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  • Israel says video of crying Palestinian boy was staged 'to make cheap anti-Israel propaganda'
    • Gin?

      I thought you wrote you were married?

    • Also, take a look at donald's posts after this article. What was his reaction to the story written here? What was his reaction to Taxi's reaction to the story? Look it up. What he wrote, and especially what he didn't write is quite revealing about what upset him the most.

    • The question not asked here, but needs asking, is what if the outburst was because of a Jewish child crying due to neo-nazis kidnapping his dad and hauling him off to the dungeon. Would such an outburst against this result in similar admonitions to behave? Or would everyone be responding in a similar manner Taxi did.

      My money is on the latter.

    • Cheers Taxi

      Your posts add to the conversation, donny's net nanny shenanigans detracts from it.

    • "That’s pretty insulting, comparing Taxi’s entries to Witty’s. And totally uncalled for."

      I agree.

    • Avi August 5, 2010 at 11:43 pm

      Avi August 6, 2010 at 1:23 am

      This is the first time I've ever been accused of antisemitism because I countered rightwing, cold war propaganda about the Soviets. Imagine if mccarthy had had such a tool to work with in his witch hunts?


    • Correction:

      I just remembered I initially tried the Japanese word shoki, and one or two others, before hayate, but it was already taken, as well.

      The site was, btw. They had an email service back then.

      BTW, avi, what brought about your use of avias a user name?

    • Avi August 5, 2010 at 11:43 pm

      Listen avi, you've thrown a temper tantrum every time I didn't agree with something in a post you wrote. You're behaviour here:

      link to

      Was insulting and just plain disgusting. You are now misrepresenting what I write in a manner one would expect from maximalist & co. and you are slandering me in the same manner. That is inexcusable. And now I see couple of possible reasons why:

      "Why don’t you tell everyone here what motivates a Russian like you to post on this website?

      What’s your interest in this conflict anyway and why did you choose an Arabic name for a user name when you don’t speak one word of Arabic?"

      That you hate Russians and you think I'm pretending to be Arabic? The first is a failure of judgment. Bigotry against a person's nationality is a reflection personal inadequacies. It works like racial prejudice. The second is a failure due to presumption.

      I've been using the name hayate since 2000. It's actually the first name I used on the web. I chose it initially when I tried signing up an email and found my real name already taken, along with a bunch of other names I then tried. I figured if I tried a JAPANESE word, that might work. It did, and I've used it ever since. I've already explained this to somebody else here, btw.

      If your dislike of me is due to you thinking I'm using an Arab name when not being an Arab, that's a misunderstanding. If it's because you think I am Russian or Arab, that is prejudice. I don't know your background, so I'll leave it at that.

    • The israelis/zionists have got used to their control of the media covering for them. Their control of american mass media has spoiled them. As far as the american corporate media is concerned, the israelis can do anything short nuking someone and their sayanim/agents in the midia will provide cover. They could be as sloppy as they want with their american attack dog backing them up.

      With the internet, the cover doesn't work so well. So we see more of israeli crimes in close to real time, while the blood on the knife is still wet. This is changing perception of what zionism/israel is all about, and the cover is failing. But the zionists continue on with the cover, and their arrogant "sloppyness", regardless. And work to shut out independent views in the internet.

      These people have no intention of changing their arrogant ways. They'll see all the rest of us dead first.

    • Avi August 5, 2010 at 10:20 pm

      "So now you’re advocating for genocide? Pathetic."

      Ah, not satisfied with throwing a temper tantrum here:

      link to

      You've decided to continue your childish attacks on this thread, as well.

      link to;

      The difference between you, and these guys, is they are only acting that way for a comedy skit.

      Besides, didn't you write you were finished with your replying to my posts on that other thread?

      Let it go.

    • "The Israeli PR people have shit for brains."


      But what does that say about the plugs who believe it?

    • "The only problem for Israel might be that no congressman would take his nose out of Israel’s arse to cut it off!"


      But true.

    • "the border police said, “the family chose to make cynical use of a 5-year-old boy” who had been “well instructed and directed.”

      Then this pathetic говно:

      "Instead of the family acting responsibly toward a child and removing him from the situation, they chose to make cheap anti-Israel propaganda, whose sole purpose is to present us in a negative light around the world. As is seen in the pictures, and in order to remove any doubt, the authorities on site acted lawfully against the unacceptable phenomenon of water theft."

      The israeli has no humanity left. They are the nazis of this century. This time we should take them out "BEFORE they "invade Poland" and set off a world war.

  • Visit Abu Dis-- site of the future Palestinian capital?
    • "Where do you suppose people like Witty will be after that?"

      Where ever they are, they'll probably try not to draw attention to themselves. That's what most crooks do when they retire with their loot.

    • "When in 1990 Saddam Hussein invaded and occupied Kuwait, the West raced to Kuwait's defense and punished the Iraqi people with crippling sanctions for their leader's aggression. But in response to Israel's equally illegal and more brutal 1967 invasion and occupation of East Jerusalem, the West amplified its policy of rewarding Israel, punishing the Palestinians, and blocking any attempt to hold Israel to UN Resolutions and international law."

      That's what happens when zionists run thing. The cure is obvious.

  • Zionist org says that all people care about their children except one group
    • "And they all think they’re soooo tough,"

      They do, it's really funny. Those litvaks, are they good with cat hair? My old eureka is, well, old, and I'm thinking of breaking the piggy bank and buying new vac.

    • I'm serious, it is. It's famous as a "sex manual", but that's only like 2 chapters, I think, out of 20 or so. The rest is all about the culture, the manners, business practices, everything, really. It's a good source to understand the Indian mindset of around 2000 years ago. It's not a religious tome, so the advice is down to earth and practical. Even things "not recommended" are given fairly impartial coverage like "we don't approve of this practice, but since people do it anyway, they should know how, this is a good way to do it to minimalise the repercussions." :D

    • Lot of bikers in the town I live in. Most have quaint little american flags hanging off the arse end, pot bellies, a deep ignorance of personal hygiene and are bigots. Most of them are also impotent - which has worked out quite well, for me, from time to time. ;D

    • Actually, the Kama Sutra is a much more useful and practical tome than the Bible - old or new version.

    • I think howard stern tends to forget to wipe the "bling cheese" off his nose before some of his shows...

      That guy is a piece of dung.

    • It's also a good explanation for neo-confederates.


      It may not actually be a mental disease, though, but something's definitely not screwed on correctly with these people. Something got broken.

    • Good point, Antidote

      Hmmmm....seems the zionist hate propaganda is only slightly more sophisticated than the dribble of several centuries ago used against "witches". I always figured zionism was a mental disease that attracted the less evolved, more backward sorts.

    • This sounds like what nazi propagandists said about how Jewish people treat their children.

      But, then the nazi propaganda model is the staple of zionist propaganda.

  • The cultural boycott and the outraged artist
    • I thought I read somewhere that Bono is one of the artists who wont go to israel?

    • "Note this passage"

      Actions mean more than words, Antidote. One can say all the "correct" things they want, but if their actions indicate something else, it's meaningless noise. Ask any aipac bought politician.


    • As for this subhuman piece of dung:

      “… To think that Mr Rotten would be backing Apartheid, that’s really f*ckin’ dumb c*nts for ya. Yes I fully intend to go to Israel. I support no f*ckin’ government anywhere – never have, never will. And here’s a nice little fact for the fools in the wooly t-shirts: Jews are people too…”.

      He showed what he was made of already:

      "Bloc Party singer Kele Okereke was left with severe facial bruising and a split lip following an alleged racist attack by Sex Pistols singer John Lydon. The incident occurred on Saturday evening at the Summercase festival in Barcelona, with one witness claiming Lydon's entourage behaved like "a gang of racist thugs"."

      This low life buttplug should have been boycotted into obscurity years ago and no doubt belongs in prison, anyway.

    • Didn't know vega was a zionist. That's another one to write off. I'd already written off the rest of those listed in the article.

  • 'Democracy Now' and 'Village Voice' grant Henochowicz sympathy the 'Times' begrudged her
  • Congressman threatens cut-off in aid to Lebanon after border attack
    • If you think trees are antisemitic, wait till you visit a Japanese tea garden. They just drip with antisemitism.


    • You have to wonder what the more savvy congress critters are thinking right now. They see what's being written on the web about israel. They see the israelis freaking out. They must know the israelis have only a limited time left as a country. They know what happens to collaborators when their master falls. They know what they are doing is all wrong and they know sooner or later, they will have to make a decision.

      But they keep going with it. Do they think they can time their "break" with zionism, inc. at just the right, most profitable moment (for them, of course)? Or do they figure they'll just ride this toxic bomb on down to the target, like Slim Pickins in Dr. Strangelove, come what may.

    • Zionists are a tireless lot....

  • More on Efraim Karsh's 'travesties'
    • "Efraim Karsh"

      Perhaps he should have his name changed to "effing koresh"?

      Anyway, he's being impolite by keeping the hangman waiting.

  • 'Huffpo' contrasts treatment of Maxine Waters and warmaking Jane Harman
    • "Has anyone noticed that a lot of the Congresspersons recently under the spotlight for corruption happen to be black?"

      Yes. The zionist establishment prejudice towards black people is less pronounced than it is against Muslims and Arabs, but it is still figgured very prominently in their actions and propaganda.

  • The Lebanese Army finally acts to protect Lebanon's sovereignty
    • Then wash your hands, sayanim/hasbarat. Especially under the fingernails, yours are filthy.

    • Miss Dee Mena

      "wouldn’t Hamas be perfectly justified in responding to this unprovoked Israeli aggression by launching a barrage of rockets at Israel in retaliation?"

      Justified, yes, but it wouldn't help them and would provide the ziofascists with pr and pretext ammunition for more mass murder sprees. The rockets are ineffective. They don't do anything to help Palestinians. If you're going to attack, make it worth the inevitable reprisals, or better yet, effective enough to prevent the reprisals. Otherwise, many people suffer for no gain and the effort is wasted. When an attack will accomplish nothing of use for your side, it's better to hold off on attacking till it will.

      Great post, BTW.

    • The zionists are hungering for another war, is this the lead up to it?

    • "Belgium was the #1 supplier of waffles..."

      They also supplied the boot soles...

    • Knowing how israelis are, they probably lied to the Lebanese about where they targeted the cluster munitions.

    • What probably happened in Lebanon was the idf decided on some target practice against some Lebanese that were observing them and the Lebanese fired back this time. The idf has a habit of taking shots at Arabs even when they are not trying to set up a war pretext or get a hate propaganda spike in the zionist run western corporate media.

    • Distancing one self from israeloamerica can only be a good thing in the long run.

    • Wasn't hitler from Belgium originally?


  • Many Afghan demos in '09 were about... Israel
    • Ah...yes. Hole digging.

      link to

      That wasn't your doing was it? When you got caught pulling an earlier howler....

      Don't you learn from your mistakes?


    • Avi August 5, 2010 at 8:02 pm

      I take it that is more childishness.

    • Avi August 5, 2010 at 8:00 pm

      "I'm taking my ball and going home"


      More childish temper tantrums. If you don't know the history, either spend some time and learn about it, or don't write anything about it. Writing horse pucky, and then behaving like a spoiled child when caught only makes you look silly.

      Funny, though, how your pov of past events matches that of typical cold war rightwingers.


    • Hey, I'm not the one who wrote bogus "history", and then a childish tantrum when called on it.

      Avi August 5, 2010 at 8:15 pm

    • Avi

      Your "presentation" is not very accurate throughout. Another example:

      "When Osama learned that the country in which he took refuge was going to turn him in, he packed his entourage and flew to Afghanistan. I believe that was in 2000 or early 2001."

      Bin laden returned to Afghanistan in May, 1996.

    • "P.S. Besides putting a tick in the box, how do you get “Notify me of followup comments via e-mail” to work? Do I have to allow some script or something?"

      Just check the box and you will get a notification to the email you're registered with for each subsequent comment to that individual article. These can amount to 100s of notifications a day, easily - which is why I don't check THAT box now. Did it the first day I posted something and my email got flooded with notifications.


    • You might want to read it, avi, since you are the one who falsely claimed the american destablisation ops in Afghanistan were a response to Soviet aggression. Zbig brags about his intent of, and success at, luring the Soviets into Afghanistan. Quite the opposite of what you opened your comment with up thread.

    • "Well, I was aware of it, but opted for a dumbed-down version. I find that boring readers with too many fine details tends to detract from the thrust of my argument. As a result, I focus on the idea that which I want to convey and in the process, I end up omitting some information or modifying it."

      So you're a propagandist trying to persuade, rather than a commenter trying to inform. Good to know....


    • It was the same sort of crap the americans did with their contra terrorists against Nicaragua, only they expanded the terrorism into a world wide and decades long campaign. It's the campaign that never stops giving - to israeloamerica, that is.

    • "In the 1980s, at a time when the USSR was moving in on Afghanistan, bombing and killing civilians, the United States wanted to contain and slow down Soviet access to the region."

      Nice bit of american propaganda there. The americans were there 78 stirring up trouble. The Soviets then reacted to the american pot stirring.

  • The Birthright equation: Jewishness + Community = I &#9829 Israel
    • It's the brainwashing.

      Kind of a similar thing with americans from the southeast about the confederacy and southern nationalist culture, though not nearly as fanatical, except maybe in texarse. ;D

    • The brainwashing in israel is more deep and thorough in israel than in the usa. Most Jewish friends who have met israelis have told me they find them narrow minded and of the view there is only one correct way to do things. The few israelis I've myself have met conformed to this standard. It's a very locjed in step society. This is one of the reasons the zionist media in israel can be more honest than they allow their propagandists to be in the usa and in Europe. They know israelis are already brainwashed enough to maintain the "right" pov, they will remain loyal, even if the info they see may be more questioning. The zionists know they couldn't do that non-israeli Jews, as they are not nearly as unswerving in their loyalty to israel and zionism.

  • Non-violent activist Qumsiyeh is ordered to appear 'before a colonial officer'
    • Those israelis and their "vichy" puppets are carrying on their repressive activities mainly because the usa and Europe are cowed by their zionist occupiers into remaining silent.

  • Olbermann won't mention...
    • Democracy now is generally a good source. It's just when something important comes up to the ziofascist/fascist establishment, they'll do a little shilling. If the subject they are covering is one you are familiar with, then you can use your own judgment on whether the material being presented is accurate or propaganda. But if you don't know the subject beforehand, then you're liable to be conned. Nobody is an expert on everything. And nobody has the time to follow up all they hear, see and read for accuracy. This is what I don't like about sites like democracy now. Maybe 95% of the time, they provide decent info, but the rest is propaganda, and much of the time there is little chance one will know when they're being bamboozled and when they are being told accurate info, unless they are intimate with the particular subject under discussion.

      The Iran "color rev" was one of those important subjects to the ziofascist/fascist establishment. It had zero chance of success, obviously, but that wasn't the intent of it. They wanted to disrupt Iran, and to impress the people outside Iran that Iran was governed by an illegit guv. Later, when israeloamerica does go hardcore on Iran, people outside Iran will be less likely to object. This means the mainstream media watching herd will cheer the war on, and the progressives (who normally would protest) will say "maybe it's for the better, they have a totalitarian guv", and be less inclined to make a stink. I remember seeing some "progressives" exhibit such views when Iraq was attacked. And this was brought on by constant media demonisation of saddam, that definitely had the intended result.

    • "Amy Goodman is worth watching anyday over these mainstream shills."

      And that's certainly not saying very much, considering her shilling for the mossad/cia green colour coded "color rev" destablisation operation against Iran last summer.

    • Expecting these establishment presstitutes to change is futile. They are where they are now because theyagree with the system. This olberman attacked Chavez with some israeloamerican propaganda in one clip I saw. Annapoor has shilled for just about every war and crime the israeloamerican establishment has been involved in. Their "liberalness" is all for show. They're there to get rich and push establishment propaganda.

      Write them off and put the effort behind real progressives working for change.

  • Beinart gives Krugman permission to come out
    • In the end, they will repair their credibility enough so they can then dispense the propaganda against Iran (or Venezuela or Cuba or whoever) and the imperialist cycle will continue to repeat itself, as it has been doing for more than a century.

    • I'm also rather dubious about these pro-Iraq war types now "seeing the light", the "light" they are"seeing" is still rather dim, and let's face it, what sort of person would have been promoting that war crime in the first place who wasn't a war criminal at heart. It obvious that war was a crime before it started and it didn't take a genius to see that. They promoted the lies then as part of their job, the same way a concentration camp guard does their job.

      It may be great now, that they are repudiating some of the propaganda they once dispensed, but will they really go far enough, and repudiate the sources of that ziofascist/fascist propaganda, that establishment they worked for, and still do work for? Doubtful. They'll say enough to maintain cred and "damage control". The real problem of ziofascist control, they will steer clear of, and it will remain sacrosanct.

      Sorry, but experience with these types leaves me cynical of their motives and motivations.

  • That tree was in Israel territory
  • Neocon halfway house
    • So the aggression can begin again.

    • "In the least, they are sorry about it and that takes some amount of decency."

      Decency, or practicality? They don't appear to be sorry enough that they refuse to stitch up Iran with the same exact propaganda, as they did Iraq, to facilitate massive war crimes.

      This isn't a matter of not learning from one's mistakes. It's chronic willful war criminality. Charles manson rightfully sits in prison for egging people on to commit murder, these jingos get rich from it.

    • "He was flogging that “Green Revolution” in Iran last year and the anonymous Neda video, for which you cannot find any hard evidence of what it actually shows and the way it was pushed to the top of the charts among the hundreds of millions of videos on-line would make any serious person suspicious."

      This shows the propagandist is only changed his target of the ziofascist/fascist propaganda. There's a new war afoot, the ziofascist needs his cred rehabilitated so he can credibly sell that new war to the sucker.

      The guy needs to face criminal prosecution for his war crimes of selling mass murder and aggressive war. He has not stopped.

    • "Neocon halfway house"

      Nazi halfway house? Does that one work, either?

      "Here is a piece in which he and Joe Klein lament their failure to see thru the neoconservative agenda for the Iraq war."

      When lord ha ha was standing on the gallows, I wonder, did he wish he had switched sides over to the allies? Say, if mid ww2 he had had a "change of heart" and decided promoting nazi crimes was wrong and offered his services to the allies. Should the allies have had accepted? Would that have canceled out all his war crime promotion for the nazis?

      Because one feels bad after they've committed murder doesn't absolve them of the crime. And murder is precisely what the Iraq war is. Mass murder, and every other crime in the book.

  • Stoudemire's bodyguard in Israel is a settler
    • "NBA star Amar'e Stoudemire has been discovering his Jewish roots, appropriately enough upon his move to the New York Knicks."

      Seems to be a prerequisite now to further one's career in sports and the entertainment industry. Besides, he no doubt saw what happened to Tiger Woods..... ;D

  • Tom Shales takes more stupid swipes at Amanpour
    • "Tom Shales takes more stupid swipes at Amanpour"

      Another case of a neo-con blasting an establishment presstitute to give that presstitute cred. Both work fr the same people.

  • War of the hedges
  • What Zionism has wrought
  • Uribe appointment undermines U.N. flotilla investigation
    • "Uribe appointment undermines U.N. flotilla investigation"

      Well, he's the Jewish mafia's point man in Colombia. It's only natural. He facilitates the ziofascist organised drug crime in Colombia and will facilitate the ziofascist piracy on the high seas.

  • Israel lobby's man on Iran keeps his job from Bush to Obama, no problem
    • "So why is a Bushie with an ideological agenda hanging on into the Obama administration?"

      Because he's the same thing inside.

  • Rice's Christian apostasy is good news (what about Jews struggling against Zionism?)
    • "Can a concerted effort be made to wean the Christian fundies/Christian zionists [like the bozos at CUFI] away from political support of Israel?"

      Yes, if what israelis and zionists say about these suckers, when they think it's "safe" to talk honestly, is spread around the web and the suckers see how their "allies" really think of them.

    • They don't worry about "self-hating" Christians, hughsansom, because, well, they're just goys. Who cares whether someone renounces Christian membership. It doesn't effect apartheid israel.

      But should one of those "self-hating" Christians ever dare to criticise israel or zionist control of the usa, they'll magically become antisemitic, devil spawn in the service of Islamofascism in the zionist run american media.

    • Boats with snipped keels tend to go all limp amidships and jackknife.

    • "Under the keel…"

      Check the heads. The door, or lack of one, specifically.

  • Not surprising
    • "FYI, Uribe won an award from the B'nai Brith."

      He facilitates the mob's drug operations in Colombia. The mob is Jewish run and fully integrated into zionist establishment. The bnai brithis are part of this crime ring. It's a small world, aint it.

  • 'Huffpo' corrects 'Times' smear that Arabs don't care about Palestinians
    • Too bad.....

    • "‘Huffpo’ corrects ‘Times’ smear that Arabs don’t care about Palestinians"

      That's really sad, when you think about it. Like giving a speech in front of a laughing crowd and finding out your zip was down afterwards.

  • NY cruise for Gaza now sold out!
  • Lo, another Israel apologist on the NYT op-ed page!
    • "Lo, another Israel apologist on the NYT op-ed page!"

      Drag all those nyt flunkies out to central park and put them in stocks. Make permanent pigeon perches out of 'em.

      But make sure to post "Don't feed the jingo" signs.


  • Israel to deport 100s of children (what say open-border neocons?)
  • Rockets
    • "Because he’s stuffing his face with delicious Zionist word salad."


      They never wash the deer droppings off.

    • "Iron Dome missiles determined which incoming rockets were threats and which were headed toward open fields."

      And afterward, iron dome cooked the soldiers their dinner, cleared the mess table and washed up the dishes. Truly a remarkably advanced system. Obviously the result of superior effort by a very advanced race.


    • "Wouldn’t wonder me, if we will learn later some time in history, that Israel paid and supported them to send the rockets."

      The israelis, as well as the americans and the British, have been behind many of the bloodiest "suicide" attacks in Iraq. And many other terrorist attacks blamed of "al ciada" throughout the world. Sometimes, they've been caught red handed. Such as here:

      Palestinians arrest al-Qaeda 'poseurs'

      December 8 2002

      Palestinian security forces have arrested a group of Palestinians for collaborating with Israel and posing as operatives of Osama bin Laden's al-Qaeda terrorist network, a senior official said yesterday.

      The arrests come two days after Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon charged al-Qaeda militants were operating in Gaza and in Lebanon.

      "The Palestinian Authority arrested a group of collaborators who confessed they were working for Israel, posing as al-Qaeda operatives in the Palestinian territories," said the official, on condition of anonymity.

      He said the alleged collaborators sought to "discredit the Palestinian people, justify every Israeli crime and provide reasons to carry out a new (military) aggression in the Gaza Strip."....

      link to

    • This latest murder from israel reminds one of how nazis behaved in their occupied territories during WW2.

  • Gentleman's disagreement
    • mikeo

      Have you seen this?

      British Jews favour 'two-state solution' in Israel

      Survey finds UK's Jewish community supports Israel's right to defend itself but should now help create Palestinian state

      Press Association, Thursday 15 July 2010 08.02 BST

      The majority of British Jews favour a "two-state solution" to the situation in Israel, and more than half would support negotiations with Hamas, according to research published today.

      The study carried out by the Institute for Jewish Policy Research (JPR) found Jews in Britain strongly identify with and support Israel, with nine out of 10 having visited the country.

      Nearly three quarters (72%) agreed Israel's action in Gaza in 2008 and 2009 was "a legitimate act of self-defence".

      But more than three-quarters (77%) favour a "two-state solution", which would see the creation of a Palestinian state, as the "only way" to make peace in the Middle East.

      Just over half (52%) said they would support Israeli government negotiations with Hamas.

      JPR's executive director, Jonathan Boyd, said: "Fundamentally, we found that most Jews feel a strong sense of connection to Israel, and for many it forms an important, and even central, part of their Jewish identity.

      "Jews in Britain are pro-Israel and pro-peace. Their hawkishness on some issues is typically motivated by a clear concern for Israel's security, while their dovishness on others reflects a deep-set desire to see the country at peace, both with itself and with its neighbours."

      • Researchers spoke to more than 4,000 people earlier this year for the study, entitled Committed, concerned and conciliatory: The attitudes of Jews in Britain towards Israel.

      link to

      The important part:

      Nearly three quarters (72%) agreed Israel's action in Gaza in 2008 and 2009 was "a legitimate act of self-defence".

    • "was to intimidate the current Conservative/Tory government to be more “Israelophilic”. (That sounds like an illness!)"

      It is.


    • "Perhaps he needs to be in a nursing home."

      The nursing homes of israel are in the government.

  • new Jewish establishment, cont'd
    • "Daniel Snyder, owner of the Redskins, who is also Jewish"

      I wonder if he would mind playing an opposing team called the Kykes?

      Crimes Against Humanity
      by Ward Churchill

      During the past couple of seasons, there has been an increasing wave of controversy regarding the names of professional sports teams like the Atlanta "Braves," Cleveland "Indians," Washington "Redskins," and Kansas City "Chiefs." The issue extends to the names of college teams like Florida State University "seminoles," University of Illinois "Fighting Illini," and so on, right on down to high school outfits like the Lamar (Colorado) "Savages." Also involved have been team adoption of "mascots," replete with feathers, buckskins, beads, spears and "warpaint" (some fans have opted to adorn themselves in the same fashion), and nifty little "pep" gestures like the "Indian Chant" and "Tomahawk Chop."

      A substantial number of American Indians have protested that use of native names, images and symbols as sports team mascots and the like is, by definition, a virulently racist practice. Given the historical relationship between Indians and non-Indians during what has been called the "Conquest of America," American Indian Movement leader (and American Indian Anti-Defamation Council founder) Russell Means has compared the practice to contemporary Germans naming their soccer teams the "Jews," Hebrews," and "Yids," while adorning their uniforms with grotesque caricatures of Jewish faces taken from the Nazis' anti-Semetic propoganda of the 1930's. Numerous demonstrations have occurred in conjunction with games - most notably during the November 15, 1992 match-up between the Chiefs and Redskins in Kansas City - by angry Indians and their supporters....

      Read the whole article.

      link to

  • State Department once warned against a tactic the NYT now blesses in Afghanistan
    • "....then you kill them."

      Yup. That's israeloamerica operates.

    • "Great way to win the Afghan people over from the Taliban, huh."

      I think, like with Vietnam, for the americans, or Palestine, for the israelis, that winning over the locals is not the main strategy. Subduing them is, and failing that, hurting them as much as they can get away with.

  • Israeli high school students assisted in state's destruction of Bedouin village
    • Their teachers encourage that hitler youthist behaviour, Les. It's a mandatory part of the curriculum.

      The indoctrination and mandatory doses of the ziorin begin soon after the children are able to walk.

    • "These Zionists are sowing a terrible wind and daily provide evidence that they cannot be entrusted with the power of a state."

      Or should be permitted to raise children. Or even be allowed around children.

    • "Israeli high school students assisted in state’s destruction of Bedouin village"

      Ah...yes, get the kids in on actively engaging in the war criminality as early as possible in their "development". Make them feel a part of "the big family".

      Modern day hitler youth. That's the model zionism, inc. is using for israelis. They need that goosestepping, mindless loyalty ground in deep into those teenaged heads.

      The zionists are working hard to make sure the direction of israeli society can not be turned around and humanized. They are looking for a new WW2 outcome where the stubbornness and fanaticism of the late war nazis paid off with a"heroic" defeat of the allied hoardes of lesser beings.

  • 'New Republic' writer lauds ADL's stand against mosque

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