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  • Faithwashing: the Muslim Leadership Institute and the academic boycott
    • "what mooser said “Must be a ‘covert outreach’ thing.” is not what i would consider a personal attack nor harassment."

      Then you don't understand the meaning of the term, or you purposely do not read things in context. Mooser is a clown. I ignore him 95% of the time. Where I have drawn the line in the past is his serial attempts to try to get me to divulge details about my personal life, and he is not the first to do it here. And yes, after a while, even I get tired of his constant and obsessive needling, which you lovingly enable by putting through I don't how many comments regarding my participation in Jewish-Muslim interfaith work.

      Phil agrees with me, by the way, that I put up with a lot of nonsense here; I've written him a number of times, and he's always been a gentleman. I think he's repulsed by a good deal of the commentary here.

      "in fact, there’s a very public campaign to smear all pro palestinian activism on american campuses as anti semitic! "

      That's nice. It has nothing to do with me. I would never say that all pro-Palestinian activism on American campuses is antisemitic.

      "so please, nothing like that is happening to you here. you can’t dish it out and then scream foul when the information you provide is used against your argument."

      OK, Annie. It's just a coincidence that you have maybe three Zionists who post here regularly, and that, in clear violation of the commenting rules, you allow through dozens and dozens of non-substantive comments that do little but attack us in personal terms. It doesn't surprise me that you have blinders on, and it doesn't really bother me very much; I've spent enough time around radical activists to know that many of them are very, very angry people, especially when they are Westerners. Feeling perpetually disenfranchised and feeling like no one in society ever listens to you can make you really upset, just as it does most two-year-olds. Phil, by the way, is not in that group.

      So, with all due respect, don't lecture me about "taking it." I've been here a long time and I've taken it better than anyone here does. As I've said many times, if I wanted to take it easy, I'd go somewhere where everyone already agrees with me, like most people here have done.

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