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  • It's one state and 'kumbaya' is the way forward -- former Police drummer Copeland
  • Israel sows despair and senseless violence
    • I hear you Horizontal. Or as the kids today might say, I feel you...

    • Hey seafoid. You write, “Judaism is being destroyed in the process.” Very sadly, seafood, I agree with you. And by “the process,” I understand you to mean the Zionist project of creating modern day Israel by taking the land of Palestine by brutal force with the intent of creating an ethnically pure Jewish country, or state, or nation, or whatever word you wanna use to designate a geographical location. And all the horror that has resulted from this intent. However much the Zionists, “Liberal Zionists,” or any other Israel apologist wants to deny it, Israel and it’s savagery has now become the default representation/image of Jews/Judaism worldwide. It’s a horrifically sad truth.

      Zionism is destroying Judaism in two fundamental ways:

      1) Jewish religious zealots like Meir Kahane, in tandem with many secular nationalists like Netanyahu, Ben-Gurion, Golda Meir, etc…, have succeeded in turning the issue of creating the “Jewish State” of Israel into a central area of concern for nearly all religious Jews (despite the fact that the creation of this ‘State’ is arguably diametrically opposed to a strict reading of the Torah – see ‘Neturei-Karta’ Jews et-al…). This is evidenced by every synagogue that I’ve entered (admittedly, not too many…) having an Israeli flag hanging inside the temple – often alongside an American flag. Just last week I went to see “liberal Zionist” Gershon Baskin speak at a temple in Evanston and greeting me on the lawn of the temple was a big “We Stand With Israel” sign. The issue is now centrally entrenched. (In a perverse/odd way, this manipulative conflation of secular nationalism and religious Judaism parallels the intentional conflation of anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism)

      2) Because of the entrenchment of this toxic issue into the temple and into religious Jewish life (not to mention its being forced into secular lives) over the decades, some people born into more secular Jewish families who may have been curious enough as adults to join a temple/synagogue to see if it was for them, never even consider it due to the knowledge that they will likely have to unconditionally support Israel to truly be accepted into the Temple’s congregation. I know this to be true because I am one of these people. And because I know that I am not exceptional, I surely cannot be the only one.

      So not only is Zionism driving people away from coming into Temple due to what’s being taught inside them, it’s no doubt driving people of conscience out of temples they may have belonged to for years/decades due to the corrosion of what’s being learned/discussed within the Temple. So Zionism’s destruction of Judaism is in the form of its corrosive influence on what’s being studied, taught, and emphasized by the temple as Judaism (the justification of colonial terrorism as necessary to Judaism). This corrodes/destroys Judaism itself. Then in turn, this trumpeted moral corrosion results in fewer and fewer people being interested in joining this community. Population destruction.

      So, Horizontal, I unfortunately disagree w/ you that “Judaism is not in trouble.” I understand your optimism that Israel’s crimes may force some religious Jews into some form of religious soul-searching, turning them into more moral religious Jews. And this certainly may be happening. But my feeling is that it is not happening in nearly as large numbers as those who are simply completely turned off and leave. My own family is a decent microcosmic example of all of this but it’s too personal for me to air on a public forum…

  • Kahanists attack school after synagogue killings
    • It's a good question Horizontal. Just's point about the culture in Israel generally (raised to hate/fear the 'other,' taught from a young age that all of 'Judea/Samaria' are is property of the Jews, etc etc...) is valid and certainly part of an explanation. And adele's point about social stigma and economic factors are valid points as well.

      You ask why there isn't a "similarly large anti-war movement in Israel" compared to the movement in the U.S. during the Vietnam war. I'm not knowledgable enough to know that. in fact, there isn't. My understanding is that there are a good number of "refuseniks" who do jail time instead of fighting for the IDF. And since Israel is of course much smaller than the U.S., I have no idea of the comparative numbers of Israeli refuseniks vs. American Vietnam draft dodgers. This would make an interesting, and difficult, study.

      I'd offer another main aspect to your question: Ultra orthodox Jews (many of whom are settlers in the West Bank) can be exempt from military service on religious grounds. So while officially being a member of an Armed Forces unit is off limits to these holy men and women, terrorizing and occasionally murdering their indigenous neighbors as pious civilians is permitted by Yahweh. And again, as far as the numbers/percentages of the population that takes advantage of these exemptions is beyond my knowledge.

  • Why I confronted Gregor Gysi
    • Thanks for responding Lefty. Glad you thought my little vid about the issue was worthwhile. And since it's not my goal to create these little things in a vacuum, I really appreciate you having "tweeted about it." Thanks.

      Yeah, agree to disagree on Sheen's intent/meaning is fine. When I get a chance to interview him I'll grill him on the issue of "Germans not being able to disagree w/ Jews" for ya :)

      I found the latest article by Evelyn Hecht-Galinski you mentioned. Unfortunately, I don't speak/read German and the "Google Translation" of the page was basically crap. So I can't discuss that one. This argument you say she makes: "German politicians and journalists are non-Jews. That’s why their definition of anti-Semitism is incorrect. I am a Jew. That’s why my definition of anti-Semitism is correct." It's obviously ridiculous. And, if she's a smart woman, as you yourself say she is, it's hard to believe she'd have written such blunt nonsense. But I'll have to take your word for it...

      Next time any Jew, Zionist or not, tells you he/she has the right to define anti-Semitism and you don't because they're Jewish and you're not, simply ask them to to give you their own quick definition of it. Dollars to donuts you get a deer in the headlights look for 'bout 5 seconds, then a request to change the subject...

    • Hey German Lefty,

      I understand the point you’re trying to make (and I agree w/ the sentiment), but I think you’re overstating it. I don't think that Sheen is saying “a German must never disagree with a Jew,” as you write. In fact, the very first line of the pull-quote you chose from Sheen says quite plainly “any person.” Not only Germans. And, of course, Gysi didn’t merely “disagree” w/ Sheen. He sided w/ people who publicly smeared him as an anti-Semite and, from a position of power, played a large role in canceling a planned speaking event - inhibiting his right to freedom of speech. Quite a far cry from simply disagreeing...

      Sheen points out (I purposely use the term “point out” instead of “singling out”) the players in this event as German, Jewish, Israeli, etc… because they (along w/ the Americans) are the main players in the conflict. All four of these groups play different roles in the conflict; too varied to go into in a little internet posting. I’d bet Sheen doesn’t believe that it’s “worse” for a German, as opposed a Peruvian, to slander him. Just that it carries w/ it a certain irony in this case. Or maybe that these four groups (Jews, Germans, Israelis, Americans…) have a certain responsibility regarding their prominent roles in the conflict.

      Anyway, I of course agree with you that any person has the right to disagree w/ Sheen’s ideas, conclusions, etc… But don’t agree that it should be forbidden to point out the fact of a participant in the conflict being German, Jewish, etc… As long as you’re not pointing these things out as a means to simply shutting them up; which I don’t think Sheen was doing here.

      Also, thanks for linking to those other Blumenthal videos above. Tremendous. He's a hero in my mind. A human hero. And a Jewish hero. And an American hero. I’ve made a little video detailing some of my thoughts on this “Toiletgate” event. Interested in your thoughts as well:

    • "Somehow Hoppie’s LOL does not ring true." Absolutely right Kay24. He/She used the same acronym responding to me on USS Liberty article page. It's obvious intentional button-pushing. There's nothing funny, really. What a drag...

  • Sea change down under: Ex-Australian Foreign Minister announces himself a 'Friend of Palestine'
    • Yup. Agreed totally w/ Krauss and Horizontal above, and "just" below.

      Sorry. “Sea Change?” Really? Carr is retired, right? The current Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, just the other week met w/ the directors of AIJAC and AJC who, “express[ed] [their] heartfelt gratitude and admiration for the country’s indispensable alliance with the United States and steadfast support for Israel,” to Abbott. And the current Australian Foreign Minister, Julie Bishop, believes Israel’s settlement building isn’t illegal; going so far as to have her U.N. representatives abstain from voting on resolutions against their being built, saying the resolutions against Israeli/Jewish settlement building were not “balanced.” Ah yes, the “balance” canard. Gross...

      So even though the current Australian administration is in lockstep support of Israel, a retired F.M. now in academe says a few critical things against Israeli policy and this constitutes a “sea change” in Australian politics? He’s retired. Reee… tire.. d. This means, essentially, he doesn’t have a meaningful/substantive role in policy-making, right? It reminds me of GWB’s press secretary’s book “What Happened” (Scott McLellan). It/he got the expected knee-jerk praise for being “brave” to write such a critical book. But it was all after the fact; after his real opportunity to actually do any good at the time of crisis. It’s relatively safe to be critical after retiring. These former officials can play the part of the unabashed, outspoken radical… But only after it won’t cost them their job.

      This all reminded of a small part of the brilliant (and truly brave/timely) Colbert Correspondent's Dinner Roast w/ George Bush back in 2006. I uploaded the 20 second clip (see below) that relates to the above article and my comment here. While watching it, simply substitute “Foreign/Prime Minister” for when Colbert says “General,” and substitute “Israel” for when Colbert says “Rumsfeld.” Same shit, different year/country.

  • Al Jazeera investigates the USS Liberty attack in 'The Day Israel Attacked America'
    • @ Hophmi:

      "...this conspiracy theory is repeated and repeated by the Arab lobby and their tiny cohort of American supporters..."

      Are these the Arab Lobbyists you're referring to:

      Thomas Moorer: Chief of Naval Operations from 1967 to 1970 and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff from 1970 to 1974

      James Akins: U.S. Ambassador to Saudi Arabia from September, 1973 to February, 1976

      Dwight Porter: served in the United States Marine Corps 1942–45; Assistant Secretary of State for Administration from October 2, 1963 until March 28, 1965; United States Ambassador to Lebanon, from June 22, 1965 until September 12, 1970

      George Ball: Under Secretary of States in the administrations of John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson

      Ward Boston: served in World War II as a Navy fighter pilot; also special agent for the FBI; chief counsel to the Naval Board of Inquiry during the investigation of the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty

      Admiral Isaac Kidd: Supreme Allied Commander of NATO's Atlantic Fleet; headed the court of inquiry into the bombing of the USS Liberty.

      How very un-American of you, Hophmi, to speak so disrespectfully of the U.S. Gov't/Military. Why do you hate America?

      Or this:

      "...there have been far more American murdered by Islamic terrorists than there have been Americans killed on the USS Liberty."

      Ah, the numbers game. When it suits you, Hophmi, you can cherry-pick some numbers and say, "Look, those Muslims kill so many people." But when other numbers/statistics are brought up in debate (ie: the wild disproportion of casualties in essentially all Israeli attacks against the Palestinians), you'll brush them off as "unhelpful" or "misleading" or somehow unimportant to the wider issue being discussed. And, of course, if we're talking sheer numbers of people killed, I can't imagine anybody beats the USA if you add up all the deaths from Vietnam, Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan, Native Americans, African-American killed due to slavery policies/transport, Central America (Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador, etc...), deaths resulting from sanctions against Iraq, attribution of at least a portion of Palestinians killed by IDF due to their connection to US funding, etc etc etc... If you wanna bring up numbers, Hophmi, you should first make sure the people you're talking with are uninformed. Else you're liable to come off as... how shall I put this... not credible.

    • Unfortunately, Annie, I'd have to fully agree w/ Amar here. The fact that Israel's attack on the U.S.S. Liberty was deliberate has been known (w/ public information available to prove the point relatively easily accessible) for maybe a couple decades now. At this point, for an honest documentary delineating the full story on the subject to be taken seriously by the American public it would have to have been produced and narrated by Sean Hannity. I think we all know how likely that would be. In Hannity's documentary on the Liberty Bombing, Israel would be portrayed as having saved American lives during the event...

      And Horizontal: "What does that say?" It says your in the minority who can separate the wheat from the chaff, my friend.

      Trustworthy Americans... Even if folks disagree w/ his ideas of how to govern and many of his other ideas, I think the majority of Americans who dislike Ralph Nader would still admit that he's trustworthy, extremely well-informed, and not a liar. It's essentially undeniable. Even w/ that being the case, the Israel issue is so corrupted that even this titan of decency and integrity cannot break through the Zionist Iron Wall of Hasbara and into the vast majority of Americans' minds. From 6 years ago:

  • Dempsey bucks Obama line by praising Israelis for Gaza tactics
    • The headline of this article ("Dempsey bucks Obama line by praising Israelis for Gaza tactics") is nauseating. Someone (read: nearly the entire U.S. public...) relatively unfamiliar w/ the conflict and the U.S. lockstep support and aid of Israel, would read it and think Obama and our administration is "tough on Israel." Sorry to not be a cheerleader here, but I see that headline as irresponsible. Approaching B.S. really. Sure, you can point to a couple things said here and there by a couple U.S. officials that seem to be harsh on Israel. But in the wider reality, Dempsey's remarks here (unlike what this headline suggests) are not out of step w/ what this administration and current government says/does. I'd copy and paste a bunch of links into this comment showing officials making statements completely backing Israel during Protective Edge, but we all know that'd be easy to do, right? Won't waste my time. Or maybe I'm just in a bad mood today?

  • Chickenshitgate: A dissenting view
    • Agreed. This is one of the best articles up on MW recently.

      And to Horizontal - your question: "[H]ow can Israel’s duplicitous policy (which Murphy correctly points out in the above article was built on trampling the human and national rights of Palestinians) regarding Palestinian statehood be so crystal clear to so many of us, yet such a murky mess to the political establishment, who all ought to know better?" My answer (possibly the same as your "depressing" one) is, "It's not [murky to them]." They simply talk one way, then walk the other; just like Netanyahu does. Their rhetoric doesn't match their actions. And it hasn't for many decades. And, yes, it's depressing.

      Murphy writes in the article, "There’s no excuse for US officials not to know this by now [Israel's true designs/goals]..." I'd be interested to ask Murphy himself if he actually believes "US officials" aren't aware of Israel's true goals of completely controlling the entirety of "Greater Israel" and disallowing Palestinians any actual sovereignty, or right of return, on their historic homeland. Does he really believe Obama, Kerry, Hillary, etc... aren't aware of this? Since at least the mid 80s, it's been apparent to anyone who has done even a modicum of honest, diligent research. Even w/out Murphy coming out and saying these people know but aren't forthcoming about it, this article is tremendously great.

  • A Palestinian actress in NY describes the end of belief in Oslo
  • Ambassador Power to kick off 3-hour event on 'never-ending' genocide of Jews
    • Ethno-narcissism for certain, MDM. And I'd offer that one of Finkelstein's major titles sums up the problem of their marketing techniques in a rather pithy manner: "On the Misuse of Anti-Semitism and the Abuse of History." I assume this abuse has been going on since First Zionist Congress, but most certainly since 1917.

      You say you "believe that these people do genuinely believe in the narrative to some degree..." For me, the key in that sentence is "to some degree." I don't believe that it's to such a degree that these folks are being honest when they speak out on Israel's "security issues," or when Wiesel recently accused Hamas of "child sacrifice" and called them (and by inference all Palestinians) "barbarians" in a very public statement (marketing), or Shmuley's equating Hamas w/ ISIS (in public advertising). Sorry. I don't buy that these people are actually that dumb. I'm fairly certain Elie Wiesel knows how to read...

      It's the same kind of problem I had over a decade ago when people constantly joked and wrung their hands about how "stupid" GW Bush and the rest of his administration was for their bungling of Iraq. That, too, was letting them off the hook (and laughing while doing it, 'cuz gosh golly it's just so darn funny how dumb they all are. by gum, hardy har har...). Cheney, Wolfowitz, Bolton, Rumsfeld, Bremer, etc... Those guys were not stupid (Well, maybe GW...). They're arrogant, self-serving elitists who believe the U.S is entitled to run the world (PNAC, anyone?). There's a difference. It's, of course, possible to be both arrogant and stupid, but you can also be just one or the other. They knew what they were doing. And so do Netanyahu, Shmuley, Power, Wiesel, etc...

    • Calling this event and the folks putting it on "paranoid" due to the theme of the event lets them off the hook. It’s not paranoia. It’s marketing. They know the theme of the event is bullshit. They cynically use this crap to market Israel. It's just one of their many methods of branding (likely the oldest one...). Nothing new here. You wanna call me paranoid for thinking this, that’s fine. I’ve got 15 years of seeing this shit in action; almost daily it seems. And that’s, of course, nothing compared to the Palestinians who've lost their lives/livelihoods to this grotesque, exclusionist marketing monstrosity for over 70 years now. And for what? What a disgusting sham…

  • Israeli army kills 14-year old Palestinian with U.S. citizenship
    • American: You've reached into my mind and written down my thought.

      You've also written the only two questions which still need answers (most other important questions have been answered by people like Ilan Pappe, David Hirst, Jonathan Cook, Nur Masalha, Edward Said, Michel Warschawski, Chomsky, Abunimah, Deek, etc...):

      1) How much longer? 2) What's the answer?

      Many say the answer to your first question would be something like, "Not much longer now." Witness the article just posted here today @ Mondo on Chomsky (I no longer need police, pro-Palestinian sentiment is spreading through the youth, etc...). I've heard optimistic talk like that since I started studying the conflict 15 years ago. Yet from what I can surmise (and I'll admit I'm no expert...), things have gotten nothing but worse on the actual ground for Palestinian Land, it's non-Jewish population, or its diaspora refugees. Part of me agrees w/ the optimistic sentiment and, yes, I can feel it here when I go to talks, read articles, etc... It just doesn't seem to help kids from getting shot and killed by the IDF for fucking throwing a stone, or from children getting bombed and killed for playing on the beach. And it doesn't seem to help non-Jewish people in Palestine get equal rights in their lives. How much longer? Hell if I know... Too fucking long.

      And my suggestion of the only real answer to your 2nd question: What's the answer? I can't print it.

  • Israel's Dead Soul: Steven Salaita's critical scholarship explains his dismissal from the University of Illinois
    • Hey Gracie. That's a good, concise video. But it's not even close to the whole event. If anyone wants/needs the full statements from Leiter and Abunimah they can be found on my youtube channel (see my comment above). Leiter's statement is 3 times as long as the one up @ EI, and Abunimah's full statement runs 20 minutes, vs. 12. The entire statement from Bassem Tamimi, who came from the West Bank, was not included. Also, Salaita's talk was virtually the same as the one I've posted above from Columbia College the following evening which runs 24 minutes, vs. 10. There's also additional worthwhile Q & A. Again, LaborBeat did an excellent job w/ that video. I'm just sayin'...

    • I was lucky to have the time to be able to do it. And thank you for the article. I feel this specific aspect (stifling speech and debate on Israel/Palestine on campus) of this wider issue is crucial. And the Salaita case, possibly to the demise of a good man, is bringing it to the fore. After seeing him speak 4 days in a row, and watching him thoughtfully answer a wide array of questions from the audiences, and from speaking to him a few times briefly, my impression is that Mr. Salaita is a very knowledgable, thoughtful and thorough person. All qualities which would make him an excellent instructor.

    • I was able to attend all of Professor Salaita's talks/events in Chicago last week and was permitted to videotape them. If anyone is interested, here's some of the footage:

      link to (Talk at Columbia College)

      link to (University of Chicago Law Professor Brian Leiter’s Introduction of Salaita)

      link to (Revealing Q & A from U of C; also includes response from Ali Abunimah)

      There's a bit more from these events on my channel if people want to see more.

  • Obama says Muslims bear responsibility to counter radical Islam (so are Jews responsible for Israeli violence?)
    • "Obama says Muslims bear responsibility to counter radical Islam (so are Jews responsible for Israeli violence?)"

      Does anyone else see a problem w/ this article's title? It's glaring to me...

  • Photo of six shoveling secretaries needs a caption
  • No justice, no peace -- in Gaza or Ferguson
    • Bravo Shireen Tawil. One of the best pieces I've read here in a while. Thank you. This sequence was particularly powerful (referring to Nixon's 'This is a test' phrase), "Nixon’s language also begs the question: What is he testing? Whether Black Americans can behave well enough to be rewarded with respect? Whether they can follow directions to stay home during curfew, and thereby merit the rights they are accorded as fellow humans? Whether they can be ‘good’ citizens and stop vocalizing their outrage, and then the police force might address its trigger-happy tendencies?" Damn straight. Those four sentences should be printed as a letter to the editor in every paper in the country...

    • Agreed Robert. When speaking about their relationship with the Palestinians and the countless lives they've ruined and snuffed out, Israeli spokespersons tell us, at best, quarter truths. They've spent so many decades perfecting their language of aphoristic lies and obfuscations ("only democracy in the Middle East," "right to exist," "right to defend itself," "most moral army in the world," "we made a very generous offer," "they want to wipe us off the map [ie: kill all the Jews]" etc etc etc...) that they now can't see that people are starting to (slowly) recognize their language for what it is: Gobbledygook. They just keep spewing it in hopes that nobody will notice. Some noticed right from 1948 and earlier. A few more started noticing after 1967 (USS Liberty, anyone?). More noticed after Lebanon, 1982. Now, after Operations Cast Lead and during Protective Edge (there's more of your Orwell observation right there in the namings of their operations, Robert. Truly a grotesque perversion of reality) it's possible that a majority of Americans may notice. Notice what?, you ask. Notice that the problem is Israel. Israel is the problem. That can't be said enough times: Israel is the problem. Israel is the problem. Israel is the problem. Israel is the problem. For the love of Pete, how long can they get away with it?

  • Daily News publisher, Gov. Cuomo, Yankees president, and NE Patriots' owner are latest to rush to Israel's side
    • "Randy Levine and his wife, Mindy, hosted the future soldiers at Yankee Stadium on Sunday prior to the game against the Cleveland Indians." Future IDF soldiers hosted by the team that's getting ready to beat the Indians. That's fitting, I guess...

  • In light of renewed call for boycott following latest Gaza attack, Verso Books offers free download of BDS anthology
    • That's an excellent question/suggestion Atlanta, and I hope someone here can do so. The obvious ones are Ahava, Dead Sea, and Sabra. But I'm sure there are a bunch more that maybe a lot of us use unwittingly. I did a little research a while back and thought I found that another hummus brand, Eat Well Embrace Life, was also Israel based. Which sucks because the stuff is well made. There's a fast food falafel place in the food court of the mall I work in called Maoz and I've wondered about that place as I did a bit of digging on that one as well and found some connections. Also, I'm not sure but I think I've seen some Dead Sea mall kiosks w/ "Deep Sea" labels on their products now instead of dead Sea. It reminds me of huge Oil Companies changing the name of their companies after giant oil spills or other controversies to hide their identity. Don't go buying any caterpillar bulldozers...

  • Democrat Eliot Engel appears at pro-Israel rally featuring anti-Muslim activist Pamela Geller
    • For me, Geller is a grotesque caricature of the self-absorbed, Jewish conservative, Israel First crown. She'd be a joke to write off if she didn't have a bullhorn and a stage so often. Her own quote she refers to in the short speech above in this article from Alex (civilized, savage, etc...) is of course from the racist and offensive ads she took out two years ago. Back then I made a short video mocking her grotesqueness. Maybe of interest here:

  • Massacre in Gaza: At least 60 killed in Shuja'iyeh, over 60,000 in UN shelters
    • Hey Maximus. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you read my postings which included these excerpts:

      "I will say absolutely that their deaths are completely their own fault and responsibility; and also the fault and responsibility of the Israeli government and, yes, the U.S. government. I would lay approximately 0% of the blame on Hamas for their deaths."

      "[Zionism and Israel] are all bad. One of the most horrifically ironic historical events/facts in the history of history. Truly disgusting."

      "[Maximus], no doubt, shares the same anger we have against Israel’s grotesque policies, colonization, and killing. I understand his inability to care about Israeli casualties."

      Assuming you read that stuff, you were still able to aim this at myself:

      "It’s quite interesting that you seem to have a lot more to say about occupation soldiers killed in battle than about the hundreds of Palestinian civilians who were their victims."

      Implying that I value Israeli/Jewish lives more than Palestinian lives, without knowing the first thing about me aside from these few posts here, is so extremely offensive to me that I certainly won’t be engaging w/ you any longer. Your implication is unfortunate, wildly incorrect, and quite frankly, gross.

    • Thanks Elisabeth. Yes, I totally understand and share your incredible anger. For me, Cast Lead was the breaking point. Maybe "Protective Edge" is yours. I no longer see any good coming from "Zionism" or the creation of Israel and it's make me sick as an American jew. It's all bad. One of the most horrifically ironic historical events/facts in the history of history. Truly disgusting. However, even w/ all my anger, and even w/ all the facts about Israel's total culpability in the events occurring right now and all along this conflict since the early 20th century, I can still muster the intellectual ability to understand that saying you "don't care" about a person being killed - even if this person is a soldier on the wrong side of history - is morally wrong. From your post in response to mine it would seem you feel the same and for that I'm happy. From Maximus's response above to my post, it would seem he does not feel the same. He, no doubt, shares the same anger we have against Israel's grotesque policies, colonization, and killing. I understand his inability to care about Israeli casualties. But I don't share it...

    • Exactly right, Sumud. Over and over again I've made this point to Israeli-firsters/Zionists/Conservatives/whateveryouwanncallem and 100% of the time they will say something like, "Well, I don't wanna talk about numbers." Of course they don't. It's like forcing them to look in the mirror...

    • To Elisabeth and Maximus: It's your right to "not care" about the dead Israeli soldiers. But I do care about them. It's awful that they died in this conflict/conquest. However, at the same time, I will say absolutely that their deaths are completely their own fault and responsibility; and also the fault and responsibility of the Israeli government and, yes, the U.S. government. I would lay approximately 0% of the blame on Hamas for their deaths. But that's just me, and yes I do care about them as human beings.

      On a colder, more practical note, I feel that you two (Elisabeth and Maximus) should take more "care" in what you write. I'm certain you are aware of the giant, relentless and manipulative Hasbara machine. And I'm sure you are aware of its importance in the continuation of the occupation/conquest. Comments like yours out here in the internets are helping them w/ the Israeli PR war/campaign. They can point to your comments and simply say, "Look! They don't care about Jews dying. We have to defend ourselves against the new anti-semitism, look what what we're up against, blah blah blah etc etc etc..." Whether they're being simplistic in their criticisms (of course they are...) of your comments or not isn't the point. You're giving them the opportunity to say it and people eat it up. Is that what you want? Not trying to come off harsh, but I honestly feel that comments like yours are helping the israelis and that's the last thing I personally want. I assume the same for you two...

  • Israel is in a pickle
    • Hey Annie and American. I agree w/ both of you to an extent. I agree w/ Annie that this ground invasion feels a bit different than other Israeli military aggressions; a bit more "blind," desperate, craven and self-aggrandising than others. But, of course, that's not saying much. The Zionist Israel project has always been all of those things. But I also agree w/ American when he/she says that as long as Israel can broadly influence world governments (The U.S. particularly) to support their actions (ie: slaughters...), there will be no major "pickle." Annie: your mentioning Hezbollah, combined w/ the issue of Israel being horrified of any legitimate peace initiatives being proffered by a unified Palestinian coalition government (Fatah/Hamas), reminded me of the PLO and 1982. And this goes to American's point - Our U.S. government bends over backwards to make it look like we would do anything to keep defenseless Israel safe from all the scary Arab World countries into which it decided to insert itself over a century ago. In reality, if the U.S. ever truly withdrew unconditional diplomatic support and military funding, Israel would be more isolated than ever and would lose much of its military edge, forcing it to deal diplomatically with Palestine on the world stage. This is something in which Israel has consistently shown no interest, as evinced by Israeli military analyst Avner Yaniv’s classic description of the PLO’s willingness to engage in diplomacy toward a two-state solution as a “peace offensive” which needed to be neutralized through the brutal invasion of Lebanon in 1982. U.S. protection allows Israel to put off true diplomacy indefinitely. This is exactly what is happening this moment. Israel, the U.S., and Britain are fighting against the "peace offensive" that was (is?) the Palestinian Unity Government. They're scared. Are they in a pickle? I don't know...

  • On the photo of three Gaza brothers whose parents were killed by an Israeli bombing
    • Hey Citizen. I agree w/ you that most Americans can't process the information. Pardon the long post here, but the processing of media information on this conflict is something I wrote a little about a while back. This article, and your comment, reminded me of it. I summed up my thoughts after detailing how I think our media (and government...) manipulates and clouds our population's perceptions of these events. I have no other outlet so I'm hoping this is allowed here. Yes, it does relate to the photo above and the concepts in the excellent article. Maybe of interest to some below:

      This clouding of the nature and reliability of sources, and the general erosion of any faith in the integrity of media and politics, creates an environment where seemingly no information can be trusted. Add to this the increasing polarization of the political “right/left” narrative within the media, publishing worlds, and throughout the culture. This polarization mirrors, and widens, the same gap of attitudes within the Jewish community toward Israel (not to mention the polarization between the rich and the poor). Publishing houses and news organizations put out increasingly conflicting content. So conflicting now that it’s to the point of complete opposites. This is certainly true of content relating to the Israel/Palestine conflict, but maybe the more obvious example of this phenomenon familiar to all Americans would be the case of the Bush II administration. We have thousands of books and reports on their war crimes, impeachable offences, intentional deceptions of the public, improper justice department firings, legalization and acceptance of torture (not unlike Israel), corporate welfare, etc… We also have a huge amount of publications praising this same administration’s moral authority, the legality of their tactics in their “war on terror” and their necessity to the world’s safety, their fair and honest tax policies that allow businesses to grow and hard-working people to reap the fruits of their labor, etc… Leaving aside the validity of either side’s argument, there can be no debate that they are essentially opposites. And like the physical acoustical properties of opposite signal waves, they cancel each other out. When people are confronted with so much wildly conflicting information, the natural impulse can be to shut it all out. Trying too hard to make sense of so much polar opposite information could literally drive some to experience serious, prolonged, and unresolved cognitive dissonance. This could lead to major behavioral problems, so ignoring this information can be a survival mechanism. But when people decide (or are led) to ignore information, they become susceptible to being manipulated solely through their emotions. This opens up the floodgates to mass manipulation. The inability to trust the media and publishing houses, coupled with the reflex of shutting out conflicting reports with polar opposite spins on the same realities of major issues, is the end of information. The “Information Age” has imploded and has left us with its evil twin: The Age of Disinformation. In 21st century technology-speak, it’s as if the whole of our news/media/mass information system is one large corrupted file.

  • Joining Graham, Schumer calls for end of Palestinian unification for sake of Israel's 'survival'
    • From the above article: "Does the survival of that state require slaughter?" The answer to that question is yes. If we're talking about the state that the founding Zionists envisioned and wanted, and leaders like Netanyahu want, then the answer is yes. There are many well known quotes showing that men like Dayan, Jabotinsky, etc... knew slaughter would be necessary. And they moved forward with it. They are still moving forward with it. It's happening as we speak. That's why Israel is such a grotesque reality to be existing today; let alone when this sort of colonialist slaughter and repression was more the norm.

  • Missing Israeli teens found dead near Hebron; Netanyahu: 'Hamas is responsible and Hamas will pay'
    • Robert G. Sugarman... and Malcolm Hoenlein: "[These murders] cannot be met by indifference or pro-forma expressions of sympathy. For too long the threats against Israel, including missiles and terrorism, have elicited limited responses, with the roles of victims and perpetrators inverted. It must stop.”

      This may be the most disgustingly ironic statement I've ever read. I've not been this terrified for the Palestinians living in Gaza and the West Bank since Cast Lead. No words to express my frustration and anger right now. This is a very dark day.

  • 'J Street has to change or die': Divestment battle exposes tactical rift among liberal Zionists
    • Thanks seafoid. I wish it was shorter, but it is what it is and I hope you get through it (I'd suggest headphones for helping you find 'quiet'). It's basically clips of the J Street sponsored speaker at a showing of The Gatekeepers and my responses cut into them. There a few other supportive clips added as well (Chomsky, Amira Hass, Beit-Hallahmi...). What does the "J" stand for in J Street, anyway? So many options...

    • Ah, J Street. I'm something of a broken record on this subject. I don't buy the term "liberal Zionist." And I don't buy J Street. The article I wanted to have published here a couple years back made my thoughts clear on it, but that didn't work out. I've made two videos (over a year ago) on this topic: one short, one long. The long one is the better one and it's also about Dror Moreh's film The Gatekeepers. Movies such as The Gatekeepers and organizations like J Street are of a piece.

      I'm under no illusions that folks here will be too interested in these, but if anyone actually watches the entire longer piece, I'd be interested in any thoughts. J Street is not an organization that is attractive to anyone who believes in universal equal rights:

  • Israel announces identity of suspected kidnappers, still no evidence of abduction made public
    • If Abbas did dissolve the partnership due to these, as yet unconfirmed, kidnappings, he and Netanyahu would say that it would be "to end the sweeps/home invasions/killings," as you say. But after a brief period of "relative calm," I assume the sweeps/home invasions/and killings would continue just as they have for decades and decades. The dissolution would stop nothing, really. Maybe if we got Scarlett Johansson to interrogate Gary Oldman w/ some enhanced interrogation techniques at Gitmo, we could get some solid intel on these three Jewish Israeli teenagers...

  • The Ramallah bubble just popped: Reflections on a city under siege
  • After ADL says opera is 'biased' toward Palestinians, Met cancels broadcast, citing rising anti-Semitism
    • "some local Zionist friends suggested I change it to give it a neutral point of view..."

      You can't be neutral on a moving train. You are right Philip to not "neutralize" yourself. Your Zionist friends' suggestion of neutrality is the same technique as the "balance" canard in the media. Creating an image of balance out of an obviously unbalanced situation is simply inaccurate. Be neutral? That's like standing with a bucket of water in your hand next to a man on fire and opting to wait for it to rain 'cuz you don't feel you should "interfere."

      Prediction: This cancellation of Adams's work is so outrageous that it will have repercussions many years into the future. Adams is a giant figure in American music, and in music history generally. This is a MAJOR event. The Met fucked up. But big...

  • Don't let Pamela Geller speak for American Jews
    • Not a bad article. I think most informed, reasonable people know that Geller is completely [fill in the blank here w/ favorite relevant pejorative]. Related specifically to Rachel Roberts's subject above, I made a very short vid a couple years back on Geller's [fill in the blank here w/ favorite relevant pejorative]. Enjoy:

  • Don't destroy our dream-castle Israel! (Why the Jewish establishment shut out J Street)
    • "J Street is controlled opposition. They never came into being until acknowledgement of and criticism of the Israel Lobby began to be seen. They are the wolf in sheep’s clothing." Giles is exactly right. Except that the word "opposition" is too strong. Understudy, perhaps?

      I attended a J Street event a few years back. Disappointingly, my impression from this event was that J Street is simply another example of the prescience found in Chris Hedges’s Death Of The Liberal Class. Hedges writes that the true left/liberal class in America - the one that used to fight for universal rights and justice through the beginning of the 20th century (many of whom were Jews incidentally) – has been diluted to the point of being a useless shadow of the moderate/conservative “center.” Over the last century, true liberal values and activism have been neutralized in this country and replaced with pseudo-liberal organizations like J Street. Progressive ideas live on in diluted rhetoric but not in action. Instead of a sincere emphasis on the need to end the illegal occupation of Gaza and the West Bank (to my memory, the word illegal was never used in reference to the occupied territories during the event), with concrete and specific policies toward that end, J Street and Ben-Ami presented the same old UN bashing, military worshipping, “right to self-defense, right to exist, right to self-determination (for Israel), right of return (for Jews only)” Israeli-centric blather. Truly progressive, liberal attitudes place “Jewish rights” as a subset of “Human rights,” not above them.

  • 'NYT' self-censors, axing headline blaming Israeli settlements
    • Good piece here. And, as always, excellent work from Representative Press. If anyone here is unfamiliar w/ the man being interviewed by RT at the end of the vid, I suggest googling four words: "Miko Peled Revolution Books." The first hit will be an excellent, long talk given by Peled. It will give you a good idea of where he's coming from and why he should be amplified when/if at all possible. He doesn't shy away or sugarcoat in any way the fact that, at the root, Israel is to blame. As he says, this is not a balanced issue. So he doesn't give balanced talks. To give a "balanced" talk, as defined by nearly all mainstream media (ie: NYT, CNN, ABC, Fox, NPR, etc...), is to be inaccurate. Balance? Oy veh...

  • Canadian groups press Neil Young not to play Israel
    • i think we can all guess pretty accurately what hophmi's thoughts might be on the video considering his referring to the BDS movement as "anti-jewish," which it, of course, is not. However, as good as the intentions are w/ this video, and while i whole-heartedly support the idea of trying to convince Neil Young to cancel his concert in Israel, i think this video is approaching trash. i think Independent Jewish Voices would be taken much more seriously by Young had they simply stuck to showing him the facts of the situation instead of using Young's own music (presumably without permission) in a lazy video that makes all too broad "connections" between Young's topic in the song Ohio and Israeli oppression and Operation Cast Lead. it trivializes both events (particularly OCL). the stringing together of relatively random violent images w/ phrases against Israeli oppression, then saying "look Neil, it's like Ohio" is not helpful. i'd assume it is likely the opposite. and i understand that some would say these images are not random, i'd say they do come off somewhat random unless the viewer is already very aware of the particulars of OCL and are already a supporter of the Palestinians; which Young apparently, sadly, is not... yet. and if this video's intent was to "inform" Young about Israel's lack of human rights for all citizens, war crimes, lack of constitution, illegal settlements, etc etc etc..., it's a bogus attempt. good intent, very bad execution. if i was Young and was relatively uninformed about Israel's track record of daily oppression of the Palestinians, their war crimes, and the U.S.'s aid in their war crimes and Apartheid, i'd've taken one look at this video and said to myself, "Wow. That video sucked, the IJV abused my music and I don't really know why. Maybe I'll add another tour date in Israel." bummer...

  • Eric Alterman continues to justify lack of Palestinian voices at 'The Nation'
    • thought you should know that when i read this, "I think Eric feels reality is some kind of anti-Israel plot, and he’s getting increasing pissed off about it," i laughed out loud. no, seriously. out loud for about 10 full seconds. i think it bothered my neighbors. thank you :)

    • I wrote off Alterman as a major league jackass after witnessing his idiotically misplaced venom heaped on the great Ralph Nader in the documentary "An Unreasonable Man." If Nader wasn't a Lebanese-American who openly criticizes Israel when they deserve it, I'd bet Alterman wouldn't've blamed Nader for Bush winning the election and subsequently for all the ills caused by the that administration. He is a Jackass and one of the best examples of the so-called PEP.

  • Reactions to Ariel Sharon's death over social media (Updated)
    • all the predictable reactions from all the usual players are of course nauseating.

      however, i wouldn't say i'm happy he's dead. but then, i'm certainly not happy that he was ever alive either.

  • J Street's leader will debate two-state-solution with Munayyer and Lustick on Capitol Hill
    • hey kayq. i'd say phil is partially right: imo J Street isn't "becoming" part of the lobby establishment. they always have been part of it. J Street is a trojan horse. here's a small vid i made on them:

      link to

      there's a longer vid on my channel that deals w/ J Street a bit more in relation to the film Gatekeepers...

  • J Street's keynote speaker was ambassador for Gaza slaughter of '08-'09
    • "I ask again: Why is a liberal American organization hosting someone who played such a prominent role in a war targeting civilians?"

      Because J Street is not a "liberal" organization. They spend a lot of energy creating the illusion that they are liberal when they are actually quite conservative/status quo. If my piece on J Street had been published here I'd be able to refer folks to my thoughts on that here at Mondo. Anyone who is interested can see it here:

      link to

      Scroll down for the piece on J Street...

  • Was James Gandolfini sucked into Tony Soprano's fierce dream?
    • Is this short article intimating that James Gandolfini is dead because he played Tony Soprano? Wow. Wildly disrespectful and, imo, intellectually childish. James Gandolfini was a great actor and, from what I've seen, a great person. He obviously had some unfortunate health issues coupled w/ some bad choices. But his death had nothing to do w/ his playing Tony Soprano. WTF? Gimme a break.

      If you haven't yet seen it, I would suggest seeking out and watching "Romance And Cigarettes" for anyone interested in Gandolfini's gift. Great, great actor. RIP.

  • 'NYU' business school and 'Think Progress' endorse businesses that operate in occupied West Bank
    • Oh snap! Didn't know this was up here. I was directed here yesterday after I received info from a tweet by Max B. I think... Thanks Annie :)

    • had a video "contest" recently for ads countering the sodasatream super bowl ad. i found out a bit late and only had half a day to put mine together, but here it is anyway:

      link to

      i assume there's no way to embed video here so click on the above link if interested. some of the other vids were worth a viewing as well. maybe some folks saw them and thought twice about buying sodastream afterward. a guy can dream :)

      too bad we didn't have 3 million dollars to waste like sodastream did to buy time actual air time during the super bowl...

  • Day after Israel rejects ceasefire, bus explodes in Tel Aviv outside IDF Spokesperson office
    • agreed American. the second i heard about this bus bombing i thought the same. i guess we'll see.

      and by way of showing this kind of thinking is not what simpletons would label "conspiracy theory," from David Remnick’s “The Vegetarian” in The New Yorker magazine, 9/3/12:

      “[Reporters] Yigal Sarna and Anat Tal-Shir once investigated a story that, before the Israeli’s 1982 invasion of Lebanon… Meir Dagan (former Mossad director) led a secret unit across the border whose mission was to instigate terrorist events that would justify an incursion. Military censors killed the story..."

      and this - from a 1976 interview where Moshe Dayan talks about a relatedly devious Israeli technique (used just pre '67 6-day war) in provoking hostilities while making it seem like the Arabs/Palestinians are responsible for the escalation:

      "We would send a tractor to plow some area where it wasn't possible to do anything, in the demilitarized area, and knew in advance that the Syrians would start to shoot. If they didn't shoot, we would tell the tractor to advance further, until in the end the Syrians would get annoyed and shoot. And then we would use artillery and later the air force also, and that's how it was..."

      we don't know yet about the bus bombing. but since there has been no claim of responsibility yet, and considering the above historical facts/anecdotes, thinking it may have been administered by the Israelis themselves is in no way an absurd idea.

  • Segregation in the 'democratic state' of Israel
  • J Street sells its soul, completes evolution to AIPAC lite
    • Hey seafoid. I assume the "Nice try" was for me? That reads to me like some kind of accusation of me trying to justify Israeli actions (ie: Operation Cast Lead) or of my trying to play down the war crime that was OCL. You have no idea how offensive that is to me.

      From my understanding the generally accepted/agreed upon number of Palestinian civilian casualties during OCL is approximately 700-800. This means, B’Tselem, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, etc… While I understand the argument that the number may be higher depending upon differing classifications of “civilian” vs. “combatant” (police, etc...), making a blanket statement like “All 1,400 were civilians…” is not useful. Why is it not useful? Because it gives Israel apologists something to point to and say crap like, “Look! The Israel haters lie w/ their statistics to justify their hatred of Israel. Why do they hate us?!” You’re giving them ammunition. And so is Rosenberg by putting it in "print." Don’t give them the chance to say that shit. Isn’t the conservative estimate of 700 civilians killed, 300 of them children, horrific enough? Of course it is. And since it’s accepted, it can’t be argued against. It was a massacre even by the conservative estimate. I say stick w/ that for now and don't give the apologists a chance to evade the truth of the crime by giving them the chance to focus on some other detail.

    • Decent article by Rosenberg. Except this:

      "...I say tell that to the people of Gaza, including the 1400 civilians (300 kids) who heard all about that context in 2009-2010."

      This seems to be referencing Operation Cast Lead (OCL), right? With the numbers that are used, the dual-year date marker "2009-2010," and the specification of Gaza - Rosenberg must be referencing OCL, right? What else could he possibly be referring to? I agree w/ his point about "contextualizing," but with an event this historic, he's got to get his facts right. And since Mondoweiss put this article up on their site (presumably having read it through), they need to get it right as well. It wasn't 1,400 civilians killed in OCL, it was approximately 700. 1,400 is the number of total palestinians killed (I use the word massacred). And it wasn't 2009-2010. It was 2008-2009.

      Sure, some people could say that parsing numbers and details like these is unimportant. I'm not among them. Get it right.

  • American Jewish relationship with Israel is debated at New School
    • That being said, I would be interested to read your longer take on J Street. Perhaps MW could give you my email address (fine with me) or forward your essay to me.

      I'd be more than happy to forward/send you the little essay on my J Street experience. That's nice of you to be interested. But I don't know how :( I'm totally new to the board here and it seems there is no way to "private message" another member on the board. Maybe I'm missing something simple? At the moment I'd prefer to not put my private email up here. However, I have listed my little youtube channel address in my personal info here at mondo. If you have a youtube account maybe you could message me over there?

    • Hey David (and Mondoweiss…).

      General info: while the New School may have recorded the event, there was a gentleman there from C-Span as well who told me that it would be up on their site shortly.

      I also attended this talk/debate and like you, David, was also very impressed w/ Baltzer.

      There was disagreement over the term Zionism. Norman argued that it should be avoided, because it means different things to different people… Anna responded that we have no business telling or advising Palestinians not to use the word…

      This awesome exchange brought us the most hilarious soundbite of the afternoon from NF: “For most people, Zionism is a hairspray.” Priceless! While I agree w/ NF about the currently confused nature of the term “Zionism/Zionist,” by no means should anyone be told not to use the term. If you’re speaking w/ someone who uses the word, and you’re not sure what they mean by it, simply ask them, “What do you mean Zionist?” NF should not be in the business of trying to restrict someone else’s language but simply holding them accountable for how they use it. Many words are slippery and broad in meaning – shifting in specifics from context to context. People have different views of the term/word “Jew.” Is it a religion, a race, a culture, a nationality, etc… Should we stop using that word as well? Or should we simply demand clarity when it is needed? I, and it seems Baltzer, side w/ clarity and not the unnecessary narrowing of language. This is particularly personal for Baltzer as she is, from what understand, involved w/ IJAN (Internat’l Jewish Anti-Zionist Network). Somehow this reminds me of an old SNL mock TV commercial: “It’s a floor wax – No, it’s a dessert topping. Wait: It’s both!”

      Anna had an excellent line about J Street. While expressing her differences with the organization, she called it a “gateway drug,” explaining that Jews who are attracted to its message as an alternative to AIPAC could be persuaded to move further along and leave J Street behind

      While this may have worked for you David, I’m personally skeptical. I had a very negative experience w/ JStreet and feel they may even be harmful. I wrote up a JStreet event I attended a while ago, but it was unfortunately too long for publication here a Mondoweiss. (I’d be more than happy to send my little article to anyone who is interested. Just lemme know). The “Gateway Drug” analogy for me is suspect. JStreet puts itself across as a “Progressive/Liberal” organization representing the majority view of American Jewry. From where I stand, it is no such thing. But American Jews who hear the words “Liberal, Progressive, Majority” and want to start learning about the conflict may join because they consider themselves to be progressives. My fear is that people starting out learning about the conflict from JStreet will be convinced that JStreet’s stance is actually “progressive” because that’s what they’re being told. This contributes to the general deterioration of the true “Liberal Left,” similar to what is detailed in Hedges’ “Death Of The Liberal Class.” JStreet is a very slick scam imo.

      The last question selected by Shatz for the Q&A happened to be from me. And, imo, Shatz showed some chutzpah for choosing it. It brought up the issue of the ubiquitous Two State Solution vs. the increasingly proposed One State Solution. For me, this is where I have the biggest issue w/ NF. He is completely and immediately dismissive of even discussing the possibility - to the point of close-minded condescension. Don’t get me wrong: I’ve read a good amount of NF, seen him speak twice and have a HUGE amount of respect and admiration for the man. I don’t see that ever changing. But I feel on this issue he has something of a “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” syndrome happening. He’s been focused like a laser beam on the Two State Solution for, what, 30 years now? After all that time and professional/emotional energy spent, switching from that to a quite different attitude could be, dare I say, near impossible and maybe too much to ask. Though I disagree w/ him on his dismissiveness of the option, I can understand his inability to wrap his head around its possibility. As for his spoken justifications for the Two State Solution being the only solution worthy of consideration, I may try to write something more on that after the video is published. He has a very specific reason for his argument, and I have a very specific reason I disagree w/ his argument.

      Hello Mondoweiss ☺

    • u-s-officers-in-israel-for-military-exercise

      Time said Washington had reduced the number of military staff going to Israel, as well as the number and strength of missile defence systems that would be used during operation Austere Challenge 12.
      Of the initial 5,000 US troops lined up to take part in the exercises, only up to 1,500 will take part. US Patriot missiles will be sent as originally planned, but not the crews that were to operate the batteries, Time said.

      In addition, only one of two Aegis anti-missile cruisers is bound for Israel, and even this is not certain, according to the magazine.
      Raw Story (link to

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