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  • 'We may no longer be permitted—nor permit ourselves—to enter Israel,' 172 scholars write
    • Phillip, does this mean you are not going to make any further trips to Israel? That's it? Sobering thought. Things must be getting serious.
      By the way, did you read the report today. Intel will by buying an Israeli company for 15 Billion US Dollars. And also, gas has started to flow to Jordan. Israel badly needs the extra bucks.

  • Peter Beinart misses South Africa's apartheid lesson, Gideon Levy gets it
    • Yes talknic, "Die Stem", which was the Afrikaner anthem, is part of the new Sth Arican anthem. Mandela sang it. Sth Africans sing it every day. Mandela made sure that the White Sth African saw him do it. Mandela said everything needed to be shared. He knew what reconciliation meant. Abbas does not have a clue. The Arabs have no intentions of sharing. "Jews out" is their slogan. There are some things, like the Temple Mount, that will need to be shared. Now go call on Abbas to show the Mandela in him. Don't bother because the comparison between the two should never have been made in the first place.

    • Page: 7
    • Woody, do you say the same thing about the Quran?

    • brenda, what you are saying does not make sense. The reconciliation committee in Sth Africa convened after the transfer of power. Mandela was already President. Abbas has to come forward now, and say the right things followed up with action. And he is not going to do either. He is not willing to share. He has already said that no Israeli can live in the heartland of the Jewish story, which is the West Bank. This is total denial of Jewish history and heritage. Don't buy in the lies and propaganda brenda.

    • Go read the Torah blah chick. Go read the Bible, and then come and tell us that it is "their country". Don't let the facts get in the way. You need to figure out in your mind how to go from "their" to "share".

    • So talknic, why don't you just admit it. You and Abbas are not interested in the basic and core facts that drive the Jewish people. You and Abbas are simply extremists who are only interested in distorting history.

    • So Brenda, after your diatribe, show us one item in your list above that has anything to do with sharing? Mandela was all about sharing. Abbas is all about taking. If you want to invoke the Sth African model, then you don't leave out the most important element that allowed the reconciliation to happen. Abbas will need to accept and take into account Jewish history and heritage. Mandela took into account the history and heritage of the Whites so Sth Africa. The Palestinians want to forget the mistakes of the Arab world when they went to war with Israel on multiple occasions, as if they never happened.

    • There is no Palestinian Mandela. Mandela was a man who insisted on including everyone. The national anthem includes 4 different sections, Afrikaans, English and Zulu and Xhosa. Can you imaging Abbas singing Hativka? Pigs will fly before this happens. Who are you trying to kid. Mandela insisted on sharing. Can you see Abbas declaring his support for Jewish prayer on the Temple Mount, the holiest site for Jews?
      Not Abbas and not any other Palestinian can be remotely associated with Mandela. The Palestinians are so keen for the world the make some type of comparison between the two conflicts but they have not realized that if they want to really convince anyone they will need to offer up a true Mandela. Don't hold your breath. And moreover, Shia Islam will never let this happen. They will insure that any Palestinian who even thinks of this will be promptly cut down.

  • 6 DC heavyweights tell Kerry, Netanyahu in West Bank is like Putin in Crimea
    • "Intelligent official"? Many regarded the Nazi leadership as "intelligent" with lots of 'intelligent officials". "Intelligent officials" get it right no more than anyone else as they usually have an agenda that blinds the truth. Brezezinski has an agenda and is one scary guy.

  • Zionism has distorted American Jewish life
    • Destruction of the Jewish Temples in Jerusalem and the wholesale slaughter of Jews 2000 years ago. The slaughter of Jews in Arabia by Mohammad. The Crusades. The Spanish Inquisition. The Pogroms in Russia. The Holocaust. The denial of Jewish history. And the continued one sided attacks by the UN that perpetrate violence and stir up hatred that help institutionalize antisemitism. How many UN resolutions have been passed criticizing Arab countries? The antisemites love nothing more than to see Jews attack other Jews and this is the reason Philip is such an attraction to them. You may know a few.

    • Taking pride at being a "Goy" Citizen? Don't think I did not notice that you capitalized the word. Mondoweiss has become a magnet for you and your type.

      By the way , your comment about Twain only strengthens what I said about the precarious situation Jews in the US were in.

    • No other people on this planet have been persecuted the way Jews have and for the length of time this has continued. I don't know if you are Jewish Donald, I assume not, but I would recommend you do a little research on the subject.

    • Yes Woody, go tell this to the Jews of the Ukraine who are starting to run for their lives. And was it not Obama who ridiculed Romney and Palin after Romney placed Russia as the biggest geo-political threat to the US and Palin said Russia would invade the Ukraine? However much things seem to change, they stay the same.
      The Jews of the US and elsewhere should internalize the fact that there is no logic to antisemitism and the hatred of Israel. When the crowd gets going, watch out. All those Jew haters who frequent Mondoweiss are now licking their lips at the smell of blood.

    • American Jews should read the likes of Mark Twain and others to learn a little on how insecure Jews were in the USA just 150 years ago and how they were perceived. Brownfeld should not draw on experiences that span only a few years. History should teach Jews that the goy who wants to knock them on the head is not too far away.

  • Apathy in Ramallah as negotiations with Israel dive
    • Allison, did not Abbas's term as president end five years ago? Are these the democratic values you cherish so much? Oh, okay, blame Israel.

  • Why the 'Forward's' support for SodaStream is antithetical to progressive values
    • Nobody knows what "progressive values" really are. By definition, progressive values continue to evolve. So saying that supporting Soda Stream goes against those values is quite shallow. The only thing that seems to be clear about progressive values is that those who think they are adopting such values do not look at history when it comes to issues that fit an agenda. So from the writers perspective the current conflict has little to do with history only because there is little in physical evidence to support the historical Palestinian narrative. So once again the progressives think they are doing good but ultimately help cause havoc in world but not holding parties responsible for prior action they have taken.

  • Former Israeli general: failed peace talks won't lead to doom
    • Yadlin made one major mistake in my opinion. He did not turn to the Palestinians, in his list of what they need to do for true peace, and that is the understanding and acceptance that some things will need to be shared. Some things can never be divided and result in peace afterwards. Without the element of sharing, the process becomes a zero sum game. Yadlin still does not understand this and so don't many secular Israeli's. And so don't most Leftist Palestinian supporters, who detest religion and yet support Palestinian claims based on religion, history and heritage, and at the same time reject Zionists claims based on the same premise. And the imbalance goes against raw, core understandings of what justice should be about. Justice is not reserved for the Arabs.

  • Boteach posts censored videotape of Columbia debate
    • Watching your interaction with Boteach is a total waste of time and energy. It contributed zero to the discussion at hand and good that it was edited from the published video. It's not about you Philip. Stop being such a narcissist and an immature one at that.

  • Reports: Abbas faults Israel for 'procrastinating,' says Palestine will move to join int'l organizations
  • Pollard was in it for money, and sold so many dox Cap Weinberger wanted the death penalty
    • Are you saying that you KNOW what is in the letter? And it was CIA agents in Russia who were taken out.

    • Ask yourself this Ellen. If a security network was destroyed because of Pollard, then why still keep Caspar Weinberger's letter to the judge secret? The Russians know about it. Everyone else knows about it except the people of the USA. I assume you are talking about the security network in Russia if indeed your position in signals gave you access to such info? If not then you are just guessing. What really happened was that Pollard saw that some of his superiors where not passing on intelligence onto Israel about Iraq (mainly) even though Israel and the US have and had sharing agreements that allowed such sharing. Remember that this was before the Gulf War where Sadam Husein was building weapons to attack Israel like the super cannon that Canadian Gerald Bull assisted them with. Israel and the US are strong alias. Israel would not have compromised the security of the US. The amount of years Pollard has sat in prison earns him the right to have the secret letter from Weinberger made public. I believe that the publication of this letter will only embarrass the now dead Caspar Weinberger and the CIA director at the time. If the damage has already been done then release the the damn letter. But they won't. Pollard now deserves my support and yours as well, as well as every so called liberal in the US who thinks they understand what justice means. Twenty nine years in jail. Enough is enough.

    • What a load of bs Philip. Caspar Weinberger, may he rot in hell, knew exactly what was given to Israel when the plea bargain was arranged. Pollard was supposed to sit for 3 years. CIA agents in Russia were compromised between the time the plea bargain was arranged and the hearing to approve it, and Caspar Weinberger, may he rot in hell (did I say that already), blamed Pollard for this. It is now known that Pollard had nothing to do with this. His department did not have access to this info. Weinberger then sent a still secret note to the judge who then reneged on the plea bargain. Pollard did not compromise US security. The judge is now dead, Weinberger is dead and it seems that there are those who want Pollard dead as well, so no one will be able to tell the real story. Something else is going on and it has nothing to do with what Pollard gave to Israel for free or for payment or for anything else. 29 years in jail. For What ?? Nelson Mandela sat for less time and he made bombs and used them.

  • Boteach stops reporter from videotaping Columbia University debate
    • Philip, you know what they say about the person behind the camera? The experience often detaches the photographer from the event occurring in front of the camera. You would have done better to pay attention to what was being said than to manage your camera, skills you have shown not to be your strongest. Anyway here is the video. Enjoy

    • Why do you headline your article "Boteach stops reporter" as if he came up with this requirement?

  • Journalistic malpractice: Washington Post suggests Abbas doesn't recognize Israel's right to exist
    • Donald, you are right. Arabs moved to Jerusalem but not only from the immediate area but from as far as Syria, Iraq, Arabia and Egypt.
      The Arab population of Jerusalem continues to grow. This is true today. And if it is growing then there cannot be ethnic cleansing. What ethnic cleansing are you talking about? Is your single point of reference the 1948 War when the new State of Israel was attacked from all sides and had to defend itself with only 650,000 men, women and children? Why do you not demand that the Palestinians take as least some responsibility for what happened in 1948? For the past 66 years there has been no what you call "ethnic cleansing" and yet you beat this drum as if Palestinians were forced out of their homes this very morning. Enough with the lies and propaganda. The majority left on their own accord. They were told to leave to make the massacre of Jews a lot easier to then return after this deed was done. Peace loving people you lot are? Not.

    • kalithea, what is missing is the reference to a Jewish State. This goes to the core of the Palestinian lie and propaganda machine. Recognizing Israel as the nation state of the Jewish people, by the Palestinians and their Arab brothers, tells the Jews that the Arabs will then end the conflict, are willing to share sensitive sites, like the Temple Mount, which is the holiest site for Jews, and to accept that their be a Jewish state where the majority of its citizens will be Jewish. As Abbas has not said anything of the sort, I would suggest to you not to buy into his lies.

    • You don't know what you are talking about Donald. One hundred and fifty years ago there were barely 7,000 Arabs in Jerusalem. Today there are over 300,000 and growing. How many years does it take for a population to double itself? Do the math Donald. Take your ethnic cleansing lie and go sell it to some other conflict in the world. It does not apply to the Israel/Palestine story.

    • Philip, as you have based your life's work supporting the Palestinians, if one day Abbas openly admits to never having really recognized Israel's right to exist in a way that you realize this, are you going to jump off a cliff?

  • 'The clash of civilizations’ theory is absolutely and completely dead
    • Yes American, radical Israel gave the entire Sinai to Egypt in a peace deal. Yes American, Israel made border adjustments with Jordan when a peace deal was signed with it. Yes American, Israel pulled out of Gaza and forcefully relocated over 8,000 Israeli's. Yes American, Ehud Barak offered Yassar Arafat 96% of the West Bank and a share arrangement in Jerusalem and Yassar Arafat rejected this offer. The Palestinians, their advisers and their supporters are the radicals don't you think?
      What have the Arabs done to advance peace with the Jewish people taking into account core Jewish interests? Seven letters, "nothing".

    • Unfortunately Renner, history is dictated by radicals who are prepared to put their lives on the line. And unfortunately for both you and I, Islam seems to praise many who give up their lives in Jihad, with the promise of rewards in the afterlife. Therefor all it takes is for 10% of the population of a country to go the radical route and we all know that there are more than 10% in Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Lybia, Iraq, Iran and so forth, who insure that the conflict is one based on a cultural divide and therefor the clash of civilization is assured to continue. As long as the majority remain silent, the radicals will have their own way. The radicals I am referring to care little about the internet and watching TV. They have other items on their agenda so be careful not to project your own experience onto them.

    • Where does religion fit into James North's comments? They don't.
      The arrogance of secular (pseudo) intellectuals is astounding.
      The Arab world especially will make sure they have someone else to blame for their shortcomings. They only know how to blame the US and Israel, and this will not change. And if you know anything about the Middle East, you don't judge events over a few years and determine they are trends. Assad the father killed 20,000 Syrians. Who believed that Assad the son, the enlightened doctor, would kill 150,000? Nothing's changed.

  • Liberal Zionists turn on media darling Ari Shavit for promoting Netanyahu's bluff
    • Cheap shot Citizen.

    • Over 120,000 Syrians have been killed over the past 3 years. I don't see the Arab armies launching an invasion of Syria.

    • The Devil is in the Details. No details were listed because there weren't any. Instead we have the actual action taken by Palestinian Arabs towards Jews. For example, supporting the ban on Jews entering the Temple Mount, the holiest site for Jews. How does this fit in with Husseini's comment mentioned above on freedom of access to all? It does not. Judge on action and not words, especially when Islam supports the act of lying when trying to defeat the enemy.

    • Well RoHa, what do say about current day Palestinians who migrated to the region during the past 80 years? We know that the population of Jerusalem 150 years ago was around 14,000 people with half being Jewish. Today there are over 300,000 Arabs in Jerusalem. How to you get from 7,000 Arabs 150 years ago to 300,000 today without migration. Well let me tell you that you cannot. And if you cannot then part of the Palestinian story is a lie, a big fat lie.

    • Roha, please give references where Palestinians displayed a serious and community willingness to share prior to 1948. I believe you are inventing history.
      You may think that Jewish history and heritage is irrelevant and you only say this because the Palestinians do not have similar to match. So you attack Jews and Jewish history. Without this history there is no justification for Jews to be in Israel so unfortunately your argument and position stink and do not demonstrate a willingness for peace between the nations. Justice is not reserved only for the Palestinian Arabs you know.

    • Don't you love the way Finkelstein shows those big white areas but refrains from mentioning that they were mainly desert in the south and swampland in the north, areas that were sparsely inhabited by anyone. Finkelstein mentions that the Arabs were allocated 46% of the land but refrains to mention that most of the fertile land in the region was in the 46% allocated to the Arabs. Finkelstein also conveniently skips over the Palestinian rejection of the the 1947 Partition Plan by saying he does not have enough time to go into detail. The same goes for the 1967 War.
      And this is at the core of his mistake in trying to understand the conflict. And so he continues to mislead and show no interest in holding the Palestinians responsible for anything.

    • Philip, remind us what the reason for Arab hatred towards Jews was in 1967, when there were no settlements and East Jerusalem was controlled by Jordan?
      As the Arabs have time and time again demonstrated their real long intentions regarding how they see an independent country for the Jewish people, the absolute minimum if they say they want peace is to openly support and understand the need for Israel to be the nation state of the Jewish people. The rationale behind this is that some things will need to be shared and the only way the Palestinian leadership can justify this sharing to their own people is if they have taken the vital step and acknowledged Jewish history and heritage. Eventually the Palestinians will understand that there is no way around this, even if it takes another 1,000 years. Many of us understood the dangers of Oslo at the time precisely because this language was left out of the agreement. Those Israeli's involved with Oslo should be prosecuted for their selling Jewish interests down the river and then indirectly causing the deaths of thousands of its citizens by Palestinian suicide bombers.
      The more one examines past action taken by the Palestinians and their Arab and Muslim brothers, the more one understands that tremendous evil has been directed towards the Jewish people as a result and that the Palestinians are in no way an innocent party in this conflict.

  • 'Forward' lives up to its name, bashing denial of Palestinian narrative and donors' control of Hillel
    • The Forward, fiercely pro Israel? Where have you been for the past few years Philip? You are joking aren't you?

  • BDS supporting rock star Roger Waters hits back against vicious smears
    • I guess you are English "justicewillprevail" and by your level of passion, it sounds like the system did the job on you. I hope my comments brought some discomfort to you as you realize who and what you are. Been to Speaker Corner recently/ever? Do you get as passionate about any other cause in other places of the world? If not, then find the closest mirror and take a hard, hard look as the Palestinians, with all they have done, are not deserving of the type of support you show them. The Palestinians enjoy support from the liberal secular left around the world and it does not suit the agenda when religion is discussed. Strange bedfellows the left and the Islamic front against Israel make.

    • One needs to have lived in Britain, gone to school, played sports and frequented the pubs to understand just how institutionalized antisemitism is in British society. A visit to Hyde Park Speakers Corner on a regular Sunday can be a wake up call for all those who believe that the world is somehow partial in its approach to the Israel/Palestine conflict. It is astounding how the likes of Waters, and many others, who is so willing to separate the Palestinians from their Arab brothers and from a history in the region that does not show up the Arabs in a positive light. The reality is that it is a Muslim/Israeli conflict and the Palestinians are as guilty as anyone else. Water and Co. are not interested in ever expecting the Palestinians to take any responsibility for their own predicament.

  • Gaza heats up: Israel bombards coastal enclave under siege with multiple airstrikes
    • Alex, why don't you suggest to Allison to go down to Sderot (Israeli town being bombarded with rockets) for a few days? There is a special on with reality sandwich's.

  • Amended anti-boycott bill in Maryland removes financial penalties, labels BDS as 'racist'
    • Desmond Tutu spent all of a week being carted around by biased Palestinians and their supporters, and one week was enough for this "enlightened" person to make far reaching conclusions on the goings on in the region. This is how the world works with agenda driven Leftist who manufacture facts to suit their predetermined options and agenda. Desmond Tutu, who is a well meaning person, has allowed himself to be manipulated and abused, and he needs to take responsibility for his own short comings. I would like to hear Desmond Tutu recount Zionist Israeli positions for the purpose of understanding the full picture. If he is unable to do this then he is unable to understand the conflict and therefore he is unable to find fault with prior Arab and Palestinian actions. In the context of the South African story he has been able to retain his integrity. On the Israel/Palestine story he has yet to discover it.

  • Video: 8-year-old boys stopped by soldiers-- 'you were about to throw stones'
  • 'Netanyahu is a Nazi': Scenes from an Orthodox anti-military draft protest in Jerusalem
    • From your first sentence "honoring the rabbi’s of the extreme-right", it is clear you do not know what you are talking about.

  • Do Americans want to know that Israel is waging war on Africans?
    • Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Libya, Iraq reflect the stable region Israel is in. Wonderful, stable, law abiding, moral and loving countries these are, hey eljay? All of the listed countries have helped the Palestinians wage war with Israel, multiple times. Iran is continuing to use Sudan to transport large amounts of weapons into the Sinai and Gaza. Many of us see and know that the larger problem is not with Israel, and it is the larger problem that would need to be resolved in order for Israel to believe that the Arabs want peace with the Jews and reconcile with the need for a Jewish State. And you know something eljay, they don't.
      So until they do, please, enough with your shallow cynical canned comments.

    • Hey David, don't forget to tell everyone that many, many of these "refugees" actually boarded an aircraft from Sudan and flew to Cairo. They purchased a ticket with their own money and flew to Cairo. From Cairo the Sinai Bedouin enjoyed a lucrative business moving them north. Another fact not emphasized is that most of the Sudanese are Muslim. And don't forget to tell everyone that most of the Africans in Israel are there to work and not because they have been politically persecuted at home. And David, don't forget to tell everyone that that many of these Africans received and continue to receive medical treatment from Western trained doctors, for the first time in their lives, who then called home on their cellphones to tell their families what wonderful treatment they received. And David, don't forget to tell everyone that in Sudan and Eritrea, there are 20 million more, just like them, who would follow at a moments notice. And David, don't forget to tell everyone that just 10 years ago there were about 2,500 job seekers in Israel from Africa, and the David Sheen's of the world said, "What's 2,500, let them stay". Today there are over 100,000 in Israel.
      Africa has some major, tragic problems. Africa has a huge number of impoverished people. Israel cannot solve the problems of Africa. It can only drown trying, but hey, what do you care, we can always move to the other Jewish country.

  • 144 Irish educators pledge boycott-- as Karmi says, We gave up waiting on governments for help
    • The same way that the so called liberals initiated the Arab Spring protests in Tahrir Square and then had the carpet pulled from under them by the radical Islamists, the BDS movements has/will be taken over by those who want the elimination of Israel. You then have a few liberal Jews who have aligned with BDS saying "no, no it's only against settlements", but do not yet realize that no one is listening to them anymore.

  • Adalah founder assails myth of 'Jewish and democratic' state
    • And showing a blind eye to others who have done the same.

    • For argument sake, let's assume that Israel suggests to the Palestinians what you have said and the Palestinians reject this. What would you then have to say about the Palestinians and the conflict in general? By the way, I am okay with Muslims continuing to access and pray on the Temple Mount, however much I dislike it, and I dislike it a lot. I am also not calling to knock down the mosques there as well.

    • Many of the major demands being made by the Palestinians are based on religion and religious folk-law. The major mistake made by the Israeli navigators at Oslo was not to reciprocate demands also based on religion. The Palestinian negotiators at Oslo were not secular yet the Israeli negotiators were. The secular Israeli's thus caused major damage to the long term interest of Israel as the Jewish state. Netanyahu is trying to correct that mistake. There will not be peace until the Palestinians accept that Jews have a long and important history and heritage that is centered around the Temple Mount. The best possible solution is what Clinton proposed. Horizontal and Vertical sovereignty. Above ground structures, the Dome of the Rock and Aksa mosque to the Muslims and the ground on which they stand to the Jews. The secular Israeli negotiators at Oslo should also be prosecuted for the damage they caused and Adalah rides the mistake.

  • 10,000 Israeli teens follow mother-hen of extremist settler movement in anti-Kerry protest
    • Allison, Judea (Jew-dea) and Samaria, the place you call the West Bank, is the area most often mentioned in the Bible and is at the core of the Jewish story and identity. This is not an extremist point of view but the exact opposite. It is what it is and you and Philip and Barghouti cannot change this fact, no matter how hard you try.

  • Outsource Thomas Friedman's column to India
    • Friedman is loved by the Left in Israel, ridiculed and despised by the Right.
      Believe me, Friedman is not going anywhere. The NYT is going down the toilet and Friedman is going to be there until the final flush. The sad thing is that the world needs a paper, with the perceived standing of the NYT, to be neutral in its reporting and the NYT could still fit the bill. It will need to cut its ties to the Democratic Party before this could happen. We are longing for an unbiased source of reliable information. This is its only hope. Getting it right 50% of the time is not good enough. And these are the stats for Friedman. I would love to see him put out to pasture. And whilst they are at it, they should take his Pulitzer back.

  • The killing of Odeh Hamad
    • Israel left Gaza talknic. Did you miss the event?

      Bombs on the border fence:
      Oct 31,
      Dec 21,
      Jan 24,
      Jan 27,

      Sniper fire : multiple

      Rioting on the fence: Dec 24, Jan 2,

    • AlGhorear, if Canada started firing rockets into the US, the US would flatten it.

    • amigo, I'll try to enlighten you about conflict zones. This may come as news to you but they are a mess. Mistakes happen and stray bullets sometimes hit the wrong and unintended target. Take the fields on the Gazan side of the border. The area is not a flat piece of land. There are small hills and ditches. So by aiming at someone's leg, firing and then missing the target, could see the bullet hitting someone behind the target standing in a ditch with his head at the level of the knees of the person being shot at. The person firing the bullet may easily miss the background objects. The IDF is not perfect but if far better than most of the others out there. Accidents will always happen. An Israel officer was killed last week on the Gazan border from friendly fire. Tragic.

    • If the Gazan's are lobbying rockets into Israel, why should Israel place a buffer zone in it's territory? This will only encourage more rockets and the bigger the rockets get the bigger the buffer zone will need to be. Are you aware that rockets were fired yesterday? I am sure the LA Times skipped this one as usual. Stop firing rockets, stop planting bombs and there will be no need for a buffer zone. And please don't get into the "Gaza is a prison" thing again. Never mind Hamas's stated position to destroy Israel.
      In any case there are often confrontations near the fence with stone throwing rioting and destruction of the fence. There are a number of video's of such rioting and the Gazan's know that 99% of the time, if they throw stones, nothing will come of it.
      Did you happen to skip the story in Oct about the terror tunnel uncovered on the fence? Do you know how much money went into that tunnel? If you are truly concerned about civilians trying to feed their families, then you should call on Hamas to stop spending money on terror tunnels, weapons and bombs.
      Out of interest, please tell me how many bombs have gone off on the fence over the past four months?

    • Annie, why don't you tell us how many bombs have been going off on the border fence during the past few months? I know such news does not make headlines in the media you like to follow. Not only does this news not make headlines, it does not make it anywhere in the back pages as well. Soldiers as well as civilians are being attacked on a ever increasing basis. In December a civilian was killed by a sniper bullet from Gaza. And how do the bombs get to the fence? Do they fly there on the backs of trained pigeons or do you think vulnerable kids are paid to plant them? One would think reading your story that all is quiet on the Gaza border until the day two brother came along to collect plastic bottles. Annie, you read the news that feeds your narrative. That is why you do not understand the full picture.

  • Student who exposed 'leftist' teacher is honored at Knesset, while teacher gets violent threats
    • The Zionists build up the country. Go read Mark Twain's book. There was very little built and developed, until the Zionist arrived. And if you are referring to Palestinian villages that were destroyed during war time, most of those were small villages with not may inhabitants. Even when Twain visited Jerusalem in 1867, the population of this city was only 14,000, so imagine how sparse the rest of the country was just 70 years later.
      Ask Verete how he got out of the army. He will refuse to tell you.

    • Mr. Verete is one of those types who prefer others do the hard work. Did Mr. Verete go to the army at 18 years and commit the 3 years or did he squeal out of doing the service to his community he was required to do? No surprise that he did not do national service. He played the games, went for psychological evaluations and he knew what to say and act in order to receive the "appropriate" results that suggested Mr. Verete is not fit for duty. Since when has the left ever built anything and made the long term sacrifices? You on the left only know how to destroy what others are built. It is much quicker to break things down than to build things them. Typical leftist trash. Talking to you Mr. Verete.

  • Israel and apartheid: a response to Hirsh Goodman
    • Arab Israeli's enjoy more freedom and rights than most other Arabs, anywhere. They are doing relatively better than most other Arabs, other than those who are connected to the black gold. Then why would Walt take on as one of his main mantra's, the rights of the Israeli Arabs? Walt's expectations of Israel towards all and any Arab is an obsession based on a view that Jews must be better than everyone else. So when Walt accuses Jews of thinking they are better than everyone else, he should look in the mirror.
      Has anyone been to a pro-Israeli talk on campus in the US? Have any of you experienced the violent nature of those attacking anyone pro-Israel? The BDS movement is far from being non-violent. It may have started out on paper to be this but it never was and it never will be.
      Israeli Arabs are doing just fine Rabbi Walt. Do yourself a favor, leave them alone. By the way, you may want to read Mark Twain's book on his travels to Palestine in 1879. He quotes the population of Jerusalem as 14,000 (fourteen thousand) and this includes Jews, Muslims, Christians and others.
      The Palestinian lies continue.

    • Walt climbed onto the BDS bandwagon a some years ago with wild demands on Israel, demands that have turned out to be, once understood, on a level that are placed on no other country and people, and demands that if fulfilled will result in the collapse of the single Jewish state. I am sure this is not what Walt wanted when he first got involved in the evil enterprise which is now out of control. Walt would do better to hop off this train. The BDS movement is a cult. Walt will tell us that he expects more from Jews than anyone else or any other state.
      Maybe Walt is the racist?

    • talknic tries to tell us that it is irrelevant that the Arab Palestinians, as apposed to the Jewish Palestinians, rejected the 1947 Partition Plan. The Jews accepted the plan with its borders and had the Arabs and Muslims not gone to war with the newly created State of Israel, those would have been the borders. When the war ended in 1949 the lines drawn were called the Armistice Lines. What did you expect Israel to do then, apologize on behalf of the Arabs for them not accepting the Partition Plan? Are you out of your mind talknic? And those lines held until 1967 when again the Palestinians with their Arab and Muslims brothers went to war, again.
      The Palestinians have had their chances for a state and rejected each and every opportunity. Israel is not going to agree to have indefensible borders, and nor should they. If the Palestinians want a state they are going to have to accept many things, that Israel is the nation state of the Jewish people and that unrepresented compromises by them to insure Israel's security. Non militarized state, Israeli army retaining presence in strategic positions. The Palestinians have made too many mistakes. Demand that they pay for them.

    • History ended 2000 years ago? Just like that hey?
      The biggest thing that the Palestinians fear and that of the history of the Jews. That's why they have brainwashed you into saying the nonsense you do Shingo. How does history stop? It is what it is so you had better start getting used to it, especially when it has to do with the Jewish people who have a direct line to biblical times. The Torah is in Hebrew. What other people do you know alive today who speak the same language that was spoken 2,000 years ago?

    • Denial of what Shmuel? By whom? The only denial going on is that of the Palestinians who deny that Jews have a long and important history in this land. Again I ask you Shmuel, denial of what? I am not denying that Palestinians have gripes. They need to take responsibility for their own mistakes and actions, something you seem to have no requirement for. Not accepting the 1947 Partition Plan, going to war, countless acts of terror. By their actions they have forced Israeli's to be obsessed with security, and rightly so.
      You need to ask yourself one question Shmuel. Is this the land of the Jews? If your answer is no, then all Jews should leave Israel. If your answer is yes, then you are the one who is in denial Shmuel about the existential threat the Palestinians and their Arab and Muslim brothers pose to the small and vulnarable Jewish state that would be only 9 miles wide in some places.

    • The South African Jewish community seems to have seen better days. An arrogance has crept in over the past 10 years, an arrogance that does not bode well for them. This notion of "systemic privileging of Jews over non-Jews", that Jews think they are better than others, is a hangup that is encountered in South Africa it seems but is not one felt in the Jewish homeland. Israeli's do not have the luxury of thinking or acting as if they are better than anyone else. They are preoccupied with building and insuring their kids are safe from an ideology that wants to destroy them. So there is a disconnect and Rabbi Walt would do better talking about problems in the South African Jewish community. The Israelis who are the least racist in Israel are the religious Zionists and Walt has got his wires crossed somewhere.

  • Do SodaStream's workers have the right to vote? Roger Waters asks Scarlett Johansson
    • The Palestinians workers at Sodastream did vote. They voted for Hamas in the West Bank. They and nearly 70% of Arab Palestinians voted for a terrorist organization.
      If some democracies pride themselves on extracting legal justice on those who do not perform, this was not even allowed to happen with Hamas in the West Bank because the dictator president Abbas declared that even though Hamas won the elections, they would not be allowed to take control of the West Bank and show the real face of the Palestinians. Instead, with the help of the US, democratic values were thrown out the window so that Abbas could remain the pretty face in the Palestinian shop window. Just what the #%$k are you talking about Mr. Waters?

  • The real SodaStream commercial they don't want you to see
  • 'One state for two people' -- Tom Friedman's crystal ball
    • Phil is on a mission from God. It's heads down all the way.

    • Sorry to break it to you Woody, but Jews care. And Jews are not asking for your permission to decide what is important for Judaism and what is not. The core of Judaism was formed in and around Jerusalem and more specifically, The Temple Mount. The only people who are going to take your comments seriously are those who also believed that Mohammad flew on a winged horse to the place of the rock on his way to heaven and the reference to the rock has been interpreted over the past 400 years to be the the rock in Jerusalem, or as you call it Al-kuds (both not mentioned anywhere in Islamic books older than the state of Israel). Of all the rocks in the Middle East, it had to be the one the Jews had build their Temples over.

    • The areas with the water happen to be same lands Abraham, Issac and Jacob lived on. This makes these lands central to Jewish history and heritage. The Jews have a right to this land and water. Jews were on this land and drank this water, long before Palestinian Arabs came along. What has this got to do with the US stealing Arab oil?

    • The British stabbed the Jewish people in the back multiple times. It is no co-incidence that the most fertile land in the region as well as most of the aquifers was not allocated to the Jews in the 1947 Partition Plan. Much of the land allocated for a Jewish state included swamps and desert. Go look at the 1947 Partition Plan. The local Arabs, now called the Palestinians, rejected the plan. They went to war with their Arab and Muslim brother, multiple times. They should be forced to pay the price for this. Many people have died and suffered because of their action and bad decisions. Too many people have died to now say okay, we can trust the Arabs.

    • Jews are already sharing the Temple Mount, the place you call al-Haram ash-Sharif, you dumb squat. In 1967 Israel had the opportunity to move all Muslims off the site and knock the mosques down, but did not. Muslims continue to control the daily religious ritual on the site. I am not proposing that this changes, however much it displeases me, and it displeases me a lot. But I am prepared to wait until God shows his hands and then what you say and what I say will mean very little.
      What I am saying is that the Palestinians, as a people invented during the past 60 years, have no rights to anything in Jerusalem. The Palestinians are the newest entity on the block. Never in all of history has a Palestinian Arab entity controlled anything in Jerusalem. Not even for one day. And with a peace treaty with Israel, the Jewish people may just share some aspects of the city with them. If you are a Palestinian be grateful and say thank you. I am willing to share. Are you? If you are, start with recognizing Israel as the nation state of the Jewish people.

    • Annie, how many times do we need to repeat it to you that the Temple Mount is the holiest site for Jews and not the Western Wall. The Western Wall is the holiest site for Jews to pray on due to its proximity to the site of the First and Second Jewish Temples, on top of which now stand the Dome of the Rock. Why are you unable to understand this point. I'll write it slower next time.

    • Philip, enough with your cynical comments, really. Go to Google Maps satellite view and you will see how few the number of pools their are in the region. And once a pool is filled with water, so it remains only to be topped up from time to time. If you bothered to calculate how much water is then used in a pool over 10 years you will begin to realize how pathetic your focus is on pools in Jewish areas. Most of the water, in any case is used for agriculture and the percentage of that water in pools is literally a drop in the ocean. And guess who does most of the agriculture in the Judea and Samaria. The Arab Palestinians.
      Most of the water in aquifers in the region just happen to be located under Arab towns and cities. This means that the Palestinians will need to be flexible on this point.
      Enough with your games Philip.

    • The Palestinians once again get off scot-free. The distance to a peace deal can be narrow, and it is in the hands of the Palestinians, not Israel to take the steps required to bridge the gap. And yet Friedman, Weiss and others have zero demands and expectations from the Palestinians. Having such low expectations is actually quite racist if you think about it, as if they, the Palestinians, are either not capable of making life altering decisions for themselves or should not be held responsible for decisions they do make.

      This what the Palestinians need to agree to:
      1) West Jerusalem and the Old City with some of the neighborhoods around the Old City remain united. Other East Jerusalem neighborhoods fall under Palestinian control.
      2) Palestinians recognize Israel as the nation state of the Jewish people and recognize the 3,500 year connection Jews have to Jerusalem.
      3)The Palestinians setup shop in Abu-Dis, just a short distance from the Old City.
      4) Special access (tunnels, underground trains) are build from Abu-Dis giving access near to the Temple Mount, on certain days and times.
      5) Palestinian refugees can return to Palestinian controlled areas in Gaza and Judea and Samaria, or be compensated and remain where they are.
      6) The major settlement blocks in Judea and Samaria are annexed by Israel.
      7) Water sharing arrangements
      8) Demilitarized Palestinian controlled areas.
      9) Israeli army in strategic positions in the Jordan Valley and areas on the hills overlooking the valley.
      10) Palestinians agree end-of-conflict.
      11) Special security arrangements in strategic areas, like the airport.
      12) Train from Gaza to Palestinian controlled areas in Judea and Samaria.
      13) Land swaps

      Go through the list and you will soon realize that the ball is in the hands of the Palestinians. They need to know this is no uncertain terms. They are doable. Palestinians need to climb down from their tree. They will not control the Temple Mount. Special access yes. Control, never and this is THE KEY to peace.

  • Abbas lays out his two-state vision in video address to Israeli security conference
    • Indyk represented the US, not Israel.

    • I know he is lying through his teeth. He knows that the type of Isreal he is talking about is unacceptable and will not meet the needs of the Jewish people. Islam has Mecca and Medina. The Jews have Jerusalem.

    • @talknic: Why do you ignore history? Jews could only live under Ottoman rule and keep the local Arab population quiet if the number of Jews living in Palestine was small. When more Jews started coming home, the local Arabs issued Fatwas banning the sale of land to them. And they began attacking them. You cherry pick history and you are too forgiving when it comes to Palestinian Arabs. They made huge mistakes and continue to make them.

    • Relax Woody, I am not calling to knock down the illegal mosques that now occupy the Temple Mount.

    • It is clear that you do understand the real issues and struggle. The Temple Mount is the most important site for Jews who know more than most of you here, about their own religion. It is important for many reasons and the lack of willingness by Abbas to acknowledge this will insure that he, Abbas, is not going to be the Palestinian leader who makes real peace with the Jewish people. So he continues to sweet talk and distort the story. The type of Israel he is thinking about, an Israel he can have peace with, in his eyes, is an Israel that is unable to defend itself both physically as well as spiritually.

    • You are looking at the head of the snake. That's what Abbas is. He is a polished liar. Before I give an example, I must say the Gilead Sher interviewing him is an absolute disgrace. As someone so deeply involved in prior negotiations with Arafat and Abbas, Sher has done something here that is to be condemned and never forgiven. He has disgraced the position that a democratic Israeli government gave him. He has compromised the position that others currently hold and will hold and he should never be allowed to return to it either.
      Abbas is no Mandela. Do not under estimate what I am saying here. There is no reconciliation and acceptance of the other side, in anything he had to say. Notice what he said about Jerusalem. "Jerusalem will be open to all religions" he said. There is nothing there about the historic connection to the Temple Mount that Jews have. There is nothing there about sharing with Israel and the Jewish people. Abbas is pathetic. He is weak and only the US and Israel are keeping him alive. The Jihadist's will eventually have their way with him. He is nowhere ready to recognize Israel as the nation state of the Jewish people, both in a historical perspective and the future need for this. Just go away Abbas, just go already!

  • Deconstructing Scarlett Johansson’s statement on SodaStream
    • Tell that to all those in Jordan who are looking for better jobs and cannot find them. Types like you Woody are heavy on criticism and light on real world solutions. Of course, Jordan's economic woes are because of Israel.

    • "goy" = someone who will do damage to a Jew for no other reason apart from that fact that the person is Jewish and identifies as being Jewish. In case you are wondering, by my definition, Jews can also be goys as confirmed by some of their comments on this website and action taken, like supporting the Turkish anti-Semitic, Muslim extremist lead flotilla to Gaza.

    • Looks like nothing is going to convince you of anything puppy. You would prefer they go hungry. How are things in your ivory tower? Had your daily espresso yet? Oxfam is about alleviating poverty and you may have noticed that the workers in the factory have been lifted out of poverty. But what do you care. Would you rather those same workers become terrorists because they cannot find jobs? Don't answer this question, please, I know what your answer will be. By your account every person out of a job in the Middle East is because of Israeli policy.

    • Better Oxfam stays out of politics and concentrates on areas it is more effective in.

  • Update: 'Blood bubbles' -- mainstream media turn on SodaStream and Scarlett Johansson
    • As the land in question was never controlled by the Palestinians (ever) the UNSC also says that a deal must be worked out between the parties about territories and it does not rule out land swaps if the two sides agree on them. The Palestinians do not want to negotiate with Israel as they know they will have to make adjustment to the 1967 lines including special arrangements in East Jerusalem that will not give them sovereignty over places they are keen to control. And some places will need to be shared as well. They prefer to rely on underhand tactics using the Europeans to lead boycotts. I say that the Palestinians have never entered into negotiation with Israel in good faith, even at Oslo with Arafat and that they always planned to use the Europeans as their whipping stick against the Jewish State. Hopefully Scarlett will stand with Israeli and stant fast against the evil being perpetrated from the BDS movement.

    • Did you see the latest viewer ratings for CNN? Could almost count them on one hand. The youth do not watch "mainstream media" and one reason is that there are almost no honest and fair "mainstream media" organizations out there. Most are agenda driven and preach to the choir.
      Unlike in the 60's, 70's and 80's when the population tuned into the same channels and could be brainwashed, these days good folks can find the full picture by going to a variety of websites. And many of the good folks do just this. And many of the good folks are not buying the pro-Palestinian, anti-Israeli garbage that you are trying to sell.
      Sodastream is a great product and good for the environment. Many Palestinians work at the factory's. The factories build and encourage understanding between Arab and Jew, but that is the last thing that Annie wants. And don't tell us that the settlements are "the" obstacle to peace again, please. "They may not be the main obstacle but we must start somewhere", is what they like to tell us, again ignoring the realities of the Arab world. The Palestinians are not deserving of the type of support you are all too keen to shower on them. They are not your innocent bystanders in the conflict and have a lot to take responsibility for.

  • BDS leaders say Palestinian human rights are compatible with Israeli Jewish future
    • Omar Barghouti does not represent the Islamic extremists. The Islamic extremists control the streets. The Islamic extremists are not willing to share the holiest site for Jews, The Temple Mount, with Jews. Omar Barghouti himself does not want to share or even reconcile with Jewish history and heritage. Therefor Omar Barghouti's words mean very little. When Omar Barghouti talks about Jews living in the Middle East he does not envision these Jews expressing their rights as Jews. Omar Barghouti is a big waste of time.

  • Former 'NYT' reporter says Times should assign non-Jews to cover Israel/Palestine
    • Your track record Sumud is clearly laid out before us. We have 2000 years of recorded persecution you goy you.

    • Look into their eyes Philip as you ask them a question that has a scent of support for something Jewish in Israel. Surely you can't find something to ask about? How about the Jewish connection to the Temple Mount?

    • There are Jews who are so obsessed with looking good in the eye of the "goy", that they go to the extremes with their liberalism and moral grandstanding. They approach Israel like they approach no other issue in the world and feel the more they attack Israel the more creditability they earn in the circles they think they are included in but ultimately find out they are not because they are also seen as being Jewish.
      Sound familiar Philip? It's in their DNA Philip and there is little you can do about it.
      ( Clarification: by goy I am referring to those who would do damage to Jews)

  • 'Scarlett letter' -- Social media pillory Johansson for representing settlement business SodaStream
    • There was never a Palestine rules by Arab Palestinians. Do you want to bring back the Ottoman's? Let me repeat, the West Bank was never controlled by the Palestinians, ever.

    • talknic, linking to your own blog is a nice trick but does not give credibility to anything. You will continue to believe your own narrative and little will change this.
      Now if you supplied links on your own blog to credible pro-Israeli sites and articles, then you may start to gain some, you propaganda machine you. Sorry to break the news to you talknic, but you are no historian so stop trying to pretend being one. This person in the Israeli government said this and this person said that does not represent the definitive position of Israel at the time. Context is what is missing and often the Palestinians do not shine that well, when this happens.

    • I have heard Professors in International Law talk about the subject of losing land by an aggressor. I tried looking for published articles online but have yet to come up with something concise and comprehensive.
      This subject is better left to the experts but know that it is true, except when the Jewish State is involved.
      Syria, Egypt, Jordan and Iraq had no justification for launching war in 1948.
      In 1967 the Arab armies massed on Israel's borders. Iraqi forces were present in parts in the West Bank and in the center of the country the width of Israel was only around 9 miles wide. With one push the Iraqi forces could have cut the country into two. War was initiated by the Arabs when they blocked Israel's shipping lanes (act of war by international law). Jordan signed a defense pact with Egypt in May 1967. The Arabs had no justification for blocking off Israel's shipping lanes. Israel was left with no choice but to preempt the Arab attack.
      And in 1967, how many settlements were there? Zero. Did Jordan have control of East Jerusalem? Yes. This means that the real intentions of the Arabs is to remove the Jewish state. The settlements of 2014 are not what is preventing peace. It is the attitude of the Arabs to a Jewish State anywhere in the Middle East. And this is the reality.

    • @talnic, you suffer from verbal diarrhea.
      Two points you tied to make>

      * Transjordan occupied Judea and Samaria after the ceasefire in 1948. Why did they not give it to the Palestinians then? I know why, do you?

      C) It is illegal to acquire territory by war, ANY war :
      Utter nonsense from you again. International law says that if a country declares war on another without a war being justified, and then loses the war, land lost during that war can legally revert to the country that was attacked.

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