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born part Arab part Scots/Irish, worked in training ulema for the european environment/ journalist broadcaster for many years working mainly for bbc. From a faction of euro-islam much favored by the establishment, writer etc nothing really of interest may as well move along.

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  • 'New York Times' uncorks laughable Israeli propaganda
    • "And why, exactly, is it orientalist to say that winemaking was outlawed after the Islamic conquest of the Holy Land in the seventh century? Truth is orientalist now?"

      "Great is the difference between the Turks and Persians, for the Turks being by law prohibited, abstain from wine yet drink it covertly, but the Persians, now as of old, drink openly and with excess"
      Thomas Herbert 1627
      Abu Nuwas?

      Copts have never stopped making wine, whole classes of the Islamic polities the intelligentsia, high officials and Caliphs were famous for their drinking, one of the governors of Basra was so drunk during the Juma that he puked over the steps of the minbar ( not minibar), while giving the khutbah.

      "Paradoxically, it was Muslim chemists who were responsible for developing distillation to a high level of sophistication and transmitting it to Europe via Spain. Although distillation is a process which arose independently in different places in the world, Muslims greatly improved distillation technology. In the eighth century Muslims developed that distinctively shaped apparatus which is a staple of every chemistry laboratory - the alembic - for the efficient collection of distillate through a descending condensation tube. … "

      alcoholism is and always has been a problem in the Muslim world, but yes its banned in Islam, as all Orientalists know, unless you are hanafite or one those hanbalites, I usually have a glass of champagne before Friday Prayers and always take a hip flask, in case the sermon is too long.

      link to

    • "into the nonsensical kūsʾemet"

      really, kus ummak is far from meaningless in Arabic, title of famous poem about the nation (Egypt) don't use it in polite society.

  • Israel moves to shut down the only Palestinian theater in Jerusalem
    • i saw a traveling troupe from al-hakawati in London in the '70's sometime. i still think about it, they did some very powerful pieces.

  • The only way to take on ISIS is to take on Wahhabi doctrine
    • Mr Falic, Sir, you are an Scholar and an Gentleman, thanks for the above, I couldn't be bothered to get in to this one.

      But as someone who lived through the 'wahabization' of a Muslim community and its emergence into prominence, I am inspired to make a few trite observations and perhaps as one of the few here who has had loads of confrontations with wahhabi types over the years of communal service, maybe I could say something, but am really speaking to you Mr. Falic, and am appreciative of what you write above, will not be making an argument just some disjointed observations. Because, i think the analysis here about wahabism is misconceived.

      1. wahhabism, what can you say, it is the state ideology of a ferociously repressive regime and thus historically, after the formation of the state, after the Ikhwani period, Wahhabism was noted for its political quietism, being mainly concerned with avoiding hell for raising your hands the wrong number of times during prayer, this is a a huge issue, vast literature of mutual denunciation, is it once at the beginning or every Allahu Akbar moment.

      2. Mr Abboud alludes to it above but let me say explicitly Wahhabism is a contagion whose vector is money. The Saudi's pay for it. In the UK it was the terrible era of Mosque building that allowed them to subvert and corrupt the community.

      3. Anti-clericalism/scholasticism: The Scholars annoy Muslims, who are mainly concerned with a narrow focus on their own praxis and want definitive answers that the Scholars are often unwilling to propose, thus especially in the Diaspora the appeal of Deobandi type of stuff, similar to wahhabism, we used to use the shorthand term ahl-ul-bayt for this type of sunni which represents not a commitment to some revolutionary Islamic ideology but actually the domestication and institutionalization of Islam in the west, i could say a lot more but let us move on.

      4. the less said about al-islah the better, though i believe it is a project close to Mr.Weiss' heart.

      5. Murji'a,

      6. so I dont think al-q or isil are wahabi as such, they are something quite different, Khwarij. Wahhabism as it is requires allegiance to the house of Saud, that is its point, why else would Saudis spend so much on it.

      7. Salafi: its great everyone learning all this new terminology, to me Salafist means Afghani, Abduh, Rida, Kawakibi et al, Hasan al banna formed the MB in opposition to wahhabism and other such strains, to use Islamist to mean wahabi confuses me, for most of my life Islamist most often meant socialist 3rd world developmentalist, to concede the entirety of Islamism to wahhabism seems wrong to me.

      8. Sunni, this a new identity, i have only recently become one, I used to just be a Muslim, i have often prayed next to shi'i in what i used to think of Mosques, which I now realize are Sunni Mosques, brave new world.

      9. Bandeleros' comment above to me is a bit problematic for the following reasons.

      the idea that all conflicts in the Muslim world or involving Muslims are driven by religion is not well founded, Abu Sayyaf are Moro nationalists resisting an exploitative central government and look at the history of Acheh, his list of conflicts are all about local or regional issues, political, social and economic rather than religion, and predate Al-q and sometimes wahhabism itself, i would say. If you have heard of say Qaradawi, how many people would realize that he is anti-wahhabi?

      10. Wahhabism whose character is neurosis, extroversion, ignorance and laziness: why Muslims dont take it very seriously, the errors are elementary and glaring: Sh. M.H. Kabbani elaborates.

      link to

      just a note Yoni: "I have only been able to read Arabic sufficiently well to have an idea what the real issues are for about two years."

      Some years ago we sponsored some Azharites to come and study Hebrew in the UK, they discovered that they could transfer from Hebrew to Arabic, in which they were already quite proficient and could get 1st class degrees for no effort from top UK universities, we were disappointed,
      during a self lacerating meeting one of the Shuyukh asked of the others how many of you speak and read Persian, we all starred at our feet,

      so that made me cry when i read it Yoni, respect.

      I dont think "Islamic" doctrines or conflicts are a relevant area of study for those who want to understand what is happening in the ME, there is a lot more to it. Many people see it differently and i guess many of the Ulema I knew would be quite close to Mr.Abbouds position, but then they had been dealing with the likes Omar Bakri et al and were really pissed off with the Saudi's.

      from the link

      "One of the Successors of the Prophet (s), the caliph Umar ¦ ibn Abd al-Azīz said, “I don’t like to see the Companions of Prophet (s) agreeing on the same issue, rather I prefer to see them disagree.”

      What he meant was that if the Companions, who are the main reference for the Shariah, disagree, different valid viewpoints would emerge, and in this way more solutions to the same problem would become available. This kind of dispute never divides the community.

      In fact there is a saying, “The differences among my Community are a mercy” which the scholars of Islam agree is correct in meaning. Ibn Taymiyya said, “The consensus of the Imams [of law] on a question is a definitive proof, and their divergence of opinion is a vast mercy.” "

    • So Bush invaded iraq in support of his close allies in Iran (Shia) and Hussein (Sunni) was allied to the Sunni Kings (especially those of Kuwait and Saudi) by the bond of Sunnism?

  • Hillary Clinton equates ISIS and Hamas
    • Roha: The Vietnamese intervention is of course used by Chomsky as case of justifiable and well executed intervention. Sierra Leone is a touch more complex, couple of scholars at Maryland U have written a brief and interesting case study, Tony Blair praised it and it was the model that re-established neo-Palmerstonian "diplomacy":

      link to

      Mooser: "you can help people by killing them and blowing up their stuff?"

      what is genuinely absurd is that if we take the current situation in "Syraq" we are being asked not to support intervention to correct the effects of our previous intervention, we are being asked to support intervention to counter our current and on-going intervention, i believe thats two rounds of "rewards" we may award ourselves, plunder in common parlance, the toil of the good heart never ends.

    • "If country X will enter a period of peace, prosperity and the rule of law"

      "at little cost"

      "The interventionists may find it more difficult than they think to keep their costs low and may decide (though I don’t think that all interventionists are insincere from the beginning) that they are entitled to help themselves to some rewards from the territory."

      I believe you are correct that Interventionists sincerely believe that they "are entitled to help themselves to some rewards from the territory", and you have the gall to mention "law" in your first sentence.

      Is this the result of your belief that

      "It might be argued that a legitimate ruler, like Lincoln or Obama, is allowed to use violence in a way that a tyrant is not".
      link to

      This is a scandalous notion, your leaders are not mandated by heaven, nor a popular plebiscite to rule over us. Why dont they just obey the laws that they themselves have promulgated. All the terms that you casually throw around, peace, prosperity, law, cost, tyrant, rewards need examination,

      "I must say the prospect looks attractive" any situation in which one gets to award oneself "rewards" is inherently attractive.

  • 'NYT' only counts Jews when it pronounces Thursday 'deadliest day of violence'
    • "Why don’t you tell us about the places where “black racism” functions in place of the usual white racism we know?"

      so naive

      "Please, where is this place where this has happened?"

      It happens on The Dance Floor, every damn night, I also laugh at the shapes my white brothers cut, on the dance floor.

  • Nerves/Gas at Rachel's Tomb
    • Sorry about the OT comment, one thing that struck me about the photo's is that this is not a Jewish shrine at all, its a Zionist shrine complete with suffocating wall and all the rituals of inviolable security coupled with a pervasive sense of dread, they should call the hertzilium .

    • Dabaa is much easier to pronounce than Fukushima, which i am confident it will soon eclipse,

      the phrase "nuclear power plant in Egypt", fills me with unease, not that i am implying that Egyptians are not perfectly capable of being competent, when we can be bothered, everything always goes wrong in Egypt, we expect it, and will no doubt thrive on a cesium rich and radioactive diet .

      An Egyptian nuclear bomb? with a power station we may not in fact need one.

      "Moscow and Cairo signed an agreement on Thursday for Russia to build a nuclear power plant in Egypt, with Russia extending a loan to Egypt to cover the cost of construction.

      A spokesman for Russia's state-owned nuclear firm Rosatom said the plant, Egypt's first, would be built at Dabaa in the north of the country and was expected to be completed by 2022.

      Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, speaking on state TV, gave few details but said the project would involve the building of a 'third-generation' plant with four reactors."

      link to

  • West's war against terrorism is Israel's war, Chuck Schumer says
    • 'Quite a few Palestinians do not regard themselves as “Arabs”. What would you call them?'

      Arab does not mean Arabian, you could mean Arabic speaking Armenians in Palestine and Lebanon?

      You could mean Walid Phares, there is an excellent rule of thumb, Arabs who spell Faris/Fares as Phares are Phascist Phalangists Phoenicians, you may be right ( i doubt it) but we are not compelled to take them at their word.

      these one liners are getting tedious you need to develop that argument, to fully reveal its vacuity. You don't know what Arab means.

  • Netanyahu: In wake of Paris attacks, world should condemn attacks against Israel
    • "emphasis on rough,"

      you are way too humble thanks,

      As to Sykes-Picot I am old enough to remember that Europeans would laugh at you and talk about Arabs and conspiracy theories etc, a Russian forgery we were told, you believe Stalin?

  • Paris and Islamophobia
    • No calls for forgiveness, as after the much praised words of the Charleston church survivors, but a rabidly vengeful Hollande laying waste to Syria right away, or would forgiveness not be appropriate in this instance?

      The French Intifada: how the Arab banlieues are fighting the French state
      Andrew Hussey:

      "The atmosphere was strangely festive. Behind the reinforced steel and glass of the Eurostar terminal, new arrivals from London were ushered into Paris by soldiers with machine guns – the glittering capital of Europe now apparently a war zone. They looked on the scene with horror. But it was exhilarating to watch kids hopping over metro barriers, smoking weed and shouting, walking wherever they wanted, disobeying every single one of the tight rules that normally control access to the station. It was also frightening, because these kids could now hurt you whenever they wanted. They had abolished all the rules, including the rule of law."

      link to

  • The way for Americans to take on the Islamic state is to end support for Jewish nationalism
    • thank you ckg, it is any easy mistake to make, thanks for the clarification,

      Mooser, did you find yourself called upon to lead the Jews in prayer? ever

      Fatih caries it of in style, how many Jews are needed for prayer? in Islam it is either one or none.

      he is Caucasian, and honestly he really has something about him, in Austin Texas, we are everywhere.

    • "Okay, that sounds right. Isn’t that how it goes?"

      Cool Mooser,

      "The first, most violent and ruthless resistance towards it came from the Arabs themselves, the Prophets own tribe in fact. It goes to show that Islam isnt about a specific people or tribe or nationality, it is a message meant for the humanity on the whole."

      and we should resist it ruthlessly? on the whole.

      Did you know Justin Beiber is an Arab, and very devout.

    • "In the Quran itself, it is stated God made us into many nations for us to get to know each other. It is clearly mentioned that we are not made to all amalgamate into one mess of a nation"

      "It is clearly mentioned that we are not made to all amalgamate into one mess of a nation"


      this for example 5:48 or 49:13, so

      would you care to prove that baseless lie and slander.

      I think that i am entitled to insist that you do so in an al asl fil kalam al haqiqa mood to avoid dispute
      and tasfir al quran bil quran stylee to guard against any extraneous shit.

      also in the chambers/rooms/apartments/hujurat he does start by pointing out not unreasonably that first you are males and females, no fraternizing there either?, or do you think the old goat might have been hinting at,.. well ask a Jew about Biblical Knowing, its the best kind?

      speaking of biological roots do you know Desi Roots, he insists you go deh right, if you do it are expected to do it right.

    • "The hypocrisy would be appalling were it not so functional: the biggest impediment to both the reform of Islam and peace in the Middle East that Americans have the ability to remove is our support for a militant Jewish ideology that few Arabs and Muslims have ever accepted."

      "the reform of Islam" what did you have in mind? and who have you slated for the job? will we get a call when the work has been completed? having called Sanders on belligerent self-righteousness, you want to do what to Islam? and why? supposing we refuse? supposing we reform wrong? you be ready to hold your nose and.....? No one can reform Islam, it would be like herding cats, we don't have the hierarchy, no one has much authority, its all very democratic.

      war is not emanating from Islam, reforming Islam (see above) wont really engender peace,

      what precisely are the religious elements in these wars and what does it mean to be multi-casual in terms of these wars, any of them not involve the US and its regional and global ambitions and those of its allies? how is Islam causing war?

      " ideology that few Arabs and Muslims have ever accepted."

      you find me one people anywhere anytime who think/thought they are/were ripe for settler colonization, just one will be the jackpot.

      "We should stop lecturing Muslims"

      but that will be Post Reformation? obviously.

      oh i missed the qualifier that Americans have the ability to remove, yes foreign policy in the US is outside the Sovereign will of the people, like domestic and fiscal policy, well you know something you mentioned reform, mate.

      Michel Collon an interesting and famous Belgian points out a few things you might want to keep in mind, it was the reform thing man, your parochialism is showing, whats a good and bad Arab

  • Israeli hospital raid reflects the criminal behavior of the country’s political leadership
    • I see you give the sura's name and number, weird, either will do, and that you are using the sahih international translation, its not very good for example Dr. Ghali translates it as "and they were scheming, and God was scheming; and God is the most charitable of schemers"8:30

      puzzled why you left out the 1st part of the ayat, are you qualified to do that, its so relevant considering the topic, Ghali renders it thus

      "And as the ones who have disbelieved were scheming to confine you, or kill you, or to drive you out" 8:30,

      Do you think its best rendered md or ml, if you know what i mean, you should be able to work that out, even an alert impostor should be able to easily confound me, unless they are lazy.

      I would have thought you would be more conversant with the 63rd sura, sure only 55 sura's to labour through to get there, you'll enjoy its startling relevance.

      "logical evidence that the same government played a major role in the current ISIS terror reign in the Middle East, the recent Beirut bombings, the assasination of Hariri, the Charlie Hebdo attacks and lastly the Paris terror attacks yesterday" a4tech.

      what is the logical evidence for such a claim? you seem to be changing direction, have you been checked for radicalization recently, now maybe a good time, its a simple though not painless procedure, these things can just sneak up on you.

  • US and Israel rewrite history of UN resolution that declared Zionism is racism
    • "gamal – – It isn’t clear to me who is a “Zionist”, in your view."

      Repeat after me "I have no authority over Arabs and must stop telling them what to do"

      i never answer questions without a thorough water-boarding.

      that clear.

    • "any Palestinian solidarity with BLM is a really bad idea, huh?"

      Cannings point is that Zionists are not doing racism right and when Americans find that out....

      there will consequences, not too many though as he says Arabs will accept any shit whatsoever, its a great comfort, and the head Arab is eager sign whatever you've got.

      If only those pesky Zionist reverse racists would get on board, i share his frustration, if not his analysis.

  • Zionism, anti-blackness, and the struggle for Palestine
  • Why do Palestinians burn Jewish holy sites?: The fraught history of Joseph’s Tomb
    • Next year in the Haram, sacred to all, tear gas looks like incense, who's to know.

      "Sacred" is one of those words that seems to have no meaning whatsoever.

  • Israel gets to use violence. Palestinians don't. That's the rule
    • "Even the use of that word is problematic."

      but there is no word for "defense" in the English language a neutral descriptive like lamentable, morally repulsive "violence" will just have to do,

  • Egypt's destruction of Gaza tunnels leading to economic and environmental disaster
    • Egypt is at war with itself, the ruling clique are ardent servants of empire and neo-liberalism from which they profit sumptuously,

      and "The state of emergency will cover Al-Arish and other surrounding areas. It went into effect on Tuesday, 27 October". El-Arish is closer to Beersheba than Zagazig, much closer.

      From what i have heard the putsch going on in rural areas against the baltagiya (link to is grim and bloody, beyond imagination.

      Pharoah wants Gaza to collapse and will raise Sinai in pursuit of that objective.

      "Egypt extends North Sinai state of emergency for 3rd time this year

      " The northern part of the mountainous Sinai Peninsula has been the epicentre of an Islamist insurgency that spiked following the 2013 ouster of Islamist president Mohamed Morsi after mass protests against his one year rule.

      The violence has killed hundreds of soldiers and policemen in the restive region."

      link to

    • Page: 10
  • The idea that people living under violent military occupation must be instructed in nonviolence is problematic
    • "so is W.Jones"

      "You would have to ask how Christianity was able to survive there (10% of Palestinians were Christian in 1900) after 1200 years of Islamic rule. The Turks and some of the medieval Caliphates were quite brutal, for example."

      you have no idea how wrong you are Zaid, the evangelist is no friend of yours, anyone wishing to evangelise amongst Muslims or Arabs who thinks its a safe bet to imply a caliphal brutal millenium of repression of Christians, its a safe guess its Islam after all, well a very bright and rather admiral Jew at Yale puts Jones' nasty little prejudice to rest watch, he is quite specific, which reveals that the evangelist hasn't even bothered to read anything other propagandistic trash, 14, 15, 16, Freedman is not a specialist and is therefore just giving what scholarship accepts as the documentary record nothing controversial or difficult, only 15 if you lazy and wish to stick to the brutal point. Jones' discussion of Aztecs, Amerindians, Spaniards and Frenchmen was a study in the whites morbid obsession with domination.

    • Sorry forgot link to the Muslims were with Gandhi not Jinnah, you know what we are like, no attention to detail (e.m.forster, passage to India, leave me my allusions)

      link to

    • "I wonder how many sockpuppets there are who intentionally write things like this to either make Palestinians look bad or to encourage them to write self-incriminating trash."

      Jones sad to see you succumb to rhetorical violence, non-violence is not for everyone i suppose, and so little provocation, are you sure you understand non-violence as it applies to you? I mean Gandhi just laughed when Muhammad Ali denounced Hinduism, with repellent discourtesy, here check below from a review of Singhs famous book, even though you are a Christian White Man you still have to make a convincing argument, Gandhi's career is rather well known and much studied in much close detail in the Arab and Muslim worlds, the Pashtuns of Bacha Khan, who witnessed Ali's insolence and Gandhi's forbearance, became a famous leader of a remarkable non-violent movement, famously viciously tortured and murdered in large numbers by Christians, Gandhi taught by example dear Jones I will for go the opportunity to incriminate myself, there's always tomorrow, and you seem to have done as good as job as possible with self incrimination today, whats the Welsh for munafiqun?

      "Gandhi, after promising swaraj within a year, withdrew the Non-Cooperation Movement in the wake of communal riots in Kerala and, of course, the famous Chauri Chaura incident in 1922. The Congress formally adopted full independence as its goal only in 1931. His second objection was that non-violence would not succeed. In this Jinnah was wrong.

      There is a remarkable sub-text in this speech, which has never been commented upon, at least to my knowledge. When Jinnah first referred to Gandhi, he called him 'Mr Gandhi'. There were instant cries of 'Mahatma Gandhi'. Without a moment's hesitation, Jinnah switched to 'Mahatma Gandhi'.

      Later, he referred to Mr Mohammad Ali, the more flamboyant of the two Ali Brothers, both popularly referred to as Maulana. There were angry cries of 'Maulana'. Jinnah ignored them. He referred at least five times more to Ali, but each time called him only Mr Mohammad Ali.

      Let us leave the last word to Gandhi. Writing in Harijan of June 8, 1940, Gandhi said, 'Quaid-e-Azam himself was a great Congressman. It was only after the non-cooperation that he, like many other Congressmen belonging to several communities, left. Their defection was purely political.'

      In other words, it was not communal. It could not be, for almost every Muslim was with Gandhi when Jinnah left the Congress.

      History might be better understood if we did not treat it as a heroes-and-villains movie. Life is more complex than that. The heroes of our national struggle changed sometimes with circumstances. The reasons for the three instances I cite are very different; their implications radically at variance. I am not making any comparisons, but only noting that leaders change their tactics.

      Non-violent Gandhi, who broke the empire three decades later, received the Kaiser-I-Hind medal on June 3, 1915 (Tagore was knighted the same day) for recruiting soldiers for the war effort.

      Subhas Chandra Bose, ardently Gandhian in 1920, put on a uniform and led the Indian National Army with support from the Fascists.

      Jinnah, the ambassador of unity, became a partitionist.

      The question that should intrigue us is why. "

  • The Case for Parallel States: Excerpt from 'One Land, Two States: Israel and Palestine as Parallel States'
    • " “This plan does that.”

      "Absolutely, this plan does that. Israel won’t, but this plan does". Mooser

      "Israel won’t, but this plan does"."

      Actually Just a little bit, I am in awe, who is taking Mark home, is he ok, 6 words, its all over, after a whole bullshit decade, Mooser no he's had enough, no further retorts, that used to be a Liberal Humanist Poster Boy, look at it now.

  • Leading US anthropologist signs on to BDS despite qualms
  • The US spends $35 billion on foreign aid . . . but where does the money really go?
    • Sadly M linked to the wrong article a far more persuasive piece can found under

      "Scholars: Islamic sources justifying lying might have been lying"

      which includes

      "Shaqran does not expect the revelation to have much of an effect. “People are going to do what they’re going to do, and justify it any way they can,” he said. “If not Taqqiyya, then some other doctrine can be invented, such as Alqilya, which involves putting to death anyone who asks uncomfortable questions.”

      you didnt notice it was satire, i foresee a battlefield demotion,

      link to

  • Bloomberg's int'l editor to host event on 'incredible courage' of Israeli soldiers (including Netanyahu)
    • Made me think of Rogins "My sword became a flashing vision..."

      " Cut to the Klansman. He raises his arm, with his back to the camera, and holds up a small sword. Against the background of the storm music from Beethoven's Pastoral symphony, he plunges the sword down. He repeats this "ritualistic and totemic gesture", as Stern calls it, to the crash of Beethoven's storm. Cut to a close up of Gus's face his mouth flowing blood his eyes rolling in agony. Griffith's synchronizes his cutting to the cutting of the sword. "In flash-cuts the Klansmans hand now plunges and rises, plunges and rises, again, again and still again, on each down beat of the timpani, all within a few frames of film. On the final thunder-crash of the series there is a final frame of the castrated Negroes pain-racked face and body. Gus is dead". The father's threat to make mincemeat of a Negro, turned out to be play. The grown son, through his film cuts in a play, made the threat real. "My fathers sword..... became a flashing vision" to castrate Gus."

      link to

  • Coffee at Isaac Bashevis Singer Boulevard
    • Rafi all our missions are possible

      "And history will show"

      forever didn't happen yet, you sound desperate,

      anyone expecting liberal or progressive allies in pursuit of revolutionary or liberatory goals is going to be disappointed,

      " i promise you will not" grandiloquence doesn't sit well with impotence, you already tried everything and still all our missions are possible, turns out we are invincible, still on the field despite 3 hundred years of defeats, we only getting warmed up.

  • Red Crescent: Israeli forces shot and wounded at least 2,617 Palestinians in October
    • "Israeli forces shot and wounded at least 2,617 Palestinians in October"

      but they stabbed not a single one, rest easy.

  • Karmah Elmusa rocks Elle Magazine
    • "attributing balls seems slightly inappropriate" they keep their husbands balls in their handbags and can deploy them at will, is there some confusion here. (leave the comma he's not worth it)

  • Glen Weyl's agonizing journey to boycott the country he loves
    • " “Ashkenazi knight” was still, well, a little worse than unnecessary."

      but whats even worse is an Ashkanzi Knight riding a gamal, there are no countermeasures. Entitled and boorish, the ultimate solecism.

  • 'Why I am a Zionist'
    • Authority Demands You Be Zionist

      might i humbly suggest authority may want to go f*ck itself in that case, let all the creative forces of the cosmos be Zionist ( really man get over yourself) whats that to me? I can come to my own conclusions, or are you arguing 50 trillion flies cant be wrong? (eat shit)

      what is it with all these inquisitions (sorry its friday) we go from the camp Torquemada Proyect and the purification of ideology now ni**ering and popefying

      whats so frustrating is that its an incomplete syllogism ( emphasis on Gism)

      should we be awaiting the decision of the dear leader? may we think for ourselves, fully cognizant of the sever dangers involved.

      I am not sure but does this mean that a black catholic is a double Zionist, what happens if I disagree with MLK or reject the Pope, I know what happen when you dis Marcus (you must bite the dust), and equal rights and justice a what it a cost (problem right there Jonny) but if you dis Selassie boy you gonna die.

    • "Making sure [my daughter] is Jewish in the eyes of the Jewish state gives me peace of mind. If the Gestapo ever comes again, she and her descendants will have a place to go. Just in case…"

      you know the story of Death in the market in Damascus place surely, briefly a guy runs to his friend and says "lend me your fastest car man, got to get out of town going to Aleppo"

      "sure but why" replies the friend

      "I was in the market place and death made a threatening gesture at me! I could be in Aleppo by tonight if I ride hard"

      so man gives him the hot little hatchback and off he goes. you know how it is the friend gets to thinking thats my good good friend whats this Death thinks he's up to, let me go and confront him.

      off he goes sure enough there is Death hanging out in the Market,

      The friend approaches "What do you mean by threatening my man" he inquires,

      "You got me all wrong" Death plaintively exclaims "I didnt threaten any body, Its just I was surprised to see him still in the Market at Damascus when I have an appointment with him tonight in Aleppo"

      The Gestapo is already in situ in the blessed haven.

      As they say plenty bad man live a foreign, remember way back when rasta had no friend.

      Bad boy dem af ta run tings
      Plenty bad boy live a foreign

      its the Israel Vibration, you'd think she would have integrated this basic wisdom, but these rough ghetto people love the Palestinans out of common humanity.

  • Video: Two prominent Israelis envision replacing Dome of the Rock with Jewish temple
    • 'rudiments of syncopation and a rhythmic quality (much prized by many Jews) called “swing”.'

      because you are our bretheren man, as soon as you drop those Aryan brothers dogging you.

      "Tweezers" i aint going to sleep tonight.

    • of course anything a man can do...can be just as well be done...

    • Mooser,

      I bet you've never seen anything like this, its Islam and its impossible rhythm and non-existent instruments Sain Mushtaq, there is no need to convert, just yet, check it out

    • you remember Islam

      ya Muhammad

    • Walid we are talking at cross purposes this here is what i think of islam, I dont give a shit about what anyone thinks the Prophet did. etc, please,

      so i have experienced Islam as, and check him out man he comes to Canada as this video attests (white people love it)

    • "your man ibn al kathir" eh?

      you jest?

      I swear in all honesty I have no idea what you are arguing or why you can't read, Raythana, really.

      one of the things frankly that has always pissed me off about f*king Muslims is that they might read some bullsh*t summary of primary sources, often written by non-Muslims, and never, ever consult the commentary, the vast complex commentaries. I was born into religion in some ways its all i have ever done, I mean you know as a Muslim you feel Muhammad tried to get the Jews on side and when he failed he "distanced" himself from them? are you insane? no Muslim says that nor does any Muslim source, you have a time machine or a subscription to the unimpeachable source? are you actually a Muslim and do you know any other Muslims?

      where and with whom have you studied Islam, I was for forty years a reluctant acolyte and student (bastard beat me three games of chess night before he died, in front of my wife) of Dr. M.A.Z Badawi, amongst others, he was the senior Sunni in Europe for 20 odd years, cool guy.

      link to

    • "Oh, my gawd. That poor man"

      Listen man you and I are mature if you have the stomach check the full horror of Muhammad's situation

      Honey I mean Honey?

      The Prophet Keeps Away From His Wives For a Month

      link to

    • Walid,

      "That we keep believing.." man no Islam is the opposite of that, we have in fairness never believed that the "religion of Jews and Christians have absolutely nothing to do with the forming of the prophet’s" and always believed its precise opposite, "new religion" categorically not new, primordial hence the ability of Islam to integrate with Indic and African religion.

      As to your history, come on man, I know the material, the vast and varied views of that vast literature, I really in all honesty have no idea what you are trying to prove, what do you mean in one hadith? so? you know the satanic verses would have made more sense than he wanted anything from the Jews, the Jews were not a big force in Arabia. The Muhammad of the ahadith famously insisted on judging Jewish issues according to Jewish law, its the whole origin of the they have changed the words discourse, here everyone who has a modicum of humanity would sympathize with the Jews as did many Muslim scholars and aped their practice of obviating the severe punishments of religious law, and its a long story.

      Where did you study Islam?

    • "11th factually incorrect statement.
      the 5 prayers were introduced in Mecca early in Islam , before Muhammad immigrated to Madina and interacted with the Jews."

      This is of course entirely correct crisis in Mecca, night journey, 5 daily prayers, prior to the Hijra.

      As to the wives I guess Ibn al-Kathir would agree with Zaid.

      link to

      when they asked the early scholar Sh'abi "Whats the government been paying you for all these years" He replied "La adri, I dont know, for saying "I dont know" about matters which in fact i do not know"

      Publically admitted fallibility is the very quintessence of sunnism,

      "Between the Muslim and Jew: The Problem of Symbiosis under early Islam"

      link to

      By Steve Wasserstrom, is a fun and critical text, Walid its all bit simplistic and you are burdening Muhammad with later and not really Muslim concerns. The symbiosis idea currently dominates Judeo-Arabic studies, I am not into any inter-sect/faith/whathaveyou squabbles, Steve has I think interesting grounds for attacking such ideas in toto, but he also knows a bit, thats thing Walid you dont come across as having given this much thought, other than to express an opinion, anyway I don't know. Read some stuff.

    • there is of course the legal status of these sites, wasn't it Jon who thought that in the interest of peace "we should keep our hands off.." because the notion of Palestinian ownership of anything whatsoever is antithetical to Zionism, after all accepting that Palestinians have either "private" or "communal" property rights could get us in to all kinds difficulty.

      "Factsheet Israeli Misappropriation Disguised as Heritage Preservation: The Cases of Hebron and Bethlehem"

      "Israel’s status in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, remains that of an occupying power with specific obligations to the local population.

      Israel's military occupation of Palestinian territory is inherently temporary and does not give the occupying power (Israel) sovereignty or title over the occupied territory. The seminal principle in international law is reflected in Article 43 of the Hague Regulations which requires the occupying power to re-establish and maintain public order and civil life for the benefit of the occupied population, and to respect existing laws and institutions in the occupied territory. The only exception to this is military necessity, which is to be narrowly construed. Therefore, Israel cannot act for its own population’s economic or social benefit to the detriment of the Palestinians. Nor can Israel legislate for the occupied territory in the way it does for its own national legal system.

      In addition, Article 56 of the Hague Regulations provides that “institutions dedicated to religion ... even when [involving] State property, shall be treated as private property.” Article 46 prescribes that private property must be respected and cannot be confiscated. Similar obligations and commitments are also found in UNESCO agreements, including the Convention for the Protection of Cultural Property in the Event of Armed Conflict and the Convention on the Means of Prohibiting and Preventing the Illicit Import, Export and Transfer of Ownership of Cultural Property (1970). For example, Articles 4 and 5 of the Convention for the Protection of Cultural Property in the Event of Armed Conflict require Israel (which is a signatory to the Convention) to respect and protect cultural property in the occupied territory and refrain from all activity in the site except out of “military necessity”."

      link to

  • Dear Chief Rabbi, your sermon on Palestinian violence failed tests of moral and communal leadership
  • Fact Check: MSNBC’s Palestinian loss of land map
    • "The idea that a religion or race or ethnicity owns land has been a great cause of misery on earth" TBK oct 16


      "My point of course is that places like Safed and Jerusalem have almost always had Jewish landowners" TBK oct 23

      a week is a long time.

  • State Dep't slams Netanyahu's Hitler story as 'inflammatory' and against 'scholarly evidence'
    • "then send their fanatical racist violent goons, protected by the thieves occupation army"

      A trenchant article from empirestrikesblack detailing the policies one may have to follow in subjugating a population.

      "Torture in Palestine: a glimpse into Israel’s history of unrivalled cruelty"

      "Recognition of ‘Israel’ is tantamount to approval of the crimes against humanity that forged its existence. Such recognition is absolutely inexcusable on any level, moral, legal, or otherwise."

      link to

  • Goldberg says the root of the conflict is the Palestinians' anti-Jewish 'narrative'
    • let us consider the words of the prophet luqman to his son, “O son! Do not dispute with the knowledgeable lest they detest you.”

    • "it’s just you who are so knee deep in ideology you"

      "your idealism goes against reality"

      "This is a common ailment of leftists, especially those who calls themselves one."

      As a Muslim may I point out the example of our Prophet,

      " Once when the Holy Prophet divided some wealth among his followers, one man accused him to his face of being unfair and told him: "Fear God, O Muhammad". After the man had left, the following conversation took place between Khalid ibn Walid (great general from the Palestinian Khalidi's claim descent) and the Holy Prophet, as recorded in Bukhari:

      Khalid: "Shall I strike off his neck?"

      Holy Prophet: "No, perhaps he is a man who says prayers."

      Khalid: "There are many people who pray, but what they say is not what is in their hearts."

      Holy Prophet: "I have not been commanded by God to cut open people's chests to see what is inside their hearts."
      (Book: Maghazi, ch. 63.)

      Here a man insults the Holy Prophet to his face, and a Muslim asks permission to kill the man. The Holy Prophet advances the possibility of there being some good in the culprit, but Khalid argues that the man's prayers are only for show. The Holy Prophet then makes it clear that we cannot know about people's motives or sincerity, but have to accept that what they are doing is in good faith"

      I hate to say it but you may have offended Islamic "spirituality" I mean " “And when the foolish address them roughly they reply with peaceful words betokening gentleness.” (25:72), momentary lapse no doubt when did you find reality and whats it like? Aslo try to man up in front of the kuffar, you letting the side down with all this whining, you do recall we celebrate diversity of opinion, its a blessing, walahi azeem.

  • Palbox: A way to support Palestinian farmers and artisans this holiday season
  • Neither prayer nor propaganda nor the paper of record will ever convince the world of the Jewish right to control al Aqsa plaza
    • "since it’s not out yet."

      I read a book by Salibi about all this in the 80's, it was available in English, he died a few years ago and was a Lebanese Christian of some kind, I havent heard how his Judah in Arabia theory is doing these days, to be fair most Arab history scholars I know dont take it too seriously, I wouldnt be able to judge but most of the Alim I knew found his stuff interesting, for the linguistic arguments etc, his "Who Was Jesus?: Conspiracy in Jerusalem" is a fine little read without having to take any position on his major thesis. you can sample a bit here

      link to

  • Hillary Clinton expresses alarm for Israeli Jews, and not one word about Palestinian victims
    • The USSR did not invade Afghanistan, nor was the USSR in beligerent occupation of the country for one moment. Its presence in Afghanistan was on the same basis as it is in Syria, invitation by the government to help defend the state from a foreign supported insurgency.

      I dont know if that makes any difference the USA and her citizens notoriously have no respect for international legal niceties.

      Back in those days we were on the American ambassadors visitation list, we would see him at our institution in London, once or twice every year, as many of the Shuyukh were very well connected, especially our Director. I recall them complaining bitterly that America insisted on arming regional and ethnic militias without pushing very hard for the formation of a national movement, who would segue straight from insurrection to civil war, as they did. Wasnt it Hekmatyar and Masood who destroyed Kabul?

      there is no equivalence between the Soviet and American wars in Afghanistan, the first was legal the second represents the supreme international crime.

  • 'Replace' the mosques? Once again, 'NYT' soft-pedals Israeli extremism
    • "I was just clarifying the mainstream Islamic thoughts on the Torah" generally educated Muslims would avoid terms such as "Mainstream",

      "as opposed to Zaid’s highly misinformed idea that the Torah is in essence a man-made plagiarized document."


      "Muslims believe in the Torah, Psalms and Bible in their original, unaltered form"

      So you in fact agree with Zaid's "highly misinformed idea", ask a Sunni we can generate consensus from the most unpromising materials, i like your as a Muslim schtick, its not very convincing and I say that as a brother in faith.

  • Rescuing atheism from Harris and Hitchens
    • really thats the thanks i get for giving you a new experience, Hitchens recommending violence, whats in those two para's of which you speak, is this how google works, see below for a lengthy analysis of HItchens enthusiasm for Imperial violence, is supporting war advocating violence, have i mastered google?

      the link is to Seymours 'Unhitched' it contains many paragrphs,

      link to

    • "However, here is a passage from Hitchens's "Saving Islam from bin Laden," from The Age, September 5, 2002:

      It is impossible to compromise with the proponents of sacrificial killings of civilians, the disseminators of anti-Semitic filth, the violators of women and the cheerful murderers of children.

      It is also impossible to compromise with the stone-faced propagandists for Bronze Age morality: morons and philistines who hate Darwin and Einstein and managed, during their brief rule in Afghanistan, to ban and erase music and art while cultivating the skills of germ warfare. If they could do that to Afghans, what might they not have in mind for us? In confronting such people, the crucial thing is to be willing and able, if not in fact eager, to kill them without pity before they get started. "

      link to

  • Jerusalem at a breaking point
    • You Palestinian man, you can't be defeated, they are never going to win because they will never be satisfied, just like the Western powers they are going to consume themselves to death, make sure your wife and children are happy, safe and well and all the rest will follow, don't grieve too much its not healthy, eat plenty of jarjir and sumac.

      nothing lasts time consumes everything, surviving and being happy is the primary duty.

      i hope you post again i always read what you write.

      a mystic once wrote : happy in any circumstances, happy in any company, happiness and patience make you invincible. the very best of luck. One day I will walk from Zagazig to Jerusalem just as my grandfather did.

  • To condemn, or not to condemn
    • "You know Annie, I probably shouldn ‘t say this, but the way “tokyobk” discourses could serve as the very definition of “pseudo-intellectual”."

      ok Mooser, the "insinuate propose" thing was real class, I cant find the comment despite the heroic amount of alcohol I have drunk, go figure, an internet Tolstoy moment, here's a Jew on Pseudo intellectualism, you have to suspend the innuend, its full-frontal brutal.

      you have Lobachevshyite proclivities, who doesnt.

    • really you two, so what happens when one does wrong things? nothing as in the case of white people and colonists? do tell what would Locke say?

    • " on Gaza’s police graduation ceremony at the beginning of Cast Lead was unlawful"

      when are Police ever legitimate military targets?

      "Asa Kasher, a professor at Tel Aviv university, has for many years worked closely with the Israeli army, for which he produced an "ethical code" in the mid 1990's. He has justified the campaigns of "targeted assassinations" and their inevitable "collateral damage" to the Palestinian population in densely populated zones. He has organized meetings propounding his revised military ethic among staff of the IDF and Israels internal security service, the Shin Bet. In interviews he boasts, not without reason, that "what we are doing is becoming the law".

      In 2005, he together with Major General Amos Yadlin, co-authored an article entitled "Military Ethics of Fighting Terror". Their aim was to revise, from top to bottom, the established principles underlying the ethics and law of armed conflict. The most radical of their attacks concerned the principle of non- combatant immunity."

      "Drone Theory" Chamayou p.151

      anyway heres another perspective, it is of course one of the uses of moral philosophy to justify war, you can not expect the protection of laws you flout, it is Israel after all that insists on setting the rules of the game unilaterally, they are obeying your laws.

    • "Yes, these people were colonists: They were participating in the Zionist colonisation of occupied Palestine. But they were also not taking active part in hostilities, and are protected as civilians under international humanitarian law."

      recall that award winning book "Drone Theory" by Gregoire Chamayou, detailing some amazing Israeli innovations in legal theory that have been instrumental in removing the protection of IHL from individuals in this unfortunate couples situation,

      link to

      now you want to turn the clock back, the poineers of assassination in the post war world now want to cry foul, maybe accord your opponents the protections you wish to enjoy.

  • Settlers gawk as Palestinian woman lies dying at checkpoint (Update)
    • "She was wearing a niqab"

      I give up as regards the Burqa thing, its the perjorative du jours for the way some Muslim women dress.

      Imagine you live in the middle east, kind of dusty place, if perhaps you lived in place with limited water, power, money perhaps a bit tight, even if you are relatively well off there is a horror of wastefulness due to the general privations of the population, one way you can keep you skin and clothes relatively dust free is to wear a loose all enveloping outer garment, it makes sense, keeps wind and heat at bay.

      Also imagine being an 17-18 year old girl having to pass through a check point at the mercy of Israeli young men and of course some women, covering up might be attractive,

      but what business is it of any bodies what Ms. Hashlamoun was wearing? in her own country, of course she who grew up under occupation had no idea how to pass through a check point, her first time perhaps?

      She was shot down like a dog and dragged off to die in the dust, dont you think that remarks about her clothes are disgusting, how is it relevant,

      by the way Richard Dawkins is making a fool of himself over that little Dallas clock boy, but a lot of westerners seem to harbour un-examined reprehensible attitudes, what you gonna do.

  • The Obama administration needs to own up to the quagmire in Syria
    • just for fun what Stefan has got from his reading, an UQAM scholar, the sensitive reader will by the end of this short piece realize why MSM level analysis so often produces disappointing results, its mostly bullshit, as Zaid brusquely pointed out to me we love narrative histories in the ME, which are also quite often plagued issues of accuracy, bullshit in other words, quite a lot of it anyway.

      Allawis in the Ottoman Period

      "One of the most durable myths of Ottoman history is that religious minorities were organized in so-called millets which enjoyed fiscal and legal autonomy within the Empire. In fact no such system ever existed: while individual communities were indeed sometimes mandated to collect taxes and practise traditional law among their members, the vast majority of Christian and Muslim subjects paid their taxes to Ottoman government agents or tax farmers and took recourse when necessary to the imperial shar‘iyya courts.

      As such it is not surprising that the ‘Alawis and other Shi‘i denominations were not recognized as an independent corporation either. So long as they did not engage in overtly sectarian acts (such as calumniating the orthodox Sunni caliphs) they were legally assimilated to the Empire’s Muslim population. Ibn Taymiyya’s fatwa was never referenced by Ottoman jurists, and unlike the Kızılbaş Shi‘is who actively revolted against Ottoman rule in Anatolia in the sixteenth century, the ‘Alawis (Nusayris) and other quietist Shi‘is were never the object of a formal condemnation."

      link to

    • "This whole discourse of Sunni versus Allawites is sectarian from A to Z. And that’s what always was the real colonial plot"

      absolutely, the French had an Alawite state, for sometime.

      (I am busy Bandolero, and was interested in your stuff above will follow links when able)

      the divisions within the Syria Muslim Brotherhood are of course famous, northern and southern Axes and the failure of Attar etc, the ingress of Saudi money and influence to Aleppines, many of whom were naqshbandi's, the simple prism of sectarianism is not very enlightening, in my opinion.

      anyway one aspect of Syrias travails overlooked was the disastrous (for Syria) dawla al wahida Suriya wa Misr, episode, sadly Nassers Egypt in the 1313 days of union did Syria no good whatsoever, my passport still says U.A.R. (united arab republic) , the sound of cosmic laughter rings in my ears whenever i look at it, the Syrians got out just in time.

    • "However, the ascension of the Alawites into the ruling class of Syria was definitely part of a colonial project"

      ok, lets try again, brief and really simple, Dr. Fildis does "Roots of Sunni-Alawi Rivalry", you will notice the absence of a French installed Alawite Autocracy, for the current regime to be a descendant of. Needless to say I have differences with the good professor but we do occupy the same universe.

      there was a throw away line in the Charlie Glass article, re:sunni/shia, which no one picked up on, there are few things as immovable as ignorant assumptions, whatever utility they may have in destroying this months ultimate evil, Assad, to save Syria and Syrians, any one wonder why all those folk suddenly rushed Europes borders, they were in camps, something happen?

      There is a lot that could be said of the whole Arab Dictator meme, any one actually interested who believes that stuff could blow their very own minds with moderate study in English, i cant be bothered to get into any of this anymore, its like Netanyahu's UN cartoon, your knowledge of Syria's political economy is non-existent, this is tedious and silly.

      Do you have anything to show the France-Alawite-Assad lineage of the current regime?

      link to

    • "The whole government body of Syria is a remnant of colonial times where the minority Alawites was put onto power by a foreign force"

      Are you the Louis Proyect Professor of Knowing Stuff About the Middle-East?

      It is requirement of Islam that one not lie, 4:135, except in certain circumstances, and such a stupid puerile lie too, if you argue on the basis that your interlocutors know nothing of a subject and are way too lazy to read then such an idiotic lie may be a good idea, its not an error or a difference of opinion your statement above is a foolish lie with no basis in reality at all, please read, a very shallow though good brief breakdown on the emergence of the Syrian state, it includes context, can you give a timeline of the Alawite domination, you are very foolish, do you read Arabic?

      Can any one tell me what Ideological purity is for, its been worrying me, what does it do.

      link to

  • J'lem mayor warns Palestinians in holy site clashes: 'if they use violence we will hunt them'
    • '' director of the group’s office in the southern West Bank Farid al-Atrash"

      someones parents got a sense of humour, gamil gamal, even if i say so myself

  • Which nation spends more on its military: Iran or Israel?
    • " JudoChristian "

      I was going to post a link to my kenpo school "Judochristian", but you know every everyone is with you

      you the Palestinians are inspiration to billions, for your ability to resist with nothing, with the huge burden of the global hegemon on your backs, we respect you all from the bottom of our hearts, and remember No White God (watch till you see Rabin).

      I want what is rightfully mine....I will not be conquered

      would a white god save me from whitemans oppression

  • In a parallel universe where I am a Syrian refugee
  • Could Syria's revolution have been different?
    • When discussing imperialism sometimes a few facts can help, R2R, the right to rob is a cherished European custom, Gadaffi interfered, you know the rest.

      "Colonial Tax in Billions

      As of January 2014, 14 african countries are obliged by France, through a colonial pact, to put 85% of their foreign reserve into France central bank under French minister of Finance control.They are effectively putting in 500 Billion dollars every year to the French treasury. African leaders who refuse are killed or victim of coup. Those who obey are supported and rewarded by France with lavish lifestyle while their people endure extreme poverty, and desperation.

      There are a number of components of the colonisation pact that has been in effect since the 1950's. The main points being that the African countries should deposit their national monetary reserves in the France Central Bank. France has been holding the national reserves of fourteen african countries since 1961: Benin, Burkina Faso, Guinea-Bissau, Ivory Coast, Mali, Niger, Senegal, Togo, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Congo-Brazzaville, Equatorial Guinea and Gabon.

      Despite the two main African banks having African names, they have no monetary policies of their own. In fact France allows them to access only 15% of the money in any given year. If there is need for any more, they need to borrow the extra money from their own 65% from the French Treasury at commercial rates.

      The pact also included claused that Africa had an obligation to make French the official language of the country and the language for education and an obligation to use France colonial money FCFA (the Nordic countries tried unsuccessfully to get rid of this system when they discovered this).Also, they were obliged to send France an annual balance and reserve report. If they refused to send it, they would not be entitled to any money ."

      link to

    • Washingtons blog, Unmasking ISIS

      "Michael Shank – Adjunct Faculty and Board Member at George Mason University’s School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution, and director of foreign policy at the Friends Committee on National Legislation – warned a year ago:

      The Senate and House Intelligence committees’ about-face decision last week to arm the rebels in Syria is dangerous and disconcerting. The weapons will assuredly end up in the wrong hands and will only escalate the slaughter in Syria. Regardless of the vetting procedures in place, the sheer factionalized nature of the opposition guarantees that the arms will end up in some unsavory hands. The same militant fighters who have committed gross atrocities are among the best-positioned of the rebel groups to seize the weapons that the United States sends to Syria.


      Arming one side of Syria’s multi-sided and bloody civil war will come back to haunt us. Past decisions by the U.S. to arm insurgencies in Libya, Angola, Central America and Afghanistan helped sustain brutal conflicts in those regions for decades. In the case of Afghanistan, arming the mujahideen in the 1980s created the instability that emboldened extreme militant groups and gave rise to the Taliban, which ultimately created an environment for al Qaeda to thrive.


      Arming the enemies of our enemies hasn’t made the U.S. more friends; it has made the U.S. more enemies.


      Some armed opposition factions, including powerful Islamist coalitions, reject negotiation altogether. Yet these are the same groups that will likely seize control of U.S.-supplied weapons, just as they’ve already seized control of the bulk of the rebels’ weaponry.


      When you lift the curtain on the armed groups with the most formidable military presence on the ground in Syria, you find the Al Nusra Front and Al Farough Brigades. Both groups are closely aligned with Al Qaeda and have directly perpetrated barbaric atrocities. The Al Nusra Front has been charged with beheadings of civilians, while a commander from the Al Farough Brigades reportedly ate the heart of a pro-Assad soldier.

      Shank’s warning was ignored, and his worst fears came to pass. And since the Obama administration is doubling-down on the same moronic policy, it will happen again …

      And it’s not as if we only started supporting the rebels after the Syrian civil war started. Rather, the U.S. started funding the Syrian opposition 5 years before the civil war started … and started arming them 4 years beforehand.

      And a leaked 2006 U.S. State Department Cable from the U.S. Ambassador to Syria discussed plans to overthrow the Syrian government."

      link to

    • “Insan” is an Urdu word that stands for “human” " its Arabic, the title of a Sura, there is no Urdu in the Quran.

    • for those who want to both learn a little of Syria and political Islam, I recommend the introduction which can read free.

      The Ashes of Hama: The Muslim Brotherhood in Syria

      link to

    • "i’m not even sure what that means"

      Renner is making humorous reference to the fact that Gadaffi, a wounded and defenseless 69 year old was sodomized with a bayonet prior to being shot in the temple. You have sense of humour dont you.

  • 'NYT' misrepresents Iran's prediction about 'Zionist regime' to mean 'Israel'
    • "Time and time again history has shown that the most effective way of overcoming oppression is by non-violent civil resistance."

      oh you do provide examples,

      "Examples: "civil rights for black Americans," citizens arguing for their constitutional rights, there was some violence, there was also quite a lot of violence from the Black population, what effect that you will have to explain.

      " majority rule and the end of apartheid in South Africa" Fincham old boy, there was war encompassing the whole southern continent, ever heard of Cuito?

      link to

      , "the fall of Ceaucescu in Romania" you done any research on that one or you just guessing,

      , "power sharing in Northern Ireland", you are kidding old thing, remember the Boys of the Old Brigade

      "the Arab spring inTunisia." a lot more too it than the triumph of non-violence.

      doesn't it occur to you Fincham that while you were doing all that science some of us were doing that resistance stuff, were you useless at science as well.

      "that would make me a racist" you dont think your attitude and language, merely paternalistic for the purposes of this board dont reveal your real viciousness, so surrender on Palestine's behalf, whose consent is required for nothing,

      when will you have concluded your Islamic studies and be in a position to tell us how to do it right or where we have been going wrong,

      Bob Andy wants a word in your shell like,

  • Settler group publishes anti-Palestinian children's book titled 'Occupation Shmuccupation'
    • Humaid is an ex-chief justice of Saudi Arabia, long term allies of Israel any one who doubts this longstanding alliance could dip in to Jesse Ferris' "Nassers Gamble: How Intervention in Yemen Caused the Six-Day war."

      link to

    • why does the Arab have a hooked nose while the other guy, presumably Jewish just looks white,

      Help with the Olive harvest? which upsets leftists, they are insane.

  • A guide to the worst refugee crisis since WWII
    • Donald,

      I read a post of yours about you know not bloviating etc, cant find it, in conformity with feminist practice I would like to explain where I am coming from,

      but first if you decide to do other things rather Mondopost, thank you for your company I interact with you for my own reasons, sloppy perhaps but i have very specific objectives, I have nothing but respect for you, you are an exotic entity to me, with whom I can interact because you can do things for me, if its any use to you, great! I always appreciated your WASPish unflappability, I know I am c##t, i have argued with and insulted everyone from Annie, Hostage even Mooser, I always read your posts.

      so this feminist self revelation thing: I dont know if this helps but culturally I am mostly "White Working Class English" thats what my mother was even though she died with a title, her uncle Reg described us as "Semi-Tramp" class, despite my Bedouin Heritage thats me, my white relatives in Londons East End were gangsters, I didnt know i was black until white people told me i was, think lock stock and "nil by mouth" etc, you have no idea how valuable I think speaking to you is.

      so firstly what are the crimes of Assad Pere et Fils that render the destruction of this state positive ( I am very drunk and getting more and more stoned, indulge me) never mind the consequences.

      Like Proyects kill the damn nigga leaders racist libidinous ( yes lascivious also) yearning for the destruction of resistant Arab regimes, (there's a great book out about the Shachtmanites

      link to I dont get it? Its like watching an old man wank into a sock, you think this gotcha style of analysis has any utility?

      You say you are against intervention, fuck me, when will that start, no really when is not intervening in Syria going to start, 12th of never?

    • " other Arab countries absorb them"

      Perhaps Kuwait?

    • "Sloppy as usual, gamal " yes sure you have a point, sorry, let me start at the end.

      It is of paramount importance, in some of our view, that the Syrian state survives this onslaught as it is presently constituted, for which rather than offering any apology we, myself and my Arab correspondents, can offer perfectly rational and blindingly obvious arguments.

      Assad is not an issue, why do you think he is? Syria is the issue.

      But lets just check these figures, I have seen 300,000 dead lets go from there, it is generally agreed that 50% of these are Syrian Army, so the first thing we can tentatively surmise is that the Syrian Army, not Assad, is not fighting according to the American Israeli NATO doctrine of calling in airstrikes and obliterating any scene of resistance,

      They would appear to be fighting by engaging the enemy on the ground in towns and cities etc, this is precisely the doctrine that will minimize infrastructure damage, its their country, and reduce civilian casualties, its their people, arguable isnt it.

      so of the remaining 150,000 it would be fair to say that the rebels while inflicting great losses must have taken some themselves, say conservatively, 80,000.

      So we have 70,000 remaining, now to be clear I would happily work with that but since the Rebels, perhaps "good guys' amongst them, whatever that means, have a great enthusiasm for killing civilians, I think I am entitled to split it,

      So for you Assad ( the Syrian State) may have killed 35,000 civilians ( in what circumstances who knows, who cares) while fighting invasions from the east and north, which have seized half the country, you reduce Syria to the latest 2 minute hate Arab, apathy achieved, of course I am sloppy dont you see their is nothing to engage with, you need to do some work,

      After Algeria, after Afghanistan, after Iraq, after Somalia, during Palestine, the Philippines, Egypt, Eritrea, you not noticing anything, each is worthy of proper research.

      After, Nasser, Arafat, Gadaffi, Hussein, you not seeing a pattern,

      Anyone who uses Syria as an opportunity to discuss Assad, is in my book, sick,

      If Syria fractures into antagonistic enclaves, Iraq is gone shattered, with whatever dire consequences that is going to deliver, Syria's collapse will lead to catastrophes for Palestine and the whole region will lapse in to paranoia, and war.

      Look where Syria is It has been under constant assault from the powers since 1925 at least,

      we want the American assault to fail for the sake of everyone's welfare, if you think that means that we are in some way reprehensible, morally failing who cares?

      You are looking for a way to be bystander to slaughter, Assad aside the Syrian state must survive because the alternatives, here and now, are too awful to contemplate,

      I met Gadaffi twice, shook his hand I was part of a delagation, he talked for eight hours, typical Bedouin, but his fate is side a note, Libya was destroyed because it was succeeding, the regional model is failure abjection and societal collapse, in 2 decades this will all be yours,

      I know i am rude but its you man who are sloppy you talk irrelevantly and do not even seem to know what data you should be accessing so that you might know whereof you speak. Syria.

    • "The operation should’ve been like the French one in Mali"

      "Mali France and the War on Terror"

      "Africa has been demonized in the West for decades. To justify military intervention and imperialist expansion, Africa is today being depicted again as the scene of instability, violence and terrorism. The progressive forces for peace and social justice should mobilize against this planned remilitarization of the continent"

      let the scramble begin:

      link to

      both you and Donald deserve credit for the total incoherence of your positions, they translate in to what action in support of whom? Your ignorance about Syria is only matched by your tone deaf support for ferocious Imperialism in Africa.

      While your remaraks may be fitting for a Walmart car park or the foyer of a US Mega-Church dont you think that those of us who know the history of Syria and Hafez in Syria and Libya and Muammar in Libya are going to detect your utter ignorance, what did Hafez achieve that made him vital to the survival of Syria, it was some time ago as a lot of history is.

      As to moral high ground I worked for an organ of the Libyan state (the jumhurriya, republic) for nearly 30 years, does that make me a bad boy?

      do you really think that any sense can be made of the world looking at from the level of resolution and detail one gets in the MSM?

      Though to be fair your desire to merely anathematize rather than debate makes sense as you know nothing about the issues debate would be best avoided. Also you dont understand what Imperialism is, it is not "incidents" it is the entire system by which the world is managed, it is pervasive.

  • Meet the teenage girls behind the viral photo from Nabi Saleh
    • "whiter than most Israelis" whiteness is its own reward? Or have brown/black Palestinians won something?

      Idiocy and ignorance combined with sneering, you realize that you are only revealing that you fail to understand some of the simple words you are using, your stupidity is eerily self-satisfied.

      Could some one have a word? perhaps Allison could give him a call, some one is going to have to do so. Rather you than me.

  • Videos: Brave Tamimi women of Nabi Saleh take down Israeli soldier assaulting injured child
    • it could be The Great Insohreckshan, or Forces of Victry but in the end

      Fite Them Back seems most appropriate

    • "Oh, no, not “lascivious” again!"

      oh be quiet man, i always stroke myself while reading M'hem, i am not proud of it but i can not help it, its where my Jew hobbyism intersects with my misogyny and backwardness.

      Are you blind, M'ahem, cant you see what went down, there is a limit to submission, those women will be your Nemesis, like the hundreds of thousands of their sisters, with their ticking time bomb demographic wombs.

    • yes you probably right, sorry, rush of blood to the head, but still I had just read a thing on Matisyahu reggae/rap lyrics and was craving authenticity, my bad.

      link to

    • The Tamimis have a vast and fascinating history, they are all over the region. Search terms are still in the links sorry just indicative of my ignorance

      link to

      link to

  • Jewish community is Humpty Dumpty-- it won't come back together again, and shouldn't
    • "In fact it will probably be the collapse of Zionism and the split of the Jewish community"

      Jews are united under the banner of Zionism? Like "One ring in the darkness binds them"

      " into the same various camps you find in most groups, that will lead to full normalisation."

      Jews are not normal? when did that happen? I am surprised that anti-semitism of this gravity is permitted here.

      I have enjoyed your other posts attempting to establish a kind of Critical Racism, pace Sleeter et al's Critical Multiculturalism.

      link to

  • One year later, Gaza is still in crisis
  • For the high holidays, Bernie should bring his presidential campaign to Tzedek Chicago
  • How my return to Zimbabwe redoubled my enthusiasm for BDS in Israel/Palestine
    • Talknic your link to the Haaretz article pans out at 26 (25.7) Israeli civilians killed per annum by Palestinians actions for every year of the States existence, whats the annual road deaths?

      The one caveat i would offer is that these are Arabic numerals. Ms estimate of 2500 would give 37 per annum over the same 67 years, not seeing the thousands.

    • do you remember that letter (at link)? what does it put you in mind of? Zimbabwe is not utopia, alas, on another thread they are speaking of Abd Rabbuh, its just a question of, since we are slaves (abd), who is our Rabbuh (Lord), Nkomo writes from Knightsbridge. (which is Londons Palm Beach)

      link to

    • James, goodstuff and all but you recall one Joshua Nkomo and some unpleasantness in Matabele land? how did that come about, why and what were the ramifications?

      it might help with our plea before the Krauss tribunal.

      As regards Palestinian restraint, compared to you murderous barbarians in the USA, it is undeniable.

  • 'There is no Jewish terror': Conspiracy theory that Palestinians committed Duma firebombing spreads among Israelis
    • Thanks Kris what I got from that is:

      "Jews are often stereotyped in the media"

      Anti-semitism, even here, how sad.

  • ‘The strategic implications of these demolitions are clear’: UN slams Israeli home demolitions and settlement expansion
    • Also Arab political poetry,

      link to

      it includes Mattars: Even more Brutal than execution

      "Execution is the least punishment an Arab individual can get

      Is there anything more brutal than this

      Of course

      What would be even more brutal

      Would be living in the Arab world"

      he said

      ""Poetry is not an Arab regime that falls with the death of the ruler. And it's also not an alternative to action. It's an art form whose job is agitating, exposing, and witnessing reality, and aspiring beyond the present. Poetry comes before action. Then poetry catches up. Poetry lights the road, and guides our deeds. Back in the day, Nassr Bin Seyar said, “Indeed, war begins with speech.” In reality, speech surrounds war from its beginning to its end through awareness, instigation, and glorification. Indeed, action needs the influence of sincere speech. Because its absence means filling the space with contradictory speech. And we know that this contradictory speech is always present and active, even while truth exists. So, imagine that the space was entirely void of truth. There is no resistance on the face of earth that would dispense the poet for the fighter. Every living resistance realizes that there is no use for bloodshed without a moral conscience. The history of our people is the greatest witness to the importance of the poet’s role in war.

      The fighter has always sharpened both his sword and tongue.”

  • Over 1,000 Black activists, scholars and artists sign statement supporting freedom and equality for Palestinian people
    • over the years I had 6 Black American students all of whom said the same thing, "Yes I have some problems from being Muslim but they pale in comparison to the problems I face through being black in the USA"

      If a black Ethiopian Israeli emigrated to the US would you think that anti-semitism would be the major problem they would face?

      For TBK to write that in Israel the division is between Arab and Jew as in

      'the divide is not black and white its Jewish and not-Jewish." "its clear which Jews are in charge politically and socially: white Jews from Europe and the US"

      and not a Black White thing

      and yet he belongs to, as he says, to some "Jews of colour" groups, whats the purpose of these groups, well post Ferguson it might be handy i suppose, but what is the purpose of a Jews of colour group? to acclaim uncoloured Jews? swapping recipes? resisting anti-semitism? what is going on here?

  • Leading Israeli journalist says Israel is an Apartheid state

      Doesn't it remind you, dear lady, of those lines of Darwish "stripped of my name and identity" from Passport,


      They did not recognize me in the shadows
      That suck away my color in this Passport
      And to them my wound was an exhibit
      For a tourist Who loves to collect photographs
      They did not recognize me,
      Ah... Don't leave
      The palm of my hand without the sun
      Because the trees recognize me
      Don't leave me pale like the moon!

      All the birds that followed my palm
      To the door of the distant airport
      All the wheatfields
      All the prisons
      All the white tombstones
      All the barbed Boundaries
      All the waving handkerchiefs
      All the eyes
      were with me,
      But they dropped them from my passport

      Stripped of my name and identity?
      On soil I nourished with my own hands?
      Today Job cried out
      Filling the sky:
      Don't make and example of me again!
      Oh, gentlemen, Prophets,
      Don't ask the trees for their names
      Don't ask the valleys who their mother is
      From my forehead bursts the sward of light
      And from my hand springs the water of the river
      All the hearts of the people are my identity
      So take away my passport!

      Mahmoud Darwish

  • Radical talent Jowan Safadi's new song - 'To be an Arab'
    • I’ll assassinate you with a monologue

      I’ll commit suicide with the bomb of a dance troupe and I’ll torture you with the beat of drums”

      wow, they deserve real respect for their uncompromising attitude to the Court that takes real guts, but do you think they may have violated some immutable laws of civility? Do they tweet?

      Sadly I will not be able to participate further in this thread because of the rampant anti-emoticonism of some posters here, while i dont use them myself i will defend to the end your right to do so, I also notice that no one has challenged this repellent prejudice which alerts me to your collective turpitude, Unity, unity ..let us Liberate the emoticons from the Special Characters ghetto into the Alphabet.

      Now that I have denounced you I am free to lament your schismaticism, i guess.

    • "i think no one is paying any attention given the other conversations going on"

      no, its because that is one bad bad boy and we are all a bit afraid, Arab taxis are the best, girls and a nargile, being of the despised renders one total freedom, trust me its sweet.

  • Roundtable on the Palestinian solidarity movement and Alison Weir
    • Hi it is I believe about the shin bet, with whom he had something of a 'relationship', here is a link, in his own words before cancer silenced him etc, very rude of me to be sure.

      link to

    • "It still doesn’t make sense to ally with white supremacists who hate Jews"

      It also makes no sense to ally with white supremacists who don't hate Jews, which is the point at issue here, in your case.

    • "bilabial fricative......Grounds for divorce"

      no man its why we marry

    • " "you don’t (sic) expouse “Discourse Studies”?"

      historical discourse analysis is a very respectable discipline numbering many Jews and even Hungarians amongst it most celebrated practitioners, Philosophers get arrogant in public fora because no one listens to them in Senate, or funds Philosophical Research, if only they weren't cleverer than us.

      in a nutshell

      "After some important revivals in the Middle Ages and the seventeenth
      and eighteenth centuries, however, rhetoric lost much of its importance
      in the curricula of schools and in academic research. The emergence of
      historical and comparative linguistics at the beginning of the nineteenth
      century and the birth of structural analysis of language at the beginning
      of the twentieth century replaced rhetoric as the primary discipline of
      the humanities. Fragments of rhetoric survived only in school textbooks
      of speech and communication, on one hand, and in stylistics or the study
      of literary language, on the other.
      Yet, parallel to this decline of rhetoric as an independent academic
      discipline, new developments in several fields of the humanities and the
      social sciences took place that would eventually lead to the emergence of discourse analysis"

      link to

    • you dont deserve it, but its obvious relevance to the case in point compels me to offer you barbarians a little culture, so, here is samih al qasim on those bats,


      Bats on my windows
      suck in my words
      Bats at the entrance to my house
      behind newspaper , in corners
      trail my footsteps ,
      observing every movement of my head

      From the back of the chair, bats watch me
      They trail me in the streets
      watching my eyes pause
      on books, on young girls' legs . . .
      they watch and watch

      On my neighbor's balcony , bats,
      and electronic gadgets hidden in the walls
      Now bats are on the verge
      of suicide
      I am digging a road to daylight .

      Samih al-Qasim

  • President Obama wants us to argue about the special relationship
    • "Yet, Hamas, which you clearly want re-evaluated into legitimate freedom fighters, tacitly argues for an Islamic state."

      yes where is the Palestinian Bernie Sanders.....

      "re-evaluated into legitimate freedom fighters" ? that is a piece of vicious shit, who created and maintains Gaza you vile self righteous idiot.

  • Israeli Banks flipping out over looming European boycott
    • yet more evidence of burgeoning anti-semitism in Europe

      "On August 13th, 2015, Paris-plages (Paris-beaches) will become, for 12 hours, Tel Aviv-sur-Seine. A brilliant idea, and, let us not doubt, a very brave one on the part of the Socialist mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo. It is especially timely in that it commemorates the Israeli massacre in Gaza in the summer of 2014"

      link to

  • Obama ushers in the crisis of the Israel lobby
    • "There are many, many Jews who know full well that the US and Israel do not have the same interests but nonetheless they use the US thoughtlessly to get everything they can for Israel"

      "Jews" ? Surely the majority of people who believe this are not Jews, are you saying that the crushing of the societies of the Arab east is not an American objective? America, Saudi (and sundry Arabians) and Israel have identical interests in respect of the Semitic rabble who inhabit Oilistan.

      "The war in Iraq is but one glaring example of this disconnect between US and Israel interests."

      Naif Hawatmeh, Habash and all the rest of us get that Palestine is an Arab and "Black" issue Palestine will not be free till American power is broken, we all agree.

      Israel is Americas' bitch, you dont think the Arab Kings would finance Israel, 20 billion per annum, to defend them, Israel is the only power that can challenge the USA in the region, she has the kings behind her, but the USA doesnt ramp, Israel is serving the Oligarchs, as we all are,

      America is the problem not the solution. Zionists own the American "political" process with the consent of your owners, enjoy your gilded cages while they last. "Zionism" "Zionists" and "Jews" are being set up to pay for the sins of "Whiteness", Really dont Jews get that "whiteness" has been thrusting them down black throats to defeat anti-racism, Jewish power is a chimera, you serve bigger players and your day is done, we also seem to be doomed, but that's just an illusion, trust me.

  • Leading US Jewish group opposes Iran deal, citing 'baseless hatred' of Jerusalem temple destruction 2000 years ago
    • "Johannesburg b Zakkai has been mentioned – he was a leader of the peace party"

      yes whats the word ? Johannesburg!

  • Understanding the Partition plan
    • dear Dr I have been thinking about your Islamic studies, may i recommend

      "Misquoting Muhammad: The Challenge and Choices of Interpreting the Prophet's Legacy"

      By Jonathan AC Brown

      link to

      I am too lazy to explain why it might be helpful,ahadith, tafsir, polysemony etc, you can look into that if it engenders any interest whatsoever. He is a new breed of scholar rather well read and proficient. Sunnism is never saying "I know".

  • 'We saw the fire eating the house': A report from the West Bank village of Duma
    • “We live this action every day. We want to live. We have children, the same as you. We have people who want to live, the same as you. We are humans, just like you are. For all those who can hear me: We want to live. We deserve to live…Enough is enough. Enough with war.”

      In 1964 Qari Sh. Abdul Basit Abdul Samad read, inevitably, the 56th sura, al-waqiah in Masjid Al-Aksa, what will you leave us, when you are finished with us?

      link to

  • Did the BBC cover up the anti-Semitism of Gaza's children?
    • "I defer humbly to your specific experience but in general, with translation, I think its a mistake to translate inaccurately in the name of trying to be more accurate"


      "al-yahood” does not mean Zionist or Israeli."

      you are not deferring then, despite your assurance that you were, what does it mean on the lips of these children?

      Yes Americans and Japanaese, how exact, yes overdubbing is the sine qua of anti-racism, how many Jap soldiers did American civilians have to contend with, have you seen "bad day at blackrock"(there are Jews in it)

      how perfectly it captures the relationship between Israeli's and Palestinians, you have no shame at all, give me gush emunim any day or even ateret cohanim.

  • Leading American writer Abulhawa is denied entry to Palestine
  • Photo Essay: A visit to Bethlehem's Martyr Cemetery
    • Amal Dunqul wrote "Do not Reconcile", its not my bag but very famous and current, which is at link but first a young lady blogger recounts The Jahili poem reference above made me laugh, without ignorance there is no poetry.

      "Mid Ramadan July 2014 Cairo, Egypt Gaza is being massacred again and Cairo feels more Zionist than ever.

      And I'm supposed to be just siting here. They even took away from me my right to speak about Palestine. Once upon a time when -for the first time- direct action was possible and did cause things to happen. That only time I could consider abandoning the feelings of shame for being an Egyptian I grew up with.

      That only time we could actually express how we have always felt about Israel fiercely and openly through direct action. Real actual physical direct actions. Thousands walking and driving towards physical Egyptian/Palestinian borders.. Egyptian youth swimming across the Mediterranean to get there.. Egyptian protesters bringing physical walls built by the US funded junta down, and eventually kicking ambassadors out of the country.

      And what the world thought then didn't matter. This felt so right after years of suffocated, tiny, shy expressions of disagreement.

      How does the world want me to sign up for less than this in 2014? It's 2005 all over again, and Cairo is painfully quiet and too complicit that it feels more Zionist than many other Zionist places around the world.

      The comrades who could do these things are gone or hiding, and the shameful helplessness is back to being as bitter as it has always been."

      link to

  • Angela Merkel makes a 14-year old Palestinian girl cry by telling her she is not welcome in Germany
    • funny you say that I was struck that in the New Europe refugees are welcome only to the bottom the Med, in this center of civilization and humanism.

  • The brave new world of mapping occupied East Jerusalem
    • . "Instead, I’ll have my first dollop of Red Breast for this evening and attempt to educate my son-in-law about the true superiority of Irish whiskey"

      well once you've finished the cheap stuff get a bottle of Midleton "Very Old and Rare", its worth it and has the great virtue of being constructed in Cork.

  • Mustafa Barghouti in NY: Gaza 2014 wasn't a war, but an aggression against a people
  • 'We should seize it' -- Obama announces Iran deal as 'new direction' for the Middle East
    • while there's probably no wrong time for Bandari, now would seem to be an appropriate moment

  • Michael Oren misrepresents 1971 synagogue bombing that changed his life
    • Dear Annie,

      you may not be aware of the ideas underlying H's, a nation its a dignity thing and the not wanting to live amongst the likes of you. As Kahane has come up how about his "Liquidation of the Exile" Chillul Hashem gambit.

      One Tzvi Fishman, soon no doubt to be wriggling in Mossers net, got in to a spot of bother by quoting I think from Kahanes "The Jewish Idea" here he defends himself against accusations of distorting Ezekiels words with extensive quotation from Kahane, who appears to be a raving lunatic or perhaps its only Tzvi, its very strange stuff.

      "There are those who accuse me of distorting the interpretation of Ezekiel’s prophecy in yesterday’s blog. So let’s see what the saintly Rabbi Meir Kahane, of blessed memory, wrote about the very same prophecy regarding the salvation of Israel from the Chilul Hashem of galut, and about the exaltedness of the State of Israel – even with all of its shortcomings.
      New Biography of the Great Lover of Israel

      What it comes down to is – either you are a part of the solution, by being in Israel and working to rebuild it along Torah ideals; or you are a part of the problem, by remaining in the exile and thereby prolonging its existence."........

      "It, therefore, says, “I had pity for My holy name which the house of Israel profaned among the nations, whither they came” (Ezek. 36:21). When the time for redemption arrives, G-d has pity on His holy people, profaned among the nations by Israel’s very presence in exile among them, living under them, subject to and dependent upon them. Even when the nations allow Israel to live in peace among them, Israel still depend on their goodness and tolerance, and that, too, is a Chilul Hashem. The fact that Israel live as a minority constantly dependent on the kindness of the nations, itself diminishes the glory of Israel, and of G-d, so to speak."

      link to

  • New online digital mapping tool shows inside story of Israeli assault on Gaza
    • Amnesty are also urging the USA to "Keep the progress going in Afghanistan", fighting the backwardness 24/7

      "Is there a Human Right to Kill"

      Nicola Perugini and Neve Gordon

      "A few days before the summit, placards appeared in bus stops around downtown Chicago urging NATO not to withdraw its forces from Afghanistan. “NATO: Keep the progress going!” read the posters. The caption was spread over a photograph of two Afghan women wearing burkas that covered their entire body, including head and face. Walking between them is a girl who seems surprised by the voyeuristic photographer; hers is the only visible face, which looks neither frightened nor happy, but is nonetheless alert. The photograph’s subtext seems clear: The burka is this child’s future. Connecting the caption with the image, one understands that, according to the logic of the placard, NATO needs to continue its mission in Afghanistan in order to emancipate Afghan women, particularly Afghan girls.

      The poster was part of a public campaign against President Obama’s declared intention of withdrawing US and NATO troops from Afghanistan. Under the banner “NATO: Keep the progress going!” there was notification about a “Shadow Summit for Afghan Women” that was to take place alongside the NATO summit. Sponsoring the event was not a Republican think tank or a defense corporation, such as Lockheed Martin, but Amnesty International, the first and one of the most renowned human-rights organizations across the globe.

      Amnesty also prepared a letter that emphasized the importance of NATO’s continued intervention in Afghanistan and managed to secure the signature of former secretary of state Madeleine Albright, among others. During the shadow summit itself, participants made remarks that dovetailed nicely with the US State Department’s “Responsibility to Protect” doctrine, otherwise known as “humanitarian intervention.” "

      link to

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