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born part Arab part Scots/Irish, worked in training ulema for the european environment/ journalist broadcaster for many years working mainly for bbc. From a faction of euro-islam much favored by the establishment, writer etc nothing really of interest may as well move along.

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  • Liberal Jews stage sit-in to block annual 'Jerusalem Day' march into Muslim Quarter
    • Dear Annie,

      Bless them, I want to do something wicked and underhand, you know i lived in Jamaica some years, I want to hit you with Ratty, i swear ( as you are a woman and mother, you can't resist Ratty, we get no prizes we are simple people) women tell me Ratty is irresistible.

  • The message of the Orb
    • Sauron is real, and skynet is self aware, thank god there's a saudi there so we know into which orifice to direct the bomb that defeats the death star...they don't like it up 'em.

  • Leonard Cohen song is anthem of Jewish exclusivists
    • "He was PEP (progressive except for Palestine)."

      yes progressive is some cheap worthless shit, Cohen was a fine artist, like cummings, no politics worth worrying about.

    • or gave you orange presidents all the way from Riga

  • Collective post-traumatic stress disorder – Jews, apartheid and oppression
    • "I don’t care enough to get into it like"

      ah Donald don't be like that man, i miss you

    • "people to consult the primary sources"

      very good when CNN has not done a report i suppose one must go to the primary sources lacking any better alternative, while keeping in mind the dangers of blasphemy or even heresy,

      at least no one ever quotes Voltaire, thorough going racist that he was, nowadays no one would read anything by W Churchill war criminal, imperialist terrorist to demonstrate any point whatsoever, haven't even heard of Gobineau?, if not keep yourself pure just say "No Gobineau" and thus we may be preserved from Mr. Falics fate, when is the auto da fe?

      let he who is without trauma cast the first aspersion and remember approved texts only if you know whats good for you.

      in the end despite all the bragging people find it so difficult to leave behind notions of good/bad, are notions of evil and innocence much help, ever? in understanding anything?

      at least science and the discipline of history are free of such pointless and empty distinctions, at least we have that.

      it is possible to read critically and thus protect oneself from contamination, this also goes for CNN.

      and lets not leave out a brief esoteric observation "people who see evil threatening them from the outside are subject to the worst form of superstition, eventually their whole environment will appear hostile"

    • i was really struck by her accent which got me thinking if you have a moment i think you might enjoy this, Annie Subhi and friend do Palestine vs Syria, do you remember how fun it was to be young, still the little vests crack cut me to the core, people laugh at them?

    • Hey Annie,

      i am guessing that's the sister of Nour Aslou

    • "Consequently, war and trauma have further reinforced a state of collective PTSD within Israeli Jewish communities, which manifests in a persistent fear of annihilation even when threat sources are absent"

      yes ok i wonder if this young lady has some ideas that might help, its the first video attached to this the article, i would humbly suggest you listen to her, forget the context, because of my weird fucked up background while listening to her i quite involuntarily rose from my seat and prostrated myself to her (my laptop) like a falling wall, it felt entirely appropriate, if you into that kind of thing you might try it .

  • Marty Federman, a quietly-inspiring leader, passes on
    • as the ignorant recite near death:

      "O God, forgive Marty and elevate his station among the guided. Send him along the path of those who came before, and forgive us and him, Lord of the worlds. Expand his grave and shed light upon him in it"

  • Israeli sniper kills unarmed Palestinian protester during demonstration in occupied village of Nabi Saleh
  • Sleazy spat revives Paul Berman's role as 'liberal intellectual who whored for Bush’s war'
    • "they don’t mention"

      Dear Annie,

      you know as you play in high rank, darling, stay away this, when you feel the rhythm you got to stick with him, when a lion is sleeping, a lion could paw you down one time it to me...king tubby skank..i gonna take out my yard broom...(deep thing) stay away i beg you.

    • “perverse degradation”

      i realise that with full knowledge and aforethought I have violated the norms of scholastic intercourse, i was not owed those quotation marks, i just took them, it was good, and the perverse degradation is mine it appeared in no one else's remarks, i am the only one who touched on it , this full frontal disclosure leaves me prostrate but satisfied, don't worry it will be just as hard tomorrow as it was today.

    • "I am interested in the “salacious details” " Annie

      "Berman continues to portray himself as a modern day truthteller " Weiss

      But what fear does a "modern day truthteller" have of peccadilloes, i mean i hope its not petty shit, take a leaf out of the Bukowski Muslims note book, just remember to emphasise how much you enjoyed your "perverse degradation", always works for me, i am observant and never spare a detail till at least one of my listeners is retching,

      whoring for George Bush you just going after a narrow demographic , you see the corruption spreads..(nearly got out of hand) i hope there is a happy ending..i can't help it.

  • 'Freedom and Dignity' -- a poem on the 25th day of the Palestinian prisoner hunger strike
  • Senator on Intelligence Committee says Jews in Diaspora are spies for Israel
    • mooser,

      i am immersed in Naml, mostly it is Ya Mooser, in the early verses, its the sh abdulbasit, what ever ails you ya Musa he will cure.

    • "A set of Allan Sherman covers"

      ok i have been pouring Lager on to the immoderate quantity of ouisce ( and of course fuck off) i recently drank ( so drunk) but when i started typing i was full of confidence, oh now i am not so sure,

      "played as reggae." man can rely on you, ras mooser, i think i'm in the clear.

    • "Maka Thin"

      whaaat, you make a man feel at home, marga like a shoelace.

    • "trepsverters. “Homie” "

      steady on man we are with you, we have wurlitzers

    • "I seem to recall you being much more critical of Phil"

      its not just having data its also knowing how to deploy it, i'd say a revolutionary committee is premature.

      "Things not work out at “Jews Sans Frontiers”? Your “homies” less than cordial?"

      i never got this data, takfir it from me though that interrogative is priceless

      "Homie don’t play that" that datum seems to me crucial and foundational,

      Also surely Phil as a Jewish Gentleman welcomes criticism, jeez we are not self satisfied Christians, i mean he is not going to torment himself is he? God hope i didn't get that wrong and think that some things are a little below the belt, even when people get under your skin.

  • The 'nation state of the Jewish people' bill is just more Apartheid with a veil
  • 'We shall remain': Bedouin of Jabal al-Baba face an uphill battle to keep their land
  • Jews made America great so 'we deserve our influence' on Israel policy, Dershowitz tells Scarsdale synagogue
    • "Celtrael" listen leftist it's Isgael

      not all Celts are kosher.

    • "White supremacism is open for discussion, debate"

      and yet

      "usually ridicule at most colleges"

      your extraordinary vagueness does not detract from the sad fact that "White supremacism" which is a cherished cultural value, is it not, is not receiving the respect it undoubtedly has a right to expect, i suggest you show them who is boss.

      "most colleges" thats a really worrying assertion, "colleges" centres of ideological pathology, but does anyone doubt that Jews are superior to Anglo-Saxons? I thought the Nobel committee had long ago set that one to rest.

      Anti-whitism the last acceptable prejudice fomented in colleges and probably Synagogues.

  • Why are Israeli children brainwashed to hate?
  • Zionist colonization is not 'exceptional': A Marxist viewpoint
    • Dear Honig-Parnass

      "It appears that the history of dispossession, not proletarization, has been the dominant background structure shaping the character of the historical relationship between Indigenous peoples and the Canadian state"

      i was struck by a remark by Gowans (here from about minute 5.30 to 7.00ish) which enlarges on the above, ostensibly about Syria but relevant, it fleshes out "dispossesion" and "the....state"

  • New charter, old politics
    • "i have not been made aware"

      we always the last to know, one state you say, the Natural State? i hope so. as explained by Lonchen Rabjam in "the precious treasury of the way of abiding", you going to feel so good but then you knew that you would.

    • "You better hope Hamas doesn’t"

      what ask you "why are you persecuting us", what the fuck did we do but live in our fucking homes you depraved bastard

    • "South Africa, Northern Ireland, and Civil Rights in the USA have shown that non-violent resistance is much more effective"

      Northern Ireland? please explain non-violent? i was near Liverpool st station in 92 when Northern Irish peaceful resistance vaporized the Baltic exchange, 3 killed 100 injured.

      Irish resistance was violent for 8 hundred years, they won the "races at castle bar" in the 1700's, when some of the mighty British ran all the way to Tuam and Athlone and the mighty British sure look at them now.

      but yes the weak should submit "the fight is not always to the strong nor the race to the swift, but thats the way to bet"

      David put down that stone Goliath is fucking yuuuge.

    • "[The last is arguable because the USA wanted to lead the Free World and Jim Crow looked too much like the German Nazi Nuremberg Laws.]"

      this is an often overlooked point, Imperial Great Britain had no official colour bar internally because it causes too much hassle with the lesser races if one is going to run a global empire but

      when the USA sent an army in '42 segregation had to be unofficial, the British are past masters of this game.

      "If some of these restrictions were imposed by—or under pressure from—the US military authorities, it would be wrong to conclude that they were imposed on a unanimously unwilling public. In Somerset, Mrs May, a vicar’s wife, drew up a ‘six-point code which would result in the ostracism of American coloured troops if they ever go to the village.’ This code, which echoes some of the recommendations made by Dowler, stipulates:
      1. If a local woman keeps a shop and a coloured soldier enters, she must serve him, but she must do it as quickly as possible and indicate as quickly as possible that she does not desire him to come there again.
      2. If she is in a cinema and notices a coloured soldier next to her, she moves to another seat immediately.
      3. If she is walking on the pavement and a coloured soldier is coming towards her, she crosses to the other pavement.
      4. If she is in a shop and a coloured soldier enters, she leaves as soon as she has made her purchase or before that, if she is in a queue.
      5. White women, of course, must have no social relationship with coloured troops.
      6. On no account must coloured troops be invited to the homes of white women. (Sunday Pictorial 1942)
      Every point of this code—drawn up for a hypothetical eventuality (‘if they ever go to the village’)—concerns the mixing of black men and white women, suggesting the significance of the sexual motive behind segregation, the white fear/fantasy of miscegenation"

      miscegenation is no fantasy it is an activity replete with all the gratification one can dream of.

      "Any coloured soldier who reads this may rest assured that there is no colour bar in this country and that he is as welcome as any other Allied soldier.

      He will find that the vast majority of people have nothing but repugnance for the narrow-minded uninformed prejudices expressed by the vicar’s wife.

      There is—and will be—no persecution of coloured people in Britain. (Sunday Pictorial 1942; italics in original)
      And indeed, there were cases of small but heroic cases of resistance to ‘the prejudice which certain white soldiers are intent upon imposing,’ as Roi Ottley was keen to point out. He goes on to tell of an incident in which
      US soldiers boarded a bus in London and tried to eject two Negro soldiers from seats they already occupied.

      ‘You can’t do that sort of thing here,’ a woman conductor protested. ‘We won’t have it. Either you stand or off you go.’

      They stood. (Ottley 1942: 6-7)
      Ottley also refers to the more implicit opposition to Jim Crow that is suggested by the fact that ‘[e]very Monday morning the newspapers are filled with reports of Negro activity with the British—such as hikes and picnics. Negroes are seen at churches, groups of them even taking over the choir loft on occasion’ "

      both from

  • Jake Sullivan seeks to rebrand 'American exceptionalism'
    • "developed societies in which at least some of the laws, customs, and practices reflect their high values and ideals, it seems to me that they have a prima facie right to exclude migrants from cultures in which those ideals are not held"

      " their high values and ideals"

      without being in the slightest polemical a piece of Australian culture was preserved in 1971 the era of the bonded teacher, you won't need a rabbit proof fence to keep this gritty reality at bay, you don't think that perhaps these "ideals" might be a touch illusionary as their name suggests, not that i doubt you my good man, but you sometimes i wake in fright,

    • "I too would prefer no EU at all."

      ah great Autarch let loose ( i mean it was 50/50, let lose works too) your authority. but why? you on the other side of the world is it a genetic thing?

      I mean the UK has argued that the Human Rights they are committed to observing via EU legislation hampers their right to protect the child races, a marine freed after killing a wounded man now attributes it to " a moment of madness", he dragged a wounded man dubbed a Talib wounded by helicopter fire out of sight of others and discharged his side arm into the prostrate helpless Afghan.

      i forget what were talking about

    • "Sacre Bleu! Ze Muslims"

      and despite the fact that it is the only food one must eat veiled they have denigrated the Ortolan, the Irish equivalent would be a crow drowned in poitin i'd say seasoning would be crucial and you are permitted to spit out the beak but not the feet.

    • "Click and drag out lower right corner."

      don't you do it Mosser, upper left, upper left for godsake

    • "Grenada.


      but Granada is just the subjunctive of Grenada which is merely the indicative,

      I didn't feel I had the credentials to say anything. The point remains US army paper tiger but they do a lot of damage and pollution, like Firauna in our book.

    • "And a great blow to Islam it was!!"

      and in 1990 we struck back, not all together successfully it must be admitted, i got to know the man pictured briefly, we had less in common than i had imagined.

  • After mob attacks alternative Memorial Day ceremonies, Israeli education minister criticizes ceremonies not mob
  • True independence on Nakba Day: accountability and healing as an Israeli aggressor
    • "kind words"

      not at all your skill enthralled me

      and yes i asked for all of the rest, however i am belligerent, so

      "into either “good” or “bad” "

      you are right Dr. how could i have been so foolish.

      "I ally myself with the good in both and every society"

      ah no Dr. i am not just bad i am very bad but my space is mine my rights are mine if they were violated would you not stand by me i would with you if our positions were reversed, who but us the despised, the bad, need allies, isn't the "good" fucking up our world,

    • "and do not need anyone’s sympathy

      well isn't that the truth when you a grown up man.

      "Israelis must be understood"

      ok, either "Arabs" are bad and "Jews" are good or vice versa, obviously, understanding Yoav (if that is indeed your name) is for unbelievers.

      "which I assume you advocate for" and whether we bless or curse each other kill or kiss each other time alone is slaughtering us, both my parents had degrees in psychology, my mother was chartered, both students of Eysenk, i hate psychology with an irrational passion, but i love your stuff even the comments dr.

      what do you think that means, and is it treatable?

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