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born part Arab part Scots/Irish, worked in training ulema for the european environment/ journalist broadcaster for many years working mainly for bbc. From a faction of euro-islam much favored by the establishment, writer etc nothing really of interest may as well move along.

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  • Nobody cares that Bernie Sanders is Jewish
    • "what does “relegated to First Division” mean?"

      In England footballers are totally innumerate, and believe the primary digit is merely followed by 1, they dont need to count most games are scoreless, relegation is an obsession, but is less enjoyable than it sounds.

  • Oscar swag bag includes ten-day VIP trip to Israel worth $55,000 (Updated)
    • "I never got a degree in Reading."

      pronounced Redding, i won at least two games of pool in Rileys, Cremyll street. Just passing thru like Pierre Mulele in Peking.

  • The irreconcilable differences of liberal Zionism
    • "at a passing rich, white person"

      that's Rich white man, you misogynist!

      but Mooser I cant believe you left the first law of non-violence

      "This is of course known to many people already, that non-violence only works if the opposing party also holds non-violence principles."

      out there, only i dont know what to do with it, its already perfect, very Dzogchen.

  • 'New York Times' picks up Bernie Sanders's 'socialist' kibbutz but leaves out the ethnic cleansing
    • "mostly sheikhs in Lebanon and Jordan"

      as far as I am aware almost all the "absentee landlord" property was bought from two Lebanese one Sursuk and one called something else, two guys.

  • Bernie Sanders' spirituality is resonating with young religious 'None's
    • "Too much Heidegger"

      thank you very helpful.

    • "have lectured in Buddhist philosophy"

      craving the Moderators indulgence Roha any brief opinion on Nishida and Nishitani, the Kyoto School lads.

    • "this is my favourite page on that site." ha! of course

      I had not seen that work before, of course there is a home for you in Buddhism, who doesn't love precision. I had a fanatically precise preceptor, everything, inbloodycluding grammar, tone, handwriting, dress, hair, personal comportment, that page reminds me I love him to this day even though I am more from the Drukpa Kunley wing I am still compliant when addressed sharply.

    • "inner state of bliss"

      yes but which is sadly approached by a the steep path, here is an indispensable 'spiritual text'

      do not be depressed by its quotidian concerns, to a dupe like me this is the arena of 'religion',

      link to

    • "What does “spirituality” mean?"

      its like religion but you don't inhale

  • Generational sea change within the Democratic party will also include policy towards Israel
    • "“Yonah” you sniveling little coward"

      Behind the Fives Courts, bring a second, good luck to you both, Honour must be satisfied.

  • Israeli designer eroticizes the Palestinian keffiyeh
    • oh no! look who else has appropriated the Kuffiyah, no complaints though he serves the Matriarch, so no complaint possible. (black is appropriate he is a herb farmer)

    • its a long story alen, i was being sarcastic in a British way, i may not be very good at it, i am still learning, like the Maharaja Napoleon joke, i often misstep.

      "she was born to Palestinian parents" there is the merest trace of London in her lovely Arabic

    • My sound system, back in the day, always one crazy white guy in white shirt steps the whole night hours without a pause, every nation followed us, the trumpeter is Nigerian

      the camera mic distorts under the weight of bass

    • "historically misappropriated"

      Sorry Shmuel i couldn't help but be flippant previously.

      you couldnt be more wrong Shadia is a London girl, the cultural form she is using is pervasive in the mestizo inner london ghetto youth culture, I would guess from her accent in English that she's a north east London girl, its all very RB and rap over that way, in the west we were all roots reggae, 100% British roots, Paul Fox, Dub Judah, Robert Tribulation, i could go easily from Rotterdam to the banlieues to Frankfurt and find the same immigrant/black youth culture, french language
      reggae is occasionally adequate.

      I was long a defender of the reputedly pathological ghetto (perhaps working class would be better than ghetto it has a negative sound, except to me, influenced by Jamaicans) youth culture, for its glorious energy and eclecticism and the serious new forms that are always arising within it, there is nothing more natural than that girl rapping in Arabic about whats on her mind, working class London culture is incredibly international, i ran a reggae sound system for 25 years, i grew up with that music Uroy is mine, we have all become like that multikulti sure works for us, sorry about the rest of you,

      Shadia explains

    • "it does seem more offensive"

      but all authentic that's the main thing,

      perhaps he's a devotee of beach football.

      Its being in Gaza probably has something to do with his hostility, maybe he's from shujiya, you really expect Palestinians to behave like slaves, the days when anyone was in any position to preach to the Gazans are long gone, the regime (the occupier) that is legally responsible for their welfare is waging war on them and besieging them and your offended? good for you.

      you don't think they hear you when you talk about mowing the lawn.

    • The thing is Shmuel "not a colonial occupier" context is everything,

      This isn't exactly off topic and i guess i think these pieces would be excellent reading for a number of posters here, its a very rich piece, interestingly Forte writes to criticize the AAA's BDS vote for what might at first appear to be a4tech-rugish reasoning if you haven't read Galtung et al i would encourage you to push on through the first para, there is an awful lot here for the interested reader, appropriation, power, ideology, universalism, endnotes and texts, etc

      "Pierre Bourdieu and Loïc Wacquant begin their 1999 article with the basic statement that, “cultural imperialism rests on the power to universalize particularisms linked to a singular historical tradition by causing them to be misrecognized as such” (p. 41). It’s a basic statement in the sense that it is on this that they build their argument against cultural imperialism in academia, and specifically about Americanization via academic imperialism. Their article, not surprisingly, received very hostile responses from a number of US academics, particularly those whose research was carried out in Brazil, and especially from those namedl by Bourdieu and Wacquant in their article (French, 2000, who called the piece “hysterical”, p. 109; also, Hanchard, 2003; Lemert, 2000), joined by some UK academics in some of their criticisms (Venn, 1999), while others offered more sympathetic exegeses of the work (Friedman, 2000; Robbins, 2003), and some are vaguely in between (Werbner, 2000), even if still essentially offering apologia for empire. The impression is that Anglo-American academics were generally left reeling in shock by the “polemical blast” of their article (Venn, 1999, p. 61). Did Bourdieu not say he viewed sociology as a combat sport?"

      link to


      link to

    • " Second of all, Jews have plenty of interesting headcoverings of their own besides the keffiyeh"

      one awaits the yarmulke bikini and tefillin g-string with trepidation, Hamas designers must be working overtime and are probably tunneling to Dizengoff street with box loads of them.

      "second of all...."

      you like a stand up comedian, "interesting headcoverings"

    • "but it’s interesting to see an affirmation of cultural ownership sung/performed in the idiom of another"

      I know that's what makes it great, she makes it her own but its all in how she does it, probably would have been better with a Kletzma (sic) band but that would have limited it's appeal.

    • its worth repeating

      and i am suprised it was left to me to do so (this poor girl is operating under the misconception that she is Arab, like her scarf )

  • 'An Arab is an Arab'
    • "in Roman times who, in the words of Geneticist Ariella Oppenheim, were “Christianized, Islamized and eventually culturally Arabized."

      Philip Weiss interviewed Dr. Ghada Karmi. She once took part in a panel discussion program chaired by Jon Snow(?) in the 90's (?) about negative perceptions of Islam and Arabs, its very funny, Dr. Karmi is superb in it.

      I dont recall all the participants there was Shmuely Boteach, a masked Iranian, perhaps MEK, an Algerian and one other Arab I think and a couple of foreign office types MI5/6 a very famous woman, not Manningham-Buller but like her though,

      at one point this woman says to the Algerian, after admitting along with her male colleague that they were unaware that the then current military rulers of Algeria had fought with the French against the FLN, (there was wide scale slaughter there at the time if you recall the 90's)

      anyway she said to the Algerian "You used to have a different identity before the Arab conquest, couldn't you go back to that"

      someone should interview Dr. Karmi about it, as Islam and Arabness are again being used to frame the destruction of the Arab world around taming Islam and rolling back an ultimately illegitimate Arab identity, his reply was a classic, covered the whole simple issue in a few words.

      "culturally Arabized." if so then we can reverse it, we have the technology, what the fuck is a Phoenician though? or Hittite or what have you.

    • this is the relevant non-background one, reforming the Arab

    • Asad Abukhalil on fragmenting the Arabs

    • the meaning of Arab identity in the MENA region: unity, peace and integration

      this is simple though you may discern the issues ( he mentions Leila Murad, for that alone he earns a link, i never did like ya methal al watniya)

      link to

      and long live the Aramean peoples front, concern about Arabness from another perspective, who needs peace when those atavistic Assyrian urges overtake one.

      link to

  • 'I cannot support Israel as long as Netanyahu is in office'-- many American Jews are saying
    • "That, Les, is a really good question. It may also be asked of all claims to a Eminent Domain"Hughes interrogating

      "If God could give the Pilgrims the land of the American Indians, justifying their extermination" Les

      " Eminent Domain"

      by "Eminent Domain" you mean Manifest Destiny or when my property is seized via eminent domain i can expect that it will be by an extra-national entity that will kill my children, rape us and imprison me, or you just trying to normalize theft, abuse and slaughter as

      " the general advancement of civilization." ?

      they dont buy it? at market rate? i can challenge them in court? because they are the local legitimate government? how is settler colonization in any way analogous to "Eminent Domain"?

      is the " advancement of civilization" often cited in Eminent Domain cases?

      whose civilization and at whose expense?

      you have no right to others property, no matter how far out, evovled and amazing you think yourself, nor does a state, its a basic legal, Christian and Humanistic principle. Gandhi, who doesnt love Gandhi, advised you to get a civilization before using its mere existence as a cover for pillage and war, Eminent Domain!

      its grim watching an imperial mindset take hold in the west, reforming Islam, drawing new lines in the sand, containing China, philanthropizing in Africa.

      South east Asia in the 60's and 70's now south west Asia, no protest this time its normal, just a bad neighbourhood.

      I am of course pretending that you said what you are pretending not to say, because its more fun this way.

  • Cut the Gordian Knot -- a response to Ban Ki-moon's landmark speech
    • "Hey “MaxNarr” Do you ever take some of your comments to your Rabbi or other Jewish religious authority "

      Mooser the most famous noise in Islam is this, right from the opening, the 7 verses straight in to the cattle, "Max" may be off key, this guy is Gods voice.

    • "Ramzi, It saddens me to read your take here" Brent

      "Sadly, Palestinians are realizing that land stolen by force can only be gained back by force." Ramzi

      You may have been affected by Ramzi's sadness, but still feel free to condescend, here comes the tired lecture.

      "You are saying, Palestinians can achieve justice by force?" did he? just in case please continue

      "I see this analysis as a great injustice to the youth in Palestine who seem to be in a fish bowl, floundering without perspective. Acting from the heart, not the head."

      does this require comment? there they are, all riled up on the ground in actual situ you dont think they think about their situation? being on the ground in the middle of the occupation is to have "no perspective" you really think that's likely? I have 15-25 year old cousins in Egypt who i can assure you have their hearts locked into their rational minds, they teach me shit every week.

      "Agitating for one state with equality for all or independence through two states, is the most direct route, perhaps the only route, to achieving a measure of justice."

      bless! you're negotiating now "measure of justice", you have to laugh.

      "Such a campaign could eventually undercut the victim/security arguments" could you explain?

      "provide the American’s a path toward assertiveness and incentivizes patriotic Israelis to restrain their extremists. "

      ok now that you put it like that all i can think of are the words of Ramzi Jabber

      "Sadly, Palestinians are realizing that land stolen by force can only be gained back by force."

      I do not understand your final paragraph at all,

      But I was kind of born into and self selected a few political, anti-colonial, anti-capitalist struggles and associations, Buddhist, Muslim, Radical, Criminal, in key roles, I wont elaborate my point such as it is is this,

      everything I have ever been involved in, in this context, has not only failed the associations personal etc disintegrated in appalling acts of betrayal up to and including fatal incidents, sting operations in co-operation with authorities leading to life destroying prison terms etc, etc,

      I have lived mostly in the west a right bearing citizen, if I for a moment assume leadership of the benighted Palestinians from my wealth of experience I would have to raise my palms to the sky, shrug, i havent a clue what they should do? fortunately i am not in a leadership position.

      "Sadly, Palestinians are realizing that land stolen by force can only be gained back by force."

      young people are brave i am old and scared for everybody,

      So if you have laboured through my nonsense so as not to completely waste your time i have a link to Smadar Lavie's "The Poetics of Military Occupation: Mzeina Allegories of identity Under Israeli and Egyptian rule" it changed my life and is an unparalleled classic, I met her twice in small gatherings where she talked and was so star struck and inspired by her talks that I was Semitic with out pause for a whole month, if I were to make an idol out of dates it would be of her, Bryan, you can read for free, for others page 21 at least, its the seventies. (its also friday here)

      link to

  • Among the settlers
  • Adelson newspaper suggests Swedish foreign minister deserves assassination for questioning Israeli policy
  • Israel arrests human rights campaigner Ezra Nawi and puts gag order on case as part of growing 'witch hunt' against activists
  • News to write home about
    • "We need only an Egypt to complete the silly allegory"

      what can you say,

      'Two Words for Egypt

      The Madam's dog (kalb al sit)'

      Negm (from: Peace for Earth)

  • British Parliamentarians pay homage to Dick Cheney during debate over ISIS
    • "You’re fighting for Ms. Rice’s honor!"

      Mooser I don't you think you know who you are dealing with here, aboard the BlackNoah and the arms dealing, rich white male, the Jewish sounding surname, after all the inquisiting rugal b what are you like. its the perfect platform to be correct from.

      add to that the dead thread necrophilia what a case ( i dont know why i am here its weakness isnt it)

      Mr. Rugal Bernstein

      "Born in Germany, Rugal is a wealthy arms dealer who operates aboard his aircraft carrier called the BlackNoah. He's an influential figure and is feared throughout the political and fighting world. After defeating those who oppose him, Rugal preserves their bodies in liquid metal to add to his trophy room. When Rugal was 25 years old, he battled an 18 year old Goenitz, who managed to take out his eye with one strike. Impressed that he survived the attack, Goenitz gave him a small portion of Orochi's power. Since then, Rugal has used a bionic eye. "

      link to

    • forget leila and majnun what of Leila al-Akhyaliyya, her poor husband (not her famous paramour) got into a poetical invective thing with al-Jadi and was overmatched Leila stepped up and invented lewd satirical sexting under the Ummayyads,

      she actually was an Amirite of the Banu Uqayl bit of the Banu Amir, make a great hollywood movie, transposed to Maine, to avoid confusion, Araxploitation isnt here yet.

  • Extremists vandalize Jerusalem church with Hebrew threats: 'Death to heathen Christians'
    • "Go easy....."

      its a good joke P, i am not quite clever enough to get it, but i am laughing, so no one thinks me stupid.


      "I’m Jewish" thank God, according to Josh Rueh(?) (thanks to a4-rug) had you said "I'm a Jew" you run the risk of auto-offending, and no one likes to see that.

    • "The cultural and intellectual level of these houligans …"

      "I’m not so sure"

      I like that the gentleman terrorist

  • Are Palestinian citizens of Israel banned from New York Times headlines?
    • "No matter how much she tries to fit in and appease the “right” ethnicity in the Israeli ethnocracy, “Death to the Arabs” affects her just as much as any other Palestinian that the settlers would set on fire, regardless of how she identifies.' Diasp0ra

      "Lucy is an atypical Arab woman in that (she) doesn’t take sh*t from anyone, that’s true." Mikhael

      You see D, he cant even give her affirmation without denigrating what she is, your thesis seems to have been vindicated.

    • Shenfield: Palestinians are not Arab
      Mikhael: Arabs are not Palestinian

    • "In the conventional sense of “Arab” "

      Roha have a word with the Shuwa Arabs, famous for their beauty, but not their grasp of allowable identities. i can attest that the Shuwa Arab men and women of Maiduguri were very appealing.

      listening to huge muscled Lebanese kids in Melbourne speak Arabic with a powerful Strine twang kept me going on many a long night in Brunswick.

      Shuwa Arabic is spreading in the north, some say because of the conflicted relationship of Hausa to Kanuri,

      link to

    • "It is not an official position of the PLO or PA that Palestinians are not Arab,"

      why would it be?

      " but it is a common reaction of Palestinians disappointed at the limited help and solidarity they receive from other Arabs or feeling not understood by them"

      this is just nonsense, Palestinians tend to have an acute understanding of the realities pertaining in the Arab world. You don't know how to talk to Arabs. We just had Sandlin explaining that his co-congregants were weeping, crocodile tears he implied, but crying none the less over Palestine, "feeling not understood by them" thank god you've come along with your objective understanding. 0ne of my earliest memories is watching my father string a tape into a reel to reel first song was Sanarjiou, in the Arab world you here it everywhere, to this day, no one has forgotten or abandoned Palestine, the Shi'i are with their Sunni and Christian comrades in Palestine.

      "it is a common reaction of Palestinians disappointed" now they handing in their Arab membership cards, do you understand the difference between what people say and what they mean, if you don't i wouldn't talk to Arabs, it'll confuse you.

      you think Palestinian identity could be founded on being "disappointed at the limited help and solidarity they receive from other Arabs or feeling not understood by them"

      they are not made of cardboard

      if its a feeling is it objective or subjective here? whats objective in the world of identity?

      "It is also a protest against the Israelis’ stigmatization of them as Arabs."

      While Palestinians understand why Israeli discourse utilizes Arab i would be surprised to find many Arabs who feel stigmatized by being called Arab, perhaps you've spoken to one who feels differently or conducted a survey?

      " In both contexts a distinct Palestinian identity is ultimately a product of the Nakba"

      what is a "distinct Palestinian identity" and how could it be produced by the Nakba?
      Palestinians are distinct in an Arab way from other Arabs, because they are both.

      " It is more of a political statement than an objective assessment"

      word salad, Palestinians exist outside of the context of their political contest with the conquistadores, but not for you, do you really think it is possible for some one to be as confused about their own identity as you are about Palestinian identity.
      Palestinians are making a Political statement by existing? who is making these "objective assessments", this is reductive to the point of idiocy, it is impossible to talk about humans in these terms.

      what is an Arab from the Galilee if not a Palestinian?

      "because of course Palestinians still have a lot in common with other Arabs"

      all of whom come from somewhere else, or where do other Arabs come from? where is the Arab homeland? Palestinians have cultural differences with Egyptians and each other, but Egyptians are not even Arabs either are they?

      "They speak a dialect of Arabic, after all"

      as do people from Algeria to Iraq, what of it, its a function of Arab identity, which you seem to know nothing about, Arabs come from many places, its evolved over time.

      " But over time the divergence may widen and acquire more objective substance."?

      but there never was a time when all Arabs were the same, what is a "more objective substance" when it comes to identity? not all Arabs even speak Arabic as a first language, some of them can be found in Arabia to this day, they must struggle mightily with identity issues, or possibly they know what Arab means, not everyone does you know,.

      one of the aspects of Palestinian culture and identity is that it is Arab and no less Palestinian for being so, you been reading Burton or something? perhaps watching that old PBS special "The Sword Of Islam".

      Since that September 1970, just a couple of years after Karameh, every Arab has known the treacherous attitudes of the regimes, Arabs rarely confuse the State with the people, I am surprised your Arab students didnt point that out to you,

      ok if Palestnians are not Arabs what are they, are Algerians, Moroccans, Tunisians etc Arabs, what distinguishes yer Iraqi from yer Libyan? and why is it of interest to you what impact does this drivel have on any real world issues?

      They Know Who They Are

      you could try, i guarantee it will surprise you, even though Chris talks to some pretty treacherous Phoenicians and Scythians, still it'll help.

      (Pan-Arab Identity particularly strong in the under 30 age group,)

      Everyday Arab Identity: The Daily Reproduction of the Arab World


      Christopher Phillips

      link to

  • African asylum seekers fear for safety with racism on the rise in Israeli society
  • A Response to Ben Norton on silence over war in Yemen
    • Thanks Annie,

      i cant be bothered to unpick Sandlins misconceptions, you seem to have covered the salient points.

      amongst the many questionable statements that Sandlin makes (the Palestinian Cause is illiberal, the whole complexity gambit, the people he prays with are either corrupt or Saudi etc, they promote geebah in that congregation?)

      an utter failure to grasp the political realities in the Arab and Muslim world.

      in fact he never mentions an Arab group without ascribing it a pathology, he knows about the Houthi's, while others have ignored it he knows they have done wrong with dictators...dictators.

      this i thought was the most egregious

      "Hezbollah has shown itself to be an unprincipled sectarian militant group willing to starve children to death"

      "Christian, Sunni And Shia: Meet Hezbollah's Non-Denominational Military Branch Defending Lebanon, Fighting In Syria"

      BEKAA VALLEY, Lebanon -- Usman is a Sunni Muslim. He also fights alongside Shiite militant group Hezbollah. For Usman it’s not a contradiction. The sectarian rivalries that are tearing up the rest of the region -- in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Libya -- are secondary to the Lebanese nationalism that dominates this Sunni-dominant, mountainous region on the Lebanese-Syrian border.

      “Lebanon is my country ... I am patriotic. I wanted to join the resistance and Hezbollah came by and they offered the ideology of resistance,” Usman, whose whole family is Sunni and supports Hezbollah, told International Business Times. “We don’t talk about sectarian issues.”

      A plumber by day, Usman moonlights as a foot soldier with Saraya al-Muqawama (Resistance Brigades), a nondenominational military wing of Hezbollah made for Lebanese fighters whose religion -- or lack thereof -- makes it impossible for them to join the so-called Party of God, funded by Shiite powerhouse Iran. Hezbollah’s way around this is the creation of Saraya, where Lebanese fighters from Sunni and Shiite Islam battle common enemies in Israel and Syria."

      link to

    • "As an American the Palestinian issue matters to me more than, say, the far bloodier civil war in Sri Lanka a few years ago because America is directly involved in helping Israel kill Palestinians"

      and yet..

      "Washington’s criminal role in the Sri Lankan state’s anti-Tamil war"

      "Last Wednesday, the US embassy in Colombo issued a statement that welcomed the Sri Lankan state’s recent victories in the war with the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) and urged Sri Lanka’s government and military to press forward with the annihilation of the LTTE. The key passage in the statement read: “The United States does not advocate that the Government of Sri Lanka negotiate with the LTTE, a group designated by America as a Foreign Terrorist Organization since 1997.”

      Within hours of Washington formally renouncing its support for a negotiated settlement to the 25 year-old civil war, the Sri Lankan government banned the LTTE.

      The Sri Lankan state has now arrogated to itself the power to jail for up to 20 years those it accuses of “supporting” the LTTE. Since resuming offensive operations against the organization in 2006, the government and military have leveled this charge against virtually anyone opposed to the war or even the government’s right-wing socio-economic policies, from socialists and striking workers to the Tamil National Alliance, a 20-strong parliamentary grouping that considers the LTTE the only legitimate representative of the Tamils in negotiations with the government.

      Colombo had previously outlawed the organization, but lifted the ban in 2002 when a truce was declared and the Sri Lankan state and LTTE agreed to enter into peace talks.

      The brief interval between the US’s repudiation of the “peace process” and the Sri Lankan government’s ban on the LTTE exemplifies Washington’s criminal role—as both instigator and facilitator—in the communal war mounted by Sri Lanka’s Sinhalese bourgeois elite.

      Washington encouraged Colombo to resume the civil war in 2006 and has aided and abetted every step of the Sri Lankan military’s bloody advance. The new-found prowess of the Sri Lanka military is due almost entirely to the support it has received from Washington directly or from key US allies.

      The Pentagon admits to having provided counter-insurgency training to Sri Lankan troops, as well as intelligence and “non-lethal” weapons. The latter includes sophisticated maritime radar equipment that has enabled Colombo to disrupt key LTTE supply routes from India. Meanwhile, Israel and Pakistan, whose governments and militaries are close US partners, have provided the Sri Lankan military with an expanded and technologically-enhanced arsenal."

      link to

  • The sons of Sa'ir
    • this was fantastic thank you.

      Rafat(?) Jaradat from Sa'ir was beaten to death "heart attack" in Israeli prison in 2013.

      they a have maqam tomb thing there for Esau, father of the Amalekites, its a very old town.

      "These people are very serious and they would seem to represent the broad mainstream of their society"

      Arabs rarely live up to their Hollywood/MSM image, i wonder which will be easier to change the image or the Arab.

      Reading this my own arrogance and aggression seem naturally to dissipate and i feel imbued with enormous respect and affection for all at MW, no doubt it will pass, but still a great article.

      " crawling under the concertina wire that had been lazily tied to his fence"

      Growing old disgracefully, i hope the carrot top boy realizes how high you are setting the bar for those who go to cover Palestine,i hope somebody remonstrated with you, you taking some risks.

      but for some reason i have a mental image not unlike a video of you skiing round a cabin in the company of bears, perhaps you are safer in Palestine or my insomnia is having psychotropic effects.

  • Sick of Zionism’s stranglehold on Jewish culture? There is an alternative.
    • Hi Misterioso

      if you get a chance get a copy of "The Zirids of Grenada" by Andrew Handler, its out of print and rare but if you can find a copy it will transport you to al-Andalus,

      there is a translation of the Tibyan of Abdullah last of the Zirids, his memoir in print

      link to

    • (established in 756 by the exiled Syrian Prince Abd al-Rahman)

      thats Saqr-ul-Qureish, the Ummayyad, it wasnt really exile rather a 2000+ mile flight from Abassid assassins, his mother was a Berber from north west Africa, al-makkari in the 17th century wrote a famous "history", he had red hair which didnt aid him in his 6/7 year incognito flight to Spain, then he played everyone off against everyone else and seized the state by acclaim, managing the arrogant Yemeni's, when he showed up for battle on a fine Spanish charger, they mocked him "that'll make fine escape vehicle" he had to swap it for a Yemeni mule, from the marwanid wing of the ummayyads.

      the ultimate survivor

    • "which comes from Judaism, is now in the process of superseding it.”

      oh assimilation is completing Hitler's work, "Superseceding" is .....? ok by you, how fortunate are the Jews to have people like you attentive to their fate, how is it going to work, in the night a Jew will pupate and on the morrow a shiny new Oren will emerge? if not i guess there may be some Jews who find that notion both offensive and threatening, i have studied their habits but am only guessing.

  • Why are American pro-Palestinian voices silent about the brutal war on Yemen?
    • "can only come from revolution in the Arab East and the overthrow of the existing ruling classes. Prime amongst these are those in Saudi Arabia and Egypt."

      ok but lets start with Syria, right.

      The Palestinians have built an infrastructure of resistance as a result of resisting, who in Egypt do we support hisham hemlawy? in Saudi where is the resistance?

      "The Saudis are everywhere enemies" we are as one on that.

      "The Yemenis have a right to determined their own future and government" yes they are at war over the issue, how do we support them, not in forestalling the US/Saudi aggression but in determining their future, and effecting revolutionary liberation, they are quite factionalized currently, the 'Houthi's" Zaydi khuruj sets them apart from the quietists, but Yemeni's have provided me with no mechanism by which i can support their political goals, whatever those might be, there is a 150 year old Yemeni (Lascar) community in Cardiff but they are not very politically active.

      as confessional status has been made a source of political identity this has placed all the Islamist groups in a quandry because now however conciliatory and tolerant they attempt to be they none the less have the indelible stain of sectarianism, in this extreme state of exception the Ba'athists may be our best hope, what other credible forces are there in Arab world right now el Mahalla el Kubra textile unions? what are the groups in Saudi resisting the state? what other forces are there

      i understand the notion of this complete liberation but the Palestinian struggle is much more developed than those in other Arab countries as much as possible Palestinians are better off at the moment pursuing their own narrow concerns, the Arab world has suffered a ferocious counter revolution part of which is the attack on Syria, Palestine is part of the struggle of all the Arabs, but the Arab struggle is in a profound crisis, reeling from the impact of Imperial aggression over the last 30 years in this iteration, in terms of struggle Palestinians are light years ahead of Egyptians. The Arabians are politically invisible, Bahrain is a distant memory.

      the prospect of a united Arab revolt is slim in the extreme, in the meantime Palestinians, who have had their fingers burnt in Jordan, Lebanon and Syria, in inter Arab feuds for decades ( Arafat in Iraq, Kuwait) are better off to take a position of neutrality as regards inter-Arab disputes and pursue whatever avenues are available to them, involving yourself now in inter Arab politics is like putting your hand into a bag of snakes there can only be one outcome.

      i have to say that to propose supporting the "Syrian Revolution" seems to me to be crazy, so soon after operation Catastrophe in Libya which was soon after Iraq which was immediately subsequent to Afghanistan which barely post dated Somalia, i will have read up about the Arabs in the east perhaps i missed something.

      onward and upward

    • "The last thing I’d advocate is another Western intervention "

      yes at one level thats fine but

      It was Muhammad Abduh who said, paraphrasing, " we have to find another way of interacting with west rather than through resistance and war because" in his words "the fate of the Arabs and Europeans has become inextricably intertwined"

      Given the realities it seems to me USA intervention is urgently needed to accept the offer of the legitimate government of Syria for talks to end the crisis, attitudes to the regime are irrelevant, no one has the right to arrogate to themselves rights that belong to the Syrian people alone, demonizing the Syrian government seems unhelpful to me, one thing one to respect about the Syrian Ba'ath is their pragmatism, they will negotiate as they said.

      i gave a link somewhere else to "American Ascendance and British Retreat In the Persian Gulf" by Taylor-Fain, it shows how the area is managed and gives knew meaning to the inextricable, non-intervention is an impossibility.

    • Page: 11
    • "Fuck ’em."

      that brought a tear to my eye, so true, not only them, but obviously also them.

    • ah Donald " the Syrian government"

      now you've lost the Conolly's

      link to

    • "Have you said anything to anyone about Yemen?"

      i recommended Ali Muqri's "The Handsome Jew",

      operation Vantage (Kuwait) was tied up with Aden (Yemen), Egypt, Jordan and Saudi etc there's a lot less to worry about this time round, some back ground, how the Arabs have declined since the 1960's:

      link to

  • My one word interrogation at Ben Gurion airport
  • State of the Union 2016
  • Sophisticated Orientalism in the New York Times
    • i guess if you really want to get in to Shia Sunni a good place to start would Sayida Arwe b Ahmad, Queen of Yemen, via al dai al mutlaq to the Dawoodi Bohra, Bohra means businessman apparently, Islam is weirder than you think.

      here is a former Sunni chauvinist who is now a competent scholar (hat tip a4) i dare you to listen to the complexity of the traditional Sunni view of the sects. it being superfluous to add that i disagree with the Sheikh, but would concede his far better grasp of the material in question. i am not into all this...

      this stuff ( he is a Sunni, Sayida is a title, there is no Sunni Shia war)

    • you could try this from page 103 and on, it is the sort thing (scholarly) if you dont read Arabic that you might want to consider reading, i entered the terms to get these pages from

      Shi'a Islam in Colonial India: Religion, Community and Sectarianism
      By Justin Jones

      link to

    • "which is that this divide resulted in centuries of class differences between the poorer and more devout Shiites vs. the the wealthier and more secular Sunni."

      utter nonsense

    • Please forgive below I can hardly muster the energy to return to the breach yet again, i have been at this too long, before 1979 no westerner other than a specialist even knew the words sunni or shia,

      "and its only a guess is" spectactularly wrong arihalli

      when the US issued its playing cards of the most wanted 52 Ba'athists 35 were Shi'i ...?

      as to aristocracy al shafi al radi anyone.

      In India of course we have the whole Naqi Khani Vs Ahmed Khani thing, which was a revolt of a mainly Sunni proletariat against a landed largely Shi'a aristocracy,.

      Iraq has so many shia today because when Nadir Shah invaded Iran, no wait first when the Half Christian Azeri bandit Shah Ismail decided to impose shi'ism as the state religion of his relatively newly captured Sunni Iran, to provide him with a defense against political domination by the Ottomans, he needed a shi'i population, he used ferocious coercion, much blood, Ismail did a top down shi'ization, beheading tens of thousands of Iranians in the process.

      Then Nadir Shah came along from Afghanistan many Shi'a ulema fled to Sunni iraq, now they were top guys in the field of Islam, world class performers, albeit the Shia variety and were graciously received by the Ottomans (Sunni) given endowments lots of respect and as they were world class ulema they rather out did the local Sunni's and some of the Sunni Bedu etc were annoyed with the Sublime Porte and they converted in droves, hence in the 1830's Shi'ism took off in southern Iraq as an explicit Sunni expression of dissatisfaction with their Sunni rulers.

      It was at US insistence that voters in Iraq were registered as sunni shia or kurd, to ensure the correct running of Democracy, the Iraqis now realize the utter depravity of this policy, Negroponte and the Salvador option is what the Sunni/Shia war was about aided by the Iranian Badr brigades (Iraqis who fought for Iran in the '80's), you cant tell westerners this but it was common knowledge in the Arab world that the US intends to carve up Iraq in to either independent states or a chronically conflict ridden regionally devolved state. On the grounds of the age old sunni/shia/kurd conflict, its bull.

      Shi'i, there are many kinds of them, even the Kharijites survived but Sh. Ibad toned it all down now they pray with us even though they dont really think we are the best sort of co-religionist.

      Who is a Muslim is never an issue of belief but rather performance, its a bit complex here but i can safely approximate due to the level of resolution at which we are having to speak, if you say you are a Muslim pay Zakat, in olden days they added pray the Juma, then thats it, it is also possible to just declare that you are a Muslim act the dead beat and even Ibni Taymiya is of the view that you remain a Muslim,

      It is true that taking ibni Taymiya, as we have all heard of him, that he denounced Shi'ism in a fatwa that was never referenced certainly in the ottoman period, but then it is in the nature of Islamic discourse that scholars write "against" each other, sound familiar, so mostly Ibni T spent his time denouncing not just other Sunni's but other Hanbali's. modern Salafists are anti-madhab I am told.

      Historically the Shia have been ideologically very aggressive and because in the early days they were frustrated they became millenarian, hoping the Messiah would come and sort out that terrible Sunni chaos,

      There has been no long standing Sunni/Shia wars, and none that were motivated by doctrinal concerns.

      A brief word on Sunnism: there seems to be no way to convey to non-muslims the reality of the total Chaos that is Sunnism, people who grow up in it dont get that you dont get it, native informants cant help you much when you are utterly ignorant.

      As to Shenfields Catholicism/Shi'ism thats extraordinarily inapt, I am with Professor Paul Freedman when he says that in origin the Shi'a were "Republican" perhaps traceable to Ali's rejection of the client system ( for the early Muslims converts were a bit of problem as there was no concept of a non-Arab Muslim so they became clients of a tribe, how could you be a Muslim if you were not one of the tribes? they were bound by their own cultural expectations, a condition that persists to this day), his enforcement of a system that protected the peasants from the abuse of Landholders, he is always very critical of the Basrans, they follow policies that militate against their very own welfare, so Hazrat Ali says.

      the Sunni/Shia nonsense may be a comforting dream, but its nothing more.

      As to God well in Islam, a scholarly consensus of either variety would perhaps agree that it is not being or a being, it has no volition, we have this book, "any ideas Ahmed?"

      I led the prayers for my dead Sunni mother in a Shia mosque, they were our neighbours ( one of whom went to Iraq, against our pleas and was stabbed to death in that Mosque, by other Shia outraged that he had come home on the skirts of the invaders, as we had warned him he was suspect), it never occurred to anyone that it was anything other than standard operating procedure ( i got a brief gig at Syracuse Uni as a result, where i offended 70 sleepy young Americans), local Sunni shopkeepers would repair there on Friday to pray.

      You can of course keep reframing this completely non-existent conflict anyway you want,

      the most depressing thing is that while Shenfield gives a fairly good Orientalist performance please the in "discussions with Arab students" proposal is so 1800's, the native informant is passe, and also if you refer to them quote them, you give the impression of being unable to learn.

      its so tedious, but oddly people take this seriously as an explanation for the destruction of a whole region and the unbelievable slaughter that the west has unleashed on the central Arab lands,

      No matter how sectarian or fundamentalist i become i do not find an AK 47 sprouting from my side nor fleets of toyota technicals magically appearing so that I can drive to Syria and slaughter Nusayri's suppress the rafidah, even in a state of utter fundamentalist sectarian apotheosis i am unable to make even a pistol. or undertake the logistical burden of running a state and fighting multiple wars on multiple fronts, where do they get all these arms, Al Karim really that generous.

      I like DBkr's first post, made me laugh, i doubt he is a good enough reader to see that Shenfield and ari provide us with two polls of Orientalism, the psuedo scholar and the really cant be bothered, thats my guess anyway. please forgive my perfunctory reply ennui has finally the better of me.

  • Hamas releases video of Gilad Shalit in captivity, and at the barbecue
  • Goodbye to all that (my Jewish-WASP shtik)
    • "If we need a codger to cudgel,"

      important safety alert only cudgel the appropriate codgers, appearance can be deceptive

  • Suddenly, comparing Jewish state to ISIS is OK
    • oh my God, you bastards are demeaning ISIS by comparing it to JSIL, outrageous, be careful you wouldnt like me when I am Alienated.

      "speaking out to stop the occupation" but continue the colonialism, you policing comparisons now, is Nazi ok they were gorgeous Aryans and not even slightly Arabian,

      Being compared to Arabs, and demented Muslims ones at that, for shame, any Liberal Humanistic Jew is going to revolt, I personally would love to know how I might Alienate you further you seem to deserve it.

      Jerusalem is ours.

    • " being self-critical." not in any way to deny the critical force of deploying the epithet JSIL, many Arabs, Muslims etc are currently engaged in a military contest with ISIS, the criticism is implied, you may have missed it.

      "being self-critical" which is a virtue, right, obviating the content of any "self" criticism, phew eh, that was close. I am often praised for my humility, but only because I am better than others, point taken, is that self criticism the American way, pretty searing but ultimately affirming.

      "being self-critical."

      my "self" for all its manifest failings has never danced around like a demented demon stabbing a picture of a murdered infant, when it does I will be the first it hears from, trust me.

      "Palestinians start referring to Hamas as ISIS, because their ideology is the same."

      Always so demanding, but "being self-critical" inevitably involves calling others out, "because their ideology is the same." apart from criticism there is also "self-education" its often an idea where possible to combine the two, unless your interest is merely in self flagellation, it is of course up to yourself,

      but ""being self-critical." you look ridiculous when you lash out at others, flagellate yourself if you must but don't you look upon me.

  • Who Do You Honor?
    • "Almost ten years ago, Mondoweiss was born when Phil Weiss decided to risk his journalistic career in order to tell the truth about destructive American policy in the Middle East—and its horrific human costs."

      Respect, also I couldnt but notice when watching Mr. Weiss' amazing interview with Ghada, that he has very big man hands, with which i should not like to be hooked in the head with, thus really respect Mr. Weiss.

      also Annie

      "the added benefit of reminding us how much we rock."

      ok a cold shower wont cut it i am jumping in the frozen river Ilen.

  • Not the only 'proud Palestinian' in the family--Gigi Hadid's father details refugee history in Syria
    • sorry thats "Bread Hashish and Moon" obviously,

      but this does give me the opportunity to memorialize Hawi, if you are not actually despairing read Lazarus 62 he cries

      "Deepen the pit, gravedigger
      Deepen it to bottomless depths
      beyond the suns orbit
      Night of ashes, remnants of a star
      Interred in the wheeling abyss"

      it is an active not debilitating despair, its the despair that will see you on the other side

      Maghut already stole Tamar

      " I will not die like a gnat in the throat of a crocodile
      I am Tamar, the beautiful young woman of Jaffa
      The daughter of struggle the butterfly of the valley the
      Spear of revenge
      From the fragments of my distressed spirit
      I will raise up a red star that will chew up
      the darkness crush the impossible"

      kind of despair.

    • thank you

      al mutanabi was a panegyricist and all round bad boy who got himself and his son killed brawling but his equivalent today? say Qabbani no panegyrics nowadays he writes in an intensely critical mood

      Nizar Qabbani from his famous "Bread, Hashish and Moonlight"

      "In my land,
      In the land of the simple,
      where we slowly chew on our unending songs-
      A form of consumption destroying the east-
      Our east chewing on its history,
      its lethargic dreams,
      Its empty legends,
      Our east that sees the sum of all heroism
      In Picaresque Abu Zayd al Hilali.

      (saga of Banu Hilal is like an Arab Iliad according to Abnudi, swashbuckling in Iraq etc, but interestingly Abu Zayd was a black boy born to two white parents, there was friction)

      Khalil Mutran was convinced Shakespeare must have read translations of Al-Mutanabi,

      "In Shakespeare, there is doubtless something Arabic, and it is more evident than in, say, Victor Hugo. Has he read our language or was it transmitted to him in some accurate translation?

      I don't know. But between him and us there are puzzling and numerous common features. He has our audacity for metaphor and its manipulation.

      And he has the same predilection for abrupt changes without prior preparation of preliminaries, pushing you suddenly from one intention to an-other, leaving you to ponder and find the link.
      He also has our infatuation with hyperbole which is probably used and sensed by only those writers and readers who have imaginative intensity and defiance, as it is often with Orientals and especiallyArabs. On the whole, there is in the writing of Shakespeare a Bedouin spirit which is expressed in the continuous return to innate nature."

      KHALIL MUTRAN, 1976

  • Novel featuring Palestinian-Jewish romance threatens 'Jewish identity,' Israeli gov't rules
    • of the top of my head, arab novels with Jewish characters, portrayed as human and as objects of desire/affection

      The Tobacco Keeper by Ali Bader, it even describes in detail the inner experience of a Jew watching Arabs commit acts of savagery against Jews, but we are less ideologically hamstrung than Euro/Americans,

      Beer in the Snooker club by Ghali has Edna, a great Egyptian character (Jewish forced in to exile)

      specters by Ashour is strange, her Israeli characters are not sympathetic, but then she spends a lot of time rebuilding the Jews of Cairo as an imminent presence.

      St. Teresa by abdel maguid is all in a Jewish mind, hopes fears that sort of thing, splendidly sympathetic

      The Handsome Jew by Ali Muqri, the Imams daughter falls for him.

      I could go on but Khalid Kihstainy has a book "By the rivers of Babylon" about Jews in Arab fiction, i read a few years ago a thing on Arab characters in Israeli fiction, all i recall is that Mizrahim had Arab characters that were recognizably human, and despite The Ashkenazim, being the foremost in humanity it turns out they write crap cardboard Arab characters for ideological reasons, you know Arabs like in American Sniper.

  • Top ten ways Muslim-Americans can do more
  • Israeli ambassador flings Nazi label at Israeli leaders, after latest authoritarian step
    • "you can certainly change your race"

      how true i oscillate between, Semite, Celt and Anglo-Saxon hourly, anyone who thinks Celts and Anglo-Saxons are the same race has never seen Celtic play Rangers, the racial antagonism is superb.

      Is rootless cosmopolitan a race?

  • Brazil and Israel square off in diplomatic showdown over settler envoy
    • in that case you might want to check the cases of

      Samira Moussa

      and Dr Ali Moustafa Mosharafa, mourned by Einstein himself.

    • In 1980 in Paris Israel murdered Yahya al-Mashad, Nuclear Physicist, Egyptian working for Iraq, do you think it could in any way be connnected? the Israeli's put out the story that they had waited till after his appointment with a high priced dominatrix , "He liked kinky sex. Let him die happy." was the commanders reported comment, its in some eminently forgettable book of Mossad derring do, it was a great comfort to us all, his family, especially, were so relieved.

      His throat was slit.

  • In rare move, Palestinian police kick Israeli soldiers out of West Bank town
    • "you have the nerve to call those victims sheep?"

      "normally a sheep is a placid creature" but, only those with a firm grasp of reality should move on to the flying sheep sketch, its as real as "The News".

      mind the tropes, enjoy the memes

      sheep reconsidered.

  • Seething with anger and fear
    • "wholly unfair to Eva"

      "Moose quite rightly says"

      "Theo by contrast thinks"

      "Ossinev makes a perfectly fair point"

      " population transfer "

      "ethnic transfer"

      (i was holding out for "population cleansing" or anything with "expulsive" in it but there was no third para, trust me you have said enough)

      at what point in this process do you think it would sensible to consult with a Palestinian?

      "as the waves of pessimism strike one finds various awful scenarios competing in one’s imagination. "

      "suffering of population transfer is at least not as bad as massacre".

      "the motto ‘live free or die’ should be followed in all its literal and terrifying horror."

      why should anyone be bound by your cowardice?

      by the way in this context "population transfer" is a gaff.

  • 'Valentino's Ghost' makes comeback after 4 years of suppression
    • apart from Zenobia and the Palmyrenes films about the following might serve a pedagogical purpose all round.

      Fatima b. al-qasim abd'al rahman al sharrat

      Razia Sultan

      Lubna of Cordova

      Rabi'a al Adawiya

      Khawla b al Azwar, apparently on the field of battle the better of any man she encountered.

      Cleopatra in Islam:

      "In the same vein, it is interesting to note the Islamic view of Cleopatra of Egypt (b. 69 BCE). Arabic sources referred to her as a strong and able monarch who was very protective of Egypt. These sources focused on her talents but made no reference to her morals or seductive power. They focused instead on her learning and talents in management. This Arabic image of Cleopatra is in direct contrast to that presented by the Greco-Roman sources which presented her as a hedonist and seductive woman [2]."

      link to

      and here are 55 important women of the east, though they can not all be said to have been western bastions none the less they are not without merit.

      link to

  • European legal experts call on EU to stop trading with settlements
    • you don't think you might be confusing your watans with your dawlas?

    • "The Truth Behind Zionism" Jeremy Salt al ahram:

      " Since 1967 the people of Hebron have lived under the most racist, brutal and illegal form of occupation in the world. Arguably, it is the worst place for a Palestinian to live in eastern Palestine, also known as the West Bank, as opposed to the East Bank of the Jordan River. The Israeli settlers there are heavily armed and live under the protection of soldiers, police and a racist two-tier, pseudo-legal system that authorises apartheid.

      They put their own lives and the lives of their children at risk by coming to live on someone else’s land against the latter’s wishes and without their consent. Their lives on this land are only made possible by the brutality and illegal actions of the settler state.

      The settlers stabbed in East Jerusalem included a rabbi connected with Ateret Kohanim, the most aggressive and extreme of all the Israeli settler organisations. A photograph in the Israeli media showed him in military uniform because he is also part of a military rabbinate that justifies the killing of Palestinians and other Arabs wherever and whenever the Zionist settler state decides to attack them.

      He and the other man who was stabbed chose to live in a city under occupation and therefore are responsible for the consequences of their own actions. There is no intrinsic difference between Palestinians killing Zionist settlers in their occupied homeland and Native Americans killing white settlers in their homeland two centuries ago.

      Violence is always to be deplored. Everything said about it is correct. Violence only begets more violence. However, its most destructive practitioners in modern times have been Western governments, even as they continue to tell us that violence is not the way.

      History tells us otherwise: while violence should not be the way, it often is. In the context of occupation there is not one occasion anywhere in the world when it has not been resisted violently by the indigenous population. Ending violence begins with ending the violence of the perpetrator, and not the retaliation of the victim."

      link to

  • Large majority of Palestinians in WB and Gaza think a full scale Intifada is on the horizon
    • "The palestinians should try the same, they have nothing to lose. " how is it that you know they have nothing to lose?

      " the invading army is at a huge disadvantage" against the resident civilians?

      "And they are not fighting a superpower, like the hungarians (sic) did" you are saying the "Hungarians" won?

      "but an occupier in the same number without a chance of getting new fresh troops." All countries are finite, yet still contain reinforcements and re-reinforcemants, as fresh troops are a renewable resource, were you not ever refreshed when you served? A superpower can occupy, Iraq.

      "As far as knowing what I preach, I spent over 40 years with our military, in uniform and in civil."

      During which time you were victorious and Hungary.

      when were you appointed as a field marshal of Palestine?

      is Rosemary Sayigh like a Galilean Ghoulash, Speaking Palestinian

      link to

      Situations are never similar" what you bring up Hungary for then?

      "You should never underestimate a person whom you do not know" Palestinians are not covered by this rigid dictum?

      "The palestinians (sic) did not put up any fight up to now," but is there any point in fighting, when you have nothing to lose? you could say that this site exists solely, solely as a result of 100 years of Palestinian resistance, against the two preeminent superpowers of their day The Empire of Great Britain and India and Australia and the common wealth of Canada etc (?) and the USA, none the less I still think Imre Lakatos is best name ever, its made up why wouldnt it be, nee Lipschitz, if you can believe.

      anyway dont be vexed Sir, isnt there something bracing about this severe examination we subject each other too? like denouncing a captive population for their cowardice and stupidity, it can only validate your lifetime of real world experience.

      what really interests me at the moment is why is an anti-Syria/Isis war movement now inconceivable in the West, Hussein was never popular here but there was an anti-war movement in 2003,
      now we have you disrespectfully pro-war in Palestine and for Palestine, my head is spinning, life's rich pageant indeed.

  • The mainstream press can't handle anti-Zionism-- Rosengarten
    • "That`s actually true: these are the 3 Mesopotamian monotheistic religions and they are linked in all kinds of ways. The problem is that they tend to have periods "

      yes every 28 years, but after some hot fiery flushes during the Messiahpause, there are 1000 years of jam making, baking and wet kisses,

  • Why my books are not published in Israel
    • you know the marrow in our bones is from women like Susan, the concept of too much woman maybe hard to grasp, for instance let Tanya (with subtitles, whitey) explain why real men fear women, when I look at pictures of Susan I can't breathe [..]

    • "But until this Apartheid system falls, I will not have business dealings with Israelis."

      and dialogue

      "I do not believe that is the task of Palestinians"

      I wonder if people really realize what courage it takes to talk like this in the current atmosphere Ms. Abulhawa is too much woman, i would sit quietly in the corner, hands folded in my lap, but also really wow, backbone like iron.

  • What would Prophet Mohammad do to Trump?
    • "Kris, why did Gamal ask if “they found his body?” "

      Sir an older boy made me do it.

    • you know a4 this moralism, moralism, no glass house for you this moralism from the iron confine of Islamic moral perfection, you talk about feelings

      sometimes you make me feel like

      somtimes i feel

    • well firstly let me assure my white bothers and sisters that their is nothing in "Islam" that requires one to act like a Spartacist commissar, "calling out",

      let me just say that in my experience "white guilt", the kind you seem to be trying to promote with all this strange white supremacy is a white conspiracy stuff, white guilt is something i neither understand nor more particularly trust in my experience white people who are wracked with guilt over "whiteness" are struggling to sublimate feelings of dislike or contempt that they feel toward "non-white" people that can have arisen for all sorts of reasons.

      so religion 101: i was intimate for 4 decades with a dozen or so mainly senior Azharites, a few young guys, not once in all that time despite my evident hooliganism did anyone once say to me as a Muslim you should..

      In the world of real religion, you attend to your own business, Muhammad, and ignore the affairs of others, Jesus talks about beams and specks..

      As a Muslim you have no authority to determine anyones elses duties, also you sound distressingly white,

      the 101 aspect is that the message is for you personally to apply if you want not to badger others with.

      "white feelings" i have no idea what those might be, but if their someone out there stupid to enough to having feelings invested in ideas about "whiteness" i cant help or protect them from that idiotic pathology, i am at a loss.

      Politics 101: when Proyect posted here I followed some links to some statements, i may be wrong here but I seem to recall him doing the sole voice of sanity on left and boasting of belonging to micro-sects, to me a "Marxist" who can brag about being in pure micro sect is a clown of epic proportions to, so i cant see the social basis of your contest with white supremacy. To invest anything in entirely pointless speculation about Jesus' colour when there was fact not a single white person anywhere on the planet at that time, to humans in the days of yore white was an unknown identity.

      There is strain of black American nativism which includes a pretty virulent anti-Arab racism by thoughtlessly incorporating 19th century Christian anti-Islamic polemic as if it was fact and imperial historical distortion, i would argue, now their blackness does not preserve them from becoming trapped within a white supremacist ideology.

      After the Scarman report in the UK I took part in number of municipal meetings, at one a councilor attacked the notion of 'institutional racism', Scarman report is the first i had heard such a phrase, he argued it was obviously flawed because it relied on the proposition that all Policeman were racist and he knew one who wasnt, ipso facto Scarman refuted.

      of course it means the precise opposite, the identity or colour or whatever of the apparatchik is irrelevant, like Jesus' tan, its the structure that has to be challenged the idea that the struggle against 'white supremacy has empowered you or i to berate white individuals seems to me to be like a kind of neurotic idealism as far removed from anything that even resembles the struggles of 'black people', i badger white people because sometimes they also get caught up in stuff, its fun to, and because guys like Donald are big boys who can look after themselves,

      but you go ahead and recite their crimes to them.

    • "to protect white feelings so much,"

      honestly to me to say that seems kind of sinister, i may often be rude and crude but i dont mean anything by it obviously to me you are just words that pop up on my screen, i love reading, i love reading and writing, i would surely hope no one takes anything i say personally, I have nothing but warm feelings about all you little Paragraphs.

      group hug?

    • "Mohammed would likely wage war on Trump and rightfully take slaves."

      but only to pamper them

    • Now now lets not be having any takfir, its Christmas.

    • thanks Kris

      looks like Yasser Arafat

    • "recent forensic science revealed that Jesus (pbuh) was not white, blond and blue eyed." they found his body? perhaps Shingo gave it up. what does this refer to.

  • Your Gift Multiplied: Support Mondoweiss's Year-End Campaign
  • How long can Democrats denounce Trump and embrace Netanyahu?
  • The last colony
    • yes a4 well done, no need to shout I know which translation you are using, on that site you might find it interesting to check the other translations available.

      and I wouldn't characterize it as you do, the Ismailis after all pioneered turning the Quran into a gnostic mystery whose interpretation bore no relationship to the expedient meaning whatsoever, the "Sunnis" and the Ithna ashari Shi'i joined forces to resist the wild charisma of the Ismaili Imams, but as a non-Muslim or Muslim you have every right to interpret as you wish.

    • "It is even said the content of the Quran will be preserved as it was sent to the Prophet for all eternity in the Quran itself"

      i asked where, hajant you better answer?

      wasnt even a trick question, your google Islam is pretty weak, try the banu bing,

    • "The entirety of Islamic teachings and commandments are straight from the Quran and the Hadith."

      the Quran and hadith are the "entirety" of Islamic teachings? "commandments are straight from the Quran and the hadith" how many commandments are there? they are just there really in the text, cool Usul ul fiqh must be doddle then, it's in the book.

      ok you've heard of the hadith and Quran, ya Sheikh, but tell me where are these books of law? and how are they used? by whom are they used and how, just reciting the rules.

      "I am not really well-verse in the tenets of Christianity, but I believe it is far less rigid in its laws and practical aspects of worship compared to Islam"

      I think you will find that that is unadulterated nonsense, if you channel an average ignorant westerner you probably get the same nonsensical statement, with apologies to the ignorant and average, westerners aint getting no apologies from me.

      Law is not in the Quran or the hadith, you think you just going to pick up the Quran and get

      now you want to talk to me because you are so ignorant that you think you can defend

      "Islam is more about written laws and code of conduct for every practice in life from cradle to grave."


      "The entirety of Islamic teachings and commandments are straight from the Quran and the Hadith."

      so where are these laws and codes etc recorded? in the Quran and Hadith, idiot! your unfamiliarity with all this shows.

      "Both are accessed through writings exclusively after the death of Prophet Muhammad"

      ? which writings? the fact that the word Fiqh is unknown to you, is indicative of your being a google Muslim.

      what from a legal point of view is interesting about Shafi'is writings, exclusively after Muhammads death?

      you use laws and codes, since laws are I guess Sharia (they are not) what are these codes? do they have name?

      who is empowered to enforce these rigid laws in the Quran and Hadith? rigid laws without enforcement?

      would you say in history Islamic Law has shown itself rigid?

      whats the difference between shari'ayya and sharia?

      these flexible Christian laws were presumably rigidified when they were the Kanun? (Kanunanized)

      Like a child you confidently spout nonsense,

      "It is even said the content of the Quran will be preserved as it was sent to the Prophet for all eternity in the Quran itself" where? same place we are told not to mate with foreigners?

      when was the Quran created? if you give the wrong answer I wont ransom you from Christians, should you fall into their hands?

      ok you do know that the scholars were not really impressed with the notion of the right unadulterated scripture, because the problem is in interpretation, Muslims have been trying to add and subtract ayat from the mushaf from very early on.

      ." How exactly would this be possible if it not by writing? Do you have a voice recording of the Prophet’s sermon and preaches?"

      what writing the Quran and Hadith?

      who said that the first ground of Islam is Tawba and the second Muru'a, the 68th is Ghurbat, dont tell the Zio's and the 96th is Dahshat, then Mushada not one mention of law,

      but in those days they did not have google to support their faith.

    • "Islam is more about written laws and code of conduct for every practice in life from cradle to grave."

      if you are a Muadudite fundamentalist or a google phoney Muslim perhaps, "written laws" it is impossible that you are a Muslim tell me pray where are these "Laws" written?

      it is written

      in this kind of situation our code stipulates that i invite you to pog mo tuches,

  • Terrorism is an understandable response to west's wars in Middle East, realist and left writers say
    • I worry that i am always off topic, but i have watched several of Yasirs lectures this evening, this is what i learned, i am amazed i remember him making some pretty reprehensible sectarian statements 20 years ago or so, anti-Shi'i, wow he has really grown, i suppose i should call him Sheikh Qadhi he gave an interesting lecture in Norway I wont post a link because today i am shy, my heart sank when i saw a4's link i was pleasantly surprised, if you are interested search youtube with "qadhi the modern jihadists" and a briefer khutbah he gave covering some of the same stuff under "opposing extremist groups in Islam"

      i still find a lot to disagree with but it was not what i expected from him, still the only thing worse than a scholar is a Muslim, as we used to joke, i'd pray behind him, if i wasn't ejected first.

    • "You know, I really should get over prejudice. I’ll go out this afternoon and buy a whip and some manacles…"

      you might not get any slaves, come on you cant run fast enough, but i bet you'll meet a fair cross section of upper class Englishmen, they will run to you, no chasing necessary.

    • thanks for the Yasir Qadhi video, I learned something, and am now watching his massacre of Kerbala lecture. when he said yani, i couldn't help but laugh, atchaa is the Indian yani, I thought.

      he speaks so fast, young and vital.

    • hi a4,

      "That is a highly problematic statement for anyone to make, Zaid, let alone a non-black person with no historical and ancestral ties to being enslaved because of their race."

      now while the ending of slavery by the British is somewhat less creditable when one considers that they went on to "indenture" 1.5 milllion Indians (east) in system very similar to Islamically regulated slavery, which was not really that pleasant for the Indentured.

      " a non-black person with no historical and ancestral ties to being enslaved because of their race."

      while i do not subscribe to the colour code identity, i am apparently not white, so I am told anyway.

      "no historical and ancestral ties to being enslaved " have you seen Nasser 56, it includes a famous vignette where an old lady remembers i quote from a comment of mine from some years ago

      " Nasser 56 with the famous scene that mentions al-sokhra, the slavery, in connection to the Suez canal, my family come from near the canal zone some of our people were also taken never to be heard of again and no remittances hence kidnap and slavery"

      this was done with collusion of the occupied state and the Vicomte "to prove that we are male" de Lesseps ( building the Suez he said was inter alia to prove some tremulous French guys masculinity)

      some of my crew go to Port Said (Fouad) to curse that statue of the Vicomte ushering shipping to the east, my "Aunt" Seti who died 5 years ago at 107 entertained a life long hatred of the French, British and Cairenes as her family lost a few men to this.

      when I was an child I met Maitama Sule, born a slave then a minister, '60's or 70's, the word slave covers a wide field of meanings.

      " I thank God, I was said to belong to a family of slaves. It was my father’s master that sent me to school. He loved my father so much because he and my grandfather were together as the favourites of their immediate master. You see, this question of slavery in the North is something that you don’t understand – slaves were almost as important as the rulers, because they were the power behind the scene.

      I was sent to school by this my father’s master with his own children and grandchildren. He is the local ruler, the Madaki, the chief kingmaker in Kano. When I was a young man in the elementary school, now primary school, there was one thing I used to do; I took it upon myself to sweep the whole of my quarters. I would take my broom and sweep the whole quarters. I would go into the local mosque in our quarters and sweep the inside as well as the outside. I used to do that on my own–nobody told me to do it."

      link to

      he was tiny 4ft and some inches, but had the deepest voice of any man i have ever met, I have also met "slaves" in rural northern Nigeria, Sule had a complex view of it all, there was a degree of strife between "slaves", an inherited status, and Masters, if you owned no land slavery was preferable to starvation, I never heard anyone complain of being a Master.

      The status of workers in the West is incrementally approaching a condition of if not slavery then certainly indenture for many working people,

      my ancestral village in English means village of the Slave traders, its probably best to accept that people have the right to say what they want and criticize the content, intent or whatever, after all you talk about Islam of which you know little, I dont agree with Zaids view at all but

      "let alone a non-black person with no historical and ancestral ties to being enslaved because of their race."

      that is ridiculous, what is non-black, Zaid is I believe a Palestinian, he may well be able to explain to you what it is like to be regarded as less than human from his own personal on-going experience.

    • I googled a review irishM, (do you know somerville and Ross' comic novel "The Irish R.M" (Resident Magistrate) they made a TV series)

      from the review of Americas Great Game Playing Both Sides:

      " “The genius of you Americans,” the Egyptian president Gamal Abdel Nasser teasingly told a senior C.I.A. official, Miles A. Copeland Jr., in the late 1950s, “is that you never made clear-cut stupid moves, only complicated stupid moves.” ".......

      "What is most remarkable in this tale, though, is how quickly our three Arabists were willing to jump to the other side of the street, to go from identifying and encouraging progressive Arab leaders to trying to neutralize them, to go from deriding the client regimes left behind by the European powers to cozying up to them. Certainly the most infamous example was Kim Roosevelt’s intimate role in the 1953 coup that toppled the Iranian prime minister Mohammad Mossadegh, but there were many others: Copeland’s involvement in schemes to assassinate Nasser, Archie Roosevelt’s repeated efforts to overthrow the Nasser-aligned government of Syria. To say this all backfired would be a gross understatement; by the end of the decade, the United States was just as reviled in large parts of the Middle East as the European powers it had come to supplant.

      Obviously, this is a wonderfully rich canvas upon which to draw, but in his effort to do so, Wilford hobbles himself in two critical ways. The first difficulty is not entirely of his making. Denied access to the relevant C.I.A. documents, he has had to rely heavily on the published records and private papers of his three principal characters, but — perhaps to be expected of spies — none of these come across as particularly trustworthy. Immediately after Mossadegh’s overthrow, for example, Kim Roosevelt openly boasted of — and possibly exaggerated — his pivotal role in the coup, only to backpedal when the notion of the United States toppling democratically elected governments had lost some of its luster.

      Certainly, the greatest doubt falls on Copeland, a man for whom the term “congenital liar” might well have been coined. It’s to Wilford’s credit that he highlights the inconsistencies — and often, outright falsehoods — of his main sources, but the result is a pattern of presenting evidence in support of one version of events, then reversing to make the case for a wholly different version.

      What’s more, this fence-straddling occurs at almost every key juncture of America’s Great Game, leaving readers to ponder crucial questions on their own: In the 1949 coup that brought the Syrian colonel Husni al-Za’im to power, did the C.I.A. play a decisive role, a limited role, or no role at all? Did the agency help groom Nasser to seize power in Egypt, or was it caught completely by surprise? Stranded by his own diffidence on these points, Wilford has no choice but to move his thesis along by turning to the highly qualified assertion: “It is reasonable to assume” or “The story seems plausible enough.” On such tenuous foundations charitable readers might go along for the ride once or twice, but they are highly unlikely to do so for the innumerable times asked of them here.

      The second problem is downright baffling. A professor of history at California State University, Long Beach, Wilford clearly labors under the misconception that the landmark moments of 1950s Middle Eastern history are common knowledge (if the past half-century is any judge, they aren’t even common knowledge at the C.I.A.), and chooses to glide over them in favor of the trivial and obscure. As a result, the tragicomic details of the 1953 coup against Mossadegh, an episode that continues to color United States-Iran relations, are dispensed with in a short chapter, while the 1956 Suez Canal crisis, a seminal event that sounded the death knell for British and French influence in the region, is dismissed in a few paragraphs, with the observation that its ramifications are “world-famous.”

      In lieu of a reminder of those ramifications, the reader is then subjected to a 10-page disquisition on the organizational restructuring and revamped pamphleteering of the American Friends of the Middle East, an outfit most noteworthy, by all evidence, for its utter uselessness. This is history drained not just of its interesting bits but of its very import, and at such times Wilford seems less an inartful storyteller than a kind of lecture-hall ­sadist.

      That is a shame, because the period he set out to explore is one of the most vital and least explored epochs in contemporary American history, that brief moment when the United States was seen as a potential agent for positive change in the Middle East, a moment surely never to come again."

    • "Oh, BTW, are all “Arab and African slave owners” bounded by Muslim law on treatment and benefits for slaves?"

      but Mooser our laws are Rigid, unlike the flaccid Christian kind.

      by the way the Zanj would tend to your side man, its only wiki,

      "Several historians, such as al-Tabari and al-Mas'udi, consider this revolt one of the "most vicious and brutal uprisings" of the many disturbances that plagued the Abbasid central government.[2] Modern historians have characterized the revolt as being "one of the bloodiest and most destructive rebellions which the history of Western Asia records,"[3] while at the same time praising its coverage as being among the "most fully and extensively described campaign[s] in the whole of early Islamic historical writing."[4]".......

      there were laws regulating slavery, in theory, there a cases recorded of slaves enforcing manumission etc, they aught to be allowed to work for themselves for stipulated periods etc but as you imply we did not always live up to our obligations.

      "The Zanj were black slaves who had been imported from Africa and who were primarily utilized for agricultural labor as part of the plantation economy of southern Iraq. The demand for servile labor during this period was fueled by wealthy residents of the port city of Basra, who had acquired extensive marshlands in the surrounding region. These lands had been abandoned as a result of peasant migration and repeated flooding over time, but they could be converted back into cultivatable status through intensive labor. Local magnates were able to gain ownership of this land on the condition that they would make it arable; as a result, they acquired large numbers of Zanj and other slaves, who were placed into work camps and tasked with clearing away the nitrous topsoil as part of the reclamation process. Other Zanj were used to work in the salt flats of Mesopotamia, especially in the area around Basra.[5]
      Both the working and living conditions of the Zanj were considered to be extremely miserable; the menial labor they were engaged in was difficult and the slaves appear to have been poorly treated by their masters."

      link to

      we appear to have developed a forensic disfunction, despite our rigidity.

    • hi Irishmoses,

      I am cutting deals and dealing with a depressed khenpo school, while i do this, Connor Macgregor an Irish fighter, MMA, has just done an Ali ( Ali knocked Liston out, 2nd fight, in the same way) and beaten a very well respected fighter spectacularly, his franchise gym competes with us things looking pretty tough for us now, my Irish confreres hoped he might lose, we'll manage.

      who says a man cant multitask.

      I think one of the Arab guys could probably answer better, but the idea that the Arabs were crushed by '67, I am not so sure, anyone know the significance of 1798?

      '67 was one of many,

      please allow me to reply as the westerner that I can become at any time.

      there is a lot more too all this firstly Islamism has become part of a class conflict in the mashreq, Saudi cynicism and money fuels a lot of it, but its much more complex than ISIS or modernity.

      Primarily Islamism has arisen because the West is intent on preventing any developments in the Arab world that may interfere in their untrammelled use of the regions resources, not just Oil, though primarily and other strategic issues for the west, and the failure of the left (that should sound familiar to us all in the west)

      Westerners keep acting surprised whats all this about they ask, well if they had been paying attention it would make a whole lot more sense to them.

      what we are seeing is the wind of change in reverse, Daesh (D from now on) are an astroturf outfit, like wahhabism, the first thing that struck me and the few Arabs i get to mail, mostly relatives, was the D's logistical sophistication, anyway we all know they are getting state administrators etc from somewhere. Concluding deals with young Bilal Erdogan etc.

      people who are into fundamentalism are not interested in religion, quite the opposite in fact, they are political, their concerns are political and social.

      when that guy ate the soldiers organs, in contravention of quite a few Islamic notions, we all felt the same way, because we know what has been inflicted on these people over a very long time we felt oh they have finally run out of patience.

      Fundamentalism is an attack in some of its strains on the whole social structure that has failed to protect them, failed to provide them with anything other repression, has failed to achieve independence or development, the Saudi's want to channel this resistance into the deadend of wahhabism.

      I dont accept the premise that the Arabs have opted for Islam as against "modernity",

      (the guy who just brought us food is an Egyptian from Monufia in the delta, he has an engineering degree and masters, he is a waiter in a swiss hotel, he insisted on kissing me even though we are drinking a little complementary prosecco.

      so why not start from here, I dont think I have an answer, Gilles Kepel "Fundamentalism in Egypt" who became an anti-veil promoter and soldier of France against Islamism and Achars
      Marxism, Orientalism, Cosmopolitanism would be a place to start, frankly I dont know man, i think there is a lot more to all this, western perceptions being one thing you might want to struggle with.

      "Muhammad Abduh was amongst the first Arabic-speaking Muslims to travel to Europe. He, consequently, developed a deep and extensive knowledge of its social and political thought which played an essential role in his religious career. He was appointed Mufti of the Egyptian Realm in 1899. Yet nothing in Muhammad Abduh’s childhood would foretell such a brilliant future.
      He was born to a small family of farmers, in Mahallat Nasr, an Egyptian village located in the vast fertile Delta, that extends from the Mediterranean coast to Cairo. His father was able to hire a private Qur’an teacher, who helped him memorize the Qur’an, at the age of 12. Although, that was not considered a young age at the time, it enabled him to leave for Tanta, where he attended the great mosque school.
      He did not enjoy the way the teaching was done as students were not allowed to ask questions neither during the lesson nor after. He eventually ran away after 18 months, but a stepbrother returned him to Tanta. He fled a second time, and returned to his village. At that point, he had decided to become a farmer like his father. He also got married. Although he was only 16, that was considered a normal age at the time. After a 40-day honeymoon, he finally returned to finish his schooling in Tanta.
      Muhammed Abduh wrote later that he had not learned anything during the time he spent there and he complained that: “The teachers were accustomed to use technical terms of grammar or jurisprudence which we did not understand, nor did they take any pauses to explain their meaning.”
      When he was 17, Muhammad Abduh finally made it to the Al-Azhar Mosque in Cairo, one of the leading centers of scholarship in the Muslim world. It gave a chance to poor students to follow higher studies and become scholars, teachers or judges.
      Muhammad Abduh’s stay at Al-Azhar was uneventful until he met the Persian Jamal Al-Din Al-Afghani who was tutoring privately a small group of students, including Saad Zaghlul who became one of Egypt’s most successful prime ministers. Both, Muhammad Abduh and Saad Zaghlul were happy with Afghani’s way of teaching. He discussed the texts with his students and encouraged them to ask questions and this was a novelty at the time.
      After he graduated at the age of 28, Muhammad Abduh taught at the Azhar for two years but according to the author, “his activities over the years following his graduation, however, had little or nothing to do with Islam. Although he would later become world famous as a religious figure, we catch only occasional glimpses of his own stance on religious questions during this period.”
      At about the same time, Muhammad Abduh joined a Masonic lodge, the Kawkab Al-Sharq (Star of the East). Its members included Prince Tawfiq, the Khedive’s son and heir, leading personalities such as Muhammad Sharif Pasha who had been a minister, Sulayman Abaza Pasha and Saad Zaghlul.
      Although most Muslims believe today that Freemasonry is un-Islamic, the Muslim elites in the 19th century did not share such views. Alexander Broadley, a Freemason and the lawyer, who defended Muhammad Abduh after the Urabi Revolt failed, wrote that:
      “The Egyptian patriots found a strange fascination in the mystic tie which was to unite all men in the common bond of liberty, and believed the same machinery which had helped the Italians in their struggle for freedom and unity would materially assist the Egyptian cause.”
      As a direct result of his political activities, notably, his participation in the Urabi revolt, Muhammad Abduh was exiled.
      After spending time in Damascus and Beirut, he joined Afghani and other exiled Egyptians, in Paris in 1884. Both published a newspaper, Al-Urwa Al-Wuthqa, between March and October 1884. This short lived publication was highly innovative at the time, and it is the first example of what is now referred as radical Islamist journalism, whereby Islam is also used for political ends.
      After the last issue of Al-Urwa Al-Wuthqa was released, Muhammad Abduh left Paris for Tunis where he wrote his last known letter to Afghani. He no longer wanted to participate in Afghani’s struggle against European power and any form of despotic rule. He wrote that “the interests of the Muslims have become inextricably interwoven with the interests of the Europeans in every country in the world” and believed that it was wiser to cooperate with Europe.
      He then returned to Beirut where he taught history and theology at the Sultaniyya School. The lectures he delivered there were published as Risalat Al-Tawhid which became one of his most celebrated work.
      Despite his success in Beirut, Muhammad Abduh was longing to return to Egypt. As a result of the Urabi revolt, the British occupied permanently Egypt and Sir Evelyn Baring, better known as Lord Cromer (after he was ennobled) was effectively, the most powerful man in the country. He made it possible for Muhammad Abduh to come back to Egypt. The Khedive Tawfiq still believed Muhammad Abduh was politically dangerous, and he sent him as a judge in the small rural town of Banha. His fate, however, changed for the best when Abbas Hilmi, the last khedive of Egypt succeeded his father. He chose, Muhammad Abduh, in 1893 as a member of a commission, whose aim was to propose a curricula reform for the Azhar, a task Muhammad had in mind since the time, he spent there as a student.
      Six years later, the Khedive appointed Muhammad Abduh, Mufti of the Egyptian Realm. From the beginning, the Azhar was hostile to him. He was also attacked in the press. Himarat Munyati, a publication, although short lived, blamed the Mufti for preferring to visit Europe rather than going to Makkah for the Haj.
      Moreover, Muhammad Abduh also had personal problems with the Khedive when he sided several times with the British. On one occasion, he accepted the British proposal to ban Egyptian participation in the annual Haj as a medical precaution because a cholera epidemic had spread in the Philippines. This was opposed by the Khedive, the rector of the Azhar and the prime minister. In the end, Egyptians participated in the Haj and brought cholera back to Egypt which caused 34,600 deaths. After the Khedive criticized publicly Muhammad Abduh, the mufti lost the little support he was receiving from students at the Azhar. Lord Cromer refused to accept the removal of Muhammad Abduh but the latter had already made up his mind to resign from all his duties and obligations."

      link to

      you will notice the fungibility of "UnIslamic", who is to say anyway,

      did you notice the San Berdino hoax

      "Apparent hoax identifies Tayyeep Bin Ardogan as second San Bernardino
      Police have named a second suspect in the San Bernardino shootings, a 28-year-old Qatari citizen named Tayyeep bin Ardogan, according to Fox News"


      "Breaking News: Third shooter identified as Mohamed al-Jihad bin Mubarak bin Baghdadi al-Emirati Ayatollah Khomeini."


      "Weird how the other two shooters' names were Tayyip bin Erdogan and Ayatollah bin Khamenei, with Vladimir bin Putin driving the getaway car"

      as Zaid has already demonstrated dump becomes dumb, we have no p, the fact that any one could fail to notice these hoaxes does not bode well for western understanding of the Arab east.

      link to

      I dont really have answer man because i don't know wtf is going on.

    • By the power of Mooser "Kish mir en toches" i have become fluent in Yiddish, pog mo thoin in Gaelic.

    • hey GaeilgeMoses,

      the defeat of Arab nationalism culminated in the '67 six day war, other stuff had also been going on, the Aden rebellion, which Nasser supported, the NLF and FLOSY, it started in I guess 63 ish with attacks against the high commissioner Trevaskis, they assassinated off duty British soldiers, they also killed more of each other than the British managed, Internecine thy name is Arab. The NLF formed a government in '67/8, Jumhūrīyat al-Yaman ad-Dīmuqrāṭīyah ash-Sha‘bīyah, Peoples democratic republic of Yemen, as one old Arab nationalist told me "Countries with Democratic in their name are always dictatorships"

      numerous other factors weakened Pan-Arabism and Pan-Arab Nationalism, it would take too long to go into all.

      It was the collapse of the USSR that killed it off, but not the anti-colonialism and anti-capitalism of the masses,

      Ignorami like Krauss love in particular 2 texts of Qutb signposts and sick singing, Qutb wrote signposts in prison being subjected to the CIA designed regime of torture, prior to his inevitable execution, Annies video above touches on it briefly.

      signposts was smuggled out of his torture chamber, now he was a poet and novelist not an Alim (Muslim scholar) so this work being produced while his body was being burned on the wrack, the gallows his obvious destiny, captures not only the Arab condition as such, imprisoned and tortured it has a fiery defiance is utterly uncompromising, this bookish little nebish while he was being ground to powder composed a truly incredible work, i find it attractive as neither religion nor politics, I would have been an object of derision to a man like Qutb, but it would not be mutual.

      and as a distillation of the spirit of resistance, even in hopeless situations, it has entered our blood, because in Arabic its intense and well written. I am very sympathetic to his anti-imperialism anti-materialism anti-commercialism, as he was being beaten he abandoned gradualism and education in favour of a disciplinarian approach, cometh the time cometh the text,

      The politicide the the west has consciously inflicted on the Arabs is going to provoke resistance..

      During Bloody Sunday there was a claim that the IRA had initiated the firing and when film was produced of an IRA man returning fire the British felt vindicated, till one Para pointed out that yes the IRA returned fire when the Para's attacked the civil rights march, but that it was obviously just men grabbing whatever they had to hand and haphazardly returning fire, the man filmed for instance was firing a sawn-off 12 bore at troops vastly out of range,

      in the same way Islamism is the only weapon to hand right now for a lot of people, guys like Zaid and Diaspura would know far better than me how things now stand on the ground with the people.

      I spent the day driving through a flooded Ireland, its like its sinking and am in a Dublin airport hotel many miles from the Arabs, preparing to fly to a city that has just today apprehended two Arab 'suspects'.

      A German woman I know who was also wearing a Kuffiyeh, warned me not to wear mine, last week, i am never without it, its cold at the moment, "No I told her I am going to wear mine like a flag" thats what I learned from Qutb, if we can't have peace and freedom then let us fight.

      we should like to flip the finger to all those civilisors, crusaders, progressives who have all decided 'ISIS' must be destroyed, do Euro/Americans never learn.

      leave us alone, or interact within the bounds of the law.

    • If I can lay aside "extremism" for the moment there has been internal strife within Islam from day one, but the Prophet arbitrated and skillfully averted too much hasle, from the moment of his death to today Islam has been graced with numerous internal conflicts, pretty much like everyone else.

      Extremism, well you know that guy who wrote that letter Dr. Farid Esack that they inscribed on the wall in Palestine, he has a very interesting perspective on the Lal Masjid affair from a few years ago, he knew the main guy, here is something,

      " "In the Western news media and even much of the Pakistani press, the story was framed as crazed radical Islamist forces challenging relatively restrained government forces. Indeed, the two brothers who ran the mosque preached an interpretation of Islam that was mostly reactionary and sometimes violent. None of us in the car -- two Muslims and one Christian, all progressive in theological and political thought -- supported such views.

      But there was more to the story. Farid Esack, one of the world's foremost progressive Muslim theologians who was in Pakistan to teach and lecture, and Junaid Ahmad, a Pakistani-American activist and law student directing the lecture series, both pointed out that key social/economic aspects of the story were being overlooked.

      In addition to calls for shariah law under a fundamentalist Islamic state, Lal Masjid imams Abdur Rashid Ghazi and Mohammed Abdul Aziz critiqued the corruption of Pakistani political, military and economic elites, highlighting the living conditions of the millions of Pakistanis living in poverty. As in most Third-World societies, the inequality gap here has widened in recent years, as those who find their place in the U.S.-dominated neoliberal economic project prosper while most ordinary people suffer, especially the poor.

      "We can reject the jihadist and patriarchal aspects and still recognize that there is in this fundamentalist philosophy a call for social justice, a challenge to the power-seeking and greed of elites," said Esack, the author of Qur'an: Liberation and Pluralism. "When I spoke with Ghazi, it was clear that was an important part of his thinking, and it's equally clear that the appeal of this theology is magnified by the lack of meaningful calls for justice from other sectors of society." "

      link to

    • "That Africans most surely dominated and subjugated the emerging caucasion or mixed afro-caucosoid lighter brown /lighter eyed humans and gradually pushed them north out of Africa when African kingdoms ruled the earth for nearly 10,000 years of mostly lost pre-history?"

      "mixed afro-caucosoid lighter brown...." is this from the afro-caucasoid bible, " most surely dominated and subugated" sick,

      "the Africans" but they were all Africans or were the afro-caucasoids dual passport holders, yeah they bailed, figures, call of the caucasos no doubt.

      weapons grade stupidity.

    • hi Diaspura at great effort I have couple of links here to Toths "Qutb: Life and Legacy of an Radical Islamic Intellectual", for those who know nothing of this I would really suggest you read the intro here:

      link to

      and I put in different terms to get these pages

      link to

      Don't let people lie to you about Qutb, Islamism or Arsuzi, Aflaq et al, their ignorance is both pitiful and malicious.

    • "Lastly, the radicalisation of the muslim world didn’t begin with Western intervention, even if said intervention has fanned the flames. The reactionary bigots like Qutb and the like do hate America for what it stands for."

      You are implying that Qutb, who lived in British ruled Egypt pre-dates "Western Intervention", thats a howler boy, and renders all the rest pretty worthless,

      however as to 'reactionary bigot" there's a lot more to Qutb, have you read al-madina al-mashura, thorns, the whole of Social Justice in Islam? he was a secularist, essayist, literary man, like most of his generation western orientated and modernist, like many many 3rd world people WW2 was a seminal event, he discovered Islam as a culture, you may come across these writings in those texts you poured over, they were utterly alienated by the horrors of the camps, the eastern front, hundreds of thousands of their sons fought in Europe and elsewhere and saw modern war up close, many many people felt very alienated from Western Civilization by these horrors, and the open and contemptuous manner the British treated the King and state, after each public humiliation, like the Mahir affair, the King would go on embarrassing public binges, again you may come across this in those texts that predate Western intervention in the ME.

      lets recall that he was executed sometime ago, '60's, he may sound strange to a modern ear, however he was a good writer, interesting literary critic and he went to his death obdurate and brave, resisting western domination is not of itself bigoted and being an advocate of Islamic literary culture, not really popular with the people as a whole, does not automatically mark one as reactionary, it is true that he is not to my mind very good on religion, a bit Hegelian with all the beauty stuff, though he only read Arabic he was knowledgeable about Western Literary theory which he writes about extensively and very sympathetically.

      Your thesis is history teaches us that they hate us, really, because a hundred years ago we weren't intervening and still they raged?

      hate is not a necessary condition for resistance, why don't you lay out Qutb's words and criticize them, that would be interesting.

  • Debunking the 3 D's of Israeli hasbara – distortions, diversions and defamations
    • Ron Nixon "Selling Apartheid"

      ‘Buy, bribe, or bluff your way’

      "From the earliest days of apartheid in the late 1940s, DF Malan’s government sought to win US support, by convincing Americans that a white minority government in South Africa was a critical bulwark against continent-wide communism.

      Amid growing international criticism under Malan’s successor JG Strijdom, the apartheid propaganda machine was refined and professionalised. Public revulsion towards the 1960 Sharpeville massacre – when 69 black protesters were killed by police – saw the need for pro-apartheid material to be produced, and at speed. The Hamilton Wright Organisation, a public relations firm with experience representing unpopular governments, was called in. It produced articles and films featuring beaming black South Africans and scenic wildlife, and distributed them worldwide.

      It was under then information minister Connie Mulder in the 1970s that South Africa’s propaganda efforts picked up serious steam. Mulder told the government that what South Africa needed was a campaign that would “buy, bribe, or bluff its way into the hearts and minds of the world”, Nixon quotes. Mulder hired a former journalist called Eschel Rhoodie to counter the negative perception of South Africa spreading worldwide, and Rhoodie was given access to a secret fund of millions, Nixon claims.

      South Africa needed to buy, bribe, or bluff its way into the hearts and minds of the world

      It was Rhoodie who hired the expensive New York public relations firm to undertake the survey which delivered such devastating results as to South Africa’s global popularity. From this realisation came the action plan that would see the infamous founding of The Citizen, a newspaper intended to counter left-leaning media such as the Rand Daily Mail.

      Mulder, Rhoodie and Vorster would eventually be brought down in the scandal known as Muldergate, in which the trio were implicated in moving millions of rand from the defence budget to undertake a series of propaganda projects. “More than anything,” writes Nixon “the scandal would destroy the widely held popular opinion that while apartheid-era leaders supported a harsh and repressive policy which denied blacks their rights, they personally weren’t corrupt or out to enrich themselves.”

      link to

  • Trump's religion test for immigrants is standard practice in Israel
    • Turned away from Jordan they were forced to holiday in Eilat, judging by the manner in which Israeli's behave in the west bank I would guess that the border guards would look with a pretty jaundiced eye at Israeli's sporting tefillin, as one Israeli mentioned in the article was reported to be doing on his way to Jordan and any overtly Jewish symbols with concern, they could well be nutters, and the Jordanians surely have a right to control their border, were they stripped, did any one demand their passwords seize their devices? anyone get one of those boys in a choke hold?

      is Eilat that bad?

    • I saw a kid with an air Jordan Yarmulke, and have a link to prove it, unlicensed kippot logos are apparently rampant, couldn't find anything else.

      link to

  • Elliott Abrams wants John Kerry to STFU about Palestine
    • “Is it necessary to expand on the statement that some people commit violent acts (unjustified in my view) and consider them to be permitted or demanded by Islam and that others encourage this? Paris is the capital of prostitution and perversity and so forth.”

      Hughes you are bland with a frenetic intensity.

      Ok I will address this post, I warn you I may have to unleash the ultimate horror, I will try to avoid it, but due to the nature of your statements I may have to preface an assertion with “As Muslim I…” I hope it won’t be necessary.

      The paragraph above is a kind of stream-of-consciousness riff on contempt for the ‘othered’ “Paris is the capital of prostitution and perversity” now there is the voice of Islam ! “permitted or demanded by Islam” Islam never even texts me “and others encourage this” others? Like gun makers, political players or are Muslims and Islam the sole focus of your analysis? How and by whom is it encouraged?

      (unjustified in my view) you worried about MI5? I hurt my belly laughing man, to clarify that is also my view, as demanded or permitted by Islam, I never leave home without it, can’t catch me out there, no encouraging going on here, guv.

      So to recap: Islam( not necessarily authentic, unjustified, permitted or demanded, severely provoked, encouraged by some unnamed agents possibly Muslim or perhaps even Islam) violence, is that it?

      “I did not say or suggest that these ideas are authentic in Islam. I certainly did not deny that just the same is true of other religious and non-religious worldviews. I do not deny that Muslims have been grievously provoked.”

      Whats with all the irrelevant denials, like I give a shit what you or anyone else thinks is authentic in Islam, what anyone thinks is authentic in Islam, this goes for everyone, has little purchase on life.

      I think you are a racist, which I note you haven’t denied, may I draw my own conclusions, in this final para, you are conceding that Muslims are just like all other human objects/subjects in this array, the same is true of everyone? It doesn't get you off the hook man you can’t speak because you are deeply conflicted, so if Muslims are just the same what is it that distinguishes them Hughes?

      There is ‘violence’ because the west is attacking countries and communities wherein Muslims live.

      Ok here goes and

      As a Muslim “the centre of perversity and prostitution” does not resonate with me at all, I do not recognize it from my study of Islam? Do you know where it comes from? Is it an advert for Paris? So you are either saying nothing at all, or what is it about Islam/Muslims you are saying?

    • 'someone replied ‘You’re no Muslum (sic),, (sic)bro!’
      Which illustrates the fact that there are forces within Islam that call, and sometimes call effectively, for terrible things in the name of their faith'

      could you expand on that? especially the "sometimes call effectively"

      what are you saying here, itsIslamthoughsometimesbruv, Londoners don't say bro, enjoy the Dutch Bible/Quran experiment below, i believe no Muslims were harmed in the making of the film linked below

  • Coming Monday on Mondoweiss — Advertisements
    • I am not seeing any ads, that's right discriminate against the Muslim, I waste money as well as the next person, in other news

      "Doubling of Muslims refused entry at Cork Airport"

      "Further armed gardaí are expected to be posted to the airport as concerns heighten about the continuing threat of Islamic extremist terrorist attacks in Western Europe.

      Gardaí are also liaising closely with the Muslim community in Cork and monitoring its own ranks amid fears of infiltration by Islamic State (IS) cells or ‘lone wolf’ fighters.

      Senior gardaí say around 40 people who had arrived at the airport on foreign flights in the past two months had been refused entry"

      link to

      I know the whole community in Cork its tiny, one bar could accommodate us all, I gave them an ornate Quran, wonder if I should turn myself in.

      I have to fly next week, I can hardly wait, wonder if they'll let me back in, this is what passes for my home.

  • Why Rabbi Susan Talve was called a 'real terrorist' by St Louis activists
    • "are palestinian men just breathtakingly gorgeous in abundance."

      its not just the Palestinians, we all rugged and dark and those boys, those boys their hearts are the most beautiful part of them.

    • Ah thanks Annie, hope my usual Friday dispensation is in operation, i watched the video of the boys at their brothers funeral, and now i don't know what to do.

    • 'To expect perfection from someone while you are far from perfect yourself is peak hypocrisy"

      "perfection" really is that what Handsup are calling for, crimes can not ratify crimes,

      I not only have ethnically cleansed no one, neither has my 'race', I am myself somewhat ethnically grubby, its shocking, we don't breed true,


      I would recommend the choral sophistication of the Heptones to people of all persuasions, the pitch perfect and the tone deaf, its for us all, the genuine and the ....

  • Taking on jihadists without taking on racism is a lost battle
    • without recommending that anyone actually read the mu'allafat al kamila, i offer a link to a pdf about the Alawite(?) Zaki al Arsuzi, it deals with the Alexandretta crisis.

      link to

      and this from global research, which quotes Darwishs' how can ghosts bleed thing, that guy could really sum up the Arab experience:

      AMERICA’S “NEW IRAQ”: “Vengeance Beyond the Grave”. Killings, Kidnappings, Concentration Camps…

      Felicity Arbuthnot

      "The day before the Bacchalian extravaganza, on al Maliki’s instructions, an official was dispatched to Salahuddin Governorate, where Saddam Hussein was born in the village of al Awja and where he was taken for burial, after his US-backed lynching and the shocking subsequent treatment of his body. His two sons, summarily gunned down by US troops in Mosul, in July 2003, with his fifteen year old grandson, are also buried there.

      Maliki’s envoy delivered an order to the Chief of Saddam’s al-Bu Nasir clan, Hassan al Nada, that the tomb be closed and the remains of the former President transferred elsewhere.(i)

      Is it not dictators and despots who dictate, and order, while democratically elected Prime Ministers debate and decide by consensus?

      “To order the closure of the tomb is strange, especially since it houses bodies of Abdul Rahman Arif and Abdul Karim Kassem’, commented Nada.

      Arif, passionate pan-Arabist, was President from 1966-1968. As a then career soldier, he had supported the bloody overthrow of the British imposed monarchy in 1958, as President he sent Iraqi troops to fight against Israel in the 1967 Six Day War. He died in exile in Amman, Jordan, in 2007, having left Iraq after the invasion.

      Kassem led the 14th July 1958 revolution, became first post-revolution Prime Minister (1958-1963) speedily closing the open door policy which had facilitated monopolies in, as Iraqis put it: “plundering the country’s oil wealth and ties Iraq to imperialist alliances.” ......

      " “They ordered the bodies dug up, the tombs destroyed and the dead men dragged out of their graves”, wrote Thomas Asbridge in his authoritative history of the Crusades.(ii) He was writing of 1098.Iraq has not been taken back a hundred years since the invasion, a repeated refrain from Iraqis, but nearly thousand it seems. "......

      "After Iraq fell, chillingly symbolized by the covering of the face of the statue of Saddam Hussein with a US flag, on 9th April 2003 and its toppling, al Maliki became deputy leader of the Supreme National Debaathification Commission – the purging of all former Baath party (ie pan-Arabism supporters) members from employment.

      The tomb of the co-founder of Pan Arabism, philosopher and sociologist, Michel Aflaq (1910-1989) was erased by US bulldozers.

      In 1991 after the Basra Road massacre, General Norman Schwarzkopf announced that there was : “No one left to kill.” As April 9th approaches, the ninth anniversary of the destruction of the statue and Iraq, it seems al Maliki has outdone Shwarzkopf. He has moved on to attacking the dead."

      you may not have got the message, we did and understand its crude symbolism pretty completely but perhaps we flatter ourselves, we are after all unreformed, and long may it remain so.

  • 'New York Times' uncorks laughable Israeli propaganda
    • Its weird Amigo, you can buy wine anywhere in Ireland, many petrol stations village shops, stout however is also freely available, but Barley Wine is the drink of the Devil. No one drank wine here much 30 years ago, that i remember.

      A while ago I was innocently wondering if a4tech preferred mujaawad or murattal renderings, I was rebuffed, so here is Abu Nuwas, doing his 'papa got a brand new bag' act, you have to laugh he lampoons the classical poets 'the wretches......who grieve over tent pegs'. He prefers not grieving wine and the company of young women (sometimes boys), "where's the pub" is his main concern.

      If you click play at the link a guy very mujawaad reads the Arabic which goes red and the English pops up right by it, its great, probably an Israeli invention.

      link to

    • "And why, exactly, is it orientalist to say that winemaking was outlawed after the Islamic conquest of the Holy Land in the seventh century? Truth is orientalist now?"

      "Great is the difference between the Turks and Persians, for the Turks being by law prohibited, abstain from wine yet drink it covertly, but the Persians, now as of old, drink openly and with excess"
      Thomas Herbert 1627
      Abu Nuwas?

      Copts have never stopped making wine, whole classes of the Islamic polities the intelligentsia, high officials and Caliphs were famous for their drinking, one of the governors of Basra was so drunk during the Juma that he puked over the steps of the minbar ( not minibar), while giving the khutbah.

      "Paradoxically, it was Muslim chemists who were responsible for developing distillation to a high level of sophistication and transmitting it to Europe via Spain. Although distillation is a process which arose independently in different places in the world, Muslims greatly improved distillation technology. In the eighth century Muslims developed that distinctively shaped apparatus which is a staple of every chemistry laboratory - the alembic - for the efficient collection of distillate through a descending condensation tube. … "

      alcoholism is and always has been a problem in the Muslim world, but yes its banned in Islam, as all Orientalists know, unless you are hanafite or one those hanbalites, I usually have a glass of champagne before Friday Prayers and always take a hip flask, in case the sermon is too long.

      link to

    • "into the nonsensical kūsʾemet"

      really, kus ummak is far from meaningless in Arabic, title of famous poem about the nation (Egypt) don't use it in polite society.

  • Golem and Big Brother
  • Israel moves to shut down the only Palestinian theater in Jerusalem
    • i saw a traveling troupe from al-hakawati in London in the '70's sometime. i still think about it, they did some very powerful pieces.

  • The only way to take on ISIS is to take on Wahhabi doctrine
    • Mr Falic, Sir, you are an Scholar and an Gentleman, thanks for the above, I couldn't be bothered to get in to this one.

      But as someone who lived through the 'wahabization' of a Muslim community and its emergence into prominence, I am inspired to make a few trite observations and perhaps as one of the few here who has had loads of confrontations with wahhabi types over the years of communal service, maybe I could say something, but am really speaking to you Mr. Falic, and am appreciative of what you write above, will not be making an argument just some disjointed observations. Because, i think the analysis here about wahabism is misconceived.

      1. wahhabism, what can you say, it is the state ideology of a ferociously repressive regime and thus historically, after the formation of the state, after the Ikhwani period, Wahhabism was noted for its political quietism, being mainly concerned with avoiding hell for raising your hands the wrong number of times during prayer, this is a a huge issue, vast literature of mutual denunciation, is it once at the beginning or every Allahu Akbar moment.

      2. Mr Abboud alludes to it above but let me say explicitly Wahhabism is a contagion whose vector is money. The Saudi's pay for it. In the UK it was the terrible era of Mosque building that allowed them to subvert and corrupt the community.

      3. Anti-clericalism/scholasticism: The Scholars annoy Muslims, who are mainly concerned with a narrow focus on their own praxis and want definitive answers that the Scholars are often unwilling to propose, thus especially in the Diaspora the appeal of Deobandi type of stuff, similar to wahhabism, we used to use the shorthand term ahl-ul-bayt for this type of sunni which represents not a commitment to some revolutionary Islamic ideology but actually the domestication and institutionalization of Islam in the west, i could say a lot more but let us move on.

      4. the less said about al-islah the better, though i believe it is a project close to Mr.Weiss' heart.

      5. Murji'a,

      6. so I dont think al-q or isil are wahabi as such, they are something quite different, Khwarij. Wahhabism as it is requires allegiance to the house of Saud, that is its point, why else would Saudis spend so much on it.

      7. Salafi: its great everyone learning all this new terminology, to me Salafist means Afghani, Abduh, Rida, Kawakibi et al, Hasan al banna formed the MB in opposition to wahhabism and other such strains, to use Islamist to mean wahabi confuses me, for most of my life Islamist most often meant socialist 3rd world developmentalist, to concede the entirety of Islamism to wahhabism seems wrong to me.

      8. Sunni, this a new identity, i have only recently become one, I used to just be a Muslim, i have often prayed next to shi'i in what i used to think of Mosques, which I now realize are Sunni Mosques, brave new world.

      9. Bandeleros' comment above to me is a bit problematic for the following reasons.

      the idea that all conflicts in the Muslim world or involving Muslims are driven by religion is not well founded, Abu Sayyaf are Moro nationalists resisting an exploitative central government and look at the history of Acheh, his list of conflicts are all about local or regional issues, political, social and economic rather than religion, and predate Al-q and sometimes wahhabism itself, i would say. If you have heard of say Qaradawi, how many people would realize that he is anti-wahhabi?

      10. Wahhabism whose character is neurosis, extroversion, ignorance and laziness: why Muslims dont take it very seriously, the errors are elementary and glaring: Sh. M.H. Kabbani elaborates.

      link to

      just a note Yoni: "I have only been able to read Arabic sufficiently well to have an idea what the real issues are for about two years."

      Some years ago we sponsored some Azharites to come and study Hebrew in the UK, they discovered that they could transfer from Hebrew to Arabic, in which they were already quite proficient and could get 1st class degrees for no effort from top UK universities, we were disappointed,
      during a self lacerating meeting one of the Shuyukh asked of the others how many of you speak and read Persian, we all starred at our feet,

      so that made me cry when i read it Yoni, respect.

      I dont think "Islamic" doctrines or conflicts are a relevant area of study for those who want to understand what is happening in the ME, there is a lot more to it. Many people see it differently and i guess many of the Ulema I knew would be quite close to Mr.Abbouds position, but then they had been dealing with the likes Omar Bakri et al and were really pissed off with the Saudi's.

      from the link

      "One of the Successors of the Prophet (s), the caliph Umar ¦ ibn Abd al-Azīz said, “I don’t like to see the Companions of Prophet (s) agreeing on the same issue, rather I prefer to see them disagree.”

      What he meant was that if the Companions, who are the main reference for the Shariah, disagree, different valid viewpoints would emerge, and in this way more solutions to the same problem would become available. This kind of dispute never divides the community.

      In fact there is a saying, “The differences among my Community are a mercy” which the scholars of Islam agree is correct in meaning. Ibn Taymiyya said, “The consensus of the Imams [of law] on a question is a definitive proof, and their divergence of opinion is a vast mercy.” "

    • So Bush invaded iraq in support of his close allies in Iran (Shia) and Hussein (Sunni) was allied to the Sunni Kings (especially those of Kuwait and Saudi) by the bond of Sunnism?

  • Hillary Clinton equates ISIS and Hamas
    • Roha: The Vietnamese intervention is of course used by Chomsky as case of justifiable and well executed intervention. Sierra Leone is a touch more complex, couple of scholars at Maryland U have written a brief and interesting case study, Tony Blair praised it and it was the model that re-established neo-Palmerstonian "diplomacy":

      link to

      Mooser: "you can help people by killing them and blowing up their stuff?"

      what is genuinely absurd is that if we take the current situation in "Syraq" we are being asked not to support intervention to correct the effects of our previous intervention, we are being asked to support intervention to counter our current and on-going intervention, i believe thats two rounds of "rewards" we may award ourselves, plunder in common parlance, the toil of the good heart never ends.

    • "If country X will enter a period of peace, prosperity and the rule of law"

      "at little cost"

      "The interventionists may find it more difficult than they think to keep their costs low and may decide (though I don’t think that all interventionists are insincere from the beginning) that they are entitled to help themselves to some rewards from the territory."

      I believe you are correct that Interventionists sincerely believe that they "are entitled to help themselves to some rewards from the territory", and you have the gall to mention "law" in your first sentence.

      Is this the result of your belief that

      "It might be argued that a legitimate ruler, like Lincoln or Obama, is allowed to use violence in a way that a tyrant is not".
      link to

      This is a scandalous notion, your leaders are not mandated by heaven, nor a popular plebiscite to rule over us. Why dont they just obey the laws that they themselves have promulgated. All the terms that you casually throw around, peace, prosperity, law, cost, tyrant, rewards need examination,

      "I must say the prospect looks attractive" any situation in which one gets to award oneself "rewards" is inherently attractive.

  • 'NYT' only counts Jews when it pronounces Thursday 'deadliest day of violence'
    • "Why don’t you tell us about the places where “black racism” functions in place of the usual white racism we know?"

      so naive

      "Please, where is this place where this has happened?"

      It happens on The Dance Floor, every damn night, I also laugh at the shapes my white brothers cut, on the dance floor.

  • Nerves/Gas at Rachel's Tomb
    • Sorry about the OT comment, one thing that struck me about the photo's is that this is not a Jewish shrine at all, its a Zionist shrine complete with suffocating wall and all the rituals of inviolable security coupled with a pervasive sense of dread, they should call the hertzilium .

    • Dabaa is much easier to pronounce than Fukushima, which i am confident it will soon eclipse,

      the phrase "nuclear power plant in Egypt", fills me with unease, not that i am implying that Egyptians are not perfectly capable of being competent, when we can be bothered, everything always goes wrong in Egypt, we expect it, and will no doubt thrive on a cesium rich and radioactive diet .

      An Egyptian nuclear bomb? with a power station we may not in fact need one.

      "Moscow and Cairo signed an agreement on Thursday for Russia to build a nuclear power plant in Egypt, with Russia extending a loan to Egypt to cover the cost of construction.

      A spokesman for Russia's state-owned nuclear firm Rosatom said the plant, Egypt's first, would be built at Dabaa in the north of the country and was expected to be completed by 2022.

      Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, speaking on state TV, gave few details but said the project would involve the building of a 'third-generation' plant with four reactors."

      link to

  • West's war against terrorism is Israel's war, Chuck Schumer says
    • 'Quite a few Palestinians do not regard themselves as “Arabs”. What would you call them?'

      Arab does not mean Arabian, you could mean Arabic speaking Armenians in Palestine and Lebanon?

      You could mean Walid Phares, there is an excellent rule of thumb, Arabs who spell Faris/Fares as Phares are Phascist Phalangists Phoenicians, you may be right ( i doubt it) but we are not compelled to take them at their word.

      these one liners are getting tedious you need to develop that argument, to fully reveal its vacuity. You don't know what Arab means.

  • Netanyahu: In wake of Paris attacks, world should condemn attacks against Israel
    • "emphasis on rough,"

      you are way too humble thanks,

      As to Sykes-Picot I am old enough to remember that Europeans would laugh at you and talk about Arabs and conspiracy theories etc, a Russian forgery we were told, you believe Stalin?

  • Paris and Islamophobia
    • No calls for forgiveness, as after the much praised words of the Charleston church survivors, but a rabidly vengeful Hollande laying waste to Syria right away, or would forgiveness not be appropriate in this instance?

      The French Intifada: how the Arab banlieues are fighting the French state
      Andrew Hussey:

      "The atmosphere was strangely festive. Behind the reinforced steel and glass of the Eurostar terminal, new arrivals from London were ushered into Paris by soldiers with machine guns – the glittering capital of Europe now apparently a war zone. They looked on the scene with horror. But it was exhilarating to watch kids hopping over metro barriers, smoking weed and shouting, walking wherever they wanted, disobeying every single one of the tight rules that normally control access to the station. It was also frightening, because these kids could now hurt you whenever they wanted. They had abolished all the rules, including the rule of law."

      link to

  • The way for Americans to take on the Islamic state is to end support for Jewish nationalism
    • thank you ckg, it is any easy mistake to make, thanks for the clarification,

      Mooser, did you find yourself called upon to lead the Jews in prayer? ever

      Fatih caries it of in style, how many Jews are needed for prayer? in Islam it is either one or none.

      he is Caucasian, and honestly he really has something about him, in Austin Texas, we are everywhere.

    • "Okay, that sounds right. Isn’t that how it goes?"

      Cool Mooser,

      "The first, most violent and ruthless resistance towards it came from the Arabs themselves, the Prophets own tribe in fact. It goes to show that Islam isnt about a specific people or tribe or nationality, it is a message meant for the humanity on the whole."

      and we should resist it ruthlessly? on the whole.

      Did you know Justin Beiber is an Arab, and very devout.

    • "In the Quran itself, it is stated God made us into many nations for us to get to know each other. It is clearly mentioned that we are not made to all amalgamate into one mess of a nation"

      "It is clearly mentioned that we are not made to all amalgamate into one mess of a nation"


      this for example 5:48 or 49:13, so

      would you care to prove that baseless lie and slander.

      I think that i am entitled to insist that you do so in an al asl fil kalam al haqiqa mood to avoid dispute
      and tasfir al quran bil quran stylee to guard against any extraneous shit.

      also in the chambers/rooms/apartments/hujurat he does start by pointing out not unreasonably that first you are males and females, no fraternizing there either?, or do you think the old goat might have been hinting at,.. well ask a Jew about Biblical Knowing, its the best kind?

      speaking of biological roots do you know Desi Roots, he insists you go deh right, if you do it are expected to do it right.

    • "The hypocrisy would be appalling were it not so functional: the biggest impediment to both the reform of Islam and peace in the Middle East that Americans have the ability to remove is our support for a militant Jewish ideology that few Arabs and Muslims have ever accepted."

      "the reform of Islam" what did you have in mind? and who have you slated for the job? will we get a call when the work has been completed? having called Sanders on belligerent self-righteousness, you want to do what to Islam? and why? supposing we refuse? supposing we reform wrong? you be ready to hold your nose and.....? No one can reform Islam, it would be like herding cats, we don't have the hierarchy, no one has much authority, its all very democratic.

      war is not emanating from Islam, reforming Islam (see above) wont really engender peace,

      what precisely are the religious elements in these wars and what does it mean to be multi-casual in terms of these wars, any of them not involve the US and its regional and global ambitions and those of its allies? how is Islam causing war?

      " ideology that few Arabs and Muslims have ever accepted."

      you find me one people anywhere anytime who think/thought they are/were ripe for settler colonization, just one will be the jackpot.

      "We should stop lecturing Muslims"

      but that will be Post Reformation? obviously.

      oh i missed the qualifier that Americans have the ability to remove, yes foreign policy in the US is outside the Sovereign will of the people, like domestic and fiscal policy, well you know something you mentioned reform, mate.

      Michel Collon an interesting and famous Belgian points out a few things you might want to keep in mind, it was the reform thing man, your parochialism is showing, whats a good and bad Arab

  • Israeli hospital raid reflects the criminal behavior of the country’s political leadership
    • I see you give the sura's name and number, weird, either will do, and that you are using the sahih international translation, its not very good for example Dr. Ghali translates it as "and they were scheming, and God was scheming; and God is the most charitable of schemers"8:30

      puzzled why you left out the 1st part of the ayat, are you qualified to do that, its so relevant considering the topic, Ghali renders it thus

      "And as the ones who have disbelieved were scheming to confine you, or kill you, or to drive you out" 8:30,

      Do you think its best rendered md or ml, if you know what i mean, you should be able to work that out, even an alert impostor should be able to easily confound me, unless they are lazy.

      I would have thought you would be more conversant with the 63rd sura, sure only 55 sura's to labour through to get there, you'll enjoy its startling relevance.

      "logical evidence that the same government played a major role in the current ISIS terror reign in the Middle East, the recent Beirut bombings, the assasination of Hariri, the Charlie Hebdo attacks and lastly the Paris terror attacks yesterday" a4tech.

      what is the logical evidence for such a claim? you seem to be changing direction, have you been checked for radicalization recently, now maybe a good time, its a simple though not painless procedure, these things can just sneak up on you.

  • US and Israel rewrite history of UN resolution that declared Zionism is racism
    • "gamal – – It isn’t clear to me who is a “Zionist”, in your view."

      Repeat after me "I have no authority over Arabs and must stop telling them what to do"

      i never answer questions without a thorough water-boarding.

      that clear.

    • "any Palestinian solidarity with BLM is a really bad idea, huh?"

      Cannings point is that Zionists are not doing racism right and when Americans find that out....

      there will consequences, not too many though as he says Arabs will accept any shit whatsoever, its a great comfort, and the head Arab is eager sign whatever you've got.

      If only those pesky Zionist reverse racists would get on board, i share his frustration, if not his analysis.

  • Zionism, anti-blackness, and the struggle for Palestine
  • Why do Palestinians burn Jewish holy sites?: The fraught history of Joseph’s Tomb
    • Next year in the Haram, sacred to all, tear gas looks like incense, who's to know.

      "Sacred" is one of those words that seems to have no meaning whatsoever.

  • Israel gets to use violence. Palestinians don't. That's the rule
    • "Even the use of that word is problematic."

      but there is no word for "defense" in the English language a neutral descriptive like lamentable, morally repulsive "violence" will just have to do,

  • Egypt's destruction of Gaza tunnels leading to economic and environmental disaster
    • Egypt is at war with itself, the ruling clique are ardent servants of empire and neo-liberalism from which they profit sumptuously,

      and "The state of emergency will cover Al-Arish and other surrounding areas. It went into effect on Tuesday, 27 October". El-Arish is closer to Beersheba than Zagazig, much closer.

      From what i have heard the putsch going on in rural areas against the baltagiya (link to is grim and bloody, beyond imagination.

      Pharoah wants Gaza to collapse and will raise Sinai in pursuit of that objective.

      "Egypt extends North Sinai state of emergency for 3rd time this year

      " The northern part of the mountainous Sinai Peninsula has been the epicentre of an Islamist insurgency that spiked following the 2013 ouster of Islamist president Mohamed Morsi after mass protests against his one year rule.

      The violence has killed hundreds of soldiers and policemen in the restive region."

      link to

  • The idea that people living under violent military occupation must be instructed in nonviolence is problematic
    • "so is W.Jones"

      "You would have to ask how Christianity was able to survive there (10% of Palestinians were Christian in 1900) after 1200 years of Islamic rule. The Turks and some of the medieval Caliphates were quite brutal, for example."

      you have no idea how wrong you are Zaid, the evangelist is no friend of yours, anyone wishing to evangelise amongst Muslims or Arabs who thinks its a safe bet to imply a caliphal brutal millenium of repression of Christians, its a safe guess its Islam after all, well a very bright and rather admiral Jew at Yale puts Jones' nasty little prejudice to rest watch, he is quite specific, which reveals that the evangelist hasn't even bothered to read anything other propagandistic trash, 14, 15, 16, Freedman is not a specialist and is therefore just giving what scholarship accepts as the documentary record nothing controversial or difficult, only 15 if you lazy and wish to stick to the brutal point. Jones' discussion of Aztecs, Amerindians, Spaniards and Frenchmen was a study in the whites morbid obsession with domination.

    • Sorry forgot link to the Muslims were with Gandhi not Jinnah, you know what we are like, no attention to detail (e.m.forster, passage to India, leave me my allusions)

      link to

    • "I wonder how many sockpuppets there are who intentionally write things like this to either make Palestinians look bad or to encourage them to write self-incriminating trash."

      Jones sad to see you succumb to rhetorical violence, non-violence is not for everyone i suppose, and so little provocation, are you sure you understand non-violence as it applies to you? I mean Gandhi just laughed when Muhammad Ali denounced Hinduism, with repellent discourtesy, here check below from a review of Singhs famous book, even though you are a Christian White Man you still have to make a convincing argument, Gandhi's career is rather well known and much studied in much close detail in the Arab and Muslim worlds, the Pashtuns of Bacha Khan, who witnessed Ali's insolence and Gandhi's forbearance, became a famous leader of a remarkable non-violent movement, famously viciously tortured and murdered in large numbers by Christians, Gandhi taught by example dear Jones I will for go the opportunity to incriminate myself, there's always tomorrow, and you seem to have done as good as job as possible with self incrimination today, whats the Welsh for munafiqun?

      "Gandhi, after promising swaraj within a year, withdrew the Non-Cooperation Movement in the wake of communal riots in Kerala and, of course, the famous Chauri Chaura incident in 1922. The Congress formally adopted full independence as its goal only in 1931. His second objection was that non-violence would not succeed. In this Jinnah was wrong.

      There is a remarkable sub-text in this speech, which has never been commented upon, at least to my knowledge. When Jinnah first referred to Gandhi, he called him 'Mr Gandhi'. There were instant cries of 'Mahatma Gandhi'. Without a moment's hesitation, Jinnah switched to 'Mahatma Gandhi'.

      Later, he referred to Mr Mohammad Ali, the more flamboyant of the two Ali Brothers, both popularly referred to as Maulana. There were angry cries of 'Maulana'. Jinnah ignored them. He referred at least five times more to Ali, but each time called him only Mr Mohammad Ali.

      Let us leave the last word to Gandhi. Writing in Harijan of June 8, 1940, Gandhi said, 'Quaid-e-Azam himself was a great Congressman. It was only after the non-cooperation that he, like many other Congressmen belonging to several communities, left. Their defection was purely political.'

      In other words, it was not communal. It could not be, for almost every Muslim was with Gandhi when Jinnah left the Congress.

      History might be better understood if we did not treat it as a heroes-and-villains movie. Life is more complex than that. The heroes of our national struggle changed sometimes with circumstances. The reasons for the three instances I cite are very different; their implications radically at variance. I am not making any comparisons, but only noting that leaders change their tactics.

      Non-violent Gandhi, who broke the empire three decades later, received the Kaiser-I-Hind medal on June 3, 1915 (Tagore was knighted the same day) for recruiting soldiers for the war effort.

      Subhas Chandra Bose, ardently Gandhian in 1920, put on a uniform and led the Indian National Army with support from the Fascists.

      Jinnah, the ambassador of unity, became a partitionist.

      The question that should intrigue us is why. "

  • The Case for Parallel States: Excerpt from 'One Land, Two States: Israel and Palestine as Parallel States'
    • " “This plan does that.”

      "Absolutely, this plan does that. Israel won’t, but this plan does". Mooser

      "Israel won’t, but this plan does"."

      Actually Just a little bit, I am in awe, who is taking Mark home, is he ok, 6 words, its all over, after a whole bullshit decade, Mooser no he's had enough, no further retorts, that used to be a Liberal Humanist Poster Boy, look at it now.

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