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I'm in the online medical informatics healthcare business--whatever that is.

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  • The lynching of Dwight Bullard
    • great article. but florida's a weird place. i was listening to npr for palm beach county yesterday. the show sponsor was the united jewish appeal of palm beach. they listed a major philanthropic activity is funding jewish students to fight anti-israel propaganda on college campuses. so sponsoring pro-israeli political action is a charity. who knew?

  • Goldberg on Obama's Syria credibility 'crisis'
    • you write of the possibility that " the sagacious Barack Obama brought to a premature end the reign of the neocons on American foreign policy."
      if that is so, why are all his advisers necons or liberal interventionists? from gates to victoria nuland the kaganite (and cheney adviser).
      if that is so, why does the us support the genocide in yemen in fealty to the saudis?
      if that be so, why does obama order the assassination of thousands via drones, many perhaps most innocent.
      could it be that he didn't have the courage to act alone? is not that the most economical answer. our closest ally britain had stepped away; pope francis you may remember had all catholics in the us praying that weekend for peace. there were even special masses. rare indeed for a pope to intervene in us foreign policy.
      no, obama looks out for #1. he is a war criminal who is trying to rewrite history using goldberg as his scribe.
      he has guile, but no sagacity.

  • Long Island synagogue marks High Holidays with thanks to Israeli soldiers in Gaza war
    • Don't feel bad. I'm a Catholic. The Church I attend is like a combo VFW Hall and place of worship. A couple of times a month we sing patriotic songs; in the back of the Church is a wall festooned with pictures of "our heroes," how many of them drone operators, I don't know. When I wrote to the Bishop and said I didn't think conflating patriotism and religion was a good thing, I got a nastygram from the Bishop's #2.

  • Obama and the Zionists
  • The grave danger of derailing the Iran deal -- an interview with Chas Freeman
    • america and israel practice "scofflaw behavior." oh really. a scofflaw runs a stop sign. a country that causes the deaths of 5% of an entire country as the us did in iraq is not a scofflaw nor is a country that massacres thousands of innocents in gaza. rogue criminal state is more like it.

  • Obama's long & passionate Monday with Saban, Foxman, Hoenlein and other Jewish leaders demonstrates power of Israel lobby
    • Samantha Power cries crocodile tears over Jewish suffering, Obama speaks about " how deeply he feels about Israel and the Jewish people and anti-Semitism."
      With all these people like crazed teenagers going gaga over the Jewish people, how can the Jewish people think they have any fear of antisemitism?

  • The ice floe
    • david browmwich used the word velleity --a wish or inclination not strong enough to lead to action--to describe obamba. in america today it seems that having good intentions is all that matters. the surreal fog extends well beyond the liberal jewish community. it is suffocating us all.

  • Tzipi Livni's vacation nightmare
    • i have a t shirt that says Free Palestine with the palestinian flag on it. every where i go in europe people come up to me and say something positive or give the the thumbs up. i even wore it in the miami airport and a guy came up to me and said quietly--i love the shirt.
      secret sharers are everywhere.

  • 'Lesson: The Jews will defend themselves even if it means killing children'
    • this is chilling and depressing. if lozowick speaks for the mainstream likud government, there is no hope of reconciliation. this man is brilliant and crazy.
      the usa created this monster, who like, isis, is now grown up and gone rogue.

  • The selected writings of Samantha Power
    • she's irish. the irish-american pol boss flynn in the bronx --famous for "in like flynn"-- said "Once bought I stay bought." She can blame it on her genes.

  • Israel calls Obama's tune
    • obama and kerry have become so unhinged i wonder if there is not something else at work, namely the fact that Israel gets raw intel from NSA. in other words, they have something on every congressman, every decision maker in the US government. how do you get 100 to 0 votes? even the egyptian guy sisi only got 96%.

  • NY Times reports source of UNRWA school attack is unclear even though Israel said they did it
    • take a look at the times editorial suggesting that the source of the attacks on the UN school have not been determined yet. it has been over 24 hour hours and the facts of the attack have been reported widely in media around the world. the times has decided to cover up a blatant war crime.

  • Israeli forces shell UN school where displaced Palestinians gathered, killing at least 9
    • headline in ny times at 10 am: Hamas Uses Civilian Shields, Israel Says, Fueling Debate

      headline in ny times at 10:30: Airstrike Hits UN School Sheltering Gaza Civilians

      propaganda trumped by reality. it seems the times is working hard to cover up war crimes with evergreen "news." usually the propaganda isn't so blatant.

  • South African radicals wanted to kill Paul Simon for violating boycott -- Steve Van Zandt
    • Paul Simon was just in Ireland at an installation of a piece of art work at Dublin Airport in honor of the late Seamus Heaney. He was pictured in the local papers sitting next to Marie Heaney, the late poet's wife. Don't think he knew Heaney's views on apartheid in South Africa and I/P. I guess for him art still transcends politics.

  • 'NYT' terms Islamic Jihad's 4 percent support-- 'new traction in Gaza'
    • Without net neutrality mondoweiss and other sites won't be able to rock the old paradigms. The facts won't get out. Mondoweiss readers might want to sign a few petitions and make a few calls to their "representatives."

  • The Algeria model -- a conversation with James D. Le Sueur
    • Le Sueur puts his finger on the moment when hope for an Algerian solution was lost, the massacres of 1945. My reading of Max Blumenthal is that Israeli society is at the same point as Algeria was post 1945.

  • Obama's European message-- self-determination, equality, dignity-- is null and void in Palestine
    • obama is a deeply cynical politician interested solely in advancing his agenda. i long for the days of nixon--a genuine creep who didn't try to hide it.

  • Johansson sees greater wrong in Oxfam than Israeli settlement
    • what struck me as remarkable in the interview was the interviewer not johanson. he invited johanson to make a thoughtful response, ie how does she counter israel's violation of UN resolutions, geneva conventions, etc? her response is that the israeli/palestine situation is viewed differently in america than it is in britain. yes it is. in america you don't have to think as in using your own head to evaluate the i/p situation in light of data such as e.g. international law. in america we engage in thinkiness, a kind of lo cal thinking. what results is comments like: i/p: it's complicated, now what's for lunch.

  • Is Obama punting on Kerry's peace plan?
    • the mawkish display of the wounded soldier was cheap grace, a tawdry feel good moment that would bring us together: we could feel good about ourselves because we felt bad about the wounded soldier and we could all feel this together, not as red state people or blue state people, and our feeling bad about the soldier was proof that we are good, caring americans. not necessary to ask questions like was the war necessary.
      beyond that, the speech was an insult--nothing about surveillance or the 80% of americans living in a depression, a kind of dumbed down (is it possible?) reality tv show .

  • When you watch football, you are complicit in violent assault
    • i remember in the 60s when jerry kramer, star tackle of the packers, played at 215 lbs. my wife's father played tackle in the 30's at notre dame at 185 lbs! i am trying to wean myself off football--world cup soccer helps--but it's clear the game is no longer viable; it is going the way of boxing. detox is the hard part.

  • Kerry threatens to delay Palestinian prisoner release if PA refuses US/Israel demands
    • Ira
      You write, "my prediction is that the proposal will be heavily tilted toward Israeli demands and will seriously limit Palestinian sovereignty."
      Aren't you going way out on a limb here?

  • Obama's greatest achievement-- blinking on Syria
    • it is a great development, maybe a decisive victory. but phil wants to find a reason to admire obama. could not a more likely explanation for his change of heart be simply self interest--don't you think obama thought that in going to war unilaterally-- no allies, no cover--if things went wrong like lots of people dead or metastasizing violence, that he might be held accountable, even impeached?
      obama leads from the back. imho he looks out for himself first, that's why he threw AIPAC under the bus. had the brits not blinked, we'd be at war now.
      nevertheless, the peace train has arrived. it's leaders are putin, pope francis, and the people of the world.

  • 'NYT' capitulates to rightwingers, declaring settlements not illegal
    • algeria, but with this twist: the new york time's piece is setting up the american people for the coming annexation of the west bank. what i foresee is that after the 9 months of the "peace process" Israel is going to annex most of the west bank. israel knows world opinion is running against it and will continue to do so. so the israeli's make the effort and then move to the final solution. the obama regime's focus on widespread worldwide surveillance, remote killing and intimidation, etc is the putting in place of the necessary infrastructure to contain the potentially violent resistance that will result from that event. as with the french in algeria, the us will get it's hair mussed.

  • Egyptians lack 'basic mental ingredients' necessary for democracy, says 'NYT' columnist
    • Wow--this is way over the line, flat our racism. Friedman is better at hiding his contempt for Arabs--he basically focuses on their pathological culture, not the people themselves. But for Brooks to say that Egyptians "seem(s) to lack even the basic mental ingredients" for democracy--hell, he sounds like George Wallace circa 1963.

  • The MSM tries to distinguish between Manning and Snowden. Don't let them
    • another thought--i am in a business where i employ a number of young twenty somethings doing cloud programming. they have a certain set of values--"information wants to be free," is one of them. they all celebrate snowden, no equivocation. is there a new and different civil rights movement afoot? i think so.

    • both assange and manning have been demonized pretty successfully as sexual deviates, narcissists, you name it. i wonder if there isn't some guilt, especially in view of their subsequent treatment. it looks to me that there is an uprising, a civil disobedience movement coming, and the disobeyers are young kids--our kids. it gets harder and harder to dis your own kids--cognitive dissonance.
      assange and manning paid the price for opening the door.

  • Islamophobia is as widespread and acceptable as anti-Semitism used to be
  • Shared values?
    • Bob Jones University is not Catholic. I don't think Catholic institutions have ever been open to segregation in the US. Georgetown University was founded by a partly black Bishop of the Church. Catholics, in fact, have founded many black schools, e.g. Saint Elizabeth Drexel founded scores of schools for blacks in the South, and the Jesuits founded the black Jesuit college Xavier in New Orleans.
      The Catholic Church has much to be defensive about, but Bob Jones University is not one of them--thank god!

  • Teachers’ Union of Ireland endorses academic boycott of Israel in unanimous vote
    • Ireland's experience of colonial occupation is similar to Palestine's: the lack of civil rights, the right to self determination, anti-Catholic discrimination, etc. The memory of British occupation is raw in much of Ireland. When I was in Balinamore--close to the Northern Ireland's border--I was told by Irish people I knew that "there are killers around here." They were referring to Irish terrorists--IRA men. My landlord was one of them! A statue in Ballinamore celebrates Castro and a local Irish patriot (some would say terrorist) whose son ran a local bar. I'd play golf at the public course ($60 for a year's membership). One day playing in a foursome with a judge I was told: "everybody around here knows who blew up Lord Mountbatten's yacht; he lives here."
      Now so called Irish politicians like Peter King shill for Israel. I guess assimilation can kill the soul.

  • The reviews are in: 'Zero Dark Thirty makes me hate muslims'
    • i saw the movie. my reaction was different than the tweeters: i was more appalled by the depiction of the americans than i was by the cartoonish depictions of the muslims. the muslims were over the top and reminded me of one of those 30's movies e.g. gungha din: wild-eyed swarthy, dressed in diapers--a hoot. the americans were humourless, obsessed, smug, flag-pinned, supercilious. the star--chastain (like the other americans)--was flat, one-dimensional. but this was quality was celebrated. so while the muslims to me were a joke, the americans were scary in their self-congratulatory rapture.
      it was a movie about killing in cold blood an unarmed man in his bedroom in his pajamas. i walked out 10 minutes before the end; first time i have left a movie early in years.

  • Michael Moore says Palestinians have gotten a 'raw deal'
    • small point--michael moore's agent is i believe rahm emmanuel's brother. getting a film produced means not getting blackballed by an almost fanatically pro-israel hollywood crowd. the guy's got enough problems--he has to have full time security because he has been attacked by rabid right wingers. i think his caution is due to 1) his interest in continuing to stay alive; and 2) his interest in continuing to make movies. so i take his small contribution with a great thank you.

  • P.S. Romney omitted Ramadan
    • Obama's remarks are commendable. But when are they not? His positions are nuanced, but what difference does that make? He's all avowal but not action. As Bromwich writes this morning:

      "Let us recall some of the actions. In response to the onslaught on Gaza in December-January 2008-2009, in which 1,300 Palestinians were killed and 13 Israelis, Obama observed a silence which he has never broken. When, in November 2010, Netanyahu balked at the proposal of a 90-day partial extension of the freeze on West Bank settlement expansion, Obama offered twenty F-35 fighter jets if he would change his mind; Netanyahu refused, and Obama gave him the jets anyway. Only a week ago, the president donated another $70 million, on top of U.S. assistance already given, to build up the Israeli "Iron Dome" defense against rockets. "

      Let us also remember that Obama came into office offering a new policy in the middle east and immediately initiated cyberwar, conspired to murder Iranian scientists, rejected a peace initiative to end the nuclear impasse, and has actively demonized that country in order to stoke the winds of war.

      Romney's rhetoric is offensive and crude, but Obama's actions do not invite confidence.

  • Democratic Congressman's aide who said there are no Palestinians says he wasn't speaking for his boss
    • Evelyn Garcia is receiving a ton of hate mail. I emailed her and then posted on her website a message of support. You should too. Here is her email address

      Here is the Palm Beach County Democratic Party's website. You might think of sending an email to Mark Alan Siegel asking him to stop with the bullying and remind him this is America.

  • Rebranding Israel
    • did i miss something? hasn't the US turned into a fascist country that has been israelified? a president running death squads, assassinating american citizens, bombing countries with which we are not at war, repressing dissent, surveilling the populace?
      the only dissent i see is on the blogs. the mainstream media serves up propagandistic confections. at least in the old USSR most russian people knew that they were being lied to; americans don't.

  • Breaking report: US/Israel military drill cancelled, after US tells Israel to back off
    • Perhaps Obama is heeding this warning made yesterday by Dmitry Rogozin, Russia’s deputy prime minister and former envoy to NATO: ­“Iran is our close neighbor, just south of the Caucasus. Should anything happen to Iran, should Iran get drawn into any political or military hardships, this will be a direct threat to our national security.” Perhaps Obama doesn't want WW III on his watch, might tarnish the Nobel bona fides.

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