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born part Arab part Scots/Irish, worked in training ulema for the european environment/ journalist broadcaster for many years working mainly for bbc. From a faction of euro-islam much favored by the establishment, writer etc nothing really of interest may as well move along.

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  • Israel's top diplomat spouts anti-Semitic criticism of American Jews -- 'having quite convenient lives'
  • Pro-Israel groups' campaign against Linda Sarsour targets another progressive institution -- New School
    • "The list of leaders who were not/are not “universally admired” stretches to eternity"

      you make a key point, isn't the first thing why Linda Sarsour, given the weight of political opprobrium she already carries, might have taken the she position she has in regards of the Syrian crisis.

      marginal people, like me, if they are going to do any political, radical political, activity, have to take account of allsorts of real contingencies, I can mouth off as I please because " I dun dead already" and have no real world calculations to make

      do you remember the Fannon, Satre, Arent spat, really Satre Arent, about his "on violence" I think,

      assuming we can dispense with context and everything else, she wrote one thing that was really striking, about "The Struggle of Detachment" or some such, whose main characteristic was to place "impossible moral demands on those struggling", and thus neuter oneself.

      what is the correct universally admired position on Syria and what bearing does that have on anything?

      Always a way to avoid a discussion of substance in favour of impertinent opinion, sad to say but in the Mcarthyite environment that can we say "You" have allowed to develop, Arabs and Muslims have to be very careful what they say and when, and as one of the Zionists pointed out this includes school children as young as 7 in Belgium being monitored for signs of radicalization,

      which some claim to have seen RT did a report I am not going to search or link, as you know even kids with digital clocks can find themselves in hot water,

      so in this situation a responsible person would quote Sarsours views and examine why she might express such and indicate precisely what is condemnable about them, if one was sincere, as you point out.

      Lastly, not to rain on any parade, as Arabs, one thing Sarsour and I know full well, is that there is no victory in Syria, its suffering and conflict will continue, America and her satraps can not back out, perhaps Lebanon will collapse into war, it's not like anything we say will have any real effect on the unfolding catastrophe and the truth is Sarsour must prioritize her local and specific struggle over the general Arab catastrophe which is anything but over and likely to get much worse very soon, on balance. We can be made to pay, often unfairly, for anything we say, look at Arafat during the 1st gulf war.

  • Liberal Israeli leaders were contemplating genocide in Gaza already in 1967
    • “The only way is Essex”!

      ok lets deal with tawriya,

      the earliest example is in the line from 'Amr ibni Kulthums' mu'allaqa which ends with " ida ma'l mau halataha sahina" right thing is sahina could be an adjective in the adverbial accusative,

      " when it is mixed with water that is hot"....or it could be read as the first personal plural of the verb "sahiya" .."when it is mixed with water we become liberal".....

      we don't even know what poems mean let alone scripture....

    • "Eshkol also provides for other more apocalyptic options:

      “Perhaps we can expect another war and then this problem will be solved. But that’s a type of ‘luxury,’ an unexpected solution.”

      " Eshkol, the leftist ‘liberal Zionist,’ "

      I see the term Ziowahhabi is gaining currency in some circles

  • Bret Stephens equates anti-Zionists with white nationalists in the 'New York Times'
    • "Both claim the same Father, Abraham.”

      No, we cling to Hagars' skirt, Egyptian woman, rough handed and dark eyed.

  • Washing ashore in Hawaii
    • "you will have bought yourself citizenship"

      and even so as a ragged outsider, I am treated often with ceremonious courtesy and kind consideration of my numerous peculiarities,

      " Black Irish People are also included"

      there is amazingly a refugee dispersal centre near Glandore and one in Clon and a few dotted around, following the direct provision regimen, many of the men move on to work in fish processing, the women have it a bit tougher, and there are many Egyptian men here with out papers they come by sea, they fish no one bothers them, there are very many Eastern Europeans mainly working in services or technical trades, when i lived here decades ago it was almost only Irish I was exotic, not so any more

      everyone here is under severe financial strain, things are expensive sales tax is high, earning a living in these low population areas is tough,

      I am not active in the Irish economy I only spend money here, and because I adamantly refuse to use structures or any bullshit weaselling, i pay 60%, more than happy to do so and retain a modicum of self respect, but I have to say the Irish people are exemplary, in the Cork profond anyway, the legendary generosity of the Gael is no myth, life isn't easy anywhere anyway, but if I were to fall upon hard times I would rather be here than anywhere else on earth.

    • " in that either of their Grandparents is an Irish citizen .Great Grand Parents and beyond are not considered"

      I am that unlucky Irish, unlucky Octoroon, in Irish terms no Quadroon privileges for me, I still get to pay tax though at eyewatering levels, not to go all Catalan on not so bad at least I am inlcuded.

      "What,s with this “White ” people tripe.Is this racist mindset in your dna or did you learn it from someone."

      Hey you know Amigo when the play The Octoroon by Dion Boucicault toured in 1859/60, in the original a black/white couple are finally united after many misadventures, when it toured Europe in the states in the 1860's they had to craft an alternate tragic ending everyone dies so as to avoid the obscenity, to American sensibility, of a mixed race coupling, make of that what you will.

    • "Put more plainly, Trump is the result of colonization, not of democracy-gone-awry."

      the same process is under way in Ladbroke Grove, here is "failed by the state", North Kensington real estate needs some social cleansing, "warfare against those with low incomes", "when we hear regeneration we know it means degeneration"

  • 'The left has forgotten what it means to be Jewish'-- says leader of Israeli 'opposition'
    • " ISIS is not a Muslim State, it just claims to be"

      sure but an Islamic state makes this easier, lets assume they are synonymous, allow me to sow Sunni confusion,

      I am not clear how one would establish or reject the "Islamicness" of a state.


      After the period of charismatic leadership that ended with Ali the Caliphs were secular rulers, that they were not in control of dogma or "law" was a big headache for them.

      skipping ahead it was the modern guy Maududi, not a trained scholar, who advocated the notion that Islamic governance was established by implementation of that tortured term Sharia.

      in the 18th century attempts were made to turn fiqh into a statute law like what they Europeans had the main opponents were the Fiqhi scholars, who said our discipline is theoretical and can only be applied by a Cadi well versed in local mores, customs and cognisant of the effects that "legal" decisions would have locally, etc.

      Because i know little legal theory let me give you an example of why Sharia can not and has never been a legal system in the modern sense, it is a system of arbitration and is "non-proscriptive" (?):

      lets say we enter in to an invalid contract lets say i agree to sell you x bails of silk at a given price, you pay me, I go to Damascus to buy the silk, which I didn't own at the time of our contract, find it is more expensive than hoped and I buy x-2 bails, to maintain my profit and return,

      you say no way and we repair to the Qadi and present our contract, so he will say the contract is useless, but there is no punishment for having entered in to an "illegal" contract just the Qadi can't use it to resolve the dispute, so he will try to get everything back to the situation before the contract was enacted as much as possible.

      Is a state non-Islamic if it is monstrously cruel and unjust, perhaps but there is another factor here which is both culturally embedded and ideologically foundational in Islam,

      Islam, the religion and Islam the culture is deeply suspicious of States and rulers all, historically the State has pretty much always, from day one nearly, been in conflict with "organic" intellectuals of the Ulema and other interpreters,

      The Islamic view of the state is pessimistic, but still I don't know that I can say what is and isn't Islamic or who is or isn't a Muslim,

      the quest for real Islam and a real Islamic state or perhaps society would be better is oddly quite Un-Islamic because deeply embedded within in the Islamic canon is the notion that the state is not to be trusted and that people are enjoined to seek their own and their fellows ultimate welfare within whatever limits etc that they acknowledge, and distrust any and all "dominative" relationships, which are fraught with dangers,

      for instance if we look at the separation of church and state, this was the nature of the Caliphal state much to the chagrin of many Caliphs, however if we separate church and state and then present the state as an object of worship and infect our politics with a "progress" soteriology how are we any better off?

      no one can say what is or isn't Islam, good and just governance is another matter and nothing could be more Islamic, according to its own rhetoric, it all depends on how you look at things.

      I never felt anything for any state, whatever it calls itself, maybe I am frigid.

  • Target Hezbollah
    • "let alone other refugees trying to get into Iran or Hezbollah controlled Lebanon"

      ok, from the pages of the imperial running dogs of the Independent,

      "Iran's 'exemplary' refugee hosting efforts praised by UN
      Iran has sheltered approximately three million Afghans for almost four decades, a success story international officials say is ‘not told enough’ "

      "the Tehran government still shelters around one million registered Afghans, and up to two million are thought to also be living in the country - making Iran home to the world’s fourth largest refugee population.

      “The leadership demonstrated by the Iranian government has been exemplary in hosting refugees and keeping borders open,” Sivanka Dhanapala, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees in Tehran, told AFP on Wednesday.

      “It's a story that's not told often enough.”

  • The goy and the golem: James Angleton and the rise of Israel
    • "The sheriff of Monroe County's got
      Sure 'nough, disasters on his mind

      But what would Karen Silkwood say to you
      If she was still alive

      That when it comes to people's safety
      Money wins out every time"

      Gil Scott Heron "We Almost Lost Detroit"

      the chorus could have been tweeted today

      "Almost lost Detroit
      That time
      How could we ever get over
      Cause odds are
      We're gonna lose somewhere, one time
      Odds are
      We're gonna lose somewhere, sometime
      And how would we ever get over
      losing our minds"

      how indeed?

  • Prince Charles decried White House's failure to take on 'Jewish lobby' over Israel
    • "almost a sheeny’s nose"

      Studs is new to me, but thats from "the enormous room" isn't it, it resonated and shook more irrelevance loose, Sheeny's nose gets shattered

      the syphilitic Fighting Sheeny part of the rogues gallery Cummings creates, he was a WASP of his time, before that pilgrims progress to the delectable mountains,

      I am going to hunt up the Studs Lonnigan trilogy,

      we all so interconnected, entangled even (cf Einstein relativity thread, if einstein had entangled the photon with the box he could have beaten Bohr, he didn't and lost, which put his nose out of joint)

  • How Avi Shlaim moved from two-state solution to one-state solution
    • "The “Half-Jewish State” "

      and think of all the half Jews the American community is producing, perfect.

      "or some other fraction" where do Jews register? is there a column for Octoroons?

      Identity algebra is fun, so long as one doesn't take it too seriously, I may or may not have a Sudanese connection, they fight about it in the family, people say my late father confused a neighbour family story as ours, he used to get really angry when people said that, he was adamant we are partly Sudanese, and would shout at people who told him he had got confused, but we didn't want anything from Sudan, just to fight with each other that was enough.

  • Dear Simon Schama, you need a history lesson on Zionism
    • "So go argue"

      thanks for that, its not just the adoption of the BHL plunging male neckline, I think Simons photo is harassing me, why the cheeky twinkle what does he want, the first time I came across Simon, 54 GSOH, I read a bit and then I thought ah "Vapid, oh no this is Vapid, not good for me..each to his own, I doubt we'd be astrologically compatible, I button up as no one is interest in my front, it is featureless like it is in all well raised men, why no medallion Simon lack of conviction, pitiful

      reading that letter Mooser we can only conclude amongst some classes of human the arrow of evolution has reversed, those old time people were brave and their prose so least downhill is effortless.

  • Five Palestinians bodies recovered from tunnel bombing after Israeli court ignores emergency rescue petition
    • "People will do a lot to maintain their Gentility"

      (oh dear, I think I posted to this thread, the Mod must have spared me, but now like Louis ck do you think if I misbehave the Mod will publish some of the appalling obscenities I post, don't make me beg)

      however as regards Gentility, i was taught by men who fought in WW1, WW2, Korea etc,

      My geography master used to sing this in front of the class, its Hamish Imlac and it is a master piece, he had fine tenor, an amazing man we loved him,

      "we live in rome among the yanks"

    • "Jewish genes are diluted"

      it is weird to see people deploy "genetic" arguments, it reminds me of times gone by, there was a play "Man Friday" in which the Crusoe character argued in the same manner as Jack, plucking details which support an argument which can never be fully fleshed sane company......anyway this is only wikipedia but its a good write up its got Peter O'toole, on behalf of Hibernia, and one Richard Rountree representing humanity, that human that you want to invite round and whose company entails no dangers

      due for a remake,

      "One day, Crusoe falls back into his old delusions of being a superior being. He had been trying to teach Friday in a mock-up school for a while, ridiculously complete with a chalkboard. We see that the topic of the day, written on the chalkboard, is "civilization". Obviously, for Crusoe this is a culmination point, where his concepts are ultimately confronted with those of Friday. He gets in a frenzy and binds Friday to a pole, then holds a frightful, lunatic sermon about the superiority of his ways while threatening Friday with his gun. In the end, he shoots, but not at Friday, but at his own talking parrot, which had been his sole companion before Friday's arrival. After that shocking experience, Friday gives up his attempts to change Crusoe; the friendship also ends, leaving only the relationship of Crusoe as master and Friday as a paid servant.

      After several years, Friday has accumulated 2,000 gold coins, the price that Crusoe once mockingly called for the hut and all his belongings. Friday now turns Crusoe's western ways against him. Catching him by surprise, he throws the gold on a table, declaring himself the owner of the material property; swiftly, he takes control of baffled Crusoe's gun, and coldly declares that the master-servant-relationship is inverted now. He forces Crusoe to build a solid raft, and both men put to sea for Friday's home island. When they have arrived there, Friday tells the story of their relationship to the gathered tribe, which reacts with astonishment and amusement about the strange ways of Crusoe. When the latter requests to join the tribe, proposing that he could teach the children, Friday strongly speaks against him, saying that "the only thing he (Crusoe) teaches is fear." So Crusoe is rejected and returns to his solitary island, where he commits suicide."

    • "Ashkenazi Jews no doubt emerged from hybridization events

      between Middle Eastern and European females”

      “matrilineal” doesn’t mean what you think it means.

    • "Their appetite for organised Judaism"

      which is why it's such great news, Wahhabism has gone moderate, hallelujah, we can all revert with confidence, with our shirts open to our belly buttons and slabs of beer under our arms, Islam reformed as we all hoped it might,

      Marwa Usman made a remark about Nadjis to the Corbett report, I thought well now Mondoweiss readers will know what she means, sadly it also means you have been, even if only marginally, Islamized...only a little but its cumulative, don't say I never do anything for you, how much hummus are you eating?

    • " i don’t know why there isn’t a 100 meter moat around the border….”

      waters a bit of an issue in our region, sea water poisons the land and aquifers and you can't have any of our wells we need them for the weed fields, kissed by the sun, in Sinai they make a red sticky hash that is sublime, could build a wall from the bails, not sure how long it would last but when its gone everyone will be mellow and warm, then we eat.

  • Cartoon of Dershowitz mingled appropriate satire and anti-Semitic imagery
    • " and says, “Dershowitz doesn’t look like a spider"

      exactly and all Arachnids are notoriously anti-semitic, but you don't think he was thrusting the wrong part of his anatomy through the hole to spout his racist/genocidal nonsense? Some people are slaves to civility.

    • "This is a typical case of bleeding heart liberals"

      As Finkelstein said if their hearts were real and really bleeding they would be bleeding for Palestine, for Mr. Dweik who saw a picture of his son led away by occupation troops on this site, those are not hearts and that is not blood, its just oil leaking from twisted cogs and busted gears.

  • The Balfour centenary is also the centenary of the Zionist lobby
    • "Britain was still a colonial power, and had colonial interests in the Middle East"

      you know I was in Africa when Britain had colonial interests there me and Shehu Kangiwa saw everything you did, this is deep you should listen and leave us alone.....shehu kangiwa hausa master.....

  • Machsom: mornings at Checkpoint 300
    • This is really for Annie but also let the ghetto speak, let me tell you seriously if you have good equipment, listen to the wisdom of the ghetto,

      alpha and omega with the steppa

      Unrelenting force

      let me tell you, i have massive and sophisticated equipment, but let me tell you if have a stiff drink, marijuana is kind of mandatory, sorry, and listen to this wisdom, it may be base heavy, but at least listen up to "9 years of war", to "set animals free", to the voice of the despised, if you listen to the whole album you will be black, bretheren and sisteren, to the masters of ghetto music, the base will heal you.

  • My journey away from Zionism
    • "Ireland has for the last 150 years been slowly weakening their state church"

      you are so obviously unfamiliar with the data you casually fling around, but 150 gave me a laugh, what 2070's already, how time flies. All the calm assurance of the total poseur.

  • R.I.P., Shiksa
    • "quadruple ethno-sexual entendres right by ’em"

      there is the Muslim rape army, now the powerful Jewish male nonconsensual cabal, Kevin Spacey, so the moral panic's going to be permanent then, I know of three separate Buddhist ongoing sex scandals including allegations of severe abuse and rape,

      I think we are all going to have to be chaperoned all of time, somehow I am reminded of the "Ritual Satanic Abuse" days,

      maybe drones could fire sex robots at the rampant when and where required, the solution is technosexual.

    • "Knowing you , cannot congratulate her"

      can you not condole her, is your heart made of stone?

  • American Jewry and Israel, unbound
    • I remember “The Cruel Sea”,

      Yes great old war movie.

      I am so lazy but I saw bas ya bahr, oh god, once more than 45 years ago but still remember the synopsis is very poor, the film is about our complicity,

      The Boy is brought to the boat alive, early on, he is wounded but no amputation, but in the searing heat if he is not taken to shore he will die, you know like in the tropics a scratch can kill you if don't look after it.

      The captain has invested money in the trip, everyone knows, including Mussaids friend, just as the girl is sold off, the rape scene which is not in anyway prurient there is no flesh is truly awful, but no one helped her everyone just goes along, on the boat everyone including the boy just soldier on not remarking the brewing catastrophe as the boy lapses in to fever and death over days

      when the mother flings the pearl it is into the face of all the authority structures that rule our brutal degrading modern Arab world, the pearl in the sea is kind of welcome the new boss same as the old boss moment,

      what you expect Arabs are very fatalistic you know and as Al-Nawwab said not one of us is free of defilement, not easy being green.

    • "but kuwait is not sumer"

      you are right but I couldn't resist mounting my own little invasion,

      in 1972 the first and best Kuwaiti film was made, before Arabs were forbidden speech, I saw it as a kid, made me think. , Kuwait used to be a poor rough place, as the film recounts, The Sabahs are a brutal bunch but they are from a brutal class.

      Bas ya Bahr (enough sea!) but The Cruel Sea is the English title

      "The first feature film to be made by the state of Kuwait. It is a period piece about Kuwait before the discovery of oil when fishing was the predominant occupation.

      Bas Ya Bahr is the story of a crippled pearl diver who forbids his son Mussaid to go to sea to dive for pearls. Mussaid's father got the 'bends' after resurfacing too fast during a shark attack on his boat. However, the boy cannot see any other way to make enough money to marry Nura, his beloved. Nura is the daughter of a merchant who wants her to marry off for money. Finally, his father gives Mussaid permission to go to sea and even gives him his special black diving suit.

      Mussaid then works with the man to whom his father owes money. While Mussaid is away, Nura is forced by her family to marry a rich, older suitor. During his last dive Mussaid puts his hand inside a huge clam which closes on it. Mussaid is gasping for air and his friend has to amputate his arm in order to 'rescue' him.

      However Mussaid was dead long before he was brought to the boat. Nura meanwhile is raped by her husband on her wedding night. Mussaid's best friend looks through his cache of oysters and gradually starts opening all of them. Finally when he gets to the last one he finds a huge pearl inside. Maybe Mussaid's death will not be in vain if he can give this to Mussaid's family. When the boat reaches Kuwait, Mussaid's mother is welcomed by the dead body of her son and his prize - the pearl - for which he lost his life. The mother stares at the sea with unbridled rage and flings the pearl into it uttering the phrase: "Bas ya bahr" (enough oh sea)!"

    • "i thought Ur was in iraq"

      As is Kuwait.

  • If the occupation is permanent, is an ethical Jewish future possible?
    • "Thus, intermarriage is less a personal choice than a Jewish desire for security and acceptance"

      I married a beautiful blonde brown eyed English lady decidedly non-Muslim, god rest her soul, I was influenced by neither the desire for security or acceptance, in all honesty I rarely thought of Islam, the wider community, my duty to history, God, Humanity or much of anything while contemplating my wife, she seemed sufficient in her self to account for anything that I did, about as personal as it is possible to be.

      You don't rule or own the lives of Jewish persons.

  • Newspaper ads offer employment help for new immigrants to Israel -- but only if you're Jewish
    • "Ten points to Gryffindor"

      oh I say, I am sure I don't know what you are implying.

      "They won’t stop Yonah from seeing everything in terms of Jewish victimhood"

      Look at you Mr Fancy Pants in your red cardigan and baubles with your tankards of egg nog and gluhwein importuning women under the mistletoe, what have you got to be so happy about do you know what Jews do at Christmas, Mr Jingle bells its all stale matzos and cold kreplach water and angst.

      I spend the holiday drunk from morning to night, so as not to offend Christ, well the Muslims can't stop me and of course studying Epictetus' manual. (cut & paste, damn, there is always the risk you will be found out, next rounds on me then its only fair)

    • "So your attitude to Christmas comes from the way you choose to think of it"

      you old stoic,

      “What really frightens and dismays us is not external events themselves, but the way in which we think about them. It is not things that disturb us, but our interpretation of their significance.”

      ― Epictetus

    • "Why can’t there be Ayran Jews?"

      Now I know what Joni was thinking and it's because it'll only add to all the ferment in this world, thats why.

    • " “its” “it’s”, "

      It's why when Mika Waltari wrote "The Egyptian" he only used the definite article in its title.

      slick eh.

      it's so wet dark and hurricane ravaged here and some one removed a massive fallen tree across my remote boreen i have no idea who my benefactor was, the people here are very kind but shy, now i will have interrogate everyone, they might have seen me fall off it, chainsaw in hand, by the time i got back to it the 60ft ivy covered massive Ash had hopped the ditch and is sitting in the field, clearing my road, it's a ways from the house I saw no one heard no machine.

      i think the farmer thinks that i am a special needs adult, requiring gentle non-intrusive support, because they wouldn't leave me stranded, it goes without saying. Ordinary people often shame me by their extraordinary kindness, I am ghetto scum if you fall in front of me I'll step over you and I won't look back.

  • Who can save Israel now? Labor leader emulates Netanyahu
    • "But the idea that events may lead to a lessening of Zionist power, or maybe even that Jews have better things to do than save the world from the Palestinians"

      A hardly viewed talk by the Iraqi Jew Sami Ramadani, a key part of the Stopthewar group in the UK who just recently had a media on trial event which some might think worth looking up, but a year ago Dr. Ramadani in his lovely soft voiced Arabic accented English, kind of covered everything relevant to ME for citizens of the west, Sociologist, Activist, Academic, Jew, Arab, Londoner....there is a lot here for anyone willing to listen.

  • ‘Balfour’s Legacy: Confronting the Consequences’ to be held in Harvard Square
    • "Just put down the James Joyce books and step away"

      ok But you will only get my Flann O'brien when you pry it from my drunken fist,

      I am not surprised Palestinian artists are causing anxiety to some, I have seen loads of their productions over the years and have always been impressed, Rafeef Ziadah in Cork city was incredible, one of so many,

      like the Clash I am getting so bored with the USA MAKA turmoil, but I have heard that Hakawati are screening a "ghost hunting" movie by Raed Andoni looks good, so relief is at hand.

    • "And somehow all those people snuck their DNA into us"

      well shtupping, schlepping, not everyones Yiddish is perfect, bound to have been misunderstandings, what with all that consonanatal drift and all,

      In fact (mutta is hardly exhausted here goes) in Aryan lore Mutta Tamil and within its 3 divisions of prose/poetry, song lyrics and drama derived from Sangams 10 forms of kuttu

      Satire, Eulogy, Kings, Folk-lore, Musical, Hymns, Description, Local Traditions, Recreational, Aryan Lore,

      sadly the Indian terms used (vasai-kuttu, pugall kuttu etc) indicate that even at this early stage
      Aryanism had become mixed with local traditions one assumes sexually, otherwise why bother?

      There is only one thing we can be certain our ancestors did and I am not confident that we have been given a full accounting,

      the Victorians were obsessed with the dangers of accidental incest, fatherhood always being questionable, what about Men is not questionable,

      the transhistorical person "my people" is a vehicle for a kind historical pornography full of vicarious affect, the worst kind of empty distraction, historically they never even had a literary sub-division bullshit-kuttu thats a new innovation, my people have always known it.

    • " “the extended mutter” "

      The mutta (vedic mutra) has long been defined and its associated tragic history

      Mutta, to be released in the sense of muttakarisa excretion, it is the root of the greek words for suck and to be wet, according to my imperfect understanding of its listing, i hum what i can't read.

      the history of Mutta Shah in brief : the Mutta Shah

      Mutta Shah was a great Sufi who studied the whole Islamic canon and thought there must be more so he studied the vedas and upanishads and was satisfied Dara called it (politely) majmain bahrayan meaning "the meeting of two seas" Mutta Shah and Dara went on to show the unity of Hinduism and Islam, joy was unconfined, Kabir, Nanak, Daidu, Chaitanya all were muttarers

      but muttaing always has consequences so Jealous was Aurangzeb, who was stentorian, of their erudition that he killed Dara and was generally unpleasant to the Muttarers, its all in the fine print of history, barely legible.

  • The pedagogy of apartheid
    • "repeating a canard"

      "Now I feel stupid"

      which makes you the bott of the joke, sadly nowadays most fowl are inflected with conjugation,, butat least i tried, albit only briefly, ....a tree fell on me and no i didn't duck, but wasn't grebeously hurt.

      predictably i am the boobie here from heron in i will rail no more, though i believe a wigeon of mercy is pintailed.

      I am one of the few Humans whose representative batting average (School Cricket) was a golden duck, 4 innings last man, out first ball every single time, but i don't want to make a big teal of it...

  • In Ireland, a Palestinian is understood
    • "Salaita should brush up on his Irish history a bit better"

      you don't know shit and only an American (excuse me) could think that your set of unsupported opinions and confused bollixs amount to an history,

      "Catholic cousins" one of the funniest things you can experience is watching Americans claiming to be Irish to the Irish and relish the teasing to which the Plastic Paddies are subjected , you seem to be an especially fine example.

      "And references to Bobby Sands? LOL, he was reviled in the South maybe even more than in London."

      we organised H-block protest marches in Skibbereen, very well attended, the night he died was intense.

      and me my great grandmother was an O'sullivan from Cork and we are humble in our admiration of that heroic young man, Bobby Sands the greatest MP in the history of the universe.

      "30 thousand votes while in captivity"

    • hope this link works, I had cause to visit Dublin and while driving back to Ireland, which thankfully is not too far a couple of hours no more, I listened to Joe Duffy ( call in show) speak with Mike Murphy (25th sept episode), who is some kind of celebrity, talk about his visit to Palestine, two Israeli's a guy Tomar(?) and a lady Helga called in to argue with him and denounce him, they did not do very well, see what you think.

      link to page

      link to episode!rii=b9%5F21239020%5F53%5F25%2D09%2D2017%5F

  • The problem with Miko Peled's 'Holocaust: yes or no'
    • "it’s time you admit the Arabs in your club!"

      while I am disinclined to get in involved in any of this Madame, you reminded me of two books so very briefly, i would recommend them, judging by many of the comments here it couldn't hurt,

      do you know Mohamed Dib : Who remembers the Sea and Driss Chraibi : Flutes of Death,

      Dib: " Horror never grows more profound, it only repeats itself" He examines modern savagery but also gives the perspective of Arabs caught up in the collapse of the state and "liberation", it is apparently an unknown perspective.

      Chraibi: following the path first opened up by Yahya Haqqi and Taufik al Hakim in Flutes he details the assumption of the newly free Arab "Rulers" technocrats, bureaucrats of the role previously occupied by the colonial regimes and the fundamental failures of the revolutions to restructure their societies rather than to reproduce a colonial structure with different personel and a new logic, development and rational management, this is a sardonic work

      Dib wrote some well known lines in his collection Feu Beau Feu

      "je brule d'agir
      dans le pelage
      et forge demuseree
      sur les hautes mers
      de designer
      en blondeurs
      les rives a usure"

      wasn't JFKs' first senatorial speech or something about Algeria, i forget.

      a really excellent book is of course : L'Algerie en 1995: La Guerre, l'histoire, la politique: Benjamin Stora, an academic companion to Chraibi, it was reviewed in the Arab Quarterly, may contain non-reductive representations of the Arab experience, going back to the 1830's, so you've been warned.

  • From Greta Gerwig to NYU, Israel has deep reservoir of cultural support in U.S.
    • "She blew up children, actually. Colonial children, no doubt. One five year old eating ice cream had her little colonial leg blown off"

      if only she'd droned them,

      . “I’m afraid too much emphasis will be placed on 55,000 Americans, important as they are, and not enough on 1.5 million dead Vietnamese,” says James North. My wife says she already knows the story. (Her first husband was a C.O. in Vietnam and his exposure to Agent Orange surely shortened his life.)

      I don’t care.

      When I flipped the station to PBS in recent days, I found myself rooted to the spot for the next 90 minutes, screaming at the television, at Lyndon Johnson and Robert McNamara and Nixon and Kissinger. I was completely caught up in the everyman human dramas that Burns and co-director Lynn Novick established: What journey is Carol Crocker, from Saratoga Springs, setting out on after her beloved brother, Denton “Mogie” Crocker, is killed at 19?

      How will Bill Earhart come to terms with the fact that he traded C Rations for sex with a Vietnamese woman along with two buddies in Hue in 1968?

      (that is worth repeating:)" How will Bill Earhart come to terms with the fact that he traded C Rations for sex with a Vietnamese woman along with two buddies in Hue in 1968?"

      (free trade is an American principle)

      I am aware that Burns is an extremely conventional narrator, most interested in white men;

      I don’t care"

      In the 25 years prior to Guernica, the French and Spanish states bombed the Arabs of North Africa from the air, the first people to be so blessed, slaughtered them on vast scale, it was soon discovered that while this technique was of limited use against military formations it was very effective in obliterating villages (with civilians in them, but not necessarily with access to ice cream), this may have precipitated a crisis amongst Algerians, its quite possible,

      the Algerians were denied any means to restrain the murderous and larcenous French state,

      the French organized the black and red hand gangs to kill and terrorise any Algerians, Tunisians resisting the settler colonisation of their homes , bombing campaigns in Germany and murder across Europe and of course in Algeria ( a war waged by an army with all the appurtenances of the state against a defenceless civilian population, to either exterminate them or subjugate them and take the resources upon which they depend for life).

      "I don't care"

      "Thanks Donald, I changed post to reflect your criticism, Phil"

      whats up Donald bored with Syrias "innocent civilians", found another Arab to condemn, cool balance is important

      which one of you is the straight guy? you really don't see the total inadequacy of your approach,

      I wonder how many rations it would cost to fuck Zohra Drif, what do you think a fair price would be?

      Vietnam not a syndrome but a tradition, inherited appropriately enough from France.

  • As battle rages in UK Labour Party, Moshe Machover expelled after asserting 'Anti-Zionism does not equal anti-Semitism'
    • "The USA did most of its taking and ethnic cleansing a long time ago, well before anyone (other than the victims) thought such behavior was opprobrious."

      I think thats hardly fair, we always knew it was wrong to murder, to lie, to violate our oaths and steal but ...much like today we rationalised our way in to it.

      "The commodities of Europe were almost all new to America, and many of those of America were new to Europe. A new set of exchanges, therefore, began..and which should naturally have proved as advantageous to the new, as it certainly did to the old continent. The savage injustice of the Europeans rendered an event, which ought to have been beneficial to all, ruinous and destructive to several of those unfortunate countries."

      Adam Smith. chpt 1 p.479. Wealth of Nations.

      Sad to say in the modern world I am concerned that re-reading of Smiths' old book has the potential to radicalize me. In Ireland there is hell to pay over a Che Guevara stamp,

      I don't buy the we didn't know it was wrong then idea, it seems to me to be a barrier to self knowledge for westerners, but for people who are invested in the idea of their superiority, advancement, moral perfection, standard bearers of our glorious future there are somethings they would rather not know or even consider....

      we, as a consequence of sentience, know what is harmful because when we engage in such we become sick and nothing but tedious sophistry or irrational rationalisations pour out of our mouths, we become paralysed and then Trump and Pence etc, Antifa and The White Nations, we get confused and angry,

      This nightmare maze all because it's so hard to actually understand that you, in the west are not better or more fortunate or more blessed than others, equality is not a new thing, there is not one whit of difference between your humanity and that of others, that is all in your mind having no temporal reality whatsoever, and it will vouchsafe to you depression and ulcers, because you really are better than that, don't worry about the darkside, the light, your "light", will burn you, if you fail it, because love has no pity at all for those who deny her dictates and is integral to all of us, it's what makes everything divine and fucking dangerous,

      Look at America roasting in the fire of her own anger, Ted Hughes wrote a collection Crow in one of the poems Crow contemplates the sea and remarks to himself

      why always moving, what could be hurting so much,

      Time to put down the spy glass and pick up the mirror, as to the world

      "Avarice and injustice are always shortsighted,............ and thereby hurt in the long-run the real interest of the landlord."

      Someone should warn google about this Smith guy, could be a Russian troll.

    • "The aim of the JeffB show is to destroy Mondoweiss"

      Perhaps you are right and he is certainly copious but one is reminded of the old saw

      "Vir Prudens Non Contra Ventum Mingit"

      Sursum corda. Nil volentibus arduum. Ad nauseum. Ad infinitum.

  • What Killed Mohanned?
    • Dear Mr. Moussa

      I have son that age at University, life isn't easy at that age in the best of circumstances.

      Thank you, look what we do to each other.

      It put me mind in of a great poem, in a quaint English, whose last verse is:

      It's a naked child against a hungry wolf;

      It's playing bowls upon a splitting wreck;

      It's walking on a string across a gulf

      With millstones fore-and-aft about your neck;

      But the thing is daily done by many and many a one;

      And we fall, face forward, fighting, on the deck."

      but whose beating heart is:

      "Three rooms about the size of travelling trunks.
      And we cough, my wife and I, to dislocate a sigh,
      When the noisy little kids are in their bunks.

      But you never hear her do a growl or whine,
      For she's made of flint and roses, very odd;

      And I've got to cut my meaning rather fine,
      Or I'd blubber, for I'm made of greens and sod:

      So p'r'haps we are in Hell for all that I can tell,
      And lost and damn'd and served up hot to God"......

      I was the love that chose my mother out;

      I joined two lives and from the union burst;
      My weakness and my strength without a doubt
      Are mine alone for ever from the first:
      It's just the very same with a difference in the name
      As 'Thy will be done.' You say it if you durst!"

      From Thirty Bob a Week by John Davidson,

      It is becoming incrementally more like Gaza everywhere, every minute, because, even if we don't know it the rulers of the world do, because we are one and Gaza is ours and so are all of you.

  • A plea to Israel: Don't start the third Lebanon War
    • "the only Lebanese prisoner Israel held was Samir Kuntar, who was a monster – I don’t recognize anybody’s right to do anything to free him"

      how's Sheikh Obaid and Mustafa Dirani doing, but thing is "Samir Kuntar, who was a monster"

      Derfner you've gone Full Colon man. Never go"all my enemies are savages and warlike, I am beautiful" Full Colon,

      so you can fuck off with your self exculpating fake moralism, you child torturing and murdering piece of shit, or are Israelis not reducible to their acts? the only reason you think we are is because you went "Full Colon", even kissing up to our corrupt chiefs on the reservations.

      Remeber Jibchit and what you did there, theres going to consequences (research it the BBC even made a film) and also from there

      "On 28 July 1989, Sheikh Abdel Karim Obeid was kidnapped from his house in the village of Jibchit in Southern Lebanon. At 2.00 am Israeli commandos staged a well-planned kidnapping performed by over 30 men which took no more than seven minutes. Sheikh Obeid’s wife, Umm Sajed was tied and beaten up whilst his son Sajed, aged seven was threatened with a gun. A neighbour, Hussain Abu Zaid was killed as Sheikh Obeid and two others, a cousin Ahmed Obeid and friend Ashem Fahs were taken away. Throughout the entire kidnapping, Israeli fighter planes carried out a mock air raid over the village to hide the sound of the helicopters used to take Sheikh Obeid to “Israel”.

      Sheikh Obeid’s “crime” was being an outspoken opponent of Israel’s occupation of Southern Lebanon. He was a well-known preacher and represented the views of the Lebanese people.

      Sheikh Obeid has been held captive by the Israeli Defence Force, without charge and denied access to friends, family, and lawyers since July 1989. He and Mustafa Dirani, a disabled Lebanese national from the Bekaa valley, who was kidnapped in 1994, are being held on the pretext of gaining more information about an Israeli airforce navigator, Ron Arad, who was shot down during a bombing raid over Lebanon in 1986.

      Photos of Sheikh Obeid taken before his kidnapping (left) and after several years of captivity in Israeli Sarafan prison (right).

      Not only has he been tortured but remains in solitary confinement. For more information on the conditions detainees face in Israeli prisons please see the photo-account on Khiam Prison. A former detainee of Sarafan has described it as "worse than Khiam".

      Sheikh Obeid is not alone - there are nearly two thousand Muslim and other abductees held by Israel in the same manner."

    • " this is precisely what I was taught in their synagogues by the priests"

      There is a prima facie case that you were paying insufficient attention to the "priests" in the "synagogues", you could revise and resit, give it a real go this time.

  • Zohra Drif's memoir of Algeria's fight for freedom is stunning
  • Samuel Freedman extols Jewish 'love affair' with Jewish state-- while decrying 'dogma of white supremacy'
    • "It’s fun wasting time debating about the legitimacy of Israel. I really am enjoying myself, and I hope that you too (and all the Mondoweiss readers) are having a good time"

      oh, oh well puerile smug archness not withstanding, for those of you interested in speed reading a bit of Kurdish politics, here is something, have you been watching the transformation of the weird occultated Ocalan, like Napoleon on Elba,

      "Öcalan, who has been kept in solitary confinement since 1999, can have developed only a limited knowledge of these developments ( Kurdish success among Turks in the elections). Yet, he continued to dominate the Kurdish movement not only politically but also ideologically. Thus, PKK supporters in Turkey and elsewhere have reproduced his critique of nationalism as an outdated, bourgeois, statist and/or ‘Jacobin’ doctrine, targeting not only Turkish nationalist elites, but also Kurdish rivals, in particular Iraqi Kurdish leader Massud Barzani and the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), who have increasingly come to be seen as the PKK’s main rival in the Pan-Kurdish arena.

      The PKK’s actions are guided by the writings of its leader to a far greater extent than those of rivaling parties. But, as I will argue below, despite this relatively close link between ideology and practice, there is a strange tension between the current PKK discourse of democracy, autonomy and bottom-up grass-roots self-organization and the consistently hierarchical, centralistic and top-down organization that the PKK has maintained in practice."

      "Öcalan’s post-1999 writings also display a significant shift to a particular kind of longue-durée civilizational history of the Middle East. This shift, too may be due in part to Boockhin’s influence"

      I guess those of you not playing the idiot like Nathan might guess what an ominous development this represents, incidentally the Kurdish parties did very well among non-Kurdish Turks, that seems to set off alarms in various capitals. The above piece is not overly academic and you know its the American way learn about a people as you go to war for them, against them, or whatever its always war nowadays, United in joy, historical vindication and genetic fitness let us sally forth.

      Kurds are not Arabs you know, in a good way, Iranians are not either but in a bad way, Kurds speak a Persian variant, it could all get very confusing and bloody, time to speed read about Kurds, freedom is coming and it looks pissed, or you could join Nathan in the perverts playground.

      Kurds should we save them or destroy them you decide. Who is Murray Bookchin?

  • Ten days of awe: standing with whom?
    • "sooner or later your “friends” will remind you and your fellow self-loving Jews of who you are despite all of your antisemitic efforts"

      ah yes the Munchausen syndrome by proxy Anti-semiticism, they don't understand the damage they cause.

      well honestly Boris after you're Egyptians are not Egyptian crack I am not disposed to help you out, really alarming Jews and then blaming Goys, it so unfair.

    • An Israeli friend of mines mother asked me immediately upon being introduced to me for the first time.

      "Egypt, used to be such a great country, what happened ?"

      I started laughing he irritably told her to shut up, so I never got the chance to give her my view. He is 20 years younger than me because I wouldn't have spoken to my mother like that even in private never mind in public, different generations, shit changes.

      Egypt what happened? History ain't kind to anybody, give it time.

  • High holidays? Meh
    • "Waugh is usually savage"

      Sometimes its very hard to say things in front of modern White people,

      many times in mixed company one of my black friends would be in a bad mood and you know, we would know and get the White people to leave,

      every man would have his spliff rolled, maybe tea if you lucky, the ritual begins, the bad mood man takes a deep breath as he exhales he utters

      " you know what the matter with fucking black people"

      "Uh hunh" comes the response from the assembled Jamaicans

      "when they get 50 pound they waste it on boseyness and fuckries"

      the litany is then recited,

      Once me and my black friends were speculating about how so many of our friends looked like monkeys, Prang, a 7ft tall Rasta was particularly funny, we had a friend Stan, very dapper gent great Gospel voice, he had a goatee and moustache that had gone white at the sides,

      He walked in and like school kids we collapsed into laughter

      "what you talking about"

      "How many of the bretheren look like monkeys"

      There was silence he said one word

      "Gibbon" and stood in his 5ft 2" dignity we lost it laugh but he did, now the beard gone white look just like a dapper little Gibbon.

      somethings you can't say around white people who still insist we carry their burden, the English I grew up around were pretty unsentimental about themselves and the nature of society

      nowadays precisely because of the insane rambling of people el HefeB ( i honestly thought he had 2 b's, i only see what i want to see) no one can say anything,

      we can not be forever explaining ourselves, its the inclusive "we", we can at least all unite around our delusions, surely, what else do we have.

    • "is exactly the right plant to be a Judean root. Invented by Israelis"

      It is also, so I have heard, a cause of flatulence.

      As to Betjeman, we will leave Joan Hunter Dunn where she belongs in obscurity, I was always impressed that he wrote, during the blitz the line

      "Come friendly bombs fall on Slough"

      They never put that one up on the walls of the Underground, its why people don't like poems they never quote the good ones, I always felt that Waugh and Betjeman were one person, but now I know better, only larkin' about Gov.

  • Why the split inside the Democratic Party over BDS needs to happen
    • "they fight Barzani’s Peshmerga"

      when Kurdistan emerges I would think South Sudan and its current state would be good a pointer as to how Kurdistan will look after its ascension to nationhood,

      Important names to learn will be Barazani, as above, and Zebari and Talabani, the bitter accusations below characterise a good deal of inter-Kurdish relations,

      "As known publicly that Massoud Barzani was trained by Israeli Mossad (intelligence agency for the Israeli government) according to “Israel-Kurds” publications in Kurdistan. Massoud are accused of killing his own brother Idris Barzani.
      The Barzani Sheiks bring the tribal Kurds under the control by the marriage of the tribal chef daughters. They done that successfully with Sherwani tribe and they tried to do that with Zebari tribes too. The Barzani Sheiks married few Zebari girls and Mullah Mustafa Barzani married daughter of Mahmood Agah Zebari by name of hamial khan before departing to Russia. Hamial khan gives birth to Massoud in Mehabad Iran before the departure of Mullah Mustafa Barzani. She returns to her father home and Massoud Barzani grow up under the teaching of trader Mahmood Agah Zebari. He learns to betray Barzani from his grandfather.

      Massoud Barzani is half Zebari and Half Barzani and Mullah Mustafa knows about the animosity between Barzani and Zebari very well. In 1958 when Sheik Ahmed Barzai got out of Iraqi prison, he ordered the assassinations of Ahmed Agah Zebari the older brother of Mahmood Agah Zebari because of his support to Iraqi Governments. This assassination of Ahmed Agah Zebari put frictions between Mullah Mustafa Barzani and his older brother Sheik Ahmed Barzani plus his older sons too. Is Mullah Mustafa Barzani picked Massoud Barzani under the pressure of his wife hamial khan or he just hated Kurds and his own family? Yes Mullah Mustafa Barzani did lot of good things. But he had many fault too. He appointed younger son with half Zebari, He did not send Abraham Ahmed and Jalal Talabani to the Kurdish people court to be executed for their betrayal and crime against the Kurdish people.

      Mullah Mustafa Barzani betrayal of yesterday, we Kurds and Barzani are paying for it today. We Kurds do not have research and analysis to point out the truth about those who lead us. We love leaders unconditionally that is the reasons we do not have country. Are we making the mistakes today? The Kurds should answer these questions.

      First the Kurdish people should know that Massoud Barzani have the same age as mine. When I was Peshmergah, he was known to be pro-Talabani in his early age. He was fund of Talabani lie and monopolizations just like his nephew Nechirvan Idris Barzani does today.
      The year was 1961 the Kurdish people revolted under the leadership of Mullah Mustafa Barzani. The First casualties were from Jaff people he was brother of Koaxai Ishmael Talin from Dukan region. Mullah Mustafa promised us Kurds an independent country and democratic system with rule of laws. He was exiled for thirteen years before coming back to Kurdistan. They wrote books about that how hard it was to be away from family and relative for thirteen long years. I am personally now exiled for thirty three years and most of the Kurds are more or less the same as mine. Thanks to Mr. Massoud Barzani and Mr. Jalal Talabani,www.ekurd.netthe entire Kurdish populations want to get out of the country.
      Mullah Mustafa was very assured about himself any Kurds defected to join the Iraqi Governments or any other Governments in the regions; he called them “Homo”. That was the insult for people in the region. It is not like western society which does not make any sense. He was always calling Abraham Ahmed and Jalal Talabani a homo because they joined enemies of Kurdish people." "

      the reality is a Kurdistan will in all likelihood mean war and chaos, all against all, but no doubt within a few weeks Americans will be sagaciously discussing the PKK, PYD, KRG, prospects are not great, so this is an amusing little summary,

      "What is the difference between the PKK, PYD, YPG, KRG, KDP, and the Peshmerga?"

      "The Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq = KRG is the family business of the Barzani Clan, even though elections are generally considered free and fair. President is Massoud Barzani, Prime Minister is Nechervan Barzani while the security chief is Masrour Barzani. The Barzanis are Iranian Kurds.

      Iranians are cultured people and born politicians, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that Massoud Barzani is one of the most gifted politicians in the region. Barzani is also a very cruel man, e.g. he has sacrificed the Yazidis to be slaughtered by the Islamic State in order to force Obama's hand to intervene against ISIS - when that didn't work he withdrew the Peshmerga from oil fields run by U.S. oil companies (which did force Obama's hand).

      Turkish Kurds are naturally born fighters, neither cultured nor born politicians, while the Iraqi Kurds are somewhere in between the two.

      The Partiya Karkerên Kurdistanê (PKK) with its military wing Hêzên Parastina Gel (HPG) operated from 1978 - 1999 from Syria and afterwards from the Qandil-Mountains in the PUK-part of the KRG.

      The Barzanis and the PKK profoundly hate each other.

      The Yekîneyên Parastina Gel (YPG) is the military arm of the Partiya Yekîtiya Demokrat (PYD), the Syrian affiliate of the PKK. Most of the YPG commanders and fighters are Qandil-Kurds, i.e. PKK.

      When the Islamic State overran Syria and Iraq, the PKK saw its chance for a make-over: from terrorists (fighting against Turkey) to freedom fighters (fighting the Islamic State) by protecting the oil fields of U.S. oil majors in the Kirkuk area as well as defending Kobanê or resupplying the Yezidis on Mount Sinjar.

      30+ years of insurgency warfare has battle-hardened the PKK into the best fighting-force of the Middle East. They are feared by Islamic State fighters as they have won every single battle against them while all other armed forces are happy if they can stand their ground"

    • "but then nobody appointed “Whites Against Apartheid” as the judge and police force of the Palestinian rights movement"

      i think this a crucial point and that JVP is very poor name for a group in support of Palestinian struggle, white South Africans who joined the anti-Apartheid struggle joined the ANC and look how that currently stands, the Pan-African Congress schismatics observed that:

      "The Pan Africanist Congress was formed by a group of renegade ANC members in Orlando, Soweto, on 5 and 6 April 1959. The breakaway group was led by members of the so-called Africanist movement. Along with the ANC, the Pan Africanist Congress is the only "official" South African liberation movement recognized by the United Nations and the Organisation of African Unity.

      The Africanists experienced many difficulties with the views of the ANC. They themselves were primarily members of the Youth League of the ANC, formed in 1944 under the leadership of Anton Lembede. According to them, membership of the Youth League was open to all who "lived like and with blacks". They felt the ANC had made too many concessions in respect of oppression, and was incapable of promoting black liberation. The Africanists took the view that the Congress Alliance, because of its large number of white members, had diluted the traditional black nationalist position of the ANC. They felt blacks should be in control of their own liberation struggle, and should not be prompted by white liberals, including communists. According to the Africanists, the whites have too much to lose to be regarded as reliable allies.

      They also rejected the Freedom Charter, mainly because of the guarantees it contained for minority rights. These guarantees, they felt, would entrench minority domination. The Africanists believed that the land which the white settlers had "stolen" from the indigenous people should be returned to the latter. They also rejected the ANC view that disciplined leadership was necessary for the struggle. Instead, they believed that if the notion of liberation was correctly propagated by the leadership, resistance would be spontaneously created among the masses. For the Africanists the armed struggle is the primary struggle and they support the principle that political power will never be relinquished and must therefore be seized by force"

      This conflict is still raging in S.A. Vicious injustice is inadvisable as it is nearly impossible to set right and in one way or another generates confusion and suffering over whole eras, and when the pressure increases allies end up as enemies, as the tantra says "with death there is freedom in the empty nature of phenomena", freedom is inevitable anyway.

      wouldn't JVP be better named as Jewish Voice for Palestine, and remember if you don't entertain any hopes you will not be subject to any fears, but "hopelessness and stagnation" is a poor political slogan i guess. Are there any white run Black liberation movements? Its a funny old world.

  • Jews have religious commandment to support Israel and fight BDS -- American Jewish Committee
    • " “1066 and All That”, which – appositely – is all about getting your history lessons all wrong and muddled."

      well you say that John but it is exceptionally accurate and quite prophetic, "that there should be a great many more countries: this was A Bad Thing as it was the cause of increased geography",

      and its grim conclusion long before Fukiyama, who may not have got the joke,

      Chapter LXII

      A Bad Thing

      America was thus clearly top nation, and History came to a .

  • Israeli rightist Smotrich lays out the vision for apartheid
    • "Just for the sake of arguing"

      This style is very familiar to some of us, serendipitously Nathan J Robinson editor of Current Affairs has piece up reviewing a recent book by Bruce Gilley, you will find it familiar territory


      "I suppose to those unfamiliar with the history, Gilley’s argument could appear superficially persuasive. But a moment’s examination of the record reveals why the case he makes is abhorrent.
      Gilley says he is simply asking for an unbiased assessment of the facts, that he just wants us to take off our ideological blinders and examine colonialism from an empirical perspective. But this is not what he has done. Instead, in his presentation of colonialism’s record,

      Gilley has deliberately excluded mention of every single atrocity committed by a colonial power. Instead of evaluating the colonial record empirically, he has distorted that record, concealing evidence of gross crimes against humanity. The result is not only unscholarly, but is morally tantamount to Holocaust denial."

      and of course

      "Gilley must intend to provoke people to rage: postcolonial countries should be like Britain, which “embraced and celebrated its colonisers”; anticolonial thought was about “advocacy” rather than “accuracy”; colonialism was not just legitimate but “highly legitimate”; and we should “build new Western colonies from scratch” and “colonial states should be paid for their services” by the colonized.

      I expect Gilley wants the following to happen: people will be outraged. They will call for the article to be retracted. Then, Gilley will complain of censorship, and argue that lefties don’t care about the facts, and that his points have been proved by the fact that they’d rather try to have his article purged than have to refute its claims.
      This is a dynamic that has occurred many, many times. It’s what Milo Yiannopoulos did: he would say things that were truly upsetting and outrageous (including bullying and mocking individual students), then when people got upset and outraged and tried to shut him down, he would complain that “SJWs” were trying to censor him because they can’t deal with facts and arguments.
      The same thing happened when conservative law professors recently published an op-ed blaming the “rap culture of inner-city blacks” for cultural decline, with one of them lauding the “superiority” of white European culture. People got upset, for obvious reasons, and students objected to having to be taught by a white supremacist. But when one of the professors went on FOX News, he declared that “there were no allegations that anything we said was incorrect.” (There were plenty of such allegations.)"

      Do you recognise this dismal m.o.

      and I have to say it Nathan himself claims that his article has the most disturbing photograph he has ever seen, his case is certainly arguable.

    • "Otherwise not a single non-religious element in the different cultures, from food to language to the way they wear their hat or sip their tea"

      or the way they smoke a nargile, see for your self Jews standing out against a Palestinian backdrop, just keep calm and carry on smoking that hookah...

  • Critics slam ADL for training U.S. police in Israel-- and when Reddit AMA goes off script
    • "He explicitly considered European Jews to be members of the Aryan nation"

      I don't know if you know of Samuel Noah Kramer and his great book "The Sumerians", which is fascinating in that it describes the extremely hybrid and mixed nature of "peoples" like the Sumerians, its a free pdf, Sumerian has extensive Semitic loan words which obviously incurred interest, thats how one can be sure they are Semitic and thus the misery of debt was born,

      But my idiocy aside it is really worth a look, free

  • Ayelet Shaked and the fascist ideology
    • "And in Australia we grow bacteria in it."

      I am aga..aghast, remember..I can't help it.

    • "Culturally Palestine was dead. The malaria infested, unmaintained,"

      so the BB stands for Bin Brandeis, you people never change, so the question remains who will

      "Deliver the poor and needy, out of the hands of the wicked.
      Deliver the poor and needy, out of the hands of the wicked.
      Jah, Jah
      Foundations of the earth are out of course
      Man so blind, they neither see nor understand
      They walk in darkness
      They walk in darkness
      Jah, Jah
      Deliver the poor and needy, out of the hands of the wicked.
      Deliver the poor and needy, out of the hands of the wicked."

      its makes a sense because

      "Jah standeth in the congregation
      And rules amongst the gods.
      How long will ye judge unjustly, accept the persons of the wicked?
      Defend the poor and fatherless,
      Do justice to the afflicted and needy."

      that chorus should be the American mantra, nothing else will help you

      no culture? no one gave us "culture" we make it fresh every day.

    • "In Finnish the plural is Muumit"

      my mistake I thought Mumin = Believer

      Mumineen = Believers

      Mumintroll = Wahhabis,

      I have been training with a Finn for last few weeks Ante, just the sweetest most relaxed quiet man, but by all that is sacred he is brutal, huge, super fit and the blondest being I have ever seen, he is like a Labrador part way morphed into a Weimaraner, his blond is almost grey it's so extreme.

    • "not gotten all the Moomins in the Valley.."

      surely the plural is Moomineen,

    • "Yes it is a grave act."

      But... I wish to be the Fuhrer of my life

  • Soros and the Illuminati! Netanyahu Jr. spreads anti-Semitic cartoon
    • "Anyone who thinks that Soros is not involved and pulling the strings is your super ignoramus of the decade"

      Ziocaine in combination with Jim Crow Rye is going to put you in a mess

      "Soros, Barak, Yaniv and Naftali"

      see what i mean, it'd be a pity if it wasn't so funny.

  • Rightwing campaign against Jewish exec who called for exposing Nakba seems likely to fail
    • "but i get too bored trying to read it"

      "i always excelled in math and puzzles that could be solved w/logic"

      " i don’t mind being part of the uncultured masses"

      there is more religion in those few words than acres of dry scripture, makes me think of the great syncretist Majig Labdron (1055-1149), who both summed up the practise of religion in 4 (2) words

      "Relax, relax. Alert, alert" what else do you need to know?

      and formulated Jod (chod) practise, which is a complete path, requiring neither intelligence nor education nor status, confidence but only diligence and fearlessness, alone at night in scary places offering your body to demons...its good fun, beating a damaru, giving up your flesh cold hungry, ill, alone.

      anyone can train to be brave and hardworking, and it doesn't change anything or save anyone from anything thats real religion, you don't gain anything but lose everything, clever people often don't do well at this game, they think too much and worry.

      one observes ...and it liberates

      as soon as it liberates

      of itself it liberates

      and for this course all you need to qualify is breath, clever people usually progress very slowly, in religion the dumb dominate, i am fully qualified 3 times over.


    • "Perhaps because Annie (who works for the site) and regular commenters such as yourself and Mooser frequently heap praise on Yoni Falic"

      these kind of weak guilt by association gambits are becoming the norm and the Zionists are managing to tar organised Jewry in the west with the lowest and most dishonest of political gambits, smearing and defaming, anything but a discussion of the substance of the issue.

      "Labour Blairites are planning to cull Corbyn supporters with a surprise witch hunt at party conference"

      "The Labour right is planning a cull of Corbyn supporters through a vote at the party’s conference in Brighton later this month. The amendment could introduce ‘life bans’ for those, like Corbyn, who criticise the state of Israel.

      The witch hunt

      A motion has been put forward by the pro-Israel Jewish Labour Movement (JLM), supported by several Constituency Labour Parties (CLPs). It calls for the ‘life ban’ of any party member deemed to have engaged in antisemitic language or behaviour. On the surface of it, a positive move to tackle bigotry.

      But the Labour right’s new definition of antisemitism expands to include any and all criticism of the state of Israel. This is unhealthy, and dangerous. JLM National Secretary and Labour councillor Peter Mason explained the move in a column for the LabourList website. Originally entitled “Let’s introduce life bans for the minority of bigots who shame the Labour party”, it was later amended to something more subtle. In the piece, Mason argues:

      At conference an amendment to the rules, proposed by the Jewish Labour Movement and by CLPs across the country, as well as proposals from the NEC, will seek to resolve this once and for all.
      Despite several high-profile suspensions, the mass expulsion of party members, and two high-profile inquiries – the witch hunt persists.

      The ‘life ban’ plans come amid the latest smear campaign against a prominent left-wing Labour MP, Chris Williamson. Campaign group Labour Against Antisemitism accused the Derby MP of antisemitism for referring to Israel as an “apartheid” country."

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