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I am a retired signwriter and ex serviceman who took time to investigate the truth about Israel after being disgusted by Israeli tactics during Cast Lead. I successfully ran the biggest Palestinian State thread on YahooNZ until they closed the entire message boards there. We had three archived volumes and frequently came under Zionist

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  • The Knesset officially declares that Israeli democracy is for Jews only
    • Yes Ossinev, they have merely succeded in creating a self built prison like Warsaw. The plan was always doomed to fail because they built nuke weapons and Dimona is there Achilles Heel. Only one missile needs to score a direct hit and Dimona will render Israel history.

  • Privileged American Jews are safe thanks to 'Israel's might'-- Roger Cohen
    • Problem is it is a delusion to think Israel is a safe haven. It;s own Generals state it cannot survive a saturation missile attack and one direct hit on Dimona renders Israel kaput. It's definitely no safe haven....more a trap.

  • Israel interferes in our politics all the time, and it's never a scandal
    • Israel's nukes kill jews if one missile from a saturation attack on Israel hits then becomes uninhabitable not to mention it might suddenly become a glass state.

  • Palestinian teen in Gaza dies after refusing to serve as a collaborator for Israel in exchange for medical care
    • never ceases to amaze me how people think having nuclear weapons makes Israel safe. Israel's own generals have stated Israel cannot defend against a saturation missile attack,the likes of which would come from combined forces like Iran and Hezbollah. On that basis it is perfectly feasible that Israel would in fact be glazed by its own nuclear petard by even as little as one well placed missile on Dimona. The sheer volume of incoming missiles would make it impossible for Israel to shoot down every one. It only takes one to hit its target and set off a chain reaction. Crack a reactor and radioactivity alone will take care of the population. Wind drift could affect Arab States also. Military decisions are often not made by the sanest individuals.

  • Anti-occupation activists stand with Black Lives Matter as Jewish orgs attack movement over Israel criticisms
    • Jackdaw does project a superiority complex. He suffers the delusion that Israel is invincible. Hezbollah has tens of thousands of missiles aimed at Israel. Iran has hundreds of thousands. He forgets that Generals in the IDF have said Israel could not withstand a saturation attack of missiles. It does not have the defenses. One stray missile on Dimona and Israel is glass.

  • 354 European human rights organisations, church groups, trade unions and political parties call on the EU to support their right to boycott
    • JWalters.....I agree with your statement.....The ONLY reason for treating the Israeli fanatics with kid gloves is because they are crazy people with nuclear weapons.

      From a military standpoint the reality is many decades have passed since the Samson Option was revealed. During those decades the targetted Nuclear armed nations like the USA,UK,Russia,France et al will not have been twiddling their thumbs nor will they have adopted a defeatist or a doomsday view. The nations I have named are survivors. Military technology has advanced. Anti missile missiles have been created and honed in those decades. Shuttle flights have gone back and forth many times into space. It would, therefore be reasonable to predict that by now a response to the Samson Option has been discussed and implemented. Let's not forget missiles take a period of time to arrive at their destination during which time they can be intercepted. Things are done at the touch of a button these days. Somehow....crazy as they may will not have escaped their thinking that in some ways they have painted themselves into a corner. They may achieve the deaths of a few hundred thousand which is unfortunate but Israel will be left sealed into its own glass case if it actioned the Samson Plan. The main flaw in the Samson Option is Israel is small. It has a massive nuclear weapons cache which in and of itself would work disasterously against it with one out of hundreds of thousands of retaliatory missiles finding its target in Dimona. There is the incentive for Israel to come to its senses....everyone....crazy or not...prefers life.

  • Understanding the Partition plan
    • With regard to Israels water problems I can recall reading some time back that Israel has three main water sources and that two of those are in the West Bank meaning they are,legally, Palestinian water sources. The article I read also stated that Israel had poisoned its own water table through seepage of waste from the Dimona Reactor and from Industrial waste from ammunition manufacturers and weapons manufacturers. For a people that are constantly declaring how smart they are and much smarter than everyone else they appear to have been so smart they outsmarted themselves. It intrigues me how close Israeli traits are to active alcoholics and addicts.

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