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I am a retired signwriter and ex serviceman who took time to investigate the truth about Israel after being disgusted by Israeli tactics during Cast Lead. I successfully ran the biggest Palestinian State thread on YahooNZ until they closed the entire message boards there. We had three archived volumes and frequently came under Zionist

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  • Bernie Sanders is 'radical' on economic policy but a pussycat for Israel
    • "This is tough stuff".....therein lies the BS and the smoke screen. America has always held the answer and the simple solution for solving the conflict. America simply needs to withhold all armament deliveries,weapons sales and F-35 deliveries until Israel complies with its obligations under International Law to the International Community. Once it withdraws in total from territory occupied,once it withdraws all its troops from occupied territory and once it implements Resolution 194 which it agreed to do in exchange for full UN Membership and once it publically states its expansionist policies are no longer being actioned then AID can be recommenced. Only defensive AID should be forthcoming. Kahanists which make up a large part of the settler community should Internationally be declared as a terrorist organization as Israel stated it would do during Meir Kahan years when Kachs allegedly was disbanded. It is long overdue that Israel should be made to find its own way in the World without hiding behind Americas skirts. Netanyahu forever informs us Israel is prosperous and making money hand over fist so therefore it should be able to pay for its own defenses like Iron Dome, Davids Sling etc. It should have no need for such large sums of American money unless it is taking the money under false pretences or maybe Netanyahu yet again is lying. Either way America has the ability to stop the Occupation anytime it likes. The World is aware of that and it is that awareness that continually erodes America's credibility and Status internationally. Americas old behaviour no longer works for it and China and Russia are confronting America more and more and you can bet that if it hits the fan Israel troops will be nowhere to be seen supporting America if and should it fire up.Americans more and more are seen to be second fiddle to Israel...who is the Super Power here? Time America said enough to this BS. Americas old behaviours no longer work for needs a new game plan exempt and apart from Israel.

  • J'lem mayor warns Palestinians in holy site clashes: 'if they use violence we will hunt them'
    • It is as clear as daylight that Israel is imposing its religion on another people in violation of Human Rights law....they are fooling no-one and it is high time Israel was given an ultimatum by America...they hold the biggest gun at Israel's head.....AID.

  • Why is the U.S. mainstream press hiding Israeli Colonel Ofer Winter?
    • "we must get used to it"....????. In order for Evil to prosper, Good men need do nothing.

    • Lol....yes Old Geezer.....if the media ran a page in the International Press naming and shaming Israeli war criminals the hospitals worldwide would be inundated with people collapsing from shock.

    • Well Gracie I have no idea how the American conscience copes with what Israel does. I find it repulsive and contrary to all the values I have been taught since a child to support in any way shape or form what Israel does,is doing and has been doing for decades. America apparently has always stood for liberty and justice for all.......apparently the Palestinians are not entitled to that and are to be slaughtered just as coldly and callously as Jewish people were in the Second World War. America found that abhorrent and unacceptable but apparently it is okay to subject Palestinians to such treatment. Apparently they do not matter. They are not allowed freedom. They are not allowed support for their own State and America will even supply Israel the weapons to do the job. Saddam Hussein and Iraq were invaded and yet he did not undermine American politics as much as Israel has nor did he insult America as much as Israel makes not one ounce of sense. The end loser in the largest way will be America for its complicity. America could end the conflict tomorrow by witholding aid and weaponry to Israel until it withdraws from all Occupied Territory. Instead America uses words like deplore,unhelpful,provocative,inciteful. Words are a waste of the Great Spirits breath unless they are backed up by action.......When will America get some self respect and take action against Israel? We are ALL waiting.....silence covers the planet.

    • Yes Annie...mine too. I cannot understand for the life of me why America so adamantly supports Israel and its heinous actions toward the Palestinians. When the dust settles and the full truth of what Israel has been doing gets out America will never live it down for supporting Israel so strongly. America will never regain its status due to the stain Israel has left indelibly on its reputation. Currently the American people totally bewilder me by the total inaction.

  • Israeli government is too involved in settler movement to take on Jewish extremists, says leading Palestinian legislator
    • I cannot fault your thinking Kay. I feel the same and America will look back on all this in years to come and feel nothing but shame. If America remains static over this situation and does nothing when it holds the very key to ending it by withdrawing aid and weaponry to Israel and cancelling F-35 contracts and delivery then America will never wash the stain out. It beggars belief that America allows it to continue. Apparently American politicians being led round by the nose by the Israel Lobby and Netanyahu is far more important. America is showing the World it is spineless and callous and in so doing is endangering its own people.

  • 'NYT' misrepresents Iran's prediction about 'Zionist regime' to mean 'Israel'
    • Also any gripe about Iran financing Hezbollah and indirectly financing Hezbollah in Syria falls on its face....Syria and Lebanon are under threat from U.S. and Israel Special Relationship.

    • We can wish for many things and generally those things we wish or pray for arrive in a totally different package to that which we wanted yet it still fulfills our basic desire....just built differently to what we envisaged. Personally I have no problem with the Iranian Regime. They are not stealing land or occupying anyones territory and pillaging their resources. The Iranian Regime has protected their people and nation from pressure from outside sources and has,despite serious hurdles built a defensive curtain that is more than respected by America and Israel and the rest of the World. Any attack against Iran would incur losses on the attacker that he would not be prepared to suffer. Respect your enemies is my philosophy and never under estimate them nor discount them. No-one in this world is perfect which is why we generally all move toward it. When you make an agreement though you need to keep it.......that is simply good housekeeping given trust is important. Israel has never kept any agreement.

    • When Zionism was rejected by the UN it should never have been repealed. Zionism is modern days closest facsimile of the Brown Shirts. That should send alarm bells to anyone with a genuine conscience. Settler Actions are like a perpetual KrystalNacht supported and financed by the Zionist Regime of Israel and indirectectly financed and supported by U.S. and U.K. This special relationship has to is a moral obscenity.

  • AIPAC is going out with a whimper not a bang
    • Correct Kay24.....never underestimate the enemy. AIPAC is made up of intelligent and seasoned people who are formidable to oppose. They will not go away. Too much money involved. Military folk use this phrase often....It is not the battle that wins the war it is the campaign. We have won just one,singular battle in an ongoing campaign against Zionism and its crimes and arrogance.

  • The Star of David is fair game
    • In this day and age it would be inviting trouble to wear a Star of David T shirt in Europe or anywhere else like it...Australia,New Zealand. Israeli citizens are not well liked........for obvious reasons.

    • I do not recall any Israeli troops since Israel's inception fighting alongside American or British Troops.

  • Update: UK petition calling for Netanyahu to be arrested for war crimes reaches 100,000 signatures
    • Seems to be increasing now at a faster rate than it did when it was first launched and it was pretty quick then. At this rate 120,000 is not out of the question by tomorrow.

    • I can tell you are just itching for Kaufmann to open fire Annie. I can see that mischievous glint in your

    • I cannot see after what Hostage has shown on here why or how David Cameron can refuse to arrest Netanyahu. It shows clearly David Cameron is a liar and is in fact Supoorting Zionist criminality. This will come back to haunt the UK. Nothing justifies doing nothing. Adolf Hitler would be arrested if he were alive.......Why not Netanyahu? There is absolutely no excuse.

  • Debacle for the Israel lobby: Booker jilts Boteach, and Netanyahu sinks AIPAC
    • Yes Talknic.....Israel has far more to answer for that Iran. Israel's accusations against Iran fall on deaf ears and only find a home in the brains of the ignorant and uninformed.

    • I was reading in Haaretz and Maan today that the UN and the Palestinians are putting pressure on Israel to let Palestinian Refugees back into the West Bank. Refugees from Syrian Camps and Lebanon etc that are currently under threat are being earmarked for return. The pressure is quite large at present with Resolution 194 being waved about quite loudly and Israel's former commitment to implement it for full UN membership. Palestinians make up over a quarter of the Worlds refugees and we have Israel to thank and take full responsibility for that.

  • Ben and Jerry won't tell you who's trying to kill Iran Deal
    • Given the millions AIPAC has committed to undermine the US Government they have foolishly made it quite clear to the American Public that they engage in subterfuge against America and all the Senators and other Government officials accepting money from AIPAC to do its bidding are also complicit and actively engaged in undermining the US Government. There is definitely a case for Treason and a case for banning AIPAC from operating in America along with its subsidiary ADL identifying them ofacting as Foreign Agents engaged in damaging the American Government. Time for Americans to demand these people are removed from Government positions and demand AIPAC and ADL are closed down.

    • Kay...I think we can call him Boo Hoo Netanyahu anytime we like.....all he does is bleat like a sheep and play the victim most of the time while he happily victimizes Palestinians. An alternative name now given he is likely startled by his obvious trouncing is Hoo Noo Netanyahu!

  • U.S. is even more implicated in Israeli settlement project than we thought
    • What Americans need to realise is the behaviour of Settlers and the American "special relationship" with Israel endangers American Citizens globally. No need to wonder why when American citizens are rubbing salt in an already gaping wound by becoming active settlers and dispossessing Palestinians of their land. In many ways the American Government has an imperative obligation to protect its citizens by stopping them engaging in illegal and criminal behaviours that can have a detrimental effect on Americans as a whole. America can no longer defend its indefensible position re settlements. Its policy states settlements are illegaL Therefore American citizens participating in the enterprise is also illegal. America can remove their American citizenship and/or have them deported back to America to face charges. America needs to act against these is looking like a laughing stock much to the enjoyment of Israeli Right Wing Jews. Undermining America is what it is all about. Wake the hell up!

  • Israeli minister says IDF should have fired on unarmed Palestinian protesters for humiliating a soldier
    • Israel moves ever closer to mirroring its persecutors of the past. World Leaders cannot leave the Israeli Problem unaddressed. Defending Israel has become impossible and its criminal actions can no longer stay hidden nor can they go unpunished. Israel deserves no support nor any sympathy.

  • God is on Israel's side, but not the United States, says Israel's new U.N. ambassador
    • I agree with you entirely "Just'.....nothing about Israel past or present reflects my interpretation of Family. Like you,I am pro justice and pro peace. Obama and in fact any American claiming Israel as "family" is clearly displaying it supports a regime no better than ISIS,Saddam Hussein, Khmer Rouge,Pol Pot and even Adolf himself. The damage this "special" relationship with Israel has had on America and its people is going to have a lasting effect. The general public in most countries around the World despise Israel because of its policies and murderous ethnic cleansing of Palestinians and land theft. World Leaders like Obama,Merkel,Cameron and the snake like Blair are despised for their perpetual defence of Israel committing the indefensible. American people are placed under threat by its government supplying weaponry to Israel with which it prosecutes the occupation of Palestine and murders its people. Merkel gives Israel submarines and now fast patrol boats which will be used to kill Palestinian Fishermen. David Cameron supplies Israel with drone parts etc for killing Palestinians and Blair tries behind the scenes to divide Hamas and Fatah so that Gaza becomes its own State and Palestine becomes smaller. The American Government can no longer hide what it is doing. It is complicit in every war crime Israel commits. America has become as morally lacking as Israel....something I never thought I would live to see.

    • Yes...not much difference between the National Socialist Government of Germany in 1939 and the present day Right Wing Government of Israel. It is a murderous Supremacist Government that should be stamped out just as the Nazi's were.

    • Yonah.....why is it Israel always expects America to fight its battles...illegal battles at that. If you read Dayan's Diaries he states clearly every war Israel has been involved in has been deliberate by Israel for territorial gains. Israel has never ceased its illegitimate efforts to take all of Palestine and dispossess the Palestinians. In these days of millions of refugees it is high time nations around the World placed sanctions on countries creating the refugee problem. Israel since before its Sovereignty has created millions of Palestinian refugees by pursuing its illegal expansionist policies. Israel was given full UN membership under the proviso that it would implement Resolution 194. It has never done so. On that basis it is overdue that Israel was suspended from the UN as a full member until it implements Resolution 194. Israel has NO LEGAL RIGHT to expel Palestinians from their land. Israel cannot impose its religious beliefs on another people. It has no legitimacy whatsoever.

  • Calling Herzog and liberal Zionism ‘racist,’ Gideon Levy instigates a reckoning
    • You are correct. However the Right of Conquest ,whether we like it or not, was legitimate during that period. Israel is trying to claim Right of Conquest during a period when, since the end of WW2,Right of Conquest was outlawed due to the problems caused by the displacement of millions of people through the German Occupation of Europe. Resolution 242 states clearly to Israel that acquisition of territory by force is inadmissible.

    • Well articulated 'just'!.....I too have followed Gideon Levy not just in these articles recently but since Cast Lead and Gideon has faced many a tough situation during that time. He has recieved death threats and been spat at and jostled in public by rightists and it does not deter Gideon from making the reality and truth about Israel known. I have tremendous respect for this guy. He backs down for no-one. Nothing the rightists have done or attempted to do has silenced him. A few months ago there was a concerted effort to force him out of Israel...failed! More Power to Gideon Levy and those who have a conscience like him. The Question that always sits in my mind is why does the World stand for a regime and Nation that mimics Germany 1939 so disturbingly closely? Israel is as close to a clear and present threat to World Peace as you can get. Time for Obama,Merkel,Cameron et al to get off their chuffs and seriously address it and democratically craft a Palestinian State via the UN and impose it by use of a Coalition of the willing to enforce and impose the new States Borders as defined by the Partition Plan.

  • Hockenberry skewers Menendez for double standard on Israeli nukes and killings of civilians
    • Good article Philip and hopefully the first of many showing Americans standing up against the likes of AIPAC Lackies. It is long overdue that Americans reclaimed their government from Israel's grasp and long overdue that the American Taxpayer ceased funding Israeli War Crimes by supplying weapons and ammunition to Israel that is largely used to continue the Occupation and murder Palestinians by the thousands. American needs to end this insult to itself by ending its complicity.

  • Danny Danon 'would only make Israel look more extreme' -- former Israeli ambassador
    • The general silence and inaction by World Leaders over Zionist Actions makes one wonder how the World ever motivated itself to oppose Hitler. Zionism is plotting a similar course with a supremacist attitude and ignoring International Law and signed agreements and killing people in large numbers at will. Shooting unarmed people dead in the streets and confiscating land and property at will. No different to Hitlers regime. Yet World Leaders seemingly support such insults to humanity and World Peace.

    • Absolutely correct Kay. Netanyahu cannot nor can any Israeli reverse the World view of revulsion and dislike for Israel. Under Netanyahu Israel has committed more war crimes against Palestinians than in any other PM's tenure. The most common crime of blatantly shooting dead unarmed Palestinians has become more or less a daily common occurrence. Theft of Palestinian Land ,a common Occurrence and it would seem World Leaders think futile verbal condemnations will fix the issue. Unfortunately the only catalyst for action by World Leaders will occur when Israel inevitably overruns Al Aqsa Compound which will spark War. We will then hear World Leaders crying they should have acted sooner.

    • In otherwords Netanyahu ,having been raised by his extremist father, has a distorted perception and therefore could be viewed as mentally defective due to brainwashing by his father. Not that anyones in an real doubt that Netanyahu is a nutbar.

  • Israeli Banks flipping out over looming European boycott
  • Why did Sec'y of State Clinton stick her nose into $465 donation to Scottish film festival in '09? (BDS)
    • It is quite amusing when they view BDS Action against Israel's illegal actions as Harassment. It is certainly an eye-opener the depth and breadth of Israel's global interference. Here in NZ we have John Key who is current PM and who is of the Jewish Faith. Prior to his election for his first term the Israeli Embassy had been shut down and its people declared persona non grata due to Mossad Agents being caught gaining NZ Passports by illegal means. The people of NZ were as incensed by it on a similar scale as when France sent agents to bomb the Rainbow Warrior in Auckland. Within the first month of John Key becoming PM the Israeli Embassy was quietly public statement.....nothing in the New Zealanders asked how they felt about it just mysteriously appeared with an overweight, barely literate, settler looking Ambassador for Israel in attendance. Since I have wondered where Key got his election funds from and how much came from Israel.

  • It's not bigoted to call out the Israel lobby over Iran Deal
    • Here is a good article about what Netanyahu is up to and been up to and it also dissects Schumer.

      He was first elected in 1996 on the wave of Israeli settler chauvinism that followed the signing of the Oslo Accords. His rise came in the wake of the assassination of his opponent, a courageous defender of the accords, Yitzhak Rabin. A public memorandum detailing the strategy for Netanyahu as leader of Israel was written by the neoconservative war propagandist Richard Perle, along with a small committee of others. The strategy document, "A Clean Break," called for Israel to free itself from the tedious demands of diplomacy once and for all, curtail its efforts to negotiate with Palestinians toward the creation of a state, and give up the idea of joining a neighborhood of nations in the Middle East. With American help, instead, Israel could stand alone as the dominant power, a position it should never compromise by bargaining for peace. To achieve this end, three countries had to be undermined, subdivided, or destroyed: Iraq, Syria, and Iran.

    • Lol....Netanyahu will be busting at the seams. He was on Haaretz the other day praising Danny Danyans appointment as new ambassador to Brazil expecting to broaden economic

    • You express my sentiments well Kay and I imagine many more agree with us and Annie and many others around the Globe. I do not think Netanyahu has any idea of the Backlash of Tsunami proportions that is coming and Israel will be swept aside and a Palestinian State will be fertilized and grow from the deluge.

    • Stirring stuff Annie! Could not have expressed it better myself. They cannot shut us up. I live now in New Zealand and prior I lived in Australia and prior I was born in UK of Scottish descent. I was seventeen when conscription for eighteen year olds was introduced in Australia for the Vietnam War. We were linked to America via the ANZUS treaty. We had an obligation to assist our American friends if called upon. For me it scared the wits out of me. I was getting into Hendrix and Cream and enjoying being a teen. Kiwi's were asked to volunteer.

      It caused me to volunteer for the navy. My father had wanted me to join the army in an armoured corps. He was a former Scots Guardsman and on his twenty first birthday landed at. Normandy. Every male in my family has defended their people. I swore an oath of allegiance to serve and protect the people and serve the government in power. Similar to American troops. I did not serve nor was I willing to die for the reasons of a Foreign Government nor did I agree to serve a Foreign Powers interests nor did I agree to defend a foreign powers interests or its people committing illegal activities.

      This is what Americans need to wake up to. It is the heart of the matter. A foreign Power has infiltrated the American Government and is manipulating the people of America and its politicians into serving the interests of a Foreign Power.

      This Foreign Power is attempting to convince through lies and untruths that Iran is a threat to the World. That it will nuke us all. It has no nuke weapons or warheads nor does it have a military nuclear program. Israel is the sole nuclear power in the Middle East and its program IS illegal and it DOES have many hundreds of Nuclear warheads and HAS REPEATEDLY THREATENED to bomb Iran USING THOSE NUKES. Sending a fallout cloud around the World on the wind that inevitably will cross the Pacific and over New Zealand and Australia.

      We have no obligation to protect or defend a rogue Nation such as Israel that inconsiderately and irresponsibly threatens our lives and attempts to drag our troops, our children, our husbands and wives into a war that is not of our making.

      Quite rightly Annie! Netanyahu, AIPAC,Israeli Right Wing, Corrupt bought American Senators and Congress people and other bought Foreign Politicians cannot SHUT US UP. We do not support them.....nor do we agree with their destructive policies......nor will we spill our blood for them. LET THEM SPILL THEIR OWN BLOOD.

  • Rightwing Israeli violence on the rise as leader calls for arson attacks on churches
    • I do not see bearded, ropeheaded, unwashed hilltop youth being a good tourism ad for Israel. All it shows is a rabid nation of mad people.

    • I suspect Kay that with this interference over the Iran Deal and the rising anger of people in America and elsewhere of Netanyahu Almighty's tactics that will change during the backlash. The American Government has no other alternative but to reassert its authority now or America will sink beneath the Zionist yoke.

    • It would seem impunity for Israel is at an end. Catholic Church leads the charge!......

    • Yes Kay......Americans need to dig deep also and put an end to Zionist interference in their Government. America will continue to track downward Status wise if it does not. The Global Community has already cast a no confidence vote in its ability to broker Peace in the Israel/Palestinian Conflict. America has always held the Ace regarding Two States. All it has to do is withold AID PAYMENTS to Israel and weapons and ammunition deliveries until it withdraws from Territory Occupied and Withhold the Veto.

    • Saw that Annie, and as usual the IDF are searching for Mr Nobody.....and Israel wonders why it is becoming so hated and why its citizens are facing a real and present threat and why they get rockets from Gaza.

    • That is a kind of odd statement for Yonah to make...."the existence of uncertainty regarding Israel's Borders.".......there is NO damned uncertainty at all. The Provisional Government made it clear when it declared Sovereignty before the UN and in a letter to the then President of the US,Truman. That they agreed to and accepted Borders and conditions as defined by the Partition Plan in Resolution 181. To this day the entire global community recognises the Sovereign State of Israel on those Borders despite Israel's illegal annexations. Those are still Israels only legal Borders....full stop.

  • 'They are the terrorists'–-Palestinians mourn a second death from settler arson attack
    • Good volley of articles "just". Palestinian Chronicle carries a lot of good articles too.

    • They either call them outposts or neighbourhoods. Hasbara School has taught them to avoid at all costs calling them settlements because the end goal is to legitimise them.The problem is commenters outside of Israel are not buying in to it and calling them what they are....Illegal Settlements. What is happening in Hebron is slow torture. Since Mohammed Khdeir was burnt to death and Protective Edge the Israeli's have been arresting on average Ten to Fourteen Palestinians a day across the West Bank. Where in the hell are they holding them all? The true depth of what is happening isn't appearing in European or American News sources. You have to read Israeli or Palestinian News sources to see what is actually happening. Very little makes me angry these days but I can state with aall honesty, if the Government asked me to join a force that was part of a global coalition to free and protect Palestinians I would have no hesitation.

    • There is also the Head of Lehava....the Jewish Terrorist organization that burnt the seventeen year old lad Khdeir to death, stating publically and on camera that it is okay to torch churches and inciting people to do so and he is still walking around free. Hasn't even been taken in for questioning.

    • Israel has been in a bad mood since 1947.....proof it needs serious in house rehabilitation.

    • Kay....the IDF spokesperson will likely say the settlers were rearranging the loungeroom etc for the Palestinians as a good neighbourly surprise and that they were also doing some free landscaping which shows how generous the settlers are.

    • Specifically speaking Mooser....we don't want them in the pacific......greetings to you from the South Island of New Zealand!

    • Well done Annie.......and then there is this.....another provocation of a different kind!

      The Zionist Organisation of America (ZOA), one of the oldest Israel advocacy groups in the United States, has claimed that the fatal arson attack on a Palestinian home in the West Bank could have been an “Arab hoax.”

      In a statement by the group’s president Morton Klein mailed to their supporters, the ZOA said it was “inappropriate to rush to cast blame on Jews for the fire” that killed 18-month-old Ali Dawabsheh.

      Both local Palestinians and the Israeli authorities have been clear that the attack was carried out by Jewish settlers.

      Citing “numerous instances in which Arabs have fabricated attacks or blamed Jews for Arab violence against other Arabs”, the ZOA president claimed that “evidence” points to the attack being “the continuation of an 18-year-old feud between two Arab clans” in Duma.

      The ZOA refers to a “history of fabricated attacks” that “goes back at least to the Nazi era”, and claims that “Arab Palestinians play dead” in videos, as “the press films them.”

      At the time of writing, there has been no condemnation of the ZOA’s statement by other pro-Israel advocacy groups, in the US or elsewhere...........

  • Shocker: 'NYT' runs front page press release for AIPAC warning Obama to cool his jets
    • It is hard to tell with Young Chemi where he is at. I haven't seen the expression on his photo change once to a smile. My observation is his loyalties are changeable. IDF personnel vet and monitor Haaretz. Difficult therefore to determine satire from seriousness. What we do know is Israeli denials are comical.

    • Lol,,,,2 articles coming up.....don't spill all your beans on this thread.....Annie says with a glint of glee. I LOVE this site. Great bunch of people. Mondoweiss should declare itself an Independent State. Sanest State on the planet.

    • Right on the button Mooser......Administered by an International body....not placed under martial settler law like it currently is.

    • Chem Shalev not being the ripest nut on the tree is becoming more and more right wing oriented and has been moving that way since Netanyahu last got elected. Prior to the format change I noticed HIS articles were more or less being blocked from people posting or only supportive posts were allowed. All I see coming from this President- baiting by Israel and AIPAC is a large backlash. You can just about smell it in the air. No-one is taking Republicans seriously anymore and their nominee debate made them look like clowns and sealed their non election. Netanyahu is simply not believed anymore and is so smart he has outsmarted himself on this one and the more AIPAC stamps and squeals the more exposed the whole insidious lot become. They are simply hoisting themselves upon their own Petard.

    • It is Netanyahu's thirst for goyim blood. He is hoping to see American troops die eradicating his enemy....just like they did in Iraq. Since Hezbollah got batteries of missiles and last time they just about sunk a brand new Israeli corvette that had its early warning gear shut haven't gone near Lebanon on the ground. Hamas seriously wrongfooted them with tunnel warfare and they lost the most personnel ever there and had no real answer to Hamas tactics nor did all that bombing achieve any of their stated aims. Netanyahu needs Foreign troops to fight his battles. Obama needs to grant him Denial of Service.

    • I think it far more amusing the AIPAC member unthinkingly uses the phrase people hearing the dog whistle. Is that because a dog whistle is the only whistle AIPAC members can hear? Why did he choose a Dog Whistle...of all things.

    • Hopefully Netanyahu will get his ultimate comeuppence and be dragged stamping and squealing before the Hague.

    • Where the article talks about their fear of a rift.....I immediately wished and prayed for a yawning chasm to appear because the further away from AIPAC, America gets the better off Americans will be.

    • Israel agreed to and accepted and declared borders as defined by the Partition Plan. Jerusalem does not fall within those borders.

    • Both Hoenlein and Makovsky seem overly paranoid which from my experience denotes the paranoid person having guilt for something they themselves have done.

  • Iran Deal Latest: AIPAC lies and, in a first, Schumer runs from the cameras
    • The person creating the biggest contribution to anti semitism globally is Netanyahu Almighty.

    • What is utterly loathsome and drags America down the most is the weaponry and ammunition America gives to Israel is predominently used for one thing only....maintaining the Occupation and illegal settlements. It is used for despicable actions like Protective Edge and Cast Lead and that does serious harm to America. It serves only to undermine and drag America and its citizens through the mud. Aid needs to be suspended until Israel withdraws from the West Bank and ceases preventing a Palestinian State. That is the correct thing to do and will put America on the right side of History.

    • Agree with you wholeheartedly Kay.....welcome news!

    • It is long overdue that AIPAC was declared a Foreign Agent and outlawed in the US. America needs to reclaim its Government and purge those politicians on the Israeli payroll. It is costing America far too much Statuswise.

  • Obama ushers in the crisis of the Israel lobby
    • I have pondered that statement for some time. Whilst the WH may state publically that they won't penalize Israel I strongly suspect that some agreements made with Israel may change. Reality is Obama cannot afford to allow the level of interference by Israel to continue nor can he in reality do nothing because he is intelligent enough to know what it is doing to America's global standing. The American Public need to get more vocal and demand their Government functions on THEIR behalf and NOT ISRAEL.

  • Following fatal settler attack, Israeli army raids Dawabshe family homes in the West Bank village of Duma
  • Obama tells Americans it is 'abrogation of my constitutional duty' to defer to Israel on Iran Deal
    • Ain't that the truth. I know when I worked out what was going on in Nam and worked out the truth of what I was doing in the operations room on the ship I was on I became very confused. I felt betrayed and that the military as a whole had been betrayed. I could no longer in good conscience serve. Operations Room on an Australian Warship is what Americans call a Combat Information Center. Politicians lie and politicians send troops in then nobble the rules of engagement and people start dying for no reason and you question the intelligence of those at the top.

      What America and Israel have been doing in the Middle East is sowing the wind.....Israel more so with its meddling and border violations of neighbours. From what I see the conditions for a perfect storm is set. It is simple a question of who will trip the switch. If America has any sense it will alter course and correct some of its faults and keep its troops out of any Battle Israel may want to involve America in or start. Let Israeli troops be the boots on the ground. They are apparently the experts with all the answers.

    • Attention "just"....couldn't find the article at Huffington Post again either but found the same article at the Washington Post.......

    • I will be "just". Seems Haaretz is making it more difficult to comment now with a requirement to log in etc. Israeli press seems to be taking steps to isolate Israeli's from seeing the large scale opposition that is facing them. I have said on many occasions that AIPAC and Netanyahu may well be able to bribe and buy politicians but that is the limit of their influence. They cannot buy the global man in the street. A large backlash against Israel is building and the bought politicians will be ducking for cover shortly.

    • There is much chatter on the Internet that once the deal is done Obama plans on recognising a Palestinian State and more or less setting up a virtual Palestinian State that will tie up Netanyahu and the Right Wings Settlement program. EU is apparently behind it also. Obama may table a Resolution with the Security Council at the UN. Huffington Post has the best current article on it.

    • Haven't been around for a while due to illness. I am a former serviceman and up until Cast Lead I had the mindset that Israel was one of us. The Iraq War had me questioning what the hell America was doing when it missed the major necessity out of a three part plan...namely having troops following up behind the main force to hold ground already taken and why Israel was told not to send troops in.....Why not? They were most vocal.

      Then I stumbled across Talknic and found a kindred spirit that believes in justice and following the facts and reality. I visited his blog and was amazed and astounded at the wealth of information he had compiled and my headspace has never been the same. Talknic inspired me to set up the longest running and biggest thread on YahooNZ that was simply called Palestinian State. It ran from 2008 until the message boards were shut down on Yahoo here around 2012.Three of us ran the thread and we recieved death threats and took on all comers from the Israel Lobby and Hasbara Thanks gave me the truth and opened my eyes and I still actively engage Israeli's wherever I find them.

      I also like Kay24's input here. This site is amazing. Obama has finally shown the Obama I always knew was hiding in there. The Lobby shut him down and tied him up for a long time. Now in his final year he cannot be silenced or harmed. It hurts me to see America having its status undermined by Netanyahu and the Right Wing terrorists in Israel. It has to be stopped and Israel's impunity has to be erased. AIPAC is nothing more than a Foreign Agent and should be banned in America and elsewhere where it undermines the elected Government. A cleansing needs to occur and years of injustice needs to be put right and particularly America and Britain need to take responsibility for bringing that about given that in the beginning and since they gave Israel the support and weaponry that it has misused to commit a multitude of sins. Glad you people are here and I love this site for its honesty and first class articles.

  • The two-state pipedream: Israel will move 100s of 1000s of settlers
    • I will take your point though I got the information some time ago from a Haaretz Journalist. Either way though Israel cannot claim ignorance.

    • With regards to Gaza the International Community needs to come up with a plan that not only ends the occupation and blockade of Gaza but also guarantees no more carpet bombing of Gaza by Israel or there is no point rebuilding.

    • Yes...I find it startling that when Kachs was outlawed the government assured the International community the Kahanist Jewish terror group would be not only outlawed but completely removed. The we see Avigdor Lieberman, a former Kachs member, if that is ever possible,elected to the Knesset then he gets the Foreign Ministers job and talks about beheading Palestinians and mass transfer of Palestinians out of Israel. Many settlers are Kahanists so I guess we take from that that the Kahanists like Lieberman et al are good terrorists and not bad Does Israel realise how buffoonlike their behaviour is to the rest of the sane World?

    • Whatever the cost Israel knowingly allowed settlers to illegally colonise the West Bank therefore they are now obligated to put that right and if the consequences puts Israel through the floor then the problem is Israel's. No-one forced them to commit illegal actions.

    • Theodore Meron the legal advisor to the Eshkol Government in 1967,advised that settlements violated the explicit principles of the Fourth Geneva Convention which Israel had signed and ratified. They ignored him and went ahead anyway. So the problem is of Israels own making and for Israel to rectify and no-one else but we can assist them in arriving at a no other choice option.

  • Understanding the Partition plan
    • With regard to Israels water problems I can recall reading some time back that Israel has three main water sources and that two of those are in the West Bank meaning they are,legally, Palestinian water sources. The article I read also stated that Israel had poisoned its own water table through seepage of waste from the Dimona Reactor and from Industrial waste from ammunition manufacturers and weapons manufacturers. For a people that are constantly declaring how smart they are and much smarter than everyone else they appear to have been so smart they outsmarted themselves. It intrigues me how close Israeli traits are to active alcoholics and addicts.

    • A comment you made earlier was that Israel is being asked to give up its Sovereignty. I find that a little strange given that no-one that I see is asking for Israel to give up its Sovereignty. What Israel is being asked is to return to within its declared borders which were defined by the Partition Plan which it agreed to and accepted and declared before the UN. What Israel is being asked to do is to cease and desist from its illegal acquisition of territory in pursuit of its illegitimate plan of A Greater Israel. That plan is based on religious beliefs and fantasy. Historically ancient Israel was always subservient to a greater ruler such as Macedonia under Alexander the Great or Persia or Rome. Under International Law one cannot impose their religious beliefs on another. Zionists prior to the Partition Plan attempted to get a state on religious grounds and rightfully it was thrown out. It is correct when you state the necessity to separate truth from assertions . You can add beliefs to that also. The main problem is Israel from its inception has projected beliefs and a multitude of false assertions which many today think is the truth because of their repetitiveness.

  • Poll: 51% of Jewish Israelis support reconstruction of Gaza settlements
    • Words are just wasted air unless backed up with physical action. When I read words like deplore,condemn and unhelpful I switch off. What we are waiting for is international borders being closed to Israeli's. We are waiting for settlers to be outlawed as terrorists and thereby deemed persona non grata. What we are waiting for is Israeli export orders to be cancelled along with imports. We are waiting for Israeli aircraft to be denied landing rights and Israeli shipping to be denied entry to overseas ports. We are waiting for solid, genuine, one hundred percent, live ACTION.

  • I believe I can make a difference in my lifetime
    • Israel is NOT geographically indefensible. That is a Zionist lie. Israel successfully defended its new borders it declared in 1948. Since then it has attained the most modern and up to date weaponry in the Middle East and it has illegal nuclear weaponry. No-one else has nuclear weaponry in the Middle East. How is Israel now indefensible as opposed to being defensible in 1948. In Fact it was so defensible in 1967 it launched its war from Palestinian Territory.

    • If Double Standard thinks Israel will be allowed to,at some point, Lord it over the entire Middle East the Arabs have news for you. It won't ever happen. A more likely event is Arabs will eventually get sick and tired of Israel and at a time America ceases support of Israel which under Netanyahu is well on the cards,despite the severe losses to Arabs they will force Israeli's out of the Middle East.

    • Does not matter what Israeli/Palestinian Conflict thread you go on to,at some point you always get a Zionist proclaiming Palestinian Arabs have freedom of worship. If that is the case then why are Palestinians stopped from worshipping at Al Aqsa or disrupted and attack by settlers and or police?

    • Double Standard....Talknic has already mentioned Resolution 194. I would like to clarify Israels position on that a little further. Israel on attaining Sovereignty was offered full UN Membership in exchange for implementing Resolution 194. Israel has never honoured that agreement. Therefore given your honesty and integrity you would therefore expect Israel to step down from the UN given it is there quite obviously under false pretenses. Or even at this late stage it could honour its agreement and prove it is a nation of its Word.

  • 'United States of Israel' has compromised U.S. 'sovereignty' on Iran policy -- Gideon Levy in D.C.
    • I have been reading Gideon Levy since I started challenging Israeli's on Haaretz during Cast Lead. I read all the UNISAP information and worked through every historical account I could find. What irks settlers and Zionists about Gideon is he refuses to spout Hasbara and he speaks honestly and many predictions he has made over the years have been on the mark. Gideon has more courage and bravery than any Right wing settler. Settlers can only take on unarmed Palestinians whilst they hide behind IDF skirts. At some point, and history shows,the settlers will be confronted by an International Peace force that will be fully armed and tooled up to keep the peace and enforce the new borders. Israel does have borders. It agreed to and accepted borders as defined by the Partition Plan and also agreed to abide by its conditions. Israel to this day is Internationally recognised on those borders.

  • Palestinian leaders vote to end security coordination with Israel, a cornerstone of Oslo and the occupation
    • The interesting thing here is,with regard to refugees,Israel already agreed to allow refugees back. It is recorded in the minutes at the UN. When Israel wanted to become a full member of the UN after attaining Sovereignty via the Partition Plan,it was agreed that if Israel implemented Resolution 194 then it would recieve full membership. Israel agreed to do so then after being awarded full member status it reneged on its implementation.

      Israel also agreed , accepted,declared and was recognised as a Sovereign State globally on borders as defined by the Partition Plan and its conditions.

      What Netanyahu states as a reason to not support Two States is unfounded and not based in reality at all. It is just a lame excuse.

  • Israeli voters not impressed by Netanyahu's speech to Congress
    • I thoroughly agree with you oldgeezer. The same sick thought ran through my mind as I was reading the comments. It will be interesting to see if the EU makes good on its threat and imposes sanctions on Israel the day after he is elected. And yes....He will bring about Israel's demise. As for now is a leftist?....Her parents were members of Sterngang-Lehi.....they have a funny idea of leftists in Israel. Makes you wonder where Goering would fit were he alive

  • Media are stunned by Congress's 'loyalty' to Netanyahu (but refuse to explain it)
    • To Kay24......I did read something about Moshe Feiglin on Haaretz during Protective Edge. It was a rather sanitized version. Just read DailyMail article....WOW! Gobsmacked. How on earth can America stand alongside in unbreakable support of Israel claiming shared values? It is utterly bewildering. Seveny odd years ago the World went to war against mindsets like apparently we support them and give them $3billion a year and all the ammunition and weapons they need to do the work. There was a time when I was extremely proud to fight alongside American troops....not anymore and never again. Makes me want to throw up.

    • What astounds me is the US is prepared to run roughshod over International Law and Humanitarian Law and ignore it all and support and protect the despots that Netanyahu represents and thereby destroys the Status and credibility and legitmacy of itself. America needs to cut Israel loose if it is to survive and regain its standing. Eight years of Netanyahu have made America look totally ridiculous.

  • Israeli soldiers set attack dogs on teen -- 'Bite him' -- and rightwing politician cheers
    • I wonder how Obama will respond next time nietanyahu has his grubby hands out, looking for more aid from the people he dissed. .............Funny you should say that.....straight after Netanyahu's speech the Israeli's put a request into Congress for $300Million to use on missiles. They did not go through White House like they normally would. Straight to Congress. It will be interesting to see if the request is granted.

  • The Emperor's Nuke Clothes
    • First class Kate...Brilliant cartoon...excellent skills . A strap on is likely what he needs. Should have had a large jar of Prozac in his hand. He gets that paranoid about what he has been doing he likely needs jars of prozac to level himself out. He often mumbles!

  • The Greater Gaza Plan: Is Israel trying to force Palestinians into Sinai?
    • I can't see it being accepted by the Arabs given it would mean rescinding rights to Al Aqsa Mosque and that complex is too important to Muslims for them to allow Israeli Right Wing Jews take it over and demolish it and build a Synagogue in its place. To me on that basis alone it is a non starter. East Jerusalem is too important to Palestinians and other Arabs historically. If Israel and America try to shift the Palestinians that will be the spark that ignites the fire and Israel will,even with American help become ashes. The Arabs will go ballistic.

      Israel wants all the West Bank for one reason and it is not religious. Israel has three main water supplies. One in Israel which is contaminated with military industrial waste from weapons manufacturing and two which it has stolen from the Palestinians in the West Bank. Israel needs that water.

  • No Surprise Dep't: David Brooks's son is in Israeli army
    • Many people have mentioned dual citizens fighting in the IDF. American Foreign Policy states settlements and Occupation are illegal under International Law. Many of these soldiers would be operating in enforcing the Occupation and subjugation of Palestinians in violation of International Law. My first question is how does America justify allowing that when it stops and arrests people joining ISIS or Syrian forces......are these Dual citizens not doing the same....fighting an illegal war. Does America support International Law or not? If it does then when will it find the intestinal fortitude to withdraw aid to Israel until it complies with International Law. It found it easy to apply sanctions on Iran and Russia. Why not Israel?

  • West Bank settlers exporting dates labelled as 'Made in Palestine'
  • Theodor Meron's '67 memo provided legal rationale for settlements
    • Well you educated me on Meron and I have to say my information came from the Gorenberg article on Haaretz so thankyou for the correction and enlightenment. Growth and learning is always good.

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