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  • Video: 'You are godless atheists' --Jewish settlers harass Palestinian kindergarten
    • #RelocateTheRace

      Calls are mounting for the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI), the governing body of cycling, to take action to relocate the start of the famed Giro d’Italia cycling race from Israel.
      Race organizers RCS MediaGroup are set to cash in with a reported 10 million euro payoff from Israel to host the 2018 Giro start May 4-7.
      In exchange, RCS has been actively aiding the Israeli government in falsely portraying occupied East Jerusalem as part of Israel and its “unified capital,” joining US President Donald Trump in going against the entire international community.
      Let’s step up pressure on professional cycling! Join the
      International Day of Action to #RelocateTheRace – March 10, 2018.


  • High-profile actors, artists, athletes, and activists join Dream Defenders in supporting Ahed Tamimi
  • 'They’re trying to punish us through our children': A report from Nabi Saleh on Ahed Tamimi's 17th birthday
  • Quaker group honored by Yad Vashem for helping Jews during Holocaust is now banned from Israel
    • My apologies for the confusion RoHa, I meant to send this message to "Mooser" from another article!!

    • Then you don't need the American tax either!!
      Have you ever questioned yourself how would you survive on the stolen lands of Palestinians without the American tax, or without your weapons?!
      A man without a gun is like a human without balls!
      If you love Israel that much why won't you go fight and protect your people, you might become famous?!

    • We should all support BDS even more and start boycotting celebrities who support and give for building the illegal settlements in Jerusalem.
      Comedian Jerry Seinfeld visited an illegal Israeli settlement in the occupied West Bank last week with his family and they participated in an Israeli military tourist training camp (i.e. shooting)!
      Adam Sandler supported the genocide on Gazans during the 51 day bombarding of the city and sent over 300 Xbox for the Jew's children living in the occupied lands bordering the Gaza strip!
      Mayim Bialik who said "Zionism is the belief in the right of the Jewish people to have an autonomous state in Israel", supporting the theft of land and apartheid!
      In my opinion non of those call themselves comedian makes me laugh, if it wasn't for their colleagues their part will be dull and plain especially Seinfeld. So I have decided for many years not to waste my money on their movies or any of their products and hoping that there are many people out there who agrees with me.
      Let's all get banned from entering the "promised land" destroy their tourism and the good name of their beaches that if you are not local then you have to pay to enter, anyway we're not Jews so the chances we'll be investigated and interrogated for hours at their borders before getting the thumbs up to cross in.

  • Ahed and Nour Tamimi charged with assault, Nariman Tamimi charged with incitement for broadcasting encounter on Facebook
    • Citizen:
      I thought I was the only one surrounded with ignorant!!
      My neighbour who is dying from cancer was sick shocked to know that I am a huge supporter of Palestine and anti "Israel" and its people. This neighbour who I looked after for long stopped talking to me since Christmas drinks 😂.
      I believe that jail sentence for all the Tamimi is unfortunate but that will strengthen their souls and gain them more support all over the world!
      I feel sorry and I wish we supporters could be heard, but as long as Trump and his yamaka style toupee is covering his pea size brain is destroying the good name of the dream land more hate and anger is spreading out like a disease!
      Good luck Tamimis.

  • 'They would charge us with the crime of being born Palestinian': a report from the latest Tamimi court hearing
    • Thank you Mariam, please assure the Tamimi family that they're not alone in this, to keep strong and courageous all the way.
      All our prayers are with them!

  • Israeli court sentences 68-year-old Bedouin citizen to 10 months in prison – for trespassing his own land
    • catalan

      This is the beauty the king of Egypt threw you out even if you were related your own ancestors hated you!!!

    • How ironic, trespassing huh!!
      There is no such thing as Israel, Jews originally are from Egypt, Israel was a person and when they got kicked out they went everywhere across the red sea that's why you find them in every Middle Eastern country around Palestine.
      They believe they're God's chosen to the point one "israeli" idiot with a black pot cover on his head was crossing the Australian borders one day and refused to be checked by customs as he claimed he is an "aboriginal" person and should be in without the checks.
      First of all you idiot, aboriginal people are one of the most nicest harmless people on earth who their land was stolen and raped by the English but they are lucky for Australians to treat them equally and look after them. Unlike your ethnic cleansing of Palestinians!!
      Second, when every non Jew enters occupied Palestine (you call it Israel) gets checked thoroughly and sometimes taken for few hours investigation and interrogations to know your exact interest in visiting such [email protected]# hole country if you're not a jew to the point they strip you and leave you in underpants only!!
      Chasing young and elderly people, how pathetic.
      Watch YouTube videos of Robert Martin in Palestine and see how those cruel animals wishing death to all Arabs especially for Palestinians.

  • How a Palestinian girl from an occupied village emasculated the Israeli army
    • With all honesty how can you prove that this courageous child in the video is Ahed herself?
      She might be a Jew disguised as an "American"?
      Who knows? Only the cowards law makers of the Occupied Palestine can prove it!

  • Israeli forces shoot boy in face, arrest cousin for protesting, her mother for looking into it
    • What a brave and courageous beautiful girl.
      She is much stronger than them, you have to be mentally strong to face these cowards and she's got that in her.
      All our prayers and thoughts with her and her family.
      The fact that Trump is recognising Jerusalem as the Jews capital is the beginning of more hate and anger to Israel which grows our support to Palestine.

  • Israeli settler passes out candy to celebrate killing of Palestinian
    • Disgusting
      No words are good enough to explain my feelings, that the people who believe that are close to God are celebrating after killing his creatures, they're worse than devils, YUCK!

  • Actor Richard Gere in Hebron: 'it's exactly like what the what the Old South was in America'
    • Thank you Annie for your time reading and educating the few ignorant out there!
      Some people were born blind in the heart and brain.

  • Video: Israeli forces force crying 8-year-old boy barefoot through gravel looking for stone-throwers
    • FYI ignorant those IDF are the exact opposite of fearless, they are brainless cowards!
      Wow, they are fearless of a barefoot 8 years old!
      A soldier without his gun is like a man without penis!

  • I am a proud Palestinian woman and a humanitarian. I am also the mother of the youngest Palestinian prisoner in an Israeli jail.
    • Dear Mrs. Farah,
      I am extremely sorry to hear your story.
      As a mother it is worse for you than for your child. Get him books to keep him busy while he's there!
      I understand that you aren't able to visit him on weekly basis and that is because you can't afford it! It breaks my heart and I would love to be part of helping you at least for an extra visit.
      How can I financially support a visit for you to see your son? Is there a way where I can send the funds? Maybe via post?
      Keep your faith strong, and in God's willing these two years pass quicker than you think!

  • Witnesses challenge Israeli account of deadly incident during protest against Negev home demolitions
    • Now ISIS has part of it?
      If the man was driving his vehicle towards a group of brainless police officers, then why not aim their weapons on the tyres to stop it rather than kill the driver and made him loose control of the car? I wonder what an Israeli without a weapon, bet you like a man without balls!
      Lets try and wipe Arabs of this land so we fill it with more scum filthy settlers, that's the only idea!
      Some Jew radio host was fired later on for her empathy for Arabs... Even their own people are not safe especially the darker ones!

  • Palestinians demand Israeli authorities release the remains of slain loved ones
    • Why hold bodies? They're dead anyway, unless their (Israel) war criminals prove they can get something out of dead Palestinians as well, or maybe frame them for Israel's bad luck and lack of support from the UN??
      I wonder how they treat the bodies, or any belongings as I watched the video of the moment the 17 year old - Qusai was killed, possibly he still had some breath but they brutally dragged him while possibly alive and hit his head all over the floor then tore his clothes off him and shoved him in the back of a military jeep as if he was only a mannequin! Can you imagine how the dead ones get treated?

  • Thousands gather to mourn Palestinian teen shot dead during clashes
    • Allah yerhamo o yerham sha3b falastine.
      May Allah bless his soul and gives him part of Paradise, the poor kid didn't get to see much of the evilness of life on "hell" Alhamdulillah he is looked after in a better place now!
      How much damage or pain can a pebble or even a stone do to a military vehicle or a soldier with a bullet proof jacket and helmet, shooting in cold blood is not an excuse even the devil won't justify it, I wonder what these cold blooded soldiers been fed and what kind of therapy they go through to be convinced that it's ok to kill then later get married and have their own families which they don't deserve!!!
      Jews people say that Palestine is theirs following the Bible, so basically they follow Jesus's book and call themselves Jews!!
      Besides, in another topic they ironically say that Palestinians are going to be the majority there, but we all know that nothing is impossible especially these days the majority of educated Israelis leave the country for good and obtain another foreign citizenship for obvious reasons: Israel is not the place for them!!
      I want to understand if the Jews were thrown out of Egypt and poor Moses led them to Palestine back then then how can they say that Judaism and Abraham their father born in Palestinian lands and built temples etc.?
      It's a shame, there are lots of nice Jews out there that believe in peace but it's not the same peace the Israeli government is "working" on!

  • Mock campaign supporting two-state solution reveals liberal Israeli racism
    • I lived in what they call "Israel" for most of my life and boy I tell you I'm not scared if I go to hell when I die because nothing can be worse than living hell on earth especially with the orthodox Jews and the special laws pop up when a settler kills Palestinian is always mental and when Arabs build on their own lands is illegal while settlements are fine!
      Seriously, I don't know how lawmakers and lawyers survive there...
      And that is possible for Arabs to be the majority since every single Jew has a second nationality mainly American, once my Jew friend told me "when you go to NY throw your shoe up in the air and it will end on an Israeli head".

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