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  • 'Pizza Hut' and Israeli army radio join in grotesque attacks on Marwan Barghouti
    • Israel should be ashamed of it self. This is so horrible The way the palestinians get treated in their own country under occupation, What's more horrible is that the world turns a blind eye.

  • Israeli pronouncement on policing West Bank solidifies one-state apartheid regime -- Erekat
    • Imagine living in an open-air prison not being able to get medical help not being able to get food for your family not being able to travel living in an open-air prison can you even imagine what the Israeli government is doing to the Palestinians is the same as the Holocaust they're killing them one at a time as the world watches and does nothing about it I praise Senator Bernie Sanders for telling the truth during the last democratic debate Hillary Clinton is the biggest liar she belongs right next to Netanyahu she's a liar and a murderer

    • The most moral army in the world. Lmao. The IDF are the most corrupt murders the world has ever seen. Benjamin Netanyahu does not want a two-state solution he wants to steal as much land from the Palestinians as he can he's the biggest murderer the world has ever seen

  • Israeli army stations dedicated PR officer at site of Hebron execution
    • If.a little Arab boy had said that "my father will kill you " the entire world would say that it's the only thing they hear and know. But when a little jew boy says the exact same thing !!!! That's OK. When is the world going to wake up and stop this... the settlers are a bunch of murderers the state of Israel defends them for their actions because they're also a bunch of murderers and the bunch of hypocrites

  • Israeli soldier filmed executing wounded Palestinian man
    • It's pretty unbelievable how they shoot that man In Cold Blood that was murder I don't care what anybody says Israel claims to be a Civilized Nation with laws. If anybody thinks that was not murdered they are fools Israel thinks it's above the law it's not one day the world will open its eyes and see the atrocities committed by the IDF

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