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  • Ceasefire deal after weeks of fighting in Gaza promises easing of blockade
  • Our new look
    • I don’t find the categories ”Activism” etc to be very helpful. Many articles don’t fit neatly into the categories, and there’s often overlap.

      Yes! That's why the categories are useless. If you look for a certain article, in which category should you search? One page with all articles listed in chronological order is much more useful.

    • I guess quoting will become a bit more work in future to put away the javascript auto attachment ” – See more at: URL”

      I agree!

    • simply scroll back chronologically to be sure to catch every story [...] the labels like “Israel/Palestine” at the top of the stories aren’t clickable, I have to go back to the corresponding labels near the top

      YES! YES!

    • Yes to an adjustment to the inconsistent moderating system please.

      I agree. And the edit function needs to be back.

    • I am too frustrated by the two day limit to enter any comment – what’s the point?

      I totally agree. To me, the comments on this site are at least as important and enlightening as the articles. That's why I think that there should be equal emphasis on articles and comments.
      What I also miss are the direct links to comments. Previously, when I clicked on the date of a comment, I got the link to the comment.
      Furthermore, I miss the list of articles sorted by date. When I visit Mondoweiss after a few days of abstinence, then I like to see all recent articles in one list without having to click through the categories. I have never actually used the categories.
      The invisible highlighting of texts sucks, too.
      The new design looks better, but looks aren't everything. I miss the functions of the old design.
      As I already stated in previous posts, I would really like to be able to rate comments.

  • 'Common Dreams' website traps Hasbara troll spewing anti-Semitism
    • What do "ct" and "ff" mean?

    • @ Annie

      the pro israel groups on campus go to great lengths to place minorities in leadership positions within their college groups to represent them. using race as a calling card, whether as a troll, an advocate, an impersonator, or a as a way to defame, is calculated. just as recruiting christian zionists is calculated.

      And I bet that the supporters of affirmative action (reverse discrimination) totally fall for that. This makes sense because Zionism is reverse discrimination too. A minority rules over the majority.

      we’ve gotten many comment attempts of this variety at MW, they do not get thru moderation which is very time consuming. and sites who do not moderate become targets if they ever start getting traffic.

      I am ambivalent when it comes to moderation. On the one hand, I understand that it's necessary on this site. Without moderation Mondoweiss would be overrun by Zionist commenters and normal discussions would become impossible. On the other hand, moderation is very often used to silence non-mainstream voices. Moderation becomes censorship. Recently, there was a discussion on German TV about when negative criticism of Israel turns into anti-Semitism. You know, the usual crap. The live show was accompanied by an Internet chat, where viewers could post their opinions and questions. I wrote about a dozen comments, e.g. about how the Zionists misuse Jewish symbols and Jewish history. Only two of my comments made it through moderation. And one comment was shortened.
      I wrote: "Why isn't the actual root of the conflict mentioned on the show? Namely the Nakba, the 1948 ethnic cleansing of Palestine by the Zionists."
      Moderated version: "Why isn't the actual root of the conflict mentioned on the show?"
      Apparently, mentioning the Nakba was taboo. However, I saw that some other commenter managed to get his Nakba comment through moderation. So, I guess it depends on the respective moderator. A lot of commenters complained about the pro-Israel bias of the moderators. The chat was pointless, because one camp was almost entirely silenced.
      I have a suggestion regarding moderation: Only moderate the comments of new commenters or of commenters who are known for breaking the rules. When a commenter has achieved a certain number of decent comments in a row (e.g. 300 oder 500), let his comments pass automatically without moderation.

  • Amid fierce debate, members of German think tank take a stand on Gaza
    • WWII German guilt is a major reason for this.

      I don't think so. That's just a pretext the politicians use to silence the people. The actual reason is arms trade.

      According to a 2012 poll commissioned by German magazine Stern, 60% of Germans said that Germany had no special obligation to Israel. 33% believe that Germany has a special obligation to Israel.
      link to

      Here's a 2007 survey: link to
      Question: Do you think that nowadays we still need to feel guilty about Auschwitz?
      No. -> 74 %
      Yes. -> 20 %
      I don't know. -> 6 %

      So, clearly, German guilt is a myth. And it's very unlikely that politicians feel MORE guilt than the people.

    • Other nations, like the italians, french or greeks have huge demonstrations to fight for their rights, have you ever seen one in Germany?
      Yes, I did. For example, there were demonstrations for Snowden, for Gaza, for gay rights and also against gay rights. However, it's true that in France it's much more common that people take to the streets.
      Perhaps Germans believe that demonstrations are for the most part pointless because politicians ignore the will of the people anyway. Germans tend to be pessimistic. American-style optimism is seen as naive.
      Just take a look at this: link to
      According to a representative survey, 63% of Germans reject a delivery of arms to the Kurds. However, our government plans to do it anyway. Sigh. There is no hope.

      In my opinion the jews at MW fight more for the rights of the palestinians than all the german press together.
      The German press is not the German people. Western mainstream media, in general, don't fight for the rights of Palestinians.
      For Jews, fighting for Palestinian rights is much easier because it's harder to accuse them of anti-Semitism.

      What I find in this land...
      Where in Germany do you live?

    • I can understand the Germans being so reluctant and cautious to make any stand against Israel, considering the unfortunate history

      Really? I don't! If people understand that putting Jews into ghettos and slaughtering them is wrong, then these people must also understand that putting Palestinians into ghettos and slaughtering them is wrong too. That's only logical.
      Besides, by refusing to speak out against Israel (Zionists) because of German history (Jews), our politicans equate Jews with Zionists. If any anti-Zionist equated Jews with Zionists, our politicians would immediately accuse him of anti-Semitism. Total double standard: It's only anti-Semitic when anti-Zionists do it.
      So, don't let Germany (or Israel) get away with Zionism because of former Nazism. One doesn't excuse the other.

  • Video: Gaza forces young Jew to overcome 'giant hostile ferocious backlash' of her community
    • "I could not fathom that the Jewish people… could do anything bad, and if they did they must have had a justification for it."

      I just read this article:
      How To Talk to a 10-Year-Old About Gaza
      link to

      Worse, people accuse Israel of a genocide. That hits home. My immediate reaction is to completely and utterly reject any possibility of truth. No Jew would or could ever do anything so horrible. A holocaust is the anti-jew.

    • I'm not sure I could bring myself to touch one.

      LOL. Same here.

  • Question for the American Jewish Establishment: Where does Zionism end and Judaism begin?
    • What happened when a German put an Israel flag on his car
      I'd like to share this report written by a pro-Israel German and published on a German-language Zionist website:

      Monday, 11th August 2014, Berlin-Neukölln
      For reasons of solidarity with the Jews who live in Germany and who were subject to anti-Semitic attacks over the last days and weeks, I put two small flags on my car. One German and one Israeli with the Star of David. That's how I drove to Neukölln to an appointment with my medical insurance company.
      I didn't only receive irritated looks but also insults while waiting at red lights, such as "Jew pig", "murderer", "motherfucker". I locked the car doors from inside. All in all, the occupants of three following cars filmed and photographed me. At a crosswalk, teenagers of Turkish or Arab descent spat on my car. If the traffic lights didn't turn green, they would have torn off my flag. In a street, I saw shops with "Free Palestine" T-shirts on the pavement. A note was attached, "10 EUR as donation for Gaza." Further shirts that show maps without Israel. Before I entered the building of my medical insurance company, I removed the flag from my car. [...] A further appointment in Kreuzberg. I avoided driving through the Kottbusser Tor because of the long waits at traffic lights. Fear.
      On the roadside, three Arab boys, between 10 and 12 years old. They stopped dead in their tracks and pointed at the flag. They berated me. One of them pointed at me and moved his other hand to his throat. I kept on driving. A man with a full beard stopped dead. Then he ran square to me and shouted, "You are dead!" The traffic lights turned green.
      I felt like in enemy territory. [...] Before I drove home, I stopped by a falafel shop. The owner greeted me with the words, "What kind of crap is that? Fuck off!" Okay. [...]
      When I arrived at home, I was angry, desperate, bewildered. I can simply drive home, remove the flag, and be a "neutral" German. But what about the Jews, the Israelis, who are threatened on a daily basis? They can't do that. How must it have been in 1933 when your home country turned into enemy territory?
      I suggest that everyone does this test or a similar test. Put on a kippah, wear a Star of David, or a black coat. And then you can experience the diversity, the dovishness, and the tolerance of Islam. Alone. Without protection.

      link to

    • Where did that happen?

      link to
      Attempted arson attack on synagogue in Wuppertal
      Incendiary material was put in front of the entrance of the synagogue. A resident called the police when she saw burning items in the street near the synagogue. Two of the three suspects were arrested. One is Palestinian, the other is Syrian. Furthermore, unknown persons wrote the slogan "Free Palestine" on the wall of the synagogue. Interior Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia Ralf Jäger emphasised, "We must not tolerate anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism in any form anywhere in our society."

      link to
      Arrests in front of the synagogue in Essen
      On Facebook, there was an announcement of an attack on the synagogue in Essen. At the night the attack was supposed to happen, police arrested four men who arrived at the synagogue by car. 14 further suspects were arrested. Since mid-July, security measures for synagogues in the Ruhr area have been increased because of the pro-Israel and anti-Israel demonstrations. The policemen that guard the synagogue in Essen wear bullet-proof vests and carry submachine guns.

      link to
      At night, a drunken man from Algeria shouted "race-baiting paroles" in front of the synagogue in Aachen. Police arrested him.

      In 2011, the German-Zionist website haOlam wrote about a "massive anti-Semitic attack" and a "picture of devastation". What had happened? The panelling of the wall in front of the synagogue in Stuttgart was damaged.
      Photos here: link to

      Ronan Farrow Daily 08/11/14
      Anti-Semitic attacks on the rise?
      link to

    • Israeli Independence Day was celebrated side by side Purim and Pesach. American and Israeli flags where hung side by side in the synagogue

      It's the same in Germany. And then our politicians and media wonder why some pro-Palestinian people attack synagogues.

      I was handed the usual synagogue flyers and announcements, as well as six talking-points on the Israel-Hezbollah conflict, such as Hezbollah hides behind civilians while Israel distributes leaflets to warn civilians before bombing. A prepaid postcard was also distributed, addressed to President George W. Bush, thanking him for supporting Israel.

      Wow! Incredible!

      I suppose you could say, the Jewish community ‘lost me’ on Israel. During that war in 2006, all the Jewish organizations I was involved with urged me to support the current policies of the Israeli government.

      During that war, historian Tamar Amar-Dahl decided to renounce her Israeli citizenship and to acquire German citizenship.

      “legitimate and illegitimate criticism of Israel”

      This is an abiding theme in German media, too. You know, because of "German history". By constantly asking how much negative criticism of Israel should be allowed in Germany, German media indirectly equate Jews with Israel and turn German Jews into Israelis.

      Hopefully the Jewish establishment will come to terms with their antiquated views about Israel.

      I certainly hope that, too. However, I wonder why there is so much focus on what non-Israeli Jews think about Israel. This sounds as if the discussion about Israel's crimes should only happen among Jews and non-Jews should shut up. As if our opinions don't matter.

  • How to respond to thoughtful people who can't help saying 'but Hamas'
  • Israeli soldiers carved Stars of David in homes in Gaza, report Blumenthal and Cohen
    • At the rate Israel commits war crimes, it may become as despised as the swastika.

      Yes. I already view the Star of David as a provocation. When I see it, I get aggressive inside. Because it reminds me of Israel's flag and Israel's crimes.

    • Some German dude has a political show on YouTube and he just did an interview with Max Blumenthal:

    • My concern is that we hold Americans to account on Islamophobia when they conflate murderous ideas of radical Islamists with Islam. We expect them to make a distinction between the religion and extremists who cite that religion.

      This is not comparable because the circumstances are totally different:
      Most Muslims are not terrorists, whereas most Jews are Zionists.
      The major Muslim organisations in Western countries distance themselves from Muslim terrorist groups, whereas the major Jewish organisations in Western countries defend the Jewish terrorist state.
      Western governments do not recognise Muslim terrorist groups as representatives of "the Muslim people". However, Western governments recognise Israel, refer to Israel as "the Jewish state", and frequently conflate Jews with Israel by claiming that anti-Zionism is anti-Semitic.
      So, the difference between Muslims and terrorists is MUCH more obvious than the difference between Jews and Zionists. Therefore, I expect people to understand the difference between Muslims and terrorists. However, I am not willing to blame people for failing to see the difference between Jews and Zionists.

  • Accounts of Israeli war crimes in Khuza'a, Gaza pile up
    • Results of a survey in Germany about the Gaza war.
      (7th August 2014)

      "What should Germany do in the Gaza war?"
      69% - Stay out.
      10% - More support for Palestinians.
      6% - More support for Israel.

      "Who is to blame for the Gaza war?"
      64% - Israel and Hamas.
      15% - Israel.
      14% - Hamas.

      link to

  • On the Frontiers of a Divided World: Reflections after the 2014 Helix Project
    • this program that offers students-Jewish and non-Jewish-an opportunity to learn
      How great that the program doesn't exclude non-Jews! Very much unlike Birthright.

      we face the reality of towns that were once 60-90% Jewish and are now 90-100% Polish, or Lithuanian, or Belarusian
      I find this phrasing quite problematic because it's like saying that Jews can't be Polish, or Lithuanian, or Belarusian.

      Standing on the site of the Warsaw ghetto, hearing Israeli Hebrew spoken around me, I thought about Gaza.

      The victory of the Zionist idea is a victory for the failure of belief in humanity, it is a complete victory for hopelessness. [...] If the dream of socialism becomes true, then there is no one to run from.
      So true!

  • Tunnels-to-kindergartens propaganda Netanyahu peddled to NYT and CNN is exploded by Israeli news site
  • US branch of the Jewish 'family' owes the homeland 'unconditional love' -- Rosner
  • Where you can donate to help Gaza -- Updated
    • Thanks. I will look at what amount is on my PayPal account and then make a donation to The Jerusalem Fund.

  • "There's nothing exceptional or heroic about a Jew standing against Zionism'
    • I remember the video with Lucas Koerner.

      I recognise the State of Israel, and its right to exist

      That's an empty statement. The problem isn't that a state called "Israel" exists. The problem is what kind of state it is, i.e. a Jewish (supremacist) state. Graham Hancock didn't write that he recognises Israel as a Jewish state. I have no idea if he left out "as a Jewish state" intentionally or unintentionally.

  • 'Dear American Jewish community, It's time to talk about Zionism'
    • Ronan Farrow Daily (08/01/14) praises liberal Zionism.
      Ezra Klein MSNBC policy analyst and editor in chief of and Aaron David Miller of the Woodrow Wilson Center, who’s advised six secretaries of state on the Middle East, join Ronan Farrow Daily to discuss the shifting attitudes toward Israel.
      link to

  • 'The unity is stronger than ever': Report from historic march on Qalandia checkpoint in solidarity with Gaza
    • Interesting interview with Saeb Erekat on "All In with Chris Hayes" yesterday:
      link to
      Chris says that he is very much in favour of a two-state solution. However, he wonders if there is still support for such a solution.

  • U.S. casts lonely vote against establishing war crimes inquiry in Gaza
    • All In With Chris Hayes 07/24/14
      Ted Cruz’s Israel opportunism
      With Cruz’s criticism of the FAA’s ban on flights to Israel, he’s seizing the opportunity to show the pro-Israel GOP base that he’s their guy.
      link to
      Did a third intifada begin tonight?
      As the death toll continues to mount in Gaza, thousands of protesters marched from the West Bank to Jerusalem, where they clashed with Israeli security forces. Chris Hayes talks with Dr. Mustafa Barghouti, one of the founders of the Palestinian National Initiative party, and NBC’s Ayman Mohyeldin.
      link to

  • Israeli forces shell UN school where displaced Palestinians gathered, killing at least 9
    • RT: "Breaking the Set" hosted by Abby Martin
      Roots of Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Who is Instigating Who? | Interview with Alison Weir
      link to
      (particularly 7:50 to 10:15)

  • The deafening silence around the Hamas proposal for a 10-year truce
    • With the exception of Germany, where criticising Israel is partially illegal, the rest of Europe is staunchly opposed to Israel and pro Palestinian.

      WHAT? It's not illegal to criticise Israel. There is no law that specifically forbids negative criticism of Israel. If there are restrictions on speech, then they apply to any nation, not just to Israel. It's France where negative criticism of Israel is partially illegal.
      Germans are very anti-Israel, too.
      link to
      However, anti-Israel doesn't necessarily mean pro-Palestinian. As your linked poll result shows, a high percentage of Germans take neither side.

    • All In With Chris Hayes 07/22/14
      Rula Jebreal discusses the Gaza ‘media war’
      link to
      FAA bans US flights to and from Israel
      link to

  • Finally, Israel is alienating the US mainstream media
    • Hmmmm…… going by this reply, you’d almost think some Zionists WANTED there to be anti-semitic attacks in Europe? But that would NEVER happen, would it?

      That made me laugh!

    • All In with Chris Hayes just posted this on Twitter:
      "Tonight we have the *exclusive* interview Tariq Khdeir, the young Palestinian-American who was severely beaten by Israeli authorities."

    • Collier Meyerson (@collier), web producer for @allinwithchris, tweeted this an hour ago:

      “It happened to us, so it should never happen to anyone, ever. Especially not at our hands.” -@sarahmseltzer
      link to

  • Video: Resistance activists down power line in West Bank
  • On the defensive, Barney Frank accuses Clemons and Kornacki of ganging up on him, and Israel
    • Steve Kornacki sat in for Chris Matthews last night.

      This sentence doesn't make sense in this context. The video and the article deal with "Up with Steve Kornacki". That's a morning show on Saturdays and Sundays.

    • Page: 19
  • The heart of the problem with Israel: The mass expulsion of the Palestinian people
    • Great article! I keep posting links to it on the MSNBC website in the hope that the content will make it on TV.
      However, I'd like to point out that the name of the Israeli writer is Ari Shavit, not Avi Shavit.

  • NBC reverses; Mohyeldin to return to Gaza to cover 'Palestinian side of story'
    • All In With Chris Hayes 07/18/14
      ‘As long as it takes’
      Chris Hayes asks the spokesman for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu what Israel’s endgame in Gaza is and how long the ground invasion will last.
      link to
      ‘A tragic accident’
      Chris asks the spokesman for Israeli PM Netanyahu about four Palestinian boys who were killed in an Israeli strike while they were playing on a beach in Gaza.
      link to
      Second night of Gaza ground invasion
      The death toll approaches 300 as hospitals struggle to keep up with casualties and Israel weighs expanding its military operation.
      link to

    • Oh, Ayman looks good. But he's not my type.

  • Mohyeldin's boss at NBC rallied 'Jewish passion' for Israel when 'it is physically threatened'
  • Rachel Maddow ignores the story in Israel/Palestine
    • @ MSeveral
      Watch Andrea Mitchell. She was also in tears as she reported on the four Palestinians children who were killed yesterday.

      Really? That's hard to believe. Isn't she the "Zionist botox lady"?

    • I knew that Rachel's girlfriend is Susan Mikula. But how do you know she's Jewish and a Zionist? Did you meet her? Did she tell you? I can't find anything online.

    • The Rachel Maddow Show did a segment on the I-P conflict yesterday. However, Steve Kornacki is in for Rachel this week.
      Rachel Maddow 07/16/14
      White House moves to calm Israel/Gaza strife
      Anne Gearan, diplomatic correspondent for the Washington Post, talks with Steve Kornacki about White House steps to encourage an end to deadly fighting between Israel and Palestinians in the Gaza strip.
      link to

    • From the linked article:

      Maddow has played the butch-card for two reasons – and these are precisely the same reasons some Jews resort to the anti-Semitic card. The first is to divert attention away from your lame position or dishonest conduct by attributing a nefarious motivation to those who criticize your position or conduct. Maddow is wrong about what is going on in Wisconsin, she knows she is wrong, and we know she knows she is wrong. So the best she can do short of making a retraction is to use her very public self-confessed sexual orientation to mount an ad hominem attack against her critics. Her syllogism goes like this: A. People who call other people butch are cretins. B. People who disagree with me are calling me butch. C. Therefore, people who disagree with me are cretins.
      The second motivation for these sorts of tactics is that they are attempts to paint oneself as the victim and therefore garner some pathos. Poor Rachel, some nasty re-tweeter says she looks like a man. Well, the poor dear, I guess her comments about the Wisconsin crisis must be true.
      Similarly, for those wont to play the anti-Semitic card, the gambit is based on the unspoken (until now) theory that any criticism of any Jew victimizes that Jew because criticism of Jews is an obvious extension of the Holocaust.

      Totally correct!

    • I just posted a link to this article on the Maddow Blog. Let's see if they have the guts to address the topic on air.
      By the way, Michael Arria's book sounds quite interesting. I consider buying it.

    • A long time ago, Maddow’s handlers had created the image of her as the reluctant outsider by hyping her irrelevant sexual identity which is often and inexplicably conflated with having a radical/progressive personality. A perception which Maddow rode to its very profitable conclusion. She is, no doubt, smart and articulate, and acutely aware who puts the butter on her daily bread.

      Very well said! Exactly what I think!

    • There is a 2010 Citizen Radio interview with Rachel Maddow in which she talks about her coverage of the I-P conflict: link to
      (minute 47)
      Rachel stated that things are tense at MSNBC whenever someone choses to cover the issue. There were "external forces" that put pressure on her when covering the story. However, it was "not censorship from the corporate overlord". Rachel was insistent that she has total creative control. Nevertheless, there are worries about the ratings.
      Note: According to the hosts, parts of the recorded interview got lost. That's why they summarise what Rachel said. However, I would have found her exact statements much more interesting. My guess is that the audio didn't actually get lost. Perhaps Rachel got panicky after the interview and asked the hosts not to publish her exact words.

  • Violence outside Paris synagogue falsely attributed to anti-Semitism (Updated)
    • From multiple expulsions in the Medieval era to L’Affaire Dreyfuss and Vichy collaborationism, French Jews have every reason to be wary of antisemitism. And [...] antisemitism appears to be on the rise in the Fifth Republic.

      You must be kidding. The examples you give are from WWII or earlier. So, French Jews do NOT have every reason to be wary of anti-Semitism unless they live in the past. Your claim that anti-Semitism appears to be on the rise is false, too. The survey you link is titled "Jewish people’s experiences and perceptions of hate crime, discrimination and antisemitism". As we all know, many Jews tend to be oversensitive and automatically attribute negative experiences to anti-Semitism. Watch the documentary "Defamation" and you will see what I mean. Another example: A German Jew started building a summer house in his garden. However, authorities told him that he has to take down what he had built so far because it doesn't conform to the laws. The German Jew claimed that this was anti-Semitic harassment. Clearly, he believes that expecting Jews to abide by the same construction rules as non-Jews is anti-Semitic. The perceptions of people who mistake equal treatment for anti-Semitism are NOT a reliable source for the prelavence of anti-Semitism.

  • Hamas has agreed to a ceasefire, says senior Palestinian official (Updated)
  • Detroit shows its soul, as 1000 march for Gaza
  • Understanding Hamas
  • Not In Our Name: The Jewish duty to stand with the people of Gaza
    • OMG! Watch this segment from MSNBC:
      Ronan Farrow Daily 07/14/14
      Reverberations of Mideast conflict in France
      With Mideast tensions spilling over globally, including in France, one Jewish youth group is fighting back against anti-Semitism. Thanks to our friends at Vocativ, we take a look inside the protests in Paris.
      link to

  • Gaza under attack again
  • 'American Jewish voices are most critical in the world' (to end idea that Jewish lives matter more)
    • Citizen, I know that German taxpayers fund Israel, too. However, Germans do it against their will. When I wrote my comment, I had the BBC polls in mind.
      2013: link to
      2014: link to
      Claiming that "American voices are probably the most critical voices in the world right now" is ridiculous. Actually, they are among the least critical voices. Present company excepted, of course.

    • American voices – and especially Jewish American ones – are probably the most critical voices in the world right now.

      Yeah, right! Americans, and especially Jewish Americans, make Israel's crimes possible by bribing US politicians, giving military aid to Israel and protecting Israel from UN punishment.

  • Israel's message to the Palestinians: Submit, leave or die
  • Palestinians are 'trapped' in Gaza in 'lopsided conflict', Brian Williams says
  • Relentless bombing on Gaza continues: Israel kills media worker, 9 people watching World Cup on beach
  • The 'so-called peace process' and Gaza 'siege' -- Mohyeldin conveys Palestinian despair on MSNBC
    • "House Arab" - What a funny expression! And, yes, I know where it is derived from.
      I have a question for you: As you watched Mohyeldin on Al Jazeera English, could you spot differences in his reporting on Al Jazeera English and on MSNBC?

    • and didn’t the Germans believe in ethnic supremacy, as well?

      Oh please! Neither I nor anyone I know have ever believed in ethnic supremacy. So, saying "the Germans" is inaccurate and offensive. It's "German Nazis" or just "Nazis".

    • Screengrab of a German news programme I watched today:
      link to

    • Hayes began the segment by saying that in Israel’s strikes on Gaza, "at least 24 Palestinians have been killed, including three women and seven children." [...] "Keep in mind, Gaza does not have early warning sirens and it does not have the bomb shelters for its civilian population that Israel does."

      Yesterday, I posted the following comment on the "All In" website:

      Israel attacks Gaza yet again. It was all over the news in Germany today. I watched different evening news shows here. One presenter stated: "It's time to 'take off the gloves', said Netanyahu, on whose hands scarcely anybody would have assumed to be gloves." Very true and funny remark! A reporter pointed out that, contrary to Israel, Gaza has no bunkers where people can protect themselves from airstrikes. The number of the civilian victims in Gaza was mentioned, too. A short interview with a Hamas spokesperson was aired. Also, a civilian resident of Gaza was interviewed. He said that all of Gaza's residents are a target of Israel.

      Maybe it's just a coincidence that these facts were reported on "All In", too. Or perhaps the "All In" staff actually reads the viewer comments and thought: "If even German TV dares to be that honest and 'anti-Israel', then we can do that, too."

  • 'Operation Protective Edge' begins: Gaza rocked by Israeli airstrikes as Palestinian militants shoot at Jerusalem
  • 'Jewish' or 'Israeli' -- NYT, BBC, and CNN make different word choice
    • Melissa Harris-Perry 07/06/14
      Can images shift American opinion of Mideast?
      link to

      Andrea Mitchell Reports 07/08/14
      Israel and Palestine brace for more violence
      link to

    • Speaking of the World Cup, what a performance today by Germany!

      Oh, yes! I almost got a heart attack, figuratively speaking. I took turns at screaming of joy and rubbing my eyes in disbelief. Now it's over. Result: 7-1 for Germany.

  • Contradicting Israeli officials, family of Tarek Abu Khdeir says he was attacked while in uncle's Jerusalem backyard
  • 'Cycle of violence' is the new narrative (and inaccurate, but a step forward)
  • The Aftermath: Home demolitions and dead Palestinian teen follow Netanyahu call for revenge
  • Missing Israeli teens found dead near Hebron; Netanyahu: 'Hamas is responsible and Hamas will pay'
    • @ Annie Robbins (no reply button)

      blaming the victim is something golda meir did [...] that is what i heard when woody wrote “they loved their demonic ideology more than they loved their children.” it was harsh, not really my cup of tea no matter who says it (all parents love their children above all else, i assume. i know i do. and no parent should ever have to bury their own child).

      Please don't project your own character onto Zionists. Just because YOU love your child(ren) doesn't mean that other parents love their children, too. There are many parents who abuse their children in various ways, e.g. mentally, physically, sexually.
      I agree that no parent should have to bury their own child. However, Woody didn't blame the victims. Zionist parents aren't victims. They are perpetrators. And documentaries like "Defamation" expose how the Zionists misuse their youngsters for their criminal purposes, e.g. by indoctrinating them and urging them to join the military. Therefore, Woody is right. To Zionist parents, the well-being of their supremacist state is more important than the well-being of their children.

    • @ Annie Robbins (no reply button)

      if there is a cycle, why is it our evening news only makes a big deal about jewish death?
      There is a cycle and it starts with the Nakba. If the MSM were willing to properly explain this cycle, then we wouldn't need Mondoweiss. As much as I appreciate Mondoweiss, it would be better for all parties if it weren't needed. Because of the MSM's strange way of reporting on the conflict, it was impossible for me to figure out who are the victims and who are the perpetrators. I understood that the conflict is a spiral of violence, but the MSM refused to tell me who started it. Those who started it (Zionists) are the perpetrators. Those who defend themselves (Palestinians) are the victims. If the three Israeli teenagers were actually killed by a group of Palestinians, then this incident would have to be seen as a byproduct of Zionist settler colonialism. Settler colonialism doesn't make you popular. And if you don't want to listen, you have to find out the hard way. I am ambivalent about the killings. On the one hand, I disapprove of (unnecessary) violence. On the other hand, I don't feel sorry for the killed teenagers and their parents.
      Your statement that the "evening news only makes a big deal about Jewish death" reminds me of this quote: "The death of one man is a tragedy, the death of millions is a statistic." This means: The killing of the three Jewish Israelis was an isolated incident (-> tragedy), whereas the killing of dozens or hundreds of Palestinians is common practice (-> statistic). If Palestinians (?) killed Jewish Israelis on a regular basis, then this incident wouldn't be news around the world.

    • Another news programme: The presenter talks about the Palestinian perspective. She uses the word "collective punishment" and points out that already 6 Palestinians were killed by Israel in the last weeks. A reporter states that settlers demand revenge. A settler is interviewed. He says that he wants Israel to "raze Gaza to the ground".

    • I have some news. Today, at a bookshop, I overheard snippets of a conversation between a shop assistant (middle-aged woman) and a customer (elderly woman). When I entered the shop, the two women already were deep in a lively discussion. They stood in front of the shelf with the books about politics. A few minutes later, they were at the counter and I went to the politics section. At eye level, I saw a book about Israel: Werner Sonne - "Staatsräson? Wie Deutschland für Israels Sicherheit haftet" (Reason of state? How Germany is liable for Israel's security). On the back, it reads "How Germany arms the nuclear weapons state of Israel". Then, I heard the two women say the following things:
      customer: "... three dead teenagers ... terrible situation ..."
      shop assistant: " ... it's comprehensible/understandable ..."
      customer: "... yes ... they build on other people's land ..."
      shop assistant: "... they force them to live in ghettos ..."
      Obviously, the two women sympathise with the Palestinians. Considering Israel's treatment of Palestinians, they can understand why these settlers were killed.
      The counter is at the centre of the shop. The women talked quite loudly and didn't seem to mind additional listeners.
      I think this incident shows that Germans are ready to openly and publicly side with the Palestinians and to refer to their living conditions as ghettoisation.

      Israel's revenge on Palestinians is all over the news today in Germany. On the evening news, the reporter said: "Israel blames Hamas [for the killed teenagers]. Although Hamas denies the allegation, Israel didn't hesitate to take revenge."

  • What's your politically-correct World Cup bracket?
    • Holland/The Netherlands [which one is it?]

      Look here:
      link to
      link to
      "In English the country is called 'the Netherlands' (or frequently – but inaccurately – 'Holland')."

      By the way, the English team is really just the English team, not the British or UK team.

    • Great! Now I wish that I would have watched the game. However, this was not the only time Algerians waved the Palestinian flag at a soccer game: link to
      Let's hope that they will do it again tomorrow when Algeria plays against Germany. Let's also hope that the German commentator will recognise the flag and mention it.

    • Great joke, lysias. It's funny because it's true. Where did you get the joke from? I have never heard it before.

    • @ Citizen
      Thanks for the compliment, but I am not sure if I deserve it. Any way, I like you, too.

      @ RoHa
      Oh, I am not a fan of old films because the audio quality is so bad. That makes it impossible for me, as a non-native speaker, to understand the spoken English.

    • I assume that you replied to me, not to ritzl. As a European, I (try to) use British English. That's why I wrote "spelt". I also think that the word looks nicer that way.

    • Okay :-)

    • Well, the USA is still in the competition. So, Obama could send his killer drones.

    • She’s a pip

      I have no idea what that means. I tried to look up the word, but it turns out that "pip" can be anything from a dot on a dice to a decoration worn on a military uniform to a company that produced breast implants. However, I assume that being a pip is still better than being a PEP.

    • we’re soliciting Politically Correct Brackets. Got one?
      No. I am not a fan of political correctness or reverse discrimination. May the best team win. I hope that it will be Germany.

      Klinsman has done a wonderful job
      The name is spelt "Klinsmann".

      Europe has never won there
      Europe can't win because it's not a country and has no own soccer team.

  • 'Haaretz' conference trumpets tired word 'Peace' (when the only solution is 'equality')
    • Peace is a nearly meaningless word, for which anyone can inject virtually any meaning they want. [...] Israel very much wants the peace, the absence of conflict, that will come with complete suppression of any Palestinian political movement. Liberal Zionists want precisely the same sort of peace, only one in which the oppression of the Palestinians is somewhat reduced, and they give up forever on returning to their rightful homes inside the green lines. [...] Every usage of the word ‘Peace’ hurts our cause and helps the cause of J Street, AIPAC, and the rest of those who seek to shield Israel from genuine pressure to end its oppressive policies.

      Exactly! Very well written. Whenever I hear someone say "peace" in the context of the I-P conflict, I assume that this person is a Zionist. When I talk to Zionists, I use the word "justice" instead of "equality", but the latter is probably better.

  • 'I was a Zionist till I was 64. I want to hit myself'
  • What evidence is there that teens were abducted?
    • Thanks for linking this interesting article, just.

      you can’t see someone’s butt while they are driving.
      Right, but you can see someone's butt when they are walking. And walking is legal, too.

    • I’ve known Isra since before she took her current job, have always liked her, and have never found her remotely arrogant.
      I agree. I didn't get the impression that she is arrogant either. It's just that she has to radiate a certain degree of self-confidence in order to prevail in a patriarchal society.

      But perhaps that’s because a lot of us share the same aversion to “another blah-blah conference”?
      She is right to reject “another blah-blah conference”.

    • Here's what I find strange:

      Palestinian women have it better than women in other Arab countries; they can drive, move about freely and work. The problem isn't the government or the law, she says, but tradition. Even if girls could ride bicycles, parents wouldn't allow it, she says.
      Will Mariam be allowed to ride a bike when she gets older?
      "No, I don't want people to say bad things about her."

      What on earth could possibly be wrong with riding a bicycle? If driving is okay, then why is bicycling not okay?

    • OT: There's a new English-language article on the SPIEGEL website.
      Gaza in Crisis: The Strong Female Voice of Hamas
      link to
      It was written by the same author who complained about Netanyahu's propaganda.

  • How Israel is exploiting the reported kidnapping to weaken Palestinian reconciliation
    • I showed him what you wrote and he said yep, that was him.

      Cool! This just shows how small the world is! Greetings to you and your boyfriend :-)

    • I could not locate the article at the link

      I am not sure what you mean by that. The link works just fine.
      By the way, I wanted to add a comment to the SPIEGEL article but the comments section was already closed after only 8 comments. Strange.

    • Thank you for the very informative article, Alex.

      I was very surprised to see this German-language article today on the SPIEGEL website: link to
      "Israel's Netanyahu: Propaganda after abduction of three teenagers
      Missing teenagers: Netanyahu uses abduction for cheap propaganda
      It is not clear who abducted the three Jewish settlers in the West Bank. However, Israel's premier Netanyahu puts the blame on Hamas - and exploits the incident propagandistically. [...] It is bitter, but politically the tragedy about the three boys comes to [Netanyahu] at just the right time."
      The article also mentions that
      - 750,000 people in and near Hebron are under curfew
      - hundreds of men are arrested and interrogated
      - settler attacks on Palestinians increase
      - there are more and more reports about "brutal interrogation methods" and the "army's arbitrary destruction of Palestinian houses"
      - the Israeli human rights organisation B'Tselem talks about a collective punishment that violates the human rights of the Palestinian population
      - the Israeli airforce attacks the Gaza Strip to destroy Hamas and "by now everyone knows what this means for the civilian population in the Gaza Strip"
      The last sentence: "As if the disappearance of the three young men were not tragic enough already."

      A further surprise is that comments are allowed. So far, there are 8 comments. 6 are in support of the article, 2 are in support of Netanyahu. The first commenter compliments SPIEGEL on this "brave article". Another commenter thanks SPIEGEL for "calling racism and colonialism by name". He also writes that there's a new generation of journalists who realise that past injustice cannot be righted by further injustice. (Could have been written by me, but it wasn't me.) The Zionist commenters claimed that Palestinians celebrate the abduction and that Abbas has never wanted peace.

    • Right! I totally agree.

  • Economic pressure is all that will end apartheid, Tutu says in calling on Presbyterians to divest
  • Israeli leader justifies force-feeding bill by pointing to Guantanamo Bay
  • Michael Oren's misuse of the Holocaust
    • Addition: Here's a 2010 interview with Lillian.
      link to
      The article is kind of contradictory. On the one hand, Phil claims that Lillian "was never a Zionist". On the other hand, Lillian is quoted as saying: "Israel always did exist in my mind as an ideal. My image of Israel was this place of return, a refuge for all the Jews, a place where Jews are good to one another, a country where they can be free and safe. Now I think, what was it all about? That this country, that’s supposed to be a haven to Jews, where Jews are going to be safe, can act like this. [...] I’m feeling tremendous grief, but mostly it’s grief about Israel. The road that it’s taken."
      Apparently, she is a Zionist who experiences cognitive dissonance.

    • I agree with much of what Lillian wrote. Here's what I disagree with:

      In the words of Tony Judt, “The delegitimization issue is a fraud. I know no one however angry about Israel’s behavior who thinks the country has no right to exists.”

      Numerous people are of the opinion that NO country has a RIGHT to exist. "Numerous people" includes me. "No country" includes Israel.
      If Israel actually had the RIGHT to exist, then we would have to ask ourselves what this means. Does Israel have the right to exist as a "Jewish state" (= Zionism)? Or does Israel have the right to exist as an "Israeli state" (= non-Zionism)? When Zionists say that anti-Zionists deny Israel's right to exist, they mean Israel as a "Jewish state". Therefore, their "accusation of delegitimisation" is totally correct. However, the delegitimisation of political Zionism has nothing to do with anti-Semitism. Nobody has the right to found a supremacist state on stolen land. And Jews are not above the laws. Whenever a Zionist accuses me of denying Israel's right to exist (as a Jewish state), I simply reply: "If Israel has the right to exist as a 'Jewish state', then Germany has the right to exist as an 'Aryan state'. Equal rights for everyone."
      I don't have a problem with the fact that there's a state called "Israel". I have a problem with the kind of state that Israel is. Israel must be an Israeli state, not a Jewish state. Just like Germany is a German state, not an Aryan state.

      A Jewish State created through subjugation, occupation and collective punishment and humiliation of Palestinian neighbors is not a democracy.

      Palestinians are NOT neighbours of the "Jewish state". They are the indigenous people of Palestine. And Palestine consists of Israel (78%) and Gaza/West Bank (22%).
      Palestinians are NOT the neighbours of Israelis. 20% of Israelis ARE Palestinians. If Israel didn't deny Palestinian refugees their right of return, the percentage of Palestinian Israelis would be MUCH higher.

      Israel’s hard line has taken away its humanity.

      Israel was founded as a Jewish supremacist state by ethnically cleansing most of the indigenous Palestinian people (Nakba). Therefore, Israel has NEVER had a humanity. It was inhumane right from the start. However, Israel could BECOME humane by turning into an "Israeli state".

  • Soldiers' violent confessions from 'Breaking the Silence' make the 'Guardian'
    • He talked about how he accepted without question the directions of his superiors, even when he thought they may not be right. The other thing that stood out in his account was the reaction of his family, which was disbelief. Even when they had a close relative telling them what was going on parents, friends, relatives refused to believe what they were hearing.

      And the very same people wonder how Nazism could happen. They demonise Nazi-era Germans for being ignorant and for letting it happen.

  • Leading spiritualist says Israel's great task is to treat neighbors with compassion, not hatred
    • Queen’s English: ‘wrong’ photo instead of “false photo”

      Well, I am not a queen ;-) So far, I have not been able to figure out the difference between "false" and "wrong". I should start using the term "incorrect" instead. Then I am on the safe side.

    • You have a false photo. The photo shows Richard Dawkins. Graham Hancock looks different.

  • Hillary Clinton's flipflop: We were wrong to take hard line against settlements
    • I just had a look at the comment to a German article about Hillary's possible run for president: link to
      Almost all of the 30 comments are negative. Most people write that (1) she would be even worse than Obama or that (2) nothing will change because policies are determined by the people who write out the cheques.

    • We were wrong to draw a hard line on settlements.

      OMG! How disgusting! I knew that Hillary is terrible, but I had no idea that she is THIS terrible.
      At first, she will raise enough money by sucking up to wealthy Zionists. Then, she will garner enough votes by simply being a woman. Boom! Presidency!
      Actually, the problem with the "hard line" was that it wasn't hard at all. Only carrot (military aid) and no stick (BDS).

  • Houston stadium security detains soccer fan for waving Palestinian flag as 'racial slur'
    • the players, manager and coach of the israeli team probably recognized it. not that one of them would complain or anything
      Of course, I know that. What I wanted to express with my comment is that it was most likely one of the Israelis who complained about the flag, not one of the locals.

      actually texas is not as much of a backwater as some people would like to think.
      I didn't mean to imply that the people in Texas are backward. Not recognising the flag of a small country on a different continent doesn't make you backward.
      Also, I don't think that Abby's comment refers to the supposed backwardness of Texans. She probably meant to express that US citizens don't recognise the Palestinian flag because the MSM hardly ever cover the crimes against Palestinians.

    • Thanks for posting this, Walid! It's great that a TV channel picked up the story.
      Abby Martin is so hot and smart. Also, she's bisexual, like me. How she said that the most surprising thing about the incident is that someone in Houston actually recognised the Palestinian flag... This was one of my first thoughts, too.

    • Stadium security informed her that her Palestinian flag implied a “racial slur” and therefore was in violation of BBVA Compass Stadium rules.

      Wow! That's incredible! Actually, it is Israel's flag that implies a "racial slur".

      I just did a bit of googling. There was an incident at a Scottish football stadium.
      link to
      link to
      Apparently, waving a Palestine flag during a football match with an Israeli team is considered a "political activity". And political activities are punished by the UEFA.

  • Another pro-Israel student leader offers himself as advocate for 'the Palestinian people' (shirtless)
    • Fils posts racy pictures of Israeli models.
      I just had a look at the linked pic. Interesting to see what Phil considers "racy". It's obvious that Phil grew up in the prudish USA.

      But what if you’re not pretty?
      Well, Raphael is quite unpretty himself. Therefore, it's dangerous for him to judge people by how they look.

      crosses over from what is considered reasonable analysis into demonization and delegitimization of the Jewish state
      In case of the settler-colonialist state, demonization and delegitimization ARE reasonable analysis.

      we want to get to the root of the problem, which we believe is human rights. Not borders
      Here, I agree with him. The root of the problem are human rights, not borders. However, he misleads people about what the real human rights violations are. Is he actually this stupid or does he only pretend not to know?

  • Dershowitz disqualifies an entire continent from supporting BDS, citing history of 'Jew hatred'
    • Does he not grasp that to the extent that it is read by Europeans, it will only enrage generate more hostility for Israel–and probably Jews in general?

      Exactly! When Jews (like Dersh or Abe Foxman) keep falsely accusing non-Jews of anti-Semitism, then one day non-Jews will start hating Jews for constantly making these false accusations. So, it's a self-fulfilling prophecy.

    • Is Dershowitz really unaware that Europe has imposed far greater sanctions on quite a number of countries, including Iran (his personal favorite arch-fiend country), and that the EU has labeled Hamas and Hezbollah’s military wing terrorist organizations?

      I have absolutely no intention to defend Dersh, but here you made a little "mistake". You need to distinguish between European states and European people. From what I understand, Dersh "only" claims that European people - not European states - are anti-Semitic. No European state supports (full) BDS. They reject it. Many European people, however, support it. So, there's a difference between the official position of the states and the actual opinion of the people. On other issues, too. That's why you can't argue against Dersh's claim about European people by pointing to policies of European states.

      After all, they seem to crave European association, even fancying themselves part of Europe rather than the Middle East or Asia in sports leagues.

      What Netanyahu told a German newspaper:
      "Israel in many ways is the beginning of Europe and the forces of militant Islam that are crashing against us are ultimately directed against you. They want to subordinate the entire Middle East, maybe the entire world, to their medieval conception that has no place for the freedom of women, the liberties of minorities, gays. They want Israel to be eliminated in order for them to continue the march against you. So Israel is the frontal bastion of European and western civilization."
      link to

    • David, I always enjoy your articles.

      This question assumes that 1) today’s European proponents of BDS are indeed grandchildren of Nazis or collaborators, rather than grandchildren of the vast majority of Europeans who were victims of Nazism

      In my case, great-grandchild. My great-grandfathers fought in WW2 because they were drafted. I have no idea what their political views were.

      Where are your demonstrations on behalf of the oppressed Tibetans, Georgians, Syrians, Armenians, Kurds, or even Ukrainians? Where are your BDS movements against the Chinese, the Russians, the Cubans, the Turks, or the Assad regime?

      Well, in these cases, the perpetrators do NOT misuse the Holocaust to justify their crimes. If the Zionists didn't exploit German history, I probably wouldn't have started looking into the conflict and would have kept ignoring it.
      There are so many injustices in the world that it's impossible for a person to fight ALL of them. That's why people are forced to choose a few causes. And they most likely pick those issues that they have some kind of personal connection to. As a German, my connection to Zionist crimes is the Zionists' exploitation of German history.

  • Super-PAC supporting Hillary Clinton launches outreach for one religious group (Jews)
    • i also would like to have a female POTUS

      That's why she will win. Obama won because he's black. Hillary will win because she's a woman. Sadly, many US citizens vote based on totally irrelevant features. You need to vote based on the political views of the candidates, not based on their gender, race, or sexual orientation.
      I couldn't care less if my politicians are male or female. I want to be governed by them. Not fucked by them. And even then, I wouldn't care.

  • Jeff Goldberg gets hit from right and left for suggesting Jews should leave Europe
    • what is the contribution of Israel’s actions to fostering anti-Semitism?

      Exactly! Instead of telling Jews to leave Europe, Goldberg should tell Israel to stop committing crimes in the name of the Jews.
      However, it's not solely Israel's fault. The national Jewish organisations, such as the Representative Council of French Jewish Institutions (CRIF) and the Central Council of Jews in Germany, bear part of the blame. They keep defending Israel's crimes and lead non-Jews to believe that all French/German Jews are Zionists.
      The national mainstream media are responsible, too. By ignoring the existence of anti-Zionist Jews, they contribute to the false impression that all Jews are Zionists.
      So, non-Jewish Europeans are not just misled by Israel but also by the main Jewish organisations and the MSM.

      By the way, very good response by Max.

  • Palestinian unity deal pits Netanyahu & Congress against White House
    • J Street condemns the recent statement by Hamas’s Prime Minister in Gaza Ismael Haniyeh that, “Palestinian reconciliation aims to unite the Palestinian people against the prime enemy, the Zionist enemy. It aims to pursue the choice of resistance and steadfastness.”

      I can't find anything wrong with Hamas's statement.

      Why did Netanyahu make so many tweets about the unity government? Is he actually afraid that Western countries start siding with the Palestinians? Or does he just need another pretext for rejecting negotiations?

  • Palestine unity government to be sworn in Monday (Update)
    • DER SPIEGEL has a German-language article about Netanyahu's tweet:
      link to
      The headline is surprisingly pro-Palestinian:
      "Netanyahu against Abbas: Israel's premier defames Fatah-Hamas-unity
      Palestinian unity government: Netanyahu provokes Abbas with suicide bomber tweet"

  • Dr. Ruth says she might shoot you if you don't support Israel
    • Oh, these Zionists! They just love exploiting the Holocaust! And their motto is: "It's not a crime when we do it!" Tell me: How can someone who was a victim of a supremacist state herself find it okay to help found another supremacist state? How can someone who was a refugee herself find it okay to make other people refugees? How can someone whose parents were murdered find it okay to murder - or consider murdering - other people?

    • OT: Today, DER SPIEGEL published a German-language article titled "Arab Christians in Israel's army: Between pride and shame".
      link to

    • Addition: I just watched a bit of the "Markus Lanz" show. Strangely, Westheimer claimed: "I don't do politics. [...] I never talk about politics." Apparently, she makes an exception for Israel.

    • I had heard of this woman before. However, I didn't know that she is German.
      Westheimer in the German talk show "Kerner" introducing her book "Silver Sex": link to
      Westheimer in the German talk show "Markus Lanz": link to
      A commenter writes: "Can that granny shut up once? She only talks nonsense and wants to be the centre of attention.

      Whoever is not going to give us support, watch out for me, I can still put five bullets into that little red circle.
      It's not particularly surprising that Zionists threaten people with violence. The "Jewish state" was created and is maintained by the use of force.

  • Clinton cautioned Israelis on giving up Golan because Syrians might try to poison Sea of Galilee
    • As they say in Latin, O di tseiten, o di ziten!

      Latin? Yeah, right! Du alter Scherzkeks! It must be Yiddish, because if you spell it a little differently, you get German: "Oh, die Zeiten. Oh, die Sitten."

    • OT: The German TV channel "tagesschau24" has one of its "theme nights" tonight. The topic is "50 years ago - founding of the PLO". There are a 30-minute documentary about Arafat, a 20-minute German documentary from 2002 titled "Palestine - two peoples, one home", a 30-minute interview with Middle East specialist Michael Lüders, a 30-minute German documentary from 2009 titled "children of the stones - children of the wall", and a 25-minute documentary about Tel Aviv.

      So far, I watched the documentary "Palestine - two peoples, one home" and the interview with Middle East specialist Michael Lüders. Both programmes are surprisingly pro-Palestinian. I could hardly believe my ears.

      In the documentary, three elderly, German-speaking Israeli peace activists were interviewed. One of them was Uri Avnery. They said that when they came to Palestine, they were told that it was a land without a people. Then they realised that this was a lie. The documentary also made clear that the Palestinians did not leave voluntarily. The narrator used the word "Nakba" and said that "760,000 Palestinians were expelled or fled". Then the documentary moved on to 1967. It was stated that the settlements turn the Palestinian territory into "non-contiguous enclaves". The narrator also said that many settlers are immigrants who are not aware of the geopolitical situation and who are lured in by the cheap housing. Of course, this implies that the Israeli government is behind the settlements and sends Jewish settlers to the West Bank. Here, the narrator contradicted Uri Avnery. Avnery claimed in the interview that the settlers intentionally move to the West Bank of their own volition and out of political conviction. The implication is that the Israeli government is not behind the settlements and can't do anything about them. Furthermore, the documentary also dealt with the First Intifada. No mention of "terrorism". Only the word "resistance" was used. The importance of Palestinian women in the resistance movement was emphasised. The Palestinian boycott of Israeli goods was mentioned, too.

      During the interview with Michael Lüders, I made some notes of what he said:
      - The Palestinian perspective starts gaining more prominence in the west.
      - Israel's policy of "preaching peace while building more settlements" is "paradoxical" and "schizophrenic".
      - The Second Intifada happened because Palestinians realised that non-violence does not get them anywhere and won't bring about peace. However, the problem with the intifada was that the Palestinians could not counter the Israelis militarily. That's why Israel could crush the revolt.
      - Hamas is "demonised as terrorist group" by Israel and western countries. However, Israel is still pragmatic and has negotiated with Hamas in the past. This is another contradiction on Israel's part: demonising while negotiating.
      - Nowadays, Hamas is a "moderate and pragmatic" group.
      - The PLO recognised Israel as a state but didn't get anything from Israel in return.
      - The USA has a "change of heart" (Gesinnungswandel) in terms of Israel/Palestine. Now, the USA starts accepting Hamas and is willing to blame Israel for the failed peace talks.
      - Israel has "little to no willingness to compromise".
      - The power imbalance is in favour of Israel while the demography is in favour of the Palestinians.
      - Israel "plays for time".
      - The West "doesn't exert any pressure on Israel". All the West does is "wagging a finger".
      - The PA makes gestures of good will and big concessions (großes Entgegenkommen).
      - The Palestinians did not yet come to terms with the "trauma of the Nakba" that happened "in 1948 and again in 1967".
      - The Palestinians would get a state on "not even 25% of their historical land".
      - Israel's policy is "divide and rule".
      - International consensus is a two-state solution, but Israel is not willing to accept it.
      - Palestinians start demanding a one-state solution with "one person, one vote". However, Israel doesn't want this because "there are more Palestinians than Jews" and therefore "the Palestinians would win all the elections".
      - In the Middle East, Israel is in a "privileged situation".

      By the way, Michael Lüders wrote a book about Iran. Content: Iran doesn't threaten anyone. Actually, Iran is threatened. Israel, the USA with its Jewish lobby, and other western countries are war-mongers.
      link to

      In case anyone likes to contact Michael Lüders, you can find the contact information here: link to

  • Watch Palestinian-Americans discuss how Israel discriminates against U.S. travelers
    • I am not quite sure what exactly you mean by "(i)moralistic bullying". What I find strange about the quoted sentence is the mention or claim that Ms Tobler Linder is wealthy. Apparently, Ms Berg would have us believe that there's an imbalance of power between the wealthy anti-Zionist/anti-Semite and the poor, tiny "country of the Jews".
      I mean, referring to Israel as "country of the Jews" is already terrible enough and an upgrade from "Jewish state". However, claiming that "the poor Jews" in "their tiny country" are persecuted by "the wealthy anti-Zionists", that takes the biscuit.

    • Yes, there have been numerous of such posters in the USA. However, I don't know if Kay24 is a US citizen. Therefore, "our nation" could refer to some other country.

    • Additions:

      There have already been "anti-Israel posters" at Zurich’s central station in March 2009. At that time, the text was:
      "61 years of Israel = 61 years of injustice to the Palestinians
      In the Middle East there was: no land without a people for a people without a land.
      Israel: established by force on the soil of the Palestinians.
      Injustice requires resistance!"
      After three days, however, Swiss Federal Railways decided to remove the posters because of complaints by Zionists. The Palestine solidarity activists sued and won the case. Now, Swiss Federal Railways has to allow such posters.

      During the aforementioned 2013 poster campaign, Zionist activists put stickers on the posters. The text was: "Stop all of this lies about Israel!! Everyday Israel helps arabs in israeli hospitals (sic!)!!!"

      Source: link to

    • Yesterday, DER SPIEGEL published an article titled "Swiss anti-Semitism" by writer Sibylle Berg: link to
      The author complains that Switzerland allows its citizens too much freedom of speech: "A lady, who lives in a very wealthy quarter of Zurich, can declare hostilities against the far-away, small country of the Jews."
      This is a reference to the "anti-Israel posters" that were displayed for one week in May at Zurich's central station. The ethnologist and sociologist Verena Tobler Linder is responsible for the campaign.
      Here is a photo of one of this year's posters: link to
      The slogans read:
      "66 years of Israel = 66 years of land theft from the Palestinians" (accompanied by maps showing the land loss)
      "66 years of Israel = 66 years of injustice to the Palestinians - How long do we still turn a blind eye?"
      Sibylle Berg refers to these statements as "polemic".

      Last year in May, there was the same kind of poster campaign:
      link to
      The slogan reads: "65 years of Israel = 65 years of injustice to the Palstinians - Israel violates international law and the human rights of Palestinians every day."

      Here's another article about this year's campaign, with lots of reader comments:
      link to

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