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  • I thought this was a copperhead snake
    • Funny you should post this. I think we must be Hudson Valley neighbors.
      I had one peacefully living by my house until this summer when some fool house guest claimed it attacked his dog and 'he had to kill it'. When I looked up what it was I realized that it and the 'Cooperheads' some hicks had made a point of killing at swimming hole when I was kid were just harmless water snakes.

  • Helen Thomas dies
    • No reason to be defensive...

      I used google just now...its not useful without recalling how the story unfolded. I 'recall' and google confirms nothing on Mondoweiss intially. Then Phil cautiously mentioned it a couple of days in...

      " and she wasn't talking about the occupied territories. She said they should go back to Germany. One hears this type of comment in Palestine, too; I reported it from my Gaza trip a year back. "

      A couple of days later she had been forced to resign.

    • Sad she is gone.

      The hit on her character was very instructive. An orchestrated campaign to make an unguarded comment out as calling for genocide. I recall Ari Fleischer making the rounds on TV...even Obama had a comment about her, all the awards given out in her name folded with ease, everyone piling her. Even this site if I recall kept its distance from defending. A missed opportunity? Who knows. Today I think it would be slightly different. People are more aware that its forbidden to talk of Israel and they resent it.

      She did give full interviews after that comment where she elaborated what she felt. All common sense view that would align with most people here feel.

  • 'Did Hagel get $25K speaking fee from Friends of Hamas?' -- Daily News seeded suspicion
    • I read that this morning. Pathetic.

      He tries to play off that he made up the phrase casually "I was talking hypothetically and hyperbolically" but he "followed up with an e-mail, as a reminder: “Did he get $25K speaking fee from Friends of Hamas?”

      and he does nothing to stop the rumors because
      "Somehow, I was not aware of the firestorm until Sunday, when I glanced at my phone and saw a story..."

      then he diverts it by blaming the source who he wrote the email to asking Did Hagel "get $25K speaking fee from Friends of Hamas?”

      The person denied sharing my query with Breitbart but admitted the chance of having mentioned it to others. Since the source knew we spoke under a standard that my questions weren’t for sharing, that’s a problem.

      Its a Garabage paper. All week they've been publishing supposed letters to the editor thanking them for their reporting of the "anti-Israel" event at Brooklyn College and asking for more coverage like that(?) Thanks bejesus for internet news and mondoweiss.

  • Life imitates art as Foxman confirms ADL caricature on Netflix's 'House of Cards'
    • I watched the series this weekend. Very entertaining.

      Its nice to I/P brought up and it isn't flattering to the ADL. The person behind the line 'it is an illegal occupation' isn't shown favorable either though. He wrote it in a college newspaper years ago. Now he is a middle aged burn out with a conspiracy website, doing drugs, sleeping with stripper and ranting crazily about the govt. Not exactly a portrait of someone viewers will want to identify with.

      Good series nonetheless, I recommend it.

      Spacey did another political movie, Casino Jack about Jack Abramoff recently. Abramoffs support for Israel comes up a few times in that but if I recall not with much explanation.

  • Roger Cohen, dreamer
    • Around the same time Cohen was saying this, I met Chuck Schumer at a fair in upstate NY.
      When I asked him about 'Palestine' he essentially said the same thing: 'Don't you worry, there will be two states within a year.'

      Its the same shtick. When people ask about Palestine, make it sound like change is just around the corner but then refuse to support anything specific that could force a solution as being 'too sensitive'.

      Calling him a dreamer is too kind. He has taken on the role of defender of Israel as seriously as Schumer has. In his recent article he sanctimoniously declares that Palestinians must give up their legal right of return to Israel. All so that Jewish immigrants from the US can preserve their birthright to move to a state with a Jewish majority? Ludicrous. He is no dreamer, he's an apologist.

  • The reviews are in: 'Zero Dark Thirty makes me hate muslims'
    • I haven't seen the movie but based on the reviews here it isn't fair to compare it to Goya etchings. Goya etchings depict brutality and the gruesomeness of war. There is no glorifying of violence, no attempt to justify it. The effect is that viewers are revolted by the violence.

      It sound to me like this director is using art as a cover from criticism. It would more be accurate to say those who work in the Arts know that we use symbols, words and images to change people's consciousness.

      If people walk away from your movie with a new acceptance of torture and a 'whole new hatred of Muslims' either succeeded in your intent and are talented propagandist/horrible person or the meaning of your message failed miserably and you are a terrible artist albeit one that will go far in Hollywood/USA.

  • Hagel prostrates himself before the lobby, gets votes
    • I agree. The worst thing about Hagel for the IL was all the talk about IL. They were going to lose this battle.

  • Right wing crazies -- Remnick brings the curtain down on Zionism
    • "Israel is quickly becomming a left vs right issue"

      It is. And the support on the right won't be very deep when aid or the costs of more Middle East wars comes up.

      The only narrative that works accross parties is keeping people in fear of terrorism and 'Muslims hate our way of life and want to kill us all'. TV and movies hammer that message home, and IMO Americans still believe it, but its not as strongly as they once did.

  • In choosing Hagel, an antiwar president gets backup from the new Israel lobby
  • Washington Post defends picture of dead Gaza child after complaints from 'Jews in large numbers'
    • I agree with you, if its true, its fair to say. And I dont think he would have had to assume anything from last names. Its likely the letter writers would have identified themselves.

      There are very few conversations I've had about Israel/Palestine where if the person I was talking to was Jewish didnt mention it...its usual part of the introduction when talking about I/P. If they are saying something critical of Israel they will mention it to head off charges of AntiSemitism. Or if it is in defense of Israel often it will be mentioned as a way to introduce the Holocaust, historical antisemitism and imply AntiSemitism on the part of the other party...

  • Palestinians circulate draft resolution at UN as Barak implores US to help Israel delay bid
    • The first link that has the link on YouTube to the original video - has been marked private.

      I found this which has some clips on it

      If anyone has the full video they ought to upload it to Youtube and other video sites. The fact that he is caught on camera saying he
      "put an end to the Oslo accords” and other stuff about 'moving' the US and it never ever comes up in US articles about him is just nauesating.

  • Don't conflate anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism, NYT arts critic asserts
    • Here is the director talking about the film in Hebron

      or at some rally where she mentions "taking back the media..the campuses...that are filling our children with propaganda"...'we must take back our legal systems" "we must stand up and challenge the UN...the Hague"

      While its "good" the film got a bad review, its terrible it was treated as if it was some sort of "documentary" and not dismissed for the propaganda it is.

      There is the director on the record saying we must "take back the media" and now we are supposed to treat her film as honestly trying to document some aspect of reality? No. Its not even veild propaganda and Nicole Herrington is more of a coward for not mentioning that than she is a hero for critiquing ..."But the film loses ground toward the middle.."

  • Estelle and the freedom of association
    • "people with much less at stake in this than Palestinians have been telling Palestinians they ought to just shut up."

      If you didn't want people opining your actions you shouldn’t have posted the accusations to your website - you could have sent around a private memo or said it with hand signals. Instead you posted your theory about planes, trains and anti-Semitism on the internet. You should be able defend those charges with something better than 'I'm Palestinian'.

  • No room for racism in a movement working for equality and freedom
    • Wow. Yeah, Mondo and the others look terrible in this. Commending people for rushing to condemm someone for what...? Posting a link to something in error. No one suffered, no one died, but somehow that negates a decades working to support the 'cause'. Somehow how posting a link, which you havent tried to defend, but say was an error trumps everything you've done and marks you as a racist!

      And all the while your accusers are hiding behind this front of ' the movement', 'justice', 'caring about Palestenian rights'...this all looks a bit skin deep to me.

    • I can remember when the Helen Thomas scandal hit. Mondo was quick to accept that she had said something 'AntiSemitic' and didn't come out strongly in her defense.

      Here she was speaking out for Palestenians on a national stage but since she had that Scarlet letter of 'AntiSemite' placed on her...the 'movement' (whatever that means) just cowered on sidelines and waited for her to get off the stage.

      This Berlin woman is involved in the boat to Gaza, ISM and now with some accusations for linking something via twitter, she is thrown overboard?! I don't get it.

    • Personally, I'm tired of having to take these oaths.

      My entire life I had no opinion about Israel or "acceptable speech about Jews"
      I'm someone who used to confuse Israel with Greece cause of the colors of their flags. I had only the vaguest associations of "Jews"...the Holocaust, lawyers, pastrami.

      I learned about Israel when I started seeing images of kids throwing stones at tanks on the was only then that I was introduced to having to always question/defend whether I harbor some sort of hatred of the Jewish religion when talking about Israel. It didn't matter that later my office was destroyed on 9/11 or that "my" country became more and more is deeply entwined in the mess, no, even now, even on this site its suggested that readers, posters still are on some "anti-Semitic crusade against Jews"
      You dont know who this woman is. You didn’t watch the video, but if you don't condem her you're an antiSemite and you've hurt the 'cause'

      Its seems like bs to me.

  • Anti-Muslim bigotry is being funded by the Israel-right-or-wrong crowd
    • This is a great report. Given a choice most Americans wouldnt 'support' Israel, not with money, not with fighting wars in the ME that benifit them.

      The strategy that has and does work is to convince Americans that Israels enemies hate them too. American movies and television are filled with the demonization of muslims/Arabs and the illogical 'they hate our freedom' and want to impose 'sharia' on us. It is so important to shine light on this strategy and show that these million dollar movies and marketing campgains are not a grass roots or fringe movement. Its being funded by mega-rich people with an hidden agenda, to support Israel at all costs.

  • In 'Dear Dad' letter in 1939, JFK called for 'independent' Jerusalem
    • Yeah, I guess I missed Phils postscript.

      "P.S. A smart friend has pointed out to me the phrase at the beginning of the letter, in which JFK says to his father: "Dear Dad: I thought I would write you my impressions on Palestine while they were still fresh in my mind, though you undoubtedly, if I know the Jews, know the 'whole' story." This is anti-Semitic dogwhistling. JFK's father was famous for his anti-semitism. JFK is saying that "the Jews" have already gotten to his father with the hasbara. And so he is telling him the real story... Complicated. "

      "anti-Semitic dogwhistling" sounds too dismissive to me.

      It sounds to me like he talking about lobbying. If he knows "the Jews" they've already told his father the 'whole' story.' "The Jews" sounds crude, but is he really referring some eternal trait of "The Jews" when he assumes they've told his father the whole story? Or is saying if he knows "the Jews", referring them to a group the he knows has been lobbying the goverment about Palestine have told him the 'whole' story?

      The latter seems more reasonable to me. I would file it under evidence that in 1939, it was common knowledge in this instance to JFK that 'the Jews' (Zionists supporters in America) were heavily lobbying politicians about Palestine, telling them their side of story.

      MW has posted articles stating the same thing and will cite diaries from that State Department offical, Forestor(sic) showing that this lobbying was going on...but when confronted with someone else saying it, maybe crudely, without too much thought it gets called, "anti-Semitic dogwhistling"? Ah well.

    • Hi Colin,

      Sorry, that wasn't the line that confused me. It was

      "I thought I would write down my thoughts on Palestine while they were still fresh in my mind although you undoubtedly, if I know the Jews, know the "whole" story.

      Now that I write it though, I think he is referring to assuming that his father has had one side of story told to him.

    • "After all, Palestine was hardly Britian’s to give away."

      Great piece of history. Can't make out what he meant in the first paragraph...

  • 8 former board members of Free Gaza Movement deplore anti-Semitic messaging
    • "This exemplifies the sad and self defeating margins of what could be a movement for justice in the Middle East"

      Oh get off it. You could give fork all for "justice in the Middle East". Your only concern is policing and diluting criticism of Israel. Its either some half baked article about how Israel/Palestine shouldn’t be discussed by OWS or pearl clutching 'I detect' anti-Semitism comments.

  • Anti-Iran street theater group denies it has Israel agenda. Wait a second--
    • The NYC Daily Newspapers have been doing over the top yellow journalism on Iran all week.

      In the NY Daily News today...the op-ed called Iran being brought to Hague for war crimes for some tenuous crimes including wanting to destroy Israel. Then there was a write up about a tourist from Arkansas who struck a 'blow for freedom' by punching some Iranian diplomat in the stomach...and another that gleefully wrote up how the police stopped some Iranian who someone had falsely reported to be carrying a gun.

  • Ninny Middleton doesn't understand the job description
    • I'm not sure what your wifes argument is...

      "No woman needs tanned tits. It's stupid and vain, and completely unnecessary when you’re going to be the Queen of England."

      just sounds catty to me.

  • Romney's defeat will expose the lobby's weakness
    • "The lobby clearly wanted a war with Iran and it did not get it."

      All true, but look at this way. By the swinging for the fences the lobby changed the script Obama had intended for Israel, it put him on the defensive. They got more aid, silence on the settlements, total disregard of Palestinians...they got a solid double out of it.

      It didn’t get the war with, but the game is still in play and look how far they came. When Obama came into office he intended to talk with our enemies, to talk with Iran. Go back just after 9/11 Iran was cooperating with the West on terrorism...during the late 90s Iran was being described as a moderate country on the cusp of having relations with the US again.

      Now the US is so far down the road towards conflict with Iran it is hard to see them turning around. The public has been so saturated with Iran/Hitler comparisons what no US politician can even suggest otherwise.

      Getting the US into a war with Iran was an impossible dream because the public is totally disillusioned by Iraq/Afghanistan and the economic collapse. They waited too long and now the public wants nothing to do with the ME. They may have been 'thwarted quite spectacularly' but is that how the children see it? I don’t think IL is in their vernacular. I think the children see Iran as an enemy who we are one day going to have a war with. Its not war, now, but we're on the path and that’s quite an accomplished for the IL.

    • The drubbing of the IL is overstated. The lobby has gotten whatever it wanted out of Obama for the past 4 years. They weren’t able to bait the US into launching a new war against Iran before this election but that was an impossible dream. Falling short of that they have made sure the US and Iran will be enemies for a long time to come. This is 180 degree change from how the US was beginning to see Iran pre 9/11. Unless the IL is dealt will still be Sanctions and demonizing Iran now, war whenever possible down the road. And of course thanks to the power of the IL, its still fck all to the Palestinians, full steam ahead on settlements, whilst the billions in US aid keep flowing in.

  • Israel's version of the two-state 'solution' is anything but dead
    • Good article. Sure, if the regime running Israel has its way no good will come of it for the Palestinians. It is likely that unilateral annexing bits of the WB is what Israel has in mind as a solution.

      What difference though does it make to the regime running Israel if people support 2ss or 1ss?
      They have no interest in either solution. The benefit as I see it of discussing the 1ss is that it describes Israel as it is. It describes the inequality based on ethnicity/religion. The injustice of it resonates with people and gets them to support actions like BDS. Which in turn can be used to exert pressure on Israel which can keep the from getting away with annexing more of the WB.

  • America: connect the dots
    • Good article.

      in regards to "received a DVD gift in the mail, titled: Obsession: Radical Islam's War Against the West."

      I received mine as free insert inside the NYTimes, this is how I recall they were distributed. Interestingly some newspapers did not take the paid advertising, some, including the NY Times did.

      According to wiki

      ". The unusual distribution of 28 million free Obsession DVDs as an insert in over 70 newspapers predominantly in swing states before the United States 2008 presidential election, garnered much attention, with 5 newspapers refusing to distribute the DVD."

      "News analysis at the time helped many Americans connect the dots about the September 2008 DVD being used to influence the November 2008 Presidential elections."

      I don't recall this. As I remember it, Islamaphobia was acceptable and mainstream. It wasn’t on the radar for the same Americans who would be calling for political correctness if the target were just about anyone else. As for the backers of Clarion Fund, I don’t recall any news analysis about it, besides Max Blumenthal, Wikipedia and some other blog sites.

  • Treasury official who cranks up the heat on Iran can't take the heat in New York
    • Helen Thomas. Yeah, I think some will look back on that character assasination with shame. Did we defend her enough? Vocally? Publically? And if no, why not?

  • Netanyahu's warmongering spells high noon for the Israel lobby
    • It is great that this is playing out in the news and the silent majority is fuming when they see Netenyahu pushing the US to war, but

      "Obama has defied Netanyahu"

      Goes too far. Publically he's only showed weakness...again. Look at how this story unfolded, it was just like the Jerusalem blowup last week.

      Late Yesterday Netenyahu complains about US reaction to Israeli paper claims that Obama won't see Netenyahu when he visits the UN…for some reason this gets really wide coverage in the news…1K plus sources on Google News. Romney pipes in to say how horrible Obama is not support our great ally…and then late last night the White House rushes out to say that it isn’t true that he wasnt asked to have a meeting with Netenyahu...we have an unbreakable bond with Israel, etc.

      The public and ever so slowly the media are coming around on this, but Obama? I'm not going to hold my breath looking for him to change.

  • Michael Moore says Palestinians have gotten a 'raw deal'
    • I was about to post a uninformed comment about never hearing Moore talk about I/P. Thanks for saving me. Can't believe I've missed that. Thanks.

  • On charges of anti-Semitism and Palestinian solidarity activism
    • "They are not retarded or handicapped children who can’t grasp the real issue."

      For reals. NF once said something along the lines...even if you concede that Israels critics are what. Its not as though Israel has a border. Its not as if there arent thousands of armed settlers taking more and ever more land with the support of the goverment. The occupation, the nakba, the nukes, the lobby, none of it goes away because of antisemitism.

    • "that’s a bit offensive, innit?"

      How so?

      What is the point of saying

      "I am a citizen of the United States and am, therefore, complicit in the ongoing occupation of the land of First Nation peoples."

      Complicit? Really? It seems meaningless to me to claim you are complicit for things people did before you were born. But Moore is just falling into the same type of thinking that Satte lays out. He is going to pretend to be guilty for colonization of America and she is going to pretend she's suffered thru two thousand years of anti-Semitism.

    • Whatever the point of the article, I found it torturous to read.

      Also getting tired of "academics" calling foul when they get critiqued in an open forum.

      "I am deeply offended, quite honestly, by some of the comments written in response to her piece."


  • Gore Vidal: In memoriam
  • One apartheid state, with liberty and justice for Jews only
  • Travels with a former Zionist in Israel and Palestine, part 2
    • Really enjoyable read.

      The exorcist analogy is profound.

      "It came about because of some of the worst things that have ever happened to any group, and I understand that. But at some point, the demon, so to speak, infected something of us. And now you have this place."

  • Finkelstein on 'cults and flunkies'
    • Is he calling Mondoweiss a cult now too? He is trolling. This site is an open space for a range of ideas about I/P. He could join the debate here and have a back forth discussion of his views. Instead he addresses his critics with these indirect one way dictates? Ok. Whatever. Moving on...

  • Obama adviser freaks out over BDS (Dersh calls Alice Walker neo-Nazi terrorist)
    • Exactly. Its something how many news stories about this focused on"Hebrew Translation".

      'Hebrew, translate'

      Neither of those words appear in her statement.

      Instead she says..."Thank you so much for wishing to PUBLISH (emphasis mine) my novel THE COLOR PURPLE. It isn’t possible for me to permit this at this time.."

      It misrepresents the meaning of her protest entirely...'she is protesting the Hebrew language not an Israeli publisher.' Such sheit.

  • Billboard campaign to end US aid to Israel hits LA -- thanks to CBS
    • Its splitting hairs, but there are people who will see 'Military' and think thats ok /Israel is fighting our same enemy/

      Its not just that American is giving military aid to a country, but its giving a 'rich' country military aid.

      "44 million Americans have no health insurance
      Israel provides its citizens with free universal healthcare
      ‘Spend our money at home. not on Israel’"

    • "I prefer to line up with Black America, which since the 1956 war has identified more strongly with the Arab world than any other segment of North America."

      What is your source for this?

      My personal experience has been the opposite. I've heard 'don't compare 400 years to your struggle' and 'where were they when black americans needed help?'...or else its the whole 'God gave the Jews the land' line of reasoning.

      As for the flag, it’s a symbol. If you want to change people consciences you have to use symbols that have meaning to them...

    • It is a great ad. The flag is perfect.

      I wonder if the word 'military' is even necessary?

      'Spend our money at home. not on Israel'

  • Tomasky reports there's an elephant in the room
    • "Assad is indeed a threat to US security, albeit an indirect one, because of his alliance with Iran."

      Exactly. How is Iran a threat to the US again? Israel wants war with Iran but doesnt want a stable govt in its ally Syria? I don't buy for a second that Israel and the US arent on the same page in re to Syria.

  • One state, two states and the art of the possible
    • When Finkelstein asks “who are you trying to fool?” he seems to be speaking for himself. He doesnt want to be part of a movement that goes 'that far'. Its not because he truly believes its strategic a mistake or goes against the consensus.

      As you say "what is a logical and moral and factually-based position is the best course."

    • I dunno if those are good comparisons. The % of "whites" in SA was what? 10%? What were there 6 out of 32 counties in N.Ireland?

      Israel seems more analogous as modern day colony in the Americas. Clearing out the indigenous people, making a society the excludes the natives.

    • "Realistically, I find it hard to believe that we are at a crossroads and I fail to see even the shadow of a possibility of reaching a “reasonable solution” in I/P."

      Wonderful post. Very realistic IMO.

      As ejay says above, I don't see any reasonable solution being possible until the ideology of 'Zionism' is fully discredited and put in the dust bin of history. Maybe the best way foward to do that is 'consciousness & education'.

  • A debate about the two-state-solution with Norman Finkelstein
  • In '92, AIPAC president raised $1 million for Bill Clinton -- and he supported the settlements
    • "DAVID STEINER AIPAC: Besides the $10 billion in loan guarantees which was a fabulous thing, $3 billion in foreign, in military aid, and I got almost a billion dollars in other goodies that people don’t even know about."

      Great material. "If only"... it got wider distribution. I don't see it on Huff Post yet, doesent MJ get published there?

  • Shmully and guilt
    • "would this be the January of this year, when the comments policy began to change here? I wonder…"

      I wonder too.

      All due respect to Phil, there is a lot of trash in this post. IMO, you throw the Mondo comment board under the bus.

      "Did I ever have misgivings about my work given that it has been attractive to anti-Semites, and what did I aim to do about that. I said the short answer was Yes. That pained me. There is no doubt that anti-Semites have been drawn to some of what I’ve said, and there have been anti-Semites on the comment board. "

      And then you find yourself being persuaded by the a guy whose sees I/P in terms of

      "Esau sold his birthright to Jacob there had been a quarrel. That quarrel was reasserting itself now thousands of years later."

      I don't get it. I don't understand why you have to backtrack or mend ways for saying 2+2=4.

  • Wallace interview with Ahmadinejad was little more than deliberate demonization
    • That is "deliberate demonization". Amazing how even with a 'free media" it it can happen time and time again....and no one calls them out for it.

      My favorite Ahmadinejad interview is the one where George Stamatopoulos(?) ran with the 'Osama is Iran meme'.

  • Obama and Republicans have to support Iran war 'because of funding from certain ethnic groups'
  • Boycott measure goes down, 60-40, at Park Slope Food Co-op
    • It was covered on news sites...Gawker, Gothamist and the Daily Show. It was in the NY Times, the Daily News, etc. BDS has entered the consciousness of thousands at least. Millions I would think.

    • I'd like to know if it is the "Norman Finkelstein". He lives in Coney Island Brooklyn. Park Slope, Brooklyn is far away enough way that I can't see him shopping there. The 'cult' bit is his language he going from not being comfortable with BDS to going out of his way to speak out against it?

      I'm amazed if the man who said 'Israel needs a good knock of the head' from Hizbolla or the 'save your crocidile tears, if you had any heart you'd be crying for the Palestenians' is now saying 'hold up now, lets not rush and take direct action against Israel.'

  • Bloomberg warns BDS will lead to 'massacres' as Park Slope Co-op holds initial vote on boycott tonight
  • StandWithUs manufactures boycott of Jewish deli in Olympia
  • Jon Stewart keeps upping the ante
    • "Oh my. One of the most brilliant pieces I have ever seen on the Daily Show."

      I agree. I've heard a bunch of people who even don't follow I/P talking about it.

  • Chair of DNC says: 'Israel is our rightful place... a place for us to go'
    • "I was always aware I was different..... "

      I swear there nothing so funny to me as upper-middle class white people saying this kind of stuff. He-Fooking-Lari-ous.

  • Obama rejects a Syrian deal because his team wants F15s (and other stuff I learned at lunch)
    • Good interview but I hope you don't take this to heart.

      "This is a small criticism. Whenever something infinitesimal happens in America, you say it is huge. Like you wrote about Chris Hayes having Palestinians on television the other day, and you said, this is huge. Or with Beinart’s blog—which I assure you I will be reading with great interest—you said, this is huge. These things are significant, but they're not huge."

      Being sensitive to the positive, even overstating them has postive effects. It motivates people, inspires them, and it creates a space for people waiting for times tide to turn. You should stay as you are.

  • 'We are you and you are us,' Netanyahu says-- but Obama thumbs him with talk of Palestinians and diplomacy
    • "It’s often interesting comparing the NYT picks with the reader’s picks on this subject."

      Yeah, I've noticed the same thing. Its always clear the story the moderaters are trying paint, promoting inane comments and ignoring the best and most recommended. I think they're bound to remove that feature. It shows too clearly how out of step with they with where the public is on Israel.

      On a story about AIPAC/Israel yesterday there was the same preponderance critical comments of Israels influence over US FP. I don't know if/how this will change the political reality, but it a revolution IMO to see this kind of frank talk about I/P in the Times.

      "My head is spinning. It is amazing how far down the rabbit hole American foreign policy has traveled when it comes to Israel. Can one imagine having an American-Italian Political Action Committee where once a year every political leader converges in our nation's capital to pander to Italy? To commit to "always siding with Italy"? To promising American troops to be placed in harms way for the machinations of ITALY? We must shake the irrevocable hold that this nation Israel (with an outsize financial and political influence) has on our foreign policy"

  • Dershowitz wants MJ Rosenberg fired for daring to stop Iran war push
    • I have nothing but love for MJ Rosenberg.

      Dersh, as always, comes off like some unhinged person you'd see yelling on a street corner.

      "I am beginning a serious campaign on this issue and I will not let it drop until and unless Rosenberg is fired from Media Matters, or Media Matters changes its policy or the White House disassociates itself from Media Matters."

  • BDS interview fallout: Finkelstein 'showed his own fear of the paradigm shift in discourse on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict'
  • 'A level of racist violence I have never seen': UCLA professor Robin D. G. Kelley on Palestine and the BDS movement
    • That was the bit I was about to repost.

      "....if you remain silent, you are complicit. So what are you going to do?"

      Great interview with a smart man.

  • Rudoren responds to the Twitter kerfuffle
    • "It is certainly possible, as some have suggested, that I was not careful enough in what I wrote in some tweets"

      sigh...the shame is that now matter how biased and openly manipulative the people who police the debate about Israel this shows. It does work. It does put the fear into the that next time they self censor themselves...'don't want Goldberg making a target of me and calling me a terrorist sympathizer, etc.'

      As pathetic and slimey a tactic it does work. Shame.

  • New 'NYT' bureau chief Jodi Rudoren faces outcry from Israel advocates over Twitter messages
    • This is of course the name of the game...

      "The second lesson is that ardent advocates for Israel are trying to suppress a discourse and worldview anathema to them. The furious tweets and articles directed at Rudoren are meant to intimidate her into thinking about the conflict through an Israeli prism. Any open discourse on this issue is a danger."

      How to counter it? Block, Goldberg et al. have been discredited ad nauseum yet still they feel they authority to pipe up about others. Probably best to keep calling attention to what they are speech and "discourse-police" don't go together.

  • Norman Finkelstein slams the BDS movement calling it 'a cult'
    • 'taints the entire movement' used the same argument for why Palestine should be kept out of the OWS protest. I don't know who you think you're fooling with this 'I make these suggestions because I have the best interests of Palestenians in mind'

      Yourself maybe?

    • I very much agree.

      "this is israel’s call, they are designing their own destruction, this is not a radical idea only shared by cult members"

      The Israelis painted themselves into this corner where to do the right/legal thing is in their minds, destruction.

      Its like the ROR. If the refugees had been given their rights 60 years ago there wouldnt be 6 million Palestenians who were now going to 'destroy' Israel by living there and not being Jewish.

      If the settlements weren't built, EJ annexed and 750K Israeli moved to land outside of the green line there wouldnt be any need for negotiations on land swaps....

      If they didnt start a nearly 40 year occupation there wouldnt be people calling on them to give equal rights to the peoples who lived under their control.

      They have designed this, but they don't want to be held accountable. They want to paint themselves as the victims 'oh how could we ever allow the refugees back' ...'oh how could we ever give up our external capital' or 'oh how could we ever leave these heavily populated settlements in the WB'

      'If you're asking for any of these things, which are legally and morally owe to the Palestenians you must want to destroy Israel, the only homeland of the Jewish people.' Et cetera, et cetera, yadda, yadda. forever and ever.

    • "who’s the cult? zionism is the cult."


    • I admire Finkelstein immensly and its great to hear his opinions in this video, but I would take issue with a lot what he says here.

      Briefly cause its Valentine Day...

      he says the solution is the law....except on ROR cause that would be the end of Israel.

      When he says destroy Israel, he avoids using the language Jewish majority/state...Yes if there was an official 1 state and if all the people on the land that Israel controls today had equal rights, Israelis would lose their priviliged position over the native Palestenians. Would that mean that Israel has been destroyed?

      At the end he belittles BDS...what have they accomplished? How do they measure their success, which begs the question what has demanding Israel follow the law accomplished? What has the 2ss accomplished?

      The occupation goes on. More refugees. More settlements. More brutalization of the Palestenians...Israel immune to the UN, US politicians vowing allegiance to Israel 4 every measure Finkelsteins way has utterly failed.

      The speaking with authority about what the 'movement' should do to suceed is not a researched one. Is it really in the interest of the Palestenians to think small...2ss..cause thats all you are going to get?

      Wouldnt you Isreal be more likely to agree to a viable 2ss if faced with the growing acceptance of 1ss or full ROR? This notion that there can only be progress if Palestenian supporters have a single, limited, reasonable, center position is not how things work. I'd rather work back from a "fringe" idea of equal rights in 1s and get something resembling justice than to start with 2ss and wind up with some disconnected areas inside greater Israel. That seems like it would basic negotiation.

  • AIPAC member identified as Abileah assailant during Netanyahu speech to Congress
    • "Something wicked this way comes…"

      and surely when that happens Zionists will say "I told you they are all anti-Semites, this is why we need Israel".

      Unfortunately the conversation about Israel has been so retarded and repressed in America, that when the public does learn bits and facts about I/P it is, IMO, going to create bigotry. If the NYTimes and others had been educating the public with stories like we get on Mondoweiss than people could understand the issue. They would be able to see human beings instead muslims=bad, Xhritians/Jews=good. Thats been very convinent for our FP but you're right, unless things change, fast, it probably will to lead to lots of ugly/dangerous things.

  • The Israel Lobby on campus in Illinois: A challenge for BDS
    • Who are these elites that are going to corral Adelson, one of the richest people in the US? What makes you so certain that they don't agree idealogical with Sheldon, and that supporting Israel is God’s work, no matter how high the cost to America?

      You want to say that "elites" are out there "exploiting a history of Jewish suffering, as well as the Jewish ethical tradition"...but you can't name this group except to say they are elite and that they are somehow profitting from oil/ don't think people should call them "Zionists" say that wouldn't be "useful".

      I don't think you're prepared to testify about this issue. You aren't being objective. You're talking about explotation of "the Jewish ethical tradition", at a time where a full on Protocals of Zion type of conspiracy has been resurrected to demonize muslims.

      This has been funded and pushed into the mainstream of American culture by people who first and foremost are concerned with Israel. All this theories about petrodollars and corporate interest are a poor argument to how the world actually works.

      I encourage you to read the Forrestal diaries. That is how US policy comes into being.

    • When you give advice like

      "Instead of claiming that the Zionists determine USFP, it would be more useful to point out that USFP exploits a history of Jewish suffering, as well as the Jewish ethical tradition, in order to oppress (primarily) Muslims."

      You are just shifting focus/blame to some vague elites/USFP and making victims out of who? The Jewish community?

      Who would it be more "useful" for to focus on the "exploitation of Jewish suffering, as well as the Jewish ethical tradition"? To ask the question is to answer it.

      As Phil, Ynet, Pew and others have pointed out....You can assume that a near majority of elites are Zionists.,7340,L-4099803,00.html

      While I am sure they are positioned to benifit from the MIC/Oil the main motivation of people like Adelson/Saban influencing US FP is idealogical. Why would you think someone like Sheldon Adelson cares about US interests when he will go on in public about wanting his children to serve in the IDF? When he laments...that unfortunately he only served in the US military. He epitomizes an American who cares about the interest of Israel first and foremost.

      There is enough documented history to understand how/why US FP in the ME developed the way it did. Read the diary of James V. Forrestal, the first U.S. Secretary of Defense.

      Its clear and it had nothing to do with oil or economic interests of the elites...

      "4 September 1947 Cabinet Lunch

      At the end of the lunch [Robert] Hannegan [Postmaster General] brought up the question of the President’s making a statement of policy on Palestine, particularly with reference to the entrance of a hundred and fifty thousand Jews into Palestine. He said he didn’t want to press for a decision one way or the other but simply wanted to point out that such a statement would have a very great influence and great effect on the raising of funds for the Democratic National Committee. He said very large sums were obtained a year ago from Jewish contributors and that they would be influenced in either giving or withholding by what the President did on Palestine. "

  • MSNBC: Israel trains Iranian terror group to kill nuclear scientists
    • Pure speculation, but....

      Optimistically, it could be signs of Obama or other US officals taking the offensive against being pushed into war with Iran. Trying to tell the Iranians "it ain't us".

      Cynically it might just be PR and there is no distance btwn the US and Israel. The US is assasinating people in the ME...its not unbeliveable that they were involved in these acts in Iran.

      Maybe they got caught red-handed and to stay ahead of the Iranians pulling a Dubai type press conference....they've said "hey, Israel. You gotta take the bad PR on this one....We're going to make out that you were impersonating CIA agents..."and Israel is like "whatever man, but you know as usually, this is going to cost you."

      If its the optimistic option...they are going to have to get way tougher if they want to turn the tide on Iran...telling Americans Israelis are impersonating CIA agents and assasinating people apparently is not enough in this insane day and age. Too many Americans are still thinking this is about 9/11 or Sharia law.

      They'll need to bring in some AIPAC officials, uncover a spy ring...make a huge story of how foregin agents are pushing for war...that IMO will wake Americans up.

    • This story showing up on on MNBC of all places, seems (to me) like the US govt trying to publically distance itself from the Iranian assasinations. Its like a follow up to the story in FP magazine last month.

      There were a ton of comments on the story yesterday. For what its worth, probably half were intellegent, the rest were congradulatory towards Israel assasinating scientists.

  • A lull on this site
  • How Sarah Schulman managed to get 'Pinkwashing' into the New York Times
    • Its funny you use word "gatekeepers"...aren't you the guy who was trying to block 'Palestine' from being mentioned at OWS?

    • Great to hear how the article came surprise that it was through the fluke of an editor who had "no sense of the "Jewish politics of the Times"". Endless respect to Schulman for fighting through & getting such a potent article published.

      This is all sage advice too...

      "...for the movement to grow and effect a paradigm shift in the U.S. discourse it must really work on its messaging. It must define one goal, ending US military aid to Israel. It must translate "manifesto culture to soundbite culture." In doing so, it must avoid "heightened rhetoric, highly ideological language," and academic language, including old left language."

      "It must do its utmost to find a Palestinian face who will be as imprinted for American news organizations and their bookers as Hanan Ashrawi was in a previous generation. It must open an office in NY with a Palestinian at the helm. It must seek celebrity endorsement."

  • Would you buy a used metaphor from this warmonger? (Niall Ferguson's 'creative destruction' echoes Rice's 'birth-pangs')
    • " They looked for an opening and have decided that now is the time, advocating for war against Iran is fashionable."

      Yeah, its been such a torrent of demonization lately. Its amazing how overt and overwhelming the propaganda has been on Iran leading up to this.

      I can recall pre-9/11 Mohammad Khatami was president there and the US media/administration were running stories on how Iran was on its way to being a secular country...Albright might have even made some overtures while Clinton was in office.... Of course after 9/11 they held vigils for the Americans in Teran.

      Then Bush named them in the Axis of evil...the US started it wars and occupations....Israel got in its bombings...Ahmadinejad became a vocal critic of Iran has been turned into this caricature in the Western media...that can be targeted for a war.

      While the majority aren't buying it...some are. And with their being little to no opposition in the media...its hard to see these seeds for war can be undone. It may be all bluster this year...but in the future, idk, its hard not to be pessimistic.

    • Thanks. I'm watching it now. It looks good.

    • Italian futurists (artists) before WW1 used the same terminology when seeking to overthrow conservatism/tradition.

      The Futurist Manifesto had declared, "We will glorify war — the world's only hygiene — militarism, patriotism, the destructive gesture of freedom-bringers, beautiful ideas worth dying for, and scorn for woman."

    • I do not understand how post Iraq these Iran war mongers are getting anything published...yet they keep appearing. Months ago they were coy calls for war and now they are becoming outright calls for "creative destruction".

      There was one on Yahoo yesterday -

      "Avoid World War III -- The U.S., Not Israel, Should Attack Iran."

      it was written by "Owen Rust" which goes to a Yahoo page for "Calvin Wolf" that has a pic of some a little older than teenager on it. His bio reads...

      " am a professional educator and aspiring writer. I have lived in Texas, New Mexico, and Wyoming and have been both a professional backpacking guide and cartoonist in the past. ..."

      What is this bs?

      In re to the one on Daily Beast...he uses this blatent Orientilism
      "any traction that is the most easterly outpost of Western civilization has Iran in its sights."

      and also has this Nazi comparison to Iran...

      “Presumably this would be in the same way that, if German scientists had developed an atomic bomb as quickly as the Manhattan Project, the Second World War would have ended with a negotiated settlement brokered by the League of Nations.”

      Would it be fair to descirbe this as 'state media'? I have hard to believing independent professional journalists could be this dumb.

  • Both sides are wrong in the ‘Israel Firsters’ debate
    • "To pretend that resentment in the Arab world towards the US is solely a result of support for Israel, and not a result of some over-arching policy towards the Middle-East is just completely off the mark."

      What were the motives of the hijackers who actually killed themselves and thousands of others? What were the motives of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the princible architect of 9/11? What was the motive of the 93 WTC attack?

      Numerous, quotes, interviews, statememts show that it was for them princiablly about US support for Israel.

      The real story is not that US support Israel is focused on too much, because it isn't. Its been wholly ignored in the US in favor of the they hate our freedoms bs or some other vague they were angry with US FP in the region. Its obscene, that despite the endless 9/11 coverage in the US, you have read transcripts to understand the motives for the attack.

      ""The 9/11 Commission Report notes that, "By his own account, KSM's animus toward the United States stemmed not from his experiences there as a student, but rather from his violent disagreement with U.S. foreign policy favoring Israel."

      "A German friend of Mohammed Atta(the hijacker pilot who flew into WTC) is quoted as describing him as "most imbued actually about Israeli politics in the region and about US protection of these Israeli politics in the region. And he was to a degree personally suffering from that.""

      Ziad Jarrah - Jarrah was born in Mazraa, Lebanon, Lebanon, to a wealthy family. His parents were nominally Muslim Sunnis, although they lived a secular lifestyle. When he was seven years old, Israel invaded southern Lebanon, a fact he referred to later in life.

      "For over half a century, Muslims in Palestine have been slaughtered and assaulted and robbed of their honor and of their property. Their houses have been blasted, their crops destroyed. And the strange thing is that any act on their part to avenge themselves or to lift the injustice befalling them causes great agitation in the United Nations which hastens to call for an emergency meeting only to convict the victim and to censure the wronged and the tyrannized whose children have been killed and whose crops have been destroyed and whose farms have been pulverized " - Osama bin Laden May 1998

    • Talk about playing "language games".

      " least be stated openly: that in order to build public pressure for ending US support for Israel, people’s xenophobic and nationalist instincts should be provoked and inflamed. "

      Now it is playing on "xenophobic" instincts to point out that out that people who push for US support of Israel have a vested interest (citizenship/second homeland when they want it) for doing so? What is this besides a watered down you antisemite charge...?

      This idea that I/P unlike just about any other political issue should be divorced from "nationalist instincts" is ridiculous. We live in a world of nations...the language of politics that the public uses is....especially for FP, is this good for my country/me?

      This is a devasting question for Israel supporters in the US. Unless you believe in some muslim conspiracy to implement Shria law on the US which is interesting is being pushed by Islamaphobic/Israel loving groups , US support for Israel can't be answered in the affirmative. I can have that conversation with Americans all day everyday and 70-90% (my estimate) of them they will agree...'its not good for my country/me..we need to stop supporting Israel.'

      The only people who won't see that are Christian evangicals who are obsessed with the rapture and Jewish/Zionists who see Israel as their birthright. These motives are not something that the majority of Americans believe. Except for purposefully handicapping the 'cause' there is no valid reason to not call attention to this.

    • This nuanced view of Israel firster, or lets not call attention to the fact that the people speaking loudest about supporting Israel have a vested interest (birthright) to the land....would neuter the Pro-Palestenian argument in America.

      You've got use every tool in the say lets not use this Truth - which resonates more strongly with more Americans than other argument because as you say

      "isn't the way to win the struggle, and nor should it be how we'd want to win it."

      Is incredibly arrogant. Who are you to say this? Are you Palestenian? American?

      The point, for me, is to end the ongoing snuffing out of the Palestenian people. If when talking to Americans I have to focus on US aid to Israel as that resonates with them...then so be it. And if I have to point out to them that the people who are most vocally directing their policy on Palestine themselves have something to gain and that despite being Americans, the interest they care about is not Americas interest....and this is verifiable true...then of course this should be focused on it. It is the most salient argument, because lets face, people want to act in their own best interests more than they want to follow international law. This is the first and foremost argument against Israel for Americans...but you want to throw it away...because its 'parochial, unappealing and potentially quite vicious insinuations.

      No, sorry. Besides Israel-firster being something that all Americans can understand....The truth is dual citizenship, dual loyalty, has played a huge part in why this whole debacle has gone on for long. Take away dual citizenship and make the...likely 1/3 of Israeli-Americans who sprint btwn the US and Israel choose a country...and it would change Israels our way or the highway

      Israel firster and the ideas it encapsulates are essential to changing how Americans perceive I/P...This article... unfortunately no matter how well intentioned is an attempt to police the debate by making suggestions that in fact handicap the effectiveness of the 'Palestenian' message. No thanks.

  • Alumni donor threats and more Nazi analogies as the world awaits Penn BDS conference
  • Rosenberg gets Trita Parsi call for Iran diplomacy into 'LA Jewish Journal'
    • Nice to see Sullivin giving those Adelson quotes a wider audience. Also great that Rosenberg is staying on twitter.

      Even if the Pro-Israel camp seemingly loses the battle over Israel firster...their main objective, is to poision the resurrect talk of "neo-Nazi provenance" & to make common sense writers like Rosenberg seem 'radical' to the liberal think tanks. Time will tell how successful they were. Today I'm feeling pessimistic.

  • 'NYT' gives Israelis its magazine to make an attack on Iran 'normal'
    • So many sensible comments on the NY Times article….

      "Carlton - Montclair
      If Israel continues to illegally occupy the West Bank and Gaza Strip and oppress and humiliate the Palestinians that live there they will have no security ....Period
      They are not hated because they are Jews. They are hated because they are occupiers of lands that don't belong to them."

      Colin Wright - Richmond, California
      "...On the other hand, when a scientist — one who is not a trained soldier or used to facing life-threatening situations, who has a wife and children — watches his colleagues being bumped off one after the other, he definitely begins to fear that the day will come when a man on a motorbike knocks on his car window.” "

      In other words, Israel openly practices terrorism, and we continue to support her and protect her from the consequences of that."

      How great does the dissonance have to get before the Times starts treating its readers as adults and stops manipluating the facts of I/P? I wonder...

  • 'Israel Firster' debate is an American argument, not a Jewish argument
    • That was poetry. I'm going to memorize that.

      "like some inbred brit demi-royal dipsomaniac, running over people’s character while he cracks the whip from the backseat of his chauffer-driven rolls"


  • CAP censorship is inconsistent
    • It would be grreeat to find out who at the Center for American Progress (CAP) censored the article. Would it be so hard to find out? Do the censored writers know...can they name names?

  • Sundance doc'y on Paul Simon playing South Africa undercuts power of cultural boycott
  • Claptrap from Christian Israel lobby
  • Chris Hayes stunning 'Story of the Week' featuring Sheldon Adelson
    • Man, what an ugly speech. The gall to call the Palestenians racist when that is the very thing that makes him ticks.

  • 'Tablet' says writers who talk about Israel Firsters are channeling Hitler
    • ”.It is an interesting tactics that work very well for attention deficit American who has penchant for one liner."

      Controlling the language is the best way to control how people think. Words offer the means to meaning, and for those who will listen, the enunciation of truth. Of course that is what Goldberg et al are really afriad of.

    • Wow.

      Those are some amazing quotes. Thats that kind of thing that enrage just about any American. The sniper bit is just disgusting.

      “I am not Israeli. The uniform that I wore in the military, unfortunately, was not an Israeli uniform. It was an American uniform, although my wife was in the IDF and one of my daughters was in the IDF ... our two little boys, one of whom will be bar mitzvahed tomorrow, hopefully he’ll come back-- his hobby is shooting -- and he’ll come back and be a sniper for the IDF,” Adelson said at the event.

      “All we care about is being good Zionists, being good citizens of Israel, because even though I am not Israeli born, Israel is in my heart,” he said toward the end of his talk.

  • New additions to the Mondoweiss comments policy
    • "And on the other side, I also am opposed to banning anyone that may I disagree with, unless that person is merely a “drive-by” poster, spewing hate and then not sticking around to hear and respond or engage in discussion. The discussion is what is important, and comments that border on being over the line are best dealt with by response and further discussion rather than censorship, IMHO."

      I agree.

    • I love the site. I love the people who put it together.
      But this new emphasis and concern for what people can or can't talk about in the comments is, to quote David Lynch....

      "Total. Fcking. Bullsh*t."

  • 'NYT' gives big platform to Israeli journalist to espouse Israeli attack on Iran with OK from Uncle Sam
    • Here is another one in the Times today about Iran...repeating multifaceted lies like

      "One possibility is that it will capitulate and essentially dismantle its nuclear weapons program. That is obviously the outcome that Europeans and others hope sanctions (or even the credible threat of sanctions) will bring about"

      Written by

      "Mark A. Heller is principal research associate at the Institute for National Security Studies, Tel Aviv University."

      It even has some premitions about what Iran could do...

      "These might be carried out as “false flag” operations by local Shiite insurgents concentrated in Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Province, but nobody would be fooled and the risks of escalation to large-scale conflict with Iran would be significant. "

      and then he gives the message to Americans that the Europeans are now ready for war too repleat with a sexual allusion. (Wanting to go to war=Hard!! Not wanting=flaccid)

      ".... the European Union, notwithstanding its economic travails, is experiencing its own “spring” in foreign and defense policy and that those who tended in the past to dismiss it as a flaccid talking shop capable of little more than vacuous posturing now need to carry out a fundamental reassessment. "

      Oh, The NY Times, so much to answer for.

    • He asked him about leaving his exwife and her saying he was unfit to be President...Newt cherished it as it allowed to be overly indignant and offended that such questions were being elevated to a presidential election debate, etc....The crowd went with him & he made King seem like a petty little man.

      Ginrich was certainly prepared for the question. Whether King was or patsy or just an unprepared idiot, I dunno.

  • Some elephants aren't fit to print: 'NYT' front-pages Adelson gift to Gingrich PAC without a word about Israel!
    • Funny. The Times ignores it. This Wall st Journal on Adelson opens its article with it

      "A shared interest in supporting Israel, fostered over 15 years, is at the heart of casino mogul Sheldon Adelson's support for Newt Gingrich's presidential bid.



      The Times is weak. They probably hemmed and hawed over mentioning it after being called out by Bibi for the Friedman article. The Journal does so much war mongering in their editorials that they can get away with mentioning Adleson here or the article about Obama and his concerns for donors earlier this year. I pity the people who have to make sense of the world through these papers.

  • Obama begins push for Jewish support in 2012 by touting the 'unbreakable bond' between Israel and the US
    • "This video certainly serves as a useful compendium of the ways he has disappointed those who hoped he would bring "change" to US foreign policy. "

      It does, doesn't it? What a epic dissapointment he is.

  • Why did Ehud Barak postpone joint US-Israeli military exercise?
    • Ugh. This article is not well thought out..

      Laura Rozen has an anonymous source and we are going to take it over the named Israelis sources in the Israeli media? We are going to believe that Barak asked for this to be called off last month and it is only on the weekend after the Iranin scientist is killed just before the excersice is to start...that its finalized and announced?

      The rationale Rosen speculates about is nonsensical..."Now Israel doesnt want US troops in Israel..?" and the whole Israel will use make air strikes against Iran is not in line what Israels capabilities.

      The simplier story is far more believable. The US called it off for fear that Israel was forcing their hand on Iran...with the escalation of the assasination and then the threat to the Straits of Hormuz.

      Laura Rozen is probably carrying water for somebody to help make this incident seem like it doesnt impact US/Israel relations. You pushing this POV is probably just helping that myth.

  • Following weeks of smears, Zaid Jilani resigns from Center for American Progress to take new job
    • Not sure if it was mentioned but Goldberg at the Atlantic has the following masquerading as journalism

      "Is the Term 'Israel-Firster' Anti-Semitic?"

      "There's been a controversy raging over the past month or so that I've avoided writing about mainly because it has a Groundhog Day quality to it. It began with this very interesting Ben Smith piece, but lately it has become tiresome. Apparently, it is not tiresome to other pepole, because it just keeps going. The seemingly most urgent question to emerge from this controversy is whether or not the term "Israel-firster" is anti-Semitic"

      He doesn't mention the controversy about Bock losing his job for feeding journalists like himself info for them to use to smear writers critics of Israel..instead he goes into a pathetic...I'm not saying its antiSemitic, but

      .."Its origins are certainly anti-Semitic...." but Goldberg is a nuanced guy, maybe you're not antisemitic, maybe

      "They just might be ignorant, like J Street's Jeremy Ben-Ami, who to my surprise buys into the trope"

      Its kind of ballsy article as it is exactly the hit piece that Bock was calling for. But then he was outed and disgraced...its as though Goldberg doesnt know that...or as is the case, he doesnt care. He should have been run out of town after Iraq, he's just become emboldened to lie now.

      Wasn't this guy supposed to move to the Tablet? Did I confuse the J.Goldbergs?

  • A regular commenter on this site seeks a more temperate comment board
    • mea culpa Donald. I believe Bruce said the thing about nixing comments. good night.

    • A call for civility is great.

      "Don’t trample on people’s feelings unnecessarily"

      but when you cross over into...'lets accept these premises'...well I've got no time for that. I have complicated feeling about these things, I want to discuss them, understand them and get nearer to the truth. You can't do that when you create rules about what can and can't questioned.

      Up above you say something about, Mondo scrapping comments altogether. Really? I don't even know what to say to that.

    • I'd sign that petition. Is that even controversial?

    • "i find it very very telling after that discussion we’ve got a proposal here for a new list of rules."

      And its shame cause that was a thread Mondo should be proud of. I mean that sincerely.

    • Donald,

      All due respect, your post made nauseous. I don't have time to say much, but the idea of having some sort of natural laws for the site instead of letting ideas rise or fall thru debate is the contrary to what makes MW so special. Its a god awful idea.

  • Sundance Film Festival to feature doc on system of control in longest-running occupation
    • It does look interesting.

      The quote...

      "Order and justice don't always go hand in hand. "

      is another telling quote.

  • Breaking report: US/Israel military drill cancelled, after US tells Israel to back off
    • I agree with most of that.

      in re to this

      "Perhaps this leak was NOT meant so much for Iranians who are not that stupid to buy this gimmick as it was for the American public but it seems to have fizzled in the media."

      Probably not cause Perry did 2 interviews. 1 with AlJezzera and the other with the Israeli mag 972. He also played down what this means to US/Israeli relations which is kind of irrational considering what his article was about. And yes, there was a US media blackout of the article. I don't think it was meant for the US public.

      I agree its no time for COMPLACENCY. The rapidity that Iran has replaced Iraq and become demonized in America the quickness of the sanctions and saber rattling, the lack of push back from the media, makes it clear that America is 'a thing that can be easily moved' war.

    • haha. No. sorry, I meant it like 'this is some over the top bs.' Maybe its slang?

    • Hi American,

      Yeah, I agree with all that.

      The lies all over that article...'it was the Israelis that cancelled it' 'its not an unsual to cancel a massive excerise like this days before it begins' 'Barak wanted to cancel it...he request it a month ago!'

      It is too bad shes found a spot on Yahoo. A lot of people get thier news from there...and they aren't going to notice being lulled into ingnorance.

    • This is rich.

      All the articles have been saying the US asked to postpone it. First due to costs and then so as not to rile Iran. That was the latest on Haartez

      "Israeli defense officials tell Channel 2 that Washington wants to avoid causing further tensions in region after various foreign reports of U.S. and Israeli preparations for strike on Iran."

      Yet over on Yahoo Laura Rozen a Senior Foreign Affairs Reporter...chuckle...Was/is(?) on Politico has it as

      "Israel requests delay in US-Israel missile defense exercise

      A major U.S.-Israeli missile defense exercise that had been planned to take place in the spring has been postponed due to a request by the Israeli Defense Ministry, American and Israeli officials told Yahoo News Sunday.

      Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak issued a request to the Pentagon last month that the planned joint exercise be postponed, a U.S. official told Yahoo News Sunday.

      "It was Barak," the U.S. official said on condition of anonymity."

      and she also includes a bunch of bunk about how cancelling an operation like this is not unusual. That sure looks like some straghit up manipulation right there.

      I recall seeing her name on Politico. I looked at her twitter here!/lrozen

      Just browsing it from yesterdays CIA story she has post about Israelis saying they introduced themselves as Nato representatives..which I guess sounds better than impersonating CIA, but which contradicts the FP article.

  • Bibi throws in with GOP, Democratic base turns critical, and Israel finally becomes partisan wedge issue like abortion -- Blumenthal
    • Link it with the OWS demanding no war against iran - Link it with the Tea Party demanding an end to forgein aid - Link it with the Democrats who say they care about equal rights - Link it with the Republicans who feel its a risk to the military - and support BDS and counter Islamaphobia and on and on.

      Whatever gets Americans aware of I/P is IMO, good for the 'cause'.

    • "if there really was a official “anti-israel as it is” wing of the democratic party, who would be its official spokespeople? my guess is dudes like blumenthal."

      Thats silly. If Blumenthal wanted to make it in Democratic party, wouldn't he just tow the line and not take up a conterversial position like advocating for the Palestenians? Supporting Palestenians, thats a dumb career move, isn't is?

      If the tide changes, hopefully people like him who took princibled stances will grab some power.

    • I don’t know who are you’re quoting with this

      “trying to elect better democrats” bs but it isn’t me, so don’t use double quotes.

      If you’re worried about I/P becoming a partisan issue you ought to contact the Emergency Committee for Israel and tell em to tone it down. They are the ones taking out the full page ads about Israel/Obama. If you feel so strongly maybe you can reach out to the ADL or Wasserman at the DNC and see if they can suggest some activism for you.

      You're wasting your outrage on me. Me, I’m only expressing my opinion that it’s a good thing that the American public begin to know more about Palestinians than ‘they danced on 911’. The war of ideas… having more people supporting the Palestinians is a good thing. It’s not mutually exclusive to supporting BDS or in believing “the whole US political system is corrupted” it doesn’t make me an Obama apologist or Democrat or anything you seem to be assuming.

      My opinion also isn’t going make a difference to the “survival of millions of people (Palestinians)”…I’ll take a gamble, neither will yours, so, by all means, please spare me the hyperbole and god like predications. We have different opinions. Oh well...and the world keeps turning.

    • Are you serious? You need to get over yourself.

      "There is no aisle" when it comes to Israel in Washington, today. In 'reality' both paties can be counted on to go out of their way to fck over the Palestinians.

      Its a gift Republicans have gone so overboard in their proclamations of love for Israel...its forcing people on the left to take a position on the issue and see Israel for what it is. I think thats a good thing. Abe Foxman doesnt like it. Apparently you don't either. Ok. Moving on...

    • I don't get any of those points.

      RT has good content and hosts voices that the US media ignores. That they are Russian owned or that this is part of their agenda doesnt bother me.

      For years Max has made on point articles and videos about I/P..who is his father was doesnt enter into it.

      Having millions of more people in the US aware or even caring the Palestenians is a good thing. This is what happens when I/P becomes a partisan issue.

  • Iran accuses CIA & Israel, US warns Israel to back off
  • Bombshell: Israeli intelligence posed as CIA to recruit terror group for covert war on Iran
    • My bad. I didn't notice the bit about them sending a letter until tonight.

    • That is a good article. Thanks.

    • "This propensity for false flag operations should also raise a few alarms about what’s really behind the unrest in Syria"

      Its also a reminder of the far fetched Iranian/Mexican cartel plot that was uncovered a few months ago. If the Israelis were impersonating CIA agents to implicate the US for outright terrorism in Iran, its not a stretch to imagine them lining up that plot to get the US to have cause belli for a conflict with Iran.

      Its hard to imagine the US not considering that when they went that public with that plot...maybe it was such a welcome opening to get tough on Iran that they didn't care.

    • This story is up on Yahoo now from Reuters

      "Iran sends rare letter to U.S. over killed scientist"

      "...We have reliable documents and evidence that this terrorist act was planned, guided and supported by the CIA," the Iranian foreign ministry said in a letter handed to the Swiss ambassador in Tehran, state TV reported. The Swiss embassy represents U.S. interests in a country where Washington has no diplomatic ties."

      The article does a decent/rare job talking about the sanctions and its effect on the Iranian economy....almost a sympathtic telling.

      Another theory could be the the story was leaked to FP so as to have plausability for denying this Iranian evidence. Not sure would work though as it would mean then the US would have to answer for Israel impersonating the CIA now.

    • "Way to spread accurate information bring people to Race for Iran, Informed Comment, Mondoweiss, international reports etc. "

      Right on. I'm a big fan of this type of activism. Get to Mondo and they'll learn something. It works.

    • Clearly Obama has been as Pro-Israel as they come. My point was that hasn't stopped Bibi and the Republicans from smearing him as not a friend of Israel...ha.ha..

      Is that because of his aborted push to freeze settlements? A way box him and push further to the right? A way for Republicans to pull in campgain donors...Or does it also have something to do with this new info (to me) thats he scaled back intellegence sharing when he came into office?

      Maybe all of the above.

    • "This story would actually have to be reported in our media for that to happen."

      I am curious about how that works. It is being ignored in the US media. Newspapers. Television. How is that an uncentralized media acts so predictibly and ignore stories like this but all come together on a story like the one the other day about Iranian speedboats threatening US warships? How does it work?

    • "Anyone hear a mention about this story on MSNBC, CNN, Fox etc?"

      I'm havent seen it TV, but online a limited number of sources have picked it up. Mother Jones has something on it, but it plays up the story as 'US didn't assasinate Iranian. Israel does recruit Jundallah terrorists'

      That they are impersonating Americans when the recruit them is mentioned, but not as if its important...I imagine if it gets any traction that is how it will be described so that some Americans will still say 'good for the Israelis' are some other bs, and ignore perhaps what is the real goal of the goal of the implicate Americans in terrorist attacks on Iran.

    • "I suspect that what we are seeign from the CIA is an effort to avoid a military confrontation with Iran."

      Yeah, it probably goes to far to even credit Obamas hand in this.

      Its amazing, considering the charge, which should be a game changer that so little changed in terms of US policy towards Israel/Iran..why did it take so long for this leak to come out? Clearly its linked to the assasination and the amped up war talk...but why didn't this come out sooner...before all these US carriers were headed to the ME and things were all ready so heated?

    • Video of Mark Perry on Al Jazeera.

      It probably shows the audience his article was trying to reach that he winded up Jazeera. He comes off clearly as a messenger for the govt....he down plays what the incident means to US/Israel relations...the US was not involved with the assasination in Iran and says explicity the US does not want war with Iran and their leaders should know that.

      Its like Obama is being held hostage in the push towards war. This article coming out is like message in a bottle smuggled out, intended for Iran. 'We don't want war. We'll push for sanctions and posture but we arent going to cross any lines. If they get crossed, the Israelis done it.'

    • Google news does a decent job and grouping news stories.

      This story is very sparse so far. Compared to other stories that get repeated in hundreds or thousands of sources, this one has 24 now.

      Gawker ran it which was good exposure, then RT, Press, Al Jazera, AP has one story, HuffPost, Israeli papers, some progressive sites...there was something on Yahoo that stressed calling it a 'false flag' which obscured that Mossad was impersonating/pretending to be CIA agents.

      I don't think any of the major US news sites have picked it up. The only story I saw on the news on TV was about Iranian speedboats 'threatening' US war ships. I wonder if it will be reported...It is important story that could at least make the march to war with Iran a little harder to sell.

    • That it was leaked is telling.

      Also the bit about Obama stopping some intellegence sharing with Israel, which Bush, even his last days when he knew about this didnt do, fills in another puzzle piece.

      Maybe all the rhetoric about Obama being anti-Israel wasn't just based on his call for the settlement freeze? Maybe it was also because behind the scenes he was 'punishing' Israel for impersonating CIA agents?

  • Why aren't the best and the brightest in our MSM?
    • "edit it into a Kardashian sex video as a subliminal message"

      Ha. Thats perfect. When I get some time, I'm going take up that project.

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