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  • Chomsky still believes in the old Israel. I did too, once upon a time
    • "...those actions by the official campaign limited to post-67 occupation remain highly suspect."

      Yeah, but no. Sodastream is now in Israel proper, not in the Occupied Territories, and it is still on the BDS list of targets. It's just easier to get companies on the West Bank to move out than those behind the June 4 1967 borders. As BDS gets stronger, it will be easier for it to get in the face of companies that invest in Israel as a whole.

    • Chomsky erroneously believes BDS is inherently anti-Zionist, and that mistake in his thinking leads him to his current position.

      For a Zionist position in full support of BDS, check this out:

  • Wonder Woman is a hero only the military-industrial complex could create
    • Sorry, Keith, but it is the Democratic imperialists who were advocating for a no-fly zone in Syria as 'humanitarian' intervention. Proyect is on record as opposing a no-fly-zone.

    • Wow, all these attacks on Louis Proyect (sorry for the prior typo) without a single shred of evidence that he is pro-imperialist.

      "Like you, a peddler of “genuine pro-democracy forces”, which as we all know are headed by the Only Democracy in the Middle West and the World and provide salvation of the soul by bombing."

      No, "we" don't all know that. "Pro-democracy" does not mean the US.

    • I know Louis Protect, and he does not support any imperial agenda. His sympathies are with the Free Syrian Army, which contains the only genuine pro-democracy forces in the country. The FSA is both anti-Assad and anti-ISIL.

      Unlike some others here, I actually saw Wonder Woman. It is not an unbalanced anti-German film. True, Wonder Woman initially is led to believe Ludendorff is Ares, but, in a twist, it turns out Ares is the British fellow, Sir Morgan, whom she has believed is her kindly boss. This is meant to condemn both sides in the war - that was a major political point of the movie.

      And since Gal Gadot thinks Netanyahu is her boss, perhaps she should be told that Bibi is Ares.

  • Anti-Semitism accusations against 'Dyke March' prove pro-Israel lobby will torch LGBT rights for marginalized people
    • JoeSmack: I am not conceding anything. The CDM's action was implicitly anti-Semitic, period. The fact that there were Jews supporting CDM does not negate the possibility that they were fulfilling the time-honored role of court Jews doing the dirty work of others.

      Grauer never said she emphasized her support for Israel - she only talked about it when she was interrogated by hostile marchers. (By the way, in the same breath , she mentioned her support for an independent Palestine). If they hadn't approached her to start a provocation, nothing would have happened and she would not have said one word about Israel. The screen grabs only confirm that CDM's leaders had no explicitly anti-Zionist policy until they did an about-face in the middle of the march to retroactively justify the expulsions.

      If, prior to the march, Alexis Martinez had stated EXPLICITLY that Zionists of any kind are not allowed to join in, then Grauer and Co. never would have shown up, and again, no incident.

    • "Did it ever occur to you that we will have to take responsibility for Zionism? That we will have to give an accounting for it?"

      You or I are not responsible for intentionally conflating the two sets of symbols. That is the fault of Israeli governments, Left and Right, so it's their responsibility to clean up the mess they made.

      Marchers have the responsibility to educate themselves so as not to fall for hasbarah. Else, they will fall into a pile of kharah (shit).

      Come to think of it, I knew there's a reason why those 2 words rhyme.

    • Well, it wasn't an openly anti-Semitic action. However, there's more than one way to skin a cat. Jewish history is replete with anti-Semitic actions disguised in code words. As echinococcus pointed out, every Jewish symbol can be seen as a Zionist symbol (with the alibi being that Israel has used it at one time or another) so the context is decisive in determining whether a hate action occurred.

    • "...people are beginning to realize that after Auschwitz it was vile and criminal to found a state in post-Auschwitz genocide."

      Seriously? In the previous years of the March, they were not 'aware' of this? Is that what the Chicago Dyke Marchers who approached Grauer's group said at the time, or are you just providing them with a rationalization to deflect from their arguably anti-Semitic action?

    • The problem with the Chicago Dyke March's position is that it is contradictory. On the one hand, Ilona Figueroa of CDM said Grauer & Co were expelled because of their Pride Flag; Alexis Martinez of CDM said it had nothing to do with the Flags; it was because disruptive chants were heard coming from Grauer's contingent. In contrast, Grauer and fellow marcher Eleanor Anderson gave a consistent account of their version of events.

      The above-cited correspondence between Martinez and Grauer confirms Grauer's claim that she had marched in the CDM for many years prior,and no one complained or witnessed any disruptions or provocations coming from her. So why would Grauer veer off course in 2017 and decide to be disruptive? Anyone interested in the truth would pose this rather obvious question.

      Prior to this year's march, the CDM never explicitly stated that it is an anti-Zionist organization, just pro-Palestinian. Since Grauer supports an independent Palestine, it made sense that she would not feel excluded.

  • We say ‘No More!’ to the racism, apartheid, and occupation being committed by the Israeli state in our name
  • Chomsky supports portions of BDS agenda, but faults others, citing realism and int'l consensus
    • Keith, you make excellent points. The America First movement has had lots of anti-Semites in its ranks.

      "The POOP phenomenon" - brilliant!

    • "Yeah because they passed this divestment. Not nearly far enough, but enough to say, “ok, they’re doing there part.”"

      Nope. Both Chomsky and Finkelstein have had no objection to what the Presbyterians did. And the Presbyterians went out of their way to distance themselves from BDS, in rhetoric that both Chomsky and Finkelstein would support. The point is, there's no logical reason to condemn C & F without going after the Presbyterians as well.

      Of course, there is a time-honored illogical reason to do so...

      "What? That you’re a pathetic paranoid?" Well, let's roll back to what you posted in the "Double Standards" thread started on March 14, 2013, in response to Hophmi's comments on European Jews:

      HOPHMI: "The Jews stood up for themselves and they’re doing well today."

      WOODY TANAKA: "They didn't stand up for themselves, they ran away and preyed upon a people who weren't as militarily strong as they were and raped their daughters, murdered their fathers and brothers in cold blood and stole their land.”

    • "We could of course bash the Presbyterians, who distanced themselves from BDS, or we could recognize that what they did probably moved things forward in an American context."

      Ah, but there is virtually no bashing of the Presbyterians here, just of Chomsky and Finkelstein. Care to hazard a guess as to why that is? Never overlook the obvious...

  • Israel needs no proof to kill Palestinians for teens' death, Israeli colonel says
    • DaBakr, whenever Hamas has been responsible for a kidnapping (like Gideon Shalit), they have claimed credit for it, openly and proudly. It's their M.O.

      Blatant political stupidity is also not part of the Hamas playbook. It had no intention of providing Bibi with an easy excuse to pressure the Palestinian Authority to kick out Hamas, especially so soon after the Unity Government was established.

  • Oldman labels himself an 'A-hole' for saying Jews run Hollywood
    • Hostage, you need to be drug-tested. Of course I've complained about Israel - why else would I support the BDS movement?

      For as long as European ghettos for Jews existed, Jews had no choice but to live there. They weren't allowed to "touch a gentile".

    • "Actually the book says that the first generation of Hollywood Jews were a “remarkably homogeneous” group who created the industry because they were excluded from other areas of American business life– they were there as Jews."

      Well, Phil the Jews of Europe for many centuries were in ghettos - as Jews. They were not there by choice, and neither were the Jews of Hollywood. They were given little choice due to discrimination. This is not an expression of power, but of powerlessness. Gabler's book made that clear, although your penchant for exaggerating Jewish power blinded you to that.

  • Oldman says Hollywood is 'run by Jews,' then offers over-the-top apology
    • Let me add that Time Warner is led by Jeffrey Bewkes, who is Lutheran. Kazuo Hirai is the CEO of SONY.

    • "Jews did invent Hollywood, and if Jews don’t dominate the power structure of Hollywood, I don’t know who does."

      Well, allow me to help. The 'power structure of Hollywood' is dominated by the CEOs of the corporations that own the studios. For example, Fox is headed by Rupert Murdoch (Gentile) and SONY is headed by a Japanese businessman (Gentile).

      While Jews do manage the day-to-day affairs of Hollywood, true power lies with ownership.

  • Why I pull against the U.S. in the World Cup
    • Given Phil's anti-American rooting interest, maybe he should support banning the US altogether from the World Cup? That would certainly make things easier.

      How bad can the World Cup be when Israel is absent? Hooray!

  • Why a false understanding of the 'Six Day War' still matters
    • Did Israel know that very well? Maybe some of their leaders just said that to look cool? It's not like they're incapable of lying.

      There were many "wise men' who asserted in the 1930s that Hitler's anti-Semitism was also mere posturing. How did that work out?

    • "Four days later, Nasser made his notorious radio broadcast threatening to drive the Jews of Israel into the sea. ”

      So what?"

      So threats of genocide are not to be taken seriously by a nation whose government had brought Eichmann to trial only seven years earlier? Maybe if Hitler had been North Korean, then Israel';s actions would have been more OK?

      "In fact, it should damned, boycotted, sanctioned and blockaded by the world’s nations until it divests itself of those weapons." Sorry, but the BDS movement has made no demand for Israel to give up nuclear weapons. If you think Omar Barghouti is a sell-out, then you need to say that right here, right now.

    • According to international law, closing the Straits of Tiran was an act of war. That happened on May 22, 1967. Four days later, Nasser made his notorious radio broadcast threatening to drive the Jews of Israel into the sea. Fresh in the mind of every Israeli Jew then was the genocide of their people that ended just 22 years earlier.

      So what was Israel expected to do? What does a bull do when you wave a red cloth in front of it?

      I suppose Israel should have been commended for its restraint in not using its nuclear arsenal.

  • Wisconsin Jewish leaders open the door to-- shhh -- anti-Zionists
    • Careful, Citizen, you are flirting with Holocaust denial. Government-sponsored killing of Jews in Nazi Germany started with Kristallnacht in 1938. Anyone who read Mein Kampf understood Hitler's real intent.

    • I'd say the first choice.

      The main priority of Nazi Germany was wholesale, root-and-branch physical extermination of groups it deemed a threat to its Aryan project. Neither Israel nor apartheid South Africa can be put into that category, unless the term 'ethnic cleansing' is to be rendered so elastic as to be meaningless.

    • Yonah: do you believe that the West Bank is 'disputed territory', not occupied, or are you simply stating that to be true of the "be true to your school” line of thought, of which you are not a part?

  • Let it go
    • Yonah's interpretation of Phil's words is reasonable, and I don't usually agree with Yonah. And again, Phil brings up his commonality of having non-Jewish significant others with his Jewish male friend, as if that is some solution to the problems plaguing us today AND as if Jewish men dating or marrying Jewish women is some kind of disease.

  • Scene of NY derailment that took four lives is a disgraceful mess six months later
  • Amos Oz uses the n-word-- calls settler zealots 'neo-Nazis'
  • 'A Painful Price': The escalating war on Palestine solidarity at U of Michigan and beyond
    • Ellen: Wilhelm Marr, in his "The Domination of Judaism Over Christianity", coined the term "Anti-Semitism" to describe his own bias against Jews, and recommended it to like-minded Christians.

      Virtually all Jews adopted this term to describe this bias, not just Zionists.

  • ‘Safe Hillel’ Exposed: Undermining open dialogue in the Jewish community
    • JeffB: "What does that even mean? Seriously I have no idea what you are talking about. What does democratic Zionism mean without a state.?"

      Who said anything about democratic Zionism being stateless?

      A.B. Yehoshua, an Israeli writer supportive of the Peace Now movement, was one of the founders of the Committee for a Democratic Zionism, which popularized the distinction. State Zionism privileges the Jewish citizens of Israel in all matters (not just the Law of Return). In contrast, Democratic Zionism encapsulates the principles espoused in Israel's Declaration of Independence - Israel as the homeland of the Jewish People and the state of ALL its citizens.

      Nothing in the BDS principles contradicts Democratic Zionism. If anything, it can save Israel from itself.

      You have not shown that BDS is collectively an "enemy of the Jewish people" You start off assuming what you are trying to prove. Logic fail!

      "Who cares about Gilad Atzmon? What’s he going to do, play some music and talk Jewish conspiracy theories?" Well, if BDS did not kick him out, you'd use that fact against BDS. Now you're trying to have it both ways.

      And one more thing - a certain Austrian lance corporal once did some paintings and talked Jewish conspiracy theories. Atzmon only looks harmless now.

      "That still doesn’t make me a friend of Palestinians." Oh please, no one would ever mistake you for that. The question is, are you even a friend of the human race?

    • JeffB: Well, I am a Jewish Zionist who supports BDS. How is BDS siding against the Jews when it purged itself of anti-Semites like Gilad Atzmon?

      BDS is not even inherently anti-Zionist. It opposes State Zionism, not democratic Zionism. And, as far as I know, it is not even opposed to Israel having a nuclear arsenal.

  • Sheldon Adelson to honor Sean Penn at neocon ball
  • Jewish community commits intellectual suicide before our eyes
    • It needs to be pointed out that Freud was a charter member of the Vienna chapter of B'nai Brith and praised Herzl. A recent documentary on Herzl displayed a letter by Freud written to Herzl which bordered on hero-worship.

    • RoHa: If the Jewish culture of their background is real, then that is not an imaginary Jewish civilization, but a real one that formed a subset of European civilization. Not just Western Europe, but Eastern and Central as well.

  • Israeli leftwing party embraces settlements on occupied land
    • The poster from a distance looks like a raised arm with an outstretched palm.

      Merely circulating a matter-of-fact listing of kibbutzim does not necessarily imply approval of their location. Was there something else on the poster that suggested otherwise? I don't see anything there that looks like pride.

  • 'Jews For Palestinian Right of Return' endorse American Studies Association boycott of Israeli academic institutions
    • Sounds great, and I'd sign on using my real name if I wasn't fearful of losing my current employment.

      It's good to be retired or a tenured professor!

      It's also good to see that the Right of Return refers to all of historic Palestine, not just the portion where Israel sits. So Jordan, Syria and Lebanon will also have to reckon with Palestinian claims of injustice, not just Israel, since those other countries also sit on part of historic Palestine.

  • Free it or f--- it, Palestine comes to Los Angeles
    • Citizen: "And of course, there’s nothing ironical at all about the counter graffiti: “Fuck Palestine.”

      That graffiti was in retaliation for the defacement of the Workmen's Circle building. One does not occur without the other.

    • Shmuel: "Forgive me, but Barghouti’s studies at TAU are generally mentioned (especially out of context) with the intention of discrediting BDS."

      You need to get out more. His studies at TAU, as well as his expulsion of Atzmon & Co from the BDS movement have been used by the Jewish Left to recruit for BDS. These things tend to document his trustworthiness. Of course, the fact that I like him should make you view him with suspicion, I suppose.

    • pabelmont: Who gave the permission? Was there paperwork to document the permission?

    • Tanaka: "Well then their preclusion of the Palestinian flag is a de facto refusal to recognize the Palestinian State..."

      Really? And what does their preclusion of the French flag signify?

      Hey Woody, you're losing your touch - no mention of rape.

    • Citizen: "Was Hitler anti-Zionist?" Well, the Mufti thought so, and had his picture taken with him seated in some opulent chairs. More importantly, the Mufti worked with the Nazis to organize battalions of Bosnian Moslems to fight on the Russian Front, among other things.

    • Indeed, Yonah, the tone of Phil's post is more critical of Eric Gordon of the non-Zionist Workmen's Circle than it is of the defacer.

      Those of us on the Jewish Left have a habit of filing these things away and never forgetting.

    • Shmuel: Not a snipe at all. I like Mr. Barghouti and joined BDS after he kicked out Gilad Atzmon. I hope to meet him soon and am making a list for him to consider of others who should join Atzmon.

    • Well, if we're going to look at it from your statistical point of view, then Phil Weiss could be the next target. An interesting way to disguise anti-Semitism.

    • MRW: "Then why the foreign flag of a country where Yiddish is not the official language?" Well, it displays the American flag, where Yiddish is also not the official language.

    • Shmuel: "So why WC and not Chabad across the street?" Maybe when the 'artist' refills the spray can and the coast is clear, Chabad will be targeted next.

    • No Roha, this website is replete with argument claiming that "I" am wrong. Not proving, just claiming.

    • puppies: The Israeli flag is there for the same reason the American flag is there - because the Workmen's Circle recognizes both countries right to exist. That's all.

    • Blaine: I'd have no problem if the graffiti artist spray-painted that slogan on the Israeli consulate building in Los Angeles. It's not a difficult place to find.

      BDS does not object to Israel's nuclear arsenal per se. Perhaps when Omar Barghouti matriculated at Tel Aviv University, he appreciated the protection it offered.

    • Eloquently put, RPLatkin, but lots of commenters here have drunk the Kool-Aid that no one who says "Free Palestine" is ever wrong.

    • Shmuel, you continue to make excuses for an unjust action. Was Hitler only anti-Zionist because Zionists called themselves Jews, and therefore in his mind he was killing 6,000,000 Zionists?

      If you think that's over the top, I recall the excuses made by some here for the Hebron Massacre of 1929, along the lines of "Well, the Palestinians just killed any Jew they could find, not because they hated Jews, but because they hated Zionists, who always called each other Jews" I don't forget that stuff, and when Mondoweiss is judged in the court of public opinion, this will enjoy prominent attention.

    • Shmuel: "Were the sentiment anti-American, one would think the perpetrator might have found some more unequivocal things to deface in LA."

      Well, there are far more unequivocal, pro-Occupation things to deface in L.A., such as Israeli consulate offices, affiliates of the Zionist Organization of America, etc. And yet, the target was among the more sympathetic to the Palestinians you can find in the organized sector of the American Jewish community.

    • The Workmen's Circle does not accept the Jerusalem Program, which lists several conditions for making one a Zionist. For example, the Workmen's Circle does not accept the concept that Israel is the center of the Jewish people.

    • Hophmi: The BDS movement is not for divisiveness and demonizing - many of the Jewish BDS activists in the US are from the Workmen's Circle. Don't confuse BDS with many of the posers and flamers on Mondoweiss.

    • As someone who is a graduate of Workmen Circle schools and who sent his children to those schools, and who also supports the BDS movement, I am disgusted by the graffiti. The Workmen's Circle is not even a Zionist organization, and yet they are targeted by so-called pro-Palestinian graffiti anyway.

      I guess when there are no Zionists around, any Jew will do.

      When people equate anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism, they will point to events such as this.

  • Celebrity justice
  • Truman always opposed a religious state, but caved to 'fanatical' Zionist lobby
    • Hophmi: "And by the way, are Jews entitled to any of your justice? Or only idealized Palestinians?"

      Perhaps an exception will be made for Jews who intermarry....

  • BDS leaders say Palestinian human rights are compatible with Israeli Jewish future
    • His view is not insane since it is in fact what the British did. Mikhael is just the messenger here.

    • Good point, Tex. Endless replays of the 1929 Hebron Massacre is what many Jews fear in an "Arab majority Israel-istan." Cutting off the genitals of the victims and stuffing it in their mouths, etc. - yup, the good old days...

    • Shingo: "No one here would want or wish for harm to come to anyone on Israel, be they Jewish, Christian or Muslim."

      Really? TexTradd is new here, and he was trying to be nice. And all you do is make insinuations about his motive, as if he were Hophmi or Miriam. That does not instill faith in your 'no harm' sentiment.

    • Talkback: "Jews (less then half of them in 1948) ACQUIRED Palestinian citizenship either by being former Ottomans habitually resident in Palestine or by naturalization after immigration. To say that the British “imposed” this status on Jews is absolutely insane."

      Actually, when the British declared the Mandate in 1920, making Palestine a country, this status was imposed on ALL residents, not just the Jewish ones. Under the Ottoman Empire, "Filastin" was just a province of Syria, and I haven't come across any historical record of Palestinian national consciousness prior to the Mandate.

      That you regard what the British did as insane does not make it any less true. Hence, the popularity of Monty Python, for example.

    • Excuse me, Yonah, but you do know that the Israeli government, along with the Saudis, helped establish Hamas because it wanted a popular, divisive opposition to Arafat, right?

    • dimadok: "Two states- one purely Palestinians with no Jews allowed and another bi-national one state with an immediate majority of Arabs, supported by the flood of “refugees”."

      The first state you mention will not ban Jews, just settlers. Jews who wish to live under Palestinian authority will be free to do so. For instance, there are some noted anti-Zionist Jews intermarried with Palestinians who will be living there together as a demonstration for a future binational state.

      The second state will not be receiving any 'flood' of refugees. The numbers can be negotiated between the two sides. Some eligible refugees have indicated they would take money in lieu of physical resettlement.

  • Eric Alterman continues to justify lack of Palestinian voices at 'The Nation'
    • The case against Alterman is much simpler than Cook makes out.

      In order to discredit Max Blumenthal, Alterman wrote that he - Blumenthal - was praised by white supremacist David Duke. Alterman did this knowing full well that Duke had praised HIM - Alterman - years before for attacking billionaire Sheldon Adelson.

      For that reason alone, Eric Alterman should be fired.

  • BDS: The best hope for a true peace
    • Inanna: Or perhaps one could go back a bit farther and frame this as a 1929 problem, starting with the anti-Semitic Hebron Massacre. Hillel Cohen's books, particularly the new one (alas not yet in English, previewed on the pro-BDS 972 website) contains quite an indictment of the notion of collective Palestinian innocence that has fueled much of the anti-Zionist narrative.

    • Hophmi: "Oh gawd. Another megalomaniac BDSer."

      Well, Hophmi, I am a Zionist BDSer, and I'd like to think I'm not trying to conquer the world. So please explain what other non-violent options Palestinians have apart from BDS that have not yet been tried.

    • Roha: "...a Jewish State is an evil idea."

      Are there any other States that are evil ideas in your judgment, or just a Jewish State?

  • 'Wolf of Wall St' reflects Jewish rise (though Scorsese leaves that out)
    • Hophmi: I disagree a lot with you (since I support BDS) but when you score a direct hit, I'll say it. Phil has been increasingly disappointing, starting with his rationalizing about intermarriage, his sucking up to intermarried Hollywood celebrities, etc. He seems to think that intermarriage should be encouraged since it dilutes the Hasbarah recruitment pool.

      The atmosphere here can often be toxic, and I have started to discuss this with Larry Derfner on '972', since several of my posts that document the poison are not allowed here.

      Phil also has talked about his own yearning for acceptance. He wants to be part of a wider Jewish tent, or something. But, the line between him and Gilad Atzmon is becoming increasingly blurry, and when Omar Barghouti kicks him out of the Palestine solidarity circle, getting into a Jewish tent will be the least of his problems.

  • Mandela Foundation pushes back against reports that Mossad trained anti-apartheid leader
    • Thanks, Alex.

      I just love it when the Tanakas and the others are just too stunned for words, trying to squirm their way out of this jam, choking on the contradictions of their own narrative.

      Merry Christmas, indeed!!

  • Remnick asks Shavit whether Zionism is a historical mistake
  • 92d St Y speaker decried those who 'suck the cocks of Jew-haters'
    • John Podhoretz is no liberal. He is a neo-con who opposes affirmative action (like German Righty) and trade union ascendancy.

  • Man of zeal?
  • Preaching to the choir: reflections on Max Blumenthal's 'Goliath'
    • OK, Jerry, so can you give us some examples of what YOUR chapter headings would have been, instead of the ones Max used?

      It does not speak well for 'centrists' that they are so thin-skinned and emotionally fragile that they need to be coddled like babies, but what the hell, let's give it a shot!

  • JDate's mission of making 'JBabies' might provoke outrage, 'Atlantic' writer allows
    • So what's the solution - making intermarriage mandatory, Phil? Sounds like you're trying to rationalize your own personal choices.

  • Natalie Portman and Woody Allen see anti-Semitism as pervasive
  • LBJ and Obama both took insults from Israel in election years -- Helen Thomas
    • I believe the evidence is clear that Israel intentionally attacked the Liberty. But the reason given is weak - fear of US intelligence? Why should Israel have been afraid if Abba Eban got maps from the Pentagon a week before the Six day War and LBJ was such a heartfelt pro-Israeli pol? It just doesn't add up.

      Here's a better reason - LBJ ordered Israel to attack the Liberty due to his well-known paranoia about Soviet spies infiltrating the U.S. military. He outsourced a fragging operation because he couldn't trust his own troops to do it. Israel's leaders complied with LBJ's wishes so that he's have Israel's back in the future.

      If Helen Thomas thinks LBJ is a traitor anyway, why not in this way?

  • Two media figures signal new willingness to criticize powerful Jews
    • Cliff: why is it whining to dispute the contention that there is something new about criticizing powerful Jews?

      And if all you can do is indulge in name-calling (hey, moderators, wake up!), then you have no case, and you know it.

    • What is 'new' about the willingness to criticize 'powerful Jews'? David Duke and Mel Gibson have been doing this for years.

  • Miley Cyrus, sociologist
  • Netanyahu may require DNA tests to prove immigrants have a Jewish 'bloodline'
    • Again with the Khazar nonsense?

      There have been several rebuttals published to Sand, Elhaik and the late UFO enthusiasit/suicide Arthur Koestler. Linguistically, the Yiddish spoken by Asheknazic Jews has no connection to the Turkic language spoken by the Khazars.

  • Weiner should be barred from public office because of his continued lies-- about the occupation
    • "Weiner should be barred from public office because of his continued lies..."

      C'mon, Phil, if we used that standard, there'd be nobody left in public office!

  • Egyptian coup reveals the 'deep state' in all our lives
    • Any outrage over US aid to Egypt?

      Sure, $1.55 billion is not $3 billion to Israel, but still, it's worth some oppositional stirring from my fellow BDSers, eh?

  • How Israeli apartheid is coming unstuck
    • Cliff: Well, I'm not Isabel Kershner, and I use "Israeli Arabs" to mean the totality of Israel's Arab communities - Palestinian, Druze, Bedouin (and if I left out a group, I apologize). "Israel's Arabs" is just a stylistic variant, not some "animalizing" conspiracy. The fact that I have to even spell this out is pretty pathetic.

      You are playing a dangerous game when you endorse a double standard by saying it's OK for someone to use a demographic term like "Israeli Arab" but not OK for someone else. It's well nigh impossible to communicate when artificial language barriers are put up.

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