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  • Israel deliberately provoked the latest violence in Gaza, but you won't learn that in the 'NY Times'
    • Jasonius Maximus May 30, 2018 at 4:47 pm

      Why are we even surprised! The NY Times pulled the same BS during the lead up to the 2014 war. They conveniently forgot to mention that Israel had recently assasinated a senior Hamas operative in March, and that IDF the live fire had killed a Palestinian teenager just before the kidnapping of the three Israeli teenagers. They also conveniently forgot to mention that the Israeli government, despite knowing the teenagers were already dead within 24 hours of their kidnapping, placed an official gag order on the media while they proceeded to use the media blackout as cover to spend over a week, raiding, rounding up, arresting, interrogating, and killing any and every male Palestinian in the West Bank they could get their grubby hands on. Not to mention a few Israeli “pre-emptive” Airstrikes on Hamas targets in Gaza . All before a single rocket was fired from Gaza...

  • Maybe Israel is interfering in our politics over the Iran Deal? Naaah!
    • It’s utterly embarrassing!

      The media seems to have a complete and utter blind spot the size of New York and New Jersey when it comes to Israel.

      In fact, they actively seem to be going miles and miles out of their way to avoid connecting even a single dot when Israel comes up in anyway in regard to Iran and the JCPOA. Israel who not only rallied against the agreement, but who was caught actively spying and trying to undermine the negotiations AS they were underway in Europe!

      Even Rachael Maddow, arguably one of the most studious and well researched shows on network news, who has no problems identifying each and every single Russian and American that has ever worked for, with, or who has come into contact with the FSB or a previous agent of the FSB, can connect the dots back to Putin and the Russian governments attempts to interfere in US policy. Yet can’t get within a country mile of the exact same thought or scenario, when it is abundantly clear that Israel and previous (arguably current) Israel intelligence agents have and are doing the EXACT same thing?

      Today our President pulled out of the JCPOA with Iran while reading out a speech that quite literally couldn’t have sounded more like Benjamin Netanyahu if Bibi himself had himself written it! In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if huge chunks of it were cobbled together and copy and pasted from Bibi’s last address to the UN General Assembly and his recent “They lied!” farce.

      And yet even the most cynical, suspicious, progressive, “open minded”, deeply researched, and diligent talking heads and journos in the land seem to willingly ignore the glaringly obvious hand Israel (a foreign nation) has had in this matter. Maybe it’s just the ol’ unspoken elephant in the room for US media, or maybe that same and obvious hand at play is so far up their collective rear ends, that they aren’t even aware anymore that it is and has been moving their lips for them for decades now...

      Nah, never!

  • IDF claims most Gazan casualties were 'accidental'
    • Let’s cut straight to the chase. There is NOTHING accidental about snipers shooting unarmed civilians. Period!

      Snipers by their very description are employed and deployed to do one thing and only one thing. Deliberately identify, verify, eliminate valid military targets, and confirm the elimination of said targets with nothing but the utmost accuracy. Nothing more, nothing less. Snipers shooting over 2000 non-violent protesters is NOT an accident.

      We know that basically every single killed and wounded Gazan was a non-combatant civilian, because if the IDF had (by some miracle) managed to kill, wound, and maim over 2000 Hamas combatants (ie. 1/20th of their military force) they would be firing rockets like it was the end of the bloody world!

      So it’s no accident that IDF snipers were deliberately targeting and shooting non-combatant civilian targets. It’s no accident that they were more than likely deliberately firing depleted uranium and or hollow tipped bullets to inflict the absolute most damage possible on each of their over 2000 identified targets. It’s no accident that in doing so they knew that they were deliberately violating the rules of engagement, International Law, and committing what amounts to nothing short of war crimes. It’s no accident that Israel, like they have done previously, are also actively blocking and preventing the UN of any other independent investigations into the shootings.

      Even if their honest to goodness intention was to only “wound” their targets with live ammunition, that would still be an unjustifiable and disproportionate use of of military force against an unarmed non-violent civilian population. No different to Assad dropping bombs on protesting civilians in Aleppo and killing and wounding 2000. There is simply NO justifying this behavior. Period! Even if these people were being forced to protest while Hamas held their relives captive on threat of death, it would not justify the illegal and disproportionate use of military force. In fact, some would argue that, if anything, it would oblige and require Israel to offer them assistance and even refuge!

      Israel and its military trying to spin this as an “accident” is like Germany trying to say it was just an accident that all those poor Jews they targeted for the concentration camps ended up dying, or Rwandan Hutus saying that it was just an accident that they chopped off the hands of Tutsis, or the Apartheid government of South Africa saying that it was just and accident that they killed all those protesting black students in Soweto.

      Sorry, but the world isn’t buying this BS anymore! STOP SHOOTING AT KIDS!

  • Roger Cohen scares his readers: 'the destruction of Israel as a Jewish state'
    • Well said!

      When drawing parallels to Israel’s future, the end of the Occupation, the inevitable single democratic state that will eventually emerge, and the end of Apartheid in South Africa, many doomsdayers always point to the high crime rate and murder of whites in post-Apartheid South Africa.

      What they conveniently omit in their gloomy outlook is that the transition from decades of colonial, highly oppressive Apartheid South Africa to a fully inclusive constitutional democracy was a spectacular and historic success story given the history of the continent and extreme transitions of power throughout ALL of human history. No military occupation, no military dictatorship, no bloody civil war, no genocide, no ethnic cleansing, and not a single coup d’etat in the nearly quarter of a century since.

      Yes, South Africa has still has many, many problems and faces many challenges, but most of these that affect the daily lives of its citizens are a direct result of centuries of colonialism, gross inequality, and socio-economic conditions that will take generations to remedy. These are the very same challenges that ultimately face Israel-Palestinian yesterday, today, tomorrow and a 50 years from now. However, both sides would do very well to heed the lesson Apartheid and the transition from Apartheid has to teach. The alternative? Well... see the end of paragraph two above.

    • Despite being woefully off topic... make no mistake about it. The ongoing trend of white farm invasions and murders since 1994 in South Africa is a horrific thing. However, the vast majority of rape, violence crime, and gruesome murders in South Africa every single day, is overwhelming enacted on the black population. In fact, the current murder rate of about 50 per day is currently at a historic low that hasn’t been seen since about 1972!

      70,000 farmers killed since 1994 is a disgusting number, but in a country that has seen a murder rate been between 50 and 100 murder per day, the average of less than 8 white farmers per day over the exact same period suddenly seems woefully insignificant in comparison.

      The math speaks for itself, so go sell those fear tactics elsewhere.

      Even if that number was tripled, would that have justified the continuation of Apartheid and the mass oppression and denial of equal rights to the vast majority of the population that isn’t white? Because is sure sounds to me like you’re suggesting that you would prefer the eternal oppression of dark skinned ethnicity majorities, and Apartheid in South Africa (and Israel for that matter) in favor of even the slightest bump in the murder of white South Africans and white Israelis.

  • Israeli courts denies Ahed Tamimi’s request for public trial
    • How is this child even still in custody?

      She’s already been in prison for 3 months for daring to slap a fully armed IDF soldier operating in illegally occupied territory. That’s already one sixth of the guilty sentence Elon Azaria got for cold blooded murder of an unarmed and mortally wounded civilian!

      Her current incarceration is already longer than any sentence she would have received (if any) in any other “western democracy”.

      So much for Israel being a light unto nations and sharing our “Western Values”. The only thing more sickening than this flagrant sham of a kangaroo court is the western media’s utterly disgusting reluctance to even mention her name, let alone bring her situation to light.

  • Trump's ambassador says the unspeakable: Uprooting settlers could 'cause civil war'
    • Not a single Jewish Settler need be relocated if land swaps are on the table!

      The 600,000 Jews living in the West Bank can keep their houses if the families of the 600,000 Arabs expelled in 1947 can get their homes back in Israel.

      Sounds like a fair swap to me... A home for a home.

  • Abbas warns Security Council, Palestinians could become 'refugees or terrorists in Europe'
    • I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again, Abbas is either the most useful and unwitting idiot on the planet or the the biggest stooge in the history of the Occupation!

      Every single time he opens his mouth he sticks another foot in there. Never before has someone managed to do so little for so long with so much at his disposal. He has literally set back the Palestinian people, their cause, their freedom from tyranny, their sovereignty and their independence by 15 years. Only when this sorry sod finally moves on will there be any hope of meaningful progress for the poor Palestinians he has so poorly served.

  • 'He wants to kill us'— Gazans fear for the worst as Trump severs aid to Palestinian refugees
    • There is a term for what Trump and Haley are doing. Collective Punishment. It is also war crime!

      Punishing an entire group of innocent people and the U.N. aid program they rely on for the lack of progress in negotiations by two separate governments is not only disgusting but nothing less than a case of collective punishment! By all means pressure, sanction, embargo, restrict travel, and cut direct financial aid to the PA and its leadership, but punishing the people and third party institutions for the actions (or lack there of) of others is reprehensible and illegal in this case.

  • Haaretz smears the Tamimi family to counter worldwide solidarity with 16-year-old Ahed
    • Haaretz do try, but even their own in-house writers still trip and fall into the trap of using the language of occupation and the government. Just the other day they had headlines referencing the “terror tunnels”! Come on! That’s straight out of the right-wing propaganda lexicon, Haaretz! They should know better!

      Yes, Hamas uses those tunnels for ill and their military when tensions flare, but 99% of the time those tunnels are used for moving much needed goods, food and medicines into the strip that would otherwise have been stopped at the border gate by Israeli security for no other reason than straight up malice.

      When Israeli forces mobilize there tanks, no one reports on them as “terror tanks”, even though their only purpose is to kill.

  • 'We have taken Jerusalem off the table' -- Trump bullies Palestinians
    • And he’s getting away with it because the mainstream US media is outright refusing to report on this issue and his bullying. History will not be kind to the mainstream media’s compliance and complicity in regarding to the Apartheid and ethnic cleansing of the West Bank.

  • Shmuley Boteach's unhinged attack on Lorde will only help the movement to boycott Israel
    • Thanks, Rob.

      Right with you on that one, mate! The propaganda surrounding Syria and Iran is astounding! Sure, they are no saints, but when you have Nikki Haley spouting feckless rhetoric like , “look at this one mortar shell fired at Saudi Arabia by Houthi rebels! Only Iranian made mortars have 7 fins, three legs, and are painted purple with little yellow hearts on them”, my blood boils. Especially while Israel, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and a litany of “rebel groups” all are using US warplanes, helicopters, missles, tanks, guns, artillery, to routinely slaughter thousands of civilians each year with these US made, supplied and financed weapons....”nothing but crickets!” That the media openly participates and refuses to even question his hypocritical and disgusting charade is a direct front on the American people and their right to unbiased journalism,

      As for my comment, it was more a general reference to the fact that no matter who was carrying out atrocities in the conflict, New Zealand is the last nation on Earth that should be singled out, by a shameless Zionist, for sitting idly by when they were literally the only ones at the time actively trying to do the exact opposite.

    • This ad sums up the abysmal lows, whataboutism, and outright shameless and ironic propaganda to which many defendants of Israeli government and their injustices are willing to stoop.

      The first paragraph alone is woefully short on fact and borderline slanderous in regards to New Zealand’s historic and easily proven track record regarding Syrian atrocities. To fecklessly claim that New Zealand of all nations was ignoring the atrocities in Syria while they voted against Israel in Dec 2016, when they had in fact introduced a resolution at the UNSC not two months earlier to urgently break a deadlock and secure a ceasefire is beyond willful ignorance and amounts to nothing more than shameless lies, propaganda, and revisionist history at its lowest!

      It was basically all downhill from there... with a shameless call for donations to Boteach at the bottom being the cherry on top! OMG! How low will these stooges stoop?

  • Jewish activist who counseled Lorde on BDS gets the full 'kapo' treatment in the Israeli press
    • @Jack Green

      “Evidence that Israel is Apartheid?”


      The crime of Apartheid is defined by the 2002 Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court as inhumane acts of a character similar to other crimes against humanity "committed in the context of an institutionalized regime of systematic oppression and domination by one racial group over any other racial group or groups and committed with the intention of maintaining that regime"

      50 years of complete belligerent military control, occupation, dispossession, arbitrary arrests, assasinations, demolitions, confiscations, expulsions, extrajudicial killings, abductions, torture, and domination by one racial group (Jewish Israelis) over any other racial group (5 million Arabs) committed with the intention of maintaining that regime.

      When there is one law and system of justice for every single Jew living in the Jordan River Valley (as far East as you can get of the Green Line without going into Jordan) and a completely different law and system of justice for every single Arab in the same valley, you’ve got to know that Apartheid is alive and well and being openly practiced by Israel.

      And that’s just scratching the surface, without even drilling down into the nitty gritty of actual Israeli laws, policies and actions that draw similar parallels West of the Green Line.

  • Lorde didn't bow to pressure, she rose to the occasion
    • It takes strength to speak truth to power and Lorde has shown buckets of it. As well as a class and eloquence that outshines the crass of the Israeli Ambassador to NZ.

      Besides, every time there is an uproar and fallout over an artist cancelling a tour to Tel Aviv, the rogue regime an the media supporting their agenda rise to the occasion and slip up, showing us all their hand. Their fake indignation and outrage shows us EXACTLY how desperate they are to use these artists to whitewash the occupation and Apartheid policies and how willing they are to discard them afterwards once their agenda has been served.

  • A Christmas letter to Nikki Haley
    • She won’t read it, because it wasn’t handed to her by AIPAC along with a “donation” to her campaign account. Unlike her speech to the U.N. General assembly, which was dripping with so many AIPAC and Netanyahu talking points, that it’s hard to imagine that she wrote a word of it herself outside of “Thank you.” right at the end.

  • Israel bars Palestinian grandmother from visiting slain father's grave for 70 years
  • AIPAC and Federation officials criticize Israeli leaders for being clueless about U.S.
    • But, but, but... Bibi constantly “wows” Americans with his intricate knowledge of American culture every time he drops Derek Jeter’s name at the U.N. General Assembly and AIPAC Conference!

  • In order to receive hurricane relief, Texas town requires residents to reject Israel boycott
    • Presenters and journalists in U.S. corporate media would rather eat a bowl of broken glass than tackle this issue head on. For all their talk and bluster about Congress members bowing to lobbyists to protect their careers, our media are just as complicit when it comes to AIPAC.

      They’d literally rather pick a fight with our own White House, Congress, Supreme Court, Pentagon, CIA, FBI and DOJ combined than even mention the name AIPAC in any kind of negative coverage. Think about that for for just one minute...

      Our media fears the domestic agents of a foreign nation more than members our own government. Heck! They’d even prefer a fight with the NRA than even tackle the AIPAC or Israel issue.

      If that isn’t a terrifying indictment of the stranglehold a foreign nation has on America, nothing is!

    • Typical greedy, lying politician! I guess, with all that money burning a hole in her back pocket it can be very hard to remember that State Law cannot override the Constitution.

      I hope to hell the ACLU tears them a new one and that this makes it all the way to the Supreme Court. We need to be free of this disgusting influence that our politicians have unanimously allowed a foreign government to hold over every single American citizen.

  • Israel's efforts to erase Palestinian history reflect 'incremental genocide,' Ehrenreich says
    • The answer is social media. Even the big media outlets are now slaves to social media. In their attempt to remain relevant they are now leaning heavy on Twitter to garner favor with a younger audience. Which is exactly he audience that BDS is gaining traction with.
      In fact, this very weekend, the perfect opportunity has just presented itself with the NFL propaganda tour debacle...

      I suggest taking to Twitter and getting as many of your friends and family to tweet at the players and the teams they represent listed and call them out for being useful stooges of the racist Apartheid regime in Israel. It's outrageous that so many black players who identify with BLM are happily being used to whitewash an Apartheid regime for nothing more than a free trip to the holy land. Martin Luther King Jr., Muhammad Ali, Nelson Mandela are turning over in their graves! While their fellow NFL players, like Colin Kaepernick, must be sick to their stomachs at the though of their peers playing along with the Israeli government!

      In short the more noise generated on social media around this issue, especially so close to the latest Super Bowl, the more the media will be compelled to report on the issue and force average Americans to question exactly what is going on over there.

  • More and more people see 'one state only' but Remnick fears it will be like Bosnia
    • The Two-State solution is dead in the water and no amount of external political intervention can save it. Expecting anything to change the status quo from the US political establishment is a pipe dream. Even at the end of one of the most antagonising eight-year relationships in US/Israeli history, neither Obama nor Kerry could bring themselves to that conclusion let alone do a damn thing about it. Students of history would do well to note that the same was true for Apartheid South Africa. The US political establishment were literally the last people in the world (possibly aside from Israel) to have any effect at bringing about change to the status quo in South Africa.
      The Israel/Palestine issue is no longer about conflict resolution, it hasn't been so for decades, as there is quite literally no opposing military to speak of on the Arab side. It is a civil rights issues and needs to be approached as such by activists and the media alike. In fact the media has a far greater duty to make this distinction and bring it to the public's attention rather than running for cover like cowards every time the issue is raised.

      It is the media that has failed the Palestinians at every turn. Journalists are incapable of speaking truth to power in regards to Israel without risking their respective careers or livelihoods. This was not the issue when it came to reporting on Apartheid, or Bosnia, or Rwanda, or Sudan, which should make them even more acutely aware of their responsibility and bravery required in addressing this tragedy and changing the status quo. Only public awareness will start the ball rolling in the direction of justice and the longer the media actively quashes the truth and withholds reporting fairly and accurately on this matter the more they are as complicit as the bought and paid for US Members of Congress and the Israeli regime itself.

  • Mock campaign supporting two-state solution reveals liberal Israeli racism
    • The sad thing is that this is no different from current US foreign policy in the Middle East. Our leaders are constantly and publicly floating their vision for democracy and peace in the region, yet in reality the establishment of democracy and peace is not in any shape or form their prime objective or even on the agenda. That's "for later". Everything else falls under the vast umbrella of "security".

      Bombing a civilian hospital? Security. Hundreds of indiscriminate drone strikes every single day of the week? Security. 1000 more boots on the ground? Security. $100 million in cash to the new leader of some obscure right-wing political party? Security. $30 million is cash to the opposing leader from another village, town or city? Security. Destabilizing the Assad regime, arming rebel terrrorist fighters to bring about a brutal civil war that has killed and displaced millions and millions of civilians? Security. Billions in arms sales of the best weapons and tech on the planet to a highly oppressive monarchy in Saudi Arabia that has since moved on to destabilize neighboring Yemen with American support and military intervention? Security.

      Our own Orwellian double-speak and actions are right out of the now 70 year old Israel playbook of eternal conflict, never-ending occupation and constant destabilization, displacement and dispossession. All in the name of bringing about "peace" and "democracy" and "securing our interests". When our leaders use this language, as they do, we must be aware that there is, as they say, "no daylight between us and Israel."

      These are "shared interests and values" every single US President and Member of Congress speak of when they quote from their AIPAC written policy manual. This is the kind of so-called "peaceful democratic values" they espouse. Not civil rights. Not equality. Not liberty and certainly not justice for all. Peace through "security". Peace through the barrel of the biggest gun money can buy and under the trillion dollar jackboot of unending military occupation. As Orwell himself said, "War is Peace".

  • The mainstreaming of Palestinian genocide
    • You raise an interesting point that gets a free pass in US media regarding the learning of hate in Israel/Palestine.

      Every single pro-Israel US Congressman, spokes person and Israel official that is interviewed in US media has said that Palestinian children are taught hate for Jews at school where they learn how to make bombs and slit throats with knives, yet not one single interviewer or reporter has asked for proof or has countered the validity of that argument. Nor have they EVER pointed out the very inconvenient truth that EVERY SINGLE Jewish teenaged boy and girl that leaves school has to do civil service where the state officially educates them and teaches the vast majority of them what exactly? How to oppress, torture and kill Arabs en masse with combat knives, assault rifles, sniper rifles, depleted uranium munitions, improvised bombs, tanks, heavy artillery, hellfire missiles, 1000-pound bombs, white phosphorus, helicopters, fighter jets, war ships, submarines and few hundred undeclared nuclear weapons!

      Couple this expert and compulsory 2-3 year military education with about 13 years of traditional segregated and state imposed education where a false historical narrative, ever-imminent threat of destruction, and an ethno-religious and supremacist entitlement to the region is instilled and you have an official state-sanctioned and imposed brainwashing, incitement and militantly nationalistic model that Israel's worst enemies couldn't even dream of!

      The question becomes, who exactly is doing the real mass brainwashing, the real mass teaching of hate and how to really kill people en masse?

  • Democratic politicians want no part of Obama's courage at the U.N.
    • It goes further than just money and power. It's a real life house of cards they've built for themselves.

      The vast majority of House and Senate members and most Presidents HAVE to blindly support this corrupt regime regardless of their personal feelings, because from day one of their office they are all but complicit in the atrocious behavior of Israel. In spy terms, the day they took a single cent from AIPAC and stepped on a plane to Israel on their first "junket" Hasbara Tour and got their photo taken shaking hands with Emperor Bibi, was the day they became "assets" or "agents" of the Israeli regime. Their political and public lives are then immediately and directly linked to the success or failure of Israel, so their focus becomes trained on their own self preservation, which means the preservation of the status quo. They know this all too well.

      The second Netanyahu or any other Israeli leader is dragged in front of the ICC and put on trial for war crimes, how many photos of US politicians shaking Netanyahu's hand do you think will be burned in the dead of the night? How many tens of thousands of emails, tweets, press releases, travel logs, visitors logs and private correspondences with Israeli leaders, AIPAC, the ADL and every other Pro-Israel group will be purged en masse by these same politicians? The avalanche and blowback would be spectacular and on an unprecedented scale.

      Imagine suddenly trying to run for reelection or a higher office, when your political opponent has damning public tweets and photos of you shaking hands and visiting leaders and supporting regimes like those of Idi Amin or Charles Taylor or Saddam Hussein or Fidel Castro or Slobodan Milošević or Muammar Gaddafi? So the only thing they can do to avoid even the remotest possibility of their complicity or such terrible judgement being made public or scrutinized is to double-down on their highly vocal support for Israel.

      The levels members of Congress seem to go to to defend Israel from any and all criticism and international action might seem irrational and extreme, but the alternative for these politicians isn't just political suicide but the political genocide of nearly all of Congress. A little power and money in the interim is just a little something to make them feel a little more like they've been lobbied and less like turned agents and assets for a foreign government.

  • The formal end of the two-state solution
    • Kerry and Obama have played a masterful hand of cards in a pinch! Nobody denies that they were overconfidently and honestly expecting a Hillary Clinton win and thus more time on the clock to deal with the Israel question. But what they've managed to do in lieu of a last minute Trump reality is quite outstanding!

      They know that the Two State Solution is all but dead, but aren't quite allowed to show that much lack of optimism, so they have simply debunked all the myths and drawn all the dots together but the last one, and left it for the rest of America and the World to figure out what the picture is. Heck! Kerry all but used the word Apartheid to describe not just greater Israel, but Green Line Israel too! With a disenfranchised population of 1/5th non-Jewish citizens in Israel proper and effectively two unequal people's already living in one state, it's hard to imagine that when Kerry says "...Israel can either be Jewish or Democratic, it can't be both...", he isn't also taking a swipe at an (al beit more subtle) Apartheid reality on the ground in Israel proper.

      Obama and Kerry have cunningly handed the reigns of the wagon a quarter of a mile from the cliff to Trump, double dared him to try and jump the chasm and then smacked the horses on the rear end. Trump, as only Trump is want to do, will predictabley and gulibily take up that challenge and ride that wagon into the canyon out of shear spite. Trump's legacy will officially and forever now be tied to the end of the Two State solution, while Obama and Kerry casually wash their hands in the nearby brook.

      Obama and Kerry have also handed the rest of the free world and the BDS cause a huge parting gift. The rest of the world, as it has already been shown, will now have far greater freedom to unilaterally take action against the Israeli occupation and the illegal Settlements as they see fit, with an effectively diminished or openly aggressive Trump driving US policy that openly violates Intl. Law. Already, the highly predictable and over-the-top backlash from Israel in cancelling meetings with the British P.M. and recalling their ambassadors from nearly all UNSC member countries, declaring diplomatic "war", on New Zealand and cutting ties and funding to member states, has also effectively turned Israel into a self inflicted isolated pariah state, without BDS or countries critical of Israel needing to lift a finger or get their hands dirty. All it took was one shamefully benign and all but pointless UN Resolution denouncing something that has already been denounced decades ago, and Israel did for these countries what they've been itching to do for decades!

      Obama may have spent 95 of his 96 month term folding and falling victim to Israel's many high stakes ploys and bluffs, but he and Kerry have played a brilliant hand of cards and will probably get to leave the table, maybe not rich, but certainly not short on chips like Trump or naked in the corner for the whole world to see like Emperor Bibi!

      I'd even go so far as to say that they have earned a slow clap, but with the Paris summit in a couple weeks, something tells me they're not quite finished with the table...

  • Hear O Israel these parting truths -- John Kerry
    • The most intriguing and insightful aspect of Kerry's landmark speech, which I'm sure will be analyzed in greater detail once the dust settles, was his 'call and response' style that example after example drudges up almost every single major Hasbara argument and spin from the Israeli regime and then systematically, artfully and articulately unpacked, dismantled and debunked them all in front of the entire world.

      Of course Kerry missed a few (there're are afterall so many), but it shows a few interesting things...

      One is that "Israel's closest ally" is not at all blind to the truth, the facts on the ground and what Israel's intentions have always been.

      Two is that quite obviously Bibi and Co. shamelessly use these same hollow spun arguments and lies ad nauseam in their daily dealings and conversations with the White House administration, and they are quite frankly sick of hearing them and talked to and lectured with B.S. as if Israel thinks them complete and utter idiots.

      Three is that this style of speech openly unmasked and denounced the Orwellian phrasing and coded in mistruths language of the Israeli regime, a language we faaaar to often hear our own elected officials (and even media) speaking fluently on national TV whenever the topic of Israel is mentioned! In fact not even an hour after Kerry's speech, we heard, Naftali Bennet, Fox News anchors, a host of US Congressmen and later Netanyahu himself, all shamelessly rehash some of the EXACT Hasbara language, phrases, arguments, talking points and outright lies that Kerry had dismantled and debunked barely two hour earlier!

      Sadly out media is still trying to either digest these hard truths, make sense of this "surprising new" reality about Israel that didn't come out of an AIPAC newsletter or ADL press release or simply trying to figure out if ithey are now allowed to speak their minds or even the truth regarding Israel without losing their jobs or committing career suicide!

  • 'Focus is on Palestinians,' says New York Times, but it quotes only one
    • Exactly! US mainstream news has interviewed just about every popular Zionist, Israel Lobbyist and current and former Israeli Ambassador to the UN and US, yet has interviewed barely one single Palestinian and not a single US representative directly involved in this discussion, nor a single ambassador or official from any one of the 14 countries that voted "Yes", including our greatest ACTUAL ally in the world, Great Britain. Who, as it turns out this morning, helped craft the wording of this resolution and pressured New Zealand to carry it forward to a vote!

      Apparently MSNBC, CNN, Fox News and the NYT have every past and present Israeli official (local and abroad) on speed dial yet can't seem to find a single number or email address for our own US Ambassador to the UN, Samantha Power, US Ambassador to Israel, Danial Shapiro, for ANY of our our friends and allies in London, Paris, Berlin, Wellington, or Tokyo. All of whom voted "yes" on this resolution.

  • One-state solution gets fairer shake in a NY synagogue than it gets in NY Times or MSNBC
    • True! It breaks my heart, because I know that Maddow, who is usually unflinchingly fearless on every single matter, knows better than this! That she generally avoids this topic like the plague and when pressured bends the wrong way shows just how taboo and toxic the Israel question is for even the most astute and articulate journalists on TV.

    • Speaking of MSNBC, their coverage of the UN resolution on the Settlements yesterday and today has been sickeningly one sided! The myths, false narratives and mistruths by Israeli officials and US Congressmen that have been allowed to stand unchallenged on live TV by so-called journalists, who should know better, is disgusting! I never would have believed it but MSNBC has managed to flip to the right so far over the course the last two days, that they've actually "Out Foxed" Fox News with regards to Israel!

  • Obama stands up to Trump (and Israel)
    • There is also a fourth and very important consideration at play here. That is that President Obama finally (albeit very late in the game) took a leap of faith in favor of justice and woke up this morning to near unanimous support from the American people!

      Outside of some very loud complaints from a few very influential Israeli special interest groups and an extremely tiny Zionist block of ring-wing American Jews, the sky hasn't fallen and the overwhelming majority of Americans aren't rioting in the streets. In fact, it seems quite the opposite and they are glad that American interests and International Law is finally being placed ahead of Israel's personal, racist and greedy interests.

      Now if only the rest of Washington, Congress especially, could open their eyes and see that their voters will gladly back them on this as long as they are willing to ween themselves off of the money and influence being dangled in front of them by this rogue foreign entity.

  • Breaking: UN Security Council passes historic resolution against settlements as two-state solution 'slips away'
    • "We are fighting for the free world..."

      Hahahahahahahhahaha! More like fighting for a free lunch, a free ride, free land, free water resources, free military aid packages and the freedom to create an Arab free West Bank.

  • With US reportedly poised to abstain on U.N. resolution slamming Israel, Egyptians withdraw it under pressure
    • Sadly, Israel are running down the clock like champs. By hook or by crook they have managed to out maneuver nearly every single play by Obama's administration, the ME Quartet, the Arab League and the Palestinians these last eight years. Hanukkah came early for Netanyahu when Trump won last month, and Obama thinking he had a Clinton term to buy the Whitehouse enough overtime for a slam dunk, has just been thrown a huge penalty! He's going to have to make the play of his career if he has ANY hopes of making something stick before Trump enters the Middel East like a wrecking ball and kicks the Palestinian issue irreversiblly down the road.

      IMHO nothing short of official recognition of an independent Palestinian State based on 1948 borders will cut it if he truly wants to maintain any hope for a future Two State settlement.
      Trump is the first US president in Israel's history crazy enough, stubborn enough and stupid enough to move the embassy to Jerusalem, recognize Israel sovereignty over the Golan Heights and barely batter an eyelid when (not if) Israel annexes the West Bank. Any one or combination of these effectively kills the Two State initiative once and for all.

      Tick, tock, tick, tock, Pres. Obama...

  • Hell just froze over: the New York Times runs an article saying Zionism is racist
    • Thanks especially to D. J. Trump, more and more so-called "Liberal Zionists" in America are slowly but surely starting to realize this blatantly obvious conundrum.

      In part this is thanks to the rampant racist nationalism that is now sweeping across the US and now occupies the majority of state, federal and executive offices. A horrific racist and supremacist nationalism that they themselves detest, but have come to realize not only mirrors Zionism, but has openly embraced the ideology of modern Zionism.

      These poor unwitting souls are now finding themselves on the wrong side of the nationalist divide in the US that horrifies them,, exactly because of the very same elitist and supremacist nationalism that they have dreamed of and embraced for Israel. Their collective heads are now spinning as they slowly realize that 1+1 doesn't actually equally 7 as they have been told and believed since birth.

      Their greatest ambitions and desires for Israel are now coming true closer to home (i.e. The United States) and they are not at all liking what they are seeing or smelling.

      It's akin to a guy who fantasizes over the glamorous idea of becoming a porn star, but when he is actually handed the opportunity, he suddenly realizes that in reality he is nothing more than a low wage sex worker.

      The more the fantasy of Zionism bumps up against the bony pelvis of the reality of Zionism, the more the dream is turning into a nightmare for these Liberal Zionists in America.

  • Trump has a 'magic moment' in June 2017 to move the US embassy to Jerusalem, Israel lobbyist tells NY synagogue
    • Makovsky is right. It IS time to move the Embassy to Jerusalem!

      He's also right about the fact that the symbolism in doing so 5 days before the 50th anniversary of the 1967 war would be "irreversible". Just not in the way he and his fellow Zionists think.

      It would symbolically, officially and undeniably mark the death of any Two State agreement and broadcast to the entire world the existing reality of a single Apartheid Israel. No amount of spin to the contrary will be able reverse it. America might just be able to tame, bully and bribe critical Arab states into acquiescence and Israel might just be able to quash a massive Palestinian uprising and any violent backlash, but they would merely be cauterizing a fatal wound. The rest of the free world will not be able to ignore the reality that has existed for some time now that Israel, from the River to the Sea, is a single Apartheid state ruling an Arab majority entirely denied of land, resources, citizenship and human rights.

      The UNSC will be flooded with resolutions and condemnations, the ICC will have no choice but to bring charges against Israel and one by one EU states and International institutions will follow with embargoes, sanctions and divestment. US vetoes and bullying in the EU will only protect Israel to a point before it is officially declared and made a pariah state by the rest of the world.

      So by all means, move the Embassy to Jerusalem and hurry up about it! Let's officially put an end this farce that has dragged on for decades under the false pretense of "peace", let's get the glaringly obvious reality and dirty facts on the ground out into the open and move on to the only logical and inevitable conclusion left on the table...

  • On '60 Minutes,' Stahl is positive about BDS and suggests Netanyahu is anti-American
    • "Benjamin Netanyahu: Actually, I’ve lifted checkpoints quite a bit and we’re trying to create bridges and thoroughfares and so on so we can have freer movement."

      Classic Netanyahu double-speak and innuendo. What he fails is to mention, and what Stahl completely fails to push him on, is that these measures he boasted of are to benefit Israelis living in the Occupied Territories and NOT the Palestinians she was originally referring to!

      As usual it's nothing but typical softball American mainstream journalism for the Liar in Chief of Israel where open mistruths and outright lies are left to stand completely unchallenged or addressed by the interviewer and are therefore digested as fact by the unsuspecting audience. We've seen this for decades with Israel on US TV and are now about to receive a decade of education on this exact kind of pushover journalism in the face of bullying leaders nearer to home under a Trump administration,

      As Trump has already proved in his first weeks post election, these bullies will only do highly controlled interviews in their "safe places" in the media and it's an indictment and stain on '60 Minutes' that they allow themselves to be used just like some of the world's worst dictators and bullies use their own "safe media outlets"!

  • It’s junket season again in Massachusetts
    • I wish they'd stop calling them Junkets and start calling it by its real name... Hasbara Holidays!

      Happy Hasbara Holidays, to all our elected sellouts who call themselves patriots, yet are bought by their rich donors and a foreign nation for nothing more than a cheap vacation, a case of crappy wine and some Dead Sea skin products.

  • From affordable housing in Los Angeles to illegal settlements in Palestine, Airbnb needs to put people over profits
    • "Ashton asked me if he could tell me about why Airbnb is important to him."

      If Mr Kutcher's argument didn't start with "Airbnb is important to me, because they have paid me an incredible amount of cash and offered me shares or profit incentives to be here today, then he is as full of shit as every fictional character he has ever played on screen combined!

  • 'Make this my dream as well' -- in historic appearance, Palestinian offers one-state vision to a NY temple
    • Thanks, Annie. I was using the Zionist term for the West Bank sarcastically and because so many US Zionists view the West Bank as some mythical thing with no borders, whereas every single one of them knows exactly where Judaea and Samaria is on a map in their Hasbara textbooks.

    • I like your take better, but sadly, the original is still the more truthful sentiment.

      The Zionist ideal of an ethnically Jewish Israel always was and will never be permanently viable in this region. The demographics of the region alone, even before the establishment of Israel let alone after the cancerous spread of the Settlements and de facto annexation of Judaea and Samaria, make that abundantly clear. It has been, and still is the blindly loyal flow of money and support pouring in from every corner of the Jewish diaspora, coupled with intensive political and lobbying efforts that have allowed the many failures of Israel to continue this long with such impunity.

      No, the majority of the worldwide Jewish community has indeed failed Israel by not keeping the state honest and loyal to its own founding principles. Israel has failed to adhere to the principles outlined in Balfour Declaration, The Partition Plan, its own Declaration of Independence, the Geneva Conventions, the Armistice Agreement and the Oslo Accords. And it is the Jewish Diaspora that have not only allowed it, but encouraged it defended it and helped fund and reward these continued transgressions with blind loyalty based on an untenable tribal based ethnocratic ideology that has no place anywhere the 21st Century.

  • 'The era of the Palestinian state is over' -- Israeli right celebrates Trump win
    • I certainly wouldn't hold my breath if I were Netanyahu and friends. They quite obviously haven't been listening very carefully to Trump.

      Apart from the fact that he is an uncontrollable and uncontainable liar, his isolationist vision for the US coupled with his VERY clear message to US allies, including NATO, that THEY should be paying for their protection (not vice versa) should be seen as a direct threat to that $38 billion check Israel is receiving. He was very careful to not mention Israel by name during any of his speeches (preferring to mention the Saudis who receive little to no direct financial aid), but it was certainly the elephant in the room. Even if the MOU with Israel were to survive his greater vision, I can't seen the $1.5 billion and $1 billion in aid to Egypt and Jordan surviving, which would give them absolutely no reason to cooperate with Israel diplomatically or militarily in regard to keeping the Palestinians captive and isolated.

      Netanyahu & Co. might just get the Embassy moved to Jerusalem, by what they risk losing in the long run is faaaaaar greater than one hollow and symbolic victory.

  • Invite to Netanyahu brought a big donor to Dem thinktank-- and 'we'll never be called anti-Semitic again'
    • The nearly constant primary, election and re-election cycle here in the U.S. has our politicians literally chained to the will of their mega-donor masters. The window of opportunity for any one of them to resist their slavery, should they even want to, and retain their seat, and keep their (and their party's) respective campaign coffers well stocked in time for the next brutal wave of campaigning and fundraising without also hurting fellow party members is so minuscule that it practically doesn't even exist anymore.

      Even a successful two-term President has barely a two month window at the end of his 96 month long term to accomplish anything even remotely sovereign and unbeholded to said donors without causing too much political damage to his own party! Senators and House Representatives even less so once you factor into the equation their abysmal attendance records and their requirement to be fundraising for nearly two thirds of each year to maintain their politcal life.

      Campaign finance reform is only part of the solution to this disease that has plagued our political system for too long now. Election reform is the second and equally important (yet almost completely overlooked) aspect to breaking the hold that the donor-class has on this rigged system of political power that works for them and them alone. However, this can come only from Congress itself and a Congress that is unanimously willing to change itself, which is highly unlikely considering it would be contrary to both their own personal self interests and that of their slave masters.

      Until then AIPAC and pro-Israel mega-donors alike will continue to set, write and dictate U.S. foreign policy and action in the Middle East to everyone's, especially the American people's detriment and expense. They may even, from time-to-time, allow a few "harsh" statements and "strong" condemnations to come from the White House. Just so it lets our leaders feel like they are putting up a bit of a fight. Don't let that fool you, those neck shackles have our politicians on both sides of the aisle firmly chained together and in check with absolutely no risk of harm to the status quo. They know all too well that if even one of them rocks the slave boat, they're all going for a swim in the ocean.

  • Jill Stein defends BDS in CNN town hall
    • Bless, Jill Stein for trying! Unfortunately, she dropped the ball a few times on this front, especially for sternly not calling out Coumo for his insistence in acknowledging Israel's "special relationship" status with the US and for referring to the so-called "existential threat" Israel faces from their neighbors.

      First, not a single AIPAC stooge in Washington can name a single thing Israel has done to promote and / or improve US diplomatic or military interests in the region. Not one. We aren't even allow to have military bases or troops stationed in Israel, which is an exceptional case considering the number of bases and outposts we hold across the world with nearly every single one of our allies, not to mention our most "special" allies! They have, however, occasionally allowed us to fly over their airspace from our base in Turkey. Yes, Turkey! That great apparently "not so special ally" of ours.

      Secondly, to claim that Israel faces existential threats from her Arab neighbors is a joke and should be called out at every mention! Not a single Arab state poses even close to such a threat to Israel, not even all of them combined! That's because Israel is the ONLY state with a nuclear weapons arsenal in the entire region. Israel's first and second strike capabilities alone ensure that no military threat, short of all out war with the US or Russia, poses a threat to her existence. None! Zero! Zilch! Nada! Add to this the number of ridiculously powerful military nations that would unflinchingly back Israel should she legitimately come under such an unprovoked existential threat and any statement or allusion to the contrary should be openly mocked, resounding rejected and scoffed at.

      Still, Jill's voice on this issue deserves credit where it is due and it was welcome and refreshing to here at least one politician avoid using the well rehearsed tired old diatribes, catchphrases and flash cards handed to them by AIPAC. Her not-so-subtle jab at both Cuomo and the audience member regarding US foreign policy hypocricy and inconsistency in regards to human rights abuses and breaking of International Law was a real winner too!

  • Woman and child killed in Iraq as US adopts Israeli 'knocker' bombs and leaflet drops
    • "When asked if the U.S. received any specialized training from the Israeli military, Gersten said the procedure was developed after observing Israeli military strategy. There was no coordination between the two armed forces, he said."

      WTF?!? Is he really saying that they "observed" Israel use a strategy in Gaza that had an effective civilian to militant kill ratio of 3:1 and STILL came to the conclusion that it would prevent civilian casualties? I don't quite know which is more disturbing, that a Major General can come to such a conclusion after reviewing this strategy, or that there is an entire military apparatus under his command and at his disposal that also missed his glaring detail!

      "...very difficult for us to watch", my f&@cking rear end! This is the clincher, because they clearly didn't observe Israel use this strategy at all then. They would have seen thousands of Palestinians killed in EXACTLY the same bloody way if they had observed this strategy! This is not a mistake or human error, this is utter ineptitude in the highest ranks of our military at best and an outright war crime at worst!

  • Netanyahu and Sen. Leahy tangle over Israel's killing of Hadeel Hashlamoun, 18
    • Last year a group of Congressmen/women openly questioned the deal with Iran and the release of frozen funds to the Iranian Republic and it was wall-to-wall TV and newspaper coverage in the US, with interviews and statements from everyone from The Hill to the Whitehouse and beyond, for months on end.

      This year a group of Congressmen/women question the actions of Israel and request an investigation into the ever-increasing evidence of extrajudicial killings and potential war crimes and human rights violations by Israel and Egypt and how the US could be breaking the law by providing military and financial assistance to these nations and the silence is utterly deafening!

      When someone questions the US's "Greatest Ally™" for "defending" herself the media goes into a feeding frenzy of propaganda and worn out catchphrases and diatribes. When someone suggests that the US's "Greatest Ally™" might just be engaged in war crimes or human rights violations the sudden vacuum in press coverage could swallow the vast expanse of Space itself! That even the thought of asking such a question is almost too taboo to even contemplate in private.

      If the same request for investigation into similar allegations were made by a member of Congress of ANY other major US ally, like France, UK, Germany, Canada or South Korea, it would be around-the-clock headline news on every major US news outlet with everyone and their dog weighing in on the matter. Yet, now that the subject is our "Greatest Ally™" Israel, you'd swear all of Washington D.C. and New York was suddenly out to lunch, getting their hair cut, at a dentist appointment or on vacation... all at the same time.

      Fake outrage and irrational overreaction I can almost understand. This eerie silence, almost complete lack of coverage and gapping void in reporting is just downright frightening! Especially because it involves the US's very own "Greatest Ally™".

  • Israelis don't exist
    • Great article!

      Which incidently and indirectly describes, to the letter, the very reason every single Israeli pre-condition to peace now begins with "recognizing the State of Israel and its right to exist as a Jewish state" instead of the previous "recognizing the State of Israel and its right to exist".

      One seemingly innocuous change to their wording with huge implications. A change, that in no small part would effectively delegitimize one fifth of the population of Israel as true "nationals" of Israel and effectively sanction the revokation of their legal right to equality, full democratic participation and legal recourse within the state, thus ensuring in perpetuity the "democratic" dominance for the steadily declining Jewish majority.

      Such wording would also provide legal cover and grounds for Israel to maintain said majority should Israel thereafter become a binational state with an Arab majority. As they would would have a legally binding agreement that clearly stipulates Israeli "nationality" within the State is based on the Jewish nature of the person concerned and not their citizenship per se.

      In short, legally entrenching and expanding the already existing reality of "second-class citizens" within the State of Israel and any possible future that may involve either the 'right of return' or the ever-increasing reality and formation of a binational state.

      It's little wonder that this clause in Israel's preconditions for peace, and echoed verbatim by the US at every opportunity, is such a poison pill for Palestinians and Arab Israelis alike.

  • Finally, Israel issue explodes into presidential primaries
    • Rubio's statement is nothing but an over stated bald-faced lie! And not even a very good one at that!

      North Korea has had a litany of sanctions and resolutions imposed on it by the U.N. dating as far back as 1993. These U.N. & U.N.S.C. resolutions and sanctions are backed by a host of sanctions, embargoes and strict resolutions by a number of countries and bodies including, the U.S., U.K., Canada, Switzerland , the E.U., Australia, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Japan, China, Hong Kong and Singapore. Which is hardly "doesn't do anything" as Marco likes to put it.

      The Israeli regime would be on its knees and the occupation already over had the U.N. and the rest of the world's super powers done as "little" to Israel as they have done regarding North Korea.

      Any candidate worthy of running for President would know this much and have called him out on the debate stage on this B.S. straight away! Which means every single candidate thus far is either so ill informed that they are not worthy of the role, or so beholden to the Israeli regime and highly compromised by foreign interests and lobbies that they should be ineligible to hold such office.

  • Jewish West Bank settlers are as smug as white South Africans in 1980
    • Never doubt the power of isolation, boycotts or sanctions to bring around significant change in Israel. Staunch defenders of Israel love to claim that any one of these actions will have little to no effect on Israeli politics or policy, but they couldn't be more wrong. The reason these tactics worked so well in South Africa was because it was two fold. It hurt the flow of money and investment at the highest levels of business, in turn political funding. As well as the morale and pride of the everyday white citizen too. You just need to find and target that Achillies Heal.

      For the average white South African it was their unshakable pride in their prowess in the sporting arena. It was a bitter pill for them to swallow every single week, watching their peers around the world compete in the international arena knowing full well just how capable and good their own respective teams and sportsmen and women were. An entire generation of sporting fans and heroes watched entire careers stagnate and never make an impact at the global level. Just look at the conniption Israeli athletes and the public recently had over Indonesia denying a visa to a single badminton player! Now imagine if that was every single Israeli athlete for the upcoming Olympics in Rio. Which isn't that hard to imagine considering Israel's recent spat with Brazil over the radical settler they're trying to bully the Brazilian government into accepting as Israel's Ambassador to Brazil.

      I, however, digress. Sporting isolation will no doubt hurt Israeli morale, but that's not the sweet spot for Israel. Can anyone say Start Up Nation? Israelis are utterly gaga over their recent technological prowess and fame at the highest level on the global stage. Intel, for one, has invested big in their Israeli Research and Development arm over the last decade. Employing over 9,000 Israelis across the country, they are also one of the highest private sector employers in Israel. So you can bet your last dollar that if they were to suddenly disaccociate themselves from this relationship, it wouldn't just cause waves but a veritable tsunami in Israel! Following right behind them would be the likes of Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Google, Twitter, HP, Samsung etc. Some of these are the biggest investors and purchasers of Israeli technology, innovation and business in the world. Not only would such a boycott devastate the industry, force a mass exodus and brain drain in this sector, but the public morale and pride in their darling industry would be utterly crushed! The backlash would be almost biblical.

      Then there's the Israeli weapons industry. Let's just say that should an international ban be placed on the sale and distribution of Israeli weapons and technology to other countries, coupled with the blow to the tech sector, the Israeli economy would be all but dead in the water.

      So make no mistake, even the slightest pressure in just one of these three areas would see a profound change in attitude in Israel. Remember, despite popular belief by Israeli apologists, isolation or sanctions don't have to impact an entire nation to have a big impact on the politics of said country. Likud only just squeaked through last year's election and held onto power with 23% of the vote and only then with a highly volatile and radical coalition. So think that, facing isolation or sanctions wouldn't guarantee a landslide victory to ANY political party that makes the resolution of the conflict and end of the occupation their number one priority, is not only naive but delusional.

      Fear not. When Israelis can no longer buy Nike shoes, or D&G sunglasses, or Louis Vitton handbags, or Addidas sweaters, or Apple iPhones. When Israel's basketball players can't play in the NBA, or their swimmers can't swim in the Olympics or at the FINA Swimming World Cup, or their national soccer team can play in EUFA Euro 2016 or qualify for the FIFA World Cup, or when their artists and entertainers can't perform in Paris, London or New York, or when their winemakers can no longer export their wines, or when they can no longer share their selfies, pictures and memes on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, or when their politicians (or spouses) can no longer freely travel to Europe or the U.S., or when Aroma Espresso Bar has to close its NYC franchises, or when the JNF loses its tax exempt status in the U.S. and is prohibited from moving money internationally, or when Israelis can't update their Windows operating systems to the latest and most secure version and when AIPAC has to register as a foreign agent. Then the safe money is on seeing a new political reality followed by highly productive and successful negotiations with the Palestinains faster than you can say, Am Yisrael Chai!

  • How many more orgasms will be had for Zionism?
    • This article reminds me of when a South African Jewish acquaintance related his amazing sex, drug and party filled Birthright trip to Israel in the 90s. He would positively glow, sparkle and babble about how it was the best time of his life and how he couldn't wait to go back and how Israel is the best place in the world. Probing him a little further about the struggles and issues facing Israel was like trying to look through concrete. He wouldn't, hell, couldn't say a word about the place outside of his "experience", and certainly wouldn't allow any criticism of Israel's behavior or policies.

      This conversation, in itself, reminded me of yet another close friend I lost to an Evangelical Christian Fellowship during high school. I watched in horror as he was systematically lured into said fellowship by charming young ladies, who played on every aspect of his hormonally charged coming of age, and cunningly severed from his favorite hobbies, creative outlets and closest childhood friends, he even left our school in final year and joined their own small evangelical school. He even tried roping us into joining this fellowship, saying things like we would find such an amazing connection with all the people there and that it would be an easy "hook-up" for us guys. A few of us even joined him one evening. Hardly a religious person myself, I found it horribly creepy and the subject matter and ideologies covered during the session was bordering on obscure at best and cultish at worst. Unluckily (actually luckily) for me they turned out to be a highly conservative bunch, so when my fast talking potty mouth slipped up and I dropped the f-bomb by accident mid-session, I was not-so-kindly asked to leave early and was not invited back. No "hook-up" for me!

      A few years after high school I watched a movie about David Koresh and Waco Texas, and then some documentaries on similar cults and was struck by the similarities (al beit more subtle) that I found. Listening to my Jewish friends' various Birthright and Zionist camp stories, and many others since, including the one in this article, I was increasely shaken and horrified by how similar and prevalent the tactics are of both Zionist education, Zionist summer camps, Birthright trips and every single other religious and pseudo-hippy cult are.
      Watching a movie like Martha Marcy May Marlene went even further for me to drive home this creepy form of cultish social engineering and undeniably overt technique of using sex and drugs to subdue, sever and reforge new and unbreakable connections to ideological beliefs and feelings of "belonging", "attachment" and "freedom".

      Thank you for sharing this revealing insight for the rest of us and others who are new to the struggle.

  • Groundbreaking Human Rights Watch report shows how settlement businesses contribute to Israeli occupation
    • Yes, I do think it will work. Because in the end money talks and BS walks.

      You can't fight wars and maintain military occupations without weapons and money. Lots of weapons and money. When that soon to be $4.5 billion per annum dries up (and it eventually will), when the U.S. and Germany stop supplying Israel with Tanks and F-16s and one ton bombs, and laser guided missles and DIME munitions and ships and submarines and artillery and Humvees and Apache Helicopters and Iron Domes and David's Slings and Arrow missle defense systems. When that not-so-secret nuclear arsenal is either declared or neutralized in accordance with international requirements. The Israeli government will be left with only two choices, almost complete physical and economic defenselessness from foreign and domestic pressure and threats or drastic change in policy in accordance with international laws and human rights expectations.

      South Africa was practically invincible at the height of Apartheid. They were oppressing almost eight times as many people in a country almost 237 times larger than the West Bank. This by a white population of less than 4 million people from which to draw on (men only) for military military service. Not to mention they were at the same time fighting wars in Angola, South West Africa (now Namibia) and Mozambique, with covert operations in a myriad of other countries in the region. Yet ultimately their military strength and ingenuity came to naught in the face of economic and social isolation and sanctions. Naught!

      So go ahead and scoff, if you like, at the boy with the stone and sling. I shouldn't need to tell you how that tale ended for Goliath...

  • Another Netanyahu lie exposed: Hamas is not ISIS
    • This is classic Netanyahu modus operandi. He is always trying to equate Hamas with whatever boogieman is flavor of the day in the West, in a churlish attempt to draw attention to poor defenseless little Israel and her imminent destruction and how Israel is both the first and the last line of defense for the rest of the world against these organizations. Before ISIS, he was trying to equate Hamas with Al Qaeda. Before Al Qaeda it was Hezbollah. Before Hezbollah... Well, you get the picture. He and his predecessors have successfully played up bitter U.S. / Iran relations for decades, even though Iran has never been or posed a credible threat to either Israel or the U.S. Just send money, weapons and unlimited diplomatic protection at the UN and UNSC and please just ignore all the land theft, ethnic cleansing, war crimes and crimes against humanity.

      South Africa did the same thing during Apartheid. By aligning themselves with the West in the fight against Communisim and its spread in Africa, they bought themselves decades of grace from the U.S., U.K. and European governments. It was no coincendence that within a few years of the Berlin Wall falling the Apartheid regime's days were over. The U.S. threw them under the bus the moment they no longer had a good, security, political or diplomatic reason to protect them from domestic or international scrutiny and isolation.

      If the war on terror ended tomorrow, it would spell doom and the exact same fate would face Israel's Zionist regime and Netanyahu knows it! So expect much more rhetoric, more pompous gloating after every single terrorist attack and more outrageous and blatant lies to maintain the the status quo and the West's never ending "War on Terror"...

  • Israel and its lobby lose the Iran Deal all over again, in news of damning wiretaps
    • Annie makes a salient point, that also touches very close as to why the spin coming out of the MSM is so heavily geared to the Obama administration's so-called abuse of office or their purported breech of the Constitution.

      The rhetoric we're hearing is an overt attempt to divert our attention from the very real abuse of office and unconstitutional behavior of the U.S. lawmakers and their lobbyist accomplices who were caught red-handed undermining and interfering with U.S. foreign policy while engaging directly with, and at the behest, of a foreign head of state and in the interests of said foreign leader's government and not that of the nation of which they themselves are citizens, to which they swore an oath to serve and whose Constitution they are legally obliged to uphold!

      Again. Just a reminder. Conversations of U.S. lawmakers were intercepted and scooped up during monitoring of the DIRECT communications of a FOREIGN head of state! Imagine if the foreign head of state in question caught directly interfering, influencing or talking to our lawmakers was someone like Bashar al-Assad? Or Muammar Gaddafi? Or Kim Jong-un? Or Raúl Castro?
      Or what if one of these U.S. lawmakers in question was caught unwittingly leaking sensitive U.S. intelligence regarding the Iran negotiations to Netanyahu or Dermer? We would certainly be having a very different conversation right now!

      Regardless of whether the leader of a foreign nation is an ally or enemy of the homeland, there is a VERY good reason why the NSA monitors their communications. One of them being to intercept EXACTLY this kind of potential for foreign heads of state to influence or exert pressure on U.S. lawmakers, intelligence agents or citizens to act in sole favor of said foreign nation's interests or contrary to U.S. interests or policies. Which is exactly what this exposé has revealed to the American public.

      It's little wonder that Obama and Kerry kept the details of the Iran negotiations and offers on the table as close to their chest as possible and away from what appears to be a highly compromised Congress.

  • 'Foreign Policy' says 'Israel lobby' donors are making 'pro-Israel the new circumcision'
  • Rigged Netanyahu 'conversation' at Center for American Progress shows it's twilight of the Israel lobby
    • Watching this interview was like watching a slightly less flamboyant version of a scene from The Hunger Games.

      Scratch that!

      Watching this interview was EXACTLY like watching a scene out of The Hunger Games!

      *Raises three finger salute into the air*

  • Video: Israeli military tells Palestinian refugee camp, 'We will gas you until you die'
    • Zionist Nationalism is very much a part of the bullying mindset ingrained in moden Israeli life, and is definitely largely to blame in cases like this. It always reminds me of that Doug Stanhope quote, which I feel sums up the the latest generation of Zionist Israelis perfectly.

      “Nationalism does nothing but teach you to hate people you never met, and to take pride in accomplishments you had no part in.”

  • Video: Undercover Israeli soldiers infiltrate Palestinian demonstration, beat protesters and shoot detainee in leg
    • I stand corrected on that point. Thank you for that link Mr. Cohen.

    • "A spokesperson for the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) described the protest as a “riot” and stated Palestinians “were hurling firebombs and rocks as well as rolling burring tires and shooting fireworks at IDF forces. The force also reported hearing gunshots fired at them”

      Interesting. Especially considering that during this entire video not one burning tire can be seen anywhere, not one firework is let off and there are certainly no Palestinians to be seen with a firearm. As for the claims of a "riot", at best there are about 25 Palestinians in this video, 7 of whom turned out to be undercover Israeli policemen! Hardly a riot! And hardly anything that should warrant this kind of force. Heck there are almost a dozen media(?) on the sidelines documenting this incident. That's barely a handful less than the total number of protesters in this so-called "riot"!
      Time to call this what it is, a brutal 'snatch and grab' job orchestrated and executed by the IDF.
      Given the execution and completely unnecessary use of violence, this looks like just another case in waiting for the ICC...

  • In Israel/Palestine we are witnessing the end of a colonial regime
    • As a South African expat who grew up during the end of Apartheid, I often wonder if this is where South Africa would be today had De Klerk and Mandela not seen the light and negotiated an end to the unsustainable status quo of white minority rule.
      Then again, even at the height of Apartheid, the senseless killing of native South Africans was nowhere near that of Israel/Palestine. The 'Sharpeville Massacre' of 1960, arguably the darkest day in the resistance to Apartheid, saw 69 deaths in the face of nearly 7,000 protesters. This year alone, over 30 Palestinians have been killed for less intransigences and far lesser threats to Israel forces and colonial status quo. Include any of the previous Intifadas and this makes the South African regime look like a tame pussy cat in comparison. Desmond Tutu's analysis of the Israel/Palestine struggle is right. This is more than Apartheid, it is something so very much worse, insidious and malevolent than anything the NATS and the racist Apartheid regime could EVER have dreamt up or carried out...

  • 'We want him to speak up on Palestine': Boston SJP statement on being kicked out of Bernie Sanders rally
    • I'm utterly gobsmacked! Regardless of ANY misunderstanding or miscommunication, I'm still trying to figure out what part of the First Ammendment and the freedom of speech that the "police and venue staff" didn't seem to mind ignoring. Apparently when Israel/Palestine is involved our Constitutional rights now take a back seat to good ol' fascism! Good to know that the future of our country is now dictated by the rogue 51st State of the U.S.A.

  • Amnesty: Killing of Hadeel al-Hashlamoun was 'extrajudicial execution'
    • I'm just waiting for the apologists to jump on the "Pallywood" band wagon and begin the victim blaming by claiming that the whole incident was actually "staged"...

      This poor misguided teen was clearly "acting her part" and playing to her audience (and the cameras) with the full intention to martyr herself just to make poor innocent old Israel and the IDF look bad in front of the world. And when they pull back her head veil they'll claim that it was in fact the infamous "Shirley Temper" under the niqab the whole time!

  • Minnesota Congresswoman demands accountability for Nakba Day killings
    • Regarding Sen. Chuck Schumer's speech to the Orthodox Union: it sickens me to my stomach that such a high ranking US Official, a Senator none-the-less, sees no problem justifying, encouraging and practicing the collective punishment of otherwise innocent civilians, which, need I remind everyone (including this sorry excuse for a Senator) is a violation of the laws of war and the Geneva Conventions!

  • Just as Dermer turned the White House into a diplomatic battlefield, Danon will do the same at the UN
    • "Regev speaks a lingo more like Afrikaans than strine ."

      HAHAHAHA! As a South African expat myself, that is exactly what I though when first heard that lying idiot speak! All I could think was, "Heir is 'n lekker doos!"
      Yet true as nuts, after googling him it turned out he wasn't a Saffer after all! Straight outta Melbourne in fact. Who woulda thunk it? Had me fooled initially. I can almost make out that Strine twang now if I really listen, but concentrating on anything that smug pillock says for more than 15 seconds just makes me want to smash things.

  • AIPAC taking all but 3 freshmen Congresspeople to Israel in effort to sabotage Iran deal
    • This sounds like something John Oliver should be covering on Last Week Tonight.

      Like him or hate him he has a magnificent way of holding up a mirror to the often ugly and insane goings on in this country as well as our highly compromised and manipulated political system. He also manages to mobilize people to take action (in this case against their elected reps.) in a way few people on TV, heck even elected office, can.

      I think it's time to tweet him into action. Unless of course his handlers at HBO are Pro-Israel billionare campaign donors... then we'll never hear a peep from him :(

  • Nine reasons Obama is going to win on Iran. The first: Netanyahu
    • Jasonius Maximus July 17, 2015 at 8:35 pm

      I stand corrected! The Haaretz article I made reference to above was in fact penned by Yossi Verter and not Chemi Shalev. My deepest apologies to the author in question!

    • Great piece, Phil!

      You left out the Reason Number 10. Which would have made it a nice round number.

      Reason 10: Barack Obama is holding a fifth Ace up his sleeve!
      Quite elegantly put, Chemi Shalev likened Netanyahu in a recent Haaretz article to a compulsive gambler that has just lost his shirt and is ready to throw his underwear onto the roulette wheel. In this analogy shalev is more right than he knows. Only the game is poker, not roulette, and Pres. Obama is holding a fifth ace up his sleeve and that ace happens to be the ever notorious U.S. veto at the UNSC that has ALWAYS gone in Israel's favor!

      Bibi probably thinks he can barge his way into yet another speech to Congress (and will more than likely try) within the next 60 days and bet big on Congress coming to his aid in the biggest bluff in political history. If he dares to place a bet this big, the landing gear on Bibi's executive airliner will not even have left Ben Gurion Airport's runway and Barack will be on the phone to Samantha Power reminding her that she has appointment with her hairdresser on the day France's impending UNSC resolution on Israel/Palestine, the end to the Occupation and Palestinian statehood comes up for a vote later this year.

      If Bibi is too caught up in his little "gambling addiction" to see this coming, he deserves to lose more that his underwear...

  • Israeli court sentences Palestinian man to 13 months in prison for Facebook post
    • Jasonius Maximus July 23, 2015 at 1:33 pm

      With each and every passing day, the Untied States' BFF and greatest ally in the Middle East looks more and more like Iran or Saudi Arabia and in some cases even worse, considering neither of those "radical" nations are occupying over 5 millions stateless civilians.

  • Obama says peace talks are pointless because Netanyahu won't see the 'best' in others
    • Anyone else catch his slip at 00:35, when he refers to "...Prime Minister Nut... Netanyahu"?

      Clearly his nickname over at the White House is not good ol' 'Bibi' as they would have the world believe.

      Big O's contempt for Netanyahu and his regime's policies and activities are palpable throughout the entire video interview. And who could blame him? Having to hide your open disgust and contempt in plain sight for the world to see in the name of diplomacy must be utterly soul destroying. Mr. Obama is clearly a better man in this regard than I.

      One still has to wonder, though. Will we EVER see a sitting President, Congressman/woman or Governor with the spine to talk openly and honestly about this unhealthy and grotesquely unnatural relationship we have with the rogue State of Israel?

      The way every single U.S. politician carefully treads when talking about anything remotely related to Israel is embarrassing and harder to watch than the "interview" scene in Basic Instinct with your parents in the room. Yet, at the same time is it disturbingly fascinating to watch how they twist and turn and pick each and every word so very carefully as if they were tip-toeing through a minefield. You can almost see them constructing, editing, censoring and replaying each phrase in their mind before re-edting, reconstructing and then vocalizing the new interpretation as they slooooowly speak. That is, the ones with half a brain or any sense of the situation. The rest of the political puppets that prattle on at full speed, are simply paraphrasing popular Hasbra talking points issued by AIPAC and their rich campaign donors and trying to pass it off as their own respective and unique views and opinions on the matter, while the rest of the world sees right through their gibber jabber.

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