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  • Everyone's kicking AIPAC now that it's down
    • 'US Department of Justice Asked to Regulate AIPAC as a Foreign Agent of the Israeli Government'

      I wonder if it would be of use to Grant Smith to at this time also bring forward/remind the US Dept of Justice of the case of former Rep Jane Harman conspiring with Haim Saban to derail the federal espionage case against former AIPAC President Steve Rosen and VP Keith Weissman for passing classified documents to Israel. (Larry Franklin went to prison over his involvement) The FBI said Harman had commited a 'completed crime' by her agreeing to waddle over and try to derail the case - which is what happened

      This is a US representative conspiring with a known and wiretapped agent of Israel (Haim Saban, Hillary's current largest financier) to derail a federal criminal case of Israeli espionage against the US in exchange for Saban's help placing her as chair of the House Intelligence committee - which if this isn't treason I don't know what is

      It is critical as part of taking down the Israeli Lobby in the US that AIPAC is first forced to register as an agent of a foreign government, then the case against Rosen and Weissman brought forward again for criminal penalties, as well as prosecution of Jane Harman for her 'completed crime'

  • Iran Deal's liberation: Judaism is not Zionism
    • 'Zionism is not Judaism; Judaism is not Zionism' - it's in the air for me today...

      I was reading an article from today's Forward entitled 'Why Jeremy Corbyn Scares British Jews So Much' and amongst other crimes the Forward article charged Jeremy Corbyn as having met with quote unquote 'holocaust denier' Paul Eisen - googling Eisen I came across this great article where he quotes and explores the concept

      'Jewish Power' By Paul Eisen
      link to

  • Israeli defense minister says government knows who was behind Duma attack, but won't prosecute
    • “Ya’alon went on, he feared a trial could “reveal the intelligence sources”

      Ya'alon could have added at this point - 'And because it would topple Bibi's government'

  • Leading Israeli journalist says Israel is an Apartheid state
  • Obama ushers in the crisis of the Israel lobby
    • Cowabunga Haaretz .... the fox is in the henhouse NOW.

      I'm pretty excited but I'm gonna say this is my favorite Haaretz to date OF ALL TIME. OK - at least the top 3, or top 2...

      'American Jews at the Service of Netanyahu'

      Who are U.S. Jewish leaders really representing when they lobby the American president on behalf of Israel’s prime minister? Not their fellow countrymen, for sure.


      Note for the Down and Out in San Diego and Tel Aviv ... the UncommonProgrammer's 'Free Haaretz Bookmarklet' which has worked like a charm for over a year has been kiboshed in the last week- my only way into Haaretz is my old standby - the 'cached copy' route

      Pretty easy and takes me about 10-15 seconds to get a Haaretz article up on my screen:

      1- Go to like any other innocent avant-garde Haaretz reader ....heheheh
      2- Click to open the article title you'd like to freely devour ...
      3- Now simply Select and Copy the web address of the article out of your brower address box
      4- Go to a standard 'Google Search' page (mine is at, like on your Google Chrome homepage, and paste that web address in and hit enter
      5- The article title and article web address will pop up, and all you got to do is look for the little downward arrow right after the web address, carefully click on that and you will see the magic word 'CACHED', and you just click on that word and VOILA! the incomparable Haaretz is precisely priceless!

  • Obama violated US-Israeli understanding by not clearing Cairo speech and Iran talks with Netanyahu --Oren
    • This talk and the series preceding it was made possible as the result of a successful academic freedom challenge at SFCC... courage is contagious


      ‘The Successful 2nd American Revolution 4-2-2015*, 1P1V1S, and America free of the Israeli Lobby/Jewish Lobby’

      WHEN: July 1st, Wed evening, 6:00 - 7:00pm
      WHERE: Classroom 219, West Wing, Santa Fe Community College,
      WHO: Dr Lance Dale ,,,,,,Call SFCC@ 505-428-1000 to find classroom

      A talk providing description and context of the historic clean break with the Israeli Lobby made *4-2-2015 with the signing of the Iran Framework Nuclear Deal (finalized June 30 with the Iran Nuclear Deal), the collapse of Israeli Apartheid and 1P1V1S, and America politically free of the Israeli Lobby

      The critical US Strategic Pivots of the 2nd American Revolution:

      The Pivot on Israel’s strategy on Iran *4-2-15
      The Pivot on Israel’s strategy on Palestine

      Dissolution of Israeli Apartheid:

      1P1V1S – One Person, One Vote, One State from the River to the Sea

      The 3 causative ‘existential events’ of the Apartheid’s collapse:

      The 3 dispositive and concurrent existential events seen as such by Israel itself:

      Fresh History #1: The Iran Nuclear Deal: signed sealed and delivered June 30
      Fresh History #2: Successfully advancing Palestinian case at the ICC
      Fresh History #3: Catastrophic reversal of US Diplomatic cover at UN

      - ‘Concurrency and synergy of crises and Strategic Collapse of Israeli Apartheid/Strategic Collapse of the Israeli Lobby’

      American Political Consequences and Resets :

      ‘America politically free of the Israeli Lobby/Jewish Lobby’
      Battle Royale – Obama’s Legacy slam-dunking Hillary’s Near-Presidency
      Sheldon Adelson’s ‘Chinese Mafia links’ US Court Case
      ‘There is no Israel Lobby of Post-Apartheid 1P1V1S’
      CHECKMATE: ‘Queen Hillary on an AIPAC Horse’


      Goals: General familiarity with current US and Israeli policy position and state of play amidst rapidly evolving events and importance of consumption of Israeli media to understanding above

  • Goldberg predicts 'civil war' between American and Israeli Jews as Israel is 'defined as an apartheid state'
    • ‘The US Pivot on Israel and the Israeli Lobby/Jewish Lobby in the US’
      .........................‘The Reset of US-Israeli Relations’

      WHEN: June 10th, Wed evening, 6:00 - 7:00pm
      WHERE: Classroom 214, West Wing, Santa Fe Community College,
      WHO: Dr Lance Dale ...... Call SFCC@ 505-428-1000 to find classroom

      A talk providing description and context of 2 root strategic US policy resets on Israel, 3 advancing and unstopped existential crises for Israel – as well at the resulting fresh conversations, vantage points, and facts on the ground arising therefrom

      US Strategic Pivots:

      The Pivot on Israel’s strategy on Iran
      The Pivot on Israel’s strategy on Palestine

      3 Advancing Israeli ‘existential crises’:

      The 3 dispositive and concurrent existential crises seen as such by Israel itself:

      Crisis #1: The Iran Nuclear Deal: signed sealed and delivered June 30
      Crisis #2: Successfully advancing Palestinian case at the ICC
      Crisis #3: Catastrophic reversal of US diplomatic cover at UN/international forums

      - ‘Concurrency and synergy of crises and Strategic Collapse of Israeli Apartheid/Strategic Collapse of the Israeli Lobby’

      American Political Consequences and Resets:

      Battle Royale – Obama’s Legacy vs Hillary’s Presidency
      Sheldon Adelson’s ‘Chinese Mafia links’ US Court Case
      ‘The Israel Lobby of Post-Apartheid What*?’ *1P1V1S
      ‘CHECKMATE: Queen Hillary on an AIPAC Horse’


      Goals: General familiarity with current US and Israeli policy position and state of play amidst rapidly evolving events and importance of consumption of Israeli media to understanding above

  • Relentless bombing on Gaza continues: Israel kills media worker, 9 people watching World Cup on beach
    • Rep Jane Harman** has, as the saying, goes, just ROYALLY 'discomfited the pooch' - Tel Aviv Jane just ANNOUNCED the Israeli Civil War to America

      Apartheid Israel is LOST, as is it's Israeli Lobby itself (including 'Tel Aviv Jane') which has so increasingly desperately tried to support it over all these last months and years

      Tel Aviv Jane just ANNOUNCED the Israeli Civil War to America.... on Morning Joe no less, to an ASTONISHED Mika Brzezinski (Mika gasped, 'we're shocked, shocked, to learn that gambling has been going on in here, and I KNOW I speak for all the Pro-Apartheid Starbucks 'cast' of Morning Joe')

      Thank you so much Jane! Please proceed....

      Sayanim Jane Harman** on 'Morining Joe July 10th, 2014:

      Quote unquote:
      "WE CAN'T PICK SIDES BETWEEN HAMAS AND ISRAEL RIGHT THIS MINUTE – that will not be helpful – that could backfire big-time"

      GASP!!! GASP!!! GASP!!! WHAT!!! WHAT!!! WHAT!!!

      Ahem! Allow me to parse..

      Sayanim Jane Harman** on 'Morining Joe July 10th, 2014:
      Quote unquote:
      'we can't pick sides between Israel and Hamas right this minute (BECAUSE THAT WILL SUPPORT LIEBERMAN/BENNETT and their 'HILLTOP IDF" or 'SETTLER IDF in the ISRAELI CIVIL WAR now raging in Israel) – that will not be helpful – that could backfire [international forces, including the US, taking outthe 'Settler IDF' post-Netanyahu's imminent collapse) big-time'

      Sayanim Jane Harman**[CHECKMATE] has SUNK the chances of the American Jewish Diaspora EVER getting away with their full throated complicity (and Soprano-like AIPAC-tactics of intimidation) to FORCE American collusion and compliance with Apartheid Israel or face the well known Dershowitz-esque Character Destruction by being smeared as an Anti-semite for 'displeasing Jews'

      Sayanim-Peter Beinart, in his CLASSIC 'Burn Notice #2 to the Diaspora' - to f/u 'Burn Notice #1 to the Diaspora' (the NYTimes Staff Editorial of 3.6.14 'Israel's Choice') says it all - 'We will NEVER be the same, as Jews'

      [Memo to Pete: Thanks SO for your one last trick on the 'Non-Diaspora', Peter, publishing it in Haaretz (an Israeli paper where the goy wouldn't see it too quickly) so your friends can desperately try to get a leg up on EVERYBODY ELSE.... couldn't resist, could you, you little 'helper of Israel'? ]

      The Third Intifada ends at the ICC - with Apartheid Israel condemned for the crime against humanity of Apartheid

      'The Charge of the Apartheid Israeli Brigade' - one last infamous ride of the Bibi astride Israeli military STRAIGHT into the waiting hostile MAW of the ICC - which already has DOZENS of complaints against Apartheid Israel and is GEARING UP now that Abbas has charged Mad King Bibi and the Apartheid Israelites with GENOCIDE as well as that fully internationally recognized crime against humanity, Apartheid

      'The Santa Fe Rebellion' - America Free of the Israeli Lobby: The 2nd American Revolution.

      Second National Meetings - July 12th Santa Fe Community College, Santa Fe NM

      The 2nd American Revolution-TACTICS:

      Force AIPAC to be registered as the agent of a foreign country (like all other lobbies of all other foreign nations) - then bring the FBI prosecutions against
      **AIPAC President Larry Rosen and Weissman forward, then make AIPAC illegal when the prosecutions (ONCE AGAIN) show Rosen and Weissman's proven espionage against the US.

      * *Including federal prosecution of Rep Jane Harman, caught on FBI wiretap conspiring with an Israeli intelligence agent (Mossad) to derail the criminal prosecution of AIPAC above, for Israel, in addition to conspiring with Mossad for the House Intelligence Chairmanship. AND NEVER YET PROSECUTED

  • Murdered teen laid to rest, as tensions flare in Shufat
    • The American people DEMAND FULL RIGHT OF RETURN for ALL Palestinians that the Apartheid Israeli state is currently keeping in Refuge Camps in Lebanon, Jordan, and Syria, Gaza and the Bantustans of the West Bank

      Apartheid Israel must now be FORCED by UN Sec Council Action to 'abide' by UN Res 194 - and this means IMMEDIATE CREATION of the 'One State Solution' 1 P 1 V 1 S (one person one vote one state) and Jerusalem declared an OPEN CITY free of Apartheid Israeli 'annexation', Apartheid, and other crimes against humanity

      WE ARE OVER THEIR WALLS - now let's take out their Apartheid Israel-Support System in the US - the US Israeli Lobby

      America Free of the Israeli Lobby - it's the 2nd American Revolution

    • The American media has been in FULL OPEN COMPLICIT SUPPORT of Apartheid Israel - of the set up of Apartheid of Israel, of the BLINDING to the American public of it by heavily and exhaustively organized AIPAC policy

      That era is over - AIPAC is in STRATEGIC COLLAPSE, Apartheid Israel is in STRATEGIC COLLAPSE - AIPAC's enforcers are GONE and we are in their backfield

      They are IN ROUT - in shock and awe and dumbstruck - they are like a Cave Troll crashing into their own at this point. CHARGE!

      No more wars for the WAPO Editorial Board and the REST of the Israel Lobby

      No more wars for Andrea Mitchell and the REST of the Israel Lobby

      No more wars for the NYTimes and the REST of the Israel Lobby

      No more wars for Dick Cheney and the REST of the Israel Lobby

      No more wars for Wolf Blitzer and the REST of the Israel Lobby

      No more wars for Hillary 'a Neocon's Neocon'/JoeScarborough' Clinton

      No more wars for Bill Kristol and the REST of the Israeli Lobby

      No more wars for Sen McCain and the REST of the Israeli Lobby

      No more wars for Bret Stephens, Jennifer Rubin, Krautyammer, and the REST of the Israeli Lobby

      Read Peter Beinart's breaking 'Burn Notice #2 to the Diaspora': U.S. Jews must save their people's honor, which Israel is putting at stake'.

      Apartheid Israel is taking AIPAC/The Israel Lobby and RACHEL MADDOW down with it....

      Faster please...

      America Free of the Israeli Lobby - it's the 2nd American Revolution

  • House delivers for AIPAC, 410-1, passing Israel as 'strategic partner' bill
    • The 2nd American Revolution and Judaism Revised

      Bibi and AIPAC left the rotten Apartheid COMPLETELY EXPOSED by their
      stupid tactics - and now we get all the marbles - AIPAC's Girl Hillary
      and 'Judaism as Zionist'

      The Strategy:
      1- Successful 2nd American Revolution: America Free of AIPAC [and free
      of AIPAC's Girl Hillary (2nd American Rev)]
      2- Reformulate Judaism as Free of Zionism.
      3- 1P 1V 1S

      The Tactics:
      1- Force AIPAC to register as agent of hostile foreign power then make
      it ILLEGAL
      2- Shame 'All American Jewry' and 'All American Zionism' - re-dedicate
      Judaism to SERVING Palestinians

      Please support President Barack Obama as We The People lead our 2nd American Revolution to free ourselves from AIPAC and AIPAC's Girl. We're in AIPAC's End Zone - they are in TOTAL STRATEGIC COLLAPSE.

      Shame every American Jew or American Zionist you can find who is NOT helping overthrow AIPAC-Apartheid Israel - OFF.AT.THE.KNEES

  • Mainstream press embraces Netanyahu's speech as supporting Kerry initiative

      First Commentator DESTROYS/HUMILIATES Beinart's breaking Haaretz Article

      Bienart says 'Settlers aren't bad people' - and gets IMMEDIATLEY TAKEN TO THE CLEANERS

      DESTROYED by the counterargument along the lines of - 'yeah just like Nazis, just a little Liberal Zionist-bit pregnant'

      link to

    • The Israeli Lobby is NO LONGER tenable in the US.

      I declare it

  • Judith Butler, Rashid Khalidi and over 150 other scholars condemn censorship, intimidation of Israel critics
    • The Strategy:
      1- Successful 2nd American Revolution: America Free of AIPAC [and free
      of AIPAC's Girl Hillary (2nd American Rev)]
      2- Reformulate Judaism as Free of Zionism.
      3- 1P 1V 1S

      The Tactics:
      1- Force AIPAC to register as agent of hostile foreign power then make
      it ILLEGAL
      2- Shame 'All American Jewry' and 'All American Zionism' - re-dedicate
      Judaism to SERVING Palestinians

      Please support President Barack Obama as We The People lead our 2nd American Revolution to free ourselves from AIPAC and AIPAC's Girl. We're in AIPAC's End Zone - they are in TOTAL STRATEGIC COLLAPSE.

      Shame every American Jew or American Zionist you can find who is NOT helping overthrow AIPAC-Apartheid Israel - OFF.AT.THE.KNEES

  • Anti-Defamation League exploits fear of Muslims to undermine anti-gay bill
  • Netanyahu mentions 'BDS' 18 times in denouncing movement and its 'gullible fellow travelers'
  • 'Politico' leaves Israel off list of 25 'awkward allies' of U.S.
    • Burston from today's Haaretz:

      Here's burston describing the magnificent charger than Joan of Arc plans to ride to her coronation:
      'This, on a week when a shaken, insecure and bewildered AIPAC met in Washington'

      American polls just showed that American's don't give a shit about Israelis and their Apartheid Exceptionalism -

      Hillary Clinton is running as the candidate of the Apartheid State-AIPAC

      Guess what, Hillary?

      American's don't give a shit about Hillary's Legend-in-her-own-Mind-Exceptionalism, either. Hillary thinks she can run as the 'Unbrainwashed Manchurian Candidate of the Exceptional Apartheid Light Unto Nations'. She CANT ANYMORE but Hillary doesn't KNOW IT YET

      'The poll showed that if Washington's push for a two-state solution ended in failure, some two-thirds of Americans who now support a two-state solution, would back the creation of one state with equal rights for Jews and Arabs.

      Hillary isn't smart enough to get off this dead Apartheid horse - just like Israelis aren't smart enough to do it. Thus we have Burton's melancholy lament that the Israel in his dreams didn't match the realities of the Apartheid state.

      The poll showed that if Washington's push for a two-state solution ended in failure, some two-thirds of Americans who now support a two-state solution, would back the creation of one state with equal rights for Jews and Arabs.

      The only one narcissistic enough not to look her dead gift horse in the mouth is Hillary.

      Her Bright Shining Exceptionalism soon will only rival ONE THING - Israel's own dysfunctional sense of her own narcissistic exceptionalism that she can do what Apartheid South Africa couldn't, 'because they're Jews'


  • Pelosi calls Israel's creation 'the most spectacular political achievement of the 20th century'
    • 'I thought that impeachment would be divisive for the country' - yeah, exactly right - it would have DIVIDED us from the Neocons, and you put an end to that, just like you were paid to do.

      You are one of THEM, Nancy - the Israeli Lobby

    • The opportunities lost at the feet of this drama queen are incalculable, except the dead at her feet. Plenty to count there

    • The Cover-up is WORSE than the Crime, Pelosi - you just did your brown-nose to the Apartheid State in ... let's see.... .6 months before Apartheid is condemned at the ICC.

      Were you planning to ditch Israel AFTER it is condemned at the ICC or did you just not think that far ahead or just hang around and try to give a safe place to land for all those not going to South America. (It's a joke, Pelosi, they/you CAN'T)

      Will you also be advising Hillary 2016 to go down with the ship too, at that point, as she tries to successfully defend Israeli Apartheid, her chances at the presidency and AIPAC/Jewish political control over her, and the Congress, like Bill Kristol is telling her to do?

      Hey this is FUN treating the Israeli Lobby like Obama just treated Bibi - instead of the usual impunity crap Nancy gets away with. Maybe Obama is on to something ...'I think you should tell America you want a war, Nancy, Hillary, Romney, Kristol, Andrea Mitchell, David Gregory, Chuck Schumer, McCain, etc etc - it's a VERY long list that get to be treated like Automatic Crap.

      Like Obama treats Bibi, in other words. Like Crap. Apartheid Crap

      Or will you tell her to save whatever level of political control Political Zionism (that means you and the rest of the Israeli Lobby, Nancy, including of course Hillary, since he is RUNNING as AIPAC's-TarBaby Girl) still have over America?

      We're watching you carefully, Nancy - ALL OUT IN THE OPEN- along with all American Jewry (including Diane and Boxer-roof! and Hillary) who ARE ALL OUT IN THE OPEN NOW WITH THE LIGHTS ON - try to decide if you have a shred of decency left- and it's really really UGLY. Because you don't... and neither does Hillary.

      I guess that during an 2nd American Revolution to get rid of AIPAC you would be on the side of WANTING and HELPING AIPAC to keep control. Along with Hillary

    • SHAMING Pelosi and American Jews for their support of Apartheid REMOVES the impunity of these sparkling diamonds A-Lister Pro-Apartheid AIPAC-Celebrities

      Imagine Pelosi or Hillary gilding the Apartheid South African lily. UNTENABLE. Let's take Pelosi and Hillary down to the D-List where they spend the rest of their lives meeting only with the likes of Avigdor Lieberman and Ambassador Oren, and Dennis Ross - like Scarlett SodaStream. Sound like a beautiful enough circle of hell for them? Gd knows we've suffered them long enough

      Israel is ALL ABOUT IMPUNITY - that's Hillary Achille's Heel. Herman Goering didn't look too jolly in the Nuremberg dock.

      Imagine (like John Lennon) if Pelosi and Hillary HAD NO IMPUNITY.

      Where Hillary LOSES because she is the 'Apartheid AIPAC-Candidate'. THAT is EXACTLY what is going to happen

    • Any body who doesn't see how PANICKED Apartheid and AIPAC is is NOT reading Israel papers and is NOT watching Bill Kristol tear AIPAC apart.

      Imagine Hillary watching her horse passing an endless amount of gas (Kristol on FOX) and knowing something is dreadfully wrong. Like her horse still died. But she can't get off. Tarbaby. Bummer. Train Coming. TRAIN COMING. *{{{{CONTROL FREAK-PANIC}}}}*

      AIPAC is still standing - but it's dead on the tracks - and Bill Kristol is trying to whip this dead horse up for one last banzai charge, 'The Charge of the Light Brigade against the Anti-Apartheid Train'.

      Hillary is is the AIPAC Jockey and Bill Kristol is screaming at his girl (his first choice for the job - Sarah - had a problem getting out of the gates) to beat the horse some more (as Obama makes sure AIPAC (and Hillary) is in a fast tight toilet circle with Hagel, Syria, the Iran Deal) and get it MOVING

      C'mon Hillary, GIDDIUP - CHARGE! Straight into the maw of Hell

    • Nancy Pelosi is apparaently done with her politcial career - besides Hillary, she is probably the last CLUELESS person standing that will go down desperately throwing her body over the Anti-Apartheid train barreling down the tracks towards Hillary Clinton.

      Pelosis and Hillary are the EXAMPLES of what happens to someone supporting Apartheid Israel today. Could Pelosi make this same speech after Sept 2014 when tens of millions (OK, me and my friends) start BDSing Israel? HELL NO

      Pelosi just stuck herself to Hillary and AIPAC and Apartheid. That used to be her job security and now it is career-ending. In about 15 minutes

      Hillary Clinton is riding her Comatose AIPAC-Horse, and she CAN"T GET OFF THE TRACKS

      Hillary and Pelosi are FIXED IN PLACE - they CANNOT get away from this Apartheid-AIPAC HOT MESS.

      FIXED IN PLACE - just like Pelosi and ALL of 'Apartheid Supporting American-Jewry and Politicians'

      We have caught Hillary, Pelosi and every other Machivellian Fool STILL supporting Apartheid. The light is ON and the cockroaches ARE OUT IN THE OPEN.

      Pelosi, American Jews, Hillary - THEY ARE ALL AS COMPLICIT as the German Citizens. THAT IS UNTENABLE but Pelosi and Hillary - still SHILLING for the Apartheid nd supported by AIPAC (Apartheid).

      The only thing toxic for AIPAC's Girl Hillary is she IS AIPACs' Girl. PERFECT!

      Pelosi and Hillary HAVE NO IMMUNITY LEFT and they DON"T KNOW IT. Every speech desperately trying to STOP the momentum of the train just IMPLICATES Pelosi or Hillary FURTHER. Every breath supporting Israel now is OUT IN THE OPEN SUPPORT FOR APARTHEID

      Let's take the fight TO THESE GUYS until everyone of them can't try to tear them away from the Apartheid Apocalypse FAST ENOUGH. Any one who tries to STOP the current ongoing rout of Apartheid-AIPAC just makes them more COMPLICIT until they ALL PANIC.

      We WANT panicked Apartheid - AND a panicked Pelosi AND a panicked Hillary - and a panicked American Jewish population CAUGHT OUT (as they are) still supporting Apartheid in any way (like Dershowitz, Oren, etc) because it is the only way to be successful against these EXPERTS

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  • AIPAC is losing influence in US politics because it is too tied to Israeli government -- Judis
    • Forcing Hillary to Climb Down Off Her Apartheid-AIPAC Horse IN OPEN PUBLIC VIEW, as Israel is thrown to the wolves at the ICC

      Forcing Hillary off her AIPAC-Apartheid Horse will TEAR HER APART, AS WELL AS AIPAC-APARTHEID

      The 'Three-For of All Times' - and it’s EASY - they are CHAINED TO EACH OTHER

    • the Greatest Secret in the World is Hillary is not going to be the next President

      And the reason is she's riding the AIPAC-Apartheid horse and that horse just became RADIOACTIVE - instead of her 'sure win'. OMG

      Does anyone think it's possible NOT to run on the AIPAC-Ticket (think Hillary, McCain, Attila the Wasilla Hun-ny) and win? The question now for Hillary is does she STILL THINK she can run on the AIPAC-Ticket and Win - BECAUSE SHE CAN'T

      The 2nd and 3rd prices Israel/the Israel Lobby pays for Apartheid, aside from the loss of the Zionist state (that battle is over say the top Israeli legal teams - Hillary/AIPAC is the fight NOW), is that it is FORCED to operate as a foreign lobby, rather than it’s current Mafioso arrangement.

      And AIPAC’s Girl not only goes down in flames – she and AIPAC GO DOWN TOGETHER with Apartheid Israel

      Alert the World please...

      A strategic pivot is now in the immediate future - pivoting away from the Apartheid fight and taking out AIPAC, Kristol, Hillary, and the Israeli's Lobby political control over the US that AIPAC as a NON-FOREIGN LOBBYING ORGAN makes possible

      Pivot from going after Israeli Apartheid (IDF legal teams have already given up, once Palestine got ICC access, correctly saying (it's over once Israel is in the dock at the ICC because Apartheid is indefensible) - we won THAT battle and now it's time to win the war by getting rid of Apartheid's support (AIPAC) and AIPAC's Next President (Hillary Clinton)

      The Greatest Secret in the World is Hillary Clinton is riding the AIPAC horse, and the AIPAC horse is CHAINED to Apartheid Israel (Kristol and Lake are tearing it AIPAC apart right now because AIPAC is refusing to go down with the Aparthied Israeli ship BECAUSE it’s SAVIOR Hillary Clinton is riding like the dickens to the rescue of AIPAC as ‘AIPAC’s Girl’

      Hillary CHAINED to Israeli Apartheid-AIPAC? That is GOLD - if she tries to get OFF the AIPAC horse it will HASTEN the destruction of AIPAC as it tears itself (and Hillary) apart

      Please alert the world – Hillary Clinton rode in on a Pro-AIPAC Pro-Apartheid horse as ‘AIPAC’s Girl’, a brilliant move, until THAT ITSELF, SINGLE ISSUE, that she was AIPAC’s Girl’, as Apartheid went to the hell it deserves at the ICC, destroyed her. PRICELESS

      We are OPEN FIELD RUNNING NOW - AIPAC-Apartheid-Apartheid's Next President Hillary - the THREE-FOR of all times

      Calling Karl Rove, Rand Paul, etc ...

      Who Wants to be a President?

  • Israel lobby AIPAC is down, but not out -- yet
    • ‘Obama’s Legacy – Removing AIPAC-Apartheid Israel’s control over the US’

      Obama needs our HELP to wrest control of the US back from AIPAC…

      The single greatest threat to the US for years has been AIPAC’s political control of the US. Anyone with an IQ over 150 knows this.

      A great man takes care of the greatest threat. That’s his legacy. This is ‘Obama’s Legacy – Removing AIPAC-Apartheid Israel’s control over the US’

      Your job, in other words, as the GREATEST AMERICAN PRESIDENT SINCE WASHINGTON, is to ‘Successfully Lead the 2nd American Revolution Free of AIPAC’. Good Job (push down the vomit in back of throat, pushpush) so far –

      Now, like with the American people STOPPING AIPAC over Syria, Obama needs your help – ALL OF US – for ALL OF US TO PULL TOGETHER AND give AIPAC the old HEAVE HO
      (Don’t think I don’t know it is WE THE (american) PEOPLE who stopped AiPAC on Syr-Iran-ia, just like if will be WE THE PEOPLE who lead, help or follow the 2nd American Revolution getting us Free of AIPAC and King ‘Bibi’ Richard

      The wisest thing an American president could ever do is simply this – take care of the greatest threat. What is the greatest threat to the US? – AIPAC of course, those smarty pants who just missed pushing into a ’1000 yr Israeli/Neocon Planned War to Preserve Apartheid and AIPAC Control Over the US Forever’.

      It’s a single choice thing – your legacy as US president was to SUCCESSFULLY LEAD a 2nd American Revolution

      1st American Rev – freed ourselves from the Brits
      2nd American Rev – freed ourselves from AIPAC/Jewish political control of the US

      Simple. Obama is freeing ourselves from AIPAC. LET’S BACK HIM UP NOW. NOW! NOW!!!

      Obama was forced by AIPAC to declare war on Syria/Iran (which he did) but brilliantly THEN threw AIPAC to the exhausted American people (WHO SLAMMED AIPAC, as he couldn’t) enough to WEAKEN AIPAC enough to stop Bibi/McCain/Graham/Mendez/Israel Lobby from destroying the Iran Deal

      President Obama did the ‘single-choice best and brightest thing’ ANY AMERICAN PRESIDENT WILL EVER MAKE- he is REMOVING AIPAC’s control over the American Presidency/Congress and NEEDS YOUR HELP

      President Obama Needs your help to DESTROY AIPAC in TANDEM with destroying Netanyahu – which he JUST DID by reading Bibi the APARTHEID RIOT ACT. Think Jimmy Carter on Steroids. ‘How I Boycotted Apartheid Israel and Led the 2nd American Revolution’, by Barak Obama

      President Obama did the ‘single-choice best and brightest thing’ ANY AMERICAN PRESIDENT WILL EVER MAKE- he is REMOVING AIPAC’s control over the American Presidency/Congress and NEEDS YOUR HELP




      Obama needs your help to wrest control of the US back from AIPAC

      The single greatest threat to the US for years has been AIPAC’s political control of the US. Any one with an IQ over 150 knows this.

      The wisest thing an American president could ever do is

      It’s a single choice thing – your legacy as US president was to SUCCESSFULLY LEAD a 2nd American Revolution

      1st American Rev – freed ourselves from the Brits
      2nd American Rev – freed ourselves from AIPAC/Jewish political control of the US

      Simple. Obama is freeing ourselves from AIPAC. LET’S BACK HIM UP NOW. NOW! NOW!!!

      Obama was forced by AIPAC to declare war on Syria/Iran (which he did) but brilliantly THEN threw AIPAC to the exhausted American people (WHO SLAMMED AIPAC, as he couldn’t) enough to WEAKEN AIPAC enough to stop Bibi/McCain/Graham/Mendez/Israel Lobby from destroying the Iran Deal

      President Obama did the ‘single-choice best and brightest thing’ ANY AMERICAN PRESIDENT WILL EVER MAKE- he is REMOVING AIPAC’s control over the American Presidency/Congress and NEEDS YOUR HELP

      President Obama Needs your help to DESTROY AIPAC in TANDEM with destroying Netanyahu – which he JUST DID by reading Bibi the APARTHEID RIOT ACT. Think Jimmy Carter on Steroids. ‘How I Boycotted Apartheid Israel and Led the 2nd American Revolution’, by Barak Obama

      President Obama did the ‘single-choice best and brightest thing’ ANY AMERICAN PRESIDENT WILL EVER MAKE- he is REMOVING AIPAC’s control over the American Presidency/Congress and NEEDS YOUR HELP



      Everybody always knew the ‘The 2nd American Revolution was Getting Rid of AIPAC’. That’s what made Obama the Greatest President of Modern Times. AFTER he was ‘successful’ at doing it. With a little push here and there by the Free Palestine crowd.

      Who knew America’s Second Revolution was so intimately entwined with Free Palestinians? Everybody? – of course we do

    • And it will be her orgasmic honor to push the red button on Iran for Israel

    • The 2nd American Revolution and Judaism Revised

      Bibi and AIPAC left the rotten Apartheid COMPLETELY EXPOSED by their stupid tactics - and now we get all the marbles - AIPAC's Girl Hillary and ‘Judaism as Zionist’

      The Strategy:
      1- Successful 2nd American Revolution: America Free of AIPAC [and free of AIPAC's Girl Hillary (2nd Amerian Rev)]
      2- Reformulate Judaism as Free of as Zionistm

      The Tactics:
      1- Force AIPAC to register as agent of hostile foreign power then make it ILLEGAL
      2- Shame ‘All American Jewry’ and ‘All American Zionism’ - re-dedicate Judaism to SERVING Palestinians

    • 'Over the Hill-Hillary' on the Wrong Side of History, Morality, Crime, Apartheid, Ethnic Cleansing, Feminism-in support of the opposite, Enlightenment- in support of the opposite, and Leadership Fitness- in support of the opposite'

      While the entire American Zionist edifice that supports any SEMBLANCE of 'AIPAC-Style Zionism', or 'Hillary Clinton-Style Zionism' - continues their desperate impotent attempts to 'Save Apartheid and Save the Jews' - we score POINT after POINT on Bill Kristol and Hillary Clinton - who are TOO SLOW and TOO ZIO-DINOSAUR-like - to fight the right fight - or at least not get sucked under as the Apartheid ship turns turtle.

      We score so many points on Bill Kristol and Hillary while they are desperately 'saving the Jews and Apartheid' that 2014 becomes a real Annus horribilis (sorry for making everybody hurl) stuck so far up their yin-yangs that neither one of them no what hit them.

      Except they do, and we do. We stopped Apartheid, AIPAC, and Hillary - and all their connections.

      Sept 2014

      Hillary is so STALE and SO OUT OF IT that she thought she was going to WIN being 'AIPAC's Girl' (stuck in the past, Hill, Over the Hill Hill) - a decidedly UNCOOL thing for ANY HUMAN being not a savage to be, on the face of the earth, in March 2014.

      BooHoo - no soup for you, Hillary. I guess you left the 50's but the 50's never left you - and all you ended up being was 'AIPAC's Girl' (oh yeah, Daddy's 'Star') who didn't make it because you don't seem to have a mind of your own. Despite Wellesley.

      While the entire American Zionist edifice that supports any semblance of 'AIPAC-Style Zionism' - which is EXACTLY the same as 'Hillary Clinton-Style Zionism' becomes RADIOACTIVE

      We don't destroy AIPAC-Apartheid by letting Hillary prance around as AIPAC's Annointed. We kick her ass - because she is CHAINED to AIPAC-Apartheid, BECAUSE she DOESN'T have a first rate mind, because she doesn't have a MIND of her own, because, with bells on her toes, she said 'I want to be AIPAC's Girl'.

      Screw her. I mean really - it has to be done - she's AIPAC's Candidate and she is GOING TO WIN in 2016 if she is NOT taken out - SINGLE ISSUE - because she IS AIPAC's Girl

    • ‘Time for a Clean Break from Hillary Clinton 2016’

      ‘Time for a Clean Break from Bill Kristol’

      ‘Time for a Clean Break from AIPAC’

      ‘Time for a Clean Break from Hillary Clinton 2016’ - AIPAC’s shoo-in Pro-Apartheid candidate in 2016*

      ‘AIPAC and Hillary Clinton in 2016 are the ocean Israeli Apartheid swims in’ - to destroy Apartheid-AIPAC we need to destroy AIPAC’s Next President

      (*like she was their shoo-in candidate in 2008, until she saw Obama sprint past her as she was busy having photo ops saying it would be her honor to be the president supported by AIPAC to ceremonially press the red button to nuke Iran for Israel, after Israel attacks Iran )

      ‘Time for a Clean Break from Jewish Control/Big Zion-Control of the US’. No more foreign policy or wars for Israel, dictated by ‘winning Israeli campaign support for Hillary’

      ‘Time for a Clean Break from Hillary Clinton 2016’ - BECAUSE she IS Big Zion

      Hillary = Big Zion = AIPAC’s 2016 Sponsored President

      ‘Time for a Clean Break from Zionist Control of the US - Political Zionism as the Ocean Israeli Apartheid Swims in

      Israeli Apartheid doesn’t exist without Hillary Clinton in 2016’

      ‘AIPAC and Hillary Clinton in 2016 are the ocean Israeli Apartheid Swims in’ - to destroy Apartheid-AIPAC we need to destroy AIPAC’s Next President

      Israeli Apartheid doesn’t exist without AIPAC - AIPAC is the organ by which AIPAC-Apartheid Jewish/Zionist control of the US is wielded - with it’s Dershowitz-awing level of near complete control (a successful ‘1000 yr War of Civilization against Iran and Islam for Israeli Apartheid’ being AIPAC’s latest glitch two months ago)

      Tools like Menendez, Lindsey Graham, McCain, and Jewish Consciene of the Senate Joe Lieberman and Rep Jane Harman - all the fascists and bullies and mainstream news-exposed traitors - all the fronts so the Zionist-Jewish behind them and every other tree these Israeli Lobby tools hide behind, as they are paid by AIPAC to do it without being exposed (Jew, Christian, Buddhist or Rastafarian (other Israeli Lobby tools: Dennis Ross, Indyk, WINEP, AEI ‘scholars’, Heritage, etc etc)

      Inside Apartheid Israel’s decision cycle sits Bill Kristol, desperately trying to force his compatriost in AIPAC to go down with the Aartheid ship, the ship that’s already dead in the water. What’s next? - Bill Kristol/Netanyahu become known as the Jewish Hitlers - and Hitler and Stalin and Pol Pot gain their newest Jewish member of the exclusive club, which because of our racism towards Jews, which involves treating them as the chosen gods, royalty, dangerous racist Zionist-fascist they are.

      So at long last - Jews are not any more chose than anyone else - Judaims can rise to modernize itself and free itself from the shackles of it’s cultural narcissism in which it revels and wallows, and ‘get real’ and join the civlived world, sans Zionism

      Jews aren’t leading the world, as Bibi or David Brooks would have it, Jews are trying to drag the world into hell, in order to save Narcissitic Judaism, o/w known as Racist Apartheid Israeli-Style ‘Liberal Zionist-Style’ Hilary Clinton-Style Zionism

      The new goal is not longer Apartheid Israel - we are 3 steps ahead* of that (at least I am - I’m after Bill Kristol and the entire edifice of AIPAC-style Neocon-Style Israeli Lobby-Style, David Brooks/Mort Zuckerman/Sheldon Adelson-Style Jewish Depravity, Racism, Ethnic Cleansing and Apartheid
      (* ‘Israeli Apartheid dead once Palestine at the ICC’; say IDF Legal Teams, therefore, Apartheid already lost. I agree. NEXT>>>>)

      I’m after Bill Kristol, AIPAC, and Hillary Clinton (AIPAC’s 2016/2008 candiate) now.

      Hillary Clinton’s coronation will be DESTROYED or CAN BE destroyed - over her support for Israeli Apartheid. Same with AIPAC and Bill Kristol. Let’s get to it

      AIPAC’s coronation will be DESTROYED or CAN BE destroyed over her support for Israeli Apartheid

      How? Obams has already ‘shown the way’ - we OUT Hillary and AIPAC and ‘the NEXT Romney or Hillary-AIPAC candidate’ with these explicit words (Biden in the 2008 VP debates, and Obama used again a couple of weeks ago to stop the Mendendez charge against the Iran Deal) ‘you should just tell people you want war, AIPAC-troll, if that’s what you want’

      Said another way - ‘All you Jews and Israeli NIGHTFLOWERS who want to be OUTED lying the US into Iran on the heels of lying the US into Iraq’ - STEP RIGHT UP AND YELL IT FROM THE MOUNTAINTOPS.

      *CRICKETS* Stopped Palin/McCain in 2008 - stopped McCain/Mendendez/McCain last week trying to sabotage the Iran Deal as Israelis and Neocons go BESERK. Total Strategic Collapse of Apartheid-AIPAC, because, like the 'Settlers and Apartheid', they are CHAINED TO EACH OTHER

      It's a TwoFer or Three-Fer or Four-Fer - 'AIPAC's Shoo-In Candidate Hillary', 'AIPAC', and Apartheid Israel, Big Zion Political Control in the US, as well as yesterday's news, 'the Fork Having Already Been Stuck in Israeli Apartheid'.
      Now we stick the fork in Hillary and AIPAC, BECAUSE of her/their Pro-Zionist support and agenda. Tar them all (deservedly) with the same Apartheid Brush

      One question to Hillary or AIPAC’s spokesman such as - ‘I think you should tell the American people that you want to push the US into a 1000 yr war with Syria, Iran, and Islam in order to protect your Source of Campaign Contributions and Political Power, Hillary.’ - and it’s all over.

    • If the 2nd price Israel/the Israel Lobby pays for Apartheid, aside from the loss of the Zionist state, is that it is FORCED to operate as a foreign lobby, rather than it's current Mafioso arrangement - I will literally .... oh let me just savor that thought for a couple of weeks...

      The Israeli Lobby must be REMOVED from the American political scene as a viable force for shackling the US to Israel in order to protect Apartheid.

      AIPAC = APARTHEID (and Neocons) = AIPAC

      The liberation of America from political control of the Neocons/The Israeli Lobby/Israel/Andrea Mitchell/David Brooks/Bill Kristol and the disasters they have shoved the US into - like the Iraq War and the GWOT-Clean Break Plan they engineered - will be the single greatest positive change to American political life since .... can anyone remember? Civil Rights Era?

      I am for Civil Rights for Americans like me, not to be co-opted and used for the WORST of American impulses, which Bibi has always found easy to do until about the last 5 minutes. (2007 Iran NIE, Admiral Fallon's Resignation, Obama's refusal to attack Iran in 2012, the declaration of the ICC-access for Palestine (in the vaccuum of Bibi's 2012 fail and internal Israeli 'General's Revolt', then the Hagel nomination, then the stiff to the drooling Kristol and Bibi as the American people flooded Congress to not approve the in motion/slow motion/whatever ongoing Syrian attack, then the stiff on the Iran Deal, and now this incredible moment in history as Israeli is in TOTAL STRATEGIC COLLAPSE in the vacuum of their failed War of the Worlds Against Iran, and now Bibi/Israel's last stand in their bunkers.

      When you strike at a King Bibi - you better get him. Getting him is destroying AIPAC (his support) as an Apartheid institution. Imagine it's 1945 and the Russians are closing in on Berlin.

      Destroying AIPAC over Apartheid is almost as good as getting Capone on taxes - because then we destroy the current worst most racist and dangerous elements in the US - the Neocons (and the rest of the Lobby, if there is a difference, Christian Zionists, Casino Tsars, etc).

    • AIPAC is an American institution in direct critical support of Apartheid, in other words, a dead man walking.

      AIPAC needs to be confronted as an Apartheid organization working from WITHIN the political structure of the US (which it directly corrupts/buys/intimidates, so it can wield power) to support Apartheid

      AIPAC needs to be shamed out of existence as it rails against the ICC castigating Israeli Apartheid (hopefully) this coming Sept 2014

      Abbas today said 'no extension to the peace talks' and Obama is going to CONFRONT Bibi on what he is going to do ALONE against the coming boycotts of Apartheid Israel

      For some reason, the Apartheid state wanted to talk about anything else - Iran, in other words;

      "The time has come," the Bibi said,
      "To talk of many things:
      Of shoes, and ships, and sealing wax -
      Of cabbages and kings,
      And why Iran is building nukes,
      And whether pigs have wings."

  • Photos: Israeli police threaten international journalists at gunpoint
    • What is the name of this Apartheid-enforcer?

      Surely there are a lot of Israeli or perhaps even Americans who know EXACTLY who this guy his, because he's wearing the same dumb shirt he always wears or the semaphore-like eyebrows he sports

      Can he somehow be shamed? - could his cousins/family ties in America or Israel perhaps be asked to consider their cousin's actions?

  • The cowardly Leon
    • See ya' in Geneva at the ICC in Sept 2014, Leon - about 6 months from now - but who's counting?

      Well, looks like Obama and Abbas are...

      'Obama the inquisitor vs. Netanyahu, Abbas' - todays Haaretz

      Obama will ask Netanyahu what HE PLANS TO DO (MY EMPHASIS) about the Palestinian population in the West Bank, how he’ll deal with the Palestinian plans to seek statehood through various UN agencies and how he intends to stop the increasing boycotts against Israel and the deterioration of its position in the European Union.

      Obama’s message to the two leaders: They can cooperate with the U.S. peace initiative and make progress, or go it alone after the talks fail, which will not be pleasant going.
      By Barak Ravid | 02:56 28.02.14 |
      One of the things U.S. President Barack Obama is expected to ask Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu when they meet at the White House next Monday is, “What’s your plan if the attempt to formulate a framework for further negotiations fails and the peace process breaks down?” U.S. officials say Obama will ask Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas the same thing when he comes calling at the White House on March 17.

      Obama will ask Netanyahu what he plans to do about the Palestinian population in the West Bank, how he’ll deal with the Palestinian plans to seek statehood through various UN agencies and how he intends to stop the increasing boycotts against Israel and the deterioration of its position in the European Union.

      Abbas will be asked by the U.S. president how he thinks unilateral UN moves will bring him closer to an independent state and the withdrawal of Israeli forces from the West Bank, and how he intends to pay the salaries of tens of thousands of PA workers if the United States and the European Union cut off his funding.

      Obama’s message to the two leaders is that they have two options: They can cooperate with the U.S. initiative and make progress, or go it alone and be forced to deal with the ensuing reality. Because the reality the two leaders will face after the talks fail will not be a pleasant one.


      Netanyahu would like to focus his meeting with Obama on Iran, but the White House has other plans. Obama’s advisers gave a preemptive briefing to New York Times political reporter Mark Landler at which they clearly framed the Obama-Netanyahu meeting as dealing mainly with the Palestinian issue.

      Senior White House officials told the Times that after a year in which the Palestinian issue has been handled almost exclusively by Secretary of State John Kerry, Obama believes that now, prior to the decisions by Netanyahu and Abbas, is the right time for him to intervene personally.

      “The president wouldn’t want to run any risk that it was the lack of his involvement that would make the difference between success and failure,” a senior U.S. official told the Times.

      extensive excerpts - edit as you please or whatever


      'Abbas say No Extension of Talks' = the dagger in the heart of Apartheid - todays Haaretz


      from Wikileaks -

      ===IDF legal teams say Israel team cannot be defended at the ICC, because, well, it's Apartheid and Apartheid is indefensible

      ==I'll have to dig for ref sometime way later if necc

    • This derelict old reprobate of a human being should be guilted and 'shouted off the stage' - 'shouted off the stage' only figuratively though, as this old Hasbara-Con Man needs to have the rest of his natural life PAYING for his crimes and impunity for his crimes, after I finish explaining them to him, since he apparently is 'still pretending' he doesn't know...

      He is not a civilized man discussing an issue here or there - he is a War Crime Creating/Pro-Apartheid creator/supporter of the Apartheid State - it is the civilized man who takes this savage OFF THE STAGE

      In the War between the savage and the civilized man, always support the civilized man, Leon, as your buddy Pam Geller so succinctly stated.

      That means you can get your savage-arse off the stage, Leon, because you're out in the OPEN supporting APARTHEID, Leon, and which part of that sentence do you NOT understand? after having MADE A CAREER out of it. And you KNEW IT, 'unlike most of the German citizenry of the 30s/40s' - which means you are in 'Double Trouble' and get 'Double Sentence', which in your case means TWO natural lifetimes.

      Many of the German citizens during WWII DIDN"T KNOW of the persecution of the Jews. Here we have a war criminal using THAT as a cover for his own Precious Ethnic Cleansing. His 'Secret Agent-Career' - what a smartypants...

      This man should be shouted off the stage', so to speak - namely - by demanding that this most popular of the supporters of the UN-violating, Geneva-violating, International Law-violating criminal Apartheid Israeli state, answer (or leave) something of this ilk:

      'Your support for the Apartheid Israeli state over the last 60 or so yrs of it's war-crimes is well documented, Leon. You've made a career out of supporting this Apartheid State.You are part of it, so to speak. With bells on your toes.

      So WHEN did you finally give up your support and propaganda in support of this fascist Zionist-Israeli state, Leon, and what retribution and/or financial reparations can we expect from you. For the rest of your natural life?'

      Yes, Leon will have his 'existential threat': the last years of his miserable life known as the war-criminal propagandist he is - or - jump on the BDS bandwagon and destroy Apartheid.

      Choose Leon, because we are going to cut you off at the knees, simply because you won't stop supporting Apartheid with every fiber of your lie-filled being

  • Time for world leaders to stop inflating Israel’s bubble of denial
    • 'Israelis have grown content living in a large bubble of denial' -

      J Cook is a favorite of mine and I don't want to miss the main point of his article regarding the whole 'groveling before Israel' and puffing up Israelis at every moment, LEST THEY BE PUNISHED with a simple whisper or two to the US and 70 Senators signatures on a napkin saying punish the offender for 'not loving Bibi or Israel enough'

      I totally agree with Cook on this.

      Surprise, surprise - Israel would like to be treated INTERNATIONALLY just like Israel has managed to have AIPAC treated in the US - just like GODS in other words.

      So what does Israel or Bibi have that every other soi-disant 'exceptional' Diva DOESN'T HAVE? - the answer is 'Apartheid'. 'Neurotic Drama Queen' doesn't begin to adequately describe Bibi or Israel

      Like AIPAC - which I suspect can't stand NOT having the spectacle of the entire US political administration kowtowing and competing to Outlove Israel (- it's just too many jollies) despite the unseemliness of it all to more and more Americans.

      Israel puts a Hitler mustache on EU Pres Schulz deliberately - then a few days later puts a Hitler mustache on PM Merkel, accidentally. That's a real 'Hitler Mustache Two-fer' that Israel just managed to pull out of her pants. It's a PR disaster for the Pro-Apartheid crowd of course

      SO WHAT'S NEW? - when does Israel NOT put a Hitler mustache on EVERYBODY - that's their FIRST impulse. Air is more common that being called an Anti-Semite by Israel or Dershowitz or other American Zionist supporting the Apartheid state.

      They just called Kerry an anti-Semite, Schulz, Obama, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Hamas, the PLO, Debbie Wasserman-Schulz, Count Bernadotte, Finklstein, Freeman, Hagel, etc etc etc - you name it. They are calling BDS anti-Semitic and according to them, NOT wanting to attack Syria and Iran (and the entire Neocon Clean Break Agenda) is anti-Semitic. These clowns just need to be REMOVED from their stage.

      Israeli puts a Hitler mustache on EVERYONE - just like the Knesset did to EU Pres Schulz, just like Bibi did to Merkel. That is the cover for all of Israel in one magnificent accidental 'art imitating damn straight real lief EXACTLY what Israel just did to Schulz, and what they 'ALWAYS DO' to everyone. Anyone trying to stop Israel is Munich, Chamberlain, or Hitler - within 15 seconds. It's the logically ultimate desirable (for Zionists) conclusion of 'Godwin's Rule' -

      Bibi and Israel are the SOURCE of Godwin's Rule of Nazi Analogies' - IT'S THEIR ONLY PLAYBOOK - 'Anyone trying to stop us gets 'Godwin's Rule' as the FIRST THING OUT OF OUR MOUTHS '

      I think it's very insufficient and frankly wrong to cover it all over with 'denial' - I think using the word 'denial' allows these Zionists to pretend 'they didn't know'. American Zionists do know - they just don't care. They actually think that 'Never Again' applies only to Jews - not to anyone else. They just don't want to be charged with the crime.

      Jews doing ANYTHING to defend themselves and should be LOVED for it, rather than castigated with having their Apartheid state 'taken away from them by BDS'

      Israel and her defenders are frothing at the mouth-aggressive and jump at the chance to immediately destroy the careers of anyone who tries to stop her, or hasn't demonstrated sufficient skills at enthusiastically fellating Bibi or the Israeli donkey (the same thing, obviously, according to Bibi) , as any worthwhile Goy should be REQUIRED to demonstrate his proficiency at on the Congressional casting couch

      If most of the German citizenry 'didn't know' what was going on during the Holocaust - American and Israeli Zionists -if there is a difference - know FULL WELL. The implications of this are staggering.

      Time to take the American Zionists OFF.AT.THE.KNEES-Dershowitz Style. Bibi-Style. Israeli-Style

      American and Israelis Zionists are so far beyond words like 'complicit' or 'denial' - this is so much more clearly looked at as a natural extension of hostile, aggressive narcissistic impulses that Israelis and American Zionists have built deliberate lie by deliberate lie and brick by brick. Denial gets in the WAY of such careful construction.

      Nope - 'Denial' just doesn't cut it AND YOU DON'T NEED IT - you don't need it because YOU GOT what you DO NEED - just a skull-full brimming over with righteous triumphant narcissism to stay in the groove of running the Apartheid state - consciously and cynically indoctrinating generation after generation with 'The Apartheid Cause'. THAT AIN"T DENIAL

      There ain't no 'denial' - sorry -- because these guys DON'T NEED IT - they have BETTER defense mechanisms than that - it's called the JOLLIES of Triumphant 'Supremacist' active and continuing CRIME

      Threaten their impunity to get their jollies anyway they see fit and you will get an torrent of the most vile, primitive narcissitic rage imaginable. A dog question the right of a HUMAN BEING? - off with it's head! (and the THRILL or JOLLIES of being able to 'successfully manipulate' 100's millions of people with Zionist drivel like that

      Is Netanyahu 'in denial' with Merkel? - or is he more like a sociopath who laughs his ass off about how he's pulling this enormous con on the entire world - Long Live King Bibi, Ruler of the Entire World - both Free and Not So Free (like Palestinians)

      He says 'you don't love Israel enough' and presidents and nations quake - as if THAT were enough to have the whole world supporting this drama queen and his drama queen state.

      Bibi and Israel is 'to hell with the world and we're making sure America goes down BEFORE Israel, DEFENDING this shit for brains Apartheid state. Bibi and Israel have laid the American state on the tracks and say 'any train hits America first before it hits us'. Anybody still think this sounds like 'denial'?

      False Flag the US into a war with Iran, Iraq, Syria or 911? - without a SECOND THOUHT. That ain't denial - that's long, careful, decades long plan after plan after plan. Premeditation and an active con game? - that ain't 'denial' - denial is far too sweet a defense mechanism compared to what we have with an hyper-aggressive insane 'let the world or at least America die for Apartheid Israel first' - because then Israel will feel safe and can try to run away if America takes Israel's bullet as people try to defend themselves against Israel and HER ISRAELI LOBBY IN THE US

      That ain't 'denial', folks. The POWER of an Alan Dershowitz or Bibi, and the obvious THRILL/JOLLIES/CHARGE they get out of it as they are world famous for declaring Jews have a right to Israel as an Apartheid fascist state and anybody DARING to speak to the organizers of this lethal farce will either be character-assassinated, hyper-aggressively attacked and destroyed by the 'Enforcers' (Enforcer David Brooks, Enforcer Tom Friedman, or Enforcer Mort Zuckerman - all the Tribal Helpers/Sayanim/Enforcers)

      If you had a 'Magic Word' that instantly pulled the rug out from anyone trying to stop you -

      Time to use a different kind of 'Magic Word' - a 'Magic Word' that vanishes the impunity with which a Dershowitz, Zuckerman or Bibi can grab a microphone - but where every word out of their mouth is seen as the hatecrime it is - where Dershowitz's career is DESTROYED simply and only because he is a known supporter of the Apartheid state.

      Dershowitz doesn't get to 'change his mind', he doesn't 'get a voice', American Zionism doesn't get to say 'We Didn't Know'

      EVERY American Zionist who CURRENTLY supports Israel as an Apartheid State gets his career INSTANTLY DESTROYED.
      Dershowitz is NOT ALLOWED a forum - he has COMMANDED the forum (destroying all others with every lie he can dream up - which he thinks qualifies him as 'smart' and undoubtedly as the 'natural leader of the goy'

      Dershowitz gets HIS CAREER DESTROYED simply for being a Zionist -- THAT RAW

      actually found a niche where he can spew his own internal demons?

      That ain't 'denial' - that's something A LOT MORE JUICY

      Dershowitz gets HIS CAREER DESTROYED simply for being a Zionist -- THAT RAW

      Zuckerman gets HIS CAREER DESTROYED simply for being a Zionist -- THAT RAW

      David Brooks gets HIS CAREER DESTROYED simply for being a Zionist -- THAT RAW

      Andrea Mitchell, David Gregory, Krauthammer, Kristol, the Kagans, Max Boot, Raouel Gerecht all get their CAREER DESTROYED simply for being a Zionist -- THAT RAW.

      Supporting Israeli Apartheid - BEING A ZIONIST AS PRACTICED - needs to be made as RADIOACTIVE as being an 'ANTI-SEMITE' (according to a Dershowitz, Bibi, or Stein )

      THAT is the END of Zionist Impunity.

      They get their academic, financial, and social lives destroyed NOT BECAUSE THEY ARE JEWS - but because they are ZIONISTS. Just like any Anti-Semite would

      Merkel and Obama and the entire world need to STOP INFLATING the Narcissistic defenses of psychopaths like Bibi and Dershowitz - Bibi and Dershowitz and Apartheid Israel need to 'GET SHRUNK' - or in other words, be disabused of their criminal Apartheid-creating and supporting narcissism

      These are cynical criminal sociopaths - and they know exactly what they are doing and the evil is not just that they don't care - which THEY DON'T - the evil (Apartheid) is their plan

      Apartheid is evil and American or Israeli Zionists forcing it to stay alive it are exactly that. It's important to me that we NOT pretend that American Jews 'didn't know' or that they were too busy being LAUDED and loved (a special kind of 'required love' or explicit punishment 'any way they can' immediately follows) and feted for their successes

      Don't celebrate Apartheid Israel - destroy it. Totally agree with J Cook on that.

  • Netanyahu seems to put Hitler mustache on Angela Merkel
    • Looks like Merkel has probably NOT quite forgiven the Israeli government for basically shouting down EU Pres Schulz last week

      People were waiting to see if Netanyahu expressed ANY sense of apology. I sure didn't hear a big apology, or any apology

      Apparently Merkel still has a little frost around the gills over the 'Water Apartheid' affair and all the rage Bennett and the other clowns blasted Pres Shulz with - and if so - she will be in a very deep freeze at the end of this economic visit to Israeli, having to listen why the coming EU sanctions on Israel are 'anti-semitic'

      I can hardly wait

    • Hilarious!

      Bibi should followup his failed faux career as the Scourge of Iran for some serious slapstick!

      Damn! - how can I actually SEE it? hahaha

  • When you type 'apartheid' on Google search, it supplies 'Israel'
  • A month later, de Blasio's AIPAC declaration continues to roil New York
  • 144 Irish educators pledge boycott-- as Karmi says, We gave up waiting on governments for help
  • By 2035, Jewish population in Israel/Palestine is projected at 46 percent
  • Jewish community commits intellectual suicide before our eyes
    • Zionism (as practiced by Israelis) is Racism, Apartheid Racism

      In the Post-Apartheid aftermath, post-ICC or whatever, Zionism will need to be equated to (Apartheid) Racism at the UN, or at least in practice - and I have absolutely no problem with that whatsoever. The Israeli flag of the Apartheid State should be forever banned and displayed only as a historical reminder.

      It's also time to destroy political American Zionism, as supportive of the Apartheid Israeli state. Now.

      American Zionists, genocidaires as well as soi-disant 'liberal pro-war crime Zionists' (from Pam Geller, to Dershowitz, Bibi Netanyahu (oh yeah), Dennis Ross, Andrea Mitchell, David Gregory, Ari Fleischer, Eric Alterman, The Kagans, Krauthammer, Isabel Kerschner, Nuland, David Brooks, Tom Friedman, and every other liberal Zionist) - - it's time to cut them all off at the knees, not by cutting off their 'mikes', but by destroying their Pro-Apartheid arguments and careers.

      Yes, that's right, I want David Brooks off the air - this Neocon Zionist (supporting wars in Iraq, then his phony neocon apology, Syria, and Iran) is one of the faces of the Apartheid state' - as well as Apartheid Israel itself and the whole Neocon agenda - OFF THE AIR after he is destroyed ON THE AIR.

      All the Neocons. Perle, Kristol, Krauthammer, Feith, Woolsey, Max Boot, the Kagans. At.The.Knees.Now. Every one of them. Every Zionist. Gone from the American Scam they have been running.

      No more justice delayed and denied for Palestinians after 60 yrs of Israelis crimes. Israel gets treated exactly like everybody else. And so do American Zionists. Warcrime is a warcrime - Israeli or other.

      Could anyone believe what would happen if Pro-ZionistDavid Gregory or 'spunky' Pro-Zionist Andrea Mitchell were shouted off their chairs for the blind Pro-Tribe Pro-Apartheid blatant racists they are, or in Mondoweiss fashion, intellectually annihilated (haha) with one single hardball follow-up question?

      Here's my hardball for Andrea (or something better):
      'Ms Andrea Mitchell, when did you personally STOP actively supporting the Apartheid Israeli state, and why did you participate, year after year, in the intense media cover-up you subjected the American people to (Judy Miller-style) , and so many Palestinian deaths, including Palestinian-American deaths? Do you have anything to say for yourself in defense? Nothing? REALLY?

      The Pro-BDS train is leaving the station - and it's time to get rid of the American Zionists holding it back in their usual consequence-free bliss. Let's give them hell. On or Off. Choose. Now.

      Any present or freshly former Zionist not on the BDS train, cut them off at their knees. They haven't made the train for 60 years? - they ran out of time? -dog ate homework? BooHoo. Liars. Off. At. The. Knees

      Now, when they are running around with their heads cut off, Bill Kristol tearing AIPAC apart because they are not sticking their head in the noose of Defending Israeli Apartheid by Attacking Iran.

      Let's take them all off at the knees right now. If they are still practicing dangerous Zionists - like Kristol - we immediately DESTROY their careers (or let their careers self-destruct

      Making the world tolerate Israeli Apartheid - and pay the Israelis and shower them with guns to do their killing - is the most grievous act of intolerance I can imagine.

      I'm done with tolerating Zionists. To the Hague, prison, or out of Palestine. Or all Three.

      The 'Active Genocidaire Variety Zionist' should be charged for hate crimes by the ADL and JDL and ACLU and everybody else, and shunned in their communities by American Jews.

      Any Israeli, Rabbi, or American Zionist who attempts to give American Jewish/Christian Zionist time to take cover gets wiped out in the rout.

      My next sentiment is two-part:
      American Zionists need to get guilted 'beyond belief' - guilted beyond whatever level it is they can NO LONGER TOLERATE continuing to be a Zionist. Guilted mercilessly -- and rightfully hated (oh yes I used that word 'hated') -- until they are STOPPED. Israelis Jews HATED until stopped? That's how THINGS are stopped. Duh. That's why Israelis and American Zionists don't let us talk about it without TAKING US 'Anti-Zionist Semites' OUT. Oh yes, like Charles Freeman. Bush, Sr. Sibel Edmonds. So many it would fill a page, easy.

      Apartheid and American Zionists supporting Apartheid Israel need to be hated out of existence. Another way of saying precisely the same thing is Palestinians need to be PROTECTED from this aggressive, criminal (Geneva, etc) ultra-highly connected Tribe because we love Palestinians as we love all human beings, and hate their tormentors who used OUR MONEY and OUR GUNS to commit their crimes, as we would hate any other despicable regime that was LIKE Israel.

      Oh yes - and Israeli Hasbara, used to cover and continue their crimes, I hate WORST OF ALL. Cut. It. Off. At. The. Knees. Take David Gregory out next time eh stacks the deck with three Zionists (himself included).

      And I'm talking Zionism in an undifferentiated sense - from genocidaire to liberal zionist, if there is a difference) - they ALL get taken out. 'Let Allah sort them out', as Sister Sarah would say.

      We - actually I - have begun my scheme to dump a precise train-car load of guilt on every American Zionist Jew (-or Christian, Buddist, TMer, Rastafarian, etc) that lets out a peep - the kind of guilt that drives them to their therapists offices, or worse. Off. At.The. Knees.

      which is a good thing, because it at least takes off the streets trying to support (and politically force America, thru their spy/Congress-buying apparatus called AIPAC, (and the Media/David Gregory, Andrea Mitchell) to go to war with Iraq, Syria, Iran, thousands of Americans dying, millions of Iraqis, Afghanis, Lebanese, Syrians, Palestinians, Iranians etc, etc, etc - the more the better according to Daniel Pipes, Feith, Cheney, Robert Spencer, Anders Breivik, Avigdor and Joe Lieberman, Krauthammer, etc)

      The Birthright Program is cancelled - canceled because the run on Broadway and Tel Aviv of the Apartheid Theater just came crashing down, as the Pro-Israel policies forced on the Middle East by 'American Zionist Neocons', brought the World Trade Center crashing down.

      Anyone who underestimates the Israelis (or over-estimates them, for that matter) is stupid. Duh. We take them off at the knees, before Israel launches ANOTHER war against You-name-it-land. We escaped these 'American Zionist Neocons' by the skin on our teeth just THREE MONTHS AGO.

      Israel is cornered, in chaos, desperate, headed for the ICC in Sept 2014 ('again', sigh), and ready to lash out at Iran (--barely stopped in 2007, 2012, etc) We take them off at the knees, now.

      Israel is cornered, in chaos, and ready to lash out at Iran (--barely stopped in 2007, 2012, etc) We take them off at the knees, now.

      been caught in flagrante delicto supporting Apartheid Israel. Israeli Zionism and well as American Zionist support is digging in for the 2, 5, 10, 15 fight to the death. Let's shorten that time-frame, in mercy to the Palestinians, in for no other reason. Next Palestinian 'unjustly' (anywhere in Palestine) killed by an Israeli means that that Israeli is going up, personally, for committing a war crime, and his superiors as well.

      How deep should I/we/anybody drive the knife into American Zionism - at a time when many/most/any average American Jews (and the 'Hagee'/Christian Right as well) still support in flagrante delicto support of Poor Little Israel?-- before these Israelis and her Israeli Lobby starts figuring out how to regroup? The answer is obvious.

      Israeli Zionism must be utterly destroyed - let them practice it from the confines of their prison cells, rather than Palestinians dreaming about destroying Apartheid from inside Israeli one. Not just a little bit destroyed where a liberal Zionist like David Brooks or Dershowitz gets to set the boundaries over which Israelis kill Palestinians, on Palestinian land.

      Bill Kristol, David Brooks, David Friedman, the Protestant Wing of JINSA - all of 'em - all in one fell Anti-Zionist 'Kristol Night' swoop. Heard them all of to Grand Jury Inquires on the extent of Israeli/Neocon penetration of the US Congress, and FORCE AIPAC to register as an agent of an foreign hostile Apartheid government. That's the price American Jews pay, along with the Titanic-load of existential religion-changing guilt of having supported the Palestinian Naqkba - with BELLS ON THEIR TOES

      We catch them now - out in the open. Before the retrench and regroup.

      I'm already doing it

      Let's catch American Zionists out and humiliate them publically - the Bill Kristols and David Brooks and Mr Suck. On. That. Zionist-himself, Mr Friedman. Discredit Zionism as practiced, Apartheid Zionist as the Nurenberg Violationg, Geneva Convention Violating, Repeated (decade after decade prior to the manufactured Apartheid Excuse - that the people we are killing are fighting back, an act we proclaim to be 'Terrorism'. Other people, like the Geneva Convention signatories, would say Palestinians have had every right to fight back against their terrorist ethnic cleansers

      They didn't cheerlead
      And guess what? They aren't going down with a fight so let's just take that option OUT OF ISRAELI HANDS

      How deep to drive the knife in American Zionists who have supported every aspect (including military service (J Goldberg, etc)

      - all the way in till Zionism (as practiced by Israelis) is

      What about David Brooks, and especially Bill Kristol, who literally single-handedly lied the US into the war in Iraq as part of his Tweaked Clean Break Plan (the GWOT), and published as the Neocons as some kind of real life 'Protocal of the Elders of Zion-type Thing', but this time, the real thing, but still able to attack any critics as anti-semites and waste their career like an IDF wasting a Gazan picking up metal in the Israeli declared Sniper Target Range', which borders of which are apparently somewhat nebulous to all involved. That sick - Shindler's List sick. Israeli snipers taking out Palestinians, with T-Shirt war porn for espirt d'corps.

      Gazans on diets, formaldehyde, concentration camps, millions of refugees fleeing the Zionist State - hard to believe it would be possible to make up anything as dastardly as the Israelis own words incriminating them over and over and over and over.

      When will the Zionist Dershowitz be removed from the national scene? - his dream is dying. Good.

      Zionism as a practiced concept - decade after decade (and ignoring-angels-on-pinhead hasbara advanced by Zionists themselves to continue the fun -- is a deadly serious warcrime, and a political war crime as practiced by the Neocons on the US by way of parlayed Israeli Lobby power, intimidation, career assassiniations (as well as the gleeful IDF type of Apartheid-Defending Warcrimes), and Israel itself

      Shimon Peres once said Israel will not sit accused, rather, it would sit in the accuser's seat. That era is over - EU President Schulz stuck a fork in Apartheid. Everybody, even Scarlett, gets 'Water Apartheid'. No 'Water Apartheid' basically means the 'End of All Apartheid'. Brilliant, Pres Schulz

      Apartheid is not cutesy thing for Brooks and Friedman to discuss over coffee at PBS (again, and again - consequence-free) - Israeli Apartheid is a war crime and the vast majority of American Jews STILL SUPPORT this Illegal Regime.

      What I have to say to that is - well looks like I've got my work cut out for me - here's to Bill Kristol's last smirk, or Dershowitz's last 'Case for Apartheid' making print.

      Time to take them apart - until they self destruct - before another Palestinian dies.

      [Stupid Thought of the Day: EU Schulz reminded me today of the waiter in Monty Python giving that infamous after dinner mint to the Grotesquerie that is Apartheid Israel. Bennett was the vomitus flying out the room
      Let's give the Liberal Zionists lots and lots of the same until ALL the 'Grotesquerie of American Pro-Zionists', and their lethal lies told to our faces - consequence free until now - supporters like Mitchel and Gregory, Brooks and Tom Freidman, all explode. Sorry.]

      I hate the deadly Apartheid Israeli state and I hate the deadly American Zionists who support.

      Sorry for all the brusque or raw calling-a-spade-a-spade-language. Double and Triple apologies for rant-length

    • 'People who have been brought up with the belief that Zionism = Judaism are now having existential depression, because if Zionism comes to an end, then by definition, so will their entire identity as Jews.'

      Absolutely right - it will be a shattering experience to realize (which many won't - forcing themselves to keep trying to keep it subconscious) the support for such malevolence, year after year, and in everybody one has ever trusted.

      This is like a member of your family getting convicted of murder, and yourself as an accessory because you happily offered to drive the getaway car, when you thought of yourself as moral, stable, and intelligent.

    • 'We should act to prevent all future episode of censorship from being carried out anonymously: until and unless we can firmly identify the players behind these decisions to erode our historic traditions of free speech, via a vibrant and unrelenting push-back, they will continue'

      so very well said

  • Breaking: Students rise up against NY Jewish school's 'prohibition' of Rashid Khalidi
    • 'I don’t discount their narrative, in the way the (abusive, intimidated, paid) Israeli narrative (heard non-stop the world round thanks to paid hasbarists) is routinely dismissed here'

  • Disenfranchised: How the NYT spins the status of Palestinian land
  • The campaign against BDS is a deliberate choice to maintain the status quo
    • I keep worrying that one day Livni will actually get approval to go ahead and say 'OK Done', the musical chairs games STOPS, and Israelis freeze the optimal deal with their construction workers, with Abbas moving to Olso to precede over the ex-patriot community there.

      But Israel keeps bringing me right back to my senses - they want it ALL and they are going to FIGHT for it until there are no more Pro-Apartheid Israelis left in power who can or 'Settlers' still on the loose outside prison who are free to do so. Period.

      Good, glad I'm clear on that again

      Being Israel means you don't have to apologize for Apartheid, much less stop.

      This is where the insularity of the Tribe really shines brightest, as they follow each over the Apartheid cliff, convinced that it is only necessary because the world hates them existentially, in their bright innocence, and most certainly NOT as a result of their own criminal actions or their own evil.

      All they are about is simply trying to find a way to tear anyone apart that tries to stop them or gets in their way. It's a simple ruthless concept and they're proud of it.

      It does not take some deep, unconscious, or existential issue to hate a 2014 Israeli as Israelis would try to con the world into believing - rather they provide a plethora of actual real-life concrete reasons to hate them that have to do with their abundant state-cheered criminal conduct and attractiveness for ethnic cleansing -- as long as it was THEY THEMSELVES who are on the administering end instead of the receiving end.

      Rather than 'Never Again' it's more like 'Our Turn Now'.

      The ridiculous logical conclusion of their organized insanity - apparently Israelis have no problem with the Holocaust of the 1940s per se, it's just that Jews like to be on the whip-hand end instead of vice versa. All is clear.

      Jews just didn't like it when done to them - it's 'Never Again for Jews Only', buy hey, as Golda Meir and Shimon Peres have said, it's apparently Open Season on everybody else, and Israelis tell themselves they have a license to kill and it's existential anti-Semitism to suggest otherwise.

      Is it really true that they are THAT shallow?- that they really just don't or can't 'get it'? Yep, that's the problem all right

      The problem with genocide, to them, is not that it was a 'genocide' but that it was a 'genocide against Jews'. Genocide against OTHER PEOPLES, on the other hand, especially when Jews THEMSELVES are the perpetrators, are apparently hunky dory, because, well, 'other people' are not really human beings when compared to a Jew. Obviously.

      They don't understand that the world wants to end genocide - which feels not fair to them because they are left out

      In their Bible and in their conduct of their state, when pogroms are on the menu they want to be ones enjoying the action, rather than vice versa. It's not really 'Never Again' but more 'Next Time It's Our Turn'. Of course this earns them friends everywhere they go

      The supremacist echo chamber of their co-religionists is all they need as they continue to agree, decade after decade, to continue their perpetual motion machine of lies and death and their 'Every Chance We Get' national ethos

  • 'NY Times' and 'LA Times' run op-eds by an AIPAC board member without telling readers
    • If Pro-Semitism is 'Pro-Apartheid'/'Pro-Zionist' - as defined by Dershowitz and Bibi - then being Anti-Apartheid is 'Pro-Human Being'

      'Pro-Human Being' is (as defined by these hilariously smug, deluded fools) 'Anti-Semitic'

      Therein lies the roots of their what appears TO OTHERS as a cognitive dissociative Tribal and Individual Narcissism.

      When something is 'Semite-beneficial', as defined by Bennett or Dershowitz, it seems quite obvious they are quite happy to be 'Anti-Human Being Other Than Themselves'.

      Sicker, they think they should be loved for it - and that others hate them if they don't love them for it - but at least they can make fools of those that hate them and profit as revenge or punishment. That sick

      Are Zionist Jews therefore 'Anti-Human Being', since Zionism as understood by them apparently means ethnic cleansing? Of course they are

      'Halting a Semite' or 'Stopping a Semite' is 'against' or 'anti' that Semite's current wish - if a Semite wished to commit suicide, or example, 'stopping' (or 'being against' that Semite) from committing suicide is also 'Anti-Semitic'

      In the same sense a red traffic light is 'Anti-Semitic' in the sense it 'Halts a Semite'. And since a green light is conducive to the Semite's precious wishes, favoring the Semite's unimpeded progress (such as with Apartheid/ethnic cleansing or the Mapquest route for the Tel Aviv waterfront), thus it 'Semite-beneficial'

      If 'Pro-Human Being' is 'Anti-Jew' - as defined by these insulters of our intelligence - then we need TONS MORE of crude everyday 'Anti-Jew', 'Anti-Semitic' hate of these transparent sociopaths - like bald Jew-hating support for BDS, for instance.

      Stopping a Zionist is 'Pro-Human Being' and 'Anti-Semitic' - let's get to it

      Any Jews or Zionists or Israelis who are 'Anti-Human Being Other Than Themselves' - you pick the term of which angel dancing on which pin - are exactly what we have today, genocidal Jews or Zionists or Israelis (or all three) who are FINALLY getting stopped

  • Derfner: The boycott isn't economic warfare, it's psychological
  • Speaking Love to Power: 'Segregated by Color' campaign fights forced separation of Palestinian families
  • After big loss, AIPAC goes... Progressive!
    • I agree with you UpSIDEdown - Obama and Biden did the same thing back in Fall of 2012 during the Re-Election with Bibi threatening to warm up the F16s and F15I's for an attack on Iran to try to install Romney as his puppet - Obama had the tool Biden eventually come out and tell Romney and his Neocon-Stuffed cabinet - 'why not just say you want war if you want war' - that SHUT THEM DOWN then too - this is their 2nd use of the tactic and it works like a charm

      A second level of cards to play would be to threaten to explain to the American people how the traitors of the Israeli Lobby (Wolfowitz, Ledeen, Feith, Perle, Cheney, etc) 'False Flagged' the US into a war against Iraq with the Ledeen/Mossad 'Niger Uranium Forgeries' and CALL FOR THE PROSECUTIONS OF ANY TRAITORS convicted of these crimes against the US (and yes, up to and including Bush/Cheney)

      Just EXPLAIN to the American people what the Israeli Lobby and Israel have done to the US - that would be a DISASTER for Israel

      It's calling the Israeli Lobby/Neocon bluff - just SHOW the American people what Israel and her bought Congress are REALLY all about.

  • EU Prez Martin Schulz wreaks havoc during speech at Knesset
    • ALERT! Mondoweiss - please review

      Avraham Burg has what is essentially a 'pre-constitutional document' up on Haaretz, and is essentially calling for 'equal rights/votes between the River and the Sea', if you can believe it.

      It's calling for all the BDS demands - ie, equal rights


      'Say a big 'thank you' to Martin Schulz'

      'In an effort to pave a new path toward historic reconciliation and true political commitment between both nations, we must give up the view of the current solution that is based on many layers of separation, isolation and acts of built-in discrimination. We need to replace that solution with a completely different method and set of principles. Many of our members, Israelis and Palestinians, both here and in the diaspora, have reached this conclusion and, as a result, share a commitment and an understanding that it is both possible and vitally important. The purpose of these principles is not to propose practical, detailed solutions, but rather to lay out a completely different groundwork for a just and sustainable Jewish-Israeli and Palestinian partnership. Our starting point is founded in the belief that the fate of both nations is bound up in an unbreakable link; that the Jewish Israelis and Palestinians are part of the Middle East, and neither of them has a surplus of rights or exclusive sovereignty over any part of the land between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea.


      * Every person who lives (or has the status of a resident) between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea shall be assured equal personal, political, economic and social rights. These rights include: the right to protection and security; equal treatment without regard to sex, race, ethnic origin or religion; freedom of movement; ownership and possession of property; the right to bring a lawsuit to court; and the right to vote and hold elected office.

      * The collective rights of Jewish Israelis and Palestinians - linguistic, cultural, religious and political - shall be ensured in every political setting. It is understood that neither side shall have exclusive sovereignty over any part of the land between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea (including exclusive ownership of land, exclusive access to natural resources, and so on).

      * All remaining exclusive rights possessed solely by Jewish Israelis, including ownership of land and access to natural resources, shall be abolished. All resources - material and political - shall be redistributed on the basis of principles of affirmative justice.

      * The right of return of the Palestinians is an integral part of UN Resolution 194. The implementation of this resolution shall take into account the existing reality. The moral and political injustice of dispossessing the Palestinians in the past shall not be remedied by creating new injustices.

      * The new political institutions shall make democratic immigration and citizenship laws. However, Jews and Palestinians who live in the diaspora will be able to receive immunity in situations of danger (according to UN resolutions) and will have special status in the process of obtaining citizenship in comparison with any other ethnic or national group.

      Like many people, both among my colleagues and others, I believe with all my heart that mutual recognition based on these principles could advance a different political reality, in which memories of exile and being refugees would give way to a comprehensive realization of rights, citizenship and belonging. They would turn bereavement into life, and despair into hope. And so, I want to say a big “thank you” to Martin Schulz, one of Israel’s last and best real friends in the world.'


      Yes, Happy Valentine's Day 2014 for Palestine

    • Did German EU President Schultz just create the solution for the creation of an Israel poised to ethnically cleanse the rest of Palestine? - perhaps he was the 'only one who ever could' or at least the most necessary one

      The cover for Eretz Israel was the Holocaust and Jewish/Israeli Lobby power, both financial and political (if different) in the US

      We are free of that now

      I think it's time for Palestine to come home

    • Did Schultz just stick a fork in Apartheid or something?

      Carol Strenger (Haaretz) apparently thinks so … this is an unbelievable article which this whole affair with EU Pres Schultz and all the Nazi references from the Israeli Right has unleashed - not to mention he being CORRECT ON FACTS* regarding the 'Water Apartheid'

      Shimon Peres once said Israel will sit not accused, but would sit, rather, in the accusers seat. I think that era just passed

      Carol Strenger from Haaretz has an amazing article up:

      ‘Carlo Strenger: Bennett’s horror show: Israel’s retreat from the civilized world’

      'By overplaying the Holocaust card, (Naftali Bennett) and his minions are putting Israel's friendships at risk'

      Bennett and the rest of Israel’s far right do not realize something very basic: The holocaust does not morally require the EU and Germans who were born decades after the Shoah to support Israel no matter what Israel does. Israel cannot expect to treat its European friends with such shameless lack of civility and expect this friendship not to be harmed.

      'Naftali Bennett’s Habayit Hayehudi and the rest of Israel’s extreme right obviously has a new political plan: he’s in favor of Israel’s disengagement - not from the West Bank, but from the civilized world.'

      'Telling German politicians that they cannot criticize Israel in their language means that Israel’s rightists have lost touch with civilized reality altogether. Overplaying the Holocaust card has but one effect: Growing parts of the free world are coming to feel that Israel is no longer part of it.'

      * From the excellent 'water resource' by the expert linked below, Elizabeth Koek/Al Haq Rights Org

      'A troika of key legislative measures and institutionalised policies and practices have enabled Israel to illegally exercise sovereign rights over Palestinian water resources, with the ultimate goal of satisfying its own interests. As such, these policies and practices have laid the foundations and underpin the three principal pillars of Israel’s ‘water-apartheid.’

      @ link to

    • Does everybody want a I/P water expert on call all for any particular water question in Palestine, or perhaps the relevant international laws regarding these issues, maps, etc, etc, and free fair use of a brilliant report thereof? - yeah!

      Voila! ...

      This blew we away - scholarly, completely referenced, current(2013), and just of a very superior level of clarity and organization and ready for use and reference

      You've got the I/P water expert at your fingertips right here with 'Water For One People Only: Discriminatory Access and ‘Water-Apartheid’ in the Occupied Palestinian Territory", Elizabeth Koek
      link to

      (I clicked on a link to it posted by Robert Silverstein over at his Tikun Olam site.)

      This report from the Koek/Al Haq Palestinian rights organization is not only outstandingly well organized - it's positively brilliant. It's simply all here on a Silver Platter

      This 'Water Apartheid Report' has implications even for Schultz and the EU for CONTINUING TO SUPPORT the Israeli Apartheid state's occupation of the Palestinian aquifers - just scroll right on down to Chapter 8.2. and we find;

      8.2. The Legal Consequence for Third-Party States for Israel’s Violations of International Law

      Koek and these Al Haq guys have created an outstanding resource for this entire situation with EU Pres Schultz and 'Water Apartheid' - they are giving out all the relevant Palestinian/Israeli water data, the already well-thought out explanation of these realities as 'Water Apartheid', all the relevant law, etc all on a SILVER PLATTER

      What a resource! Let's all become water experts - or at least have crystal clear current facts - and with all this beautiful context - right at our fingertips where we can get at them

      ** BOOKMARK THIS**
      'Water For One People Only: Discriminatory Access and ‘Water-Apartheid’ in the Occupied Palestinian Territory"

      Take a look at Chapter 7
      Chapter 7 is entitled "Israel’s Policies and Practices Amount to ‘Water-Apartheid’

      How about Chapter 8.2. -- actually relevant to Schultz's Germany/EU for being so 'Pro-Israel' regarding the Apartheid regime;

      "The Legal Consequence for Third-Party States for Israel’s Violations of International Law " --

      I have this reference regarding 'Article 41 of the International Law Commission Draft Articles on State Responsibility' --- from the report:

      "Legal Consequences for Third-Party States

      By virtue of Israel’s breaches of peremptory norms of international law, certain obligations arise for third-party States. Article 41 of the International Law Commission Draft Articles on State Responsibility, which reflects customary international law, affirms that in the case of breaches of peremptory norms of international law, all States are under an obligation not to recognise the situation as lawful, not to render aid or assistance in maintaining the illegal situation, and to actively cooperate in order to bring it to an end."

      I print out the whole TOC because it is so impressive - I think this is just that valuable

      Table of Contents:

      I. Glossary
      II. List of Tables and Maps
      III. List of Case Studies
      IV. Abbreviations
      V. Executive Summary

      1. Introduction
      2. Geography and Hydrology of Water Resources in the OPT
      2.1. Jordan River

      2.2. Mountain Aquifer
      2.3. Coastal Aquifer

      3. Control and Integration of the Water Resources in the OPT
      3.1. Gaining Control over Water Resources in the OPT: the Six Day War (1967)
      3.2. Integrating the Water System of the OPT into the Israeli System
      3.2.1. Military Orders in the OPT
      3.2.2. Management of the West Bank Water System pre-Oslo Accords
      3.2.3. ‘Mekorot’ – Israel’s National Water Company
      3.3. The Impact of the Oslo Accords on Water Allocation and Control
      3.3.1. Unchanged Shares
      3.3.2. Allocation of Water Supplies for “Future Needs”
      3.3.3. Joint Water Committee
      3.4. The Impact of the Annexation Wall on Water Resources in the West Bank

      4. Supply, Sale and Destruction: Current Israeli Methods to Maintain Hegemony...
      4.1. Forced Water-Dependence
      4.2. Discriminatory Allocation: “Sharing” Between Two Peoples
      4.2.1. West Bank: Minimum Amount for “Short-Term Survival”
      4.3. Water Infrastructure: Consistently at Risk
      4.3.1. Denial of Permits to Construct and Rehabilitate Water Infrastructure
      4.3.2. Confiscation and Destruction of Water Infrastructure
      4.3.3. Destruction of Humanitarian Aid
      4.3.4. Confiscation of Water Resources by Settlers

      5. Legal Analysis
      5.1. International Humanitarian Law
      5.1.1. The Responsibility of the Occupying Power
      5.1.2. The Property Protection Regime of the Hague Regulations Legal Considerations for Water as Private Property Legal Considerations for Water as Public Property
      5.1.3. Administrative Destruction of Water Infrastructure
      5.1.4. Forcible Transfer of the Palestinian Population
      5.2. Right to Self-determination & the Principle of Permanent Sovereignty over Natural Resources
      5.3. International Human Rights Law
      5.4. International Water Law

      6. The Colonial Nature of Israel’s Occupation of the OPT

      7. Israel’s Policies and Practices Amount to ‘Water-Apartheid’
      7.1. The Prohibition of Apartheid
      7.2. The Three Pillars of Israel’s ‘Water-Apartheid’
      7.2.1. The First Pillar: Demarcation of the Population Along Racial Lines
      7.2.2. The Second Pillar: Segregation into Different Geographical Areas.
      7.2.3. The Third Pillar: Use of ‘Security’ to Justify an Institutionalised Regime of Domination and Systematic Oppression

      8. Legal Consequences for Violations of International Law
      8.1. Israel’s State Responsibility for Violations of International Law
      8.2. The Legal Consequence for Third-Party States for Israel’s Violations of International Law

      9. Conclusions
      10. Recommendations


    • Schultz isn't backing down today - calls these Knesset hecklers 'extremists'

      EU President Martin Schulz on Thursday denounced the Israeli lawmakers who criticized his speech in the Knesset a day earlier as "extremists."

      "I presented to the Knesset the position of the European parliament"
      - yeah, that as well as the Palestinian boy, all UN Resolutions Israel is currently violating, International Law and the Geneva Conventions.

      "Naturally, I cannot only say things that would be pleasant to everyone's ears. I must also present the controversial side of the things."
      "In an interview with Die Welt following the incident, Schulz defended his speech and lambasted his detractors.
      "The ones who disrupted my address belong to an extremist party who respond that way to any criticism that bothers them. [U.S. Secretary of State] John Kerry was similarly attacked."

      Glad EVERYBODY is now on the SAME PAGE ...

      The silly Knesset faux outrage of being outed as the Apartheid regime it is, and expecting Germany to be bullied into SUPPORTING the Israeli Apartheid regime over guilt from holocaust, is beyond scorn and ridicule

      So Germany and the EU should SUPPORT the Israeli fascist state and ethnic cleansing? - this incident perfectly illuminates what used to be (until Schultz) the Israel Contradiction for Germany.;

      How do you support Israel when Israel is a fascist Apartheid state committing warcrimes? - by actively helping Israel to CONTINUE to commit war-crimes?

      Just how stupid are these guys?

      I think we just saw the denouement of that Grand Farce with EU President Schultz - and I think Schultz saw it all happen in strobe lit clarity in real time and fully conscious of what was happening - and further - he was very conscious of 'MAKING IT HAPPEN'

      When will Germany be required to pay restitution to Palestinians for aiding and abetting the Nakba of Palestine? - as some Israeli leader will someday no doubt demand as 'a legacy cost'?

      Apartheid Israel has reached it's expiration date

      reports from today's front page Haaretz

    • @ jsinton
      'they (the Knesset) lost no matter which way they turned'

      Those poor little angels....

      Well that's the nature of Apartheid, jsinton - it's a dead end - thanks for unintentionally making my point

      That's why Zionists (perhaps like you) who led Israel down this path with bells on their toes are Zionist's real existential threat and why the IDF legal teams (documented by published Wikileaks intercepts) say that Israeli Apartheid is indefensible at the ICC, that the ICC is Israel's 'greatest existential threat' (being busted over Apartheid like South Africa was) and that Israel cannot defend itself on the world stage NOT because it 'hasn't tried', need more or better Hasbara, or because it got 'suckered into it' like you're pretending to whine about - but because Israel AS IT EXISTS TODAY is indefensible - but then you knew that already.

      Oh no, jsinton, it's much better than that - the IDF says Israel cannot defend itself because Israel IS Apartheid and, well, Apartheid is indefensible. Reread that a couple of times if necessary.

      They can't defend themselves not because the Knesset was suckered - they can't defend themselves because they are actively committing warcrimes.

      Got that? - that's YOUR side's best estimate of the disaster which awaits Israel at the ICC. Wikileaks transcripts show the IDF as saying the only way to stop the debacle at the ICC is to prevent Palestine from EVER getting to the ICC

      Nearly a moot point now...

      Tell me, in retrospect, would you again recommend Israel follow such a dead-ender strategy for other than the obvious reasons, those being that without the Israeli Occupation of Palestine and Apartheid, Israel as we know it will cease to exist?

      The De-Apartheidization of Israel is a good thing, a very good thing ... Apartheid ceasing to exist is a GOOD THING - whatever Israel does or does not decide to do about it is now out of the hands of Israel

      Apartheid has no more 'right to exist' than any other ethnic cleansing has a 'right to exist'

      If Israel can't exist without the Apartheid - better get cracking on forming an Israeli democracy.

      If Israel and her Settlers can't love or tolerate an Israel without Apartheid - I question whether they are really any kind of friend of Israel at all. I think a better term for you and the Zionists are that you are nothing other than your own worst enemies.

    • Immediately reminded me of Obama to Romney during the debates..

      "Please proceed, Govenor'"

      Devastating ...

      CNN video of the moment:
      link to

    • wow Annie ... wow


    • The numbers from the film at min 3:05 are as follows

      Water from the West Bank:
      73% to Israelis
      Apparently 10% ( if I am comprehending correctly) is going to Israeli Settlers over Green Line

      17% to Palestinians

      and GAZA is a whole different kind of 'even better PR story' for pushing the Apartheid thru gates of ICC Hell over this

      If these numbers are correct - SCHULTZ IS CORRECT and we should move in for the k*ll on Netanyahu and Apartheid over this

    • This has the potential of being a WATERSHED

      Can the water experts please support/provide Schultz the facts (including GAZA which gets sewage to drink) and DESTROY Netanyahu over this?

      Coming on the heels of Scarlett Sodastream? - this is just too much - the clear parallels are dripping all over this

  • Water struggles continue in Gaza under the blockade
    • you were already on in and beating me by a mile while I was still trying to 'alert you' - per usual, ha!

      thanks annie

    • Alert to Mondoweiss/Samah - can this be reviewed it not already?

      Front page news at Haaretz - Knesset walkout on European Parliament President Martin Schulz for saying Israelis use 70 l per Israeli capita as compared to 17 per Palestinian capita

      Netanyahu is condemning Schultz - PLEASE if Schultz's numbers are true then this is a MAJOR PR coup against Apartheid

      What are the numbers? - can these be sent to Schultz IMMEDIATELY

      Cached page at Haaretz for those of you without subscriptions below:
      "Give him all due respect, but the president of the [European] Parliament stands here and says a blatant lie as though Israelis have the right to use 70 cubic liters of water and the Palestinians 17 cubic liters," she said. "That is a blatant lie. This speech will be spread all around the world as though this is true. When he says these things, and in German yet, it's no wonder that Knesset members and ministers are objecting to these comments."

      link to;.intl=us&sig=Jwg8ZE1PL7u0TUzUQAHJLQ--

  • Goldberg and Cohen stoke fears of BDS
    • 'if destroying Apartheid is destroying Israel, then what does that say about the Jewish state'

      It says that Apartheid Israel is not worth the paper it's printed on

    • The ones with the truly 'hidden agenda' are the 'Zionist Good Cops' like Cohen and Friedman, the ones whom create the sea for AIPAC to swim in and run one False Flags against the US and Iran after another, desperately trying anyway possible to pull the trigger on Iran (and the US)

      I have appreciated Cohen's pushback at the Lobby on several occassions - but like Uri Avnery or others they cannot bring themselves to pull the plug on the Apartheid State/'Current Single State Solution'. It would be like throwing their mama out on the street - psychologically they just don't seem to really be able to 'go there' and STILL are doing everything they can to try to pull their Israeli chestnut out of the fire

      They simply cannot fathom Israel FORCED to behave according to International Law as it will no longer the Israel of their youth or the Israel of their dreams. Their dreams and Israel simply weren't 'good enough' -

      'The War on Terror is a War on Israel' - because it is Israel that has set terrorism in motion in order to try to bring about constant destabilization of the US and world and a post-WWIII environment where Israel will be safe for a few more decades from De-Apartheidization

      Israel is the terror state, it is Israel who uses the institutional terror of cleansing/and Apartheid -

      It is Israel, who - with bite after bite at the apple provided by the likes of McCain, Graham, and Schumer - is the one who pitched the US at Iraq to double down on their 'Pro-Apartheid Israeli Policies' and it is Israel who just by the hairs of it's chinny chin chin was not able to yet again (like Iraq) shove the US into a 'Israeli False Flag AGAINST THE US'/lying, tricking the US and rest of the world in to a 1000 yr war against Iran/Islam on the orders of Netanyahu and his Quasi-Israeli Neocons

      'Israeli False Flag Attacks against the US':

      Iraq: Success
      Syria: near success, until the American people revolted
      Iran: near success (Cheney/Bush, in 2007, stopped only by the 2007 NIE and Admiral Fallon's principled resignation, and the constant near misses at war ever since 2007, with a succession of Israeli False Flag operation against the US to try to kick things off

      Israel needs the US for it's money and arms and cover - Cohen and Friedman are just the Zionist Goodfellas regurgitating and proselytizing their own deep 'liberal Zionism' with which they grew up along with their mother's milk.

      They ain't got nothing left but a bad case of cognitive dissonance and their crappy little Israeli Apartheid

      Cohen and Friedman will register as bumps in the road as BDS rolls them over

  • SodaStream stock sinks, and Bloomberg cites 'sanctions over Jewish settlements'
    • Coke is buying into Green Mountain Green Mountain Coffee Roasters - this will hopefully be threatening Sodastream's market share.

      from Haaretz:

      'Israel's SodaStream, which has suffered a rough month amid profit warnings and the controversy over its West Bank factory, got some more bad news on Wednesday when Coca-Cola said it would be buying a stake in a company readying to launch a cold drink machine for home use.

      The world's biggest maker of soft drinks – whose products have been targeted by SodaStream commercials – is taking a 10% stake in Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, best known for its popular Keurig one-cup coffee brewer. Coke will pay $1.25 billion for the stake and help launch Green Mountain's new cold drink machine planned for release as soon as October.'

      Shares of Green Mountain soared 42% to $114.85 in extended trading, while those of SodaStream, retreated 3.9% to $34.39 after hours trading on the Nasdaq.

      link to

      link to

  • Netanyahu and ministers lash out at 'insufferable' Kerry for mentioning 'boycotts'
    • The entire Israeli strategy in a nutshell prevent the Palestinians from surviving - and now these pathetic slobs start crying it is the PALESTINIANS (or Kerry AND the Palestinians - which is even more funny) that have a gun to the poor Israeli's heads.

      These Israelis simply have no shame, are beyond chutzpah, they will simply say or lie about anything until they are carted off to prison where they will continue to whine to anybody they can get to listen thru their soundproof cells

      'For Israel, the stakes are also enormously high. Do they want a failure that then begs whatever may come in the form of a response from disappointed Palestinians and the Arab community?'

      Whatever may come, Mr Kerry, like your failure to screw the Palestinians over one last final time and a solution based on International Law, the UN Resolutions Israel is currently violating the Geneva Conventions, rather than your pathetic attempt to keep Israel from being drug to the ICC in Sept 2014 (let alone keeping Israel out of the ICC in Sept 2013)

      Israeli Official:
      “You can’t expect the state of Israel to conduct negotiations with a gun pointed to its head,” he said.
      Thus neatly describing the exact Israeli strategy they have been running against the Palestinians since 1948.

      It seems to be an Israeli/Neocon art (along with 8 yr olds) to loudly charge their enemies with crimes they themselves are committing

  • Marwan Barghouthi on Mandela: 'Our freedom seems possible because you reached yours'
  • Reuters says Israeli soldiers 'manhandle' diplomats, but 'NYT' calls it a 'quarrel'
    • I'd call this a brilliant tactical move on Israel's part just as Kerry has been trying to get the EU to water down/no enforce it's new restrictions on doing business with illegal Israeli settlements....



  • Israel launches media blitz against Rouhani
    • Is Mitchell Dumb or Just Sloppy?

      Andrea Mitchell, as one of the Israeli Lobby's tired gatekeepers, ALWAYS has to slip in some lie about 'Iran's Nuclear Weapons'

      "Because he made it very clear he wants a deal on THE NUCLEAR WEAPONS"

      Why doesn't someone correct this so called foreign policy EXPERT on the air and just grind her into the ground on her relentless hasbara for her beloved Israel?

      Mitchell is like some AIPAC-traffic cop that has to work her quota of hasbara lines into the conversation EVERY chance she gets. I watch her regularly - same as David Gregory on Meet the Press - and they NEVER miss an opportunity to try to pollute the discourse with their propaganda - they are always ADVANCING the Neocon line just another inch or foot or whatever they can get

      Mitchell is reliably ALWAYS advancing the Israeli Lobby agenda - always trying to advance the agenda another inch

      Somebody please embarrass her by correcting her with the facts ON AIR please - how about you BRIAN WILLIAMS?

      This is what it would sound like:

      "Gee Andrea - Iran DOESN'T HAVE NUCLEAR WEAPONS and everybody except you seems to KNOW THAT"

  • Update: Israeli soldiers manhandle European diplomats seeking to aid demolished Palestinian village
    • 'EU demands Israel explain seizure of Palestinian aid'

      - looks like Senior EU authorities (including Ashton) are acting;

      Senior European Union officials demanded that Israel explain why its soldiers seized a truckload of humanitarian aid intended for Palestinians, saying they deplored the confiscation.

      Israeli soldiers attacked European diplomats on Friday and seized tents and emergency aid they had been trying to deliver to Palestinians whose homes were demolished this week.

      A Reuters reporter saw soldiers throw sound grenades at a group of diplomats, aid workers and locals in the occupied West Bank, and yank a French diplomat out of the truck before driving it away.

      "EU representatives have already contacted the Israeli authorities to demand an explanation and expressed their concern at the incident," a statement issued by the spokesmen for EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton and Humanitarian Aid Commissioner Kristalina Georgieva said on Saturday.

      link to

    • It's 'Price-Tagging the EU' - the new brilliant IDF strategy

  • Obama's greatest achievement-- blinking on Syria
    • 'On Saturday afternoon three weeks ago President Obama stepped out of the White House to announce that he was attacking Syria– and instead he blinked'

      I want the advance copy of Obama's memoirs to see how this all evolved (as if...) - and if, as I suspect, how the Lobby/Netanyahu stood him up last year by forcing him to originally set down a 'red line' in the first place (probably by blackmail threat to attack Iran or more intrusively bomb all of Syrian chemical sites repeatedly), then proceeded to fix and fabricate violations of his 'red line', and then demanded he attack

      Stood up, set up, knocked down - and then - the bowling pin punted to Congress. Was Obama just a puppet of the Lobby the whole time - until that fateful last moment?

      And then the near-immediate exploitation of the vacuum created by the war with Syria having been precipitously called off, to stick the stake in AIPAC's heart with an historic deal with Iran...

      Could the Israel/Neocon near-successful war with Syria be just their last desperate gasp to PREVENT the coming historic Iran deal? What timing!

    • 'It was the greatest moment of Obama’s presidency. In an instant he diverted the currents of American militant ideology in the Middle East. Granted an opening, the American people spoke out loudly that they do not want such an attack; and since then we have seen an onslaught of diplomacy.'

      I think this is a genuinely historic moment in American history - seemingly almost by sheer dumb luck Obama has forced AIPAC-domination into direct conflict with the American populace. This moment should be taught to every child in every jr high school class in America, and in the context of what the Israeli Lobby did to America with Iraq and have been trying to do with Iran.

      It was as if America as a whole almost organically rose up and said 'no more AIPAC-ginned up wars for Israel' and found the Constitution there to help us as the tool or club we needed.

      Was it finally the expression of wisdom by our founding fathers in our Constitution (separating war-making powers from Bush-like or Wannabe Bush-like Executives) which took us out from the clutches of Neocons and AIPAC?

      My mind just doesn't want to believe it was all dumb luck by which this constitutional professor somehow threw AIPAC up against the wall of the Constitution. Did Obama somehow finally USE the Constitution to protect himself from the dark forces of AIPAC, as almost an unconscious or desperate reflex to stop those forces that had begun to possess him that he had no other way of stopping?

      Without Syria there is going to be no Iran, and without Iran, Apartheid has no cover. This is also a historic debacle for decades-long Israeli grand strategy, the Pro-Apartheid forces of current Israel and her Israeli Lobby, and Israeli history itself

      Now the pathetic Lindsey Graham is hell-bent on preventing the American people from ever standing in the way again of his obsessive treasonous devotion to Israel and trying to get his 'Automatic Pre-Authorization to Attack Iran on a Moment's Notice of a Ginned-up False Flag by Israel or the Israeli Lobby' - in order to sidestep the Constitution. Graham is both an enemy of the state and the American people - a particular circle of hell that has a very exclusive membership

      I hope Graham's hail mary is brought to a vote because it seems so obvious to me that at least the House is going to do the same thing to anything AIPAC and Graham manage to cook up against Iran that smells just like what he and McCain tried to cooked up with Syria before it flopped. Man - I just hope a Graham bill gets out there publicly enough that so that when it is killed in committee the revolt against AIPAC wars intensifies. What is Congress going to do after this jailbreak from the confines of AIPAC?

      Will Netanyahu start calling the founding fathers 'anti-Israel' and the Constitution 'anti-Semitic' because we seem to be in a honeymoon of having taken the war-making powers out of the reach of warmongering AIPAC?

      Anything that thwarts Israeli ethnic cleansing and their set-up and running of apartheid IS 'anti-Semitic' to the Netanyahus and Dershowitzs so I guess we have our answer here as laid out by Israelis - 'stopping Israelis' is anti-Semitic by their OWN definition. So be it...

      If being 'Anti-Apartheid' and 'Anti-Ethnic Cleansing' is defined as 'anti-Semitic' by these con-artists who are still laughing to themselves that these smears actually WORK - then lets have MORE of this particular flavor of 'stopping Israelis' (which they conveniently define as 'anti-Semitism') until Apartheid Israel is stopped and stopped cold.

  • An Israeli settler says Obama demands Palestine deal for Iran
    • great article - really conveys the flavor of the Israeli hillpeople

      'the settlers believe Obama and Netanyahu have agreed, Iran for Palestine'

      ...dumb*** settlers

      Strategery-izing about the central role they play in universe, though it's actually just the next Prime Minister of Israel's snakeoil they threw-up

      This is like these Israeli hillbillies' counterparts on the Cahulawassee River believing that Burt Reynolds is going to come back to do 'Deliverance II', and all the hill-billies are practicing their banjo playing and dreaming that this will be their entre to Hollywood and Beverly Hillbilly-level riches

      My my, aren't they going to be disappointed when they DON'T get Iran and have to move (and get a job), anyway.

      Double Bummer for Israeli Hilltop-billies

  • Red Lines and Green Lights: Israel still angling for attack on Syria and Iran
    • Israel is simple and Oren makes it easy

      1- Israel 'WANTS' Al Qaeda on it's doorstep in Syria. PERIOD
      There is NO PROBLEM for Israel with a 'forever war' against some rag tag Jihadists in Syria that Israel/Saudi/Neocons are themselves supporting/1/2 controlling. Small potatoes. It's good training for the reservists. The big pay-off being Israel KEEPS the Golan FOREVER and also how much Israel can milk this 'next Israeli existential crisis' for another 1000 yrs. (Israel will have about as much trouble handling these jihadists as it does handling Hamas. )

      Israel is not 'scared' about losing Assad. It loses Assad and GETS the Golan and breaks down Iran's backdoor and that is the perfect pathway (and prime Israeli strategy) to remain just as it is - an Apartheid state overlording Palestine - forever

      2- Israel wants an American war with Iran to preserve it's regional hegemony. PERIOD. It wants to set the ME on fire for another 10 yrs because that is the ONLY way Apartheid Israel survives another 10 yrs without being dismantled at the ICC and BDS. Israel WANTS Iran to make one move towards nuke weapons (or just get McCain and Grahman to trigger an attack anyway, for no reason) and is doing EVERYTHING it can to try to precipitate Iran making the mistake to reasonably try to defend itself against the Neocons and Israel

      3- Apartheid Israel's death knell is NO war on Syria and Iran - then twisting in the wind with the ICC and BDS. Therefore - this is EXACTLY what needs to happen, over the bodies of McCain and Graham

  • National Security Agency gives data on Americans to the Israeli government
    • Why Israel is different and needs to be singled out with this expose of NSA - the Brits aren't running Jonathan Pollards and Larry Rosens against us

      'The sharing of raw intercepts with Israel is particularly notable because U.S. officials say Israel aggressively seeks to spy on the U.S. government, unlike Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, allies who are part of a long-standing agreement to share signals intelligence with the United States'

      link to

    • This just makes me so mad...

      I wonder if this could be an ACLU case, a Supreme Court Case, or would take a repeal of the Patriot Act, or some special kind of updated DENIAL to Israel of this info

    • The Neocons/Israeli Lobby have just been so intricately involved in all of this - it's like it's Apartheid Israel uber alles and any American that doesn't like that is subject to whatever Israel or the US can throw at them

      It's kind of a splitting of our American government from the American people, with our government siding with ISRAEL against American citizens.

      I always had this distinct feeling from Sen Joe Lieberman, (esp around time of the Mavi Marmara when all those Israeli-Firsters came out saying any Americans on board should basically be PROSECUTED by American courts for 'terrorism charges' - or shot by the Israelis), that push come to shove Joe Lieberman would rather see AMERICANS prosecuted for trying to stop Jews/Pro-Israeli/Neocon Policies, including even CRITICIZING the Israeli government, and making that illegal and subject to hate crime charges

      My sense was that Joe Lieberman was basically for Jews in Israel and Jews in America and ALL the rest of American could eat **** and *** if it ever came to a conflict with the Tribe. Give Israel the keys to all Americans to make sure there aren't any Anti-Apartheid agitations going on that should be prosecuted? SURE!!

      Why not tell Israel to just drop dead and make them request something they wanted from the NSA instead of GIVING IT ALL TO THEM?

    • Here's a good Guardian comment from 'cmarie10':

      'So essentially, the NSA is acting as an agent for a foreign state'

    • Dear Mondoweiss - off topic

      Anybody have any update on the Arafat Polonium Investigation? - it's getting very past due at this point

      Last I heard the revised/delayed date for the tests results were supposed to be done early June and the reports from the Swiss/French labs within at most a couple of months.

      I haven't been able to find any updates on the internet

      Anybody have any idea if this story just died - or if there was just inclusive evidence or something - I haven't heard that that was the case

    • How can Obama explain how personal data on US citizens was not only allowed to the NSA but to a foreign country like Israel?

      This is just a whole new level of wrong and will surely help to tilt the argument over security vs surveillance in the US against the NSA and Homeland Security-Israeli agents

      I'm SURE Sen Joe Lieberman, Sen Feinstein and Rep Peter King are MORE than happy for Israel to be able to spy on any US citizen they want. This is like ..... treason

      I can't see how this new expose doesn't enter the national debate.

      Who the heck wants Israel spying on them - and our government having given Israel the OK to do that?

    • This is the Snowden/Greenwald expose I've been waiting for...

  • 'AIPAC must be kept for consensus issues only': Israeli diplomat slams Israel lobby for engaging on Syria
    • Modern AIPAC is dead - as Bret Stephens frets about today in the Wall Street Journal:

      ‘In the meantime, Republicans should ponder what their own political posturing on Syria might mean for the future. When a Republican president, faced with a Democratic House, feels compelled to take action against some other rogue regime, will they rue their past insistence on congressional approval?’

      Boo hoo - with Israel and her Neocons no longer capable of bum rushing the US into war with Iran - because it would be overwhelmingly refused by the American people and US House (like this strike on Syria) - AIPAC’s raison d’etre for the last 10 yrs has been destroyed

      Obama has done a GREAT SERVICE to the US by taking the US military OUT OF THE HANDS OF ISRAEL AND AIPAC

    • 'It is not wise, it is not correct, it is excessive,” said the diplomatic source, “Israel is too often VIEWED as a country that drags the United States into conflicts and wars. '

      Hilarious! - AIPAC 'viewed' as a country that TOO OFTEN drags the US into wars!

      The red line that needs to be drawn is NEVER will America be lied and hoaxed and mousetrapped into war by Israel, AIPAC, and the Neocons, EVER AGAIN

      How about.....

      they (Israel/AIPAC/Neocons/Israeli Lobby) lied us into the Iraq War,

      they (Israel/AIPAC/Neocons/Israeli Lobby) have been falling all over themselves for the last 10 years TRYING to lie us into a war with Iran (and nearly succeeding on at least TWO occasions, the last of which was last Sept 2012)

      they (Israel/AIPAC/Neocons/Israeli Lobby) have done a full court press to try to lie us into a war with Syria, currently, and are DISAPPOINTED they didn't succeed*

      Every word from an Israeli or Neocon should immediately be suspect as JUST ANOTHER Israeli/Neocon False Flag operation or hoax until PROVEN OTHERWISE. Every word from Netanyahu's mouth or Kristol's pen or AIPAC's yearly agenda ...

      This F'ing Lobby has got to go - forced to register as an agent of a foreign government and reamed every time they get caught spying on the US

      * I was on the Times of Israel site or JPOST and an article went up and then was taken down by the time I got back to it 5 minutes later about how 'Israel was irate that the strike was going to be called off' due to the new deal. I tried to retrieve it by looking for cached copies but have had no luck finding it.

  • Was Obama bluffing on Syria all along?
    • Great Israeli cartoon on the New York skyline on this Anniversary of 911

      Shows a new tower - the 'Fed Up with War Building' ' - as HIGHER than the 'Freedom Tower'

      Perfect - the Tower could also be called the A'nti-AIPAC' or 'Anti-NeoconTower'

      link to

    • Annie's post from a couple of days ago regarding the question of whether or not Obama would abide by the US House vote AGAINST the Syria Strike is relevant to this argument of whether Obama possibly is 'The Man who Killed the Israeli Lobby', the man who chose to engage the SINGLE most important aspect of American political life and foreign policy - the domination of AIPAC/Israel of these key elements of American life - and fundamentally permanently remove this monkey from America's back

      The greatest man always is the one who attacks the greatest problem. Greatest man - greatest problem.

      Could Obama be such a transcendent genius that he has decided to do the one thing that changes everything - forgive me in advance - to verily snatch the One Ring back from Israeli Prime Minister Sauron and this Israeli Lobby and throw it back into the pits of Mordor?

      Is that what just happened? - that AIPAC will NEVER get Iran or Syria and because of that, Apartheid is moribund and with it, AIPAC itself?

      I actually argued that the Hagel nomination - in the face of the avalanche of crap from the Israeli Lobby - was DESIGNED to drag the Lobby out into the sunlight (heck - even the un-aired SNL donkey-joke skit made the rounds on viral youtube) and defeat it. I distinctly had the feeling he had welcomed AIPAC into the kill zone for that act of this play.

      This in your face denial of the Israeli Lobby over the Syria Strike makes 3 big ones in a year, counting from last Sept to this Sept:

      1- Denying Israel an attack on Iran: the full-administration mobilization to tell Netanyahu to STOP his in motion Sept/Oct attack plan to mousetrap the US into war with Iran (with the Palestinian status upgrade with access to the ICC immediately following that catastrophe for Netanyahu/Israel). Dempsey said he would not be complicit in an Israeli attack, and every major figure in the administration (Hillary, Biden, Amb Shaprio, Dempsey, etc) was trotted out to make sure Bibi could lie his way into saying he didn't get the bullhorn message
      2- the Hagel nomination in the face of major AIPAC mobilization and the spectacle of McCain and Graham at the Senate Confirmation Hearings
      3- though 'reluctantly' deciding to do a Syria Strike, his last minute walk in the woods counter-intuitive decision at the very last moment, just before pushing the red button for Tomahawk launches a day or so before Labor Day weekend, to all of a sudden CLEAVE TO THE AMERICAN CONSTITUTION and seek the war-making approval of the US Congress. This drove a stake into the very heart of AIPAC/Israel/Apartheid

      At the time I actually argued that the Hagel fight (point #2) was a masterstroke to drag the Lobby out and force the Hagel nomination down their throat in the face of a major AIPAC effort.

      Now there's the possibility that the ONLY WAY - or the best way - for Obama to drive the wooden stake into the heart of his Daily Waking Nightmare (Netanyahu/AIPAC) was to pit the Lobby against what might be the ONLY THING that could stop it - the American Constitution's incredibly prescient delegation of war-making power NOT TO THE ISRAELI LOBBY but to the American people/US House

      Obama has drug AIPAC and Israeli warmongers screaming for war from their holes and had the American people tell them NEVER AGAIN will they be drug into the 'Next Iraq' (Syria) or the 'Next Iraq after Syria', IRAN

      Now it's the hated and despised AIPAC against the American people, with LITTLE interference from the bribed/'lobbied'/intimidated US elected officials who want to keep their jobs. Now it's the Amercian people actually becoming educated enough to justifiably hate AIPAC and Israeli false flags.

      What a miracle! - it's almost as if it was planned! Like there is an organizing power like Sarah and her Fundies' 'Creative Design' in the Universe, rather than an messy assemblage of cobbled-together random mutations that onlygive the appearance of an All Seeing Organizing Intelligence.

      It's almost as if God exists after all and he has been revealed as Barack Obama.

      Despite having been raised as an atheist, and considered many other things in the course of life, am I ready to finally GET RELIGION? Is returning the war-making powers of the US to the American people/US House a sign that Obama, rather than being the Anti-Christ, is God himself? The Grand Benign Puppetmaster of All?

      I know one thing - the smartest man on the planet would tackle the hardest job, the most important job, the ONE JOB that needs to be done - and that is REMOVING the consummate gaming of the American political system from the hands of Bibi 'the US is easy to manipulate' Netanyahu and the rest of the Israelis and AIPAC

      In his speech last night, as Annie was exploring in her other post, of the key question of whether Obama would abide by a US House/(Congressional) negative vote - I think Obama answered that last night in the AFFIRMATIVE, that he would, like PM David Cameron, abide by the will of Congress and the people. He basically said so

      Here's the transcript from last night - tell me Obama not just SOUNDS like he would abide by the US House vote, but that he indeed is PLANNING to do that:

      'That’s my judgement as Commander-in-Chief. But I’m also the President of the world’s oldest constitutional democracy. So even though I possess the authority to order military strikes, I believed it was right, in the absence of a direct or imminent threat to our security, to take this debate to Congress. I believe our democracy is stronger when the President acts with the support of Congress. And I believe that America acts more effectively abroad when we stand together.

      This is especially true after a decade that put more and more war-making power in the hands of the President, and more and more burdens on the shoulders of our troops, while sidelining the people’s representatives from the critical decisions about when we use force.'

      Whether Obama is God, Frodo, Zen Puppetmaster, JuJitsu Expert, or just a smart guy that pivoted at the right instant in a basketball game he was losing - I think there ARE some threads that Obama might go down in American history as 'The Man Who Did the Impossible', 'the Man Who Killed AIPAC'

      If AIPAC is dead, in that it can no longer staave off the dismantling of Apartheid by igniting a war with Iran and Syria, then the Miracle has Happened. With the death of Apartheid comes the death of the Israeli Lobby/Neocons to determine the fate of America

      As the farmer said to Babe in the movie - 'That'll do, pig'

    • "What if taking it to Congress was intended to provide him with a mandate NOT to invade Syria all along, and not to set our country up for a war with Iran? It’s pretty slick marketing if this was his agenda, sticking it to the lobby, flushing them out and pitting them against the American public ."

      This is what I am LOVING -

      Whether Obama consciously knew what he's been doing or not - (I'm thinking 60/40 not) - Obama has done a historic service to the US by taking the US military OUT OF THE HANDS OF ISRAEL AND AIPAC by putting any attack on Iran in the hands of the US House and American people

      It's historic and AIPAC/Israel is fuming over it... it takes nearly all power out of their hands

      Even better - Apartheid is dead if Israel doesn't get a war with Iran and/or Syria

  • 'A disaster anyway we cut it'--Phyllis Bennis on the folly of U.S. strikes on Syria
    • Kerry makes a gaffe and Russia picks up football and runs for a touchdown...

      Israel/AIPAC is left fuming on the sidelines - they need a war with Syria in order to get their war with Iran, and without their war with Iran, Apartheid will be twisting in the wind at the ICC and under international boycotts/sanctioning

      If the American people can stop Israel and AIPAC at the House - like they surely will as Israel tries ONCE AGAIN to gin up a war on Iran - Apartheid is finished.

      Israeli Apartheid NEEDS war after war (or 'generations long endless war') to survive - hence the whole Clean Break Plan and whole Israeli/Neocon plan since 911

  • 'Israel's lawyer' at it again: John Kerry pressuring EU to drop settlement boycott
    • Kerry is working full time for Israel now

      If Colin Powell was unwittingly working for Israel, as he carried their water for the hoaxing of the US into the war with Iraq, and then spent massive amounts of time dealing with THAT - Kerry must now feel like Powell got off easy

      Kerry has been busy as a bee

      1- Sabotaging the Palestinian referral of Israel to the ICC Sept 2013 with Peace Talks

      2- Martin Indyk, Dennis Ross II, appointed as US mediator on the team

      3- Doing everything humanely possible to sell America down the river and into a war with Syria (and with Iran as well, I presume) in the next phase of the Clean Break Plan for Israel

      4- Publicly saying his attempt to sell the war in Syria was a kind of necessary step in confronting the quote unquote 'Iranian nuclear WEAPONS program' - knowing that was a lie. Just like Cheney - if he only repeats that lie often enough how could the average American believe it's not true? Wouldn't the average sane American say Iran has a nuclear weapons program or how could all these American politicians and media be saying that every chance they get?

      5- Trying to sell the US Congress a war with Syria saying it was basically to protect Israel

      U.S. ambassador Rice to UN said a ‘huge part’ of her work was defending Israel. Rice said she often works in “lockstep” with the Israeli delegation. (link below)

      link to

  • Chomsky: Israel and US enjoying the spectacle as Syria descends into suicide
    • Lot's of momentum in the press right now for a Kerry/Russian negotiated deal to transfer Syrian chemical weapons to international control and eventually be destroyed. Good.


      Israel and all her Neocons/Israeli Lobby will be fuming over a brokered deal for international control/eventual destruction of Syrian CW - this doesn't give them what they need, which is a war in Syria in order to eventually get a war with Iran.

      This is a catastrophe for decades of Israeli planning and grand strategy for war with Iran and a torn apart Syria in order to give a few more years of breathing space for Apartheid

      Israeli sources notes such a solution would be in everyone's best interest – including Israel's
      link to

  • 'Slippery slope to an unnecessary war' -- liberal groups muster popular opposition on Syria
    • If you want Apartheid in Israel, then you also want to gin up an American war against Syria, and an American war against Iran as well.


      PEP Progressive Except Palestine, is taking on a richer meaning.

      Now, to 'support Israel', a politician like Hillary Clinton has to be in favor of a war in Syria, a war in Iran, and Apartheid in Israel.

      Oh yeah...

    • Israel must be shaking in her boots to contemplate trying to get the pig off the ground of her next attempted mousetrapping of the US into a war with Iran.

      Even though 'Syria IS Iran', in gossamer thin disguise, what if the unthinkable happens and the American people successfully resist this war with Syria? - how impossible will it be to try to immediately pivot and try to just pick up where they left off with the major thrust of Israeli policy to tripwire the US into an attack on Iran, after THIS failure?

      Oink Oink - I just don't think THAT pig is going to fly after this - and neither do the Israelis and AIPAC. This is the 'catastrophe' they are speaking about

      If your job was to sell this Iran-pig in a poke to the American people/American House of Reps - what likelihood of success would you assess your chances would be to make this sale in the next - oh say 5 yrs- before Israeli Apartheid collapses at the ICC AND intensifying BDS sanctions eviscerate it?

      Without Syria there is NO IRAN - Israel is betting the Apartheid farm on this one

      This is a real opportunity because this is a grave weakness - Israel and her Neocons MUST win this one and that is a weakness - and therein lies a golden opportunity to start dismantling Apartheid and AIPAC

      If the Republicans turn 'Libertarian'/Rand Paul then even for the next Presidential election it will be Warmonger 'Saban Forum-AIPAC' Hillary vs 'Rand Paul'/whomever and his legions of 50:1 Americans NOT BUYING AIPAC's con job into 100x WORSE than Syria, an attack on Iran

      What's Israel going to do then?- write 'Death to America' in Farsi on a Jericho missile and shoot it at New York?

  • Shady PR operatives, pro-Israel ties, anti-Castro money: Inside the Syrian opposition’s DC spin machine
    • Imagine - Imagine if one month from now the entire story has been laid open and we find the Syrian Rebels backed by the Saudis and Israelis have done this - and the Israelis and Saudis have been trying to HOAX the US into a war from their own scheme?


      Now imagine you are Bibi Netanyahu tonight, frantically calling US members of Congress cajoling them, trying to pressure or even bribe them, desperately trying to get the attacks on Syria going to cover the crime, and literally ****ing your pants

      Now imagine the Israelis never planned on getting caught and have NO PLAN to deal with this catastrophe

      That's a sweet thought I'm having tonight

    • No more endless bites at the apple, misters Dershowitz and Netanyahu

      Israeli Apartheid and adventurism, supported by and even carried out by the Israeli Lobby/Neocons, such as ginning up False Flags (in Iraq with the Niger Yellowcake forgeries and all the other Neocon lies – and against Iran (phony ‘smoking Iranian laptop’ or Mossad posing as CIA, etc, etc) or Syria), will NEVER be effectively defeated until we manage to quit fighting on Israel’s terms and at times and places of her choosing. The momentum must be shifted where every Israeli loss weakens her ability to continue her shenanigins

      The fight must be taken to the Israelis and they must be taken on many fronts as once – they must be in the ICC unsuccessfully trying to fight anti-Apartheid cases (which even the IDF-legal teams say they will lose) WHILE the EU is strengthening anti-Apartheid boycotts on the ground and WHILE the US is diplomatically negotiating with Iran on the nuclear program.

      Israel getting sued for cases she cannot win at the ICC, intensifying EU and other BDS boycotts against her, and NO escape route out by touching off the next 10 year conflagration in the Middle East by bringing in America against Iran or Syria. That’s the Ticket

      Israel must be losing on many fronts at once – rather than having the endless bites at the apple which Sen Kerry and Indyk and all the rest of them are making possible for her.

      What happens when Israel gets to call the shots, deal with her problems one by one at a place and time of her chosing? – I put forward into evidence Mr Alan Dershowitz

      The instant Alan Dershowitz saw the US House vote count reach a majority of 217 he had an article up at Haaretz moving on to the next Israeli scam, a ‘Pre-Authorized US Attack on Iran’, such that any Israeli False Flag could be INSTANTLY responded to by Obama or other American President, without the danger of having the Israeli False Flag exposed by taking the days it takes to get a Senate or House Vote.

      This is AIPAC Pre-emptive Rubber-stamping of the next war for Israel and her Lobby – because False Flags tend to be perishable goods – one UN team examining the ground in Syria or Iran is enough to reveal the Israelis or her agents as liars and hoaxers

      Israel and Dershowitz must be overwhelmed and effectively continuously trounced – so they are merely REACTING and retreating rather than calling the shots. Israeli Apartheid and her Neocon supporters must be run to ground and defeated and Apartheid dismantled to end the continuous stream of destabilization originating from these groups as they desperately try to keep Apartheid's nose above water. The Neocons have a sanctuary with Apartheid Israel and vice versa - Apartheid has sanctuary with the Neocons. BOTH need to be dismantled to stop the other.

      Give them another moment and they will find a way to mousetrap the US into a war with Iran, having been stymied in Syria for the moment.

      Dershowitz is already ON IT

  • Will Obama strike without congressional or UN approval?
    • Annie - here is the actual clip of Tony Blinken on NPR in case you wanted to hear exactly how he said it and haven't yet - it really doesn't add much:

      Blinken's answer is near the very end -- he begins to answer the question at minute 4:00 on the 'minute counter' on tape and it's all over within 10 or 15 seconds

      link to

    • One major Israeli weakness I see is if they DON'T get Syria, they won't get Iran

      If they don't get Iran or Syria - that's IT for Apartheid Israel. It's a WEAKNESS that they are so dependent upon getting this

    • I'm so sick of having to fight off Israel and her Neocons on their terms

      Just like last Sept - when there had to be a full on American effort to stop Netanyahu from mousetrapping us into Iran. Netanyahu was humiliated and boiling. Ever since - it's been intermittent Israeli airstrikes against Syria and mysterious chemical weapons accusations, until Carla del Ponte shut Israel and the Neocons up for a few minutes.

      1-So the US, Saudi, and Israel ginned up this whole 'Syrian Civil War' in the first place - doing everything they could to take an Arab Spring-ish type movement against Assad and turn it as bloody as they possibly could as fast as they could.
      2-Then the Israelis/Neocons pressure Obama into setting a 'red line', as they play off blackmailing him over Iran with it
      3-Then they provoke Syria as much as possible, as well as fix the false flags around the 'red line', with the Syrian Rebels all of a sudden showing up with chemical weapons, as if the West didn't help them get them
      4- Then the Israelis/Neocons 'frame the whole argument' where we are on the edge of a hot war for Israel in the Middle East again, and it just happens to be the backdoor to Iran

      Just like with Iran - sanctions and near war for year after year with Israel and her Neocons getting endless bites at the apple in trying to turn it into a hot war

      We need to get the initiative and start fighting Israel and her Neocons where each of their losses takes them down a couple of pegs and makes it easier and easier to overturn the Apartheid state

  • Rep. Alan Grayson: '[AIPAC] falls to the wayside when the public weighs in'
    • Now 'all we have to do' is educate the entire American population about WHY we went to war in Iraq, and that AIPAC/Netanyahu are currently on a full court press to hoax the US into a war with Iran and Syria.

      How long would Neocon or Israel's favorability ratings hold up if Americans REALLY understood what Israel is all about?

      Hopefully the mainstream reporting of the Israeli Lobby surrounding Syria will have pushed it a little further over the cliff towards being FORCED to register as an agent of a foreign government, and get them out of our political process.

      Some of our Congress might even enjoy not feeling like they have to clap like seals next time Netanyahu swims by

    • Congressman are getting SWAMPED by the larger American public and the American people are DWARFING the usual mini-avalanches organized email/call-in campaigns relentlessly used by AIPAC

      I can barely believe all this and it's music to my ears

  • AIPAC on an island: 'Politico' report says Israel lobby alone in pushing for war in Syria
    • OK thanks a lot for the clarifications/new data, Annie - woah - the PLOT is thickening, huh?

      Personally I cannot imagine Obama going ahead and ordering attacks in the face of the coming negative House vote. To me that will look so unimaginably BAD that it just won't pass the smell test

    • BREAKING BREAKING BREAKING - can't hardly believe this from the JPOST (link at bottom)

      Top Obama aide: No US military action without okay from Congress

      (JPOST says it's on NPR's Morning Edition - I'm gonna go try and find it right now
      Quote is from deputy national security adviser Tony Blinken on National Public Radio.)

      US President Barack Obama does not intend to authorize US military force in Syria if lawmakers vote against his proposal seeking action amid allegations of chemical weapons use by Syrian President Bashar Assad, a top aide said on Friday.

      "The president of course has the authority to act, but it's neither his desire nor his intention to use that authority absent Congress backing him," deputy national security adviser Tony Blinken told National Public Radio.

      That's IT - as reported already by ABC News there already is a Majority 'NO Syria Strike' 217 person vote in the US HOUSE - and there have already been reports that there AREN"T GOING TO BE ANY DO-OVERS


      link to

  • Newest political bedfellows -- Obama & Adelson
    • It's more that AIPAC desperately NEEDS this attack on Syria in order to have a chance at an attack on Iran.

      If Syria is NOT attacked - basically because the American people have revolted against Neocon/Israeli-dictated wars (even if they do not even KNOW that, and are just greedily worried about economic costs etc) - then Iran will not be attacked

      If Iran is not attacked then Apartheid is twisting in the ICC wind, open to worldwide boycotts - that is the existential danger to Apartheid of NOT attacking Iran

      The Neocons and Netanyahu are DESPERATE for Syria because without Syria the DO NOT GET IRAN

      (Dershowitz is already up on Haaretz trying to damage control this fait accompli majority 'NO' House Vote debacle for Israel - trying to say this shouldn't put anybody off their feed for Iran - and trying to turn lemons into lemonade by getting Congress to AUTHORIZE WAR on Iran RIGHT NOW so there's no repeat of this problem for the Lobby like they just happened with Syria. UNBELIEVABLE


      'Obama: Get approval from Congress on Iran now'

      The U.S. President's commitment to preventing Iran going nuclear means he must go to Congress now, before it crosses the red line, and not after, as is now the case with Syria and its use of chemical weapons.

      link to )

    • What's the shelf life of any American politician once AIPAC has gotten into them?

      Adelson and Obama? How much do you want to bet that Adelson will be funding Hillary's 2016 bid? Or that he will be fully hedged and funding BOTH the dem and repub candidates?

      How long did it take to beat Obama into shape, into a tool of AIPAC?

      It's like they get bit by the AIPAC Zombie and then it's just a matter of time before they're consulting with William Kristol, have Neocons stuffed into their Foreign Policy spots, and have McCain and Graham as their Congressional go-to men.

      I think American politicians, if they get elected thru the AIPAC filter at all, are then just beaten into shape like a piece of metal, until they serve AIPAC's goals

  • Groundswell on Syria: The people versus AIPAC
    • 'We’re at a defining moment in the history of the special relationship between the U.S. and Israel. Israel wants a war and the American people don’t– still, American leadership is pressing ahead. This groundswell of American opposition has fostered a willingness on the part of the American media to broach the issue of blind American support for Israel'

      Exactly right -

      Chris Hayes has come out against the strikes and Rachel 'What's a Neocon?' Maddow actually came out and showed pictures of all the Neocons from the 2003 hoax into the Iraq war (Kristol, Senor, Wolfowitz, Feith, etc) and said they have 'disqualified' themselves from ever trying to gin up another war. Chris Matthews is also having a hard time stomaching it.

      Americans should understand and UNDERSTANDABLY HATE what Israel and her Neocons did to the US with the Iraq war, and this should be shoved back in the face of every Neocon and Netanyahu every time one of them pipes up on TV or the media with the next chapter of the 'Clean Break Plan Over America's Dead Body(ies)'

      Every Neocon and every Israeli should have WITHERING questions posed to them and tear them apart - such as - 'after having LIED the US into a war with Iraq, what kind of chutzpah do you have to try to LIE the US into Iran and Syria?'

      David Gregory and Andrea Mitchell - as they provide platforms for Kristol or Netanyahu - should be OUTED as Jews and supporters of Israel and her Neocons. Period.

      Hating the Israeli Lobby/Neocons and Israel is all part of STOPPING Israeli Apartheid and AIPAC-domination of American politics. There's nothing wrong with it. HATING something enough because you love something else that that is taking away is a HEALTHY THING.

      No US politician should EVER attend an AIPAC fundraiser ever again (how sweet that would be) and AIPAC should be forced to register as a foreign lobby (or be registered as a spy/terror agency, either way ha)

      America needs to hate the Neocons and Israelis like Netanyahu enough to STOP them. It starts with actual education about the truth and I am so HAPPY Chris Hayes, Maddow, Matthews and even the Tea Partiers (ugh) are getting on board.

      The Israeli Apartheid state should have a 4% approval rating in the US, like Apartheid South Africa, and the AIPAC/the Israeli Lobby Neocons should have a 2% approval rating.

  • Rosh Hashanah and the Primal Prophetic
  • How AIPAC works your Congressperson-- using donors, rabbis, and Jewish members
    • Israel is horrified that America is beginning to find it’s way around the stranglehold AIPAC has (thru it’s Israeli Lobby-bought Congressmen) on American foreign policy, which makes them essentially the brute force muscle (and banker) for Israeli ambitions in the Middle East

      If America is able to stop AIPAC, Israel and her Lobby will not be able to pull off another spectacle like the lying of the US in to the Iraq War, (with the Uranium Niger Forgeries that Michael Ledeen/Mossad themselves created, then stovepiped to Doug Feith’s Office of Special Plans) - and more importantly, will not be able to pull off lying or mousetrapping the US into a war against Iran.

      link to

      Israel is desperately worried that they will no longer have the power to be able to lie and hoax or mousetrap or BUM RUSH the war into Iran - and without that - without a Middle East continuously in flames - Apartheid in Israel will be exposed to worldwide boycotts and dismantling at the ICC

  • In sunlight at last, Israel lobby throws its full weight behind Obama's Syria strike
    • Hopefully the outing of the 'NEOCON Lobby', dragging the problem of the Lobby out into the sunlight, will inspire 12-step programs for US Congressmen;

      'Hello, my name is John McCain and I am an AIPAC-oholic'

      'I regularly sold my vote for AIPAC-money and lied my countrymen into a war with Iraq, and have been trying to lie them into a war in Iran or Syria or Russia ever since. I am the Manchurian Candidate, once a Hanoi Hilton POW, I am now an Israeli asset'

    • 'This is the Clean Break Plan IN FLAGRANTE DELICTO' (-- corrected)

      (Latin: "in blazing offence")

      oops - I always accidentally transpose with 'delicto' with 'flagrante' ... but I just love that term

      'In flagrante delicto' is a legal term used to indicate that a criminal has been caught in the act of committing an offence; eg, caught red-handed; husband comes home and catches wife with lover as they are fully 'enraptured'; burglar caught stuck halfway down the airvent into the 7-11, etc

    • great article - it's a whole hog Israeli Lobby/Neocon push to war (- and it's about Iran, not just Syria) - just like it was as the Israeli Lobby/Neocons lied us into Iraq, by the way

      This is Israel and her Lobby GETTING IRAN out of this deal - make no mistake.

      This is the Clean Break Plan in delicto flagrante

      MUST-SEE great CARTOON of the greater than 800 lb King Kong-sized Israeli Lobby gorilla astride the US Capitol (and great article accompanying it) up at Tikun Olam

      'Gloves Come Off: Israel Lobby Goes All-In for Syrian Intervention, While New York Times Self-Censors'
      link to

  • AIPAC comes out for strike on Syria-- and mentions Iran more often than Syria
    • U.S. Jewish groups call on Congress to approve use of force against Syria’s Assad

      U.S. Ambassador Oren states Israeli support for Obama’s claim that Syria must face “international consequences."

      Foxman: Our people’s experience with gas mandates Jewish-moral response

      link to

    • This attack on Syria will be an Israeli coup of enormous proportions - strategically it's almost 'as good as'/'or the same as' having successfully triggered an American attack on Iran. I think this is ENORMOUS

      This is the 'Real Mensch finally getting their Tehran' - or 3/4's of the way there

      Israeli WINS;

      1- Indefinite postponement of Palestine's attempt for justice - who cares about Palestinians at the ICC when there's a new decades long hot or semi-hot war with Syria/and or Iran?
      2- Decades long more turmoil with the American military killing Muslims in Syria/ and or Iran. Years of more American military indoctrination with 'the Muslim as the enemy'
      3- American military killing Iranian units (and precedent thereof) currently stationed in Syria
      4- American military killing Hezbollah units (and precedent thereof) currently stationed in Syria
      5- Severing the support of Hezbollah from Iran by making a torn-apart Syria a barrier to contiguous land support, no resupply to Hezbollah so Israel can eventually attack with impunity
      7- Israel keeping the Golan forever next to the torn apart ex-Syrian state. (Claims it will refuse to negotiate with Al Nusra Al Qaeda Syria because it is 'not a partner for peace')
      8- Decades more maximal or likely enhanced US aid to Israel
      9- Probable future American involvement against Hezbollah - in case several yrs from now Hezbollah ever strikes back against Israeli attacks, and this painted as just as an extension of the US protecting Israel from 'Syria'. This immunizes Israel from Hezbollah because of course any Hezbollah action against Israel 'has already been decided' as the same as a Syrian counterattack on Israel

      I really think this is a Rubicon and Netanyahu has hit the jackpot


      If Israel/her Lobby pull this off - and I think they will - Israel has gotten over the hump to their promised land if not their Heaven - an American culture clash against Islam for the next 1000 yrs, with Israel sitting pretty and armed to the teeth

      This is a historic victory for Israel and her Israel Lobby - this is the effective completion/implementation of the 'Clean Break Plan' as well

  • 'NYT' deletes references to AIPAC's role in pushing strike on Syria
    • People interested in Palestine and the Neocon/Israeli Lobby warmongering of the US are up against one of the sharpest, slickest, and most powerful lobbying and propaganda outfits in the modern history of the world

      The raw power exercised by the Lobby is really almost beyond belief

      It is as if the Israeli Lobby has a magic wand to make what it wants **POOOF** just 'happen'. The power to disappear as well to make appear as if by magic - whether the words of a president or the words of a NYTimes article

      The power possessed by the Israeli Lobby, behind the scenes, in putting words (and 'redlines') in an American president's mouth, in controlling the media message, and in controlling the foreign/domestic policies of the US is nearly beyond belief

  • Kerry's rationale to attack Syria could have also justified attack on Israel over Gaza
    • The UN Team will be able to tell something from the 'Sarin signature' of the CW used in Ghouta

      There may actually be a 'Sarin signature' of sorts to help distinguish where it came from - apparently the Syrian Army Sarin is professional grade - This technological sophistication may be a key point when U.N. investigators release their report on the Damascus attack"

      That doesn't mean Prince Bandar didn't pay off some flunky Syrian CW commander to carry out the attack, in an attempt to unseat Assad, or some Syrian CW Commander didn't fire off a volley without orders as an act against the regime designed to bring in the West, rather than defect to the Syrian Rebel side


      Assad's sarin stockpiles, which the United States says were used in the Aug. 21 attack, reveal a "technological mastery" of chemical weapons, according to the French.

      The sarin is stored in binary form -- the two chemical precursors necessary to make the gas are kept separate and are only mixed immediately before use.

      This technological sophistication may be a key point when U.N. investigators release their report on the Damascus attack: If they find that the toxic agent used in the attack was an advanced form of sarin -- containing chemical stabilizers and dispersal agents -- the weapon will most likely have come from Syrian regime stockpiles

      link to

  • John Kerry invokes apocalyptic 'domino theory' in call with House Democrats
    • 'The Reverse Domino Theory' - otherwise known as the 'Clean Break
      Strategy for Securing the Realm' - the Neocon/Israeli compact for the New Middle East

    • Israel has only TWO apocalyptic dominoes in mind - knocking over Syria to knock over Iran

      Then comes the 1000 yr Iran-American clash of civilizations (and another 1000 yrs of American aid to Israel) in a world in which Apartheid Israel can flourish forever

      Everybody remember last year when Netanyahu and his Israeli Lobby were desperately pushing an attack on Iran - most probably by launching an attack which neatly and immediately mousetrapped the US into the war?

      Anybody wondering whether that was just a bad dream or that they were possibly mistaken that we were about a 1/2 inch from that happening?

      Times of Israel now says that was exactly what was happened last Sept - that Bibi was absolutely ready to attack in what would immediately entrap the US into the war

      An Israeli plan to attack Iran in 2012 was cancelled due to US objections, a former head of Israel’s National Security Council confirmed Tuesday. Remember General Dempsey's 'we will not be complicit in an Israeli attack on Iran' statement?

      "According to the report, Eiland discussed the Israeli plan and Washington’s objections during a closed conference two weeks ago, saying that Netanyahu had originally intended to order a strike on Iran sometime between September and October of 2012, at the height of the US presidential campaign and around the same time as Netanyahu’s famous speech at the United Nations"

      We also know that Cheney was trying to attack Iran in 2007/2008 because George Bush told us so, and that they were only stopped by the 2007 NIE on Iran and possibly Admiral Fallon's conscientious resignation as well. According to reports, Israel’s security chiefs vetoed a plan by Netanyahu and then-defense minister Ehud Barak to attack Iran in late 2010.

      An attack on Syria is the beginning of the end - this is the building of the 'Third Israeli Temple' of Culture Clash of America against Islam forever, with Israel the beneficiary

      I really wonder if Netanyahu just pulled the carpet out from under Obama and told him - either YOU attack Syria or WE attack Iran, or something to that effect - and this attack is really just a COVER because an Israeli attack would be WORSE, and involve the US anyway (just like it would have last Sept)

      Looks like Netanyahu WON - this is payback for being humiliated last Sept

      link to

  • Grumpy Biden, Grumpy Cat weigh in on Syria speech
    • The pompous windbag John 'Lurch' Kerry and Biden were BOTH in the Senate while the US was propping up Saddam Hussein as he was gassing the Iranians, and getting away with it because the US was vetoing UN condemnation of him doing it

      John Kerry was in the Senate starting 1984 and I believe was even on the Senate Foreign Relations committee for at least the last half of the Iran-Iraq war - the time during which Saddam Hussein - with logistical and intelligence support from the US - gassed the Iranians with Mustard gas

      Which means Kerry undoubtedly KNEW OF/IF NOT INVOLVED WITH US support for Saddam gassing the Iranians with Mustard gas and also undoubtedly KNEW OF/IF NOT INVOLVED WITH the US blockage of the attemptedUN condemnation of Saddam's chemical weapons attacks

      This puts Kerry in the position of BEING COMPLICIT with gassing Iranians with Sarin or Mustard gas but hypocritically crying crocodile tears over Syrians getting gassed

      Just think of that the next time 'Lurch' gets up in front of the podium again and starts his high-minded groaning about his war criminal-supporting sensabilities being offended

  • Dubious Intelligence and Iran Blackmail: How Israel is driving the US to war in Syria
    • Who is going to stop the Neocons and Israelis generate another 10 years of a Middle East inferno in which Apartheid in Israel can hide?

      Max Blumenthal and a few other good men and women. That's ALL

      If we don't do it - NO ONE does

    • WOW - the Israelis are really making some mistakes and slipping up with their propaganda here and there - listen to this! (my emphasis)

      “It’s bad for Israel that the average American gets it into his or her mind that boys are AGAIN sent to war for Israel. They have to be sent to war for America.”

      “It would be a mistake to overplay the Israeli interest,” said Itamar Rabinovich, who was Israel’s ambassador to the United States and also its chief negotiator with Syria in the 1990s.

      from Jodi Rudoren's 'On Obama’s Plan, a Message Emerges in Israel: Stay Quiet'
      link to

    • That's exactly right, Walid. Kerry was definitely on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee at that time

    • the 800-pound AIPAC gorilla has been dead silent;

      from today's NYTimes: link to

      'Administration officials said the influential pro-Israel lobby group Aipac was already at work pressing for military action against the government of Mr. Assad, fearing that if Syria escapes American retribution for its use of chemical weapons, Iran might be emboldened in the future to attack Israel. In the House, the majority leader, Eric Cantor of Virginia, the only Jewish Republican in Congress, has long worked to challenge Democrats’ traditional base among Jews.

      One administration official, who, like others, declined to be identified discussing White House strategy, called Aipac “the 800-pound gorilla in the room,” and said its allies in Congress had to be saying, “If the White House is not capable of enforcing this red line” against the catastrophic use of chemical weapons, “we’re in trouble.”

      PS - Down Low Low Down for the Down and Out in Paris and London:

      as most know, the NYTimes is behind a paywall - except it's really not.

      To access all NYTimes articles for FREE if you use Google Chrome as your browser -
      1- just left click on those 3 bars (where the tools live) in the top right hand corner of your Chrome page
      2- then click 'new incognito window' and PRESTO a new window appears and you can access all the NYTimes articles that were previously behind their paywall in your new 'incognito' status. (You can even set up an account and comment on articles from this status)
      3- you're welcome, pobrecitos/miserables/cheapskates! haha

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