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  • Did Israel provoke rockets from Gaza to pressure Palestinians to back off UN bid?
    • "The obvious thing then for Hamas to do is to sabotage the current efforts by Abbas and his cronies."
      More obvious would be to react stupidly in reaction to provocation as annie writes in the article we're replying to. A rocket grenade against a militarytarget somehow leads to unguided rockets that might have hurt civilians. Stupid. Media gives us pictures of these rockets. We don't have good information as to how the explosives, rocket fuel got in Gaza. We need a jouirnalist to go ask how the fuel got there or be satisfied that Israel just hoped the stuff got in so the obvious stupidity of violent HAMAS would react.

  • Exile and the Prophetic: 'Body Worlds’ after life
    • ." There we affirm that all religions are saying more or less the same thing - peace and harmony."
      "All religions" come within the concept religion which is english for Latin re-ligion which is translated reconnection.
      We living humans reconnect our bodies to our minds by shushing the internal dialogue' , reconnecting with bodily senses and stopping for a moment the tape that tells us what we're thinking--who we are etc. The three middle-east establishments are nationalistic. At least the Jewish one mentions that their "g-d" was angered when they asked Moses for a King to be a nation like the others. "They've got ME and they want a king??! "Give them saul!: Who immediately numbered(drafted) them all.
      Plato wrote about this theo thing and the Christian bud that grew from Judaism was infected with his three in one body babble. The question is, is there intellectual life before death.

  • Exile and the Prophetic: Zen and the art of special book collections
    • Latin re-ligion means --reconnection. Meditation, or stopping the internal dialogue allows the mind and body to reconnect. The 3 ME "religions" are dominated with nationalist ideas. Zen is not mysticism--as wikepedia tells us cabala is---above the intellect. Re-ligion isn't above the intellect; it is a moment of its death--the death of the word--which allows the mind to reconnect with the body in holding things, dancing, observing an intuition. So what is the cabal hiding behind its cabala?

  • Obama obeisance: 'expanded role' in NATO for a religiously-defined state in Middle East
  • 'Obama will be forced' to support Israeli strike -- because of his domestic 'political needs'
    • '
      "You know hebrew, the language that the old testament, as your fellow churchgoers call it, was written in."
      And the folks just went to Babylon and forgot it right? You might suspect that Hebrew was created in the first centuries bce and ace. Please go to search term apiru and then try to convince us that a "Hebrew' people was noted to exist in Mesopotamian or Egyptian literature. Then lets challenge the cabal and discuss god/g-d.
      We Jews are permitted to bait another Jew. We good old -iggers are allowed to call ourself or lable our fellows that.

  • Richard Cohen and the Jewish man's burden
    • Einsten called himself a cultural zionist; he thought Jewish influence was valuable in any country. He was clear that immigrants to Palestine must get along with Palestinians. He agreed with Mrs. Roosevelt that US should agree in new UN to create an international police force to insure that no country possessed a bomb. The cia and cabal squelched him since '48. He disagreed with Truman and Stalin in their race to recognize the new "state".

  • 'NYT' op-ed says denial of statehood makes militant Palestinian confrontation inevitable
    • lots of talk about violence in this thread. Palestine has collected so much Gandhi non-violent capital it'd be a shame to destroy it. The only threat of violence universally respected is nuclear and in all the guardians of the caches around the world there is consideration of exhibiting a "tactical" one in the Med. after warnings to not look. This will force the nation calling itself Israel to consider vulnerability of its nuclear submarines and consider respecting existence of Philistia.
      We who favor an international police force to insure that no nukes exist cannot afford the luxury of considering their use "unthinkable."

  • Alterman says BDS shares Ahmadinejad's agenda, and Hezbollah's too
    • "We did not return to a foreign land we returned to our historic
      homeland "

      The Septuagint(bible) stories in Greek aren't history. There were no Hebrews--search term is apiru. Mesopotamian and Egyptian records show them as mercenarys living around other peoples. The New Testament mentions thouands of Jews who liked Jesus' take on Torah and that the temple-sect shushed him. He mentioned he didn't come to bring peace.
      This "peace" is a "traditional" thing. The temple-sect spreads the tale that if a Mem Sheen Hhayt is not accepted before year 6000 there will be a giant war. If their Moschach is accepted there will be a thousand years of peace. At Schneerson's synagogue in Queens I was told that two of the responsibilities of US gentiles was to establish acceptable justice systems in all lands and to defend Israel. The tradition has the world Supreme Court in Jerusalem. So Jesus didn't buy this "tradition" When the Romans saw how they were being used by the "tradition" they cleaned house. He saw Torah describes the human soul and volunteered to be a symbol of it. He is holding a scroll when he says "This is my body....." It is taken thru the eyes. Mel Gibson will clarify this in a Movie. The temple-sect is working to shush him now.
      A Russian Jewish history teacher at a San Francisco college told me that -history- is everything written and it is the job of the history teacher to explain why a writer might have written that way. I'll ask her if she agrees that the writers of the old testament wrote of this Magic Male who gave Philiia to the temple-sect to justify their taking of it.

  • On the passing of Novick: the political limitations of 'The Holocaust in American Life'
    • "David Wyman, believe correctly that the Roosevelt administration failed miserably in its treatment of Jewish refugees before and during the war. "

      Zionists made sure Jews were only allowed to immigrate from Hitler's Germany to Palestine. Does anyone doubt they influenced Roosevelt thru their control of media to disallow immigrants to US that they wanted on "Exodus" ship? Why is no journalist interested in reporting on this influence?

  • 'Tribefest' excommunicates group of young Jews who dared to speak about ethnic discrimination
    • March 28, 2012 at 4:24 am
      I used g-d not piously but to specify the temple sect that uses the term to appear that they are honoring the intellectual rule to not use undefined symbols. It is in vain to use word god in an intellectual sentence. please go ask them–prove me wrong but I think they do it so they can use the G-d/g-d word in stories, sentences WITHOUT breaking rule. Most readers will assume they are writing about the anthropomorphic male war chief in stories. They can say things like "It is kicking sand in g-d's face to give back one sq cm of Israel.!)
      You don't have to heat rocks if you give your gloss on this word God that you used. You write intelligently so I assume you recognize even if you had a definition it wouldn't be anyone elses's and thus in vain to use it in an intellectual sentence

    • Beautiful. You are preaching to choir here. Hope your writing confronts the intellects that have been put to sleep by zionist control of media.

    • I'm sorry you guys got your feelings hurt and hope you don't give up trying to communicate with Just Jews who question nationalism--closed mindedness in general. All nationalists hug a religion and their g-d. The ones using the - are the most committed to violence. We just jews must understand that the Septuagint wrapped stories around Torah that held that g-d demanded jews kill Philistines women and children and animals if they didn't give up their men. We must provide a more truthful translation of Torah. Compassionate intellectual clothing.

  • Mustafa Bargouti: Jerusalem is at the heart of the Palestinian cause
    • The story is that the Jews asked Moses to make them a nation/state and god was mad. "They've got Me and that want a nation/king, give them Saul!" So Saul drafted them all. Nations must have an army and theirs included everybody. Saul's god told him to go take the land of the Philistines/Palestinians. The story tells us that this god thing was really upset at this nationalistic urge--faith in weapons. What would HE think now that the faith is in weapons of mass destruction?

    • Ism jisms; death of language. Communism and Capitalism went to China. Remember all the love and hate we were taught in the names of these isms?
      Einstein said Jews were a gift to all lands and immigrants to Palestine must get along with Palestinians. He wasn't confused by an ism

  • NYT buries the lead-- Iranians halted weapons program in '03 and have not restarted it
    • TIME and NYT claim that Ahmad.... said he wanted to wipe ISRAEL off the map so TIME interviewed him again and he repeated his peaceful desire to wipe the word ISRAEL off the map by giving all Palestinians the vote. He claimed that that the era of bombs was over.
      I asked that TIME consider a frontpage with Ahmad...erasing the word.. They ignored me as did the New Yorker. Remember when we thought the New Yorker would enjoy a literature joust with TIME?
      Big media is proscribed from hinting that Iran's leaders have a mite of humor. Or that they do when it might make us laugh at their war-drumming.

  • 'Commentary' says amount of US political money coming from Jews is 'staggering'
    • Simplistically, lets put "Jews" in two categories 1. Nationalistic, empire ruling and 2.Just Jews.... Like in New Testament most-thousands of Just Jews liked Jesus' take on Torah
      Like Weiss; he has invested everything in countering the , empire ruling nationalists. I'm sure there are other of US Jews who aren't supporters of a Commander in Chief aimed at modern Philistines.

  • Watch live video from OccupyAIPAC
  • Two settler attacks on Palestinian teens, both are tragedies but one ended in death
    • In refugee camp Shatilah women were chief victims along with animals. The story of King Saul's god telling him to kill women, children, animals if they don't turn over men is not supported by literature of time--Egyptian, Mesopotamian. Charon put the show on for first time. Israel also massacred all villagers in villages in Guat. at same time. Mayans hadn't supported dictator planted by CIA. This made them "communists." Again, Saul's, Charon's "god" pointed out the women if they didn't turn the men out.

  • Minneapolis panel pitting Zionist and anti-Zionist Jews gets no media attention
    • "What would get attention is a panel of zionist Jews debating anti zionist non Jews. Those like eee vr those like me. Now that would set off some sparks."

      More lucid sparks between Non-nationalist Jews and temple-sect national zionists. Remember the story about the Jews who followed a rabbi, or school of rabbis, who disagreed with the temple-sect using the empire of the day to bring Moschiach type "peace" ---Pax Romana? Think how cool(militarily) the world would be if the US agreed to give Nationalist Jews part of Florida, Texas, Mississippi if they will leave Palestine to Palestinians.

    • Media today is like media 2000 years ago. It did not report a rabbi who disagreed with the Jerusalem sect in arms with the empire of the day.

      His disciples wrote that most Jews liked his take on Torah but the temple sect in cahoots with the empire shushed him. Our only hope is that thinking Jews will confront the temple sect today.

  • Ismail Khalidi seeks to rewrite the American understanding of Palestinian identity
    • "A second theme Khalidi brings to light—with hilarious effect—is the natural empathy the British soldiers O’Donegal and Rajib have for their Arab prisoners. In an early scene O’Donegal and his captive Yusef trade ethnic slurs, then laugh and say “touché.”

      When we teach the power of such humor to the Palestinians
      how can a little not rub off on the settlers?
      Lisa and her review reminds me of what we don't have in Miss.

  • The privileged divide-- non-Jews want to talk the issue, Jews don't
    • Freud's disciple Jung had one of his disciples tell us in his last book MAN AND HIS SYMBOLS that he had come to think that the symbol -STONE- signified the self. My Heb/Eng dictionary has the same Hebrew word meaning force and hand. In the story where Daniel tells us about "the stone cut without hands" dusting away the image of empires--we could imagine that one of Freud's rabbi friends mentioned that a child's self, shaped without force ,would keep images of empire heros out of his head

    • "I find it very funny when non-Jews say they don’t understand our tribalism"

      Zionists are big on putting all "jews" into one conceptual symbol. With same characteristics--"our tribalism." Not a real jew if you're not tribal--don't think like us--thinking like them.

      Mitochrondial dna tells us we don't all come from offspring of one Judah with one wife and one handmaiden. Please consider that the term "jew" or "we" doesn't delineate a people with a rigid exclusive closed-mind set. Your presence on this forum indicates otherwise.

  • Two Israelis try to help Brooklyn's Jews cross the Red Sea
    • Back in 2000 before chabad org died for a year "computer problem" said webmaster there was article explaining crossing-red-sea story. Picture egypt as head, redsea as neck and holy land as body. Head is enslaved with addictions. Neck(vocal cords reflecting internal dialogue) seperates head from body. Goal of re-ligion( latin spelling of re-connection) is to reconnect head and body.
      When chabad org came back all the useful psyche stuff was gone and in its place were such as "giving up one Sq. centimeter of Israel is kicking sand in g-d's face." Some day someone will level with US about the takeover of chabad

  • 9/11 saved my life
    • " I think Einstein would have expanded (oh my, I’m speaking for einstein) on that theme and said that all peoples/groups are a positive and negative influence"

      Before '48 he was specific, he felt Jews were especially a positive addition to any people.
      After creation of nation placing faith in arms he was ignored by media. He supported League of Nations and formation of international police force to ensure All nukes destroyed. His criticism of nation of Israel and faith in nukes was ignored by the empire.
      One of us will investigate fact that his later writings are still ignored by media. Nation of Israel is one source of this ignoring, ignorance.

    • ‘The Jews are aliens everywhere "

      You appear to disagree with Einstein that Jews are positive influence in all peoples anmd that immigrants to Palestine must get along with Palestinians.

    • "........age 18. I really don’t see how Zionism can be separated from anti-semitism. What is one without the other?"

      I trust you can see the difference now. Einstein said immigrants to Palestine must get along with Palestinians

  • Christian Zionists are wrong; this is not a religious conflict
    • Torah is not the same thing as the stories wrapped around it by the Septuagint---that came with the Greek idea of "god." I'd like to communicate with the author of this article. He knows that the great majority of Jews don't support a nation placing their faith in numbering everyone into the military as did "Saul."

  • More on the debate over Zionism and the Jewish state
    • 'the history of the Jews, ancient but especially modern history--not limited to the Holocaust-- makes the Zionist case “essentially irrefutable.” '
      -----Refutation is that the bible is essentially not history. There were no ancient Hebrews( apiru is search term) Mesopotamian , Egyptian don't reveal existence of "hebrews" or Israel. Zionists influenced Nazis to only allow Jews to immigrate to Palestine. Please explain your use of --essential.

      "True, the Palestinians didn’t think so, for perfectly understandable reasons, but almost all of the Western and Christian world did. Of course, that doesn’t prove my argument, but it certainly shifts the burden of proof—morally, as well as factually-- to those who say, in effect, forget about history and the problem of murderous anti-Semitism."
      Arabs aren't semites? Sephardic jews aren't 2nd class in Jerusalem? Please consider using term anti-zionist instead of a-S....
      Because christians like the words Israel, zion doesn't change moral burdens.

      "if somehow a one state solution were forced on the Israelis, it would be far more likely to be a disaster for both peoples than a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict."

      Why, because "Israeli" Palestinians couldn't get along with non-Israeli Palestinians?

      Einstein was a cultural zionist; he thought Jews were a good influence in any land. He repeated many times that immigrants to Palestine must get along with Palestinians. Note the US press ignored him after '48

      Please consider answering annie; how much should US pay for Israeli's to give back the lands?

  • This website is 5 years old
    • Dear Phil,
      Please let me know if Mondoweiss reads thru the offerings for publicaton on comments such as this. I feel I have material relevant to your interests. For example why Talmudists don't join the IDF and why the fundamentalists feel they have a right to Philistia/Palestine.
      Thank you, JS

  • Tom Friedman lifts someone else's aphorism
    • My beef with Freidman is he ignored the vivid appearance of Charon in 2001 after expressing how evil he was in FROM BEIRUT TO JERUSALEM.
      He did a good job of actually visiting the two Palestinian regugee camps massacred, with Charon's co-operation, in 1982. He documented the women, children, animals dead. he noted that the PM and Charon were shunted aside by Israel at that time. He was clear then that the religious zeal of Likud was unhealthy. He did not note that Charon acted exactly as the story about King Saul. When a town won't give up its young men, his "G- d" instructed him to kill women, children, animals.
      I feel that never physically happened; Egyptian, Mesopotamian literature agrees. I feel that Charon simply put that play on the stage. Friedman now appears to me to be a product of the interlocking directorships of the businesses of Arms, Oil, Drugs, Media.

  • Princeton Jews may divide over campus org's new policy
    • Dear annie,
      Religious feelings and their nationalist origins are sickening planet. The Latin word re-ligion means reconnection. Between mind and body which is disconnected by vocal cords and their connection to mind. Buddhaism appears the only one that focusses on silence--stopping of internal dialogue. Others have been raped by nationalism.
      This has taken so long cause had to go to Mexico and lost the thread. Found this by accident with search terms discussion, "carlo suares" If anyone is interested give them carlo-suares-cabala,weebly. com

    • Dear annie,

      You have chosen to not give me your gloss on "let's cut to the chase." I was chasing the possibility that you, a reader would ask for another of the archetypes to see if you/he/her could find this operating in their thinker. Ask anything, continue the dialect.
      End of thread. I've seen this repeatedly on military .org. I'm happy that the cabal has not placed a censor in weiss'world who has "moderated" out our conversation. They could justify this by claiming I am attempting to inspire an emotional reaction in a reader. That's true. I intended for a reader to feel like(emotional reaction) asking a question.
      Yes it is immoderate to claim that there is intellectual value in old writings that are hidden by the cabal; that cabala is product of the cabal. If Madonna were a might not defend her moderation so resolutely.
      Annie, please ask a friend to recommend an open minded rabbi to consider the ideas I exposed; one who will give me his gloss on "bread."
      Love, John

    • uthor: annie
      He who loves father or mother more than Me is not worthy of Me; and he who loves son or daughter more than Me is not worthy of Me. And he who does not take his cross and follow after Me is not worthy of Me. He who has found his life will lose it, and he who has lost his life for My sake will find it."

      js—Took your reply to WORD to respond with my opinions: I think Jesus volunteered to be a symbol of any/every human soul. Oxfords equates soul and spirit but Gospel of Mary has her telling disciples that He(capital=symbol) told her that the mind is between the two. Just found that recently and haven’t developed it. The Jungian self certainly depends on soul/spirit. If one thinks/feels=loves another more than his own self he is not worthy of ME( soul/spirit dedicated to that one self) js

      we all hear things thru our soul, thru who we are and where we are in our evolution. so what i hear in this right now at this moment (and this is the first time i have read it for i am not a christian nor have i read the bible)

      js---Either you have a bible search program or a friend to find this stuff or…! Have you seen a bit of Torah? When you ask I’ll support my statement that it is a description of the soul. ---JS

      is that what jesus is saying is...

      before we are in this world to bring peace we must know ourselves. who we are, which is who god is for we are made in god's image. for we are no good to the world if we are not right with ourselves. and jesus was a revolutionary in his time and a revolutionary to be effective must first be brave enough and strong enough in his or her beliefs to face:

      to set a man against his father, and a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law; and a man’s enemies will be the members of his household.

      is that not the case when what is true in all your being is contrary those closest to you? so the allegory seems to me to be challenging the person, to the most effective tool of defense, that time..the sword.

      JS Agreed, but a little knowledge of this strange language created in the 1st century flavors this. A Heb/Eng dictionary gives the same Heb. for friend/enemy both persons strongly affecting one to forget self. Sword is symbol of tongue commonly in English. Tongue cuts time in tiny pieces.

      or possibly the chaff from the wheat. i don't know.
      Js----interesting. Please go on; threshing floor is symbol of something also.


      There are nine archetypes; let’s see if we agree that we both have one of these spiritual abilities, the sixth one—Waw/Vav.—-and. One concept AND another interfertilize each other. Gasoline and SUV.
      Yes, light vibrations impress the forms of the Aleph-Tav on the retina/brain and the mind can appreciate the formulas of Hglyphs that some call a “word” inTorah.

      gee john, i don't know if i would have chosen gasoline and an suv for a metaphore when one has so many glorious 'interfertilizations' to choose from.

      Js Okay, Jack AND Jill. Or fuel and motor. Heaven And Earth When you see a Torah or dictionary you will see that this sixth symbol is given this spiritual character.-----js

      light and sound (word) and glyph vibrations do not just resonate with the 'retina/brain' they resonate with the soul. everything we see (earth,air, water elements etc) are physical manifestations of vibrations. this is not rocket science (unless it is!)

      js ----Yes, “vibrations” is not relevant to one seeing a form that one has been taught to recognize as a element of literacy. Any frequency of light falling on an “a” will register on a mind taught to recognize an “a”----js

      The temple-sect promises a thousand years of “peace” if the world accepts their version of a messiah/moshiach. He must first lead the forces that establish acceptable justice systems in all lands.

      let's cut to the chase john. no man lives a thousand years. people want spiritual fullfillment in their lifetimes.

      Js----“cut to the chase” Gloss?; Since we agree I’ll assume you don’t know about the temple-sect that babbles about 1000 years of peace. They are now in control in Jerusalem as 2000 years ago. Their story, tradition is that if the world does not accept a Mem Sheen Hhayt/ Moschiach every 6000 years there will be a giant war. They say we are in the year 5771. This person does not have to be Jewish, only the leader of forces that establish acceptable justice systems in all lands. His son will begin a 1000 yrs of “peace.” There is always existing a person who can be this Mosciach. The book of Ezra indicates that Cyrus was thought to be the first. Stories indicate that some thought Alexander was next. Caesar.
      During this “peace” the world supreme court will be at Jerusalem. Talmudists have imagined a vast body of law they claim to have derived from the Septuagint—the Greek stories from which comes the Latin, Old German, English bibles. These “lawyers” are the only ones who don’t have to join the IDF.
      Primarily this silliness came to me from visiting the Tulane library every 2 years to see if anyone followed on Carlo Suares’ THE CYPHER OF GENESIS. He gave the significance of the Hglyphs in the 60s. No, but I browsed all the books on cabala and found the above “tradition” repeatedly.
      Zionists have convinced christianzionists that they must rebuild the temple and resume sacrifices before “Jesus” can come back. A ranch here in Mississippi is working to produce a red heifer with no off colored hairs to vaporize and provide ashes to “cleanse’ this temple. In ’95 I went to Menachem Schneerson’s synagogue in Queens to ask someone the significance of “bread.” If someone knew it is a group of Hglyphs in Torah I’d found a teacher. I drank their coffee on Fri. Aft. No females. The pulpit was in the position of the cross on a cross. Pews in front were occupied with a few 20ish men. Two men, one younger approached. The younger said we gentiles didn’t have to obey all the laws they did. Only the noahhide laws. Three stick; we can’t eat the limb of a living animal, must protect Israel and provide acceptable justice systems to all lands. Two such groups approached and said this.
      In 2000 that I had studied died. Webmaster said had computer problem. Came back a year later and all the psychologically useful stuff was missing. Things that helped understand the spiritual values of the stories. In Sept. 2000 Charon took 1000 armed policemen to the top of the rockpile; entered Dome of Rock without taking off his shoes. 16 arabs killed that day. Why? Because the Israeli PM who shook Arafat’s hand and agreed to give Palestinians some land and allow the UN to protect the rockpile for all peoples set date for UN takeover in early 2001. Muslims had to be goaded into stupid violence. It worked.
      When came back they had stuff like ‘giving away one Sq. centimeter of Israel is kicking sand in G-d’s face.” Before this expression was only found on Jerusalem. Ask, and I can show how chabad/Taslmudists had control of Bushes imagination. This sect is more dangerous than the Puritans who thought end-time junk in Salem.
      Division? Jewish students who agree with you/me are divided from the temple-sect and possibly we can clarify this to them.

      i do not know the whole meaning of leavening and vowels but i do know what it means to distill or reduce to the basics.

      Js----When you look at a Heb/Eng paperback dictionary/thesaurus you will see groups of Hglyphs ----called Heb. Alphabet--- that have different little marks over the symbols vowels putting the air in the bread. One basic group can become many words according to the needs of the story wrapped about that segment of Torah.

      A disciple of Jung said in his last book, MAN AND HIS SYMBOLS that Jung was beginning to believe that “the stone” was symbol for the self.-----js

    • Annie,
      Am at library so must be concise. Not a christian. Neither was jesus/christ. Am excited about communicating with someone not dedicated to a dogma. Self, yes the only entity in which one might find peace. You used the word 'god' which I can't do since everyone has a different definition. In vain to use it in a meaningful sentence. We will discuss where you got the ideas. Meaning? Got my own gloss on that too--later. Like to share a tract with you wherein a rabbi delivered his view of the significance of the Torah formula "translated' theos, dios, etc, god some day. Delivered in a moscow synagogue in 1897 and hit the internet/me around '93.
      Later this evening, john

    • Anne,

      Oxfords; spiritual, non-material part of man---soul. To me it’s an individual’s thoughts and feelings or intellect and intuition. I’d like to show you that Torah is a description of this thing., not in a spoken language but like physicists use where each symbol represents something she can feel, when it is used within a formula of other symbols/glyphs.
      A Jewish male, over 40, who has memorized Torah and read all of the Talmud and promises to not speak of this until he is 50, can ask to be taught the definitions of the 27 symbols in Torah. There are nine archetypes; let’s see if we agree that we both have one of these spiritual abilities, the sixth one—Waw/Vav.----and. One concept AND another interfertilize each other. Gasoline and SUV.
      Yes, light vibrations impress the forms of the Aleph-Tav on the retina/brain and the mind can appreciate the formulas of Hglyphs that some call a “word” inTorah. In 290 BC other writers created stories to wrap around Torah. To fit the formulas into the stories it was necessary to insert vowels into the Torah formulas. Then one group could make many sounds. This is leavening. Try to speak “go’ without the vowel. \
      Other writers tell us that Jesus asks that we beware this leavening. These writers write that the Pharisees asked Jesus, “why are you speaking of these things and you are not yet 50?” Also they attribute, “I came not to bring peace….” The temple-sect promises a thousand years of “peace” if the world accepts their version of a messiah/moshiach. He must first lead the forces that establish acceptable justice systems in all lands.
      Hard to imagine a “tradition” story is controlling the Nation of Israel? The first and major division of Jews was in the cabal that kept/is keeping these things secret and --just Jews. Ask questions to get this in order to clarify the division.

    • "annie March 11, 2011 at 11:07 pm
      excellent point.

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      johnshoemaker March 11, 2011 at 10:45 pm
      The NT is about such a division….between those who appreciated “Jesus’” take on Torah and the temple-sect that planned for the Romans to establish acceptable justice systems in all lands pax-Romana. He(Jesus rabbis) weren’t working for 1000years of “peace.” but knew Torah is a Hieroglyphic description of the human soul and that a group of those glyphs is like bread feeding the eyes as it represents a spiritual element of each soul.
      Jews who hang together like whites, blacks, indians, cops, politicians in a party, like the power in a gang and see no value in making a decision that may be divisive to that gang."

      Since the date/time of annie's comment immediately followed mine is she agreeing with some point i made?

    • The NT is about such a division....between those who appreciated "Jesus'" take on Torah and the temple-sect that planned for the Romans to establish acceptable justice systems in all lands pax-Romana. He(Jesus rabbis) weren't working for 1000years of "peace." but knew Torah is a Hieroglyphic description of the human soul and that a group of those glyphs is like bread feeding the eyes as it represents a spiritual element of each soul.
      Jews who hang together like whites, blacks, indians, cops, politicians in a party, like the power in a gang and see no value in making a decision that may be divisive to that gang.

  • Brandeis Hillel imposes pro-Israel litmus test, excluding 'Jewish Voice for Peace' chapter
    • MHughes976 March 18, 2011 at 10:10 am
      What definitions of ‘Judaism’ and ‘Zionism’ are to be used?

      My gloss on "ism" and "ist' is a rigid adherence to any system of thought.

      Einstein was clear that he was a cultural zionist. He knew that jews can be a positive influence in any land. He insisted that immigrants to Palestine must get along with Palestinians. He was not a National Zionist.

      I don't know what Judaism is. Possibly it is a people who express the characteristic of Judah(repentance). Judah repented investing(selling) Joeseph in Egypt. He repented agreeing to cast stones at his daughter in law till she proved she had only wanteed some Judah seed. I hope this characteristic manifests soon in the folks placing their face in nationhood and military might and numbering of all "its" people in a land possessive effort.

    • "Does that mean that pious and anti-Zionist believers, like secular people who self-identify as Jewish but don’t support Israel, are not “real” Jews? What a perversion of history and religion.."

      The temple-sect that defused the "jesus" rabbis didn't consider them(Him) a real Jew either. He was clear that he didn't come to bring "peace' as defined by the sect that expected gentiles to force pax-romana on all nations and recognize the world court in jerusalem. Is a thousand years of this kind of "peace" worth one more human or animal life?
      Is there another Jewish sect that will lead us to recognize that cabala is the product of the cabal and give all us females and males the significance of the Aleph-Tav so we can all see that Torah is a valid description of every human soul/spirit?

      Einstein was a cultural zionist; thought Jews were healthy for all lands. Said they must get along with Palestinians. Anybody notice he was ignored after '48? Even his theories were/are attacked. Solzhenytzen was one too but Jculture wasn't as important as giving "them" somewhere to go.....has anyone wondered why '200 Years Together" isn't published in English, the current gentiles expected to bring acceptable justice systems to all lands? Especially around the nation of Israel.

  • BBC spots sharp climb in negative view of Israel in the U.S.
    • Either US or the Russian Federation and I read that US gifts are more powerful. So the chief of the military is the leader now. A Republic accordibng to Plato who writes that the least healthy government is a democracy; the best is a philosopher king. Anybody disagree about the best?

    • I just saw JAFFA ORANGES last night. It clarified how zionists taught US how zionists, anti-labor kibbutzniks ---and their media created the idea that Arabs didn't have the productivity--greening of the desert. Kibbutzniks were anti-=labor cause they had been taught that in Russia. Just like China don't put up with 'labor' now.
      Anybody seen the cable show? where can I get a copy.

  • Mondo Award Winner, first runner-up: Rae Abileah and Colleen Kelly for Flashmob
    • At library so time! I'd like to think I can establish contact with a Jewish female interested in knowing why stories are as garments wrapped about Torah.

    • sounds effective and more fun than frustration over media's boughtness. Bought bhe interlocking directorship of the businesses of Arms, Energy, Drugs and Media.
      Is this the reason folks were enthsued facebook etc. in Egypt. How to volunteer?

  • Supporting democracy in the Middle East requires abandoning a vision of Pax-Americana
    • "abandoning a vision of Pax-Americana. "
      The New Testament mentions thousands of Jews who appreciated Jesus's take on Torah. The temple sect didn't and worked with the "Pax' of the day Pax Romana to shush him. The temple sect today is attempting to use the empire of today to bring Pax Americana. The sect created and bet on Pax Sovietaca" also.
      Temple-sect tradition holds that if a Mem Sheen Hhayt is not accepted by year 6000 there will be a giant war. The Queens NY branch of the sect will teach any gentiles our responsibility to establish acceptable justice systems in all nations and the world supreme court will be in Jerusalem.

      The cabal has hidden this thru its product cabala so well that no one will ask for clarities on these assertions.

  • 'I am here to save the Jews from Israel'
    • Jesuys tried too

      The NT holds that large numbers of Jews liked Jesus's take on Torah and a few around the temple worked with the empire of the day to silence him from saving this majority of Jews and the rest of US from this zionist temple sect..

  • The ethnocentric blindness of left Zionism
    • Likely much of Jesus's rap was also Judeo-centric though certainly he advocated we treat all as we wish to be treated. Chosen people are by definition centrist. Jesus would have danced with the people of Philistia--called Palestine by Latins. The King James syncophants claim that King David danced with the handmaidens but the Hebrew/Aramaic word rendered handmaidens is more commonly translated "people."
      A common mind-set cannot envision David/Jesus dancing with pl;ain people . not just chosen people

  • Once again, Dershowitz issues an ad hominem attack on Goldstone
    • The temple sect is most angry at just Jews who don't support zionist nationalism.
      Gentiles who don't support this faith in the bomb- holier-than-thou nationailsm don't get to their gut. This sect works to make all Jews think they must thing alike and support the sect. Suck up to the empire of the day. We just Jews don't automatically agree with the current empire.

  • Jim-Crow Journalism: Were there really no Palestinian analysts available for latest NYT article?
    • Exciting article. The NT mentions there are thousands(large #) of Jews who appreciated a Rabbi's take on Torah and a temple sect which didn't. They used the empire of the day to remove him. The temple sect still uses empires of the day and possibly the readers of this article will appreciate considering reasons why there have always been two definitions of zionism.

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