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  • Benny Morris dreams of a 'less Arab' Israel
    • You stated, Richard, "opposing the occupation"; your critics fastened on what you said after that.

      So tell us, what do you mean by that quoted statement? Does it mean your position is that you want the occupation (and therefore all settlements outside legal Israel) to end, or not?

  • Beinart and the crisis of liberal Zionism
    • So, in a nutshell:

      abuse of JewsJudeophobia = Judeophobia abuse of Jews because they are Jews.

      anti-Semitism = obfuscation/an abuse of the English Language for propaganda purposes (instigated by Zionists) as including abuse of what Zionist Israel or Israelis have done and/or because they are Zionists or Israelis.

    • Richard, my take on your "form Israel from the ashes" is that you referred to the Holocaust.

      I am so very tired of your word combinations that, presumably, to you are clear and are your special way of saying what you want to say.

      If only you would write in plain simple English like others do, Zionist or otherwise.

      "An intersection", "multiple", "assertively", "originating"; that's just from your last post.

      You can do much better. Sometimes you do. But the question is, can the leopard change his spots? Or want to? Or see any need to? Or see what the spots are?

    • Richard, ask yourself which side you are on, and what is your own tribal political identification.

      Then for once in your life recognize you are partisan just like everyone else.

      Better still, recognize for the rest of your life it's not about which side, and it's not about any tribal identification.

      That is, it is not about being Zionist, liberal Zionist, anti-Zionist, or anything similar. And it is not about being Jew or Arab or Palestinian.

      Recognize that rather, it is in fact all about true morality, true justice done and seen to be done, true accountability, true peace, and, only then, true reconciliation.

  • Campaign within campaign was battle for Adelson's millions
    • Thanks for that link, tom, it did seem to confirm what you wrote.

      Loved this:

      the ripped-from-the-headlines gift that keeps on giving: the Middle East.

    • The content of those links gives no evidence of any Christian Zionist role, only of contact with and support from Christians.

      These seem unlikely to be Christian Zionists, or to agree with the teachings and practices of Hagee etc. regarding Zionist Israel.

    • Interesting observations, MRW.

      ties in the Christian Zionist world to the Mormon world that no one knows about.

      Can you tell us more? I'm all ears and eyes!

      if you want to understand the evangelicals, his [richb's] posts are a treasure trove of smart observations.

      Agreed, a perspective we need here. And it confirms some of us evangelicals are utterly opposed to Christian Zionism.

  • Trying to save two-state consensus, 'Washington Post' invokes 'demographic' threat
    • Welcome to Mondoweiss, ahadhaadam.

      Please tell us soon something of your personal journey from Zionist to ex-Zionist. Thanks.

    • Acting to dissolve Israel Palestine in 1947 without its citizens consent is was not a way to recognize the rights of the other?, but the way that led to certain war, to ethnic cleansing, to oppression and the denial of myriad human rights for over 60 years.

      It's a question that must be clarified dealt with by every liberal Zionist in a way that will restore justice and peace and bring about reconciliation.

    • But evil people and impostors will flourish. They will deceive others and will themselves be deceived.
      However, as for you, continue in what you have learned and found to be true.

      2 Timothy 3:13-14

  • Just wars-- and civilian casualties
    • Jewish identity, just like any other identity, has a short formative and long actual period.

      Nothing, not even a holocaust, changes the identity.

      The concept of "collectively stiffin backbones" is part of the Zionist identity, and is typified in "The Iron Wall" morality stated in 1923.

      It is one of the many that challenges and contradicts the Jewish identity.
      Jewish identity collectively stiffins the godbone.

      Potential mass suicide would be just that, initiated by Zionist Israel nuclear weapons.

    • Duscany, there are more Jews living in Israel than in the US, although the gap does seem to be narrowing.

    • Soon most of the Jews in the world will be living in Israel. In a generation a large majority of Jews in the world will be living in Israel.

      You keep telling yourself that fantasy, eee, but you're the only one who's listening. That being the case, listen more carefully:

      The percentage of Jews in Israel is exactly the same as in 2002. The facts on the ground are simple and prove you wrong.

      the picture you are trying to paint just doesn’t pass the muster of objective data.

    • Richard, there is a Jewish identity and there is a Zionist identity.

      The Jewish identity began from one man, an Iraqi, and the god he recognized and followed. The Jewish identity is religious.

      The Zionist identity began from those who created the Zionist ideology and used the name "Israel". It accepted some Jewish identity but rejected its key beginning premise. That is, it latched onto the land and the lineage and the name but refused their meaning and the one who had brought them into being. The Zionist identity is secular.

      The attempt to conflate these two identities is as doomed to failure as is the attempt to make Israel both Jewish and democratic.

      Each identity, in its essence, is a challenge to, and a contradiction of, the other. To try to engraft one onto the other, or to "marry" them, is nothing less than a fool's errand.

    • Phil, thanks for your honesty and for being real.

      Your description of Annie as "incredibly valued" is one most here would surely echo.

      An apparent offshoot of Annie's promotion is that it feels like you are now posting comments much more often than in the recent past, and I for one appreciate that.

    • The question for a people is whether they are self-governed or other-governed.

      No, the question is what that question means and has resulted in for the Jews. You have yourself given the answers.

      First, the Jews as a people, what is the basis of their peoplehood?

      Jews were and are a people (linked historically primarily by the religion of duty to God through Torah)...people-hood, constructed by a social association (credo and familial linked nation), rather than by a landed geographic defined polity.

      That is, the same as Muslims, the same as Christians. Jew-Judah-Judaism

      Second, what has that basis meant for them in their history?

      Two things in particular, the ability to survive and the inability to self-govern.

      the persecutions were a stimulus (not the sole validity) for the affirmation of self-determination after a hundred generations in diaspora...We got to this point. We didn’t get to 1890 or 1933-45 or 1948 except by determination to remain a people.

      You have here defined what "self-determination" is in the Jewish or religious context, "to remain a people".

      That is what it is for each religion. All three religions named suffer and have endured persecution, but continue to survive and flourish, showing they did not and do not need a landed geographic defined polity.

      The irony is that Israeli self-governance hasn’t worked out as rosily as it is cracked up to be.

      And we don't need to look just at Zionist Israel. The Tanach is replete with how often and consistently it was a disaster. In your heart of hearts I think you know why.

      And the same can be said when we look at the history of when Christians or Muslims had autocratic control. Religion is not intended to be in self-governance over its own people, but to be governed by the one worshipped, something that can take place anywhere.

      You may not accept Jesus of Nazareth, but what he said on this is exactly right:

      The hour is coming, when neither on this mountain nor in Jerusalem will you worship the Father...the hour is coming, and now is, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth.

      Israeli policies of expansion are unacceptable other-governance for Palestinians.

      Israeli expansion into self-governance has never been acceptable because it was expansion that inevitably and unavoidably meant other-governance for Palestinians.

  • Gingrich got $5 million for saying Palestinians are invented people (lord, why am I so cynical?)
    • This situation just further highlights a plain truth that is typical of US hypocrisy.

      It is a well known fact that bribery and corruption is a way of life in so many Asian and African cultures. It is built into their social and political systems.

      The West, perhaps especially America, is so prone to criticize them for it. Yet in the US at least, it is legal, so that money and the moneyed rule and make the rules.

      Congress is bought, the President is bought, the media is bought, and each is paid for. Voters are not bought, but those they vote for and that may influence them are.

      It's been a concern for a long time, but nothing effective is ever done about it. In fact it is full steam ahead, as seen in the Citizen's United ruling. It is a kind of Orwellian world.

      What could and should be put in place to give us our freedom and democracy back?

      link to

  • Ron Paul's foreign policy should be embraced
    • OK! So we won’t campaign for the boycott of Israel?

      Stop listening to the voices inside your head; who said anything about not campaigning for a boycott of Israel, Boycott?

      Magical thinking is not a good idea.

      A better idea for you is to post only on threads about Israel, seeing you are so one-track minded.

    • Boycott, your focus is much narrower than those who debate about Ron Paul.

      Look at your posts, your entire focus is on Israel. That is not what this and similar threads is about.

      We are not looking for a savior, we are looking for sanity and freedom in US foreign policy.

  • The trespassing Jew
  • Ynet: Support for Israel on American campuses is kerplunking
    • Older maybe, wiser no way; to gamble is to lose and to be losing.

      Students today are no longer falling for propaganda, but recognizing truth and standing for justice.

      As radii says, they are no longer deluded by Israeli spin, and as Opti says, it is only a matter of time.

      Piece by piece the pack of canards is collapsing.

      Here is just an example: case dismissed at UC Berkeley, link to

  • Is Paul a precursor of a more presentable candidate in 2016?
  • Spouse of 'NYT' correspondent calls on Israeli gov't to wage 'war' on int'l threat to its image
    • Thanks for that, Kris.

      Here is the specific Joseph Mossad article of Kris's post: link to

      I just hope what is in that article is fully recognized and used by Abbas and Palestinians. It should be constantly reiterated and made much more widely known.

    • Fair point Inanna, see my post to talknic.

    • BS is all the apologists for occupation and land theft have.

      Apparently, according to talknic, I am one of them? Unbelievable!! Lol!

      I have seen what you have written on your site, talknic, and your comments here. I can't recall ever seeing anything like this from you about anyone.

      Here's a secret, just between you and me talknic, I like and agree with almost all I have read from you. Just one exception; this time you nailed the wrong man!

      Yes, I may have said something out of line that implies more than BDS states or intends.

      If so it was inadvertant and never intended to involve them in anything they are not involved in, and I apologize unreservedly.

    • Bill, no coyness there, no suggested knowledge, just a logical conclusion based on justice.

      The context was the article itself on what Goodman said, which clearly is about the challenge to prevent Israel falling into a parallel identity with apartheid South Africa.

      Goodman's book is, after all, about "Israel's Survival".

      Surely it was obvious it was not made within the strict context you name, but in reference to Goodman, as stated by and in the quotation made in my last paragraph. :-)

    • Therefore on the face of it, BDS is for the 2ss solution. However, as you agreed with marc, it may if successful, effectively result in the 1ss.

      In that case the true meaning of "all Arab lands" would be realized.

      That is, Bring Israel to its knees and, ultimately, make it another short chapter in the tempestuous history of this region...

    • Bill, what is your understanding of what this document and its supporters mean by End its occupation and colonization of all Arab lands?

  • Ron Paul's antiwar position is simpleminded
    • Same. "An intelligent fool" may be too kind a description of the writer you quoted.

      How about tomfoolery (read the reviews), link to

      Amongst the regular items was 'Brainy Lecture', where quite useless facts would be presented in a deadly serious manner.

    • Darn right, Shingo. Every "liberal Zionist" has cognitive dissonance because it is an oxymoron.

      Neither Slater nor Witty see themselves as being a simpleminded fool and would reserve that for those who disagree with them.

      That leaves them with the title of any intelligent fool, the name one of the most intelligent of all, Einstein, gives to those who prefer to make things bigger, more complex, and more violent, as opposed to those who want to move in the opposite direction.

    • Loved this post (at 3.26 pm), CloakAndDagger, so very well said.

    • The headline was exactly right. It was from what Slater specifically wrote, which/and summed up his whole position on Paul and therefore on all who support him or more than 10% of his positions:

      In short, Ron Paul is a simpleminded fool on 90% (at least) of the issues, domestic and foreign.

      Hence my Einstein quote.

    • Spot on, American, I fully agree.

    • No warning required, except to those who failed to see the brain-free zone headlight in the headline; they found it was contagious.

      Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius—and a lot of courage—to move in the opposite direction.

      Albert Einstein

    • What comment and what religion, Philip?

    • Here's some apt stories that might tickle your fancy.

      a cat and a fox discuss how many tricks and dodges they have. The fox boasts that he has many; the cat confesses to having only one. When hunters arrive with their dogs, the cat quickly climbs a tree, but the fox is caught by the hounds.

      [This] story contrasts someone who knows many things with someone who can do the one thing necessary to escape danger. While working as a ferryman, he has as passenger a scholar who wants to discuss the details of grammar and linguistics with him. When Nasreddin confesses he has no use for these tools, the scholar informs him he has wasted half his life. "Have you ever learned to swim?" asks Nasrudin. "No!" the scholar scoffs, "I have immersed myself in thinking." "In that case," Nasreddin replies, "you've wasted all your life. The boat is sinking!"[8]

      link to

      Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius—and a lot of courage—to move in the opposite direction.
      link to

    • Simpleminded huh? That's just what I like to be, thanks.

      This is the constant complaint and defense of RW when he's painted himself into a corner, which is most of the time.

      Here's the four word answer, link to

    • the now rather quaint mechanism of having Congress declare a state of war. Something subsequent presidents have avoided. Something Ron Paul says should be the only way the US enters wars of choice

      That's so scary. We know where Congress stands on Israel and Iran, and how fickle those upstanding people are...

      Mind you, no one bothers to declare a state of war any more, do they? They just go ahead and fight it, with drones if possible, "in defence of this great country of ours", of course.

    • So, mraine, you've joined the fray here, welcome!

  • Captain Israel is back, and better than ever!
    • look it in the face and challenge it with facts and IsraelightJesuslight!

      Look no further, me hearties.

      BDS will always rear its ugly head when good people choose evil over good

      That's why there is BDS, because Zionist people have chosen evil over good.

      so we must be ever vigilant

      And the next time you hear about any kind of boycott against Israel, stand with us!

      That's because we need your help to take care of the safety and security of the only Jewish country in the world

      If therefore the light in you is darkness, how deep is that darkness. Jesus of Nazareth

  • Trivializing the Holocaust charge
    • Dr. Hajo Meyer, Holocaust survivor, on its misuse:

      link to
      link to
      link to

    • So now it looks like God have chosen even more of the chosen people among already chosen people.
      Gosh, this is confusing.

      Not really, being chosen is actually our choice rather than God doing it apart from us.

      We become chosen by our recognition of God, and our choice of continuing to do that on our life journey, with all that that means.

      That was the basic message and warning of John the Baptist:

      Bear fruit that signifies a change of allegience,
      And don't presume to say to yourselves,
      'We have Abraham as our father';
      For I tell you, God is able from these stones
      To raise up children to Abraham.

      Matthew 3:8-9

      It is not our physical lineage but our spiritual lineage. And it always was.

    • That was so to the point, so well put together Nima, kudos.

  • Prayer
    • First, optimistCitizen, welcome to Mondoweiss!

      Second, what a good first real post, which you did on RW himself! We have here a couple of posters that write like that, but yours belongs with them, so I hope you have more in the pipeline.

    • Sarah, you've told one more compelling story, and placed one more small nail in Zionism's coffin...

      The man spoke with emotion, calling on his brothers to be strong, united, and faithful.

      He reminded them that God is near to us when we struggle and are victimized.

      He encouraged them not to lose hope and led the crowd in supplication, as they all raised open hands to the sky and murmured fervent petitions to their Lord. I joined them.

      And when they finished with a resounding “Ameen,” they picked up their scraps of cardboard and carpet, and they left. 

They left in peace.

      Lord, help us.

  • Jewish power + Jewish hubris = 'moral catastrophe of epic proportions'
    • Yeah, RoHa, we're all individuals, that's why we've all got to go to sleep alone!

      link to

    • their message never reached anything but a remnant.

      That's the way it always has been and always will be. It's an integral part of their message.

    • Citizen, here is a lesson I have to teach, which is that it is not a good idea to assume that "Christian fundies" are so tribal they all think the same.

      Some are just as you have so aptly described, but there are many more of us who have learned the lessons of the Jesus story. I can assure you, we have no time for those who think and act as if he had never come with his new wine in a new wineskin.

      Better to find another term for them; we seem to use the oxymoron, "Christian Zionists".

    • This what one Holocaust survivor has to say:

      link to
      link to

    • Its a good thing that we ask, “What is Judaism?” “What are we here for?”

      And you, what have you answered, Richard?

  • Christian group dedicated to derailing divestment bankrolled by settler-funding philanthropy
  • 'NYT' dissembles about Sembler, Fox and Adelson's interest in Romney Super PAC
    • Did see it at the time but forgot. Now's the time to re-run it:

      Kennedy’s response to the [1960] Pierre Hotel incident highlights what is at the root of the reason for the “nullification of policy”.

      ‘As an American citizen he was outraged,’ Bartlett recalled, ‘to have a Zionist group come to him and say: “We know your campaign is in trouble. We’re willing to pay your bills if you’ll let us have control of your Middle East policy.’” Kennedy, as a presidential candidate, also resented the crudity with which he’d been approached. ‘They wanted control,’ he angrily told Bartlett.

      “Bartlett further recalled Kennedy promising to himself that if he ever did get to be President, he was going to do something about it”–a candidate’s perennial need for money and resulting vulnerability to the demands of those who contributed.

      Kennedy, in fact, kept that promise before the end of his first year in office, appointing a bipartisan commission in October to recommend ways to broaden “the financial base of our presidential campaigns.” In a statement that was far more heartfelt than the public or the press could perceive, he criticized the current method of financing campaigns as “highly undesirable” and “not healthy” because it made candidates “dependent on large financial contributions of those with special interests.” Presidential elections, Kennedy declared, were “the supreme test of the democratic process” in the United States. (pages 96-97)

      link to

      The problem was, he was unable to see that the real issue was not the “method of financing campaigns” but the fact that the level is unlimited.

      Money talks and money rules. That is why the democratic process is tested and found wanting. AIPAC and other pressure groups are just using what is there. The system itself sucks. A financial ceiling should be set that would considerably lessen their power.

      Few see the dragon that is there, let alone being prepared to take a sword and slay it!

      It is sacred ground.

    • it isn’t a solution. our elections have been contaminated with money and the idea we counter that w/even more money is stupid, imho.

      And in mine, annie. See my post last week on this, link to

  • F. W. de Klerk on why apartheid will fail in Israel/Palestine
    • Here's the view on proposed legislation of a former Israeli ambassador to South Africa.

      link to

    • Me too, hope you have plenty more to come, irena!

    • Yeah, right. The Palestinians are blameless victims. They are responsible for their situation just as Israel is responsible for its situation.

      Newsflash: Israel and Zionism is 100% responsible for the situation of both Israelis and Palestinians. It all stems from choices made.

      The choice for Zionism, the choice that Zionism is moral, the choice to put Zionism into practice, the choice to ethnically cleanse, the choice to have leaders that continually lie and deceive and mislead, the choice to deliberately, continually, arrogantly, break international law, the choice to put a whole other people in a prison, the choice to kill over 1000 defenseless other people in three weeks, the choice to not learn the true lessons of the Holocaust, the choice to be a fortress nation of people with a fortress mindset...and many other such choices.

      Yes, the Zionist Israelis chose their goals and methods and are paying the price of their shortsightedness, extremism, internal strife and other assorted failures.

  • In humble apology to neighbor he harassed, rabbi acknowledges that 'many Jews' have opposed Zionism
    • Life is a strange journey. The older I get, the less I understand it,
      and the more un-answered questions I have. But maybe this is one of the points…of life.

      You are not alone, dumvita, read Ecclesiastes!!

  • Goldstone described attack on mosque as 'crime'
    • Behold the RW man, the never ending words from the one who still thinks he is not partisan.

      From the one with the most words with the least reality and the least sense.

      From the one who from his high tower tells us to "get specific" and is the champion at not doing just that.

      From the one who never gets heard because he never hears others.

      From the one who failed to apologize to Waleed.

  • Anti-Paulism
    • Just saw this idiot (Bashir) tell us that Ron Paul doesn't want to be president,

      which is why he can say what he does; if you don't have a prayer you can say whatever comes to your mind..

      Paul has been saying the same things for at least 20 years. He says what comes to his mind because he really means it, and he can say it because nobody scares or intimidates him. He is his own man, unlike the other pretenders.

      One comment takes the cake:

      “Wise men (Dr. Paul) speak because they have something to say; Fools (Mr. Bashir) because they have to say something.”

      Thank you, Plato..

      link to

    • Agreed. Thanks Bill, I hadn't seen this interview.

      Unlike other politicians, Paul doesn't change, just simple and direct and sensible. He has his own views, unaffected by MSM or AIPAC or his own party, and developed them a long time ago.

      This voice in the wilderness is now being heard by more and more.

  • Parsi: Israeli pressure helped scuttle Obama overtures to Iran
    • Who will call who's bluff; which will fall into the other's trap? Will Obama become another Carter?

      link to

    • Just saw an interview with Parsi on France24 (not yet available).

      In this he pointed out that sanctions have been around for 30 years and produced no results but damage the people rather than the regime.

      He also said diplomacy attempts lasted less than one year and did produce a positive result. He was referring to the agreement Iran signed with Turkey and Brazil as a result of their efforts, which by then the US could not acknowledge because they had already gone too far in the sanctions direction.

      link to

      For a discussion he took part in four days ago link to

  • Bill Kristol's group pictures Obama in front of Western Wall seemingly soaked in blood
  • The Amman talks: Nothing from nothing leaves nothing
    • Oops, I jumped in too quickly and failed to do my homework; he said this over two months ago.

      Yeah I was impressed too that a 17 year-old would write that way. It's not that Palestinians are any smarter than others, but what you say, they've had to grow up so fast. Such a different environment to what most of us have known.

      I still think we could have a thread on this, though. ;)

    • Have you seen what Abbas has just said about the 1947 Partition Plan, annie?

      Check it out, and this article I just found. I suggest it would make an excellent thread here, lots to chew over that we haven't directly touched, recently at least.

      Please see what you or someone else can put together!

      link to

  • Paul's challenge to progressives
    • Richard, this thread shows you do have something to say that some will listen to and respond to positively. It also shows you can say it with far less invention of your own word combinations and stock phrases.

      That highlights the real problem that, nearly all the time, we have with you and you have with us.

      Think about what can be learned from how this thread went. Then take a little time out and reflect on how this situation between us could be radically improved.

      It starts with you because that's what you are, the initiator.

    • Guardian sage Ana Marie Cox has her thoughts on what we have learned tonight:

      The exit and entrance polls produce surprisingly little drama, because that would mean commentators admitting they didn't see the results coming.

      Paul's strong showing keeps getting brushed aside as an expected outcome, which of course must be true: Remember all the interviews and magazine covers he got last summer, and how seriously he was taken at the debates?

      A Paul win, as I've written before, would actually be a rejection of the entire narrative that the media has forced upon the GOP primary. Paul voters, according to those CNN polls, are young people, are independent, but are also evangelical and conservative.

      All of those groups feel strongly that what they see and hear on the news is biased against them, and are a set of voters for whom "electability" is a side issue. They want to express themselves, and it seems as though they have.

      link to

    • Entrance/exit polls, 8:43; Guardian:

      The New York Times is running the numbers from the entrance/exit/shake it all about polls:

      Another key finding in the entrance polls so far: almost 30 percent of voters identify as either independent or Democratic, much higher than in 2008 and toward the high range of the estimates that pollsters made in their likely voter models. The entrance polls report that about half of those voters are breaking for Ron Paul.

      Likewise, the percentage of moderates according to the the exit polls is about 20 percent - twice as high as in 2008 - and those voters so far are breaking for Mr. Paul as well.

  • Linda Gradstein: 'I'm not an Israeli citizen, but that being said, I'm part of Israel.'
    • Anybody, Jew or otherwise, who believes what they say about Israel "is not a party line, it is God’s truth, and as such unquestionable", should be buttonholed.

      They should be asked to explain why they think that and where their god says that, and be shown what else this god says about such things.

      There's always a faint chance they might learn something about who they are to him, who he really is, and who and what he cares about.

      They might even get a glimpse of the fact that their party is the golden calf party.

    • She is clearly not trying to deceive anyone. However, she is quite successful in deceiving herself. She was simply telling how she did think.

      Which I now see is what justicewillprevail says and explains very well below.

  • Power struggle has begun inside Democratic Party over nature of US-Israel relationship
    • A hundred students marching to boycott Israel would accomplish a total change in the atmosphere on campuses, and in U.S. political life. That should be easy to understand.

      Yes BIC, it is easy to understand, but not so easy to believe it will do all you think it will. It's going to take a lot more than that to "accomplish a total US political life".

      However, more power to you and to what you are doing, it is not without significance or effect. Go for it.

      You are right about Ron Paul, he will not fight for Palestine. His stand is "above the fray" and he has zilch interest in getting involved in the battles of others. What he fights for is the US alone. That is both a benefit and a drawback.

      What the Civil Rights movement accomplished took many years, and required a previously discounted leader and followers who would not and could not be denied, and enough key people to recognize the writing was on the wall.

      The change it accomplished, however, was only in one area, and not in US political life, except for perhaps a short period around the Vietnam bailout.

      The advent of Jimmy Carter showed there was no change on Israel-Palestine, for example, and to this day he is despised for his stand for Palestine, as are today's MLK's such as Jeremiah Wright and Chris Hedges.

      link to
      link to
      link to

      The key people are not there yet, and the leaders are not yet being heard. There is a very long way to go.

    • Power struggles in parties, do they count for anything, really?

      According to what I have read in Mondoweiss the last few days, what counts is the system, one that is becoming bolder and more dangerous, and both parties are in over their heads.

      I read here that Clinton did more for Israel than any before him (and we know his initial negative reaction), that Bush campaigned just like Obama to not be a nation builder but a respecter of other nations, and as we know each quickly caved in or got talked around. It happened to Truman even before his election. Their own vanity and their own ass were what counted. Obama now has the title of the one who has done the most for Israel, and perhaps for the arms merchants as well.

      Paul has campaigned consistently for decades and is now the closest he has been to the WH. He will not be talked around and seems unlikely to cave in without one hell of a fight. That is exactly why he never has and never will make it there.

      The power, the money, the deceit, the arrogance, are what rule and seem to be set in concrete. How then can we break the shackles??

  • Arendt: Born in conflict, Israel will degenerate into Sparta, and American Jews will need to back away
    • Yes, appreciate that, teta.

      I've always had the (supposedly naive) impression that Ahmadinejad actually says what he really believes rather than putting on a performance like a politician.

      As for RT, that is now my preferred news and comment source since we lost Al Jazeera recently. Keiser and Alyona are gems at times, often amusing and usually exposing the world as it probably is rather than as the MSM channels spin it.

      France24 does have some value too.

    • So, according to you, NormanF, it was/is the Zionist experiment?

      Funny that, I thought it was an absolute necessity, how silly of me.

      And if this experiment has already succeeded, how come you can say Israel is not yet a Sparta?

      Arab nationalism is dead. Pull the other leg.

    • Had the war ended without a German defeat, we would not have seen the rise of Hitler and what came after it, culminating in the state of Israel.

      Good point. Seems to me the same could be said if the war had ended without the unjust terms placed on Germany, or as decisively as it did the second time and then the subsequent few years, that scenario would also not have happened.

      Mistakes and bad decisions have such a major and long-lasting effect.

  • Happy New Year
  • Ron Paul challenges liberals on love of 'big finance' and 'big-ass wars'
  • Real News Video: JNF 'Judaizes' expropriated land
    • It is so good to see you posted this video, richb.

      What Mark Braverman does and says should be much more widely known, especially in Christian and Jewish circles.

      And in Palestinian; he sees himself as a Palestinian Jew.

  • Expendables of a waning empire
    • Yeah, Hedges is something of a prophet himself. Presume you've seen his video on Cast Lead.

      Two queries for you, kalithea. What or who were these posts of yours referring to?

      link to
      link to

    • Just a little more along this line, kalithea, from Chris Hedges:

      Obama's Fall from Grace

      The health of a nation is measured by how it treats its prophets. When these prophets are ignored and reviled, when they become figures of ridicule, when they are labeled by the chattering classes and power elite as fools, then there is no check left on moral decay and the degeneration of the state.

      Obama, although his subservience to the war machine and Wall Street mocks the fundamental values of Dr. Martin Luther King, will preside Oct. 16 over the dedication of the King memorial on the Mall in Washington. He will lend himself to the venal cabal of the corporate and political elites who have hijacked King’s image.

      King’s vision is grotesquely deformed in Obama’s hands. To hear the voice of King we will have to turn from the choreographed and corporate-sponsored dedication ceremony to heed the words of a handful of men and women who are as reviled by the power brokers as King was in his own life, and yet who battle to keep the flame of King’s message alive.

      They have swept under the rug the radical justice message that King ended his career repeating over and over and over again, starting with the media coverage of the April 4, 1967, ‘A Time to Break Silence’ message at the Riverside Church [in New York City].

      King had a huge emphasis on capitalism, militarism and racism, the three-headed giant. There is no mention of that, no mention of that King, and absolutely no mention of the importance of his work with the poor.

      More ominously, Wright warns, the sanitizing of King has been accompanied by the primacy of a selfish, hedonistic and violent culture which has turned away from values, including self-sacrifice, that make possible harmony and the common good. This selfishness and narcissism, Wright argues, is a form of blasphemy.

      Obama, who like Judas took his 30 pieces of silver and betrayed someone who loved him, withers into moral insignificance in Wright’s presence.

      [Wright said,] "I’ll never forget one of the most powerful things he [Obama] said to me in my home, second Saturday in April 2008. He said, ‘You know what your problem is?’ I said, ‘What is that?’ He said, ‘You have to tell the truth.’"

      Wright, who perhaps knows Obama better than nearly any other person in the country, sees a man who sold his principles for the chimera and illusion of power. But once Obama achieved power he became its tool, its vassal, its public face, its brand.

      Barack Obama’s politically expedient decision to betray and abandon his pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, exposed his cowardice and moral bankruptcy. In that moment, playing the part of Judas, he surrendered the last shreds of his integrity. He became nothing more than a pawn of power, or as Cornel West says, “a black mascot for Wall Street.”

      Obama, once the glitter of power fades, will have to grapple with the fact that he was a traitor not only to his pastor, the man who married him and Michelle, who baptized his children and who kept him spiritually and morally grounded, but to himself. Wright retains what is most precious in life and what Obama has squandered—his soul.

      link to

    • Thanks annie.

      This link of annie's points out that:

      Top U.S. military leaders who oversaw missile strikes last year against al Qaeda targets in Yemen suspect they were fed misleading intelligence by the country's government and were duped into killing a local political leader whose relationship with the president's family had soured.
      These people say they believe the information from the Yemenis may have been intended to result in Mr. Shabwani's death. "We think we got played," said one participant in high-level administration discussions.

      Something similar happened in Pakistan...

      "Signature strikes" are even worse:

      Essentially, bombs are dropped on the heads of people who aren’t known to be terrorists, or militants, but who act like them.

      How does one "act like a terrorist" or asked differently, how does one not act like a terrorist? Does one eat, walk, talk and sleep? What is a terrorist, except in the moment of his dead, doing that differentiates him from other humans?

      Signature strikes violate both traditions of just wars, and are indefensible except by recourse to arguments of pure power.

      Obama's drone campaign outside of any open legal framework makes drone killings a plausible and presumably legitimate tool to settle grievances. It sets an example. It's not a question of "if" but "when" this example will be used by others against U.S. citizens and interests.

      For more link to

    • America's Chickens are coming home to roost

      "Violence begets violence. Hatred begets hatred. And terrorism begets terrorism. A white ambassador said that y'all, not a black militant (Ambassador to Iraq, Edward Peck). Not a reverend who preaches about racism. An ambassador whose eyes are wide open and who is trying to get us to wake up and move away from this dangerous precipice upon which we are now poised..." -- (Jeremiah Wright, September 16, 2001)

      Prophets fare poorly in their own country, yet countries would do well to hearken to their prophets. Scorn, ridicule, and innuendo attend their pronouncements as the righteous defend their actions as logical, existential and necessary.

      Perhaps our President might hearken back to a time when principles mattered, when truth mattered, when might did not make right, when the souls and hearts of people mattered, when justice and equality mattered, not deceit and dominance over all.

      When did America become a dictatorial empire manipulated by an elite few using the Presidency like some houseboy to do their bidding? When did the founding documents get trashed, mocked and ridiculed as weak, worthless, and obsolete? When did the American people vote to become the dominant empire in the world?

      This is the President that rejected the Reverend Wright’s prophecy, that capitulated to his new masters who demanded that he repudiate him.

      Our savagery knows no bounds: we decimate people wantonly throughout the world, as Dresden, the fire-bombing of Japanese cities, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Vietnam, the sanctions against Iraq, the illegal invasion of Iraq, the unqualified military support we provide to the Zionist government in Israel against a defenceless people, the abominable use of drones against the people of Pakistan and Afghanistan, the continuing development of weapons of mass savagery and our willingness to develop further atomic weapons, graphically illustrates.

      The numbers slaughtered in this review is in the millions--not all dressed in combat fatigues. The numbers of the defenceless and the innocent outstrips those trained to kill. All of those slaughtered happened outside the United States and every son and daughter, mother and father, sister and brother, aunt and uncle, grandfather and grandmother, felt the pain of loss that was to our forces a “body count.”

      “Violence begets violence, hatred begets hatred, terrorism begets terrorism,” so rings the prophetic knell of the Reverend Wright to his congregation, one of whom happened to be our current President, Barack Obama.

      Would that he had listened, for if any man was ever elected to the office of President to change the world, this was the man and he has failed.

      link to

  • Thanks, my enemy. I love Palestine
    • Face it Richard, you are a successful thread highjacker, it must make you so proud.

      Over 140 posts, and virtually every one all about sweet little innocent misunderstood and misunderstanding you.

      You owe a real apology to Waleed, as I feel I do because I have taken part in depriving him of his freedom to be appreciated as he is and for what he wrote.

      Waleed, I am sorry your heartfelt cry for justice and peace has been lost in our welter of verbiage here. I know it is nothing compared with what you describe so clearly of your long experience with Israelis. I am sorry that I have contributed to what has, overall, taken away from the impact of your own story and what you shared from the depths of your own heart.

      And such a heart it is. Your gentle but clear response to RW is so special and and so gracious, such a fine example. Thanks so much.

    • We need people that will see the others’ comments charitably as opportunities to reconcile, rather than opportunities to rile.

      That's exactly what you could and should have done in response to Waleed's article. You did the very opposite.

      to the extent that they exaggerate communication problems, they harm you further.

      Always blaming others, never taking personal responsibility.

      You are like a thousand bulls in a china shop; everything you touch is damaged and harmed.

      Such a classic hypocrite, someone who fails dismally to practice what he preaches, and doesn't even know that he doesn't.

      There's no one here more prone to "exaggerate communication problems" than you are, Richard. You're always telling us we've misunderstood you.

    • Me, me, me, "do you understand my fear, my understanding, my comment"....

      You are so full of yourself and so unfeeling that you have the insolence to talk to a Gazan about what you call "the Zionist ideal", something found only in your vivid imagination, not recognizing that Zionist Israel is a gang that jumped on them time and again for many decades with extreme loss of life and liberty as their living example of Zionist reality.

      We all see so clearly what you have no awareness of, living in your fairytale ivory tower, that It is about humilating the others and thinking that you are more superior than them.

    • Nah Cliff, stick around man!

    • A liberation is a wrong?

      I did not say "a liberation" but "the liberation". That is the term you used, not me, and refers to the practical application of the ideology of Zionism. A liberation is usually not a wrong; the liberation (this Zionist one) was and always would be wrong regardless of the particular circumstances.

      The Zionist plan, with its necessity for war and related ethnic cleansing, was known and put in place before the rise of Hitler. It was clearly laid out by Jabotinsky in 1923.

      It was not "the transition from abused, genocided, to self-governing." Rather, it was the transition from abused, genocided, to the abuser, the ethnic cleanser, the oppressor, the enemy of all who resisted in any way.

      What "the liberation" achieved was not liberation but the continuing nakba for Palestinians and another kind of bondage that continues for Israeli Jews.

      Their fateful choice was, as a people in that place, to live a lie and to never know true freedom, the kind you yourself have as a Jew in another place, the US.

      Instead, they have to be eternally vigilant, always looking over their shoulder (metaphorically and too often literally), never knowing when something serious might happen.

      And their children have to spend time in the IDF, which takes away another freedom, to think and act as ordinary humans and to develop their integrity and ability to mix freely with others who are different, in a normal environment.

      They learn well the Zionist morality, which is that might is right, the end justifies the means, and Zionism trumps all else.

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