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  • What Comes Next: The one state/two state debate is irrelevant as Israel and the US consolidate Greater Israel
  • Witness accounts on the killing of three Palestinians that stopped peace negotiations
  • A note from Roger Waters to Abe Foxman
  • The evidence that Bradley Manning helped start the Arab Spring
    • Some theorize that these peoples are motivated by a desire to raise their standard of living. Upon being exposed to images of lifestyles of more fortunate people, seeing the advantages of governments run by the people for the people, realizing the hopelessness of their plight, minds are yearning for new ideas, improvements, freedom from religion and\or freedom from religious status quo ante bellum. What war? What about women?

      Penny-ante stuff so far folks, including our ?efforts? in various locales. Abandoning embassies? So sorry Mom Etc but this is the result of idiocy by those who were elected to protect and serve us. Hemi already feels guilty but Damnit folks this is Camel Toe Diplomacy in all its glory. The moose got loose in Benghazi, hear them mews in the pews, oh man this ain’t Mountain Dew, and we have had enough.

      “Dr. Enuf was reported to have several therapeutic effects, including the easing of stomach pains, relief from hangovers and a clearing of the mind.”

      Wreckage of the past bar none personified, can I get a witness. If I was a democrat I could use the B word and they would say play that funky music white\black\hip hop boy. Media bias Hemi, oh no way ms Snitchell.

      I know its strange but on my left is a book called Colder Than Hell by Joseph Owen. Yes it’s a bit old, but it is an accurate account of ”one of the most horrific battles ever waged.” Korea? Huh? Lunch menu? No folks, its about pain and suffering for what you believe in, sacrifice in this particular tract, and perhaps we bridge too far East and West…

      Bradley sadly is not worthy of fading away. Just because its on a computer does not give him carte blanche to modernize the kitchen... Why? Its not his kitchen, its not his choice, and really this reminds me of... Nothing from the past, thats for sure, perhaps I will see this topic differently soon enoiu

  • 'I'm anti-Zionist,' Helen Thomas declared, in twilight of long career
    • Excellent and powerful commentary, a broad brush that reminded me of an influential Rabbi of old, along with Thomas' reminder of Poland and other localities, being former homes for Jewish communities, it at the very least suggests that her comments were misconstrued in that she meant return to your former homes as it is not necessary for all Jews to continue evacuating to Palestine where resources and space(s) are scarce.
      for Dob_Berush_Meisels

      without the history of the Jewish people then it becomes difficult for others, including many Jewish persons, to comprehend the defensive nature of her majesty

  • Obama praises Israel to high heavens as Israeli and American elite cement 'unbreakable' alliance
    • No they don’t peddle atal, peddling equates to having saleable goods which in this here case means truth. Stories out of Palestine are out of time, pinched in a sense, like air escaping an uncapped tube, hiss, get the cap on, Hiss,

  • In Honor of Titans
  • 'America and Israel are in it together,' Clinton declares-- and nary a word about settlements
    • I agree with most of this but more to the point the 18oos "political & cultural" landscape was similar over much of the globe, regardless of location there was not much difference concerning racial outlook, similar to our present-in the moment-view of things, so it would at least seem at best unfair to parcel out one State to heap or lay\take the blame to, though that is the general course of matters because it is easier to attack that way, therefore when writers of history come along later they may inadvertently Skew left or right, or their writings will result in a skewing that is similar to film and media showing about five events in the South as the only story(ies) and therefore represent the only defining moments in the library of what could be labeled our Racial learning curve, resulting in the overwhelming amount of public opinion of how bad it is in the American South. Believe me I know, been hearing it all my life, over and over and over. Results, violence and discord were strong well north of Alabama, separation based on Ethnicity is practiced in all cultures and always has been thruout recorded history.

      But sure the White Man mentality is there, is here, always has and always will be, like who would expect people with more to just give away what they have earned or inherited? Hmmm, makes me wonder about the former residents in Palestine, the ones who helped those poor unfortunate Jews left on the beaches like Flotsam and Jetsam, who fed the poor then in return were forced from their homes, forced to abandon lands they had lived on for generations... Now that is a hard one to explain away, regardless of the last 70 years, so therefore it is time for new and unadulterated , modern avenues of thought to lead the way to what we would all hope may result in Peaceful long lasting Resolution for this contradictory\contested area.

      I agree whole heartedly, whether visiting, reading of Israel, viewing videos and documentaries, my suspicions are raised as to what is the real picture, what is really going on in Israel. Now that Internet users have matured, people are finding ways to bring about change thru non-violent means, resulting in changes in how changes are brought about, and it is these uncontrollable changes which have the old guard concerned.

      As well they should be, imagine if your Elected Representative were made to work at least 40 hours per week, could not hide behind a smoke screen of verbal bullshit and Sunday school ideology, oh the horrors if we were not guided by those misguided captains of industry & otherwise, yet it appears at times the Captains of the Ship(s) are not qualified, and when we discover this upon running aground, when the People really find this to be the case, perhaps they will not allow themselves to be forced Left and Right by the tried and true measures of creating Fears, well-placed fears at opportune times, like Puppets on a String, tossed to and fro amidst the waves...

      I got bim bam banana pops, dixie cups
      All flavors and pushups too

  • Questions of war crimes remain as Israel shifts explanation on strike that killed 10 people from same family
    • Certainly we have all eve'loved, sorry(whups) evolved to some degree, while we did not rise up from a Primordial Ooze in my opinion, nor did my ancestors agitate theirselves from Paramecium or my all time favorite the ever present Amoeba, we have and continue to try and make improvements w\out too much intervention.

      the IDF evolution is coming and it is much harder to explain the time frame...
      a Gate Delay is one thing whilst the on going delay in changing the global Viewpoint(s) on Israeli intent and aggression must be the underliner for emphasis and further examination in order to develop working solutions versus the ongoing evolving day to day script that is probably run thru 750 very important people before it hits the streets.

  • Charting the 'peace process'
    • Sounds about right, then again it smells wrong, that odoriferous, no-no that is wrong, that odorous content which wafts over the Middle East like Death <a href=";
      itself, encompassing all who dare to venture into its fiery depths, literary and otherwise.

      Peace sounds like a good idea for all involved, especially those fisherman and farmers who continue to be shot at and\or arrested.

  • UC Berkeley's new chancellor disavows Columbia divestment petition his name was on
  • Apartheid? Don't be silly
    • That would be a Home Run in any park, any league, until the instant replay when they will say the comment never existed, nor the commenter, cause somebody might be offended...

  • Reactions to UN vote: Livni calls Palestinian move 'strategic terrorist attack'
    • Quoting from Travels With Charley by J. Steinbeck

      “I had seen so little of the whole. I didn’t see a great deal of WWII-one landing out a hundred-but I saw enough and felt enough to believe war was no stranger. So here-a little episode, a few people, but the breath of fear was everywhere. I wanted to get away-a cowardly attitude, perhaps, but more cowardly to deny. But the people around me lived here. They accepted it as a permanent way of life, had never known it otherwise nor expected it to stop. The Cockney children in London were restless when the bombing stopped and disturbed a pattern to which they had grown accustomed.

    • for some reason this did not make the American newspapers.

    • I had the same or similar thoughts last night, but according to Shenfield, Israel can still cut off their funds, at will, Israeli will, but perhaps their funding could come from another source...

      Bypass the powers that be, Iran could gain some Global street cred by stopping the financing of terrorist activity and instead give some of those millions to actually aid those in Palestine, bypassing Israeli and American banking interests.

      Other enriched Arab States? Do they support Palestinians? I have heard the rumor that Palestinians are the Blacks of the middle east, therefore garnering about as much support as blacks in the projects here in America, though I would add that the only attacks on blacks in the projects come from other blacks, see crime stats for details; while also making the point that there is not much help to assist getting some of these human beings off government assistance Etc, even with the first Black President.

      I realize the situations there in Palestine are complex, but really how long is this going to go on? Can I expect to watch the news with family during Christmas holidays and see more attacks from either side, dead bodies of children to make our spirits bright? It appears that might be the case, so again, where does it end, how will the violence be stopped?

      Even during WWI they took a break on Dec. 25th 1916, albeit briefly during the Christmas Truce.

    • this one addition to the ongoing collection-discussion, for me, brings home the reality of what a Strike means, what actually happens when weapons are used against a Civilian population. I see nothing here suggestive of Surgical Strikes.

      WarFare fare thee well,
      should it ever come to pass;
      that those who wish to kill
      an innocent man
      should feel the whip of a lash.

      then perhaps those who see
      or perhaps see not so well;
      will realize what has come to pass
      which to me looks like hell.

  • Director of Israeli human rights group: Ceasefire offers opportunity for easing of closure on Gaza
  • Israel calls its own bluff on the Palestinian Authority's UN bid
    • It is a sad, sad story

      What's going on in Quinetra, Golan Heights these days? Still got that oil pipeline moving Petro?

      "Since Israel returned the city to Syria in 1974 the original home owners still return every weekend to sit next to their flattened houses, to eat and "relax" in a dead city that was systematically destroyed over 30 years ago. "

  • Not skipping a beat, Israeli embassy alludes to 'another Gaza' over Palestinian UN bid
    • So what I am hearing is the Incursion is actually a Diversion, like from the real issues at hand. Them Zionists must have been Magicians in a former life, its Three Card Monte on the World stage.

    • yes how right you are and had I relied on the falsely labeled major journalists and media in U.S. I would not know one thing about it.

    • How nice of Israel to issue policy statements and give hints of future actions or consequences thru short films.

      Perhaps Obama will make a commercial and show it on Palestinian TV to say hey we apologize for these films, like we did in Pakistan where they already dislike American intervention intensely, which begs the question, why did Obama and Hillary apologize for something they did not do? From whose advice did this ignorant move emanate?

      I would like to see the rocket attacks on Israel cease and remain so, but the Dinner Table looks pretty bare to me.

      Israel plays such a key role in the Middle East and World Affairs it is beginning to look as if the most powerful Nation ever known to mankind is being led around like an old ox or pack animal, trudging the road to happy destiny we must assume, because actual backlash or reaction to militant Zionism is almost non-existent, and we sure got over there quick once Israel had made their play, but Good Golly, Miss Molly!.!

      Its like its scripted out, other than the U.N. angle, plan A-B-C-D all ready for the annihilation of all non-Zionist. In my heart I want to be supportive of Israel for a variety of reasons, none of which is listed here today, but my Basic Instincts tell me something is bad wrong in Palestine, not to mention the stuff I continue to read that tells me how bad it really is, or allows a glimpse into a world far removed from our cozy lives here in the States.

      Had Vilna Gaon offered a ham sandwich or some pork ribs to Hasidic Jews in Lithuania in the 18th century it would not have gone over real well, with the crux of the matter being you cannot shove something down someone's throat and expect them to like it, meaning force your will on others, it leads to civic unrest Etc.

      the esteemed Rabbi

      educational addendum and how did the Greeks find it?

  • Thankful to be alive in Gaza: My family’s story of survival
    • Looking at a kid on a bike or what I had which was a big wheel, I went thru three before Dad said you ride too hard Hemi, not the last time I heard that either,

      but seeing this kid he is just like a kid anywhere in the world, a human being that deserves a safe environment in which to grow without being molested by rockets, bombs, or soldiery.

      I understand that Israel must protect itself. They have stated over and over that they are careful and try to reduce or eliminate civilian casualties whenever possible, yet the record reads like Bleak House

      "containing one of the most vast, complex and engaging arrays of minor characters and sub-plots " Kind of like Palestine but not exactly.

      I would also refer to the late Leon Uris and his 1984 work The Haj, good book, see Chapter Four just for kicks.

      Seems strange that thru journalism and fiction we ought to have life figured out by now, not that murder or racism would ever completely disappear, but the State Sponsored variety is a concern for us all. Surely the tide is about to turn, towards peaceful resolution, not the bloodbath that continues in Palestine.

  • Little hands
    • Nice poetry, thank you.

      Hamas is just as responsible for the violence as Israel. Hiding terrorist activity in the midst of an innocent Palestinian population will only bring further attacks. Palestinians must reject Hamas and then demand independence and perhaps a 2 state solution would work.

      Expansion and settlements? Stealing land and treating members of Palestine like criminals, or should I say treating all non-Jews as criminals...

      I don't get that, I do not see that working for anyone other than the Elitist who brought it about. Further violence will ensue, the hatred and anger only grow.

      The dead kids and families... there has got to be a better way to combat Hamas, more effective ways for Israel to defend itself rather than killing children and innocents. Where else are the other residents of Palestine supposed to go Israel? They cannot wander in the desert for 40 years, nor can you kill them all.

  • Israel rejects truce and escalates fighting in Gaza with assassination of Hamas leader; 10 killed, 90 wounded in Israeli attacks
  • Broadwell scandal not the first time Petraeus was sloppy with email -- in 2010 he leaked his own emails scheming with neocon Max Boot
  • Exile and the Prophetic: How much justice will there be in a 'just' resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?
    • Chomsky would not disagree, see that link above, he could have been a Rabbi, and he would most certainly have carried into his later years the influence of his early year's education as we all do.

      "Describe Mikveh Israel, the synagogue that you grew up in and where your father first taught.

      Well, Mikveh Israel was actually Sephardic, so I grew up in the Sephardic tradition. It was kind of the elite synagogue in Philadelphia, like the Portuguese synagogue in New York. It was Sephardic because the original settlers were Sephardic Jews from Holland. So we had a Dutch, actually originally Portuguese, rabbi, and the hazan was from Morocco. We learned all the Sephardic rituals, and pronunciation and everything, even though everyone in the community was from eastern Europe. It was kind of the Jewish elite, but it was also the center of a Hebrew renaissance-oriented small society. The people were either teachers, rabbis, there were businessmen and others, but they all shared a passionate interest in Hebrew cultural revival. My father was the head of the school. My mother was running the Hadassah meetings."

    • Good work, excellent points, ole Noam would more than likely agree. I do not recall where I saw it, seems like it was an interview, but did I read it or view it can’t say


      but he grew up steeped in his religion and could have been a Rabbi and\or a Jewish scholar. His place in history, for me anyway, is as an American Intellectual-Historian-Scholar-Writer, similar to a football coach either being a good coach or not such a good coach, or an average coach, not whether he is a Black coach Etc., matters not whether the individual is Black or Jewish or whomever, their merit should be judged by what they have accomplished. If Black or Jewish groups desire to honor their brethren then by all means please do so, but don’t hijack the individual and force undesired Monikers on them. Much of this alleged hijacking, and perhaps that is too strong a term, but much of it stems from pride in the individual\group, like pride in a family and a play on the word Pride, a family group of lions.


      I. Kant

      Ours is an age of criticism, to which everything must be subjected. The sacredness of religion, and the authority of legislation, are by many regarded as grounds for exemption from the examination by this tribunal, But, if they are exempted, and cannot lay claim to sincere respect, which reason accords only to that which has stood the test of a free and public examination.

    • Below Chomsky from:

      ""The word “prophet” is a very bad translation of an obscure Hebrew word, navi. Nobody knows what it means. But today they’d be called dissident intellectuals. They were giving geopolitical analysis, arguing that the acts of the rulers were going to destroy society. And they condemned the acts of evil kings. They called for justice and mercy to orphans and widows and so on.""

      My question is why can't Chomsky choose to be seen as an Intellectual with Jewish DNA, versus Chomsky is a Jew and anything he does or thinks must come after "he is a Jew?"

  • 'This is travesty of American criminal justice': Supreme Court denies Holy Land Five appeal
  • Did 'Foreign Policy' plant false Israeli embassy story -- leading to diplomat's reassignment to Copenhagen?
  • Complaint alleging anti-Semitism at UC Berkeley claims Palestine activism creates 'echo' of 'Nazi regime'
    • Arne Duncan comes out of that disastrous mess in Chicago, no surprise there, again its part and parcel of the cronyism representative of the outgoing administration in Washington. Below link shows complaints by minorities under Title VI, translate Blacks having their schools closed down recently.

      UC Berkeley was the hotbed of early 1960s protest movements, then again maybe all protest have to be led by Israeli loving Jews to be acceptable. I am having trouble believing this story, Nazi imagery, shared ethnic characteristics, I just can't comprehend this one.

  • In 'Dear Dad' letter in 1939, JFK called for 'independent' Jerusalem
    • They do such a horrible job because they have become tools of a major yet hidden propaganda machine.

      See this feller here and maybe go watch BBC for The_Trap or the riveting thriller The_Century_of_the_Self to find out just how pervasive propaganda is in this here country. Though really these documentaries don’t document the present issues as much as they show how we got to where we are. To think some of the major world events are random chaotic occurrences is utterly stupid, as I commented on some posts right after the Libyan attacks happened, and no I don’t have a single contact within the intelligence community but I am fairly well read, though I was born in the South this does not make me an automatic dumbass or racist(much to some leftists’ chagrin I am sure), but I formed my opinions based on available information and common sense and years of research.


  • Josh Block likens Iran to Nazi Germany
    • SLosh Block is on the ball sharing his particular mix of wisdom & keen sense of timing with a few scotch and sodas, so it is reassuring to know he stands's firm against hardline Swiss who must be stopped at the border to prevent further Future(s) hostilities!

      Block's policy development has been likened to the Hatters habit of 6pm Tea with little regard for loooking nervous and confused. Block when pressured to comment belched "nevar, nevar, the Swiss must be stopped." Swiss officials brokered agreement to have a quick lunch out of town so as to avoid a scene and further tensions at Swiss Border.

  • New ad describing Palestinian dispossession hits Metro-North, NY
  • Israelis celebrating Sukkot beat Palestinians worshipers
  • The cycle of violence-- set to 'Exodus' anthem
  • Anti-Obama infomerical confirms Israel's role as a partisan election issue
    • For the general public to clearly see the issues it will take more writings of the careful nature of a Birnbaum(n-the-nation.) No response will be the result if it looks like a fight or more of the same from a public already numb to the constant onslaught of “daily news”. They turn the page or the channel because they are anti-Discord, or simply tired of the bullshit.

  • Prisoners' rights protest in Ramallah calls to end the Oslo accords
  • Tel Aviv and the failure of the Zionist dream
  • Both Obama and Romney call Netanyahu
    • Something is missing in Netanyahoo's discourse, then again what is left out may point to the lack of credibility in claiming Iran is on the cusp of developing and using a major nuclear weapon.

      Iranian state sponsored\financed terrorism and the fact that if they have fissile material they can make a dirty bomb for their buddies in Hezbollah. Either of these two alone are strong enough to make a case for attack on Iran, further sanctions, or at least hey lets talk about what do to prevent either from happening\continuing.

      Why the emphasis on something they don't have and are not likely to be able to deliver effectively even if they are able to develop the weapon? Maybe its a stupid point, but it looks strange to me and I am asking does the emphasis on what is not there actually indicate something else.

      And why is Netanyahoo limited to poster board while presenting such a serious subject? Kennedy had better props in 1962. Khrushchev used a shoe to greater effect in 1960.

      ah, I've just been tipped off, magically of course, the action against Iran will be named Operation Farce or Hay Fever, they are as yet undecided.

  • Survey of Arab-Americans highlights drop in support for Obama
    • Its not fair to take away the symbolic images of “Islamic Sword Wielding Arabs Threatening Western Culture” man!!! Damn, if they are that heavy into the whole Christian thing then why do we only see angry mobs in our media… huh??? Its not DEFCON 1 dude, its the good stuff man, green light level 5, Opiate for the Masses see News at Five.

    • Eccellente

    • I think the GOP over estimated the value of being perceived as tough on Islamic terrorists, while the minds behind Romney fail to see that they should be more inclusive of the Arab American community while so doing, meaning be strong without sounding offensive. This miscalculation causes them to be labeled Islamaphobes with media support as evidenced in the constant labeling, daily. Hearing the label come from Zogby I am not certain if he is swaying voters to his personal views or creating that very fear which using the label produces.

      Are AAI members cognizant of the fact that the GOP means them no harm and see nothing to fear resulting in the 15% drop? As reported above Obama has no stellar record in regard to treatment of Arabs, or impoverished black communities by the way, I cannot resist throwing that in there, but really Romney could attack on so many points...

      I would suggest that as AAI members become a larger group they will not block vote as they may have in the past. Education, assimilation and so forth will result in greater diversity amongst this group of Americans.

  • In 'The Nation,' Birnbaum says Netanyahu has exposed Jews to dual loyalty charge (and Dennis Ross is an Israeli agent)
    • Who is at work inside Israel to change the powers that be?

      The video posted earlier this week showed children being indoctrinated and readied for the joys of warfare, or lacking a war, indiscriminate murder of natives that sounds strangely like the treatment of American Indians from many years ago. Generational hatred passed down like family heirlooms and the kids will never know the difference. Thats the saddest part of all this, leaving the rhetoric or politics behind, kids being raised to kill and everyone smiling and laughing, a Kafkaesque picnic without the identity conflicts.

      So if I don't support this country I am either a bad Jew or an anti-semite.

      Birnbaum is to be commended and rightly so.

    • Surely not the Sampson Option... Even the Israelis aren't that insane, are they?

  • 'NPR' airs Ken Pollack's Iran war games and leaves out his last war
    • To compare the genocide visited upon Palestinians to the U.S. South of any age is laughable at best and also part and parcel of ongoing media bias. Must have been a slow news day. Walker is a writer of fiction and an activist, I'm not impressed.

      But to sell newspapers or draw viewers to your site you got to have headlines. check out the facts below that ought to be in the headlines every day.

      The Tuskegee Institute has recorded 3,446 blacks and 1,297 whites were lynched between 1882 and 1968. 86 years, note lynching was not always racially motivated, though unfortunately many times it was, but compare the numbers if you will.

      in the last 12 years see deaths that are in a class by themself:
      Palestinians 6,568 probably need a daily update
      Israelis 1,096

      Causes of Deaths of Israeli Soldiers in 2005
      Committed Suicide 30
      Terror Incidents 6

  • 'New Yorker' launches Netanyahu caption contest: 'The ridiculous deserves ridicule'
    • "yes my friends, $3 billion in military aid, that you know of anyway, and all we can afford is a $3 poster board & a marker."

  • In front of global audience, Netanyahu draws his red line (on his ridiculous bomb cartoon)
    • “Fifty-four Forty or Fight!” was actually used during the Congressional elections of 1846, right about the time we became embroiled in the Mexican War, helped by the fact that much British investment had been lost due to corruption in the Mexican government, resulting in Whitehall pulling out of Mexico before the war began. It was not a campaign slogan nor even mentioned during Polk's Inaugural Address.

      Polk assured congressmen calling at the White house in 1846 that he was committed to 54° 40' when in fact he had earlier indicated willingness to settle for the 49th parallel. His political skill recognized jingoism that would involve the British sending over their entire Pacific Fleet plus many new ships, which they threatened to do. The British already had their hands full with a worsening economy, troubles in Ireland and a perceived threat from France, and new taxation for foreign adventures would only add to the challenges.

      The 49th parallel goes back to 1826 when John Quincy Adams sent Sturgis to survey and look for possible ports in NW for northeastern merchants. War with Britain and Mexico simultaneously would have been most unwise, see Operation Barbarossa as an example.

    • Good point as evidenced by the careful writing of Birnbaum. More writing of the same nature to slowly move away from past unfettered support without debate on all matters regarding Israel will be good for both nations. Writers fear for their careers prevents them from being objective, much less opinionated, though looking at the Dowd swearing and now Birnbaum carefully navigating the waters it would seem the tide is turning.

  • Pam Geller's view of civilizational clash with Islam finds a home in the GOP
    • Lincoln was a Republican killed by one man, not by a region, and just for informational purposes Lincoln was the one man who had the strength and wisdom to heal this country and much of the regional bias that remains today is the result of not having his strong leadership and legal acumen in place when it was needed; though A. Johnson has been greatly misrepresented, he tried to carry out Lincoln's policies for conciliation between the regions but the desire for punishing the south won over the policies Lincoln was to have instituted.

      King was not murdered by the south nor was he murdered by James Earl Ray. I base my conclusions on talking with two of his former cell mates who each did 15-20 years on murder charges 1980s-90s and lived with the alleged assassin for many years. Both men are black and they smiled after telling me this, probably because my mouth fell open and my jaw was on the floor. I had initiated the discussion for some opinions on Dr. King, and yet they assured me Ray had convinced them beyond doubt of his innocence and that he was setup and did not fire any shot much less a fatal shot and they considered him a good and loyal friend. Each man owns hand drawings from Ray made while in the cell\prison, apparently James Earl was a prison artist.

      Neither Dem or Rep are as bad as we make them out to be. Neither Romney nor Obama will lead to utter disaster, yet I wonder where is the Centrist party, including intellectuals of the right and left, single mothers, married couples gay and straight, all races and nationalities looking for real change in Washington. It might be another of those political fantasies I have from time to time, but we got three years to make it happen.

  • American Enterprise Institute's Daniella Pletka goes quack quack quacky
    • Not his entire early education, unless you count working for Beekman and Cruger(Jewish?). His having a Jewess tutor developed a life long reverence for Jews(Chernow). His mother taught him French amongst other things.

  • Furor in France: Mission civilisatrice and 'muslim rage” in the motherland
    • I am suggesting there was influence that may have been indirectly financial that benefited the Venetians and that this influence came from financial interests in Muslims lands and dealt more with North Africa and exploitation of resources there. Such as cooperate and keep them Christians out of Jerusalem and receive a benefit on some trade elsewhere, but I could not recall those details off the top of my head.

      I did not intend to imply Islam or the Muslims were directly responsible for the Fourth Crusade, my apologies.

    • I don't recall using the term utopia. Were the early settlers wrong in their desire for religious self determination, whether they be Jew or Gentile? Have we or any other country ever been free of discrimination? No only in academic minds does that utopia exists, so now we reflect back and attempt to change actual history to show what bad people we were and continue to be, unless we all bend over in some leftist fantasy touched in the head with Marxism and at least a tad bit of socialism, and hey we got to have some of that(socialism not Marxism dam nit) I agree, just not to point of turning over healthcare to government mandate, see bankrupt British program for info.

      You probably have a well worn copy of the major POS history by Zinn, pages you relish as you ignite your hatred of all things religious or smelling ever so sweetly of conservatism or tradition, roiling in a pool of turgid leftist angst. The left and the right are so far off, as are you, I think they may come together in the near future in a cosmic explosion of ultra stupidity with me caught in the middle.

      All religion includes a degree of intolerance, some more so than others, but the real ignorance is the intellectuals thinking they will some how stamp out all beliefs-Faith in anything other than the intellect, that is the really stupid part of it.
      Übermensch fantasy I say!

      I come to the site, newbie as you, to decrease my ignorance not increase it, but thanks for your concern.

    • "I can easily roll off a couple thousand words on the extremely violent and fragmented early history of Islam....."

      To do so only causes more acrimony, but by the way he arrived in Mecca for the 2nd or 3rd time with about 10,000 men, 2 years into a decade long truce, they surrendered without opposing him, a wise choice for all concerned. He came to Mecca, battles were fought outside earlier, its a complex history and I know a little, but maybe you should try some older books, like not written in the last 25 years as newer histories have become less apolitical and more about being divisive.

    • As recently as last year I felt the same as my personal views on Muslims and Islam were shaped mainly by events since 9-11-01. I can easily roll off a couple thousand words on the extremely violent and fragmented early history of Islam, or tell you that before the Mosque in Mecca they had the Kaaba stone where travelers paid homage, early details on the life of Mohammad and on and on. My personal views on many Islamic customs are similar to the negative views you hold, yet I would disagree about the majority of Muslims following their guidebook, because I worked with some of them recently at an Islamic Cultural center and found my client to be just like any other business man; he wanted a good price and service, and to work with someone who would be honest with him and not treat him any differently than any other client. (There are other factors and books that changed my mind.)

      I had just finished The Bin Ladens by Steve Coll who described who the Bin Laden family is, the Patriarch father who came from a hell hole in Yemen to Saudi Arabia, worked as a block-brick layer and went on to create one of the greatest fortunes in the Middle East not directly related to petroleum; his charisma was such that he was well respected and Saudi royalty hired him to build numerous large scale projects. I was reading this book expecting to find how his financial success had financed the terrorist attacks, learned a lot about this strange world of Islam, strange to me because it is not my world, then found out Osama and his minions had no direct relationship with the Bin Laden family and they had other extreme views such as removing the Saudi King who many conservative Muslims see as inherently corrupt.

      CIA, FBI, and various committees searched with rigor to connect the family with the extremists, but there is no connection between the family and their half brother as the evidence proves. They in fact cut him off from all money and family relations due to his militant activism many years before.

      It’s a great read, try it, but for me I began to wonder, actually while sitting outside of this Muslim Cultural center, thinking are these the people that want to destroy western civilization and my culture, my family. I entered by an open door, noting there is a separate entrance for men and women, men garbed in white robes eyed me suspiciously as I kept a blank face, the building is a large former multi-plex theatre converted for their use. We transacted our business, later facilitating some services for the center, got paid, end of story. During a conversation with my client that day, and I eased into the topic after seeing the book he was reading and I mentioned Coll’s work and the effect it had on me, I went so far as admit I was trying to see Islam in a new light and how difficult it was due to all that had gone before. He put his hand on my shoulder and admitted that is was difficult for American Muslims also. Wish I had something more moving, but this guy is running a business like any other American, and donates his time to support his Faith, and I began to see that most of the fears of all things Islamic are not based on anything other than fear of extremist violence and lack of knowledge that Islam is much broader and fragmented than our media will take the time to report.

      I don’t like most of the Islamic tenants and oppression of their peoples because I don’t believe as they do, its not my faith. In America as long as they worship and keep to their Faith without interfering with our laws and customs there should be no problem. This country was created from people escaping the madness of Europe, finding here a place to worship as they saw fit. So while I am not an Islamic apologist, I suggest we leave them be and if that includes getting out of their world in the Middle East, then leave the power vacuums and let them do what they need to do to determine what government best fits them and their beliefs.

      Somebody will say what about Fort Hood and I say that guy will get the death penalty, plus its one man who killed and injured 36 people. Had it been a particular Mosque or assault by a group of Muslims I would not hold the views I do today, but there have not been any incidents of that nature here in America. Can anyone imagine the level of retaliatory violence that such a broader Islamic incident would cause in America?

      I am convinced that as long as we allow petroleum and U.S corporations to determine State Policy, not to mention constant interference from Israel, we will continue the pattern of entering into worlds where we are not wanted. When these areas are the world of Islam it will continue to stir and add fire to the cauldrons of extremism. Much of the Muslim anger is as much at their own rulers who are seen as corrupted by Western cash, whether that be Petro dollars or aid, and also pervasive poverty which always leads to extreme behavior, whether those impoverished are extremist or being acted upon by extremist, see Darfur.

      The American Way is the best way, for me it is, but I have come to see that forcing that view on others outside of our country does not work well, anymore than someone going into a church and trying to change their beliefs or the church trying to go out and tell the everyone how they should believe; the conversion to a faith or form of government works best by the principle of attraction rather than promotion. To boil it all down, there is a prevalence in media that wants to connect the broader Islamic world with extremism while failing to note that fragmentation thruout Islamic history is as ongoing as it is in Christianity or Judaism.

      I hear somebody saying but Christians and Jews are not attacking anyone and I agree that the those true to their Faith are not, but neither are Faithful Muslims. Israel does attack, like every single day, they never take a day off, but don’t draw the conclusion that its Jews attacking, which many sadly do, no its militant Zionism not much different from extreme Islam, though certainly on a more limited basis(I hope anyway). The Christian image is destroyed because we are viewed as a Christian nation, spare the written abuses please, its viewed as Christian by those in the Muslim world, so every time the U.S. ventures forth into strange lands, even with the best of intent, its viewed as hostility by the Islamic world. So when we enter Iraq and Afghanistan, or install a Shah in Iran, add in further examples at your leisure, but the repercussions of these actions continue to reverberate like a shock wave from a thermonuclear blast.

      I love my country and I give it my full support, regardless of who the president is or will be, but if we don’t get some real wisdom instilled into the defunct State Department and White House(this goes back at least 20 years, pick a number that suits your tastes) and begin to find solutions for the global problems we all face, then I fear the near future will include a shock wave of epic proportions.

      Albert Einstein once said “I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.” Iran has as much chance of developing and using a large scale nuclear weapon as I do for getting on my lawnmower and flying to Kansas City tonight; it’s a push mower by the way.

    • You may have hit a nerve there, running the danger of damaging the central nervous system of those who see all religion as evil, which may result in mildly schizophrenic reactions.

      By the same token many Popes and other alleged Christian leaders displayed delusional perceptions as they hijacked their beloved religion and fomented war and other unrest in their pursuit of political power and riches. Such as the Fourth Crusade, created more out of boredom and lack of available jobs than any religious purpose, but they got detoured by the Venetians who got paid off by Muslims to keep them out of Jerusalem, so after the Venetians stopped in a few places and robbed-raped-pillaged, much to the chagrin of Crusaders who were along for the ride, they sailed to Constantinople where they came up with the bright idea to attack and assail the walls of Eastern Christianity. See Schism for earlier details.

      As the new regime took over after much death and battle and abuse, they installed themselves in churches and other establishments they had stolen and it morphed into orgies and continuous violence, power struggles, and embarrassment for a Pope who wanted the spoils of the illicit battle and seemed to not care much for his Eastern Brethren. Anyway that is one example of hijacking religion which resulted not in schizophrenia, but actual fear and disrespect of the Faith. Muslims attack each other as do Jews, see world history for details. During the 20th century many of the legal attacks on Christianity are tainted with the stain of Marxism and though I see your point, the non-Marxist criticisms are not completely without merit.

      I have this fantasy… If Muslims, Christians and Jews practiced their Faiths as detailed in their accompanying literature, without being hijacked by those who have ulterior motives and desires for great riches and\or political power, whether they be Rabbis-Priests-Imams-kings-queens-politicos’, then we can all get out of the business of fear of others that results in constant warfare and enter a new age of peace. Like I said, I have this fantasy…

    • "true international solidarity"

      Are we fellow travelers, no and thats as much a joke as the above article. French interior minister Manuel Valls is preventing further violence and the likely ensuing backlash that would result from allowing a tiny minority to have anti-U.S. protest; see past decade of Muslim unrest, car burning and violence:

      "Valls said that among the roughly 250 protesters on Saturday there were some groups that "advocate radical Islam, but they were not representative of the moderate Islam practised by most Muslims in France...,"

      5% of 4 million Muslims in France would be 200,000. The present numbers of so called radical protesters are tiny, micro groups of youth who are basically irrelevant and to throw out the Islamaphobic cry over and over is inaccurate and will only promote actual fear of Islam. If you want to help their situation try creating some jobs for the 98% of peaceful French Muslims instead of promoting what has the ring of a Marxist tune.

      The deaths of Embassy personnel in Libya was due to a planned attack which had absolutely nothing to do with a film. The media and small time writers have hijacked this story making it sound as though the Muslim hoards are ready for War, while the Right does the same for their own purposes. They also promoted a terrible excuse for film, along with complete ignorance from Obama and an at best confused State Dept., all resulting in more confusion, which seems part of the plan for some groups, whether they be left or right, its like the hell with the facts, my mind is made up.

      Yes Radical Islam is dangerous, but its actual power or percentage representation in the greater Islamic world has been exaggerated to the point of creating some paranoia, or the newly popular term Islamaphobe, my personal favorite. Immigrants to France will struggle as all immigrants have in every country thruout history. They will be discriminated against and challenged on every front, but its more about competition for a limited number of jobs and the process of assimilation rather than actual racial or religious hatred.

      This is the 1st piece I have read on Mondoweiss that does not seem to fit the bill. Then again this is about “The War of Ideas in the Middle East.”

  • Abbas agrees to 'Dershowitz Formula' in NY meeting with Jewish leaders
    • Les, thanks for the Rosenberg link, proving a Jewish person is likely to vote based on the same criteria as any other American citizen, while establishing once again the exaggerated importance-relevance of Israel’s portrayal in our media, also disproving commonly held assumptions that all Jews are the same in thought or preference. If you have not experienced these commonly held assumptions I suggest you may be living in an isolated environment or you may not be Jewish.

      Dershowitz is a hired gun in my opinion, whether he is an active Zionist does not matter at this time as he is being compensated in some form. I think they want him more for his visibility, like hey that ole Douchewitz is helping the peace talks while Netanyahoo comes across as willing to cooperate, if only Abbas will see the light. He provides a positive vibe and adds legitimacy(real or imagined) to a moot point, but it effectively paints the picture they want everyone to see. It sounds so believable on the news yet its all a ruse. I hope I am wrong and its not a con game, but it sure sounds like one to me.

      All this probably looks grossly obvious to the esteemed scholars here on Mondoweiss, but without the facts I read here I would not have known about this latest obfuscation concerning the fantasy of a settlement freeze.

      Keep up the good work.

  • Islamophobia takes the A train....
    • The keen queen spends the mean green. Her ignorance was proved beyond doubt when she commented on not understanding Jews that don’t vote like her, suggesting a belief that all Jews are cut from the same cloth and possess the exact same ideology and beliefs. Her attitudes and views bear a resemblance to National Socialism circa 1930s.

  • Romney slams away at foreign policy -- harping that Iran is 'on the cusp' of capability
    • So the politics of fear is alive and well in Israel as well as U.S.A. “I’m afraid that Netanyahu is more obedient to the pressure from the United States and from Europe than to the pressure from his own voters.” It would seem the shoe is on the other foot here at home, yet to his people its reported as though we tell him what to do. The Israeli lobby is as understated at home as it is here, though I suspect the power of either to force the other to bow is exaggerated. Obama did bow to the Saudi King though, in a manner which completely disregarded his position of power and was at best a disgrace to his office.

      Obama not meeting Netan-yahoo, just some mild political posturing nothing more, yet more likely a calculated move for certain voters; while Romney speaks in the typical pattern of the Right, not far right, though I’m sure the evil Neocons are waiting to jerk him all the way right if they get their chance. Israeli politics is not going to be strongly influenced by either candidate winning office and it seems readily apparent that Obama, while being a real “do nothing not even attending security briefings” kind of guy, has not brought peace, understanding, nor any actual change to the Middle East as regards relations with the larger Muslim world.

      We cannot assume that Romney is going to turn into a warlord for the Zionist cause, nor that he will adhere to their policies, though yes you have informed me of Bush’s being pushed in that direction by Goldberg and his buddies with Dick Cheney too. We can assume he will operate from a position of strength instead of the obvious weaknesses displayed by Obama and his disastrous state department who are still wondering how to spin an explanation about the attacks on embassies while being unresponsive to the greater duties and power needed to administer the office of president effectively; not to mention apologizing for something the American people had no hand in, a stupid film, and to boot telling the Latinos that Washington is changed from the outside not the inside, the opposite of his message four years ago, which may be one of the stupidest statements ever made by a candidate. On the other hand Romney gave away millions to lower his tax rate and correctly said about 47% will not vote for him so he won’t pursue their vote, albeit in a clumsy manner, so he is portrayed as an idiot, yet this idiot made a pile of dough; or maybe we should hate him for that to, a living embodiment of the American dream that is not even mentioned in this election because so many of us aren’t living it and continue to be faced with economic uncertainty. And a lot of the events of the past few months or four years are politics as usual, both sides of the aisle lining their pockets as America feels further strains of a government run amuck.

      The Palestinian abuses and Israeli expansion have continued under Obama and they will continue under Romney as both parties are afraid, its that politics of fear thing again, of the Israeli lobby, not to mention its one of those thorny issues few understand or sincerely care about. We know Obama is a confirmed foreign policy disaster and while Romney may prove to be about the same, neither man, and neither party will take the time learn about the history or the cultures of other countries, and whether its Zionist or multi-national global firms doing the influencing, the most important difference in the candidates is who will create the most jobs.

  • The 'Land of Israel' lobby doesn't trust wobbly Netanyahu
    • If they make it to Cyprus they can join the EU. I jokingly said last week that Israel won't stop until they reach the Black Sea, now I find out someone already thought of that, so much for originality.

  • Iraq/Iran is 'feverishly working to develop atomic weapons' -- Netanyahu 2012 echoes Netanyahu 2002
  • Anti-Semitism is alive and well (in the U.S. political discourse, anyway)
    • The seemingly militant paranoia of the Israeli government was not born out of Jungian nightmares nor Freudian fantasy, but out of genocide and a centuries long list of paranoia inducing occurrences like Pogroms and Genocide. Be that as it may, the above is only a reflection of myself trying to understand. The following seems to include an implied and implicit threat, but to whom may I ask: "when the Jewish people are threatened, it is the first sign of a threat to international order and world peace." That does reek of a disturbed and haunted mind, but it also sounds quite like "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" and coming from an Israeli scholar? I'm speechless and cannot fathom a reasonable explanation.

  • Anti-Muslim men behaving badly
  • Palestinian Authority carries out mass arrests across West Bank, including journalists and opposition activists
    • Stir up a hornets nest and someone will get stung.
      Raise Palestinian anger to the boiling point, then say see, look, look what they have done.

  • Florida election theatrics: Netanyahu fearmongering on the campaign trail
    • Next up will be Mahmoud “ImMadnJaded” addressing voters in select areas with his own toxic brew of disguised political aims and war like discourse.

  • Gregory Harms on the earthly interests of power
    • “The thesis that the Neocons and the Israel(i) lobby pushed the United States into Iraq defies logic and runs counter to how power has worked throughout human history.” Actually much has been written to the contrary based on the facts that yes it was the far right and Zionist lobby that has pushed quite hard to implement and\or convince American policy makers of the wisdom of invasion, Iraq and otherwise. Many of the above posts back up these facts so I must not beat a “Turin Horse.” American Foreign Policy and lack thereof is driving me crazy. Not guarding Embassy grounds and personnel along with at least 20 years of snafus world wide etc cannot be out of complete ignorance as much as stemming from failed policy by those who influence and implement these piss poor excuses for doctrine.

      But to get in one more lick, it has never taken any prodding from Americans to keep Israelis in a “mode of militancy.”

      My issue with Its Not about Religion is another matter, also based upon the facts that forays into the foreign countries rarely bear only the fruit sought, in fact other than a few instances we leave either a chosen ?leader? or a power vacuum in our wake. Islam is not so complex that we cannot understand it, and even a cursory reading of history would show that Islam is the state and other than Turkey and maybe a couple minor players, western democracy has been rejected throughout the world of Islam time and again. See former Shah of Iran for details, though yes they were better off economically with the Shah, the Islamic brethren did not want a western puppet and took action against what they saw as a threat to their beliefs.

      If an Islamic country asks for our help, let’s go, I am all for it, but how many times must we make the same mistakes when they don’t want our help or influence? See Central and South America or the all time favorite Africa for results of failed foreign policy mixed with an unhealthy dose of corporate influence. The greater point(excuse) in the prior sentence is that it was a fight against the Communists or some evil regime with anti-corporate interests, good idea poor results, although perhaps it had to happen the way it did, great, have we not learned from making the same mistakes over and over…

      But in the Middle East it is grossly incorrect to suggest it is not about religion. Religion is life for devout Muslims and it controls their laws, customs and anything else they want it to, just as it is for the Haredi Jews(customs-roots, not Israeli law), they trace their roots back to an early beginning and claim supremacy over modernized or more recent versions of the same faith. Radical Islam is not Orthodoxy as seen by lack of support, such as 10% of one-billion Muslims protesting and raising hell or launching attacks would look far different from the small numbers we see now. Really we have only seen smoke from the fires of Muslim anger, very much based and steeped in religious (un)principle(ed) ignorance, but no real flames. Incorrect American Foreign Policy such as thinking its not about religion can only become a catalyst to smoldering fires

  • Maureen Dowd accuses the neocons of fomenting war -- and is promptly tarred as an anti-Semite
    • Excellent work, I read this piece and thought I might add to the discussion at Huffpo and my comments were Rejected, article "Ahmadinejad In New York": see comments below because you won't see them at Huffpo.

      This article is a prime example of Astroturfing, also check T Friedman writing on Memri on 9-18 NYTimes. The info is fed to the author to support a position and in some instances all you got to do is sign your name and get paid. Memri has purposely incorrectly translated children as saying kill Jews when in fact the kids were saying we will get shot by the Jews. Big difference, and maybe that was just an inadvertent error in translation that only happened one time.

      Mahmoud being sued is as plausible as someone suing the Israeli Oligarchs for Palestinian deaths or bulldozing their homes, ethnic cleansing… The Iranian leader's importance in world affairs has been greatly exaggerated, and the threat of WMDs sounds all too familiar at this juncture.

      The recent smear job of branding Maureen Dowd an anti-Semite? A travesty of justice, it really is, check out some of the articles in her defense, though they are few today, they are being written now. I would hope she can get something out quickly and launch a counter attack on this Goldberg who I understand is covering his ass so a real journalist won't uncover how instrumental he was in pushing the latest War in Iraq. Thats the real story that needs to be detailed, not alleged anti-Semitism.

      For the record I fully support the Israeli people and the State of Israel, but not the present militant regime that rules there. What has been done to Dowd is what got under my skin, thats not reporting, its slander, and its not even a halfway decent excuse for journalism: "writing characterized by a direct presentation of facts or description of events without an attempt at interpretation."
      Are those days over?

  • In new leaked tapes, Romney rejects two-state solution - 'The idea of pushing on the Israelis to give something up to get the Palestinians to act is the worst idea in the world'
    • Excellent points. If you know that and others know that, what happened to Romney’s campaign, you know like use these facts as attack points to show a sitting President who has done next to nothing in four years. Nothing changed, then again it got worse especially the last two years, and no I don’t look at the DOW as indicative of the American economy. The DOW and broader markets have risen because the same banks that screwed it all up have taken low cost government funds and reinvested in the markets, and who is say how much the FED put into our markets, which does not benefit the broader economy. Instead of actively seeking out programs to loan money to small business and create jobs they want to make sure the winners in the Derivatives Games, a most crooked enterprise that is nowhere as complex as they make it out to be, more like Vegas on leverage and steroids, maybe financial crystal meth, yet the winners of those games want their money though the losers didn’t have enough money to pay what they owed.

      It looks to me like the Russian Federation is controlled by Oligarchs, so is Israel, and America, home of the free and the brave, well we seem to be headed there if we have not already arrived. When elections are won by whoever has the most dollars to spend, then we are screwed. 2016 should see the rise of a Centrist Party that is more inclusive of all concerned.

      For years watching the news it would be like this: a suicide Palestinian bomber today entered an Israeli café, etc; followed by Israel counterattacked and killed a bunch of Palestinians; followed by peace talks, followed by more murder on both sides. I questioned how could any people be so full of hate that they resort to carrying out these suicide attacks. One day an Orthodox priest from a church in southern California told me he had an old friend who was a Palestinian Christian who grew up close to the beach in present day Israel, I didn’t get the exact location, doesn’t matter, its anecdotal not fictional. The Palestinian Christian family’s mother would have her kids take food down to the beach area before they were allowed to eat their dinner in order to help the Jewish refugees who had washed up on shore like Flotsam and Jetsam. These same Palestinians were later forced out of their home, the one they had lived in for at least 3 generations, they came to America, end of story. The point is they were forced out, compensated for the home I assume(think that gave them the capital to come here), not like today as Israel expands and uses bulldozer diplomacy, but I believe I made my point and anyway that is how I have grown to comprehend the plight and tragedy of the Palestinian people, though it may seem a oversimplification to many more educated in the manner than I.

      Obama and his administration are like a baseball player hitting a sacrifice bunt with the bases empty, its a guarantee for failure, you lose, we all lose, but you probably won’t offend many people. Romney, genius that he is, he has come out of the minor leagues and facing some major league pitching but he ain’t making contact. He is swinging for the fences, but having trouble focusing on the ball. My point is a sacrifice bunt at this time guarantees not change but more of the same failure that has plagued the present administration. Romney can be trained, more time spent learning in the political batting cage, a new administration that granted, may be similar to Obama’s ineffective cohorts, but this time it is time for change. Of course I can always write in Barry Goldwater(1964) to signify the similarities if Republicans don’t get it together in time and Romney continues to strike out.

  • America: connect the dots
    • When I connect the dots I hear loud obnoxious voices from the left, then I hear another bunch of radicals and it’s the far right screaming just as loudly with perhaps a different handwriting, yet both sides spell out the same words, like a child’s handwriting with one of those oversized pencils: Insanity and intolerance in big bold letters. Both sides have become so noxious concerning their own respective rights and forcing their viewpoint(s) on the other side it has forced me into the center, probably to be shot between the proverbial eyes by both sides, kind of like an Israeli who says anything in support of Palestinians, the old guard stands ready to destroy that individual, politically and otherwise, though admittedly I am safer here in the States and free to disagree with the present militant Zionist regime, nor have I had to fear suicide bombers at the café or grocery store, not yet anyway.

      The parallels I draw between Zionist Israel and my country can be boiled down to the politics of fear being used by both sides to the most extreme degree, resulting in further dissension and distrust between those of differing viewpoints and beliefs. Romney’s 47% comments were not about he doesn’t give a crap about those people, its he knows they are yellow dog democrats who are not going to be swayed to vote for Rep. side no matter what. Taking him out of context, showing these videos and only pulling out snippets or sound bites, that’s a bunch of bullshit and could be done to anyone to make them look bad. Of course this is an election year so I expected this to happen, and soon enough this incident will blow over and become the non-issue it already was, while the headlines will draw people in, just as the recent Newsweek cover did.

      I haven’t read Newsweek in years, but the cover was meant to sell copy and the article was concerning how to lessen Muslim anger, not inflame or leaven it. Its not near as controversial as Bloomberg Businessweek which recently had John the Baptist giving investment advice to Bring’em Young and Joseph Smith on the cover. Maybe next Bloomberg could run Christ on the cover, which actually is what is implied in the graphic of John the Baptist by the way, but have Christ and the disciples gangbanging Mary Magdalene, or maybe a Rabbi giving investment advice to congregants if not instructing Israelis to kill Palestinians in the name of Yahweh. Outrageous? So was the cover with John the Baptist and so is smearing Romney with this horseshit video.

      American media has been so fast to attack Romney on this video it almost looks as though they had advance notice and wrote their articles beforehand, but again he is being misinterpreted and his words spun into something not intended and soon new attacks will arise on both sides of the aisle and we can argue further on new issues and how wrong each side is purported to be. Does anyone really believe either Obama or Romney can overturn Roe v. Wade, or actually purposely effect events in Israel? I say Israel has both sides covered and will do whatever they want to do regardless of election outcomes, see history of Palestinians or U.S.S. Liberty for details. The women’s issues are being used as typical hot button topics and Obama wins this one in a landslide because of his health care bill and I will leave it at that. Romney will be sure to put his foot into his mouth again, soon I would guess, but he is not the great Satan or anti-Christ nor a crazed zealot as he is portrayed in major media.

      To connect the dots on the conservative side and denounce bigotry is a good idea, but there is enough of an argument for the same to be done from the left also. The timing of the recent amateur stag film is not by accident anymore than recent Islamic attacks around the globe are by accident. The attacks were already planned and it’s a shame our Embassies did not find themselves on guard for that possibility though they were warned beforehand, not to mention the Libyan Embassy standing down instead of defending themselves properly and bringing in extra Marines. Officials ignored warnings of possible attacks 3 days prior to actual attacks, though I would assume any foreign policy would include increased security for 9-11, pick a year any will do for 11 years now, or date it to the Iranian hostage crisis, but to not be ready and not guard\protect your own people is failed State Policy at best, while agreeing that yes Romney’s comments were ill timed and out of tune with what was needed at that moment. Its another example of America being perceived as weak due to a State Department who has lost their way in the world, blame who you want, maybe Bush did it, he certainly didn't help FP matters either.

      The timing of both events(film-attacks) is not odd and there is a much larger story that I expect to read about very soon. I would point out that Israel benefits here by the world viewing an anger crazed Muslim populace, though in fact the actual numbers of violent protesters are very small, tiny in relation to the total number of believers. I would hate to see large scale protest across the broader Muslim world as it would be incomparably worse, but a small group shown on film with some burning flags and a few deaths meets the needs of someone who stands to benefit from these events just as amateur filmmakers can make quite a scene from a low budget junky film that hardly rates as low budget comedy. Who is it, who benefits the most from these events? A rhetorical question would be if an insulting type film inflamed Muslim passions and provided excuses for attack, how will American support be viewed if Israel attacks Iran, not to mention setting back any kind of peace talks between the neighboring countries and setting up everyone for further war and outright murder?

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