 1996, Mr. Taha, the foreign minister, sent a fax to Mr. Carney in Nairobi, giving up on the transfer of custody. Sudan's government had asked Mr. bin Laden to leave the country, Mr. Taha wrote, and he would be free to go.
      Mr. Carney faxed back a question: Would Mr. bin Laden retain his access and control to the millions of dollars of assets he had built up in Sudan?
      Mr. Taha gave no reply before Mr. bin Laden chartered a plane three days later for his trip to Afghanistan."

      link to

  • (Their) State of the Union
    • one of the best "state of the 'Union' " poems in Egypt gets a mention in this excellent little piece from Al-Jaz on Negm, Neguib Surur's (Neguib Muhammad Surur Hagrass) "Kuss Ummiyat", "Mothers Cunt", anyone who has been speed reading about Egypt, or Islam, but doesnt know the deep history may miss Negms words on the lips of Egypts sons and daughters, and what that may mean.

      the sultans seal may be of interest too, Egyptian History X

      link to

    • Ahmed Fouad Negm, Sheikh Imams lyricist died a couple of weeks ago, here is his celebration of the eternal revolt of the Egyptian masses, Erect Your Forts (on our farmland) with English subs,

  • On the 3rd anniversary of the democratic uprising, is there hope for Egypt?
    • "This is the beginning of the disintegration of Egypt"

      In Egypt the army is the enemy, the election of Morsi achieved nothing the army will have to be confronted, Egypt isnt disintegrating it is entering a confused hyper violent kind of pre-revolutionary phase, everyone is screaming unity, see below, but the army only knows one way, there is just an ocean of rage and frustration, and a determination to fight, some on one side some on the other, the working class/peasantry using Morsi as a rallying point, the Egyptian quenelle is a play on 4 and rabia, remembering the armies heroic victory against the 'terrorists' at the Rabiya mosque, my people on the ground are exhausted but steadfast, i wouldnt trust pols, in the democratic republic Egypt of today I wouldnt tell any stranger anything controversial. but there wont be any disintegrating, if events take an Iranian turn the army will kill spectactularly huge numbers and then we will see

  • How we can oppose the Assad regime and Western intervention at the same time
    • is that a nazi salute i spy in the linked video, 4 may have to banned, the "not-a-zionist" is of course merely a sub-species of the far more numerous "not-an-imperialist", i cant decide which one of the 1000 or so armed and mutually antagonistic groups i support, Zawahiri is exasperated by the in-fighting and predictably whining.

      link to

      Redesigning the Middle East
      The Arab "Revolutions," Counter-Revolution in Iran and Regime Change

      by Takis Fotopoulos

      - See more at: link to

      This book seeks to demystify the causes of the ongoing Arab "revolu tions" that have been completely distorted by the first real 'media wars' in history, compared to which the media war launched on the occasion of the Iraq invasion seems just a dress re hearsal. Libya and Syria represent the first cases of a complete manipulation of the 'world community' by the world mass media--directly or indirectly controlled by the transnational elite-which, almost unanimously, have distorted not just the real aims and ultimate causes of the military campaigns, as used to be the case in the past, but also have even generated the very 'facts' leading to them. These 'facts' have, in turn, been used to provide the immediate formal causes for the campaigns themselves. It demonstrates that the ultimate aim in all the cases of the Arab "revolutions" has been to secure the full integration of all Arab regimes into the internationalized market economy ('neoliberal globalization'), either through a pseudo-democratization of existing client regimes (Tuni sia, Egypt) or through regime-change, following a NATO attack (Libya), with a similar fate clearly prescribed for Syria and Iran. However, what is the most significant unifying element in all these cases is not so much the ultimate aim of the transnational elite but the means used to achieve it. These means constitute a perfection of the practice for implementing regime change used by the West in the last two decades or so in East Europe through a series of instigated 'color revolu tions'. The exploitation by the transnational elite of various social divisions in the countries concerned provided US-controlled local armies the opportunity to consolidate the integration of those countries into the internationalized market economy by facilitating the emergence of a different political personnel (Tunisia, Egypt). Alterna tively, in Libya, the transnational elite used NATO power itself to impose a client regime in place of a non-client one. A new characteristic of the Arab "revolutions was the stand of the 'liberal Left," which faithfully adopted the propaganda campaign of the transnational elite reproduced by the world mass media. Unlike in Afghanistan and Iraq, where the 'liberal Left' was mostly divided vis-a-vis the transnational elite, in the case of the Arab 'revolutions' it has uncritically supported the Arab insurrections, without making the necessary distinctions between them.

      - See more at: link to

    • "What the author will not tell you is that there are other oppositions to the government and he won’t tell you because he is pushing the propaganda for a Saudi/American policy that real opposition to authoritarianism in the Middle East will not support."

    • hamza namira "wa ollek eh", with english sub's

  • Rejecting collective punishment from Gaza to Syria
    • dear Annie, two things

      any brit who ever read Private Eye knows the solicitors Carter-Ruck, called Carter-Fuck whenever he (the late Peter of that ilk) came to PE's attention, and once when they received a complaint from the firm and a threat of legal action, under legal direction, as Farter-Fuck, the firm were famous for viciously using British libel laws to silence anyone who had the gall to divulge any information inconvenient to the rich and powerful and pursuing ruinous damages against anyone who fell foul of their well healed clients.

      you posted a link to Checkmate, about Rumania, have you seen the 'massacre' at Timisoara and the work of Dr. Milan Dressler, the local pathogologist, who examined photographic evidence and raised very serious doubts about the evidence, my memory is sketchy, there was one photo called the Pieta, and it was the mothers corpse in particular that raised doubts, something about the "gloves of death" which is pathologist speak for a condition the hands fall into months after death, and the baby had signs of autopsy which didnt tally with the presumed simultaneous recent deaths of these corpses, the baby and 'mother' didnt appear to have died at the same time etc. I googled the tribune did a piece:
      link to

      i dont know if any of this helps but Carter-Fuck brought back memories, glad to see the firm is still going, their reputation is one of sleazy money grubbing.

  • What Irish hero Michael Davitt tells us about Jewish history
  • While you were neutral about Yarmouk
    • sorry the link to Michael Provence "Ottoman Modernity, Colonialism and Insurgency in the Interwar Arab East" doesn't work

    • "it is my understanding jihadist or salafists or whatever one calls them, do not recognize or aspire nationalist recognition or borders but an islamic caliphate."

      briefly, the Khilafah movement is mainly Indo/Pakistani, Caliphate has a different meaning to Sub-continental Muslims, the Arab world was mostly conquered by nominally Muslim Mongols, Mughals in India, Indo/Pakistani Muslims tend to recall the Mughals favourably, but it is resistance to these conquerors that is credited with giving rise to Jihadism/Fundamentalism by reference to ibni Taymiyeh, who is generally grossly misrepresented, Arabs not so long ago revolted against their Caliph, to the Indo/Pakistani Muslims the Caliphate recalls a time when Muslims ruled much of India prior to their replacement by the British, not many Arabs recall Turkish rule fondly, I mean why not the Islamic Caliphate of Iraq and Syria, the Islamic State has an acronym that is the name of a pagan god, ISIS, which is jolly sporting of them, the new states of SETH and OSIRIS cant be far behind. its not a big deal but this kind of lumping together of very disparate groups with the rapid semantic evolution of terms such as salafist, Jihadist, Islamist its not a big issue but i see a lot of ideas being bandied about that strike me as rooted in both ignorance and self serving stereotyping, Anne Nortons written an "On the Muslim Question" which I have not read, I first noticed it after reading a tendentious review by one Posen i think in the Guardian, here is a sympathetic one which may provide those so inclined with areas of further research,
      link to

      also this pdf by Michael Provence may interest those whose grasp of the recent history of resistance Levant is weak, very ungainly url but here goes..

      link to,d.cWc

      and also Jesse Ferris has written "Nasser's Gamble" which is an explicit expression of the well known Saudi and Israeli collusion in the destruction of Nassers Arab nationalist program, citing his defeat in Yemen as the precursor to '67, he works for an Israeli think tank i think, and those who believe that the '73 oil embargo and price hikes were aimed at Washington had best research its actual effects, it instantly bankrupted most third world countries forcing them to the IMF and WB and programs of structural readjustment that froze their "developement" and compelled them into their assigned complementary role in the international system. Structural Adjustment is nowadays called Austerity in the West, and oh yeah jihad you could do worse than the linked book.
      link to

    • "Islamists have no attachment to their country of birth or its ideals, be they Saudi islamists, Egyptian islamists or Palestinian islamists. Thankfully, most Palestinian moslems, religious as they may be, are not islamists."

      this discussion (Amins article is linked in this one, and his response) may be of interest, with Samir Amin, on one side and Tariq Amin Khan, the current situation is very complex, for those having to make political, ideological and active responses to the latest iteration of the nightmare of modernity in the Arab near and middle east, Islamist like terrorist is becoming a dog whistle word whose parameters have begun to expand unreasonably while its meaning contracts, the two writers are kind of talking at cross purposes, and Amin is impolite enough to refer Khan's national origin, the import of which all educated Arab and Sub-continental Muslims will understand, its not a racial slur but a touch rude and condescending, Islamism has become a very difficult topic to discuss in a war like (a la Walter Benjamin) manner, there are so many enemies of rational thought, i may be one of them, after all this is really the long war for Mid Eastern and Central Asian energy resources, most of all it is the current Western policy is to shatter the state and crush the people totally excluding them the political process, whatever their politics.

      link to

      after this penance might i recommend Chris I Beckwith :"Warriors of the Cloisters: The Central Asian Origins of Science in the Medieval World"

    • "That being said, you should also notice that there ARE people here “actually supporting Assad [and] his sieges,” like ToivoS." and do what? repent?

  • Eric Alterman declines request to debate Max Blumenthal at Brooklyn College
    • yes how about,

      link to

      though they seem to concur here is some Wahhabi ire

      link to

      and Muslims argue none too politely about it

      link to

      while the Shia Ulema are suspicious some Muslims tell them to go suck eggs, so much for the authority Taqlid e marja, also what better time to engage in Haram activities than Muharram? Its all in the name.

      link to

      like everything in Islam its an argument, and no one gives too much credence to the opinions of the Jurisprudents, which leads to some petulance from some of them.

      Maybe the whole notion of harmful practices needs refining, Sheila Jefferies weighs in, not strictly relevant but the barbarity of others is often more apparent than our own

      link to

  • Israeli settlers set mosque on fire as UN says settler attacks have quadrupled in last 8 years
  • Palestine, 1927
    • "What exactly is this supposed to prove?"

      yeah yeah but wtf was it man, a state, or just an anti-somatic Jew eating conundrum, please if it wasnt a state whats the shit with a little rapine and settler colonialism, or some such, where is the metropolis, its not colonialism when shit you cant remember from who knows where, came from there, you see?

    • joining everyone else I have to say Hostage your posts are a great act of charity so much appreciated, my main reason for coming here honestly, the giving of wisdom is an unrepayable debt, which i for one have incurred well beyond any possibility of repayment, nor have i a spare pound of flesh, just to preempt any misunderstandings.

    • We are the Palestinians, wow Arab Manque, it just gets better and better, I am having very good enjoy Hasbara Day, I blame M1, you should be commended for purblindness NF, what about Jaffa oranges, they surely do not predate "Jewish" companies and were never ever exported prior to Zionist ingress in to the land that was always a "Jewish" country called Palestine (under the British, who are of Roman descent, Romano-Britons if you will), yes its not even there were no Indians, its we are the Indians, this is high level stuff, can I make donation I feel I should at least pay something.

    • "The Palestinian Pound was issued by the British Government – not the fictitious country of palestine," where was it the legal currency? in a fictitious non-place, have you been reading Auge, if so you may have misconstrued.

      what is the logical connection between the first and last sentences of your final para, is there one, I like the final word, quite so.

  • Boycott panel at MLA draws applause and fearful questions
    • his claim to Arabic fluency is combined with the genuinely hilarious rendition of al hamd-ul-illah as Al hamd Al illah, perhaps his perception of hip hip hypocricy is caused by some kind of linguistic parallax, but surely the SA boycott was hypocritical, they didnt do China in Tibet either, or anyone else, its so dispiriting when Arabs and their unique evil (hip hip hop Tm) arouse no ire anywhere, some one should give that Left a good talking to, their disobedience is shocking, perhaps if someone kidnapped their kids at 2am and tortured them they would see sense, then as friends of Israel we could all settle down to enjoying our superiority, democracy and criminality in the crepuscular shade of an almond tree, what a sad loss to Kurdistan you are M1. I knew a Tajik Jew once whose spoken French was like music really beautiful, of course M1's English improves fast, they have extra IQ's dont ya know.

  • Tens of thousands of refugees march in Jerusalem, demand asylum status
    • there are rather more Sudanese and Eritrean refugees in Egypt than Israel, just ask UNWRA, why a liability to Jews, what are Jews doing to them? Are you an anti-Semite? I thought it was the Israeli regime?

      Egypt hosts the 5th largest urban refugee population in the world, whose conditions are awful but not unlike those of tens of millions Egyptians, I blame the Muslims.

      link to

  • Chilean soccer team puts Palestine front and center
    • De nada, Annie, for anyone reading the brief review of Mishaqa's book one name leaps out, Sh. Abdul Qadir, obviously not Syrian and whose unwilling presence in the Levant was the result of French treachery of a very high order, as ever even wiki has a bit on him,
      link to

    • if you are interested in the events of 1860, this short piece touches on many aspects of the situation in the Levant that led to the massacres and pillage, the early role of Druze and Christian animosity in these events is briefly covered.

      link to

  • 'Haaretz' says many Orthodox are taught to see non-Jews as 'not quite human'
  • 'NYT' changes 'Palestinians' to 'Arabs' and removes Israeli responsibility for Gaza shortages
  • Simon Wiesenthal Center calls Falk, Walker, Waters, Blumenthal and ASA anti-Semites
  • One London church goes on the record with 'Bethlehem Unwrapped'
    • OT but perhaps of interest, a Bradford Synagogue saved by Muslims

      "Now the two men get on so well that when Leavor goes on holiday he gives the synagogue keys to Karim, as well as the alarm code. They have begun what they hope will be a lasting tradition, whereby the Jewish community invites local Muslims and Christians to an oneg shabbat (Friday night dinner) and Muslims return the invitation for a Ramadan feast and Christians during the harvest festival. For the latter, Karim provided halal mince for the shepherd's pie."

      link to

  • Remnick asks Shavit whether Zionism is a historical mistake
    • ah yes cool, I'd like to see the offending passages, not sure how Literalist Wahhabis are going to call Jews and Christians apes and pigs, as most of the prophets of Islam were Jews and Christ and John the Baptist etc, Abdul Basit does Maryam beautifully I am sure you can get it on you tube, opening with the story of Zachariya and Yahya, almost like a ballad in its simple pathos.

      cant say whats in those text books, the Saudi are capable of anything, important to keep in mind that Saudi's live on the threat of 'Islam' and pay most if not all of the rabid sectarians of Sunnism.

      Suleyman, Dauod all revered prophets, of course an Egyptian has no problem worshiping pigs and apes, but those Mashreqi's are very correct anyone seen these passages? I never have despite their great fame, its a doctrinal nightmare for a Muslim chauvinist, a Muslim is duty bound to accept the divine origin of Judaism and Christianity, its where almost all their prophets come from, the Bibles.

      One of the sticking points between Islamic and Biblical accounts is the Greek God immorality of some of the Prophets is rejected they are portrayed in Islam as morally and spiritually highly developed. Because of this where the Quran differs with the earlier scriptures it is if anything to burnish the prophets, no incest or sending pretty women's husbands on suicide missions, however the Biblical story itself is one of a failed relationship and God, the putative author, says clearly to the Hebrews/Israelites its you not me, or do I have a bootleg copy, doesnt the Quran wax lyrical about Ishaq and the "Prophethood and scripture" that will exemplify his descendants, still I would love to see the actual offending textbook, I wouldnt rule it out, but the admission is, as is everything emanating from Saudi sources, questionable.

  • The 'genetic truth' of Jesus's (and Hanna Rosin's) 'classically Semitic appearance,' as revealed to Jeffrey Goldberg
    • Ah Jewish is genetically the averaging out of Yemeni with Turco-Syrian characteristics, that sounds about right, see below...

      "Then said Jesus: `Ye speak the truth, for now was Israel desirous to establish the idolatry that they have in their hearts, in holding me for God; many of whom have now despised my teaching, saying that I could make myself lord of all Judaea, if I confessed myself to be God, and that I am mad to wish to live in poverty among desert places, and not abide continually among princes in delicate living. Oh hapless man, that prizes the light that is common to flies and ants and despises the light that is common only to angels and prophets and holy friends of God!

      `If, then, the eye shall not be guarded, O Andrew, I tell thee that it is impossible not to fall headlong into lust. Wherefore Jeremiah the prophet, weeping vehemently, said truly: "My eye is a thief that robs my soul." For therefore did David our father pray with greatest longing to God our Lord that he would turn away his eyes in order that he might not behold vanity. For truly everything which has an end is vain. Tell me, then, if one had two pence to buy bread, would he spend it to buy smoke?"

      From Barnabas 118, "would he spend it to buy smoke?" yeah, sometimes.

  • Another way of saying thanks - Get Susan Abulhawa's stunning new book of poetry with a donation to Mondoweiss
    • "Its 3am in the cattle cage" from Wala made me think of those lines....of the obscure old Sufi

      from mawqif of my moments come

      “My moment’s come; the time for me to bare my face & show my splendor;
      to join my light with courtyards & and what remains behind them;
      to bend the eyes and hearts towards me.
      You'll see my rivals love me, & my closest rule;
      I'll raise thrones for them.
      I'll release fire, so it won't return;
      I'll fix my ruined houses, so they’re adorned with true adornment.
      You'll see my lot surpass all others.
      I'll gather humankind in joy, so they’re no longer divided or shamed.
      Bring out my Treasure & realize what I’ve made you of my word, my providence, & my height’s nearness.
      I shall emerge, & the stars will gather 'round me;
      I’ll bring sun & moon together;
      I’ll enter every house & when they wish me peace,
      I’ll wish peace unto them.
      All of this is from my will, & on my watch, the hour strikes.
      I am Great & Merciful.”

      al Niffari

  • After attending Mandela's memorial, Knesset member's blood rejected in gov't drive because she is African
    • I have never been able to give blood, gave up years ago, have had Malaria and some other tropical diseases, but I had no idea about the CJD thing, I was in the UK then, ate no beef, but still seems I will have to keep my dirty blood to myself, though a touch swarthy I have no racial identity whatsoever, a pretty blurred ethnicity and a contradictory class identity, I barely exist at all, my closest friend died in 2004 in London from bilharzia, contracted in Sharkiya Egypt in the 60's, I have a distinct memory of his giving blood, and can only presume he did not answer whatever screening questions were asked completely or comprehensively, and wonder if the bilharzia parasite would still be infective after being cooled and stored out of the body.

      I recall a line "Bilharzia has made us a nation of menstruating men" which I stole but now can not remember from where and from whom.

  • The Almond Tree: A peace proposal
    • I liked that too, we are nothing if not aspirational, Esau is our forebear.

    • Dr Vlanza reads a book,

      "I became more determined than ever to get Abbas out of Gaza after finding a YouTube clip that showed an expert on white phosphorus explaining how it had been used in Gaza by the Israelis. The Israeli military had been air-blasting the white phosphorus shells, allegedly trying to create a smokescreen near the Jabaliyah camp, the most densely populated place on the planet. But the expert explained that the day on which they attempted this was so incredibly windy that a smokescreen couldn’t be created. Instead, the flaming pellets rained down on this highly populated civilian area.”

      Damn that wind.

      For all the author’s professions of sympathy and rights for the Palestinians, essentially The Almond Tree underscores Orwellian lessons: collaboration is advantageous and resistance is futile; collaboration is warm and fuzzy and resistance is hatred and terrorism; the Israeli soldiers are human beings and Palestinians should take war crimes and crimes against humanity on the chin; Israel is the victim of Palestinian threat to its security"

      link to

  • Corasanti unknowingly affirms criticism of 'The Almond Tree'
    • "I didn’t need a Palestinian editor because I lived among the Palestinians inside the green line for seven years and saw with my own eyes the Palestinian reality."

      "and saw with my own eyes" ...."the Palestinian reality"....."reality"...well that told us, especially the Palestinians who may not have attained to "the Palestinian reality", I mean thats the problem isnt it.

      what a shame, it portrays not just reality, but the Palestinian one, have you told them you have seen their reality with your own eyes, oh well yes you have, is it like an aura or something.

      Empathy must be your thing, can you see the reality, Palestinian or less specific, of why such statements might tend to piss those, whose reality you have seen, off?

      Some of your critics are Palestinians, did they get their reality wrong, perhaps they dont see it as you do, or have one other than the Palestinian one, could be you are seeing something else or how would you interpret their behavior, in light of their reality, whose depths you have plumbed, perhaps intellectual discourtesy is an oriental tradition?

  • Netanyahu's 'gift' to Pope: book on Catholic church's persecution of Jews
    • Stroumsa has caused a little stir, didnt Ibni Maymun flee to Egypt?

      "All this is true. But does it follow that (p. 83) “Maimonides closely followed the Almohad paradigm” so that his ability to cast the Almohad revolution in Jewish terms allowed him to incorporate this paradigm seamlessly into his work”? According to the dates Stroumsa gives, Maimonides lived under Almohad rule from the ages 10 to 27"

      link to

      and Carlos Fraenkel, who is particularly interesting,

      link to

      anyway the Almohads (al-Muwahidun, bloody rough Riffians) were opponents of the Dhimma, as are many commentators here, all authoritarians ultimately end up in the same bed, oddly its abolition is what inconvenienced Jews and Christians, the Arabs fought them for some time Mardanis uniting with other Iberians, of all confessions, to resist the Maghrebi interlopers. Their inovation was to impose their Zahirite views on all and everybody, iberian Muslims fled in large numbers too, the Almuwahidun were ascetic intolerant and full of contempt for the etiolated aesthete Iberian milquetoasts they found causing disorder and getting slapped around by various Christian kingdoms and the raiding of sea routes and interruptions to trade, were intolerable, never trust a Battinite.

      the Awlad Ziri are also interesting there is a book "The Zirids of Grenada", I have a copy, very far away, and now it costs $100, but is well worth it for those who are in to that kind of thing, Habus and Badis being colourful embodiments of their times..

  • A loving remembrance of Peter Kaplan
    • "All his creativity and glamour and imagination he poured into others", that is just the most perfect summation of devotion. other beings are more precious than the deity.

    • Hi Ms Olson, Joha wrestled with just such in....

      Free bread:

      The Mullah's wife sent him to buy some bread. When the Mullah arrived at the bread shop he saw a long line waiting to buy bread. He thought he would do something to get in front of the line. He shouted, "People, don't you know the Sultan's daughter is getting married tonight and he is giving away free bread?" The multitude ran toward the palace as the Sultan was generous to a fault and loved his daughter extravagantly. The Mullah was now in front of the line and was about to buy bread when he thought to himself, "Mullah, you are truly a fool. All the citizen's are getting free bread tonight and I am about to pay for it". So he ran to the palace and when he got there he was thoroughly beaten by the disappointed people.

  • Corasanti responds to Abulhawa: My purpose in writing 'The Almond Tree' was to shine a light on Palestinian suffering and help bring about peace
    • "Culture, yes. Religion, yes. but Race – no. Ms. Abulhawa herself could easily be mistaken for a Jew (of any origin)" so Sylvie race is?....equivalent to what naturally existing object...personally i feel race starts and ends with my inferiority, but that may be just the chip on my shoulder because of my



      Gender ( brutal circumsiscion, but cool privileges subsequently, do you do complexity?)

      The left is white liberal, shit, thanks for telling me, yeah its always good to hear about the "left", they dont listen to me either, bastards!

      and yes only we can speak for we, Susan is manning a barricade against your malice
      Sylviebaby, I am with her, you seem kind of squalid.

    • "I don’t know if I’m wrong or not. I love her book and just think she’s taking an approach here that’s unnecessarily confrontational and unfriendly. I’ve behaved much worse myself, in exactly the same way, and it’s just never worked out well for me or anyone else when I did. I disagree with her in this instance, but I know her heart’s in the right place and she is obviously on the right side of this struggle and trying to make a point that she believes in."

      I mean really are any Zionist prigs reading, (Miriam et al). Its a one para Tolstoy,
      I for one am seduced, but we must not agree, but still, thats beautiful Hostage, respect. ( we were always taught to salute shortest way up longest way down, however it is most properly done, Respect.) You enunciate the essential view, its cool, when a retort spontaneously occurs to me i will obviously proffer it.

    • Dear Hostage,

      I dont know how to say this but, you a thing man, and yes that's to me

      "The right to an occupation and the right to have an opinion or viewpoint are fundamental human rights that don’t have to be earned."

      just extraordinarily beautiful a statement, we want to upset you because your humanity and good sense are not really an answer to a 'narcissistic sense of entitlement.' you know we dont accept our inferiority we cant help but assert.

      You a military man, I always respected the deep understanding of human frailty that so many military men have, like women they often have a culture of nurture and acceptance,

      As a huge beneficiary of your legal pedagogy, no really you a good teacher, i know of no higher praise than that, do you get that we need to offend you, to transgress proper boundaries, I dont have any more respect for any one I have ever read on the net greater than I have for you, I know what you mean I do understand, and fuck you and all the structures, including those hard wired into our soft hearts, my friend we have lost everything and the process proceeds, like integration when the oblongs are sufficiently narrow, we perfectly mirror futility, what you expect man a kiss and hand shake its shit down here, and we have breed in this miasma.

    • I think you are being unfair to Ms Abulhawa,

      "The fact is that Mr Brunner’s film is wonderful and he’s being compensated for it, with whatever funds, fame or recognition the film brings. And while there is nothing wrong with an Israeli contributing to our narrative, it is not okay for him or her to try to frame that narrative or the discussion of our narrative. When an Israeli filmmaker cannot understand why an occupied, imprisoned, oppressed society might not want to normalize relationships with members of the occupier’s society, that filmmaker does not have the right to condescend and criticize. That is something that must be earned by Israelis, and there are certainly some who have. They are those who have truly joined Palestinian society in one way or another. People like Neta Golan and Amira Haas come to mind."

      infantile? perhaps,

      What have " platitudinous and temporizing remarks" in the mouth of characters about the Holocaust to do with anything? The Holocaust has been deployed by Zionists as a justification for their depredations, and is thus part of Palestinian discourse, of necessity, or does some one own that narrative? The Holocaust, in Zionist discourse and the Holocaust are two very distinct categories, actually Palestinians, if anyone does, own the former.

      Domination is pervasive, it is true that the objects of oppression may show insufficient gratitude towards the beneficiaries of said oppression when they lament what has become and is becoming of their victims, are you not avoiding the substance of Abulhawa's criticisms, which is about the blunting of the liberatory capacity of these actors by their own insufficient appreciation of the nature of Palestinian "encounter" with the rage of Zionist colonialism.

      Albeit that there is no reason why anyone should not write about anything, the how and why matter, and the powerless are paranoid about well meaning efforts to help them, from some quarters, that seems entirely reasonable to me. Its what is being said not just who is saying it.

      I think it may be the "heres my take on a solution, you should..." thats upsetting, clarity and that broad vista are for those who hold the hilltops, and soar like eagles over their social space, down in the valley we see only a maze, of intersecting barriers, dead ends and unplumbed pitfalls, we dont make good bed fellows because of all the thrashing around, its how we keep our corpse animated.

      The sense of loss of control and being subject to deluded irrational policy, the overwhelming feeling of powerlessness experienced by people being settler colonized is inconceivable to me, if i wrote about it am not sure i would do so with any ideas about how the despised should sort it, infantile and morally inconsistent though her position may be, its the nature of the terrain, the fundamental injustice relates directly to the right to narrate, recount, memorialize, normalize and define, to be heard, appropriating anyone's voice is to silence them. So its Abulhawa right and wrong, for me, right because its wrong, but also correct in terms of substance, but that is irrelevant to dupes like me, we abide via disruption.

      But as ever perhaps this specific case is becoming subsumed in pre-existing issues, have you explained to your wife what women need to do to ensure their liberation, perhaps you do know that, it kind of has a context though, best be delicate and not too simplistic.

      For most Arabs Levantine and North African, we live with insolubility, for reasons other than our incapacity, there aren't going to be solutions, but still we, we, would like to talk about "we", are tired of the endless controversy we have become for the west, and that is somewhat infantile and unreasonable, but then we only human, and are perhaps guilty of claiming privileges well beyond the purview of our rights, how could it be otherwise, the law and all the operations of these socio-economic systems disable us, in the case of Israel ridiculously visibly, no hidden hands there, the mores of privilege dont work as a praxis without that power, being indecent, infantile, inconsistent or insolent, not saying she is but if that were the case, that does not make Ms Abulhawa wrong when the real exigencies of struggle and liberation are kept in mind.

      since I see this issue as insoluble ( who can and cant talk, and how to solve Zionism or Palestinianess) perhaps I have disqualified my own voice, given my experience and proclivities, that wouldn't surprise me.

    • "The Almond Tree shows that Ichmad is not only a genius, but is also smarter than all his Jewish peers. He goes on to win a Nobel Prize. " Take that Zionist racists!

      "Ichmad is not only a genius." ok..why not

      "He goes on to win a Nobel Prize." ah he's Jewish, cool, you dont address Ms Abulhawa's substantive criticisms, wishing well is no answer,

      he had a skill Israeli's value and yet having things Israeli's value has rarely been a cause for the blossoming of peace, for Palestinians, I like the sword/veil thing, a little local colour is always nice, and its a Palestinian recipe for peace no less, yum.

      and in this context dont you see "such as Jamal Kanj" is risible, sweet but still,

      your final para is frankly sinister, "ending Palestinian suffering", thats pretty impudent of you, do you know the word "Liberation", suffering, Palestinian or otherwise is pretty much unavoidable in this life, Liberation is what Palestinians want, not to be put out of their misery and resistance is not the opposite of peace, the savage depredations of settlers (which here is more a mindset than a zip code) are. ( i dont when i became able to speak for Palestinians, i presume anyone can)

      In common with all other commentators I salute Menachem Sharon it is a Mcgonagle standard achievement, you are immortal, I havent read your novel and so stand condemned as the bigot that I undoubtedly am, its just your defense put me off, I do like the idea of marketing "suffering", the Palestinian variety will need a bit of tweaking but still thats a big dollar. Then you can all be Jews together in the whitemans Holy Land, you know cancelling out a Palestinian, Abulhawa, with a (Jamal Kanj) Palestinian does rank as a lapse, in good manners at the very least.

      why does anyone expect Palestinian gratitude, especially for condescension, as i understand her, Abulhawa is not saying only Palestinians can write about their experience she has specific problems with this narrative, and yes its nice to know that Palestinian culture is "great", its just a shame they dont realize it and are so desultory about claiming their stuff, from the outside Palestinians are just so exasperating.

      Anyone read Pattons "Cry the Beloved Country" I always hated it but then I am perhaps somewhat infantile, it may however be a better model than Beecher-Stowe.
      a friend Issey, a Nigerian Ibo, has just published a novel "She Knew Better" lots of young African women are writing things such as Aidoo in "Sister Killjoy",

      link to

      I would like to read Alice Rothchilds review of the Almond Tree, once some American has related to me the greatness or otherwise of my culture, surrender is for us, as for women, I believe, no defeat.

      Great writing often promotes nausea.

      perhaps when its filmed Assaf could do the theme tune, and Ibish could write the blurb.

      Just as black Americans and first nations have found if you just work for that Nobel never raise your voice and make nice with white overlords peace will reign and freedom ring.

      anyway why should not the Palestinian story be available to anyone to write about, from the inside, its not like they can build a wall round it.
      When is Amos Grossman's next book out.

      reading/writing and crying will naturally lead to improving lectures directed at those benighted Palestinians, why when you check it they are lucky to have such wonderful oppressors always able to recognize that we know the villages of Scotland better than those of the Galilee, with apologies to Haliby, no wait I dont need to offer no stinking apology.

      Proximity does not make the privileged necessarily the best informants as to the experience of domination that the indigenous undergo, and all its ramifications.

      sorry for the incoherence its a policy, caused by this emotionally potent over "simplifaction" and other such texts, perhaps this thread will include some instructions as to how i could do it better, proscribe away, its your right after all.

      I keep thinking of the "Assassination of Richard Nixon" with Sean Penn and the vignette about Zebra's and Black Panthers.

      I think Susan may be due a short sojourn in Birmingham jail, till she learns how to conduct herself around her saviors and betters who only wish her and her ilk the best, the very best, dehumanization is not always the result of malice.

  • Brandeis tosses Nusseibeh off board for not condemning militant rally at his school
    • Pamela with the utmost respect I have some uncertainties,

      "It’s almost always done by hot-headed young men who’ve endured some of the worst of the horrors of occupation" I am not sure I agree, its a repudiation of servility and obsequiousness, hotheadedness rather like anomie, is a fantasy, and the explanatory framework it fits into is deeply regressive, like female hysteria.

      "It’s a middle finger" in a way, " that's understood by the recipients of the message as an enduring racial hatred leading toward genocide" however self serving that is? Its also BS, if they had one iota of fear they wouldn't act with such vicious injustice, they are not afraid they are delighted, Sari Nusseibeh, groveling little quisling that he is, hasnt a friend in the world, which is good, Zionists, dont make good bedfellows, especially for Palestinians. Recall the years of acquiescence '67 to 87, from which the Palestinians got what? The displaced Palestinians have vanished from the agenda as soon as they gave up any actions directed against their western and Israeli oppressors,

      "I condemn these rallies" you are in the clear then, "because they are spiteful and stupid" No Pamela, there is much more to it than that, as your post implies, "and it’s not helpful", the fate of Nusseibeh, Arafat and Abbas would tend to indicate that nothing works, as far as Palestinians attempts to placate Zionists go, these kind of actions are aimed at the policy of incapacity, surrender and supplication followed by folk like Nussiebeh and the PA, however upsetting Jews and or Zionists find them.
      If you dont want people to glorify your extinct enemies probably best not to murder and rob, occupy and humiliate them, no Westerners or their "stinking murder states" (tm Bruce Cockburn) have any grounds to condemn anyone, as they do look much the same as Nazi's from the perspective of their victims, sad but perhaps you should grow up and accept it, your (our) societies have caused far greater suffering and destruction than the Nazi's managed in their brief period. I believe we all condemn that dont we? ( to what end god knows but hey it feels pure)
      Thing is no one is listening any more to these whining complaints, would Brandeis invite Neil Ferguson, a real supporter of UK imperialism, which according to some epidemiologists cost, in India alone, some billion lives, I condemn anyone who stands for their dirge like anthem, again to what end who knows or cares, ejaculating condemnations is so satisfying though.
      In Palestine its only been a century of repression, murder, rape, theft, expulsion and confinement, which as Kate's column shows is on going and with accelerating brutality, gorgeous as Uncle Tom is, he's no use in the struggle, I am more offended by Westerners groundless sense of moral superiority, and their worthless approbation of genteel victimhood, if people find inspiration in Nazism, perhaps you should reflect as to why that might be the case,

      refighting the war of '39 is pointless, but enjoyable for a certain sort of Euro/American activist, having paid vastly for the defeat of Nazism and the post war welfare states in Europe, we, I am jumping ship for a second, orientals dont really give a shit about your instrumentalized sensitivities. The joke is on "Geneva2" Nussiebeh, MJ must be worried though, its not only Abimunah it may be all of us, sorry perhaps if you look hard enough you can find worthy victims, not given to stupidity and spite, but that wont be the people of the eastern med, and we know it.
      I hear Tibetans are really cuddly and that the Fur are without blemish.

      who are you to condemn anything done under your boot, albeit that your foot might be in the boot unwillingly, context as ever is the determining factor, those Nazi salutes are an indictment of you, me and the whole worthless "left" in the west, ( see the STW crowd in the UK dis-inviting that unruly nun Agnes), we dont want to be your acolytes, go lose your struggle somewhere else.
      Obvs hope this doesnt offend and cost me your ineffectual support. For us its our struggle, we know what we mean and if a little salute gets you fritzzing what use are you, it changes nothing, means little, I think it is you who need to free yourself from this atavistic superstition, to us the Nazi's are indistinguishable from Churchill, De Gaulle et al, because of what they did and are doing. The problem is Brandeis and Zionism not those demonstrators, even if they lose the Alice Rothchilds of the anti-Zionists, there are vital internal struggles to wage the defeatist trend must be isolated, and this unlike most other political objectives can be achieved by trouble making of the right kind.

      Better than throwing stones? why, its not either or you know. Quite a few of my relatives briefly, 39-41, flirted with the Nazi party as an avenue of resistance against Britain's brutal occupation of the country, so what? they didnt care by extension what Nazi's thought of them, their concerns were the praticalities of a real hot life death struggle, it wasnt pretty conflict never is and has its own ineluctable logic.

      Having decided to spurn any peaceful overtures, Israel and the West are opting for war, in which case we can expect some impropriety, perhaps even insolence from our victims, yes I have the right to be both us and them, I have earned it even if it makes my posts less clear than otherwise would be the case, i feel no lesser sense of kinship with Netanyahu than that reciprocal kind I have with my folks, why not, we all frail and temporary and are brothers and sisters whether we like it or not, in person though I probably wouldnt be polite to him, discourtesy has its place.

      Respect Ms Olson, which I mean I dont mean to be rude, and am as unworthy an individual as I am able to be, I think westerners can be a bit lacking in self awareness, the owner of this site is a proud supporter of the on going destruction of Libya, what of it? Should Arabs refuse to post here, in the cause of ideological purity? Or out of some lachrymose solidarity with the "victims", perhaps we should all be condemned for posting here, or torture ourselves with dark concerns about the sinister inner workings of Mr. Weiss's psyche?

      like those of my kin who can not discern between the words and phrases, al-kaffireen and al la dhina kafaru and man kafar, the latter never appears in the Quran and we kill and kill each other and condemn each other, and obviously I cant condemn condemnation without looking like an idiot, but as I am sure I have that already covered, so my condemnation stands, not really incoherent just utterly despairing at the moment, it, like everything, even eternal Reichs and empires, will pass.

  • Turn the Gaza lights on
  • Jews who protest settlements are 'mutants' who should have been aborted, says ZOA leader
    • "rethink a woman’s right to choose abortion."

      The mystic ties of Parent and child, post-natal abortion is frowned on, however attractive it seems at times, what kind of device to accomplish this did he have in mind, if they are sensitive a crass chamber may be all he needs to undemographic them.

      I like the rethink of women's right to choose as a death sentence pronounced by the Goldie on bad Jews, its a bit extreme but you must admire his desire to improve Jews, by killing the grotty ones, if it works this kind of shit could catch on, I dont have "a people" who can either anathematize or euthanize me, on the basis of my fealty to a criminal enterprise State, I may convert (think of the Nobels), choose me, choose me or is it chose.

      Is "erdadication of Israel as a homeland for the Jewish people" related to "David established Jerusalem as the Jewish capital" circumlocution? so much effort so that one can include eradication which no one proposes and established for something already old and founded by others.

      All good Semites deserve civil war, but dont let Goldberg call your mother.

  • Ari Shavit's Zionist revival is a hit in New York
    • Thank God we are past a time when such brutality was necessary, was Mr. or Mrs Prawer present during those unfortunate events, they must be relieved to be living in such blessed times, post-Nakba-necessity, you cant smell the flowers when holding your nose, and it may obscure ones beautiful face.

      " The concern of Liberal Zionists is for their diminishing image. The Palestinians are just an unfortunate side effect. No need to waste time on sympathy or empathy." I find their anger with and resentment of Palestinians palpable, "How dare you! I am the victim (even of my own infractions)" they proclaim humanizingly, I sense their impatience with the Palestinian narrative, after all they have the narrative of narratives, if you would but listen (hater).

      Anyway, Arabs were invented in 1952 by Anti-Semitism.

    • "if anyone is the victim of Zionism it is the Palestinians – NOT YOU!"
      Is that the democratic of Zionism

      "You are not being imprisoned! You are not the one being occupied!

      There is no coercing going on at all."

      you a bit of a maverick there, belief in the infallibility of consensus is so Sunni, its the democratic of it, i shura you, might also be a bit fallacious, damn Greeks, like logically.

      "laughed at Mr Shasha’s claim and stated his allegation was false" a conclusion has rarely been so conclusive, laughed indeed she was not the only one.

      "In her opinion Shasha is regarded as a ‘maverick’ by the Sephardi/ Mizrahi communities." but now I am conflicted is it her opinion or is it true or is that not a distinction that exists in the real world, was there any further laughter.

  • Are you blind (to Palestinian rights)?
    • perhaps, but lack of sobriety has not a thing to do with it.

    • 4th a resolution, a condition and a prerequisite? but not necessarily in that order.

    • you could be colour blind, in a way they are all related, which is not all that surprising, the key to understanding w.jones, without flagging the barriers which separate us, or vice versa, is the aid memoire. i am useless at crosswords, aid is uncountably obscure, the rest is stupid.

      I wonder what algebraic formula would transform 1 to 4, it may well have universal applications, once the space is defined, I saw Thor in 3d last week, if only reality was 3d and in colour, I lamented.

  • Making Boulder a sister city to Nablus would be 'anti-Semitic,' says local Republican
    • “Nablus is well known for its terrorism,” said Boulder’s Mimi Ito. “The culture is one of intolerance, hate and violence.”

      well yes but doesnt this encapsulate the great Karma Nabulsi, who has a history, unless I am confusing her with a female relative, of resistance going back to the days of the benign occupation in the late 60's early 70's, she was arrested and tortured numerous times, when she took time out from killing women, oppressing gays and hating.

      She writes in English and French see for yourself
      link to

      the hate and encultured inferiority just shine through in all her work, of course she may have been civilized via some unknown process and De-Nablusified, we are all so proud of her, despite her gender, I particularly liked "The Peace Process and the Palestinians: a Road Map to Mars", International Affairs, 80 (2), 2004, she is intolerant of the road map, she hates it and does violence, albeit merely analytical, to it, actually this explains (expalins) a lot,

      “The culture is one of intolerance, hate and violence.” deep thought is always moving, while Mde Ito's culture is one of acceptance, love and foreplay, I know by the profound way she accepts and extols that "culture ..of..intolerance..hate..violence" its in her own words, cool eh, refulgent with all the qualities she, by implication, extols. Exterminate the brutes!

    • the 'human rights situation in Nablus', is :

      " honor killings of women, jailing journalists for what they write and oppressing gays (are these) Boulder values? Of course not. But Councilman Macon Cowles voted to make Nablus, where these atrocities are routine, Boulder’s sister city.”

      it entirely avoids I/P in favour of the Crusader credo. America is attempting to have an Empire via LIC, eternal war with Islam is no way to run an Empire, but what other rationale is there currently for the projection of force, Islam the trope has a long future, with its happily buzzing little swarm of memes, its interesting that he never mentions Israel here, its Palestinian victims of Palestinians, who are twice injured as a result of their oppression in Palestinian society and then by their resulting loss of a status, resulting from this very oppression, that wrings the Republicans heart, qualifying them and their municipality for the benefits of sisterhood, at least according to Mr. Whitemans frame, we all admire discriminating people.

      and so Catalus,

      " 29. Catamite

      Who could see it, who could endure it,

      unless he were shameless, greedy, a gambler?

      Mamurra owns riches that Transalpine Gaul

      and furthest Britain once owned.

      Roman sodomite, do you see this and bear it?

      And now shall the man, arrogant, overbearing,

      flit through all of the beds

      like a whitish dove or an Adonis?

      Roman sodomite, do you see this and bear it?

      You’re shameless, greedy, a gambler.

      Surely it wasn’t for this, you, the unique leader,

      were in the furthest western isle,

      so that this loose-living tool of yours

      might squander two or three hundred times its worth?

      What is it but perverted generosity?

      Hasn’t he squandered enough, or been elevated enough?

      First his inheritance was well and truly spent,

      then the booty from Pontus, then

      Spain’s, to make three, as the gold-bearing Tagus knows:

      now be afraid for Gaul’s and Britain’s.

      Why cherish this evil? What’s he good for

      but to devour his rich patrimony?

      Was it for this, the city’s wealthiest,

      you, father-in law, son-in-law, wasted a world?"

  • 'Pro-Life? Pro-Israel?': Israeli anti-abortion organization reaches out for US support to fight demographic war in the Jewish state
    • Everyone return to their legal property or place of origin and start from there, we in the East dont wish to sell one iota of our (non-derogable) rights, perhaps some Nobel laureates could apply themselves to the details of a settlement that treats Palestinians as what they are, in legal terms.

      Support the Palestinains right to negotiate on the basis of law, which is probably best left to them, what possible use is bandying about solutions and negotiating amongst ourselves, Palestinians need to be supported in pursuit of their rights to forestall your decline to the rights of Gazan.

      Being oppressed by Israeli's doesnt make Plaestinians guilty of "othering" them and being invaded and expelled doesnt lessen the rights these human beings enjoy and can pursue, nor does it make the invaders, whatever genes they carry one people with their victims, whatever that is, I mean I am British/Egyptian in terms citizenship and from my experience, despite the hype it aint ein Volk in Britain, Egypt or any where else I have been, quite the opposite in fact. Semites dont exist, the Arabs are not one people and neither are Jews or Chrisitans, I dont think pan-Semiticism is very attractive, but I may be wrong. Genetic kinship means what, exactly, its faintly disturbing.

      The point is the Palestinians must be heard and bear their rights individually, no one can sign then away or ventriloquise on their behalf ( nor for Israeli's of whatever nationality), nor should anyone be required to, after Zionism there are many struggles to be fought out in the Levant, ideologies, racial or sectarian will lead to tension and conflict, there are other ways to forge a sense of common purpose and a shared fate.

      Genes are best left out of it, or what of Jewish Israeli with no Palestinian genes, DNA test, ticket to Kracow? perhaps gene therapy could be used to forge a new nation, handily Arab genetic material is sort of cobbled together and unravels easily.

      "As they were 2000 years ago" no not even the Jews of that time were one people, except in modern myth, as the literature of the time indicates there was some internal turmoil, bitter division and conflict. Perhaps they could all become Samaritans, that might work, cant see it eliciting Saudi support so probably a non-starter, we could do focus groups.

    • "it’s the same genetic stock. The sooner they realize they are essentially the same people"

      The German and Uk populations are the "the same genetic stock" what are you suggesting Anschluss? to satisfy our deep genetic drives? Is it genes that define a "people" if so how?

      My family is defined by two characteristics The Nose and The Cliff, which latter relates to flat backs of some of our heads, like Nasser, my cousin Ayman has a small round head, if you are round headed would you like him, he is plump and very good fun also he is an engineer, fearful that he cant marry as he works too much to entertain a wife, our women are exacting, if only he met more round heads like himself, with their easy going ways.

  • 'NYT''s Dershowitz reviewer lately participated in 'celebrate' Israel mission
  • Richard Cohen's racist ABC's: Arab culture, biracial children, Chirlane McCray's sexuality
  • Oscar hopeful 'Bethlehem' yet another film that celebrates Israeli victimhood
    • The best police and informer movie from South Africa, Mapantsula, a community theater project was the start of this wonderful piece, foolishly its mostly contextualization, the white characters have few redeeming qualities, as the 'other' can not ever, by definition, be humanized, or its not the "other", a conundrum as yet unsolved in the Republic, as Cyril Ramaphosa has discovered that black proletarians are all criminals, white is not a colour, its an attitude.

      I would recommend Mapantsula for those who struggle with the tension between resistance and collaboration, its an endless battle, which in the end they, those "others", always lose, or is it loose.

  • Netanyahu's greatest fear: Linkage
    • no you can not say " the connection to Yom-Kippur is (huh! you fluent man, you think english) only exist in the Sunni section of Islam", it is a meaningless remark. Shia are not like Christians, they are Muslims, you know and if Sunni's are connected to Yom Kippur you will find the Shia there also, enriching rare metals and wiping clean the pages of time, there is one Islam which currently has 4 ( who is counting) flavours Sunni, Shia, Ibadi and Zaydi, they are all connected to Judaism and Christianity in the same way, Muslims would not think Judaism was dodgy if the Old Testament and Jewish spiritual wisdom did not indicate that that is the case, Muslims regard the taurat as an object lesson in how not to, as the text indicates, Muslims revere the spiritual insight of Judaism and Christianity, Muslims dont give a shit about genes, they feel that anyone of the Jewish faith is their spiritual cousin, it infuriated Michael Parenti, we infuriate ourselves.

      the rift between Sunnism and Shi'ism is that Sunni's insist on a separation of spiritual and temporal authority, they insist on forming policy almost purely on pragmatic and material grounds, the Shia nurse tender ideals, like Ali, obviously revered by Sunni's, but to Sunni's Ali for all his incredible idealism, magnanimity and honesty ensured his own defeat by the cynical and efficient Mu'awiya, Sunni's took the low road as it were, and accept that temporal power is never to be merged with spiritual authority or constrained by its elevated "Morality", anyway apart from very minor differences, mostly Shia primary sources ( they have some extra stuff and reject all sources traceable to those unsympathetic to Ali), all the sources are common and so is the relationship to Judaism and Christianity.

      We may exterminate each other, well I cant account for that, I believe Sunnism still receives royalties from Shi'ism for Rumi, and that the Druze are not Arabs and that you want to be at peace dear Mehane but can not face yourself.

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