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born part Arab part Scots/Irish, worked in training ulema for the european environment/ journalist broadcaster for many years working mainly for bbc. From a faction of euro-islam much favored by the establishment, writer etc nothing really of interest may as well move along.

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  • Sorry American Jews, you don't have a birthright
    • "Speak to us in the voice of humanity you earned by standing by the civil rights movement, by the martyrs of the Freedom Riders; but don’t speak to as Jews."

      who paid Jews for this, blacks?, don't tell me Jews got all the earnings and blacks get what an eternal obligation to

      "one of the most brilliant and forward-thinking communities in the history of the world"

      what further payments should American Jews expect for "standing by the civil rights movement" and from whom, when will they have been paid in full,

      Is resting on your laurels not forbidden to you as it is for Greeks.

      (forward thinking is i guess unintentionally funny, unless i am misreading you, it is very hard to divine what kind of movement you talking about, it seems i may not be worthy to be part of it, )

      I can see why to an Israeli American Jews don't seem very Jewish, Gilad Atzmon never shuts about it, but Mr. Gurvitz that was the most polite and considerate excommunication i have ever heard

      Also I guess i would be more likely, as a black person, to unite around something where you understand we don't owe you anything...some Jews did the right thing, a brave thing, if the sins of fathers don't accrue neither do their virtuous acts, you have to get your own and as the Lotus sutra screams Now, Now is the time, what you been doing lately?

  • Three settlers stabbed to death and three Palestinians shot dead in turmoil over security measures at al-Aqsa mosque compound (Updated)
  • The Spirit of '68 Lives On: Zionism as racism, and the network of lies
    • was I not clear,

      "you’re begging me to go with intuition to reach"

      you have already reached...everything is already accomplished...i tend just a touch towards babble, sorry, its a pain in the neck.

    • "It should be noted that the term “Diaspora” means dispersion"

      It should be noted logic can be used to establish incontrovertible facts, despite their being quite counter intuitive, Sometimes I beg you Eljay go with intuition,

      "Palestine is not “their ancient land” "

      you see it works.

      To be honest due to my age, logically, I am not sure i could have an "ancient homeland" anymore than I come from the nebulae out of which the heavy elements of my flesh are constructed, allegedly, its a sort of category error, in logic or something else is wrong with it all, i feel that.

  • Schumer and Macron equate anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism so as to target BDS
    • "that strategically placed Asian girl"

      correct me if I am wrong but "Asian gir(s)l" are a tactic, aren't they?

      Steve Bannons' "Valkyries" are a strategy.

    • " I guess it was too oblique"

      Obloquy can just sneak up on you like that, at least you recognise it, as Phil is vouching for you, since he is acute, thats good enough for me.

  • Bill making it a federal crime to support BDS sends shockwaves through progressive community
    • "there is a great dichotomy in the oral tradition"

      really are you sure, to be honest I find that a bit hard to swallow, but I guess you'd know.

    • "you did not ask about that"

      no argument with anything you say, I am not going to address the Simulcuz collective directly for they are legion as are their idiocies, let me as an immigrant Muslim come at this from a different angle

      let us suppose that someone publishes cartoons say of the Prophet that are obscene, racist, in support of imperialism, satanism or whatever,

      from a pure rational perspective, i know one whole heap about the social, cultural, psychic and political realities of an immigrant Muslim community, i am one of them,

      what political or social gains are associated with demonstrations, albeit peaceful in this instance say, what can we possibly get from these actions, given the extraordinary costs, political and otherwise, how are we not empowering just those people who wish us ill by taking a leading role in this theatre of stupidity? this is not to say that there certain local positives sometimes, but overall the gains seem negligible when compared to the extraordinary costs, and the enormous boon to those who think that there is something wrong with us, to put it simply.

      compared with as Mooser has implied in some other post compared with ignoring it, just ignoring it replying with a cartoon about self satisfied vacuous yuppies pretending at relevance or edgyness say,

      what do we lose by ignoring this, i just can't come up with a more cunning plan, don't get distracted. As an Human Being if I rared up everytime someone was disrespectful I would waste vast amounts of energy to no good purpose.

      let me a share a little hypothetical lets say everyone agrees, listen Hebdo that was right out order, say you're sorry don't do it again, what happens next year when shi'i start saying things about Abu Bakr, Umar and Aisha,

      I mean if that rocks you not even a proper grown up, we have a mind with which to understand and find a productive way to engage,

      Policing peoples other peoples minds is inherently unhealthy taking offence is just silly, thoughtless retaliation even if "justified" often has much greater ill effects than the original offence, ask any Rugby player.

      Really, a Jihad against disrespect, Jesus wept, let them say what they want to say, reply? reply with something better,

      we invited Rushdie over to shelter with us from the Muslims and the Ayatullah, but he never came or even acknowledged the offer, fucking rude.

    • "the Jewish oral tradition was a big factor."

      yes Yiddish has "Joys" Sex only a "Joy", perhaps another one later if its up to it.

    • "What I mean is that in medieval Europe the Jew was the ultimate OTHER."

      and is that why you fled America,

      "even their sex life" why Jon what are you implying? Goys don't go deh right?

      Listen Jon don't fall for the Goy propaganda, not only were they quite various they were pretty savage with each other or are you saying Goys went home to a quiet Goyish suburb after a hard day OTHER(ing) Jews, loads of different Goys out there Jon, they must have varied even in Medford, thats not near Stepford is it?

    • "make me sick."

      my dear friend, you know what they say...bum bum bum evil have to bun, people have been waiting for good times so long, i don't know whats wrong with me, wet with tears..evil haf ta bun

    • "It’ll give you a chance to shine as a teacher"

      Jon you are here as a man of the left, but also fulfilling scripture in the holy land, enacting all riches of your profound tradition..

      you didn't see what a great opportunity Yoni Falic was for you to get out all the spiritual riches of your heritage, you end up doing a gestappo torquemada riff, why? This is your brother, suffering brother who left his peace of mind behind, he did his duty didn't he, just didn't survive fully whole or whatever, and you sneer, to what end, pronounce takfir, shit Jon you are hopeless.

      when you give the meshumad class please for me special reference to a similar practise by the sons of Ishmael your allies our poor mistaken bretheren, but they at least are not two faced like you, they are openly bestial.

    • "No, it is you calling me a “hate nut,” "

      you hate nut but love shack, at least you honest.

      parental lyric advisory white people swear so much but not too much you'll be ok. i think theres a Phil in it, a baad Phil, but I think its a Rosen, maybe its him with all the hate, but love shack at the Macadamia Manor. also cool glasses, gorgeous little kid.

      but i do suspect it's slander, some people are into that

  • 'We need to cut their heads off,' Bush said of anti-western demonstrators in Syria in '06 -- Tzipi Livni
    • "Hatespeech is wrong."

      "I will retaliate regardless of freedom of speech."

      Those comments are so wicked that i am going to bite, with a little Islam and Mo.

      people used throw shit, shit shit, on the Prophet as went about his way in particular an old lady used to empty her chamber pot on him, one time she missed him a few days, so he went to enquire and was told that she was unwell so he went to visit her, she was charmed and since he never throughout the whole episode uttered one word of complaint or reproach she adored him ever after,

      don't you disrespect our Prophet by espousing retaliation which he forbade,

      when they wanted to write the biography of the Imam Ahmed they asked his main student what was the Imams most common answer to questions directed towards him, by far his most often used reply was "I don't know" and he is a famous source, famous Muslim.

    • " “Who made you the authority in determining the correct response to verbal abuse versus offensive caricatures.”

      well, let us now for guidance refer to the Islamic tradition:

      ""The Muslim who mixes with the people and bears patiently their hurtful words, is better than one who does not mix with people and does not show patience under their abuse."


      Whose famous motto was

      "‘Forgive him who wrongs you; join him who cuts you off; do good to him who does evil to you, and speak the truth although it be against yourself."

      and just to be clear God is even more of a limp wristed appeaser,

      "Bear pateintly whatever they say"

      "disregard their hurtful talk"

      nowhere in the teachings are you required to act like a deranged thug, under whatever pretext,

      "A Muslim is a person from whose tongue and hand mankind is safe" Muhammad again, he did go on about it, he knew and probably so do you we ain't listening to that shit

      I was involved in the Rushdie affair at one point a guy from Bradford? burned a couple of hundred copies of the Satanic verses,

      me and the sheikh were impressed

      "He will have had to buy every one of them" noticed the canny sh.

      "I mean Bradord how long would it take to sell 2 rarefied modern novels about Muslims without the riots, he probably bought every copy in the midlands"

      what we thought was I could write it, he condemn it and demand Muslims buy it and burn it, its in money in the bank and 24 hour a day armed guard all at tax payer expense, did he thank the Muslims, did he fuck.

      well and in saying all that one of things is that the internal politics of Muslim communities have got a little weird, complex, out of whack, but its not really polemical stuff perhaps too much to get into so i will leave it here.

    • "Try calling Phil or any of the editors here offensive name"

      "how do you account for the continued presence of" ahem,

      but I am a serial and gross offender and have been shown nothing but curtesy and generosity if I had any compunction I'd probably be quite embarrassed, Mr. Weiss never complains when one besmirches his shibboleths, man is a damn good sport,

    • Hey Eljay

      with minimal babble a Canadian Anthropology don writes, I think its interesting, and is obliquely relevant, Islam now has Canadian teeth...3rd para if you in a hurry.

      "Canada’s federal government is no more innocent. Under Liberal prime minister Justin Trudeau, a massive arms deal with Saudi Arabia (valued at $14.8 billion—the largest military export contract in Canadian history), was pushed through. The deal was first struck by his predecessor, Conservative PM Stephen Harper. In court, Trudeau’s government admitted it knew that its weapons could be used in further atrocities in Yemen.

      Mastering the liberal art of hypocrisy on human rights, Canada under Trudeau has enforced an official silence about Saudi atrocities against civilians in Yemen. Meanwhile, just before the Canadian government proceeded to remove Syria’s Al Qaeda affiliate from its official list of terrorist groups, the federal parliament passed the government’s “Anti-Islamophobia” motion (M-103).

      That is one very interesting, very useful coincidence, where the two facts can reinforce each other: criticizing any Canadian-based supporters of Syria’s Al Qaeda affiliates (the Al Nusra Front, and Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham) could conceivably be construed by the authorities as an act of Islamophobia, a hate crime directed against poor refugees.

      Far fetched? When I wrote this article in 2011, “The Top Ten Myths in the War Against Libya,” which spoke of US support for “radical Islamist militias,” I immediately received a polite but stern email from an anti-Gaddafi Libyan émigré in Canada, warning me that I had probably crossed the line of “Islamophobia”. What “line” was crossed when the Islamist son of another anti-Gaddafi Libyan émigré in Canada decided to shoot up Parliament Hill in 2014? Does Canada show intolerance for extremism then?

      It’s doubtful that extremism really raises all that many eyebrows in Ottawa: in 2015 Canada voted against the majority of the UN General Assembly, which passed a motion about combating the glorification of Nazism. Since then, it has been revealed that Canada’s current foreign minister, Chrystia Freeland, lied about her family history of collaboration with the Nazis in Ukraine during WWII, choosing to instead portray her relative as a refugee and victim of the Soviets. On this even the mainstream media, quick to call the story “fake news,” backing Freeland’s conspiracy theory about Russian intervention in Canada, was forced to admit that it was true. Does violent extremism bother the authorities in Canada, is a question that should be replaced by: When does it bother them? Whose extremism bothers them?"

    • "When you insult or make fun of the Prophet, you are directly questioning the most fundamental aspect of a Muslims identity."

      please stuff like this is frankly revolting, please advocate for someone else, or at least not for Muslims.

    • "There are underlying causes" and a not very obscure subtext..

      Let us recall that the Benghazi embassy attack was ascribed to a sudden mob of deranged Muslims descending on the US embassy and slaughtering the Ambassador because of a youtbe movie called "Innocence of Muslims", it is a comprehensive explanation favoured by Hillary and much of the US media, like all of these free speech stories I would suggest just a little further examination.

      As to the cartoons etc, none of them are about Islam nor are they blasphemous the ones I recall,

      were all advancing racist arguments to explain violence in the Muslim and Arab world, the jylest posten (?) crew tried once to no effect the second time they got some guy to comment, i dont closely follow these things, but if you think that i need further examples of Muslims engaging in stupid acts in the west I can assure you I have more data about that than anyone here could imagine, thats not the point.

      If you seriously believe that you live in society where there is "free speech" and that it is threatened by the Muslims, I would be interested in proper analysis or argument making that point,

      just posting this here because i got lost in your comment, which broadly makes sense the idea that context and the meaning of these stories within the narrative are irrelevant outside pointless affirmation of "free speech", I would be interested to see the working, before i have to accept the result,

      Islamic culture is full from antiquity is full of savage and blasphemous satire...but it is actually about Islam and Muslims and you have know something about those things, so not for everyone.

      a friend, a cartoonist as it happens, during the Algerian emergency in the nineties produced a cartoon, ink on paper, i have the original, in French and Arabic showing a bearded man in a gallabiya, agal etc infront of a mosque with a GIA logo, saying

      "Everywhere we stand for the Rights of Man!"

      he is holding a chain which is attached to the neck of a black clad woman, it made me smile, ruefully, not laugh out loud or anything, wasn't blasphemous or anti-Islamic enough for my tastes.

    • "Caricatures of “prophets” are no excuse for Muslims to go out and do violence."

      just because unfounded stories that people are rioting because of cartoons are being circulated is no reason to repeat it, when it is patently absurd unless one buys in to the Muslims are nutters meme, whats the excuse for that?

      "So we are told that this riot in Mazar-i-Sharif, Afghanistan took place because Terry Jones finally burned a Koran. The Afghans are not rioting because their country has been invaded and occupied by foreign troops but rather, because some utterly insignificant individual on the other side of the world burned a Koran.

      The saga does not end here. Over a year later, on 9/12/2012, the Chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Martin Dempsey, called Pastor Terry Jones on the phone and asked him to withdraw his support for a film “whose portrayal of the Prophet Muhammad has sparked violent protests.” Now the focus of the narrative had shifted over to Libya. The Libyans are not angry, apparently, that their country has been “bombed back into the Stone Age” and tens of thousands of their people are dead and their country in a state of anarchy. No, they are angry about a film that “portrays Muhammad unfavorably”. And now, of course, the Koran-burning pastor who caused a deadly riot on the other side of the world the previous year is brought back into the story….

      If a tree falls in the forest…

      We could have a field day analyzing and ridiculing all of this synthetic narrative. Surely you understand the overall point. This whole Koran-burning saga already stands out as a synthetic news story simply by virtue of how much attention is devoted to this insignificant personage, Terry Jones. Unless you happen to be a very famous person reading these lines, I think it is safe to say that if you or I threatened to burn a Koran, it would not be an international news story, we would not receive phone calls from the President or the Pope. No, we would be ignored. In fact, in that video it is mentioned that various people sent Korans to Jones for him to burn. Think about that. The people who send him Korans to burn know perfectly well that if they themselves burn a Koran, it has no transcendence because nobody is paying any attention. So they send the Korans to him to burn. At least that’s what is claimed, that various people sent him Korans to burn, 200 of them…

      The other funny thing about the whole story is that the entire media circus that they create around this individual pretty much obliges him to finally burn a Koran or two. After all, a sword swallower must eventually swallow a sword. He cannot just continually announce that he is going to do it, though he may wait until a sufficient crowd has gathered.

      So, just as Evel Knievel must eventually do his announced motorcycle stunt, so the Koran-burning pastor must eventually burn a Koran. This man’s entire protracted “fifteen minutes of fame” is based on him burning the Koran, so he eventually does so. When you think about this whole story a bit, something occurs to you: if they really, really did not want this man to burn a Koran, wouldn’t they just stop devoting all this attention to him? If you did not want Evel Knievel to do his motorcycle stunt, you would just turn off the cameras and not film him and, presumably, he wouldn’t bother. The whole point of the stunt is to attract publicity so if you don’t give him the publicity…"

  • 'You are thieves of history!' Hotovely tells Palestinians, waving books at them
    • "In the end it amounts to “We are under existential threat from the people who don’t exist.” "

      but they don't know they don't exist, thats the crux of the problem, she's just trying to correct that anomaly, with an empty book.

  • My latest encounter with a stranger
    • "China lacks a Bible-believing base"

      and because China after a what 40 year collapse, during which she suffered grievously, regained her independence and a monk called Tanxu modernised buddhism and buddhist education, there really is no substitute for independence, now they launching satellites not fighting bloody Arabs.

      see here the worlds most independent man is also the world champion Smiler, he has no equal, dimples profound, please do not try this at home you are not equipped,... stop that train....

  • Four Palestinians, two Israelis killed, and Israeli forces blockade Al Aqsa mosque
    • "the intersections in the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact"

      yeah you know it

      Rev. Cheeks sent me a message from Dr. C. J. Johnson, that is an intersection you better run, primitive baptists god and me both love them...and you know who you are better run...

  • At NY premiere, David Grossman will join Netanyahu minister who boycotts Darwish
    • "that admits no subtraction"

      or even division, but there will be multiplication, thats the threat, and there will be no integration only differentiation, , and when the tangent is zero what then, i have discovered that where the limit approaches infinity fx( dt/rt+0)-0 = Black Russian, thank you I will, don't drown it.

    • "Zionism is by definition a political belief" just as with the Islamic religion?

      "Just as with the Islamic religion:"

      "it’s not inborn, and one has to rigidly profess the same monolithic belief to belong to it",

      are you making the rules now or just surmising?

      "belong to it" yes I joined as soon as I was able, only just scrapped in.

      "viz that there are no gods but the God and Mohammed is their prophet. An explicit requirement. Again, no diversity at all."

      why yes the Islamic monolith overshadows us all, we scoff at those who would sow dissent in our ranks, never happen our "rigid profession" woudn't allow it, stands to reason doesn't it?

  • Join Roger Waters on Facebook Live as he discusses his support for BDS
    • "Please tell us what those sneaky Russians are actually going to do."

      I think they are coming

      It seems churlish to deny them,

      "Enforcing the correct use of commas?"

      They'll never take me alive.

    • Oh I read the Grover trilogy, oh no how sad, three times the self defeating same message...oh no, why play if thats all you've got, you get how this works...

      "And Waters ...." oh may have to be the Hasbara Hannibal option, I wouldn't open the door for the next hour or two....oh, not that way Grover, hone man, you need to hone big time.

      Can a sock puppet make a fist of things or is it being fisted by definition, I can't decide.

  • Israel charges UNESCO with 'Fake history'
    • "Did Jonah live in a whale"

      textual analysis is the way to go..

      "his home in that fish’s abdomen?"

      the evidence points to a jealous C-d

  • Church leaders must be willing to pay a price for Palestinian solidarity
    • The case of Namibia springs to mind, Apartheid and Occupation,

      Mr. Speigelprime on reddit opines:

      "Originally it was occupied by South African troops in 1915 as part of WWI. Namibia was a German colony called German South West Africa and South Africa committed itself to fight with the British side of the war effort. While the South African government wanted to annex the territory the major powers wouldn't allow for an out-and-out annexation but created it into a League of Nations mandate for South Africa in 1919-1920 (I've seen both). Even after WWII South Africa maintained its claim despite UN and other international objections. White settlers did begin to settle there and the racial policies of what would become Apartheid followed (the Germans had also had racial segregation policies in place prior). South Africa tried to incorporate it as a fifth state but did not in the face of international pressure."

      he links to

      from which

      "In 1964, the Odendaal-Plan was carried out in Namibia and according to the South African model, ten Homelands were set up. This caused the United Nations to withdraw the mandate of administration from South Africa and to request immediate withdrawal and transfer of control to the UN. South Africa ignored the United Nations’ request. SWAPO called on all Namibians to start the armed fight against suppression. Many SWAPO supporters were taken in or driven into exile.

      August 26th 1966 went down in history as “Namibia Day”. Bloody fights between insurgents and police forces were reported near Omgulumubashe. The South African government proclaimed a state of emergency in the region. In response, SWAPO started the armed fight against South Africa. The scene of the first fights was mainly in Ovamboland. Freedom fighters targeted police patrols and government buildings. The attacks mainly occurred from withdrawal bases in neighbouring Angola."

      and a Namibian view

      "NAMIBIA'S diplomatic relations with Israel will continue to be controversial especially in the light of that country's continuing occupation of Palestine.

      We should not forget that Israel was also a big supporter of the apartheid South African regime in its fight to stop independence for Namibia and majority rule in South Africa.

      In addition, it was an open secret that Israel assisted apartheid SA with its ambitious nuclear programme before independence that could have been used to subdue the rising African nationalism in the region.

      In 1994 Namibia and Israel opened bilateral relations. Thus, wittingly or unwittingly Namibia, and also South Africa, are supporting the occupation of Palestine by Israel. By giving diamond concessions to a top Israeli company and by maintaining diplomatic ties with the Israeli state, Namibia is actually sabotaging the struggle of the Palestinian people. We are celebrating apartheid in Palestine."

  • Israel slams UNESCO World Heritage decision on Hebron as Palestinians celebrate 12-3 vote in favor
    • " That was just hatred towards Aryans, right?"

      Keeping in mind that Aryans are also Indians or Iranians, in fact Aryans of Colour are probably the primary victims of White Supremacy, Aryans usually are supreme, in most things.

  • Wonder Woman is a hero only the military-industrial complex could create
    • "I know Louis Protect, and he does not support any imperial agenda"

      except like Tatchell he always does

      "His sympathies are with the Free Syrian Army, which contains the only genuine pro-democracy forces in the country. The FSA is both anti-Assad and anti-ISIL"

      Like Jamal Maarouf former handy man now a major figure in the FSA in Idlib and newly minted billionaire who wanted to continue the hopeless and pointless siege of a government air base because money poured in from the Gulf, yeah you support the revolution that has been televised and the Last Poets and Gil-Scott warned you about it, heedless.

      Louis supports the FSA like, America, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Israel, Turkey, France...rebel without a pause.

      "Unlike some others here, I actually saw Wonder Woman."

      odd boast

      "It is not an unbalanced anti-German film"

      yeah thats great , i don't get the rest up to "Bibi is Ares"

      but I see MoA has a great piece up about the loathsome trinity of Blumenthal, Norton, Khalek,
      Blumenthal now plagiarising those he formerly condemned, at a crucial moment we might add that fatally blunted any resistance to the USAs' destruction of Syria and any hopes for freedom in the Arab world.

      good read below, I support everything which I also unequivocally condemn, can't be caught out there. Proyect is a whole order of magnitude more egregious, heinous.

    • it's not antiwar then like American Sniper, how disappointing, can you imagine a sort of "Soldier Blue" movie about the Arab/American wars, maybe after the East is won... or lost.. or destroyed.

      Maybe the "The Outlaw Jihad Wali".

  • Anti-Islamist chic
    • "and Barstow."

      say anyone tried shouting Allahu Akbar(u) (min kuli shai) in your local mall, then you going to see the bats and feel the fear and loathing

      allhumak finihim bima sh'ta

    • "Last year Bernie Sanders said there’s a war for the soul of Islam
      , and no doubt he is right about this.
      A number of Arab societies have real problems with dictators, as Gross points out."

      in the war for Islams soul, suppose the dark side wins, which it must do, if you understand the frame and nature of this "narrative", what then?

      there is a war being waged in support of Imperial extra-territorial interests, contrary to "law", thats one way of looking at it, sure there are other ways of looking at it , but are they useful? and if so for what?

      the struggle over meaning in Islam has been pervasive, continuous and intense from day one, in the cave, I wouldn't expect it to end soon, but I doubt it has significant geo-political impact.

      "Dictators" is doing way too much work, do we have dictators because the soul of Islam is not yet ready for democracy, and why is that any of your business, if you keep framing things in the same way you will keep seeing chimera like Islams soul on some imaginary field of battle,

      "as Gross pointed out" well he googled "Arab", its like parkour is made infinitely more difficult in a Zimmer Frame, consider your framing of these issues, I guess you could do with out it, sometimes the frame is the issue.

      Islam is characterised by ikhtilaf in all things, so is quite soulless and not an issue and will never settle down, no matter how much it is bombed.

  • US rabbis touring occupation are afraid to be identified lest their congregations find out
    • "I have no idea what kind of, if any, employment contracts Rabbi’s have."

      I believe it's like a marriage Rabbis are very dependent on the good will of their congregants, like Sunni Imams ( but we have traditional methods for keeping mosque committees off our backs)

      21st century institutionalised religion is something of a debacle, mostly we shout at the dying, bury the dead and marry and harass infants, we spend our days kissing the feet of supermarket owners and night club bosses, its the real world not disney.

      Saudi money can start to look good.

  • NYT reporter's memoir shows how violence and 'ooga-booga' stories dominate Africa coverage
    • "rid its mind of old prejudices"

      very creditable

      "Achebe was unsparing in his criticisms of Africa’s repressive regimes, and he was thankful when atrocities were reported."

      this marks the new beginning, why did you leave out corruption, disease and famine, because these are the issues as you see them, in some ways I wonder if you really understand what Ahebe is saying here,

      rid of the new prejudices it seems to me is more urgent, as you look so will you see, so let me quote 3 old Arabs, its a progression, I would go this way,

      " Be hard on yourself and easy on others" Shafi'i of Gaza

      "God will protect the just government of the unbelievers while God will destroy the unjust government even if it is one of Muslims" Taqi Din Ahmad ibni Taymiyyah, the much maligned so called progenitor of 'salafism',

      "Women are one half of society but since they give birth to the other half really they are the whole of it" ibni qayyim, not too bad for a Syrian and really a key point.

      "I have never regretted my silence, as to my words I have regretted them again and again" Umar ibni al Khattab, Meccan gang member who speaks for us all.

      21st century and still we are struggling with this, still.

  • Anti-Semitism accusations against 'Dyke March' prove pro-Israel lobby will torch LGBT rights for marginalized people
    • "How do you think a cross appears to a ‘pagan’, or a Muslim, or perhaps a Jew?"

      Now thats interesting, say suppose if my Islam didn't protect me from such fear? what use would it have?

      say on the other hand suppose if it never let you down and one day you stumbled in to the ghetto just as Jah Shaka threw this one on, never let me down, everywhere i go never let me down, wolete seyon

      I am telling you burn one big spliff put on your seinheissers and listen, never let you down Elliot.

    • "Christmas season must be hell for you."

      everywhere you go money worries

  • US Jews must oppose Palestinian boycott, but boycott Israel and bring it to its knees over prayer at western wall
    • "Oh fer gawd’s sake “Simalcuz”, “a4tech”"

      no one remembers Rugal b(ernstein) because of anti-Semitism, we are all disgraced, equally.

    • "However we cannot uphold the same low-expectations for people speaking on “our side” because it reflects on all of us. If you want to criticize Israel and Zionism, you can choose from an entire library of knowledge to do so. But to stoop to using antisemitic canards is simply unacceptable because it lacks any intellectual rigour or moral basis. In addition, it serves to undermine our entire movement for Palestinian rights and plant seeds of division among our diverse ranks"

      when you don't know how to write you end up exposing yourself,

      "because it reflects on all of us" your weird premise

      " it serves to undermine our entire movement for Palestinian rights and plant seeds of division among our diverse ranks" keep your eyes on the prize

      there it is thats your whole act in a few words, trying to provoke people in to either anti-Islamic rants or accusing people of anti-Semitism, via assertion sans argument needling so no doubt you hope they double down, and you can consign the Palestinian movement to pointless neurotic self examination and bickering, Weir may be the last victory in that game, which you no doubt believe is a leftist tendency,

      lets unite by expelling people onward to victory you subhuman racist filth....

      "low-expectations for people speaking on “our side” " you think we were born yesterday

      "it lacks any intellectual rigour or moral basis" in that it is not alone, you are way too crude and obvious, your contempt for your audience is palpable.

    • "to be a popular faith,"

      hey Mooser people often ask me why is the Arab League such utter shit, I tell them because like the Muslim League of India it was set up by the British to be just what it is, fortunately a better informed boy has weighed in, we know who those "Arabs" are in league with

      it's a popular faith for sure

    • "There is an intrinsic phoniness to this statement that rubs me the wrong way."

      let me arrange my surgically enhanced breasts, tie up my peroxide blonde locks, i will wear the green contact lenses today, dab a little powder on to my botulized brows, my 6ft member, impressive as it is, of course no longer works but it excites many admiring comments,

      really "phoniness" is the core of Americana,

      Bont is a perfect rightwing caricature of a "leftist", its the "we" that makes me laugh while it seeks to sow division and confusion, its revolution the TV series,

      what a miserable insult to intelligence its whole schtick is, its a sign of ideological exhaustion and the very definition of bad faith.

  • Amazon pulls blank 'History of Palestinian People' -- which aims to dehumanize in order to subjugate
    • "So does that make Yiddish speakers German?"

      that all depends on what you mean by "German", do they appropriate sun-loungers with towels,

      in a moment that I will recall on my death bed, a journalist asked a 17 year old working class white girl, rather aggressively, as she was coiffed and dressed in a distinctly black manner, and caring for a mixed baby, ( "spoil whiteman" as the Jamaicans term it)

      "are you white!"

      without missing a beat she calmly asked "Depends, what do you mean by "White"? " that was in 93, he is still considering his reply as far as I am aware. Out of the mouths of babes and teenage mothers.

    • "Jerusalem then was all about Jewish life"

      but isn't everything always.

      "Nothing in any peace of evidence shows otherwise"

      thats nice. But can you hear anything with your fingers in your ears like that?

    • "that language defines a "people" "

      and climate, soil type and air quality, I think this ideology is called Terroirism, I of course am Corked.

    • I might add we could rummage around a few centuries ago

      the fatwas of Khayr ad din ar ramli (born Ramla 1585) an invaluable insight to the society at large and the territorial concept Palestine, certain contracts were null if you left a particular territory, and Palestinians.

      from one fatwa :" ala ana kul wahid min al qurush bi thalathin qira wakul qira bi-ashara min al fulus al musamma bil judad fi istilah AHL FILASTIN "

      many others typing them in English is a chore

      the Turkish author Evliya Celebi says he was in Palestine from 1648-50

      look up al-Diyar al-Qudsiyya

      ones is always ready for a pop quiz, we are all after knowledge after all.

  • Trump aides end all doubt about whose side they'll be on in the next great peace process
    • "put on a fresh coat of chapstick and get back on your knees…."

      dear Marnie

      I would like to share something miraculous, two strangers (the long haired guitarist and the guy who looks like stone at first) and so you've drunk your tea and now play your cup, why not be in the moment. all that ahmad does is between him and the dark locked gypsy, and God I guess, he always gets his cut. its not heavy he is our brother.

  • Israel's efforts to hide Palestinians from view no longer fools young American Jews
    • "Some of the people that support the Palestinian Arab cause believe we should have a world that is 100 % fair"

      it's going to be the null hypothesis

      "They believe in utopia, a perfect world."

      told you

      oh....bless, you are a special needs propagandist,

      "In order to silence that guilt people"

      do as you are somewhat bumblingly trying to do, you look fucking ridiculous, the west attacks us then any idiot thinks they can talk past us, what an utter fool.

      and you know something Jack thats no way to care for your mind, you wash your body don't you when its dirty, there are ways to wash the mind, it stings a bit, otherwise it wouldn't be purification.

      Vajrasattva is your friend and washes us with "moonlight", he always has space for another client, to trim down and clean up.

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