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B.S. Ga. Tech ~ J.D. (law) Mercer U. [Also see -] • One of the reasons I began following developments in the Middle East has to do with the happenstance that I was away from Atlanta visiting my grandfather (with little to do but read) in June, 1967. In that part of Georgia, the television reception with a rotating antenna was much better for the Augusta and Macon stations than it was for the Atlanta stations, but since the programming of the Augusta and Macon stations was not up to Atlanta standards, the television was seldom used. This time though, as luck (or not) would have it, one of the two Augusta stations preempted its daytime programming with the deliberations by the UN General Assembly of proposals that might lessen the likelihood of war. I very much enjoyed watching several days of this, and I was very disappointed when I got up on June 5 and the station had reverted to its customary daytime programming because Israel had bombed the Egyptian air force on the tarmac in Egypt. Needless to say, I did not at all see Israel's action(s) as defensive. All told, this made quite a lasting impression (unfavorable as to Israel) on me! • I recall one particular Six Day War joke that was told by a classmate of mine (not one of my Jewish friends, who were much less chauvinistic) during my senior year of high school here in Atlanta (the year following the Six Day War). Actually, to be more accurate, I only remember the gist of the joke at this point. As I recall the joke (told by a Jewish female), there was a busload of Egyptian children somewhere in the Sinai. The punchline was that the mighty Israeli military virtually vaporized the entire bus full of Egyptian children. [Riotous laughter here, excepting me.] There wasn't a single survivor! ["Ha, ha, ha" (excepting me) ! ! ! ] •Another reason I began paying close attention the Israel/Palestine issue was because Israel's actions/behavior seemed so very much unlike the actions/behavior of my Jewish friends. Consequently, I have spent decades trying to understand the incongruity. • Lastly, since the U.S. unfortunately seems to emulate Israel in many ways (preemptive wars, Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo, for instance), I have come to be especially concerned about Israel's behavior (which might unfortunately be adopted by our own government). I tend not to worry quite so much (though perhaps I should) that the U.S will emulate Rwanda, Uzbekistan, Belarus or Myanmar/Burma. This "monkey see, monkey do" phenomenon that seems to occur between the U.S. and Israel illustrates my fear that Likudnik Israel (specifically by virtue of its inordinate sway over the U.S.) with its Revisionist Zionism might very well be an “existential threat” to the values of The Enlightenment ! ! !


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  • The immaculate conception of Louis Brandeis
  • It turns out Jews are as stupid as everyone else
    • RE: "The Jewish establishment has determined that these men (Stephen Walt and John Mearsheimer) are wicked so they cannot be heard. This is tragic." ~ Weiss

      MY COMMENT: Might this partly be a consequence of "hasbara culture"?

      Peter O'Toole as Jack Gurney, 14th Earl of Gurney:

      The Ruling Class - Dem Bones

      The Ruling Class (from the "nut house" to The House of Lords)

      The Ruling Class (1972) [VIDEO, 2:34:13] -

    • RE: "The highlight of the evening was Goldberg, who has lately been appointed editor of the Atlantic because he is in the estimation of the Atlantic publisher the best journalist of his generation, asserting that the ballbearings lobby has as much power in Washington as the Israel lobby." ~ Weiss

      MY COMMENT: The National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) was founded in 1895, and was quite powerful in the 1930s (fighting against FDR's New Deal) and 1940s (fighting for Taft-Hartly); but as the financialization of the U.S. economy took off, its influence became less and less. It's power today pales in comparison to Wall Street.

      ■ National Association of Manufacturers -

  • To be successful the French Peace Initiative must be based on international law and human rights
    • RE: "Learning from history, there must be a change in approach for any just solution to be achieved... On this basis, the international community should use the upcoming conference as an opportunity to determine what role they have played in sustaining and enabling the occupation... Do their aid projects in the Occupied Palestinian Territory either cement Israeli policies or bear costs that should be on Israel as the Occupying Power?" ~ Shawan Jabarin

      FOR EXAMPLE, SEE: "US Funds Apartheid Roads on West Bank" ~ by Mel Frykberg, Inter Press Service, 5/24/10

      [EXCERPT] RAMALLAH - The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is helping Israel to construct an apartheid road infrastructure in the occupied Palestinian West Bank by financing nearly a quarter of the segregated road system primarily for the benefit of Israeli settlers.

      USAID's figures state that the agency has financed 235 km of roads in the West Bank in the past decade, and is preparing to add another 120 km by the end of this year, reported Nazareth-based journalist Jonathan Cook in the United Arab Emirates paper ‘The National'*.

      According to an April report released by the Applied Research Institute of Jerusalem (ARIJ), USAID has helped build 114 km of segregated roads in the Palestinian territory despite assurances from Washington six years ago that it would not assist in the construction after the Palestinian Authority (PA) protested.

      Israeli human rights organization B'Tselem reports that 170 km of roads in the West Bank are either off-limits to Palestinians or highly restricted.

      After the Oslo Peace Accord in 1994, Israel requested the international community to finance 500 km of roads for the Palestinians, later termed ‘fabric of life' roads, including upgrading agricultural tracks and constructing many underpasses and bridges, at a cost of 200 million US dollars, reported Cook.

      However, donor countries rejected this request due to PA's protests that the entrenched apartheid-system infrastructure would strengthen the settlements and make their presence a permanent fixture while justifying more expropriation of Palestinian land.

      But it would appear that the PA has been railroaded, at the behest of Israel, into accepting USAID in a take it or leave it scenario. . .


      * SEE: "US funds 'apartheid' road network in Israel" | By Jonathan Cook | | May 15, 2010
      LINK -

      P.S. ALSO SEE: "Palestinian Roads: Cementing Statehood, or Israeli Annexation?"
      By Nadia Hijab and Jesse Rosenfeld | The Nation | April 30, 2010
      New evidence indicates that the PA's ambitious road-building program--heavily funded by the United States and Europe--is being used by Israel to facilitate settlement expansion.
      LINK -

  • Why Israel wants us to say 'terror'
    • RE: [Israel] wants the world to say ‘terror’, and it can’t go fast enough, whilst whitewashing its own terror, even the King David bombing many decades later, as Netanyahu did. When it’s Jewish Zionist terror, there’s no limit to how long we can stretch the ‘ambivalence’. But with Palestinian terror – it’s so reflexive, it takes us only a few seconds to establish it. We’re poised to do it, it’s already assumed – “terror”! Because they are simply “not good people”. ~ Jonathan Ofir

      SEE: "Notes on Nationalism", by George Orwell, 1945

      [EXCERPTS] . . . All nationalists have the power of not seeing resemblances between similar sets of facts. A British Tory will defend self-determination in Europe and oppose it in India with no feeling of inconsistency. Actions are held to be good or bad, not on their own merits, but according to who does them, and there is almost no kind of outrage — torture, the use of hostages, forced labour, mass deportations, imprisonment without trial, forgery, assassination, the bombing of civilians [summary, extra-judicial executions - J.L.D.] — which does not change its moral colour when it is committed by ‘our’ side. . .

      . . . The nationalist not only does not disapprove of atrocities committed by his own side, but he has a remarkable capacity for not even hearing about them. For quite six years the English admirers of Hitler contrived not to learn of the existence of Dachau and Buchenwald. And those who are loudest in denouncing the German concentration camps are often quite unaware, or only very dimly aware, that there are also concentration camps in Russia. Huge events like the Ukraine famine of 1933, involving the deaths of millions of people, have actually escaped the attention of the majority of English russophiles. Many English people have heard almost nothing about the extermination of German and Polish Jews during the present war. Their own antisemitism has caused this vast crime to bounce off their consciousness. In nationalist thought there are facts which are both true and untrue, known and unknown. A known fact may be so unbearable that it is habitually pushed aside and not allowed to enter into logical processes, or on the other hand it may enter into every calculation and yet never be admitted as a fact, even in one’s own mind. . .

      SOURCE ("Notes on Nationalism", by George Orwell, 1945) -

  • How I got over the Milk-and-Honey-and-Chosen-People place
    • That golden-hued photo of Jerusalem almost had me believin' until I realized that Grammarly can't even seem to spell today.
      In the "final analysis", they always let you down!

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  • Everyone shares the blame in Gaza electricity crisis
    • Allah works in mysterious ways.
      She also takes frequent sabbaticals.
      And is currently staging a 'work slowdown' to protest the insane quantity of greenhouse gasses her minions are releasing into her atmosphere!

      P.S. For years, Hollywood mega-producer Arnon Milchan (of Pretty Woman fame) has been regularly supplying Netanyahu with Cuban cigars based upon Netanyahu's very demanding specifications. According to a report on Israel’s Channel 2 news last week, the cigars cost up to $55 each, and the prime minister might smoke as much as $5,000 worth of cigars a month! *
      Not to mention that Milchan is also providing all of the pink champagne Bibi's boozer of a wife can chug-a-lug to holler hi-de-ho. **
      Consequently, expect Netanyahu to "wag the dog" any day now, because a man's got to do what a man's got to do.
      So, lookout Gaza (or possibly Lebanon)!

      * Hollywood producer Arnon Milchan tied to corruption inquiry of Israel's prime minister -


  • The Palestinian state never had a chance: a review of Toufic Haddad's 'Palestine Ltd: Neoliberalism and Nationalism in the Occupied Territory'
    • P.S. ALSO SEE: "Palestinian poet at heart of row on Israeli army radio broadcast" | By Peter Beaumont in Jerusalem | | 23 July 2016
      · Rightwing fury after Mahmoud Darwish’s words are aired on army radio

      [EXCERPTS] He is regarded as one of Palestinian literature’s most important figures, a poet whose work has been translated and read around the globe, including in Hebrew.

      Now the work of Mahmoud Darwish, who died in 2008, has been denounced by Israel’s far-right defence minister, Avigdor Lieberman, as equivalent to Hitler’s Mein Kampf in the latest bitter row over freedom of expression in Israel.

      The remarks came as Lieberman waded into the controversy over Israel Army Radio’s inclusion of one of Darwish’s poems, ID Card, in an educational segment, infuriating rightwingers.

      Lieberman summoned the station’s head, Yaron Dekel, to reprimand him over last week’s broadcast of the poem on the station’s University on the Air programme.

      Darwish is internationally renowned for his poetry, whose themes of identity, exile and belonging are expressed often through an evocation of landscape. . .

      . . . ID Card was written in 1964, when Darwish was working as a literary assistant in Haifa on an Israeli communist party publication. Its most famous line – “Write it down! I’m an Arab” – was later borrowed for a documentary of his life. Like many of his poems, it balances complex emotions often within a single stanza: anger, pride in a sense of self, rejection of stereotyping and a warning of the consequences of oppression. It finishes: “Write down on the top of the first page: / I do not hate people / And I do not steal from anyone / But if I starve / I will eat my oppressor’s flesh / Beware, beware of my starving / And my rage.” . . .

      . . . The row was initially ignited by the culture minister, Miri Regev – who has sought to deny government funding to arts groups that refuse to perform in the occupied territories – in a Facebook post.

      Calling on Lieberman to stop funding the station, Regev claimed it was “providing a platform to the Palestinian narrative that opposes the existence of Israel as a Jewish democratic state”.

      While nominally in charge of Army Radio, Lieberman has no power to intervene in its output. For its part, the station defended the broadcast, saying: “On this platform we’ve hosted programmes on various topics, including the literary works of Rabbi Kook, Ze’ev Jabotinsky, Theodor Herzl and Naomi Shemer, as well as the text of the declaration of independence. We believe that academic freedom obligates us to offer our listeners a wealth of ideas.”

      Darwish has been widely translated into Hebrew and some poems were considered for inclusion in the Israeli school curriculum in 2000, before the idea was dropped after criticism by rightwingers. . .

      . . . Among those who were unsurprised by Lieberman’s comments was Ghassan Khatib, a professor at Bir Zeit University – a Palestinian university, he said, which teaches texts by key Zionist thinkers including Herzl and Jabotinsky.

      “It is a demonstration that he is not serious about positive relations between the two sides,” he said. “In conflict there are two sides, each with its own narrative. When media outlets in Israel allow Israelis to look at the other side’s narrative, it should be respected. . .


    • RE: "The Israeli media barely covers Palestine... 99.9 percent of Jewish journalists live in Israel proper (or the occupied, Palestinian territories) and barely spend any serious time in Palestine (except when serving in the IDF). The lack of Palestinian perspectives is striking... the inevitable outcome is that most Israelis view Palestinians through a security framework. The media reinforces this inherent bias. Palestinians are seen as a foreign threat to be feared or loathed, unless proven otherwise. It’s therefore unsurprising that contact between Israeli Jews and Palestinians is increasingly rare unless occurring at a military checkpoint or Israeli-run, industrial park in the West Bank." ~ Loewenstein

      FOR A HINT OF THE IMPLICATIONS, SEE: "Rich People Just Care Less", By Daniel Goleman, N.Y. Times, 10/05/13

      [EXCERPT] . . . In politics, readily dismissing inconvenient people can easily extend to dismissing inconvenient truths about them. The insistence by some House Republicans in Congress on cutting financing for food stamps and impeding the implementation of Obamacare, which would allow patients, including those with pre-existing health conditions, to obtain and pay for insurance coverage, may stem in part from the empathy gap. As political scientists have noted, redistricting and gerrymandering have led to the creation of more and more safe districts, in which elected officials don’t even have to encounter many voters from the rival party, much less empathize with them.

      Social distance makes it all the easier to focus on small differences between groups and to put a negative spin on the ways of others and a positive spin on our own.

      Freud called this “the narcissism of minor differences,” a theme repeated by Vamik D. Volkan, an emeritus professor of psychiatry at the University of Virginia, who was born in Cyprus to Turkish parents. Dr. Volkan remembers hearing as a small boy awful things about the hated Greek Cypriots — who, he points out, actually share many similarities with Turkish Cypriots. Yet for decades their modest-size island has been politically divided, which exacerbates the problem by letting prejudicial myths flourish.
      In contrast, extensive interpersonal contact counteracts biases by letting people from hostile groups get to know one another as individuals and even friends.
      Thomas F. Pettigrew, a research professor of social psychology at the University of California, Santa Cruz, analyzed more than 500 studies on intergroup contact. Mr. Pettigrew, who was born in Virginia in 1931 and lived there until going to Harvard for graduate school, told me in an e-mail that it was the “the rampant racism in the Virginia of my childhood” that led him to study prejudice.

      In his research, he found that even in areas where ethnic groups were in conflict and viewed one another through lenses of negative stereotypes, individuals who had close friends within the other group exhibited little or no such prejudice. They seemed to realize the many ways those demonized “others” were “just like me.” . . .


  • Mostly-Jewish golf club is roiled by a prospective member's stance on Israel-- Obama's
      [■ AUDIO: bugle call]

    • RE: "But members of the mostly Jewish club are at each other’s throats over whether to accept the golf-loving president, with many saying he deserves to be snubbed for not blocking an anti-Israel vote at the United Nations, according to the sources…. The Post says the issue is the club waiving the entry fee of $90,000 for Obama. The club was prepared to do so but now the membership is in an uproar about cutting Obama a break."

      NOT TO BE OUTDONE: [AUDIO: bugle call] The Mondoweiss community to the rescue! A fundraiser in memory of Hedy Epstein and Michael Ratner easily raises the $90,000. What an incredible PR coup!

  • Jared Kushner fired me over Israel ten years ago
    • RE: "Jared Kushner fired me over Israel ten years ago"

      MY COMMENT: That's what happens to nosy fellas*. It just doesn't pay to question elite/official narratives. Take MLK Jr. (questioning the war in Vietnam), for instance. . .

    • I have very little confidence in Trump, and Kushner really doesn't help matters.


      Two-State Solution Debate | Gideon Levy (who did not mince words!)

      Gideon Levy and Ilan Pappé discuss Israeli politics Westminster University, hosted by Dr Ruba Saleh

    • RE: "The big asterisk is that he [Kushner] was 25 and 26. I wouldn’t want anyone to judge me on the basis of stuff I said at that age . . . " ~ Weiss

      APPROXIMATE QUOTATION: "When we're young, we do stupid things." ~ Jake LaMotta (on the commentary to the Raging Bull Blu-Ray)

  • Israeli settlers attack Palestinian videographer of Hebron shooting in attempt to 'silence documentation and resistance'
    • RE: "The lack of support for the manslaughter ruling has translated into anger among Israeli settlers, who have a neighbor directly responsible for the main evidence in the case. As a result, Shamsiyah cannot walk the streets of his neighborhood without fearing for his life." ~ Sheren Khalel

      ■ IMAGE: A Jewish settler in Hebron uses his wine to douse a Palestinian woman.

  • Israeli diplomat schemed to 'take down' UK's Deputy Foreign Secretary because he slammed settlements
  • Netanyahu has 'promise' from Trump to be 2nd foreign leader invited to White House
  • In 'breathtaking' UN vote, Obama changed his policy on Israeli settlements, making them a war crime -- Finkelstein
    • Yes, but the U.S. Government does not use real English. Hence, Merriam-Webster takes precedence over Oxford.

      "Abbas receives Israeli opposition in Ramallah", (MEMO), January 4, 2017

      Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas yesterday received an Israeli convoy from the opposition faction Meretz at his office in the occupied West Bank city of Ramallah, the Anadolu Agency reported.

      Addressing his guests, Abbas reiterated that the PA is sticking to achieving peace based on the international resolutions which stipulate the establishment of a Palestinian state on the 1967 borders with East Jerusalem as its capital.

      He stressed that the latest UN Security Council Resolution 2334, which stressed the illegitimacy of Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories “is not against Israel, with which we are seeking to achieve just and comprehensive peace.” . . .

      SOURCE -

    • RE: "And I have to say I recently read the two FRUS volumes devoted to Camp David. It comes to about 3000 pages. Carter was incredible. He was just extraordinarily smart, sharp, and engaged." ~ Finkelstein

      MY COMMENT: I recall that back in the 1980s, right after Netanyahu had become Israeli ambassador to the United Nations, he was on network television here in the U.S. (I believe it was one morning on the "Today" program), and he referred to President Carter as a "third-rate intellect".



      One of the starkest threats to the two-state solution – and therefore to Israel’s Jewish and democratic nature – is the relentless expansion of Israeli settlements on the West Bank, and J Street has long supported calls for a settlement freeze. Against the backdrop of decades of failed peace efforts, the Israeli settlement movement has pushed the Israeli government single-mindedly and successfully to implement its vision of a single state between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea. . .

      . . . Yet, until a negotiated border is established, we believe Israel should halt the building and expansion of West Bank settlements as further building directly threatens the cornerstone of any agreed-upon resolution to the conflict: the ability to divide the land into two states.

      Toward that end, we believe that:

      1. The US government should adopt policies that more strongly convey meaningful American opposition to settlement expansion.

      Since the early 1980s, the United States has labeled Israeli settlement expansion “illegitimate” or described it as “unhelpful” to the prospects for peace, softening its prior view that such activity is, in fact, illegal under international law. In the face of what amounts to a mild rebuke, the Israeli government has moved full speed ahead with an aggressive program of settlement construction and expansion. J Street believes that the US government to undertake a thorough review of its policy regarding settlement expansion, considering at a minimum:

      • Returning to defining West Bank settlements as “illegal,” as was the position of the US government before the 1980s and as is the view of the United Nations and most other countries including all of the European Union.

      • Announcing that the next time a balanced resolution, which includes condemnation of the settlements is brought to the UN Security Council, the US will consider, based on the overall text, not exercising its veto.

      • Enforcing existing American customs regulations (in effect since 1995) which require that country-of-origin product labels accurately reflect where products are made when they come from the territory that has been under Israel’s control since 1967. . .

      SOURCE -

    • RE: "It’s also completely untrue when Samantha Power said that stating that the settlements are illegal is longstanding US policy. It was longstanding policy until Obama came along; they then changed it to “unhelpful.” Claiming that they were illegal is exactly what US policy has been denying for the last 8 years." ~ Finkelstein as quoted by Weiss

      MY COMMENT: Finkelstein's analysis is very insightful, but my recollection is that U.S. reluctance/refusal to refer to the settlements as "illegal" began at some point under Reagan. Since that time, administrations have seemed to me to be using various alternatives. As well as I recall, "illegitimate" had a pretty long run. Illegitimate can mean "illegal", but it does not necessarily mean "illegal". Sometimes it depends on which dictionary you use.


      Definition of illegitimate
      1: not recognized as lawful offspring; specifically : born of parents not married to each other
      2: not rightly deduced or inferred : illogical
      3: departing from the regular : erratic
      a : not sanctioned by law : illegal
      b : not authorized by good usage
      c of a taxon : published but not in accordance with the rules of the relevant international code

      Examples of illegitimate in a sentence
      She thinks that my concerns are illegitimate.
      They were fired from their jobs for illegitimate reasons.

      SOURCE -


      [adjective, noun il-i-jit-uh-mit; verb il-i-jit-uh-meyt]

      1. born of parents who are not married to each other; born out of wedlock:
      an illegitimate child.
      2. not legitimate; not sanctioned by law or custom.
      3.unlawful; illegal:
      an illegitimate action.
      4. irregular; not in good usage.
      5. Logic. not in accordance with the principles of valid inference.
      6. Obsolete.
      a . of or relating to stage plays in which musical numbers were inserted because of laws that gave only a few theaters the exclusive right to produce straight dramas.
      b. acting in or producing such productions.


      7. a person recognized or looked upon as illegitimate.

      ■ Examples from the Web for illegitimate

      • Contemporary Examples

      • "Did he come out and say that if I had an illegitimate child with a white woman, he might have looked like Chris Lane?"
      There’s No ‘Reverse Trayvon’ in Christopher Lane Killing
      Jamelle Bouie
      August 22, 2013

      • "Germany is not illegitimate because its immigration policy favors members of a dominant ethnic group."
      The Real Problem With the American Studies Association's Boycott of Israel
      Peter Beinart
      December 16, 2013

      • "The man on trial had taken the identity of the illegitimate wartime son of a Dutch mother and a German soldier."
      Inside Spying's Famous Scandals
      Stella Rimington
      July 1, 2010

      SOURCE -

  • Love in the age of Trump
    • RE: "For all my disappointment in Barack Obama, at least he believed there was an Occupation and thought the Settlements were ‘obstacles to peace’. The problem was, he and John Kerry expended a great many political air miles but no political capital. Plenty of carrots but no sticks." ~ Cohen

      MY COMMENT: This is quite similar to the "constructive engagement" used with apartheid South Africa where the U.S. offered S.A. many carrots as incentives to institute meaningful reforms only to discover that the South African authorities had simply made a big carrot stew and eaten it! ! ! *

      ● FROM WIKIPEDIA [Constructive engagement]:

      [EXCERPT] Constructive engagement was the name given to the policy of the Reagan Administration towards the apartheid regime in South Africa in the early 1980s. It was promoted as an alternative to the economic sanctions and divestment from South Africa demanded by the UN General Assembly and the international anti-apartheid movement.[1]
      The Reagan Administration vetoed legislation from the United States Congress and blocked attempts by the United Nations to impose sanctions and to isolate South Africa.[2] Instead, advocates of constructive engagement sought to use incentives as a means of encouraging South Africa gradually to move away from apartheid.[3] The policy, echoed by the British government of Margaret Thatcher, came under criticism as South African government repression of the black population and anti-apartheid activism intensified. . .

      SOURCE -

      * ● FROM "South Africa: Why Constructive Engagement Failed", By Sanford J. Ungar and Peter Vale, Winter 1985/86

      Article Summary
      Ronald Reagan's imposition of limited economic sanctions against the South African regime in September was a tacit admission that his policy of "constructive engagement"--encouraging change in the apartheid system through a quiet dialogue with that country's white minority leaders--had failed. Having been offered many carrots by the United States over a period of four-and-a-half years as incentives to institute meaningful reforms, the South African authorities had simply made a carrot stew and eaten it. Under the combined pressures of the seemingly cataclysmic events in South Africa since September 1984 and the dramatic surge of anti-apartheid protest and political activism in the United States, the Reagan Administration was finally embarrassed into brandishing some small sticks as an element of American policy.
      [We're sorry, but Foreign Affairs does not have the copyright to display this article online.]

      SOURCE -


      . . . While Thatcher maintained throughout her political career that she "loathe[d] apartheid and everything connected with it," she . . . refused, alongside Ronald Reagan, to back sanctions against the Apartheid regime in South Africa. "In my view, isolation will lead only to an increasingly negative and intransigent attitude in the part of white South African," she said in December 1977 . . .

      SOURCE -

      ■ PAPERBACK: "Israel on the Couch: The Psychology of the Peace Process"
      (Suny Series in Israeli Studies)
      By applying a clinical psychologist s insight into the Israeli-Arab conflict, Ofer Grosbard lays the foundation for a new theory and practice that espouses the use of clinical tools to promote relations between countries, religions, political parties, cultures, and different identities."

      Product Details
      Series: Suny Series in Israeli Studies (Paperback)
      Paperback: 216 pages
      Publisher: State University of New York Press (January 9, 2003)
      Language: English

      LINK -

    • RE: "Perhaps it’s my innate optimistic disposition, but all I’m seeing right now is ‘opportunity’. Opportunity to cut through years of political denial." ~ Cohen

      MY COMMENT: That's also pretty much the way Jeremy Hammond sees it.* Of course, Netanyahu will use every trick in the book to make it look like it is entirely the fault of the Palestinians that the two-state option didn't pan out. And the mainstream/corporate press in the U.S. will eagerly assist Netanyahu in pinning the blame on the Palestinians.

      * SEE: ■ "Why Netanyahu and Trump Are Good for the Palestinians" | By Jeremy R. Hammond | | Dec 30, 2016

      [EXCERPT] Ironically, Netanyahu and Trump being in power in Israel and the US, respectively, is the best thing that could happen for the prospects of peace.

      Pessimism is high as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu defies the recent UN Security Council resolution condemning Israel’s settlement regime by escalating this illegal policy and President-elect Donald Trump prepares to settle into the Oval Office.

      It’s easy to see why people are pessimistic about the prospects for the Palestinians to achieve their freedom given these two characters’ rejection of their fundamental rights.

      For example, Trump blasted the Obama administration for not vetoing the resolution and tweeted his reassurances to the Israeli occupation regime that things will be different come January 20 when he is inaugurated.

      So the US will go from having an administration that feigns to respect international law and Palestinians’ rights while in deed supporting the occupation regime to having an administration that drops all pretenses and openly expresses its contempt for international law and prejudice against the Palestinians.

      But that’s actually the best thing that could happen for the Palestinians. . .


      ⛔ HIDEOUS PHOTO: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu meets with Vulgarian President-elect Donald Trump at Trump's über-gilded residence in Trump Tower (Interior Design/Decoration by Madame de Pompadour)

    • Page: 28
  • Democratic politicians want no part of Obama's courage at the U.N.
    • RE: "J Street tweeted a number of Democratic congresspeople supporting John Kerry’s speech in which he defended the U.S. decision at the U.N., including Steve Cohen of Tennessee and David Price of North Carolina. But on MSNBC Steve Cohen seemed to dodge the UN question, not endorsing the resolution as such, though he praised Obama’s policy." ~ Weiss

      MY COMMENT: It's advisable to keep your powder good and dry when the Wicked Witch of the East is constantly nipping at your heels like a pack of rabid Chihuahuas!*

      * FROM WIKIPEDIA ( Steve Cohen ):

      In March 2015, Steve Cohen boycotted the speech of the Prime Minister of Israel to Congress . . .
      . . . In response, Israeli journalist Caroline Glick wrote in an opinion column in the Jerusalem Post: "Radical leftist representatives who happen to be Jewish, like Jan Schakowsky of suburban Chicago and Steve Cohen of Memphis, are joining Netanyahu’s boycotters in order to give the patina of Jewish legitimacy to an administration whose central foreign policy threatens the viability of the Jewish state."[71] Rabbi Aryeh Spero[who?] told the conservative news media organization Newsmax: "I think that the administration is cleverly using Jewish officeholders like Sen. Feinstein, [Rep.] Jan Schakowsky in Chicago, [Rep.] Steve Cohen [of Tennessee] and [Rep. John] Yarmuth from Kentucky. He's using them to give credence and legitimacy to say this is not anything that's going to adversely affect Israel. But it will... Israel is not important to them. It's rather secondary. Their loyalty is to the Democrat Party."[72] . . .

      71. ^ In Israel’s hour of need By CAROLINE B. GLICK \ 02/26/2015 -
      72. ^ Rabbi: Obama 'Cleverly Using' Jewish Dems to Defend Iran Deal News Max, Monday, 06 Apr 2015 05:59 PM By Greg Richter -

      I would think that Obama put out the word that the Democrats were free to distance themselves from both Power's abstention and Kerry's speech. Little purpose is served by making them 'walk the plank' in these circumstances.

      Apparently "radical" has been focus-grouped and it must be considered the most lethal 'general purpose round' they have in their arsenal at this time.
      "Islamofascist" met with considerable resistance and seems to have been dropped in favor of "radical Islam(ist)(ism)".

  • Terrorism: How the Israeli state was won
    • Goebbels Biography (the goebbels experiment)
      1,017 60
      Published on Jul 18, 2012
      Fantastic documentary on the life of Goebbels based on his diaries.

      The Goebbels Experiment (2005) 7.4/10 863
      Das Goebbels-Experiment (original title)
      1h 48min | Documentary, Biography, History | 13 April 2005 (Germany)
      Through archival footage and dramatic readings of his personal writings, the life of Nazi Germany's Propaganda Minister, Josef Goebbels, is examined.
      LINK -

      "From the Revealing Journals of a Propaganda Mastermind"
      By Jeannette Catsoulis | NYTimes | August 12, 2005
      LINK -

      The Goebbels Experiment
      2005 NR Rated NR1hr 47m
      Average of 193473 ratings: 3.5 stars
      Reading from the diaries kept by Third Reich propagandist Joseph Goebbels between 1924 and 1945, Kenneth Branagh brings the infamous Nazi spin doctor to life, all the way up to his suicide at the end of World War II. Using this primary source material as their canvas, filmmakers Lutz Hachmeister and Michael Kloft paint a portrait of a 20th century figure who was sometimes a success, sometimes a failure and always fascinating.
      LINK -

    • ■ "Masters of Discourse" eBook by Israel Shamir $0.99
      LINK -

      Masters of Discourse Kindle Edition (PRICE: $0.99)
      by Israel Shamir (Author)

      Welcome to the new world order, where mass media, a fully integrated public-opinion-forming machine of mind control had rendered the Left and Right obsolete and subservient to Zionism. Who are the people who own and operate this machine? Are they actually the Jewish Lobby? No, says Shamir. The formidable Jewish Lobby is just the visible tip of the iceberg, while below there are miles and miles of solid ice: media lords, chief editors, their favourite university pundits – in short, the Masters of Discourse In this third volume of his writing, Israel Shamir travels around the world to find the reason for their captive hold over our thinking.

      About the Author
      Israel Adam Shamir is a leading Israeli writer and intellectual turned dissident. He served as paratrooper in the army and fought in the 1973 war, has reported for the Haaretz, the BBC, and major media. He was a parliamentary spokesman for the Israeli Socialist Party, but later became disenchanted with Zionism. He called for dismantling the exclusivist Jewish State, and for full equality of a Jew and Gentile in all of Palestine/Israel. He was received in the Orthodox Church of the Holy Land in 2003, after being baptized by Archbishop Theodosius Attala Hanna. His books Galilee Flowers and Cabbala of Power were published in many languages and countries. He also translated the Renaissance Jewish chronics The Book of Lineage and the Odyssey of Homer. He is hailed as one of the great humanists of our time. Shamir’s website is . He lives in the mixed Jewish-Arab town of Jaffa on the Mediterranean shore described in his stories. Shamir (60) is father of three sons.

      Product Details
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      Page Numbers Source ISBN: 1419692437
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    • RE: "In 1946, the Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi of Palestine, Yitzhak Herzog, conducted a massive kidnapping operation of Jewish orphans that had been adopted by European families when their parents perished years earlier... Herzog’s justification for the kidnappings was that for a Jew to be raised in a non-Jewish home is 'much worse than physical murder'." ~ Suárez

      MY COMMENT: That was certainly a very Masada-like (i.e., death cult-like) sentiment on Herzog's part!
      Sadly, I can't help but recall that Goebbels and his wife so loved their six children that they decided to "euthanize" (i.e., poison) them so as to spare them the misery of having to grow up without the benefit(s) of National Socialism (and absent the tutelage of "Uncle" Adolph). Now, that's real 'brand loyalty' for you!

  • UN resolution on settlements is a step back for Palestinians
    • RE: "The resolution, initially proposed by Egypt only to be withdrawn under pressure after a December 22nd phone call between Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi and U.S. President-elect Donald Trump . . ." ~ Nicolas Sawaya

      MY COMMENT: I have begun referring to the Egyptian president (i.e., dictator) as El-Sissy.

      a person regarded as effeminate or cowardly.
      synonyms: coward, weakling, milksop, namby-pamby, baby, wimp;

  • Hate speech and hypocrisy: Some Jews will swallow anything, if it comes from Donald Trump
    • P.S. One good turn deserves another!


    • RE: "Of course, there are Jews – and others – who have broken free of those bonds and are calling Trump and his crowd what they deserve to be called. But unless the Jewish mainstream, and especially its leadership, lends its collective voice to the criticism and stands up wholeheartedly against the dark cloud descending on Washington, it risks plunging the American Jewish community into moral irrelevance. " ~ Michael Lesher

      MY COMMENT: I wonder if the ADL will give Trump its 'stamp of approval'!*


      [EXCERPTS] Richard Nixon's reputation as a hateful, vindictive anti-Semite was reinforced late last month when the National Archives, which has been releasing the 3,700 hours of Nixon's tape-recorded White House conversations in installments since 1996, dropped another batch. . .

      . . . When the Republicans nominated Nixon as their vice-presidential candidate in 1952, some opponents accused him of anti-Semitism. Nixon had Murray Chotiner, his (Jewish) campaign manager, secure the ADL's stamp of approval. Still, into the summer voters inundated campaign headquarters with letters asking about Nixon's feelings toward Jews. The candidate sometimes responded himself, with his characteristic earnestness. "I want to thank you for … your courtesy in calling my attention to the false rumor that I am anti-Semetic [sic]," he wrote in one reply. "I am enclosing a copy of a letter which Murray Chotiner has sent to these people which, I believe, is self-explanatory." . . .

      SOURCE ~

  • 'Arab ID-holder suspect' is shot by Israeli soldiers at East Jerusalem checkpoint
    • RE: Israeli Police Spokeswoman Luba al-Samri said in a statement that “an Arab ID-holder suspect” approached Israeli security forces via the vehicles’ lane. “Israeli security forces noticed her approaching with a knife in her hand, they told her to stop but she ignored and kept walking towards them, they shot at her.” ~ Kate

      ■ Urban Krav Maga: defending knife threat from front

      Krav Maga
      From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

      Krav Maga (/krɑːv məˈɡɑː/; Hebrew: קְרַב מַגָּע‎ [ˈkʁav maˈɡa], lit. "contact-combat") is a self-defense system developed for the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) that consists of a wide combination of techniques sourced from aikido, judo, boxing and wrestling, along with realistic fight training.[1][2] Krav Maga is known for its focus on real-world situations and its extremely efficient[3][4] and brutal counter-attacks.[5] . . .

      SOURCE -

  • Following Kerry's 'historic' speech we need a diplomacy of resistance
    • RE: "Following Kerry’s ‘historic’ speech we need a diplomacy of resistance"

      ■ Global Empire - Eyal Weizman: Excavating Israel

      Published on Aug 10, 2016
      Tariq Ali talks to Eyal Weizmann, Professor of Spacial and Visual Cultures Goldsmiths, University of London, about the pressure being applied by Israel on the White House and EU to illegalize the BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) campaign.

  • John Kerry gives the 'separate but not equal' speech to Israel
    • RE: "John Kerry gives the ‘separate but not equal’ speech to Israel" israel/#sthash.IBFXdfHf.dpuf

      MY COMMENT: We did have a little taste of this towards the end of the Bush/Cheney administration.

      SEE: "Israelis Claim Secret Agreement With U.S." | By Glenn Kessler | Washington Post Staff Writer | April 24, 2008

      [EXCERPT] A letter that President Bush personally delivered to then-Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon four years ago has emerged as a significant obstacle to the president's efforts to forge a peace deal between the Israelis and Palestinians during his last year in office.

      Ehud Olmert, the current Israeli prime minister, said this week that Bush's letter gave the Jewish state permission to expand the West Bank settlements that it hopes to retain in a final peace deal, even though Bush's peace plan officially calls for a freeze of Israeli settlements across Palestinian territories on the West Bank. In an interview this week, Sharon's chief of staff, Dov Weissglas, said Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice reaffirmed this understanding in a secret agreement reached between Israel and the United States in the spring of 2005, just before Israel withdrew from Gaza.

      U.S. officials say no such agreement exists, and in recent months Rice has publicly criticized even settlement expansion on the outskirts of Jerusalem, which Israel does not officially count as settlements. But as peace negotiations have stepped up in recent months, so has the pace of settlement construction, infuriating Palestinian officials, and Washington has taken no punitive action against Israel for its settlement efforts.

      Israeli officials say they have clear guidance from Bush administration officials to continue building settlements, as long as it meets carefully negotiated criteria, even though those understandings appear to contradict U.S. policy. . .


  • Israeli hysteria over UN vote is solidifying country's new status, as a rogue state
    • RE: "Now the country is exposed as never before for Americans, and guess what– the place is haywire! Their prime minister is having a tantrum about American betrayal and non-friendship at his Cabinet meeting, even as they take our $38 billion. His chief diplomat berates President Obama and Ben Rhodes as liars on MSNBC . . ." ~ Weiss

      MY COMMENT: We did have a little taste of this towards the end of the Bush/Cheney administration.

      SEE: "Israelis Claim Secret Agreement With U.S." | By Glenn Kessler | Washington Post Staff Writer | April 24, 2008

      [EXCERPT] A letter that President Bush personally delivered to then-Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon four years ago has emerged as a significant obstacle to the president's efforts to forge a peace deal between the Israelis and Palestinians during his last year in office.

      Ehud Olmert, the current Israeli prime minister, said this week that Bush's letter gave the Jewish state permission to expand the West Bank settlements that it hopes to retain in a final peace deal, even though Bush's peace plan officially calls for a freeze of Israeli settlements across Palestinian territories on the West Bank. In an interview this week, Sharon's chief of staff, Dov Weissglas, said Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice reaffirmed this understanding in a secret agreement reached between Israel and the United States in the spring of 2005, just before Israel withdrew from Gaza.

      U.S. officials say no such agreement exists, and in recent months Rice has publicly criticized even settlement expansion on the outskirts of Jerusalem, which Israel does not officially count as settlements. But as peace negotiations have stepped up in recent months, so has the pace of settlement construction, infuriating Palestinian officials, and Washington has taken no punitive action against Israel for its settlement efforts.

      Israeli officials say they have clear guidance from Bush administration officials to continue building settlements, as long as it meets carefully negotiated criteria, even though those understandings appear to contradict U.S. policy. . .


  • Israel's political left also condemns the UN's anti-settlement resolution
    • P.P.S. ALSO SEE: "The Reason for Israel’s Hysterical Response to the UN Security Council Resolution" | By Yousef Munayyer | | December 28, 2016

      [EXCERPT] . . . The language of the resolution as it relates to settlements was nothing really new. The UN—and the whole world, with the exception of the Israeli right wing—has understood that the Fourth Geneva Convention applies to the territory Israel occupied in 1967, and thus that civilian settlements are illegal. In fact, even the Israeli legal counsel understood this in 1967. The Israelis thought that if they could colonize the West Bank under the guise of the military, they could argue that it didn’t put them in violation of the convention’s statute against transfer of civilian populations. This is why they initially called them “paramilitary settlements,” which were set up through a division of the military. Once it became clear that the world would not press them on this, they dropped the disguise and openly violated international law by building, financing, and subsidizing scores of settlements, which would grow to include hundreds of thousands of Israeli settlers. . .



      Published on Jul 6, 2013
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      A UN report says Israeli settlements violate human rights and could be prosecuted as war crimes, but many Israeli settlers consider themselves patriots. So what hope is there for peace in the Middle East?In a country where settlers are now one of the biggest and strongest political movements, Dani Dayan, a Netanyahu advisor and the outgoing chairman of the Yesha (Settlers) Council, says there is no two-state solution to the conflict and that he is happy with the status quo.Dayan has been a major in the Israeli army, a successful IT entrepreneur, and a University lecturer. In 1999 he became an executive committee member of the Yesha Council, which represents the settler movement, and in 2007, its chairman until February 2013. He completely revitalised the movement until his resignation to campaign openly for Binyamin Netanyahu.Mehdi Hasan goes head to head with Dayan at the Oxford Union, discussing whether Zionism is a colonialist project, whether the so-called apartheid roads are just an urban legend - and more importantly, what is the solution to this protracted conflict?Dayan claims settlements are irreversible but preaches in favour of dismantling the wall. With a lively audience and robust debate from the expert panel, Head to Head is tackling the hard issues surrounding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Are the settlements a natural extension of the Israeli state or the single biggest obstacle to peace in the Middle East? Will the Palestinians ever be able to build an independent and viable state?Joining our discussion are: Dr Ghada Karmi, an academic and the author of The Palestinian Exodus (1999), In Search for Fatima (2002), and Israel's Dilemma in Palestine (2007); Sam Westrop, a former director of the British Israel Coalition, and a fellow of the New York-based Gatestone Institute; and Hannah Weisfeld, the director of Yachad, a pro-peace, pro-Israel NGO based in London.

      At Al Jazeera English, we focus on people and events that affect people's lives. We bring topics to light that often go under-reported, listening to all sides of the story and giving a 'voice to the voiceless.'
      Reaching more than 270 million households in over 140 countries across the globe, our viewers trust Al Jazeera English to keep them informed, inspired, and entertained.
      Our impartial, fact-based reporting wins worldwide praise and respect. It is our unique brand of journalism that the world has come to rely on.
      We are reshaping global media and constantly working to strengthen our reputation as one of the world's most respected news and current affairs channels.

      Social Media links:

      Partner rating: No mature content
      Show: Head to Head
      Season 2012
      Episode 5
      Release date - 7/20/13
      Running time - 47:11
      Category - News
      License - Standard YouTube License

    • RE: "First it was just the ‘Auschwitz borders’, that is, ‘we’re feeling too persecuted and about to be annihilated’, as it were – and ‘now that we’ve captured larger territory we’re not going back to Auschwitz’. Then came the settlements . . ." ~ Ofir

      MY COMMENT: That's not quite the way I remember it. As I remember it, first it was just the ‘Auschwitz borders’, then came the SECURITY settlements. Not just settlements, security settlements. I distinctly recall Abba Eban prattling on and on about how Israel had to establish security settlements in the West Bank.
      Why security settlements? It was part Israel's lame effort at using "security" as a justification for their settlement enterprise. The rationale was apparently that since an occupier is responsible for maintaining security for the occupied population, by referring to Israel's illegal settlements as "security settlements", they would be magically transformed/kosherized into perfectly legal components of Israel's novel scheme to fulfill its duty/obligation as an occupier to provide security for the population of the occupied territory.
      Since this lame effort at claiming that the settlements were legal didn't even pass the laugh test (much less the smell test), Israel soon dropped the "security" and just called them settlements.

  • Trump appoints ex-Israeli settler to oversee peace process
    • RE: "While Greenblatt supports a two-state solution, he believes that the withdrawal from Gaza was the forerunner to the rise of Hamas, as well as the following wars." ~ Roqayah Chamseddine

      "How Israel Helped to Spawn Hamas", By Andrew Higgins, The Wall Street Journal, 01/24/09

      [EXCERPTS] Surveying the wreckage of a neighbor's bungalow hit by a Palestinian rocket, retired Israeli official Avner Cohen traces the missile's trajectory back to an "enormous, stupid mistake" made 30 years ago.

      "Hamas, to my great regret, is Israel's creation," says Mr. Cohen, a Tunisian-born Jew who worked in Gaza for more than two decades. Responsible for religious affairs in the region until 1994, Mr. Cohen watched the Islamist movement take shape, muscle aside secular Palestinian rivals and then morph into what is today Hamas, a militant group that is sworn to Israel's destruction.

      Instead of trying to curb Gaza's Islamists from the outset, says Mr. Cohen, Israel for years tolerated and, in some cases, encouraged them as a counterweight to the secular nationalists of the Palestine Liberation Organization and its dominant faction, Yasser Arafat's Fatah. . .

      . . . When Israel first encountered Islamists in Gaza in the 1970s and '80s, they seemed focused on studying the Quran, not on confrontation with Israel. The Israeli government officially recognized a precursor to Hamas called Mujama Al-Islamiya, registering the group as a charity. It allowed Mujama members to set up an Islamic university and build mosques, clubs and schools. Crucially, Israel often stood aside when the Islamists and their secular left-wing Palestinian rivals battled, sometimes violently, for influence in both Gaza and the West Bank.

      "When I look back at the chain of events I think we made a mistake," says David Hacham, who worked in Gaza in the late 1980s and early '90s as an Arab-affairs expert in the Israeli military. "But at the time nobody thought about the possible results." . . .


  • Netanyahu accuses Obama of betraying 'commitment' to Israel and initiating U.N. resolution
    • RE: "More cries of betrayal from the pampered nation. Education Minister Naftali Bennett says it was all planned in the Cairo speech 7 years ago. And Obama betrayed Israel twice, on Iran and on the settlements." ~ Weiss

      MY COMMENT: One more betrayal and Obama will have thrice betrayed Israel, thus magically becoming Judas. I can hardly wait!

  • Netanyahu ignored US warnings and brought Israel's 'international isolation' on itself -- Ben Rhodes
    • RE: "Netanyahu’s on the edge of the cliff and losing his footing" ~ John O

      MY REPLY: He appears to have lost control again!
      . . . And she gave away the secrets of her past,
      And said I've lost control again,
      And a voice that told her when and where to act,
      She said I've lost control again.

      And she turned around and took me by the hand and said,
      I've lost control again.
      And how I'll never know just why or understand,
      She said I've lost control again.

      And she screamed out kicking on her side and said,
      I've lost control again.
      And seized up on the floor, I thought she'd die.
      She said I've lost control.

      She's lost control again.
      She's lost control.
      She's lost control again.
      She's lost control.

      Well I had to 'phone her friend to state my case,
      And say she's lost control again.
      And she showed up all the errors and mistakes,
      And said I've lost control again.

      But she expressed herself in many different ways,
      Until she lost control again.
      And walked upon the edge of no escape,
      And laughed I've lost control.

      She's lost control again.
      She's lost control.

      P.S. I think its actually about epilepsy.

    • RE: "Yesterday’s abstention by the United States in the Security Council will do nothing to bring about a two-state solution– the U.S. might as well have endorsed the existence of Santa Claus — but it has already served to isolate Israel in international opinion . . ." ~ Weiss

      MY COMMENT: Yes, the abstention was fairly insignificant, but the hysterical reaction by Netanyahu and so many other right-wing officials in Israel is truly PRICELESS. Netanyahu really knows how to make an ass out of himself. He is absolutely going to CRUSH New Zealand! I'm so lovin' it.
      Bibi, great and wise ruler that you are, please make good on your threat to pull Israel out of the UN. I f you don't follow through on your threats, people will no longer fear you. They wont even take you seriously. They might begin joking about how Sara wears the pants in the Netanyahu family. And even making jokes about the size of your . . .

  • It is time to recognize the US-Palestinian conflict
    • RE: "President Obama has demonstrated that his anti Semitic radical-Islamist-supporting background before becoming President was what has driven his presidency from day one . . ." ~ ZOA's Mort Klein (from above)

      SPEAKING of "anti Semitic radical-Islamist-supporting background(s)",
      SEE: "How Israel Helped to Spawn Hamas", By Andrew Higgins, The Wall Street Journal, 01/24/09

      [EXCERPTS] Surveying the wreckage of a neighbor's bungalow hit by a Palestinian rocket, retired Israeli official Avner Cohen traces the missile's trajectory back to an "enormous, stupid mistake" made 30 years ago.

      "Hamas, to my great regret, is Israel's creation," says Mr. Cohen, a Tunisian-born Jew who worked in Gaza for more than two decades. Responsible for religious affairs in the region until 1994, Mr. Cohen watched the Islamist movement take shape, muscle aside secular Palestinian rivals and then morph into what is today Hamas, a militant group that is sworn to Israel's destruction.

      Instead of trying to curb Gaza's Islamists from the outset, says Mr. Cohen, Israel for years tolerated and, in some cases, encouraged them as a counterweight to the secular nationalists of the Palestine Liberation Organization and its dominant faction, Yasser Arafat's Fatah. . .

      . . . When Israel first encountered Islamists in Gaza in the 1970s and '80s, they seemed focused on studying the Quran, not on confrontation with Israel. The Israeli government officially recognized a precursor to Hamas called Mujama Al-Islamiya, registering the group as a charity. It allowed Mujama members to set up an Islamic university and build mosques, clubs and schools. Crucially, Israel often stood aside when the Islamists and their secular left-wing Palestinian rivals battled, sometimes violently, for influence in both Gaza and the West Bank.

      "When I look back at the chain of events I think we made a mistake," says David Hacham, who worked in Gaza in the late 1980s and early '90s as an Arab-affairs expert in the Israeli military. "But at the time nobody thought about the possible results." . . .


    • RE: "More revealing is perhaps the reaction of many pro-Israel figures in the US, including President-elect Donald Trump. He predictably tweeted about the vote, simply stating that 'things will be different' at the UN after he is inaugurated. Members of Congress have also spoken up in support of Israel. Arizona Senator John McCain called the resolution an 'outrageous attack,' and Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina said he 'will work to form a bipartisan coalition to suspend or significantly reduce United States assistance to the United Nations.' Lobbying groups like AIPAC and the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish organization said the resolution is one-sided, unacceptable, and anti-Israel." ~ Dorgham Abusalim

      MY FAV(ORITE):


      ● ZOA Condemns Obama/Kerry/Power For Enabling Passage of Anti-Semitic Ethnic Cleansing Anti-Israel UN Res Denying Jewish Rights to Live in Jerusalem /Judea/Samaria

      Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) President Morton A. Klein released the following statement: [EXCERPTED - J.L.D.]

      We are outraged – but not surprised – that President Barack Hussein Obama and U.S. Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power enabled the passage of an extraordinary, racist, anti-Semitic, anti-Israel UN Security Counsel resolution this afternoon. . .

      . . . ZOA now urges Congress and president elect Trump to stop $600 million in US aid to the Palestinian Authority and to cut US funding to the UN. The resolution’s horrors are more fully described in ZOA’s release yesterday, “ZOA Urges Veto of Disgraceful Anti-Israel UN Resolution on Jewish Communities,” Dec. 22, 2016, and in “Eight Anti-Israel Outrages Inside the UN Resolution on Settlements,” by Aaron Klein, Breitbart, Dec. 22, 2016.

      Obama and Samantha Power’s enabling of the resolution’s passage confirms ZOA’s worst fears that Obama and Power have anti-Semitic hatred for Israel and the Jewish people. ZOA predicted eight years ago that “Obama will be the worst president for Israel ever.” Apparently, it was not enough for Obama to push through the catastrophic Iran deal that gives a regime, bent on Israel’s and Americas annihilation, $150 billion dollars and paves Iran’s way to a nuclear bomb. Iran has already increased its funding of anti-Israel and anti-American terror. Obama was not satisfied with giving Iran the means to destroy Israel; Obama’s anti-Semitism runs so deep that he also apparently needed to drive one more knife into Israel’s back.

      As ZOA previously warned, there were numerous signs during the past several months that the Obama administration was plotting and paving the way for this anti-Israel anti-Semitic resolution’s passage. There were unwarranted denunciations of Israel by Obama’s U.S. State Department and simultaneous virtually identical condemnations of Israel by Obama’s “echo chamber” at the New York Times and other like-minded media. The White House even crossed out the word “Israel” as the location of Prime Minister Shimon Peres’s burial place. Obama used his eulogy for Peres to in essence falsely accuse Israel of enslaving Palestinians. And a Wikileaks document by a former White House official revealed the administration’s plan. ZOA took out ads in the New York Times warning about what was about to occur. (See ZOA’s Nov. 3 New York Times Ad entitled "After Elections Will Obama Betray Israel at the UN?“,”)

      Unfortunately, Obama went ahead with his ugly plan to enable the resolution and help the radical Islamist PLO/Hamas terrorists – despite heroic efforts to stop the resolution by many caring people, including: President-elect Trump; Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu; President-elect Trump’s excellent nominee for U.S. Ambassador to Israel David Friedman; Israeli envoy Danny Danon; U.S. Senators Chuck Schumer, Mitch McConnell and Tom Cotton, U.S. Congressman Lee Zeldin, and many other members of Congress; and the ZOA’s own and some other Jewish groups efforts.

      President Obama has demonstrated that his anti Semitic radical-Islamist-supporting background before becoming President was what has driven his presidency from day one to the very end of his presidency. Obama worshiped for 22 years at Jeremiah Wrights anti-Semitic black liberation theology church whose pastor often shouted “G-d Dam America” and “G-d Damn Israel” and honored anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan. Obama’s befriended radical Islamists Rashid Khalidi and “Electronic Intifada” founder and head Ali Abunimah, and anti-American radical Bill Ayers. And Obama directed Woods Foundation funds to support an Arab group that runs anti-Israel activities on U.S. college campuses. . . [CONTINUED PRACTICALLY AD NAUSEAM AT - ]

      P.S. Personally, I have long considered ZOA to be a DSO (Doubly Subversive Organization) - subversive to BOTH the U.S. AND to Israel. I do, nonetheless (and unlike ZOA and ADL) support the right of free speech (including Mort Klein's right to link to, and I believe they are every bit as entitled to its benefits as am I.

  • Obama stands up to Trump (and Israel)
    • P.S. The Forward appropriately characterized Netanyahu's comment as being a warning, but I see it more as a case of Netanyahu having PUBLICLY 'double-dog dared' Obama not to make any Israeli-Palestinian moves during the last two months of his term (irrespective of the Constitution and U.S./Federal law, which Netanyahu apparently considers subordinate to whatever his whims are). The legal rationale for Israel's supremacy is not immediately apparent to me.
      Curiously, I am not aware of Netanyahu's having notified any lame duck state governors of similar demands.

    • RE: "Obama stands up to Trump (and Israel)"

      MY COMMENT: Maybe it wasn't such a good idea for Netanyahu to publicly warn Obama last month* not to make any Israeli-Palestinian moves during the remainder of his term. Yes, in mid-November (a mere week after the election) Netanyahu was trying to put Obama out to pasture because he apparently considered Trump to already be the new president, and Obama should just cool his heels (and perhaps twiddle his thumbs) for the remainder of his term.
      Of course, I doubt that Netanyahu would object to Obama doing a bit of Stepin Fetchit in the last few weeks of his presidency.
      No harm in that.
      No harm at all!

      * SEE: "Benjamin Netanyahu Warns President Obama To Avoid Lame Duck Mideast Peace Push" | by Ron Kampeas | November 16, 2016
      LINK -

      P.S. As to the status of an agreement in Israel to allow fuller access for egalitarian services (where men and women pray together) at the Western Wall, Netanyahu said the situation was “complicated” and appealed for an end to public pressure on him from American Jews.

  • 'NY Times' trivializes UN abstention, reducing it to 'tense and tetchy' relationship between Obama and Netanyahu
  • 'Friedman is a warm Jew' -- Israelis approve of Trump's ambassador nominee
    • RE: "Friedman is a warm Jew’ — Israelis approve of Trump’s ambassador nominee"

      SEE: "Beware the Charming Psychopath" | Posted on August 17, 2016 by Myron Beard, PhD |

      [■ IMAGE: high functioning sociopath ]

      [EXCERPT] Once again, Bob told our manager that he would be willing to take on the largest and highest-profile project in the business. Pleased with the eagerness of our coworker to volunteer, our manager smiled and gave him a thumbs-up at his initiative. But the rest of us on Bob’s team shuddered inside. When our coworker committed to the project, he was essentially committing the rest of us, because he was not about to lift a finger to get the project to completion. We knew that working with Bob meant we would be cajoled, conned, manipulated, shamed, and otherwise maneuvered into doing tasks none of us had signed up for. We also knew that, upon successful completion of the project, Bob would take all the credit.

      At first glance, an outsider would wonder why we did not have the chutzpah to stand up to Bob, walk away, tell our manager, or choose to take any number of other actions that would circumvent the inevitable problems ahead. In hindsight, we would have those same thoughts. How is it that a coworker, and an equal on the organizational chart, can get away with doing so little work and still get so much credit?

      Psychopaths in the Workplace

      Employees with personality traits like Bob’s are known as “high-functioning psychopaths.” Although Bob’s behavior is characterized by traits of psychopathy, they are not to the degree of individuals who are institutionalized perpetrators of crime and punishment. Instead, high-functioning psychopaths are driven individuals whose success is often at the expense of others and who display the following types of behaviors:

      • Consistent and persistent manipulation of others, especially those who get in their way.
      • Masterful deception (exaggerating or outright lying) to get their way.
      • Crafty deflections (distractions or half-truths) when confronted about their behavior.

      With regard to accountability, charming psychopaths can be so slippery that pinning them down is like “nailing jello to a wall.” You often sense that something is wrong, but you just can’t put your finger on what it is. The truth is that employees like Bob can be extremely charming and personable at the same time they are being ruthless and vindictive. Charming psychopaths are particularly good at managing up, and those higher in the ranks of the organization somehow (LOL - J.L.D.) miss seeing the underlying—and undermining—behaviors.

      Psychopathic Behavior

      Unlike many personality disorders that are rooted in anxiety, the psychopath has difficulty feeling at all. They crave power and control over people. The hallmark of the psychopath is an inability to experience remorse or empathy. Often, they themselves have no feelings at all. In this regard, the only relationships the psychopath is able to sustain are those that narcissistically serve his/her own interests. These relationships involve a truly sadomasochistic dynamic, in which the recipient of the psychopath’s behavior tolerates the abuse and manipulation that the psychopath dishes out. However, even these relationships tend to be short-lived.

      In contrast to the anxiety normal humans feel under pressure, psychopaths become fearless and more focused on their target or goal. The psychopath has an uncanny ability to read people and exploit their vulnerabilities. Hence, in the workplace, the psychopath is able to identify the most vulnerable of coworkers and exploit them to his/her end. They are guiltless, callous, self-centered, and can be superficially charming. Because of their unbridled confidence, they can be very attractive, initially, with their charm and stories of success. They can have the very characteristics that can appeal to executives in management, who can confuse their superficial charm as charismatic leadership. In fact, it is not unusual to see high-functioning psychopaths in the highest levels of an organization. Their focus and ability to get things done, even nefariously, can serve them well.

      ● How Corporate Psychopaths Work

      In our example of Bob volunteering himself and, by default, his coworkers to take on a very important, high-profile project, we see Bob’s craft at work at a high level. . .


  • Forced existence
    • RE: In the words of the famous Greek poet, Constantine Cavafy:
      “What in the world will we do without barbarians?
      Those people would have been a solution, of sorts.”


      Of the Jews

      (A.D. 50)

      Painter and poet, runner and discus-thrower,
      beautiful as Endymion, Ianthis Antoniou.
      From a family friendly to the synagogue.

      “My most honourable days are those
      when I forsake aesthetics pursuits,
      when I abandon hellenism, with its
      beauty and harshness, its overriding dedication
      to perfectly formed and perishable white limbs,
      when I become he whom I would wish
      always to remain—of the Jews, of the holy Jews, a son.”

      Very passionate his statement “always
      to remain of the Jews, of the holy Jews—”

      But he remained nothing of the sort.
      The Hedonism and Art of Alexandria
      kept him their devoted child.

      C. P. Cavafy
      Translated by Pavlos Andronikos

      SOURCE -

  • Israel threatens to toss Antony Loewenstein after he asked Lapid question about apartheid
    • RE: "Israel threatens to toss Antony Loewenstein after he asked Lapid question about apartheid ~ ~ ~ GPO (i.e., Government Press Office) director Nitzan Chen said he was leaning against renewing the press card of Antony Loewenstein, a Jerusalem- based freelance reporter . . ."

      MY SUDDEN, UNANTICIPATED SNEEZE: Gleichschaltung!*

      * SEE: "Who Will Save Israel" | Uri Avnery | | May 23, 2015

      [EXCERPTS] The battle is over. The dust has settled. A new government – partly ridiculous, partly terrifying – has been installed. . .
      . . . Now the situation inside Israel proper is about to change drastically.
      Two facts attest to this.
      First of all, Ayelet Shaked has been appointed Minister of Justice.
      One of the most extreme right-wing Israelis, she has not made a secret of the fact that she wants to destroy the independence of the Supreme Court, the last bastion of human rights. . .
      . . . PERHAPS WORSE is Netanyahu's decision to retain for himself the Ministry of Communication.
      This ministry has always been disdained as a low-level office, reserved for political lightweights. Netanyahu's dogged insistence on retaining it for himself is ominous.
      The communication Ministry controls all TV stations, and indirectly newspapers and other media. Since all Israeli media are in very bad shape financially, this control may become deadly.
      Netanyahu's patron – some say owner – Sheldon Adelson, the would-be dictator of the US Republican party, already publishes a give-away newspaper in Israel, which has only one sole aim: to support Netanyahu personally against all enemies, including his competitors in his own Likud party. The paper – "Israel Hayom" (Israel Today) – is already Israel's widest-circulation newspaper, with the American casino king pouring into it untold millions.
      Netanyahu is determined to break all opposition in the electronic and written media. Opposition commentators are well advised to look for jobs elsewhere . . .
      . . . One cannot avoid an odious analogy. One of the key terms in the Nazi lexicon was the atrocious German word Gleichschaltung – meaning connecting all media to the same energy source [SEE: Gleichschaltung @ Wikipedia - J.L.D. ]. All newspapers and radio stations (TV did not yet exist) were staffed with Nazis. Every morning, a Propaganda Ministry official by the name of Dr. Dietrich convened the editors and told them what tomorrow's headlines, editorials etc. were to be.
      Netanyahu has already dismissed the chief of the TV department. We don't yet know the name of our own Dr. Dietrich. . .


  • Trump has a 'magic moment' in June 2017 to move the US embassy to Jerusalem, Israel lobbyist tells NY synagogue
    • RE: “We’re all in this room because we have one kind of burning question, but Is it good for the Jews?… Where is the Trump administration going to be in relationship to Israel and other Jewish issues.” (said Buchdahl) Maybe that’s why the older crowd was there. I imagine many younger Jews hear Buchdahl with jaws dropping at the selfishness. ~ Weiss

      MY COMMENT: Out of selfishness or not, I wholeheartedly support American Jews repeatedly and persistently asking themselves whether, in the absence of a comprehensive settlement, Trump's moving the embassy to Jerusalem (West, East or Unified) is really "good for the (American and other) Jews".

    • RE: "There’s a risk. Could you minimize the risk in one or two ways? A, you do diplomacy by the Secretary of State, you go to Arab capitals, and say, we’re talking about West Jerusalem, not East Jerusalem . . ." ~ Makovsky

      MY COMMENT: Whoa, hold up dude! Israel insists that Jerusalem is indivisible (not West or East), yet the Secretary of State would seem to be partitioning it. What gives? Is it to be partitioned in perpetuity?

  • Azaria's conviction will end a totalitarian ideology
    • RE: "In the beginning of January 2017, Israeli sergeant Elor Azaria is going to be found guilty for the execution of Abd al Fatah Al-Sharif lying prostate on the ground in Hebron last March 24. . . Let us recall the Israeli government reaction to the video of the killing when it came out last March. Here, after all, was irrefutable evidence of the IDF behaving as its worst critics around the world claim that it does. The whole scene in its hideous naked glory — with the indifferent Israeli soldier 'bystanders' to the shooting, as well as the congratulatory hand shake for Azaria from his friend the settler leader Baruch Marzel at the end (as Larry Derfner revealed)—was a nightmare for the difficult business of hasbara. The video gave the lie to the carefully cultivated image of the world’s most moral army." ~ Yakov Hirsch

      MY COMMENT: When I finally, with great reluctance, watched the extremely disturbing video of Azaria casually, cold-bloodedly executing Abd al Fatah Al-Sharif, I was reminded of an equally haunting video* from the past. It involved an execution of a suspected Vietnamese communist by a soldier of America's closest Asian ally back in the 1968, South Vietnam. The biggest difference is that the video of the Vietnam execution was prominently featured on television's evening news, whereas the video of the Hebron execution by a soldier of America's preeminent ally in the Middle East seems to have been completely ignored by American television. I can't help but wonder what accounts for the application of this glaring 'double standard' by American television. Perhaps the ADL can explain it. If not, perhaps Leslie Moonves (Chairman of the Board, President, and Chief Executive Officer of CBS Corporation --- and a great-nephew of David Ben-Gurion) can enlighten us.

      * VIDEO: ■ South Vietnamese general summarily executes a suspected communist

  • Barghouti warns Trump that moving embassy to Jerusalem would be shocking violation of int'l law
    • RE: And in another sign that the Jewish community is dividing openly, J Street issued a very strong statement against the reported choice for deputy secretary of state, neoconservative warhorse John Bolton, as a “reckless” idea

      MY COMMENT: John Bolton is even more of an 'enfant terrible' than is Donald Trump. Alternatively, I see Bolton as the 'firestarter' ('twisted firestarter') son of a fireman/firefighter.

      ■ Enfant terrible
      From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

      Enfant terrible (/ˌɒ̃fɒ̃ tɛˈriːblᵊ/; French pronunciation: ​[ɑ̃fɑ̃ tɛʁibl]; English: "unruly child") is a French expression, traditionally referring to a child who is terrifyingly candid by saying embarrassing things to parents or others.[1][2] However, the expression has drawn multiple usage in careers of art, fashion, music, and other creative arts. In these careers, it implies a successful "genius" who is very unorthodox, striking, and in some cases, offensive, or rebellious.[3]

      The Oxford English Dictionary, 2nd edition, gives the definition: "A child who embarrasses his elders by untimely remarks; transf. a person who compromises his associates or his party by unorthodox or ill-considered speech or behaviour; loosely, one who acts unconventionally."

      Webster's Dictionary also defines an enfant terrible as an unusually successful person who is strikingly unorthodox, innovative, and/or avant-garde.

      SOURCE -

      ■ Les Enfants Terribles
      From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

      [EXCERPT] Les Enfants Terribles is a 1929 novel by Jean Cocteau, published by Editions Bernard Grasset. It concerns two siblings, Elisabeth and Paul, who isolate themselves from the world as they grow up, an isolation which is shattered by the stresses of their adolescence. . .
      . . . It was made into a film of the same name, a collaboration between Cocteau and director Jean-Pierre Melville in 1950,[1] and inspired the opera of the same name by Philip Glass.[2][3] . . .

      SOURCE -

      ■ Les Enfants terribles / Children of the game / Philip Glass [VIDEO, 4:04] -

      ■ Les enfants terribles - Philip Glass - complete [AUDIO , 1:40:10] -

      ■ The Prodigy - Firestarter (Official Video) [VIDEO, 03:46] -

  • After beating Ziad Abu Ein and clearing an officer of his death, Israeli forces disperse his memorial with tear gas
  • Defending Ellison, Jewish writers publish 'apartheid' description of Israel in 'Slate' and 'Washington Post'
  • ADL's Greenblatt is the one who needs to express 'contrition' for accusation of Keith Ellison
    • MY COMMENT: I'm fairly certain I recall recently reading that Haim Saban is a major donor to the Anti-Defamation League (ADL).

      ALSO SEE: “Fire Foxman” | by Joey Kurtzman | | July 8, 2007

      [EXCERPT] . . . What’s surprising is how unabashedly forthright Abraham Foxman has become about what motivates him and his institution. In October of 2005, Foxman addressed a classroom of Jewish students at New York University. Young heads nodded and brows furrowed as Foxman riled them with his customary rhetoric: Isn’t it antisemitic for pro-Palestinian groups to seek divestment only from Israel, ignoring the far greater crimes of regimes like Sudan or North Korea? How do we describe this sort of selective flagellation of the world’s only Jewish state, if not as antisemitism? “

      What if the campus Free Tibet club campaigned for divestment from China? Would that be anti-Chinese bigotry?” asked Asaf Shtull-Trauring, a 20-year-old student and conscientious objector from the Israeli army.

      Of course not, answered Foxman, but it was preposterous to compare the two conflicts, what with the Jews’ experience of two millennia of murderous persecution. Shtull-Trauring responded with two questions: Did Foxman mean that selective treatment is okay so long as it’s not directed at Jews? And where did the Anti-Defamation League get off telling Jewish university students which opinions about Israel were acceptable and which verboten?

      The dialogue spiraled into a confrontation. Shtull-Trauring says Foxman, frustrated and under attack, placed his cards on the table, angrily retorting: “I don’t represent you nor the Jewish community! I represent the donors.”

      Foxman’s outburst was surprising not because of its content, but because of its candor. Foxman needn’t bother himself with the trifling concerns of American Jews who happen not to be multimillionaire philanthropists. If he makes the Jewish community less appealing to young Jews, if his theatrics turn us off and turn us away, that’s all beside the point. Foxman’s job is to keep the millionaire benefactors happy: the rest of us can go jump in the Kinneret.

      Without a meaningful mission to pursue, the ADL has resorted to scaremongering to fill its coffers and justify its existence. These efforts have grown increasingly bizarre and damaging. . .


  • Arafat started the fires!
    • RE: Naftali Bennett has figured it all out. . . He has “blamed the fires on ‘nationalist terrorists’, adding that the fires could not have been started by Jews.” So who is left to start a fire? The answer is obvious: “only someone to whom the land does not belong is capable of burning it.” ~ Dr. Kanaaneh

      MY SNARKCASM: The Judgment of Soloman Naftali Bennett! ! !

      Judgment of Solomon
      From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

      [EXCERPTS] The Judgment of Solomon refers to a story from the Hebrew Bible in which King Solomon of Israel ruled between two women both claiming to be the mother of a child by tricking the parties into revealing their true feelings. . .

      • IMAGE - Fresco of the Judgment of Solomon, Wallfahrtskirche Frauenberg (de) Frauenberg, Styria

      Biblical narrative

      The story is recounted in 1 Kings 3:16-28. Two young women who lived in the same house and who both had an infant son came to Solomon for a judgment. One of the women claimed that the other, after accidentally smothering her own son while sleeping, had exchanged the two children to make it appear that the living child was hers. The other woman denied this and so both women claimed to be the mother of the living son and said that the dead boy belonged to the other.

      After some deliberation, King Solomon called for a sword to be brought before him. He declared that there was only one fair solution: the live son must be split in two, each woman receiving half of the child. Upon hearing this terrible verdict, the boy's true mother cried out, "Oh Lord, give the baby to her, just don't kill him!" The liar, in her bitter jealousy, exclaimed, "It shall be neither mine nor yours—divide it!"

      The king declared the first mother as the true mother, as a true, loving mother would rather surrender her baby to another than hurt him, and gave her the baby. King Solomon's judgment became known throughout all of Israel and was considered an example of profound wisdom. . .

      SOURCE -

  • The lynching of Dwight Bullard
    • RE: "OK, I get it. Some Jewish people are upset with Dwight Bullard because he traveled with the Dream Defenders to Israel and their tour guide had ties to a terrorist organization. You’ve voiced that. Over and over and over again. . . He lost his Senate seat. That wasn’t good enough. Exactly what is it that you want?" ~ Leslie Wimes

      MY COMMENT: Perhaps an auto-da-fé would satisfy them.

      From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

      [EXCERPT] An auto-da-fé or auto-de-fé (from Portuguese auto da fé, meaning "act of faith") was the ritual of public penance of condemned heretics and apostates that took place when the Spanish Inquisition, Portuguese Inquisition or the Mexican Inquisition had decided their punishment, followed by the execution by the civil authorities of the sentences imposed.

      The most extreme punishment imposed on those convicted was execution by burning. In popular usage, the term auto-da-fé, the act of public penance, came to mean the burning at the stake. . .

      SOURCE -

    • ■ "Is Insider Mike Moskowitz Getting Paid Too Much?"


      (EXCERPT) Attorney Mike Moskowitz’s firm got a big raise from taxpayers in the midst of the recession.

      This is either the tale of a political insider getting a favor from the county commission. Or it is an expert lawyer getting what he is due.

      You decide. . .


  • 'He won because of race' -- Netanyahu's upset anticipated Trump's
    • The interior decor in the photo of Trump and Netanyahu (taken in Trump's penthouse at the Trump Tower, I assume) makes me nauseous! Apparently Trump has some kind of a candelabra fetish. Or, perhaps they are tributes to Liberace.

  • Keith Ellison seeks to placate Israel lobby, by saying he is against BDS
    • RE: Here’s some of that opposition (to Ellison): Scott Johnson, the “Trouble with Keith Ellison,” in The Weekly Standard --- 'The case against Ellison that should concern all Americans is moral. To borrow a term, he is a bad hombre'. ~ Weiss



      ■ ARTICLE: "Here’s Why Trump’s ‘Bad Hombres’ Comment Was So Offensive", by Carolina Moreno,, Updated Oct 26, 2016

      [EXCERPT] When Donald Trump uttered the words “bad hombres” during the final presidential debate last night, I shuddered.

      Not just because he mispronounced it as “bad hambres” (or “bad hungers”) but because he dared to use my native language and the language of Latinos’ ancestors to demean undocumented immigrants.

      On Wednesday night, when moderator Chris Wallace asked Trump about immigration policy and reform, he began, as he often does, painting undocumented immigrants as violent criminals. (Despite research repeatedly proving native born citizens are more likely to be linked to violent crime than immigrants.) Then the GOP nominee moved on to drugs, drug lords and, again, the need to deport “bad people”:

      We’ll get them out, secure the border, and once the border is secured, at a later date we’ll make a determination as to the rest. But we have some bad hombres here and we’re going to get them out.

      Politics aside, the language Trump uses is just as important as what he is, or rather isn’t, saying. Sure he’s repeatedly spoken about immigrants as if they were a biblical plague of sombrero-wearing, mustachioed criminals yelling “arriba! arriba!” as they run across the border with taco bowls filled with drugs. But on Wednesday night he turned to Spanish to make his point. . .


  • When Sanders changed political reality. And hasbara culture slapped him down.
    • RE: "Sanders was up against what I have come to call 'hasbara culture'.”Hasbara culture is an aggressive and proselytizing understanding of the world. It is a social construction of reality by a minority within the Jewish community." ~ Yakov Hirsch

      SEE: "Rabbi’s crude opinions had no place at funeral", by Alex Brummer,, October 24, 2016

      [EXCEREPTS] A few days ago, I attended a retirement event at The Guardian for Michael White, one of the most amusing and well-informed political journalists of his generation. In the manner of old Fleet Street, we afterwards repaired to the pub, a fashionable hostelry on north London’s Caledonian Road.

      It was there that I was tapped on the shoulder by a former colleague who happens to be Jewish. Believe it or not, The Guardian, from its earliest days in Manchester, has a long tradition of being supportive of the Jewish community and employing Jewish journalists and commentators. . .

      . . . The colleague who had interrupted me wanted to know if I was still directly involved in community leadership, having been, up until 2015, a vice president of the Board of Deputies. I was not, although I am proudly involved with Jewish News and chairman of the British arm of an Israeli non-governmental organisation, the Abraham Fund. “Why do you ask?” I inquired. He wanted to relay to me a recent incident.

      He had recently buried his father and mourned over a newly dug grave at Bushey Cemetery in Hertfordshire. It is a place, fortunately, he had not had many causes to visit. On the sombre, long distance walk from the grave to the prayer hall to say kaddish, the elderly, unidentified rabbi, engaged the mourner in conversation.

      It was not quite the words of consolation and comfort the bereaved might have expected. Instead, the rabbi, having heard the bereaved worked for The Guardian, bluntly asked him: “How could you work for such an anti-Semitic organisation?”

      The colleague was stunned and speechless. Instead of the correct conversation, which might have been about the deceased and his family and the healing of time, he had brought crude and deeply disrespectful views on his professional life to a very personal event. Indeed, the journalist found the shadow of those words deeply alienating.

      No one can be unaware of some of the harsh reporting on Israel and the Palestinian conflict that has appeared in the pages of The Guardian. . .

      . . . The paper may arguably have fanned the flames of the left-wing anti-colonialist narrative on the Middle East, but it is not rooted in anti-Semitism.

      All of us who have worked at The Guardian have spoken out against excesses. But if you believe in a free press, as an essential plank of democracy (as they do in Israel itself), one must accept that not everyone has the same unalloyed, positive view of everything Israel does. . .


  • We are in an era of conservative counter-revolution
  • 'The era of the Palestinian state is over' -- Israeli right celebrates Trump win
  • 'Ruling class' must regard Trump's rise as response to 'ill conceived wars' -- Matthews
    • RE: "Matthews’s term 'ruling class' is pointedly nostalgic." - Weiss
      AND: "I find it important how close this election is drawing…. Enough for the ruling class to pay attention. By that I mean the people who think they have it all together and think the regular people out there should leave them to run the show . . ." - Matthews

      MY COMMENT: Of course, the U.K. has its House of Lords.*

      Ruling class
      From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

      [EXCERPTS] A ruling class is the social class of a given society that decides upon and sets that society's political agenda by mandating that there is one such particular class in the given society, and then appointing itself as that class.[citation needed]

      The sociologist C. Wright Mills (1916-1962), argued that the ruling class differs from the power elite. The latter simply refers to the small group of people with the most political power. Many of them are politicians, hired political managers, and military leaders. A common term used to refer to people who directly influence politics, education, and government with the use of wealth or power is the ruling class.[1] In terms of Marxism the "ruling class" is typically seen as the Bourgeoisie.

      Analogous to the class of the major capitalists, other modes of production give rise to different ruling classes: under feudalism, it was the feudal lords, while under slavery, it was the slave-owners. Under the feudal society, feudal lords had power over the vassals because of their control of the fiefs. This gave them political and military power over the people. In slavery, because complete rights of the person's life belonged to the slave owner, they could and did every implementation that would help the production in the farm.[2] . . .

      In the media
      There are several examples of ruling class systems in movies, novels, and television shows. The 2005 American independent film The American Ruling Class written by former Harper's Magazine editor Lewis Lapham and directed by John Kirby is a semi-documentary that examines how the American economy is structured and for whom. . .
      . . . The comedic film The Ruling Class was a satire of British aristocracy, depicting nobility as self-serving and cruel, juxtaposed against an insane relative who believes that he is Jesus Christ, whom they identify as a "bloody Bolshevik".

      SOURCE -

      * ■ The Ruling Class (1972) [VIDEO, 2:34:13]
      A member of the House of Lords dies in a shockingly silly way, leaving his estate to his son. Unfortunately, his son is insane: he thinks he is Jesus Christ. The other somewhat-more respectable members of their family plot to steal the estate from him. Murder and mayhem ensues. Peter O'Toole, Alastair Sim & Arthur Lowe star.
      • YouTube -
      • Netflix -

      The American Ruling Class
      2005 NR Rated NR
      Average of 29279 ratings: 3.6 stars
      This inventive, mildly fictionalized documentary follows noted editor Lewis Lapham as he introduces two Ivy League graduates to America's elite in an effort to examine the role of class and moneyed privilege in American democracy.
      Cast: Robert Altman, Lewis Lapham, Bill Bradley, more...
      • NETFLIX LISTING (not currently available) -
      • PPV ($2.99) -

      ■ Jeffrey Dallet "Ballad of the Ruling Class" [VIDEO, 11:38] -

  • In Tel Rumeida, you can be arrested for laughing
    • RE: "In Tel Rumeida, you can be arrested for laughing"

      MY COMMENT: Reading about the behavior of the settlers and the IDF towards the Palestinians, my mind kept recalling some videos I saw on YouTube this past weekend about Roman Empire. In particular, the actions of the settlers and the IDF seem rife with the same kind of sadism that flourished in Rome during the late stages of the empire (especially under Caligula) as it began to disintegrate at an increasingly rapid rate.

  • Clinton on 2005 Palestinian elections: 'If we were going to push for elections, we should have made sure that we did something to determine who was going to win'
    • P.P.S.
      "U.S. Funds Enter Fray In Palestinian Elections"
      Bush Administration Uses USAID as Invisible Conduit
      By Scott Wilson and Glenn Kessler
      Washington Post Foreign Service
      Sunday, January 22, 2006

      [EXCERPTS] RAMALLAH, West Bank -- The Bush administration is spending foreign aid money to increase the popularity of the Palestinian Authority on the eve of crucial elections in which the governing party faces a serious challenge from the radical Islamic group Hamas.

      The approximately $2 million program is being led by a division of the U.S. Agency for International Development. But no U.S. government logos appear with the projects or events being undertaken as part of the campaign . . .

      . . . The plan's $2 million budget, although a tiny fraction of USAID's work here, is likely more than what any Palestinian party will have spent by election day. A media consultant for Hamas said the organization would likely spend less than $1 million on its campaign.

      Elements of the U.S.-funded program include a street-cleaning campaign, distributing free food and water to Palestinians at border crossings, donating computers to community centers and sponsoring a national youth soccer tournament. U.S. officials are coordinating the program through Rafiq Husseini, chief of staff to Mahmoud Abbas, the president of the Palestinian Authority and leader of Fatah.

      In recent days, Arabic-language papers have been filled with U.S.-funded advertisements announcing the events in the name of the Palestinian Authority, which the public closely identifies with Fatah. Some of the events, such as a U.S.-financed tree-planting ceremony here in Ramallah that Abbas attended last week, have resembled Fatah rallies, with participants wearing the trademark black-and-white kaffiyehs emblazoned with the party logo, walls plastered with Fatah candidates' posters, and banks of TV cameras invited to record the event.

      "Public outreach is integrated into the design of each project to highlight the role of the P.A. in meeting citizens needs," said a progress report distributed this month to USAID and State Department officials. "The plan is to have events running every day of the coming week, beginning 13 January, such that there is a constant stream of announcements and public outreach about positive happenings all over Palestinian areas in the critical week before the elections."

      • 'Window of Opportunity'
      The program highlights the central challenge facing the Bush administration as it promotes democracy in the Middle East. Free elections in the Arab world, where most countries have been run for years by unelected autocracies or unchallenged parties like Fatah, often result in strong showings by radical Islamic movements opposed to the policies of the United States and to its chief regional ally, Israel.
      But in attempting to manage the results, the administration risks undermining the democratic goals it is promoting.

      U.S. officials and consultants involved in the program acknowledge that it generated debate inside the aid agency and the two firms hired to manage the project. But U.S. officials said the goal of limiting Hamas's influence in the next Palestinian government overshadowed concerns about the decision not to disclose the U.S. government's role in the campaign.

      "We are not favoring any particular party," said James A. Bever, the USAID mission director for the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. "But we do not support parties that are on the terrorism list. We are here to support the democratic process."

      Another U.S. official involved in the program said: "I'm not going to apologize for it. I'm proud of the work we've done."

      "We weren't trying to be some black-box SWAT operation," said the official, who declined to be named because he was not authorized to speak for the record. "But we want to be able to say we did everything we could to support peaceful coexistence here. There's no tomorrow if we end up with a worsening conflict" after the elections.

      Hamas is reaping the benefits of years of grass-roots social work and political organizing in the West Bank and Gaza as it prepares for its first national election. It opposes Israel's right to exist and has vowed to maintain its armed wing, which has carried out attacks and suicide bombings inside Israel and the territories.

      The Palestinian Authority, meanwhile, is suffering from a reputation for corruption, divisions within Fatah and a continuing Israeli occupation of the West Bank that has made Abbas's pursuit of a negotiated peace settlement unappealing to many Palestinians. Public opinion polls have shown the race tightening in recent weeks, with Hamas now running even with Fatah.

      According to interviews with U.S. and Palestinian officials here and in Washington as well as project documents obtained by The Washington Post, the plan to help promote the Palestinian Authority, and by extension Fatah, began emerging as Israel ended its 38-year occupation of Gaza in August.

      "In light of the Israeli disengagement from Gaza, a critical window of opportunity has emerged," stated an October document outlining the scope of the Gaza Action Plan Support Unit, as the program is known. The document, prepared by ARD, a consulting firm based in Burlington, Vt., that was hired to manage the project, said the goal was to "help lay the foundation for successful, moderate leadership in Gaza as well as the West Bank." It listed the Palestinian Authority as its "direct beneficiary."

      Most U.S. development assistance here, which last year totaled roughly $400 million, consists of water pipelines, sewage treatment plants, public libraries and roads, which bear the USAID logo alongside the seal of the Palestinian Authority. But Bever said the agency, which previously wanted to showcase U.S. aid, recently decided to emphasize the Palestinian Authority's role to a greater degree after polls showed a majority of Palestinians are aware of the overall extent of U.S. assistance.

      • Downplaying U.S. Credit
      The project is supervised by USAID's Office of Transition Initiatives, which specializes in promoting U.S. interests during times of political change in foreign countries and has the ability to spend money faster than other departments, according to agency officials.

      The office hired ARD, which in turn subcontracted the project to a Washington-based firm, Strategic Assessments Initiative, or SAI, known for its largely academic work on issues such as Palestinian security reform. SAI had no experience in development work and had never worked for USAID.

      Amjad Atallah, the company's president, said he was not authorized to talk about the project, though he said it raised concerns within his organization. Atallah said he agreed to work on the contract only after USAID agreed to his requests that Palestinian teams work in the field and that the program be coordinated through the office of President Abbas, who is not a candidate in the election.

      USAID also brought in an independent consultant, Larry Sampler, to "help us think about how to do this," the U.S. official involved in the program said. Sampler was described by people who know him as an earnest, intense man who served 15 years in the Army Special Forces and worked as a U.S. contractor in Afghanistan.

      According to documents from a planning presentation Sampler gave to U.S. officials in Washington and Tel Aviv in October, he raised several questions about how closely the U.S. government should be identified with the project. The documents also suggest that U.S. officials expected the project to become involved in party politics.

      "To whom should credit accrue?" Sampler asked in one slide of the presentation. "Issues of branding and how closely associated candidates and parties want to be or should be associated with the USG [U.S. government]. What should be the nature of that relationship?"

      Plans called for roughly 40 small projects or events, ranging in cost from $5,000 to $50,000 each, that would benefit the Palestinian Authority. No USAID logos would be used.

      Asked if the decision not to use the USAID brand was a way to hide its involvement, Bever said, "I could see it could look that way." He said some of the projects might bear the agency logo, although it was not apparent on those visited by reporters from The Post or in ads published this week.

      "We wanted to give maximum credit to the Palestinian Authority and to the freely elected president, Mahmoud Abbas, for taking the initiative and for inviting us to help get the message out to the Palestinian people," Bever said. . .


    • P.S. . . . EXCERPTS: . . . Four days before the election, Scott Wilson and Glenn Kessler of the Washington Post reported that the United States was actively interfering in the Palestinian election.

      RAMALLAH, West Bank -- The Bush administration is spending foreign aid money to increase the popularity of the Palestinian Authority on the eve of crucial elections in which the governing party faces a serious challenge from the radical Islamic group Hamas.

      The approximately $2 million program is being led by a division of the U.S. Agency for International Development. But no U.S. government logos appear with the projects or events being undertaken as part of the campaign, which bears no evidence of U.S. involvement and does not fall within the definitions of traditional development work.

      U.S. officials say their low profile is meant to ensure that the Palestinian Authority receives public credit for a collection of small, popular projects and events to be unveiled before Palestinians select their first parliament in a decade.

      In this instance, USAID was doing the traditional work of the Central Intelligence Agency (meddling in foreign elections), and the work was coordinated by "a former U.S. Army Special Forces officer who worked in postwar Afghanistan on democracy-building projects." The episode was another example of how traditional intelligence operations drifted away from the CIA and towards the Pentagon during Bush's second term. In any case, the USAID program didn't work, and may have backfired, as Hamas won a plurality of the vote and a majority of the seats. The Bush administration immediately began plotting to reverse the result of the elections. For a complete recounting of the Bush administration's efforts, please see David Rose's exposé in the April issue of Vanity Fair . . . SOURCE -

    • RE: Clinton on 2005 Palestinian elections: ‘If we were going to push for elections, we should have made sure that we did something to determine who was going to win’

      MY COMMENT: As a matter of fact, "we" did do something. Elliott Abrams saw to it that in the weeks leading up to the election about $2,000,000 in USAID money was spent in support of Fatah and/or in opposition to Hamas. Alas, it was a day late and a dollar short (at a minimum).

  • Invite to Netanyahu brought a big donor to Dem thinktank-- and 'we'll never be called anti-Semitic again'
    • P.S.

      [EXCERPTS] New revelations about the circumstances under which Israel and the United States reached a secret understanding on the Israeli nuclear program, and the Richard Nixon administration came to recognize Israel's policy of "nuclear ambiguity," appear in an article published this weekend in Washington. . .

      . . . Cohen and Burr reveal internal documents of the Nixon administration about contacts with Israel over the nuclear issue, including Israel's official notification to the U.S. that it would not sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. The "nuclear understanding" reached in 1969 between then-prime minister Golda Meir and Richard Nixon ended a decade of American pressure on Israel to stop its nuclear program. In the '60s the Americans sent inspectors to the Dimona nuclear reactor, and officials in the Johnson administration sought to condition the supply of F-4 Phantom fighter planes to Israel on its signing the NPT. Israel refused and adhered to its vague pledge "not to be the first country to introduce nuclear weapons into the Middle East."

      Nixon's entry to the White House in January 1969 heralded a change in U.S. policy. Cohen and Burr reveal that the administration worked up documents on the ramifications of a nuclear-armed Israel, the contents of which remain classified. According to documents that have been declassified, the administration was of the opinion before Meir's first Washington visit, in September 1969, that Israel was already in the possession of nuclear weapons and was capable of deploying and launching Jericho ground-to-ground missiles. Based on that assessment, the U.S. State Department recommended that Nixon pressure Meir to pledge that "Israel would not possess nuclear weapons, would sign the NPT, and would not deploy missiles." Cohen and Burr say it is not known whether Nixon tried to do this, but that "subsequent actions indicate that he did not."

      Meir and Nixon met in private at the White House on September 26, 1969. The precise contents of their conversation remains a blank, but it is known that it led to an understanding between the two countries. According to internal memoranda by Nixon's national security adviser, Henry Kissinger, Nixon had made clear to Meir that it was in America's interest that "Israel make no visible introduction of nuclear weapons or undertake a nuclear test program." . . .

      SOURCE -

    • RE: "Invite to Netanyahu brought a big donor to Dem thinktank– and ‘we’ll never be called anti-Semitic again’"

      MY COMMENT: I guess that means CAP is finally "in good (albeit antiSemitic) company".* One can never have too many "good Republican cloth coats".


      [EXCERPT] . . . When the Republicans nominated Nixon as their vice-presidential candidate in 1952, some opponents accused him of anti-Semitism. Nixon had Murray Chotiner, his (Jewish) campaign manager, secure the ADL's stamp of approval. Still, into the summer voters inundated campaign headquarters with letters asking about Nixon's feelings toward Jews. The candidate sometimes responded himself, with his characteristic earnestness. "I want to thank you for … your courtesy in calling my attention to the false rumor that I am anti-Semetic [sic]," he wrote in one reply. "I am enclosing a copy of a letter which Murray Chotiner has sent to these people which, I believe, is self-explanatory." . . .

      SOURCE ~

  • The dark side of Jewish consciousness: manufactured anti-Semitism
    • RE: "It is ironic and bizarre that Marcus founded the Louis Brandeis Center for Human Rights under Law several years ago to combat anti-Semitism" ~

      MY QUERY: Anyone for bizarronic (bizarre + ironic)? Kenneth Marcus' behavior reminds me of some of David Horowitz's acting out*. Not to mention Charles Manson's Ted Bundy's Friedrich Heinrich Karl "Fritz" (i.e., son of Ollie) Haarmann's.
      Oh G_d, I'm acting out* again.

      * ■ Acting out
      From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
      Acting out is a psychological term from the parlance of defense mechanisms and self-control, meaning to perform an action in contrast to bearing and managing the impulse to perform it. The acting done is usually anti-social and may take the form of acting on the impulses of an addiction (e.g. drinking, drug taking or shoplifting) or in a means designed (often unconsciously or semi-consciously) to garner attention (e.g. throwing a tantrum or behaving promiscuously).

      In general usage, the action performed is destructive to self or others and may inhibit the development of more constructive responses to the feelings in question. The term is used in this way in sexual addiction treatment, psychotherapy, criminology and parenting.

      Acting out painful feelings may be contrasted with expressing them in ways more helpful to the sufferer, e.g. by talking out, expressive therapy, psychodrama or mindful awareness of the feelings. Developing the ability to express one's conflicts safely and constructively is an important part of impulse control, personal development and self-care. . .

      SOURCE -

  • Jeffrey Goldberg should come with a warning label
    • RE: "This is not Jeffrey Goldberg the Journalist tweeting; this is the Jewish advocate Jeffrey Goldberg speaking.
      Let’s gather some more evidence of what Jeffrey Goldberg acting as a Jewish advocate is telling us."
      ~ Yakov Hirsch

      MY QUESTION: When Jeffrey Goldberg the Journalist morphs into Jeffrey Goldberg the Advocate, is it possible that he is actually an Israeli advocate (or, more specifically, a 'right-wing Israeli advocate') rather than a "Jewish advocate"?

    • RE "Jeffrey Goldberg should come with a warning label"

      THIS MIGHT HAVE POTENTIAL: "Contents may settle. Product sold by weight, not volume."


      Why does my cereal say "contents may settle"?
      Right on the top it says "Contents may settle. Product sold by weight not volume".
      Is that bad? What happens if it settles? Doesn't all cereal "settle"? I don't get it.

      ● Best Answer: When the cereal settles, it appears that the package is half full( this is normal).
      But because many people think that they were robbed, they post these words on the box so you know that the content is there( the weight is the same) but it appears less because it "settled".
      Some products settle when they get handled and shaken around during transport.
      jc · 7 years ago


      What does this political cartoon mean?
      its called the mayflower. its the ship of the name and the phrase "contents may settle' are written. i need to know its meaning for school and how does it use humor in the form of words to make it funny.

      ● Best Answer: The Mayflower was the ship that brought the English pilgrims to North America or the United States before it became the United States. they settled here, so the phrase says "contents may settle" which means the contents of the ship the pilgrims may settle, which is what they did.
      Nate · 3 years ago

      P.S. HERE is the political cartoon featuring the Mayflower with a "contents may settle" notice/warning.
      source -

  • In email, Clinton calls for a 'Potemkin' peace process
  • Despite groping revelations, Israeli-American Trump supporter says all five of his daughters will vote Trump
    • RE: Such was the moral intimidation of this feudal discipline that it was widely felt that to scratch a ticket was “treason to the white race” . . . ~ C. Vann Woodward (from the excerpt above)

      MY COMMENT: I would expect that to 'scratch a ticket' would mean to vote a ticket (i.e., straight-ticket/straight-party voting), but from the context of Woodward's use, it appears to refer to scratching through a name on a party's ticket.

      ● . . . “Crossover vote” is defined as “scratch vote.” Scratch vote is not a term I have heard used in 25 years as an election administrator. Beware of local terminology that may not be in general use. . . -

      Ticket (election)
      From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
      A ticket refers to a single election choice which fills more than one political office or seat. For example, in the U.S., the candidates for President and Vice President run on the same "ticket", because they are elected together on a single ballot question rather than separately.
      A ticket can also refer to a political party. In this case, the candidates for a given party are said to be running on the party's ticket. "Straight party voting" (most common in some U.S. states) is voting for the entire party ticket, including every office for which the party has a candidate running. . . -

      Straight-ticket voting
      From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
      Straight-ticket voting or straight-party voting is the practice of voting for every candidate that a political party has on a general election ballot. . .
      . . . In the early days of the parties, it was nearly impossible not to vote on a straight-party line vote. Voters would receive a colored ballot with that party's nominees on it. A split-ticket vote would require two different colored ballots, which confused the voter. Often, the voter would choose a specific party, and vote for everyone from that party. . . -

      None of the above
      From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
      “None Of The Above,” or NOTA for short, also known as “against all” or a “scratch” vote, is a ballot option in some jurisdictions or organizations, designed to allow the voter to indicate disapproval of all of the candidates in a voting system. . . -

      From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia]
      . . . In ancient Greece, citizens used pieces of broken pottery to scratch in the name of the candidate in the procedures of ostracism. . . -

      From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
      Ostracism (Greek: ὀστρακισμός, ostrakismos) was a procedure under the Athenian democracy in which any citizen could be expelled from the city-state of Athens for ten years. . .
      . . . The name is derived from the ostraka (singular ostrakon, ὄστρακον), referring to the pottery shards that were used as voting tokens. Broken pottery, abundant and virtually free, served as a kind of scrap paper (in contrast to papyrus, which was imported from Egypt as a high-quality writing surface, and was thus too costly to be disposable). . . -

      "Scratch the Rooster" - . . . In West Virginia, where we have straight ticket voting, you'll have many old-school politicians encourage people to "Scratch the Rooster". It all dates back to 1840 and is detailed here." -

    • I SHOULD HAVE PUT THIS IN BOLD: "Incompetency and weakness in candidates had to be overlooked for the sake of white solidarity."

    • RE: “In Israel and I believe in the U.S., history and basic common sense has taught that when your team is under attack, you RALLY AROUND THE FLAG, YOU DON’T BURN IT AND RUN!” ~ Zell

      C. VANN WOODWARD (1938):

      . . . The submissive loyalty that the leaders of the New Departure commanded in Georgia conformed to a pattern found in all Southern states after home rule was restored. “The ‘Solid South,’ ” wrote Henry Watterson in 1879, “is a reaction against proscription, attended by misgovernment, and a protest against the ever-recurring menace of Federal interference.” 25 Thus the new discipline was feudal rather than democratic. It was based upon fear—fear of the Negro menace, the scalawag menace, the Federal menace, menaces real and imaginary. As the price of protection, it demanded unquestioning allegiance. White men could not divide on lines of class interest, nor could differences over measures and candidates be expressed at the ballot box. Such matters were settled by the small clique that ran the machine. Democratic forms were observed, but their observance was entirely perfunctory. Party platforms contained nothing but such platitudes as all white men could agree upon. Incompetency and weakness in candidates had to be overlooked for the sake of white solidarity. Suspected graft in public office could not be exposed for fear of Negro domination. Ballot-box stuffing had to be tolerated when white supremacy was threatened. Such was the moral intimidation of this feudal discipline that it was widely felt that to scratch a ticket was “treason to the white race,” and to make open declaration of independence was “an effort to africanize the state.” . . . ~ from page 57 of “Tom Watson: Agrarian Rebel”, by C. Vann Woodward -

  • The battle over Obama's legacy, featuring Netanyahu, Zogby, liberal Zionists, and 88 senators
  • Why I left the cult
  • 'Perpetual occupation' -- White House slams Israel over new settlement
  • Trump’s Israel advisor (again) argues for annexation of the West Bank with bad math
  • Netanyahu and US neocons describe Israel as a miracle God helped to create
    • RE: "So yes, all religious traditions need to be reinterpreted (and they are possibly all unfit for modern world); but religions speak to people’s need for meaning . . ." ~ Weiss

      ■ VIDEO - Holocaust and holy war: Israel, World War III, and collective insanity
      LINK -
      Published on Aug 5, 2012
      Prof. Jerry Kroth discusses the most volatile 35 acre site on planet earth, Haram-al-Sharif or what Israeli's call the Temple Mount. While rational and sane negotiations proceed to resolve conflict at a snail's pace, there are four collective, dark forces which impose themselves on this area: extreme Islamic fundamentalism, militant messianism, radical Christian evangelism, and the "inspired lunacy" of territoriality. These 'four horsemen of the apocalypse' predispose the entire region to nuclear annihilation.

  • 'NYT' editorial on US military aid leaves out Palestinians because it knows it would lose the argument
    • RE: "Hamas is described (by the NYT) as a proxy group for Iran . . ." ~ Phil Weiss and Donald Johnson

      SEE: "How Israel Helped to Spawn Hamas", By Andrew Higgins, The Wall Street Journal, 01/24/09

      [EXCERPT] Surveying the wreckage of a neighbor's bungalow hit by a Palestinian rocket, retired Israeli official Avner Cohen traces the missile's trajectory back to an "enormous, stupid mistake" made 30 years ago.

      "Hamas, to my great regret, is Israel's creation," says Mr. Cohen, a Tunisian-born Jew who worked in Gaza for more than two decades. Responsible for religious affairs in the region until 1994, Mr. Cohen watched the Islamist movement take shape, muscle aside secular Palestinian rivals and then morph into what is today Hamas, a militant group that is sworn to Israel's destruction.

      Instead of trying to curb Gaza's Islamists from the outset, says Mr. Cohen, Israel for years tolerated and, in some cases, encouraged them as a counterweight to the secular nationalists of the Palestine Liberation Organization and its dominant faction, Yasser Arafat's Fatah. . .

      . . . When Israel first encountered Islamists in Gaza in the 1970s and '80s, they seemed focused on studying the Quran, not on confrontation with Israel. The Israeli government officially recognized a precursor to Hamas called Mujama Al-Islamiya, registering the group as a charity. It allowed Mujama members to set up an Islamic university and build mosques, clubs and schools. Crucially, Israel often stood aside when the Islamists and their secular left-wing Palestinian rivals battled, sometimes violently, for influence in both Gaza and the West Bank.

      "When I look back at the chain of events I think we made a mistake," says David Hacham, who worked in Gaza in the late 1980s and early '90s as an Arab-affairs expert in the Israeli military. "But at the time nobody thought about the possible results." . . .


  • 'Shame on you,' Israel, for turning Obama 'into some Jew hater,' Tom Friedman says
    • RE: "Recall the most devastating insight in the Colin Powell emails: Clinton is 'not transformational'." ~ Weiss

      Transformational leadership
      From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

      [EXCERPT] Transformational leadership is a style of leadership where a leader works with subordinates to identify needed change, creating a vision to guide the change through inspiration, and executing the change in tandem with committed members of a group.[1] Transformational leadership serves to enhance the motivation, morale, and job-performance of followers through a variety of mechanisms; these include connecting the follower's sense of identity and self to a project and to the collective identity of the organization; being a role model for followers in order to inspire them and to raise their interest in the project; challenging followers to take greater ownership for their work, and understanding the strengths and weaknesses of followers, allowing the leader to align followers with tasks that enhance their performance. . .


    • RE: "Because American Jews don’t want to live in that kind of place; and they shouldn’t support such an anachronistic ideology, which begins with a Z and ends with ethnic cleansing." ~ Weiss

      MY COMMENT: Good one, Phil!

      Costa-Gavras - Z (1969) (Original Theatrical Trailer)

    • RE: "Hillary Clinton celebrated the new Memorandum of Understanding with a statement saying that our relationship with Israel is 'rocksolid and unwavering' and she’s going to take that relationship 'to the next level', including actions against efforts to delegitimize Israel (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions)." ~ Weiss

      A LATE SUMMER EVENING'S MUSICAL INTERLUDE, proudly brought to you by the purveyors of new Über-Xtreme Ziocaine™ Inhalable: "Dream-castle Israel is just a few pleasurable breaths away!"

      Rock steady (i.e. "rocksolid") baby!
      That's what I feel now . . .

      . . . It's a funky and low down feelin'
      (What it is)
      In my hips from left to right
      (What it is)
      What it is
      Is I might be doin'
      (What it is)
      This funky dance all night
      (Put your hands up in the air)
      (Gotta a feelin' an ain't got a care)
      (What fun to take this ride
      Rock steady will only slide)

      Rock steady........ rock steady baby
      Rock steady........ rock steady baby ~ Aretha Franklin, 1971

      Aretha Franklin - Rock Steady (Sure Is Pure Remix) 7" UK 1994

      P.S. Ziocaine™ is a registered trademark of The Mooser Corporation, U.S.A.

  • 'There's no occupation'
    • RE: Tell the Palestinians in the West Bank that there’s no occupation. Tell the Gazans. Tell the Syrians. Tell everyone. There’s no occupation. Repeat it again and again. There’s no occupation." ~ Jonathan Ofir

      MY QUESTION: Should I click together three times the heels of my magical ruby slippers before repeating the phrase, "There's no occupation"?

  • Trump could be bumpy for Jews
    • P.S.
      ■ WIKIPEDIA:
      • National Socialist Underground -
      • NSU murders -
      • NSU Trial -

      ■ National Socialist Underground - SPIEGEL ONLINE
      Der Spiegel
      Feb 27, 2014 - Neo-Nazi Terror Cell. The trial of Beate Zschäpe of the National Socialist Underground neo-Nazi terror cell is currently underway in Munich.
      LINK -

      ■ Four years of Germany's worst neo-Nazi scandal - The Local
      The Local
      Nov 4, 2015 - The attackers were the National Socialist Underground, made up of core members Uwe Mundlos, Uwe Böhnhardt and Beate Zschäpe.
      LINK -

      ■ Opinion: NSU murders: We can′t look the other way | Film | DW.COM ...
      Apr 8, 2016 - ... Germany: NSU), a three-part film on a series of murders allegedly committed by the self-styled National Socialist Underground (NSU) over 10 ...
      LINK -

      ■ Neo Nazi Killers of Germany (SHOCKING Crime Documentary)

      Published on Mar 9, 2014
      Neo Nazi Killers of Germany (SHOCKING Crime Documentary)

      The Bosphorus serial murders also known as Döner murders, the term often used by the media, were a series of attacks that took place in Germany between 2000 and 2006, leaving ten people dead and one wounded. The attackers called themselves National Socialist Underground (NSU) (German: Nationalsozialistischer Untergrund). The primary targets were ethnic Turks, but one Greek and one German policewoman were also killed.

      The victims were mostly small business owners, including doner kebab vendors and greengrocers. They were murdered in daylight with gunshots to the face at close range with a silenced CZ 83 pistol. According to the parents of a Turkish victim who worked in an internet café, the police originally suspected foreign organised criminals. A German policewoman, Michèle Kiesewetter, was also shot and killed and the police officer on patrol with her was critically wounded. Other crimes, including a bomb attack, may have been committed by the group. German authorities identified three suspects, Uwe Böhnhardt, Uwe Mundlos, and Beate Zschäpe as responsible for the murders. According to the acting Attorney General of Germany, Rainer Greisbaum, the suspects had Neo-Nazi links. Böhnhardt and Mundlos were found dead by police after they robbed a bank on 4 November 2011. Police said they killed themselves. Zschäpe surrendered on 11 November 2011. She will probably face charges of murder, attempted murder, arson, and belonging to a terrorist organization. Zschäpe said she was only willing to testify if she was considered a state witness, with mitigation of sentence. The police discovered an alleged hit-list of 88 names that included "two prominent members of the Bundestag and representatives of Turkish and Islamic groups".
      Category - Education
      License - Standard YouTube License

    • RE: "Trump’s manner may not be as shocking to the Israeli ear. Current Israeli Justice minister Ayelet Shaked posted an article with the idea that Palestinian Arabs are 'snakes' who need to be killed.
      Trump repeatedly likens refugees to snakes and, notoriously, opened his campaign slandering Mexican immigrants. (The one thing that candidate Trump consistently models is brutality.)"
      ~ Soloman


      NSU: German History X
      Mitten in Deutschland: NSU (original title)
      Crime, Drama | TV Mini-Series (2016– )
      After German reunification, the neo-Nazi National Socialist Underground begins a killing spree while cops fight an uphill battle to catch them.
      Internet Movie Database (7.7/10) -
      Netflix Streaming -

  • Israeli government projects 'ethnic cleansing' on Palestinians
    • RE: "Yet the Palestinian leadership actually demands a Palestinian state with ONE precondition: No Jews. --- There’s a phrase for that: it’s called ethnic cleansing. And this demand is OUTRAGEOUS. It’s even more outrageous, that the world doesn’t find this outrageous. Some otherwise enlightened countries even promote this outrage. . ." ~ Netanyahu

      MY COMMENT: The expression/phrase/idiom "too clever (or cute) by half" comes to mind.

      ■ too clever by half
      1. (idiomatic, of a person, plan, theory, etc.) Shrewd but flawed by overthinking or excessive complexity, with a resulting tendency to be unreliable or unsuccessful.

      ■ too clever by half
      informal (Of a person) annoyingly proud of their intelligence or skill, and liable to overreach themselves:
      'he always was too clever by half'

      ■ be too clever by half (British)
      to be too confident of your own intelligence in a way that annoys other people: At school he had a reputation for arrogance. 'Too clever by half' was how one former teacher described him.

      ■ Too cute by half?
      It is an extension of the colloquial phrase "too clever by half." This refers to someone who is so proud of their cleverness that they flaunt it, undermining their overall appeal. I would guess that someone who is "too cute by half" exploits their natural cuteness, therefore making themselves overall less appealing.

      "On Language; Too Clever By Three-Quarters"
      By William Safire
      Published: November 15, 1987

      "Too Clever by Half,'' editorialized The New York Times, irritated at the way Mikhail S. Gorbachev tried to use the Reagan desire for a summit meeting in Washington as a lever for preconditions. (Why preconditions, a term always used pejoratively? Why not just the neutral conditions? I cannot address that subject today, as I had not preplanned to.) A year before, Francis X. Clines of the same news-paper, known to his colleagues as one of the classiest writers in journalism, limned Richard Darman, then a high Reagan Administration official, as one who is ''a very smart man, and does not hesitate to show it; a Senate leader accustomed to dealing with him even coined the term 'Darmanesque' to describe someone too clever by half at politics.''

      ''In criticizing Mrs Thatcher's use of the word frit,'' wrote a reader from Nottinghamshire to The Financial Times in 1983, ''John Hunt is too clever by half - or rather wholly ignorant of North Country slang. At school in the East Midlands, the future Prime Minister would have regularly heard and no doubt used the word as an abbreviation for frightened.''

      Since there is the revival of a Russian play by Alexander N. Ostrovsky titled in English ''Too Clever by Half'' at London's Old Vic Theater this year, the time has come to examine the origins of, and the recent proliferation of, this fractional excess of adroitness.

      The prepositional phrase by half must not be confused with its plural brother, by halves, which means ''imperfectly, partially'' - as Edmund Burke warned in 1790, ''A king is not to be deposed by halves.'' (That's what happens when usurpers get frit.) In singular, by half means much more: ''considerably, by far, a great deal.'' It can be found before 1400 in ''Morte Arthure, or The Death of Arthur''; in the past five centuries, it has been used in the description of a woman ''fayrer by one halfe than shee was before'' and in a comment in Richard Brinsley Sheridan's 1777 play ''The School for Scandal'' that could be applied today to one of our media scandalhounds: ''Pshaw! he is too moral by half.''

      Too clever by half was coined in George J. Whyte-Melville's 1858 book, ''The Interpreter,'' and means ''too smart for one's own good.'' It is a Britishism - like early on, good show and have a go - that has crossed the Atlantic but still retains its British flavor.

      Clever, since we're at it, is a word with two sides. Probably from a Scandinavian root, the adjective cliver appeared in Middle English as a reference to quickness with claws. In one sense, the word has drawn on physical quickness and, by metaphoric extension, has come to mean mentally ''nimble, adroit, skillful.'' (Clever boy!) In another sense, the nimbleness takes on a darker meaning, as ''sharp, canny, cunning, tricky, opportunistic.'' (Clever pol!) Never, until today, has the phrase changed the degree of its fraction; it is always too clever by half. Today's headline of this column seeks to pique attention by changing the half to three-quarters, which many will consider arch, straining for effect, pushing it or too clever by the standard fraction. . .

      SOURCE -

  • Trump and Clinton promise to repeat foreign policy mistakes of the past
  • Bidding for access to Clinton, Goldberg says Bill can cut peace deal and win Nobel
    • RE: "It’s hard to see why Bill Clinton should succeed this time when he has tried once before without success. Netanyahu’s manipulations presumably include blackmail with the aid of a lot of plausible information." - MHughes976

      SEE - "Claim: Israelis tried to blackmail Bill Clinton with Lewinsky tapes to force spy release" | by Benjamin Weingarten | | 21 July 2014

      [EXCERPTS] In October 1998 in a bid to gain the release of Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard, an Israeli team led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu threatened to blackmail President Bill Clinton with tapes of Clinton and then-intern Monica Lewinsky. When Clinton brought Israel’s request for Pollard’s release to CIA Director George Tenet, Tenet threatened to resign on the spot should Clinton cave and release Pollard. Clinton ultimately declined the Israeli request, though he would consider it once again before the end of his term.

      This bombshell claim comes from Daniel Halper’s new book on the Clintons’ rise back to power, “Clinton, Inc.,” in a section based on the author’s review of the so-called “Monica Files,” to which Halper obtained exclusive access.

      The hundreds of pages of documents comprising the “Monica Files” detail numerous sordid allegations about President Clinton, Hillary Clinton and Monica Lewinsky as compiled by Lewinsky’s associates including “investigators, attorneys, and other Lewinsky advisors in the event that she might be involved in legal action against the president.”

      Here is how Halper describes the meeting between the Israelis and President Clinton that October, which took place during a set of high-profile negotiations on the Middle East with Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat at the Wye Plantation near Wye River, Maryland:

      At one point, Netanyahu reportedly pulled Clinton aside to press for a pet cause for the Israelis–the release of Jonathan Pollard, an American spy for Israel who was sitting in prison. Netanyahu pressed Clinton to release Pollard, which in itself was not an unusual request. But the Israelis present at Wye River had a new tactic for their negotiations–they’d overheard Clinton and Monica and had it on tape. Not wanting to directly threaten the powerful American president, a crucial Israeli ally, Clinton was told that the Israeli government had thrown the tapes away. But the very mention of them was enough to constitute a form of blackmail.

      And, according to information provided by a CIA source, a stricken Clinton appeared to buckle. . .

      . . . Intelligence officials in the United States or Israel will of course not confirm on the record the extent or substance of Israeli eavesdropping…In 2000 the conservative magazine Insight, after a one-year investigation by a team of reporters, claimed that the Israeli government had “penetrated four White House telephone lines and was able to relay real-time conversations on those lines from a remote site outside the White House directly to Israel for listening and recording.” At the time, an Israeli spokesman responded to the Associated Press, which confirmed that an FBI investigation was under way, that the claim was “outrageous.” . . .

      . . . A New York Post article published in 1999 drawing on a book titled “Gideon’s Spies — The Secret History of Mossad,” recounts a similar plot by Israel to blackmail Bill Clinton with Lewinsky tapes, for a related but different end. The post article read:

      ISRAEL blackmailed President Clinton with phone-tapped tapes of his steamy sex talks with Monica Lewinsky, a blockbuster new book charges.

      The price Clinton paid for the silence of the Mossad spy agency was calling off an FBI hunt for a top-level Israeli mole allegedly installed at the White House.

      …author [George] Thomas says Danny Yatom, Mossad inspector general, succeeded in tapping Lewinsky’s phone and amassed some 30 hours of sexually explicit conversations between the president and Lewinsky.

      Thomas says Tel Aviv used the tapes to stop the probe of an operative code-named “MEGA,” who was, and could still be, deep within the White House.

      …Israel’s Committee for Central Intelligence, meeting in emergency session, decided to play dirty by exploiting Monica’s steamy chats as a way of protecting their White House “asset,” Thomas said.

      Halper argues in his book that the allegations in “The Monica Files” may be used by “reporters and Republican operatives–as part of what might be dubbed the [death by a] “thousand cuts” operation” in connection with a Hillary Clinton presidential bid in 2016.


  • 'NY Times' rigs a purported news article to push U.S. escalation in Syria
    • RE: The otherwise slanted and useless Times article does have one valuable and alarming piece of information. Landler and Mazzetti ignore our actual president, but they do report what Hillary Clinton said about Syria at a private fund-raiser with millionaires “in the Hamptons.”
      . . . Mrs. Clinton delivered, unprompted, a lengthy policy prescription for what to do in Syria, including a gentle critique of the Obama administration for not pursuing her original proposal of a no-fly zone. . .
      ~ North

      MY COMMENT: Scott Ritter addresses Clinton's proposal for a no-fly zone in Syria in the video below.

      Scott Ritter and Ray McGovern on the Dem Candidates

      Published on Apr 18, 2016
      Judson Memorial Church - NYC
      Category - News & Politics
      License - Creative Commons Attribution license (reuse allowed)

  • The United States of Innocence -- the worldview of Major Todd Pierce (retired), Part 2
    • P.S. EXCERPT:
      The Lesson of Carl Schmitt
      By Guillame Faye and Robert Steuckers
      Part 1

      We met Carl Schmitt in the village of Plettenberg, the place of his birth and retirement. For four remarkable hours we conversed with the man who remains unquestionably the greatest political and legal thinker of our time. “We have been put out to pasture,” said Schmitt. “We are like domestic animals who enjoy the benefits of the closed field we are allotted. Space is conquered. The borders are fixed. There is nothing more to discover. It is the reign of the status quo . . .”

      Schmitt always warned against this frozen order, which extends over the Earth and ruins political sovereignties. Already in 1928, in The Concept of the Political,[1] he detects in the universalist ideologies, those “of Rights, or Humanity, or Order, or Peace,” the project of transforming the planet into a kind of depoliticized economic aggregate which he compares to a “bus with its passengers” or a “building with its tenants.” And in this premonition of a world of the death of nations and cultures, the culprit is not Marxism but the liberal and commercial democracies. Thus Schmitt offers one of the most acute and perspicacious criticisms of liberalism, far more profound and original than the “anti-democrats” of the old reactionary right.

      He also continues the “realist” manner of analyzing of politics and the state, in the tradition of Bodin, Hobbes, and Machiavelli. Equally removed from liberalism and modern totalitarian theories (Bolshevism and fascisms), the depth and the modernity of his views make him the most important contemporary political and constitutional legal theorist. This is why we can follow him, while of course trying to go beyond some of his analyses, as his French disciple Julien Freund, at the height of his powers, has already done.[2] . . .

    • RE: "We have to go back and study Carl Schmitt. That doesn’t make us a fascist society, but– -"

      PDF (8 pages) - "The Lesson of Carl Schmitt"
      by Guillaume Faye and Robert Steuckers
      Topics Guillaume, Faye, Robert, Steuckers, Lesson, Carl, Schmitt, Political, Politics, Concept, Dictatorship, Government
      download 1 file ABBYY GZ download
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      download 1 file SINGLE PAGE PROCESSED JP2 ZIP download
      download 1 file TORRENT

  • Even liberal Zionists wanted to send Palestinians to the moon
    • RE: The problem with this occupation is not, primarily, the presence of soldiers and military governance (although that in itself is a problem) – the problem is the ideology that informs it. That is – Zionism. This ideology seeks maximum land with minimum Palestinians. The hunger and craving for territory most often gets precedence over humanitarian concern for non-Jews.
      This is how the occupation came about. In this respect it is not a new birth, not “an aberration”, not “a grotesque reincarnation,” as Shavit would have it. And this is why people like Shavit are unable to separate themselves from Israel’s expansionism – the reason is PRIDE, national pride. . .
      ~ Ofir

      Pride is a lofty view of one's self or one's own. Pride often manifests itself as a high opinion of one's nation (national pride), ethnicity (ethnic pride), or appearance (vanity). Pride is considered a negative attribute by most philosophies and major world religions, but some philosophies consider it positive. The opposite of pride is humility. . .
      • My pride fell with my fortunes.
      William Shakespeare, As You Like It (c. 1599-1600), Act I, scene 2.
      • Why, who cries out on pride,
      That can therein tax any private party?
      Doth it not flow as hugely as the sea.
      William Shakespeare, As You Like It (c.1599-1600), Act II, scene 7, line 70.
      • Prouder than rustling in unpaid-for silk.
      William Shakespeare, Cymbeline (1611), Act III, scene 3, line 24.
      • She bears a duke's revenues on her back,
      And in her heart she scorns our poverty.
      William Shakespeare, Henry VI, Part II (c. 1590-91), Act I, scene 3, line 83.
      • I have ventur'd,
      Like little wanton boys that swim on bladders,
      This many summers in a sea of glory,
      But far beyond my depth: my high-blown pride
      At length broke under me.
      William Shakespeare, Henry VIII (c. 1613), Act III, scene 2, line 358.
      • He that is proud eats up himself: pride is his own glass, his own trumpet, his own chronicle; and whatever praises itself but in the deed, devours the deed in the praise.
      William Shakespeare, Troilus and Cressida (c. 1602), Act II, scene 3, line 164.
      • I do hate a proud man, as I hate the engendering of toads.
      William Shakespeare, Troilus and Cressida (c. 1602), Act II, scene 3, line 169.
      • He is so plaguy proud that the death tokens of it
      Cry "No recovery."
      William Shakespeare, Troilus and Cressida (c. 1602), Act II, scene 3, line 187.
      • Pride hath no other glass
      To show itself but pride, for supple knees
      Feed arrogance and are the proud man's fees.
      William Shakespeare, Troilus and Cressida (c. 1602), Act III, scene 3, line 47.
      • O world, how apt the poor are to be proud!
      William Shakespeare, Twelfth Night (c. 1601-02), Act III, scene 1, line 138.
      • Man's highest blessedness
      In wisdom chiefly stands;
      And in the things that touch upon the Gods,
      Tis best in word of deed
      To shun unholy pride;
      Great words of boasting bring great punishments;
      And so to gray-haired age
      Comes wisdom at the last.
      Sophocles, "Antigone", lines 1531-1538,Translation by Edward H. Plumptre.

      SOURCE -

    • P.S. ■ Diana Krall - Fly Me To The Moon (Quartet Performances, Las Vegas)

    • RE: In 1967 the same ‘problem’ was present. How to get rid of all those ‘Arabs’. Laborite PM Levi Eshkol said in a closed meeting: “I want them all to go, even if they go to the moon.” ~ Ofir


      Fly them to the moon
      Let them play among the stars
      Let them see what spring is like
      On a-Jupiter and Mars . . .

  • Daniel Berrigan's 1973 prophecy: Israel is becoming 'the tomb of the Jewish soul'
  • Beyond the flag
    • P.S. ALSO SEE: "Beitar Jerusalem owner to sell club after fan violence in Belgium" | by Ori Lewis | | July 17, 2015

      [EXCERPT] The owner of Beitar Jerusalem said on Friday he was putting the Israeli Premier League club up for sale because he felt ashamed of supporters who threw smoke bombs, flares and firecrackers at a Europa League qualifying round match in Belgium.

      Thursday's violence also drew condemnation from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who said the national image was at stake and ordered legal action against the Beitar fans who had rioted at the Charleroi game.

      Nine-man Beitar were thrashed 5-1 in the first leg tie - a match that was held up at the start when fans threw dozens of incendiary devices onto the pitch, enveloping it in smoke.

      Towards the end of the match, Charleroi goalkeeper Nicolas Penneteau was hit by a hard object thrown from the crowd, which forced another delay. Beitar can expect severe punishment from European soccer's governing body, UEFA.

      "I am ashamed ... I have decided to end my involvement with Israeli soccer and am returning to the United States ... I will appoint a trustee to run the club until somebody is willing to buy it," Beitar owner Eli Tabib said in a statement.

      Beitar are a bastion of Israel's political right-wing and a group of supporters known as "La Familia" has been openly abusive toward Israel's Arab minority.

      Israeli media said some Charleroi fans had made Hitler salutes during the fracas. Beitar coach Slobodan Drapic said Beitar's fans had been provoked, although he did not explain why some had come to the match with the flares and smoke bombs. It was unclear how so many devices were smuggled into the stadium.

      The club is the only major Israeli outfit that has never employed an Arab player and this was one of the grievances that the Palestinian FA cited in its call for Israel to be suspended from FIFA this year.

      Beitar have by far the worst disciplinary record in Israel's Premier League and over the past decade has faced about two dozen hearings and received various punishments, including points deductions, fines and matches behind closed doors. . .

      SOURCE -

    • RE: "St Etienne fans followed suit one week later, also flying the flag at a game against an Israeli team, the notoriously racist Beitar Jerusalem, which has a 'no Arab players' policy." ~ Nada Elia

      MY COMMENT: Actually, Beitar Jerusalem's policy might best be described as "Jews only", although an Israeli Druze might be tolerated.

      SEE - "Suspicion and Hate: Racist Attacks On Arabs Increase in Israel", By Julia Amalia Heyer, Spiegel Online, 6/05/13

      [EXCERPT] . . . Football fan Asi, 23, says that he isn't a racist, just a nationalist. "I have no problem with Arabs, as long as they raise the Israeli flag and sing along when our national anthem is played." Lieberman used the same logic to justify a bill he introduced calling for new citizens to deliver an oath of allegiance.

      Asi, who lives in a small village near Caesarea [a town in Israel located mid-way between Tel Aviv and Haifa], supports the Beitar Jerusalem football club. On a Thursday evening, he and other Beitar fans are standing at an intersection in Herzliya. Asi has a friendly face and a neatly trimmed beard. Like his fellow fans, he is here to demonstrate against the club's owner.

      When it was revealed in January that the Club planned to sign two Muslim Chechen players, the stands in the stadium became filled with hateful signs, with words like "Beitar -- Pure Forever." The fans chanted: "We are chosen, we are holy, but the Arabs are not."

      Beitar Jerusalem, says Asi, that's the holy menorah on a yellow background. The team, he says, can only win as a Jewish team, which is why Muslims shouldn't be allowed to play in the club.

      Beitar's management has since cancelled the contracts with the Chechens and sent the two men back home. There were simply too many problems [most especially, Israeli racism - J.L.D.], the club wrote in a statement.


  • Syrian death tolls and the kinder gentler jihadists
    • RE: Just look at this New York Times editorial from 2011; it says “tens of thousands” of Iraqi deaths, an amazingly low figure they probably got from either the US government or "some think tank". So a conservative count of civilians only is used for a war where America is mostly responsible . . . ~ Johnson

      MY COMMENT: Some think tank? It is sometimes said that the only thing separating the New York Times from the Council on Foreign Relations is a continuously 'revolving door'!

  • 'Why do you have Arabic in this notebook?': 17-year-old American student strip searched and interrogated in Ben Gurion airport
    • P.S. ALSO SEE: "Permanent Temporariness", by Alastair Crooke, London Review of Books, 03/03/11:

      [EXCERPT] . . . It was [Ariel] Sharon who pioneered the philosophy of ‘maintained uncertainty’ that repeatedly extended and then limited the space in which Palestinians could operate by means of an unpredictable combination of changing and selectively enforced regulations, and the dissection of space by settlements, roads Palestinians were not allowed to use and continually shifting borders. All of this was intended to induce in the Palestinians a sense of permanent temporariness. . .

      SOURCE -

    • RE: ‘Why do you have Arabic in this notebook?’: 17-year-old American student strip searched and interrogated in Ben Gurion airport

      THE PATRONIZING HASBARIST SEZ: Honey, let me try to explain something to you. Israel's security screening is very, very, very scientific. It is so good it is being adopted by airports all over the world, including Boston's Logan Airport.* I realize that you do not understand what is going on, but I assure you it is absolutely necessary for your own protection. Trust me.
      Please visit us again soon. Shalom!

      * SEE: "Boston airport security program rife with racial profiling has Israeli links", by Alex Kane, Mondoweiss, 8/14/12

      [EXCERPTS] Security officers at Boston’s Logan International Airport have come under fire for the widespread racial profiling of Arabs, Muslims, Blacks and Hispanics in their zeal to ferret out terrorists.
      The 'New York Times' broke the story over the weekend after officers who requested anonymity came forward;
      some officers have complained internally to the Transportation Security Agency as well. A Massachusetts lawmaker has called for congressional hearings on the racial profiling allegations.
      The 'Times' reports that officers estimated that “80 percent” of passengers “searched during certain shifts” were people of color. What’s more, the Boston airport “is the testing ground for an expanded use of behavioral detection methods at airports around the country.”
      But what’s not touched on in the 'Times' report is the fact that Logan International’s security procedures are modeled on Israel’s policies at their own airport–policies that are blatantly racist. . .

      . . . The Israel connection is integral to understanding Boston’s racial profiling problems. In 2009, according to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), the Jerusalem Post reported that “Boston’s Logan Airport has tapped the Israeli company New Age Security Solutions to help secure the facility using Behavior Pattern Recognition.” . . .
      . . . It took until August 2011 for the Israeli-inspired model to be operationalized. That was the date when the “behavioral profiling” became an official model at Boston’s airport–and this was “a direct result” of “Israeli influence” on security procedures at the airport
      , according to the Associated Press.
      Fast-forward to the New York Times story. The 'Times' reports that one anonymous TSA officer complained that this “behavior detection program is no longer a behavior-based program, but [rather] a racial profiling program.”
      To observers of how Israeli security works at Ben Gurion Airport, the allegations of racial profiling will come as no surprise. Palestinian and Arab travelers at Ben Gurion are guaranteed to be harassed by Israeli security. . .


  • Despite media assertions Russia is behind DNC hack, US government does not say so
    • RE: "What is clear is that there is a lot of establishment consensus on this story: Clintonites want a new cold war, against Iran’s good friend." ~ Weiss

      MY QUESTION: Why the burning need to "rush to judgement"?
      Why must we act like a bunch of hyperactive children off their meds?
      Might it be that the profit potential of a "big story" declines so rapidly that the for-profit mainstream/corporate media must rush to judgment so that they can commodify the story and "milk it for all its worth" before it becomes a rapidly wasting asset?
      You can hardly expect the for-profit mainstream/corporate media to wait until all the facts are in on a big story before they 'make hay' with it if it will be "old news" by then and have little, if any, profit potential.
      Think of the for-profit mainstream/corporate media as being a manufacturer of widgets that go out of style after a few days.
      It is truly A Brave New World!
      Come 'n' git sum!
      (Dam'n, I need some Soma® real bad. Can't somebody turn me on to some?)

  • The Palestine-Israel language trap
    • "One of the hallmarks of cults is their feeling that they are special and that everything about them, who they are, what they believe, what they do, even their destiny, are special. Moreover, because of this specialness they cannot be judged or evaluated by the same rules that apply to everyone else. They are effectively outside the laws of general society. (Yes, cults fit well under the definition of a Narcissistic Personality Disorder)." ~ Ababarnel

      MY COMMENT: They also have a new weapon in their arsenal. If you refuse to accept their specialness, and instead try to judge/evaluate them by the same rules that apply to everyone else, they will accuse you of being a "moral narcissist"*.

      *Roger L. Simon’s new book on moral narcissism
      By Mike Stopa ~ June 1, 2016
      LINK -

  • The breathtaking arrogance of Alan Dershowitz's 'advice' to Black Lives Matter
    • P.P.P.P.S.
      The Decency League - New Radicals

    • P.P.P.P.P.S.
      "A Brief History of the Legion of Decency"
      Various ^ | Rick Kephart
      Posted on 12/10/2008, 12:16:38 PM by NYer

      The Legion of Decency was formed in 1934 to combat immoral movies. People took a pledge, in church, against bad movies. They pledged not only never to go to any morally objectionable movie, but never even to go to any movie theater that had ever shown a morally objectionable film!

      This was very effective in discouraging Hollywood from making movies which would earn the disapproval of the Legion of Decency. And the Legion of Decency's ratings were very strict . . .

      SOURCE -


      I have been thinking about Dershowitz's fatwa/edict to the effect that "[u]ntil and unless Black Lives Matter removes this blood libel from its platform and renounces it, no decent person . . . should have anything to do with it."

      One thing that occurred to me, is that Dershowitz is effectively calling for a boycott of Black Lives Matter. So, he obviously sees the boycott of an organization as a legitimate means of inducing it to reverse some action he disagrees with. I think it's important to get that "on the record".

      Also, while further reflecting upon Dershowitz's characterization of some people as "decent" (implicitly tarring others as indecent), the banning of "degenerate art" by the Nazis came to mind. I think it is fair to say that neither the works of "degeneratete art" nor the artists who created them were considered "decent" (i.e., "socially acceptable") in Germany at that time, at least not by most Nazis (despite the fact that some of these works of "degenerate art" made their way into the private collections of the upper echelon of Nazi officials).

      Ultimately, a considerable number of the works of art banned by the Nazis as "degenerate" were later judged to be among the greatest paintings, sculptures, etc. of the 20th century. Similarly, many of the artists identified by the Nazis as "degenerate" (i.e., considerably less than "decent") in the 1930s, are today considered to be among the most renowned artists of the 20th century.

      Is using 'until and unless' grammatically correct? ~

    • P.S. Alan Dershowitz is the new Joseph Goebbels!

    • RE: “Until and unless Black Lives Matter removes this blood libel from its platform" ~ Dershowitz

      MY COMMENT: The only explanation I can come up with for Derwshowitz's bizarre/absurd use of "blood libel" is that he was subliminally tying Black Lives Matter to the persecution of Jews in Europe during the Middle Ages. The use of "blood libel" in this way was so forced that I can only assume that Dershowitz made a conscious decision to use it specifically so as to subliminally tie Black Lives Matter to the persecution of Jews in Europe during the Middle Ages. The shameless Dershowitz is truly depraved.

      USE OF "CRUCIFY" TO SUBLIMINALLY TIE DERSHOWITZ TO THE CRUCIFICTION OF CHRIST: Dershowitz's diabolically clever use of "blood libel" to subliminally tie Black Lives Matter to the persecution of Jews in Europe during the Middle Ages is nothing short of a shameful attempt to CRUCIFY Black Lives Matter.

    • RE: “Until and unless Black Lives Matter removes this blood libel from its platform and renounces it, no decent person — black, white, or of any other racial or ethnic background — should have anything to do with it,” Dershowitz said." ~ Harrington

      MY COMMENT: Gosh, I certainly never expected Dershowitz to approve of my supporting Black Lives Matters. Will wonders ever cease?

      Dershowitz says no "decent" person should have anything to do with BLM unless* BLM removes the offending plank from its platform and renounces it.
      Fortunately, I have never self-identified as a "decent"** person. For one thing, that's setting the bar awfully damn low. "I realize he's an axe murder, but if you get to know him he's really a decent person." I suppose even the vilest of vulture capitalists like Paul Singer is considered a "decent person". Come to think of it, I suppose that's why I do not think of myself as a "decent" person; it would be tantamount to admitting I have something in common with Singer. That said, I am a bit disappointed that Dershowitz excluded me from the group of people he advised against having anything to do with BLM; thereby unfairly depriving me of an opportunity to defy his edict/fatwa.

      * Attorneys love to say "unless and until", but for the life of me I don't understand the practical difference between "unless and until" (or until and unless) and just plain old 'unless'. I've racked my brain, but to no avail. I've tried, and I've tried, until I was blue in the face; but I've always come up empty.

      ** In checking the definitions for 'decent', the English use of "decent" best makes my point.

      adjective UK ​ /ˈdiː.sənt/ US ​ /ˈdiː.sənt/

      socially acceptable or good:
      Everyone should be entitled to a decent wage/standard of living.
      I thought he was a decent person.
      It was very decent (= kind) of you to help.
      It made quite a decent-sized (= large) hole.
      After the recent scandal, the priest is expected to do the decent thing and resign from his position.

      P.S. Although I do not feel the need to rebel against society just for the sake of rebelling against society, neither do I feel the need to be "socially acceptable". In judging a human, I believe the 'gold standard' is an evaluation of the "content of their character" (in the sense that Martin Luther King, Jr. used the concept).
      Considering some of the people who pass for "decent" and/or "socially acceptable", I would just as soon not be designated as such.

      P.P.S. John Huston as Noah Cross in 'Chinatown' (1974): 'Course I'm respectable. I'm old. Politicians, ugly buildings, and whores all get respectable if they last long enough.

  • 'It's like we're born with guns in our hands': Young Israelis face prison as they resist military conscription
    • P.S.
      From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

      "If—" is a poem by British Nobel laureate Rudyard Kipling, written in 1895[1] . . .

      . . . In the posthumously published autobiography Something of Myself (1937), Kipling said that his poetic inspiration for the poem was the military actions of Leander Starr Jameson,[4] leader of the failed Jameson Raid (December 1895 – January 1896) against the Transvaal Republic to overthrow the Boer Government of Paul Kruger some 15 years prior to its publication. The failure of that mercenary coup d’état aggravated the political tensions between Great Britain and the Boers, which led to the Second Boer War (1899–1902).[5][6] . . .

    • RE: Growing up in a politically mainstream household where military service was not only seen as a duty, but also an honor, Omri found herself at odds with what she saw as an inherently violent culture surrounding her. When it came time for her conscription, she refused on the basis of her budding pacifist beliefs.
      “Even before I knew anything about the occupation of Palestine, I couldn’t understand why our culture was centered on violence. It’s like we are born with guns in our hands,” she said. “Our society is so militant and most Israelis never learn anything else.”
      ~ Omri Baranes

      ■ "If—" ~ Rudyard Kipling

      If you can keep your head when all about you
      Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,
      If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
      But make allowance for their doubting too;
      If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
      Or being lied about, don’t deal in lies,
      Or being hated, don’t give way to hating,
      And yet don’t look too good, nor talk too wise:

      If you can dream—and not make dreams your master;
      If you can think—and not make thoughts your aim;
      If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
      And treat those two impostors just the same;
      If you can bear to hear the truth you've spoken
      Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
      Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken,
      And stoop and build ’em up with worn-out tools:

      If you can make one heap of all your winnings
      And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss,
      And lose, and start again at your beginnings
      And never breathe a word about your loss;
      If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
      To serve your turn long after they are gone,
      And so hold on when there is nothing in you
      Except the Will which says to them: “Hold on!”

      If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
      Or walk with Kings—nor lose the common touch,
      If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you,
      If all men count with you, but none too much;
      If you can fill the unforgiving minute
      With sixty seconds’ worth of distance run,
      Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,
      And—which is more—you’ll be a Man, my son.

  • Palestinian anti-racist struggle against Zionism and Black anti-racist struggle against White supremacy are crucial to building a just world
    • RE: "Zionist organizations like the Anti-Defamation League – which claim to be Jewish organizations – bring local police forces to Israel to train with the Israeli military. And Israel and the United States buy and sell weapons and security technology to further each countries’ historic and current racist policing and attacks on Black, Brown, and Palestinian/Arab communities." ~ International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network

      MY BRILLIANT PROPOSAL (IF I DO SAY SO MYSELF): Instead of flying all those U.S. police over to Israel, why don't we give Israel the under-utilized Camp David. Israel can then train U.S. police at Israel's new Camp David outpost, and save all the jet fuel (and resulting pollution) associated with flying all those U.S. policemen halfway around the world to be trained in Israel.

  • Political analyst: Upcoming Palestinian elections last chance to end internal divide
    • RE: "The old rift between Mahmoud Abbas and the notable leader Mohammed Dahlan has deeply weakened our party’s foundation,” Abu Zaidah said.

      ELUCIDATION: Mohammed Dahlan is Elliott Abram's boy!

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