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  • Press Release: Isabel Kershner chosen to reveal future Israeli exonerations
    • This posting brings up a question. Consider the case of the killing of Iman al Hams, Wikipedia article here:

      link to

      The defendant, Capt. R, has already been exonerated. Will there be a subsequent investigation so he can be re-exonerated?

  • Why I joined Mondoweiss
    • Oops. My previous post is wrong. In German, "ersatz" means "replacement". When I bought parts for my old BMW motorcycle, they included the phrase "Echte BMW ersatz teile". "Genuine BMW replacement part."

    • >Is there one you can assure me isn’t “Ersatz” in some way?

      As it so happens, the word "ersatz" in German means "genuine".

  • AP's Matt Lee confronts Nuland: 'You're staying silent while people are dying left and right'
    • I don't know... I get a different impression after listening to him speak than from reading the transcript. Listening to the audio, it sounds to me that he's upset the State Dept. isn't defending Israel from Turkey's accusations of terrorism.

  • Bill Kristol celebrates Republican Party purge of 'oldfashioned Arabists' Scowcroft, Baker and Bush I
    • "[Ben Ami] said the destruction of Palestinian rights was at the top of the agenda wherever Hillary Clinton goes and is hurting the U.S.' strategic national interest."

      "Kristol sniggered. He said that it’s a “myth” that the Palestinians are important even to Arab countries."

      OK, so Kristol implicitly admits that Palestinian rights are being destroyed. But it's not an issue because Palestinians aren't important. Kristol is supposed to be an American. "All people are created equal" is the sine qua non of being an American. It shouldn't matter whether or not the people whose rights are being destroyed are important.

  • A twitter debate on Israel/Palestine and racism
    • When Adler writes "Native Americans cannot reclaim the land in Brooklyn that the Park Slope Food Coop currently occupies", he is deliberately choosing his words in order to confuse the issue. Native Americans do have the right to return to Brooklyn and live as equals with all other Americans. They even have the right to purchase the Park Slope Coop. His beloved Israel refuses to give similar rights to Palestinians.

  • Can you support the Palestinians when you live on their stolen land?
    • "And, it is no longer individual Palestinians’ land. It is the property of those with current title and/or leasehold rights."

      So then, quite clearly, you support the notion of theft as a means to acquiring someone elses private property. If you steal something, and then use overwhelming miliatry power to prevent the original owner from claiming the land, you get to keep it.

      You talk about people getting their day in court. Do you mean Palestinians getting their day in an Israeli court?

      I am an American. From what I have read, you are also an American. But it seems that only one of us is dedicated to the proposition that all people are created equal. It's not you. You are dedicated to the proposition that Jews are born with superior rights.

  • Back on TV due to popular demand.... 'The Peace Industry'
    • Palestinian refugees have not been given the opportunity to vote in elections for the PA (or the PLO for that matter). Abbas and his negotiating team therefore do not have the representative authority to negotiate away refugees rights.

  • Israel called him a 'terrorist'; but hear his family's story
    • This is what our $3 billion per year buys. That plus a lot of vicious lying from our Senators and Congressman.

  • Nader: 'Anti-semitism against Arabs is rife' in U.S.
  • A prayer for her country
    • I understand your points (both David's and Nigel's). It's just that most Americans are indoctrinated with "Palestinian" = "terrorism". Plus, "pro-Palestinian" subtly implies "anti-Israel" without saying it directlry.

      For me, it's just one more part of the broad-spectrum distortion of the whole issue that gets repeated in any and every article published in the local newspaper. For instance, every article and opinion piece in our local paper since May 31st has mentioned the Hamas "takeover" of Gaza.

    • I've noticed that the AP stories printed in our local newspaper repeatedly use the wording "Pro-Palestinian activist." This seems to me to be a turn of phrase subtly meant to distort things.

      During the 60's civil rights activists weren't referred to as "pro-African-American" or "pro-Negro". They were for equal rights. Of the hundreds of activists I know on this issue, including every Palestinian I know, not one of them is for special rights for Palestinians. They want equal rights.

      Those of us who are American are required by our nationality to be dedicated to the proposition that all people are created equal. The phrase "We hold these truths to be self-evident" is at the beginning of the Declaration of Independence for good reason. This concept that can never be tossed aside.

      On the other hand, every one I know who is "pro-Israel" believes that Jews have been endowed by their Creator with certain special rights in the Holy Land. (I deliberately co-opted the wording of the Declaration here).

  • We aren't the world
    • A related parody video should be made for America. Its title would be: "We Arm The World"

  • It wasn't Edward Said that upset the students; it was the very word 'Palestinian'
    • They're not uneducated. They're indoctrinated. These kids are taking the final exam for their advance placement English class, for heaven's sake.

      If the question had been about a topic written by a lesbian author, would hetero students be permitted to freeze and throw a hussy fit?

  • Israelis made 'strategic theft' of ISM's video cameras
    • This just doesn't make any sense. Everyone knows (or has been told) that the Israeli Army is the most moral army on the planet. Were anything captured on video, it would only prove that in spades. We'd see soldiers blowing kisses at Palestinian children, helping elderly Palestinians cross the street, planting vegetable gardens, and things like that.

  • 'I will not cooperate with any Israeli institution while Palestinians are denied basic human rights'
    • Israel boycotts Palestinian academia all the time, by preventing students from leaving, preventing Noam Chomsky from lecturing at Bir Zeit. It also boycotts Palestinian academia by shelling schools and killing students.

      But heaven forbid that any Israeli's feelings get hurt by a boycott.

  • yup the Israelis are really concerned about not wanting to be surrounded by Arab enemies...
    • "As far as Jerusalem goes, I think it would be best if both states chose to site their capitals elsewhere, and let Jerusalem be a non-political city."

      So you're saying Jerusalem should be some kind of corpus separatum. Interesting idea! Too bad nobody thought of it earlier.

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