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born part Arab part Scots/Irish, worked in training ulema for the european environment/ journalist broadcaster for many years working mainly for bbc. From a faction of euro-islam much favored by the establishment, writer etc nothing really of interest may as well move along.

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  • 'Preparing the hearts' - how the Temple Mount movement works towards their goal of building the Third Temple over the ruins of Al Aqsa
    • "I would hope, without the whites drifting away"

      no worries white people love me and cleave close

    • Page: 21
    • " Now all that is needed is some sort of accommodation with pubs."

      the pioneers

      "Anyway, the section below struck us as interesting in the context of the argument put forward by some commentators that pubs have suffered in certain towns and cities whose populations include a substantial number of Muslims:

      It was almost lunchtime and the pubs looked inviting. In one of them, the man behind the bar had a broad Lancashire accent, but the warm, dusty interior felt like part of the one of those benighted tropical places which Graham Greene evokes so well, where on the priest and publican are white. The publican here was serving a group of Pakistanis and all the faces in the ‘best’ room were dark.

      ‘We’ve been here two years now,’ he said, ‘and it’s beginning to drive the wife crackers. Wednesday afternoon, she had a drink, there were so many Pakistanis in here by ten she started crying. At two in the morning I was still trying to comfort her. This last month, at least ninety per cent of my customers have been Paks. I’ve about six whites apart from the girls, you get them of course. The whites have just drifted away. When we came, there’d be twenty or so.’

      Now, that sounds to us like evidence that people from (probably) Muslim backgrounds (clearly not especially religious in practice) did attempt to make the pub part of their lives"

      nowadays Muslims can frequent bars without reducing the Landlady to tears.

  • Zionism's tailspin: Stark minority of young California Jews are 'comfortable with idea of Jewish state'
    • my Dear Annie

      what is so amazing about Farrell, this my dear is for you, you'll love it, how Farrell carries everyone a real, real master, beating heart of a living tradition....

    • "Agreed, I think John O was refering to those reaching the shores of South Europe.."

      I knew that...

      "Nothing to be proud of"

      well that all depends Madam(oiselle) on what you draw your pride from, we were taught to cultivate "Divine Pride" meaning when they kick you down and bind your hand and gag your throat and give you one chance to sell out you laugh and let them burn you, it is a working class Rif'ay way, sufi, we not surprised to suffer but we have no shit to sell, don't even own ourselves and keep our confidences.

    • " “gamal” are you trying to snow us?"

      you see how its done, that is some primo shit, right there, respect yet again extra Jewish IQ points kamin behind me its ok i am not burt. Leon me...when you're not wrong..

      leon me but no tin...i dread to think what your reply will be, i am at 120 IQ points imperial, i can reach no higher

    • "leaving the burden largely with Germany, Italy and Greece"

      84% of refugees are in the "developing" world no European countries make the top 10

      1. Jordan (2.7 million)
      2. Turkey (2.5 million)
      3. Pakistan (1.6 million)
      4. Lebanon (1.5 million)
      5. Iran (979,400)
      6. Ethiopia (736,100)
      7. Kenya (553,900)
      8. Uganda (477,200)
      9. Democratic Republic of Congo (383,100)
      10. Chad (369,500)

    • "There’s no “reference”."

      but why do Americans do this, they /s, to mean snark or sarcasm, often writing "sarcasm if you didn't get it"

      please ambiguity, anyone of the 7, slip the 5 easy pieces together and....and

      "world is crazier and more of it than we think.....

      On the tongue on the eyes on the ears in the palms of one's hands—
      There is more than glass between the snow and the huge roses"

      16 french kings and a Scottish young female relative....

      (and if don't get it you are going to get referred..i mean it, no bouquet, calling back)

    • "there are only 3 ways that can go. stagnant (i don’t buy that), more progressive support for israel (i don’t buy that) or less support (that’s the trend)"

      "From the narrow window of my small cell,
      I see trees that are smiling at me
      and rooftops crowded with my family.
      And windows weeping and praying for me.
      From the narrow window of my small cell
      I can see your big cell!"

      Sami Qasim from "talk with the jailer"

  • Video: 'You are godless atheists' --Jewish settlers harass Palestinian kindergarten
  • Israel’s Justice Minister endorses apartheid -- the Jewish state 'at the expense of equality'
    • " but I draw the line at compulsory singing"

      my poor boy Karaoke is closing in from the east and the Ceilli from the west you will sing, while

      I don't really agree with this, we do it rough, but high kings and all, surely you could manage this,

    • "I used to sing that diddy in my younger days when the craic was ninety on the Isle of man"

      imagine my shock when i discovered that Irish people are empowered to make you sing, if you drink with them you must sing, they will not hear no, hands grab you pull you to your feet push you forward,

      drunk and shy, as i am, but boy has chanted alot of Quran and has big bass voice and mummy was an eastend Irish, in fairness he is way better than me but i gave it a tom waits meets paul robeson ( I judge myself generously) angle, also i was acapella because i couldn't see my fingers...

      I have flashes of memory after my rendition, potcheen was deployed, woke in a hay shed without shoes, long walk home, they call me "dances with spuds", Derry Monihan pointed out "you were mostly flat, you sloppy c***" " nor did i get a bouquet. but "we never turned a stranger out"

    • "amigo – I was born to this discussion. How did you come to it?"

      amigo this discussion is his birthright, get behind the barrier, you only Irish, been doing nothing but having the craic since Brian Boru as your laments record

  • High-profile actors, artists, athletes, and activists join Dream Defenders in supporting Ahed Tamimi
  • Sentenced to 65 years for helping Palestinians: Read an excerpt from Miko Peled's 'Injustice: The Story of the Holy Land Foundation Five'
    • "What about the fruit from a poisoned tree?"

      and when a fly falls in it

      Ibn Hajar wrote in his commentary on this hadith:

      “I found nothing among the variants to pinpoint the wing that carries the antidote but one of the Ulema said he observed that the fly protects itself with its left wing so it can be deduced that the right one is the one with the antidote…. Another said that the poison may be that of pride (takabbur) occurring in one’s soul causing him to disdain eating that food or avoid and discard it altogether, while the antidote takes place by subduing the soul and forcing it to be humble.”

      eat that poison fruit and the fly that fell in it God commands you.

      "ibn Hajar also cited al-Jawzi’s remark that flies pounded with antimony (stibnite) benefit eyesight but al-`Ayni in `Umdat al-Qari (7:304) cites Ibn al-Baytar al-Maliqi’s recipe as flies pounded with egg yolk"

      sad that lies don't melt in the mouth but come out fully formed and potent.

  • Israeli diplomat calls on American students 'to restore the honor' of vilified word-- Zionism
    • "The actual rule of this site is no advocacy or celebration of violence ‘against anyone"

      well that is a scurrilous accusation, thank fuck I am a scurrilous man

      follow me up to carlow, if you dare, " from tassagarht to clonmore there flows a stream of Saxon gore"

      if you don't like violence don't attack us

      (i never condemn Irish people, they are many I am one, they are young and strong I am old and frail, also I couldn't agree with them more, "well send it over dripping red to queen liza and her ladies")
      yes Hughes when the victim defends itself we celebrate, great is Rory Oghamore,

    • "And you know it"

      what honour would dictate:

      "while i realize that a people driven from their homes, massacred, abused, locked behind crushes you wouldn't send cattle into, a people fighting only in defense of themselves and their homes unlike the wholesale murder we, Americans have unleashed, but none the less i can't help but feel that the tactic of retaliatory bombing, of treating us as brutally as we treat them is misguided, even though these bombers give their own lives in return, i can't help but feel it is counterproductive.....or something, "you"

      no-body can come to me, nor man nor women, and say that I wronged them or took from them because i wouldn't exchange one beat of my pure heart for any shit the world has, i already gave away more than i have, fuck this world and its shiny things,

      you know Donald you almost too stupid to address, what the fuck are you talking about? and this is your western brother asking, we didn't engage the Arab yet.

      i forgive anything but, women I don't know they hypnotise me I can't judge, but Donald as a man I loath a coward, you are coward ain't nothing lower.

    • "Every day they have an excuse to declare it a day of rage"

      But to be fair as you and the paragon Donald Johnson have declared Palestinian rage is "disgusting" as White and Jewish people are never collateral, even in the midst of their crimes, but then you a modern man Weiss you have no honour. There are no "progressive" superior people easy enough as we are to look down upon.

  • Roger Cohen misses the Palestinian reality
    • " by having us believe that he sincerely wanted to hear our stories"

      let me share with you the grim world of the marginal.

      I was phoned yesterday, itself a rare occurrence I do not encourage "calls", It was a Muslim boy from London who asked about the late Sheikhs papers, he is dead 12 years I have been out of that world more than decade, specifically he asked about letters from a member of the UK royals,

      he told me the paper he works for but his name is a similar to researcher I have been in touch with spoke for less than 90 seconds I said that I would look in the papers and see if there was any complimentary, nice things about Islam as he put it, but I gave him my zip code easy enough to find but I am getting old and did it without thinking.

      So I googled his paper they have a story about this Prince writing critically of the Israel lobby, so I guess they want to ascribe his "anti-semitism" to Islam or sympathy for Islam.

      So 3 hours ago I came across a plump Pakistani guy in a suit walking out across the fields to my house, my zip code is unique to the house,

      I was forcefully discourteous, he camped out for 3 hours on the public road, itself little more than boreen we had one more encounter there where my behaviour again fell well below the standards of a decent person, i returned to hq after 40 minutes, to witness him driving the km on my land down to where i had parked a landrover over my gate and sat there in his hire car, while i watched burning a spliff in the west wing and reflecting that I should have asked what the going rate for selling out is now, he fucked off, clearly I am going to go far in this life, honestly I had forgotten what it is like when some insolent fool excites ones medulla,

      now they want to hear when i might have "dirt" on Prince Charles...It is getting dark I am going to walk my lane and if I encounter a sunday mail journalist poor boy will meet the full cockney in the dark, like the blair witch thing, this is happening to me right now, fuck no really fuck them.

    • " you brought this onto yourself & the Palestinian people"

      Yes her decision not to publish a reply I the NYT is I think particularly reprehensible.. Mr.?..but do tell having checked him out what should she have done?

      did you read what she wrote...."& the Palestinian people" is a revolting charge to fling at her what has she "brought onto....the Palestinian people",

  • Pallywood
    • "if his fingers don’t give out. If they do, he’ll sue Mondo"

      Carmel tunnel syndrome is the bane of hasbara work.

    • ad absurdum, in context is very clever, perhaps a hakka for the made up Prophet, who warned about the limits of power and the illusion of dominion,

      would anyone in the west have noticed this child if she were black or meek, i enjoyed the interplay of the impossible and the inevitable dear Dr.

      Palestinians made up but an inevitable reality all the same, there's nothing to aad.

      let us not discount the possibility of sudden calamity, ar rajfah, as sayhah, this is our lot.

  • Israeli paper's publication of BDS ad marks beginning of society's return to sanity
  • Worldwide mobilization marks Ahed Tamimi's 17th birthday
  • 'They’re trying to punish us through our children': A report from Nabi Saleh on Ahed Tamimi's 17th birthday
    • "Based on the history of your support to “Israel" "

      i think you might be barking up the wrong tree there as regards Prof Roha, and now I feel inordinately pleased with myself, shhh, let me enjoy it.

  • Thomas Friedman justifies slaughter of Arab civilians by 'crazy' Israel
    • "where Sweden, especially, is torn by immigrant riots over unemployment and anger at the NATO countries who aided the US in sacking their native lands"

      thats all very questionable

      "A cursory look at the data shows there is no immigrant-driven crime or terrorism wave in Sweden. There has been no “absolute surge” in rape. And Horowitz, the ultimate source of all this, is facing serious allegations of selectively editing footage of Swedish police officers to make it seem like they’re blaming crime on immigrants when they actually aren’t.

      The American president is using the world’s largest megaphone to amplify a false panic about brown-skinned immigrants raping white women.

      1) There is no immigrant crime wave in Sweden
      In the past decade, there’s been a spike in immigration to Sweden. In 1990, 9.2 percent of Sweden’s population was foreign-born. That figure was 11.3 percent in 2000, and 15.4 percent in 2012.

      Immigrant rates have grown even further in recent years, owing in large part to the global refugee crisis. In 2014, Sweden admitted more asylum seekers, per capita, than any other country on Earth. Many Swedish immigrants today hail from war-torn Muslim-majority countries like Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq."....

      "Some people assumed this would produce a major uptick in the rates of violent crime in Sweden. Historically, immigrants to Sweden do commit crimes at higher rates than the native-born, though children of immigrants commit crimes at basically the same rate as children of native-born Swedes (controlling for income).

      However, there’s no evidence of a massive crime wave. Here is an official Swedish government tally of the rates of six different types of crime directed at persons"

    • "should care in a consistent principled way about human rights. That’s fine, but not all people who call themselves liberals act this way. This is true of both “liberal” Zionists and many American liberals"

      Though he himself exemplifies many of the weaknesses of the European left Seymour wrote

      "The Liberal Defence of Murder"
      by Richard Seymour

      of which one reviewer writes, he of the abortive conversation with Richard Spencer,

      "“Among those who share responsibility for the carnage and chaos in the Gulf are the useful idiots who gave the war intellectual cover and attempted to lend it a liberal imprimatur. The more belligerent they sounded the more bankrupt they became; the more strident their voice the more craven their position. As the war they have supported degrades into a murderous mess, Richard Seymour expertly traces their descent from humanitarian intervention to blatant islamophobia.”

      – Gary Younge


      “With elegant asperity and mordant antipathy, Seymour undresses the unsavory record of the liberal apologists for empire in a sane and steady voice that will enrage many and enlighten more. He combines an electrifying and formidable historical study with close readings and incisive analysis, not to mention a brilliant eye for the horrible detail of hypocritical posturing. ... [T]his is a book with the potential to reshape the entire study of deradicalization.”

      – Alan Wald, Against the Current

      Liberals are legends pretty much only in their own minds, and then one moves on naturally to Domenico Losurdo

      A Counter-History
      by Domenico Losurdo
      Translated by Gregory Elliott"

      “A brilliant exercise in unmasking liberal pretensions.” – Financial Times
      In this definitive historical investigation, Italian author and philosopher Domenico Losurdo argues that from the outset liberalism, as a philosophical position and ideology, has been bound up with the most illiberal of policies: slavery, colonialism, genocide, racism and snobbery.

      Narrating an intellectual history running from the eighteenth through to the twentieth centuries, Losurdo examines the thought of preeminent liberal writers such as Locke, Burke, Tocqueville, Constant, Bentham, and Sieyès, revealing the inner contradictions of an intellectual position that has exercised a formative influence on today’s politics. Among the dominant strains of liberalism, he discerns the counter-currents of more radical positions, lost in the constitution of the modern world order."

      then you open a bottle of whisky pour yourself 6 fingers go look in a mirror, down it in one and ask yourself

      "what did i ever see in that shit"

  • 'We are proud of her': Palestinian teenagers on the importance of Ahed Tamimi
    • hey Annie,

      Do you know the work of the sculptor Michael Sandle, "as you sow so shall you reap" inspired by an airstrike in Gaza. "Fuck the Media" is my favorite so dynamic. (all pictured at link)

      "Well in 2008, about eight years ago, I saw a news report on the internet about a Palestinian called Anwar Balousha, whose five daughters were killed while they slept, by an Israeli air-strike on Gaza.
      I thought about this and tried to imagine the enormity of that man’s pain – it was an appalling war crime. Then for some reason, as I reflected on it, the Holman Hunt painting The Light of the World came into to my head, where Jesus is knocking on the door of a middle eastern hovel holding a lantern. Slowly I developed lots and lots of sketches and drawings, it became quite an obsession really. The thing about me is that because I am not a commercially successful artist, I am not on the hamster’s treadmill, I like to take my time. I agree with the art-critic Robert Hughes what we need is ‘slow art’ – all the artists I admire are the Old Masters anyway"

  • How to win the battle for freedom, justice, and equality
    • "girls who found themselves in an embarrassing situation would frequently attribute their condition to the attentions of the local river God"

      very plausible, young women are very good at getting pregnant, they are in fact the acknowledged leaders in the field, I beat back the water nymphs with a Blackthorn stick, if I am not in the mood for them.

      "The resulting child looked remarkably like the young blacksmith in the next village" something to think about for sure, on those long nights when the cocoa has congealed,

      " but the Gods work in mysterious ways" you have self ordained, like Buddha and Napoleon, now all you need is a bunch of ultimately disappointing followers, I am not up to Judas but I am confident I could do a Thomas.

      Hope you feeling well.

    • "It seems to me that the idea of a bunch of gods with differing, and sometimes conflicting, interests is a better fit to reality"

      Oh fie with your Graeco-Roman flummery

      " than the idea of a single, smug, overseer."

      He has 99 names and answers to none of them

    • "Even if they are not monotheistic?"

      that's interesting, forgive me have been indolent thus a bit busy so off the top of my head which may also be the underside of my fundament, (thats a hint),

      I will start here:

      It was the opinion of many Scholars that the Arabian polytheists were monotheists, it'll get clearer, however and this is a key point, their ideological and moral crime was shirk, associationism, which these alim defined thus: the idols were conceived by them as the actual person of a propitiatory force, these idols were not representations of anything but were themselves
      the body of the "god" able to bring safety or curse one's enemies.

      So many took the view that "idols" actually encountered by te Muslims were mere representations of conceptualized divine attributes, "Hinduism" monotheistic, the supreme Godhead being Brahma and the other deities repesent its active aspects etc.

      so yes even polytheists, because the scholars defined "polythiesm" so as to exclude anything that one might actually meet, it makes a lot of sense in their terms and was supportive of the social harmony they aspired to bring about. so yes, just because you define something as non-monotheism doesn't mean it is shirk to a Muslim. sorry that's a bit trashy you can see where its headed?

      Hey Talkback: talking of not monotheist do you know Margaret Barker "Mother of the Lord" messy link makes some pages available you can read "In Search of other voices" and "The Other communities" history but interesting, i have no public library here so i use stupid questions to get previews.

      and Steve Fink "Fear Under Construction" is this monotheism? whole article here:

    • "And I’d be inclined to include Yazidi, too."

      Everytime you ignore the Mandeans John the Baptist cries.

      "Heavenly religion" can mean any organized religion, the Indic religions ( there is a Arab tradition that idolatry originated in India and was linked to the Ka'aba cult) while in Islam there are always various views you could look to Mirza Mazhar Jan-i-Janan, of course Al Biruni wrote : Tahiq ma li l-hind maqula maqbula fi al aql aw mardhula" specifically so Muslims could discuss religion with the Religions of India and not look uninformed.

      Biruni in one famous line says "there is little substantial difference between what people call monotheism and the religions of the Indians rather the difference is between the common people and the Elites"

      both al-gardizi and al dhjayhani write of the "al muhwahida min al barahima" "the monotheist Brahmins". and stuff...

    • "We do have rules against personal attacks"

      sure but they don't apply to animals like me

    • " I should make it clear that even oppressors have the rights belonging unconditionally to all human beings"

      "belonging unconditionally to all human beings"

      "I don’t think that ideological deficiencies, such as limited or mistaken ideas about rights, among the oppressed"... "unless they amount to descent into irrationality and merely animal status"

      " the oppressed"...."merely animal status"..."remove their rights"

      but " oppressors have the rights belonging unconditionally to all human beings" but not those with "animal status", "all human beings" shit

      "I don’t think that even the Israelis are irrational" but the Palestinians might be animals? so "remove their rights"

      and you think that is a great answer to a good question....your malice is obvious.

      "rights belonging unconditionally to all human beings" Israelis

      "unless they amount to descent into irrationality and merely animal status" Palestinians

      can you give examples of people with "merely animal status"? you may select from among the oppressing classes if you so wish.

  • Trump calls Egypt, Afghanistan, Turkey and Jordan 'enemies of America' for Jerusalem vote
    • “might throw them with stones..”

      actually i think that's rather beautiful in English, Shakespeare and the KJV are full of weird constructions the natives love them, it has a profound ring to it like "Hasta Siempre Comandante Che" Until Always, makes sense in bad English.

  • Laith Abu Naim, 16, fourth Palestinian minor shot dead by Israeli forces so far in 2018
  • A Jewish 'sickness': Israeli journalist explains young American Jews' support for Palestinians
  • Zionists should be excluded from left-oriented protests
    • "Enter “sayan” into Google and you get a mountain range in Siberia."

      Or like Robert Maxwell the whole Atlantic Ocean to swim in.

  • Naked justice
    • Two women write:

      "Nuzha the "prostitute" watches incredulous as the young men climb the walls to their death. The Israelis are not going to run out of bullets. Another way must be found to penetrate into their stronghold. She offers to lead the combatants into the compound through a secret underground passage that can be accessed through her kitchen"

      Sahar Khalifa "Bab al Safa", Palestine

      "In a paroxysm of pain a women tries to prevent her child from being born, while at the front a man tries to survive mortal wounds. They both struggle to fulfill the promise that he should be the first to see the newborn. The dead infant is placed on the dead man's chest"

      Aliya Talib "Greening", Iraq

  • Israel, are you a real state?
    • "the most absurdly inflated idea of Israeli and Jewish power"

      as Boris pointed out there is little that can not be achieved with a soft bottom and playful handle, Pakistan has said it will down American drones, Turkey has said it will shoot Americans, i believe we are "In some pretty shit now" but mostly at night, when the playful handles seek out the soft bottoms.....i might have a coffee...

  • The not-so-secret life of Mathilde Krim
    • "My cultural chauvinism is fast disappearing"

      yes it's a process Moose the Mooche 1,2 and 3....but mind the dizzy fingers.

    • not related to Abdel Krim, "Emir of the Riff" : David Woolman wrote "rebels in the riff" which is mainly a record of the military campaign of the Riffians, which was fast, astonishing and pitilessly brutal and oddly chivalric at times, a group of Spanish soldiers were pinned down in a vehicle for some days and finally surrendered after exhausting their ammunition and not till every
      man was wounded, some grievously, their Riffian antagonists gave them a standing ovation for their display of obdurate bravery as they were carried out and conducted them gratis to Spanish lines but as befits mountain men they were often far more harsh...their short lived state was not without western admirers

      Abd el-Krim[2] (1882–83, Ajdir[3] – February 6, 1963, Cairo) was a Riffian political and military leader. He and his brother Mhemmed led a large-scale revolt by a coalition of Berber-speaking Rif tribes against French and Spanish colonization of the Rif, an area of northern Morocco. The rebels established the short-lived Republic of the Rif. Abd el-Krim's guerrilla tactics influenced Ho Chi Minh, Mao Zedong, and Che Guevara.[4][5]

  • Norman Finkelstein's new book on Gaza is a meticulous account of Israel's crimes
  • There are two narratives, but one reality: Palestinian dispossession
    • "The Rig Veda texts were composed sometime before 1200 BCE."

      I always liked the end of the 2nd Brahmana of the 3rd adhyaya, in the 13 core upanishads, which may not be that old but well speaks for itself nevermind the dogma feel the sentiment,

      ......... ‘Yājñavalkya,’ said he, ‘when a man dies, do the breaths go out of him, or no?’

      ‘No,’ said Yājñavalkya. ‘They are gathered together right there. He swells up. He is inflated. The dead man lies inflated.’

      12. ‘Yājñavalkya,’ said he, ‘when a man dies, what does not leave him?’

      ‘The name. Endless, verily, is the name. Endless are the All-gods. An endless world he wins thereby.’

      13. ‘Yājñavalkya,’ said he, ‘when the voice of a dead man goes into fire, his breath into wind, his eye into the sun, his mind into the moon, his hearing into the quarters of heaven, his body into the earth, his soul (ātman) into space, the hairs of his head into plants, the hairs of his body into trees, and his blood and semen are placed in water, what then becomes of this person (puruṣa)?’

      ‘Ārtabhāga, my dear, take my hand. We two only will know of this. This is not for us two [to speak of] in public.’

      and Kaisas horses head G-dfather reference put me in mind of a bit that comes a little before

      "Upon Dadhyañc Ātharvaṇa ye Aśvins

      Did substitute a horse’s head.

      He, keeping true, declared to you the honey

      Of Tvashtṛi, which is your secret, O ye mighty ones.’ "

      Proper Aryan stuff, introducing the honey doctrine ....been some mad bastards from way back..

  • Abbas's crime was saying that Zionism is a colonial project
  • Israel as a perversion of Judaism and the modern nation-state
    • " is about ten daf!" no doubt full of double-sided blattitudes

      "and why" well never trust a person who wants to know the correct answer, in Religion we have no questions and if we have questions each one has infinite answers, worldly people shouldn't mess with it, it will, like real life frustrate you, from M.K. Masuds Ikhitlaf al fuqaha

      "The earliest known book dedicated to ikhtilaf was written by
      Muhammad b. Nasr al-Marwazi (d. 905). Among the popular texts on
      the subject are the text by Muhammad b. Jarir al-Tabari (d. 922) entitled
      Ikhtilaf al-Fuqaha; the book by Abu Ja’far Ahmad b. Muhammad alTahawi
      (d. 933) ................

      Ikhtilaf literature begins by recognising diversity as a natural
      phenomenon grounded in the teachings of the Qur’an. These works
      emphasise diversity as a divine blessing because humans differ in their
      levels of understanding and social settings. The early ikhtilaf books are
      mostly collections of differing opinions by the jurists. Later, the compilers
      developed theories to explain these differences"

  • The checkpoints, by Rawan Yaghi
  • Braying donkeys
  • What's wrong with colonialism?
    • "Does anyone know how I can delete a comment?"

      not possible as

      “The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ,
      Moves on: nor all thy Piety nor Wit
      Shall lure it back to cancel half a Line,
      Nor all thy Tears wash out a Word of it.”

      it's in the comments policy..

    • "Israel cannot keep Jews in Palestine by force or by law"

      When a visiting ambassador asked the great Sheikh Ahmad Kuftaro,

      "How many of the people of Syria are Christians?"

      Kuftaro replied "All Syrians are Christians and I am their Mufti who represents the interests of all 23 million of them"

  • What MLK's 'Letter from Birmingham Jail' tells us about Ahed Tamimi in a cold Israeli cell
    • "Why bother? Zionists have their own Rabbis. You don’t like what one Rabbi says, you can find another one who will say what you want"

      yes it's a bad as Islam..but while I am a great admirer of the simple piety of so many people, if you are not, as a follower able to distinguish between well founded arguments, there are certain assumptions, and ill founded ones...better to follow your own sweet heart, I can distinguish between bullshit and Judaism, it is not what ijaazas you have it's how you are, but I am heretic because I look cool in my heresy, and I like Rabbi Yaakov..which in no way diminishes him as my heresy is non-destructive...embraces all

      do i look bothered? look at my face, do I look bothered?

    • "But “fatwa” they know"

      I may have missed it but I was hoping the Judaism for Dummies JonS or one of the Zionist would take on Rabbi Yaakov on the grounds of Jewish learning, could something be arranged, I would pay...and a booking fee.

      I watched some of his videos and know it's a silly thing but I was really moved by his "would you be humiliated to run from a wild animal" thing, boy in the end we going to so regret even harsh words said in anger...Cockney is a language largely composed of imprecations, curses and profanity so whatever happens I will have my p,c or n peeps with me.

    • "On the 2nd of December 1947"

      all of which is beside the point, and weirdly edited..a fatwa is an opinion in response to a specific question, Alim can of course contrive to have a topical issue addressed to them, they are not without cunning.

      other howlers Zionists declaim

      Nathan : " the Jordanian waqf.."...?

      my personal favorite I think Mayhem wrote " The root of Salam (and by implication Islam?) is a word meaning submission"

      "The root a word meaning..."

      There is something majestic about ignorance which is impervious to influence...

      My father was a graduate of Al-Azhar I have two cousins teaching there I guess I understand its status and know what a fatwa is and that the Arabs have every right to defend themselves and express themselves as they do...

    • "The fatwa demanding jihad"

      a fatwa is an opinion, however authoritative, which is by nature non-binding...otherwise we would never ask the Ulema anything...

  • Ahed Tamimi should stay in prison because she might slap again -- Israeli ethicist
    • You are not able to see the difference in his usage and yours? you are not able to understand the tone deaf insolence of your usage especially in this context?

    • i wonder if this might help you untangle yourself iresist from your repellent complicity with a system of denigration that feeds into the very attitude you seem to be objecting to in the Israeli Jewish gentleman, if not think...i don't answer questions, why don't you think before you write or are Muslims just the lowest thing you could think to compare to this Jewish Israeli White gentleman to while he is victimizing Muslims, including this child.

      sinking to the level of Iranians or Muslims is obviously something to be deplored, Rene thought at least he said he did you should try it, it has its place even in resistance.

    • "Chief Fatwa Issuer for liberal Zionism"

      Because his victim is a Muslim child?

      or what do you mean?

  • Israeli Jews will never accept Palestinians as equals -- Klutznick, chair of Americans for Peace Now
    • "I choose to support these Palestinians"

      You are shopping, grocery shopping and you feel condescension adds to the bang you get for your buck, been stocking up on kimchi? you're sacrifice is acknowledged, that is why you explained how great you are isn't it, because you had not heard from the "Thank you" man, in case it was missed, and to establish how much better than Palestinians you are, I would only expect mixed results with this approach and you can have that one for free, as I am vastly richer and more virtuous than you.

      Annie Cash has such a wonderful speaking voice, the minute he sings he has that old style when you are used to interacting with a boisterous close up audience, shanachie or griot style , man in black for president.

  • Israeli soldiers shoot 3-year-old Palestinian child in the head during West Bank military training exercise
    • Thanks Kate I will check it out, Bedouin insinuate themselves in to the least likely places, I suspect we are irresistible.

    • Hey Kate, hope you my experience Bedouin women are never OT..

      Do you know Miral al-Tahawy, my home girl, her family I think are Hanadi or something tribe, Bedouin she is very well known in our area as she studied at Zagazig Uni and then went to Cairo to do MA and Phd much to the disapproval of some her relatives, but she accomplished the feat of learning English, Hebrew, Persian and I think French or German, and getting her degrees they were so embarrassed by her erudition that they were reduced to inaudible muttering, everyone is very proud of her. We have a tradition of female academic excellence including my cousin Amirah who was the foremost Bacalaureat student in the nation for her year, now a researcher at Heidelberg University.

      and an interesting interview, she teaches in Arizona,

      "And people here, especially in the Muslim community, Middle East community, they bring their traditions. This city, Phoenix, it has a hundred mosques. So they bring not only the culture, the way they live, the way they dress up. They can turn [out] to be a ghetto, and very conservative, even more conservative than their homes, because they try to hold their identity the same. If you make your own circle, make your own culture, make your own religion, and make your ghettos, it will be safer for the next generation. Which makes them more isolated, and not open for any integration or even knowledge about the new society. That's everywhere. That's what creates a misunderstanding of culture and religion. And that's why many of the kids that I teach literature and Arabic culture, Islamic studies, they are more extreme than anywhere else, here in America. They were raised to be extreme, because you feel like you will be attacked, you are not respected enough, your religion is endangered. So they're more extreme than any place else. It's part of the situation, it's part of people's sense of security. You close your door, and you want to be secure, but later when you discover you have closed off every way to be open for other people. So it's not about how we dress up, it's how to be open to other people in general.

      Would you tell me some more about teaching Arabic culture and literature at ASU?

      I'm in the school of languages and literature so mostly I'm teaching Arabic literature, and media, and culture, and introduction to the Middle East. Most of the students are studying global or Middle East studies. They are American, or they are second-generation Arabic community who want their children to have some information about Arabic culture. The second generation who are raised in America, are maybe born in America, they have never been in their countries, like Iraq refugees. So it has been a long time. And most of them, they are curious about getting the language and getting something about their own culture. It's very general, a very basic stage.

      Would you ever teach them one of your novels?

      [Laughs] They never know that I am a writer!"

  • Privileged American Jews are safe thanks to 'Israel's might'-- Roger Cohen
    • "it appears the jewish masses, for centuries, had no interest whatsoever in making their way to jerusalem, palestine"

      And you see what Israel does to Jews...i fear for them

      Hey Annie you know them kind of gormless trash people, clumsy white guys and then when they open the instrument case you tell the fool that's not a guitar, man looks kind of simple don't have time for quick a clock just blew us away...

    • "I should remember not to rely on my memory"

      It is not your memory at fault Mo Chara they lie and decieve because they are ashamed of what they do and always crave forgetting I remember when Irish people remembered that they were once a conquered people.

      I got drunk in Macroom tonight you remember the great Liz Cronin, a song from County Cork.

    • "The price was 1/2 a million Iraqi Men Women and Children"

      If I recall correctly the price was 1/2 million children plus one million men and women, I don't know what that is in Americans, but Halliday and Blix called it Genocidal, and that was before the latest's all long forgotten now and " Iraqi's?" i mean who's counting? one thing's for sure America doesn't remember how many it has had..

  • From Spinoza to Vilkomerson, Jewish voices for peace have long been banned-- by Jews
    • "neither Shammai nor Hillel have an objection in principle to teaching a Gentile"

      what's the Jewish for fatwa?

    • "as other Gentiles not fit to teach, will proliferate ignorant rulings.”

      but Jons is now keeping it in-house, no doubt the penalties are severe, pinching at least, perhaps a slap..

      "Wow, gotta hand it to them,"

      A Rasta friend and I had some interaction with a pair of Orthodox Jews (Ten Gallon Hat and Crombie coat) for several years, it was weekend thing so he asked me

      "they only have one good clothes"

      " No" I said " they have one clothes, thats all they wear"

      "Only one suit, one hat, one shirt, one pants, one coat, they wear all the time"

      "I think so, one style"

      He looked at them with profound admiration "Irie" he ruled, it was the consensus

  • What Palestinians can learn from South African anti-apartheid struggle
    • "Now South Africans still suffer but nobody knows why for sure and whos the enemy"

      "They think because they black they better than the old slave master

      They still have the whips on we back and they drive a little harder.........

      They said better would come instead things get harder
      Tragic situation oppression is a game they have learnt well" etc

      Samory I "Lost Africans".....

      "So tell me who should I man fear, when I don't see no change, who should I man fear when the proposition is the same"

      You don't get any credit for being black in black culture, that would be pointless or in white culture for that matter, so you've lost me, what don't you know?

      "Dem a poison......we know" like Cyril "Marikana" Ramaphosa, at the time who supported Winnie Mandela or the PAC or all those who didn't buy that Invictus crap.

      If you don't know any black people bont i could advise you as to what we know.

  • Ahed Tamimi offers Israelis a lesson worthy of Gandhi
    • Perhaps better to say the whole Tamimi family represents something, Manal Tamimi is interviewed

      "AARON MATÉ: As you were released, your cousin, Musab Tamimi, he was shot dead in the occupied West Bank at a protest. He was 17 years old.

      MANAL TAMIMI: Yes.

      AARON MATÉ: If I have this right, if I have this correct, he is the third member of your family to be killed by Israeli forces. Can you tell us about him, and were you able to go to his funeral?

      MANAL TAMIMI: Actually, Musab, he was killed while I was in prison. I was back from the prison clinic because I was very sick, and we were watching TV, and suddenly I saw him on the TV saying that Musab Tamimi, he was shot and killed. Of course, this is one of the most difficult experiences anybody could go through to see your cousin and his blood on TV while you don't understand what's going on and what's happening, and you will think about the other, what happened with [inaudible 00:07:20].
      So then at night, I was released then the ... Musab, he was an active young man. He has many dreams want to come true. He wanted to study. He was so clever. He was this kind of person who loved life to that end, and always he was ... They used to live in Jordan, and they just came back to Palestine a few months ago, so he was so happy that finally he is in his country among his family with his people. But a sniper, well, he shot him, and it was clear that it ... It's assassination. It's not a random shooting. By the way, the bullet went in his [inaudible 00:08:21]. Of course, one of them, the difficult times we are facing with the attack, the rest of the women, the attack at the village, but Musab, he's the third member of my family who was killed the non-violent resistance that we began in 2009, but actually 22 Tamimi has been killed since 1976 until now, during the resisting the occupation."

  • Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as capital of 'Jewish people' is assault on my religion -- Queens rabbi
    • "We have nothing to do with Israel. We are Jews, we’re observant Jews, we’re religious Jews… Israel is not my nation state in the slightest. This is a unilateral claim of the Israelis, of the Zionists, and it’s an assault on my religion"

      I have a close friend who is a Tibetan Lama, may I paraphrase:

      The only thing that saved Tibetan Buddhism was the Chinese invasion, not because we now travel and many people want to learn about Vajrayana,

      but had the "Vajrayana" state survived after '59 and been seen by the world Tibetan Buddhism would have been hunted down and outlawed because the Vajrayana state was terrible, cruel and the religion had been turned into a savage political ideology by the Aristocrats which used an idiotic version of the law of Karma to legitimize slavery, terrible abuse and a penal system so brutal and unjust that whole communities were in permanent revolt. The Lamas presiding over the famous monasteries were the worst tyrants.

      now we don't rule anywhere and everyone ignores our record and treats us as elevated beings, the collapse of the state was a great relief to many of us, even though I and others suffered retaliation.

      (he spent 23 years in chinese labour camps and lived of undigested food that they salvaged from the guards latrines...mainly rice grains)

      And with Judaism we can observe this process in reverse...the Rabbi is quite right to be concerned.

      all you need to do to turn your "religion" in to politics is read your text like an idiot, it works for all of us, in exactly the same way, so on all of our behalf


  • Stop talking about Ahed Tamimi's hair
    • "I don’t think that the phrase is inappropriate or unconventional. The Muslim Law (Shariah) Council of the UK refers on its website to verdicts, delivered simply and concisely, by a council consisting of imams, scholars and people of legal training."

      I thought at first it might be a collective noun.

      "The Muslim Law (Shariah) Council of the UK" I was the founding secretary of said council, ran it for 25 years, and your misconception arises from an idee fixe that "Imam" means priest, it doesn't, nor does Scholar, I have been an Imam and almost any adult Muslim would be able to perform the function, neither my fiqh nor ijitihad have ever been sought and as an Imam I was not granted any power to pass sentence, also a fatwa is not sentence either, despite the impression one may have picked up, I've never issued one due to not being able too, and not being qualified, these handicaps, however do not deter many of my more confident bretheren.

      An Imam has no legal standing the Sharia council does not pass sentence, much to my regret I was unable to execute sundry men who behaved appalling during divorce proceedings, I was compelled to mediate, its what it does and issues non-binding opinions, people who don't like it are free to seek one elsewhere, Law as it was practised in the Muslim world bears little relation to the "Sharia" discourse in the west,

      your construction is not just novel or unconventional I have never heard of it, but i have empirical evidence, a life's work, it is in fact impossible for westerners to learn even the basics of Islam, so don't feel bad, most Muslims don't either, its just extremely funny, but i got your point, nicely put, will the verger be issuing the call to prayer tonight, in the vestry? or who is the Muezzin in the C of E ?

    • " a court of pro-Israel imams"

      what is a "court of imams" for fucksake hughes

  • Israeli prosecutors try to make Ahed Tamimi a terrorist
    • "Gamal,"

      not a word you say carries any weight colonialist scum, we don't owe you shit or didn't you check Joe Sacco's "Footnotes in Gaza", I ain't talking to you liar, don't capitalize my name because my 3/5ths of an opinion reckons you can go fuck yourself with your accusations and yes she or they killed the photographer so, I would suggest you don't holiday where Zionist scum are colonizing's the only way to be sure....I ain't talking to you boy I wouldn't lower myself.

    • no this one born in Sabra :

      "On March 11, 1978, Dalal along with her group of fighters managed to infiltrate the Lebanese-Israeli border to the coastal plain near Tel Aviv using rubber dinghy boats. She and her comrades destroyed the boats the moment they reached the coast. It was a one-way trip, as they had returned home to stay. They hijacked an Israeli military bus and took its passengers, some three dozen soldiers, as hostages after driving the bus along the coastal highway to the colony of Herzliya, where a nine-hour battle took place between them and Israeli forces. The group was killed in the fighting, so were the majority of the Israeli soldiers on the bus.

      After killing Dalal al-Mughrabi, Israeli commander Ehud Barak (now Deputy Prime Minister of Israel) unclothed her in front of the cameras, fondled her breasts, stuck the bayonet of his rifle into her body and performed other atrocities on intimate parts of her body.

      Dalal al-Mughrabi, the 20-year old woman, who had never seen her homeland until the moment of her death, was born in the refugee camp of Sabra in Lebanon in 1958. After Dalal’s death, her mother said that she preferred that her daughter’s body be buried in Palestine"

  • 'We have taken Jerusalem off the table' -- Trump bullies Palestinians
    • "Are you kidding?"

      Do you think he has sunk to level of an Iranian?

      You are spewing propaganda at 14 Newtons per foot/pound....I don't know what that is in Herzls but it's pretty unconvincing...(Brummie a glory of the English language, Geordie not a dialect, everyone hates Scoucers)

      Your "Balham gateway to the South" act inspires a kind of nostalgia in me... but it is a longing for shit but familiar times ... my Brit is miserable and thus authentic, you are not carrying people with you...see how it's done.

  • Ahed and Nour Tamimi charged with assault, Nariman Tamimi charged with incitement for broadcasting encounter on Facebook
  • Why Ahed Tamimi's slap is so thrilling to Palestinians
    • "he makes another English-speaker despise him"

      England is intensely regional and class ridden, hence I am not really British but like Shadia Mansour am a South Londoner, Wandsworth to be precise, beyond Hertfordshire it is all pretty foreign to me

      Despite the fact that Smiley Culture provided the crucial Cockney Translation the Police still murdered him, claiming he stabbed himself through the heart during a raid...on 15th March 2011,
      England is no Disney White Land, no country for an old black and Muslim man, despite the fact that i can speak in perfect unaccented BBC English if I am sober, three drinks in and the fucking working class accent takes hold by the time I am fully drunk I can only speak or understand patois its a London thing perfectly normal, below Smileys silly little pop song cockney translation and a report of his murder by Police,

    • "My absolute favourite accent is the Irish"

      the peerless Niall Toibin does a few, raconteur style, but he is speaking to Irish people, I will be impressed if you get it all.

    • A note to Donna Wallach from Issa Ambro (h/t mary at tln to whose comment and links i link below)



      A note from Issa:

      Dear Donna

      Last week my trial continued in Israeli military court. A solider testified against me that in 2013 I supposedly told him he was stupid. For this, and for 17 other charges - such things as being in closed military zones, organizing protests and inciting to nonviolence - I will likely serve a number of years in prison.

      There is no change without sacrifice. I am not afraid of going to prison and I am not the only Palestinian activist being targeted right now. Over the past couple weeks, many of my friends have been arrested: Munther Amira from Bethlehem, Yousef Sharqawi from Hebron, Manal Tamimi from Nabi Saleh Nariman Tamimi from Nabi Saleh, Nour Tamimi from Nabi Saleh, sixteen-year-old Ahed Tamimi from Nabi Saleh and more.

      Even as we are being targeted, with your support, all of us on the ground are stronger.

      Youth Against Settlements is getting ready for our annual campaign to take place in February 2018. We are also being supported by a new organization, Hebron Freedom Fund, started by Issa, Ariel Gold and others, to advocate in the US and provide advocacy and assistance to families on the ground in Hebron.

      Can you make a donation to support our work for Palestinian rights in 2018?

      We hope everyone will join us for the 9th annual Open Shuhada Street campaign around the world. We have photos, flyers, booklets, personal stories and other supplies for you to use. We can even send an activist from Hebron to speak at your event. We encourage you to protest in front of Israeli consulates and embassies and the institutions and organizations that fund the settlers in Hebron. Sign up now to be part of the campaign or to come to Hebron to participate in the actions that will take place on the ground.

      There is a poster "Women and Girls Lead the Resistance in Palestine" that I would post if i knew how.

    • Thank you Dr....I am so ignorant her name always make me think Huda, thank you.

      "Those are the ones whom God has guided, from their guidance take an example. Say, “I ask of you for this message no payment. It is nothing but a reminder for the worlds.” 6:90

      guidance, Ahed like a star in a dark sky that even a fool like me can steer by.

  • I'm proud to stand with Cindy Corrie in this fight
  • Jewish activist who counseled Lorde on BDS gets the full 'kapo' treatment in the Israeli press
  • Why liberal Zionists have nothing to say about Ahed Tamimi's slap and arrest
  • Zionism didn't have to turn out so badly for Palestinians, says Roger Cohen
    • "P.S. You and I are friendly. But I’ve issued a similar challenge to you on other occasions; and you always ignore it"

      I wonder maybe Rob could could find some inspiration here:

      "even liberal commentators sympathetic to South Africa, including: allegations of liberal media bias; the strategic importance of South Africa, both in geopolitical terms and because of its mineral resources; the argument that blacks were better off in South Africa than anywhere else on the continent; depictions of liberation movements including the African National Congress as terrorists, Communists, and stooges for the Soviet Union; the moral and political failings of independent African regimes; the idea that black South Africans are divided among separate tribes which do not and can not mix; the idea that the South African government is engaged in reform; and the idea that disinvestment is a Soviet scheme which will only hurt black workers, for example.

      Furthermore, the most violently racist of the tropes produced below — including the idea that Africans are incapable of governing themselves, and the threat of black violence against young white women — were contemporaneously being repeated by newspaper columnists in places like the Toronto Sun"

      Cohen can't say those savages have no right to defend themselves, don't absolutely own anything, he is an English gentleman so he implies it, stirring stuff,

  • 'We should exact a price' from Ahed Tamimi 'in the dark,' Israeli journalist says
    • "In the case of the girls, we should exact a price at some other opportunity, in the dark, without witnesses and cameras”, "

      the Harvey (Weinstein) directive?

  • The never-ending crisis of Zionism
    • "You aren’t really asking me questions, are you?"

      that's right i am telling you something, take it or leave it

    • Dear Annie,

      Under this young lady's thread please let me link Dick Gaughan Scotland wha hae, Dick has had a stroke and is struggling, you remember those white men as soon as you saw them you loved them see this man

      "Off to Victory", "wha would fill the cowards grave"

    • "this symbiosis as Judeo-Zionism"

      but who is a Judeo? If you see what I mean, are they like Islamos? the strict Islamos.

  • Palestinians celebrate resounding Trump and Israel failure at the UN
    • "The fact that most of Palestine’s supporters were either sympathetic or supportive of the so called rebels in Syria"

      Not those associated with the PFLP

      "PFLP denounces U.S. imperialist aggression against Syria

      The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine denounces the U.S. imperialist aggression on Syria. This attack aims to pre-empt any serious international or impartial investigation into the events in Khan Sheikhun and instead acts to liquidate Syrian sovereignty and support the most reactionary, violent forces, exposing the falsity of the Trump administration’s claims that it wants to “fight terrorism.”

      The Front sees this aggression as taking place in full coordination with the Zionist entity and with those Arab reactionary parties that continue to insist on the entire dismantlement of the Syrian state; it is an attempt to cut the road before political efforts in the United Nations and a political solution that preserves the unity of Syria and its people."

  • The Chanukah of fire and occupation (is not about ancient times)
  • Anti-Christianism
    • this link has been disabled, it also doesn't appear when you search for Chris Hedges you have to search for "Chris Hedges Sermons The Fall of America and Bernie Sanders" on youtube, I can't recommend it highly enough

    • 'Since Phil mentions his own marriage, I’ll point out that it so happens that the Torah portion read this past Sabbath mentions a “mixed marriage” which is beneficial"

      So Phils ok then? even though he didn't go Egyptian or heathen, man must follow his heart.

      "And Joseph went out over the land of Egypt", yes we have seen your maps Coffee Table Book Judaism Rabbi Jon and we are waiting for you, "pagan" you ain't seen pagan yet.

    • the above or below link i recommend the 58th minute,

    • " So that means a good number of Doug Jones’s white voters were probably born-again Christians (though, yes, he lost the white vote, 70-30). "

      that shift from the contingent to that precise mensuration, 70/30, well I enjoyed it, but

      the use of "religious" identities politically/socially turns them toxic because they are not for assertion.. i am on the egde of incoherence so to my Christian bother...i would like to offer this sermon this Sunday, it's a tour de force, covers so much so well, I'd sit on a cold pew and listen to this Christian any day of the week, it's Christian though...

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