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born part Arab part Scots/Irish, worked in training ulema for the european environment/ journalist broadcaster for many years working mainly for bbc. From a faction of euro-islam much favored by the establishment, writer etc nothing really of interest may as well move along.

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  • Ten days of awe: standing with whom?
    • An Israeli friend of mines mother asked me immediately upon being introduced to me for the first time.

      "Egypt, used to be such a great country, what happened ?"

      I started laughing he irritably told her to shut up, so I never got the chance to give her my view. He is 20 years younger than me because I wouldn't have spoken to my mother like that even in private never mind in public, different generations, shit changes.

      Egypt what happened? History ain't kind to anybody, give it time.

  • Why the split inside the Democratic Party over BDS needs to happen
    • "they fight Barzani’s Peshmerga"

      when Kurdistan emerges I would think South Sudan and its current state would be good a pointer as to how Kurdistan will look after its ascension to nationhood,

      Important names to learn will be Barazani, as above, and Zebari and Talabani, the bitter accusations below characterise a good deal of inter-Kurdish relations,

      "As known publicly that Massoud Barzani was trained by Israeli Mossad (intelligence agency for the Israeli government) according to “Israel-Kurds” publications in Kurdistan. Massoud are accused of killing his own brother Idris Barzani.
      The Barzani Sheiks bring the tribal Kurds under the control by the marriage of the tribal chef daughters. They done that successfully with Sherwani tribe and they tried to do that with Zebari tribes too. The Barzani Sheiks married few Zebari girls and Mullah Mustafa Barzani married daughter of Mahmood Agah Zebari by name of hamial khan before departing to Russia. Hamial khan gives birth to Massoud in Mehabad Iran before the departure of Mullah Mustafa Barzani. She returns to her father home and Massoud Barzani grow up under the teaching of trader Mahmood Agah Zebari. He learns to betray Barzani from his grandfather.

      Massoud Barzani is half Zebari and Half Barzani and Mullah Mustafa knows about the animosity between Barzani and Zebari very well. In 1958 when Sheik Ahmed Barzai got out of Iraqi prison, he ordered the assassinations of Ahmed Agah Zebari the older brother of Mahmood Agah Zebari because of his support to Iraqi Governments. This assassination of Ahmed Agah Zebari put frictions between Mullah Mustafa Barzani and his older brother Sheik Ahmed Barzani plus his older sons too. Is Mullah Mustafa Barzani picked Massoud Barzani under the pressure of his wife hamial khan or he just hated Kurds and his own family? Yes Mullah Mustafa Barzani did lot of good things. But he had many fault too. He appointed younger son with half Zebari, He did not send Abraham Ahmed and Jalal Talabani to the Kurdish people court to be executed for their betrayal and crime against the Kurdish people.

      Mullah Mustafa Barzani betrayal of yesterday, we Kurds and Barzani are paying for it today. We Kurds do not have research and analysis to point out the truth about those who lead us. We love leaders unconditionally that is the reasons we do not have country. Are we making the mistakes today? The Kurds should answer these questions.

      First the Kurdish people should know that Massoud Barzani have the same age as mine. When I was Peshmergah, he was known to be pro-Talabani in his early age. He was fund of Talabani lie and monopolizations just like his nephew Nechirvan Idris Barzani does today.
      The year was 1961 the Kurdish people revolted under the leadership of Mullah Mustafa Barzani. The First casualties were from Jaff people he was brother of Koaxai Ishmael Talin from Dukan region. Mullah Mustafa promised us Kurds an independent country and democratic system with rule of laws. He was exiled for thirteen years before coming back to Kurdistan. They wrote books about that how hard it was to be away from family and relative for thirteen long years. I am personally now exiled for thirty three years and most of the Kurds are more or less the same as mine. Thanks to Mr. Massoud Barzani and Mr. Jalal Talabani,www.ekurd.netthe entire Kurdish populations want to get out of the country.
      Mullah Mustafa was very assured about himself any Kurds defected to join the Iraqi Governments or any other Governments in the regions; he called them “Homo”. That was the insult for people in the region. It is not like western society which does not make any sense. He was always calling Abraham Ahmed and Jalal Talabani a homo because they joined enemies of Kurdish people." "

      the reality is a Kurdistan will in all likelihood mean war and chaos, all against all, but no doubt within a few weeks Americans will be sagaciously discussing the PKK, PYD, KRG, prospects are not great, so this is an amusing little summary,

      "What is the difference between the PKK, PYD, YPG, KRG, KDP, and the Peshmerga?"

      "The Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq = KRG is the family business of the Barzani Clan, even though elections are generally considered free and fair. President is Massoud Barzani, Prime Minister is Nechervan Barzani while the security chief is Masrour Barzani. The Barzanis are Iranian Kurds.

      Iranians are cultured people and born politicians, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that Massoud Barzani is one of the most gifted politicians in the region. Barzani is also a very cruel man, e.g. he has sacrificed the Yazidis to be slaughtered by the Islamic State in order to force Obama's hand to intervene against ISIS - when that didn't work he withdrew the Peshmerga from oil fields run by U.S. oil companies (which did force Obama's hand).

      Turkish Kurds are naturally born fighters, neither cultured nor born politicians, while the Iraqi Kurds are somewhere in between the two.

      The Partiya Karkerên Kurdistanê (PKK) with its military wing Hêzên Parastina Gel (HPG) operated from 1978 - 1999 from Syria and afterwards from the Qandil-Mountains in the PUK-part of the KRG.

      The Barzanis and the PKK profoundly hate each other.

      The Yekîneyên Parastina Gel (YPG) is the military arm of the Partiya Yekîtiya Demokrat (PYD), the Syrian affiliate of the PKK. Most of the YPG commanders and fighters are Qandil-Kurds, i.e. PKK.

      When the Islamic State overran Syria and Iraq, the PKK saw its chance for a make-over: from terrorists (fighting against Turkey) to freedom fighters (fighting the Islamic State) by protecting the oil fields of U.S. oil majors in the Kirkuk area as well as defending Kobanê or resupplying the Yezidis on Mount Sinjar.

      30+ years of insurgency warfare has battle-hardened the PKK into the best fighting-force of the Middle East. They are feared by Islamic State fighters as they have won every single battle against them while all other armed forces are happy if they can stand their ground"

    • "but then nobody appointed “Whites Against Apartheid” as the judge and police force of the Palestinian rights movement"

      i think this a crucial point and that JVP is very poor name for a group in support of Palestinian struggle, white South Africans who joined the anti-Apartheid struggle joined the ANC and look how that currently stands, the Pan-African Congress schismatics observed that:

      "The Pan Africanist Congress was formed by a group of renegade ANC members in Orlando, Soweto, on 5 and 6 April 1959. The breakaway group was led by members of the so-called Africanist movement. Along with the ANC, the Pan Africanist Congress is the only "official" South African liberation movement recognized by the United Nations and the Organisation of African Unity.

      The Africanists experienced many difficulties with the views of the ANC. They themselves were primarily members of the Youth League of the ANC, formed in 1944 under the leadership of Anton Lembede. According to them, membership of the Youth League was open to all who "lived like and with blacks". They felt the ANC had made too many concessions in respect of oppression, and was incapable of promoting black liberation. The Africanists took the view that the Congress Alliance, because of its large number of white members, had diluted the traditional black nationalist position of the ANC. They felt blacks should be in control of their own liberation struggle, and should not be prompted by white liberals, including communists. According to the Africanists, the whites have too much to lose to be regarded as reliable allies.

      They also rejected the Freedom Charter, mainly because of the guarantees it contained for minority rights. These guarantees, they felt, would entrench minority domination. The Africanists believed that the land which the white settlers had "stolen" from the indigenous people should be returned to the latter. They also rejected the ANC view that disciplined leadership was necessary for the struggle. Instead, they believed that if the notion of liberation was correctly propagated by the leadership, resistance would be spontaneously created among the masses. For the Africanists the armed struggle is the primary struggle and they support the principle that political power will never be relinquished and must therefore be seized by force"

      This conflict is still raging in S.A. Vicious injustice is inadvisable as it is nearly impossible to set right and in one way or another generates confusion and suffering over whole eras, and when the pressure increases allies end up as enemies, as the tantra says "with death there is freedom in the empty nature of phenomena", freedom is inevitable anyway.

      wouldn't JVP be better named as Jewish Voice for Palestine, and remember if you don't entertain any hopes you will not be subject to any fears, but "hopelessness and stagnation" is a poor political slogan i guess. Are there any white run Black liberation movements? Its a funny old world.

  • Jews have religious commandment to support Israel and fight BDS -- American Jewish Committee
    • " “1066 and All That”, which – appositely – is all about getting your history lessons all wrong and muddled."

      well you say that John but it is exceptionally accurate and quite prophetic, "that there should be a great many more countries: this was A Bad Thing as it was the cause of increased geography",

      and its grim conclusion long before Fukiyama, who may not have got the joke,

      Chapter LXII

      A Bad Thing

      America was thus clearly top nation, and History came to a .

  • Israeli rightist Smotrich lays out the vision for apartheid
    • "Just for the sake of arguing"

      This style is very familiar to some of us, serendipitously Nathan J Robinson editor of Current Affairs has piece up reviewing a recent book by Bruce Gilley, you will find it familiar territory


      "I suppose to those unfamiliar with the history, Gilley’s argument could appear superficially persuasive. But a moment’s examination of the record reveals why the case he makes is abhorrent.
      Gilley says he is simply asking for an unbiased assessment of the facts, that he just wants us to take off our ideological blinders and examine colonialism from an empirical perspective. But this is not what he has done. Instead, in his presentation of colonialism’s record,

      Gilley has deliberately excluded mention of every single atrocity committed by a colonial power. Instead of evaluating the colonial record empirically, he has distorted that record, concealing evidence of gross crimes against humanity. The result is not only unscholarly, but is morally tantamount to Holocaust denial."

      and of course

      "Gilley must intend to provoke people to rage: postcolonial countries should be like Britain, which “embraced and celebrated its colonisers”; anticolonial thought was about “advocacy” rather than “accuracy”; colonialism was not just legitimate but “highly legitimate”; and we should “build new Western colonies from scratch” and “colonial states should be paid for their services” by the colonized.

      I expect Gilley wants the following to happen: people will be outraged. They will call for the article to be retracted. Then, Gilley will complain of censorship, and argue that lefties don’t care about the facts, and that his points have been proved by the fact that they’d rather try to have his article purged than have to refute its claims.
      This is a dynamic that has occurred many, many times. It’s what Milo Yiannopoulos did: he would say things that were truly upsetting and outrageous (including bullying and mocking individual students), then when people got upset and outraged and tried to shut him down, he would complain that “SJWs” were trying to censor him because they can’t deal with facts and arguments.
      The same thing happened when conservative law professors recently published an op-ed blaming the “rap culture of inner-city blacks” for cultural decline, with one of them lauding the “superiority” of white European culture. People got upset, for obvious reasons, and students objected to having to be taught by a white supremacist. But when one of the professors went on FOX News, he declared that “there were no allegations that anything we said was incorrect.” (There were plenty of such allegations.)"

      Do you recognise this dismal m.o.

      and I have to say it Nathan himself claims that his article has the most disturbing photograph he has ever seen, his case is certainly arguable.

    • "Otherwise not a single non-religious element in the different cultures, from food to language to the way they wear their hat or sip their tea"

      or the way they smoke a nargile, see for your self Jews standing out against a Palestinian backdrop, just keep calm and carry on smoking that hookah...

  • Critics slam ADL for training U.S. police in Israel-- and when Reddit AMA goes off script
    • "He explicitly considered European Jews to be members of the Aryan nation"

      I don't know if you know of Samuel Noah Kramer and his great book "The Sumerians", which is fascinating in that it describes the extremely hybrid and mixed nature of "peoples" like the Sumerians, its a free pdf, Sumerian has extensive Semitic loan words which obviously incurred interest, thats how one can be sure they are Semitic and thus the misery of debt was born,

      But my idiocy aside it is really worth a look, free

  • Ayelet Shaked and the fascist ideology
    • "And in Australia we grow bacteria in it."

      I am aga..aghast, remember..I can't help it.

    • "Culturally Palestine was dead. The malaria infested, unmaintained,"

      so the BB stands for Bin Brandeis, you people never change, so the question remains who will

      "Deliver the poor and needy, out of the hands of the wicked.
      Deliver the poor and needy, out of the hands of the wicked.
      Jah, Jah
      Foundations of the earth are out of course
      Man so blind, they neither see nor understand
      They walk in darkness
      They walk in darkness
      Jah, Jah
      Deliver the poor and needy, out of the hands of the wicked.
      Deliver the poor and needy, out of the hands of the wicked."

      its makes a sense because

      "Jah standeth in the congregation
      And rules amongst the gods.
      How long will ye judge unjustly, accept the persons of the wicked?
      Defend the poor and fatherless,
      Do justice to the afflicted and needy."

      that chorus should be the American mantra, nothing else will help you

      no culture? no one gave us "culture" we make it fresh every day.

    • "In Finnish the plural is Muumit"

      my mistake I thought Mumin = Believer

      Mumineen = Believers

      Mumintroll = Wahhabis,

      I have been training with a Finn for last few weeks Ante, just the sweetest most relaxed quiet man, but by all that is sacred he is brutal, huge, super fit and the blondest being I have ever seen, he is like a Labrador part way morphed into a Weimaraner, his blond is almost grey it's so extreme.

    • "not gotten all the Moomins in the Valley.."

      surely the plural is Moomineen,

    • "Yes it is a grave act."

      But... I wish to be the Fuhrer of my life

  • Soros and the Illuminati! Netanyahu Jr. spreads anti-Semitic cartoon
    • "Anyone who thinks that Soros is not involved and pulling the strings is your super ignoramus of the decade"

      Ziocaine in combination with Jim Crow Rye is going to put you in a mess

      "Soros, Barak, Yaniv and Naftali"

      see what i mean, it'd be a pity if it wasn't so funny.

  • Rightwing campaign against Jewish exec who called for exposing Nakba seems likely to fail
    • "but i get too bored trying to read it"

      "i always excelled in math and puzzles that could be solved w/logic"

      " i don’t mind being part of the uncultured masses"

      there is more religion in those few words than acres of dry scripture, makes me think of the great syncretist Majig Labdron (1055-1149), who both summed up the practise of religion in 4 (2) words

      "Relax, relax. Alert, alert" what else do you need to know?

      and formulated Jod (chod) practise, which is a complete path, requiring neither intelligence nor education nor status, confidence but only diligence and fearlessness, alone at night in scary places offering your body to demons...its good fun, beating a damaru, giving up your flesh cold hungry, ill, alone.

      anyone can train to be brave and hardworking, and it doesn't change anything or save anyone from anything thats real religion, you don't gain anything but lose everything, clever people often don't do well at this game, they think too much and worry.

      one observes ...and it liberates

      as soon as it liberates

      of itself it liberates

      and for this course all you need to qualify is breath, clever people usually progress very slowly, in religion the dumb dominate, i am fully qualified 3 times over.


    • "Perhaps because Annie (who works for the site) and regular commenters such as yourself and Mooser frequently heap praise on Yoni Falic"

      these kind of weak guilt by association gambits are becoming the norm and the Zionists are managing to tar organised Jewry in the west with the lowest and most dishonest of political gambits, smearing and defaming, anything but a discussion of the substance of the issue.

      "Labour Blairites are planning to cull Corbyn supporters with a surprise witch hunt at party conference"

      "The Labour right is planning a cull of Corbyn supporters through a vote at the party’s conference in Brighton later this month. The amendment could introduce ‘life bans’ for those, like Corbyn, who criticise the state of Israel.

      The witch hunt

      A motion has been put forward by the pro-Israel Jewish Labour Movement (JLM), supported by several Constituency Labour Parties (CLPs). It calls for the ‘life ban’ of any party member deemed to have engaged in antisemitic language or behaviour. On the surface of it, a positive move to tackle bigotry.

      But the Labour right’s new definition of antisemitism expands to include any and all criticism of the state of Israel. This is unhealthy, and dangerous. JLM National Secretary and Labour councillor Peter Mason explained the move in a column for the LabourList website. Originally entitled “Let’s introduce life bans for the minority of bigots who shame the Labour party”, it was later amended to something more subtle. In the piece, Mason argues:

      At conference an amendment to the rules, proposed by the Jewish Labour Movement and by CLPs across the country, as well as proposals from the NEC, will seek to resolve this once and for all.
      Despite several high-profile suspensions, the mass expulsion of party members, and two high-profile inquiries – the witch hunt persists.

      The ‘life ban’ plans come amid the latest smear campaign against a prominent left-wing Labour MP, Chris Williamson. Campaign group Labour Against Antisemitism accused the Derby MP of antisemitism for referring to Israel as an “apartheid” country."

  • Israeli support for Myanmar is the natural alliance of regimes based on ethnic supremacy
    • "I’ve recently seen these stories about the Rohingya"

      rather like the Karen, Hmong and others some of the Rohingya have often fought with imperial powers against local independence movements quite apart from local issues such as land tenure etc...this gives some background... the Rohingya fought with British, like sepoys, against Burmese independence forces, the Indian community was particularly hard hit by Burmese anger

      and some deeper background

      "the underlying reasons for anti-Muslim resentment in Arakan was that the British administration granted ninety-nine-year-leases to newly immigrated Bengalis, and when many of the Arakanese peasants returned they were deprived of the land that they formerly owned through inheritance . Be that as it may, Charney (1999) argues that this time period was the point at which religious communalism most notably developed, both Buddhist and Muslim, in the competition between returnees and migrants, from Bengal and other parts of Burma, as the region was rapidly repopulated. In the absence of the traditional patron-client structures and established rural gentry, he suggests, people constructed new communal identities around religious leaders and spaces. In this sense, the emergence of the modern Rakhine Buddhist identity and what became the ‘Rohingya’ identity occurred concurrently and interdependently, such that “one cannot talk of the emergence of [one without the other]” (Charney, 1999, p.13).

      Chittagonian migrants concentrated in Akyab District (northern Arakan) and quickly became the dominant group in many areas, growing from ten per cent of the district in the 1869 census to thirty per cent in the 1912 census—and thirty-three per cent by 1931 (Baxter, 1941; Leider, 2014a; see also Smart, 1917; Yegar, 2002). In this massive wave of immigration, most of the ethnically-diverse original local Muslim population was “absorbed by the newly immigrant Chittagonian Bengalis … fundamentally transform[ing] the profile of the Muslim population in northern Rakhine …[while] the Buddhist Rakhine were largely eradicated from the north of Akyab Division” (Leider, 2014a, pp.229, 23114, 16).

      By the end of the colonial era there were some Muslim communities who had maintained a distinct identity since pre-colonial times, such as the ‘Kamans' of Ramree Island and 'Myedus’ identified in the 1931 census (Tonkin, 2014c), but the majority appear to have been absorbed into a melting pot of Chittagonian-Bengali immigrants and pre-colonial Muslim communities in northern Arakan, who adopted the history of the longer-established local Muslims as their own (Leider, 2014; Tonkin, 2014a, 2014b, 2014c). The Report on Indian Immigration (Baxter, 1941, p.51) expressed concern that the high rate of Muslim migration into the region was problematic and “contained the seed of future communal troubles.” Murray (1949, p.2) likewise expressed concern at the long-term implications of “[Muslim immigrants] gradually displacing and over-running the Arakanese.”

    • "an updated version of the old Burma Road"

      Exactly China has plans for it and we will see if will Islam is to be the fly in the Asian ointment.

      (Look, I read it over twice and added an "if"instead of the usual comma and then while contemplating my correctness I had to add an "is to be". While I will make no further concessions
      it was my pleasure. )

    • Dear Sally

      have not followed your links as yet, just to say the Rohingya are in situation not much different from the Sri Lankan Tamils, ie, there was an older existing community which was augmented by a second wave under British Imperial rule, as the British favoured ethnic enclaves and minority populations for various reasons.

      There is little doubt that the Saudis and others have been involved, at what level I don't know and what initiated the violence I also don't know, and am not much interested.

      what struck me, apart from the insincere lament over the fate of Muslims was the ditching of Aung Sang Suu Kyi almost immediately, she was a secular Aquino style saint, but things change

      wherever America has Imperial interests there you find either Muslim terrorists, Philipines, Nigeria or victims Syria, Myanmar,

      we only extras the story isn't even about us, prior to the Sri Lankan civil war the state slaughtered 70k Sinhala, for political reasons, the period prior to this in Myanmar I don't know I only recall all that stuff with Aung Sang and the Generals.

      Kegggie Carew wrote Dadland about her father, an SOE officer in Burma during the war fighting the Japanese with Burmese rebels, he worked with General Aung Sang, Suu Kyis' father, a lot of detail and Imperial intrigue and betrayal of the Burmese etc...

      it will be interesting to see whether they portray Suu Kyi as a demon or impotent, one thing is for sure in Rakhine everyone will suffer and a good deal of nonsense will be uttered in the Media.

  • The alleged peace process reaches farcical lows
    • with all due respect gents, i think you may be missing a good deal, Manetho was state propagandist for the new "Greek" kings, if i may

      i reckon that the "semites" appear in history on the margins of Empire, disrupting resisting any centralised authority....

      A far better comparison would be to Amr ibni Kulthum their close relative, rather than the Spartans

      Amr his story in brief

      So an old bint met this Arab and he asked her could he be put under the protection of her tribe

      No problem says she, well then some dudes from Bakr killed one of his camels and ate it, he went and told his paramour bint of the Taghlib (its from memory, Chinese whispers)

      and so 40 years later after a bloody war even the Arabs were saying "shit this is ridiculous" Bakr and Taghlib slaughter each other over some girls boyfriends camel, so they said to the "King" of HIra "shit man you got to sort this, Rum is laughing at us.."

      so what it is is that each party comes forward they apologise and say they will abide by the kings ruling, then they make their case, apologise for the trouble and sit down,

      so what happened was Amr was to speak first (how could it be otherwise) it was so good they hung it off the Ka'aba

      Abu HInd don't rush up on us
      We will tell you whats what
      the white shroud is our flag
      we stain it red on the field
      Our fame is we rebel against all authority
      Everyone knows we go where we please
      If we like a place we take it
      We eat when we can
      We destroy challengers
      We prevent when we please
      We come and go as we please
      We retire in solitude with our rage
      Striking with joy

      (as an example of prosody its incomparable, learn Arabic just to read it)

      So Bakr kept it within the bounds of convention.....

      So when the "King" of Hira got home his advisors asked him it all sorted out, it being expected that each guy grovelled and a compromise was reached,

      "I found against "Amr'

      " oh, oh no, i think we can salvage things"

      so they invited 'Amr and his mother to a state dinner, oh God they pulled out all the stops,

      so the semites attended with their Byzantine Arab (Rum) host,

      During dinner the "King" of Hiras' mother asked Amrs' mother to pass her a dish,

      "The fuck you say" exclaimed Mrs Amr

      Amr, who had been disarmed seized the "Kings" sword and beheaded him with the tart observation

      "Who told you we came here to be your servants"

      thats not Spartan, thats bad, Ghetto bad, where Semites thrive, the free ones anyway.

  • 'I will shoot you in front of your mother '-- Israeli forces follow through on threat to Palestinian youth
    • hey Annie, my dear,

      you know this when the pressure is unbearable we come from a line of survivors you remember this when they killed 10,000 of us in a pretty little town, never mind forget we will revenge with resistance at the very least, whose blood is cheap?

  • Two Chicago pols break over BDS, as U.S. Jews divide over Israel
    • "Are you setting up Mooser for a Herod’s"

      well i was thinking K-Tel, the as seen on tv cheap compilation records company, but it came to nothing,

      as Ipuwer, brother of Ptennisnet said

      "he who could not build a room for himself is now a possessor of walls.

      Behold, the magistrates of the land are driven out throughout the land: [. . .] are driven out from the palaces. -deposed by the rabble, robbed by beggars
      - people who ignore custom
      he who did not build a hut is an owner of coffers.

      Behold, the possessor of wealth now spends the night thirsty, while he who once begged his dregs for himself is now the possessor of overflowing bowls.

      Behold, the possessors of robes are now in rags, while he who could not weave for himself is now a possessor of fine linen.

      Behold, he who could not build a boat for himself is now the possessor of a fleet; their erstwhile owner looks at them, but they are not his."

      walls can't keep everything out and require constant upkeep.

    • Page: 19
    • "a price is payed for that by potential deviants…."

      it's all a question of education

      "Israeli-syllabus school set up in Syrian area controlled by armed groups"

      "The Israeli syllabus is being taught in the school, with textbooks intended to provide Syrian pupils with a different perspective about Israel.

      An Israeli news website reported that the school has 90 Syrian pupils and 15 teachers. It is an addition to two similar schools which have been established in areas controlled by the armed groups near the borders of the occupied Golan Heights.

      Businessman Moti Kahana, a former Israeli air force soldier who holds dual Israeli-US citizenships, is the head of the organisation behind the schools. He hopes that the syllabus will entrench a different perspective about Israel and that pupils will go on to study in Israeli universities. “In this way,” Kahana explained, “we hope to change the popular Syrian position towards Israel.” "

      deviants my dear are willing to pay any price, no point in deviating and being craven and fearful,

      "basterdized deviations of judaism" you mean bida'a (which is a good thing in adab), you going to be at home with the Wahhabis and worse.

      "authentic and torah based" fundamentalism always sounds so hollow but get them young.

  • US literary figures renew call for freedom for Palestinian poet Dareen Tatour
    • follow link to mary comment

      she has link to vimeo

      password "porcelain" she says, i am not very good with this stuff.

    • apparently Larissa Sansours "In the Future They Ate From The Finest Porcelain" is to be taken down from a Barbican exhibition

      from Mary at LBN, link below

      "A message I received -

      'Not available after today - we are told. Do find time to view it. The password is porcelain

      In the Future They Ate from the Finest Porcelain

      The 'universal censor' (see below) objects even to the Arabic language on the sound track - the language of Palestine before its guts were ripped out - Palestinian Arab, Christian and Jew. Recall that Hebrew had to be learned by most of the invaders.

      In the Future They Ate from the Finest Porcelain is showing in the Barbican season ‘Into the Unknown: A Journey Through Science Fiction’.

      Mike Cushman (of BRICUP) -
      without mentioning Jew, Israel, Zionism or any accepted or abusive synonym for any of these. Difficult, you might think, but according to Gillian Merron, the chief executive of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, leading Palestinian film maker Larissa Sansour has achieved this.

      Merron has demanded that the Barbican remove the film from the exhibition. Among Merron’s discomforts is that the dialogue is in Arabic. The film is about the creation of false narratives, a recurring theme in historiography and political theory and one dealt with in a literary form by George Orwell in 1984. In this case it is Merron who is reproducing the character of Winston Smith and trying to excise that which does not fit with her preferred representation.'

      Ms Merron is an ex Labour MP 1997-10
      and is now the chief exec of the Board of Deputies of British Jews.

      Larissa Sansour is the film maker. Born in E Jerusalem.

  • American Legion calls on Congress to finally investigate 'USS Liberty' attack, 50 years after
    • "Whether Dayan knew"

      "You know Foley I only have one eye and have the right to be blind sometimes." Raising scope to patch.."I really do not see a signal" Horatio Nelson, Copenhagen.

  • Prominent Israeli rabbi preaches rape in war time
    • "Israelis have been in Japan for years helping"

      ah yes the Nudniks Oblige, its a duty but still praiseworthy.

  • The United State of Israel and Palestine
    • “White Canadian is not a culture though.”

      foot poutine mouth again

    • "I did not get this one.."

      oh dear, my Lapp, is it no good at all.

    • "Four Finnish women, one with Sami origin.."

      well obviously its the one who agrees to sit on your lap.

    • "does Hamas have a beef with Freemasonry?"

      you don't know the history? when the sir tujar (provost of the traders guild) in Skarkia was accused of sedition in respect Urabi's revolt it was a freemason barrister from London who took up his defence, it was a masonic revolt.

      in the levant and Egypt freemasonry was associated with many who were agitating for independence, but there was a conflict between "continental" freemasonry with its French revolutionary background and good clean British Freemasonry which was mainly concerned with "charity" and other improving activities,

      Abduh was in a lodge, it all ended rather badly for Urabi and the Egyptian Masons, so they are regarded as a worthless cult that divides the masses, Egypt at the time was ruled by a Caucasian oligarchy (actually from the Caucasus), the middle classes thought the Lodge would lead them in to the upper class, but it was not to be, its like we have our own history, but it is possible learn about it.

      In working class Arab and Jamaican culture the lodge is disliked, quite intensely, hence in the lyrics to "call the hearse" by Bushman we find

      "Gangsta na fret no powder gunman neither nurse

      dem say dem gun it nuh join lodge, nor it don't join church

      Nother Gunman gone in the cemetery tonite"

      Capelton is even more scathing but...

    • "I must admit that makes more sense"

      yes I caught the Jewish theologians bit, the invitation to Christ can't be far off.

      Frankly I have little time for "Solutionism", I really don't get it, like amateur cranial surgery not my kind of thing.

      Jews, who have all the money could pay Arabs to go to Europe, but this is already happening according to Breitbart, Soros and his SJW's are at it, but Breit and his readers are not supportive, raising a bit of stink in fact.

      perhaps the theologians can find a way we can cheat the grim fate we are preparing for ourselves

      "Solutionism" paradoxically is not the answer, as you say one could hardly expect painless irredentistry unless one consults an qualified irredentist.

      in ghetto parlance

      Solutionists ha dem ca'n defend nothin. (there is no emoticon for kissing your teeth, supremacy weighs me down)

    • "Recent history has shown that many displaced Arabs prefer going to Europe."

      Most Palestinians as opposed to "displaced Arabs" live within a few kms of Palestine in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and to a lesser extent Egypt, most displaced Arabs are internally displaced or in another adjacent Arab country,

      do theses facts have any effect on your Arab analysing Algorithms? Or are you suggesting bombing them and seeing if they'd like to relocate to Bad Godesburg?

    • Is it necessary to point out that this is just plain wrong, for Medieval etc interest rates, charged on sovereign debts by Italians etc see,

      Sidney Homer, Richard Scylla, Michael Fryde, Michael Prestwitch...see Ricciardi and Edmund of Lancaster in Richard Kauper and Marc Morris.

      it seems that some Christian interest rates approached 80%, but there is argument about computation, and a country wasn't always the best collateral if you didn't look like you could hold on to it, most loans were short term, two years being common, as one man wryly commented this credit was not expensive ...for Nobles, averaging between 15% to 45% depending on your circumstances.

      As they say in science or was it Mr. Miyagi "Rubbish in Rubbish out", facts so treacherous but so seductive.

  • As many as 1 million Israelis have left for the U.S.
    • "it is all over but the shouting"

      come on man buck up, when things look bad, a car never runs so sweet as just the second before the engine blows, everybody feels low sometimes, but and i am not suggesting take the Irish from your name (800 hundred years and counting of resistance, famine to the magdalen laundry, because it still goes on)

      just do what the little boy hauteur Luke does, let it out and then back to whatever the struggle is for you, this'll iron out those kinks, America is courting disaster, we are very optimistic on this sunny afternoon.

  • White Jews: deal with your privilege and call out Jewish support for white supremacy
  • New network leads the fight against fascism on campus
    • "I saw all those Docker’s-clad young men with torches. I didn’t see a single one with a fire extinguisher"

      thats class man,

      "the shut down of open dialogue is moving very fast on college campuses" MrNC

      so the purveyors of "Campuswatch", "Professor watch" etc, the people who supported and conducted endless campaigns against open the discussion of ideas are now worried that speech is being shut down, the people who strangle speech at every turn with either ridicule or denunciation or drown it out with semisensate ramblings about race or culture or "civilisation" now want a hearing from whom? They have been attacking universities since the 60's, they are no friends of intellectual endeavour of any kind, read their material, they have nothing.

      the right has ruled and done as it pleased for the last 30 years, this is their mess now they shove the blame elsewhere, time to own it, the right is always up in arms its obscures the fact they have no ideas at all, purely opportunistic ideologues

      the adherents of nonsense ideas like "cultural" Marxism, who have comprehensively lost all argument in the world of real intellectual endeavour, resort to slogans about being heard.

      "Jews will not replace us" is not politics and the real targets are not Jews or Muslims or Blacks but the political potential of the working class, if you concern yourself with "free speech" and civility they, the right, will rolled over you, ask Black people.

      they can not discuss their ideas with any one because they make no sense when engaged they either repeat meaningless mantras, simplistic formulae or moral outrage,

      shit i have been reading breitbart and UNZ etc, they have no ideas a well read and informed 14 year old could not easily demolish

      you should confront them where they organise,

      There is no political speech worth its name in the US, just a series of deluding spiels,

      the series of reversals is amazing in the old days the middle class youth were conservative orderly loyal, now we are told the West Virginians and poor whites are the right and the left is composed of alienated yuppies, the rights target is the " white" working class because their political potential must neutralised as a means of neutralising the whole class politically.

      Maybe Norm Finkelstein will rediscover Mao, who knows.

      the organized right is a dire threat to the working class. we didnt let them walk on our streets, never mind organise, because they came supported by local powers, mainly local business men associated with football clubs and Bookies and parasitising the already highly organised football supporters (including the Hooligans), they were not able to sustain a political discussion so we sorted out through the koine of the streets held them off for some years, it was very violent.

      you couldn't walk in our area with any 18 hole DM's, shave head, cut off jeans, well till the Mets SPG crushed us then any fucker could go where they wanted, theres always pros and cons, but it was the time of Thatcher and we were done, beaten, I left the country, when I returned it was so fucked up I had to work in Islam, the whole world I grew up in had vanished replaced by yuppies, gentrifiers and Artisanal butchers,

      So when people came and said to us "you are as bad as the Skin Heads" we used to laugh

      "what ya mean, look outside thats not our blood on the street, we are way worse, we wrapped them up in few days," National Front? and our guys were at least 70% white, sons and brothers of Union men. I am only 50% and try as i might just can't score any higher.

      Free Speech all things being equal, ha the Free Speech is a ploy to conceal that things are very far from equal.

      As to repression, if your concern is it will be used against "me", well yes and it will anyway, whatever you do, they make the discourse to pursue their goals as they please, thats the process that has to be disrupted with strategic confrontations and speech.

      But you do have to talk to them, we used to go down to the Jenny Lind(Pub) and discuss shit with them, not politics we sold them weed and speed, its what they like and old ska 7 inches, they loved Prince Buster, shit in general makes no sense whatsoever and is often pleasingly surreal. I went to school with a good few of them nice lads just a bit thick, as we all are round here.

      There isn't a way to fight polite.

  • Charlottesville is moment of truth for empowered U.S. Zionists (who name their children after Israeli generals)
    • "Annie Robbins"

      ok big boy

      "In Israel, the marchers were regular Israelis"

      and yet when Paulao Baldini met the Hempress Sativa, wa da da deng, DA DA Deng....."regular Israelis"

    • " all Americans are Nazi White Supremacists?"

      Or "Race Traitors" its the White dilemma, imagine, food with flavour and heat, music with rhythm, lyrics with meaning, sex without guilt or restraint, whats white supremacies selling points? chipped beef and masturbation?

      forgive me between hangover and inebriation, today I am oh so, so white.

  • The Israeli right can't condemn Charlottesville because its whispered policy is, Nakba
    • "You, uhhh, do know the origin of “cosmopolitan” as a slur,"

      at rootless cosmopolitan HQ we finally outed ourselves, "No loyalty to the flag",

      "children of Diaspora" whats going to happen to us? Edward Said was child of diaspora "so fear not"

      never bow to the Queen though

  • Why I am leaving Israel
    • wow Annie that unique man, a whole literature in one person

      "If it were a bridge we would have crossed it already....(but)...

      in a country that loves dogs
      but hates your people and the name of the South.
      We have remains of women banished from daisies,
      our good Gypsy friends,
      the stained steps of bars,
      Arthur Rimbaud,
      a sidewalk of chestnuts,
      and enough technology to wipe out Iraq.
      The wind of your dead blows northward."

      and Rodins statues..its all there

      thanks Annie, "you're a diamond", I am going drink and make sfeeha till I turn pure Qaysi, tonight,

    • "a term meaning “nomad” or “passer-by”,"

      Arab is Arabic and is derived from irab meaning to speak clearly as opposed to ajam, as to derogatory, I'd rather say I was Arab than "Saudi", "Emirati" or even "Jordanian", fortunately I am Egyptian so don't need to resort to Arab, anyway I been abroad my whole life so it comes and goes these days,
      its a,

      4 letter word

      I am not shy when I speak out frankly of your reality
      That a yard of hogs is much cleaner than all of you

      May the bench of washing the dead move,
      But you are immovable

      Now I expose/undress you
      In all the capitals of this Arab World

      You have killed my gaiety
      In every alley I see al-Azlam (the idols) Amami (before me)

      Till I became avoiding even the phone
      Even the walls and even the children
      Vomiting for this crude method

      Let us sit before the feet of the Arabian Desert
      To let her pass a judgment on us
      I admit before the Desert

      That I am a banal, scoundrel and sad
      As your defeat

      O defeated honorable men
      O defeated rulers
      O defeated people
      How dirty, how dirty, how dirty we are.
      How dirty we are,
      I don't exclude any one.

      Muzaffar al-Nawwab (bloody Indian who became Arab some centuries ago)

  • The 'vertical apartheid' of the Israeli occupation
    • "This is worrying."

      not at all, if the "sacred" is not with you where is it? Only I am shy to say to an older better educated person, only, leave it perfect all ready in its place, it never leaves you Hughes, there is no place it stops and you start and vice versa, Happy Every Day and Every moment always Daddy Martin.

    • "Schrödinger’s cat would have grinned."

      The cat is in Pandoras box, so best not open it and never know, all is vanity sayeth the Most Hugh, and people say religion is unscientific....

      Ecclesiastes 3: 15-19

      15 That which hath been is now; and that which is to be hath already been; and God requireth that which is past.

      16 And moreover I saw under the sun the place of judgment, that wickedness was there; and the place of righteousness, that iniquity was there.

      17 I said in mine heart, God shall judge the righteous and the wicked: for there is a time there for every purpose and for every work.

      18 I said in mine heart concerning the estate of the sons of men, that God might manifest them, and that they might see that they themselves are beasts.

      19 For that which befalleth the sons of men befalleth beasts; even one thing befalleth them: as the one dieth, so dieth the other; yea, they have all one breath; so that a man hath no preeminence above a beast: for all is vanity"

  • Trump response to Charlottesville sugarcoats a rotten morality
    • "nyt normalizing the idea “both the social justice alt-left and the white supremacist alt-right as two sides of the same coin”. "

      we been here, Serb/Croat, Sunni/Shia, and on and on,

      they are promoting sectarianism, you not the first to face this ploy, Sheikh Imam and Fouad Negm wrote, below its sung in Palestine

      If the sun sinks, precisely about the confusion sown by the state and the bewilderment of activists (in their case revolutionaries, we don't have those yet) faced with the complex seething social mass, this is redneck Arab music,

      "A song by Sheikh Imam. This song glorifies the role of the word, written, spoken, or sung, in illuminating the way when vision is shrouded in clouds of lies and manipulation."

      If the sun drowns in a sea of clouds
      And extends a wave of darkness onto the world
      And vision dies in the eyes of the vigilant
      And the road is lost in lines and circles
      O shrewd traveler in straight lines and in circles,
      You have no guide but the eyes of speech

      Arabic Original

      إذا الشمس غرقت في بحر الغمام
      ومدت على الدنــيا مــوجة ظــــلام
      ومات البصر في العيـون والبصايــــر
      وغاب الطريق في الخطوط والدواير
      يا ساير يا دايــر يا ابــو المفهومــــية
      ما فيش لك دليـل غير عيون الكلام

      just to offer you some fellow feeling once Fouad wondered "Whats wrong with our President", you know the feeling, Embattled white American people especially should enjoy this,

      What’s Wrong With Our President?

      I never fret, and will always say
      A word, for which, I am responsible
      That the president is a compassionate man

      Constantly, busy working for his people
      Busy, gathering their money
      Outside, in Switzerland, saving it for us
      In secret bank accounts

      Poor guy, looking out for our future
      Can’t you see his kindly heart?
      In faith and good conscience
      He only starves you; so you’d lose the weight

      O what a people! In need of a diet
      O the ignorance! You talk of “unemployment”
      And how conditions have become dysfunctional
      The man just wants to see you rested
      Since when was rest such a burden???

      And this talk of the resorts
      Why do they call them political prisons??
      Why do you have to be so suspicious?
      He just wants you to have some fun
      With regards to “The Chair”
      It is without a doubt
      All our fault!!

      Couldn’t we buy him a Teflon Chair?
      I swear, you mistreated the poor man
      He wasted his life away, and for what?
      Even your food, he eats it for you!
      Devouring all that’s in his way
      After all this, what’s wrong with our president?


  • Senate is selling out our free speech right to the highest bidder, say American Muslims for Palestine
    • "The US Congress is selling out our right to free speech to the highest bidder, and to lobbyists. What could be more clear? These Americans say, No"

      right yes and in London British Muslims are getting radicalised by being burnt up in a tower block

      below Lowkey takes you on a tour of the people and streets of Ladbroke Grove, its about time they pushed back don't you think? I mean Arabs, Caribbeans, Africans and poor White people its a witches brew of insurgent instincts, demonized people....about time don't you think?

  • Lessons from Finkelstein: International Law and equal rights should be the focus for Palestine solidarity
    • "everything’s fair game in terms of moving public opinion because the broad public is not in unison on what the law provides or doesn’t provide and can be swayed by either side of the spectrum. people will not be studying international law for decades to make up their minds about what is right and what is wrong in israel/palestine"

      really enjoyed those Annie, you remember when people were ready to fight for what was right, Palestinians are choosing to struggle,

      reminds of back in the day in the murderous world of Jamaican DJs a little thin ghetto girl this isn't music pure toughness in a hard hard ghetto dancehall style

      "some a drink rum some a smoke ganja

      but I a woman thats say me must prosper"

      sister Nancy propers still, all the men of her era long dead, bum chaka laka,

      "everything’s fair game" cool

      tougher than tough pure clarity

  • Israel would use nuclear weapons to keep refugees from returning -- Noam Chomsky
  • Ensconced at New York Times, pro-Israel advocate Bari Weiss smears Sarsour as a 'hater'
    • "where the article suggests that the pro-Israel ideology of the writer is relevant to the truth of her accusations? Then I shall give you my expert opinion"

      I commit one little solecism and it comes to this, so important to maintain standards, I see that now. Poor Jon

      In mitigation I would point that 66 is an American where the distinction between argument and opinion is rarely observed, save by some "elitists" so dig up that quote now 66 theres a dear, Mr Roha is hard but fair... and you see...there will be no further solecisistic activity here today, already I have progressed, I always benefit from a firm hand.

    • and further

      Statement of Facts in New Jersey Trial of Assata Shakur:

      "As a member of Assata’s New Jersey trial legal defense team, and her appeal lawyer, I think a correct statement of the circumstances of New Jersey Trooper Werner Foerster’s death as established by exhibits, trial testimony and forensic evidence and that conclusively repudiate the revisionist lies now being advanced by the State of New Jersey as “fact”, need to be repeated."

      "1. The finger print analyses of every gun and every piece of ammunition found at the scene showed there were no fingerprints of Assata found on any of them. (The official analyses admitted into evidence)

      2. Neutron Activation Analysis taken immediately after Assata was taken to the hospital that night showed there was no gun power residue on her hands. Effectively refuting the possibility that she had fired a gun. (The official analyses were admitted into evidence)

      3. As a result of the bullet Harper shot under her armpit, while her arms were raised in, her median nerve was severed, immediately paralyzing her entire right arm, shattering her clavicle, and lodging in her chest so close to her heart that an operation to remove it was not feasible. A neurologist testified to that fact at the trial.

      4. A pathologist testified that “There is no conceivable way that the bullet could have traveled over to the clavicle if her arm was down. That trajectory is impossible.”

      5. A surgeon testified that “it was anatomically necessary that both arms be in the air for Ms. Chesimard to have received the wounds she did.”

      The state offered no expert witnesses to refute this medical testimony.

      6. Photographs depicting the gunshot entry wound under her armpit and the entry wound of the bullet Harper shot into her back were admitted into evidence during the trial.

      Therefore, since no evidence existed that proved Assata fired the bullet that killed Trooper Foerster, why was she found guilty of his murder? There are several explanations:

      The first is that the climate of hatred, prejudice and racism that had so contaminated the Middlesex County jury pool in 1973 that a change of venue was ordered, continued to exist in 1977. The unanimous opinion of the 1973 jury pool was “If she’s Black, she’s guilty.” After three defense motions for change of venue, Judge Leon Gerofsky granted the motion, stating, “It was almost impossible to obtain a jury here comprised of people willing to accept the responsibility of impartiality so that defendants will be protected from transitory passion and prejudice.” The trial was then moved to Morris County where Assata’s trial was severed from Sundiata’s because of her pregnancy.

      In 1977 Assata began trial for the second time in this same Middlesex County, and this time jury nullification was insured: The jurors chosen to determine Assata’s guilt or innocence consisted of five jurors who were either relatives or close personal friends of state troopers or of state law enforcement officers.

      However, Assata was not convicted of firing the shot that killed Trooper Foerster. She was convicted as an accomplice to his murder under New Jersey’s “aiding and abetting” statute. Under New Jersey law, if a person’s presence at the scene of a crime can be construed as “aiding and abetting” the crime, that person can be convicted of the substantive crime itself. Judge Theodore Appleby charged the jury that they were permitted to speculate that Assata’s “mere presence” at a scene of violence, with weapons in the vehicle, was sufficient to sustain a conviction of the murder of Trooper Foerster. She was also convicted of possession of weapons – none of which could be identified as having been handled by her and of the attempted murder of Trooper Harper, who had sustained a flesh wound at the time of the shootout."

      Site marked as dangerous, which is thrilling.

  • Debunking the 2 claims: anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism, and BDS unfairly singles out Israel
    • "The source of this belief is the Hadith" a hadith that has no Quranic basis is pretty weak stuff, best not to source anything to ahadith,

      "a collection of stories supposedly told by the prophet Muhammad" No, absolutely not, thats a fucking howler.

      "(hadith in Arabic means story)" you can't even google

      "In the here and now, a Hamas person can meet with a Jew, or a Jew could visit Gaza" we concur

      "However, my point in mentioning the Hadith" I think that has been transparent from the get go

      "quoted in the Hamas Charter was to indicate that the Jews are the enemy" well not at all as you say its eschatological, when things are by their nature a bit messed up in Muslim and Christian versions, hieronymous boschish, they were frankly very foolish to mess with that but its not the big deal you want to make of it.

      "People writing here in the comments section repeat all the time that the issue is the struggle only against the “Zionists”. " yet again we concur

      " No, it’s not so. The Jews were the enemy of the prophet" perhaps his main problem by far was the Arabs, and Abu Bakrs, and Umars and Uthamn, all killed by rebel Arabs, Muslims ones some of the time, we conquered a huge empire while continuously fighting civil wars, for not one moment in their long long history have Arabs ever stopped inciting against one another and fighting,

      In which many Arab and Arabian Jews participated, in fact the classic Arabian exemplar of fealty to an oath was a Jew, its very famous story, "Kill you prisoner, there will be no treachery here today"..

      Edward Said once a wrote a thing on Islam as culture, rather than religion, thats why its so hard to talk to outsiders because of their over religiousing Islam, their calumnies hardly end there, refusing to understand how a very different culture operates, I can't do it any more, same conversation a million times. The questions are getting stupider though laced with fiqhi terminology.

      "and that “fact” is very relevant in the Arab world" leaving aside the ill founded argument you put together how would you address this problem having identified its "relevance in the Arab world"

      what should you and your American friends do about it Nathan? War?

  • Napoleon, Hitler and the economy -- David Brooks hints that Trump is losing his mind
    • "Donald Trump doesn’t even get a disability check."

      there is no Annie, you going to have to do,

      set me free, why don't you baby (forgive me no Annie)

      you keep telling me lies,

      just keep me hanging on, you really don't need me ...(there is many "babies" not the same without Annie), Ken said you'd understand...

      set me free

    • "nobody will engage you,"

      Love and Hate can never be friends.......

      so here I come with Love and not hatred ....

      Surely goodness and love will follow I all the days of my life...

      Here I come with Love and no hatred, live up good children

      Love and hate I come...goodness and mercy all the days of I life...

      Live up good children,

    • "the conflict reveals its religious aspect"

      Like when Israelis fire a tear gas cylinder into the face of a little Jewish girl and blow out her eye at Qalandia, yes god will ask about it, thats the religious aspect, do the right thing and pay the cost, thats the best bit, pay the cost.

      you think god is a joke, i don't fear anything, happy to burn with others, with other beings, anyone is welcome in Hell, cool I get turned away where the door policy is tight, but still i would be afraid to answer for that, shoot a little Jewish girl, in her eye, or the other stuff they did, happy to burn afraid to do those kind of things,

      religion is not a faction in this shit. Happy to burn with or with out you.

  • 'Transferring' Palestinian citizens of Israel to a Palestinian state goes from outrage to Netanyahu policy
    • "and they got funky!"

      I didn't see that coming, does this mean that everything you play ....gonna be funky....from now on

      We have a right to know.

    • "Today’s Palestinians are immigrants from many nations"

      and yet they can all be "Arabs" as well, lesson for you there don't you think?

    • "Why is that Torah worthless as a land deed?"

      Q: how many legs does a cat have if you call its tail a leg.

      A: 4...just because you call the tail a leg doesn't make it one.

      not even motte and baileying

    • the two paras following what i posted from Bint Jbeil link :

      "Afterwards, it was learned that the soldiers acted with the acquiescence, if not the blessing, of their British commanders. (It should be remembered that the Indian soldiers, especially those of the Gurkha unit, were known for their discipline, and it is highly unlikely they would have acted so riotously without orders.) The British goal clearly was to create chaos and to blacken the image of the pro-nationalist regime in Baghdad, thereby giving the British forces reason to proceed to the capital and to overthrow the al-Kilani government.

      Baghdad fell on May 30. Al-Kilani fled to Iran, along with the Golden Square officers. Radio stations run by the British reported that Regent Abd al-Ilah would be returning to the city and that thousands of Jews and others were planning to welcome him. What inflamed young Iraqis against the Jews most, however, was the radio announcer Yunas Bahri on the German station "Berlin," who reported in Arabic that Jews from Palestine were fighting alongside the British against Iraqi soldiers near the city of Faluja. The report was false."

    • the Farhud:

      "The time was 1940 and Britain was reeling from a strong German offensive. Al-Kilani and the Golden Square saw this as their opportunity to rid themselves of the British once and for all. Cautiously they began to negotiate for German support, which led the pro-British regent Abd al-Ilah to dismiss al-Kilani in January 1941. By April, however, the Golden Square officers had reinstated the prime minister.

      This provoked the British to send a military force into Basra on April 12, 1941. Basra, Iraq's second largest city, had a Jewish population of 30,000. Most of these Jews made their livings from import/export, money changing, retailing, as workers in the airports, railways, and ports, or as senior government employees.

      On the same day, April 12, supporters of the pro-British regent notified the Jewish leaders that the regent wanted to meet with them. As was their custom, the leaders brought flowers for the regent. Contrary to custom, however, the cars that drove them to the meeting place dropped them off at the site where the British soldiers were concentrated.

      Photographs of the Jews appeared in the following day's newspapers with the banner "Basra Jews Receive British Troops with Flowers." That same day, April 13, groups of angry Arab youths set about to take revenge against the Jews. Several Muslim notables in Basra heard of the plan and calmed things down. Later, it was learned that the regent was not in Basra at all and that the matter was a provocation by his pro-British supporters to bring about an ethnic war in order to give the British army a pretext to intervene.

      The British continued to land more forces in and around Basra. On May 7, 1941, their Gurkha unit, composed of Indian soldiers from that ethnic group, occupied Basra's el-Oshar quarter, a neighborhood with a large Jewish population. The soldiers, led by British officers, began looting. Many shops in the commercial district were plundered. Private homes were broken into. Cases of attempted rape were reported. Local residents, Jews and Muslims, responded with pistols and old rifles, but their bullets were no match for the soldiers' Tommy Guns."

      a good brief account of British operations in Iraq 1940 on..

    • i suppose i should say P.72, of the above pdf will be of especial interest, but read it all is the better option, its for your own good.

      and the second Para on P.73 will encourage that elegant deployer of the Quran Eljay

    • "Yusuf Diya al-Khalidi,"

      Alexander Scholch wrote a well known monograph on Yusuf Khalidi, I found something in the Jerusalem review," An Ottoman Bismark from Jerusalem: Yusuf Diya Al Khalidi", if you can be bothered it contains some interesting observations and relatively recent history, its a 12 page pdf.

    • "that the Juha stories are “so popular in the Arab world.” It’s still a racist joke"

      No Joha is so good, even for Jerks who don't understand the stories they quote, Nathan I mean you, he got appropriated, i mean you are fucking kidding right...they going to build a wall round him

  • State Dep't is 'bigoted, anti-Semitic, Israel-hating' for saying Palestinian statelessness fosters violence
    • "It is tragic to see how mired in prejudice is the American discussion of the question "

      Even more confusingly Sayyed Hasan has expressed his support to and thanks for Trump, looks like we are coming together, at last

  • 'You are a Jew, you need to stand with the Jews': Peace activist Ariel Gold assaulted by settlers in Hebron
    • "and circumcision is that of the heart,"

      I feel so unclean,

      I am going in to the kitchen,

      I may be sometime...

      I note Mooser is a mononym i am a mononymite, Ray is a trynym, as expected...

      now where's my sabatier, which ventricle is loathed by God..

  • Sorry, American Jews, you don't have a birthright
    • "was but one blink of an eye among many"

      do you know that the Sanskrit of the Rig Veda is first recorded in Syrian inscriptions, Northern Syria, the Mitanni had Sanskrit names, thought to be mercenaries who seized the state and adopted Hurrian but retained the names of the Vedic gods Indra, Varuna etc and used two personal names one Hurrian and one Sanskrit, and yet is Curry ever mentioned in the Bible?

    • "Speak to us in the voice of humanity you earned by standing by the civil rights movement, by the martyrs of the Freedom Riders; but don’t speak to as Jews."

      who paid Jews for this, blacks?, don't tell me Jews got all the earnings and blacks get what an eternal obligation to

      "one of the most brilliant and forward-thinking communities in the history of the world"

      what further payments should American Jews expect for "standing by the civil rights movement" and from whom, when will they have been paid in full,

      Is resting on your laurels not forbidden to you as it is for Greeks.

      (forward thinking is i guess unintentionally funny, unless i am misreading you, it is very hard to divine what kind of movement you talking about, it seems i may not be worthy to be part of it, )

      I can see why to an Israeli American Jews don't seem very Jewish, Gilad Atzmon never shuts about it, but Mr. Gurvitz that was the most polite and considerate excommunication i have ever heard

      Also I guess i would be more likely, as a black person, to unite around something where you understand we don't owe you anything...some Jews did the right thing, a brave thing, if the sins of fathers don't accrue neither do their virtuous acts, you have to get your own and as the Lotus sutra screams Now, Now is the time, what you been doing lately?

  • 'The metal detectors are just the first step': Palestinians say Israeli takeover of Al Aqsa is red line that can't be crossed
    • " in knowing if there is a clause in the contract that, as you believe, Allah has with Muslims "

      No Muslims are pay as you go, no contract, its cool we get roaming, all you can eat slaughter and when we run out of credit Daddy Ibrahim tops us up, no hassle.


  • Three settlers stabbed to death and three Palestinians shot dead in turmoil over security measures at al-Aqsa mosque compound (Updated)
  • The Spirit of '68 Lives On: Zionism as racism, and the network of lies
    • was I not clear,

      "you’re begging me to go with intuition to reach"

      you have already reached...everything is already accomplished...i tend just a touch towards babble, sorry, its a pain in the neck.

    • "It should be noted that the term “Diaspora” means dispersion"

      It should be noted logic can be used to establish incontrovertible facts, despite their being quite counter intuitive, Sometimes I beg you Eljay go with intuition,

      "Palestine is not “their ancient land” "

      you see it works.

      To be honest due to my age, logically, I am not sure i could have an "ancient homeland" anymore than I come from the nebulae out of which the heavy elements of my flesh are constructed, allegedly, its a sort of category error, in logic or something else is wrong with it all, i feel that.

  • Schumer and Macron equate anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism so as to target BDS
    • "that strategically placed Asian girl"

      correct me if I am wrong but "Asian gir(s)l" are a tactic, aren't they?

      Steve Bannons' "Valkyries" are a strategy.

    • " I guess it was too oblique"

      Obloquy can just sneak up on you like that, at least you recognise it, as Phil is vouching for you, since he is acute, thats good enough for me.

  • Bill making it a federal crime to support BDS sends shockwaves through progressive community
    • "there is a great dichotomy in the oral tradition"

      really are you sure, to be honest I find that a bit hard to swallow, but I guess you'd know.

    • "you did not ask about that"

      no argument with anything you say, I am not going to address the Simulcuz collective directly for they are legion as are their idiocies, let me as an immigrant Muslim come at this from a different angle

      let us suppose that someone publishes cartoons say of the Prophet that are obscene, racist, in support of imperialism, satanism or whatever,

      from a pure rational perspective, i know one whole heap about the social, cultural, psychic and political realities of an immigrant Muslim community, i am one of them,

      what political or social gains are associated with demonstrations, albeit peaceful in this instance say, what can we possibly get from these actions, given the extraordinary costs, political and otherwise, how are we not empowering just those people who wish us ill by taking a leading role in this theatre of stupidity? this is not to say that there certain local positives sometimes, but overall the gains seem negligible when compared to the extraordinary costs, and the enormous boon to those who think that there is something wrong with us, to put it simply.

      compared with as Mooser has implied in some other post compared with ignoring it, just ignoring it replying with a cartoon about self satisfied vacuous yuppies pretending at relevance or edgyness say,

      what do we lose by ignoring this, i just can't come up with a more cunning plan, don't get distracted. As an Human Being if I rared up everytime someone was disrespectful I would waste vast amounts of energy to no good purpose.

      let me a share a little hypothetical lets say everyone agrees, listen Hebdo that was right out order, say you're sorry don't do it again, what happens next year when shi'i start saying things about Abu Bakr, Umar and Aisha,

      I mean if that rocks you not even a proper grown up, we have a mind with which to understand and find a productive way to engage,

      Policing peoples other peoples minds is inherently unhealthy taking offence is just silly, thoughtless retaliation even if "justified" often has much greater ill effects than the original offence, ask any Rugby player.

      Really, a Jihad against disrespect, Jesus wept, let them say what they want to say, reply? reply with something better,

      we invited Rushdie over to shelter with us from the Muslims and the Ayatullah, but he never came or even acknowledged the offer, fucking rude.

    • "the Jewish oral tradition was a big factor."

      yes Yiddish has "Joys" Sex only a "Joy", perhaps another one later if its up to it.

    • "What I mean is that in medieval Europe the Jew was the ultimate OTHER."

      and is that why you fled America,

      "even their sex life" why Jon what are you implying? Goys don't go deh right?

      Listen Jon don't fall for the Goy propaganda, not only were they quite various they were pretty savage with each other or are you saying Goys went home to a quiet Goyish suburb after a hard day OTHER(ing) Jews, loads of different Goys out there Jon, they must have varied even in Medford, thats not near Stepford is it?

    • "make me sick."

      my dear friend, you know what they say...bum bum bum evil have to bun, people have been waiting for good times so long, i don't know whats wrong with me, wet with tears..evil haf ta bun

    • "It’ll give you a chance to shine as a teacher"

      Jon you are here as a man of the left, but also fulfilling scripture in the holy land, enacting all riches of your profound tradition..

      you didn't see what a great opportunity Yoni Falic was for you to get out all the spiritual riches of your heritage, you end up doing a gestappo torquemada riff, why? This is your brother, suffering brother who left his peace of mind behind, he did his duty didn't he, just didn't survive fully whole or whatever, and you sneer, to what end, pronounce takfir, shit Jon you are hopeless.

      when you give the meshumad class please for me special reference to a similar practise by the sons of Ishmael your allies our poor mistaken bretheren, but they at least are not two faced like you, they are openly bestial.

    • "No, it is you calling me a “hate nut,” "

      you hate nut but love shack, at least you honest.

      parental lyric advisory white people swear so much but not too much you'll be ok. i think theres a Phil in it, a baad Phil, but I think its a Rosen, maybe its him with all the hate, but love shack at the Macadamia Manor. also cool glasses, gorgeous little kid.

      but i do suspect it's slander, some people are into that

  • 'We need to cut their heads off,' Bush said of anti-western demonstrators in Syria in '06 -- Tzipi Livni
    • "Hatespeech is wrong."

      "I will retaliate regardless of freedom of speech."

      Those comments are so wicked that i am going to bite, with a little Islam and Mo.

      people used throw shit, shit shit, on the Prophet as went about his way in particular an old lady used to empty her chamber pot on him, one time she missed him a few days, so he went to enquire and was told that she was unwell so he went to visit her, she was charmed and since he never throughout the whole episode uttered one word of complaint or reproach she adored him ever after,

      don't you disrespect our Prophet by espousing retaliation which he forbade,

      when they wanted to write the biography of the Imam Ahmed they asked his main student what was the Imams most common answer to questions directed towards him, by far his most often used reply was "I don't know" and he is a famous source, famous Muslim.

    • " “Who made you the authority in determining the correct response to verbal abuse versus offensive caricatures.”

      well, let us now for guidance refer to the Islamic tradition:

      ""The Muslim who mixes with the people and bears patiently their hurtful words, is better than one who does not mix with people and does not show patience under their abuse."


      Whose famous motto was

      "‘Forgive him who wrongs you; join him who cuts you off; do good to him who does evil to you, and speak the truth although it be against yourself."

      and just to be clear God is even more of a limp wristed appeaser,

      "Bear pateintly whatever they say"

      "disregard their hurtful talk"

      nowhere in the teachings are you required to act like a deranged thug, under whatever pretext,

      "A Muslim is a person from whose tongue and hand mankind is safe" Muhammad again, he did go on about it, he knew and probably so do you we ain't listening to that shit

      I was involved in the Rushdie affair at one point a guy from Bradford? burned a couple of hundred copies of the Satanic verses,

      me and the sheikh were impressed

      "He will have had to buy every one of them" noticed the canny sh.

      "I mean Bradord how long would it take to sell 2 rarefied modern novels about Muslims without the riots, he probably bought every copy in the midlands"

      what we thought was I could write it, he condemn it and demand Muslims buy it and burn it, its in money in the bank and 24 hour a day armed guard all at tax payer expense, did he thank the Muslims, did he fuck.

      well and in saying all that one of things is that the internal politics of Muslim communities have got a little weird, complex, out of whack, but its not really polemical stuff perhaps too much to get into so i will leave it here.

    • "Try calling Phil or any of the editors here offensive name"

      "how do you account for the continued presence of" ahem,

      but I am a serial and gross offender and have been shown nothing but curtesy and generosity if I had any compunction I'd probably be quite embarrassed, Mr. Weiss never complains when one besmirches his shibboleths, man is a damn good sport,

    • Hey Eljay

      with minimal babble a Canadian Anthropology don writes, I think its interesting, and is obliquely relevant, Islam now has Canadian teeth...3rd para if you in a hurry.

      "Canada’s federal government is no more innocent. Under Liberal prime minister Justin Trudeau, a massive arms deal with Saudi Arabia (valued at $14.8 billion—the largest military export contract in Canadian history), was pushed through. The deal was first struck by his predecessor, Conservative PM Stephen Harper. In court, Trudeau’s government admitted it knew that its weapons could be used in further atrocities in Yemen.

      Mastering the liberal art of hypocrisy on human rights, Canada under Trudeau has enforced an official silence about Saudi atrocities against civilians in Yemen. Meanwhile, just before the Canadian government proceeded to remove Syria’s Al Qaeda affiliate from its official list of terrorist groups, the federal parliament passed the government’s “Anti-Islamophobia” motion (M-103).

      That is one very interesting, very useful coincidence, where the two facts can reinforce each other: criticizing any Canadian-based supporters of Syria’s Al Qaeda affiliates (the Al Nusra Front, and Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham) could conceivably be construed by the authorities as an act of Islamophobia, a hate crime directed against poor refugees.

      Far fetched? When I wrote this article in 2011, “The Top Ten Myths in the War Against Libya,” which spoke of US support for “radical Islamist militias,” I immediately received a polite but stern email from an anti-Gaddafi Libyan émigré in Canada, warning me that I had probably crossed the line of “Islamophobia”. What “line” was crossed when the Islamist son of another anti-Gaddafi Libyan émigré in Canada decided to shoot up Parliament Hill in 2014? Does Canada show intolerance for extremism then?

      It’s doubtful that extremism really raises all that many eyebrows in Ottawa: in 2015 Canada voted against the majority of the UN General Assembly, which passed a motion about combating the glorification of Nazism. Since then, it has been revealed that Canada’s current foreign minister, Chrystia Freeland, lied about her family history of collaboration with the Nazis in Ukraine during WWII, choosing to instead portray her relative as a refugee and victim of the Soviets. On this even the mainstream media, quick to call the story “fake news,” backing Freeland’s conspiracy theory about Russian intervention in Canada, was forced to admit that it was true. Does violent extremism bother the authorities in Canada, is a question that should be replaced by: When does it bother them? Whose extremism bothers them?"

    • "When you insult or make fun of the Prophet, you are directly questioning the most fundamental aspect of a Muslims identity."

      please stuff like this is frankly revolting, please advocate for someone else, or at least not for Muslims.

    • "There are underlying causes" and a not very obscure subtext..

      Let us recall that the Benghazi embassy attack was ascribed to a sudden mob of deranged Muslims descending on the US embassy and slaughtering the Ambassador because of a youtbe movie called "Innocence of Muslims", it is a comprehensive explanation favoured by Hillary and much of the US media, like all of these free speech stories I would suggest just a little further examination.

      As to the cartoons etc, none of them are about Islam nor are they blasphemous the ones I recall,

      were all advancing racist arguments to explain violence in the Muslim and Arab world, the jylest posten (?) crew tried once to no effect the second time they got some guy to comment, i dont closely follow these things, but if you think that i need further examples of Muslims engaging in stupid acts in the west I can assure you I have more data about that than anyone here could imagine, thats not the point.

      If you seriously believe that you live in society where there is "free speech" and that it is threatened by the Muslims, I would be interested in proper analysis or argument making that point,

      just posting this here because i got lost in your comment, which broadly makes sense the idea that context and the meaning of these stories within the narrative are irrelevant outside pointless affirmation of "free speech", I would be interested to see the working, before i have to accept the result,

      Islamic culture is full from antiquity is full of savage and blasphemous satire...but it is actually about Islam and Muslims and you have know something about those things, so not for everyone.

      a friend, a cartoonist as it happens, during the Algerian emergency in the nineties produced a cartoon, ink on paper, i have the original, in French and Arabic showing a bearded man in a gallabiya, agal etc infront of a mosque with a GIA logo, saying

      "Everywhere we stand for the Rights of Man!"

      he is holding a chain which is attached to the neck of a black clad woman, it made me smile, ruefully, not laugh out loud or anything, wasn't blasphemous or anti-Islamic enough for my tastes.

    • "Caricatures of “prophets” are no excuse for Muslims to go out and do violence."

      just because unfounded stories that people are rioting because of cartoons are being circulated is no reason to repeat it, when it is patently absurd unless one buys in to the Muslims are nutters meme, whats the excuse for that?

      "So we are told that this riot in Mazar-i-Sharif, Afghanistan took place because Terry Jones finally burned a Koran. The Afghans are not rioting because their country has been invaded and occupied by foreign troops but rather, because some utterly insignificant individual on the other side of the world burned a Koran.

      The saga does not end here. Over a year later, on 9/12/2012, the Chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Martin Dempsey, called Pastor Terry Jones on the phone and asked him to withdraw his support for a film “whose portrayal of the Prophet Muhammad has sparked violent protests.” Now the focus of the narrative had shifted over to Libya. The Libyans are not angry, apparently, that their country has been “bombed back into the Stone Age” and tens of thousands of their people are dead and their country in a state of anarchy. No, they are angry about a film that “portrays Muhammad unfavorably”. And now, of course, the Koran-burning pastor who caused a deadly riot on the other side of the world the previous year is brought back into the story….

      If a tree falls in the forest…

      We could have a field day analyzing and ridiculing all of this synthetic narrative. Surely you understand the overall point. This whole Koran-burning saga already stands out as a synthetic news story simply by virtue of how much attention is devoted to this insignificant personage, Terry Jones. Unless you happen to be a very famous person reading these lines, I think it is safe to say that if you or I threatened to burn a Koran, it would not be an international news story, we would not receive phone calls from the President or the Pope. No, we would be ignored. In fact, in that video it is mentioned that various people sent Korans to Jones for him to burn. Think about that. The people who send him Korans to burn know perfectly well that if they themselves burn a Koran, it has no transcendence because nobody is paying any attention. So they send the Korans to him to burn. At least that’s what is claimed, that various people sent him Korans to burn, 200 of them…

      The other funny thing about the whole story is that the entire media circus that they create around this individual pretty much obliges him to finally burn a Koran or two. After all, a sword swallower must eventually swallow a sword. He cannot just continually announce that he is going to do it, though he may wait until a sufficient crowd has gathered.

      So, just as Evel Knievel must eventually do his announced motorcycle stunt, so the Koran-burning pastor must eventually burn a Koran. This man’s entire protracted “fifteen minutes of fame” is based on him burning the Koran, so he eventually does so. When you think about this whole story a bit, something occurs to you: if they really, really did not want this man to burn a Koran, wouldn’t they just stop devoting all this attention to him? If you did not want Evel Knievel to do his motorcycle stunt, you would just turn off the cameras and not film him and, presumably, he wouldn’t bother. The whole point of the stunt is to attract publicity so if you don’t give him the publicity…"

  • 'You are thieves of history!' Hotovely tells Palestinians, waving books at them
    • "In the end it amounts to “We are under existential threat from the people who don’t exist.” "

      but they don't know they don't exist, thats the crux of the problem, she's just trying to correct that anomaly, with an empty book.

  • My latest encounter with a stranger
    • "China lacks a Bible-believing base"

      and because China after a what 40 year collapse, during which she suffered grievously, regained her independence and a monk called Tanxu modernised buddhism and buddhist education, there really is no substitute for independence, now they launching satellites not fighting bloody Arabs.

      see here the worlds most independent man is also the world champion Smiler, he has no equal, dimples profound, please do not try this at home you are not equipped,... stop that train....

  • Four Palestinians, two Israelis killed, and Israeli forces blockade Al Aqsa mosque
    • "the intersections in the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact"

      yeah you know it

      Rev. Cheeks sent me a message from Dr. C. J. Johnson, that is an intersection you better run, primitive baptists god and me both love them...and you know who you are better run...

  • At NY premiere, David Grossman will join Netanyahu minister who boycotts Darwish
    • "that admits no subtraction"

      or even division, but there will be multiplication, thats the threat, and there will be no integration only differentiation, , and when the tangent is zero what then, i have discovered that where the limit approaches infinity fx( dt/rt+0)-0 = Black Russian, thank you I will, don't drown it.

    • "Zionism is by definition a political belief" just as with the Islamic religion?

      "Just as with the Islamic religion:"

      "it’s not inborn, and one has to rigidly profess the same monolithic belief to belong to it",

      are you making the rules now or just surmising?

      "belong to it" yes I joined as soon as I was able, only just scrapped in.

      "viz that there are no gods but the God and Mohammed is their prophet. An explicit requirement. Again, no diversity at all."

      why yes the Islamic monolith overshadows us all, we scoff at those who would sow dissent in our ranks, never happen our "rigid profession" woudn't allow it, stands to reason doesn't it?

  • Join Roger Waters on Facebook Live as he discusses his support for BDS
    • "Please tell us what those sneaky Russians are actually going to do."

      I think they are coming

      It seems churlish to deny them,

      "Enforcing the correct use of commas?"

      They'll never take me alive.

    • Oh I read the Grover trilogy, oh no how sad, three times the self defeating same message...oh no, why play if thats all you've got, you get how this works...

      "And Waters ...." oh may have to be the Hasbara Hannibal option, I wouldn't open the door for the next hour or two....oh, not that way Grover, hone man, you need to hone big time.

      Can a sock puppet make a fist of things or is it being fisted by definition, I can't decide.

  • Israel charges UNESCO with 'Fake history'
    • "Did Jonah live in a whale"

      textual analysis is the way to go..

      "his home in that fish’s abdomen?"

      the evidence points to a jealous C-d

  • Church leaders must be willing to pay a price for Palestinian solidarity
    • The case of Namibia springs to mind, Apartheid and Occupation,

      Mr. Speigelprime on reddit opines:

      "Originally it was occupied by South African troops in 1915 as part of WWI. Namibia was a German colony called German South West Africa and South Africa committed itself to fight with the British side of the war effort. While the South African government wanted to annex the territory the major powers wouldn't allow for an out-and-out annexation but created it into a League of Nations mandate for South Africa in 1919-1920 (I've seen both). Even after WWII South Africa maintained its claim despite UN and other international objections. White settlers did begin to settle there and the racial policies of what would become Apartheid followed (the Germans had also had racial segregation policies in place prior). South Africa tried to incorporate it as a fifth state but did not in the face of international pressure."

      he links to

      from which

      "In 1964, the Odendaal-Plan was carried out in Namibia and according to the South African model, ten Homelands were set up. This caused the United Nations to withdraw the mandate of administration from South Africa and to request immediate withdrawal and transfer of control to the UN. South Africa ignored the United Nations’ request. SWAPO called on all Namibians to start the armed fight against suppression. Many SWAPO supporters were taken in or driven into exile.

      August 26th 1966 went down in history as “Namibia Day”. Bloody fights between insurgents and police forces were reported near Omgulumubashe. The South African government proclaimed a state of emergency in the region. In response, SWAPO started the armed fight against South Africa. The scene of the first fights was mainly in Ovamboland. Freedom fighters targeted police patrols and government buildings. The attacks mainly occurred from withdrawal bases in neighbouring Angola."

      and a Namibian view

      "NAMIBIA'S diplomatic relations with Israel will continue to be controversial especially in the light of that country's continuing occupation of Palestine.

      We should not forget that Israel was also a big supporter of the apartheid South African regime in its fight to stop independence for Namibia and majority rule in South Africa.

      In addition, it was an open secret that Israel assisted apartheid SA with its ambitious nuclear programme before independence that could have been used to subdue the rising African nationalism in the region.

      In 1994 Namibia and Israel opened bilateral relations. Thus, wittingly or unwittingly Namibia, and also South Africa, are supporting the occupation of Palestine by Israel. By giving diamond concessions to a top Israeli company and by maintaining diplomatic ties with the Israeli state, Namibia is actually sabotaging the struggle of the Palestinian people. We are celebrating apartheid in Palestine."

  • Israel slams UNESCO World Heritage decision on Hebron as Palestinians celebrate 12-3 vote in favor
    • " That was just hatred towards Aryans, right?"

      Keeping in mind that Aryans are also Indians or Iranians, in fact Aryans of Colour are probably the primary victims of White Supremacy, Aryans usually are supreme, in most things.

  • Wonder Woman is a hero only the military-industrial complex could create
    • "I know Louis Protect, and he does not support any imperial agenda"

      except like Tatchell he always does

      "His sympathies are with the Free Syrian Army, which contains the only genuine pro-democracy forces in the country. The FSA is both anti-Assad and anti-ISIL"

      Like Jamal Maarouf former handy man now a major figure in the FSA in Idlib and newly minted billionaire who wanted to continue the hopeless and pointless siege of a government air base because money poured in from the Gulf, yeah you support the revolution that has been televised and the Last Poets and Gil-Scott warned you about it, heedless.

      Louis supports the FSA like, America, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Israel, Turkey, France...rebel without a pause.

      "Unlike some others here, I actually saw Wonder Woman."

      odd boast

      "It is not an unbalanced anti-German film"

      yeah thats great , i don't get the rest up to "Bibi is Ares"

      but I see MoA has a great piece up about the loathsome trinity of Blumenthal, Norton, Khalek,
      Blumenthal now plagiarising those he formerly condemned, at a crucial moment we might add that fatally blunted any resistance to the USAs' destruction of Syria and any hopes for freedom in the Arab world.

      good read below, I support everything which I also unequivocally condemn, can't be caught out there. Proyect is a whole order of magnitude more egregious, heinous.

    • it's not antiwar then like American Sniper, how disappointing, can you imagine a sort of "Soldier Blue" movie about the Arab/American wars, maybe after the East is won... or lost.. or destroyed.

      Maybe the "The Outlaw Jihad Wali".

  • Anti-Islamist chic
    • "and Barstow."

      say anyone tried shouting Allahu Akbar(u) (min kuli shai) in your local mall, then you going to see the bats and feel the fear and loathing

      allhumak finihim bima sh'ta

    • "Last year Bernie Sanders said there’s a war for the soul of Islam
      , and no doubt he is right about this.
      A number of Arab societies have real problems with dictators, as Gross points out."

      in the war for Islams soul, suppose the dark side wins, which it must do, if you understand the frame and nature of this "narrative", what then?

      there is a war being waged in support of Imperial extra-territorial interests, contrary to "law", thats one way of looking at it, sure there are other ways of looking at it , but are they useful? and if so for what?

      the struggle over meaning in Islam has been pervasive, continuous and intense from day one, in the cave, I wouldn't expect it to end soon, but I doubt it has significant geo-political impact.

      "Dictators" is doing way too much work, do we have dictators because the soul of Islam is not yet ready for democracy, and why is that any of your business, if you keep framing things in the same way you will keep seeing chimera like Islams soul on some imaginary field of battle,

      "as Gross pointed out" well he googled "Arab", its like parkour is made infinitely more difficult in a Zimmer Frame, consider your framing of these issues, I guess you could do with out it, sometimes the frame is the issue.

      Islam is characterised by ikhtilaf in all things, so is quite soulless and not an issue and will never settle down, no matter how much it is bombed.

  • US rabbis touring occupation are afraid to be identified lest their congregations find out
    • "I have no idea what kind of, if any, employment contracts Rabbi’s have."

      I believe it's like a marriage Rabbis are very dependent on the good will of their congregants, like Sunni Imams ( but we have traditional methods for keeping mosque committees off our backs)

      21st century institutionalised religion is something of a debacle, mostly we shout at the dying, bury the dead and marry and harass infants, we spend our days kissing the feet of supermarket owners and night club bosses, its the real world not disney.

      Saudi money can start to look good.

  • NYT reporter's memoir shows how violence and 'ooga-booga' stories dominate Africa coverage
    • "rid its mind of old prejudices"

      very creditable

      "Achebe was unsparing in his criticisms of Africa’s repressive regimes, and he was thankful when atrocities were reported."

      this marks the new beginning, why did you leave out corruption, disease and famine, because these are the issues as you see them, in some ways I wonder if you really understand what Ahebe is saying here,

      rid of the new prejudices it seems to me is more urgent, as you look so will you see, so let me quote 3 old Arabs, its a progression, I would go this way,

      " Be hard on yourself and easy on others" Shafi'i of Gaza

      "God will protect the just government of the unbelievers while God will destroy the unjust government even if it is one of Muslims" Taqi Din Ahmad ibni Taymiyyah, the much maligned so called progenitor of 'salafism',

      "Women are one half of society but since they give birth to the other half really they are the whole of it" ibni qayyim, not too bad for a Syrian and really a key point.

      "I have never regretted my silence, as to my words I have regretted them again and again" Umar ibni al Khattab, Meccan gang member who speaks for us all.

      21st century and still we are struggling with this, still.

  • Anti-Semitism accusations against 'Dyke March' prove pro-Israel lobby will torch LGBT rights for marginalized people
    • "How do you think a cross appears to a ‘pagan’, or a Muslim, or perhaps a Jew?"

      Now thats interesting, say suppose if my Islam didn't protect me from such fear? what use would it have?

      say on the other hand suppose if it never let you down and one day you stumbled in to the ghetto just as Jah Shaka threw this one on, never let me down, everywhere i go never let me down, wolete seyon

      I am telling you burn one big spliff put on your seinheissers and listen, never let you down Elliot.

    • "Christmas season must be hell for you."

      everywhere you go money worries

  • US Jews must oppose Palestinian boycott, but boycott Israel and bring it to its knees over prayer at western wall
    • "Oh fer gawd’s sake “Simalcuz”, “a4tech”"

      no one remembers Rugal b(ernstein) because of anti-Semitism, we are all disgraced, equally.

    • "However we cannot uphold the same low-expectations for people speaking on “our side” because it reflects on all of us. If you want to criticize Israel and Zionism, you can choose from an entire library of knowledge to do so. But to stoop to using antisemitic canards is simply unacceptable because it lacks any intellectual rigour or moral basis. In addition, it serves to undermine our entire movement for Palestinian rights and plant seeds of division among our diverse ranks"

      when you don't know how to write you end up exposing yourself,

      "because it reflects on all of us" your weird premise

      " it serves to undermine our entire movement for Palestinian rights and plant seeds of division among our diverse ranks" keep your eyes on the prize

      there it is thats your whole act in a few words, trying to provoke people in to either anti-Islamic rants or accusing people of anti-Semitism, via assertion sans argument needling so no doubt you hope they double down, and you can consign the Palestinian movement to pointless neurotic self examination and bickering, Weir may be the last victory in that game, which you no doubt believe is a leftist tendency,

      lets unite by expelling people onward to victory you subhuman racist filth....

      "low-expectations for people speaking on “our side” " you think we were born yesterday

      "it lacks any intellectual rigour or moral basis" in that it is not alone, you are way too crude and obvious, your contempt for your audience is palpable.

    • "to be a popular faith,"

      hey Mooser people often ask me why is the Arab League such utter shit, I tell them because like the Muslim League of India it was set up by the British to be just what it is, fortunately a better informed boy has weighed in, we know who those "Arabs" are in league with

      it's a popular faith for sure

    • "There is an intrinsic phoniness to this statement that rubs me the wrong way."

      let me arrange my surgically enhanced breasts, tie up my peroxide blonde locks, i will wear the green contact lenses today, dab a little powder on to my botulized brows, my 6ft member, impressive as it is, of course no longer works but it excites many admiring comments,

      really "phoniness" is the core of Americana,

      Bont is a perfect rightwing caricature of a "leftist", its the "we" that makes me laugh while it seeks to sow division and confusion, its revolution the TV series,

      what a miserable insult to intelligence its whole schtick is, its a sign of ideological exhaustion and the very definition of bad faith.

  • Amazon pulls blank 'History of Palestinian People' -- which aims to dehumanize in order to subjugate
    • "So does that make Yiddish speakers German?"

      that all depends on what you mean by "German", do they appropriate sun-loungers with towels,

      in a moment that I will recall on my death bed, a journalist asked a 17 year old working class white girl, rather aggressively, as she was coiffed and dressed in a distinctly black manner, and caring for a mixed baby, ( "spoil whiteman" as the Jamaicans term it)

      "are you white!"

      without missing a beat she calmly asked "Depends, what do you mean by "White"? " that was in 93, he is still considering his reply as far as I am aware. Out of the mouths of babes and teenage mothers.

    • "Jerusalem then was all about Jewish life"

      but isn't everything always.

      "Nothing in any peace of evidence shows otherwise"

      thats nice. But can you hear anything with your fingers in your ears like that?

    • "that language defines a "people" "

      and climate, soil type and air quality, I think this ideology is called Terroirism, I of course am Corked.

    • I might add we could rummage around a few centuries ago

      the fatwas of Khayr ad din ar ramli (born Ramla 1585) an invaluable insight to the society at large and the territorial concept Palestine, certain contracts were null if you left a particular territory, and Palestinians.

      from one fatwa :" ala ana kul wahid min al qurush bi thalathin qira wakul qira bi-ashara min al fulus al musamma bil judad fi istilah AHL FILASTIN "

      many others typing them in English is a chore

      the Turkish author Evliya Celebi says he was in Palestine from 1648-50

      look up al-Diyar al-Qudsiyya

      ones is always ready for a pop quiz, we are all after knowledge after all.

  • Trump aides end all doubt about whose side they'll be on in the next great peace process
    • "put on a fresh coat of chapstick and get back on your knees…."

      dear Marnie

      I would like to share something miraculous, two strangers (the long haired guitarist and the guy who looks like stone at first) and so you've drunk your tea and now play your cup, why not be in the moment. all that ahmad does is between him and the dark locked gypsy, and God I guess, he always gets his cut. its not heavy he is our brother.

  • Israel's efforts to hide Palestinians from view no longer fools young American Jews
    • "Some of the people that support the Palestinian Arab cause believe we should have a world that is 100 % fair"

      it's going to be the null hypothesis

      "They believe in utopia, a perfect world."

      told you

      oh....bless, you are a special needs propagandist,

      "In order to silence that guilt people"

      do as you are somewhat bumblingly trying to do, you look fucking ridiculous, the west attacks us then any idiot thinks they can talk past us, what an utter fool.

      and you know something Jack thats no way to care for your mind, you wash your body don't you when its dirty, there are ways to wash the mind, it stings a bit, otherwise it wouldn't be purification.

      Vajrasattva is your friend and washes us with "moonlight", he always has space for another client, to trim down and clean up.

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