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I am a retired signwriter and ex serviceman who took time to investigate the truth about Israel after being disgusted by Israeli tactics during Cast Lead. I successfully ran the biggest Palestinian State thread on YahooNZ until they closed the entire message boards there. We had three archived volumes and frequently came under Zionist

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  • Video: 'I killed for you, with these hands!' cries Israeli veteran with PTSD
    • is the responsibility of the IOF and the Israeli Government to ensure the physical wellbeing of its troops used in pursuit of an illegal and criminal enterprise but portrayed by the Israeli Government as legitimate. I do not see you clamouring for the Israeli Government to cease putting Israeli lives unnecessarily at risk. Nor do I see you exhorting the nefariousness of Government policy in Israel. The fault for injuries such as this lies with the Military in its expedition of Government Policy. Any military service in America,England,Australia,New Zealand et al cannot discharge a member until they are one hundred percent fully fit. They have to take responsibility for any injuries incurred during the performance of the military members duty and ensure they are properly taken care of. I do not see you making any noise about the Israeli Government or its Military Arm falling down in its obligations and duty. Surely that is the lowest of the low and not something one would expect from the Most Moral Army or the Only Democratic Nation in the Middle East. Your argument is plainly hollow and without merit.

    • Max Narr forgrts that the West Bank does not fall within Israeli declared Sovereign Territory,therefore, it cannot be viewed is any way as Jewish Homeland. The Jewish Homeland is that area Israel accepted and declared as defined by the UN Partition Plan. Settling in Occupied Territory is violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention. Civilians of an Occupier are forbidden to be transferred into Occupied Territory. Military Personnel are the only authorised people the occupier can place in Occupied Territory. Given settlers carry arms and regularly attack Palestinians it therefore points to settlers being an extension of the Military and therefore valid Military Targets. Settlers often work supported by the Military therefore this is proof of their inclusion in Military operations. They are by definition valid military targets.

    • Jackdaw.....take a reality check....any suffering by members of the IDF was caused in battles of their own choice. Illegal battles to acquire territory illegally and to illegally dispossess the Palestinian people. I have absolutely no sympathy for Israeli's engaged in such activities. What is loathesome is Israeli actions against defenceless Palestinians. What is loathsome is the illegal extra judicial killings(murder) of Palestinians. At some point, at some stage, it is inevitable that Israel will pay for its crimes and that time is moving ever closer.

  • Trump's claim of 9/11 celebration in New Jersey is based on arrest of 5 'laughing' Israelis
    • Some say you cannot begin to rise until you have been all the way to the bottom. Maybe America needs to lose everything before it ditches Israel. Israel's price for friendship is way to high and OTT.

    • Trump can in no way be seen as stupid. Look at his empire....not the result of being stupid. Having said that we need to look at the damage the likes of AIPAC and other pro Israeli groups have done to the Political Stage in America. This election the contenders are a motley crew of Hasbarists and clowns. Some show their traitorous intent openly knowing they are untouchable. I have not yet seen one real and genuine contender interested in representing the interests of the American people....not one. The Israeli Lobby has reduced America's Political System to a mockery of what it should stand for. Worldwide people stand looking stunned at the state of American politics. Many people I speak to cannot understand how America can stand alongside such a criminal State as Israel and seriously defend it. Look at the cost to America's integrity and standing around the globe. America these days has little credibility and all of this has been created with meddling from Israel. It's money and politicians like Netanyahu and Livni and Barak. It genuinely stuns me that Americans have allowed this to happen and I live in hope that they will at some point make a solid stand and eject these people from their political interference.

  • Israel isn't worried about ISIS
    • Israel wants to weaken Syria by breaking it up into smaller countries along sectarian lines thus making Syria no longer a valid threat to Israeli Middle East Power Ambitions. Israel and America have a Problem because Russia and Iran are not going to play ball with their plan. All or any outcomes rely on Israel ending the Occupation of Palestine and cease blocking a Palestinian State. Russia and Iran want Israel put back behind its declared borders and thereby back in its box and cease meddling in neighbours affairs to destabilise them.

    • I do not think I am wildly exagerrating Russia's capabilities at all. Seems to me you are under estimating Russia. It's warships are far superior to anything Israel has and have even alarmed America with the use of ICBM's. It outnumbers Israel on any weaponry level. Israel has no answer to Russian Air Defence weapons which is why it constantly opposes Russia selling them to Syria and Iran. Even America is rightly cautious about Russian Air Defence missiles . Even its latest F35 jets can't outfox them. Drone sales or not....Russia is not Pro Israel. Russian techs will pull the Israeli drones apart and clone them. Then improve on them.

    • Russia was and is a major fly in the ointment for Israel. It cannot do anything about that because Russia will squash Israel like a gnat. And Netanyahu knows that. He has no influence over Putin. None.

    • I tend to view it a little like ritzl does. Israel has painted itself into a corner and it finding it next to impossible to maintain support or garner support for what its doing behind the scenes. What we do know is Israel has no qualms interfering politically across borders and engaging in subterfuge to destabilise those countries it views as a threat to its expansionist policies.

    • What is Israel's relationship with ISIS? If it is supplying support and weapons to Al Nusra, an Al Qaida affiliate, then it would be unsurprising if Israeli weapons suppliers are selling to ISIS. They sell to African rebel groups, and seem to have no scruples as long as payment is forthcoming, and as long as it divides potential enemies of Israel.

  • Hillary Clinton equates ISIS and Hamas
    • Or she more than likely will drive us around the bend with her butt kissing of Netanyahu.

    • Yes....this coming Presidential Election the People of America have a prime opportunity to eradicate Israel's Zionist influence on the American Government by with holding their votes from Pro Zionist Politicians seeking Presidential office. Let Saban,Adelson and the Koch's waste their money for nought.

  • No justice for Tariq Abu Khdeir -- even US State Dep't faults Israeli 'accountability'
  • 'I endorse the cultural boycott of Israel': Prominent artists support New York-based campaign for cultural boycott of Israel
    • What amuses me is I don't think DaBakr thought that comment through before posting because if this politician is saying these educated men are the bottom of the barrel then what does that say about or place those with less education.....not the most diplomatic statement nor does it say much about mindset of the person who said it. I take it DaBakr is as educated as these professors or even more qualified.

    • Hophmi......Israel is shunned because of its illegitimate and violent acts toward Palestinians and its refusal to abide by International Law. What is ignominious is European Jewish settlers who think it is okay to steal someone else land and resources.

    • If David Cameron is saying the professors that Promote BDS are at the bottom of the barrel then where does that place him? He ends up making himself look like an ignoramus.....many British already know that. :)

    • Hophmi....take a larege dose of truth. Israel and it's illegal and violent actions against Palestinians have caused itself to be shunned by the World. No one wants what Israel has including a majority of Diaspora Jews.

  • Netanyahu: In wake of Paris attacks, world should condemn attacks against Israel
    • Just shows the type of BottomFeeders that inhabit the current Knesset makes the "special relationship" that much more deplorable.

    • This is the opportune time for World heads of State to voice their condemnation of the Leader and Government of Israel for using the current tragedy in Paris to deflect from Israel's own belligerent and aggressive and illegal Occupation and illegal settlement of Palestine. Israel is attacked because of his OWN aggressive actions toward Palestine and Arabs in general in the region. The Occupier cannot claim victimhood.

  • The way for Americans to take on the Islamic state is to end support for Jewish nationalism
    • Hophmi......what a sad statement you make....your whole diatribe tells me you cannot stand on your own two feet. That you are afraid to stand up for your own beliefs and principles and need a gang of people to feel whole. Doesn't say much for you as a person. Phillip gets my support hands down.

    • Absolutely is the closest thing to nazism the World has seen since WW2 and America and Britain are falling over themselves supporting it......shameful.

    • probably has a lot to do with what Herzl and Jabotinsky inspired the European Zionist Jews to do to Arabs when they arrived in Palestine. To remove them completely from the land so they could ressurrect a long dead place called Israel. Imagine the British response if a bunch of militant Italians arrived in London wanting to ressurect Londinium and wanted to force ALL the British citizens off the land. Israeli's get back what they put out and they eventually will be over run......that is unavoidable if Israel refuses to move back to its legally declared borders.

    • As long as American Pro Zionist Politicians cling to this repulsive and unjustified Special Relationship with Israel then America will never know peace and its citizens will be subject to the same treatment as Israeli's by those opposing Israel and its criminal activities. The Sooner this registers with the American Government the sooner it will realise it has no other means of protecting its people or regaining its lost Status until it ditches Zionist Israel. It simply is not Justifiable nor is it credible. It is a cement block around Americas neck.

    • Exactly Kay....time America stopped vetoing solutions at the UN and Britain quit abstaining at the UN and grew a pair and fix the mess.

    • Yes Kay.....David Cameron cannot keep spending millions on Israel and armament to try and bomb back the results of their Middle East mess. America and Britain need to go back to 1948 and put right what they ran away and hid from.....Israel.

    • Any crime can have a root cause....Israel ignores its part in raising the ire of Arabs in the Middle East by its own arrogant aggressive actions. European Jewish Migrants arrived in the Middle East with the stated goal of relieving by force, Arabs of their land. Israel always conveniently forgets that and minimizes it. To me it is no wonder Israeli's have many enemies in the Middle East......makes perfect sense.

    • What a4tech conveniently ignores and many right wing settler supporters do is that when America was conquered the Right of Conquest was valid. Right of Conquest was abolished at the termination of WW2 due to the many problems German Occupation and conquest caused. Namely hundreds of thousands of dispossessed and stateless Jews. Were it not for the Right of Conquest being outlawed you could extrapolate from that that Israel would never have come into being. Phillip is correct in his article as is Annie. Israel is the cause on=f much of the unrest. Israel bombs Arab states at will and colonizes where it chooses and is exempt from the same laws the rest of the World is expected and does conform to. Israel claims to be Democratic yet when the UN takes a Democratic vote and issues a Resolution against unacceptable Israeli International Law breaking Israel chooses to be Dictatorial and refuses to abide by Democracy.

  • US and Israel rewrite history of UN resolution that declared Zionism is racism
    • Marvellous suggestion would certainly be worth seeing how Israel could justify it all. :)

    • America and Israel dig their hole deeper and display to the World the sheer buffoonery of their statements. Zionism is racist and discriminatory. That is plain for all to see. To deny it is sheer arrogant blindness. I am extremely happy about the arrest warrants for the Zionist Government members. Long overdue. America will come to seriously regret supporting Israel. Kerry always was an enemy agent....he cosied up to the NVA with Jane Fonda during the Vietnam war.

  • Seachange in public opinion: 'I am tired of Israel using US-made rockets to bomb Palestinians so that ultra-conservatives can steal their land'
    • What a good read....loved everyones input. It strikes me that America would most definitely and never did to my knowledge ever allow Saddam Hussein the right to address Congress nor was he ever allowed to speak to media or get viewed in such a supportive light by American Media Outlets yet Netanyahu who by comparison is similar if not the same as Saddam Hussein is treated like the Queen of fact better than the Queen of England. Disputed Territories? That was always a non started from the time Lord Caradon et al drafted Resolution 242. International Law is quoted specifically. We remind Israel that the acquisition of territory by force is inadmissible and that Israel is required to withdraw fully from territory recently Occupied. Israel played semantics with that stating it did not say all the territory....lmao. What other territory did they recently occupy or occupy illegally full stop? They cannot claim territory as theirs outside their declared borders which they clearly informed the UN prior was not theirs.Palestine always existed and as much as Israel likes to depend on the British Mandate of Palestine as its defence, that document became null and void once it accepted the Partition Plan and once the British Mandate ended. Under the Mandate they were only ever allowed a homeland within Palestine....they were never granted ALL of Palestine. Israel STILL has a requirement and an obligation to comply with Resolution 242. It is International Law and binding.

  • The titter-tape charade
    • It is precisely this attitude that is killing American Status around the World. How on earth can a Superpower like America ,with it's history allow itself to be led by its nose by a War Criminal like Netanyahu. More importantly how can America with its catchcry of Liberty,Freedom and Justice have a 'Special Relationship'with a proven criminal state like Israel? How can it ,in all good conscience, allow itself to justify selling arms to this type of state knowing they will be primarily be used against Palestinians. Americans need to realise its government is setting its people up as targets.

  • Rigged Netanyahu 'conversation' at Center for American Progress shows it's twilight of the Israel lobby
    • Yes wonders how much more obvious it needs to get as to the Zionists being a threat before anyone gets off their chuff and does something about getting rid of them. They have successfully made a laughing stock of of the :)

  • Questions Neera Tanden should ask Netanyahu at the Center for American Progress
    • When you look at Netanyahu's statements today on Haaretz he claims issues with Arabs and Temple Mount(Al Aqsa) are unsolvable and Israel may have to take unilateral action. In order to do that, he said,Israel would need wider World Support. What happened to him assuring people the status quo was and is unchangeable? What happened to Israel honouring its peace agreement with Jordan? Apparently none of that now does not matter and threatening Middle East Peace further is apparently on Netanyahu's agenda....more expansionism. Somehow I can't see him getting wider World Support. In fact the World needs to insist Israel leaves occupied territory immediately.

  • Saddam was just a 'neighborhood bully,' Netanyahu says-- 13 years after saying Saddam threatened 'security of our entire world'
    • Netanyahu needs to wake up to World perception. When you stand Saddam and Netanyahu alongside each other there is not a lot of difference between the two. In some ways because Netanyahu has access to nukes ,he is more a threat to World Peace than Saddam ever was.

  • Obama friends Netanyahu with one-sided statement
  • An Open Letter to Dan Rabinowitz: Let’s get our facts straight about BDS
    • Dabakr...your statement is like a million other hasbarists. What you do not realise is the little Israel produces compared to World output would not be missed. Anything Israeli's do the rest of the World can already do or Israel copied it. Not many people want to be like an Israeli though.....maybe you can think of a creative piece of Hasbara to reply to that one. Indulge us....amuse us some more. No-one does comedy better than a hasbarist.....they generally don't realise how humorous they are because they are too busy taking a joke seriously.

  • Netanyahu flips the bird to Obama -- 2200 more settlement units!
    • The way things are going Kay ,Zionists are running true to their mantra. The Goyim are dispensable. If America goes broke and crumbles helping Israel then it does not matter because they are not a Jewish Nation. They are there solely to accommodate the Jewish State of Israel. That is where, precisely, the American people need to wake up.....Israel and Netanyahu see Americans as dispensable....not friends....just an asset to plunder like any other.

    • It is not rocket science....America is trillions of dollars in debt. America has given Israel trillions in aid. What Israel is owed is a size 12 boot up the backside and told to take a hike....then Americas debt issue will be solved.

    • Nothing less than massive street protests the likes of the Vietnam War marches by the American People will break this sick bond with Israel. Americans need to turn out in droves and demand that American money be kept for Americans and not for terrorists like Netanyahu and his criminal state.

  • Actions planned to protest Netanyahu's visit to Washington
    • Terrific stuff!!! I sincerely hope many Americans attend and participate in these events. Claim your country back and show Netanyahu the door!

  • Obama administration will do nothing for Palestinians through end of term
    • If American Politicians think what they are doing is going to placate the Palestinians they need to look at it from the Palestinian point of view for a change and ask themselves if they would do nothing to oppose Israel. Their answer would be a resounding no. They would oppose the occupation by any means just as the Palestinians are. Israel and America have made themselves enemies of the Palestinian People and the wider Arab world. Mess with Al Aqsa and you immediately call to arms a Billion strong Arab Opposition Force. If Israel and America think current Palestinian actions are bad they need to consider the following. Their actions have created the current Palestinian violent opposition. This currently is just a ripple on the surface of what is to come. No amount of money or weaponry from America will save Israel. Israel has guaranteed that at some point it will be inundated with a flood of Arab People incensed by its arrogance and violent aggression. What Israel has been putting out it is bound to recieve it back four fold. Nature says it is unavoidable. Historically, any city or area named Israel has never lasted. Their arrogance has always been their downfall and it is happening before our eyes once more.

  • 'Netanyahu destroyed hope' -- Erekat
    • No matter who you are, it has become abundantly clear that when it comes to Israel and Palestine you cannot be too honest or truthful or regardless of who you are.....Obama,Erekat,Abbas or the lowly poster on the will be silenced. :)

  • Only way to save Israel is for US to get out of peace process -- Friedman of Peace Now
    • Dennis Ross apparently thinks it is okay to set the Middle East on fire just so Israel can have its way...okay. Somehow I don't think he has the support of billions of people around the World.

  • All Israeli politics is local -- it's American
    • One morning we shall all wake and learn AIPAC and ADL have been declared Foreign Agents and their offices closed in America. That morning,when it comes, will set America free.

    • Ya gotta read this one at NYT Kay....Netanyahu may make amends during his visit.....I can't stop laughing.


  • The Case for Parallel States: Excerpt from 'One Land, Two States: Israel and Palestine as Parallel States'
    • Kalithea....he forgets that Israel agreed to implement Resolution 194 in return for Full UN Membership. Either Israel is honest and will keep to its agreement and allow ROR or it will step down from the UN and turn in its membership for failing to honour its agreement.

    • Lol is very similar. They aren't hurting anyone they are doing God's work......He gave them Israel....not the Palestinians.

    • I am sitting here in awe of the audacity of Zionists who try every which way possible to maximize their illegal gains and attempt to float another complex con job denying Palestinians what they have ALWAYS had a right to. Their own State. What intrigues me is if we look at the history of Israel as a land going back centuries it has always fallen due to Israeli arrogance and Israeli failure to walk in humility. It seems after three thousand years the lesson has still not been learnt. The modern State of Israel was given to Israeli Jews by a gracious World as a means of putting right and making amends for the tragedies of WW2. Before the Sovereignty papers were dry these same Israeli Jews were planning domination of areas outside their borders. There is hardly a State in the Middle East that has not been meddled with by Israel or bombed or attacked by it. Since 1948 Israel has marched in arrogance before the World and making excuses for its attrocities and lawbreaking. No agreement with Israel will work while it remains arrogant and entitled. It will crumble because nothing it has built has had a solid foundation. It has been built on lies and deception and nowadays with modern technology, fooling the people of the World has become an impossible task. Israel's self destruction is a ticking clock. Just a matter of time and it will disappear as it always does....until the lesson of humility is learnt.

    • You got it Mooser....I think we just exposed Mr Levines grand scheme for an undercover Greater Israel....the one that is not there but is there....the Claytons Greater Israel....LMLWAO.

    • It's just a nice way of legitimizing Apartheid.

    • Kay, I find it just as despicable as you do. I find it astounding that the American Government is failing to see how it is being percieved overseas and how that ultimately erodes and extinguishes Americas SuperPower Status. Without Global support America is under threat and it is losing support weekly by cosying up to Netanyahu and his State Terrorists. Within the year I predict it will come to a messy end. It cannot go further. There is a revolution bubbling beneath the surface and I sense Netanyahu sees that and is being more upfront and going for broke trying to gain as much as possible before it caves in. He does not care about Americans or anyone else.

    • Yes Boomer.....if people are going to clamour that Israel has a right to self defence that more than Israel, Palestinians have a right to self defence also....after all it has been Israel invading and illegally stealing from Palestinians since 1948. How on earth can an Occupier legitimately claim self defence when it is the belligerent aggressor?

    • Mr Levine I disagree with your reply vehemently. What was the Partition Plan? Why can the Partition Plan not be re-applied? The Jewish Provisional Government agreed to it when offered and also declared Israel's borders according to it and defined by it. Why is it not acceptable now? Is it because it would mean Israeli's would be required to relinquish territory they had illegally settled? Is it because Israel has poisoned it's own water table with military waste and requires Palestinian water? Why has Israel never paid Palestinians for water use? I'd had to see that bill for Israel after seventy years!

      I have often said as others have also that settlers need not leave the territories if they become Palestinian citizens subject to Palestinian Law. If they do not want to do that then given Israel acted illegally then Israel can bear the cost for repatriation to Israel proper. And furthermore it is misleading to state it is the only Two State Solution left.....Israel was created by the stroke of a pen at the UN......Palestine can be created similarly right now.....nothing to stop it. Nothing stopped the UN carving Israel out of Palestine did it?

      It is not up to me or anyone else to fix the problem Israel created for itself by acting illegally. It has ignored every Resolution designed to rectify the war and misery it has created. It has reneged on implementing Resolution 194 which it agreed to do in return for Full UN Membership. Maybe you would agree to Israel suspending its membership for failing to fulfil its commitments. All you are floating is a massive con job to float a get out of jail card for Israel and its politicians. I am not buying....nor will many others. Ultimately Israel will extinguish itself if it maintains its current track and will have only itself to blame. It had the opportunity to act legitimately and chose the opposite. When does Israel accept personal responsibility for its actions.....when?

    • There is virtually a Single State in process now. Doesn't appear to be working too well. As I have stated on previous occassions no mental health professional would advise to people engaged in long term abuse to remain in the same house together. There are reasons for that. And we are seeing it in action currently. Too much harm has been done by Israel for the Palestinians to simply forgive and forget and it is too much of a stretch for any sane person to expect them to do so. Two seperate states is the only answer....independent of one another with borders monitored and protected by an International Force for as long as necessary.

    • Seems to me this plan is no different to other plans Zionists have floated over the years. It is just another attempt to legitimize the illegitimate and to retain as much of the stolen goods as possible. What is always forgotten by these people is that the UN has stated time and again that by Israel changing the facts on the ground by force does not mean Israel will be allowed to keep any of these fact they change nothing. Nor was there any intent to ever reward Israel for its wrongdoing by allowing it to retain any of what it has acquired illegally.

  • Netanyahu's craziness is calculated, to drive out Palestinians
    • Saddest thing I read today was on the Guardian where Obama has totally capitulated and ruled out a peace deal between Israel and Palestine during the last months of his Presidency. He states it is too difficult unless their is a major shift. That is a blatant cop out. Everyone knows America could shift Israel easily by with holding AID. With no weapons or Ammunition forthcoming or cash to prop up the settlements Israel would quickly make the relevant deal of a Palestinian State on 67 Borders with NO land swaps. To say it is too difficult is to say he sold out....plain and simple. Blood of Palestinians will soak American Politicians hands. I don't know how they can sleep at night.

  • Israel wants $5 billion a year in military aid from the US
    • Americans need to choose at this point in time as to whether they are going to continue to let Israel bleed them dry. It is known from past experience the predominant use of weaponry and ammunition supplied by America to Israel is used to maintain and impose the Occupation and it is used to ethnically cleanse Palestinians. America has a moral responsibility to terminate this complicity.

  • Hillary Clinton promises to invite Netanyahu to White House in her first month
    • The Laugh is that if Obama or Kerry or Boehner were under Occupation by Israel they too would fire rockets at Israel. Just as Israel has a right to self defence so do the Palestinians. Israel incites ALL the violence by continuing its illegal Occupation. These politicians don't realise how ridiculous they look and sound by expecting us all to swallow what they are saying when defending Israel's actions. We are not stupid and at some point these politicians will pay. The people ALL AROUND THE WORLD are sick and tired of watching the mass murder of Palestinians by Israel on a daily,weekly.monthly and yearly basis. Their religious beliefs are no excuse for their for a Special Relationship with Israel......Who on earth has a Special Relationship with a mass murderer? It is ridiculous and totally insane.

    • For all the reasons stated in this article there is the stark reality and motivation as to why Hilary Clinton and her ilk must be blocked from holding office in the White House. I tend to speak the truth which many people find unpalateable. Truth hurts. Few things have disturbed me in my lifetime but what is happening to the Palestinians disgusts me to the core. To see the American Government so blatantly supporting and supplying Israel with the means to rain pain and grief down on Palestinians has affected me more than any other issue ever. My father did not put his efforts into the Second World War for this neither did the many others who fought and died in that war. It is not why I laid my life on the line during my years of Military Service.
      Whether the Jewish people suffered the Holocaust or not there is absolutely no rational or reasonable excuse to allow Israel to continue conducting itself in such a criminal manner. Israel has defied a World record number of Resolutions and has recieved no punishment whatsoever. America has rewarded Israel for its murderous intent by giving it $3 Billion per annum......soon to be $5 Billion.

      Saddam Hussein and Iraq were in contravention of just 16 Resolutions and he was conducting gassings of Kurds and regularly using chemical warfare against the Iranians. The World after twelve years of talking invaded Iraq after it continued to fail to comply. Israel has been in defiance of over 69 Resolutions for decades and has killed thousands of Palestinians and expelled millions more from their land. Can anyone see anything wrong with this picture? Can anyone see the sickness of America and Britains actions in maintaining support for Israel? Is this what we are supposed to be okay with and teach our children to accept? People can silence my voice and ignore the truth,however Israel is far more offensive and disgusting than anything I have ever said or done or could ever think of doing. Some days I wake up and look at the news and think I am living in an insane asylum run and controlled by mad people. For the American Government to say it can do nothing when cutting the AID and Weaponry to Israel WOULD stop the conflict is a blatant cop out.

  • 'Washington Post' publishes Elliott Abrams' diatribe against Palestinians without rejoinder
    • No surprises in what she wrote. I would expect nothing less from her. She has sold Americans out to Zionism and put Israel first before America. It would be interesting if all the candidates this election declared fealty to Israel. I wonder what would happen if voters refused to vote because there was no one representing American Interests first. America this election has an opportunity to take ownership back of its government by not voting for those supporting Zionist Israel. Will they though?

  • The US spends $35 billion on foreign aid . . . but where does the money really go?
    • According to YNET Stop Press news this morning Israel is looking for $5 billion per year from the US Taxpayer. At some point Americans need to say enough. Israel is largely responsible for the trillions of dollars in debt Americans suffer......for what? Insults!

  • Telling tales in Israel and Palestine
  • Antipodean Update
  • Karmah Elmusa rocks Elle Magazine
    • I think many perhaps will now grasp dabkr's problem. Lights home.

    • The sad part about the Liberty is the torment and blame that was unleashed on the Captain. And then you also have the witnesses,members of the crew who still face being labelled liars and getting no support or justice from the Government it served. It illuminates brightly the infestation by Zionists within the American Government. American Military personnel should demand justice over the Liberty.

    • I will second that motion eljay. Given some of the Zionists I ran up against on the thread I ran on Yahoo for three years the Hasbara dudes on here get cut to pieces fairly quickly and then go away until the next time. I have faced may in the past who stand their ground and persist with their lies requiring a line by line exposure of the lies before they disappear.

  • Glen Weyl's agonizing journey to boycott the country he loves
    • You have expressed it all wonderfully Kalithea...thankyou! :))

    • Yonah I think it is more true to say that Zionism is no more appealing today than National Socialism was to the World in 1939. Both deal and dealt in Ethnic Cleansing and no right thinking human being would support it. But by all means rationalise and justify your distorted perception anyway you wish. One day you will have to face the truth of what you are and have been supporting.

    • What a wonderful explicit and exquisite piece of art Kay! It would be wonderful to mass produce them and put them up all over the country to remind the Politicians what their job is. $1 BILLION DOLLARS OF THE THREE Israel gets per annum would well and truly put Detroit and other hard hit cities back in the game. I can't help thinking that since its inception Israel has been gifted trillions by America and oddly and is it coincidence? America is trillions in debt. The American Government would find it difficult to dodge a gross malfeasence charge brought against them by the people.

    • What I see is a person who realises he is in a disasterous position with the World turning against him and he is attempting to place an each way bet to minimize his losses.

  • The NY Mets and the Hebron Fund
    • No Worries Kay....I am sure we get it....made perfect sense to me:))

    • It is a very sad bunch of individuals of American Citizenship who support such a heinous group of individuals like the Hebron settler terrorist who have no legitimate right whatsoever to be where they are. Nor do they have the legitimate right to dispense war crimes,violence and dispossession and torture and murder upon the Palestinian People. If these are the values that NY Mets embrace then may your sports team have returned to it what it is visiting on the Palestinians. It apparently acts with no conscience,morals or ethics. No God of any worth would support Hebron Settler Terrorists.

  • 'The Palestinian body finally achieves the approving gaze of the settler'
    • Nothing that Israel does now will ever remove the stain they have brought upon themselves and their nation by persecuting the Palestinians as they have. They have visited on Palestinians that which they would not want visited on themselves. The World views Israel's actions as indefensible. Whilst American and British Politicians are led by the nose by Netanyahu there are enough people around the World that will undoubtedly make life uncomfortable for Israel and it will largely get no support and slowly wither and die

    • Every settler I have seen in the press and on video depicts people that look like they have just climbed out of the Laundry basket and never seen a bar of soap in their lives......utter pigs. Displays their character wonderfully.

  • 'Why I am a Zionist'
    • Roll on the day America wakes up and stops the Aid and weapons et al to Israel. Israel will then see how truly vulnerable it is....and it needs to. Nothing like a reality check to get people back on track.

    • Yes Kay I have to agree with that....common sense is not his forte and he is thick headed to think there will be no backlash to his actions. I did read on one occassion he has an agreement with the state of Israel that once he leaves office he and Sara will have Mossad protection for life. What a sick way to live.

    • It must have broken Netanyahu's butt to retract what he said. There must be some large scale pressure coming upon him from somewhere. Otherwise he would not have retracted. Interesting development.

    • Aussies will colonize and dispossess the Israeli's......they can't complain given they think its okay to do.

    • I personally am not interested in why the likes of you are a Zionist Mr Grover. I hardly think Zionism attracts many people these days other than those with a penchant for mass murder and victimhood. People become Zionists because they have unaddressed mental issues. Look at the crimes they are committing.

    • Well...that was ALL a very interesting read. What I got from all that is Zionists are self centered and self obsessed thus breeding an air of self entitlement and thus granting the ability to recognise that in order to get their"safe haven" they are in fact subjecting Palestinians to the same treatment and dispossession they themselves were subjected to during WW2. 20 million Russians died also during that war....Many of them died in Concentration camps also. Do you hear Russia playing the victim card year after year? Do you see America giving Russia 3 billion dollars in aid yearly? No and nor do Russians ask for or expect it. They make their own way in the World and make their own money.They have more pride.

      Zionist seem okay with not obeying laws that govern the World and exempt themselves on the basis of being Jewish then wonder why everyone dislikes them. Right now Zionists think they can conduct themselves like the Gestapo and murder Palestinians at will just so they can impose their beliefs on ALL Palestinians and they will wonder why the World will want to remove Zionists. Zionists have created their own demise by their own self centeredness and air of self entitlement lacking totally in humanity,empathy and conscience. I do not ever want what Zionists have....what a gross insult to humanity they are.

  • Video: Israeli military tells Palestinian refugee camp, 'We will gas you until you die'
    • When there are enough voices opposing it then it will change Kay.....until then we focus on what we can change and keep revealing the truth.

    • Mr Kirby is another of those chosen people blessed with two is lost......the other is out trying to find it.

    • Diaspora I agree with you. Palestinians may be outgunned and not have the Hi Tech gear the Israeli's have but it does not mean they cannot win. They simply have to keep exposing the truth and telling the truth via the media and get people around the World on their side. That is how the Vietnam War was stopped. A groundswell of people grew around the World and it made it politically impossible for governments around the World to support the War. The exact same can happen here. Given I served in Vietnam I did not believe in the protests at the time as it had a detrimental effect on the troops who were fighting there. More died than needed to because reinforcements were cut. The withdrawal was rushed and disorganized so fallback procedures many times were abandoned and more died again. Having said that the organization of the protest can be utilized to gain freedom for Palestinians and for them to enjoy their own State and regain their land.

    • Yes it is outrageous Annie. It is so outrageous it leaves me wondering how the American and British Governments can possibly continue to support Israel. The people in those countries are beginning to get quite vocal about being Anti Israel and for all the right reasons. At some point if the politicians want to keep their jobs they will have to forget about the Zionist funding because their futures will be at stake and on the line.

    • I concur with you Kay. What strikes me about this site is that very fact. That there is a wealth of information carried by the people here. A unique cross section of World societies and age groups etc. It makes for a really good basis in teasing the facts out. Talknic introduced me to the realities of Israel when I stumbled on his site. Blew me out. I love to learn new things and people especially interest me. As for conflict I have had my share and it gave me a greater understanding of my father. Living with him was difficult but I always had immense respect for the sacrifices he made in WW2. Zionism was declared racist by the UN some time back but Israel got it reversed.

    • Love it Kay!!!!!!! Grand Applause!!!! :))

    • Yes they are sick Kay....I have been saying it for years. Many,most Holocaust victims got no help once they were released to deal with the trauma and psychosis they were left with. Because it was untreated and their behaviour became the accepted norm...i.e. most were suffering from these illnesses so in a group it would appear normal. Generation to Generation,untreated, the problem has compounded and just like kids of child molesters they become the abusers.

      My parents were survivors of the second World War. My mother went through the Blitz in London and at as a teen she saw horrendous things. As a grown adult and Parent she would switch off when violence occurred. She would start singing and not be present mentally. My Father was serving with the Scots Guards and on his twenty first birthday he went into Normandy beaches. He too saw some horrendous stuff...he never talked about it. He would sit and rub his head and tears would roll down his cheeks.

      Israel was born of violence and has been left untreated since 1945.

  • Shoving of SJP activist seen as part of campaign of ‘intimidation’ on campus
    • Max Narr would love to volunteer....I'd love a Porsche....doesn't mean I'll get it. :))

    • Exactly Niass2! :))

    • First class statement Kalithea!.......Applause!!!!!

    • MaxNarr needs to learn that under International Law...specifically the Fourth Geneva Convention which Israel signed and ratified the occupied are legally entitled to oppose the Occupier by use of arms. It does not state the exact quality of those arms but I imagine it would allow for any weaponry that is fit for purpose. Had Israel not wanted armed opposition to its illegal Occupation and illegal acquisition of territory it always had the freedom of choice to end the Occupation. MaxNarr apparently cries when the opposition fires back.

  • On 'incitement'
    • Kay....I have been reading over the past week about the agreements made by Kerry,Netanyahu,Hussein of Jordan and the Palestinians re Al Aqsa. From my understanding it was agreed after Jordan stated to Israel the Al Aqsa mosque was under Jordanian control,that it was their right to instal cameras and not Israel. We now see on Maan and Haaretz Netanyahu claiming he is going to instal the cameras and a day ago Israeli police pulled the cameras by the Moroccan Gate instaleed by Jordan. Seems to me Netanyahu is pushing for the peace treaty between Jordan and Israel to be ended by Jordan.

      I asked myself what would be in it for Netanyahu to do so. He could then invade Jordan and take that over and transfer Palestinians to Jordan as they have always hinted at wanting to do. If I am correct this move may just be Netanyahu and Israel's undoing because I doubt America would or could go along with it. The Qatar Foreign Minister stated due to Israel's infractions at Al Aqsa compound they nor anyone else in the Arab League had any intention of closer ties or being supportive of Israel as Israels infractions were an insult to the entire population of Muslims in the Middle East. I am interested to see what pans out here.

    • One thing is a given....Zionists hate being confronted by their truth......their excessive ,heavy handed responses to it is proof.

    • Precisely....and on the excursion downward,America with Israel around its neck, I have often thought.....this is the incident that will wake Americans up....nup,nada,zero,zip.....not a peep...not a whisper. Seems to me America has lost itsa spine and its freedom loving character. It prefers the paranoid,delusional and grandiose shared values of Israel.

  • Living and dying by Netanyahu's 'forever' sword
    • Mooser.... I like your likes having someone impose their beliefs upon them. Beliefs are just that...beliefs....not fact. They are true for the believer as that is what they choose to believe is true. Israel went down the wrong path the moment it decided God was the real estate agent of Palestine.....not based in fact at all.....that is where they fucked up really badly and since have been attempting badly to convince and convert the World. No-one is buying. Israel is in its death throws and nothing other than something like a mass invasion of Israel will solve the conflict.

  • Netanyahu's having a better week in the Democratic Party than Hillary Clinton!
    • Seems to me Lysias that Jill Stein is just the person to put the wagon wheels back on the American Cart. She wants a Government controlled by the voters....the people.....not Foreign Agents as in Adelson,Saban,AIPAC,ADL and Netanyahu

    • Democrats and Republicans end up controlling the elction outcome because that is where the Zionist money is through AIPAC and Adelson and Saban. Once that cashflow is spiked America may get a fair representation of the peoples vote. Until then Americans because they stay silent and make no opposition to meddling in their political affairs by a Foreign Agent or Foreign Agents is left to put up and shut up. Doesn't have to be that way if the American people rouse themselves from their stupor.

    • Very true Harry. My take is Russias entry into the Middle East has seriously curtailed Israel's plan to overrun Syria. Putin has warned them to stay out. Iran having defeated Israel in getting a deal with the World and sanctions off can now, and has got more involved in Syria and Lebanon and Israel cannot now stop the weapons flow and overflights and bomb drops on Hezbollah and Syrian targets are out for Israel under threat of being shot down. The balance of power has shifted and Russia from my view is backing the Arabs and Persians against America and Israel and America has lost its traction and initiative in Syria.

    • Yes is awful and blatant. If the American people vote Hilary in or sit back and do nothing about AIPAC and Netanyahu meddling in their government then they are telegraphing to the World that they support Israel's criminally genocidal actions against Palestinians. Americans will be saying they don't mind going trillions into debt to help Netanyahu murder more Palestinians and that the Israeli standard of living is more important than the American standard of living. If Clinton wins the Presidency you can kiss goodbye to will sink like a stone with Israel around its neck.

  • Palling Around with Nazis: Netanyahu's political ancestors are also guilty by association

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