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  • AIPAC is suddenly getting a lot of bad press, in Jewish papers and 'Washington Post'
    • AIPAC may say they believe in and support a two-state solution but - truly - they don't.
      They are just playing the same dishonest and morally bankrupt game as Israel.
      They are both liars.

  • Trump and the ever expanding Israeli occupation of Palestine
    • At the recent Cork Conference which I attended, I came away with the word "Elimination".
      That is what the zionists are doing in Palestine: eliminating the Palestinian people.
      It is not as harsh as the obvious bouts of ethnic cleansing - up till now.
      It is not as harsh as the nazi treatment of Jews in nazi-occupied Europe.
      Nevertheless, it has the same end object as those previous practices.
      Of that, there can be no doubt.
      The time will come when "normal" jews living in Israel will come under the leash and the lash of the zionist extremists. Also, they will have to risk their lives to advance the zionist Eretz Yisrael agenda, which is to create an enlarged zionist state from the Nile to the Euphrates.
      Other countries in the region will eventually awake to the real zionist agenda and then the whole region will explode into all-out war.
      The zionists - we know - will resort to their Samson Option and use their nuclear weapons.
      This will contaminate the whole of present day and enlarged Eretz Yisrael.
      They will eventually succeed in pulling down the pillars of the temple, rendering the land of the entire region unfit for human habitation and ensuring an act of mass murder of all Jews, Muslims and Christians in the region.
      The Apocalypse the zionists will bring down on Eretz Yisrael will ensure that no humans will be able to reside in the so-called "Holy Land" for at least 1,000 years.
      And the USA and all Europe will stand by and let it all happen.

  • Allegory of the 'tough neighborhood'
    • What may not be known is that the zionist regime provides special discounts and support to illegal settlers moving into illegal settlements.
      It is their way of "creating facts on the ground".
      Most Russian immigrants - for example - are "encouraged" to locate to places like Nazareth Illit but almost all end up leaving after 3 years to move to Tel Aviv on the coast.
      Sometimes, they are so desperate to sell their discounted homes that they have been known to sell them to Palestinians - shock horror!
      Zionism truly is a vile racist supremacist apartheid ideology.

  • History shows that anti-Semitism and pro-Zionism have never been mutually exclusive
  • Britain wants to be Israel's mother, again
    • The zionists have effected a form of reverse colonialism.
      Now, they call the tune and the US and UK dance to their tune.
      How ironic!
      We all know about the power of AIPAC in the US and the recent Al Jazeera programme revealed how the zionists are extending their colonialist control over the UK political system too.

  • Democrats' sympathy for Israel has crashed nearly 25 percent in last nine months -- Pew
    • The Pew poll results are interesting but the Republicans now all but control the White House, the Senate and the House.
      Even if some Democrats are finally waking up to the vile nature of the zionist regime in Tel Aviv, the fact that the next US President's daughter has converted to Judaism and is married to an ultra-orthodox zionist who will be President Trump's closest foreign policy adviser and who acts as gatekeeper for all foreign policy information must mean that the Palestinians can expect little if any sympathy from a Trump presidency over the next four years.
      The US has rendered itself irrelevant where finding solutions in Syria are concerned.
      It seems their irrelevance will also continue where Palestine is concerned.

  • By stressing accused Orlando shooter's Muslim name, Trump can gain upper hand on Clinton -- Michael Oren
    • A problem for stupid zionists like Oren and others is that they speak first and think second.
      As time has gone by, it has transpired that the shooter was a regular patron at the club.
      It is now reported he was a regular consumer of alcohol and tried to gain male friends there.
      The more time passes, the more it becomes apparent that he was deeply mentally disturbed and that the account provided by his father - "two men kissing together" - is not correct.
      Factually speaking, Oren has given Trump very bad advice - and Trump will realise this soon.
      I hope this teaches Trump a very valuable lesson - never trust stupid zionists.
      Zionists like Oren and others in the US are all traitors to the US and to the US people.
      They care only about the brutal occupying zionist state and will ruin the US if they have to.

  • Despite total lack of evidence, Israeli court sentences 'Hares Boys' to 15 years in prison
    • Annie:

      We tried to find out as much evidence on this case as we could but we feel the real answer lies in the law regarding insurance coverage in Occupied Palestine. Is there any way to get this checked out?

      If - as we suspect - the mother-driver was remiss in not securing her child safely in the car and was such a poor driver that she simply ran into the back of the parked truck, this would mean that she would be personally and solely liable to meet all the costs involved for the medical treatment of herself and her children, as well as all the costs involved in repairing her car and the truck.

      Photographs I have seen, taken at the scene of the accident immediately afterwards, show the front of the car rammed completely up the rear of the truck, which the driver had previously left to obtain a new tyre to replace his punctured tyre. It may be that he broke driving law by failing to leave warning signs of his breakdown, and this may have provided a basis for "persuading" him to revise his story after the event....

      It is our belief that she was "persuaded" - along with (later) the truck driver - to revise her story as to what happened by one or more of the local settler leaders for this insurance-related reason.

      Presumably, if it can be "proved" that the accident resulted from Palestinian stone-throwing, then she - as an illegal settler - would be covered by state insurance for healthcare and vehicle repair costs. Is there any way to get this checked out?

      If you can investigate this aspect and let me know, I will be most grateful.

      I assume you can access my email address through Mondoweiss.

  • Meet the Knesset members from the Joint List
    • This is an excellent riposte to the attempted apartheid division of Palestine.
      At last all the parties and the politicians have realised the truth of the maxim "unity is strength".
      This should be only the start - impressive though it is - in changing the political reality.
      Even higher turnouts in future will increase the numbers of elected representatives.
      I have seen Dr Zahalka in London and found his explanations highly rational and persuasive.
      People previously on the left in occupied Palestine can now gather round this new grouping.
      The zionists look highly likely to be hoist by their own petard - and a very good job of it too!

  • Israel has always been crazy
    • To W. Jones above - and others who consume Judaist religious ideology - has it never struck you that it is all utter nonsens?
      That Moses never existed and that events like the Exodus are completely fallacious?
      There is no "god" or Yahweh or Allah or any of the other 10,000 human-created nonentity gods.
      Why are people fighting and literally dying for the sake of completely bogus ideologies?
      H. L. Mencken said "No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the public".
      You can say the same with added emphasis where religious ideologues are concerned.
      Aping the worst aspects of Nazism by inventing a form of National Judaism does not help.
      All the illegal occupiers should go back home to Eastern Europe and North America.
      That is where they truly belong; not in south west Asia.
      They are not Asiatics; the Palestinians are.

    • I have in mind people like Jeff Halper of ICAHD, Rabbies for Justice for Palestinians and the members of Breaking The Silence, among others. They are there; they may be less influential than in the past but that does not mean they no longer care. We all thought segregation in the US would last for ever. We all thought apartheid would continue for ever in South Africa. We all thought the iron curtain would stay across Europe for ever. Where are they all now?

    • I think Sean McBride is absolutely right.
      It has always struck me that one of the over-riding sentiments from Jewish survivors of the Third Reich was the despair they felt that the Nazis had inverted Jewish religious beliefs by making the so-called "Aryan" race the "chosen" race of history which meant that the Jews and others were cast in the role of untermensch or subhumans by the Nazis.
      Their despair was heightened by the apparent utter impunity seemingly enjoyed by the Nazis when inflicting appalling levels of inhuman cruelty on others. Sound familiar?
      The Nazis too elevated concepts of blood, soil and race with an expectation of a Greater - or Eretz - Reich stretching from the ocean (Atlantic) to the ocean (Pacific). Sound familiar?
      They too insisted on liebensraum or settler space for their volk. Sound familiar?
      Today, what we are witnessing in Israel is a direct legacy of the Nazi philosophy, which could be categorised as National Judaism. Similar levels of military aggression are routinely pursued by Israel as their forebears in the Nazi Luftwaffe, Kriegesmarine and Wehrmacht.
      Perhaps some consumers of Judaism feel they have an entitlement to behave as badly as their Nazi predecessors but their neo-nazi "soap" references to Arabs spells out a myopic and dystopic society for all Israelis and Jews globally in the medium- to long-term.

    • As someone who already supports BDS, I think it is great news if the White House are actively considering sanctions against apartheid Israel, just like the ones before against apartheid SA.
      How many UN resolutions has Israel broken?
      Have they taken down the apartheid wall as ordered to by the International Court?
      Maybe the days of utter impunity for Israel are finally coming to an end.
      You can all thank the idiotic zionists if it does happen.
      Don't blame anyone else.

    • I found the contribution by Avigail on the role of trauma in present-day Isreali mentality most thoughtful and thought-provoking.
      As an ignostic humanist, I do not subscribe to any religious belief systems.
      From my perspective, they are all equally bogus.
      However, if other people choose still to believe in them, that is up to them.
      If they do no real harm to themselves or others, then why worry about it?
      Of course, when we examine the historic record and look at the world of today, it becomes all too apparent that religious belief has largely been a curse on humankind.
      The persecution of Jews and consumers of other religions over time has been appalling.
      I can understand why Jews and others feel they are under attack from an uncaring world.
      However, there are others who do care about what happens to humankind.
      There are a brave few in Israel too who care about what happens to Palestinians.
      We all need to celebrate those who care and takefar less notice of those who do not.

    • Zionism was a reaction to the heightened level of nationalism in Europe in the 19th Century.
      In particular, pan-Germanic nationalism - the kind that led to Nazism - was strong and led individuals like Herzl to believe that a separate homeland for Jews was essential.
      Predictably, extreme nationalism - as previously seen in Europe and, latterly, the US - has been mirrored by the Zionists, who have now created a form of ideology which can only be described as National Judaism, based upon similar concepts of blood, soil and race.
      Hitler and the Nazis have triumphed where "Israel" is concerned.
      Their appalling ideology has finally flowered in full in "Israel".

  • First they came for the Palestinians . . .
  • Countdown to the next round in Gaza
    • I am sorry to say that I think Alex Kane is right.
      Already there are reports that "Israel" has refused to open the check points into Gaza and that the Rafah crossing is also being heavily restricted by the Egyptians.
      What we are witnessing now is a "breather" for National Judaist Netanyahu and the complicit Egyptian regime is their process of strangling the life out of Gaza.
      It is only a matter of time before "Israel" manufactures some pretext to start the mass murders all over again. Each time they do, the body count, scale of injuries, damage to homes and infrastructure destruction climbs ever higher.
      It is abundantly evident that their eventual goal is the utter destruction of Gaza and the forcible extinction and/or mass expulsion of all Palestinians from Gaza, as a prelude to the forcible extinction and/or expulsion of all Palestinians from all parts of historic Palestine.
      What is to be done? Short of a total abolition of the illegal regime of "Israel", nothing at all.
      Everyone should be calling upon the governments of the world to de-recognise "Israel" and to insist on the creation of a single secular democratic Palestinian state, in which all can live regardless of beliefs and in which all with historic rights may claim residence.

  • Who broke the ceasefire? Obama blames Hamas against the evidence
    • Let's cut to the chase: Obama is as big a war criminal as Netanyahu. End of.
      They both have the blood of many innocents on their hands. End of.

  • Netanyahu says there will never be a real Palestinian state
    • Now Netanyahu has come clean about his intentions, it now becomes incumbent upon the Palestinian people to get themslves organised to wage a war of liberation against the Zionists. As pointed out, the global BDS campaign is hitting the Zionists hard but it still needs a twin-track strategy to gain eventual success.
      There are still - today - resentful racist supremacists in South Africa who would like nothing better than to turn the clock back to the "good" old days of apartheid.
      Sharon moved a whole bunch of resentful squatters out of Gaza, did he not?
      This proves that change can be achieved if the opposition can step up to the task.
      It is now time that the PLO was reconstituted and started waging the war on Bibi.
      I think the current situation in Gaza is creating "interesting" times for Zionism.
      They are losing the previous unchallenged global support they used to enjoy.
      They are now clearly on the downward losing spiral of defeat - just a matter of time.

  • Israeli Prime Minister directly involved in efforts against BDS movement
    • Arguably, it was the business community which brought about the end of racist white supremacy in apartheid South Africa and it will be the business community in Israel who will bring about the end of racist Revisionist Zionist Israel.

  • McDonald's refuses to sell where Ben & Jerry's will -- occupied territory
    • On behalf of Palestinians living in Salfeet, I am delighted that they will not have to experience the additional sewage and other offal waste being dumped into their rivers and valleys (wadis) from above by Ariel. If the Barkan development can also experience something similar, then the quality of life for ordinary Palestinians in the villages around Salfeet will be immeasurably enhanced. Now remove all the thug "settlers" so ordinary Palestinians can enjoy a decent way of life.

  • Leading American Jewish group announces plan to ramp up campaign against BDS movement
    • I would like to make two points in connection with this article and the comments.
      Firstly, I have come to the conclusion that using the term Zionist is insufficient. What we are really dealing with is Revisionist Zionism (a la Jabotinsky). Netanyahu's father worked, I believe, as a Secretary to Jabotinsky, which explains why this corrupted form of Zionism is to be seen at work in Israel today. This is why the traditional - liberal or socialist - form of Zionism has been overshadowed by the less secular, more religious form of Zionism being expressed in Israel today.
      Secondly, I have a close interest in the activities involving Ariel and Salfeet.
      What the critics of McDonalds and BDS have failed to mention is that while local Palestinians may possibly "benefit" through low paid, low skilled forms of employment in Ariel - and Barkan, too - they are not permitted to reside in Ariel. They seem impervious to just how galling it must be for Palestinians to be forced to seek work in areas and on land which they themselves were once the owners of.
      The presence of thug-like illegal settlers also makes life much more difficult for local Palestinians and serves to enhance resentment on the part of Palestinians, which is perfectly understandable. Israel should quit the West Bank.
      After all, how would Americans feel if foreigners took over their land and imposed movement restrictions, employment restrictions and residence restrictions on them? That is what has happened to the Palestinians.
      The two-state solution is no longer credible. The Revisionist Zionists have managed to engineer a situation where the idea of an exclusively Jewish state of Israel has become fatally undermined by their own stupidity. It is glaringly apparent that the only solution will be a single secular state solution, in which the Israelis will have to concede equal rights for all and right of return for all - Jews, Christians and Muslims.

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