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born part Arab part Scots/Irish, worked in training ulema for the european environment/ journalist broadcaster for many years working mainly for bbc. From a faction of euro-islam much favored by the establishment, writer etc nothing really of interest may as well move along.

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  • Acclaimed Irish literary festival's refusal to accept Israeli state funding welcomed by artists and human rights campaigners
    • "let,s not forget"

      thanks, mo charra, on and off I have lived in Ireland now for about a decade, I love Ireland and the Irish but am very ignorant about it still, I knew none of that, in the West Cork i will die in they welcome the Egyptian boys who sail over on their fishing boats, the local girls snap them up, everyone is married, due to their good looks and sober family orientated ways, for me Ireland is a little heaven, thanks for that.

      I am in Galway at the moment the place is full of American coach parties its so busy I live in the back of beyond, I have been watching Irish people heal Americans of all their stress, its a big deal really sweet to watch, some Americans don't understand that I am not Irish and lecture me about the beauty of "my" country, to me the Irish can sometimes be quite strange, but i like strange and may not score too highly for normal myself, i am a great beneficiary of the generosity and openness of the Irish. I am making out like a bandit.

    • "ireland soooo rocks!"

      yes all along the Raglan Road

      "I gave her gifts of the mind I gave her the secret sign
      That's known to the artists who have known
      The true gods of sound and stone"

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  • 'Why should we give Israeli investigators a gun to shoot the victims again?': B'Tselem ends cooperation with Israeli military citing total lack of accountability
    • I remember Felicia's "Theft is legal here (Israel) you know"

      " Based on her diary notes she wrote several books, which were translated into numerous languages: “With my own eyes”, 1974; “These are my brothers”, 1979; “From my diary”, 1980; “The story written by the people”, 1981; “An age of stone”, 1988.

      Early on she had predicted violent reactions against the ongoing occupation. Therefore the outbreak of the first intifada did not surprise her. As her work and endeavours became more and more fruitless, she closed down her office in 1990 in protest to make public that the legal system in Israel had become a farce.

      She emigrated to Germany where her son had settled down in Tübingen. Temporarily she worked as a lecturer at Bremen University and later in Kassel.

      Her main concern has always been a just and fair peace agreement between Israel and Palestine, and for this goal she is still as active as before, writing books and articles, giving interviews and lectures, taking part in public discussions etc."

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  • Thank you, Chief Rabbi. Now I know: Judaism is to blame for the Nakba
    • Eva thats so sweet of you I am going to sleep blushing, cockneys know all the shit that is going down.

      personally i like Slavs, they have Systema, like Lavrov does, its admirable shit really, he taught me how to hit with my crippled left, Slavs or whatever it is you are are like Arabs to me.

      this obviously is a message to Jon this is how its done Jon from the heart, let them think what they want to think,

      I wouldn't want to infringe apon Eva's autonomy to colour her thinking Jon my strategy is honesty but I harm no one and never eat alone. i do fight but only when I am attacked and only because i like it.

      i am a pro Jon 40 years in, see how the white people love me, only because i love them too.

    • " Imam Khalid Latif of NYU,"

      Khalid is all very well, bit ernest for me, you can't beat the cockney Imam, i'm right though init.

      here poses the unanswerable question, ecce homo,

      link to

    • "Islam is a great religion."

      oh shit the Saudi's got to you too, you of all people.

      I often defended Islam fighting drunk in the car park of the Bricklayers Arms, atheism is good too but they don't fight, copulate or drink enough.

    • 'Indeed the causes of discord and rebellion against Religion are that in opposition to the ordinances of the Book of God, people follow the dictates of their own minds and circumstances and introduce innovations, no where to be found in the Book and thus schisms.

      Consequently inspite of the commands of God such persons are considered the leaders of Religion but they who know nothing of it.

      The fact is had falsehood been easy to discern who would go astray, were truth easy perceive people would have little cause to differ or criticize Religion.

      Sadly men have started to co-mingle part truth with part falsehood and Satan exploits this gaining an iron grip on the minds of the dissimulators

      Only such persons can escape its trap who have advanced with Gods help towards sober and rational ways of meditation '

      that was

      the complete Khutba 55, Ali Ibni Abi Talib, from his Mesopotamian tour sometime before 666ad.

  • 'NYT' blames Hamas for civilian deaths in front-page article that sounds like Hillary Clinton
    • "if Hamas digs tunnels in densely populated neighborhoods then they should write about that too."

      why? and what should they "write" about it,

      are you implying that Hamas, in blockaded Gaza brim full of displaced persons dense with them, in a Gaza minus the shot on sight buffer zone regularly destroyed by the IDF, sometimes for reasons of internal Israeli politics are endangering civilians?

      what precisely are these shortcomings of Hamas relevant to?

      where should they dig tunnels and how should they resist to gain your approval?

      since you are not going to read the link just one para

      "Hamas opposed the Oslo accords from the start and throughout. They insisted on the Palestinian claim to all of historic Palestine and the right of refugees to return. They also denounced the PLO leaders who returned to run the PA and crassly enrich themselves in the manner of other Arab rulers.49 Hamas refused to participate in elections at this time, not because they rejected democratic procedures but because they refused to legitimate Oslo.50 It was a shrewd decision. As the Oslo process faltered the PA became more and more irrelevant. Hamas did not (and does not) reject the effective principle of a two-state solution. All of its major figures have stated their willingness to sign a generation-long ceasefire provided that Israel withdraws its troops and settlers behind the 1967 border.51 The supreme malleability of religious language allows Hamas to preserve the image of fighting for all of historic Palestine, but in practice the ceasefire means recognition of Israel. Hamas was not prepared, however, to renounce military resistance until such an agreement was achieved. ".52

      do you approve?

    • "Not that I approve of Hamas" then don't vote for them.

      isn't this a non-sequitur given the subject under discussion, are you not genuflecting towards precisely the prejudice you purport to be attacking.

      as a writer its not really what you approve of that is of interest, especially when you fail to elaborate, but what you understand and can explain

      you might find this interesting perhaps even informative,

      from: Hamas Gaza and the Blockade by Jamie Allinson

      "The rise of Hamas is the latest episode in this history. The exhaustion of Fatah and the Palestinian left in the early 1980s arose from their detachment of the struggle for Palestinian liberation from “internal” struggles against the surrounding Arab regimes, in particular from the potential power of the Egyptian working class. The Palestinian Liberation Organisation (PLO), under Fatah’s leadership, followed a strategy of establishing bases in neighbouring Arab states while avoiding any challenge to the ruling regimes.35 The regimes themselves observed no such restraint. Thus the PLO were driven from even the weakest frontline Arab states—Jordan in 1970 and (in the midst of civil war and Israeli invasion) Lebanon in 1982. The Palestinian left in the more left-wing “fronts” did recognise that revolution in the Arab states was a precondition for the liberation of Palestine but their idea of this revolution was Mao Zedong’s “protracted people’s war” or Che Guevara’s guerrilla focos.36 Although the revolutionary and proto-revolutionary movements inspired by the Palestinian left did reach the non-Palestinian populations, any attempt to establish liberated areas in the refugee camps was doomed: Israel, the local Arab ruling class or both would intervene to crush such areas—precisely what happened in Jordan and Lebanon."


      "The charter of the new movement insisted upon the Palestinians’ claim to all their homeland, including that part which became Israel in 1948. It also included an ample share of what Lenin called the “prejudices” of the petty bourgeoisie.41 So, for example, the charter considers Judaism a kindred monotheism to be protected by Islamic rule but also repeats anti-Semitic claptrap found in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.42 These ideas have been abandoned by Hamas leaders and their original authors have long passed out of influence. Such passages—repugnant and counterproductive in equal measure—persist not because of any ingrained Arab or Islamic anti-Semitism but rather as a symptom of dangerous political confusion among those Palestinians who have only encountered Jews as agents of an oppressive colonial project.43 This confusion can only be effectively challenged from a standpoint that supports resistance to that oppression. To do otherwise is to permit or encourage the identification of opposition to anti-Semitism with Zionism.

      Hamas’s primary appeal lay not in its charter, whatever the contents of that document. Rather Palestinians were drawn to Hamas’s rejection of the PLO’s proposed compromise with Israel on a two-state solution. The PLO’s Tangiers Declaration of 1988 and Jordan’s renunciation of any claim to the West Bank offered recognition to Israel in return for ending the intifada.44 That compromise was particularly unpalatable to the Gazan population, the majority of them refugees who would be denied any prospect of return to their homes under a two-state deal with Israel. Hamas refused to join the PLO during the intifada but carried out essentially the same acts of resistance"

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  • Israeli leader's 'extremism' charge makes headlines around the world -- but 10th paragraph in New York Times!
    • "I think this guy is pathetic." what has happened to the Gender!

      Tanya says "when one man gone a better one come him name Woman"

      Big Heavy Gal (serious)

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    • "military coup."

      but Israel has a military,

      Ok Egypt had coup and does have an "army", but its army is not military its more like a street gang.

  • Joint List MK: Lieberman deal reveals 'the real face of Netanyahu'
    • thanks for that Pilger Ersatz,

      i thought this one very good and on topic

      "From Pol Pot to ISIS: The blood never dried"

      "I am not surprised by the disregard of memory and history, yet again"

      link to

  • Clinton campaign is 'nervous' Sanders will push 'divisive' battle over Democratic platform on Israel
    • "the alternative to Clinton is Trump"

      you need to be flying the ensign upside down, and may God have mercy on your souls.

    • Page: 13
  • Whistleblower: US General Sean Swindell bears responsibility for deadly Kunduz hospital attack
    • "The story is same"

      it is deja vu...all over again

      "Iraqis were in revolt against British rule. Ayatollah Muhammad Taqi al-Shirazi declared a fatwa calling for a jihad against the invaders. After a period of peaceful protest armed rebellion began in Mosul in July 1920 and spread south, uniting Shia and Sunni Moslems.

      The Secretary for War, Winston Churchill, decided that the best (and cheapest) way to defeat the rebels was by bombing them into submission, using the new Royal Air Force. 97 tons of bombs were dropped. Poisonous gas may also have been used; Churchill stated, ‘I do not understand this squeamishness about the use of gas. I am strongly in favour of using poison gas against uncivilised tribes … [to] spread a lively terror’. Around 6,000 Iraqis lost their lives and by October 1920 the revolt had been subdued. The British then installed ‘Faisal I’, who had helped then during the War during the ‘Arab Revolt’ against the Turks, as puppet ‘king’ of the new country."

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  • Israeli 'chutzpah' versus Palestinian 'sumud'
  • A brief history of the 'Nakba' in Israel
  • Settlers raid Palestinian home and beat a woman and pepper-spray her daughter
  • The Making of Israel: Zionist settler colonialism in historic Palestine
    • "At least until 1948"

      at least we'll always have that, no, no they can't take that ....bought it fare and square, we disagree in the end it is our consent you will need, learn Arabic. Why are you always addressing others when talking about our world there are Arabs and Palestinians posting here talk to us.

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  • Vermont artist creates 45-foot 'street comic' telling story of the Nakba
  • Wide-ranging interfaith coalition backs 'Freedom of Religion' bill to stop Trump ban on Muslims
    • "Mind you, I could plausibly defend my statement even in the distorted form given it by you by referring to the Koranic verses"

      oh shit you don't know how badly you fucked up there, how could you,

      "in the distorted form given it by you"

      i need to lie about whats in the Quran Stephen, otherwise my inferiority would be obvious.

    • "large numbers of Moslem refugees, describing the aggressive, intolerant, and abusive behavior of many of those refugees, especially the young men (and much of that behavior is clearly related to Islam, like beating up women who don’t cover their arms). If people fear and hate Moslems that is mostly a result of their experience of Moslems,"

      In Germany one is unlikely to encounter the Muhammadan unless one leaves home dressed in accordance with Judeo-Chrisitian norms and therefore run the risk of violation at the hands of unruly young Islamobucks.

      "clearly related to Islam, like beating up women" and you draw a salary from a university? well done.

  • 'Either Assad or we'll burn the country' - An excerpt from 'Burning Country: Syrians in Revolution and War'
    • " you are supporting Syria’s Franco."

      lanyamurru Louis lanyamurra

    • "The firm at the centre of the Panama Papers leak serviced a string of companies for a top financier in Bashar al-Assad’s government in the face of international concern about corruption within the Syrian regime."

      Because the one force the Dictator fears is The Syrian Tax Authorities,

      "who was described in US diplomatic cables"

      "Washington imposed sanctions on Makhlouf"

      "It blacklisted his brother Hafez Makhlouf in 2007."

      if there is one thing a Marxist can rely on in this messed up world its the US government,

      and the Saudi's and Makhtoums, and Abdul Aziz Ash Sheikh and the Manchester Guardian.

      "international concern about corruption" do they have acounts in Delaware,

      link to

      Dr Awwad diagnoses a bad case of gullibility,

      link to

    • "to be blunt, the longer Assad stays, the likelier the Alawis, Christians, and other minorities which in exchange from preferential access to the scraps"

      you do not know what you are talking about. I would recommend the whole of this article (but suggest you use your faculties, i differ a good deal with the author but he/she has some info you might find helpful)

      from: Response by a Syrian Anarchist

      "First, like anywhere else in the world, most people in the Middle East have multiple, co-existing identities – or identity markers, rather – that are invoked at different times in different contexts. For examples, nationalist identities and discourses were dominant in the 1930s and 40s, during and in the aftermath of independence from Britain and France; they were then extended to or replaced by pan-Arabist identities and discourses in the '50s and '60s; both sets of identities and discourses were challenged by Marxist and Islamist ones in the '70s and '80s and so on and so forth. All of these identity markers and discourses had, and still have, roots in social and ideological bases, and are today invoked by different social and political groups in the service of their political games and struggles.

      Second, this western obsession with Middle Eastern sectarianism inevitably leads to a simplistic and reductionist understanding of complex regimes and societies like those of Syria:

      'Despite this [pan-Arabist and ostensibly secular and socialist] program, the Assad regime bases itself internally on the members of the Alawite sect of Islam (an offshoot of the Shi’a), to which the Assads belong. Most members of the government inner circle, as well as occupiers of leadership posts in the Ba’ath party and the economy, are members of this sect, which has thus been elevated into a privileged stratum that rules over a majority (76%) Sunni population. '

      Again, there is no space here to go into the differences between the Alawites and the Shi'ites (they are not the same and don't really approve of one another as religions) or into the sectarian composition of the Assad regime (it's not just Alawites; there were many Sunnis as well in the inner circle, and some of the poorest and most heavily repressed communities were non-Ba'thist Alawites). It is important, however, to remember the following, often-ignored fact:

      Since 1970, Hafez al-Assad and his regime skilfully used religious and ethnic sects and sectarianism – in Syria as well as in Lebanon – to consolidate their rule, fuelling sectarian tensions but keeping them under sufficient control so as to justify the 'need' for this rule, otherwise “things would get out of control and the country would descend into a civil war,” as we were often warned. The term 'politics of sectarian tension' can probably describe this policy better than the cliché 'divide and rule'. To give you just a glimpse, Hafez al-Assad – and his son Bashar after him – always prayed in Sunni mosques, appeased Alawite religious and community leaders, while at the same time marketing itself as a 'secular' regime."

      link to

  • Miko Peled's viral video
    • i'd like to see Peled Vs Regev, either in a TV studio debate or preferably in the Octagon.

      the mans sincerity is very moving,

      He is exactly what a Karateka is supposed be, the embodiment of all the Confucian virtues.

    • "However, you are not curious because you think you already know that the answer is no"

      if one were an educated and scholarly type serious about the study of Islam/Islamism one could start by reading say

      Dr. M.T. Sidqi "Al Din fi Manar Al 'Aql al Salih"

      Ahmad Amin "Dhuha al Islam"

      Taha Hussein "The Future of Culture in Egypt"

      Muhammad ibni Hazm "Ma'rifat al Nasik wal Mansuk" which he wrote in the margins of Tasfir al Jalalayn

      Ali Abd al Raziq "Al islam wa usul al huqm", he was fired as judge and stripped of his Azharite degrees for it, its very good on demolishing the concept of "Caliph", its a bit weak when he comes to the political role the Prophet.

      and of course my fellow Sharqiyan the gratuitously individualistic

      Khalid Muhammad Khalid "Min Huna Nabda" and "Fi al bad'kana al kalimah"
      not sure be he may have coined the term "priestcraft" to describe the malign activity of the ulema,
      he is very funny about the Muslim Brotherhood and especially satirized the editor of their paper Muhib al din al khatib, whose name escapes me.

      no videos, but essential reading for the budding Islam/Islamist pundit, or one could guess and talk in vague generalities, I am too lazy to read all that stuff and so sometimes i too am puzzled, just what the hell is going on Islam and how will we ever find out?

      anyway H just got me thinking.

  • A new proposal for confederated states (without any idea of how to get Israel to comply)
    • thanx for this Annie, and your several comments.

      "In a confederal approach, however, Palestinian refugees who wish to return could live in Israel as residents, but would exercise their full citizenship rights, such as voting in national elections, in Palestine.

      De-linking citizenship and residency also helps address the thorny problem of Jewish settlers, who number more than half a million in the West Bank and East Jerusalem…"

      isn't this an affront to human dignity?

      Palestinians cede non-derogable fundamental rights and Israeli's keep their ill-gotten gains, including the settlers, who i guess the Palestinians could leverage against some returnee 'residents' at Israels discretion,

      what has happened to the legal rights that Palestinians now have?
      To return home, for the return of stolen assets including land? to the automatic right to full citizenship in the territory they habitually inhabited, prior to their illegal expulsion?

      what is the legal frame work underlying this proposal.

      what is the Palestinian input to this?

      America now dominates the MENA just as the UK and France did in 19th and 20th centuries and these 'conflict resolution' approaches to I/P will be understood by Arabs as indicative of US contempt for them, i think they are right.

      i think these proposals are designed to drive a wedge between Palestinians and anti-Zionist US activists, i doubt the people of the region will find them acceptable.

      "While each state would decide its own citizenship policies, including laws of return, citizens of one state could be permitted to live as residents in the other (as in the European Union), with each state setting limits on the number of non-citizens granted residency."

      let freedom ring, the "could be permitted" made me laugh.

      'Abduh said "we fully understand that the rights you extol as universal are not to be extended to us"

      and he didn't know the half of it.

  • Donald Trump has one proposal to unite a fractured Republican party -- Islamophobia
    • ." An Iphobe would say ‘More Muslims, more justified Iphobia, as their faults become blatant’, an anti-White would say ‘More Muslims, more Iphobia as White prejuduce rears its head’."

      hughes do you live in Toy Town? an anti-white person? Iphobia?

      who are the Anti-Whites in London?

      as you look so shall you see is a warning about stultifying framing and 'forcing data', what measurable effects does anti-whiteness exhibit?

      where in the UK are you afraid of going due to the anti-white sentiments of the locals?

    • I ran a Sharia council, this one, despite his demeanour Maulana Shahid Raza is one of the gentlest beings in existence, we never beheaded anyone, mainly divorce cases, it was hard rather wearing work, we started in 1987 in close contact with UK authorities to try to stamp out the corner fatwa shop phenomenon, it was modeled on the religious Jewish tribunals who gave us advice, he got an OBE, I got away.

      link to

    • "but it simply means that there are not enough Native English left in London to have an influence on the electoral result."

      yes we have lost London, Birminghams already gone, you need Punjabi to get by in Manchester,

      "The more Muslims you have, the less islamophobia"

      you are implying Muslims have not mastered self-hatred? you could be right but Stewart has been doing outreach

      link to

    • "I’ve always been opposed to"

      there are Naughahyde laws? In Islam its all real leather.

    • a4-rug-sila

      no, a million times no, it is a discursive tradition with no central legal text or overarching purpose,

      look all this rattling on about Halaka and Sharia ignores the real fear and loathing this evokes in me, do you have any idea what this material is like here is a simple uni intro

      link to

      here is some more sophomoric stuff, there is much harder stuff but if you want to talk "Sharia" this the awful reality. I am not talking Sharia anymore till you have read tabari, shafi'i, jafar etc this will get you started. i am not joking, please lets not talk law, i know nothing you even less.

      link to

    • "but maybe they should grow up, not make it illegal to build churches”

      are all hasbarists locked in the same dark room

      link to

      "The Muslim world is a museum of churches"

      and some new ones

      link to

    • Zina is mentioned 5 or 6 times in the Quran, there is no death sentence, nothing like deut: 22:21-24, so some reactionary Alim historically referred to this, we Muslims steal scriptures its sad but true.

      It was treated in exactly the same manner that Rabbi's surrounded the harsher aspects of Halakic penalties with so may conditions that they were impossible to impose, in Islam all the hudud are limited by exacting (impossible) evidentiary requirements.

      "Honour Culture" is diametrically opposed to Islamic norms.

      so determined were the Ulema to avoid convictions of Zina that they developed the charming but ludicrous notion of the "sleeping foetus" or the "public bath defense" in the case of unmarried mothers, one Cadi in the Gulf cried in exasperation recently "What would we have done with the Virgin Mary ?" in the hope of dispensing with whole mess.

      as the below will make clear the forged ahadith that deal with this all have to have the accused spontaneously confessing because Zina is effectively impossible to prove, and no less fun for that.

      ""With regard to witnesses to zina, they should be four people whose testimony is acceptable, and they should state that they have seen the zina in clear terms, i.e., they should have seen the man’s penis in the woman’s vagina. If some of them only testify that they saw them naked, or they describe certain positions or movements, that is not sufficient to proof that zina took place.

      Shaykh Ibn ‘Uthaymeen (may Allah have mercy on him) said in al-Sharh al-Mumti’ (6/157):

      They should describe zina in clear terms, such as saying: “I saw his penis in her vagina”. There is no alternative to that. If they say: “We saw him on top of her and they were naked”, that is not acceptable. Even if they say “We saw him doing with her what a man does with his wife,” that is not sufficient as testimony. They must say “We bear witness that his penis was in her vagina.” And this is very difficult, as the man said who was testified against at the time of ‘Umar: “If you were among the (four) thighs you would never be able to give this testimony.” Hence Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyah mentioned that at his time no case of zina was proven by means of testimony from the time of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) until the time of Ibn Taymiyah. If no case was proven from that time until the other, then we do not know of any case that was proven by testimony up till our own times, because it is very difficult."

      link to

  • US and Russia talk peace, make war, in Syria
    • Boo you might find this interesting, its a whole hour, but its all meat

      link to

    • "We see something like that today in Syria possibly complicated by the hard-won knowledge that getting rid of M/E dictators often leads (as we already see in Syria and have seen in Iraq and Afghanistan) to a power vacuum followed by a (worse) civil war."

      yes but who is doing the removing, when has a "dictactor" (eastern despot) been removed by a method that does not involve destruction of the country, Ben Ali (with the ken doll hair)? Tunisia not taking dictation anymore? and the smashing of the state (power vacuum) usually we name the country Gadaffi or Assad and destroy it, its not really getting rid of dictators is it, like Egypt which will become Sissi if he steps out of line, in a year or two you will hear about the slaughter now going there.

      everyone wants to be free, free of American domination, violence and illegality.

      link to

  • Anti-Semitism is considered a serious moral failing. But no one calls out anti-Palestinian bigotry
    • " ‘self-hated’, or is that a peculiar Jewish creation?"

      no no its appropriated

      “The oppressed will always believe the worst about themselves.”
      ― Frantz Fanon

      actually truth is we all loathe ourselves no need to make a fuss

      “The Negro enslaved by his inferiority, the white man enslaved by his superiority alike behave in accordance with a neurotic orientation.”
      ― Frantz Fanon, Black Skin, White Masks

      "Wretched of the Earth" is the manual.

      Naropa was the absolute master of self hatred didn't he say "this I believing in a self deserves to be burnt"

      however he also says

      Homage to the state of great bliss!
      Concerning what is called Mahamudra
      All things are your own mind.

      Seeing objects as external is a mistaken concept;
      Like a dream, they are empty of concreteness.
      This mind, as well, is a mere movement of attention
      That has no self-nature, being merely a gust of wind.

      Empty of identity, like space.
      All things, like space, are equal.
      When speaking of 'Mahamudra'
      It is not an entity that can be shown.
      There the mind's suchness
      Is itself the state of Mahamudra.

      if you can find a self ignore it, if it irritates you burn the useless thing.

  • DC meeting between Israel and Saudi Arabia marks end of Arab Peace Initiative and two-state solution
    • “Right now, here in Be’er Sheva, people are focused on our beloved Hapoel Be’er Sheva soccer team”

      oh jon i know what you are trying but here this how to do self affirmation with charm and grace, learn from the best, there are subtitles in American.

      link to

  • Elor Azarya, King of Israel
    • "Sure, “Schmuel” you would say "

      ah! a teaching moment,

      it stings a bit but what doesn't kill you.... self inflicted is the champagne of infliction

  • Saying Israel has no right to exist as a Jewish state is not anti-Semitic
    • "idol Phil Weiss isn’t scared of u-armed children."

      Weiss fears nothing we call him dances with neo-cons he will lead the tribe.

      "isn’t scared of u(n)-armed children."

      honestly that made me cry Mooser, it felt epileptic, Weiss in his taciturn superness might not realize it but thats a perfect brief panegyric, but lets stop before the Weiss wife feels the need to "ground" him.

    • "If america passes laws against drug dealers and it happens that MOST impacted are black and mexican, does that make it a racist law"

      hoya that's some top class debating you have put me on my guard

      link to

  • Dima's eyes
    • so wonderful it

      reminded me of that other Qasim

      "“A Palestinian village whose feudal owner sold it for a kiss through a pane of glass..."

      "in which the virgins' infants were cooked in their mothers' milk so soldiers and ministers might eat, along with civilisation!"

      link to

  • If it had been up to Hillary Clinton, there would be no Iran Deal
    • "Bernie was coxed into displaying an iota"

      imagine if he was coxless? as he is/was coxed he can really put his back in to the race, i never liked being coxless i felt so insecure, and my iota is between me and the rollock.

      link to

  • Advice to British leftwingers on kicking racism out of their anti-Israel rhetoric
    • "everyone else out there who’s trying to get their head around why the Palestinians are having a hard time will switch off"

      I think Cohen is trying to put a spell on me

  • 'Her absurd generals, her military junk' -- Daniel Berrigan's prophetic speech on Israel in '73
    • "The NYT report of Kerrigan’s speech says he castigated “the Arabs” for their “capacity for deception” and also for their “contempt for their own poor.” This context makes clear that he was referring not to Arabs in general but to wealthy and powerful Arabs."

      +1 perfectly stated

      I read Hophmi's link, he is pitiably stupid it in no way supports his contention, he is the tort embodied, the Tortfeasor.

    • "Berrigan’s anti-Arab racism"

      may be that crypto Arab Frank Maria (A search for justice and peace in the middle east) had him fooled, please consult p.439-440 at link, where a D. Berrigan discusses racism. Somehow Hoph what you say seems implausible.

      link to

      "Why else do you think the Romish church is so adamant about expanding the so-called ” European Union”?"

      yes neg the shit, like entropy, just gets weirder and weirder.

  • It is time to stop celebrating Jewish dissent in the Palestine solidarity movement
    • "However, we in the movement have also long lamented the continued intrusion of privileged white, pro-Western, pro-Americanism activists into the space meant for the liberation of oppressed"

      you set up a check point, do some de-whiting.

      "privileged white"

      we in the movement like to keep some around, we ask them to talk the Police, it saves lives.

    • The Dangers Inherent in Dealing with Jews.

      may I share this traumatic experience with you.

      We, Marcus the Conqueror Sound, used to play a Pub basement in the East End.

      We play in the pitch dark people come for the music to dance smoke weed hear the lyrics.

      From the first week two Hassidic? guys came, long hair, hippy long, long beards, one white haired the other black haired, white shirt, black suit, heavy black coat, large fedora, bits of tassels around their belts, always dressed the same, never took anything off even though it was hot in there.

      After some months the white haired Thorin looking one approached our station, the Rastas dont pay attention and you would have to shout "yo" he is a little gentleman so just stands there,

      I approach him in the approved ghetto manner, he is a much older man than me

      "Yes Daddy I can help you?"

      "I av a special rrrequest"

      this guy doesnt speak English at home its like he has a heavy Germanish accent,

      "Of course?"

      "can you play zat one three things i bring"

      while not drunk I am merry, before i know it my knees give a little i am laughing and have my thrown my arm around his shoulder drawn him in raised my finger and said

      "just as well you asked me, they wouldn't know what you mean, its not called that"


      " I know the one" I sing the chorus we both bop a little

      "yes yes that the vun" he is delighted

      "next track, yes"

      I take the mike and decide to have some fun, we have a spotlight, we need to fix the sound in the dark.

      " I have a special request"

      I fire up the lamp and shine down on to the two Jews in their corner

      " I have a special request from the Children of Israel"

      there is a happy little cheer, but just as I shine the light down on him Daddy Hassid is taking a big draw on his spliff, he clenches his fist and makes a.. like black power salute (we do that) with fat rasta style spliff clenched, burning like a munich torch in there and emits a huge white cloud of ganga smoke, the whole place goes berserk people are hollering and jumping, he looks like a rasta

      the artical bretheren throws on Half Pint "Greetings I Bring From Jah" (to all ragamuffin)

      it goes for half an hour or more we play every version, there are casualties everywhere people have danced themselves in to exhaustion, they are trembling leaning on the pillars,

      in their corner the two Hassids the sweat is running down the outside of their shirts their beards are caked to their faces like cousin It, they never stopped dancing till we strung out at 6am monday morning, we all have to go to work.

      It was my fault we weren't ready for stuff at this level of intensity, unwarranted assumptions about little Jewish guys can catch you out,

      we assumed they must be Rabbis at least.

      link to

    • ++1

      thanks for Grada Kilomba, had not heard of her.

  • Two more young Palestinians are shot dead -- this time after one allegedly throws a knife
    • I have been reading these stories for so many years, "attacked troops with an axe...knife...when shot....bled to death at scene" etc

      the only new thing is the promiscuity and scope of the Israeli slaughter.

      moving around the West Bank and Jerusalem must be a nightmare for Palestinians, no category excluded.

  • Sanders 'put everything on the line' for Palestine because BDS movement has changed US conversation -- Peled
    • "Shmuel? Would that be some sort of generic Shmuel?"

      yes obviously as Hymie is Anti-Semitic, unless you are the Shmuel with the "fucking guns"?

      "Okay, I’ve done that more than twice."

      Its my first time lets never do it again.

    • "we might see some action."

      "Defending Beirut against the onslaught of the Israeli forces was a political not merely military achievement. It involved mobilizing the limited capabilities of a people to defeat the enemy's intention to take over the city. The significance of the battle lies in the fact that an economically and organizationally weaker people, supported by poorly armed fighters and harbouring no illusions about the military and technological superiority of the adversary nor about his intentions decided to fight rather than flee or surrender.

      It has been argued among Israeli's that Israel did not storm Beirut in deference to civilian human life. This is manifestly untrue. The Israeli showed no such deference. In addition to the saturation bombing of a densely populated urban areas (millions of kilograms of high explosive were targeted on an area of roughly 15 sqKms inhabited by 500,000 people for a period of over 8 weeks). Israel used internationally prohibited weapons, including fragmentation bombs, cluster bombs and phosphorous bombs. They employed sudden and random shelling during ceasefires-and since at these times the streets were thronged with people who had emerged from bomb shelters in ssearch of food, water and missing relations this tactic ensured heavy civilian casualties.....

      On the second day of the evacuation, the convoy passed through the district of Beirut called Wadi Abu Jamil, one of the most impoverished areas of the city. Joined together by poverty and lack of shelter elsewhere, this population of poor Beirutis, Shi'ites, Druze, Christians from the mountains, Turks, Syrians, Iraqis, Jews, Palestinians and Egyptians is perhaps the most ethnically diverse in the middle east.

      As the leading truck descended from a hill in the district and crossed in to the broad streets leading to the port. A crowd of women and children, gathering in an abandoned structure across the street began to wave to the convoy.

      A woman in her late thirties, wearing old torn clothes, tugging two young children behind her, broke from the crowd and ran across the street waving a placard at the departing PLO and LNM fighters. Written in an illiterate hand in poor Arabic it read, simply " I will Take your place"

      Sami al Banna

      Give her your fucking guns Shmuel.

      You expect Palestinian children to go to school past these "fanatical settlers", women to bear and rear kids next to these people, while they are being robbed abused and murdered, slaughtered at IDF checkpoints, you are not just coward but a racist one to boot, Palestinians can keep on getting carved up because you scared of the settlers, have you no self respect.

      surely the most moral army Vs the most moral settlers will be a cake walk.

  • Chabon calls occupation 'the most grievous injustice I have ever seen in my life' and says he is 'culpable'
    • "worth 9 teaching jobs in Brownsville"

      and where was the board of education when Hophmi's people were slaves in Egypt, which is in Africa, is there a maximum frisson one can get from vicarious trauma?

  • Another interview on Israeli TV
    • “perhaps you should just convert to Islam”

      its a Saudi false flag comment, good but they gave themselves away, on the other hand Saudi Israelia does have a ring to it,

      it has been made plain to me via the London Embassy that i can not ever again set foot in Sisi Egypt, thank god I come from Wandsworth. I dont get the joy of belonging or the pleasure of corporate identities, I have no idea what I am and I know that you dont either, I thought Moosers "I have no ancestors" was profound and presume I embarrass everything that breathes rather that than saluting some fucking flag on a stick.

  • Trump, Sanders and the battle of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn for blue collar Arabs and whites
    • "Moussar’s words remind me of what I used to hear from Syrians when I studied Arabic there in 2006. Despite the brutalities of his government, many adored Assad because he made the country secure. And that was that."

      why would Syrians crave security, which was the first democratically elected government overthrown by CIA backed coup post WW2? and first military coup in this, as yet unnamed countries history? followed by a brutal series of coups and counter coups until the Syrians regained their sovereignty in a tightly controlled national security state, zaim old story

      after all the French had done for them, bordering a destroyed Palestine, the Imperial slaves of the Banu Hashim in Jordan, a Lebanon in bloody crisis from American intervention in '58 to preserve the sectarian constitution onward till today, Iraq, Turkey (what was the Alexandretta crisis is it relevant today? and Saudi just a few moments away for the F16's.

      Syria whom those beacons of international morality and legality the American Liberals only want to help by killing the bad Syrians, the good ones have nothing to fear.

      link to

  • Clinton will hold fundraiser in Tel Aviv
    • "officially my hero"

      There is only one Philip Weiss and Mooser is his messenger, I am just kibbitzing, there is a whole tai chi, happoren white crane quanfa thing i could do now, but self indulgent? Moi?

      I never yet saw a living thing I thought was an enemy, none the less some of those fuckers will bite you.

    • Ritzl not disputing anything, thanks for concise insight, must I cite you when I steal it? you freaked me out, i think I understand exactly what you are saying and Damn!

      there are women in Cork city who do the full Niqab, despite my RP McMurphy Islamic persona I rather like and admire them, they are very chatty and seem to have numerous slightly bemused Irish friends, I think they are at UCC.

    • "Sarsour opens for Sanders at an event the hijab IS the outreach"

      really! things in the US are now that bad?

  • Thousands of Israelis fill Tel Aviv's Rabin Square in support for soldier who executed Palestinian
    • "Bloody war. And a fine “solution” it is indeed (for dispensationalists)."

      dont think me a hick but" looks like we got ourselves a "reader", " i will bill you for that later.

    • "free to dream about an Algerian-style full-scale bloody-war solution,"

      well if there is one thing that recommends the current dispensation in the middle east its the freedom from bloody war.

  • 'Say Hello to Zenobia': A report from Palmyra rising from the ashes
    • "is more akin to normalization"

      joker! "normalization" says the ally of Jabhat al Nusra and Da'esh (condemned for extremism by Zawahiri himself), Saudi Arabia, Turkey (democratic but with an astonishing toll of Kurds and other dissidents) and American Imperialism, pull the other one.

      here is the backdash, Syrian communists many of whom are Alawi and many of whom suffered ferocious repression by the Ba'ath. Can you name any untranslated political texts that you have read from the vibrant political literature of Syrian dissent? you know Arabic right?

      link to

    • yes Austin, wow you are a performer I paraphrase "I know Syria, Love it, it should be destroyed in Arabic", no oneupmanship man you couldnt get any lower.

    • "thsnks"

      no problem I am only semi literate in anything, it neednt hold you back big boy.

    • yes you are right I know about the Alevi's, but they are not Alawite are they? but I dont really remember why I thought the French preferred Alawite to Nusayri, may be no more than the term Nusayri follows Arab usage like Ibadi for kharijites, the founding sheikh names the tendency and Alawite is more in keeping with naming the tendency after its main characteristic.

      Alawi's are an Arab minority in Turkey, Alevi's are either Kurdish or Turkish aren't they? and this Alevism is strongly nationalistic and ethnic in outlook. This doesnt mean that they are not Alawi categorically just like everything else in Islam it depends who you ask and in what degree you mean the same or different, I think that in the medieval lit they are never referred to as Alawi, but i could well be wrong.

      ayman tamimi wrote a long piece in levant review a while back about them

      you could well be right its just vague impressions i had.

      looking at Alawites

      link to

    • Nusayri's

      just a few unconnected thoughts,

      According to the majority of "Sunni" Ulema, the Nusayri's are not heretics and are infact Muslims.

      The error for which they are criticized is very generally leveled by "Sunni" Alim against the general "Sunni's", I am willing to bet that if you google Nusayri one of the little thumbnails will have this word, its Arabic, describing the doctrinal error ascribed to Nusayri's.

      I am not googling to confirm but I seem to recall that the word "Alawite" was promoted by the French to stress the similarity of Nusayri ideas to some aspects of Shi'ism. I dont know about this off-shoot of shi'ism, looking at the Kitab al Majmu, I dont know, seems to have some pretty old stuff Hellenistic and pre-Helenistic,

      Nusayri's were employed by the Ottomans as senior tax collectors in Syria, and were not denounced as heretics by the official Ulema, Ibni taymiyyeh did so denounce them in the medieval period however there is more general problem with all this "Sunni" talk.

      when you look with sufficient resolution at any "Sunni" community you will note, all the Scholars disagree but they are united in pointing out that yer common "Sunni" is an ignorant cuss who spends most of their religious life engaging in un-Islamic folk practices ad tedium.

      I speak as the veteran of numerous magical rites conducted by my Gidda, with my Azharite father laughing in the corner, especially if anything involved me drinking anything,

      Islam man we are all fucking heretics.

    • where is the Syrian Kagame

      link to

    • T you may find this interesting re the brothers

      link to

    • "The Alawites, a heretical sect from the point of Muslims (not unlike Jews from the point of view of Christianity) are concentrated on the coast and pretty much marked for genocide if Assad falls, or pushed into the sea when sea levels rise"

      Muhammad Amin al-Husseini, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, who was the Sunni Muslim Scholar in charge of Jerusalem's Islamic holy places from 1921 to 1938 and known as a leading Arab nationalist, issued a fatwa declaring Syrian Alawites to be Muslim, but what would he know, what does it say about them in the Quran?

      there is an edition of Race and Class, volume XXIV, Spring 1983, edited by Ibrahim Abu Lughod and Eqbal Ahmed, if you dont read Arabic its a very good source especially the articles that deal inter alia with "sectarianism" and the defense of Beirut.

    • " I am no apologist for Assad"

      what is the reason for American, Saudi and Israeli opposition to the Syrian Ba'athist Government? and their desire to topple it?

      what are the specific crimes and acts which to your mind render the sovereignty of the Syrian people null and void and allow anyone to support the illegal removal of the Syrian government by foreign intervention?

      What is Syria's record in relation to international law and the bi-lateral agreements she has signed, including those with Israel? Is there anything in the Ba'aths record that equates to the destruction of South East Asia last century or Israels collusion with US inspired slaughter in South America and Africa,

      and why all this infantile crap about loving, apologising for or support for "Assad"? rather than any cogent understanding and contextualising of things in such a way that we do not have to rely on some nebulous notions of pervasive Arab barbarity and political pathology.

      In the raw moralsitic and legalistic terms the Syrian Ba'athist State is vastly less criminal, destructive and "rogue" than the US.

      But if "leftism" and progressivism teaches us one thing at all it is that we are most certainly superior to any Arabs, even those we are slaughtering, chorus of the internationale anyone, the Schactman version?

  • 'Forward' columnist and Emily's List leader relate 'gigantic,' 'shocking' role of Jewish Democratic donors
    • Firstly Jackie Mittoo, much appreciated.

      "I just don´t know what the hell are you talking about!!!!"

      understanding is vastly overrated.

      I dont really get the whole Goy issue, I have dealings with all kinds of Jews in all manner of circumstances, producing work together etc, the issues of choseness, goyishness etc never come up, or when they did it seemed to me unoproblematic

      if the Zionists are toying with all this so be it, i am a goy, a grokle and was once briefly an emmet, heathen, pagan, i was often mistaken for a Mizrahi Israeli in north London Jewish areas which led to some amusing encounters and conversations,

      let me leave you with the Islamic "everyone must get stoned", muste is the state of rut of the male elephant they enter a fierce state of intoxication, also you will forgive us, after listening for saying white people have no rhythm, we dont mean any harm and you know its true. you are rhythm goys.

      link to

    • "I had a good laugh reading the comments regarding the word goy or goyim."

      but thats because you are a Grokle, with all the potential to become an actual Emmet (air ticket, hire car, reservations for a campsite in Newquay)

      when will you people understand Cornwall is for the Corniche

      link to

    • "Poor “Yonah”! Et tu Jews?"

      homewrecker, "I sure can tear it down"

      Just as Fontella says "I dont need a bulldozer to turn your home into a big mess"

      it takes her ten minutes to wipe out ten years of happy co-habitation.

      link to

  • 'Anti-Zionism = anti-semitism' is a formal logical fallacy
    • " “meshumad” is a filthy Hebrew derogatory"

      whereas Meshumar will provide you with a Kosher phone wherein the data is blocked,

      link to

      because the internet poses a significant threat to "Yiras Shomayim"

      link to

      I have never been called an apostate but perhaps have the distinction of having been declared a heretic by both Muslims I taught and Buddhists I was a student of, I have known very many Buddhist Jews or Meshumadim, is that right, they were good fun we abominationated all together, but shall regret it no doubt when ISIS or JONIS gets here.

    • Thanks for the video Annie, Amina is wonderful.

      "ritzl, we dropped the ball on that story." you are kidding, now you have to be a damn ninja even to talk about Palestine. There is some weird sandbagging of 'White folks" with all this supremacy crap, yes in America lets first organize against America, now there is objective politics untainted with either morality or common sense.

      going to read that one again with this on (yes the impossible rhythm is ours now we appropriated it and will not be sending it back, look how it thrives with us)

      link to

  • Segregation of Palestinians and Jews in maternity wards becomes an issue in Israel
    • "Dr. Tajudeen Fawole, MD link to and he looks black"

      good god guessing by the name he is a Muslim Yoruba from Osun state in Nigeria, jees, who treats the white people, Perhaps Dr. Agaton, a Fawole is Nigerian chess champion, I think he is a Christian one though do you think he would go to Dr. Taj.

    • "It appears that many of you are arguing against my comment from a place of privilege"

      but then..

      "How is it racist if I decide to act on my own agency and seek medical treatment that I find most trustworthy for my own well being? As long as I’m not actively stopping someone else from doing the same thing, I see no issue in it."

      thats too funny.

  • '3000 Nights' and stories from behind prison bars
    • " “Our revenge will be the laughter of our children,” quoting the late Bobby Sands"

      not the best version of Bobby Sands song "I wish I was back home in Derry" but the Palestinian flags in front of that iconic declaration "you are now entering free Derry" leaves me no choice, not only your families millions are rallying to your cause because of your steadfast resistance.

      link to

  • As threats against BDS grow, it is time for 'sumoud' in activist communities
  • Bernie Sanders and the Brooklyn dream
    • You know Mooser i always liked the verses which follow, really because of the casual easy way the god of the Quran mixes intimate tenderness with a cool, detached and pitiless harshness, that voice is confident.

      "Overshadowed by ignominy are they wherever they may be, save [when they bind themselves
      again] in a bond with God and a bond with men;
      for they
      have earned the burden of God's
      condemnation, and are overshadowed by humiliation: all this [has befallen them] because they
      persisted in denying the truth of God's messages and in slaying the prophets against all right: all
      this, because they rebelled [against God], and persisted in transgressing the bounds of what is right.
      [But] they are not all alike: among the followers of earlier revelation there are upright people,
      who recite God's messages throughout the night, and prostrate themselves
      [before Him]. (3:114)
      They believe in God and the Last Day, and enjoin the doing of what is right and forbid the doing
      of what is wrong, and vie with one another in doing good works: and these are among the
      righteous. (3:115) And whatever good they do, they shall never be denied the reward thereof: for, God has full knowledge of those who are conscious of Him.
      [But,] behold, as for those who are bent on denying the truth
      neither their worldly possessions
      nor their children will in the least avail
      them against God: and it is they who are destined for the
      fire, therein to abide.
      The parable of what they spend on the life of this world is that of an icy wind which smites the
      tilth of people who have sinned against themselves, and destroys it:
      for, it is not God who does
      them wrong, but it is they who are wronging themselves."

    • "Gamal has called me, in that order:

      an idiot

      a fool

      illiterate (“can you not read”)



      and a liar and a tell tale

      I am more hurt than angry.

    • you are most welcome a better translation and an explanatory note by Muhammad Asad, the Jewish Viennese Gulf Arabian Muslim, no one has ever come close to his work he sacrifices form to at least give some feel of the content, Arabs who were fluent in English were awed by his achievement.

      "YOU ARE indeed the best community that has ever been brought forth for [the good of]
      mankind: you enjoin the doing of what is right and forbid the doing of what is wrong, and you
      believe in God.

      Now if the followers of earlier revelation had attained to [this kind of] faith, it
      would have been for their own good; [but only few] among them are believers, while most of
      them are iniquitous: (3:111) [but] these can never inflict more than a passing hurt on you; and if
      they fight against you, they will turn their backs upon you [in flight], and will not be succoured."

      and its note

      82 As is obvious from the opening sentence of verse 110, this promise to
      the followers of the
      Qur'an is conditional upon their being, or remaining, a community of
      people who "enjoin the
      doing of what is right and forbid the doing of what is wrong, and [truly]
      believe in God";
      and as history has shown
      this promise is bound to lapse whenever the
      Muslims fail to
      live up to their faith."

      he called it like he saw it.

    • "That’s why I was quite shocked when I found it in the Hamas Charter, at the very top: “Ye are the best nation that hath been raised up unto mankind: ye command that which is just, and ye forbid that which is unjust, and ye believe in Allah.”

      ha you idiot.. it continues

      " if those of earlier revelation had attained to (this kind of faith) it would have been to their own good among them are believers, while most of them are iniquitous"

      learn to read moron. its surat al imran 109-11, so you thought what al imran its like the bible must be a history of the Jews, fool.

      its not refering to biblical times, not refering to Banu Isra'il and not saying any one is elect of God, can you not read, please produce the Quranic quote that calls the Banu Isra'il chosen elect or whatever. I never cease to be amazed at the your laziness and stupidity.

    • as regards choseness and election in Islam, I quote from David Kerrs 1982 paper presented at the center for the study of Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations at Selly Oak Colleges,

      "Muhammad clearly understood his task as being, under divine guidance, the restoration of primordial monotheism, and identified characteristically, though not exclusively with Abraham, the "hanif"' "pure in faith", the "leader of humankind". Both before and after

      Abraham, however, the Quran attests prophets to have been sent by God to all human communities, and with particular frequency to the Banu Isra'il. Q42:13 gives special mention to Noah, Moses and Jesus along with Abraham, and assures Muhammad that God has ordained for him the same religion (din) as He had for them.

      At the close of his ministry the Quran declared Muhammad to have succeeded, by divine favour, in bringing to perfection the the religion of God revealed to all His prophets, and the designation "al-Islam" was confrimed. The Quran therefore propounds a doctrine of unity and universality in divine revelation from the beginning of human history, completed in the revelation of the Quran to Muhammad as the "messenger of God to you all" (ie to the whole of humankind) and therefore the "seal of the Prophets"

      Within this perspective the Children of Israel have considerable importance in the Quran as recipients of divine favour, not as an "elect" people in a sense comparable to Jewish or Christian thought, but as an historical case-study full of instruction for Muslims themselves. "

      David A Kerr "The Prophet Muhammad in Christian Theological Perspective" sept 1982.

      the concept "chosen people" is non-existent in the Islamic versions of the Biblical narrative, so I am impressed that some "scholars" have found it there, its been quite a shock to many of us.

      Its always advisable to "blanche" before freezing i suppose they can get a tan in Netanya when they thaw out..

  • Zionism is not really secular
    • "Does every religion come with the promise of free land?"

      yeah free land is like free lunch, it seems great at first, never accept a free gift of land that eats the blood of patriots. I laugh when i see Zionists whine about blood libels you dont see? Zionists are bleeding out of their eyes, out of every orifice leaking other peoples blood.

      why isnt this comment up there, bloody mordorators, Weiss has never liked me (bastard!)

      I saw Ron dissing Zionism, we'll need to have a wee talkeen, every body tells you Angry Arab told you, you dont know our history we out last everyone, Hopmi you are the lawyer whose client is an idiot, either of the Jon's could school you.

      I can feel my humanity intersecting with Hopmi's tender parts, its sad to see but we must be clear he is inferior, i vote euthanize or at least euhemerize him as Hophmi trimestegos.

      he once inadverdently said something profound almost Garab Dorje style hitting the essence in three words, but as a Jew he's not half the man Mooser is, now he is your authentic Seemite.

    • dear Mr ofir always read your things, never feel to comment but thought you might enjoy this lesser known Wahabism that of Wiam, of Tawheed, god help us everything is "religion", its best not to think about it, but still i like this kind of restrained respectful spiritual interchange

      "who says god is happy when there is conflict or allows the killing of people?" in his general discussion of

      "Saudi Arabia's Grand Mufti is a Retard (sic)" despite the offense you cant really argue with that

      link to

  • Attachment to Israel is 'central part of Jewish identity,' Forward editor says
    • "Ah well, some people reap the whirlwind, we are legatees to an inversion. Maybe Podhertz’ “seminal essay” sowed the tightening gyre which birthed it."

      is that from the Traumaud? the Hieronymus Bosch edition?

      it has beauty like a tightened bow..not natural in an age like this, now its all gonne and no assault to conceive on a grave or call your daughter your cousin? to the very end

      sorry for the unleavened fair i am out of yeats.

  • Introducing Mondoweiss In Print: 'The World the Settlers Made'
    • Jidda you a London Arab, wallahi barakficum, I am the gone wrong guy you warn your sons about, fahm inglesi, and i fix their cars for them, no food is like what Arab women can make, you the ultimate.

  • Shocker: 'NYT' forum on anti-Zionism tilts toward equating Zionism with racism
    • "Or can societies improve over time, become more perfect?"

      I suppose they could...whats the rush..."more perfect" ..says it all.

      "A day in the life of a young black male engineering "coding" student."

      link to

  • Execution of Palestinian exposes militarism and racism of Israeli culture
    • "where his name – Elor Azaria – is stated"

      oh Azariah

      author of "Me'or 'Eiyanim", "The Light of the Eyes" De Rossi , now Azariah has other associations, rather than the great iconoclastic super scholar this grim little murderer, desecration is the spirit of our age.

  • 'Morbid symptoms' in Palestine
    • "I’m not entirely sure what you are trying to say, Jeff Klein"

      I believe it is the "cultural residue" epiphany (argument), the atlantic has something

      link to

      and this is a single page on it, funny.

      link to

      I think its a form of self expression in Jeff's culture.

      "My friends were embarrassed when I asked them what was going on." why would they be embarassed?

      " the fighting was between two extended Palestinian family networks, the Halawe and the Hamame, who were struggling for influence in the city and competing over “protection money” exacted from the city’s merchant classes."

      no wonder they like Hip Hop and have appropriated it Palestinian Crips and Bloods.

      "This sad state of affairs was on my mind at a meeting later that evening with a group of visiting Italian solidarity activists."

      "Despite some hopes raised by the joining of the various Palestinian parties in Israel"

      "Not surprisingly, here as in the rest of the Arab world many are turning to religion" (and gangsterism)

      "the leftist Democratic Front (Hadash in Hebrew, Jabha in Arabic) has lost much of its influence." why might that be?

      "The courage and self-sacrifice of the mostly teenaged attackers, who are frequently executed on the spot by Israeli security forces, is universally recognized by Palestinian society, even if most also mourn the loss of life without any discernible political purpose.........

      Nevertheless, in this moment of failure and “morbid symptoms” it is also true that nearly every Palestinian expresses a sure confidence in their eventual success, even if the time frame may be vague or long-delayed. It is hard to find anyone here who accepts that the Zionist project is permanent, at least in its present form — or that the liberation struggle will ultimately fail."

      you are a better man than I Gunga Din

      "Though I’ve belted you and flayed you,
      By the livin’ Gawd that made you,
      You’re a better man than I am, Gunga Din!"
      Rudyard Kipling

      "My friends were embarrassed" shows your limitations, Sunday supplement, distinctly unGramscian.

  • Sanders is in Jewish tradition that rejected exceptionalist nationalism of Zionism
    • "Our egalitarian commitment was replaced by exceptionalism. Our agitation against war was undermined by ceaseless colonialism in Palestine"

      from another source:

      "Take my advice and do not follow leaders who are vain and arrogant on account of their wealth, power and position.

      Who wax lyrical about the glories of their ancestors, who claim that the calamities they cause are the work of God.

      God has been kind to them and they disregard his commands about justice and his interdictions against oppression.

      They are the strongholds of the "party spirit", provincialism and bigotry, they deny the kinship of humanity, they offer only temptations and revolts against order.

      They propagate and defend the idea of the superiority of one race over the other, which has proved so harmful and injurious to humanity.

      Beware of these leaders, be just do not envy one another."

      from Khutba 197 Ali Ibni Abi Talib, (cousin of the Prophet) about 655AD (ish),

  • Israeli army stations dedicated PR officer at site of Hebron execution
    • "How long will that take to achieve” he asks."

      "“Would you like to eat with us?” "

      if that doesn't put some iron into Anti-Zionist Jewish spines nothing will.

      "Aziz al-Qasrawi’s grief over his son’s death made him distraught and skeptical of journalists."

      that should have been edited out, its preposterous.

  • Eric Alterman contradicts himself about anti-Semitism on campus
  • 'We don’t want to find ourselves in a position like apartheid South Africa': A report from Israel's first national conference against BDS
    • "There are those who say that anti-White ‘racism’ is OK either because white people have been so privileged in status and so unfair in behaviour that they deserve a taste of their own medicine"

      you are kidding, who said that? "taste of their own medicine" do you know any black people?

      "because racism is not really there unless persons of a certain race are being systematically damaged, which is not happening to white people just because all those privileges are still intact"

      yes "white people" are all fine, its the privilege, despite the declining life expectancy of white males in the US, still intact baby.

      do you mind if Haiku this bit,

      "into the unfeeling bottom
      of a rhinoceros I don’t agree with
      this argument
      and I don’t think many of us do"

    • "gloves, a wig, and burnt-cork"

      we are not worthy..that's perfect.

  • Obama said in Cuba what he couldn't say in Palestine
    • Phil married a white woman, well so did I, so did my want a quiet life....

      this a Shuwa Arab Bride, I know my limitations....white women are so nice and forgiving (except in Ireland and except my mother)

      link to

  • Video: Meet the brave shoemaker who filmed Israeli soldier executing a Palestinian
    • "He is wrong"

      "“The U.S. claims to support democracy in many Arab countries"

      you are saying the US does not claim to support democracy in many Arab countries?

      A Palestinian is going to know the reality, but he's is addressing the absence of even a pretense of support for democracy, I think he has a point, Arabs are acutely aware of the reality of American policy, they experience it directly.

  • No Escaping the 'Cohen': Nick Cohen is becoming a Jew (again)
    • " what Judaism actually is…"

      everyone is an Islamic scholar now everyone's a Rabbi, Zaha Hadid died today, in the states of bronchitis, I have flu and may well live.

    • Cohen and Melanie Philips have always seemed to me to be clinically depressed tormented individuals exploited by a media that is intent on distorting any social or political discourse with their insane intemperate rants. Like court jesters they can render the invective of mainstream monologue raw and direct

      David Aaronovitch is a proper "British Jew" laid back, confident of his own superiority, wide-boy, a man free of any interiority as is proper to the English Bloke, like Rod Liddle, clubbable.

      Cohen can't "bloke", English men are suspicious of those who can't "bloke" right.

      I hope Cohen finds refuge from himself.

      great article Hop, and excuse the impertinence but great name.

  • Netanyahu defends Israeli military after soldier caught on tape executing Palestinian: 'Any challenge to the morality of the IDF is outrageous'
    • "And I am inspired by the many stories of heroism",

      " Whoever rallies to a good cause shall have a share in its blessings; and whoever rallies to an evil cause shall be answerable for their part in it: for, indeed, God watches over everything."
      An Nisaa 85

  • Why I chose to get arrested at AIPAC
  • Finding 1 'Arab' in Israeli basketball, NY Times espouses Zionist racial theory
    • "history is … futile and counter-productive”

      Zionism no dwelling on the past

      except as "narrative".

      why the fear of futility Jon, the donya is all round a little bit futile, empty and marvelous.

    • Jon :

      "I don’t tend to idealize the past"

      "The images in my mind are quite different: the followers of R.Yehuda Ha’hasid, making their way to Jerusalem; the idealists of the Second Aliyah, intent on establishing a socialist utopia; the dazed survivors of the ghettos and death camps; the Jews from Yemen and Ethiopia, crossing the desert on foot . Some “invaders”."

      " I don’t know of any method to measure each people’s rights, relative to the other" (???)

      and yet

      "Land Day is a good example of past injustices, and God knows there are plenty of on-going injustices,"

      by what method do you discern this

      "Israelis are not going to see themselves as colonialist invaders"


      "Terminology is important"

      its not even good sophistry, " I don’t know of any method to measure..... people’s rights"

      do you not get out much?

    • “two peoples, sharing the same homeland.” “Jon s”

      Its a classic isn't it Mooser, I believe some of your ilk Jon are debating whether or not to share my shit with me, maybe Hughes can work out how much of my property you are entitled to, because of your characteristics, its all so phony and weak, look at your comrade Grover its like all of you have osteoporosis of the spirit, weak soulless crap.

    • "Jews are not illegal invaders in their historic homeland."

      the present and historic homeland of the Palestinians is.....?

  • Young liberal Zionists, it's time to let go and move on
    • that is really interesting, i am bit twitchy about Caesarani, its the Zionism, but he is a good scholar and this a fine little piece, thanks.

    • "While I’ve no doubt that anti-Semitism exists in the Labour Party"

      yes without the rampant antisemitism of the Labour party I always thought those Milliband boys could have done quite well.

      can you produce the anti-Semitic policies that are "no doubt" out there with cross party support. (across the political spectrum)

      can you produce any social indicators of Antisemitism how do British Jews do against the general (goy) population in terms of

      perinatal mortality
      Income levels
      Educational attainment
      Incarceration rates
      Employment rates
      Social Status
      Life expectancy.

      Across the political spectrum, in Britain, you really should back that up with something, or is it just an article of faith, or an element of your stressed identity, I lived for years in NW 10, near Goldersgreen would quite often pass through Harrow on the Hill ( where the Jews dress very distinctively), my mother came from Plaistow (vile East London area of societal decay and deprivation) I guess racism drove out the Jews of the East End and they had to settle for chi chi suburbs like Golders Green and inner city areas such as St Johns Wood.

      "In the years to come, both Jews and Palestinians will need their rights protecting. But right now we Jews have the rights and the Palestinians don’t – because we took them away."

      could you elaborate the rights of which Jews are under what threat and by whom?

  • Zionism is finally in the news, as officials seek to conflate anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism
    • "But one can think another race is in general inferior, and not wish harm on that different race"

      yes you'd be happy when your daughter married one, all those little nearly as goods,

      if you had one in your class I am sure his/her inferiority would be amply displayed under your impartial guidance, no complaints when they get affirmatively actioned past you, despite their better qualifications and obvious higher intelligence and moral worth, that old inferior race who doesn't love it.

      a friend of mine in the 70's a white English girl had a kid with a black guy when her father came to the hospital he sat for a while contemplating the brown baby and then exclaimed vehemently "another fucking N#gger" we escorted him respectfully but firmly to the car park, his daughter was angry and revolted and you sir are talking nonsense.

    • " I agree that Syria is a much larger humanitarian problem, but that is like saying that under Idi Amin the death toll was much higher than it was under apartheid South Africa. True, but no reason at all to ignore apartheid, especially when we Americans are helping to prop it up."

      your position re Amin Vs South Africa apart from being incoherent (page 77/78 of link) are you implying that Amin and the killing he was involved in was emerging from something that is opposed by the west, what would that be?

      Amin and Aparhteid South Africa were both controlled and deeply penetrated by the bystander western powers, all these atrocities are linked to the same powers. 1.5 million are reported to have died in the "border wars" (invasions of her northern neibghours by SA, US cheering on as it was in pursuit of US objectives)

      Syria of course is just happening because of Islam or it could be that all the crimes you keep balancing one against the other all emanate from the policies of the US government, are US government policy, Eric Ikenna Nwokedi from his "Africa must be rescued from the West" linked below,

      Apart from the irrelevance of your assessment as to what is a worse humanitarian crisis and who is to blame you are a) plain wrong in terms of fact Idi Amin was put in place by the UK and US overthrowing the elected government of MIlton Obote ( how can you not know that?) as a bastion against socially orientated policy in Africa b) whose crimes do you think you can put in the balance against those of the US government, who is the enemy who justifies western crimes? ( all the crimes you are comparing belong to you, the US was propping up all of them, check out Zaire, Pierre Mulele is someone for whom i entertain deep respect, you are guilty of all that as well)

      link to

      "I can construct a positive case for Israel myself–as a refuge for Jews when persecuted (though these days I would suggest that the US or various other places will do as well) and there are many positive things one could say besides that"

      Make the case list these positives, ( refuge is a non starter invasion is not seeking refuge, when did Palestinians ever turn away Jews or anyone else seeking refuge)

  • Trump abandons 'neutral' Israel position, Sanders adopts it
    • "Phares is also well known as an anti-Muslim campaigner."

      there so is a P in Arabic otherwise I'd be tempted to transliterate Walid's surname as Faris, correctly, fucker can't spell and Trump is talking to him but what would he know about Islam he's Phoenician.

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