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  • American Express disowns Pink Floyd singer Roger Waters because of pro-Palestinian views (Updated)
    • AmEx is of course just a bank, though perhaps a powerful one. In Canada it carries a particular negative memory: Reagan's ambassador to Canada was a former AmEx exec who bullied the pathetic Conservative government of Brian Mulroney into giving the store away in negotiating the first Free Trade Agreement (i.e., before NAFTA) around 1987. Not that the American people won, of course; typical of such deals, only big corporations did. AmEx, for example, was allowed to open the first foreign-owned bank in Canada.

  • Mainstream obits for Wiesel offer barely an asterisk for his intolerant views of Palestinians
    • To criticize both Reagan's Contra war and FSLN treatment of the Miskitos would essentially be contradictory. The Reagan regime, especially the CIA, was using the Miskitos as a propaganda tool to club the Nicaraguan government. (See "Blood on the Border" by Roxanne Dunbar Ortiz.)

      Of course, criticism on behalf of the Miskitos was warranted, as both the FSLN and the book admit. But to seize on that while the Reaganites were crushing Nicaragua with sabotage, an illegal murderous war and drug running was to participate in U.S. propaganda -- and Wiesel undoubtedly knew what he was doing.

      Too bad this slipped by in the main article.

  • Clinton's Iraq -- and Clinton's Haiti
    • Curiously, neither this article nor the linked one at The Nation mentions the 2004 coup orchestrated by the U.S., Canada and France. While it and the 1991 U.S.-executed coup were carried out under Bush presidencies, Hillary Clinton made no criticism as Secretary of State or since, as far as I know.

      In fact, there is every reason to believe she and the rest of the Washington establishment continued to support the suppression of democracy in Haiti. It suffices to point out that ever since the 2004 coup, Haiti's largest and most popular political party, Lavalas, has been barred from running for office. This alone makes a farce of any election purported to be democratic. It also explains the usually abysmal voter turnouts.

  • University of Illinois Chancellor steps down as judge upholds Salaita lawsuit against school on 1st amendment grounds
    • "Maria LaHood, Deputy Legal Director of the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR), which is defending Salaita in the lawsuit ..."

      What's there to defend? Is Wise or someone countersuing Salaita?

      BTW, the level of hasbara in later comments is Impressive.
      Does Phyllis Wise have some familiar pseudonyms?

  • (Updated) In Photos: Worldwide protest against Israeli attack on Gaza

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