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midwestern senior attorney within a persian american family

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  • Exclusive: Al Jazeera English’s online US broadcast to end with the launch of Al Jazeera America
    • Hopefully Al Jazerra continues on the satellite. No cost, no commercials. Its documentary on Jaffa, blew me away. The channel is a bit slanted, but all in all, it's what I watch.

  • Covering Hamas and Palestinian society: A response to Peter Beinart
    • Until 1970 women did not run in marathons in USA. Women covered their heads in church in the 50's & 60's in the US. They wore gloves and hats in public.

      My suggestion is to consider this problem in the future state. To many the one state is inevitable. Most potential problems including Gender equality ought to be identified. Write a constitution considering these projected problems, along with the desires of all segments. Form a consensus on it, at this site, then proselytize.

      Beinhart wants us to consider the problem. Why not propose a resolution?

  • Visualizing Palestine: Imagine if you were born at an Israeli checkpoint
  • Sheldon Adelson's daughter rams 'Democracy Now' crew as it questions her dad
    • Mormon dogma is severely opposed to gambling. It does not permit the use of profits from gambling, only from true work. Surely, Mitt will not accept money from abortion clinics to assuage Catholics. But he takes it from the largest gambling conglomerate in contravention of his Mormon dogma.

  • My spirit is American (a religious manifesto)
    • Most of world stood silent when 6 million Jews were killed in the Holocaust, so I don’t really give much weight to world opinion.

      Not so, USA etc learn of crematories at concentration camps, as Germany was conquered. You write that we looked away. We know the phrase "good German" . How many good Germans are in Israel today? so many. How many Good Germans are in Congress today. too many. Joe "the good german" Lieberman

  • How to win friends and influence people -- to bomb Iran
    • 6/8/1967 USS Liberty subjected to coordinated attack. After 5 hours of surveilance by Israeli's planes. at least ten sorties killed 10 or 11 sailors. All antena's of this spy ship blown off. Hundreds or rocket holes in the ship. Ship was doused in napalm. Subsequent to the Mirage attack, 3 torpedo boats appeared. One torpedo hit the underwater section holding the operators of the spy equipment. 24 AMerican died in that hold. All total 34 dead. 171 wounded. While the naplam was being extinguished the torpedo boats machined gunned the sailors. Abandon Ship was signaled but withdrawn. Three life rafts for the most severly wounded were set out. But the Israeli boats destroyed them. A war crime. There was a cover up investigation. Sailors were ordered not to speak about the masacre. After 15 years the survivors began the effort to publicize the truth. On June 9 Israel attacked Syria.

  • Rendell (of MSNBC and Friends of IDF) is under investigation for ties to Iranian terror group
    • Why is it thought that the MKO is financed by ISrael? perhaps, Israel is funding the lobbyists. The MKO has the underground organization in Iran. Israel needs assassins. What other proof is there that Israel finances the MKO?

      Iran executed 78,000 of MKO's captured members after the war with Iraq. The MKO aided in the brutal suppression of the Basra insurrection. What is strange about the Maryam and her MKO is that it is a cult. It is a religion unto itself.

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    • Sorry, here is the corrected version of the post

      Frequently we hear "no option is off the table". What are the options: sanctions and threats of air strikes. A tenet of good faith negotiations is to offer a benefit. Could there be a win-win scenario? We know what Iran has to offer-- a cessation of uranium enrichment, that is adequately monitored to the satisfaction of Israel & the West. But what could the Israeli's and Americans offer? To those saying no offers, please realize that threats only harden positions. Pushing America to a war may spawn USA's bankruptcy, sunken air craft carriers and 10,000 body bags.

      What to offer? Iran will not be satisfied with money, factories or the like. Offer Iran something that fits its ideology. Practically we can not establish Shia states, or even free Shia areas of the Gulf. Iran's regime is committed to the Palestinian fate. In sense what has been dealt the Palestinians drives the Iranian animosity to the west as in "Great Satan" and "Little Satan".

      Perhaps a substantial benefit to the Palestinians will be a quid pro quo that is accepted in exchange for cessation of nuclear armament. What is the substantial benefit? The benefit must be real and relatively immediate. The benefit must be measurable and profound. A promise to pull back the settlements will not appeal to the mullahs. A benefit with an element of truth and justice will appeal worldwide.

      Iran's Ayatollah Khameineh may agree upon Israel allowing the return of a fixed number of indigenous Palestinians to Israel. Trade potential bombs for the exercise of the right of return. Israel and its apologists then decide between its fear of Palestinian returnees and of nuclear bombs. Pick a number 500,000, 700,000 or 1,000,000 returnees in exchange for nuclear non-proliferation.

      I would like to sign an internet petition to this effect.

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