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  • 'NYT' praises Israelis for restraint in attacks aimed at Arafat that killed 100s of innocents
    • I was hoping a leak from Mossad would 'bring them down'. This 'leak' is like sewage passed through a filter with the resulting liquid overly sweetened with saccharin. Best drunk by Zionists!

  • 'Want to boycott Israel? Be my guest, there will be a pricetag' -- Israeli official warns Europe
    • "what Zionism means" the establishment of a homeland for the Jewish people [by any means necessary including ethic cleansing].

      Doesn't seem to need a lot of discussion about what it is but rather if it is a crime against humanity.

  • Machsom: mornings at Checkpoint 300
  • Demand to stop prisoner payments is Israeli gambit to avoid peace talks -- PA commission
    • Of course it is... those payments are because married women without husbands are jobless and have little to no chance of remarriage. And I doubt if divorce is an option. Life for women in Palestine, who are without husbands, no matter what the reason is seriously tough. You have to add back the context under which the payments are paid.

      Few government armies in the world don't have a widows benefit. Are we to believe the struggle of Palestinians is less a valid one that the Australian widow support for those that died in Vietnam?

  • 'Look, I didn't write that letter' -- Sanders on defensive for signing letter slamming UN on Israel
    • Tell Burnie where to shove it on his Facebook Page. There are so many resolutions against Israel because Israel never complies with UN resolutions. That leads to further resolutions. If that fascist Jewish theocracy had complied with the first 10 resolutions, the number of new resolutions after that would have been minimal.

  • Abbas should stop playing us for political gain, say young Gazan writers
    • Great read Pam.

      What can you say? Really the PLO need to step in and make some serious demands of all involved in Palestinian politics. What the hell are the PLO doing period? What are they spending their money on? I'm yet to hear of a donation from the PLO to any activist by way of encouragement for good work. And whose the head of that? Abbas!

      They need some separation of power here, where being a lead member of the PLO makes one ineligible for any political office.

  • Against Trump’s request, Israel moves to build first ‘official’ new settlement in two decades
    • Can someone explain to me where the lack of land is within Israel that requires the building of settlements? It's a lot of space in southern Israel, if this is just about finding spaces to build housing then I see no lack of space on the map.

      Netanyahu claims to support the 2SS. How does building a settlement smack in the middle of the West Bank fit such a claim?

  • 'We are losing the next generation' -- rabbis describe crisis over Israel in their congregations
    • How encouraging... the end of generational Judaism with it's Zionist twist. Just walk out! That's the best protest any enlighten Jew can do.

  • 63 wells destroyed, 5310 trees, 150 doors: a chronicle of the occupation in Hebron district
    • "Gas bombs used: 320 cases"... that can't be a counting of cans fired. I'd like to know that number, from my experience it would be 4-50 cans per instant. I'd be guessing they used more than 6.000 cans in a year.

    • Jewish Mafia

  • Many Clinton Foundation donors oppose BDS-- and so does Clinton
    • What bullshit is this?

      "If your Pro-BDS, which I am not, you should vote for Clinton. Once in office, and Iran gets the Nuclear bomb she or her staff won’t even take calls from AIPAC. "

      1. What do you want in place of the BDS? More abuse of Palestinians until the end of time?

      2. Why should Israel be the #1 issue on an American mind. Clearly climate change and CO2 reduction should be everyone's first and most important issue and Trump is in bed with the Koch Bros. the boys behind the misinformation KKK.

      3. Iran's nuclear weapons... at best they can manage a couple of basic nukes. Iran is under intense supervision. Israel has 200+ nukes of various sizes and has actually threatened the world with Armageddon if they don't get their way.

      The only question we should be asking here is how many of these paranoid bullshit artists are members of the Israeli social media team and how many are Zionist idiots that think the world is going to continue to allow Israel to get away with abuse and genocide?

      Smoke and mirrors; paranoia and distraction! It doesn't require any peace agreement or anything from the Palestinians to stop Israel from abusing Palestinians in the West Bank. How were so many brats bred in Israel in the last 67 years!

      What it takes is a whole lot of bullshit to keep the daily crimes of oppression in Palestine out of the media while the genocide continues. Oh antisemitism this, holocaust that, Iran's getting nukes...

      At every level Israel is a nation of totally obnoxious spoiled brats! That's what we are dealing with and what can change tomorrow without any external influence forces. If it doesn't change then the BDS is going to kick Israel into bankruptcy and no one who supports human rights is going to shed a tear!

  • Israel calls on citizens to ‘turn in’ boycott activists for deportation
    • Will soon? They have been doing this for years. There is no "will soon" about it. Let's correct this text...

      Israel has been searching for, strip searching, digitally raping, jailing, deport, making false reports of to Homeland Security and Interpol of terrorist links of anyone who, even if Jewish and a passport holder of the Jewish state, has friends who are Palestinian. Israel's social media team is embedded in the profiles of near every Israeli and Zionist support group. No so called peace discussion is without their presence.

      Hence we no longer share Facebook spaces with Zionists! Or if you do the then the best approach is to have a block list of at least 1,000 Zionists.

  • Clintonites knocked out platform references to 'occupation' and 'settlements' in fear of Adelson, Zogby says
  • Hillary Clinton promises to invite Netanyahu to White House in her first month
    • "She promises to invite Netanyahu, or whoever the PM is, to the White House inside of a month"

      Perhaps the 'whoever' is an indication that Nitinyackpoo won't be keeping his job. We might well ask if a President of the US feels this much pressure from the Israel lobby, what level of pressure is on the PM of Israel? So even if by some miracle Israelis voted for a less aggressive Knesset would that even cause a change in Israeli policies?

      It's very likely that the state of Palestine is fully out of the hands of all democratic processes and entirely under the domain of wealthy Jews.

  • Israeli minister says IDF should have fired on unarmed Palestinian protesters for humiliating a soldier
  • Roundtable on the Palestinian solidarity movement and Alison Weir
    • Thanks for that information Annie. I thought for a minute the comments on gatekeeping had been gatekeepered. Not exactly what you would want me to be thinking. ;)

      If only we could manage this many comments when on the topic of the teargas attack on the disabled school south of Bethlehem. B ut that is just too 'minor' to ever be reported by anyone including the Palestinian media.

      We might then have a chance at solving the issues if people focused on what matters.

    • I should have known my comments would be removed. How dare I name and shame a group of women that use McCarthyism as their model for Palestinian solidarity. They have antisemites under the bed. How dare I, a gay man with 1/16 Aboriginal, 1/4 Swiss, 1/8 Irish and who knows what else, whose grand uncle helped so many Jews get to Australia during WWII, dare object to being labelled a white supremacist, bigot, right wing, normaliser... RIGHT WING, ME! OMG I'm too left for the socialist alliance! They aren't gatekeepers, they are loony tunes.

      It is like the garbage thrown at Greta Berlin claiming antisemitism when one of her husbands was Jewish and her best friend is Jewish, in fact several of them are.

      You lot will believe anything about anyone said by people that know none of us. In the years that these antisemite chasing McCarthyists have been trolling the internet looking for signs of antisemitism, we have been traveling the world actually meeting each other.

      I'm so antisemitic my best Jewish girlfriend sent me to Palestine and Jordan for 6 months. Even though when she arrived in Israel she was deported despite going there for her aunt funeral. And reported to Interpol and Homeland Security as a suspected terrorist.

      Alison is guilty of saying yes too often. That is all! She doesn't deserve to be burned over it.

      This is all one big insult to people in Palestine!!! These people are crying in pain, literally on your shoulder if you bothered to make there effort to go there and talk to them about their life under the mafia occupation. And you want to rip their friends down as well because 'antisemitism', a totally garbage claim that we simply do not respect this dialogue on and other baseless claims being leveled at us...

      It really does make one feel antisemitic to know all/many/some (you decide) of the Jewish members that claim to care about Palestinians really just care about being precious of Jewish identity. I can't imagine what a conversation with my Muslim mates would look like if they became as precious when we talk about ISIS. Or Hamas for that matter.

    • Karen MacRae, Emma Rosenthal, Elise Hendrick... there are a few others. No one is good enough for them. Everyone is someone to attack. Pity the don't go after people who are actually bigots rather than people who make mistakes or aren't as perfect as them 100% of the time.

      They got this mits on a document for a USAID proposal which we submitted knowing it had no chance of getting funding, at least that was my stated opinion and I was the one that complied it, then pulled it part as if it had meaning. Making claims it was a work of normalisation, carrying on about the language to be used for source material way English generally going nuts over nothing. In fact there were 5 grant proposals, all written by different people and those who were participants overlapped. The only goal was to get some feedback from USAID as to what they might support. And I'd said to all involved that USAID were only likely to support a project that was physical and not some talk fest. And a $1M was not near enough to do it because of the cost of hiring venues, speakers, marketing, reporting... it was people exploring an idea and using USAID Grants to do it. Then people compared how those ideas varied.

      They attacked Harry Fear for making an error in reporting while he was doing live reports from Gaza when the was was on.

      Went off on a female Palestinian journalist.

      Attacked 'Greta's secret group' which was nothing more than a private group that was used to discuss moderation of a public group.

      They took numerous things, removed the context and came up with 'racist, white supremacist, normaliser, antisemitic, right wing...'

      Good on them for being politically correct under stress. Then they followed me on Facebook for near a year bring up their crap.

      This garbage has nothing to do with the issues in Palestine. It does nothing helpful at all. If they gave a damn they would spent that time and research effort writing about the long term impact of exposure to teargas. Or if they cared so much about language on the issues of Hebrew, Arabic and English on the contextual meaning of dialogue.

      They have nothing better to do with their time than moan on about others. That's their big contribution to discourse. They would make a great target for a Monty Python sketch.

      Normal people in a big discussion and capable of moments of lesser judgement. I have my say when I see this lack of judgement but I don't haunt people over it.

      That's what is going on here with Alison. I looked at the videos of her interaction with Clay. He's out there but he's of little consequence. Says a lot more about Alison's willingness to take up all opportunities regardless of how little influence they might have. I wouldn't be surprised if at the time Alison saw this engagement as nothing more than a chance to hone her interview skills. Just like the only expected reward i was expecting a 4AM complying a grant application from late submissions of material was practice in writing a grant application.

      Some of us have learned to say yes to requests. You have the time to participate and therefore you say yes to the opportunity. You can bet Alison never thought making the effort to bother with Clay was more than following through of a policy of saying yes to all opportunities. i never thought saying yes to complying a grant was more than practice at complying a grant. I said: 'You know this is not going to get up? Send it over I'll do my best to make it rational.'

      As for Clay, he's a bit of dick but he's not unlikable. (Unlike that coven!) We aren't all out to deal with everything based on being politically correct. My politics is fully opposite to Kamal and some of the others I was involved with. Is that something that makes people unlikable? Are you then unable to help each other because of a failure in politically correct stuff?

      Hell if I had to find people I was in total agreement with to work with no one would make the grade. Alison makes a damn good effort and what she is human? She says yes too often? She hasn't reached total enlightenment by JVP standards? What those standards of the Jewish community that have given up the Jewish fascist state?


    • No doubt the well known 'coven' was involved in this attack on Alison. For people that claim to support Palestine, I've only ever seen them talk about antisemitism and never go on task against Zionists.

    • Did anyone actually look at the interviews of concern on youtube before throwing in their 2 cents? We 'antisemitics' did. Did they read the stated policy on IAK site where they clearly say they will talk to anyone? Has anyone or group that supports Palestinian justice not been called antisemitic by someone in the last 6 months? Do you think the term antisemitism still have any meaning at all?

      It's down to WGAF! The most antisemitic people I know are all Jews that lived in Israel and walk out. Who can blame them the real situation is well beyond awful or even describable. It takes 1,000 pages with 800 pages of references to scratch the surface of the horror of the reality of Israel.

      It's down to this as far as I'm concerned. Is there obvious bigotry on issues beyond Palestine? Are those involved supporting the full breadth of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights? Do they project racism or homophobia? You can p. off if you think people in the rights movement can be judged on being antisemitic. We have all been judged and all been labelled antisemites. Every damn one of us! That includes everyone involved in the JVP, EI, Mondoweiss etc.

      What we are talking about here is us dividing us by us into who is and who isn't an antisemite. It's ridiculous! You are antisemitized by knowing what is going on, it is risibly fallacious to suggest that this isn't the case. When my Jewish friend Jennifer was jailed by Israel on arrival, deported, reported to Homeland Security and Interpol as a potential terrorist and banned from visiting her family in Israel for like she became VERY antisemitic. I can't imagine what the JVP would have to say about what she said to me.

      "I'm sure I can prove 110% I'm not an antisemite by claiming someone else is." Frankly I don't give a, I want to know you aren't generally bigoted. I'm expecting antisemitism from anyone who knows what is going on, be they Jewish or not.

      How about we just judge people on if they tell the truth and slam them to the floor when they don't?

  • The BDS Movement at 10: An interview with Omar Barghouti
    • "Israel will fast descend towards fascism. Given its nuclear weapons arsenal and trigger-happy ultra-militaristic culture, this is bad for humanity"

      What's the issue here in stating 'Israel is a fascist Jewish state'? Why the pretense that Israel isn't fascist now? Is there some magic threshold that has yet to be passed? Something that hasn't already been exceeded?

      In fact with the shooting down of Libyan Arab Airlines Flight 114 in 1973 with 113 people on board and only five survivors, including the co-pilot, this is already one of the highest deaths in a 'nuclear accident' involving a reactor.

      With IAEA controls nothing is known about safety and the storage of waste. It's beyond a joke now.

      There is a serious failure here to deal with what is known with the strength of demand that is required already. The idea that there is some need to project further into the future to get to a serious action point we need to dismiss. What had happen by 1975 was already well beyond a critical milestone that demanded action.

  • 'We will make soap out of you!': Violent right-wing protest against Jerusalem art exhibit reflects rising anti-democratic tide in Israel
    • Given the whole story of the Nazis making soap out of the Jews was a huge exaggeration... there was some evidence of soap being make but the story of the Nazis making soap from Jews and packaging it for the SS are total bull. Perhaps the damage done by promoting these holocaust myths should be considering with reference to how they impact the integrity of the greater holocaust story.

      But then again... they invented Jesus!

  • Netanyahu vows, ‘we will win’ as family members of Jerusalem attacker are arrested
  • 300 young people to gather in Cambridge to shake off Zionist orthodoxy of the Jewish establishment
    • “We are inviting left-wingers, right-wingers, Zionists, Anti-Zionists, Non-Zionists, two-staters, one-staters and everyone in between or outside of that spectrum to share their thoughts and ideas on Israel-Palestine.”

      GAWD! Will they all be on stage together? Who is the moderator, Jerry Springer?

  • Read the genocidal sermon a notable Atlanta rabbi gave this Rosh Hashanah
    • Why would anyone want to go to heaven? There is clearly a religious war going on up there. Even death won't stop the zealots fighting with each other over who is the most right.

    • I can neither be bothered reading the whole article or claiming surprise. Perhaps in 2015 the rapture will happen and all these religious loons will be taken away.

  • Lady Gaza comes to Melbourne
  • Tough Hillary Clinton says 'dreadful' pictures of dead women and children make it hard to get at truth-- Hamas is to blame
    • That's definitely a speech designed to get the maximum amount of funds per an election out of Jewish groups. Hillary is clearly Netanyahu's glove puppet.

  • The Greenhouse propaganda—How Gazan history is being rewritten to dehumanize Palestinians
  • U.S. casts lonely vote against establishing war crimes inquiry in Gaza
    • It seems to me that to focus on Israel is a good thing. We only have a limited set of resources to deal with fascist states, it makes perfect sense to knock them off one at a time based on scale of abuse, length of conflict, international implication, number of people impacted and likely chance of success.

      If Israel is or isn't a worthy target or if other states should have our focus it should be possible to review a comparison matrix and make an objective assessment. My guts says if you want to change the world, start with the group/nation most involved in screwing it up, Israel.

      17 abstentions is a pretty clear indication manipulation. Perhaps on these vote abstaining should either not be an option. It is a farce to claim that national government with their resources in justice and foreign affairs are incapable to making a clear decision based on facts. We don't allow abstentions in any jury process I know of, why are we allowing it in issues of international justice? Nor would a jury be constructed to give the power of veto to any member.

  • Ben Gurion detention guard tells humanitarian worker she is being deported for 'trying to change Israel and make it free of racism'
  • Chomsky and BDS
  • 'I was a Zionist till I was 64. I want to hit myself'
  • Israel maintains gag order in missing teens' case, leading to charge of media 'manipulation'
    • Al Jazeera did such a great job of the research, video and the web presentation. I was disappointed that EI/Ali lifted the video content and wrote around it, with a fair degree of plagiarism and didn't simply write a review of what was such excellent work.

      Particularly shameful given that it was exactly this sort of content that is why the journalists were put in jail. There was a lot to comment on besides retelling a well told story.

    • There are plenty of smart Egyptians. It's up to people to back brains over dogma. Not that I see much chance of that, the far right seem to have manage to capture the world for the moment.

      Really if things are to improve in the Middle East it has to start in Israel-Palestine. That requires a single state ASAP and important understanding about working together. I means ending all dogma, the managed return of refugees, an insistence that those who wish to stay in the countries where they are get equal rights and a generally rational approach.

      The 2SS is more like bantustans for Palestinians and will only lead to more of what Gaza has become, a series of open air prison camps.

    • Seriously... screw Egypt! They had a chance under the Muslim Brotherhood now they are totally screwed. I'd rather have seen them with a party that had more critical thinking skills than the MB but at least they were in with a chance and making changes.

      There was an excellent documentary on Al Jazeera on the corruption between Egypt and Israel over gas exploration.

      Maybe we will see something different come out of all this. Then again I wonder who a mature political party will form in a country where even journalists get 7 years jail.

    • I think a gag order, an approach that was quiet to the investigation, keeping the whole thing low key... would have been a great approach to getting the guys back in one piece.

      I assume everyone interested in this has read by now the low chances of being alive 4 days after being kidnapped in the West Bank. Assuming the narrative of this being the work of Hamas, then kid gloves would be required to get the guys back alive. Running about brutalizing the West Bank is clearly not 'kid gloves'.

      This leave us with some reasoned assumptions...

      1. That it was known that the guys are dead ('Hamas' assumption)
      2. That knowing this, their death being undisclosed is being used to political advantage.

      The whole thing is a false flag

      In any case, from what I've seen of this, don't ever send Israel to rescue me! I'd rather take my chances with negotiating my own release. As a recuse operation it is simply too incompetent.

      As a false flag it is brilliantly timed, brutally executed, sure to be a vote gain for Likud, destructive to Palestinian unity, a disaster for any tourism in Palestine... it's a winner.

      Don't 'rescue' me, my family would want me back alive!

  • Israeli forces crack down on Palestinian press
    • What do you mean "occupied Jerusalem"? Apparently nothing in Palestine is occupied according to the Liberal (libraelz—conservative Zionist funded) Australian government. The occupation is just an illusion created by those that wish to delegitimize Israel, that BDS crowd. Apparently that actions of brutality in Palestine are supportive of and assist in giving Israel legitimacy. Who'd have thunk it!

  • US is 'pushing privately' on settlements, as reporters point out nothing has ever come of that
    • Imagine AIPAC fighting for all the people in Palestine; what would happen to Mossad files if Palestinians were in large number in the Knesset.

      While I can definitely see some positive attributes for Palestinians having a state they control exclusively, for the rest of us the end of the Jewish state by equal political rights for all people in Palestine has massive advantages. Including for trade in the Arab block.

      The real issue with the single state and political equality is that it will open the Pandora's Box of the whole insanity of the Zionist enterprise. Let's face it they don't want the truth to be exposed via their own records of nuclear theft, assassinations, political manipulation of other countries, brutal engagements in unnecessary wars etc.

      But for people with more normal views on truth and humanity a single democratic state is the only option that has real potential to lead to a better more peace focussed world.

    • I agree amigo, there is no 2SS left. There is apartheid and bantustans. Maybe that will be accepted as OK by the international community, after all they have accepted everything, ethnic cleansing, the theft of nuclear materials, failure to comply to any weapons protocols, bombing the hell out of Lebanon... There seems no end to what will be accepted.

    • I wouldn't worry about Australia's support for Israel lasting. That's a government that 70% of the population want removed pronto! The "Libraelz" support for Israel is Murdoch, Lowy and various funding sources linked. I'll give that government a 20% chance of lasting till Christmas.

  • Wake up, Ruth Westheimer
  • Dr. Ruth says she might shoot you if you don't support Israel
    • She is lovely. A perfect representation of the Jewish community and the supporters of Zionism. I wonder if she will be having tea in Hebron?

  • Israeli liberals call for federation of two equal peoples
    • Oh course. One state, one equality, one democracy. An opportunity to heal a rift between worlds. Perhaps with the scope for some reasonable variations in levels of religious compliance with certain standards based on the choices of the people that live in those regions.

      Give people limited and reasonable scope variations. Just like not every beach in Australia is a nude beach.

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