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  • Gilad Atzmon’s attack against me – the 'merchant of JVP'
    • ' I find that somewhat Zionist, in a strange kind of way'. Indeed. That is the point. Atzmon has only made a partial break with the zionist principles in which he was brought up. As a young Israeli he would have been taught that there is a continuous Jewish identity and 'essence', persisting through history, whose natural expression is Israel;. and that Israel is a very good thing. In the course of his army service in Lebanon he discovered that it was not a good thing but a very bad thing. Good for him; if more Israelis had made the same journey the world would be a better place. Unfortunately he stopped there, and left the rest of his essentialist nonsense unquestioned. Well if there is something called 'the essence of Jewishness' and Israel is its expression then Jewishness is evidently a very bad thing. But there isn't.

  • 'Replace' the mosques? Once again, 'NYT' soft-pedals Israeli extremism
    • The Herodian Temple probably did stand on that site, and was an extended version of the Second Temple. As for the first temple there is no evidence of its existence. But so what? It has been a Mosque for 1300 years, which is longer than it was ever a Jewish temple. Why should that give any Jews the right to seize the holy place of another religion? This is the politics of the madhouse and a classic example of religious 'traditions' being invented for extremist political purposes. Traditional Jewish belief was that Jews were forbidden even to set foot on the site until the age of the Messiah. These Temple Mount fascist fruitcakes are complete nutters and should be locked up.

  • Netanyahu heads to New York to ‘refute all the lies’ and praise ‘the most moral army in the world’
  • John Kerry's peace process: Dead on arrival
    • As I have often said, when Palestinians makes a proposal that Israel finds unacceptable, this proves the Palestinians are being unreasonable. Whereas when Israel makes a proposal that the Palestinians find unacceptable, this proves - that the Palestinians are being unreasonable.

  • The Israel-Labour dinner date that shows why Miliband would do little for Middle East peace
    • 'his parents were both vehement anti Zionist [for what that's worth]'.

      His mother is still alive and active, and a member of 'Jews for Justice for Palestinians'. She is said not to be too happy about her sons' politics, and not only on Palestine. His late father Ralph Miliband was author of a no-holds-barred Marxist critique of the Labour party. As an old aphorism puts it; 'the father spent his life arguing the Labour Party had nothing to do with socialism. His sons, loyal to his memory, are committed to proving him right'.

  • Updated: al-Aqsa Foundation discovers mass graves of Palestinians killed during the Nakba in Jaffa
    • what did I tell you? You couldn't make it up!

    • really, we are getting a very poor quality of hasbarista here. Let me give them a tutorial on how to do it properly;

      'All these deaths are very tragic. But the blame for them lies with the Palestinian leadership. Arab terrorists attacked Tel Aviv from Jaffa so of course the Jews had to defend themselves. But as usual the terrorists were hiding among the civilian population so tragically, they suffered too. Anyway how do we know how many of these dead were civilians? And if the Irgun attacked Jaffa first, well should they have waited till they were attacked before defending themselves? Anyway as Palestine is the national home of the Jews the Arabs were the aggressors by living there and refusing to accept the Mandate and the partition plan. And everybody else has been allowed a go at ethnic cleansing if you go back far enough - why shouldn't the Jews be entitled to their turn? Antisemitism!'

      No, sorry, I apologise. Satire is impossible...

  • Chuck Hagel said idea of going to war with Iran is 'Alice in Wonderland'
    • “Hagel has made clear he believes in the existence of a nefarious Jewish lobby that secretly controls U.S. foreign policy. This is the worst kind of anti-Semitism there is.”
      Really? I can think of a lot worse. In fact the only person who could possibly believe that 'this is the worst' would have to be...a holocaust denier.

  • If only it was just one tweet: One activist's experience in the 'Our Land' Facebook group
    • 'Well, Jews were kept to a tiny, highly discriminated against minority, as imperial Christian and Islamic apartheid had prescribed, as Jews’ punishment for rejecting Jesus and the prophets.'

      Bullshit. Before the advent of Zionism the position of Jews in Palestine was no different to that in other provinces of the Ottoman Empire. The status of Dhimmi to which they were subjected differed in no way from that of Christians, and if anything the Ottomans favoured Jews over Christians as less likely to be sympathetic to the Ottomans' Christian enemies.

      There was never anything to stop the Jews of Bagdad, Istanbul, Izmir, Salonica, Damascus or Cairo from moving to Palestine if they wanted. They didn't want to because while it was a praiseworthy deed for an individual Jew to spend his days in study and prayer in the Holy Land, a collective return was regarded as a miraculous event to be brought about by the Messiah and to hasten it by human action was expressly forbidden.

      Conchovor [under his various pseudonyms] has been making a speciality for some time of spreading this ingeniously confected version of history to function as a parallel to the Palestinian Nakba narrative - the Jews also, he can argue were 'ethnically cleansed' from their homeland by the Christian and Muslim ancestors of the Palestinians. So they are no better than the Zionist Jews, and they started it.

      In fact no serious historian any longer supports the myth of an 'ethnic cleansing' of the Jews from Palestine after AD70, and the majority of Jews were already living in the Diaspora before the destruction of the temple.

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