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  • 'New Republic' writer lauds ADL's stand against mosque
    • syvanen August 2, 2010 at 12:33 am

      "Last summer there was a very funny photo from a tea bagger demonstration of this guy carrying a sign labeled “moran”. Have you noticed that we are not spared our morans."

      Wasn't you, I hope?


    • "attacking Human Rights Watch as an enemy of Israel."

      As hrw is an american corporate/guv ngo designed to dispense propaganda against countries the israeloamerican estasblishment has targeted for regime change and war, I suspect the this birnbaum nazi is trying the boost their cred on the sly with this gibbersh. It's a common way zionist rightwing stooges will support their fellow stooges on the "left".

  • the battlefield of public opinion is a psychological minefield
    • Ah, some, lose some.


    • The Jewish Buddhist. Interesting concept, as the two are at seemingly opposite poles. One is a system of rules to enforce tribal unity. The other, the rules are there to help transcend tribal unity - sort of ;D (good post, btw, RB).

      Actually, I met this Jewish Buddhist about 20 years ago, over at a Buddhist enclave at the foot of Mt. Tam. His uncle was out from ny, one of those kosher 2 refrigerator types, but a liberal union man. The uncle was curious about how Buddhism and Judaism mixed in the nephew's case, and the nephew explained that one can be a Buddhist and still be Jewish, or any other religion, as Buddhism is not a religion in the western way of thinking, but more away of living life as one learns to transcend it. If that makes any sense. ;D We were talking in the nephew's living room and I noticed their cat was sleeping atop their vcr and I mentioned that cat hair and vcrs didn't mix well. The nephew gently moved the cat off the vcr and placed a vase that had been nearby upon the vcr to deter the cat returning. Now that was Buddhism at work.

      One of the favourite descriptions that I've heard about this whole thing called life is from a French film made in the early 70's, a "hippie" film in fact (imagine that, skulkers ;D).

      "For example, there is the ocean. The ocean is love. And then there's a bottle in the ocean, full of water, floating in the ocean. The bottle is you. And if you break it there's no bottle alone, there's the ocean."

      La vallée link to

      For me, that seems to the essence of what Buddhism is about, without actually saying so directly.

      I forgot to mention,the uncle replied "is that so" or something to that effect, to the nephew's explanation. He (the uncle) seemed unconvinced, but also unsure, about being unconvinced also. That's a bit of Buddhism, as well. ;D

      Anyway, there's a long way to go....

    • Feeling down because the crazies are Bummed because they never listen? Well, there is another way. Join them. When you get s.w.a.r.m.'d, don't be down, play around. Give them what they want. Post a spiritual hymn:

      link to

      The fundies love these guys for their deep, religious spirituality:

      Kumba ya my Lord, kumba ya
      Kumba ya my Lord, kumba ya
      Kumba ya my Lord, kumba ya
      Oh Lord, kumba ya

      heyhey (7x)

      Go, tell it on the mountains that you believe
      It's the word of the only commander-in-chief
      He's got the whole world in his hands,just say yo
      He gotcha by ya balls,swing it low sweet Chariot
      I was a sinner,a bad girl,lord pardon me
      I was deaf,dumb and blind,but now i can't see
      I'm the Oko-Christ with my guitar
      I say Give it to me Jesus - aha aha

      kumba kumba a kumba ya
      kumba kumba a kumba ya
      kumba kumba a kumba ya
      kumba kumba a kumba ya
      kumba ya my Lord, kumba ya
      kumba ya my Lord, kumba ya
      kumba ya my Lord, kumba ya
      Oh Lord, kumba ya

      Can't you feel,when the faints are marchin'in
      You don't know the fucking trouble I've seen
      You're the Savior, you're the real big player
      and I'm standing here alone in the need of a prayer
      Judgement is comin' high
      I heard a sucker rumbling in the sky

      kumba kumba a kumba ya
      kumba kumba a kumba ya
      kumba kumba a kumba ya
      kumba kumba a kumba ya
      kumba ya my Lord, kumba ya
      kumba ya my Lord, kumba ya
      kumba ya my Lord, kumba ya
      Oh Lord, kumba ya

      Can't you see the judgement is coming
      Kumba ya my Lord kumba ya
      You all keep the rythm of the Lord
      Kumba ya my Lord kumba ya
      Yeah of course life can be summer
      Oh Lord, kumba ya
      We are the raiders of the lost chord

      kumba ya my Lord, kumba ya
      kumba ya my Lord, kumba ya
      kumba ya my Lord, kumba ya
      Oh Lord, kumba ya

      kumba kumba a kumba ya
      kumba kumba a kumba ya
      kumba kumba a kumba ya
      kumba kumba a kumba ya

      hey hey, kumba ya
      hey hey, kumba ya
      hey hey, kumba ya
      hey hey

      And the ziobots, well, they're thrilled because, well, both MM and the Apes are Deutschies.


    • "but when you are dealing with hasbara zionists..."

      Insecticide, use it liberally.

  • Foxman says some are 'entitled' to be bigots
    • "Foxman says some are ‘entitled’ to be bigots"

      Like himself, of course. These things are repulsive to the bone.

  • Neocon/Israel lobby strategy for getting US into war with Iran
    • The anti-Iran camp seems to be made up of 2 wings. The neo-cons/ziofascists and their assorted rabble want war to destroy Iran, like they've done to Iraq. Think of them as the hard aggressors.

      The other wing is made up of those who want to use economic warfare, psyops and covert ops to do "regime change". This grouping is the more "rational" zionist oligarchs and probably contains the bulk of the non-zionist capitalist aristocracies. I'll call them neo-libs for convenience. These were the people behind the green "color revolution" against Iran last year. Think of these as the soft aggressors.

      Both wings are working to make Iran an israeloamerican/eu colony, they use different tactics and have a different strategy to do so. The unity of purpose of these oligarchs is represented in the zionist run corporate media by the almost total demonisation of Iran there. It is also represented in the zionist fake left/progressive co-optation workings. These are those who oppose hot war with Iran, but whom are supportive (or silent about) the soft aggression of the "color rev" strategy.

      So perhaps, that makes 3 wings to these imperialist, zionist operations against Iran. The neo-cons, the neo-libs on the capitalist right and their assorted cryptos working to co-opt and neutralise left/progressive opposition. Although this latter group could be thought of as a subgroup of the neo-libs, I guess.

      Both hard and soft compliment each other, and both strategies are actively being pursued. I speculate the soft strategy now has precedence, with the hard held in reserve should Iran manage to hold out. This is how they've operated in the Mideast before. Against Iraq, they used that soft, then hard approach. Even if the soft strategy doesn't bring down the targeted country's guv. It greatly weakens the country to make the open warfare hard strategy easier.

      As the Iranian guv is not submitting to these ziofascists/fascists, the question is when will israeloamerica switch precedence to the hard strategy and begin a "hot war" against the Iranians? The Chinese/Russians/less fascist members of the world community are working to stall this israeloamerican aggression as long as they can. The longer they can keep these 21st century nazis from attacking Iran, the more likely the attack wont happen due to deteriorating economic factors and the public's weariness of the constant wars.

    • Obama is the "telavivian candidate". He's an israeli/zionist who not only doesn't have the umph to oppose the aggressive ziofascism, he agrees with it. He's one of them.

  • Timing is everything
    • "Here's the law firm."


      * Brian S. Kabateck
      * Richard L. Kellner
      * Sue Brown


      * Claudia E. Candelas
      * Josh H. Haffner
      * Ronald I. Karz
      * Karen Liao
      * Lina B. Melidonian
      * Michael V. Storti
      * Alfredo Torrijos
      * Evan Zucker

      I wonder if they hire using a "quota" system?


      Anyone want to guess who their other clients were?

  • 'NYT' says 'targeted killings' are good U.S. tactic, with no mention of civilian deaths
    • Dear helene cooper and mark landler

      Promoting and encouraging capital crimes, capital war crimes, is also a capital crime.

      Have you found yourselves rocks to hide under when people finally get sick enough of your crimes they start coming for you?

  • 'Every Democrat assumes the biggest discernible group giving money is Jews'
    • I'll bet that was not the first version from the "look over there" crowd. They probably named black people as the movers and shakers originally, but then theone of then with a greater than 90 IQ realised that could backfire.


    • "Finally, isn't it interesting that the Wikipedia entry on the Israel lobby describes it as chiefly Christian? What an irresponsible dodge. "


      I've seen some real howlers by the zionist wiki crew in the service of ziofascism, inc., but that takes the prize for the most obviously stupid of them.

  • The back-of-the-envelope history of the Anti-Defamation League
    • Jeffrey Blankfort

      Thanks for that piece and the follow up. I didn't know of the adl's collaboration with the anti-commie goons of that earlier period, before WW2 and during the mccarthy witch hunts. I should of figured on them doing things like that, given their later history, which I was somewhat familiar with. Your info about the pre-war adl collaborations leads me to speculate this org had been doing that from the beginning, probably was doing it during the palmer raids even. Collaboration with the right in attacking the left was probably one of its main functions all along. I also suspect the adl was one of those "rich boys clubs" whose other main purpose was to protect fellow wealthy Jewish people from prosecution or discrimination and defend their interests. The anti-discrimination work they did concerning others being more of a cover to better facilitate their work empowering their rich members and undermining the left.

  • Does Israelo-fascism exist?
    • I also don't care for people who use sites like this to data mine info about others.

      Mooser August 1, 2010 at 2:46 pm

      “Berkeley” is your real name? You expect me to believe that? Nobody is really named “Berkeley”
      Hey, have it your way. “Berkeley” No wonder.
      But I wouldn’t take it all so hard. I can’t think of one case where a man had daughters, let alone a wife. It’d be a good joke, but the delivery’s impossible."

      Especially others who make it known they are opposed to zionism. Even if it's innocent, and just immature clickishness running a bit amok, it doesn't sit right with all the other business one finds from zionists one finds on the web now. Especially with those who have experienced this sort of zionist behaviour a few times.

    • Looking at the comments a ways up, I realise I missed something here. Wish I had seen what has been deleted, it makes the nastiness of mooser afterwards look out of place. I've got into the habit of generally skipping over his comments, anyway,and when I read the likes of what he posted above, it refreshes my memory of why I do that.

      When every other comment, or every 3rd comment is consistently by the same person, in thread after thread, something is definitely wrong.

    • As far as I'm concerned, all the different nazi/fascist terms being bandied about here work to describe israel and zionists. Arguing which is more appropriate is entertaining, but it doesn't change the facts on the ground.

      My advice is use the ones you think express what you want to say the best and ignore the pedants and ziotrolls who try to derail the conversation into a strawman about the "official" meaning of the terms.

    • "freudian slip no doubt. ;)"

      Could be, though poor eyesight, small font and picking the wrong word in the spell checker list were also factors. :D

      "dedicating in the woods is something americans are quite good at."

      Same with bears, and it's a good idea to know which bears are around when dedicating.

      In light of the rising frequency of human/grizzly bear conflicts, the Alaska Department of Fishing and Gaming is advising hikers, hunters, and fishermen to take extra precautions and keep alert of bears while in the field. The department has posted the following notice:

      We advise that outdoorsmen wear noisy little bells on their clothing so as not to startle any bears.

      We also advise outdoorsmen to carry pepper spray with them in case of an encounter with a bear.

      It is also a good idea to watch out for fresh signs of bear activity.
      Outdoors men should recognize the difference between black bear and grizzly bear feces. Black bear feces contains lots of berries and squirrel fur. Grizzly bear feces has little bells in it and smells like pepper.

    • Hmmmm....dedicate? I guess that could be one way to put it. It should have been defecate.

    • "Does Israelo-fascism exist?"

      Does ursus americanus dedicate in the woods?

  • Why did a Democratic congressman's aide speak of 'Jewish money'?
    • You're funny, maxine. How's the storm trooper training going?

      “Throughout the history of America, there have been many successful revolutions that never heard a shot fired. We must accept our roles as the leaders and front-line stormtroopers in what is nothing less than a cultural revolution. We must liberate our great nation from the left-wing elitists who control her. Our foes are well-entrenched in the news media, Hollywood, the teachers' unions and our government. Our weapons are the ballot box, our voices, our pens and, more and more, our computers and the Internet. Our ammunition is the plain, unvarnished truth. It does them a lot of damage and there's plenty to go around. FIRE AWAY! And you don't have to wait until you see the whites of their eyes."


    • If it was just the money....

      The controls are much more extensive and insidious than through campaign finance.

  • 'ADL' statement rationalizing bigotry draws wide scorn
    • "Don’t forget that Israel invented sheep."

      They had to have some entertainment to pass the time during those warm summer evenings. There wasn't fox television way back then, you know.


    • I think we've been hoodwinked all these years, being told adl stood for Anti Defamation League, when in reality it has always been an acronym for Arsewipes Devoid of Legitimacy.

  • From Shatila Camp-- What does the right of return mean in 2010?
  • The disconnect
    • mdesch

      One can find that sort of mentality (leiberman's) dominating the oligarchies the capitalist/rightwing guvs of most countries.

    • Bumblebye

      The google translation is a bit off on the first term. ХУЙ is an acronym that is usually used to mean the word fuck.


      I believe zionists would probably prefer a word like продвигать instead of the term ХУЙ.


    • Chu

      So do neocon (republican) youth in the usa. Check it out some time.


    • Bumblebye

      I'm wondering if cafe press was bought by a zionist recently, I don't remember seeing bigoted slogans promoted on their items in the past. Now they don't even carry the ХУЙ ВОЙНЕ! tees they used to.

    • "israeli hippies"

      That's like one of those oxymorons George Carlin described, like military intelligence.

    • "Avigdor Lieberman is typical of important currents in that community and very “Russian” in his attitudes on things like rule of law and ethnic minorities."

      Apparently the author of this piece is still living in the cold war with it's lame, ethnic stereotypes. Typical example of a "nice guy" zionist pov, there. Lieberman is like colonial/settler types everywhere and throughout history, and especially like those ancient Hebrew brigands who went from town to town in the Old Testament wiping out the inhabitants and stealing everything.

    • "Pre-state Jewish undergrounds enjoy a renaissance among settlers. In recent years, interest in the pre-state Revisionist underground movements has grown among West Bank settlement youth." fascists and nazis are intrigued with the fascists and nazis of the past. I'll bet the goatsods are especially interested in the terrorism done by those earlier ziofascists.

      These crittiers are a herpes breakout on the arsehole of the world.

  • Some Israelis celebrate what Bernadotte's murder achieved
    • Israel is a cowardly terrorist country that relies upon terrorism in its relations with other countries. It's no surprise their past "heroic figures" are also cowardly terrorists.

      The article mentions shamir, but conveniently forgets to mention shamir's connections to the nazis. Since Bernadotte had rescued victims of the Holocaust, perhaps that also is why the nazi, shamir, was involved in his assassination.

      It boggles the mind how Jews could worship these nazi freaks, but then, that's israel and zionism.

  • 'TNR' calls for more civilian casualties
    • This et zone is proposing not only the same cowardly strategy of the zionists/israelis, it's also how nazi Germany responded to occupation resistance. They also upped the brutality towards civilians to try and deter attacks on their occupation soldiers.

      So literally, what tnr advocates is what the nazis practiced. This is why earlier I stated the staff this subhuman outfit deserved to swing.

    • You mean kick him in that spot where his testicles should have been?

    • I think the world would be better off with the whole war criminal staff of tnr dangling from ropes. These people are no different from kkk lynching mobs or hitler youth.

  • cognitive dissonance on Jewish power
    • An example "cognitive dissonance on Jewish power" at work:

      Here are 2 articles on the zionist push for war against Iran. On can see the difference between the “chomsky” approach and that of someone less influenced by the zionist toxin.

      In the first:

      Lurching Toward War?
      Iran Under Siege


      link to

      Almost nothing is said about israeli or zionist influence behind the people pushing for war or tougher sanctions. It’s all american and the eu with the role of israel and zionists ignored completely. Reading this article, one would be lead to believe israel had no part in this push for war at all. It is all the usa’s and Europe’s doing.

      That is the chomsky approach, where the role of israel, and Jewish zionists is left out of the analysis and all discussion uses their puppets as the final decision makers without the strings noted. Without even noting the obvious anydimwit could see just from reading the zionist run western corporate media about israeli/zionist involvement. Every day one of these zionist elements is spouting off on the need to attack Iran.

      Now look at a more reasonable analysis:

      Neocon Nutballs Ramp Up Campaign
      Bomb Iran?


      link to

      He details the zionist/neocon/israeli players ramping up the attack Iran propaganda. Describes their connections to each other and israel. Describes the israeli lobby role and their role in having the u.s. congress declare it’s loyalty to israeli interests about Iran. What you get here is a much more realistic understanding of who is behind this warmongering and how they are going about laying the groundwork for public approval of the war.

      This is a huge difference from the crypto-zionist “chomsky” style of the dimaggio piece where the role of zionists and israel is cleverly hidden behind that of their puppet’s roles.

    • potsherd July 30, 2010 at 12:06 pm

      Good post.

    • While I think Stone does pull his punches too much in his political films, I think he his one of the very few american film makers who has any balls at all. The u.s. film industry is almost total limp willieville. It's 99% rubbish and remakes of rubbish. This is almost totally thanks to zionist Jewish control of the american film industry, and american media in general.

      Oliver Stone is one of the very few who has risen above this ocean of excrement. And for that, he has my admiration.

    • American

      Well said.

    • The guardian also comes up with good material from time to time, but most of what one finds there is pure toss and the management is essentially neo-con lite, as is that of the scott trust which owns the guardian conglomerate. This operational model seems to be basically true of many sites considered liberal in the west. They do a good piece every once in a while, for reputation, but the daily stuff is the usual running on remote control rubbish promoting the standard zionist/corporate propaganda. If the guest commenting on a site has a pro-zionist, you can bet it represents what management there thinks and that pro-zionist propaganda is at least part of their reason for being in business.

    • "Being banned from Daily Kos is a natural progressive rite of passage. A badge of honor, in fact."

      So is getting banned from the guardian's talkboard or their cif section.


  • Israeli police working with settlers to occupy Palestinian home in the heart of Jerusalem's Old City
    • As I wrote before, israeli society is a criminal society.

    • It seems that everywhere, the mafioso are the worst sorts, followed by the cops and "security services". Then after that it's the assorted riff raff of used car salespeople, advertising people, lawyers, sports team owners, child molesters, banksters, etc. These always occupy the bottom strata in any society, no matter what country, it appears.

  • 'a bad country'
    • "If Israelis could genocide these bantustans and not get caught by the international press, I believe they would kill them in a second."

      They definitely would. True disciples of nazi type thinking, the israeli. It's what makes them so "special".

    • Antidote

      Canada is another zionist occupied country with all the fascist extravagance such entails. Possibly their infestation is even worse than that of the usa.

  • In 'FT,' Oxford chancellor calls on EU to step in before strangulation of Palestine leads to 'further disaster'
    • Oops

      "he repeated no, the israelis do letPalestinians leave Gaza, even if it’s immigration to another country to live."

      I forgot the "not". It should have been:

      he repeated no, the israelis do NOT let Palestinians leave Gaza, even if it’s immigration to another country to live.

    • "The aim [in Gaza] is to choke the economy and push the Gazans into the unwilling embrace of Egypt."

      Interesting. Soon after I started posting here I wrote the israelis wanted to ethnically cleanse Palestine of Palestinians, both the WB and Gaza and in israel itself. By making life so hard for them that they would leave. Somebody named shmeul, or something like that, then replied that the israelis wanted to concentrate all the Palestinians in Gaza and let them rot there, but not send them out of Palestine altogether. I asked him if he was sure. He said yes. I asked him that if another country said they would take the Palestinians, and the Palestinians themselves agreed, would israel let them leave Gaza. He said no. I asked him several times, to make sure he understood what I meant, he repeated no, the israelis do letPalestinians leave Gaza, even if it's immigration to another country to live. Later Iread something that stated what I had speculated, that israelis do allow Palestinians to leave Gaza, if it's to immigrate to another country and give up their home in Palestine.

      Here, this article confirms that israel wants to push the Palestinians out of Gaza and into Egypt.

  • Bacevich: US and Israel are only democracies that see war as the answer
    • Following up, not once in that piece by Bacevich is it mentioned where the zionist influence on americn policies was behind the american wars in the Mideast and america's support for endless war against Muslims. There is no discussion about the differences in neocon and neolib style aggression or the different interests of zionist and non-zionist oligarchies. He pretty much treats israeli and the usa as separate, when in fact the usa is now a colony of zionists/israel. They're not separate any more, just look at the u.s. congress constantly grovelling to israel at every opportunity.

      He also looks at the various wars looking for conventional victory/defeat outcomes. The current zionists/fascist don't always wage war for those "traditional" outcomes. They frequently arm both sides in a conflict and creating/prolonging the conflict is often the outcome they are looking for. Chaos and disruption work just as well at preventing your rivals profiting from a region as holding it yourself. In fact, many times, leaving a region a wasteland works well when owning it would cost too much to maintain and you don't want to leave it to your rivals, or leave the people there capable of benefiting from their independence.

      Throughout the article, the author treats all the events as somewhat unconnected, just like he treats american and israeli guv actions. There is no underlying connections provided between the events, nor more than just the basic useless surface reasoning behind the actions. Saddam is mentioned as a"bad guy", but it's not discussed how israeloameric/nato created saddam, and then took him down when he was no longer of use, other than as a "bad guy". They've done this repeatedly all over the world for decades. Likewise the author accepted the zionist premise of Muslim extremism being an "enemy" now, when much this is a falseflag creation of israeloamerica/nato, created to first attack the USSR, then later attack other recalcitrants not volunteering to be colonies, and also to provide the pretexts for their genocidal war against Muslims.

    • Seems so, as the intention all along was to coerce/force them out.

    • The usa and israel are not democracies. They are capitalist oligarchies that have a strong fascist smell to them.

  • Palestinians expelled from home of 70 years by settlers in Jerusalem's Old City
    • That's the zionist/israeli way. They lie through their teeth while the genocide never stops.

  • Bay Area billboards 'thank' the US for Israel's blank check
  • The ethnic cleansing of Palestine, part II
    • "The government will be providing housing assistance for army officers who move to the Negev desert region, as army bases relocate from central Israel."

      From the looks of that, the israelis are spreading their military out, making it less vulnerable. Being concentrated, their military installations are very vulnerable to counterattack. Possibly, they will be placing some of their land based nuclear missiles out in the Negev, as well.

      This could mean the israelis are digging in for the long haul and are planning a lot more, and worse, wars upon their neighbours.

  • Neo-con view (this time on Turkey) still heard loud and clear in Washington
    • "Barack Obama may have taken the helm of the White House, but neo-conservative influence, disastrous as it was during the Bush years, has certainly not been swept away in Washington, D.C."

      There's no change from obama. He's the "telavivian candidate". The neocon nazis may have been disastrous to the usa, but for ziofascism, inc., they've been the best thing since viagra. And that's what matters in zionist occupied territories like the usa. As for berman and Turkey, that's a sick joke. Turkey was the closest american ally in the Mideast, after apartheid israel, and the zionists, and their neocon nazis, killed that. The fact that neocons are doing anything but swinging from light posts shows how deeply zionism, inc. controls the usa. These zionists are driving every country away from america that is not a fellow colony of israel. The american politicians work for zionist and israeli interests first, then for "pork", their supposed constituents needs come at the very last.

  • My sister-in-law takes me to the woodshed
  • The ethnic cleansing of Palestine
  • Birthright travel diary: 'Outing' myself on a kibbutz
  • It is only Palestine
    • Hits on youtube don't mean it was approved of. And negative comments may have been deleted (I'm sure if I had written any, they would have been ;D) by the person who uploaded the video. Those ridiculing it still will go to the page at least once.

    • "Gee, I can’t imagine why the boycott of Israeli cultural expressions abroad is gaining momentum…"


      But seriously, Jewish israel really is a wasteland with regard to entertainment. Music, film, theater, art, all aspects. Whatever quality is there is mostly Palestinian, it seems, and extremely repressed out of the mainstream israeli art and entertainment industry. They've set it up like nazi Germany. Jewish israel is void. There's nothing there but shoddy hasbara. This severe lack of quality among Jewish israel is ironic when one considers the massive and talented contributions Jewish people have made in art and entertainment in much of the rest of the world. But then israel is a "settler society". These have no interest in art beyond it's usefulness in manipulating others. So they emphasize technicians, rather than creators, and real art languishes in the alleys among the "untouchables".

      In fact, israelis/zionists also have pretty much trashed much of the magnificent history and archaeology of their region (and don't forget the trashing of Iraq's museums - very much a zionist/israeli inspired programme of malicious neglect and criminal profiteering). Israel is black market central for archaeological artifacts. These people have the nazi's attitude towards the past. Literally. If they cant use it to manipulate the present, then trash it or sell it.

    • I'll have to agree with you, potsherd. The americans bought pet rocks by the millions back in the 80's (both literally and metaphorically). And they've always had a soft spot for the racism of the day. Now, thanks to Jewish zionist marketing/mass psychological, propaganda, and entertainment skills, the oligarchy ruling america now has the ultimate dumbed down herd. All they need now is a regular supply of Oz sheepdogs to keep the ami herd where they want it.

    • "I notice the reference to Darfur in the song and remember reading that super Zionists are behind the Darfur campaign."

      Good spot, the inclusion was probably not coincidental, just as, "song" is probably official hasbara (not some spontaneous amateur job). Kind of reminds me of that american country-western bumplug who was promoted by the ziofascist media back from around the time of the Iraq invasion who was singing about "kicking Iraqi ass" or some pathetic shite like that.

    • Atzmon had this er....."performance" on his site around the beginning of the month, with this intro:

      "Nothing gives the Israeli more libidinal pleasure than see themselves as victims while killing others. Beware, this Judeocentric clip may make you sick. It's the message, the ‘music’ and the pathos..."

      Victims United
      July 4, 2010 at 7:02AM

      link to

      I wonder if the whackos at kkk and skinhead rallies have "performers" like this whinging about their "victimhood", as well.

      "We was just having a nice little lynching of a black man who back talked Widow Hawkins when this army of Black Panther terruists arrived and started beating us up for no reason...."


  • Penn State Prez punts on Palestine petition
  • Oxfam: Palestinian village & nearly $30,000 of aid destroyed by Israeli military
  • Treason, loyalty oaths, Nakba and film bans-- counting down the hits in the Knesset
    • "Simply astonishing. The continuing crisis. Here is a list of the 14 worst--most undemocratic-- bills in the Knesset, compiled and commented upon by ACRI, the Association for Civil Rights in Israel:"

      One can just see those goatsods all raising their right arms and shouting sieg heil after their votes on, "bills".

  • Feeling pre-war uneasiness
    • annie

      RE: Georgian nato membership. They're still trying for that. I should of worded my first post differently since getting Georgia part of nato was another possible reason for the invasion (I wrote it like there could only be on reason, but should havesaid there were several reasons the israloamericans attacked). Quite a boneheaded plan, though, in the way israeloamerican had their local idiot carry it out, when you think about it. Speaks of desperation on their part.

      It could have been a 3rd reason they invaded, to get a response from Russia they could then use to isolate Russia from Europe (they had been drawing together). In some ways, they way they attacked almost was guaranteed to bring a strong Russian response, and certainly would fail to conquer South Ossetia on that account. Perhaps they were hoping for a Russian over-response - Russian occupation of Georgia. That would have certainly opened a few cans of worms. :D

      I suspect the one thing they did not expect was the immediate rout of the Georgian forces. That cost them pretty dear.

    • annie

      The stuff about the sarko letter looked familiar, so I looked it up. Here is a link to the material you posted. It's a good analysis of those ziofascist/fascist shenanigans.

      link to

      The israelis would love to spark a war between nato and Iran, but would the Iranians attack Romania because israeli aircraft refueled there during an attack on Iran? Doubtful. Romania is around the same distance from Iran that israel is. Iran only has a limited inventory of weapons capable of reaching israel, if any - I'm not so sure they have anything that could effectively attack israel. Wasting these weapons on Romania would be pointless. And as you guys pointed out, it would bring nato into the conflict.

      If refueling in Romania is now part of the attack plans, I think the main reason is because Turkey is definitely out of those plans now. Earlier, it had been planned to use Turkish air space to reach Georgia. Now with that out, the israelis need another route. Flying to Romania, refueling there, then on to Georgia can probably replace the previous Turkish overflight. I doubt israeli aircraft could reach Georgia by flying around Turkish air space without refueling along the way.

      Anyway, I wasn't disagreeing with braciole, but basically agreeing with what he/she wrote.

    • braciole July 28, 2010 at 11:29 am

      In my opinion, the whole point of the israeloamericans ordering sackofshite to invade South Ossetia (and Abkhazia was going to be next) in 2008 was to move the Russians further away and prevent them detecting incoming israeli aircraft using Georgia as a refueling point for their attack on Iran. I'm sure the Russians have pickets in the Black Sea looking for israeloamerican activity there, and would notify Iran of anything threatening.

      The israelis could be planning on using Romania as the first leg of an attack on Iran. Refuel in Romania, then over to Georgia for a 2nd top up, run the attack, return to Georgia, then Romania, then back to israel. I'm sure the Russians would spot them crossing the Black sea, though, so it's unlikely they would surprise the Iranians.The israelis wouldn't be using helicopters, either. Those helicopters ops in Romania are probably part of Romanian-israeli-american military training. Both israel and the usa are doing to Romania what they did to Georgia, or trying to, anyway.

  • Indyk: Obama backed off because of campaign money
    • Once they know you're not one of their kneepad goys, you might as well go all the way and break with these ziofascists. They don't forget and they don't forgive. You're the enemy once you make a critical statement against them. Taking it back, kissing their fat, flatulent arses, just makes you look craven. So you got nothing to lose by sticking to your words. Don't try and go back, the things wont let you, anyway, go forward.

  • Notice the pattern in the Israeli stories?
    • It's never an israeli's fault when they cause others injury, according to israelis and their zionist supporters.

      Each crime, each criminal cover up, is another nail in the israeli coffin.

  • Mort Zuckerman: U.S. occupations stink, but Israel's is great
  • Nema Abu Said, a 33-year-old mother of five, killed in Gaza flechette attack
  • Jeremy Ben-Ami's main argument against BDS is it doesn't affirm Israel's right to exist as Jewish homeland
    • One should figure that any org consisting of zionists is a fraud. The more reasonable they may sound, the less likely they are being honest.

      There is no such thing as a reasonable zionist. Assume the worst and treat them accordingly.

    • The zionist special pleading for special status in their own special status state reminds one of the old segregationist arguments for maintaining institutionalized racism in the usa.

  • Busloads of civilians cheer as Israelis uproot Bedouin village of 200
  • Hoo-ha: Conservative British P.M. calls Gaza a 'prison camp'
    • Interesting about cameron since zionist funding of the tories matches or exceeds that of the nulaborites and the tories are usually considered more friendly to zionist interests.

  • Dangerous argument
    • Also, much, or all, of the u.s. aide sent to the Palestinians goes to those who are puppets of israel, so the aide can be said to benefiting israel, not the Palestinians.

  • 1000s of Israeli police said to be evacuating/erasing historical Bedouin village
  • Israelis kill an American. No story here
    • The deceit of Reporters Without Borders

      by Salim Lamrani

      November 7, 2007


      On October 16, 2007, the Paris based organization Reporters Without Borders (RSF) published its “Worldwide Press Freedoms Index 2007.” RSF claims to be neutral, objective and solely interested in press freedoms. But this claim does not hold up to scrutiny. In reality the 2007 index, laden with contradictions, is nothing more than a fraud and demonstrates, to the contrary, that the association directed by Robert Ménard since 1985 defends a very specific interest and political agenda. (1)

      How is it that Eritrea, where only two journalists were murdered, ended up ranked below Iraq (157), Mexico (136), Somalia (159), Pakistan (152), Afghanistan (142) and Sri Lanka (156)? Perhaps because that nation is on Washington’s black list and RSF receives funding from the CIA front National Endowment for Democracy, NED? (7)

      Likewise what is the explanation for Cuba ranking 165 when not one journalist has been killed there since 1959? Why is this nation ranked below Iraq, Mexico, Somalia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Brazil (84), China (163), United States (48), Haiti (75), Nepal (137), Paraguay (90), Peru (117), Democratic Republic of the Congo (133), Turkey (101) and Zimbabwe (149), where at least one journalist has been killed? RSF explains that Cuba’s poor ranking is due to journalists being imprisoned. Just supposing the organization is correct on this point –which is actually far from being the case-, wouldn’t killing journalists still be more serious than imprisoning them? (8)

      link to

      Reporters Without Borders seems to have a geopolitical agenda By F. William Engdahl

      May 7, 2010, 00:22


      Who stands behind RWB?

      The slick media image that RWB presents to the world, such as using the term “predators,” is no accident. It is the product of RWB’s ad agency. Announcing the list of 40 on May 3 on their website, RWB states, “The list of Predators of Press Freedom is released today, backed by a campaign ad produced by the Saatchi & Saatchi agency . . . There are 40 names on this year’s list of predators . . . that cannot stand the press, treat it as an enemy and directly attack journalists. They are powerful, dangerous, violent and above the law.” [3]

      Saatchi & Saatchi is one of the world’s most influential “hidden persuaders” or PR firms. They are credited with the campaign that brought Margaret Thatcher to power and are the ad firm for Gordon Brown’s Labour Party. Clients have included Citigroup, Hewlett-Packard, DuPont, Proctor & Gamble. One might ask where RWB gets the finances to hire such elite advisors?

      After years of trying to hide it, Robert Menard, Paris-based Secretary-General of Reporters Sans Frontieres or RWB, confessed that the RWB budget was primarily funded by “US organizations strictly linked to US foreign policy.” [6] Those US organizations behind RWB include the Open Society Foundation of billionaire speculator George Soros, the US Agency for International Development (USAID) and the US Congress’ National Endowment for Democracy (NED). Also included is the Center for Free Cuba, whose trustee, Otto Reich, was forced to resign from the George W. Bush administration after exposure of his role in a CIA-backed coup attempt against Venezuela’s democratically elected president, Hugo Chavez. [7]

      As one researcher found after months of trying to get a reply from NED about their funding of Reporters Without Borders, which included a flat denial from RSF executive director Lucie Morillon, the NED revealed that Reporters Without Borders received grants over at least three years from the International Republican Institute. The IRI is one of four subsidiaries of NED. [8]

      link to

    • Reporters without borders is an american guv funded shill site, what comes from them is about as accurate as what comes from voice of america.

      Reporters Without Borders


      Funding Sources

      Robert Menard, the Secretary General of RSF, was forced to confess that RSF's budget was primarily provided by "US organizations strictly linked with US foreign policy" (Thibodeau, La Presse).

      * NED (US$39,900 paid 14 Jan 2005)

      * Center for a Free Cuba (USAID and NED funded) $50,000 per year NED grant. Contract was signed by Otto Reich

      * European Union (1.2m Euro) -- currently contested in EU parliament

      * Rights & Democracy in 2004 supported Reporters Without Borders-Canada [1]

      "Grants from private foundations (Open Society Foundation, Center for a Free Cuba, Fondation de France, National Endowment for Democracy) were slightly up, due to the Africa project funded by the NED and payment by Center for a Free Cuba for a reprint of the banned magazine De Cuba." [2]

      Principal focus of RSF activities

      * Cuba

      * Venezuela

      * Haiti

      Otto Reich connection

      "The man who links RSF to these activities is Otto Reich, who worked on the coups first as assistant secretary of state for Latin American affairs, and, after Nov. 2002, as a special envoy to Latin America on the National Security Council. Besides being a trustee of the government-funded Center for a Free Cuba, which gives RSF $50,000 a year, Reich has worked since the early 1980's with the IRI.'s senior vice president, Georges Fauriol, another member of the Center for a Free Cuba. But it is Reich's experience in propaganda that is especially relevant." [4]

      link to

      The Lies of Reporters without Borders by Salim Lamrani*

      French NGO Reporters without borders, dedicated to the defense of press freedom, is today at the center of a controversy. To some people, it is an efficient vector for freedom in the world, but to others – and we are among those – it has evolved into a transmission cable for the State Department, and it is instrumenting a cause to support the United States’ strategy. Salim Lamrani, researcher at the Sorbonne university, looks into the details of accusations and answers, before unveiling the extent of the deception.

      9 September 2005

      From Paris (France)

      In a July 6, 2005 statement, the Reporters without Borders Organization (RSF) responded to accusations made against it with regards to its obsession with Cuba, its hidden ties with the American government and certain multinational companies, as well as its relations with organizations involved in shady activities and which maintain closed ties with international terrorism. [1]....

      link to

    • The zionists run the show in america. Who becomes a "legit" victim is their say. That's what it comes down to. To change this, the zionists must be removed from the picture first.

  • Repeat: Israelis kill an American. No story here
    • "Where is the American media?"

      He as that Muslim sounding name and we all know where the zionist run american media is on that score.

  • Hearts and minds, and tumors
    • They trucked dirt out of that airport where the Iraqis put up a fight during the initial invasion. There are accounts of israeli use of new wmds in their recent mass war crimes. It's possible the americans were using these new wmds as well in Iraq. Trucking out the dirt after these attacks would limit investigation into what whas exactly being used.

      Whatever it was, it's abominable that israeloamerica has gotten away with these war crimes (equivalent to nazi war crimes, btw) so far.

  • L.A. Times: ‘Many’ Palestinians 'prefer the one-state solution'
    • Once Palestinians are part of apartheid israel, it will be easier to get apartheid israel converted into Palestine. They will no longer be total outsiders with zero say and it will then become a civil/human rights issue inside Palestine, as opposed to being considered (falsely) a conflict between nations as it is now covered in the zionist west. It will be more difficult for zionist Jews to justify their prejudice in a single state, just like it is more difficult now for neo-confederates in the usa to justify their prejudice publicly. And it will be more difficult for zionism, incs. supporters outside israel to blame the Palestinians for zionist criminality.

  • Ehud Barak threatens Lebanon with 'Dahiya doctrine' in case of new war
    • So globalsecurity, historycentral and historylearningsite are all ziofascist front sites peddling 21st century nazi lies. Good to know. Thanks sayanim/hasbarat.

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