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  • Daybreak outpouring of Bay Area picketers stops unloading of Israeli ship
  • Sister Rosanne asks, How can I keep my soul and be a Jew when Israel is blockading Gaza?
    • Good to see Barr is awake. One wonders if Barr will now be demonised and find herself out of work, following the usual pattern when a celebrity criticizes zionism or israel. Then again maybe she is retired so doesn't need to worry about that.

  • Friedman: Middle Easterners are scheming, except Israel
    • BTW, I've an important philosophical question to put to the zionist friedman: right now I'm frying up some french fries and I'm wondering since these are made with sweet potatoes, rather than the usual regular potatoes, is it "kosher" to call them "freedom fries"?

    • As I wrote before, if the war criminal friedman writes it, one can safely assume it's bs. You know goebbels would have hung for his similar war crimes, had he not topped himself, friedman is still alive (scientifically speaking), so what's the delay here?

  • Who does Tony Blair work for?
    • "Who does Tony Blair work for?"

      The short answer to that is: whichever zionist happens to be positioned behind him.

      Guy Fawkes Day should be changed to The Blair Day, with the blair involuntarily providing the appropriate opening ceremony this autumn.

  • 'CSM' questions Israel's Iran paranoia, thereby breaking MSM taboo
    • What sherbrsi and Psychopathic god said.

    • Walid

      "Without a bogeyman, how long would Israel last?"

      Without Iran to demonise, how long do you think it would take israel to find another bogeyman? :D

    • Walid June 19, 2010 at 12:51 pm

      The propaganda to keep their various populations in line is a part of it, but not the reason for the antagonism of israeloamerica towards Iran and vice versa.

      The main reason for the antagonism is geopolitics. The israeloamericans want Iran as a colony and Iran would rather pass on that.

  • Casual prejudice against Muslims
    • VR


    • The first paragraph of this article describes why I have no time for the israel-occupied american mainstream media. The bigotry, prejudice and propaganda is non-stop. Even in the "entertainment", non-news sections. When I do encounter programming from this [cough] industry, it seems it's rare that more than a few minutes go by before something is said that is offensive.

  • Our western privilege is the legacy of historical violence
    • azythos June 19, 2010 at 11:50 am

      I sort of agree, but while Deminer was basically speculating, mooser was just plain offensive and irrelevant.

  • When will Schumer and Engel decry this racism?
    • "In other hypocritical news of the day the US is calling for the refugees’ right of return – in Kyrgyzstan – as well as an international investigation :"

      A wave of violence that the usa (and israel and the UK) are almost certainly the sponsors of and covert creators of.

  • The 'Associated Press' really ought to say Rachel Corrie's name, it's on boats and books and movies
    • Both ap and yahoo have been collaborating together to promote racism. Ahmed Amr has now published several articles on yahoo/ap manipulations that promote racism. The latest is:

      Yahoo Spreads Hate Speech to Main Street

      by Ahmed Amr / June 18th, 2010

      link to

  • Roger Cohen needs to get over his inhibitions and extend his historical imagination to Palestinians
    • "How can this obviously thoughtful man who writes so beautifully about the fight against oppression in Iran so studiously skirt the real issues in Palestine?"

      Writing about oppression in Iran, especially if one is good at exaggeration and goebellsian "big lie" propaganda, serves zionist interests, writing about oppression by israel does not.

  • Bill Bennett & his neocon sidekick say reelecting Obama means the end of Israel
  • What Occupation? News from the good Palestinians
    • "There is clearly a very insidious media war going on here and the NYT is clearly on the side of Israel and its apologists."

      I agree. The piece was not the result of stupidity. It is part of a carefully orchestrated zionist/israeli pr war, in which the nyt is playing its loyal foot soldier role in.

    • I read how, for pr reasons, during WW2 the nazis set up certain concentration camps to look like they were resorts set up for the benefit of their prisoners.....

  • Henochowicz, unbowed: I stumbled onto this injustice because I am Jewish and American
  • Howler
    • demize

      "You have written a line in Cyrlic. What does it say?"

      Small potatoes as Shmuel guessed.

    • This was interesting:

      Have we lost Turkey?

      By YOTAM JACOBSON, 06/15/2010 23:39


      Over the past decade, I have guided many Israeli groups to Turkey. During these years, I could not help but notice the drastic change in the attitude of the people living in the more remote areas of Turkey toward Israelis. How easy it is to say, “Well of course, everyone here is an Israel-hating Muslim,” and go on to the next destination, releasing ourselves from any responsibility?

      The reason for this change, as I saw it unfolding in front of my eyes, did not stem from our being Israelis nor from anti-Semitism, and it also had nothing to do with the recent war in Gaza or with the flotilla incident.

      It stems, in my opinion, from the disrespect that we, the Israelis, have shown the Turkish people.

      Some examples: Many of our tour operators charge the Israeli tourist for tip fees, but the tips are not passed on to the locals. Many of the Israeli travel agencies bypass Turkish law by avoiding hiring local guides, even where it is necessary to have local guides; Israeli jeep convoys are known for their total disregard of Turkish traffic courtesies; Israeli travelers pick fruit from private orchards without permission; Israelis bargain in aggressive ways even though in rural Turkey, this is not a standard practice.

      link to

      Actually, behavior like this is apparently very common from israelis while on vacation. I've seen many writers complain about it. Good to see an israeli author admit to these behavior problems, but these are маленький картофель compared to the war crimes the nation of israel is committing on a daily basis. Blinded by the zionist propaganda (or worse) this author dismissed and glossed over the war crimes, while lamenting the personal failing. These people don't seem to realise that it's all connected, the behavior on the personal level reflects the arrogance shown by israel on a national level.

    • I wonder if Armenians realise that having zionists/israel behind the movement to advertise the Armenian genocide would be like david duke putting his weight behind the NAACP.

  • Israel eases the siege in English, leaves it in place in Hebrew
    • "Israel eases the siege in English, leaves it in place in Hebrew"

      Well, when running a con game, it's important to keep the "marks" happy and ignorant.....

  • Due to demand, Jewish boat to Gaza is becoming a flotilla
    • A Zionist State of Mind, A Dreamscape Of Ghosts: One Jew’s Hard Awakening

      by Phil Rockstroh / June 2, 2010


      Every human being is born, powerless and vulnerable, into a world they did not create. Ergo, for the awakening heart of the young, it can be a barren land, a dreamscape of ghosts, built by the bony hands of the dead … their mouldering myths carrying the cold of the grave not the eros of the breathing moment. Ghosts such as these curse at the present with the imprecatory psalms implicit in the foundation of the Zionist state — and, as the nation’s history unfurled, became explicit in her policies. Israel’s collective brutalities are the blind thrashings of traumatized souls who, in their agonies, wound all near them.

      Such forces of toxic, displaced vehemence can uncouple us from our humanity, warping libido into murderous intent, reducing meaningful endeavor to selfish striving, and twisting our exuberance into zealotry, thereby achieving a form of ass-backward alchemy by transforming living human beings into resentful shades — those seemingly no longer here … reacting rather than responding, reciting propaganda as opposed to seeking meaning, squandering the golden, eternal moment before us by transmuting it into leaden habituations of the mind. For all appearances becoming a ghost, haunting the moments of one’s own life — non-responsive, sans retrograde resentment, to the élan vital of the world — dead, but for the redundancy of one’s breathing.

      In this way, the spirit of a culture can become a mob of resentful, vicious ghosts. With ghosts, the context of their suffering is misplaced. They cannot haunt those who gave them injury. Their tormentors are long dead as well. The raging spirits of the Zionist state can no longer locate the historical oppressors of the Jewish people, for they have long since been conscripted to dust. Hence, the adherents of Zionism reap vengeance against those living souls who misfortune has placed near them.

      The Jewish state demands its neighbors make amends for crimes they did not commit — to cower before the steel-toe might of its military and make perpetual penitence for the sins of Europe.

      Even if they did so: Such an act would not restore my mother’s childhood … would not return to flesh the ashen remains of the millions who made their graves in the winds of twentieth century Europe.

      For the Jewish people, as is the case with all humanity, survival in the present age is not dependent on military prowess nor the blessing of an imaginary father in the sky. Awakening to new realities restores meaning and resonance to our lives. Felicity to the putrid, Bronze Age admonitions of a savage sky spirit involving the ownership of desert real-estate only entombs the heart and mummifies the mind.

      Accordingly, the most putrefied and pernicious of these fallacies — the delusion that there exists a “Chosen People” — must be the first to be toppled.

      God’s Chosen People? Chosen for what reason: First, divinely bestowed entitlement to a parcel of parched landscape, then exile, persecution, extermination? And now for what purpose: Simply to join the brutal ranks of history’s bullies?

      When the ashes of the Holocaust cleared, this is the world my mother’s tribe built: A right-wing state that believes its godly mission is to lord over and oppress a militarily weaker people. Moreover, if they resist — starve them, murder them in their homes, drive them into exile. The Israelis seem to be demanding this of the Palestinian people: Why don’t you simply accept your lot as being compliant lessors and stay confined to your ghettos?

      Furthermore, if you object, then leave — go into exile — wander the earth without a home. It would seem, over the course of the lives of the last few generations of Jewish believers, the ancient myth has morphed: The desert god has become more of an earthly ironist than wrathful sky-daddy.

      In fact, mirroring the ways of their invented father in heaven, some of my blood relatives have become such inadvertent ironists, as they, at this moment, squat in Palestine, bristling with misplaced rage, manic with delusional entitlement, and, on the whole, casting a curse upon future generations that will poison their hearts and cascade through the generations with a terrible symmetry.

      link to

  • NYT op-ed page has run 0, count em zero, Palestinian authors since flotilla attack
    • I guess I must of thought FAIR branched off from LOOT to cover other media outlet bias, or something like that. I vaguely remember Extra now, though I never had a subscription to it.

    • OK, thanks. As a media critic outfit, FAIR usually leaves me thinking they pulled their punches. But then half the time I feel the same about Media Lens, as well.

    • I remember Lies of Our Times. It was a great magazine and I kept a subscription from the late 80's till the mid 90's. The only reason I canceled the subscription was I did some extended traveling and had to. Packed away, I still have those magazines. They used to be connected with FAIR, I think.

  • The 'Mavi Marmara' and the 'Rachel Corrie' (and non-violent resistance)
    • Robin Yassin-Kassab

      I pretty much agree with your piece except for one part, which doesn't affect the vast majority of it. This is where you are talking about the Mavi Marmara people resisting israelis. I think the israelis set out to kill Turks on the ship to send a message to Turkey (and other aide workers seeking to follow the convoy's example). The isrealis were set to kill a few people on that ship no matter what happened and reports I've read indicate the israelis fired on the ship before there was any resistance. But either way, had the Mavi Mamara people resisted or not, the israelis were going to kill some of them anyway.

      With the Rachel Corrie, the israelis had no plans to kill any of the people, so they didn't. This makes comparisons between aide worker tactics during the Mavi Marmara and Rachel Corrie israeli crimes invalid, from the pov of this particular argument, as the israelis predetermined which they would kill on and which they wouldn't. People were going to die on the Mavi Marmara whether they resisted or not. At the time, nobody aboard the Mavi Marmara could have known the israelis war criminals had already decided in advance to single them out as a threatening message.

      What those ships really needed was a naval escort (preferably multinational) operating with serious muscle and a no-holds-barred attitude towards israeli criminal aggression. This is what probably will be needed to prevent further israeli war crimes of a similar nature, due to the innate cowardice of israelis, their refusal to countenance anyone telling them no, and the way they like to prey upon the weak. If they think they can get away with it, and I think they think they can, the israelis will again massacre people bringing aid to Gaza.

  • Chomsky in Lebanon
    • One of the most unusual hodgepodge of strange alliances I've noticed is that of worshippers of the chomsky religion© Probably the most bizarre practitioner of this religion I've come across was a guy from the Baltics who besides his fanatic belief in the chomsky religion©, also supported the rewriting of history to show Baltic members of the waffen ss as heroes (you know [cough] "freedom fighters", as senior raygun may have called them). No joke. :D

      In line withthat bizarre behaviour, is that a year or two before the the last american prez [s]election, on zionist sites, more than a few posters that had been pro-bush wars, fanatic israeli supporters and generally anti-left switched over to become obama supporters. An amazing turnabout, that. But even more odd, was many of these people would now defend chomsky when somebody posted a criticism of his work. Talk about strange bedfellows....

      Oh well, the lord works in mysterious ways, eh?


    • I didn't post the Atzmon piece to argue with a sayanim about it. Nor the Rancourt pieces. But go ahead and knock yourselves out, it's amusing.


    • Atzmon describes the irony of chomsky being denied entry to the West Bank by israel:

      Planet Chomsky vs. Dershowitz’s Orbit by Gilad Atzmon

      May 17, 2010 at 5:44PM


      Interestingly enough, Chomsky is not exactly the harsh anti Zionist figure that Dershowitz wants us to believe. Along the years, Chomsky was flirting heavily with Zionism. He was often visiting Israeli universities. I myself attended his Tel Aviv University lectures in the 1980’s. Chomsky was spreading some bizarre ungrounded ideas defying early Zionist commitment to the Jewish state. As American activist Jeff Blankfort pointed out recently Chomsky has been dismissing the power of the pro-Israel lobby. He opposed the BDS movement and made some efforts to “dissuade people from using the term, apartheid, to describe Israel's control over Palestinian society”. Chomsky also opposes the Palestinian right of return and a one-state solution. Chomsky is in fact, a liberal Zionist as well as a kibbutz enthusiast. He may as well be the prototype of the righteous Jew and Zionist fig leaf. And in spite of that Israel denied the entry of the 82 year old American academic

      Israel now admits that it made a mistake. In fact Israel couldn’t inflict more harm on itself. As it happens, Chomsky’s border incident yesterday may as well be the biggest contribution the American academic has ever made to the anti Zionist struggle.

      link to

    • That was bad, wasn't it. Sorry about that.

    • Ever had a woman at a party sidle up you and with a coy smile say: "I'm not wearing any knickers under my burka".

    • kylebisme

      You might find this series interesting:

      Confessions of a Conspiracy Theorist — Part 1

      American Machiavellianism: How and Why it Works and How it Can be Made to Stop Working

      by Moti Nissani / June 18th, 2010

      In a five-part series in Dissident Voice, I hope to throw light on the real workings of American plutocracy. Because conspiracies are central to any understanding of how and why this plutocracy works, the first article joins the camp of those who argue that America’s real rulers often resort to secret criminal plots and undertakings. The second article exploits the manufactured Obama’s birthplace controversy in an effort to gain insights into the inner workings of the American political system. A third article provides conclusive evidence that America’s real rulers routinely utilize intimidations and assassinations of people, foreign or domestic, who pose meaningful threats to their power. A fourth article examines the constellation of factors which enables these rulers to retain and enhance their wealth and power. These four articles set the groundwork for the fifth and most important article, which explores strategies for replacing the current system with a more free, just, and sustainable one.

      link to

    • To get a better idea of where Rancourt is coming from, take a look at this interview. It's interesting.

      Questioning Foundations: An Interview with Denis Rancourt

      by Michael Barker / June 17th, 2010

      link to

    • This man has an interesting take on chomsky's work:

      Saturday, July 26, 2008


      by Denis G. Rancourt

      link to

    • The time he advocated allowing the Bosnians or Kosvars arms was around 1995. At the time there was a blockade against sending arms to Yugoslavia. He proposed this in interviews at that time and may have written it in one of his z mag articles at that time, as well. I distinctly remember him proposing this several times throughout that period. Later, he may of condemned those israeloamerican/nato/eu sponsored civil wars, but he wasn't exactly promoting the wars in 1995, either. His analysis was decidedly vague and sparse. What he said/wrote in the later 90's I missed, as I didn't follow what he writing/saying during that time, so I cant comment on what his views were then.

      You could try looking up the z mag chomsky articles and other writings from that time or you might find his interviews. The period could also be later, as well, maybe 1996, even 97, when he was still repeating this idea of his about the arms, but I doubt it was from that later period.

    • One of the important aspects of this debate, which I forgot to mention above, is why certain events are taboo subjects for investigation, and why others are not. For example, the Tonkin Gulf false flag/invention, is considered a legit event for investigation and the role it played in expanding the Vietnam war is well understood because of this. Yet delving into the various political murders in the usa of that same period are considered a waste of time. The question is why only some events are deemed worthy of serious investigation and other investigations of equally serious events are denigrated as useless side issues or the raving of nuts.

      The pattern of what is "kosher" and what is not among this "anti-conspiracy" group is fairly consistent and it relates to the sort of damage exposure of a conspiracy would do to the established corporate fascist status quo, frequently, as one would guess, there is also a zionist question of involvement in the events. The Tonkin Gulf incident exposure would only cause very limited, easily repairable damage to the status quo, while nabbing those behind the jfk murder would go right up the ladder to the very top, and perhaps implicate a few of our friendly zionist busybodies.

    • Michael Parenti wrote about the "progressive/left phobia about investigating things like the jfk murder back in the mid90's when there was a lot of debate still going on brought about by the release of Stone's film. One of the better pieces I've seen on this "conspiracy" debate.


      link to

      He very thorough in this piece and not only goes into the absurdity of this phobia and how it damages understanding of recent history, he goes into the limitations of the structuralism approach to analyzing history, of which chomsky is also a major proponent.

    • matter June 17, 2010 at 8:07 am

      "But this vision is always looking backward. Just as an actual accountant is only concerned with counting out past performance, Chomsky seems only capable of dealing with historical facts."

      Even when I was fan of his, back in the mid90's I noticed he seemed out of touch with current events. This became apparent during the Yugoslav break-up. Instead of a useful analysis of what was going on there, which I had hoped to hear from him, he said the west should arm the Bosnians (or Kosovars - I forget which now) since the east armed the Serbs. And that was about it, for a long time. And this from an avowed pacifist, recommending something that would be sure to create more war in the region. I started seriously wondering if he was getting senile. At the time, I was still wearing those rose coloured classes, though, and still had not digested all of his other irregularities. I now understand the context in which he made that statement, it's much like the context in which he supported the mossad/cia green "color revolution" against iran last summer.

    • Up until israel attacked the Gaza aide convoy, there had been a lot of talk about israel attacking Lebanon again, and/or Syria, but the world reaction to their piracy seems to have put those plans on hold for now.

    • Ahmed Moor - nice job on your article. I went through a similar process. At first I thought chomsky was the greatest thing to hit historical understanding. That back in the 80's. Then gradually, as I learned more from other sources, I realised there were a great many flaws in his work and his approach to history. I still used to defend him as recent as a few years ago, mostly out of misplaced loyalty and a refusal to admit to myself that my once favourite source was not so reliable as I had thought. But I don't do that any more. Chomsky's got enough loyalists defending him and some of his views I now find to be seriously suspect, such as his support for the mossad/cia green "color revolution" regime change attempt.

    • "I’ve articles mentioning israel Litani (spelling) river envy due to their water shortages."

      Should have been:

      I’ve read articles mentioning israeli Litani (spelling) river (in Lebanon) envy due to their water shortages. This had me wondering if water was at least in part to israeli wars and occupations there.

    • Walid June 17, 2010 at 1:25 am

      Interesting about the water. Thanks. I've articles mentioning israel Litani (spelling) river envy due to their water shortages. This water shortage is one of things frequently over looked when discussing Palestine issues.

  • Terry Gross has no empathy for Palestinians
    • Interested Bystander June 17, 2010 at 4:29 pm

      Good sayanim/hasbarat spam there, though not particularly clever. Thanks for outing yourself.

    • Dry up, sayanim/hasbarat.

    • "Terry Gross has no empathy for Palestinians"

      Is that pronounced as in "eww, how gross"?* If so, she apparently has decided her goal in life is living down to her name.

      *I've never listened to her show.

  • 'Democracy' Means the U.S. and Israel Approve
    • One can safely assume that whatever war criminal friedman writes is lies and most likely more cheerleading of war crimes.

  • Lobby stomped journalist over Armenian genocide
    • And a lot more from a source with a somewhat better track record for reliability.

      CIA and the Kurds

      by Ralph Mc Gehee?
      09 September 1996
      Wayback Machine

      link to

    • Some background info on the Kurds:

      Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, April/May 1999, pages 60, 102

      The Ostrovsky Files

      Capture of Kurdish Rebel Leader Ocalan Recalls Mossad Collaboration With Both Turkey, Kurds

      By Victor Ostrovsky

      link to

    • BTW, I doubt any here have noticed, but the current Turkish guv is oppositional to those "young Turks" of Armenian genocide fame. Those "young Turks" eventually became israeloamerican assets who the current Turkish guv is now investigating and putting on trial. But bashing Turkey now for atrocities a previous Turkey did takes the current heat off israel and their still currently active atrocities, terrorism and war crimes, don't it.

      While we're at, we should remember to condemn the Germans for the Holocaust. They certainly were responsible and it's quite immaterial that most Germans now weren't even born when it happened. That's no excuse. They did it, they got to pay. And what about those Russians and their stalin? Everybody knows what they did. They need to keep paying for that, too.

      And then there's those americans and their genocide of the Native Americans. What was that you said? happened more than hundred years ago and is old history now. OK, I get it now, those americans alive today were not responsible for those crimes, any more than they were for the millions killed during the slavocracy. It wouldn't be right to blame them now for something that happened a 100 years ago before they were born.

      Right on, bro! Let's go get those descendants of genocidal maniacs in other countries....

    • Those "Turkish agents" are likely to have been allies of israel and connected to the Turkish coup plotters now under investigation and on trial. This breaking up of the israeloamerican shadow guv in Turkey is one of the major issues why israeloamerica switched over to an overt war footing against Turkey - IE: they no longer call the shots in Turkey.

      This is one of the areas where american subservience to israeli/zionist policy cost america's fascist oligarchy dearly.

  • Israeli comedy show says Obama wants to exterminate the 'dirty Jews'
    • I wonder what obama's bf rahm thinks about obama's hatred of Jews? Do you think he'll cut him off?

  • 'J Street' takes on AIPAC flotilla letter
    • "The wording of J Street’s letter calls for all “Dear Colleague” letters to be scrapped — including Dennis Kucinich’s condemnation of the flotilla attack and his call for an independent investigation."

      Those clever zionists....always thinking of new ways sneak their stuff on by the their "marks".

  • Transatlantic Jewish coalition set to break the siege of Gaza
    • "It’s too early for a self-congratulatory pat on the back."

      Yeah, but maybe a pat on the back from someone else might encourge more Jewish people to do positive things like this to help the Palestinians.

  • 'Global citizens must respond where governments have failed'
    • This is interesting:

      Saturday, June 12, 2010

      Psycho-biological basis for image leverage and the case of Israel

      by Denis G. Rancourt


      Nation State Example – The case of Israel

      Take the case of Israel [3][4]. It is the local super power in the Middle East and the uncontested military occupier of Gaza and Palestine. From the evidence available, the only thing keeping it from all out genocide of the Palestinians and nuclear extermination of Muslims in the region is public opinion in combination with Israel’s desire to be accepted as part of the broader community of nations.

      This is why Israel considers its branding in the world a military priority, because its image limits its military options. This is why the recent flotilla fiasco [1] was a national emergency, because world opinion can tie Israel’s hands and cause the blockade on Gaza to be lifted. This is why jam and crackers are now allowed into Gaza, in order to alleviate public opinion leverage as the international community demands an impartial inquiry.

      This is why Israel wants its ballet dancers to tour the world and its scientists to exchange with international laboratories and its perfumes to sell in supermarkets around the world, because positive image is a prerequisite for colonial occupation and indigenous genocide. Ask Canada. Ask the US. Ask Australia. Ask any First World nation that uses immigration labour and practices finance-corporate colonialism.

      This is why Boycott-Divestments-and-Sanctions (BDS) for Palestine is such a big deal. BDS alone cannot hurt Israel’s economy. It hurts its image. This in turn produces real leverage regarding Israel’s treatment of Palestinians because it can affect Israel’s relationships even to its closest allies, thereby significantly putting its military economy at risk.

      Israel’s image is so low that it is bringing down the credibility of its allies, the US and Canada. How far can this go before the allies want to distance themselves? This is why the Israel Lobby in the US and Canada is part of the real battle [5]. It must constantly fabricate domestic US and Canadian support for Israel and constantly battle infiltration of negative image and opinion from the rest of the world.

      Damn it’s hard to practice a proper colonial genocide these days when the indigenous population does not collaborate and has friends in the broader world! It’s tough being Israel.

      Our job is to make certain that all colonial exploiters and elite bosses get the image that they deserve. In the case of Israel the violations are flagrant and the leverage is real (thank God).

      link to

    • "It could put Israelis in the dock."

      And a great many other nasties, as well.

    • :D

      I still remember her coulter acts of the 90's. What happened? party in power, hubby busted, time to switch. I had been wondering when she'd go back to playing republicrat, now that a demican is prez. But then I remembered, the demicans are republicrats now. No need.

  • After killing Ziad al-Jilani, Israel now seeks to question his American widow (where is Congress?)
  • One possible framework for a single state in Israel/Palestine
    • Walid

      "I’d guess that the majority of those in the 90% category are more emotionally driven to have answered the way they did than ideologically inclined to ethnically cleanse the Palestinians."

      I strongly recommend reading this article:

      Алла Никонова
      Из Израиля о бомбежке Газы и о личных впечатлениях

      link to

      The author lives in israel and it is a description of her impressions of what fellow israeli Jews thought about Gaza and Palestinians. Google translator or Im Translator will give you the gist of she writes. Still, if parts give you trouble, post them, I probably can help.

    • Walid

      The polls are a rough indicator, not a scientific study in my eyes. It's the consistency of them, between the Gaza massacre and the Gaza aide convoy massacre. One was during a war, the other was not, but they showed the same obnoxious results. That indicates its not just war hype, but serious flaws in society motivating the answers to those polls. I didn't mention it, but polls have also shown israelis consistently being 50-60-70% in favour of deporting Arab-israeli CITIZENS from israel. We're not talking about a very healthy society here. In the usa, you might get similar results about Latinos in some knuckledragging backwater like arizona, but much of the rest of the usa is pissing on that state right now for their noxious views. And we all known the usa is still way down there on the scale of human evolution when it comes to cultural and racial tolerance to begin with. That israel is considerably below the usa in these aspects of civilization is not hopeful. And israel is getting worse, not better right now, thanks to their effective brainwashing. I don't see reasonable israelis winning there.

      I'll put my hope in outside forces changing israel, before I will put any hope on change coming from within israel. I think it's going to be one of those regions where somebody stronger than them is going to have to come in and sit on them.

    • hophmi June 16, 2010 at 5:30 pm

      "Reported for abuse."

      IE: "teacher, teacher! He looked at me! Make him stop."

      You zionists make cowards look brave and and the kid in this advert look mature:

      link to

    • I've noticed it's former israelis, such Atzmon, whom these sayanim/hasbarats fear and hate the most.

    • Walid

      "Hyate, you misunderstood me."

      Seems we are misunderstanding each other. The polls may not be accurate, but they are consistent. That shows a serious problem among israeli society that is equivalent to worst of the fringies in the usa. Not the u.s. on average, but the fringes, where racist extremism is considered normal. I never said israelis were evil (I only use that term as a joke, usually, so when you do see it used by me, read it as satire, parody, sarcasm and irony). The brainwashing of israelis is of course a major factor, they get it worse than americans - which is why the israeli media can be more honest than they can allow the media in the usa to be about israel. See, that's another difference between israelis and americans that leaves me pessimistic that logic will work with israelis anymore. The brainwashing of hate is so deep, the brainwashers don't fear discussion of it, the way they do in their american colony.

      That brainwashing is not going to go away anytime soon. The damage is likely for life with many, and these people will always be a serious problem. And in a democratic, non-racially defined Palestine, they will pose a criminal problem. Take a look at what just happened in Kyrgyzstan, several groups of terrorists went around killing people, others spread rumours of more killing to come and all hell broke loose. This is what I'm getting at. There is a very sizable proportion of israelis that would try that sort of business at every opportunity. Think irgun, the stern gang. For many israelis, that mentality is still a driving factor in their lives.

      In the usa, during the civil rights movement of the 50-60-70's, the national guard had to be used in some racist communities to prevent mass terrorism breaking out. This is what will have to be done in israel. Except there is a serious problem. In israel, there is no national force that would protect against the bigoted, brainwashed crazies, as the israeli guv, military and police tend to be on the side of the bigoted crazies. I went into this in another comment further down. What I think has to happen is the nations of the world need to disarm and occupy israel before any serious resolution to Palestine can be arrived at. That involves dezionification of not only israel, but the countries of the world where zionism is also wrecking havoc in their societies and governments.

      As for israelis, my views are probably in line with those of Gilad Atzmon. IE: expect the worst, but still hold out for hope the worst wont happen.

    • Walid

      That's rather pedantric, don't you think. Had I said that x% of americans happily supported the aggression against Iraq, would you be here correcting me on that, too?

    • BTW, my last bit about dezionification and people power is also what Tucker proposes. That's not a difference with his ideas - the way it ended up in my comment looked like it might be I was disagreeing with Tucker on that.

    • Roger Tucker has some interesting ideas on the one state-two state question and goes into quite a bit of detail, both on his ideas and on the background israeli aggression, past and present.

      The One State Solution Sounds Like a Good Idea, but …

      Solving the problem of Israel/Palestine isn’t rocket science: the solution is obvious. We just have to get serious about it.

      by Roger Tucker / June 15th, 2010

      link to

      Most of what he proposes/writes here I don't have any disagreements with, but there are a few things. First, this bit about the economics:

      "Realistically, the Jews, after eventually becoming a minority of the population, but a very substantial minority, would largely retain economic control, as well as dominance in many other ways."

      Were that to happen, many of the same problems about israel would remain. Those who control the finances, control the country. And having any group in control of anything, especially Jewish israelis in a new Palestine would probably leave non-Jews in a similar situation they are now. What is needed to power share where no group has control, and everyone has power.

      A couple of other things I had problems with. The first is he doesn't give a lot of attention to the Palestinian side, what their views might be, and perhaps what they are known to be. He sort of just glosses over this. As a result, he glosses over their role as well.

      The other thing is I think he's too optimistic about israeli acceptance. I think it wouldn't be as easy as he proposes and that israeli bigotry and Judeo-supremacism will be much harder to overcome. I think this will take world involvement and probably for a time, occupation of israel by neutral peace keeper forces. Naturally, israel (IE: the zionist forces) will have to be disarmed. Getting them to go for that is going to be a problem. The usa could force that, so could Europe, but as Tucker writes, the guvs of these countries are all pretty much israeli owned and operated now.

      So it will have to be people power that forces these guvs to dezionise, so they can then dezionise the Mideast and help work out a real solution to the problem the zionists, and their corporate buddies created there.

    • decentjew June 15, 2010 at 10:08 pm

      I agree. The problem in israel is much worse that that in the u.s. south pre-civil rights. There was actually a lot of mixing between the races, so these people were already living together. Albeit not equally, obviously. But this removed a lot of that "other" aspect that the groups viewed each other. Their "otherness" from each other was not as great as the situation in israel, so once the civil rights movement made headway, the two less distance to travel to see their "sameness", since they already could see much of it already. Also the percentages, as Decentjew has noted are a world of difference. The percentages of hatred of Arabs by israeli jews is much closer to what one would find at a klu klux klan rally than to the usa overall, or even in the south, except maybe in specific, small regions. Bad as u.s. racism is, bad as the jim crow south was, there wasn't that almost universal hatred by whites of blacks that one currently finds among israeli Jews for Muslims/Arabs.

    • Bumblebye

      Well, if the great glick said that....


    • Mbeki touches upon the fact israel has seemingly unlimited external support for its belligerency and stubbornness. But seems to have missed that israeli still thinks of itself as expanding. This I think is the main reason israel refuses to negotiate peace honestly. They don't want peace because that will end their expansionist plans. They don't want the Palestinians having a country because that will mean fixed borders they wont be able to expand beyond without drawing attention to their aggressive plans. As long as israel exists, as long as zionism is considered a respectable way of thinking, as long as zionist control throughout the usa and Europe is not addressed and neutralised, there can not be peace in the Mideast. And in a lot of other regions of the world.

    • "If you don’t have a plan to force the Israelis into joining the human race and accepting the Palestinians as human beings with fundamental rights, you don’t have a plan. You have nothing."

      I agree. The fundamental problem with any solution involving Palestine is israelis, their greed and their prejudices. Especially their Judeo-supremacism.

    • According to israeli polling data, over 90% of israelis happily supported the mass slaughter in Gaza last year and nearly an identical percentage supported the slaughter on the Gaza aide convoy. What can be done with people like that?

      I agree, israelis are too messed up to get along with Palestinians (and probably any other non-israelis, as well), but what can be done about that? Mass deportations? To where? Who in their right mind would want them? Throw them in their own Gaza type ghetto, or worse? Then those throwing them in there would becme the same barbaric creatures, most likely.

    • Israel is already a bi-national state, albeit one based upon a bigoted apartheid type of caste system. The situation is similar to the pre-civil rights american southeast. Ole bubba didn't want to live equally with his darker skinned neighbours and killed and brutalised them incessantly. But bubba was eventually forced to accept his neighbours. There's still a lot of bubbas actively and inactively resisting, but their children are getting along and are showing that change is possible.

      As long as Palestinians and Jewish israelis are kept separate, they'll never learn to get along. The key to destroying prejudice is integration. The hardliners will not in all likelihood change much, but some will, and most of their children will. "Separate, but equal" don't work. Even if they are really of equal status, something I doubt that has ever happened.

  • Blockade of 'Mavi Marmara' continues, stateside
  • When will 'NYT' get around to printing Emily Henochowicz's name?
    • Does the nyt still want readers to "sign up" an account at their website in order to be able to read their propaganda? It's been so long since I looked....

  • Don't forget the two-day detention of the flotilla members
  • Who knew that the Israeli blockade is 'economic warfare'?
    • Donald June 15, 2010 at 11:00 am

      "Patience, Shmuel. Just answer hayate’s questions like you’re supposed to, so he can give you a clean bill of health as a non-Zionist. He’s deeply suspicious since you defended DS, another one of those nefarious crypto-Zionist spies masquerading as an opponent of Zionism all these years.

      The role of counter-intelligence officer at a blog is a thankless task, but somebody’s got to do it. Or anyway, so it seems."

      Here, have a lollipop, little boi.

    • Shmuel June 15, 2010 at 6:14 am

      Thank you.

    • Avi June 15, 2010 at 1:22 am

      "I actually think they’re liberal Zionists, probably fringe liberal Zionists, like RW and WJ. Unlike the liberal Zionists like yonira, Julian etc."

      What's the difference between "fringe liberal" and a "liberal" Judeo-supremacist?

    • I think I'm still having trouble hearing Shmuel. :D

      OK, lets try this again.

      Are the israelis preventing Palestinians living in Gaza from immigrating to other countries, such as in other countries in the Mideast and Europe, if those Palestinians request it and get accepted by those countries?

    • Hamas, with their nazi Allies from Germany...

    • Avi

      "German Jews 'indundated' with requests to join new Gaza aid flotilla"

      One can see the israeli hasbara framing this already.... :D

    • Avi


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