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  • Trump may want a deal, but Israeli Jews are not interested
    • And then, Phil Weiss was humbled as he realized that not being Israeli, and being from a country that just put Donald Trump in office, even though it faced no comparable threat, he had no right to judge the people who actually lived there.

      He also admitted that Palestinians in East Jerusalem certainly do have the right to be citizens of Israel and to vote, but that they refuse to exercise those rights, and then cynically complain about inequality in the city.

  • A tale of two cities
    • Ah yes, Ronald Johnson, blame the Jews for US involvement in WWI.


  • Collective post-traumatic stress disorder – Jews, apartheid and oppression
    • "1) as von Treitschke (major 19th century German politician and historian wrongfully accused of antisemitism by racist Jews) "

      According to "historian" and apparently, neo-Nazi, YoniFalic, the man who popularized the phrase "The Jews are our misfortune" was not an antisemite.


  • Jews made America great so 'we deserve our influence' on Israel policy, Dershowitz tells Scarsdale synagogue
  • Gilad Atzmon’s attack against me – the 'merchant of JVP'
  • Mass Dems move to kill anti-settlement resolution, amid fears of BDS and 'exodus from party'
  • Why I'm keeping my child home from school in Israel on Holocaust Day
    • Yeah, when I meet Israelis, the first thing I think of is how fearful they are. Not. Fear is not an emotion that I would associate with most Israelis.

    • Only on this ridiculous site would Israeli commemoration rituals, such as the sounding of a siren to commemorate Yom HaShoah, and the entire country stopping to observe a moment of silence, be cast this way. It is an extraordinarily solemn event in a country that has more Holocaust survivors and descendants of Holocaust survivors than anywhere else.

      Why on Earth would Israel not teach the Holocaust? It is a seminal, enormous event in Jewish history.

  • Anti-settlements resolution could be 'last straw' for many Massachusetts Dems, warns party boss in AIPAC's pocket
  • Tillerson and Haley's trash-talk on Iran was brought to you by Sheldon Adelson
    • Yeah, yeah, let's charge him with "manipulating the democratic process" because he gave money to a political party. What statute is that again? Oh yes, the First Amendment to the Constitution.

  • I am not a jew
    • I guess the definition of good poetry is whether it fits your politics. This Judaeophobic wicked child poetry - the poet defines Judaism exactly as Islamophobic writers define Islam - seems determined to claim that Judaism and Zionism are the same thing. Weird. I thought you were trying to suggest the opposite here.

    • Is fake academic Gilad Atzmon still permitted to post here?

  • Palestinian leader Marwan Barghouti's op-ed calling Israel 'moral and political failure' is buried in int'l edition of 'NYT'
    • The Times did not bury this at all. It was prominently featured on their website, which is how most people read the Times.

    • It was right there on their website, so I think if Americans wanted to see it, they did. Most people read the Times online, not in print.

      Barghouti was convicted in a civilian court of five counts of murder. His trial was open and fair. It was Barghouti's choice to become a terrorist.

      To the extent that people around the world care about him, I doubt that they know that he is not a political prisoner; he's a convicted serial killer, and he was convicted in a civil trial. As always, the BDS movement relies on ignorance, not reality, and promote terrorists.

  • Academic boycott campaign is growing fast at Trinity College Dublin
    • I seem to recall that South Africa was a fairly isolated place that didn't have color TV until 1976, rather than a country with a GDP of 350 billion dollars that was fully integrated into the world economy.

      So far, since the BDS movement started, several Arab countries have disintegrated. Take the hint. It's a stupid immoral policy pushed by people who'd rather target the Jews than clean up their own societies.

      Your comments aren't rude. They're just stupid and uninformed. You'd need to have a modicum of intelligence to be rude.

    • Actually, it's BDS that has no popular base, not support for Israel, which remains quite popular in the United States.

  • Editor is fired then reinstated after he refuses to cut Sarah Schulman's paragraph on Palestine solidarity
    • Typical BS from Sarah Schulman. SJP is anti-free speech. It supports excluding all who do not agree with them on Israel, and it attempts to bully student government into supporting unpopular resolutions on campus by threatening to libel student leaders as racist if they do not support them.

      But of course, Phil is right about one thing - anti-Jewish activism has enriched her career, as it often does today in the academy.

  • The Jewish revolution
    • And in your self-satisfied myopia, you fail to realize that far, far more young Jews support Israel than oppose it, and that the former group is growing the fastest.

  • 'Negation of the diaspora' as Zionist antisemitism: The JCC bomb threats came from an Israeli Jew
  • 'US is overwhelmingly partial to Israel,' Pelosi admits at AIPAC
    • "How many people have noticed that PEN America (led by a Clintonite) is holding its annual world literary festival this spring without money from Israel, following a campaign against the sponsorship by leading writers?"

      How many people recognize that correlation isn't causation, and that PEN didn't have any Israeli government funding in 2014 either?

  • Towards Better Ally-ship for Palestine: A letter to the US activist community
    • Loved this piece. It sweeps away all of the romanticizing that Western BDS activists do to sanitize the Palestinians so that they look like maximal victims and the Israelis look like demons.

      "Palestine as an age-old culture and place that is magnanimous in legacy and gravity in comparison to Israel, a sixty-eight-year-old novice"

      That's erasure of Jewish history. Jewish history in the region dates back thousands of years.

      "Israel has used the term to undermine the pan-Arabic term that existed at the time, “the Arab world,” which included only Arabic speaking countries."

      Israelis and other who are pro-Israel use the term "the Arab world all the time. It's laughable that you would argue the Israel uses the term "Middle East" to undermine the term "the Arab world." It's fantasy.

      "It is important that you reconsider your constant inclination to address “the Palestinian civil society” in your activist calls and social circles. There has never been a consensus among Palestinians themselves about what constitutes Palestine’s “civil society.”

      I guess the BDS movement isn't really Palestinian-led, just as I have always said. Newsflash: Palestinian civil society is largely a Western construct.

      "When non-Palestinian, Pro-Palestine organizations put those of us who choose the path of non-violence on a pedestal, they are setting a tone that we did not collectively choose for ourselves. In fact, they overstep a boundary and make a grave offense. Those organizations should be reminded that they cannot be selective in the type of people they support if they already promised to stand behind a whole nation and its strife for liberation. The way members of our nation choose to respond to Israeli colonialism is not subject to moralistic rationalization or dismissal. "

      In other words, if you don't support our choice to strap on suicide belts and blow up Jewish babies, or to lob rockets into population center, you aren't really supporting the Palestinian cause. If we determine that killing innocent civilians en masse is what we want to do, you should stand up and salute our choice.

      "The goal of the Palestine liberation movement is not to create a better, friendlier Israel but to create a country independent from all forms of colonialism, including that of Israeli settler colonialism. Unquestionably, Palestinians should support the rights of colonized subjects and disenfranchised minorities and many are indeed doing so— by virtue of our own experiences with murder, injustice and land theft— but we rightfully demand that same recognition from other communities as well. In many ways, there lies great potential in Palestinians joining hands with Israeli Jews of color, to cite one eminent possibility for collaboration, but that can only happen if the latter choose to denounce Israeli citizenships and rights and embrace the call for Palestinian liberation not in the name of maintaining the Israeli nation-state, but in its complete opposite."

      In other words, you can't be pro-Palestinian without advocating Israel's destruction. And once again, if we choose to bring about Israel's destruction by massacring its people, you better support that if you want to be pro-Palestinian. So let's have none of this prevaricating about how one can be pro-Palestinian and not advocate Israel's destruction. One can ONLY be pro-Palestinian if one advocates Israel's destruction.

      "Without doubt, Palestinians will always remain committed to full decolonization, and they should not be expected to compromise that right and goal for the sake of co-signing into liberal language and values of racial and ethnic inclusion"

      In other words, stop talking about that utopian binationalism, democracy, civil liberties, gay rights, and all of that Western human rights crap. We're not into human rights; this is the Arab world; we don't do democracy here. If we want to throw the Jews into the sea and establish a theocratic dictatorship like Iran or Saudi Arabia, that's our business.

      "The present moment necessitates reaching a consensus on the global call for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) and the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (ACBI). Though many US academic institutions have taken a side and voted either for or against these calls, some activist organizations remain undecided. It is pertinent that this ambiguity is resolved in the near future. It is highly problematic when a pro-Palestine activism organization has no decision on BDS and ACBI. It leaves its subjects of support confused about the limitations of these organizations and the truth of their dedication. "

      You better do it our way! Nothing short of BDS and support for murdering Jewish children will do, if that's what we choose.

  • AIPAC underwrote Islamophobia in the Republican Party, and the Democratic Party too
    • This is the same reasoning used by certain groups to depict Muslim charities who give to Gaza relief as terrorist. Except it's weaker here. I guess you believe that one too, Phil.

    • Not-an-antisemitic Keith thinks American Jewish organizations are part of a Deep State conspiracy. What a surprise, Not-an-antisemite, that you believe conspiracy theories like this.

  • No space for Zionism
    • I think Rasmea Odeh is considered a terrorists because she helped to kill two innocent people and was convicted of it, Devyn.

      And for the record, you don't seem to know very much about Dr. King, and whether you do or not, you don't have a monopoly on that knowledge.

  • Israel's neverending occupation is bringing 'infamy' to Jews worldwide, making Jewish life 'precarious' -- Tony Klug
    • Acts of terrorism are bringing "infamy" to Muslims worldwide and making Muslim life "precarious" said no one in recent memory without being accused of Islamophobia here.

  • While Justin Trudeau continues to aid and abet Israel, Canadians awaken to the reality that the peace process was a charade all along
    • LOL. It's a push poll. If EKOS asked Canadians, "Given the long history of terrorism conducted by Hamas against Israeli citizens, is it reasonable for Israel to defend itself by bombing Hamas installations?" I could also get 4/5ths of Canadians to say it's reasonable.

  • Trump is putting the crunch on liberal Zionism
  • 'NYT' runs Israeli's op-ed recommending that Palestinians 'emigrate voluntarily'
  • The emergence of the Just Jew
    • Equality and justice means getting rid of Assad in Syria, ISIS in the Middle East, and tyranny in the Middle East and everywhere else. If you're not for these things, you're not a Just anything.

  • Open Letter to Progressive Jews: The ADL and AJC are not our allies
    • This letter is called "Why People Hate the Radical Left.". It's self-righteous, slanderous, and obtuse. And of course, it's published at Mondoweiss, a website that regularly traffics in anti-Semitic conspiracy theory. Maybe no one should work with their groups, instead of the other way around.

  • Liberal supporters of Israel slam Trump's 'terrifying' comments-- some saying Jews need to keep a majority
    • I'm glad we've laid bare once again that those who call for a 1SS on the left aren't interested in binationalism; they're just interested in ending non-Muslim sovereignty in the Middle East. Their goals are the same as the goals of ISIS.

  • Trump says he's 'happy' with one-state outcome, ringing in a new era
  • Trump and Netanyahu's 'deal' for separate peace between Israel and Arab countries is a fantasy
    • I don't think a regional solution is exclusive of a bilateral solution. Someone needs to guarantee Palestinian viability. Why not the Gulf? Otherwise it will end up being NATO or the US.

  • To oppose Trump, Jews must join the fight against fascism and Zionism
    • "American Jewish community’s response to the new administration has been weak and split"

      Untrue. Just complete nonsense. ADL, AJC, and HIAS have all strongly condemned the EO, and will be rallying against it on February 12.

  • To report honestly, US mainstream editors must stand up to Israeli propaganda machine
    • Whoa. Lemme get this straight. The Israeli Government has a - press office? With people who suggest stories for journalists to cover? Heavens to Betsy. I've never, ever, ever heard of another country with a press office. It's like, totally mind-blowing, dude.

      Are you trying to say no one in the media covers the Palestinians? You must be joking. There is probably more space devoted to the Palestinians in the international press than there is to all of the countries in Africa combined. You all live in this alternate reality where somehow Israel is getting this great deal from the foreign press, who all base themselves in Jerusalem, because, you know, Arab countries are unpleasant places to be a journalist, and they sit there and cover every little fault that Israel may have, but



  • More and more people see 'one state only' but Remnick fears it will be like Bosnia
  • Obama's failure, and achievement, in Palestine
    • "Things are worse in Palestine, but what had been a marginal global movement eight years ago is today a broad one."

      That statement sums up everything people hate about radical activists. You've made the lives of people on the ground worse, but hey, you build a "movement.". It's all about you.

  • Fordham bans Students for Justice in Palestine
    • Yes, there are definitely some bad people here. They're the kind of people who would ban me for disagreeing with them (and for putting up with mounds of personal abuse here for doing so), but not ban Holocaust deniers like Ronald, who blame Jews for WWI and promote David Irving's. Those are bad people.

    • Thanks, Annie, for making so clear your yen to censor those who disagree with you. We all knew it, of course, but you've been nice enough to say so explicitly here. Seems to me you don't have the courage of your convictions.

    • By that standard, Muslim Student Associations are political as well. But I doubt you'd say this about them.

    • SJP is not a national or religious group. Title VI does not apply here. Palestine Legal is blowing smoke. Amazing that people here would compare a political group like SJP with a Jewish cultural and religious group like Hillel. Bad, bad people here at Mondoweiss.

  • 'Constructed crisis for political ends': anti-Semitism claims are prime weapon for UK Israel lobby, Al Jazeera shows
  • The immaculate conception of Louis Brandeis
    • How is Phil convincing? In what way? This theory is not well-supported, either by Shapiro or by the scholarly community. It involves doing what Phil always does - attributing a ridiculous amount of power to rich Jews out of all proportion with facts or reality.

    • Page: 56
    • Clearly, no one seems to notice that Ronald's post is from Holocaust denier David Irving's website. It's also overtly anti-Semitic white supremacist nonsense.

    • Rosen probably left it out because, frankly, it's not really very important, and because there's about as much debate over this topic among historians as there is about climate change between scientists. Shapiro's view is an outlier that no one seems to endorse. Shapiro acknowledged that the evidence for the view was weak.

      In any case, Shapiro first made this claim in 1965 in the American Jewish Historical Quarterly; he turned the article into a book in 1971. It was pretty much debunked in 1973 by Stuart M. Geller in the same publication. You can find both articles on JSTOR.

      The claim was presented as an inference, and Shapiro seems to remain almost alone among historians in making it; there's a scholarly debate that's about as one-sided as the scholarly debate over whether climate change is real. Shapiro also quoted selectively from Brandeis's 1910 interview with de Haas; he quoted the portion of the interview where Brandeis rejected hyphenated identities, without including the portion of the same interview in which Brandeis expresses sympathy for the Zionist cause.

      Contrary to your nonsensical assumption here that those who disagree with Shapiro (which is virtually everyone), is motivated by pro-Zionist views, Shapiro himself cited Brandeis's biographer Alpheus Mason's view that Brandeis's involvement in the Zionist movement grew out his mediation of a garment worker strike in 1910. He calls Mason a competent biographer.

      As Shapiro's article concedes, Brandeis had many contacts with Jews and Judaism before 1913, including the garment workers, and those Jewish leaders he met when he campaigned with La Follette in 1912. Shapiro writes that antisemitism from business interests and from prominent Bostonians, and not opposition from Jewish business leaders like Jacob Schiff, was the main reason that Brandeis was denied a cabinet appointment. Though Brandeis generally did not discuss antisemitism in his letter, he was clearly the victim of it as a lawyer and as a confidante of Wilson's. Shapiro's contention is that the antisemitism that mitigated against Brandeis's appointment made the opinion of prominent Jews like Schiff more important.

      But contrary to your claim that strong evidence exists to support your viewpoint, Shapiro himself makes clear that it is "impossible from the available evidence to determine how effective the refusal of these Jewish leaders to stand by Brandeis on Wilson's final decision" not to include Brandeis in his list of Cabinet appointees. Shapiro merely infers that this was the case from Wilson's apparent desire to appoint someone Jewish who would be satisfactory to Schiff and his associates, and the fact that Brandeis began his association with Zionist a few days after he was denied a Cabinet appointment.

      The hypothesis doesn't stand up to scrutiny. Brandeis was well-known as a progressive lawyer and leader. He had support Robert La Follette during the 1912 election. Wilson's attempt to appoint him to be either Attorney General or Secretary of Commerce would have been met with overwhelming opposition by business leaders, and that is the most likely reason for his rejection for both positions, rather than Jacob Schiff's opinion that he was an unrepresentative Jew. Brandeis was also opposed by virtually the entire leadership of the Democratic Party in Massachusetts.

      Indeed, the isolated quote from the Schiff letter to Max Mitchell, which seems to be as much a remark to convey Schiff's annoyance with the assumption that Brandeis needed to be a representative Jew in order to merit a cabinet appointment, is the only written evidence that exists of any campaign on the part of rich German Jews to oppose Brandeis's nomination, and it's very weak evidence indeed; as Geller points out, there is no evidence of such a campaign in Wilson's papers or in the papers of Felix Warburg, who worked with Schiff.

      As Geller also points out, Wilson biographers place no great emphasis on Brandeis's Jewishness as the reason for his appointment to the Supreme Court; rather, they believe it was Brandeis's radicalism, and its contrast with the strict constructivism of James McReynolds, Wilson's 1914 appointment, that represented the reason. Brandeis's appointment, which occurred in the midst of the 1916 election season, was an example of Wilson's outreach to those progressives.

      As far as Taft, there were many reasons for Taft to hate Wilson and Brandeis; both men were Taft's political antagonists, and of course, Taft wanted the Supreme Court appointment that Brandeis got. Geller includes much more of Taft's letter in his piece, and it is clear that Shapiro's quoting was very selective. Taft hated Brandeis's progressivism much, much more than he detested Brandeis's alleged newfound love for Judaism.

      Shapiro's own article undermines his case. Besides telling De Haas of his sympathy for Zionism in 1910, in 1914, soon after he became active in the American Zionist movement, Brandeis told Louis Lipsky, the head of the Federation of American Zionists, that he regretted not being able to do so earlier for lack of time. That would be a much more obvious explanation than scheming on Brandeis's part to achieve an appointment, given Brandeis's demonstrated support for Zionism as early as 1910. Jacob Schiff did strongly support his appointment in 1916, but so did many progressives who were being courted by Wilson, and there is no reason to believe that Schiff's support made the difference then, or in 1912-13.

      I can see why you (and the antisemitic website jewworldorder, which republished this piece of yours), would be attracted to a theory that attributes to Jacob Schiff the power to decide who can and cannot be appointed to the Supreme Court. Theories attributing outsized power to rich Jews seem attractive to you, and to your commentators, like Ronald Johnson, who quotes from Holocaust denier David Irving's website to make an overt Der Sturmer-type antisemitic claim about Jews pushing the United States into World War I.

      This is also the latest example where you've adopted some outlier belief, and have rejected all contrary to that belief as "disingenuous," "dishonest," etc, any opinion contrary to yours is "preposterous," even if it comes from multiple scholars who have far more credibility on the topic than you do; you've adopted a minority scholarly view that accords with your presumptions.

  • The truck attack that killed four Israeli soldiers in Jerusalem was not 'terrorism'
    • "targeting a gathering which is rather exclusively manned by soldiers, military representatives of the army that is occupying him. All this falls, prima facie, within the distinctions regarding legitimate resistance to occupation. It does not matter how ugly it looks, we cannot without critical appraisal of the context just call it “terror"

      Untrue. That junction is used by civilians all the time. Birthright trips go through there all the time. There is no evidence I've seen to suggest that soldiers were the intended target, and since Palestinian terrorists target civilians all the time, it's just as likely that the soldiers were just the folks who happened to be there when this guy decided to mow Israelis down.

      In any event, there is no right to dress in plainclothes and use a civilian vehicle to kill people under international law. And when you advocate for this kind of behavior, as Mondoweiss always does, it's just another reminder that BDS is not non-violent in any way.

  • The mainstreaming of Palestinian genocide
    • How many times has the United States of America conducted a public prosecution of a soldier accused of something like this? I'd say the number is 0 or close to it, and we all know that this stuff happens, and that if the United States ever did prosecute someone for something like this, 70 percent of the country, if not a higher number, would criticize a guilty verdict.

  • New poll shows sharp partisan divide on UN settlements resolution, and between Jews and African-Americans
    • Do you have a point? The polls is meaningless unless the people being polled actually care. Israel is unlikely to be a dispositive issue for the vast majority of Americans. That's why BDS doesn't have any real support.

  • Why Obama waited 8 years to take on Netanyahu
    • It's funny that an Assad/Hezb'allah defender would accuse others of licking a**. #glasshouses

    • Ask that same question of ANY ARAB STATE IN THE REGION. #blameIsraelforebolanext

    • Lol. So calling for the fall of a brutal dictatorship is encouraging slaughter? Lol. How degraded the left is today. How morally bankrupt. You'd stand up for a fascist before you'd stand up for human rights.

    • Quoting Ali Abunimah in the NYTimes has been routine for years. It's nothing new. You're blowing smoke. World opinion is accruing on Israel's side, not the other way around. Both the UK and Australia criticized the Kerry speech. People see this for what it is; a rant by an Administration with a record of abject failure to stop the genocide in Syria.

  • John Kerry gives the 'separate but not equal' speech to Israel
    • Right, so according to you, about half the Jews in the world are assholes. But it's anti-Zionism, not antisemitism. No word on what you think of Arabs who live in states that are more ethnically pure by design than Israel will ever be.

  • Scenes from a neoconservative meltdown
  • 'NY Times' trivializes UN abstention, reducing it to 'tense and tetchy' relationship between Obama and Netanyahu
    • Really? You think that the two billion people that they represent all care about Israel? I think they probably care about clean water, and their own lack of democratic rights. I assure you that 99.99℅ of the people in China do not care one way or the other.

  • Breaking: UN Security Council passes historic resolution against settlements as two-state solution 'slips away'
    • Oh please. Another anti-Semitic comment here talking about a 'Jewish putsch.'. Disgusting reminder of how anti-Semitic Mondoweiss is.

      And for a resolution that says nothing new and means nothing. Only extremists like you people would fail to recognize that the resolution ensconced the two-state solution as the preferred outcome of the international community, said zero about Palestinian refugees, and condemned terrorism and incitement.

  • With US reportedly poised to abstain on U.N. resolution slamming Israel, Egyptians withdraw it under pressure
  • Hell just froze over: the New York Times runs an article saying Zionism is racist
    • "Surely the interesting question is whether or not Judaism is silly and repugnant. "

      Actually, according to the stated rules at Mondoweiss, antisemitism isn't permitted. According to the reality at Mondoweiss, whether Judaism is silly and repugnant is perfectly permissible, but whether Islam is silly and repugnant is banned as Islamophobia, as per the written rules.

      So the sum total is that antisemitism is permitted here.

    • "“Hophmi” do you think “Yoni” will “fall away” like Phil Weiss?"

      Fall away? He renounced his Judaism. He hates the religion. He's been quite clear about that. There's nothing for him to fall away from.

      “Hophmi” wouldn’t it be less effort, and achieve the same result, if you simply used the “fall away” comment, (which you have never bettered, it was a masterpiece!) and plugged in new names, as required? Instead of writing essentially the same comment over and over."

      Phil is a lot more interesting to me than Yoni is, but Yoni fits into a certain pattern of Jews who completely broke with their faith, and treat it much like ex-smokers treat cigarettes - with extreme loathing (I would say self-loathing). Every minority group contain folks like this; they're people who internalize the bigotry directed toward them and regurgitate it toward their own. What's more interesting is the reaction of other Mondoweissers toward Yoni. Predictably, it's the same acceptance that BDS proponents show toward other overt antisemites like him. Uncritical acceptance.

      “He’s, of course, neither a scholar of religion or a scholar of genetics”

      "You are right , and he’s never claimed to be those things. He is, however, a well educated person who grew up in Israel, participated in Zionist life, and knows the score."

      Well, there are certainly many books by, you know, geneticists and scholars of religion, on these topics, so it's interesting to me that none of you seem to have time to look at them, but endless time to quote political extremists with no demonstrated expertise in the fields that they're writing about.

    • "As for Pablo Christiani, Petrus Alphonsi, etc., we simply don’t have enough information to delve into the motivations of these people. There is no reason to believe they hated Jews per se."

      Right. It must just have been anti-Zionist activity when they used Jewish converts liek Christiani to preach to the Jews about Christianity and forced Jews to pay for and listen to it.

      The frequency with which Shlomo Sand is cited here is an example of confirmation bias. He's, of course, neither a scholar of religion or a scholar of genetics, but the way he's cited here would make you think he's the Albert Einstein of Jewish History. He's not. But he is an anti-Zionist who renounced his faith, so, of course, he's everyone's perfect Mondoweiss Jew.

      Typically, like most fakes, YoniFalic can't write a paragraph without engaging in extensive, irrelevant, ad hominem attacks against his interlocutors, as he did with Jon S. This approach fools no one outside of the Mondoweiss cult of anti-Jewish fanatics.

      It's now apparently ok to refer to Judaism as "silly and repugnant". That apparently is not antisemitic.

      This notion that Pablo Christiani was simply reacting to "Talmudization" is another in the resurrection of antisemitic Catholic teaching of the medieval period that is so popular in the Mondoweiss cult. The argument is identical to those made by apologists for ex-Muslims like Ayaan Hirst Ali and their enablers, like Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer, who are cast simply as crusaders against violent passages in the Qu'ran.

      Pablo Christiani actually conspired with Catholic leaders to force Jews to wear badges in the Middle Ages. But, you know, there's no evidence that he actually hated Jews.

    • Yoni Falic claims to be a college professor. He's clearly lying. Someone this insecure, uncivil and silly could not possibly have received a PhD. Like a lot of fakes attempting to put one over here (there have been a whole run of them), he masked what amounts to garden-variety antisemitism with intellectual-sounding garbage. He is latest in a long line of pretend Pablo Christianis, dedicated not only to attacking Israel, but to Judaism itself, as he has countless times here, despite the stated rules against antisemitism.

      Clearly, Mondoweiss readers provide him with a platform and an audience.

      Just to take up one idea: I have no idea why he would argue that rabbinic Judaism does not originate in Palestine, or that the Talmud never caught on there. It is a strange claim. Rabbinic Judaism grew out of the Pharasaic Judaism of antiquity. It takes a person with a real axe to grind to suggest that the Oral Law is "fake", rather than to simply say the historical truth, which is that Pharasaic Judaism, and the Rabbinic Judaism that later grew from it, was distinguished by its reliance on Oral Law in addition to Biblical Law, a principle that was rejected by competing sects. Two of those sects, the Karaites and the Samaritans, exist today in small numbers.

      The Mishna and Talmud were ultimately compiled in exile precisely because these communities wanted to codify a Jewish way of life in the absence of a Temple. They were the basis of what developed into modern Judaism.

      The notion that a Jewish canon (canon meaning the Old Testament, not the Mishna) was compiled to compete with the Christian canon is one theory, and certainly not established scholarly fact. Whether it has veracity or not, it does not explain the Mishna and the Talmud that followed it. There were many other reasons to codify Jewish law; Rabbinic Judaism has a strong predecessor in Pharasaic Judaism, which distinguished itself from other sects by believing in an Oral tradition as well as a written one.

      When someone says that Rabbinic Judaism is fake, they're saying the Judaism as practiced throughout much of Jewish history is a fake religion. It's an antisemitic slur, reminiscent of what you might here in the medieval Catholic Church, and it's just as deplorable.

    • There is no "system of separation" in Israel. A discriminatory law doesn't make a country an apartheid system. Otherwise the United States, and virtually all of Europe, would be apartheid states.

    • Right-wingers are excited about it; most Zionists more or less accepted that it wasn't going to happen. But the much better question is why we all make the racist assumption that the entire Arab world will erupt if an Embassy moves to West Jerusalem. It's not like the Embassy is going to Abu Dis.

    • There is no evidence to support the silly Khazar theory that YoniFalic is foisting upon us. It's fake.

    • Oh please. Like Trump, you shamelessly hype things as tremendous when they're nothing new.

  • Historical evidence does not support Zionist claims re the Western Wall
  • Adelson and Saban were kingmakers, now they're beggars
    • Your analysis on Bolton is another example of your penchant for reasoning that if someone Jewish supports a person or policy, whatever happens to that person or policy becomes "Jewish."

      Many Jews and non-Jews have strong feelings about John Bolton. Seeing his apparent fall as an Adelson thing is opportunistic conspiratorial nonsense. Adelson will make out well; he's the only major GOP donor who supported Trump.

      This piece also confirms my suspicion that you'll ally yourself with white supremacists when it serves your political interest.

  • Trump pick for ambassador to Israel supports Israeli annexation of West Bank and calls liberal Jews 'kapos' (Updated)
  • On '60 Minutes,' Stahl is positive about BDS and suggests Netanyahu is anti-American
    • Did you ever think that maybe the pessimists have a habit of being wrong about Israel? No one would have predicted that it would become one of the most diverse states on Earth, a first world country that leads the world in everything from tech to art.

      Maybe that's why your message isn't very well received.

  • Jewish brawl on CNN signals breakup of the pro-Israel monolith in the Trump era
    • Still don't know why Keith is still allowing to post on a site where antisemitism is alleging not permitted.

  • Why a Texas rabbi keeps losing a debate over Israel with a white nationalist leader
    • I expected this piece, which shows the following:

      1. When a rabbi makes a statement that has nothing whatsoever to do with Israel, you'll make it about Israel anyway.

      2. BDS supporters like what Spencer said because they agree with his views. Chew on that for awhile.

      3. It's, of course, utter bullshit. Israel is one of the most diverse societies on the planet, from every possible point of view. It's home to people who are Jewish, Muslim, Christian, and Bahai. It's home to people of every race. It's home to people of every sexual orientation.

      4. There's nothing masterful about Richard Spencer, who is a poor excuse for a human being and a poor debater. The only two groups of people who think Spencer is a good debater are neo-Nazis, and BDS supporters. He's a piss poor debater, because his analogy is nonsense. People here just share his hate.

  • It’s junket season again in Massachusetts
  • Obama would have overwhelming support from US public to allow UN establishment of Palestinian state
    • This is such complete progandistic BS. About 1/3 said they'd support a yes, 1/3 said they'd support a no, and 1/3 said they'd support an abstention. There is absolutely no evidence to suggest that people who support an abstention also support allowing a Palestinian state. They weren't asked that question, and they weren't asked confirmatory question to determine whether they understood what abstention meant.

      These silly push polls are designed to be vague enough to achieve these kinds of ridiculous results. What sanctions? On what? What is a settlement to these folks? How is Israel actually a burden? Do they think the Palestinians are a burden too? How about the Syrians? Do they support sanctions on the Palestinians? (I'll bet anything that they do.)

  • Saban calls Ellison 'clearly an anti-Semite' (and not on Wikileaks)
    • The case against Ellison rests on his involvement with the Nation of Islam, which is led by an unrepentant bigot. Ellison has repudiated Louis Farrakhan, and personally, that's enough for me, but I suspect that most people here wouldn't extend the same benefit of the doubt if the tables were turned.

    • Thank you for making it clear once again that in your world, a Jew isn't permitted to speak his mind.

  • 'Make this my dream as well' -- in historic appearance, Palestinian offers one-state vision to a NY temple
    • No. That's not what I said at all. What I've always said here is that a one-state solution would be a violent disaster, and that I'd seen nothing to convince me otherwise. That, combined with the callousness for Jewish life around the world that I see in the BDS movement, which won't even accept the reality of worldwide antisemitism, their role in causing it, or the privileged position from which they criticize Israel, makes me reject anyone who advances that cause and gives me reason to fear those who espouse it. I will say that generally, the vitriol is in inverse correlation to the distance of the speaker from the zone of conflict. Palestinians generally aren't crazy. Their Western supporters tend to be a little nuts.

      Most of you, predictably, won't take my point about tone, and it reminds me again of how much of this is just childish political posturing for most of you, rather than real action or accomplishment. Most of you would rather yell your heads off than accomplish anything.

    • Isn't it interesting how this message is better received by Jewish communities when it's not angry, bitter, and focused on telling Jews how bad they are, how bad Israel is, how they have no history in the Middle East, and how everything is hunky-dory for Jews around the world? You should all learn something from that, because this is not the kind of message that Mondoweiss generally promotes.

  • Deborah Lipstadt's double standard on white nationalism and Jewish nationalism
  • I'm not worried about anti-Semitism
    • Lol, of course you're not worried. You hold antisemitic views, advance discredited conspiracy theories, and trade of cheap stereotypes. You'd be happy if Jews were all secularists who gave their children zero Jewish education. Why on Earth was it even necessary to write this post at all? It's just a repetition of every nonsense things you've said for the last decade.

      You could be a lobster in boiling water and not worry.

  • Epic battle looms over accused anti-Semite entering White House, and 'NYT' graywashes the moment
  • Challenging anti-Semitism and the Trump presidency
    • "But it is accurate to suggest that Jewish Americans most in fear of Trump reign are worried his negotiation skills might ultimately result in Israel being put in the full spot light to settle for peace with less offered to Israel then in time past."

      It is not accurate to suggest that at all.

  • Lanny Davis's power seder, dedicated to Palestinian-Israeli peace, and Pee Wee Reese
    • "And BTW, the American Task Force on Palestine is a famously conservative Palestinian organization. "

      No it isn't. It's the successor organization to the American Committee on Jerusalem, which was led by Rashid Khalidi. Are you going to tell me that he's conservative too?

      Be honest. You can't deal with Jews and Palestinians working together unless it's on your parochial terms.

    • That's because Mondoweiss doesn't care about peace, Jon S.

    • One can only wonder how Keith manages to get so many overtly antisemitic comments through on Mondoweiss.

  • The power of hasbara culture
    • "Jeffrey Goldberg has been the most aggressive proselytizer in America for hasbara culture and its highly politicized character. "

      You are completely insane, Yakov That statement is not based in reality, like most of what you write here.

  • H to Jake to Malcolm to Maggie to Haim to Huma -- resetting the discourse on Israel in 6 easy steps
    • "The Democratic rank-and-file was pleased and proud when our President raged at Netanyahu. "

      Right, because the feelings of left-wing Democratic base voters is more important than the Palestinians are. It's always about you, not them. That's why your activism sucks.

  • Miserable night, bleak forecast
  • In Clinton campaign email, former White House officials call Tom Friedman a 'committed Zionist'
    • "The Israeli-neocon machine is manufacturing war with Russia"

      More antisemitic nonsense on Mondoweiss that the moderator lets through. Classical antisemitic trope to blame Jews for making war. Sounds like Hitler.

  • BDS and the shattering of liberal Zionist taboos
  • Clinton on 2005 Palestinian elections: 'If we were going to push for elections, we should have made sure that we did something to determine who was going to win'
  • Why Standing Rock matters
  • 'Atlantic' editor says that Israel's 1948 expulsion of Palestinians was not 'a tragedy'
    • Phil is against Jewish education and criticizes Jews for marrying other Jews. That's someone who has a problem with Judaism, not Zionism.

    • It's not very important, except insofar as there are those who suggest that Palestinian national identity is something separate and old, when, in fact, it's an expression of pan-Arab identity and something relatively new (1964). But in the context of settling the conflict, it's basically irrelevant.

    • The difference between you and Jeff Goldberg is that Goldberg cares about the Jewish future. You couldn't care less about it. You predictably fail to engage with what he said in any meaningful way. You're just interested in repeating your own silly assumptions again and again.

  • The dark side of Jewish consciousness: manufactured anti-Semitism
  • Clinton to drop Israel from 'public' speeches, put it back in 'with donors' -- email
    • Yes, by all means, please make the neo-Nazi org If Americans Knew Nonsense go full blast.

    • Your gloating is unbecoming, Phil. Dem activists aren't the majority of the parties. Like GOP "activists," who are in the tank for Trump, Dem activists are just as likely to be ill-informed, shrill, and incapable of reaching independents.

      And Robby Mook, who has run a poor campaign in which it took him until October to place distance between Clinton and the worst GOP candidate in modern history, is wrong here. Most Democrats are pro-Israel, including those who oppose the occupation.

    • You guys speak like the anti-Semitic neo-Nazis that you are. You're interested in seeing Jews die.

  • 'State of Terror,' by Thomas Suárez
  • Who knew! Israel almost started war with Hezbollah in 2015, IDF officer reveals at NY synagogue
    • "Most unrest in the Middle East is created by Israel to destabilise surrounding states so they become incapable of mounting attacks against Israel."

      Where do you morons get these conspiracy theories from? Yeah, 500,000 people are dead in Syria because, Jews.

    • No one's forcing you, and every one of your stupid comments suggests that you always gave more credence to antisemitic conspiracy sources like RT.

  • In full page NYT ad, liberal Zionist group calls for ethnic segregation to retain Jewish majority within Israel
  • Why I single out Israel
  • Why segregation is the single most important issue in Israel, and practical ways to confront it
    • "A person who’d be willing to bet would produce some verifiable stats. "

      Mine are perfectly verifiable. We have fewer African-American doctors in the United States as a percentage of population than Israel does Arab doctors. African-Americans make up 5% of American doctors, and African-Americans are 13% of the population. Palestinian-Israelis are around 20-21% of the population, and they represent 12.5% of the doctors in Israel.

      But there's more to the story. When you factor in the reality that female workforce participation remains the exception, rather than the rule, in the Arab Middle East, including Israel, it shrinks the gap considerably. In Israel, only about 20% of Palestinian women work, while in the United States, the female labor participation rate is about 60%.

      So in Israel, where most Arab women do not work, and the rate of labor participation amongst Jewish women is extremely high (66% in the haredi community and nearly 80% in the secular community), representation amongst Palestinian doctors is roughly commensurate with percentage of population.

      “I am greeted with a lot of respect,” says Dr. Mahmoud Abo Salwook, an endocrinologist from the Arab village of Kafr Qassem who treats diabetes patients in the ultra-Orthodox Tel Aviv suburb of Bnei Brak. He has worked for nine years in clinics in Jewish neighborhoods.

      Anti-Arab remarks from Jewish patients are rare, Dr. Abo Salwook says. “It’s an exception. They usually come from people who are uneducated and closed-minded,” he says. “I get a lot of nice feedback ­– I hear what patients tell the secretaries.”

    • Lol. As if Lebanon had a choice as Syria's main border state.

      You're completely clueless, Annie. There is widespread discrimination of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon.

    • Thanks for acknowledging, Annie, that there is no Arab country today where Jews may live equally.

    • Oh please. That is not a norm. I'd be willing to bet that there is statistically more segregation between Black and White expectant mothers in the US than there is between Arabs and Jews in Israeli hospitals. Not to mention statistically less Black doctors working in them. 12.5 percent of the doctors in Israel are Palestinian in a country where around 20% of the population is Palestinian. 5% of the American doctors are Black in a country where around 13% of the population is Black. Israel is almost certainly less segregated than the United States, which traps large segments of its Black communities in ghettos. #blacklivesmatter

    • Where is the Arab world today can Jews live as equal citizens with full rights without fear?

    • Annie will never admit the truth: the reason that the Lebanese have not extended citizenship to the Palestinians is the same reason the Syria's haven't. They hate the Palestinians. Much more than the Israeli ever will.

    • Endorsing egalitarianism really worked for Jews in Europe before World War II, didn't it?

    • Echinoccus. Another guy who believes that too many Jews in a neighborhood is a bad thing.

    • Israel is the least ethnoreligious segregated state in the Middle East. By very far. What's wrong with you people? Go to Iraq or Syria if you want to find . . . Oh wait. They already ethnically cleansed the Christians there.

    • "I too think that all but complete elimination was and is the intention.'

      Weird how the Palestinian population keeps growing.

  • Many leftwing Israelis are leaving the country -- 'Forward' breaks an important story
    • "Although these leftists make up only a tiny percentage of Israelis"

      I.e., not many are leaving. And personally, I cannot stand social activists who navel gaze and lament their own impotence. If Meirav is failing, maybe she should, I don't know, try a different approach that doesn't entail condescending to the rest of the Israeli population.

      I know this site has a vested interest in playing up the idea of Israelis leaving Israel as if it were some deluge, but as of 2014, the latest year for which figures are available, Israel had a positive net migration rate of 1.68, which means that more people are moving to Israel than are leaving. That's higher than several Western states, including Belgium, France, Germany, Finland, and Iceland. None of these countries are involved in conflict of any kind.

  • Syrian death tolls and the kinder gentler jihadists
    • Notice how it's always the fault of the US for Keith. It's not like Russia, Iran, Hezbollah, Venezuela, or the DPRK are helping the Assadists in any way. Whatever is good for Bashar al-Assad, including killing thousands of Palestinian refugees who lived in his country's squalor to begin with, is good for Keith.

  • Months after saying he won't appear at Israeli foreign ministry events, Amos Oz will do just that in Paris
  • ADL took US cops to Israeli prison, occupied Hebron and settler winery during counter-terror seminar
  • 'Democracy' and 'terrorism' and the parameters of thinkable thought
    • So you expect me to take the view of an ivory tower linguist in Hartford more seriously than someone who lives in a place where his friends and family members have likely been targeted and attacked.

      I can see why he didn't much care for your radical political viewpoints. They're not very credible.

  • Let's talk about Russian influence
    • Hey lonely rico, you're a recent graduate student, right?

      Can you detail for me your work as an advocate for a boycott of Russia based on their illegal invasions of Georgia and Ukraine? You know that we've given Russia billions over the last couple of decades to deal with their aging nukes, right?

      Is there any movement afoot on your campus to boycott Russia?

    • "Last June the Liberty survivors had a memorial after nearly half a century; here’s a write up by an Israeli: The day Israel attacked America – The Unites States Navy most decorated ship (in a single action) "

      On a website that suggests that Noam Chomsky is an Israeli disinformation agent. Thanks, I'll pass. Keep digging that hole you're in.

    • "Not to pick specifically on Hophmi. His type are a dime a dozen. "

      Actually, Emory, I'd say your type is a nickel a dozen, especially in this space.

      "YES! All true and endlessly horrifying. RESIST! BREAK THE SILENCE! SPEAK THE TRUTH WITHOUT FEAR!"

      Use capital letters to sound more right!

      "OMG!!! Powerful states trying to project power onto their neighbors. Unheard of!!! "

      It's not unheard of. It's just the difference between democracy and dictatorship in these countries. But Mr. T, I'm not at all surprised that you prefer Russian-tinged dictatorship to Western-tinged democracy. You guys were never democrats.

      "That and the fact that it was part of Russia historically and the fact that it is the site of a key Russian strategic asset which it has a national interest in controlling it against a hostile Ukrainian government."

      It was part of Russia historically. See? You have no trouble using arguments like this when it's your friends. If it's Russia's historically, international law doesn't matter. Only the might of the Russian military does.

      This is another reason why I people like you have no credibility when you talk about international law. You couldn't care less about it.

      "{point and laugh} Everything’s the 1930’s with you, isn’t it."

      No, I just understand history. Big countries always use the kind of reasoning that Russia uses. We have to invade other states to protect our kind, whether they're Catholics, Protestants, Germans, Russians, Sunnis, Shiites . . .

      The common thread here is that you just hate the West and wish the USSR had never fallen. Most of the older people in radical left activist community fit into that category.

      "But the Zionists get to just take the land of Palestine that they think belong to the world’s Jews just because. Prince of hypocrites strikes again."

      Well, the international community recognizes Israel within the 1967 borders. It does not recognize Russian in Crimea. So when does the boycott of Russia begin? It would have a real impact if we all decided to stop buying Russian oil. Unlike the Israeli economy, the Russian economy is in pretty bad shape, and highly reliant on oil profits.

      "So, if Putin had gotten a couple lackey countries to go along, like the US did, then all would be fine?? "

      It would be different. The international community has long been moving toward decentralization anyway. NATO is a coalition of dozens of countries, most of which are democracies. Of course, that's not the same as a Security Council resolution (which is basically impossible to achieve to stop a genocide, and thus, the reason why the Security Council has lost legitimacy), but it tends to lend the action far more legitimacy.

      But actually, Russian does belong to an IGO that comprises the FSU states called the CIS. If Russian had CIS approval to invade Crimea and Georgia before it, I probably wouldn't oppose it because it would reflect the will of the entire region. But we all know that Russia had no such approval. It was Russia throwing its weight around.

      "LOL. If you don’t think that Russia and the West aren’t both equally to blame (to the extent that “blame” is even a viable concept to countries acting geopolitically according to their national interests) then you’re a sucker. "

      I'm not a sucker. I just give more weight to the United States than I do to Russia. The United States is a democracy with checks and balances. Russia is a dictatorship.

    • "totalitarian mindset."

      Keith is, as usual, projecting. Hey Keith! Russia and Syria are the countries with the totalitarian mindsets. I know that you have a hard time accepting that, because you seem never to have met a dictatorship you didn't like.

      Citizen, you can cite all of the silly articles you'd like from antisemites like GIlad Atzmon and his fellow travelers, like Mr. Polya, who thinks that we invaded Afghanistan because of the "Zionists," and it won't make you any more credible. You guys just cannot seem to stay away from the Holocaust-denial far-right websites. And the moderator keeps letting this garbage through.

    • "Let´s say that I am in the position of knowing the situation, both military and political, between Russia and the West."

      I say nothing of the sort unless you provide some proof of why I should believe that.

      " There is an army of ignorant individuals in the west who still doesn´t realize that the old SU is gone since 25 years, it fell apart into 16 individual countries!"

      I'm aware of basic history. I'm also aware that since that time, Russia has sought to create a sphere of influence in these states, and that Putin has long spoken of the importance of a strong central government and of re-establishing Russia's status as a major power.

      "Russia has less than 150 million inhabitants facing about a billion western citizens who have the mightiest military, the most sophisticated weapons, the most aggressive political institutions and the press. Yet there is not a single day goes by that we do not hear or read how dangerous and aggressive Russia and its leader Putin is"

      There are plenty of articles available that discuss the military prowess of the United States.

      "Putin annected the Crimea after its main naval base was in danger of falling into the hands of ukranian ultra right fascist bands, however only after good 80% of the population voted for it. "

      Sure, because invasion and annexation is totally ok as long as ethnic Russians live there. This is exactly the philosophy Nazi Germany used to annex the Sudetenland. It's not like we live in a world of nation-states. You sound like a Russian shill, dude.

      "We cry foul and demand a withdrawal, although the Crimea never belonged to Ukraina until Hrushchev decided to move borders illegally, without the consent of the High Soviet. "

      Yeah, yeah, old history, but frankly, we live in a world where there is plenty of history like this. Crimea is part of the Ukraine. Russia doesn't get to just take land that it thinks belongs to Russia just because.

      "We took the Kosovo from Serbia with force, after we bombed them for weeks, killing hundreds of civilians. According to our politicians and press it was legal and according to internantional laws, although that area belonged to the serbs for over a thousand years!"

      Paid shill alert. We invaded a country with a NATO coalition that was already responsible for one genocide to keep them from committing a second genocide.

      "We have angst of the russian military, yet is was the NATO who moved to the russian borders, (by the way breaking a silent agreement), have military exercises near to those borders, naval exercises on the Baltic and Black Sea. Russia has such exercises only on their own territory,"

      It's always the fault of the West. Russia's always blameless.

      "This is not to support Russia in any way"

      Come on. That's exactly what it is. We don't need you for this. We can watch RT if we want the Kremlin's POV.

    • War crimes in Chechnya. Threatening the stability of our allies in Europe through oil blackmail and pressuring of pro-Western leaders in FSU states. Killing thousands of innocent people in Syria. Selling nuclear technology to Iran. Russia is a dictatorship where dissenters are regularly murdered.

    • Yonah, it's not worth arguing with these people about the USS Liberty. There have been dozens of investigations of it, and none have found Israel culpable. These folks will never believe anything but the worst about Israelis no matter what you show them, because their main motivation isn't facts; it's hatred of Israelis and Jews.

    • Let's cut and paste our previous posts and complain endlessly about a small country that has little influence on world affairs, instead of my friends the Russians, the world's largest country with a population of 143m people that has the world's second largest nuclear arsenal, runs an antisemitic TV statiom, RT, that features Holocaust deniers, and is allied with Iran, a US enemy that is a chief state sponsor of terrorism.

      Clearly, the tiny state of Israel is more important than our Cold War and increasingly, our current enemy, Russia.

      Clearly, it's important for BDS activists to stand with Bashar al-Assad, continuing the tradition of standing up for genocidal dictators so long as they're opposed to Israel or the United States or both. Clearly, it's important to stand with Putin, another dictator, who killed tens of thousands of Muslims in Chechnya, acquiesced in the killing of hundreds of thousands more in Bosnia and Kosovo, and currently engaged in the killing of hundreds of thousands right now in Syria.

      But let's talk about Israel.

  • A new milestone: BDS at the Olympics
    • If you're opposed to violence, then you can condemn Hamas and the Egyptian junta which Islam El-Shehaby represented at the Olympics.

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