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  • David Grossman's love letter to Israel, warts and all
    • Sorry, diasp0ra, but my presence here suggests that I'm the person willing to be challenged, not you.

      Reviews like these are amusing to read; they say more about the reviewer than they do about the book. Short summary: Grossman didn't adopt an everything-about-Israel-is-horrible viewpoint like mine, so his book is offensive.

    • People here would never read a book that challenged them in any way.

  • Trump's claim of 9/11 celebration in New Jersey is based on arrest of 5 'laughing' Israelis
  • Leading anthropologists group overwhelmingly passes BDS resolution at Denver conference
    • "It should come as no surprise that those whose profession is the study of human development throughout history vote overwhelmingly to support the evolutionary side of this dispute."

      It should come as no surprise that people who study primates should act like them when it comes to this issue.

    • Like the vast majority of academics in history, most will of these losers will go right where they deserve - complete oblivion.

    • "That’s not how academia works."

      That's exactly what's happening with Israeli scholars, as the AAA's own Task Force report says. It's against the law, both in the United States and in Great Britain. They're being targeted by other academics, who are refusing to collaborate with them, permit them to publish in journals, and so on.

      There will be lawsuits over this stuff, believe me. And rightfully so. It's against American discrimination law. And yes, even BDS supporters admit that it would be against the law to discriminate against Israelis on the basis of national origin, which is why they say they target institutions, rather than individuals.

      "Once again you reveal your contempt for the liberal arts."

      I don't have contempt for liberal arts. These scholars do.

    • It's another nail in the coffin of liberal arts in higher education, and the misfits who populate its ranks.

      Any anthropologist who attempts to discriminate against an Israeli scholar will be sued for discrimination on the basis of national origin.

  • 'Jewish Communal Fund' seeds Islamophobia as toxic as Trump's
    • "It’s nice to see you actually present a counter argument. However, you haven’t actually shown a fault with the logic. Rather, you are attacking my first premise"

      Your assumption is wrong, so your argument is irrelevant.

      "If it is true, is it still anti-Semitic? And if it is both true and anti-Semitic, does that mean that some truths should be suppressed?"

      It isn't true, remotely. The United States is a country of 320,000,000 people. Around 5-6 million are Jews. When the United States chose to go to war with Iraq, the President was a Protestant and so was the Vice-President and Secretary of Defense. It is illogical to suggest that Jews were the ones who caused the war to take place, as Phil has done repeatedly. It's antisemitic because it asserts both that Jews act collectively as a fifth column to undermine the United States, which is, of course, untrue.

      "Same question."

      Same answer. It's untrue, and frankly, the vast majority of rational people don't need to go through this game to understand that.

      "But we are supposed to pretend there are 1.5 billion Jews and 15 million Muslims? Why would anybody do that?"

      Is it too challenging for you, Mooser? I think it's a fairly simple thought experiment. If Jews represented 1.5 billion people and 57 countries at the United Nations, rather 15 million people and 1 country, I don't think that there would be an international campaign to target Israel.

    • As usual, logical arguments fall apart when they're based on faulty assumptions as yours is, RoHa, and as Phil's is.

      Here's what Phil wrote:

      "Geller is pro-Israel. The JCF is also pro-Israel. That’s why Clifton’s report is so meaningful to me. Defining the Jewish community as pro-Israel was the great project of Zionists in the years following the Biltmore program of 1942 and leading up to the Yom Kippur War in 1973, by which time the American Jewish community was wholly identified with support for Israel. Israel needed us; and we became one! as propagandists exclaimed. In fact, the Jewish community lost other broad bases of Jewish identification outside of Israel; it became completely Zionist– which is why members of that community assert with sincerity that anti-Zionists are anti-Semites.

      Let's break it down.

      "Geller is pro-Israel. The JCF is also pro-Israel. "

      That's the logical equivalent of saying that the sky is blue, and a racquet ball is blue, so they must be the same thing, since both are blue.

      "Defining the Jewish community as pro-Israel was the great project of Zionists in the years following the Biltmore program of 1942 and leading up to the Yom Kippur War in 1973, by which time the American Jewish community was wholly identified with support for Israel"

      It's amazing the way Phil always omits history when he makes statements like this one. The main achievement of the Biltmore program was to marshall support in the Jewish community for the establishment of a Jewish state. Zionists didn't have to work hard to get Jews to understand the importance of a Jewish state post-Holocaust and especially post-1967 War.

      "In fact, the Jewish community lost other broad bases of Jewish identification outside of Israel; it became completely Zionist"

      That statement is silly. The most ardent supporters of Israel today are Modern Orthodox Jews. Their base of Jewish identification is based around common practice, as are most religious Jews, which is the fastest growing sector of the Jewish community. Their Jewish identification incorporates Israel, but is not based exclusively or even mostly on it.

      "which is why members of that community assert with sincerity that anti-Zionists are anti-Semites."

      The reason why so many members of the Jewish community assert that anti-Zionists are anti-Semites is because so many of them seem to be anti-semites. Phil himself repeatedly blames Jews for starting the Iraq War and speculates that there are too many Jews in powerful political positions in the United States. Antisemitic canards, which for decades weren't heard outside of the far-right, like referring to the US Congress as "Zionist occupied," are common in the anti-Zionist community. Holocaust denial is common among anti-Zionists, I've seen people cite the Rense cite more than once.

      Then, of course, there's the structural antisemitism inherent in anti-Zionism - the obsessive targeting of the world's only Jewish state, and the concurrent silence by comparison from anti-Zionists about nearly every other human rights abuse in the region, the truth that if there were 15 million Muslims and 1.5 billion Jews, we probably wouldn't hear much about a Jewish state, because there would be dozens of them, rather than one, etc.

      So save your self-referential nonsense, RoHa. Your argument is not remotely logical or clever.

    • The article is deeply misleading. The JCF donor advised funds are donor advised; it's an easy way to set up an account for charitable giving without the red tape of setting up foundations and trust funds. Other than checking the legality of the contribution, JCF doesn't do much else; the guidelines clearly say that people can give to sectarian and non-sectarian causes. People are really free to give to whomever they want as long as it's legal.

      It's just one hundred percent wrong to suggest that every donation someone makes from a donor fund has a stamp of approval from the Jewish community.

    • I'm sure you'd like to believe that, RoHa.

  • 'NYT' only counts Jews when it pronounces Thursday 'deadliest day of violence'
  • No justice for Tariq Abu Khdeir -- even US State Dep't faults Israeli 'accountability'
    • How much time did the officers in the Garner and Brown cases get?

      "Even when criminal investigations against soldiers accused of such offences are opened, they almost always fail…..approximately 94 percent of criminal investigations launched by the IDF against soldiers suspected of criminal violent activity against Palestinians and their property are closed without any indictments. "

      What percentage of investigations into American police officers are closed without indictment? How about investigations in to US Army personnel?

  • To the next 'NYT' Jerusalem chief -- Here is your job description
  • Running for top UN job, UNESCO chief to appear at Zionist celebration on Capitol Hill
    • Amazing that you could be heard to complain that the UN system is rigged against Palestinians, when they are the only people with an entire GA committee devoted to them.

    • "In the long run, the Judaization of imperial power is more significant than the Judaization of Palestine."

      1. No racist or sexist comments. This includes anti-Arab, Islamophobic and anti-Semitic comments (and yes, Christian-bashing too). This includes comments that disparage, intimidate or attack a person based on perceived ethnicity or gender.

  • 'I endorse the cultural boycott of Israel': Prominent artists support New York-based campaign for cultural boycott of Israel
    • "For maximum impact, you should refer to it as “the world’s largest Holocaust Survivor community”."

      Good idea. Since most BDS activists know little about the Holocaust, and since BDS literature consciously excludes mention of the Holocaust from its history of the conflict, these misguided activists should be reminded of that aspect of the pain they cause.

    • " that’s not the case for israel who spends a fortune promoting israeli artists internationally"

      Like most countries. China promotes Chinese artists. Japan promotes Japanese artists. Germany promotes German artists. Etc. You seem to be making my point. Practically, separating individuals from institutions is difficult in the art world outside of the United States

      "as far as i know no one is boycotting individual israeli artists,"

      But that's practically what's going to happen. You'll have lots of Mona Baker types who will just refuse to work with Israelis, period, and the BDS movement isn't going to tell them it's just about institutions. And what if the Israeli consulate promotes an artist? That doesn't necessarily make him or her state-sponsored. C'mon, Annie. This institutions-not-people nonsense is not reality. Look at what happened with Matisyahu, in Spain. Did the BDS movement say, hey, you're trying to boycott an individual, not an institution? No. They were thrilled about the whole thing. I doubt most BDS activists even understand the difference. We all know what this is about. If you say you're boycotting individuals, you're exposing yourself to discrimination claims. If you say you're boycotting institutions, you're less exposed to discrimination claims.

      "the eight leading artists endorsing this boycott are not state sponsored"


      "when an american independent filmmaker get’s invited to the opening of their film at a film festival in toronto, generally washington dc doesn’t pick up the tab and send money to the film festival to fund the artists travel expenses"

      But if the film was made with an NEA grant, then it becomes "institutional," no? It's a government grant.

    • Still with this disingenuous nonsense about institutions, rather than individuals, even though many, if not most, individuals act through institutions in the academic world and in the art world.

      What ignominious liars and censors these artists are.

      They endorse the shunning of the world's largest Jewish community.

  • West's war against terrorism is Israel's war, Chuck Schumer says
  • The way for Americans to take on the Islamic state is to end support for Jewish nationalism
    • And of course, on the premise that Iraq had WMD's. But go on believing the Arab world conspiracy theories that Israel was the reason why.

    • "incorrect. my position is that Salafism wouldn’t be a problem for the US if not for empire"

      If it's about empire, why are there jihadi terrorist bombings in places like Kenya and Lebanon? Are these empires?

      "i don’t believe everything we do is solely for the benefit of israel (example, iran deal wasn’t solely for the benefit of israel). but our current wars in the ME? clearly i can’t make the argument they were not driven to a large extent for the benefit of israel hops. "

      I think that's super silly. The United States has geostrategic and economic interests in the Middle East. Israel isn't even a small reason that we went to war in Iraq.

      after all, there’d be no need for a lobby if all this would happen anyway without them."

      It certainly would have. George Bush and Dick Cheney didn't bomb Iraq because of any lobby. They did so because they thought Iraq was behind 9/11 and because they wanted to finish off Saddam.

      You believe in conspiracy theories, I'm sorry to say. There's just no truth to these theories at all.

    • "it wouldn’t be our problem that’s for sure. this whole empire thing trying to conquer the ME to “civilize” the people is a big ruse made all to clear by the PM humping all over this tragedy to promote the hatred of palestinians for his own self interest and colonial designs."

      So your position is that Salafism wouldn't be a problem for the United States if not for Israel, correct?

    • "I am far less interested in Israel’s identity than I am in American and American Jewish identity."

      Fair enough. You're an avowed secularist. You're against Jewish day schools, which are today the main source of comprehensive Jewish education. You're opposed to circumcision. You don't keep kosher. You don't support any kind of real collective identity that members of other faiths enjoy many times over. You attack just about every Jewish leader there is and blame them for the war in Iraq, and the comment section of your blog is rife with overt antisemitism. So what American Jewish identity do you envision, really? Does it bear any resemblance to a religion, or it is simply taking however you choose to live your life and sticking a convenient Jewish label on it so that you can front for the BDS movement? And why should you be accorded credibility when you speak "as a Jew?"

    • Israel's already virtually accepted by its neighbors. I don't know where you've been. It has peace treaties with Jordan and Egypt, and a working relationship with most of the states in the Gulf.

    • Can you tell me which mainstream Zionist organizations have promoted the view that Islam is the enemy of Western civilization? Organizations, please, not individual people, since you've blamed "Zionism" for this view.

      "Nice death trap we’re being led into eyes wide shut on behalf of Zionism and the chosen"

      Oh please. You're a vicious antisemite, kalithea. Stop hiding behind euphemisms.

    • "The biggest impediment to both the reform of Islam and peace in the Middle East that Americans have the ability to remove is our support for a militant Jewish ideology that few Arabs and Muslims have ever accepted."

      Do you EVER listen to yourself? Do you really think that Salafist Jihadism wouldn't be a problem if there wasn't a Jewish state?

      WHO CARES if some Muslims and Arabs don't accept what most Jews accept? Should we start living our lives based on the desires of ISIS now? Perhaps we should cancel our democracies and put away our women too. Then we'll really get rid of the problem.

  • Academics both 'pleased and concerned' with Salaita settlement with University of Illinois
    • The disaffection the anti-Israel political community feels about the Salaita case only confirms again that it was purely about politics for them, and not about academic freedom. Indeed, people who advocate academic boycott can never speak credibly for academic freedom.

    • "Choices for hires are in the first instance made by departments. They are then typically sent to a Dean and (in the cases like Salaita, for hires with tenure) to a university tenure committee; but those will only look at the academic case – they will not be examining (e.g.) the candidate’s presence on social media. They do not have the sort of evidence in front of them that would alert them to (e.g.) fallout from donors."

      Can you honestly say, though, that the academic case is all that these departments and programs take into account? Salaita was not some eminent scholar. He was basically unknown before this. It's no coincidence that the head of American-Indian Studies shared his political views.

      Even if the university can't vet every candidate, one would think they would more aggressively vet candidates to whom they're giving lifetime appointments.

      Moreover, even if the controversy over Salaita's hire occurred after he received his offer, his tweets only mimicked other themes in his polemical writing that were just as troubling.

      "He had it by virtue of being a US citizen who had received an offer of employment from a US public institution, which is legally obliged to provide full and unabridged First Amendment rights of free speech on all matters, whether or not related to the individual’s work, and no matter how controversial it may be."

      I don't believe that's true. I can think of a number of public institutions that have a perfect right to hire and fire employees based on their behavior on social media. First Amendment rights give you the right to speak. They don't give you the right to avoid the consequences of speech. Logically, it doesn't hold. Salaita's hire is based on his output. If he isn't hired because his output was insufficient, i.e., because of what he did or didn't say in his academic work, that's not a violation of his First Amendment rights.

    • "says the person belonging to a coddled minority that cries like babies if anyone says anything they don’t like. says the person who demands special privileges based on his faith. your a real piece of work. thankfully in the next you will get that which you have earned."

      Don't threaten me, pjdude. My people are facing serious antisemitism in almost every country in Europe right now. We're not a coddled minority.

    • Please explain to me how the liberal arts entitles professors to act without consequence or how it entitles professors to tenured positions. The great majority of professors enjoy no such freedom, of course, and Salaita's childish and irresponsibility made their lives harder, not easier.

    • "We are pleased that the University of Illinois trustees, through the payment of a substantial monetary settlement to Professor Salaita, have acknowledged how Professor Salaita’s termination amounted to a serious violation of both his constitutional right to free speech on matters of public concern, and principles of academic freedom. Agreeing to pay what amounts to the equivalent of Professor Salaita’s salary for ten years, the University of Illinois trustees have implicitly conceded the core claims of Professor Salaita’s lawsuit"

      LOL. Or they just wanted him to go away, which is the more likely explanation, and paying him was cheaper than litigating the case to conclusion. Happens every day.

      "At the same time, we are concerned about the terms of the settlement for two principal reasons. First, it did not include Professor Salaita’s reinstatement."

      It's uncommon for that to happen when the parties are in dispute with one another.

      What will happen now is that universities will much more closely vet department hires, and people like Salaita simply will not get an offer. Humanities professors, who just don't live in the real world, are fooling themselves. They're coddled, and they expect privileges that no one else enjoys, such as the privilege to say whatever they want, whenever they want, whether it relates to their work or not, and face no consequence for it. Compared to the sciences, humanities departments bring little in the way of donations into a university, except, it seems, this kind of headache.

      If humanities professors stopped acting like the coddled babies that they are, they might recognize how badly this kind of thing looks to everybody but them and the activists who supported Salaita's cause for purely political reasons.

  • DC protests mark the end of PEP era -- progressive except Palestine
    • Look, Avigail, Western activists are having their day in the sun, and that's all that really matters to them.

  • The titter-tape charade
    • "Another critic observes that Tanden was giggly and jumpy and squirming around in her seat in the presence of an alpha male"

      Another misogynistic moment at Mondoweiss.

  • I went from Bar Mitzvah to BDS at Temple Emanu-el
    • "So what poor old Phil is actually all about is secretly trying to achieve “secular universalism” – God I have heard some bullshit terms in my life but this really takes the biscuit."

      Why? Do you need it explained to you? Phil's written about how he views his Judaism at great length.

      "So his condemnation of apartheid in Israel,the cold blooded slaughter of hundreds of innocent Palestinian children in Gaza, the extra judicial killings at checkpoints , the burning alive of Palestinians , the 3.00 am raiding and trashing of Palestinian homes , the detention without trial of Palestinian teenagers – all that is just a front for his secret drive for “secular universalism”."

      No, I think his calls for an end to Jewish day school education and an end to circumcision, and his conspiracy theories about powerful Jews, which echo antisemitic tropes, all of which is amplified by the readership here, all point to his preference for secularism over Judaism, and his preference that Judaism disappear through assimilation.

    • No one is raping Palestinians, except maybe Syrian soldiers in Bashar Al-Assad's army.

    • Again, you seem to think it's appropriate to judge people on their looks. BDSers, in my experience, usually look angry, and are, like that guy at Berkeley that led chants of ""We support the Intifada" and "Long live the Intifada." He seemed really mad. link to

    • LOL, how, pray tell?

    • "please explain. how is association w/ flick misogynistic?"

      It's a way of smearing confident, ambitious women. No one would ever say something like this about an ambitious male.

      I've seen Lauren Rogers speak. There's nothing ruthless or desperate about her; she . Rob was clearly intimidated by her.

      "and you’re familiar with “most of them” how?"

      I've had enough experience with them both here and in my work on campus to know that political savvy is not a term I'd use to describe them. They're OK with coalition building on campus; building activist coalitions on campus is like shooting fish in a barrel. But they have no clue about life outside of the college bubble.

      "The vast majority of the Jews involved with the BDS movement have little to no Jewish education whatsoever"

      You can go over the Pew study. There's a direct correlation between Jewish educational attainment and attachment to Israel and to Jewish institutions. But it's really just common sense, Annie. People who have a connection to their fellow Jews and see themselves as a part of a Jewish community don't launch boycotts of the world's largest Jewish community. That's not to say that there aren't Jews in the BDS movement with Jewish educational backgrounds; there certainly are. But they're a small minority. Most are like Phil - they don't particularly like religion, and they're uncomfortable with Jewish identity insofar as it suggests something other than the secular universalism to which they aspire, and fighting against the idea of a Jewish state is part of that struggle.

    • "while zionists have no intellectual tools to defend their actions"

      You keep telling yourself that referring to your opponents as having "the look of a man who was born to angrily wipe a whipped cream pie off his face."

      I mean seriously. BDSers have no self-awareness at all.

    • "The paranoid undercurrent running through Ossman’s remarks should be familiar to anyone who’s heard Netanyahu’s speeches: Jews can only be safe when surrounded by their own kind."

      Actually, it should be familiar to anyone who has been on a college campus recently, where the dialogue is all about safe spaces, whether they're for African-Americans, Hispanics, South Asians, or sexual assault victims. See, this is the problem with BDS. Its campus adherents all talk in terms of safe spaces, but then reject that concept when it comes to campus Jewish communities.

      "Lauren Roberts, a Tracy Flick-esqe young woman"

      Wow. I guess you allow misogyny here.

      "Even more embarrassing, SJP – the organization described throughout the night as if it were an ISIS front group – is actually a national organization of politically savvy students (including plenty of Jewish members) who are committed to democracy and probably know more about Jewish tradition than the people attacking them do. "

      LOL. SJP students are not political savvy in my experience. Most of them know very, very little about the Middle East, other than the propaganda BDS members circulate on campus, and have little intellectual curiousity; otherwise, they'd actually be interested in learning about all sides of the story, rather than one side. As far as knowing about Jewish tradition, that's just ridiculous. The vast majority of the Jews involved with the BDS movement have little to no Jewish education whatsoever; they're there because of their left-wing politics, not because of their Judaism.

      And Rob, it doesn't do much for your argument when your intellect is too weak to do much but refer to the looks of the panelists.

      "This notion – that a nonviolent movement seeking to replace colonialism and apartheid with democracy and equality is insufficiently “pro-peace,” is not new, but the fact that it raises so few eyebrows among Zionists is alarming."

      Why? BDS isn't pro-peace, Rob. BDS leaders don't claim to be pro-peace. They're supporting the Palestinian cause. The Palestinians are one party to the conflict.

  • Some CAP employees call out Netanyahu's 'crimes,' including slaughter of Gaza children
    • "American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), the Anti-Defamation League, the American Jewish Committee, and the American Israel Education Foundation"

      None of these are right-wing organizations. They're centrist, and in the case of AJC and ADL, they lean left. You're just lying.

  • Call from Gaza-Based Palestinian Student Blocs: Intensify BDS campaigns against apartheid Israel
  • Jewish American activists unfurl banner in support of BDS at the Western Wall
    • " Do you hate them because they’re women or because they’re the “wrong kind” of Jews?"

      I didn't say anything about hating them. I just asked a question. It's simple; is it OK to walk into a mosque immodestly dressed and unfurl political banners?

      "Those two gutsy , moral and humanistic ladies are what real Jews look like."

      You don't get to tell others what "real Jews" look like.

    • Just curious; can I walk into a mosque immodestly dressed and unfurl a banner that I'm praying for an end to suicide bombings, stabbings, ISIS, and discrimination against women in Muslim countries?

  • Incitement is not the problem-- Ted Cruz using it is
    • "Please tell me any country that does what Israel does and doesn’t get any flak for it."

      Morocco (Western Sahara), China (Tibet), Turkey (Cyprus), India (Kashmir). Which ones have been targeted with an international boycott campaign? Which ones have been the subject of half the UNHCR's resolutions?

    • Ya mean, it's a double standard?

      Another argument stolen from the Israelis, who are expected to behave in a way no other nation would.

  • An Open Letter to Dan Rabinowitz: Let’s get our facts straight about BDS
    • "Only Israel’s non-Jewish Israeli citizens citizens have a right to return to the Israeli territory they left in 1948."

      Jews were ethnically cleansed from Jerusalem neighborhoods in 1947/48. They have the same right of return. Otherwise, call it what it is: just a anti-Israel talking point.

      "Israel would deservedly become a failed state on a monumental scale"

      We know; that's your plan, to make Israel a failed state, in which Jews are murdered for who they are.

    • "I imagine that IJLs for the most part are unaccepting of BDS because of the call for (full) return."

      I think it has something to do with the fact that boycotting Jews has a long and nefarious history, and that, generally, people don't boycott their own society. That why American BDS activists don't BDS America. It's a NIMBY thing.

    • YOU'RE the one in favor of BDS, lonely rico. So it's your responsibility to show that your boycott isn't selective discrimination, not mine.

    • "you mean an entitlement to a religion-supremacist state, no such right exists. Not for Jewish people, not for anyone else"

      Apparently, it exists for Muslims many times over. Your inability to deal with counterarguments does not mean I haven't presented them.

      Then again, RoHa, you're a guy who suggests that Jews should be blamed for their own persecution history, so really, who cares what you think?

    • There's no end to your inability to respond to any argument that challenges your assumptions or your privilege, Annie.

    • "The BDS National Committee is largely dedicated to pushing for an economic boycott. And they have had some notable successes: During the Gaza war in the summer of 2014, dock workers in the Port of Oakland honored a community picket line and refused to unload cargo from an Israeli ship."

      Big deal. It's not been repeated, and it did not affect anyone's bottom line.

      That same summer the (U.S.) Presbyterian Church passed a divestment resolution that pulled millions of dollars from companies profiting from the occupation."

      Big deal. It alienated the Church, which is losing influence by the day, from many in the grassroots who wanted no part of BDS.

      "Calls to divest from military and security companies that sustain and profit from the occupation are gaining steam. Last April, the British bank Barclays dumped its holdings of Elbit Systems. Likewise, the Danish bank Merkur terminated its contract with G4S."

      Big deal. Neither company is doing badly. Britain probably has more BDS activists than anywhere else in the world. They couldn't even win a debate against Alan Dershowitz in the Oxford Union.

      "For it part, the European Union is about to start “slapping labels on products produced in Israeli settlements.”"

      Big deal. Goods produced in the settlements represent a tiny portion of the Israeli economy, and no European will say it was because of BDS.

      "Testament to the growing momentum of the call to divest from the Israeli economy, in a recent op-ed in the Washington Post two self-declared “lifelong Zionists” explained why they support an economic boycott of Israeli goods—and not just those produced in the occupied territories. "

      LOL. They're full of it. No one regards either one of these guys as lifelong Zionists; no one has ever heard from them before on this issue. And they're more than outweighed by countries doing new business with Israel, like India and China.

      Nadia Abu El Haj teaches at Columbia. Her school virtually expelled poor African-Americans and Hispanics from their homes in Morningside Heights so that they could build an expensive private school there. They receive plenty of grants from the US Government, which, of course, caused the deaths of anywhere from 100,000 to a million people in wars of choice in Iraq and Afghanistan. I've not heard of Abu El-Haj calling for a boycott of American universities.

      "BDS does not take a position on what the political outcome should be. "

      That's because they know that outwardly calling for Israel's destruction would make it harder for them to attract young, naive college students. No one actually believes that BDS wants anything other than one Palestinian state with an Arab Muslim majority, and the concurrent deprivation of Jewish self-determination rights.

  • The idea that people living under violent military occupation must be instructed in nonviolence is problematic
    • "there’s no moral reason a nonviolent movement be required to condemn violence. "

      Really? I think there is. Nonviolence is a principle. It's not just a strategic thing you say so that you can trick naive college kids into joining your movement. In any event, it would far easier, and far more honest, if you just admitted that your movement is not violent or nonviolent, but simply one tactic in a greater war against Israel, in which your allies include non-violent protesters and violent terrorists. The idea that a boycott or a sanction is nonviolent is idiotic. I never heard anyone call sanctioning Iraq in the 1990's nonviolent.

      "no more than a vegetarian is required to condemn meat eaters"

      What nonsense. Yes, activists who call themselves nonviolent have no requirement to condemn violence anymore than non-murderers have to condemn mass murderers.

    • "The idea that people living under violent military occupation must be instructed in nonviolence is problematic"

      So is the idea that a movement can be "nonviolent" while refusing to condemn violence.

  • Beinart says 'Israeli government is reaping what it has sowed' with Palestinian violence
    • A person is discriminatory when they discriminate against people on the basis of national origin, as those who advocate censoring the voices of Israeli academics in the academy do. A movement contains too many antisemites when one of the most prominent blogs in the movement is devoted to blaming the Jewish community for the war in Iraq and opining that Jews have too much power in American society.

      In any case, the Israeli economy continues to do well, forming new partnerships with China and India, among many others.

    • "Beinart is against it largely because he is a Zionist. "

      Nah, it's more because he's just a decent human being who understands that BDS is discriminatory and too many of its proponents are antisemites.

  • Permanently ghettoizing the Palestinian people is Yitzhak Rabin's true legacy
    • As usual, two groups of people offer this completely disingenuous analysis of a man who was killed while singing songs at a peace rally because he tried, as courageous political leaders do, to move his country in the right direction: far-leftists like Marc Ellis, and far-rightists in the Zionist community who either condone Yigal Amir or condone the atmosphere of incitement that made it easy for Amir to do what he did. You truly deserve one another.

  • Park Slope Food Coop censors letters on BDS
    • "Have the Hasbarats ever won an argument on MW?"

      We've never lost one. This is a cult. You think you win every argument here because there's more of you than there are of me.

    • How many colleges have divested from Israel or adopted an academic boycott of it? How many resolutions have passed this year? How many members of Congress, nay, local legislators, have embraced BDS?

      Students are tired of BDS. The vast majority of students could not care less, and now that the Jewish community has actually begun to pay attention, and most Jews on campus have begun to get over their fear of dealing with nasty BDS proponents on campus, they're hearing just how unsafe and unwelcome BDS makes the vast majority of their fellow Jewish students feel, and they're learning that BDS proponents aren't telling them the truth. BDS has gained zero traction outside of the humanities departments, which are becoming less and less relevant by the day.

    • Maybe organizations like the Park Slope Food Coop, which sells maybe five products from Israel, are tired of nasty, obsessive, sometimes antisemitic, BDS supporters ripping their communities apart to pursue their pet cause. They're not the only ones. BDS is starting to play itself out in the United States.

    • I invite you to start a special business only for people who observe BDS. Let me know how that goes.

  • A majority of Palestinians support armed intifada as means of self-defense
    • "That’s right and I would never say it does. So did you have a point?"

      No, instead you say armed resistance, which Palestinians, and, let's face it, most Muslims in the Middle East, interpret as the right to murder innocent Israelis. The polling shows that in the Middle East, most Muslims do not consider attacks on innocent Israelis to be terrorism.

    • What were supporting at Berkeley a couple of weeks ago when they were chanting "Intifada, Intifada, we support the Intifada"?

    • International law does not support stabbing innocent civilians, talknic.

    • I never suggested that supporting Israel was an act of non-violence. You guys take great pains to present BDS as a non-violent movement at the same time you're chanting support for an Intifada. That would suggest that your non-violent is nonsense. Look, as I've said before, just be honest. You're partisans for the Palestinian nationalist cause.

    • When BDS supports an armed Intifada, how is it a nonviolent movement?

  • (Update) This year for Halloween your child too can help defend the Israeli occupation
  • Zionism and the destruction of sea otter habitat
    • Ah, such idiocy is priceless.

      So, anti-Zionist equals anti-Renoir and anti-free market, and Zionism is a function of the free market.

      I just can't understand why you people can't break into the mainstream in the United States.

  • Video: Two prominent Israelis envision replacing Dome of the Rock with Jewish temple
    • So, again, we all recognize that Israelis have multiple views on topics like these, but where is the evidence that these views represent anything more than a small minority, or that this stuff actually has a real chance of happening? In the United States, there are elected representatives and major Presidential candidates who advocate expelling millions of undocumented immigrants, criminalizing homosexuality, and various forms of Islamophobia. In the Palestinian Authority, the President denies basic facts of Jewish history on the Temple Mount.

      And also, I'm really not clear. Do you support religious freedom, or don't you? Religious freedom would suggest, at a minimum, that Jews who want to pray on the Temple Mount should be permitted to do so, regardless of what it means politically. Do you support excluding them from doing so, and if you do, how does that square with any notion of religious freedom?

  • Fact Check: MSNBC’s Palestinian loss of land map
  • State Dep't slams Netanyahu's Hitler story as 'inflammatory' and against 'scholarly evidence'
    • "iow, there’s no reason to push back against the idea the Mufti came up with the Final Solution or inspired it?"

      Sure, there's a reason to do it. But not for Mondoweiss to do it, and certainly not by leaving out all the bad stuff the Mufti did do, like helping organize SS units in Bosnia, like prevailing on the Nazis to disallow Jews from emigrating from certain countries because he didn't want them to end up in Palestine, like broadcasting calls during the war to kill the Jews wherever Palestinians found them.

      " btw, there’d be no reason whatsoever to have to “rehabilitate” the mufti if a bunch of zio fools were not trying to turn him into evil incarnate. "

      He was pretty evil, Annie. Don't know why you can't admit that.

      "the insult by netanyahu and all the limp hasbrats was trying to make him sound like some representative of the palestinian people"

      No. He was just one of the most popular leaders of his time, a mentor to a generation of Palestinian leaders, and a person who's spoken of in glowing terms by Palestinian leaders today. But like virtually all Arab leaders, who are dictators, he was not technically representative of his people.

      "Annie, it’s very hard for me to believe that any Palestinian person who read Hophmi’s comments here wouldn’t have an overwhelming desire to get to know him, and have heart-to-heart political and personal talks. But, of course, I couldn’t possibly know for sure."

      Most Palestinians don't care about rehabilitating the Mufti like western political activists do, so I see no reason why my negative view of him should inhibit a Palestinian from wanting to get to know me. I think it's far more likely that, based on his comments here, no one in their right mind would want to befriend someone like Mooser, who has very little to contribute other than nastiness.

    • "And who, pray, brought him into the discussion?"

      Well, you guys did. Netanyahu talked about his activity during the war in a speech that otherwise got no coverage. You guys chose to make a big discussion out of it.

    • "A world leader downplays Hitler’s role in the holocaust.

      And our resident zionist can’t find one word to condemn it."

      Well, first of all, I'm not 100% sure what he was trying to say. If he was trying to say that the Mufti prevented Jews from emigrating, then he's on solid ground. It appears that that was his point, since he's clarified his statement since then. If he's trying to repeat this Barry Rubin thesis that the Mufti came up with the Final Solution or inspired it, then he's being a complete fool and should resign.

      "Are they the Palestinians you meet at your ‘outreach’ programmes?"

      I'm not sure what outreach programs you're referring to. I have met and spoken with Palestinians, and none of them have tried to defend the Mufti's relationship with the Nazis. If you know of some who do defend his relationship with the Nazis, his exhortations to "Kill the Jews," and his work to convince some European Muslims to support the fascists, I'll be glad to be in touch with them.

    • "oh please! more of the “most palestinians” agree w/me theory."

      Oh, there's no question in my mind. The only people I ever hear trying to rehabilitate the Mufti are Western activists. I'll never forget - one time I attended a pro-Palestinian meeting that featured ISM members who had been to the West Bank. Most of them were Westerners, but Zaid Khalil was also there. This white girl from New York tried to defend the Mufti, and Zaid shut her down because he knew that she wasn't on firm ground.

      I have no earthly idea what benefit there is to rehabilitating or defending someone like the Mufti. It seems as though you guys want to have it both ways. You protest that the Mufti was not reflective of the Palestinian people, and then you reject criticism of him.

      "i’d say this inciteful gaffe of netanyahu has worked swimmingly in palestine’s favor"

      LOL. Believe it or not, Annie, just because Mondoweiss has taken advantage of the opportunity to post what I would describe as an effectual defense of the Mufti, does not mean that any of this has helped the Palestinians. In what way has it helped, exactly? For the most part, the debate pits people who believe that he was a horrible human being versus people who believe that he was a more horrible human being. Only those extremists who view everything as a zero-sum game would mistake criticism of Netanyahu for something favorable for Palestinians.

    • Palestinian leaders talk about "Jews and their filthy feet" defiling the Temple Mount/Haram al-Sharif, and there's a campaign of Palestinians stabbing innocent people in the street. Jews are not going to go into the street and stab Palestinians because Bibi Netanyahu made some crack about the Mufti and the Holocaust at the WZO.

      I would strongly advise you, if you care about Palestinians, not to get into a debate about the Mufti; most Palestinians I know are smart enough not to do it. Regardless of whether or not Netanyahu was repeating a controversial claim by Barry Rubin et. al. (you people are no strangers to non-mainstream controversial conspiracy theories about Jewish history and about the history of the Holocaust), there is no debate that the Mufti met Hitler, encouraged Muslims to join to Ustase, and endorsed the extermination of Jews explicitly. He was a horrible human being and a war criminal.

      There is no way Palestinians come out good when the Mufti is the subject of discussion, and if your point is that the Palestinian people had no role in the Holocaust, the best policy is to keep the Mufti out of the discussion completely.

  • P.E.P. Rally
    • Yeah, it's excellent, if by excellent you mean ignorant and childish. Everybody who isn't an anti-Zionist is a far-right Zionist. Katie Miranda clearly prefer conflict to anything else.

  • Despite global disgust, Netanyahu doubles down on claim that Hitler got idea of Final Solution from a Palestinian
    • "he did call the Grand Mufti a Nazi sympathizer"

      That part is beyond dispute.

      "and said Palestinians need to 'ask themselves what role they played in the Holocaust.'"

      That part is probably a bit unfair, although on a site that never misses an opportunity to amplify some claim about Zionists collaborating with Nazis (even when the author of the source makes a special trip here to tell Mondoweiss to stop distorting his work), it's interesting how defensive people get when they have to confront to the reality that the most visible Palestinian leader of the time was a Nazi collaborator.

      Palestinians don't need to ask themselves about their role in Holocaust. Western activists, however, need to ask themselves whether they've properly considered both their own roles in causing the Jews of Europe to be exterminated, either because their ancestors lived in societies that took part, or because they lived in countries that did little to take in refugees, and whether, by targeting Israel, which was created in the Holocaust's aftermath, they are engaging in activity that would create a further injustice to a people who have experienced too many of them.

    • I think, despite all of the understandably outraged media coverage, that Netanyahu was probably referring to particular episodes during the war where the Mufti asked the Nazis not to permit Jews to emigrate to Palestine, but instead, recommended that they be sent to Nazi-occupied countries, like Poland, i.e., to certain death. The notion that Netanyahu was blaming the Palestinians, and not the Nazis, for the Holocaust, is so ridiculous given Netanyahu's overall public record, that it's beyond debate to argue that he believes otherwise here, and can only be regarded as a detraction to cover up both the very real Holocaust denial that exists through the Middle East, as well as the Mufti's close collaboration with the Nazis.

      There's no question that the Hajj was a war criminal and a close Nazi collaborator, and no question that the Hajj's alliance with the Nazis, as well as his Intifada against the British, was all about making sure that Jewish refugees from Europe did not come to Palestine.

  • Defend Our Dissent: Preserving Palestinian rights activism on campus
    • "but a “”civility” exception” to the constitution would be."

      Who has argued for a civility exception to the Constitution?

      "Uh? The 1st amendment says otherwise"

      I don't think you have a clue. The First Amendment entitles people to certain protections for expressing their viewpoints. It does not entitle them to disrupt the rights of others to assemble. It does not entitle people to incite others to violence. It does not entitle people to create a hostile atmosphere for people of a specific religion or national origin.

      "Example please …. verbatim"

      Every single claim about a powerful lobby controlling American foreign policy trades on antisemitic stereotypes of Jews having too much power.

      "Having grown up in Israel, I know that Israeli Jews were indoctrinated to be racist even if I no longer consider myself either Israeli or Jewish."

      Yes, Yoni, I'm sure you're the type of Jew and Israeli that the anti-Israel movement loves - one that has renounced both - just like Pablo Christiani was the type of Jew that the Catholic Church loved in the Middle Ages.

    • "These carefully calculated silencing campaigns deploy unconstitutional ideas like a “civility” exception "

      First of all, students at private colleges are not entitled to say whatever they want whenever they want under the First Amendment.

      Second of all, civility is not "unconstitutional." LOL.

      Third of all, most students on liberal campuses like Tufts today will tell you that SJP has no trouble speaking, putting up flyers, and doing what they want, and they will also tell you that most Jews on these campuses feel targeted and silenced by their tactics, which mimic those of the greater BDS movement, and which often trade on antisemitic stereotypes.

  • Video: Israeli mob attacks Eritrean, mistaking him for Bedouin assailant
  • Goldberg says the root of the conflict is the Palestinians' anti-Jewish 'narrative'
    • Also, Zionists are ruining peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

      Seriously, Phil, is there any problem for which you won't blame Zionism in your campaign to demonize Israel and your fellow Jews?

  • Larry Summers holds forth on subjects he doesn't know about
    • I wouldn't read too much into the age of the audience. CJH doesn't draw a very young crowd in general.

      The young liberal Jews you incessantly hold up as your model are far, far outnumbered by young orthodox Jews who very much see things as Summers does.

    • "How can you express hatred of Jews and discriminate against them if you don’t intend to do either?"

      I think you understand perfectly well what it means. You are familiar with the concept of institutional racism, aren't you? The idea is that people who intend to be racist can nevertheless serve a cause that has a racist effect.

  • Steven Salaita in NYC: 'It’s not just Israel and Palestine that get people in trouble – it’s challenging power'
    • You're all living in fantasy land. In the real world, most people see SJP as one of the organizations on campus that is chilling speech through calling for academic boycotts and through intimidation of students who dissent from their perspective. At what point will you realize that parading Salaita all over the world is a poor way of showing that his speech is chilled?

  • Neither prayer nor propaganda nor the paper of record will ever convince the world of the Jewish right to control al Aqsa plaza
  • American press coverage grants Israelis all the humanity
    • "I don’t recall a single NYT story devoted to the shooting of Gaza fishermen–it has been mentioned in passing and I am certain this was only due to reader complaints, but shootings that can’t be spun as understandable reactions to Palestinian violence don’t interest the NYT. Doesn’t fit the narrative."

      Yeah, I mean, why bother actually doing the research, Donald? No need to challenge your ridiculous assumptions.

      link to
      link to

      That's not including the reportage the Times did on the 4 boys who were killed on the beach during the last war.

  • Adelson will mold Rubio into 'perfect little puppet' -- Trump
  • Solidarity with the Palestinian popular resistance! Boycott Israel now!
  • Hillary Clinton expresses alarm for Israeli Jews, and not one word about Palestinian victims
    • "So anyway, instead of intelligent liberal Zionists, we get you."

      And I get 150 closed-minded people who don't have the moral courage to condemn acts of terrorism against civilians.

      You'll doubtless protest that when you talk about a "right to resistance," you don't mean a right to stab boys or a right to throw molotov cocktails or ram cars into crowds of civilians. Save it. I don't believe you anymore. The BDS movement has had a decade to take a stand against terrorist violence, and they haven't done it, not once. BDS proponents enjoy this violence. Look on twitter. People are celebrated these acts as a new Intifada, and they don't mean the spiritual kind.

    • "There is not even a signal in this statement that Palestinians living under occupation for nearly 50 years might have a right to resist."

      Waaaaaaaaah!!! Hillary didn't recognize the right of Palestinians to stab innocent civilians and ram their cars into busstops!

  • NPR fails to mention occupation-- while Barghouti says in Guardian it is 'root cause' of violence
    • "Palestinians who live there can’t even vote for the government that controls their lives."

      That's their choice, not Israel's. Palestinians in East Jerusalem are free to become Israeli citizens anytime they choose.

  • Hectored by Zionist wannabe archaeologists, 'NYT' recasts article on Jewish temples
  • 'NYT' reporters parrot Israeli claims re cherry tomato
    • Thanks, all, for admitting that you were wrong, and for childishly changing the subject.

      As usual, you've shown that you'll lie and lie even about a small thing like this. That's how much you guys are motivated by hate. So very sad.

    • Not a single claim you make here is accurate. Maybe you should do your research a little more carefully.

      First of all, Netanyahu didn't claim that Israel "invented" the cherry tomato. He said the cherry tomato was "perfected" in Israel. Nothing you've posted here undermines that claim. Second, you've parroted Angry Arab's completely disingenuous piece on Ethan Bronner's 2010 article, which was about Diaspora Ministry efforts to give Israelis some information to counter misperceptions about Israel abroad, and not about Israeli genetic engineering or inventing: "One main message of the campaign is that Israel is a technically advanced and diverse society and that its government policies are not the source of regional conflict. It notes that a number of important agricultural breakthroughs have occurred here, including drip irrigation and the development of the cherry tomato."

      Bronner wasn't "parroting" anything. He was simply reporting on the claims of the Israeli government's campaign, in a mostly negative article that extensively quoted Shlomo Avineri's criticism of the campaign as "puerile" and displaying a "Bolshevik mentality." The claim, by the way, isn't inaccurate either; Israeli innovation has contributed mightily to the development of both drip irrigation and the cherry tomato. Claiming to have developed a technology or a product is not the same thing as claiming to have invented it. If I invent a bicycle, and I sell my idea to Schwinn, and they create my idea, they've developed the bicycle that I invented.

      Drip irrigation was not invented in the United States; Angry Arab is incorrect about that too. It has been used in some form since ancient times and was probably invented by the Chinese. The main Israeli development was the use of a plastic emitter, which allowed water to be carried through long passageways and overcame the clogging and cost problems that plagued earlier systems. The Blass emitter was patented by Symcha Blass, an Israeli hydraulics engineer, in conjunction with Kibbutz Harzerim in 1959. It is this system, which greatly lowered the cost of the technology and utilized the cheap plastics that became available in the 20th century, that spread all over the world, and it is why Blass is credited with the discovery of micro-irrigation, or modern drip irrigation, today.

      link to
      link to
      link to

      As far as the cherry tomato, Hazera Genetics created a GMO version that doesn't rot in shipment and that is a best seller around the world; it's one of many varieties of tomato that they've created. That's what Netanyahu was talking about. Here's an article from the LA Times that is original reporting and is not based on any article from the Jewish Week, not that anything is wrong with the Jewish Week's reporting, which is generally excellent.

      link to

  • To condemn, or not to condemn
  • Netanyahu's 44 seconds of silence at UN are being widely mocked -- 'pathetic,' 'creepy'
    • As usual with people who criticize Netanyahu speeches at the UNGA, they seem not to be aware that this is the UNGA we're speaking about, a place that is not in any way a serious or relevant player on the international scene today, whatever image of self-importance it tries to project. Each year, every head of state on Earth, regardless of how shitty their country is, regardless of how failed a leader they are, gathers at this charade. They repeat the same nonsense year after year, and the UNGA does nothing about nothing, except pass a few resolutions that reflect the collective sentiments of their mostly authoritarian members. Nobody cares, and nobody listens to the UNGA anymore, and nothing important has taken place in that chamber for a long time, though plenty takes place outside of it.

  • As Palestine's flag is raised at U.N., Abbas dumps Oslo security obligations
    • "That’s got to be a nightmare scenario for Israel, not relying on Palestinians to participate in securing their own imprisonment."

      Actually, I don't think it is, at least not for the Israeli right. Israel was subject to much less international criticism when it was controlling all of the West Bank than it is now. Really, what's the big nightmare? When Israel was there day-to-day, the Palestinians weren't murdering Israeli civilians with suicide bombs, the Israelis weren't the targets of an international campaign to delegitimize it, there was no need for a wall, and there was no need to invade the West Bank periodically. The Palestinians were a lot safer with the Israelis in charge than they are now, with a protection racket in charge and subject to an IDF invasion every time terrorist organizations grew too strong. They were also able to work in Israel, and Israelis were able to go to the West Bank, meet Palestinians, and spend money, helping the Palestinian economy. I think, particularly on the right in Israel, this is exactly what they want, because it will be an invitation for Israel to annex the West Bank. The history is that when Israel withdraws from a place, the criticism is worse, not better.

      For the Israeli center and left, it remains to be seen. If the Palestinians suspend security cooperation, they will lose billions in aid. If the Israelis do not take the bait, the PA will probably become a lawless place, terrorism against Israeli civilians will increase, and the Palestinian economy in the West Bank, which has been growing at a good pace in the last few years, will fail.

      In any case, there's little evidence that this is any bombshell announcement; Palestinians have been threatening to suspend security cooperation for a long time, and this is not a big change in the rhetoric. link to

  • Israeli embassy's attack on Rosengarten just made her stronger
    • "because hophmi is not content to use his own imagination wrt to why Rosengarten’s grandfather and father both committed suicide, he wants the excruciating details about how that might have impacted the author, activist and speaker."

      LOL. Make stuff up much? I think I made my point. When you have a pro-Palestinian Holocaust survivor, you'll make sure to prominently mention her past, without acknowledging that most Holocaust survivors see things very differently from the way she sees them. Clearly, you've never heard the saying that what's good for the goose is good for the gander.

      "i didn’t make a big deal about it, you brought it up."

      I think that the BDS movement never misses an opportunity to highlight Ms. Rosengarten's past. It's the main reason they tokenize her.

    • Sure, according to Bertelsmann poll from 2013, a solid majority of Germans reject the Nazi-Israel comparison. See page 36.

      link to

    • Sorry Annie, but your act is not convincing. Either you acknowledge that survivorship matters or you don't. What you can't do is make a big deal out of it only when it serves your particular political perspective.

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