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born part Arab part Scots/Irish, worked in training ulema for the european environment/ journalist broadcaster for many years working mainly for bbc. From a faction of euro-islam much favored by the establishment, writer etc nothing really of interest may as well move along.

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  • Israelis flock to Berlin-- some for 'multicultural vibe'
    • "We are different German people in a different German state. Therefore, we and our state haven’t done anything to the Jews that requires forgiveness."

      But is not the current state the successor state, to the Weimar, the Nazi, the West German and the GDP states and therefore as the successor state does it not assume some responsibility for the states from which it is descended. Doesnt the current German state pay reparations, and if not the German state where should such compensation for the crimes of the 3rd Reich be found, Claire Short remarked, to a Zimbabwean Minister, during her brief stint as minister for Foreign development or something that her government was made up of people who were Irish or too young to have been involved in imperialism and thus her Government bore no responsibility for the previous actions of the British state, he replied that the Zimbabwean state was still paying off debts incurred by the UDI white regime in its murderous war, see Selous Scouts, against Zimbabwean indigenous forces. Isnt the greatest betrayal of German states 'moral' liabilities the fomenting of war in the former Yugoslavia, involvement in the GWOT and support for the Zionist state, the fact that other western powers have a good deal of unacknowledged crimes to be addressed does of course put the whole thing in different light. Selectively applied law or principles are pretty worthless and can only lead to injustice resistance and conflict, as history and current affairs amply demonstrate.

      a successor Palestinian state would surely assume responsibility for Israeli state crimes and financial liabilities, etc? or am i wrong?

  • South African groups launch 'Israeli Apartheid Week' at Jo'burg memorial to apartheid
    • i was thinking how would you say Dirk Coetzee or Eugene De Kock in Hebrew, or say Vlakplaas, Inkatha i know the Arabic.

      of course none of this can have affected the South African black community or socio-political environment and in any way relate to current conditions, so Cohen how would you account for the events you recount, what is the cause of the high rate of rape and other crimes? are you offering some observations on the nature of black people? are you claiming that "crime" has risen since the state abandoned the crime of "Apartheid" ( an anachronism perhaps),

      on a happy note the Anglo-American is still making rakes of money, i wont be investing however, i even scum such as my self have standards.

      For an inspiring forward looking plan, we need go no further than their website, dont look back ( "Lot's wife turn a pillar of salt" Prince Alla) for gods or is it gogs sake, one or other, i see a great future for Ahava and Sodastream and the communities in whom they operate. Wonder whats the share price, up or down from 30 pieces?

      and as some pointed out that Apartheid was a war free enterprise due to the beauty of blacks, prior to their lapse into crime and rape, sort of like black ghettos in the states dont you think, here is an article recounting the experiences of a border war ( conservative estimates 1.5 million casualities), or something, clearly in SA, Ahistory is in its infancy, surely everyone remembers the red/black threat.

    • "but is also used as a derogatory term for Afrikaner"

      well thats a straight out lie, I have a Sri Lankan friend, a rugby player who toured SA, back in the apartheid day and was granted the honour of being an honorary Boer, he has it on his business cards, by self-described Boers, who would be shocked to find that they are in fact the self-hating Dutch.

      but seriously, what are you complaining about the successor state to Israels close ally SA white minority government, seriously are they confining bombing and expropriatining white people, why might anyone sing shoot the Boer, do you think, nastiness? there is a little history there you know.

  • 'NYT' landmark: Jewish philosophy prof says we 'really ought to question' Israel's right to exist
    • Adam Smith: "The savage injustice of the Europeans"

      Tommy Jefferson: "I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that his justice cannot sleep forever."

      its always been the same standard, laws certainly have evolved to reflect the timeless beneficent principles inherent in the experience of human beings, my feeling is that "civilization" and "education" sometimes interfere with its fullest expression in some folks. No worries the despised are always available as models and sources of solidarity and love, they are everywhere.

      people like, Billy "make sure whatever happens to Huey happens to you first" X, Gary Foley, Chika Dixon, Russell Means, Dennis Banks, Trinh T Minh-ha, etc ad infinitum.

      Saw Touffiq Hadad and Anthony Loewenstein on friday they were ok, BDS causing some rage in Oz, the Zeigler case has caused some discomfort.

      Welcome to the 21st century same as all the other ones, we always knew we were human, and so did everyone else.

    • yes peleset, tjeker, dnn, ekewesh, lukka, teresh, sherden all manner of folk, word is Egypt had been using them as mercenaries and got some pretty serious blowback, wouldnt know about settlement patterns but canaanites were all over beirut was a canaanite city, the sea people according to the records of the time like vikings ended up all over, many in Egypt and its sphere, which included most of Syria-Palestine, what difference does all this make?

    • Phoenician is the Greek for Canaanite, isnt it..Purple ones etc..same not descended from, an illusion caused by using Phoenician for Canaanites in general history and Canaanites in Biblical discourse..

    • sure, but most Muslims are not motivated by Islam, which isnt really a player, ardent or otherwise, as is usual, the forces acting in the region are the same ones acting everywhere these days, Muslims are generally motivated by the same issues as others, concrete economic and political issues.

      Historically, I would contend, we are a lot less clear about this Islam, how it emerged, and what role it has played in the development of the ME, and vice versa, no one really takes seriously the "history" of the Arab Muslim conquest etc as told by Muslim canonical history,as a story it has a spiritual and ideological meaning but as real concrete history its too simplistic and novelistic, impossibly romantic, clearly something much more complex and interesting than an Epileptic soothsayer getting Arabians all worked up has been going on. I am not really saying anything am I, by ardent do you mean something quite specific, ardent is a bit vague.

    • yes and the muslim world was reconquered by nominal Muslims, led by Christians its all very complex, and various "histories" fail to reflect this for various reasons...

    • ok good, you do realize that there is no evidence, no actual historical evidence that the people who conquered the new state(s) that became the Muslim world, were Muslims or that the states they created were "Islamic", there is scant if any evidence of Islam from its first two centuries, Crone et al argue, that "Islam" and the history of Islam is a later construct that served to legitimize the new arrangements. ( she has moved in to new fields now, anti-radicalization stuff, i am not claiming anyhting on her behalf, it is interesting to consider)

      I neither agree or disagree with them but there is an interesting aspect to this, Crone et al get into a lot of stuff that seems highly speculative to me but, the core of their idea is this,

      After a series political shocks etc and a alliance between various disparate forces, including small numbers of Arabs some of whom had long associations with Byzantium, Persia and Abassynia, the state is seized, the whole Islamic schtick is constructed in the first 2 centuries by a population largely made up of Jews, Christians, Sabaens, Zoroastrians and others, and it shows Islam is a political religion in the sense that it was an attempt to legimitize the authority of the state via the usual super-natural means, Gods Vice-Regent on earth etc, and regularize the various communities who had been living under Roman (Byzantine) and other polities, without giving any of the existing communities sovereignty, creating the fiction that the illiterate Arabs brought this scripture with them etc, Crones argument rests a good deal on showing the plausibility of this process and on her side Crone does have documentary record, not one coin not one sign of Islam for quite some time, except in Muslim history, a history of which educated Muslims are noticeably cautious.

      Crone, you can check since i may be getting creative here if i remember Crone does say the Islam we encounter in the 2nd or 3rd century AH shows clear signs of construction by persons of the faiths above etc, what actually happened is a touch more obscure, to those who dont mistake religious epics for history.

      The history of the 3 faiths can be seen in a different light, very briefly, the Semites appear historically as vagabonds attacking the great imperial centers, well they would claim that, Judaism represents the period of resistance to external domination and the incorporation into the Imperial pantheon of tributary gods, sealing the levantine Semites (which here refers to their language alone) into a tributary relationship, Christianity represents the period after the Levant was globalized and linked in, at this stage the Semites incorporated a lot of Greek and other notions and evolved a counter ideology to Graeco-Roman ideas of legitimacy, governance etc, Islam represented the period of Semitic reassertion throwing off the Imperial yoke but coming to govern a huge, sophisticated and complex population so Islam is an amalgam of all the previous ideologies and is mainly geared to establishing and maintaining stable Merchantile states, created as it was by Merchants, who thus took charge of the previously Aristocratic and religious states or whatever you would call them, eager to profit from the then international economy

      thats how some people see it, very very roughly, some Ulema certainly. ok with the very very roughly i hope, only aiming for c-.

    • Dear Annie this reminds me of the clearing and demolition of Sophiatown, an area where white and black people had been fraternizing and a mixed community evolved

      i reviewed a fictionalized autobiography 30 or so years ago, called "familiarity is the kingdom of the lost" by Dugmore Beattie, its worth a look, one of the trickster novels so beloved of anti-colonial cultures, he describes the dislocation and loss that the destruction caused.

    • "If you think Arabs naturally belong in Israel" why do Zionist have to litter their language with euphemisms, who are these Arabs TBK who belong, apparently so some people say, in Israel, no mentoin legal or property rights, or crimes, lets all just be natural.

      How about limiting the people of Palestine to those who legally have a right to there that is not based on some criminal enterprise.

      "even if his or her parents were..." ah equality, well

      what you are not able to stand is the notion that it is up to the Palestinians to decide whom they will accept, horror, equality tbk man stop being so mealymouthed and spit it out. Arabs! you cheeky little messer.

    • "given the way minorities are treated in the region"

      you must have a degree in AHistory, but how did these "Minorities" arise in the say last 1500 years, if they would now be unable to survive, its a diploma in willful obtuseness, coupled with the typical fascistic histrionics and self serving emotionalism, suddenly its about minorities, oddly its also about the sacrosanct rights of majorities when looked at from another perspective, its just the most shameless opportunism, but then Fascism is inherently an opportunistic ideology, re-framing its positions as need be. the one constant is generation of an "other" whose hostility and imminent assault justifies any and every act directed against them.

  • Dershowitz unveils new hasbara claim: IDF has lowest rape rate
    • you know when i can overcome my racism and burning sense of inferiority, no, no,

      even then i am impervious to Israels beauty, and the beastliness of Arabs, my loss no doubt, but how should i be penalized,

      say if i harboured homophobic attitudes, in what way should my rights be curtailed, how does this pertain to the insignificant minority of Israeli's who may also harbour such feelings, what should be done with them, they could be designated "Arab", to ensure that they do not enjoy rights which they are insufficiently beautiful to merit.

      to what would you ascribe Israeli superiority in this respect, something intrinsic? or is it just adventitious and does that matter?

      What we are really saying here is that some peoples (peoples mind you not people) should what? have their rights curtailed, due to hailing from less than ideal environments, according to some universal criteria to which you have access, i mean its not just gays is it, the average Israeli citizen is probably, wouldn't you say, treated better by his/her state than the average Arab, or Palestinian, what extra-consideration, rather than a mere contemplation of their relative beauty, do you think they should get in respect of their admirable and self-evident superiority?

      why do Arabs live in barbarous kleptocracies and other repellent polities? and you are surely not suggesting seriously that Israel is not responsible for conditions on the WB and in Gaza, you may concede they have a little influence perhaps? and thus a little responsibility?

  • Shared Values Watch: US honors Rosa Parks, Israel announces segregated buses
    • "My view is that many Americans find same Israeli practices we find repulsive, very attractive indeed to the point that they live vicariously through Israel’s swift tough actions. I am old enough to remember when Israel had a hippie-ish reputation with the kibbutzes and folk dancing, and it was not nearly so popular as now that they have their Terminator image. If you want to change our relationship with Israel and Palestine(and really the rest of the world-we have a military force in 150 c0untries around the world, not to mention military aid to others, such as our special ally), we are going to have to change ourselves. And more deeply than unveiling a statue during Black History Month."

      dear Joe R cant tell you how much these sentiments are appreciated, i find your words genuinely inspiring.

      "On Judgement Day I'll be playing music for the Rebels" Raging Fyah

  • Nablus rally in support of hunger strikers attacked by Israeli forces
    • "Photo By Guevara Joudeh" sometimes you just instinctively know when something is perfect.

      Is a hunger strike a form of dietary terrorism? It is a brave and effective tactic, after 10, yes 10, IRA prisoners died in hunger strikes the British government, that mighty and perfidious state sued for peace, in this instance i think any pressures on the Israeli state caused by these means are going to ignite rage in the Israeli regime and Jewish population.

      The sheer scale of the violence being unleashed in the Middle East should worry Israeli's, nothing good will come of it and no one will escape its deleterious effects, not the innocent or even the powerful.

  • AIPAC sells 'intoxicating' donors' conclave with endless wine (and Brazile, Begala and Fleischer)
    • and a refreshing, just made, Soda, from your handy little device, perhaps you could mix a cocktail a Bloody Ester, perhaps, and some Herem Hummus of course, Jews were the first to split the chick pea, in the large Hebron collider, khalas.

  • The false equivalence of liberal Zionists
    • it was a link old thing,

      people who are interested in those kind of things tend to be a bit weird, i was just amused by the construction 'Judean King',

      gave me the feeling that the strange little poster Yonah F, knew of the total badass Arabness of Herod, the Idumeans, his paternal line, were Arabs forcibly judaised by Hycarnus,

      i am not in to this vast field of irrelevance myself, so you will forgive me if i dont bother with your wasted effort of a post, but thanks anyway for attempting to instruct me in whatever you feel it is i should know.

      i read your final paragraph, sorry i cant account for statements which are not mine, however your ahistorical reference to Al Qa'ida being the Zealots de nos jours is almost meaningless, or perhaps you could explain what a modernist movement born in the 20th century has to do with the early part of the first millenium in the Levant, I would hazard that the Democratic Party in the USA is more similar to the Zealots than Al-Qaida both ideologically and in terms of praxis, or is it only we who are stuck in the past and can be found exact ancient parallels, is America Rome or the Inca's, in my opinion Al Qaida and the Zealots have significant differences to the extent that i would not want to make the connection myself, but as I say i reckon the Social Democratic Left in Europe also boast significant similarities with the poor much maligned Zealots?

      Anyway i have no idea what Jewish spirit is, and therefore, sadly i didnt really read the link once i was sure it covered my Arabian ancestor Herods glorious cynicism, you dont see whats funny about the wholesale Zionization of history that just keeps barking its toes on history, like the exodus, perhaps you could tell me what Jewish spirit means in the context the falling-rain writer to whom i linked was using it, you are not aware of the tensions caused at the time about the adoption of Hellenistic culture, you surprise me!
      Jewish, Christian and Muslim history obsessives are a bore i have taught enough classes rammed with them, like a real intellectual history of say mathematics, is fascinating once you get beyond the cultural achievemnt bull, the real history of the ME is very interesting, the Abrahamic squabble version of is like ten valleys of dry bones.

      sorry to have wasted your time.

    • "Judaean king Herod the Great" yikes,

      " Herod the Great

      Herod the Great was the king of Palestine from 37 BC - 4 BC. We owe the division of BC to AD to a 6th century monk, Dionysius Exiguus. Dionysius placed the birth of Jesus in the year 753 after the founding of old Rome but he overlooked the fact that Herod died in 750 - which is 4 BC by Dionysius reckoning. Jesus was born in the reign of Herod, whose fury at the news of his birth led to the flight to Egypt. Herod, the son of Antipater, sought as did his father the favor of Rome. Jerusalem received the splenderous appearance as it was in Jesus' day until its destruction along with the new temple building, begun in 20 BC. Herod the Great was an Hellenistic-Oriental despot, although he formally belonged to the religious community of Jerusalem. When the king died, the representatives of the Jewish community requested of Augustus the removal of Herodian rule, but the emperor divided the country among his sons. Herod the Great, who, as another has said, stole to his throne like a fox, ruled like a tiger, and died like a dog, had seized Jerusalem with a Roman army in 37 BC in a victory so murderous that he himself had asked the Romans whether they purposed making him king of a desert. He had a passion for building and had embellished the city in the generation before Jesus. His palace on the western hill, his castle near the temple area, and the new temple itself, whose outer colonnades were not completed until after Jesus' death, were the outstanding features of the city. He even built a theater, to the scandalization of the Jews, and in the valley below, an amphitheater as well.

      Herod was not actually of Jewish blood. His mother Kypros was an Arab, his father Antipater an Idumaean, and neither of them was of royal lineage. The little that did seem Jewish about him was a veneer which had been applied to his ancestors by violence. Herod meaning "descendent of heroes" shows how little of Jewish spirit his father had absorbed when he gave his circumcised son a name out of Greek mythology. Herod had a frenzy for power. No tyrant in history ever was more hated than Herod was hated by the people who worshipped there. They resented an man not of their blood, he was an Arab from Ashkelon, a tribal warrior, ferocious enough to win many a battle, shrewd enough to be an expert politician, but no true king of theirs. By turns Herod had tried being cruel and kind. Having despoiled their treasury, and with the very money he had filched from them, he built a magnificent house of God. The people took this new temple to their hearts but they barred him from entering any part of it. It may be clear to others why Herod had been called the great, but to the Jews it has always remained a mystery. He was the arch-murderer of his time. He murdered 45 members of the Sanhedrin as well as his family and all the children of Bethlehem."

      Zionist history does such violence to Jewish history,

    • oh no false equivalence cuts both ways! who knew,

      i thought it was understood, since at least Kirkpatrick and "No moral equivalence", that "false equivalence", like a juju incantation, could hide racism and tyranny under a glamour of righteousness, its true i find my desire to steal rarely impinges in any way on other peoples actual property rights, they don't need to compromise with me, which is trying but not equivalent to getting hooked in the head because i am trying to make off with someone Else's stuff, not to my mind any way.

    • "Please explain how it harms the “equal or civic human rights” of Jews to re-naturalize the lawful Palestinian inhabitants and their descendants, who had their citizenship, right of residency, and civil rights revoked in direct violation of the terms of the 1947 UN resolution?"

      I for one would be fascinated by the answer to this one. In another thread Hostage posted an additional two paragraphs, i may hunt them up, these three paragraphs, it seems to me completely cover all the relevant issues.

      The other two, if i may venture to paraphrase what i understood to be Hostages point, apologies in advance etc, whatever one thinks of it we are currently governed by a system of international law and regulated international relations, people such as myself and other "3rd worldists" would like as a start to "healing the world" (that idea worries me but still) we would like those provisions respected in spirit and letter, that they should be applied equally and as the framers of these laws claimed to be advancing justice and peace we would like these laws and the rights they guarantee to be applied peacefully and justly, no more. Reform or revolution can come after the law of the jungle is replaced by the system we are supposed to be living under, well thats what i took from it, but i doubt Hostage meant anything quite so incoherent.

    • "Islam prohibits lending with interest and suffers as a result. It is not a tenable way to do business."
      For those who are interested in such things, one of the reasons that the recent Chinese Olympics was such a success was that it was financed, in part, by the purchase of Shariah compliant financial instruments by the Chinese state, all of which performed very well, and many of the Islamic Banks were not badly affected by the current crisis because CDS and other exotic structured products are not allowed under Shariah, for various reasons partly because they place all the risk, like borrowing at interest on one party and someone makes money without incurring risk, the Shariah doesnt like that, an aside, boring but as the above poster brought it up.

  • AIPAC won't let us report on its policy conference
  • Parsing the Oscars: Affleck turned resistance into peevishness
    • "The language spoken by the central government is Arabic but that does not mean they are Arabs." some people in Sudan speak Arabic, as a first language, what other way of being an Arab is there, if its your first language, and has been historically, for say 300/400 hundred years i would contend that that makes you an Arab, its ok Arabs are allowed to come where they come from.

      Black is, granted surprisingly, not an ethnicity,

      As to Sudanese languages (and ehtnicities) check out this map, as a matter of interest without googling do you think you could name 2 other languages spoken in Sudan, other than Arabic, also which kinds of Arabic do they speak there. Sudan boasts about 200 living languages, and a brace of extinct ones. Could it be that Arabic is the lingua franca, and first language of Sudanese Arabs, Arabs by virtue of language like 97% of Arabs, it could be couldnt it. Sudan is not about Arab Imperialism however the internal conflict is very real and to call it tribal is to miss the societal nature of the confrontation, this kind of cod-imperialist analysis doesnt really elucidate much, except that imperialist history is easily grasped and entirely lacking in explanatory content, its tribes and ethnicities warring as thats what they do you, Sudan has a complex political history and you will never guess this, but there has been considerable interference in her internal affairs by external forces.

  • Video: Israeli settler lecturing Palestinian farmers -- 'You'll all be our slaves, if you're worthy, if you behave well'
    • Dear Sir, thats so sad, but fear not in Islam there is a soultion, no less than in actual Judaism, and this is really for Annie, if she has a moment, its a self defined Islam, sort of unconcerned with our well known, "core beliefs".

  • 'J Street' leader hints that 2013 is make-or-break for two-state solution
  • The controversy over the Oscars joke that Jews run Hollywood
    • sorry, so you are saying that there are people who are genetically disposed to run long distances fast, but that they dont do so, until international sporting competition requires them to, the growth of african running from Kip Keino and Abbe Bakila (?) was coincidental with the arrival of irish and other international running coaches, eastern europeans etc, if they are genetically disposed to run long distances fast they must once in while do so, and that i would tentatively suggest is "training" if you are saying that it is possible to run 10k in say 30 minutes without any training or from a completely sedentary life because of a genetic predisposition,, you cant be serious surely, if they dont run now how did the "genes" arise, chasing game on the primordial savanahs? but all our ancestors ran and jumped didnt they? dinosaurs ate the slow ones.

    • "Does anyone regard it as “racist” to notice the increasing domination of certain professional sports, by “blacks”?"

      Because racists often confuse non-racism with colour blindness which would of course is to spectacularly miss the point, when i was young and in the west the highest compliment many people felt they could offer me was to tell me that i was quite unlike an Arab, one of most difficult things for racists to accept is that persons of the designated "wrong" identity dont mind it, we like the food, enjoy the music and are not sure what anyone thinks we are missing, we may be having half tolerable even quite ok lives, under the radar so to speak.
      In my extended family we take a dog breeder like interest in the bewildering variety of complexions, skin, eye and hair colour etc that we exhibit, some of us dont even look like the same species never mind same family.

    • "with lots of fast-twitch muscle fibres for effective shivering survived best.",

      as an ex-rugby player who has had the pleasure of competing against Polynesian players, also they are very big and heavily built, had always wondered why, cold adaptation? seems plausible, the Fijian Delasalle like Lomu was a giant who could do 100m in 10.8sec, whereas the legendary Waisalle Serevi, a master of sevens the Fiji metier, was a small guy, so nothing is 100%.

      i was always puzzled after visiting India that while Indians lived in droves on the streets of Delhi, whatever genes disposed them do so got shut off when they settled in the UK, where those living on the streets seemed to be 90% white and 0% Indian, a reverse of the situation that pertained in India. Genes are mainly concerned with the production of proteins, how higher order behaviors can be linked to them, whats the gene for dreaming? whats the gene for breathing? (never mind the one for episcopalianism) i dont see.

  • Press treats Palestinian protests as tactic aimed at Obama, but they began long before he announced visit
    • In Kingston Ja, the area around the the Tivoli Gardens, terrible slum despite the name, from Queen street to Harbour road the area controlled by the PNP is called Tel Aviv, as oppossed to the JLP, its very strange here that you see Gaza and Tel Aviv,
      as in (garrissons are the belligerent slum communities) : "But that sort of jungle justice is common to all the other garrison communities throughout the corporate area of Kingston and St Andrew - from Tel Aviv to Matthews Lane, from Arnett Gardens, also known as Concrete Jungle, to Trench Town, from the Wareika Hills to Dunkirk.

      Bodies found in handcarts in downtown Kingston or dumped elsewhere on Kingston's streets, did not all originate in Tivoli Gardens, but Tivoli always managed to be singled out for the sensational treatment."

      Read more:

      graffitoed everywhere. No one denies that Politicians flood the ghettoes with guns, its quite open, a couple of young men i know are party operatives, given motor bikes and guns with which they cause a degree of mayhem.

      As to Abbas planning anything i thought it was Arafat, one he's dead you know all will be well.

  • Autopsy reveals Arafat Jaradat died of extreme torture in Israeli custody
  • The Israel Project-- and Chris Matthews-- say you can't make deals with Palestinians
    • "and more than 4,000 Palestinians, many of them civilians."

      what were the Palestinians who were not civilians?

      With what Palestinian entity is the Occupying Power in a state of belligerency?

      Where is the headquarters of the Palestinian Military?

      do people exercising their right to self defense cease to be civilians, if for instance any civilian is attacked by the military, if they respond violently, perhaps with arms, do they cease to be protected in any way?

      I am having a hard time seeing how any Palestinians are anything other than civilians subjected to an illegal occupation,
      who are the legitimate Palestinian military targets and what is the state of belligerency between the State of Israel and who or what, i dont get it but i have only a slight knowledge of any Law.

      Dont know if this helps

      there is some discussion of whether "terrorists" are civilian or not and what protections they can expect from the law, well suppressing the desire to laugh i suppose these are matters that must be considered, in the course of raping the world one hopes not to over step any little bye-laws.

  • Palestinians demand international inquiry following suspicious death of detainee in Israeli prison
    • "even because of some sort of physical and emotional stress-"

      you are so right, who gives a damn, that "even" cost you a little though, but yeah it happens, its up to the investigators, but why when its no sweat "even" if we "physical and emotional stress" ie tortured him to death, so not everyone is waiting for the results of an investigation then.

      The "Dr" who examined Steve Biko didnt think a large hole in his cranium should in any way inconvenience him and was as shocked as any one when died of "physical and emotional stress".

  • Two social critics who used Nazi analogy-- Mark Rudd, Betty Friedan
    • right ok so Rwanda has been mentioned and that is a perfect example of the potency of the Genocide idea.

      For those who have not read the Politics of Genocide a review:

      the generally accepted narrative is actually highly questionable.

      but it has been decided in some circles that to even enter in to the vulgar activity of examining the evidence is mark of depravity.

      thus George Monbiot accuses, Chomsky, Media Lens, Diana Johnstone et al of Genocide denial, in fact this is one of the favourite charges leveled against Chomsky in the right wing press which is all of them in the uk, just look at the Guardians treatment of Chomsky lately.

      its odd isnt it that Slater uses his own or the common usage definition of genocide, presumably to increase its utility for his particular ideological purposes.

      genocide underlies the whole current international system, it is a common place, coke, shell, bp, etc are all at it, with the co-operation of local power elites this is the stuff Roy is continuously, nowadays, pointing out, as a result everywhere is war. But its not the Holocaust, granted, which digression profits us how?

      there seems to be a kind of Holocaust nostalgia, a yrning for a simpler time, when, like a Christ Nation, the Jews, a purified by suffering, innocence, brilliance and benevolence whiteness, were both chosen, not by God alone, but history itself as, the Jews, gave rise to the modern world, history seemed to have chosen them, and like the innocent Christ crucified only to rise again in 3 days (well years) and seize the temple, now what? a Christ/Rambo. this kind of thinking and self worship can only end badly.

      It puts me in mind of Gades and Hoyos dancing the adultery scene from Saura's flamenco version Lorcas bodas de sangre, i am obsessed with Hoyos no less than with Lorca,

      Let the Bride awaken
      With loves green bough in flower.....

      there is something truly agonising about the liberal zionist dilemma, (or it could just be a way of sublimating all that angst and neurosis) i think in that last second of this clip Hoyos, with her extraordinary artistry, as the guitar plays the final harmonic, captures all the agony of self obsession and illicit desire, can Beinhart dance?

    • "A similar point: others (not southernobserver) here and elsewhere have used the word “genocide” to describe Israeli policies–not a good idea." thanks for the pointer "The word “genocide” means a deliberate policy of exterminating an entire class of people." really according to whom, not international legal institutions i fear, or the famed international community, Slater stuff like this just reveals your whole schtick for the tired semi-literate philosophically incoherent self serving nonsense that it is. Prior to reading you here i always got a frisson of admiration when ever i heard "Emeritus", is there nothing you cant degrade.

      From where did you derive the authority to determine what constitutes the crime of Genocide, how about Apartheid, Hmm Israelis are no good at rugby, at the national level, so perhaps it cant be Apartheid either.

    • "borne out of one man’s sickness for power." to believe that WW2 emerged out of Hitlers psycho-pathology is also one of the ideas put about by the victorious Allies, it doesnt stand up to much scrutiny, the causes of war were systemic, like now, rather than adventitious.

      Being unfamiliar with the discipline of "comparative atrocity" can anyone direct me to some work that can explain why we would be interested in what constituted "The Greatest Crime In History", what does it mean to say that the Holocaust was the greatest atrocity ever, I mean Deir Yassin, pfft, Khafr Kassem, Qibya, one hardly knows what Palestinians are complaining about.
      There is also of course the little matter of those there Allies themselves who were no less sunk in infamy than the Nazi's but the vast slaughters the Allied powers have and are committing some how they disappear as we contemplate the horrors of "The worst thing ever". i am bit suspicious that people have a little more than a mere scientific interest in who done the worst thing.

      what would a discourse analysis of Holocaust evaluation reveal i wonder. Historical discourse analysis is a post-structuralist discipline which means they want to know why you are, in a spirit of free inquiry, trying quantify the awfulness of bad things.

      Lipstadt said something once about relativising the Holocaust, i know of nothing that is not relative to other stuff, but there you are once you place irrational knots in your thinking who knows where you will end up, so leaving aside all dispute, if one concedes that the Holocaust "was the worst crime leading to the greatest suffering in recorded History" what would that mean what are the implications, what do i need to do to in light of this established fact.

  • Israel's changing image
    • "will not overcome and cancel out pictures like these, nor the fact that the events that give rise to images like these are celebrated by Palestinians while the images you linked are condemned by Israeli society. "

      come now you are not claiming equality with Palestinians, surely, their acts of resistance should be celebrated by all, those genocidal acts of larceny committed by the Zionist movement and its junta should be condemned for what they are crimes, anyway you just posted news items i didnt see any celebrating, you just asserted that from profound knowledge of Palestinian Celebratory Behavior?

      I come from a place 2 hours drive from Gaza, not far from Tanta, we celebrate shit down to the bees that sting you, you have no friends here, powder dry and all that, because we are ready you know, the dire situation Zionism will face over the next decades is something everyone should celebrate, they aint going to be able to sell that white supremacy crap anywhere soon.

  • Gay porn mogul unveils pinkwashing documentary
    • “The religion, the institution, the system of Islam — they are as talented and creative and passionate as anyone else. But they’re stuck in a horrible lie, brainwashed from birth to death. And now they have been stuck in time since the 7th century.”

      again no its an elementary facet of "reality" that they are persons of the 21st century, the 7th century was a long time ago.

      It is only in an environment that is utterly ignorant of Islamic history that anyone could assert the absurd notion that "Islam" is stuck in the 7th century what does that even mean, I mean the "Islam" of 120AH was vastly different to that of 670AH yeah, so where did, of course not to mention the long intervening period during which honestly shit has been happening, you cant even be bothered to read a book or two, the 7th century, god help us, who defines who is allowed to be what when!!! ? be here now, yes they qualify, 21st century people your bretheren, here now, as they are, these are modern people.

      you dont smell a musty aroma emanating from those idiotic stuck in the 7th century ideas, oh no sorry it was the product of your detailed analysis of the sources, had you said 17th century no argument from me, but then i am quite prejudiced and find history, which is free of essentialising non-sequiturs, too confusing, how do you feel about it?

      ah yes the 7th

      "Rumi's elder and contemporary Farid al-Din Attar (1142-1220), published here by an exciting new press out of Melbourne, is a good place to start. Attar, whose name means perfumer, is probably best known in the West for his Conference of the Birds, made famous by the Peter Brook production. Legend has it that Attar helped Rumi on his path to divine knowledge when the boy came into his shop and left with a copy of his Book of Mysteries. Here we have some of Attar's short lyrics in a bilingual edition, translated into English for the first time by two Australians, scholar and schoolteacher Kenneth Avery and young poet Ali Alizadeh.

      The marvel is that in a tradition of poetry that lends itself to the sentimental, there is not one mushy line. Attar's strong voice springs up earthy, irreverent, full of wild beauty:

      Since there is no one to be our companion in Love
      The prayer mat is for the pious: wine dregs and vice for us ...
      If the wine-bringers of the spirit sit with the devout
      their wine is for the aesthetics; lees and hangovers for us ...

      "Cure is for the purists," the poems goes on, celebrating an ecstatic overthrowing of mere piety. In its place the Sufi wanted direct encounter with the beloved, which required nothing less than an extinguishment of the self.

      Love of the Beloved burned me like a candle, head to foot.
      My soul-bird burned like a moth, wing and feather.

      The fire of her love smoked my heart like aloes;
      then her fire consumed both the smoke and the aloes.

      A coal from her face fell into the desert:
      both worlds burned like kindling from her ember.

      I was to offer my soul to the soul-mate.
      The Beloved outsmarted me; I got burnt.

      There's nothing left of my blood or flesh, but ash"

      god if only they'd update...we wouldnt need to steal their shit.

    • sorry my edit only partially took, so my illiteracy is revealed.

    • but what are "contributions" to "civilisation", where does one go to drop them off, should one have one.

      and what possible import could such a weird notion have to inter-personal relations.

      I mean tbk, would you at the same time hold the belief that one derives some "rights" from a putative contribution to "civilization" (to which one is how related?) while maintaining that there are those, obviously there must be, who do not come the Contributors (To Civilization), what of them.

      Does this mean that Richard Feynman owns my stuff?

      Isnt civilization an innate human characteristic isnt everyone always participating in human civilization, which is an expression of our incredible ability to co-operate, to empathize, to nurture, to create, think, all the good stuff, you dont earn anything for "contributing", other than a profound sense of gratitude towards all beings i dont really get what else "civilization" could engender.

      who receives these contributions and decides what they are worth in terms of the conquest and despoliation of others, is taking others rights and things a sign of civilization?

      Where is the list (sean this means you) of those who can claim some vicarious contribution, a very vague notion, jazz, phonetic alphabets, socks, double entry book keeping and roasting coffee beans, to that indefinable and imponderable idea our civilization, and what rights do we get, yes i come from stock who have made enormous contributions er i guess but what rights over others without such illustrious cultural progenitors, do i get, i need something concrete for all the sacrifices and effort i made to come from some "people", as result i reckon of some quite complex sex, which may have contained non-contributory stock, or is fucking a sufficient contribution, in your book.

      i mean its just a joke right a fictive moral environment where your own emotions and hopes and dreads, likes dislikes are being given an unwarranted influence on your notions of what constitutes "rights".

      Progressive is not a virtue from which you either derive rights or in the event of its absence curtail them, everyone irrespective of descent or any other quality must surely derive their rights in the identical manner to everyone else without reference to some mythic notion of "Civilizational Advance" in the name of which we can act like barbarians.

      dear sir cant you see how flesh creepingly inhuman this discourse is, the flock of seagulls once made a track, a defiant cry from the youth of the then aging estates and slum rehousing schemes, at the time many middle class youth invaded previously working class areas and in the pubs and clubs regail the local youth with tales of their voyage on dadies boat, farm their place at oxford etc the title of their piece was i believe "So What You C**t", it neatly encapsulated the only rational response to such a brutal and inhuman metric with which to consider others and to run ones interactions with them. Civilization includes everyone, is not a stick with which anyone can be beaten, and who can asses contributions, and their ramifications its a joke man, isnt it, what institution is in charge of this endeavour, i'd like to spend some of the credit for "Algebra" on seizing next doors goats (and pumpkin) is there a number i could call.

  • Photo of Gazan funeral procession is top winner of international contest
  • Why the United States must reject British foreign policy in Syria
    • "The Conservatives came into power (in coalition with LibDems), hoping to improve Britain’s relations with Syria, Iran, Hamas and Hezbollah."

      you do need to substantiate this to engender discussion
      "Regrettably, some very large mistakes by Iran has greatly harmed this policy, to say the least."

      ok after establishing that there was a policy, white paper, green, ministerial report discussion papers, hansard, anything about this policy of amity, we then come to the "some very large mistakes by Iran" you are not giving us enough, what mistakes and how do they account for the Cameron regime abandoning it's prospective warming of relations with the native opponents of its domination in the region?

      since its empire we are looking at there is some very good stuff on it at swans commentary, such as :


  • Comparisons to Nazi Germany are exaggerated
    • that was george bernard shaw that was...they say arabs are unfamiliar with western culture..pfft.

      light unto the nations. what an absurd notion and its Tibet in this secular New Age isnt it, before Michael Parenti got to it anyway( his book on Tibet is a good example of how not to approach a subject, but he has written some very good stuff too.

      one love from the Allites

  • US Congress seeks to thwart Palestinian reconciliation -- hearing WINEP testimony based on Israeli army blog
    • "Imagine, the peace process is in serious jeopardy if the organizations representing the people with whom you are supposedly negotiating agree. In the usual world, their agreement would be a prerequisite for any successful negotiation."

      "successful negotiation", yes agreement is a threat to the peace process which is intended to be eternal, an endless process, those calling for an agreement are a threat to the process process.

  • What Peter Beinart gets wrong about South African support for Palestinian liberation
    • "I think there is a grain of truth in mcohen’s comment about the proselytizing of Africans" really, what that SA oppostion to Zionist policies stems from the progressive Islamization of SA, any evidence, to support either arm of this hypothesis?

      "it’s over 25years now, but i recall being shocked by an Arab professor’s comments in a program i watched", ah some "Arab" shocked you, by making a remark so common place as to hardly merit comment. Are you sure you know what he was saying, If Africa is "Islams" backyard, where is Islam Headquartered these days?

      "his argument was that Africa was sort of ‘Islam’s’ backyard, and the natural place for the expansion of the religion." i havent detected an argument, suppose it would qualify as an observation, again your problem is?

      " and thus all interference was somehow legitimate. And we all know what sort of cr*p was going on there then!"

      you dont think your logic is a bit tortured, was Islam interfering in Africa, how so running contra's, deposing democratically elected governments and opposing just termas of trade to African states.

      Islam and Christianity are indigenous to Africa, i have lived in African muslim communities in mixed areas and back then conversion amongst Africans was common, people convert and convert again in a couple of years, it didnt seem to have the same significance that outsiders seem to attach to these things.

      I am really puzzled whats bothering about those remarks from your scary "Arab Professor", is Islam expanding, you seem to have to gone to some trouble to freak yourself out, but over what i am not sure.

      you seem to be implying that Islam is akin to US imperialism how so?
      Who is running this Islamic imperialism, Arab professors?

  • Unilever shuts down Ariel settlement factory, moves production west of the Green Line (Updated)
    • i'll check it out not been, mainly in the st. elizabeth hills with the rastas, the young ones are very militant, all of them very clear about zionism, and other assorted ne'er do wells like myself, being here is affecting me, all that anger and frustration dissipates, the generosity of spirit and kindness of the penniless rastas in the "Morass" has humanized me again, boy are we all in for a warm time, as the system is restructured to generate mass poverty and misery even in the core societies.

      I was importuned by a small blonde plump American woman, from Long Island, in Nigril, who nearly fell of her chair when i replied to her generous offer of a drink in her hotel room, i have a very upper class english accent, my mother schooled me ruthlessly, she thought i was Jamaican or perhaps she was just snapping at anything that moved, look at us beings how we slash and tear at each other, Guidance, love and peace as the rastas proclaim. i'll check port antonio. am going to get in touch with the University of the west indies, sorry i dont know many people as a result of fleeing across the globe, sorry to burden you with personal shit, but for me there is a thread that runs from Palestine through all the savage extractionist regimes and investors (like me) and sundry kleptocrats, all i can do in recompense for the inevitable social harm i cause is to invest in grass roots business's with the rastas dem.

      i log on and always check this site, very grateful for your coverage.

      lan ya murra.

    • yes ma'am, out here vybz cartel and the slackness "bleachers" (sadly they also use skin lightening products) crowd use the name Gaza (but dont see the irony), because it symbolizes, in this sphere unbreakable toughness, here the state provides almost nothing but corrupt police, not unlike many third world places, resistance here is subsumed within crime like very many places globally.

    • undoubtedly someone is going to get their fingers burnt in this settlement enterprise, i hope some Palestinian lodges a class action, which frankly i have no idea what that is, but feel that its probably the right move. just posting to say hello to annie really, from wet Jamaica. one love

  • Official who threatened Brooklyn College funding calls BDS speakers 'anti-Semitic fools'
  • A 21-year-old woman is killed, two brothers in their 70s beaten -- and never accountability
    • Palestinian Ghandi's better tool up. The catastrophe that awaits Zoinism, one has to say, is fully deserved. It was a great error on the part of Palestinians to suspend the resistance of the 2nd intifada, which drove Israel to sham negotiate, the next one will not end nor will the risible, international community restrain it with demands for peaceful resistance (acquiescence). the whole Arab world and Muslim North Africa are going to go lapse in to endless little wars, as the assault on Africa begins, war is the wests only policy, oh and a whole lot of empty talk about freedom and rights, Zionism defeat is the only solution.

  • 'Birthright' ecstasy in Jerusalem -- Ziojuana, no occupation, lotta Jewish babies
    • i like "Abdul Ramen" thats the Japanese wheaten Palestinian, all uniform and bound with a little bow?

      "we go back 3,4000 years" has there ever been a people with less connection to or understanding of history than zionists, we all go back over an infinite interval, yay for us.

  • Daniel Pipes wants to take down Iranian-American group so he can get a war
    • but this is something that Amercan's are going to have to get used too, in the same way that "Jews" and Jews will have to release their unhealthy rictus grip to the Holocaust, Americans are soon going to have to dispense with "terrorist" if you have any hope of understanding what is happening in the world, and extremist and all that pointless deluding argot with which "Liberals" and "leftists" try to articulate anything worth hearing, that disguises the fact that it is we under attack not you.
      I made it to Jamaica, damn, things tough, been here a week, my friends are nearly starving, poverty is also an embargo a blockade, a crime, its one struggle, their are no terrorists, or extremists Americans had better start thinking about these issues in a new way.

      I was going to say something about one of Donalds apparently humane posts, i was set to thinking by one MarionL'zionist, about these ideas of guilt, blame and effective action, but i am in a Junction internet cafe, so i will be brief, once you have started trying to puzzle out what is justified by your abuse or what is moral for the abused to do in response, you have already abandoned any kind of worthwhile humanity, my feeling is that you should be made to join a nya binghi drumming circle with the Dreadlocks dem, and smoke the chalice pipe till you hear the Voice of Prophesy, beats a boring conversation with a Rabbi, Sheikh or Priest, even the Christians realize the Holy is within, we have no authority to demand squat from our victims, who are legion, privilege aint free, its cost is incalculable, full actualized humanity is one of them, discernibly.
      Long Live The Axis of Resistance, who ever that happens to be at any one time.

      lovely jamaica, buts its chaos and you can get yourself shot if you stupid and my friends despite their obvious talents are dirt poor, a man like M could make millions in the US, here its impossible because of conditions imposed by the hegemon, its a crime, it corrupts everything.

  • Palestinian teenager shot dead by Israeli soldiers in Hebron
    • arent they always attacking armed squads of soldiers with axes, and such like, its an old and i feel utterly believable story, after all the Muhammad al-Dura story, where Palestinians murdered a little boy just to make Israel look bad, is also totally believable, occupation may be a bit wrongish, i myself am against it, in case you were wondering, but in every instance of brutal repression we find a nice little just so story that exculpates the occupation forces and the occupation and places the blame, in a what would you do kind of a way on the dead, if only Palestinians would behave they wouldnt have to do these things, which really upsets them and sometimes leaves them unable to forgive Palestinians for making them do it. These border guard guys are almost ready for the NYC and LA police departments, just need to get rid of the inappropriate guilt and learn to love their work.

      Look he had a (plastic) gun, what a relief, and that three year old shot in the chest while standing between his fathers legs in Gaza, in the doorway of a garage, by a passing patrol when no demonstrations or confrontation was going on? his first name was Fares, during in the first intifada? who cares there is probably a perfectly good explanation, "you must destroy them when they are little", i mean its not like Israeli's are without humour or anything.

      Perhaps Sibby can tire us with definitions or some one point out how wrong irritation is, or raised voices or.....nationalism or religion or coffee that doesnt take like dog piss.....

  • Palestinians in Israel have used the contradiction between Zionism and democracy to reconstruct their national project
    • Dear MK Zoabi, I was in the audience in Cork City when you spoke, you were as impressive then, in person, as you are here in print. Leaving aside all the other issues can I just say that that part of your talk when you related how Palestinian society was 'beheaded', leaving only you peasants to carry on the struggle was deeply moving, if you will allow me i would like to say not at all bad for a peasant, I doubt the effendiya could match it.

  • 'You have to demolish them while they're small' -- Israel's chief justice approves destruction of mosque
  • Citing growing division among Australian Jews over Israel, cartoonist refuses to apologize for likening Gaza to Nazis' victims
    • that was amazingly good eljay thanks for the link. the hasbara acts are beginning to bore everyone senseless, love the last panel, whats the hebrew for schtum, it might be a better policy.

    • "Great Satan" campaign? eh what do you mean, Adote? something to do with USA actions in Iran no doubt, yes some people dont mind being colonized? who? you? well then you should make yourself available for it, or you just saying, like, to move the discussion along.

      The Bomb iran-campaign and the "Zionist entity/great satan-campaign you think are equivalent? in what way, inflammatory?

      "And, yes, there are hateful Arabs and Muslims who would erase Israel from the map." what has been erased from the map, it wasnt Israel was it? "Why do the Israelis keep empowering them?" So its not that people colonized might have a point or anything its Israel empowering haters, is this supposed to be some kind of analysis, its not hateful to want to reverse criminal colonization, its human, and fundamentally right, which parts of your home town do you think could be colonized?

      "Why do they succumb to the racist notion that one Arab Muslim speaks for every Arab Muslim?" Are they stupid? Or just racist?" have you thought perhaps stupid and racist, and "succumb", despite all their efforts to resist it they succumbed, what a tragedy or tragicomedy in your version.
      Stupid must be catching.

      The attempt to construct a "balanced" approach where all are equally guilty is misconceived, and our victims are resisting our on going crimes against them, its not anger this is not the school yard, crimes, do you get that, shame on them how could they, or, so what, you both seem very confused could you clarify wtf you are talking about.

      to use an image often used here a woman being raped may not have wanted to have sex with her attacker, is in your parlance "hate" and wanting the offending penis out of her is inflammatory, do you both not see the implicit racism of your utterances here?

      People are struggling for rights you take for granted, do you think they are children of a lesser god, undeserving of their legal rights, even those conceived under a fundamentally unjust and discriminatory system are being denied them, and this malicious psychobabble is what you present as meaningful comment?

  • The right of return and the limits of the anti-Apartheid framework
    • "Look at states which technically ended apartheid regimes (South Africa, US, Zimbabwe, etc.) but where disenfranchisement and dispossession of those targeted by said regimes substantively continues."

      exactly and look at the treatment of Mugabe, after the British agreed to fund (Lancaster house agreement) a land redistribution program and then reneged, sanctions and demonization, when Zimbabawe attempted to address the legacy of dispossession, Mugabe deserves the mantle of secular saint far more than Mandela and yet in the west he is a stock Demon and African Kleptocrat, his democratically elected government is a dictatorship, say the worshipers of the house of Saud and the Jordanian Hashemites.

  • Roots of Resistance: From the Galilee to Gaza - Supporting the first Intifada from inside the Green Line
    • even a fictional Jewish woman's honour needs protecting, are you that obtuse isn't it obvious? or irrelevant or none of your business, though of course the orientalist novel would always have a white man and a native girl, for decencies sake, also that "men" is a bit disconcerting, man would have been Betar.

  • Rise of Hamas and failed peace process lead Israeli leaders and media to warn of 'third Intifada'
  • Another 'NYT' reporter goes to Gaza and offers condescending anthropological observations on social media
    • In Person Smadar Lavie is very engaging, she gave a great talk at UCC about the need to learn to talk to very right wing Mizrahim, there were only 8 or 9 of us at her talk, I am glad she found a wider audience, since anthropology has come up Betsy I wonder if you have seen this excellent group, following in the footsteps of Roi Kwabena.

      also some friends of the people i am currently staying with, they grew up together in Shepparton, Victoria.

    • "fallah" that would be fellah, fellahin or fellaheen, etc nothing derogatory about it, ahl al 'ard and all that.

      "comments about “whining” and “moaning” Israelis ( read Jews)." (read Jews) are Jews just human shields to whining Zionists? how sad. But sadly because Zionist arguments are based on so much falsehood what else do you have but histrionics about perceived slights, ever heard "I've never met a nice South African (and that's not bloody surprising man)" by the spitting image crew, during Apartheid, at least the Boers didnt whine and moan like you, false appeals to equality and respect from colonizers are unconvincing, and you lot get off pretty easily considering the reality of your activities.

  • Joseph and Mary can't make it to Bethlehem, on Banksy's Christmas card
    • ok fair enough, but i think her stated position is deeply dishonest, actually its palpable, and is constructed by ignoring the realities of I/P and of the ongoing destruction of most societies in the middle east, of which, the Zionist movement is but one part, you clearly love to talk and frankly given this intervention, i would have to say i think you are one of the best promoters of Zionist propaganda and intersts i have as yet encountered, respect for that and i mean it, its not an easy gig and you are very very good, many could learn from your example. It does matter, you know, whether she is for real, actually thats all that matters, have fun with the endless story approach. i will not engage again Sib, whats the point. life is too short, its like Oslo, the appearance of progress one qualification after another ad infinitum, good faith is all that matters, with out it nothing is possible. you do, also, have a po-faced charm that is quite impressive, well done. but i am old and very experienced and can see through you to your malicious heart as if you were made of perspex, love the polls, how utterly irrelevant. discuss till the end of time.

    • the movement for whom she is speaking, the Zionist movement has an unbroken century of crimes and duplicity, why deny it? but not genocide eh, when you take it upon yourself to deceitfully discuss these crimes in terms of what do you think should constrain our victims and support inhuman murderous policies in the guise of a reasonable attempt to find a solution through apathy generating confusion, and dishonesty i think it is helpful to point it out, you think you can imply i am an anti-semite or something go ahead i couldnt care less, fool, collective guilt indeed, i can see why you have trouble grasping very simple conceits like the legal definition of genocide, possibly you need to read her contributions, perhaps you are impressed by dissimulation, she entered this thread with emotional appeals about 2000 years of christian oppression, so perhaps she is that old and older, do you think it likely that she has personally suffered oppression by Christians? she never said so but on behalf of 2000 years Christian oppression of Jews, not Zionists, they are different things you know, she shudders to see an Xmas card. ooh collective guilt?, weak stuff Sib,

    • there is an Islamic principle that you must accept responsibility when you become the object upon which others generate destructive actions, we dont need innocence, we are not innocent we are responsible not to comport ourselves in such a manner that others abuse us to all our of detriment, resistance is neither anger nor hatred and its ultimate fulfillment is for the benefit of all, being mealy mouthed doesnt help, because i have no skins in any game i can at least be honest and i am as person such a spectacular failure that i am free of any pretension, i am in fact the scum of this earth and i learn from all Menachim Begin said "we must be honest with ourselves" and i couldnt agree more, no one requires any special virtues to be the object loving kindness and compassion, some times love is brutal, its not all flowers, i kind of love everyone wish i could help, but i am tired and stupid so do what i can, while struggling on with my debacle of a life. The people of the middle east are great, if these zionist fools cooled it with the crimes they could emerge from their claustrophobic identity and have great happy lives, i am so sad i have not the skill to help, so one does what one can.

    • Perhaps you should tell us what Zionists, in your opinion, have the right to do to Palestinians to achieve their aims? This passive interrogatory approach is deeply dishonest of you, an attempt at manipulation and evasion, you dont see what is profoundly funny in your usage "Do you think Palestinians have the RIGHT to use any methods of resistance against Israel" you cant help yourself its the threat of "right(s)". Perhaps you should tell us what "right(s)" Palestinians have?

      When people are marked for destruction, expulsion, dispossesion discussion of rights is a non-sequitur, not being able to construct an argument based on a rational approach to the crimes of Zionism, you opt for the contingencies of a war conspiratorially begun maintained and prosecuted by Zionists of all stripes, its stupid and not worth engaging with, fascistic racism posing as humanitarianism, privilege posing as under-privilege, your vain attempt to indict the victims of settler colonialism is the mark of liberal Zionism, it is disgusting, give me Begin and Benzion Netanyahu any day over this shit. You should be ashamed of yourself. Yes we know Palestinians have no right to engage in alliances with the murder states of Latin America, Apartheid South Africa, the brutalities of American colonialism and all the other blood soaked tyrannies globally, oh that was, you, the innocent Zionists,

      It should be clear no one is under any obligation to plead before your phony rigged tribunal, i hope my every breath offends you, i hope people like me infect your dreams with madness, you came here under the cover of murderous british colonialism, you have killed and killed viciously for a hundred years and now presume to sit in judgement of your victims, how revolting.

  • Jonathan Cook on liberal Zionism
    • Ah yes Naem who was a prisoner in Abu Ghraib before it was famous, he wasnt very well treated there but this is what he has to say

      Naem Speaks

    • oh no lets be clear the whole non-violence crap is senseless,
      yes we the deployers of the drones and snipers etc insist on non-violence, anthony who is completely uneducated, his mother sold vegetables out of a bag, wonders what the fuck would you do, you can take non-violence and shove it

  • Help keep Mondoweiss strong -- Please give to our end of year fundraising drive today
    • well here's a book you might consider sending your contributors also available as an ebook,


      NATO's War on Libya and Africa

      By Maximilian C. Forte

      NATO’s war in Libya was proclaimed as a humanitarian intervention—bombing in the name of “saving lives.” Attempts at diplomacy were stifled. Peace talks were subverted. Libya was barred from representing itself at the UN, where shadowy NGOs and “human rights” groups held full sway in propagating exaggerations, outright falsehoods, and racial fear mongering that served to sanction atrocities and ethnic cleansing in the name of democracy. The rush to war was far speedier than Bush’s invasion of Iraq.

      Max Forte has scrutinized the documentary history from before, during, and after the war. He argues that the war on Libya was not about human rights, nor entirely about oil, but about a larger process of militarizing U.S. relations with Africa. The development of the Pentagon’s Africa Command, or AFRICOM, was in fierce competition with Pan-Africanist initiatives such as those spearheaded by Muammar Gaddafi.

      Far from the success NATO boasts about or the “high watermark” proclaimed by proponents of the “Responsibility to Protect,” this war has left the once prosperous, independent and defiant Libya in ruin, dependency and prolonged civil strife.

  • Charting the 'peace process'
    • " I know that yonah will be highly offended by any hint that the behaviour of Jews could possibly contribute to anti-Semitism, but his feelings are not the touchstone of reality.

      I agree. That’s a very sensitive topic, of course, as shown by the reaction to Shahak’s writings, for example."

      It is of course well known that white racists never deride those undeserving of derision, what could Jews or anyone else do to generate racism? As far as i can see thats not how the world works nor is it what racism, which is a well developed ideology, is. Those who harboured prejudice against Jews were engaged in awesome global slaughters and policies of impoverishment directed at the generality of peoples, white and all other flavours of humanity, no one excepted, not even the masses of white people, Jews are nothing special in that regard, just look at Israel and her hoards of hungry Jewish children and distressed men and women, nationalist ideologies are garbage.

  • A binational state is actually a compromise -- ask Derrida
    • "how many died during the process, " i knew one who at 14 walked from a German settlement in the east along with millions of others in a forced march, cant remember where from, he escaped and made his way to the toe of Italy and stowed away on a boat to Libya. He got to Tripoli with the intention of becoming a Bedouin, so he wandered around Tripoli till he saw a tall man in a white cape walking very fast with two camels. He followed him, the guy walked out of town and eventually stopped to find out why a 14 year old white boy was following him, they had no common language but the Bedou took him home and, he had taken the name Bashir when i met him in Coblenz, he fulfilled his ambition was taken in by the Bedouins eventually getting married and had kids, the tribe he was associated with were loyal to King Idriss when the king was overthrown by Khadaffi he got into difficulties and was finally expelled in the late seventies.

      His whole family had perished on the long march, he told me that something on the order of 4 million German settlers perished, he was granted German citizenship on his return and was a mainstay of the Muslim community in his town.

      In fact while there was "de-nazification" of a sort the Allies made sure that the same technocrats and industrialists who had been key to the Nazi regime remained in place, that was one of the central complaints of the Red Army Faction who nearly brought the state down in the '70's, just look at South Africa or Kenya, or anywhere else where vicious colonialism has been practiced, there is no easy cure, maybe Jews had better shape up and deal with the Zionists, what you afraid of few sun tanned Krav Maga adepts, the ME has always been multi-ethnic multi-faith, the nation state doesn't suit it, the colonialists will be rejected and expelled or integrated in the fullness of time, the whole region is and has been fighting for liberation from foreign domination for 2 centuries in this latest iteration, when Abdel Krim revolted socialists and some others supported the rebels in the Riff, nowadays the generality of people in the core countries are going to have join the resistance or succumb to peonage, "De-Nazifiction" is going to have start in Washington, Bonn, London, Paris and all the other centres of the virus, instead of patronizing those engaged in anti-colonialist struggles you had better learn from them. Zionists are only the most overt of white supremacists the whole ideology needs tearing down, as Winona was pointing out.

      Palestine and all the Arabs will liberate themselves, look at the little Tamimi girls of Nabi Saleh they are the model, there are no safe places anywhere, the globe is being colonized, because white people have believed a load of shit about the rest of us and have been made cowardly by thinking that they are going to have easy privileged lives, y'all going to have struggle along with the other all the other billions, who like Hammas and Hizbullah and the Naxalites and the Farc etc are your comrades. or maybe the oppressors laws and good heartedness will deliver us all, or you at least, but i wouldnt count on it.

      Like the Jewish story of the Rabbi and the Rumour Monger, somethings once done cant just be undone.

  • Avnery-- leftist, and 89-- warns of the 'natural increase' of Arabs threatening Jewish majority
    • odd that the halotype mappers seem to agree with him, see below, could you be more specific, as i am uninformed i dont get where Lewontin bloops, if you quote his offending passages and explain his errors i would be grateful, the gist of the article Marcb links to can hardly be argued with can it, what do these notions of the meaning of ancestry amount to, he is quite right in that is he not.

      "Over the past century, genetics has experienced a tension between the view that racial and ethnic categories are biologically meaningful and the view that these social classifications have little or no biological significance. That tension continues to inform genomics and is evident in the assembly of biological collections and sequence databases that seek to approximate the genetic variation found in human populations. Although social identities can be useful and convenient proxies of some biological features, for example, in ensuring that genomic resources capture a range of genetic variants found in most human......"


      Scientists warn of conceptual traps concerning "race" in new genetic map of human populations

      by Lee Herring, Public Affairs Office, and Mercedes Rubio, Minority Affairs Program

      Across the globe, the human genetic blueprint is 99.99 percent similar across individuals. But hopeful that the remaining variations may be predictive of an individual’s risk for particular disease and responsiveness to specific treatments, biotech researchers are inspecting these variations closely. The small remaining percentage of genetic variations notwithstanding, gene-based explanations for differences in complex social outcomes have been endemic to scientific and casual discourse since the 17th century.

      Unfortunately, often-oversimplified discourse could become more prevalent following recent findings of a biotech research team from the California-based Perlegen Sciences, Inc. The potential for over-simplification prompted the scientists to publicly reiterate ASA President Troy Duster’s warnings at a Washington, DC, AAAS Annual Meeting press conference on February 17. Duster urged scientists and the public alike to be alert to conceptual illusions in the data and their potential to appear to endorse a gene basis for the social construct of race.

  • Stevie Wonder, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Marco Rubio -- all pony up for Israel
    • well, al-Khubz al-Hafi,

      “I cannot write about the milk of birds, the gentle strangehold of the angelic beauty, grasps of dew, the cascade of lions, the heavy breast of females. I cannot write with a crystal’s paintbrush. For me, writing is a protest, not a parade.”

      Banipals writers from Palestine

      in Cairo there is no bread, only rumours of a white Cargill flour simulcram, last time i ate at Abu Shaqra, or Abu Sha'ra as my cousins called it despite the spelling, and the tahini was nothing like the ambrosial stuff i remembered from the '70's a mere greasy smear on the plate, in Cairo they have murdered "bread" and much else, the city stars mall is a gulf funded nightmare. So i would have to say Thawra is word the for today, for bread. life and dignity. obviously have no idea what you mean. Perhaps it should be Tharwa.

    • and bread in colloquial Egyptian, bread and life one word

  • The war in the West Bank
    • I see one of your trolls at the top of this thread is quoting what is reputedly an Arab proverb, heres a Hebrew one "A little fire burns up a great deal of corn". i dont know why but it made me think of that great Israeli scholar poet Gabriel Levin, born in France and emigrated to Israel in the '70's, i guess, think he lives in Jerusalem for those who have an interest here is an article he wrote about the mu'allaqatt or hanging odes, it also contains some correctives to the Islamized history of the Arabs, which is altogether too simplistic and profoundly distorting, the song of songs is a structurally perfect example of Arabic poetry having all the formal elements of the genre, as noted by Morris S Searle, Jews like these guys and the late Levtzion, are the best scholars of Arabic, Islam and Arab/Arabian culture that the west has. The Hanging Odes are some of the seminal texts for "Arabicness", a very fine analysis here.

  • Washington Post defends picture of dead Gaza child after complaints from 'Jews in large numbers'
    • oh please "Up to now the palestinians chose the second option" Palestinians have resisted from day one, check out Rosemary Sayighs' "From Peasants to Revolutionaries"

  • 'New York Times' Congo coverage goes from 'F' to 'D-minus'
    • Herman's "The Politics of Genocide"

      also Andre Vltchek

      "In the Heart of the DR Congo
      The Most Brutal Genocide Money Can Buy

      The camp for Congolese refugees in Kisoro is overcrowded, and people keep flowing in. The border between Uganda and DR Congo is just a few kilometers away, and right behind the border the vicious fighting goes on; there is true bloodshed and carnage.

      The border is called Bunagana. I drive there, I film, and I talk to a few people. There is tension, everybody is edgy – locals and refugees. One cannot tell who is who. Both Ugandans and Congolese know, but, the outsider cannot tell the difference; it is one region, one area. People were coming back and forth for years and decades, people were mixing, staying at both sides of the border legally and illegally.

      But now, there is almost nothing left to go back to at the other side of the border. Murderous militia M23 recently went on the rampage – killing, raping and looting with no mercy, and with absolute impunity."

  • Who is Goliath?
    • "I know, Jews are scarred by the Holocaust and by persecution in Europe. They tried to wipe us out"

      are you insane "they" lost fifty million people and the whole continent was in ruins fighting those who "tried to wipe us out". Do you know any European history, it was all war and extermination for quite some time, the Germans nearly wiped themselves out didnt they, 30 years war and the hundred years war before that was an endless series of conflicts that in a way gave rise to national ideologies in France and Britain? Thirty years before they tried to wipe you out they were proposing to give you some one else's country, gratis, supported by their arms and blood. Everyone's blood has been spilled over this same time copious slaughters were committed through out the world by the rising European powers, no one else trades on this history to excuse current heinous crimes save "Jews" clinging to their manufactured trauma, it explains nothing, the crimes of Zionism are crimes of domination not born of fear but of arrogance, hubris and the classic European racism, which you have the audacity to claim to be victims of, and as a source of Israeli insecurity, the insecure and fearful are meek and cautious, Israeli's are murderous and vengeful and arrogant.

      "scary shadows on the wall" no its scary shadows on the conscience, war is a game to Israeli's, vastly more Israelis die in traffic accidents than die in Palestinians actions. This whole trauma thesis is born of a sense of exceptional worth, which in common parlance is called racism, right now people are being slaughtered in their millions by an empire from which Jews are doing very nicely, you dont hear them whining about their right to inflict unbelievable pain and spread death and destruction on the utterly innocent, even those who resist, people they have so recently robbed.

      does Rudoren speak for all of you, tears for those back in Israel while calmly opining about slaughter all around her, you the Jews have never had a monopoly of suffering, rather you have been living in the same world as the rest of us have, its your view that there is some special quality to Jewishness, thats the problem, Italy killed up to 80% of Libyans last century, but you were supporting the destruction of that state with all its concomitant suffering and bleat about the pin pricks of terrorism, iraq with 1.5 million killed in 4 years plus 1.5 million excess deaths from sanctions, 500 thousand of them children, in the previous decade, why this constant thrashing of a manufactured sense of threat, even that "Holocaust" was accompanied and followed by vast blood letting in the empires, none of which is ever used to excuse the sort of crimes which Jews are proud to support and Israelis are happy to engage in, till their presence of mind returns which i think will be too late, our blood is not cheap, whatever you might now think nor our rights easily traded for hollow promises, the people of the ME have a history which you seem to know nothing about, and unlike yours it is not some ersatz jumble of self justifying myths, but is rooted in real places, where we have always been and we never forget, since you decided to colonize us you'd better not get weary, because we will always be resisting as we always have, and we will decide when justice has been served, international law can kiss our collective scarred arse, we know whats ours and what we have a right to.

      Jerusalem is ours.

  • 'New York Times' fails dismally again, this time in Congo
    • While that is true Betsy, lets not idealize anthropologists, the famous case of Christian Snouk Hugronje is instructive, he went to Mecca going so far as to convert to Islam, and his suggestions for how to deal with the people who welcomed and spoke to him were extremely brutal, wiki covers it in a perfunctory way, he was fluent in many languages Arabic and the Malayo-Polynesian of Acheh, anthropology always the "Handmaiden of Imperialism".
      Christiaan Snouck Hurgronje

      Dutch scholar Snouck Hurgronje.
      Born February 8, 1857
      Oosterhout, Netherlands
      Died June 26, 1936
      Leiden, Netherlands
      Occupation Professor, author, spy, colonial advisor.
      Nationality Dutch

      Christiaan Snouck Hurgronje (8 February 1857 – 26 June 1936) was a Dutch scholar of Oriental cultures and languages and Advisor on Native Affairs to the colonial government of the Netherlands East Indies (now Indonesia).

      Born in Oosterhout in 1857, he became a theology student at Leiden University in 1874. He received his doctorate at Leiden in 1880 with his dissertation ‘Het Mekkaansche Feest’ ("The Festivities of Mecca"). He became a professor at the Leiden School for Colonial Civil Servants in 1881.

      Snouck, who was fluent in Arabic, through mediation with the Ottoman governor in Jeddah, was examined by a delegation of scholars from Mecca in 1884 and upon successfully completing the examination was allowed to commence a pilgrimage to the Holy Muslim city of Mecca in 1885. He was one of the first Western scholars of Oriental cultures to do so.

      A pioneering traveler, he was a rare Western presence in Mecca, but embraced the culture and religion of his hosts with passion, converting to Islam.

      In 1889 he became professor of Malay at Leiden University and official advisor to the Dutch government on colonial affairs. He wrote more than 1,400 papers on the situation in Atjeh and the position of Islam in the Dutch East Indies, as well as on the colonial civil service and nationalism.

      As the adviser of J. B. van Heutsz, he took an active role in the final part (1898–1905) of the Aceh War (1873–1913). He used his knowledge of Islamic culture to devise strategies which significantly helped crush the resistance of the Aceh inhabitants and impose Dutch colonial rule on them, ending a 40 year war with varying casualty estimates of between 50,000 and 100,000 inhabitants dead and about a million wounded.

      His success in the Aceh War earned him influence in shaping colonial administration policy throughout the rest of the Dutch East Indies, however deeming his advise insufficiently implemented he returned to the Netherlands in 1906. Back in the Netherlands Snouck continued a successful academic career.

  • Brzezinski challenges Obama to put world peace ahead of 'specific constituencies'
    • photo
      Osama Bin Laden and Zbigniew Brzezinski

      President Jimmy Carter's National Security Advisor, Zbigniew Brzezinski visiting 'his boy', Osama Bin Laden, in training with the Pakistan Army, 1981.Photo originally scanned from the New York Village Voice. Photo credited to the Sygma/Corbis Agency, Paris.

  • NYT's Rudoren: Gaza funeral 'didn't feel incredibly human to me'
    • The Messenger of Allah (Sallallaahu 'alaihi wasallam) said: "Whom do you reckon to be a martyr amongst you?''

      The Companions replied: "The one who is killed in Allah's way.''

      He (Sallallaahu 'alaihi wasallam) said, "In that case, the martyrs among my people would be few.''

      The Companions asked: "O Messenger of Allah! Then who are the martyrs?''

      He (Sallallaahu 'alaihi wasallam) replied, "Those who are killed in the way of Allah are martyrs; those who die naturally in the Cause of Allah are martyrs; those who die of plague are martyrs; and those who die of a gastric disease are martyrs; and those who are drowned are martyrs.''


    • "And so it was just surprising to me to see that, so graphic, and maybe they were holding up the children so the world would see children have been slaughtered in the conflict, but it didn't feel incredibly human to me."
      this surely must rank as one of the worst pieces blather i have heard in a long time, the one thing that is not ambiguous in these idiotic and rebarbative musings is her malice. I wonder what she means by "incredibly human" in that context, she doesnt seem to have the courage of the convictions she is unable to conceal. ho-hum another great white hope bites the dust.

      lan ya murra

  • Gazans are 'ho-hum' about the deaths of relatives -- NYT's Rudoren
    • how can one forget Lieutant Wynkoop (sp?) in Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee, being astonished when an Indian (sic) chief shed a tear at the burial of his daughter, good to see that some Americans are keeping the old ways alive, as Chomsky has remarked that the lower orders feel no pain is a constant of racist discourse. I like the "elite" as pejorative, as if she is writing for horny handed sons of the soil, the common people who are so assured of their greater humanity, so what fraction of an actual human being are Ahmad and Leila, funny how an old vicarious trauma can explain so much and a live real happening before our eyes trauma is not even incidental. I can remember an NGO person working in an African warzone explaining to me that his charges had weird behavior which he ascribed to culture rather than trauma and also explained to me that his NGO did not offer psychological services as Africans didnt need them, very hip guy, tattoes and piercings, expensive hair cut, like a cyborg i thought.

      Nobody lives forever, Memento Mori, as the christian mystics used to say, as aid to compassion and courage. Have you seen the interview between Rantisi and a young blond American girl who asks him about fear of death and the threat that hung over him, she wont accept his very clear and simple answer. Perhaps they are all fatalistic, I am sure someone is going to say that all Muslims believe in predetermination.

  • Israel has already lost this war
    • Israels edge is slipping disastrously they have now entered a period of confusion reminiscent of the last Lebanon attack.

      PART 2: Winning the ground war
      By Alastair Crooke and Mark Perry

      (For Part 1 in this three-part series, Winning the intelligence war, click here.)

      Israel's decision to launch a ground war to accomplish what its air force had failed to do was made hesitantly and haphazardly. While Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) units had been making forays into southern Lebanon during the second week of the conflict, the Israeli military leadership remained undecided over when and

      where - even whether - to deploy their ground units.

      In part, the army's indecisiveness over when, where and whether
      to deploy its major ground units was a function of the air force's claims to victory. The Israeli Air Force (IAF) kept claiming that it would succeed from the air - in just one more day,

    • "“We need to flatten entire neighborhoods in Gaza. Flatten all of Gaza. The Americans didn’t stop with Hiroshima – the Japanese weren’t surrendering fast enough, so they hit Nagasaki, too.”

      where is G.H.Stanton when you need him well the good prof is concerned about white genocide in SA, here is an abstract from what i think is an American racists site.

      "Why are Afrikaner farmers being murdered in South Africa?

      by Leon Parkin & Gregory H. Stanton, President – Genocide Watch

      14 August 2012

      The following report is the result of an intensive personal inquiry in South Africa conducted July 23 -27, 2012.

      Deliberate inaction of the South African Government has weakened rural security structures, facilitating Afrikaner farm murders, in order to terrorize white farmers into vacating their farms, advancing the ANC/S. A. Communist Party’s New Democratic Revolution (NDR.)

      The South African Government for the last 18 years has adopted a policy of deliberate government abolition and disarmament of rural Commandos run by farmers themselves for their own self-defense. The policy has resulted in a four-fold increase in the murder rate of Afrikaner commercial farmers. This policy is aimed at forced displacement through terror. It advances the goals of the South African Communist Party’s New Democratic Revolution (NPR), which aims at nationalization of all private farmland, mines, and industry in South Africa. Disarmament, coupled with Government removal of security structures to protect the White victim group, follows public dehumanization of the victims, and facilitates their forced displacement and gradual genocide."

  • On the Jewish Israeli street, there's no solution to Palestinian issue but more violence
    • Thanks Hostage i see the often very good Eric Walberg agrees with you, even my senior cousin Dr. Abdulsattar "Subhi", seems to think the MB can resist the enormous pressure of the old oligarchy and the secularists and leftists who seem to be forming some kind of opposition, apparently its a long game says Subhi, and Morsi has won the first few rounds, well i am amazed, apparently the politics of the army are a bit more complex as well, the rank and file now have avenues to pressure the top brass, and are a bit restive, well we will see how far it goes.

    • that was a really good try but the "limited immigration before 1939 in order to curry favor with the indigenous" gives it away, should have saved your breath.

    • ok i defer to your superior military knowledge but well forgive for finding the idea of formidable Egyptian army hard to swallow. As to the purse strings this is Egypt Hostage, the army is major economic player too, they own about 35-40% of the Egyptian economy and control all the security apparati, and Morsi is an American client but well we will see, I am smoking my citizenship and acquaintance with the place, but you are right i am perhaps too cynical and expect very little of the Arab regimes.

      "Egypt already has deployed its tanks in the Sinai." and conducted commemorative exercises of the 73 Yom Kippur war along the Libyan border about as far away as possible from the actual theater of that triumph. They have tanks do think the airforce could protect them or would they end up just being sitting ducks for the IAF.

    • no please leave us "Arab" it wasnt imposed just doesnt mean what many in the west assume it means, it doesnt mean foaming at the mouth scimitar wielding pillaging nomad, Arabs call themselves all sorts of things, and come in a bewildering array of flavours, shapes and sizes and degrees, only the Arabians of the desert have no hyphens, well except Arabian, there are the Showa Arabs of Nigeria, black Africans who mostly dont speak a word of Arabic, they are nomads i met some on a drive in northern Nigeria camped quite luxuriously by the roadside, we spoke in English, i led the midday prayer got confused and prayed too many Raka'at, they giggled spared my blushes, it was 140 in the shade, and put it down to appending supererogatory prayers right onto the end though we all knew it didnt add up, and my recitations were poor, but they were so kind and didnt denounce my obvious impiety, its the Arab way, and the women were stunning elegant and coolly detached, they fed me, sold me some small trinkets and sent me on my way to Maiduguri, which was all peaceful back then.

    • and if not the rockets when has Israel lacked things to sell as propaganda, or the Palestinians what? rely on the good offices of westerners, its bit late for that, when they killed Arafat Israel was opting for a total and endless war, the rockets are an almost perfect weapon they rarely kill or do any significant damage but they hamstring the Israeli government, with its baying mob of a population, Israeli politicians are now constrained by the terror that they can not halt rocket fire, which can only be done by agreement. Hizbullah demonstrated that and Palestinians were firing rockets under full occupation from the west bank and gaza in the 80' and 90's, its suicide for any politician to fail at this game and Hamas has many cards to play, the costs for Israels political/military establishment are becoming very high, either an all out massacre, which may not work and will be very costly in diplomatic terms or military failure which will be a career ending humiliation, Egypt must be rubbing its hands in glee, another ceasefire another payoff, Zionism is going to eat itself. The suffering of Palestinian people and lets be honest the almost negligible self inflicted pain of the Israeli Jewish populations is inescapable so long as Zionism rejects a peace agreement, you cant blame the Palestinian resistance, war has many facets most of which are not military, guerrilla's often win not single battle but triumph in the end non the less.

    • you are talking to yourself a bit here stephen have you read

      the rockets are not the issue, tell me other than lament Palestinians 100 years of experience in facing the old and new super powers (GB and US) and their utterly ruthless local clients what can you do, all of this if only and why oh why is the most arrant BS. In case you hadnt noticed the Palestinians are slowly but surely winning, things aint like the used to be 76 years ago and 64 years and 40 years ago and again 30 years ago they were crushed, slowly but inexorably the Palestinians have reconstituted their shattered society and revolution and proceeded to resist but then how long have you following this war, the rockets are part of that, they deny the political establishment in Israel impunity, it matters, liberation is the task of generations, if you care so much man what can you do, you are not one of Palestine's strategists and given what they have and are facing its hard to see who could have achieved what they have, including the somewhat eccentric ikhwan of Hamas.

    • oh sorry about bold html beyond me

    • "That overlooks the fact that the Muslim Brotherhood on the other side of the Egyptian border has obtained control of a military establishment"

      when did the Muslim Brotherhood defeat the Egyptian army? and how, do you think they'll order them into Gaza, please, the Egyptian army is in control of the MB, just becausse Morsi appointed Sisi doesnt mean he controls the army which is pretty much defenceless anyway, you think thirty years of kissing America arse has made them strong who wants a powerful Egyptian army America? what for ? the Egyptian army is shadow of its former useless self.

      from reuteurs today:

      Three killed as Egyptian soldiers, residents clash over land:

      CAIRO | Sun Nov 18, 2012 10:09am EST

      (Reuters) - Three people were killed and 12 injured in a firefight between soldiers and armed residents over a disputed island in the Nile west of Egypt's capital Cairo, a security source said.

      An army statement said the authorities were clearing the island, which the army says it owns and is a centerpoint for its operations to keep Cairo secure, after armed-residents raided it on Friday night forcing guards out.

      Residents exchanged fire with security forces from buildings overlooking the island, at Giza, injuring four soldiers.

      Many cases of illegal building on or usage of land owned by the government took place in the security vacuum following the popular uprising that toppled Hosni Mubarak last year. A new Islamist-led government is trying to restore order.

      Such campaigns to remove residents claiming land rights are often carried out by police, and have been met with resistance. However, incidents of firing at soldiers are very rare.

      Twenty five locals were arrested by the army. Their families have blocked a main road adjacent to the Nile demanding their release.


      (Reuters) - Egypt's most senior military commander has promised better training and more modern weaponry for the army in an apparent effort to satisfy officers' demands for change, which have multiplied after an uprising last year.

      Commander-in-Chief General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, who is also the defense minister, was appointed by the country's first Islamist president Mohamed Mursi only last month and is under pressure to shake up a military which until recently had held the balance of power in Egypt for decades.

      Addressing troops last week during the first military drill in a series to mark the 39th anniversary of the 1973 war with Israel, Sisi reassured troops that change was on its way despite the fact that the drill was being conducted using old arms like the Soviet BM-21, a rocket launcher in use for 40 years.

      "We will devise a comprehensive programme that develops real training for the forces in all military branches to maximize the performance of individual officers and soldiers during my time here," he said, according to a live recording of his speech obtained by Reuters.

      Addressing troops participating in the drill, which took place along Egypt's western border with Libya, Sisi, 57, acknowledged that Egypt's military capabilities trailed those of other armies.

      The army would replace some of its arsenal within 3-6 months and was working to extend the range of a missile system known as "Saqr" to45 kilometers, he said.

      "Regarding the status of our military equipment, we may feel that some of it is modest but we must work with what arsenal we have. We will not be able to change all of our hardware completely. What we can do is achieve the highest standards of shooting and efficiency. This will compensate for the modest equipment we are gradually trying to replace," he said.

    • "Gaza rockets have been and are a “God given” present to Israeli regime. Israel has had much more propagandist benefits of those primitive weapons than Hamas has had. Without those rockets Israel would have been demanded to end the siege of Gaza long ago and Israel’s possibilities in the settlement expansions would have much more limited."

      Because before the rockets no one was expropriated or expelled.
      For 20 years the Palestinians in the occupied territories offered very little resistance it availed them nothing, now that the extra-national refugees have ceased mounting operations against Israeli targets they have been fogotten.
      As much comfort as some seem to draw from always regarding Palestinian resistance as self defeating or counter productive history tells another story.

    • i dont disagree with anything you have written and know quite alot of cod oirishness from visiting ameericans and the Irish culture that was so vibrant in the 80's has been washed away by the paper tiger of money.

      As you can see one can hardly imagine the crisis and stress than Plaestinian society has endured for a century now once agian devolving in to brutal slaughter, they abide by an extraordinary will and amazing steadfast courage, sadly they can expect little from the "Arabs" so much for identity.

    • Leila Ahmed is an upper class Egyptian academic whose idyllic childhood was interrupted by the Nasserite revolution, my father was a village boy from the eastern provinces, Ahmed and the upper classes had always been very cosmopolitan, privileged with an extensive sense of entitlement. The common people, the people of the land were also various, but part of Britains project in Egypt was precisely to break the kind pan-Arab sense of identity, and to assert a separate notion of Egyptianess, all middle-eastern countries are mixed, its a consequence of their ancientness, and culture is divided along class lines, as everywhere, remember the Kurdish problem occurred precisely at the point that Turkey became an ethnic nation state, rather than the heart of a multi-ethnic empire, Kurds and Turks had been living together forever, as far as one can tell, why Palestine was finally liberated and the Mongol hordes stopped by a Kurdish ruling family in the Levant, back in the day.

      The use of Arab either as a rallying call or an object of suspicion is a function of the competition for influence in the region. My old man ended up fleeing from Nasserite Egypt having been quite involved in the nationalist revolt, his village was burned to the ground 3 times during the occupation and he in fact bought a load of faulty rifles from some cute British soldiers in his youth, remarking that on the two previous times his village was destroyed they had no arms and on the final occasion they arms which didnt work, what Ahmed describes in her book is no doubt the clumsy efforts to instrumentalize Arabness as a tool of nation building and frankly the revenge of the lower classes in Egypt after years of haughty condescension from upper classes, I knew many Egyptians who complained of the sudden surliness of the fellahin after liberation and the relaxing of class divisions which came back with a vengeance under Sadat, but rather than the old Upper Class, the higher reaches of Egyptian society were assaulted by the nouveau riche of the mercantile classes, no doubt very upsetting, Egypt under Farouk and the British was no picnic for common people and there is to this day intense class conflict in Egypt.

      Like American or British values state sponsored Arab identity is both distinct from and vastly inferior to the actual common culture of the peasants, like most of my cousins, whose kids have technical degrees now, and that of the learned and literary elite who have of course by now been deeply influenced by European culture for well over a century but still retain all manner of elements of an ancient settled cultural milieu.
      the advent of the modern nations has profoundly affected the Arabs, my fathers family stretched from the eastern provinces up in to Palestine some of them became Egyptians and some had the misfortune to become Palestinians, Towils from Nablus.

      The use of the idea of Phoenicians and ancient Egyptians etc as factors of the modern identities in the region is really problematic and the assertion of Arab identity as something foreign is a meme beloved of western imperialism, Arab is not a racial or ethnic identity but solely linguistic and cultural, and that culture is deeply imbued with Islam, even for Arab Christians and Jews, its worth saying Arab does not mean Arabian, Arabs in conversation can use the term and it is quite clear from context what they mean, as when Ibni Khaldun famously said "God damn the Arabs everywhere they go they bring ruination", a statement much loved by Zionists, Arabs of course know precisely who he talking about and why.

      in the Levant Armenians are Arabs, Druze, Marionites even the Douay, whose name is French and of crusader origin are Arabs, I used to know a blond blue very German looking Palestinian who was a "Circassian" he spoke perfect un-accented Arabic and used to amaze visiting European academics and after 200 years those Circassians are also Arabs, Arab isnt a problem.

    • Arab is a variegated identity and i think you are missing the point, if you re-read your own comment you will see that you go from claiming only patchy knowledge to misconstruing what urubiya is, what do you think these "large minorities which really aren’t in any real sense “Arab” — which are struggling for more self-determination" are and how does anything Taxi said interfere in this? are, what do think being "Arab" in a real sense is, Urubiya as Taxi explains very clearly is cultural linguistic designation which pretty much all the peoples of the ME share.

      After the signing of the peace treaty between Egypt and Israel a group of Israeli journalists and intellectuals visited Cairo, they took a Falluqa down the Nile at sunset, one of their number was a Mizrahi from Iraq i think, as the sun went down over Cairo he was suddenly seized with an intense emotion of belonging and stood up in the boat, startling his companions and declaimed "My name is Salim and I am an Arab" amazing them, one of his fellow Israelis spoke to him the next morning in pretty hostile terms, read the piece so long ago i dont where, but that is Urubiya.

      Urubiya is the spirit of the common culture of the Arabic speaking peoples, Arab is a highly nuanced term, which people in the middle-east do you think are not in any real sense "Arabs" and who are? There have been speakers of Arabic and closely related languages all over this region for thousands of years this is their appreciation of their own culture not some exclusionary imperialist ideology, as you say your knowledge is patchy, do you know any Arabic? Algerians, Iraqi's, Egyptians all share this feeling, the Cultural Attache at the London embassy spent 15 minutes lamenting to me that modern youth in Cairo "Do not speak Arabic beautifully, there is something wrong with their throats" that is Arabicness not some colonial dominative ideology, cool it Betsy, this discourse posing Arab identity as a problem has a rather unsavory colonialist history, it is an inclusive cultural commonality, shared by many people who are not in any way Arab, Malays and Iranians, Nigerians merely by speaking Arabic and appreciating its literature and culture. it has nothing to with Arab armies erupting out of the jazzeera one and half millenia ago and putting paid to the classical world. mine is pretty weak by now, i could feel the distance when i was last in Egypt sitting in a huge Cairo street congregation pray the Eid prayer on the day they hung Saddam Hussein, but then i have never lived in an Arab country only ever visited, all my close Arab friends and family are dead and i miss that milieu even though i was never really only Arab for one minute, my mother was a militant celt and i am not sure what you mean about the decline of Celtic consciousness i was living in Ireland till recently i reckon your wrong their as well, it has nothing to do with domination or deny others identity, what gave you the idea that it did in anythig Taxi wrote? what is a real Arab? that notion is a bit worrying.

      democracy and demilitirization, thats just crazy, its an ancient thing as Taxi makes clear, your weird remark about Pan-Africanism, which is very much alive makes me think that you are viewing this from a colonialist perspective. Egypt is suffused with Urubiya, it is its throbbing heart with all due deference to the Lebanese, ismek e or shu ismek? tala elli hod, that just sounds funny. ahlan Betsy, ahlaan wasahlan, fadal, wallahi barakficum. urubiya is not a problem its a culture.

  • Gaza vs. Israel: The legitimate and illegitimate use of violence in the Western discourse
    • ok but what does this mean for ostensibly criminal acts by Palestinians in this situation, does it have as far as you are concerned any bearing? thanks in advance.

    • Thanks I will look at those links i have looked at that opinio juris (sp) site briefly but am no lawyer.

      However there is another aspect to this, not really in the unclean hands sense, somewhat more far reaching, the problem is that Palestinians find themselves unable to enforce either legal rights, like those of citizenship, in a state constituted on their customary homes and properties, or their legal (its 6am here i have been up all night on other matters forgive me if ramble a little) rights as an occupied population, they are not a belligerent state in a war with another state but are an illegally expelled population under an illegal embargo who enjoying no legal protections they can surely argue that the applications of legal penalties to them are questionable, though they fullfil all the requirements of the usual defendants in such cases, non-white loathed by the great powers etc.

      the point is as they enjoy currently no legal protections it could be argued that the legal measures taken against them in respect of the actions they commit are ill-founded. ie the rights of citizenship, property, residence, freedom of movement, up to and including the right to life , they are in conflict with a state that has an absolute duty to ensure their welfare, so its not a question of mitigation, the question is, is it possible to prosecute someone whose legal rights are never enforced, they exist as something like medieval outlaws, is not the same legal authority seeking to prosecute them not itself remiss in ensuring their rights and in fact culpable, i should like to see the Palestinians take the ICC, ICJ, UN, UK and USA to court and sue them for failing to protect their rights as recognized in various declarations UNDHR, GAR 194 etc, what court would that be and what enforcing authority implements the decisions of international legal authorities?

    • "These operations are part of the repelling operations against the occupation assaults on Gaza Strip and West Bank, and as a response for the ongoing aggression against Palestinian people."

      This is not a "Military" and political objective? It may well not stand up in court, who knows, however leaving aside "brag" for the moment, where in your link do Hamas clearly state that they are targeting civilians as an objective in itself, albeit that no mention is made of specific military targets, which they do not necessarily have the wherewithal to target or information to identify, are you saying that all attacks against cities are illegal in and of themselves or is the rationale "repelling" aggression not a military objective.

      My problem is that each participant in a military confrontation is obviously constrained by both their circumstances and the materiel to which they have access, and while it is quite possible that Hamas attacks against Israeli cities are indictable I do not see an explicit claim in the links you supply that they are attacking civilians, bragging or not, for purpose of attacking civilians as in "Intentionally killing civilians is a war crime, and it should be. There can be no question that Hamas does this…and brags about it.", do you have links that will substantiate this?

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