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born part Arab part Scots/Irish, worked in training ulema for the european environment/ journalist broadcaster for many years working mainly for bbc. From a faction of euro-islam much favored by the establishment, writer etc nothing really of interest may as well move along.

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  • 'Democracy' and 'terrorism' and the parameters of thinkable thought
    • "a suspiciously Jewish-sounding name"

      oh no! he internalized Anti-Semiticism and sadly, judging by his utterances, its clear where they shoved it.

      he still has a head, just saying.

      "Mearsheimer" it does sound faintly fecal, can one say that, i am wearing my Mankini and am ready for a good Frenching.

      I am too depressed to talk to Americans after Bill Blum's latest idiocy. I started this shit after B. Ehrenreich janjaweed racism.

      i am retiring.

  • Israeli military clears Israeli military of war crimes in Gaza
  • A new milestone: BDS at the Olympics
    • "some form of BDSM"

      Dear Mooser i want to offer you, god it should be Zappa Bobby Brown, " we kinod of drifted along into SM"

      but this everything in one song

      "when misfortune falls no man can shun it

      I was a blind fool I'll ne'er deny"

      my friend it has the sweetest line there could be

      " And I wish the Queen would call home her armies.."

      all the very best you a paragon, exemplar, (and fuck off i make my own rules)

      link to

  • The politics of Jewish ethnocentrism
    • "That Jews “despise” each other proves to you Jewish ethnocentricity is baloney. To me it shows how pernicious it is. "

      in Islam man we love each other but we don't lose our heads

  • Palestinian anti-racist struggle against Zionism and Black anti-racist struggle against White supremacy are crucial to building a just world
    • should like to 'second' all of that if I may and International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network, the name alone connotes your wit and brazen courage.

      bravo, bravissimo

  • The last Gaza war worried Scotland's Jews-- for all the wrong reasons
    • "Remember, the councils in question were flying the Palestinian flag not the flag of Hamas. But the Jewish respondents don’t want to make those distinctions."

      whats the distinction and why is it of import.

      Hamas in its conflict with Zionism is 100% in the right, you will feel better when you can acknowledge that and has made numerous laudable proposals to their Zionist assailants.

      "that represents a government that is dedicated to getting rid of Jews not only from Israel but elsewhere, I found offensive and an abandonment of a community that they represent.” "

      this is just contemptible, woeful you think Arabs, Muslims, Black people or leftists are going to dialogue with this kind of crap.

      "Our secular and religious leaders have done a superb job"

      but in the end you must take responsibility because you will experience the consequences of this vicious inhumanity,

      there is no safe level of Zionism if you let it have the Jewish community you have no one to blame but yourselves for the consequences, you can't hide behind Hamas as you have for decades behind, suicide bombers, Islam, terrorists, militants, Arafat or the whole grotesqueries you have created to absolve yourselves and through which you view us or even "antisemitism".

      "How do we create an Israel that respects and protects the history, culture, religion of all the people in the land?" and punish the crimes that have been committed, return what has been stolen, sure we and the Palestinians get no say, UK Jews are going to sort it.

      " Let’s ask ourselves why being Jewish in Scotland and everywhere else, including Israel, can’t be a whole lot better than it is today."

      as Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse writes in "Not for Happiness" of real religious engagement it " will not bring the kind of comfort and ease most worldly people crave."

      I am just listening to the conviction of the Choudary nutter in the UK, tough to be Jewish though.

  • Beinart calls anti-Zionists 'revolutionaries'
    • "There’s a textbook" many Mao was prolific but this would or could get you on the first step to revolting

      Guerilla warfare Ernesto "Che" Guevara

      link to

      but then the other side produce quite a lot of stuff like this which might put you off,

      Major Thomas Eric Miller :Efficacy of Urban Insurgency

      link to

  • Chosen indeed: all 7 letters run by 'NYT' on Mideast article are by Jews
    • "knew it might very well be wrong when I typed it"

      thats transgressive compositional disorder welcome to my world

      as to funny names i am now tormented by the need for Yorubalao, but you are right funny names are to be avoided Roha, not for everyone, the Yorubalao have no funny name privileges.

    • "with Yoruba words and Lao grammar."

      typical Japhite you have to contradict the Semito- Nilo-Hamite.

    • " ” Semitic DNA “

      Imagine that! A spurious grouping of language origins, "

      absolutely what's wrong with Afro-Asiatic language family and coincidentally many Jews wish to get a bit colourful and Afro these days, here is your chance Hebrew an Afro-Asiatic language see you at Kwanzah (and in the dungeons and on the burning barricades?)

  • Zionists and anti-Zionists march together for two hours in New York
    • "She added that a strong Zionist could march alongside an anti-Zionist, if they were committed to supporting Black Lives Matter."

      political action as tribal therapy, maybe the NYPD could hunt up those thousands of Arab Jewish babies stolen by the Zionist state, ambassadors of colour will not normalize Zionism anywhere but in the NYT or Jewish community press, but not in the emerging Black movements.

      " a leftwing political community that included Zionists"

      the anti-racism of racists, i don't think too many black people as opposed to those of colour, whatever they are, will be buying this.

  • White Jews and uppity blacks
    • "I’m done. I’ve lost patience with this shit."

      what! no sumud my Semitic brother?

      and there you were all Arab Manque imagining yourself like a dusky Yiddish Amr Ibni Kulthum, the Id on horse back, Pere Ubuing your way through this "they treat Jews like shit " wasteland,

      but we just Ubu Goi

      oh only looks like one ..try Arab, Black Arab its the real thing.

    • "There is no absolution. There is no god, and people are fragile stupid things."

      yeah everything sucks

    • That was very interesting

      "looks like a pale faced Egyptian."

      you know when the British state murdered Jean-Charles de Menezes, Brazilian electrician on the grounds of perhaps being Somalia...or Pakistani Tariq Ali pointed out that about 3/4 of humanity "look Pakistani"

      white is not a colour Woody Allen looks no less like a Norwegian nebbish than Lebanese one,

      my erstwhile boss for 25 years Dr. Muhammad Shariff at the Jama'ati ad Dawa, Tripoli, he vanished when The US destroyed Libya I don't think he made it, he was at that 1968 Democratic convention, was it Mayor Daley the one where they beat so many Black people, he described to me walking out in to that melee

      "Because I am so white the Police ignored me and no one attacked me" he looked Scandinavian but no doubt died like a dog somewhere, as you seem to be saying Seth white ain't all its cracked up to be when other factors come in to play, now you Jews are non-white because of your looks? its not your looks its the extraordinarily privileged position of Jewishness within the doctrinal system, Phil Weiss still suspects you all might be clever than us

      Americans are very weird on the subject of "race", looking like an Arab means nothing women, as I am sure your father realizes go crazy for Arab man looks do you have any idea how mixed we are, who ever you are somewhere is an Arab who looks just like you, its no claim to fame. My cousins range from black African looking to "grey' eyed blondes all pure Egytpian.

      There is another view of the story about Jewish involvement in the NAACP etc current among African American and Caribbean folks you could look in to it.

      my main problem is that this attempt to gain some kind of absolution by donning the mantle of oppression is not how Black people view themselves, its a very white guilt laden view, I as an "Arab" or "Black Briton" know my history we are not poor innocent victims not just anybody can be one of us Seth all that neurosis and doubt won't get you far with us, some of the blackest people i have known were little "white" cockneys incorrigibly anti-authoritarian, utterly despised socially, if there is to be couth they are the very definition of uncouth, we always got along fine with them, some of them were Jews, you know the real kind with backbone, substance and principles.

      "the oppressed" contrary to popular prejudice is not an easy club to join you will need both acuity and courage and you will be tested, sorely tested do you know how fucking unruly and exasperating we are.

      I always tell white people i am black and black people that i am white, seriously, because its true but you need to stop looking at the surface.

      there is something that white people always miss, i have been watching the "intersectionality" stuff here, its very funny you really don't see it, the crucial part of Crenshaw's piece was

      " But the legacy of struggle among US Black women suggests that a collectively shared Black women’s oppositional knowledge has long existed. This collective wisdom in turn has spurred US Black women to generate a more specialized knowledge, namely, Black feminist thought as critical social theory."

      "women’s oppositional knowledge"

      the system causes you to misread us do you know how brilliant and realized we are you can only dream to be one of us, better start developing yourself, imagine the shame of being rejected by the despised, we can see you coming from a billion miles away.

      don't tell an Egyptian he is pale faced it will worry him and his wife might lose respect for him

  • Settler on motorcycle kills 85-year-old Palestinian shepherd and his donkey
  • When the language of genocide offends us more than ghettoizing another people
    • "Someone who is very well equipped to make such judgments."

      Roha you are so kind ( I will do my best I swear with the grammar punctuation, i will fuck up so badly, shit i don't need a safe place)

      really from my heart because you touched me Roha, this is how religion happened for me, daddy was a sheikh so one day he was teaching these hausa dudes in the garage where they had shade, i was 5 it was my habit to run around naked, it was hot,

      i could see that class was finished my father motioned me over, i ran up in to the cool of the concrete garage naked and sat down between my fathers legs

      have you ever been in the heat when they pen a herd of cows and its hot and they make a series of low shuffling noises, not rhythmic but constant,

      well the arfrican dudes shuffled about there were 10 or so guys my father leaned down to me and said they will sing you will like it, how good is your hausa?

      for a long time they just relaxed shuffled its not a performance, the first voice that leads here said of me laughing at my Scholar father "we killed the boy, give him a drum" laughter etc this is if you are now, here it this is "it", the good "it",

      to accomplish the spiritual path there is nothing more important than other beings, you know people and animals that you know, insects, don't start, that's it care for them like women do with young babies they don't mean that shit they do to you,

      but as i was taught from young sarkin muri, real religion benefits everything touches effortlessly hear them a real thing with the sacred like they have in Judaism and with the enlightenment, that thing, that kind and gentle thing there

      link to

    • "Modesty prevents me from naming the reviewer"

      Modesty is an especially vengeful deity, i have seen white people blush red when they violate Her dictates, which is apparently very painful for them.

      unfortunately the Dao that you can define is not the Dao, and yet "we saw you from day one with a Bible in one hand and guns in the other one" from day one mind you

      Modesty commands you dance to this and blush because " now everything has changed"


      link to

    • "One could even say that these people laid the foundation of the liberal humanistic philosophy that underlies modern Western societies."

      yes as you've demonstrated you can say that, now what?

      you are saying liberal humanistic philosophy underlies modern Western societies its that that makes them so murderous and avaricious, though no one can deny their "exceptionalism",

      yeah Islam done good.

    • might i recommend

      Spiritual Materialism (old but a classic)


      Chogyam Trungpa


      ("heart of the buddha" on the abidharma and he does the lojong slogans well worth a casual perusal)

    • "Meaning that religion in its original form was good but the clerics messed it up?"

      not at all, what is its original form? ( my "it" is without form)

      "One of the clerics’ jobs is to interpret holy writ"

      you don't say how can i have missed that, i can see i am going to get a damn good spanking.

      "so taken as a whole would you expect their interpretations to be so awful if the texts they are interpreting are so wonderful? "

      do you ever get the feeling that if you have 4 apples that you can eat the four and leave the apples.

      give me your text and i will make it wonderful for you, by the power of nothing,

      "Anyway, quite a lot of holy writ was the work of clerics, e.g. Judaic temple priests."

      perhaps but I mean the good stuff, you slipped in holy writ, what is that?

      "Of course you can ignore the interpreters and try to return to the source."

      again not the ones i like, why would i ignore them? they are shit hot.

      'and try to return to the source' try? its in your pocket, try not returning to it, you have never been separate from it, it wouldn't be interesting if it needed looking for, you have time for that,

      "That is the basic idea behind what is called ‘fundamentalism’ "

      things look bad for me there's no denying it

      "but you don’t want “pitiless fundamentalism,” you’d sooner have compassionate fundamentalism."

      is that wrong of me? i like compassion like chips with everything, i have no proof.

      "Well, so would I,"

      shit Stephen you have got me all excited, is something going to happen, eventually

      "but the possibility of such a thing depends on how much compassion there is in the source"

      you know man i see that shit everywhere in everything, including in this my much deserved takedown, i am so rooting for you.

      "how much compassion there is in the source" no compassion is the interpreter where it belongs ( this not an error get Roha to tell you about Dogen and language, i am too ignorant), "the source", Stephen you are so clinical i know what is in store for me.

      "Are prophets and messiahs" are you imputing ludicrous beliefs to me just because i am irrational and crazed, that's not fair, i have ignored prophets and messiahs what are they? and who cares?

      messiah is not a religious notion, its fucking sick, like saviour

      prophets again no for me no thanks you have as many you like though, and spare me..even though i richly deserve the refutation that you are going to get to

      "Are prophets and messiahs more compassionate than clerics?"

      i think they all made each other up, seriously Stephen i would like to concede the argument and humbly accept that I am wrong and that you are Sir the finest intellect to grind my blunt little mind in to the dust. (not sarcasm)

      "Take defeat upon yourself

      Give victory to others"

      (not a prophet not holy writ not gods law, a professor just suggests it and some other things)

      oh come its a little bit sweet isn't it,

      and now i can't be sarcastic because demons will shove molten brass rods up me if i am,

      i am unencumbered with beliefs Stephen, do you find them useful?

      its big world out there you can't grasp it reductively or at all, you don't need to its all yours anyway, sitting there unnoticed in the palm of your hand, the most wonderful thing (not a thing, not sitting not in the hand, not wonderful)

      as to me you have dispatched me logically if not compassionately ( fuck it i can take a bit of molten brass roding because

      "i cum frum Pudsey where birds fly back'ards to keep muck outa there eyes" allegorically.

      because i do not see any of us even me as problem that has to be solved, and if there is going to any solving it won't be by me as you have so ably demonstrated.

    • " Could it be that Black Lives Matter, on behalf of its own community, decided to slap the face of Jewish innocence by dramatically entering the hugely symbolic and crucially important aspect of the Jewish witness to the world?"

      could it be that you are not the center of the universe

      "Variations of the Black Power movement have been taking on American and Israeli Jewish establishments in this way for years. For the most part, these attacks have been beaten back through invocations of the Holocaust, Jews as at the forefront of the Civil Rights movement and Israel as a beacon of democracy in the Middle East"

      and vociferous denunciations of Black antisemitism, why leave that out

      "The fallback position of Jewish defense against charges of dislocation, oppressing and ghettoizing the Palestinians has worn thin"

      it was always threadbare

      "The slap across the face of Jewish innocence stings."

      "Jewish innocence" more properly racist obliviousness

      "When the language of genocide offends us more than ghettoizing another people"

      who likes being roused roughly from a profound slumber

      "The Movement for Black Lives has placed Jews on notice that we have arrived at the end of ethical Jewish history. What can be done, if anything, at the end, is the almost impossible question before us."

      right go back to sleep,

      i see the "prophetic" is excitingly solipsistic,

      no wonder so many Jews turn to Buddhism, which doesn't pretend to innocence or some vacuous "moral" mission.

      "What can be done, if anything, at the end, is the almost impossible question before us."

      you know Marc one day Tsong Rinpoche was walking on Pig Alley in Kathmandu being berated by an irate American denouncing him for sitting up on high expensive thrones while we prostrated to him, Rinpoche a little grizzled old man listened quietly to the increasingly incensed American,

      Pig Alley is a slaughter house the gutters run with a mixture of blood, shit and filth, Lama's often go about with skull cups hidden in the folds of their robes, they hold, being a human cranium about a litre,

      Rinpoche stooped down and filled his cup to the brim with this revolting black scummy fluid, the American stepped back in disgust as Rinpoche drank the whole lot down in one

      and smiling said "but i'm not proud", you should try it, being free of self regard is real freedom and its very good for Jews, it makes you interesting, you will definitely have more sex and lose weight, you want abs?

      Islam. Judaism and Christianity have no mission other than to help beings we owe them nothing, Priests, Alim and Rabbi's have together raped religion over many centuries you all seem united by your miraculous ability to court irrelevance at best or depravity more consistently, you and all the other "divines' are more responsible for the growth of pitiless fundamentalisms within the Middle Eastern origin faiths than any other single factor, i am genuinely surprised when any of you have the gall to speak this hopeless confusion, its time you represent or hold your peace.

  • Anti-occupation activists stand with Black Lives Matter as Jewish orgs attack movement over Israel criticisms
    • "felled by atomic bombs"

      "the Germans were felled by the equally evil Soviets."

      "Whose the person with the simplistic views?"

      its a trick question right?

    • "Did anybody look “Arab”?"

      that is why you are the man, now that i have changed am able to breathe again and my nasal passages are coffee free,

      check this out, looking Pakistani and reading, she is a psychotherapist so this possibly be anti-semitic as well, but from Leeds so perhaps not, northern people are not really English, real Englishness happens in the home counties, as everyone knows, i am from Surrey, my English is pure and intense. next time i fly i am taking that excellent airport reading al-set mariam's "call to global Islamic insurrection" i may get an upgrade.

      link to

  • Israeli mayor: No Arabs in our pools because their 'hygiene culture is not like ours'
    • "the information presented within all of my comments are product of countless hours of me searching articles, reading and analyzing them, researching the various information presented therein, participating in discussions online and in person, watching hours of documentaries and political videos and then some."

      Read a fucking book you know nothing poseur,

      i always judge people according to colour the darker the better, i know there is another system in play but its just wrong and i have now corrected everything on the internet about it.

      by the way silsila i am very dark, like daddy was, you must not gainsay me, the daughters of Claudia Shiffer will rejoice publish it in gath me my gene is good.

    • "Last time I checked, you’re not paying me anything to teach you."

      how sad the mercenary ethos of neo-liberalism has infected everyone, public service is its own reward.

  • The 'New York Times' is dead set on marginalizing Jewish anti-Zionism
    • also you might enjoy this, i don't know how to make previews viewable and should really send this privately to Annie but trust me follow this link for your own good America,

      link to

    • "‘Splain it to us, “Silamcuz”!"

      and i had my hand up all this time, may i be excused for this ejaculation

      as Shabestari said

      "this is not a Ka'aba

      for idiots to circle round

      nor a mosque for the coarse to clamour in

      This is The Tavern of Ruin"

      i personally don't believe even Samson and his fast flowing cataract would have a hope against 72 virgins, its a recipe for disaster, disproportionate really.

      but anyway Simulcra is going to put you racist bastards right any second now.

      i could actually give you an enjoyable Muslim story of my first experience of this memo-trope,
      involving 4 Azharites, a Luknow madrasa graduate and world renowned Ghazal expert but frankly you don't deserve it (obviously Mooser does i mean the rest of you american clintonite Jihadi's) (i am drinking Katie's Hurriya oil olive straight from the bottle)

  • Jews need to study the Torah in order to criticize Israel, Beinart says
    • "why don’t we just call them “sicarii “ "

      because there is nothing lower than a Muslim, and i am all in with that.

  • Using Rep. Johnson's innocent comment to stain his reputation was the real crime
    • echinococcus

      glen ford discusses black leadership, corey booker is front and center. the empire is all about education these days the yousoufzai's are fighting this war on the eastern front, which corey is doing way out west.

      link to

  • Bill Clinton attacked all Muslim Americans during his speech to the DNC
  • The agonizing afterlife of Mahmoud Darwish
    • my god D you are reduced to that?

      call me al eh,

      ghost got hold of that depressive paul simon song and made it good with subtlety and nuance,

      who said you could call me al

      anyway Marnie take off your shoes and dance to this , Darwish would.

      link to

    • You ask, “Who Am I, Without Exile?” I

      answer: You are the bulb of the pregrown

      plant carried in the stomach

      of a squirrel. You ask: Who Are You,

      Without Exile? I answer: I am

      wandering exile seeping my roots

      in our land. You are now

      the squirrel eating our bulbs snapping

      water lines lifting sidewalks and we both

      share the blood on our hands while I

      wash them use soap and water soap

      and bleach I scrub I scrub I

      scrub hard until my

      skin peels until I scratch the skin off

      I am scrubbing my muscles and I

      scrub I scrub I scrub and scrub my

      bones and I scrub peel the red

      peel the red peel the red until this body

      becomes nothing.

      I am a skeleton walking among poets.

      Please teach me how to li(v)e with these stains.



      Morani Kornberg-Weiss

      from the opening of Dear Darwish

      link to

      i am speechless

  • On Jewishness and criticism of Israel
    • "but once you overcome your selfhatred"

      i'd like to point out that while a surfeit of alcohol may have caused me to be idiotic, whatever i say i mean nothing as you pointed out with JonS, but as a rare poc(kemon) ( and thus an oppressed person who personally has no answer to my circumstances and am awaiting Tarzan and the elephants) you may want to check your app rather than tell me off, sorry, but you know i have heard gossip self-hatred and all, good kosher gossip, i may be available Arabs are very cheap nowadays, chinese are the status symbol.

      i am alluding myself into a bit of a state.

    • i've met them, not fraudster like Forer, but once you overcome your selfhatred you will realize we aren't anything to be better than anyway,

      this is really for you unlike that embarrasing stuff with the slackness dj lady saw, beautiful english subs, listen to a drug stained mouth give you a kiss on the lips right from god

      (he plays a weird little organ thing like the ilen pipes i have seen them heard them but no one knows what they are, like the ilen pipes, repetition is holy)

      it is forbidden to be chaste here, just like Hillel said

      link to

    • "and maybe a few others like me—care to identify with is a confrontation with non-identity, and it lives on only with criticism."

      embrace the non-identity, and then save all that energy you are wasting on "criticism" of a rickety mental construction for something useful.

      you are turning Jewish identity in to a pointless maze,

      where is the Jewish Rumi or Loa Tzu.

      "the things of this world are generated from "presence"
      presence is generated from non-presence" daodejing

      non-identity is the height of heights like god,

      "this world that is made out of our love for Emptiness" by Rumi is quite advanced good still and yes i am a raving anti-identite.

    • yes meet Simalcuz's brother Simulacrum

  • Jerusalem municipality 'taking advantage' of US elections to expand settlements
  • Support for Rep. Hank Johnson following mischaracterization of his remarks on settlements
    • now man be honest you got us all excited bring me the head of Jeffrey Goldberg,

      termite analogies, ok don't you guys have to pay the vig or something, so ok termite analogies buys you a week, and don't be selling any arachnid similes next week, we want Jeffrey and thats not metaphorical,

      i hope you don't plan to disappoint with any schutzhund nonsense, treat it like a game but still we have taken hold and we won't let go.

    • "let’s say we take his statements at face value"

      I have studied Guam, it appears to be a small diagram in two dimensions, its brown surrounded by blue,

      and therefore it is not possible for Guam to tip up no matter how many people you pile on one end as a), this is not an allowable motion in 2 dimensions and
      b) because it has no underside,

      you may rotate it , i thought perhaps expand it in skew directions, i gona line it up along the straight ones.

      the dangers of being one dimensional were fully explained by Mark Hughes, who was in a bright army, in that famous book which is ironically only available as a 3 dimensional object because its hard to turn the pages in one dimension.

  • Netanyahu accidentally calls Arabs 'goats' in video intended to promote 'equality and dignity for all'
    • George Bush my little goat and now ....this

      but hello kitty is moderate

      "Alloush cut a hawkish stance, wearing a desert camouflage uniform and a semi-automatic handgun strapped to his side.

      However, the effect was ruined by a pink-colored Hello Kitty note pad lying in front of him."

      real men accessorize

      link to

    • "but many people were understandably offended."

      will the scourge of Jewish self hatred never abate.

  • In new book, Ilan Pappé says settler colonialism and apartheid best explain Israeli-Palestinian conflict
  • Fear and whiteness on the campaign trail
    • "sharquified"

      well word is in from sharkia, its a real place, capital Zagazig, epicentre An-Nakhas, in Sharkia we have no sects, though we do host Palestinian '48 unregistered refugees

      "You’re the whitest person I’ve ever seen.” well you do write very white, the Saddam stuff, and let me be clear among my Arab confederates you could not mention Hussein people would start frothing at the mouth, do you know why,

      because many Arabs trace the present neo-colonial torment of the Arab world to Hussein's war on Iran,

      but your stuff is very ill-judged if you think about it, any way you a clever guy so i am going to give you two things, we sharqiyans are noted for generosity and sectlessness,

      1st ed said

      "SR: You also talk about a photo-article in a fashion magazine, under the headline ‘Terrorist Couture’, which claims that the Palestinians are not really Palestinians because they have simply hijacked Arab dress and renamed it Palestinian.

      ES: We do it all the time!

      SR: The article also claims that this supposedly distinctive dress is not that of the people but of the upper middle class. Referring to the American author of the article, Sharon Churcher, you write: ‘In the larger scheme of things . . . she is somebody doing a hack job on a hack fashion magazine.’ And yet, you say you feel the need to go right back to the beginning, to explain the whole history of Palestine in order to unmake Sharon Churcher’s lie and show that this is in fact genuinely popular Palestinian dress. Doesn’t this need to go back again and again over the same story become tiring?

      ES: It does, but you do it anyway. It is like trying to find the magical moment when everything starts, as in Midnight’s Children. You know midnight, and so you go back. But it is very hard to do that because you have to work out everything and get past a lot of questions in the daily press about why Palestinians don’t just stay where they are and stop causing trouble. That immediately launches you into a tremendous harangue, as you explain to people: ‘My mother was born in Nazareth, my father was born in Jerusalem . . . ’ The interesting thing is that there seems to be nothing in the world which sustains the story: unless you go on telling it, it will just drop and disappear.

      SR: The need to be perpetually told.

      ES: Exactly. The other narratives have a kind of permanence or institutional existence and you just have to try to work away at them.

      SR: This is one of the things that you criticize from within Palestinianness: the lack of any serious effort to institutionalize the story, to give it an objective existence.

      ES: That’s right. It is interesting that right up to 1948, most of the writing by Palestinians expressed a fear that they were about to lose their country. Their descriptions of cities and other places in Palestine appeared as a kind of pleading before a tribunal. After the dispersion of the Palestinians, however, there was a curious period of silence until a new Palestinian literature began to develop in the fifties and, above all, the sixties. Given the size of this achievement, it is strange that no narrative of Palestinian history has ever been institutionalized in a definitive masterwork. There never seems to be enough time, and one always has the impression that one’s enemy—in this case the Israelis—are trying to take the archive away. The gravest image for me in 1982 was of the Israelis shipping out the archives of the Palestine Research Centre in Beirut to Tel Aviv."

      he's not sharqiyan and neither is this guy but check it out, could help with the whiteness, and this concludes the sharqian response. enjoy and Dizzy fight the white.

      link to

  • The sensitive Zionist -- a review of Natalie Portman's new film
    • "I doubt that the Dubliners are ever off topic, "

      a Dublin supremacist let me quote an actual Cork graffito

      " End Dublin Rule in Cork now"

    • "gamal,

      I love that song"

      oh back to the rictus grin then fair play to you, stick at it,

      i'd get those goosebumps looked in to you may have pre-trauma.

    • also you know we all follow the lunar calendar so watch out man for the rising of the moon, how do you sleep hope this helps..

      "And come tell me Sean O'Farrell, tell me why you hurry so
      Hush a bhuachaill, hush and listen and his cheeks were all aglow
      I bear orders from the captain, get you ready quick and soon
      For the pikes must be together at the rising of the moon

      At the rising of the moon, at the rising of the moon
      For the pikes must be together at the rising of the moon
      And come tell me Sean O'Farrell, where the gathering is to be
      At the old spot by the river quite well known to you and me

      One more word for signal token, whistle out the marching tune
      With your pike upon your shoulder at the rising of the moon
      At the rising of the moon, at the rising of the moon
      With your pike upon your shoulder at the rising of the moon

      Out from many a mud walled cabin eyes were watching through the night
      Many a manly heart was beating for the blessed morning's light
      Murmurs ran along the valley to the banshee's lonely croon
      And a thousand pikes were flashing by the rising of the moon

      By the rising of the moon, by the rising of the moon
      And a thousand pikes were flashing by the rising of the moon
      All along that singing river, that black mass of men was seen
      High above their shining weapons flew their own beloved green

      Death to every foe and traitor, whistle out the marching tune
      And hoorah me boys for freedom 'tis the rising of the moon
      'Tis the rising of the moon, 'tis the rising of the moon
      And hoorah me boys for freedom 'tis the rising of the moon"

      link to

    • "You are squatting on stolen land."

      well yes but this is all it takes to keep Jon ,man of the left, S, the refugee from Palookaville in place, the absurdity of its my homeland too, yes man you really fitting in round here.

      "According to the report, 37-year old Asi Kasim, who had been injured while in detention at Ofer detention centre, died at Ramallah hospital after being denied medical attention for 23 days. According to an eyewitness, Mr. Asim was subjected to degrading treatment while in custody: he was reportedly forced to strip and stay outside in the rain for several hours. Shari Al Kawasmi, a Palestinian detainee, reported that his 22-year old brother Hamid, who had recently undergone surgery before his arrest and detention in April 28th, 2002, has been severely beaten.

      According to the report, a Palestinian minor, Abdul Salam Abu al-Hajja, who was captured at the Jenin refugee camp, was subjected to sleep deprivation and long hours of interrogation at the al-Jalami detention centre, in Jerusalem. Several other detainees at al-Jalami prison have reportedly been subjected to torture. The report states that they were tied against chairs and exposed to cold air for several hours, during which time they fainted repeatedly. "

      i thought Mooser had already killed Jon S but he is undead?

      link to

    • yeah and you couldn't find this video so just posted the text, a real artist, no rockets though

      link to

  • 'Does he believe in a God'? -- DNC leaders wanted to undermine Sanders
    • "How on earth could I claim to “speak for the Palestinians”? I’m a Jew."

      really speak for us, no one hears us here, i mean it, Arabs love you man.

  • In yet another sign of fascism, Lieberman likens Mahmoud Darwish to . . . Hitler
    • "Darwish told Dalia Karpel in Haaretz in 2007: “I have no home. I have moved and changed homes so often that I have no home in the deep sense of the word. Home is where I sleep and read and write, and that can be anywhere. I have lived in more than 20 homes already, and I always left behind medicines and books and clothes. I flee."

      more to the point

      From “Dear Darwish,” Blaze VOX, 2014.

      Morani Kornberg-Weiss
      From the sequence "Nakba Museum"

      If we are given access beyond the walls
      have we entered a museum.
      If we live in settlements
      are we residing in a museum.
      If we live in refugee camps
      are we part of a museum.
      If we drive on those roads
      do we easily access a museum.
      If we cross checkpoints and barriers
      have we made our way to a museum.
      If we are granted permits
      can we enter a museum.
      If there are no curfews
can we leave a museum.
      If the Nakba is still in progress
      can we visit a museum.

  • My family's Nakba story
    • Tamara

      bredan behan wrote of his imprisonment by the British

      here is a wonderful record of an enduring and successful resistance

      "in the female prison there are 75 women

      and it is with them i wished i dwelt"

      in prison its all guys, you kidding me thats oppression right there, luke kelly acapella "a hungry feeling come o'er me stealing"

      link to

  • 'Power is what matters': Alt Right leader Richard Spencer explains his admiration for Trump and Israel
    • "one of the people lending intellectual legitimacy to the Donald Trump campaign"

      I believe the instruction is stick your head between your knees and kiss your arse goodbye, "intellectual legitimacy" in terms of which discipline?

  • Coexistence in the land of 'Hatikvah'
    • "Bunch of sects maniacs."

      no but i am serious Roha, i like sects as much as any one, but i am not always sectarian i also enjoy corruption and deduction, i never impute, unless i am invited.

      edit: sorry mod i really have drunk too much and frankly its only going to get worse

    • this has good intro brief concise history, as to origins there is some argument but sprengling? is the guy who pointed out that some of the most important dai's were from the Tamim, Quraish and Tay, thats ultra-Arab, historically the Druze have boasted of their pure Arab origins, not intermarrying like the general Arab, with Turks, Persians and such, but as Mooser teaches the present changes the past

      A History of the Druze.

      link to

    • as to Arab society, one of the ways that people fail to understand the history of the middle east is by failing to grasp that it was not trouble in Islam but was Arabs revolting against their Turkish overlords, they never stopped century after century.

      that Arab revolt often had very important Druze elements, prior to the British the Druze had been ruled by Turks not Arabs, it was the general Arab condition.

      they shouldn't be called Druze because they rejected Duruz and went with the other guy but kept Duruz's name,

      Ahmed Pasha was non-other than Claude-Alexandre Comte De Boneval, he taught Ottoman soldiers mathematics

      one of Palestine's most noted nationalist poets was a Druze, he didn't feel protected you remember he was tormented by bats.

      and of course a General Arab knows only two dimensions what spreads out is a battlefield and whatever rises is a fort.

      "general Arab" society? of course now all specific Arabs are the victims of the mythical general Arab, the Arabs have been a colonized subaltern and resistant people for the last 1000 years or so, and come in kaleidoscopic array of flavours, and we know that we do.

      like the Kurds now the {insert sect} Arabs are now eternal victims of the Arab because no one bothers to attend to even recent history, a bedouin ottoman Soldier recorded the depredations of the Kurds (they Turkic, used to be Turks thus from the ruling sector of general Arab society) during the Armenian genocide Rayyan linked to it here years ago,

      general Arab society is a fiction I have never encountered it, but its a useful ideological tool outside that i can't see its usefulness, even the Ur Arab is hyphenated, all Arabs are something else as well,

      leading Arab nationalists came from the Alawi, Druze, Christians etc

      the west is obsessed with Arab sects which they are also determined to know nothing whatsoever about,

      anyway i am just talking nonsense because i give up, the Druze ruled Beirut and Sidon didn't they quite recently they were famous for not paying their taxes one Turkish ruler of Egypt invaded the Shouf and ....made them pay their back taxes, they recovered soon enough, sure though he was no General Arab that bloody Turk was doing the same to us, and we aren't general Arabs either.

    • "From a historical standpoint, as minorities within the Arab community, the “favored other” status in Israel is still better than the minority status the Druze historically had in general Arab society. Indeed, Israel serves as a sense of security the Druze people never had before."


      Fakr al Din al Maani et al?

      "Despite the small size of their community, the Druze have figured prominently in Middle Eastern history. During the Crusades, Druze soldiers aided the Ayyūbid and later Mamlūk forces by resisting Crusader advances at the Lebanese coast. The Druze enjoyed considerable autonomy under the Ottoman Empire and often rebelled against it, protected from direct Ottoman control by the mountainous terrain of their homelands. From the 16th to the 19th century, a series of powerful feudal lords dominated Druze political life.

      One of the most famous of them was the 17th-century ruler Fakhr al-Dīn II of the house of Maʿn, who forged a coalition with the Maronite Christians of the Lebanon Mountains and challenged Ottoman authority by allying with Tuscany. In the 20th and 21st centuries the Druze in Lebanon have mostly been represented in national politics by two families, the Jumblatts and the Arslans."


      " in general Arab society." and what is that Davidson?

  • Why Trump's revolution succeeded, and Bernie's fizzled
    • "Murphy’s and Jameson’s certainly helps."

      Roha you getting a live feed I am drinking Murphy's and Jameson, just the ordinary I am a man of the people, as we speak, i can't help the commas but will refine myself with a white Bordeaux "les hauts de la gafeliere" when there's no more Jameson, we salute Australia the nation of criminals unable to avoid arrest.

      edit: i am so drunk i forgot i had already made a fool of myself and have done so again, Murphy's and Jameson, let us not concern ourselves with what i am smoking

    • "Murphy’s and Jameson’s certainly helps."

      god damn it Roha thats just spooky, i have consumed an immoderate quantity of Murphy's in the last few hours, its ok its made in Cork its not that perfidious London Porter Guinness, and the Jameson is flowing, its been backed up for 12 years,

      genuinely awed spot on, the Murphy's is particularly worrying, do you have a drone, no really i have a bottle in my hand right now you getting a live feed.

    • "Plus, well, genes and “your mother’s uterus”. That’s why things are the way they are, and will never change"

      recent research indicates that the whitest of white people do in fact have rhythm, i now accept i was wrong and have evolved, let it go

      link to

  • Israel’s opposition parties plan to filibuster bill to expel Hanin Zoabi
    • I was in a room in Cork City with Hanin Zoabi and 300 others. She was spell binding we all felt 10 feet tall by the time she finished speaking, an amazing woman I vote Zoabi and Mumia the dream ticket.

      She is adamantine like Palestine.

  • With no evidence except ethnicity, media declared Nice attack terrorism
    • Mooser some time ago al imran came up, and you know you a musician and i have been foolish enough to imply ... well god himself intoned Al Imran to us

      he just reads always that astonishing power and precision latent

      before you exterminates us remember it will have to be to the last one and enjoy the tune, the family of Amram as god reads it from his script.

      link to

  • How your contributions power Mondoweiss journalism
    • "I’m really disappointed at the lack of POC among your staff."

      I am dissappointed that you are only disappointed, actually i am dissappointed that i am only disappointed by your disappointment, I don't think either of us come out this very well...

  • Iran deal is still imperilled by deep state-- hardliners, Israel lobby, Hillary Clinton
    • "Treasury Office of Terrorism and Financial Sanctions"

      'The intense behind the scene arm twisting'

      doesn't it
      remind you of Alexandre de Marenche, BCCI and the Safari club, plus ca change

      "The CIA’s Drug-Running Terrorists and the “Arc of Crisis” "

      "n 1976, a coalition of intelligence agencies was formed, which was called the Safari Club. This marked the discreet and highly covert coordination among various intelligence agencies, which would last for decades. It formed at a time when the CIA was embroiled in domestic scrutiny over the Watergate scandal and a Congressional investigation into covert CIA activities, forcing the CIA to become more covert in its activities.

      In 2002, the Saudi intelligence chief, Prince Turki bin Faisal gave a speech in which he stated that in response to the CIA’s need for more discretion, “a group of countries got together in the hope of fighting Communism and established what was called the Safari Club. The Safari Club included France, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, and Iran [under the Shah].

      ”[1] However, “The Safari Club needed a network of banks to finance its intelligence operations. With the official blessing of George H.W. Bush as the head of the CIA,” Saudi intelligence chief, Kamal Adham, “transformed a small Pakistani merchant bank, the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI), into a world-wide money-laundering machine, buying banks around the world to create the biggest clandestine money network in history.”[2]

      As CIA director, George H.W. Bush “cemented strong relations with the intelligence services of both Saudi Arabia and the shah of Iran. He worked closely with Kamal Adham, the head of Saudi intelligence, brother-in-law of King Faisal and an early BCCI insider.” Adham had previously acted as a “channel between [Henry] Kissinger and [Egyptian President] Anwar Sadat” in 1972. In 1976, Iran, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia formed the Safari Club “to conduct through their own intelligence agencies operations that were now difficult for the CIA,” which was largely organized by the head of French intelligence, Alexandre de Marenches.[3]

      The “Arc of Crisis” and the Iranian Revolution

      When Jimmy Carter became President in 1977, he appointed over two-dozen members of the Trilateral Commission to his administration, which was an international think tank formed by Zbigniew Brzezinski and David Rockefeller in 1973. Brzezinski had invited Carter to join the Trilateral Commission, and when Carter became President, Brzezinski became National Security Adviser; Cyrus Vance, also a member of the Commission, became Secretary of State; and Samuel Huntington, another Commission member, became Coordinator of National Security and Deputy to Brzezinski. Author and researcher Peter Dale Scott deserves much credit for his comprehensive analysis of the events leading up to and during the Iranian Revolution in his book, “The Road to 9/11”,* which provides much of the information below."

      link to

  • Palestinian youth was shot 9 times 'accidentally,' Israeli army says
    • "the IDF cowards shot him 9 times."

      and then beat him till they broke his other leg and then lie...and then shrug

      "repeatedly assaulted him despite his wounds."

  • Powerful new game 'Liyla and The Shadows of War' dramatizes 2014 Israeli attack on Gaza
    • "You want the”Hamas policy statement? “OK, I assume your joking."

      no not at all do you not think such things exist, do you believe Hamas could follow an unstated informal policy, how, by osmosis? they are very open about strategy, i have a link but it will require reading its not video of vile Arabs whose turpitude is obvious to any but the irredeemably hateful,

      you need to start using that god given mind Jon, Hamas let us consider, the author is one Hroub, come on Jon don't discrimnate us man thats just ignorant. (i think in short hemingway bits of sentences strung together with comma's, i am the doyen of illiterates) enjoy

      link to

    • "And I’ll obey Annie and leave this thread."

      Annie a total Israeli withdrawal well done.

    • "BTW, he drops the Stuart Smalley act when he’s talking to “gamal”, doesn’t he? He don’t need no validation from him"

      you think he discriminated me?

    • so for you that establishes "its" what " it’s pretty much common knowledge by now" that " Hamas strategy of using hospitals, mosques, schools and civilian residences as launching sites, arms depots , etc., with the deliberate intention of increasing civilian casualties among their own people.”

      and Jon your second clip has a Memri equivalent where that ladies words are translated for the audience here, you could at least have provided a transcript, in the Memri clip they don't say anything about hospitals or houses but claim Hamas is hiding behind her which makes them Nazi's Memri tells us,

      that is your 'evidence' which proves your absurd thesis, you can shoot a Palestinian girl on camera result nothing you can beat and curse a smashed Palestinian child on the road on camera, shoot an injured boy in the face on camera result nothing, but you think Palestinians sacrifice Palestinians to .....what is the strategy again Jon spell it out man.

      that is what you have? mtv generation indeed.

    • "I recall personally posting such evidence two years ago."

      of course you recall such, Jon why wouldn't you well today's another day Jon, I am sure Adam will fish them out of the archives for you, is he not flesh of your flesh, if he had a nucleus would he not divide it and give you half etc,

      you wrote

      "with the deliberate intention of increasing civilian casualties among their own people."

      so and Arabic is fine do you have the Hamas policy statement indicating that this is their deliberate "strategy" (tactic would have been better) why do you insist on making a fool of yourself, extraordinary claims Jon require just a little evidence and your own self serving lying interpretations and 'memory' don't really cut it.

      do you remember the missiles being loaded on a red crescent ambulance (stretchers), Gaza in under a suffocating cloud of drones, do you not see that your claim can not be proven, because its ridiculous,

      i note you write of Palestinian civilians and "innocent Israeli civilians" you really are very poor at this.

    • "I fully identify with the Left."

      "or the Hamas strategy of using hospitals, mosques, schools and civilian residences as launching sites, arms depots , etc., with the deliberate intention of increasing civilian casualties among their own people."

      there seems to be no evidence to support either of these claims, did a nucleus tell you?

      If you are unable to see that in your second para you are repeating a self serving racist slur on a par with Golda's 'if they loved their children' crap and as free of evidence as same, Hamas don't use their extensive military bases to launch missions, the PAF is still on the ground because they don't exist, like the evidence to back either of your claims,

      do you ever stray over to Kates column as a leftist, if you want to play the humanizing game Joni first you must be human, you know demonstrably so, not a bloodless little genocidaire like you.

  • Your support today determines: How much truth?
    • "the large number of comments with misused commas."

      I conquered those comma's, fair and squire, and can do what I like with them, ask a Rabbi.

  • The iron law of institutions versus Bernie Sanders
  • Israeli army blows up three Palestinian wells in occupied Hebron
  • 'Palestinians ought to be free' -- Cornel West's historic moment
    • " In my judgment "

      yes thats why Jesus said "Judge not"

      "steeper hill"? we going Down Hill fool steep is good.

      "hotheads", thugs, terrorists, hostiles, ....? i know what you mean.

    • "from England" nor is it from Ireland,

      yes I am not really into voting the good vote, all of these people are criminals look at Blair, its unbelievable an ex prime minister is slinking around the back alleys selling his pablum ( have you seen what the vile Eman al Badawy and others write at his "centre on religion and geopolitics")

      link to

      while the world speculates whether or not he should be tried for war crimes, 20 years ago that would have been a scandal now ah what we drone half of Asia as we yearn for yet another new beginning to sort out the catastrophe of the last one

      really Corbyn? Sanders? here we have sinn fein but none of these crews have any ideas the system is finished its war now at home abroad everywhere, even here in Ireland there is an astonishing epidemic of suicide, alcoholism and all this drenched in a mindless Americanized commercial culture of utter vapid idiocy.

      the option i am voting for isn't on the ballot so i can't lose, the benefits of 200 hundreds years of bloody struggle have evaporated right before Westerners eyes as they were posting pictures of their breakfast to facebook,

      the system is not benign has never been democratic all the people i respect politically are either dead or incarcerated or lying low.

      I vote Mumia, which box do i tick

    • "but Cornel West endorsements are kinda funny"

      Massa we sick?

  • 'To defend western freedom,' U.S. must preserve Egyptian tyranny
    • "Israel is certainly not the only reason the U.S. continues to help the Egyptian dictatorship; Washington is also surely motivated by the (misguided) belief that el-Sisi stands for stability in a volatile region."

      "stability" ? really that is what the US is seeking in obliterating Iraq, Libya, Yemen and Syria, come on, its only volatile because you are burning it to the ground.

      Sissi is supported in fact hired to destroy the Egyptians and Egypt politically, economically, religiously and socially,

      America is following a genocidal policy not seeking stability however misconceived

      anyway that's what we all think, as Shadia says "we are the reason you don't dare blink"

      with English and English subs Egypts revolutionary anthem, which couldn't have been created without Black folks, we are indebted to them for this

      "my tongue has no art" naughty boy to quote that here

      link to

  • BDS victory in Mennonite Church Canada
    • "200 million Jew ......people read this garbage and lies like this and believe it."

      In Cork alone there are 45 million Jews, they drink Murphy's and are too fluthered to colonize.

      Shaun as Yeats lamented when Swifts modest proposal was read in a Dublin theater and people left in disgust "you have disgraced yourself yet again", the 12 billion Irish Shaun (Sean) denounce you.

  • Israeli rabbi who advocated rape of 'comely gentile women' during war becomes chief army rabbi
    • " my 72nd birthday."

      happy birhtday Daddy Hughes, i am not even 60, forgive my insolence, you have to Jesus commands it, I am an Arab we are the people of vendetta, of feud, we are hoping Jesus will understand, no doubt you will put in a good word so,

      happy birthday, sir.

    • "the Muslims are identified" ? what even Muslims from Malaya and Nigeria?

      "Ishmael dwelt in the wilderness, apparently, of Beer-sheba, where he became a skilful archer; later he settled in the wilderness of Paran, where his mother took him a wife from Egypt (Gen. xxi. 8-21)"

      link to

    • "today is my 27th Anniversary! "


    • "Sorry, “gamal” none for me."

      you would have got away with that but then

      "but with the strength of Porsche 930 CV joints"

      you a bad bad man

    • "rabbis like Qarim lapse into dishonest apologetics once they realize something they’ve said didn’t have the desired effect on an unfamiliar group of readers."

      thing is I have some experience here when i lived in Jamaica, I sold some Johnson American Bulldogs we had bred (and trained but no card games only chess) to Lady Saw, long story cutting to the chase

      when she released her single "Let Me Love With My Heels On" in America we were disappointed by her mealy mouthed acquiescence to "norms" because that's not how she put it to us, in patois she said well see below and bulldogs, especially pits, are pretty like butterflies.

      this is really for Mooser but he's a married man it may be Halakically unwise to follow the link do so if you think your libido is big enough. ( yes i have been drunk since i caught the number 68 bus on 67th street)

      link to

    • after reading Jon and other magisterial Zionist historians sometimes you need to read a real historian a real scholar for nutrition so,

      Ann Goldberg wrote

      Sex, Religion, and the Making of Modern Madness: The Eberbach Asylum and German Society 1815-1849.

      what is it with this ludicrous archaism in Islam and Judaism, i am really dumbfounded, laziness everyone wants to go back to the source they are too illiterate to understand and avoid the vast and complex commentaries, could there be anything worse than a lazy scholar, fuck them.

      hop "super-jerk" hmi's getting girls with sovereignty did my head in and Jon's Ashkenazi nuclei was the last straw. this a bloody good fascinating book she is a fine scholar, its why history is taught to produce Ann Goldbergs and weed out the lacking hard evidence Jonni tale spinners.

      i searched first to get page 170 read Abraham's story, the sensitive reader will note how our culture has a disturbing continuity just an updated rationale 177 "Jews and the criminalization of madness" is searing

      link to

      and just the book

      link to

    • wo! Mooser!! thanks for that

      what is it,

      look at the people,

      is there more? what you say we give the xtians a pass what would the Rev' Cheeks do, no really that is ...thank you, that is my favorite thing i didnt know existed, its only tuesday and Shmuel made me get drunk and now this, and people don't like Jews! but my Pranja is big now trust me the Rev Cheeks can evangalize me any way he wants.

    • dear dear why does the Rabbi labour in ignorance when there a wealth of ahadith covering the matter, and even a little ijitihad, so let us mire ourselves in the scholastic swamp that is the ahadith, here getting iji

      "In our view the man who rapes a woman, regardless of whether she is a virgin or not, if she is a free woman he must pay a "dowry" like that of her peers, and if she is a slave he must pay whatever has been detracted from her value. The punishment is to be carried out on the rapist and there is no punishment for the woman who has been raped, whatever the case. (Imam Malik, Al-Muwatta', Volume 2, page 734)"


      ""If a man acquires by force a slave-girl, then has sexual intercourse with her after he acquires her by force, and if he is not excused by ignorance, then the slave-girl will be taken from him, he is required to pay the fine, and he will receive the punishment for illegal sexual intercourse." (Imam Al Shafi'i, Kitabul Umm, Volume 3, page 253)"

      and this is only Umar

      "In an authentic narration from Sunan Al Bayhaqi, Volume 2, page 363, Hadith no. 18685 we read the following story:

      Abu al-Hussain bin al-Fadhl al-Qatan narrated from Abdullah bin Jaffar bin Darestweh from Yaqub bin Sufyan from al-Hassab bin Rabee from Abdullah bin al-Mubarak from Kahmas from Harun bin Al-Asam who said: Umar bin al-Khatab may Allah be pleased with him sent Khalid bin al-Walid in an army, hence Khalid sent Dharar bin al-Auwzwar in a squadron and they invaded a district belonging to the tribe of Bani Asad. They then captured a pretty bride, Dharar liked her hence he asked his companions to grant her to him and they did so. He then had sexual intercourse with her, when he completed his mission he felt guilty, and went to Khalid and told him about what he did. Khalid said: 'I permit you and made it lawful to you.' He said: 'No not until you write a message to Umar'. (Then they sent a message to Umar) and Umar answered that he (Dharar) should be stoned. By the time Umar's message was delivered, Dharar was dead. (Khalid) said: 'Allah didn't want to disgrace Dharar'

      Notice that Umar ibn Al Khattab (the second caliph) ordered the man who captured the slave girl and had sex with her to be stoned for this crime, for he took the slave girl unjustly."

      oh ok an actual hadith then

      "Saheeh Muslim

      Book 015, Number 4082:

      Hilal b. Yasaf reported that a person got angry and slapped his slave-girl. Thereupon Suwaid b. Muqarrin said to him: You could find no other part (to slap) but the prominent part of her face. See I was one of the seven sons of Muqarrin, and we had but only one slave-girl. The youngest of us slapped her, and Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) commanded us to set her free.

      Book 015, Number 4086

      Abu Mas'ud al-Badri reported: "I was beating my slave with a whip when I heard a voice behind me: Understand, Abu Masud; but I did not recognise the voice due to intense anger. He (Abu Mas'ud) reported: As he came near me (I found) that he was the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) and he was saying: Bear in mind, Abu Mas'ud; bear in mind. Abu Mas'ud. He (Aba Maslad) said: threw the whip from my hand. Thereupon he (the Holy Prophet) said: Bear in mind, Abu Mas'ud; verily Allah has more dominance upon you than you have upon your slave. I (then) said: I would never beat my servant in future."

      the Rabbi going to be in shit come Judgement.

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