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born part Arab part Scots/Irish, worked in training ulema for the european environment/ journalist broadcaster for many years working mainly for bbc. From a faction of euro-islam much favored by the establishment, writer etc nothing really of interest may as well move along.

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  • Will assassination lead to war?
    • a word from Jamie Stern-Weiner


      "At this point, the script writes itself: Hamas threatens to moderate its position by amending its Charter, so Israel assassinates a senior Hamas militant.[1]

      Whenever a credible Palestinian force threatens by political moderation to undermine Israel’s pretexts for diplomatic rejectionism—by offering/adhering to a ceasefire; signalling acceptance of the international consensus framework for resolving the conflict; or participating in an internationally-acceptable national unity government—Israel resorts to violence in order to destroy it, or at least provoke it into abandoning its pragmatic shift."

  • 'Negation of the diaspora' as Zionist antisemitism: The JCC bomb threats came from an Israeli Jew
    • "a lot of alleged anti-Semitic/racist/Islamophobic incidents are faked"

      But the Muslims are so much better at it, we get white guys to shoot Indians and beat Sikhs and still collect all that victim nakhus. (shep nakhes?).

  • History will make us pay for this
    • "History will make us pay for this"

      well in Arabic Raqqa, your latest acquisition, means swamp, morass perhaps quagmire.

  • Hamas shuts down Gaza crossing, blaming Israel for assassinating leader
    • "now that Syria has ceased to exist and there is no partner on the other side"

      no wonder the whole world recognises Zionists for what they are, some of us are old enough to remember when nearly every white person talked like this,

      "Why #IsraeliApartheidWeek in Kenya?"

      "The 13th Israel Apartheid Week continues in Kenya, March 20-25, 2017. The event, organised by Kenya Palestine Solidarity Movement, will feature films, poetry and discussions. In this poem, Shailja Patel shares her thoughts on why Kenyans - and Africans - should support the struggles of the Palestinian people against Israeli apartheid.

      Because we were also a colonized people.

      Because Hamas is Palestine's Mau Mau.

      Because East Africa was also proposed as a location for a "Zionist Homeland."

      Because Africans, like Palestinians, were non-people.

      Because our resistance was also labelled "terrorism" and met with mass slaughter and collective punishment.

      Because 1.5 million Kenyans (children, women, men) were imprisoned for over 8 years in British concentration camps, starved, tortured, executed at will.

      Because Israel was the leading supplier of arms to apartheid South Africa.

      Because Israel is an apartheid state built on genocidal settler colonialism.

      Because it is always about the land.

      Because Zionism is colonialism, Zionism is racism, Zionism is white supremacy.

      Because if we say Gaza we must say #KasaraniConcentrationCamp.

      Because if we stand with Palestinians we must stand with Somalis.

      Because Kenyan troops in Somalia are no more "moral" than Israeli troops in Palestine.

      Because Occupation is Occupation is Occupation.

      Because ethnic cleansing is ethnic cleansing is ethnic cleansing.

      Because we too were a colonized people."

  • The dispossessed
  • Towards Better Ally-ship for Palestine: A letter to the US activist community
    • "his poor choices"

      i know he was quite the scoundrel just like that Al Haji Muhammad Amin al Husseini,

      dashed inappropes

      ""Yes, sir? Pardon me, sir, but not that tie!"


      "Not that tie with the heather-mixture lounge, sir!"

      It was a shock to me. I thought I had quelled the fellow. It was rather a solemn moment. What I mean is, if I weakened now, all my good work the night before would be thrown away. I braced myself.

      "What's wrong with this tie? I've seen you give it a nasty look before. Speak out like a man! What's the matter with it?"

      "Too ornate, sir."

      "Nonsense! A cheerful pink. Nothing more."

      "Unsuitable, sir."

      "Jeeves, this is the tie I wear!"

      "Very good, sir."

      Dashed unpleasant. I could see that the man was wounded. But I was firm. I tied the tie, got into the coat and waistcoat, and went into the sitting-room."

    • "Wodehouse was not knighted until 1975."

      I know I was backdating and though not ennobled he was an Englishman, even in '51.

      also i got it from an article in a very old American magazine, do you think it was fakenews, and one anachronism is sufficient to reject a hadith, lets ask a scholar

    • "P. G. Wodehouse"

      In 1951 Sir Pelham Grenville had a minor stroke while in New York and wandered in a confused state in to a Park Avenue doctor's office, they assumed he was an insane vagrant and began preparations to send him up the river. One of the nurses searched him to see if he had a name and finding that it was Sir PG Wodehouse announced

      "He is not a Bum! He is an Englishman"

    • yeah i know what i mean and not just what i think i mean, thanks

      heart and dog are so close in Arabic

    • i have 2 articles, hope it doesn't provoke Arab induced depression but shit is getting dire, both these articles will reward a close reading.

      khoury, Palestinian:

      " I don't think the old elites should be rehabilitated. They're one of the main reasons for the present situation in the Arab world. They need to have a radical rethink, like in the case of the Tunisian president Béji Caid Essebsi. But for most of them, there's no going back. They ought to be deposed and brought to justice for their atrocities before the International Court of Justice. The old elites are no longer the only players using violence on a grand scale, along with the "Islamic State" and other radical Islamic groups. Yet that shouldn't make their reputation any better. Assad has no future in Syria. His regime consists of just about 150,000 soldiers and the old secret services, which only control a third of the country now. And Assad has only managed to hold on in Damascus because he has support from the Lebanese Hezbollah, Iran and Russia. Purely theoretically, he's not even Syrian president any more, and he certainly shouldn’t be rehabilitated under any circumstances."

      Usman: Egyptian

      "For example, Islamists in secular and tribal Arab countries are consistently portrayed as traitors to nationalism. This conflict between political Islam and nationalist forces cuts the Arab world when every single ideology that has ever inspired loyalty in the region is either bankrupt or discredited. This creates an identity vacuum.

      Demographics make matters worse. The vast majority of the 180 million Arabs under 35 years old came of age in the last two decades, when political legitimacy across the region has been weakened, power and wealth blurred, republics turned into familial fiefdoms, and corruption and abuse of power reached shocking levels. The events of the last four years have exacerbated the situation. In this period, close to 40 million young Arabs (mainly in Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Yemen) have come to live in regions without central authority or rule of law. The notion of belonging to a state and any affiliation to any non-religious or non-tribal identity is crumbling."

    • "I find this confusing."

      if you want some inkling of what the issues are, at least to those in the region you could try

      "Pan-Islamism or Pan-Arabism? The 1931 Jerusalem Islamic Congress Reconsidered"


      Weldon C Matthews.

      its a start there is a whole lot more, but you know one thing leads to another and when you know nothing you have to start somewhere.

      "I don’t think of Palestinian as Arabs, because they speak Arabic, anymore than I think of Americans as Brits because we speak English, or Mexicans as Spaniards"

      and where do Arabs come from?

      "I don’t think of Palestinian as Arabs"

      a) sadly it is not possible to confect a fiercely politically contested identity in a highly contested environment out of what you think

      "because they speak Arabic" what other way is there of being Arab?

      clearly a lot of people posting here have no idea about the history of these de-Arabizing ideas and what they will mean to the region and who it is enthuses about them, pffft 7th century interlopers and all.

      and yet again astonishingly many people do not know what Arab means and are more than happy to lecture Arabs about it.

      its fucking weird,


      point 5 is crucial, the Arab working classes are invisible here, class is far and away the most important divisor in the Arab world and there is a lively class war and always has been for as long as we can recall, we don't get treated right and you can believe me we don't take it lying down so far in my lifetime anyway we just keep getting in to deeper and deeper shit,

      you could try

      Plebeians of the Arab Spring by Asaf Bayat

      over and out.

    • I think it important that we concentrate on what divides us, Arab you know is very controversial

      "شو يعني انا عربية؟"
      "ايش قصدك يعني؟"
      .اخ يا قلبي

  • BDS co-founder: Israel’s arrest and interrogation of Omar Barghouti next step in ‘war against BDS movement’
  • 'Destruction of Israel' is its abandonment by American Jews, in novelist's imagining
    • "Here I Am"

      ah the Talbiya, labaik-alahuma labaik etc

      "Jacob washes his hands of Israel," la sharika (still the talbiya)

      "Jews have been training for Nobel Prizes for thousands of years.” There’s got to be more to this story"

      let it go man, remember what happened to white supremacy when Kip Keino met Jim Ryun. (in 68)

  • Reading Maimonides in Gaza
    • "Here is how the RAMBAM defined the Jewish community"

      Sarah Stroumsa wrote about both the influence of ibni tumarts' ideas, style and the Muwhahidun repression on Maimonides, messy link should take you to chpt 3, where Sarah wrestles with the vexed question was he an "Almohad "fundemantalist"? "

      Jews and Christians were hardly the only ones lamenting the great repression, Arab writers lamented that the "saj" (Arabic prose should coo with the rhythm of a singing dove) of the great stylist

      Abul-Hassan Ali Ibn Bassam at-Taghlibi as-Shantarini al Andalusi, known as ibni Bassam a "Portuguese" or Lusitanian, was replaced by the ibni tumarts codifications like a mishnah torah for Muslims, we don't like codes preferring prevarication which is the very stuff of life, but the muwahidun have our number.

    • "Israel and Hamas were walking to war"


      "ethnic enclosure"

      you are saying an ethnic enclosure was going to war with the regional super power, reputed 4th most powerful army in the world, what makes you think that?

      "Reports would cite 100 one-ton bombs and 600 artillery shells, as if this were a battle whose outcome might have been in doubt for one blink of time. But there was no doubt"


      "An UNRWA shelter in Deir El-Balah was struck on July 23.

      Schools had been damaged before. Militants fired from, and the IDF fired at, positions very close to buildings. I braced myself each time they fired near our compound wall. Advocates should spend a night waiting for the retaliatory missiles to strike their homes and families, before they defend such firing"

      i'll leave that without comment because i'd like to continue

      "Restoring Gaza’s humanity will be a prelude to realizing Gazans’ rights and their role in solutions" you speak for Gaza? bit presumptuous.

      “Gaza,” not Hamas. I feel no solidarity with Hamas–but Hamas is not Gaza and Gaza is not Hamas. Each time we accede to the rhetoric that conflates them, we slip into the rationale of the wall"

      which immediately led me to:

      "I had to remember how to be a Jew after Shuja’iyya"

      "Judaism is intact"

      can i leave that with you again with out comment, which seems to me superfluous, i feel reticent Madam. however

      "Jews stand with endangered people and seek justice" but not Hamas

      "When these politicians have finished playing chicken" oh yes the "war"

      "“Gaza,” not Hamas" " there is such a thing as moral courage

      "Primo Levi’s words rang in my ears. “Meditate that this happened.” "

      and so if you were to do that how would you" "Gaza", not Hamas" " do it to effect some kind of a transformation?

      "I didn’t know what to call this, this stirring of civilians in aimless circles with no safe passage away from a war that had no objective" war?

      "Where was the world?" contemplating the glorious intactness of Judaism, Christianity and Whiteness, Democracy, progressives and an endless avalanche of shit from American media corps, its what they do, but not Hamas in Gaza, no not them.

  • UNC SJP responds to ongoing debate over cancellation of Rania Khalek event
    • "All this garbage linking opposition to Assad as “hasbara”."

      oh ok no longer opening comments with extensive descriptions of your ideological nausea, but still wtf are you talking about?

      you are lecturing a straw Arab and "Leftist"

      "Aren’t you aware that Hamas supported the rebels in East Aleppo?"

      fuck the firmament has split

      Louis baby ever heard of Qatar, ever heard of what has been done to Palestine, ever heard they still have to eat, remember how they are viciously punished for the slightest show of independence, as they managed under Arafat? Jordan and Qatar have a lot to answer for, your snotty know it all shit makes me want to puke.

      well done Louis I believe you plumbed greater depths of depravity than any other being in the whole history of everything, like a free dive to the bottom Dude, that, Louis, where you are standing is the very bottom of the barrel.

      "My city collapsed
      the wall clock remained....

      My home collapsed
      The wall clock remained
      The wall collapsed
      On went
      The clock"

      you a hollow thing Louis just still making noise.

    • "Rania identifies as Druze not Palestinian." ?

      Samih al Qasim?

  • The lying King
  • Zionism and feminism are incompatible, leftwing voices say
    • "The turmoil of the Arab world makes utopians, in a bad sense, out of humanist advocates in israel palestine"

      i know what you mean i was going to be a humanist, but have you met people, what an absolute shower,

      or to put it another way i could have had religion, but do you know what, my little girl, little girl mind you, wouldn't let me pray

      in extenuation it was the case that

      "if not for the lock of your hair,
      auburn as the nectar of carob,
      and soft as the scent of silk
      that was here before,
      dozing like Arabian jasmine,
      shimmering like the gleam of dawn,
      pulsing like a star -
      I, if not for that lock of camphor,
      would feel not a thing
      linking me
      to this land.

      This land is a traitor
      and can't be trusted.
      This land doesn't remember love.
      This land is a whore
      holding out a hand to the years,
      as it manages a ballroom
      on the harbor pier -
      it laughs in every language"

      Muhammad Taha Ali (who is in the news from the grave i see, ahlaaaan ya muhammad ahlan wahsahlan, fadlyasidi)( its from "ambergis")

      our travails Yonah excuse you not at all quite the opposite in fact.

  • Gaza's 'geeks' will code your project for free
    • "start-ups to training ‘female geeks’ as young as 12 years old to code.The group has also hired staff to mentor and outreach to women in Gaza, and has made closing the gender gap part of their raison d’être"


      "EU Court Rules Hijab Can Be Banned from Workplaces"

      The Belgium case was brought on by Samira Achbita in 2003, who was dismissed from her post as a receptionist at G4S security services after she refused to stop wearing the hijab to work. The company introduced a formal ban of the hijab at the company thereafter and the ECJ ruled that European Union law does bar discrimination on religious grounds

      In France, design engineer Asma Bougnaoui was fired from a private company called Micropole, after a customer complaint about her hijab in 2008. In her case, the ECJ ruled that she had indeed been treated differently and so the client's demand that she not wear a hijab "cannot be considered a genuine and determining occupational requirement."

      In sum, the EU court’s ruling does allow so-called "indirect discrimination" if it is “objectively justified by a legitimate aim,” such as a company's policy of neutrality.

      The ruling comes in the wake of a massive tide of Islamophobia and a rise in xenophobic aversion to Muslim immigration across the continent."

      let freedom ring.

  • The 'Times' runs propaganda about how moral America was till Trump got in charge
    • dear Donald do forgive me but i have been thinking about you, you said some things that struck me, i have two things to offer you

      1st morris


      2nd chris

      i was impressed by both, you just going to have to accept us as we are and honestly: we don't impress ourselves either, but still we are your equals. (at the very least)

  • Steve Bannon's Judeo-Christian 'Camp of the Saints'
    • "And now, what’s going to happen to us without barbarians?
      They were, those people, a kind of solution."

  • Some Jews support BDS 'from a place of love' for Israel, says AJC official
    • "In 2015 the NYT wrote that the USA would have a completed non-white majority by 2042"

      Build more prisons and problem solved and get an AR15

      in the Kulturkampf and the eternal war of us against them "they" always stab us in the back,

  • Israeli lawmakers advance bill to ban Muslim call to prayer
    • About 6 miles from my house in the village, if we weren't always so noisy we might hear it, our Muezzin is better anyway. Also we have more amplificatory power.

      but it is Sharqia, in Cairo you could listen to Tablawi imitators harmonizing with the Abdul Basit stylists, its like found object art, beautiful

      in Zagazig it seems there only 3 Muslims left and only one who wants to pray but not in front of the camera, he is not accommodated, if you've got it flaunt it, its outrageous to make us quiet we love all noise.

  • Hate crimes in America: either a trap or an opportunity for Palestine advocates
    • "because the acts of antisemitism seem so tentative, compared to the acts of bigotry taking place towards minorities and Muslims and immigrants"

      lets face it how can you tell if someone is Jewish?

      Indians and Sikhs are easily recognised as Iranians and Muslims in the US

      ( there is free food in the gurugurdwalla, dahl and rice usually, delicious)

  • I am a proud Palestinian woman and a humanitarian. I am also the mother of the youngest Palestinian prisoner in an Israeli jail.
    • Madam he has your cheeks!

      you are our model.

      "And if you find her poor, Ithaka won’t have fooled you.
      Wise as you will have become, so full of experience,
      you will have understood by then what these Ithakas mean."


  • Human rights lawyer: Israel's new anti-BDS travel ban violates international law
    • you know when Sulayman wanted to build a new capital for Jund Falastin he asked the Christians of Lydda for a grant of land they said no, he whined they didn't relent, so he had to build it out in the raml hence, or remal i guess. makes you think, perhaps,


      ( i will forgo the whole raml, naml, ramla nambla opportunity)

  • Open Letter: Against the blacklisting of activists and writers
  • 'NYT' runs U.S. propaganda on Russian crimes-- without even a comment thread
    • "the US has killed a lesser but comparable number of civilians in Iraq and Syria"

      and how many American civilians have the Iraqis and Syrians killed?

      how many cities destroyed?

      or am i missing something? You do know that American invovlement is illegal ( in Iraq ( the invasion of Iraq and installation of a sectarian regime) and Syria and a crime even more heinous than "terrorism"?)

      "in Iraq" well that rather depends from when and how you are counting, since 1990 the toll is put at 4 million conservatively, in Iraq alone, ah sure but then again who's counting.

      not getting hot about Mosul? all Americans should be compelled to wear a "Mission Accomplished" badge.

      nearly fifty years of continuous war in Iraq 1980-2017, who do you think is responsible?

  • Video: 'Apartheid has been here for ages. It doesn't really bother us' -- Israeli comedian says in closing act
  • Finders Keepers in the Holy Land: So who was there first?
    • “Palestinians are as indigenous to Palestine as Americans are indigenous to America"

      you can actually read Americans denouncing Palestinians as "seventh century interlopers"

      Is there someone else there we can talk to.

    • "and Palestine gave rise to Jewdown Man?"

      thats really fine Mooser, a novel in a sentence,

      pleistocene people are such a drag

      Boris, please anyone expect Palestinians to address Jeff or Boris

      guys like Fathi are so decent, not like me, so stable reliable and calm, it really hurts to see fools like the two Zionists mess with them, its revolting.

  • How to love Israel: 'Sometimes it'll hurt-- bad, but I will not walk away! I will not let you go!'
    • "If you are the only one being hurt by your lover, you have the right to stay with him or leave him"

      or her, don't they have bad girls where you are, i still got some old numbers if you feel ready.

  • Are Bannon and Trump turning U.S. anti-immigrant enforcement agencies into their own paramilitary force?
    • "how many ordinary Latinos and Muslims have been harassed, arrested and deported by uniformed officials and are too scared to report it?"

      its not recent and as regards Muslim even the eminent can have problems, this man went to Davos every year and was a friend of Prince Philip, he was 82 not even offered a glass of water during 6 hours of questioning under armed guard, though he received a grovelling apology and a note from C. Rice that was insolent and idiotic he died within 6 months which is the only reason he never returned to the US where he had again been invited.

      This man faced down an irate mostly Muslim Hausa mob of several hundred who wanted to kill 60 Igbo Christians sheltering in his house during an especially awful moment of the Biafran war, entirely on his own with out any hope of help from police or anyone,

      not cleared for entry to the states.

      Muting the Muslims
      by Joshua Frank
      July 16, 2005

      "First it was folk singer Yusuf Islam, better known as Cat Stevens, who was denied entry into the United States, and now we have internationally renowned British Muslim scholar Dr. Zaki Badawi, who this week was also denied entry and sent back to the UK. Popular Muslims aren't popular in America.

      Badawi is the head of the Muslim College in London and is the former imam of London's most famous mosque, Regent's Park Mosque. On July 14, Badawi flew to New York City to give a talk at the prestigious Chautauqua Institute. Unfortunately he never made it to his lecture, as he was stuck in a small room and forced to answer the secret service's invasive questions for six long hours, only to be put on a plane and flown back to the UK."

  • The 50th anniversary of the occupation will rock the Jewish establishment
    • "the ‘Papermate-or-Parker’ question is one scholars are still studying"

      they are being martyred on that Cross

  • Elor Azarya's 'normative' support for genocide
    • "But it’s not that complicated. Israel is today a cesspool of genocidal tendencies. And it’s time to wake up and face the reality and the term: Genocide" Mr. Ofir

      Azarya is not alone

      "the founding of Israel involved the displacement of hundreds of thousands of people already living there, the Palestinian people. Over 700,000 people were made refugees.

      To acknowledge this painful historical fact does not “delegitimize” Israel, any more than acknowledging the Trail of Tears delegitimizes the United States of America.

      But I didn’t come here today simply to revisit history, or to say one historical narrative is wrong and one is right" Bernie

      - See more at:

      Sanders is also some normative guy, he is the hope of the future? what happens when you unpack that rebarbative statement, are Americans unable to understand anything save at level of a powerpoint presentation.

  • Video: Due to power shortages in Gaza, Palestinian barber styles hair with fire
    • As the barber shows in the Arab world health and safety is Haram and the guys must look good,

      la howla wala kuwatta illa billah

  • Campus wars
    • "ee cummings poem Ydoan"

      Maghla! I took out the cummings hint, you have given my life meaning, i am always thinking three posts ahead.

    • "Bunch of Langers , boy." I am telling the Boiys, they can't abide a Dub (honestly i am no good at this will embarass myself, am so ignorant about things Irish)

      I live here in a remote little spot and lang with the best, is langer very Cork in the city you do hear it quite a bit. I have had a bit to do with UCC am still vaguely connected, but I am now off grid, long story.

      there are some very good academics there i think, but my closest friends have now moved on, Yafa is gone to greener pastures.

      I have a lot of problems with the way they teach about Islam and have taken over the odd lecture in days gone by, but they have the same problems as all universities do now, commercialization of the institution and infringements of academic freedom so someone is really putting themselves on the line for this which is admirable.

      I am in Ireland because here there will be no police state in the deep countryside people have real social solidarity its a human environment, idiosyncratic like people are, no technocrats, never see a Police (Guard).

      I am going to go if possible when I can get in touch with the local IPSC, you must know them, in Cork they parade outside Dunnes store last Saturday of every month, I will try to find out tomorrow. Not been following this but since the mountain has come halfway it would be rude of Muhammad not to reciprocate, i rarely leave my home range nowadays, the brightlights of Dunmanway dazzle me.

    • thats the

      Doan-Phoblacht Chorcai (peoples republic of cork)

      bless them

  • Iran beats US for wrestling world cup, but you wouldn't know it from watching NBC
    • "does not reflect well on the US citizenry. Surely, the citizens are not entirely blameless"

      that may be so but how do you expect the working classes (middle class) to unravel the mass of propaganda to which they are exposed, there is no left at all in the US (i have been reading Morris Berman and watching him on youtube, he seems ok to me)

      in the west the left has failed, in the UK it has evaporated, in the US its common for people to be unable to distinguish between social democrats, socialists, communists, Maoist, Trots etc,

      they are all equally evil, the whole culture has been crushed under a nieburh lippman bernays avalanche of deranging propaganda

      American culture has some very totalitarian qualities, people are afraid.

      Tom Frank said something that struck me 'In a meritocracy there is no solidarity'

      like Chomsky i partially grew up in working class environments where everyone understood instictively the need to show solidarity against the authorities, Americans have become fearful and confused and inevitably when revolution comes to the US it is a revolution of the right,

      what is the populace supposed to do there is no credible resistant social justice movement, the entertainment/news confuses if you consume it uncritically,

      the Arabs always say you can't blame the US people because their government drenches them in propaganda

      where is the left? i haven't seen it since the mid-eighties and it didn't look well.

      weren't red necks originally those heroes who fought at Blair mountain, working people

      we are going to need something new to transform this society after the open looting of the economy Americans have been mobilised against the sharia, black boys, refugees and mexicans, well i have been here before its the '70's but without a left.

      you win nothing politically by winning arguments someone is going to have to confront the state, its a messy business fraught with problems, you need good politically well educated cadres it takes time needs building

      were i to blame anyone its the left thinkers and theorists and activists, new ideas are needed.

      the people are the object of love, however down pressed however they collude, it is love of all the people that powers real resistance how can i hold them to account when their failures are in the main mine.

    • "Second, for those with any interest in wrestling, the oldest sport, you should know that Russia does NOT send their A squad to the World Cup, a team competition"

      and yet

      "We always went to the World Cup with different squads, but it is the first time when we are taking the top squad. We know what it is to wrestle in Iran, the World Cup is held there for the fifth time in a row. We managed to win once there, and now we are intended to repeat that success. Today, the calendar has slightly changed, and the European Championships was moved from March to May, but we are taking the top Russia Wrestling team athletes to Iran not only for this reason, I am going to tell you a little bit differently. The World Cup is a significant event for us, which goes after the World Championships. The best teams of the world are coming there, coming with its strongest wrestlers in the squads. And we want to proof that we are the strongest in the world. In fact, it does not matter for our team which wrestlers we are going to take and who will come to wrestle against us. When we are wrestling with the Iranians in Iran – it is a true wrestling rivalry meeting for us. Even though the draw has not taken place yet, for the dual against the Iran wrestling team we are going to focus and prepare in a special way. Do not emphasize that we have Olympic champions in our team squad; any squad of Iran wrestling team together with their fans is comparable to the national team of Olympic champions. Iranians, like us, will wrestle only for the gold."

      "Old Noam sticks up for the proles out of one side of his mouth, saying that common workers, blue collar deplorables, are entirely able to make decisions about governance and civil issues, but then he attacks sports fans for following their favorite sport and being knowledgeable about player statistics"

      if I recall right the point Chomsky makes is that those who say that blue-collar people are too dim to deal with complex politics he points out that they are perfectly capable of retaining astonishing amounts of complex information about the sports teams they support and are thus well able to retain data and deal with complexity he was affirming their mental capacities not denigrating them.

      and as to Russian wrestling they are not all Alex Karelins or even Feodor Emelianenkos, I grapple for hours every week but am very weak on stats, I can't remember the names of most of my training partners, i blame upward mobility and blood/ air deprivation.

    • Hafez wrote

      "fear is the cheapest room in the house, you deserve better conditions"


      "the Sun never said to the Earth you owe me, love like that lights the whole sky"

  • History shows that anti-Semitism and pro-Zionism have never been mutually exclusive
    • "Now, I know you like the Shem joke. But honestly, the Romulus joke is probably even better"

      the inevitable anti-shemite

  • Jews in Iran: a travelogue
    • "My family included Florescent Nightingale. That doesn’t make me someone of note"

      perhaps not but i bet you're easy to spot after dark

    • A Palestinian discusses Trump and Iran, there's gold in them there propagandas

    • yes thank you important to keep in mind Iran bad, sunni/shia it expalins so much, saudi arabia bahrain, yes thats clear

      "I don’t know whether there is a Christian community in Iran"

      since the time of Christ till today,

      "The warmth and authenticity of Iranian Jews I was lucky to meet deeply impressed me. In Iran I found committed Jews who go about modern life in a seemingly natural manner, without the self-consciousness and identity-splitting of their Ashkenazi brethren"

      yes they even have better Jews than some places.

      also what Rabkin is describing is neither Jewish or uniquely Iranian but is just the culture of the middle east but because its a Jewish culture we don't have to root around to find something to condemn it for, yay, Iran bad Islam bad, i don't deny it.

      the BBC have an article up from which

      "Corruption is a rallying cry, an enabler and a key modus operandi for IS," said Katherine Dixon, director of Transparency International Defence and Security.
      "The failure to grasp this undermines efforts to tackle the rise of violent extremism.
      "The international community expends great efforts tackling the 'ideology' of groups such as ISIS, focusing on the religious rhetoric they produce, yet completely ignoring the material circumstances in which they thrive."

      "completely ignoring the material circumstances in which they thrive." because Islam bad.

      Irans context and history should not distract us its bad, got it, why comment on something you have not the resolve to study,

  • Open Letter to Progressive Jews: The ADL and AJC are not our allies
    • "intended to protect the Jews"

      thats the tee shirt, right there.."hate speech" is what we do to Jews, it's the Quran and the Constitution,

      and its" trebles all round", you drink, obviously

      "radicalized" i mean shit is there one word that inspires ennui more than "radicalized",

      i have radicalized spaghetti with holy basil, why can't i be radical what! I have to die for it or live in beige,

      how can you think you are free when your political process can be openly bought and, is so severe, totalitarian, money is speech, a "neice" txted from Cairo to say "I fucking hate Fairuz" its a new world, young Arabs hate history.

      just one little thing

      Mr Weiss you put a comment i can't find (very drunk and smoking heavily too, trumps one state thing i feel it) by that cummings poem

      "the very least i could do dear boy"

      an observation

      "opting to resist means opting for denigration, suffering, loss, rejection, trouble and struggle, in my experience women teach it best, they keep a measure of control and sense of proportion, you going to suffer probably die, up to you"

      all the very best sir..g

  • 'Settlers are free to take what they want': Palestinian landowners fear for the worst as land-grab law is passed
    • "Neoliberal Apartheid

      Andy Clarno

      In recent years, as peace between Israelis and Palestinians has remained cruelly elusive, scholars and activists have increasingly turned to South African history and politics to make sense of the situation. In the early 1990s, both South Africa and Israel began negotiating with their colonized populations. South Africans saw results: the state was democratized and black South Africans gained formal legal equality. Palestinians, on the other hand, won neither freedom nor equality, and today Israel remains a settler-colonial state. Despite these different outcomes, the transitions of the last twenty years have produced surprisingly similar socioeconomic changes in both regions: growing inequality, racialized poverty, and advanced strategies for securing the powerful and policing the racialized poor. Neoliberal Apartheid explores this paradox through an analysis of (de)colonization and neoliberal racial capitalism.

      After a decade of research in the Johannesburg and Jerusalem regions, Andy Clarno presents here a detailed ethnographic study of the precariousness of the poor in Alexandra township, the dynamics of colonization and enclosure in Bethlehem, the growth of fortress suburbs and private security in Johannesburg, and the regime of security coordination between the Israeli military and the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank. The first comparative study of the changes in these two areas since the early 1990s, the book addresses the limitations of liberation in South Africa, highlights the impact of neoliberal restructuring in Palestine, and argues that a new form of neoliberal apartheid has emerged in both contexts."

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